Activists Attack Army Cadets, Derail Train, and Kill 20 Soldiers in Homs as Opposition Uses Force

Opposition supporters launch attack on Homs army college – Telegraph
By Adrian Blomfield

President Bashar al-Assad’s once unshakable grip over Syria appears to have slipped further after suspected opposition sympathisers attacked an army college in Homs.

Residents in the city, Syria’s third largest, said two loud explosions at the compound were followed by the sound of sustained gunfire. A number of ambulances were later seen driving into the college.

“Smoke rose from inside the premises,” one resident was quoted as saying on Saturday. “The injured were taken to the military hospital. It looked like an operation of some sort.”

Later in the day, a passenger train was derailed in central Syria, an incident the government blamed on saboteurs within the opposition, although it provided no evidence. The train, which was carrying troops and civilians, crashed after a section of track was torn up, killing the driver and injuring a number of passengers.

But it is the attack on the military college in Homs, the first of its kind since the Syrian uprising began in March, which will most alarm the Assad regime.

It raised renewed fears that elements within the opposition are increasingly determined to challenge the regime with force, even if the majority of protests still remain largely peaceful….

Photos of the derailed train

Saboteurs Target a Train Traveling from Aleppo to Damascus, Driver Martyred

HOMS, (SANA) – A group of saboteurs on Saturday targeted a train in al-Souda area in Homs at 03:00 am while it was traveling from Aleppo to Damascus with more than 480 passengers onboard most of them are children, women and patients who were traveling to undergo surgeries.

SANA Correspondent mentioned that those terrorist groups loosed parts of the railway as the train derailed and its cabin was burnt and the driver was martyred while a number of the passengers were injured.

Official source: the sabotage act aimed at committing massacre against innocents

An official source at the Interior Ministry announced that the sabotage act aimed at committing a massacre against 480 innocent passengers traveling from Aleppo to Damascus.

“The Ministry urges all citizens to cooperate with security and police apparatus to give any information available about the saboteurs and criminals who exploit and hide behind demonstrations to carry out terrorist acts that target civilians as well as damaging private and public properties,” the source added.

It underlined that the authorities will firmly and decisively deal with those saboteurs.

Homs Governor Ghassan Abdul-Al described the sabotage act as a heinous crime against a train which transports women, children and patients who were heading for Damascus for treatment.

In a statement to SANA, Abdul-Al referred to the existence of railroad pieces that were loosed by the saboteurs, clarifying that a freight train had crossed from an opposite direction from Homs to Aleppo before 1.00 a.m. when the railroad was safe and tight, adding this leads to the fact that sabotage happened between 1.00 and 3.00 a.m.

About the motives of saboteurs to select this spot to commit their crime, the Governor said that the area of the incident is considered as an arch for the railways from a mechanical point of view, so any derail or sliding will be deadly, but the care of God has rescued that train.

He pointed out to the presence of tracks for motorcycles’ tires near the bride that was selected to derail the train, particularly the road is very slippery here and might lead to a huge number of losses.

Director of the Railways’ General Establishment George Makaabari added that selecting this place to carry out the criminal act by saboteurs indicate their plot was targeting to kill all passengers, particularly they have loosed the links of the railroad and a number of beams to a distance of scores of meters.

R. al-Jazaeri / Mazen

The Syrian government claims that:

The bodies of three more men were found dead in Homs.

68 gunmen arrested in Homs on Friday and a large amount of weapons confiscated which include 800 Kalashnikov (ak47) rifles, 250 sniper rifles and 4 RPG launches.

Also, Aldounia tv reports in Al Areeda, one of the Syrian/Lebanese borders, border control officers confiscated 556 hi-tech mobile phones, in addition to $110,000 hidden inside a water tank onboard a bus travelling from Lebanon to Aleppo.

Two Citizens: We Were Kidnapped, Tortured by Armed Terrorist Gangs, SANA,  Jul 24, 2011

HOMS, (SANA) – Two citizens from Homs Governorate on Saturday said they were kidnapped and severely tortured by armed terrorist groups.

One of the kidnapped citizens, Ali Sharif al-Jirdi, told the Syrian TV that while he was on his way back to his house in al-Abbasyyah district in Homs, an armed gang of around ten terrorists armed with rifles and knives kidnapped him.

He added that he tried to escape but they tied him up and blindfolded his eyes before moving him to a cache in the district along with other kidnapped citizens.

Al-Jirdi pointed out that while he was detained he heard moaning voices from neighboring rooms, adding that he saw a corpse while he was transferred to other room.

“I heard members of the gang agreeing on hitting us with stones on our heads and throwing us in trash containers”, he said.

Al-Jirdi indicated that the terrorists took their IDs and cell phones. Al-Jirdi added that after the gang left him he heard moaning voices from a nearby citizen, adding that he tried to untie him but he couldn’t.

“After a while, army personnel saw us and asked for medical help from the National Hospital of Homs, they told me later that the person who was near me, Thaer al-Ali, was martyred because of the severe torture he suffered”, he said.

For his part, Yasir Hashim al-Ali, said that while he was on his way back to Homs city, a group of armed people kidnapped and tortured him.

Al-Ali added that they took him to the second floor of a building before moving him again to another house where they hit and tortured him on the pretext that he is dealing with the army.

Syria Conflict May Be Shifting Flow Of Fighters NPR
Tribal Connections Across The Border – by Kelly McEvers

Trouble began in the Syrian town of Al-Bukamal this past weekend. Like in so many Syrian cities and towns, people took to the streets in protest against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

And, like in so many protests, security forces from the central government are accused of responding brutally, surrounding the town and, activists say, killing a handful of protesters, including a 14-year-old boy.

But this time, soldiers in a local battalion defended the protesters. Activists say more than 100 soldiers joined their cause.

Now authorities in the central government are offering a deal to the tribal leaders of Al-Bukamal: Hand over the defectors, they say, and we’ll leave you alone. Activists say negotiations are ongoing.

….The tribes of this region, though, are not just confined to Syria — the same tribes span into Iraq, too. All that separates them is a border fence — albeit one with razor wire and Hescos, a type of sand-filled bomb barrier.

The border is so fortified now because during some of the most violent years of the Iraq war, it was here that militants and weapons crossed from Syria into Iraq.

Syrian state TV recently claimed that route is being reversed, and that the guns and fighters are now coming into Syria, to help in the fight against the government.

