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Syria’s Challenge: A Modern Secular Family Law, by Elie Elhadj

Syria’s Challenge: A Modern Secular Family Law, By Elie Elhadj, for Syria Comment Equality between women and men before the law is an inalienable human right–a natural justice. Gender equality is crucial for economic growth and human development. Syria’s 2008 Gender Gap Index was a poor 107 out of 130 countries, scoring 0.618. It ranked […]

“Stop Wahhabi Indoctrination of Syrian Youth,” by Elie Elhadj

I received this opinion piece by Elie ElHadj and agreed to publish it, although I have edited it for length. You can read his original full article here. I hesitated before agreeing to publish it because the opinions expressed are controversial and stated powerfully; the open discussion of religious topics is often frowned upon in […]

“Why Reforming the Hadith is so Difficult,” Elie Elhadj

A Turkish Martin Luther: Can Hadith be Revised? By Elie Elhadj – July 3, 2010 The BBC reported on February 26, 2008 that Turkey’s Department of Religious Affairs has commissioned a team of theologians at Ankara University’s School of Theology to carry out a fundamental revision of the Hadith. An adviser to the project says […]

“Arab Democracy is Fantasy,” by Elie Elhadj

Elie Elhadj posted the following article to the comment section of SC. I have created a post for it as it raises an important and certainly controversial question that has been getting increasing attention since President Bush decided that the US should bring democracy to Iraq. At the heart of Bush’s argument was the contention […]

“The One State Solution” by Elie Elhadj

[Comment by Landis] Increasingly, educated Palestinians and some Arabs are calling for a one state solution to the Jewish-Palestinian problem. I have never given much thought to this because it strikes me as impractical. Jewish Israelis have no reason to want it and the vast majority of Palestinians are nationalists who want a Palestinian state […]

Water: “Syria Should abandon its Policy of Food Self-Sufficiency,” Elhadj and Al-Khouli

Syria Comment’s Elie Elhadj supports the view of Yasin al-Khouli recently published in Syria Steps. Both analysts explain why Syria should push tourism and and abandon the time honored policy of promoting agricultural self-sufficiency. For too long, Syria has viewed food as a strategic product. For reasons of national defense and pride, Syria has poured […]

Wikileaks, Assad and Syria Comment – The Dispute about Tlas – Assad Interview

Repercussions from the Tlass defection are still echoing. Sharmine Narwani claims his departure was not that important. Michel Kilo has recommended him as the transition leader of Syria. Others say it signifies the beginning of the end. Many opposition activists detest everything he stands for. I have tried to collect a cross-section of views on him. […]

What is Behind the Uproar in Syria’s Labor Relations? The Reform Process and Jobs?

What is Behind the Uproar in Syria’s Labor Relations? The Reform Process and Jobs? By Elie Elhadj For Syria Comment November 5, 2010 Syria’s Real Economic Growth Not 5% Syriasteps quotes a study by the Planning Commission which finds that “economic growth in Syria dropped during 2008 and 2009 to 3% from 5.5% in 2007.” […]

The Average Arab Has Grown Poorer Since 1980; Oxford Analytica and EIU Reports (24 Oct. 2010)

Rami Khoury at Daily Star: World Bank data shows that per capita Gross Domestic Product (at constant 2000 prices) for the entire Arab world actually declined from an average of $2,671 for the decade of the 1980s to $2,556 this decade (going even lower to $2035 for the decade of the 1990s in between). In […]

“New Media is Straining Government Tolerance In Syria,” by Deb Amos

Deb Amos on NPR:  A really good story about how the New Media is  Straining  Government Tolerance In Syria Photo: Honey al-Sayed, the queen of morning drive time radio in Damascus, has pushed the boundaries of free speech in Syria. The autocratic regime in Syria has been forced to accommodate new media, including Facebook and […]