NPR asked a local border commander, who did not want to be identified, about the claim. Through an interpreter, he said they are trying to do their best to protect the borders. But, he adds, it is a long border — there must be some cases of infiltration. He says they’re doing their best with the little they have…

Resistance On The Iraqi Side

Driving away from the border into the town of Qaim on the Iraqi side, there’s a dusty strip of vegetable stands, mini-markets and car-parts shops. This is the wild west of Iraq. People say it’s the kind of place where, just a few years ago, when you walked outside, you’d say a prayer as if it was your last prayer ever.

At the time, al-Qaida and insurgents were very active here. The area has calmed down now, but just across the border, with the troubles in Syria, things are starting to flare up again.

Ahmed Abdulkadir, the owner of a shop that sells curling irons and toasters, was part of the original resistance to the U.S. occupation here. That resistance later turned against more extreme insurgents from al-Qaida who’d come by way of Syria.

Abdulkadir says everyone here has a relative across the border in Al-Bukamal, and everyone is waiting to see if the tribal leaders will reach a truce with the government or if security forces will crack down again. He says the Syrians have now closed the border, and that means a lot less business for him.

Asked if former resistance fighters in Qaim will find ways to help support the resistance in Syria, Abdulkadir says, with a wink: What goes around comes around.

A Better Life In Syria?

The troubles in Syria are not just affecting businesses and tribes. They’re also affecting the thousands of Iraqis who fled to Syria during the war’s most violent years.

One woman, who goes by the name Umm Salwan, fled Iraq when insurgents fired a rocket at her house. She says life in Syria has been hard. But until recently, it was still better than Iraq.

That changed with the protests and the crackdowns.

Through an interpreter, she says that she told her husband: “Listen, I have suffered enough. Five years is enough. I want to go see my family and see what I have to do … to find a solution.”

Umm Salwan and three of her four children took a bus back to Iraq, where her parents’ house has only a few hours of electricity a day.

She says she came here to find that things are much worse — that there is nothing here.

For now, Umm Salwan says she wants to return to Syria. But with the land border closed, she’ll have to spend her savings on plane tickets.

A National Forum & A Conference in Damascus, (Dp-news – Sana)

DAMASCUS- The National Forum for Syrian Expatriates on Saturday started activities at the Sheraton Hotel under the title “My Motherland Syria” with the participation of more than 150 expatriates.

The event aims at supporting the comprehensive reform led by President Bashar al-Assad rejecting any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

It also stresses complete adherence to the national cohesion as a basis for all the Syrian people.

Also in Damascus, the 1st National Conference for Administrative, Economic and Social Reform focused in its final session on the legal rules and their role in modernization, as well as the objective view of administrative reform. …..

Tunisia Experiences Secular-Religious Rifts – Turkish Weekly, Saturday, 23 July 2011

…  More than six months has passed since the revolution began. In that time, over 90 political parties have been licensed to operate, and many figures from the old regime have been removed.

But there remain innumerable issues which have not been resolved, and new problems have arisen, beyond the unemployment, corruption and financial crisis which already occupy our attention here.

The debate now is about religion versus secularism….

“This situation is getting worse – and rather ridiculous – because there is no intelligen­t analysis or discussion of the real problem, only the creation of antagonism and contempt between groups of people with different opinions­.

“For 23 years we didn’t know about politics; we used to talk only about football,” Hassen Aldawess, an activist in his twenties, said. “Now everyone thinks he is some kind of genius, and what was a solid stand by a united nation [during the revolution] has become a weak population divided by religious and cultural differences. The only side who will profit from this is the current government who gain more time to continue with its failures.”

…. If the Tunisian youth allows extremist groups to win power, and don’t fight against the sham of the transitional government – then we won’t win the rewards of our revolution.

Syrian soap operas sidelined by protests and censorship
By Phil Sands, Jul 23, 2011, The National

…Najdat Anzour, the drama producer – long considered critical of Syria’s autocratic regime – was among those outraged by what he derisively called the “milk statement”.

In response, he and 21 production companies issued a notice of their own, announcing they would never again work with anyone who had signed the petition, saying they had “offended both the Syrian nation and its government”.

“The milk statement lied about the situation in Deraa,” Mr Anzour, now viewed as firmly pro-regime, said in an interview. “There was never any shortage of food or milk. It was a political statement. The authorities were dealing with armed terrorist groups in Deraa.

Comments (251)

Aldendeshe said:

“Activists” hummm.. derailing trains, blowing up innocent people, kidnap and torture, using axes to dismember innocents, burning of buildings, all the right tools to bring reforms and democracy to Syria… and Landis uses a derogatory label for these heroic fighters such as “activists” instead of calling them Freedom Fighters or better Mujaheddeen for Allah and Islam. Some Qs: is this Activist group that the second man at the “Lill Boys and Men Club” calling the safety boat all Syrians better get wise and jump into? And if these are activists, who are the ones labeled terrorists?

July 24th, 2011, 1:52 am


Aldendeshe said:

And here is an excerpt of a letter sent to Iran leaders:

2- President Assad is not getting the picture clear, Syria may loose unless Assad make serious, quick reforms to preempt the trifecta of Arab-West-Israel plan:

Here is why: The U.S. and Europe has reached a deal with Sunni Gulf Countries that Sunnis rule to be restored in Syria. That Sunni Hariri is back in Lebanon power in exchange for Arab financial support to western governments. It is going to be very hard for Assad to defeat this plan, because that means Arabs will not send cash to the West unless they use NATO force, and this is the eventual outcome. Kaddafi will forfeit 100+ billion and hands out some gold reserve to stay in power or have his son share it with opposition. But Bashar can not hand out anything except for the Golan. That is what Israel wants. But that is not what Saudi and Arabs care about. The West is more interested in Arab cash than Israel retaining the Golan, or even Syrian-Israeli peace. They need cash and gold and quickly. They will go bankrupt or default on debt and obligations if that did not happen within 6-12 months.

Even if Assad attempt to do what they are falsely demanding, that he reforms, they will do everything possible to sabotage any attempt in this direction. That is why Saudi and NATO/US are supporting the most extreme elements of Syrian Oppositions, the most radical, and not the western educated and progressive opposition that have worked in the west and gained wide ranging experience in business and economy. Because these individuals like SNP and me personally understands that the Islamic Republic of Iran is Syria’s lifeline. We understand that military and economic ties with Tehran are not only indispensible, but without it, Syria will head to oblivion. That of course does not satisfy the Saudi bastards and their Arab and Turkmen cohorts, they want Sunnis who will accept their handouts and whatever deal they make with Israel. They wanted Saudi puppets, taking orders from Bandar in Damascus and Walid Bin Talal in minding Lebanon.

July 24th, 2011, 2:11 am


SYR.Expat said:

“The border is so fortified now because during some of the most violent years of the Iraq war, it was here that militants and weapons crossed from Syria into Iraq.”

Not too long ago, the “salafist” fighters and weapons were crossing the border under the watchful eyes of the mukhabarat. Then, It was okay to help and empower salafists who wreaked havoc in Iraq. There was no conspiracy. Now it’s payback time.

As for the train derailment, one cannot believe the government’s claim without independent verification. We’ve been taught at school by the same government not to believe the Lying Shepard.

July 24th, 2011, 2:12 am


SYR.Expat said:

Rocket launcher in Hama?

July 24th, 2011, 2:54 am


syau said:

I’ve just heard reports that terrorist gangs in Homs planted a bomb, in a street where 3 army buses were known to head at a certain time. Luckily the bomb detonated moments before the buses arrived and there were no fatalities.

It looks as though the radical terrorist gangs have stepped up their efforts and are conducting more frequent acts of insurgencies, to cause as much chaos and deaths and terrorise as many citizens as possible. By the looks of things, I don’t expect they will tone down their efforts of insurgencies and terror during the month of Ramadan.

Let’s hope security will be heightened and can prevent such acts of terror and any further illegal weapons from entering the country.

July 24th, 2011, 3:07 am


Aboud said:

Of course, Landis left out the rest of the Telegraph article, the part that raised doubts it was an attack,and rather a defection from the inside. Also, his headline seems to indicate that there was no doubt whatsoever that it was an attack. From all the press reports, that is far from the case;

“Some observers suggested that the assault could have been an attempt to seize weapons, but it was unclear whether disaffected soldiers within the college staged a mutiny or if armed civilian protesters tried to storm the camp.

Mr Assad would draw little comfort from either explanation. Once viewed as the most likely strongman to survive the Arab Spring, the Syrian president has been unable to crush the uprising against him despite resorting to a ruthlessness unmatched anywhere in the region, with the possible exception of Libya.

Although the upper echelons of his armed forces, which are mainly filled with fellow members of the Alawite Shia minority, have remained loyal, there are signs of growing fragmentation within the overwhelmingly Sunni rank and file.

Angered over the alleged executions of some of their number for refusing to fire on unarmed civilian protesters, a growing number of soldiers have joined the protest movement and some have even engaged their superiors in gun battles.

Over the past week, scores of people have been killed in Homs, where the violence has taken on a confessional hue. Last weekend, the mutilated corpses of three Alawite men were discovered in the city, leading to reprisals in Sunni suburbs. Most protesters are Sunni Arab.

Opposition activists accused the government of deliberately stoking sectarian divisions in order to fan fears of civil war and present Mr Assad as the only figure capable of preventing Syria from descending into Lebanon-style chaos. ”

There is a big difference between an attack by militants, and a defection by units from inside the army.

Witness also how Landis takes the line that there was no doubt it was activists who derailed the train near Homs, his only source being SANA, the official English language media agency. Instead of a healthy dose of analysis, what-ifs, and critical inspection, we get a page that functions as an arm of SANA.

July 24th, 2011, 3:50 am


Aboud said:

“Two Citizens: We Were Kidnapped, Tortured by Armed Terrorist Gangs,”

A sensationalist piece by SANA, unconfirmed by any other account, and completely contradicting the events of the past four months, and yet it is given a prominent place by Joshua Landis. Is the price of keeping a few Baathists on this website really worth the question of credibility, posting such an article as “fact” would inevitably attract?

July 24th, 2011, 4:05 am


observer said:

I find it ironic how an American professor overemphasize news from official media of a repressive authoritarian regime, and from Iranian media. Would we ever expect Goebbels to tell the truth about Gliwice events?

July 24th, 2011, 4:34 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

I reject any armed struggle against this Assadian junta. This junta must be toppled in a peaceful manner. And the uprise is mostly peaceful so far.

But if the struggle turns violent, because of frustration and popular anger (see AlShar’a interview), The junta should be blamed for this. They are those who bring the population to a state of desperation. I hope that the uprise remains peaceful.

July 24th, 2011, 6:53 am


Aboud said:

Regarding The National article, here is the part Landis would prefer you didn’t read (he highlighted the section most palatable to the menhebaks)

“In June, the Syrian actor Saloom Hadad was assaulted in a popular Damascus cafe by supporters of the President Bashar Al Assad.

Although far from anti-regime in his views, Hadad had been mildly critical of government handling of the crisis, following a meeting with the Syrian leader.

“Saloom was attacked for not being pro-regime enough, for not publicly supporting everything the regime is doing, ” said one Syrian drama critic. “Now personalities are not allowed to be neutral. There is no middle ground here anymore. They have become political punch bags, political footballs.”

Half a dozen celebrities were drafted by the authorities to take part in officially sanctioned national dialogue talks this month, intended to chart a way out of the crisis.

“It’s a sign of how empty and illusionary our politics are that actors now play politicians in real life,” said one prominent dramatist.

“Only in Syria would we need actors at a political summit because we have no real political experts. It is humiliating and frightening.”

Opposition figures and demonstrators boycotted the national dialogue talks and, soon afterwards, 200 intellectuals, actors and writers staged an anti-regime march in Damascus – the first public demonstration involving celebrities.

Security forces arrested 30 of them, including the film directors Nabil Maleh and Moahmmed Malas, actress Mai Skaf and writer Rima Fleihan – who had helped orchestrate the Deraa petition. They were subsequently released.

“Our drama industry is like our politics – out of step,” said Najib Nasir, a leading writer and critic. “For too long neither sphere has been innovating, there has been no strategy or forward progress. For those reasons we have finally arrived in this crisis.”

July 24th, 2011, 6:59 am


Tara said:

SANA is the officials regime mouthpiece. It is very expected to spread misinformation and try to paint a picture of armed destructive sinister revolution therefore SANA pieces should be taken as such: regime propaganda plain and simple. I am fine with their articles being posted as long as it states clearly that SANA is the official state media of the dictatorship so people understands the motive.

July 24th, 2011, 7:02 am


Tara said:


Your point of view is now long due.

July 24th, 2011, 7:05 am


Tara said:


I think we are witnessing a tactic change by the regime. I think they realized by now that the “security option” has now miserably failed. This was evidenced by the low level killing of 7-9 on Friday. Now I expect more headline news in regard to actions of ” sabeuters” in order to gain some internal or international support.

July 24th, 2011, 7:14 am


Aboud said:

Tara, people were expecting this a long time ago. First the regime tried to ignite a sectarian war. It failed. Now it only has one Friday between it and Ramadan, and they are trying every dirty trick in the book to somehow get events under their control.

This revolution is bigger than junior can handle. He is the wrong man at the wrong time. He has proven to be out of his depths, and the question now is how much longer he wants to prolong the inevitable.

July 24th, 2011, 7:23 am


haz said:

Turns out the J in al-Jazeera stands for Jew. This was a condition that came with the purchase of the channel by Qatar from the Jews.

They thought they could get away with it but they didn’t count on the devastating analysis to be found on Syrian state TV.

They are so busted!

July 24th, 2011, 7:29 am


qunfuz said:

Aboud – SC is continuing in its propaganda role, quoting only the bits of articles which emphasise the violence and sectarianism of the protestors, ignoring stories which can’t be spun, treating the entirely discredited state media as more credible than the real media which is banned from reporting, referring to large scale murder, torture and collective punishment of the innocent as ‘security measures’ and painting anyone who says the word ‘shabeeha’ as a sectarian hater. SC is having a field day now that the uprising is starting to become violent (although I don’t believe most stories of protestor violence). SC appears to have lost a great deal of its readership. Judging by the comments, at least half of readers are pro-regime. This is obviously not representative of the situation inside Syria,, not today. Some SC readers, the kind who have been constantly beating the drum for war against their own people for months, are almost gloating now that some evidence of protestor violence seems to be emerging, as if to say ‘I told you so.’ But intelligent people told the regime and its supporters at the start of this that state violence and oppression would bring the country to disaster, even to sectarian war. The fact that we have still not arrived at the disaster is a sign of the great maturity of most Syrians and of the revolutionary movement, in face of the stupidity, criminality and vicious sectarianism of the regime and its backers, such as those here, who care more for their narrow agendas than for their country and people.

July 24th, 2011, 7:37 am


Tara said:


“j for Jews”??

Like they are that stupid. This is a tired line.

And he claimed that it was purchased at 2003 before July War 2006. Did you forget how Aljazeera covered Lebanon war…. Do you really believe what you are writing?

July 24th, 2011, 7:41 am


haz said:


I don’t know how smart Jews are – maybe they’re jeniuses…

They are obviously playing the long game though – they were even willing to be anti-Israel in 2006 just so that their propaganda would be more powerful against Syria.

You should know from reading the comments on this board that every decision ever made in the Middle East has been with the aim of undermining and humiliating Syria.

July 24th, 2011, 8:02 am


Aboud said:

Qunfuz, thank you, you said it more eloquently than I could.

What does one imagine conscripts from Baba Amr or Khaldia or Bab Esba think when they see their neighborhood getting shelled and invaded the way they have been? When those same conscripts know from family and friends that there are no armed gangs in their neighborhood. How long is such a conscript expected to remain in the ranks of the army that is oppressing his neighbors and family.

Is it any surprise then that soldiers are deserting in increasing numbers. It is expected that they would take their weapons with them, and possibly use them to defend their areas.

Although last Thursday we saw a video of an aAPC taking a leisurely stroll through Bab Esba. If there were really RPGs in that area, nothing could have saved that APC. What kind of an idiot sends armor into an urban area without infantry support? The kind who doesn’t expect the armored units to meet any resistance.

July 24th, 2011, 8:02 am


Aboud said:


“You should know from reading the pro-Assad comments on this board that every decision ever made in the Middle East has been aimed at undermining and humiliating Syria.”

Junior might be disappointed to find out that he is not the center of the universe. And I think the regime mouthpieces are doing a fine job of humiliating it, with claims that Baba Amr holds 4,000 Blackwater mercenaries.

July 24th, 2011, 8:09 am


mjabali said:

al-Assad’s regime could ignite a sectarian war any moment it needs.

They could have started it on the coast, Lattakia, Jableh, and Banyas. All elements are there. Now Homs is reviving that option so who is going to put off this flame?

Now it is time to calm things down and see if what al-Shar’ had said could become a reality, otherwise, al-Assad is ready to fight and fight because he would be left with no other option but to fight and go hard at his enemies. This is the reality.

Now it is time to calm things down and START establishing political parties and be ready for the inevitable elections that are going to come sooner or later. It is a matter of few months, as al-Shar’ laid it out, so why escalate things to cross the gate into Civil War? Do we need more violence in Syria? Is this violence going to spill into the neighboring countries?

What is going on now is a prelude to a dangerous civil war for sure and if cooler heads do not show up, chaos and hell are around the corner. Order should be restored As Soon As Possible.

July 24th, 2011, 8:15 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Tara #16,

I don’t want to sound as if I protect AJ. I’m not. I still think it’s a station that promotes Sunni Jihad. Just look and listen to it’s preachers.

But You’re right. The brutality that AJ treats Syria now with, dwarfs in the face of the extreme butchery, that Israel experienced during the 2006 7arb Tamooz and in the Gaza campaign of 2008-9, from AJ. It was 24/7 incitement campaign against the Jews, not just anti Zionist Israel.

July 24th, 2011, 8:27 am


Tara said:


I think Aljazeera is fair and balanced NOW dealing with the monstrous brutal Syrian regime and THEN, dealing with the monstrous brutal Israel atrocity against Lebanon.

July 24th, 2011, 8:33 am


ss said:

Comment 20 MJABALI,
“al-Assad is ready to fight and fight because he would be left with no other option but to fight and go hard at his enemies”

The terrorists and thugs did not give him any option but to fight. Actually, in the face of escalating insurgencies he has to protect the country from collapsing and hence fighting is the only language these thugs know and understand. I expect the next month to be even worse as ALAH WA AKBAR people would love to die in RAMADAN. I think Ramadan would be the peak of this insurgenies and then it will go a slow die phase that may last years. I do not even believe that these terrorists are connected to any decent party and I do not believe that decent oppositions would have any effect on the streets. These thugs are connected with the MB and AlQaeda and declared their JIHAD in Syria. Fight is the only medicine

July 24th, 2011, 8:36 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


In your eyes it was balanced. That’s fair. I have no expectation from AJ. It’s pan Arab station, dedicated to cover the news from an Arab perspective and point of view. I understand that the Arabs were outraged with the two wars, and AJ reflected this Arab anger.

I watch Arabic AJ as an anthropological experience, not as a news source.

July 24th, 2011, 8:43 am


Louai said:

the rebels in here have the same attitude of the they government they claim they are against, and worse ! if someone show up and said something different from what they say so he is a traitor.
for them Dr.Landis is a propaganda tool now because he showed a tip of the iceberg of the revolution crimes
all above comments are not happy because he quoted from SANA the official government media agency ,which always report with real names and dates ,one can verify easily if he wants, but no, Dr.Landis should have quoted from youtube and facebook, that’s what professional for them
they dismiss the possibility that the heavenly creatures called the rebels are armed and terrorising the people but if evidences appeared they say ohh those were army defectors ,when more evidences appear they say and what would you expect from those oppressed peaceful people ?in one sentence they deny and justify the existence of armed attack s
thats why this uprising is not wining the heart of the majority of Syrians who are over this by now , the armed gangs are facts in there and people don’t care to prove it any more ,you don’t need to prove what you see every day

July 24th, 2011, 8:45 am


louai said:

إضراب في عدة مناطق بمدينتي حمص وحماة
الاخبار المحلية

شهدت معظم المناطق بمدينتي حماة وحمص، يوم السبت، إضرابا شمل محلات تجارية وأسواق وبنوك، تخلل ذلك أعمال تخريب من مجهولين في عدد من شوارع حمص، فيما قالت مصادر من محافظة حماة إن “بعض الأسواق في حماة مواظبة على العمل”.

وقال مراسل سيريانيوز في حمص إن “عددا من المحال والأسواق التجارية شهد إغلاقا تاما، بينما واظب عدد آخر على العمل الاعتيادي، وفي سوق بساحة عبد الناصر تجاوز عدد المحال المغلقة أكثر من النصف”.

وأضاف مراسلنا هناك أن “شبان مجهولين في حي الوعر قاموا بقطع الطريق، وأحرقوا سيارة وحطموا خمس سيارات أخرى، كما قام شبان آخرون بقطع الطريق عند إشارة مقهى الكواكبي وتحطيم إشارة المرور هناك”.

وشهدت عدة أحياء في المدينة في الأيام القليلة الماضية أحداثا مؤسفة أدت إلى مقتل العديد من الأشخاص.

أما عن الوضع في حماة، قال ناشط من المدينة، فضل عدم الكشف عن اسمه، لسيريانيوز إن “المدينة تشهد إضرابا شمل المحلات التجارية والأسواق والبنوك باستثناء بعض الصيدليات والبقاليات لتأمين حاجات السكان الأساسية منها”، مضيفا أن “الإضراب جاء تضامنا مع مدينة حمص التي تشهد أحداث أمنية مؤخرا”.

فيما قالت مصادر من محافظة حماة لسيريانيوز إنه “لا نستطيع إعطاء نسبة للمحال والشركات المغلقة، لأننا لم نتجول في المدينة، ولكننا شاهدنا بعض الأسواق مواظبة على العمل”.

وكانت المدينة شهدت يوم الجمعة الماضية مظاهرة حاشدة غطت ساحة العاصي الرئيسية والشوارع المؤدية إليها، هتفت لمدينة حمص وللحرية والشهيد ورددت هتافات مناهضة للنظام.

وانتشرت في بعض المدن بالآونة الأخيرة عدة دعوات لإضرابات تضامنا مع مدن، شهدت أحداث أمنية راح ضحيتها العديد، وللضغط على السلطات لإيقاف “التعامل الأمني مع حركة التظاهرات”، على حد تعبير هذه الدعوات.

وكانت المعارضة دعت لإضراب عام في المدن السورية الخميس الماضي، إلا انه لم تشهد المدن الكبرى إضرابا، بينما شهدت محافظة ادلب إضرابا بنسبة 10 %، بحسب مراسلنا هناك.

وتشهد عدة مدن سورية منذ نحو 4 أشهر خروج مظاهرات تنادي بالحرية وشعارات سياسية مناهضة للنظام, تخللها سقوط مئات الشهداء من المدنيين وعناصر الآمن والجيش، حملت السلطات السورية مسؤولية هذا الأمر إلى جماعات مسلحة، فيما تتهم منظمات حقوقية ونشطاء الحكومة السورية باستخدام “العنف المفرط” في قمع التظاهرات.


July 24th, 2011, 8:53 am


Tara said:


Don’t you agree that the perspective of the otherside is often more important than one’ own perspective in times of conflicts.

There is a deep rooted rage against Israel subjugation and atrocity against the Palestinian in the West Bank and Gaza, a fact, Amir, you personally can not simply deny. This is not about Jews hatred and I told you before, I don’t hate jews. I have lots of close jewish friends. Tara’s “pretentious” small wedding was attended by her jewish and christian friends and few relatives. But I do hate what Israel have and continues to do against the Palestinian.

I am still interested in listening to your view of ” a just peace”. I am at work today and may not be able to respond till I am done.

July 24th, 2011, 9:05 am


beaware said:

Iran, Syria, Iraq to sign major gas deal on Monday

TEHRAN, July 24 (Xinhua) — Iran, Syria and Iraq will sign a major gas deal here on Monday to transfer Iran’s South Pars natural gas to Europe, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported on Sunday….
…In May, Oji said under the deal, natural gas produced in Iran’s South Pars oil and gas field will be pumped through Iran, Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea before reaching Europe.

The construction of the 5,600 km pipeline is estimated to cost five to six billion U.S. dollars, Oji added

July 24th, 2011, 9:10 am


syau said:


I agree the insurgencies will probably be at their peak during Ramadan, I also fear the fake Allah w Akbar people might move on to suicide bombings during the month of Ramadan. However, I don’t believe the situation will drag on for years, hopefully by within the first couple of months into next year, at the latest, the country should be cleared of all these psycho gangs and stability regained, and then Syria can move forward to a more positive future.

I just watched a disturbing video of an elderly man being harassed by a group of people in Hama, with the leader of the group, a man with a long beard interrogating him as to why he didn’t step out of the vehicle when they asked him to, he then accused him of being affiliated with security personnel. The elderly man had a large patch of amount of blood seeping through the back of his shirt and he collapsed towards the end of the video.

This is the peaceful protests they are claiming to practise. The government needs to move swiftly and eradicate these gangs before they do more damage and terrorise anyone else with their blockades, ambushes and interrogations, to say the least.

July 24th, 2011, 9:15 am


Aboud said:

SYAU, kindly post the link please, Id like to see such a video for myself.

Louai, unlike the menhebaks, we don’t say things like “I spit on Landis and his family” and call him dirty names, or hate him as a person, if he posts something not to our liking. If that was the case, none of us would have stuck around on his website.

What we are justifiably taking issue with, is the way he selectively picks specific paragraphs from articles, which only serve to blatantly promote the regime’s tales of a sectarian conflict, and thus misrepresenting the tone of the original articles.

As for quoting from SANA, I wonder what professor Landis’s reaction would be if a student presented a thesis with no other source than SANA clippings.

July 24th, 2011, 9:27 am


syau said:


The above mentioned video I will link when it is available on youtube.
I have just had the misfortune of watching another video; this one is of the massacre in Jisr Al shughour, prior to the security personnel being mutilated, you can see and clearly hear how they are disrespecting their victims, by kicking their corpses and using the most disgusting words to describe them and their families. In saying that, it is expected from monsters who mutilate corpses and think nothing of it.

One of the gang members faces is clearly visible, while the camera man the video is extracted from has been captured. Once this video is available on youtube, rather than linking it, I will give you the details of where to find it, and see for yourself the result of the peaceful revolution you are advocating.

July 24th, 2011, 9:42 am


aboali said:

video showing security forces assaulting a house to detain suspected protesters

July 24th, 2011, 9:44 am


Aboud said:

SYAU spare me your self righteous BS. If the revolution wasn’t peaceful, how many thousands of army and security men would have died? You want to see what a non-peaceful revolution looks like, take a look at Iraq.

According to the regime’s new favorite white-man-cheerleader Alastair Crooke, the same Sunni fighters who wrecked so much havoc there are doing the same in Syria. And yet have we seen market bombings? Mass slaughter? Migration of entire sects from one town to another? You actually believe that the same fighters who caused the Americans so much trouble in Iraq, can’t brush aside your shabiha scum?

No, what we have seen is refugees from Telkelkah and Jisr Al Shoghour fleeing the security forces and the shabiha. Those people aren’t worried about phantom armed groups, they are fleeing an oppressive and murderous regime.

So yeah, I am proud of this revolution, which shook to the very core a brutal regime that lasted over 40 years, and I’ll gladly continue to successfully advocate it like I’ve been doing; giving BBC interviews, communicating with prominent blogs and websites, and of course tormenting the menhebaks with plain facts

July 24th, 2011, 10:05 am


Abughassan said:

People who attack the army and destroy properties in western countries are not called activists,they are called terrorists. It is a tragedy that syrians today have to suffer from both ends:
a corrupt government with brutal security apparatus and a thuggish pseudo Islamist violent movement. Syrians must reject both,support secular non-violent opposition and change their government peacefully,or reserve a seat at the council of failed nations.

July 24th, 2011, 10:21 am


Aboud said:

@34 Your premise is faulty. We still have not seen one shred of evidence that the incident with the train was anything more than an accident (where are the interviews with the hundreds of passengers for example)

As for the military academy, the weight of the evidence strongly suggests a defection from within. I have not seen anyone offer anything that would indicate an attack from outside it. Such an assault would need hundreds, of not thousands, of men.

SYAU, hurry up and link your videos so Lands can post them without questioning their validity.

July 24th, 2011, 10:28 am


syau said:


I am fully aware that you will never admit to this revolution being the violent farce it is, and, it has nothing to do with your eyes being closed to the fact. You don’t call the slaughter and mutilation of innocent civilians and 120 security personnel in Jisr Alshughour a massacre? The only reason this has not become another Iraq is because Syria is strong and it is filtering out the terrorists. Hopefully they can get to the rest before they are able to do further damage or commit any more massacres.

You can support this revolution all you like. In supporting this violent revolution, you are effectively supporting terrorism. I, on the other hand, reject this revolution and can see it for what it is. I will not advocate the violence and massacres that are intertwined in it as I do not to support terrorism. The MB is a terrorist organisation, that is a fact.

Your idea of ‘tormenting’ is a joke. By the way, it’s easy for me to use your words and call these gang members you advocate YOUR terrorist scum, but I choose to ignore your pathetic words and will not lower myself to your standards.

Torment is seeing what is happening in Syria, seeing the violence, murders and mutilations, civilians being terrorised, hearing family members are injured by these gangs, acquaintances murdered and constantly fearing the worst for the rest of your family in Syria, and not being able to do anything about it. So you can spare me YOUR self righteous BS and learn to live with the fact that all those who use their common sense are aware this is not a peaceful revolution. Learn to live with the fact that Syrians support their leader, look forward to reforms and reject this farce of a revolution.

Aboali, thanks for the link, it’s great to see the army at work. Hopefully they have apprehended the suspect they were looking for. By the way, I didn’t see them ‘assaulting’ the house.

God protect the Syrian army.

July 24th, 2011, 10:37 am


Abughassan said:

There is a coordinated campaign by government loyalists to discredit the opposition and label it as violent and sectarian,but there is a great deal of denial on the opposition side about the existence of anti government armed groups and the danger militant Islamists pose to all syrians,including the opposition.What ruined Iraq was saddam’s regime and the US occupation. The west is unwilling to use military force in Syria,however , syrians with the help of this incompetent and oppressive government and the militant islamists are fully able to ruin their country too.

July 24th, 2011, 10:38 am


Abu Umar said:

5. Syria no kandahar said:

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. One of the menhebek lunatics who supported the killing of tens of thousands of Sunnis by his beloved regime and he is made out to be the victim. Thank you for your Zionist logic. And since he considers Ar’oor a Hitler-like figure and I’ll accept this for arguments sake, then Ar’oor mentioned that the Syrian regime threatened his mother? Do the menhebek lunatics support this?

8. Tara said:

Who gives a damn, many Syrian Sunnis feel the same way as I do and why is it sectarianism when Sunnis do it? If the Asad mafia can act in the interests of its own sect, killing tens of thousands of Sunnis to maintain it’s grip on power or the Iraqi Shi’ites can collaborate with the Americans and Jewish Neocons to invade and occupy Iraq with nary a word from “Sayyid al-Muqawama”, and nobody calls its sectarianism.

“The regime has Sunnis thugs and Alawi thugs.”

The majority of thugs are Alawi.

” Yes, the regime killed 1500 plus to stay in power”

No, it killed tens of thousands of Sunnis previously in Lebanon and Syria, and the majority of this killing was done by Alawi officers.

” but to characterize it as Alawis killing Sunnis is just incorrect and indeed sectarian.”

Who has done the majority of killing?

” Sharaa, Moualim , .. are all Sunnis. Aren’t they? Dalila is Alawi, and he is against the regime. Isn’t he”

I don’t care about the window-dressing Sunnis. Saddam had Shi’ites in his government too.

“I am not supporting this regime. And I am also very much against your views. As a sunni, I feel very offended when you post a sectarian comment like this and I would like to see you either changed or gone.”

If the admin asks me to leave I will.

10. louai said:

So why does your regime use the mumaana and Palestine card when it is lying on both ends slaughtering thousands of Palestinians in Lebanon and Syria. You continue to ignore the elephant in the room, the slaughter of tens of thousands of Sunnis by your beloved regime which you support and don’t expect us to roll over and die while you are doing this.

July 24th, 2011, 10:40 am


Aboud said:

@36 “Learn to live with the fact that Syrians support their leader, look forward to reforms and reject this farce of a revolution. ”

Right, they support junior..except in the following places;

Hama, Dayr El Zour, Dar’a, Abukamal, Idlib, Homs, Latakia, Baniyas, Rastan, Tabisi, Qamishli, the Damascus suburbs, the Aleppo suburbs, Telkelakh, Al-Qusair, Al-Baida….shall I go on?

Day by day, the bubble in which junior has cocooned himself in shrinks ever smaller. Say, when was the last time junior took a trip outside Damascus anyway….?

“The MB is a terrorist organisation, that is a fact.

Irrelevant, since the only prominence the MB has in these events exists solely in the minds of the menhebaks. I’m not an MB supporter, so go ahead and call them scum if it makes you feel any better.

“The only reason this has not become another Iraq is because Syria is strong and it is filtering out the terrorists. ”

Dude, after four months the only filtering that’s been done is filtering all the names of who these terrorists are supposed to be. Bandarites? Harrirites? Turks? Jordanians? Lebanese? Veterans of Iraq? MB? Salafis? Or the latest one, Blackwater/XE? As if Blackwater have nothing better to do than derail trains.

If there was really an armed insurrection, the shabiha scum would have been piled high long ago. As it is, they know they won’t encounter armed resistance as they stay 10 steps behind the tanks and loot and burn Sunni businesses in Homs.

July 24th, 2011, 10:52 am


syau said:

“If there was really an armed insurrection” Lol. You just keep telling yourself that. Have a great day, and thanks for the laugh.

July 24th, 2011, 10:55 am


Aboud said:

@40 Um…what a puzzling response from you. Unlike the Baathists who live abroad, I don’t have the luxury of living a fantasy. I am inside Homs, 24/7, I sleep, eat and work in this city. If there were roving bands of die hard Iraqi Jihadists here, I’d be screaming my head off and bolting down the windows and doors.

To ignore reality and replace it with one of your own making is very dangerous if you live amongst the events.

July 24th, 2011, 11:06 am


Abu Umar said:

“11. mjabali said:

Mr. Abu Umar:

Few questions mr Abu Umar if you care to anwer:”

Did you answer the main question of why Syrian Sunnis are protesting because of the tens of thousands of Sunnis slaughtered, disappeared, jailed, tortured by your regime? That is the reason they are marching, not for an Islamic state, and many of thosepro-regime types support this, including yourself in a previous post.

“In all of your posts you bring stories about what Hafez al-Assad did to some Palestinians here and there. You seem to have deep issues with that. Are you a Palestinian or a Syrian?”

I am Palestinian. Why shouldn’t I have deep issues with the actions of Hafez Al-Asad? You remind me of the Zionists who make the Palestinians the aggressors, and they the victims. Why does the Syrian regime hypocritically use the mumaana card.

“You also seem to have appointed yourself the spokesperson for the Sunnis of Syria, how come? Are there any Sunnis who are not as Sectarian as you, or all of them are gone now? Are you trying to hijack the representation of the Sunnis?”

Go speak to the Sunnis who were oppressed by your regime, oppression you and your menhebek lunatics supported, as you said in a previous post.

“If you are the voice of the Sunnis, do you expect anything else other than the break up of Syria to many states?”

So why did many Alawis collaborate with the French colonialists? If you said they were oppressed, then many Syrian Sunnis are oppressed, and they don’t want to live under a Alawi jallad.

“AS for secularism, why are you so hateful towards it, and every time one brings it to the table you ask them to go and preach that to the Shia of Iraq or to the Mullahs of Iran? You know this is sidetracking and running away from the real topic which is : SECULARISM, so why this hate towards it?”

No, you’re the hypocrite whose running away from the real topic, the oppression of your regime towards many Syrian Sunnis and this is the main reason that many Syrian Sunnis are protesting. something you menhebek lunatics refuse to admit, forgetting their history in Hama. Secondly, when I bring up Hezbollah, the Iraqi Shi’ites, or Iran, it is because they are your allies and they have strongly backed your regime, so yes, you should go preach secularism to them. You are using this card so the Alawis can cling to power. Don’t forget how you defended Maliki in the previous thread. You remind me of those Saudi liberals who call for secularism in Iran for sectarian reasons.

“We want to talk about secularism with you, so why are you running away from it? WE want to talk about secularism with the Salafis so why you divert our attention and run away from the discussion?”

I want to talk about the oppression of Syrian Sunnis, so why are you running away from it?! Again, the main issue is the oppression of the regime, and many non-Salafi Muslims oppose secularism, including many of the pro-regime scholars like Buti.

“Why you run away from issues like Birth control, the rule of the law, civil society,gay marriage (your favorite topic thinking you insult or shame someone), and relations with minorities?”

Go preach those things in Zaynabiyah or Ad-Dunya Tv, then you can come talk. How are minorities treated by your Iranian allies? Why did the Lebanese churches oppose civil marriage?

“You seem to see things in terms of Sunnis/Shia/Christians…etc The world is not like that Mr. Aby Umar, so the question here is how do you intend to live in a world that have people who are not Sunnis? Are you going to clean the place from anyone who is not a Sunni?”

No, I’m not going to clean the place from anyone who isn’t Sunni, and all groups, including Westerners, view the world through sectarian lenses. This is why almost all Jews support Israel even when it expelled the Palestinians from their land and killed thousands of them just like the majority of Syrian Alawis support the regime even when it kills.

“You asked me before if I am Alawi or what is my sect? I tell you that I am la-Deeni (لاديني), which means I follow no organized religion thankfully. My ideas about Allah/God are doubtful of its existence after the harm and violence I saw from religions so far. So the question here, do I deserve to live according to your Sunni logic?
Am I allowed to change the religion my parents had me follow?”

It’s clear you have a Alawite background and if you are la-deeni, why are you afraid to attack Ali ibn Abi Talib as he is clearly an “Islamic extremist” by your standards, and why did you post some of his sayings thinking it would infuriate me? Secondly, as one of the menhebek lunatics stated, even many of the “secular Syrian Sunnis” are “racist” and “anti-Alawi”, and even the non-religious of sects and groups will support their group just like many secular Lebanese Shi’ites support Hezbollah against their Sunni opponents or secular Iraqi Shi’ites colloborated with religious Iraqi Shi’ites to topple Saddam.

“Last question: why you never post anything related to the topics and articles that are relevant at the moment?”

Why do the menhebek lunatics refuse to admit that the main reason, those protesting, are doing so because they have been oppressed by the regime. This is the most relevant topic.

“PS: SYRIA NO KANDAHAR please do not leave. You are a shining light in the face of this Salafi religious non-democratic darkness. Your wise and satirical words are like a sword cutting through their weak هش logic so do not let them defeat a voice of reason like yours. ”

Yes, he’s a shining light who supports the oppression of the Syrian regime. Since you two hate Muslims so much, maybe they can appoint you two as head torturers in the dungeons of Asad, where the interrogators are known to curse Islam.

July 24th, 2011, 11:21 am


Abu Umar said:

“If there was really an armed insurrection, the shabiha scum would have been piled high long ago. As it is, they know they won’t encounter armed resistance as they stay 10 steps behind the tanks and loot and burn Sunni businesses in Homs.”

Be careful what you wish for menhebek lunatics. Those mythical “Salafi armed groups” will become a reality, if the criminal regime continues treading this path. The people of Tripoli will never forget what you did.

July 24th, 2011, 11:25 am


ss said:

The peaceful opposition disappeared the last 2 months and being replaced by armed gangs. It is a delusion to believe that such peacful opposition exists anymore. The streets are in the hands of MBs and AlQaeda (ALAH WA AKBAR PEOPLE) NOT in the hands of, what some people describes here, “honest opposition”. Moreover, I would discredit these honest opposition leaders because they are siding by armed gangs and hoping that these gangs will bring down the goverment and then they will weight in, what an evil those who wants to sacrifies the country for their political goals. I call them evil opposition leaders. The priority now is to 1. Kill and chase all Islamist elements; this is not only a national Syrian goal but also goes in harmony with an international worlwide goal to eliminate Radical elements and terrorists 2. Restor order
Before these two elements are achieved I consider Syria to be still in War against terrorism and no talk and no negotiation should take place with terrorists. I think th world is realizing these facts and for that reason the world is silent and not interfering at all. Can you explain to me whay Erdogan disappeared, why Qatar is not constantly attacking, why the US is barely mentionning Syria unrest in the news. etc. It appears that the “peaceful revolution” is not peaceful in the eyes of the wrols anymore

July 24th, 2011, 11:32 am


jad said:

Dear Syau
Here you go the video you are looking for of the old man
حماة اختطاف احد المؤيدين وضربه من قبل الارهابيين

and the second one about the massacre of Jisr Ashghour that many denies it even happened can be found in this youtube channel

If you could save the clips before YouTube remove them as they always do.

July 24th, 2011, 11:45 am


aboali said:

bullet holes and destruction at Zafaran mosque in Bab Sbaa Homs

so, what do all the minhibak crowd have to say now? especially after they claimed the footage of the minaret being shelled was fabricated?

July 24th, 2011, 11:48 am


ss said:

These are animals, not humans. Please look at the man with a white dresss, and a long beard reaching the ground, look at hime shouting, hitting this elderly man without any mercy, doesnt he reminds you of a typical ALQAEDA, MB terrorist. Havent you seen like him in Guantanamo prison.

This video speaks out clearly about the type, personality, and character of the what is falsly called “[peaceful oipposition”. Do you still believe that these people are really peacful?

July 24th, 2011, 12:01 pm


Aboud said:

Jad, I have a question for you. What the hell was that piece of crap? Did you not notice the HNN fascist Facebook page at the start calling the demonstrators “sons of Devils? Grand children of the Muslim Brotherhood”? So, apparently we are all sons of devils to you? And you get upset when I call your friends scum.

Did you not hear the sheikh tell everyone to shut up, and that that old man would be given medical attention? I didn’t see one person lay a hand on him. Not one swear word. Just alot of very angry people around him. You’ve given your own predictable version of why the crowd is angry (“He’s an angelic innocent regime supporter yada yada yada”), but this 2 minute clip is as useful as one of Landis’ selectively chosen paragraphs.

Do I know that he wasn’t picked on for being a regime supporter? No, no one can possibly make that judgement either way based on these two minutes.

Apparently the video has the Sham News Network logo on it. If they uploaded it, then they have their version of the story to tell.

Do better next time, will you.

July 24th, 2011, 12:02 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Hate & Violence: The ME’s largest export

Amir in Tel Aviv said:

But if the struggle turns violent, because of frustration and popular anger…

Generally, the demonstrations have been non-violent, but we do know that at least 1500 syrian demonstrators have been killed; most of them unarmed.

I don’t see how this can remain “non-violent” if the Syrian army routinely killed 10 syrians every day. Naturally, demonstrators will pick up sticks, etc to defend themselves. Seeing friends and family shot and killed can make these crowds turn violent.

The genie may be out of the bottle. The point is, if both sides turn violent, the side who is fighting for freedom will be the side that gets international support.

As usual, I agree with Aboud, mjabali and Qunfuz (welcome) regarding the crisis in Syria.

Tara said:

There is a deep rooted rage against Israel subjugation and atrocity against the Palestinian in the West Bank and Gaza, a fact, Amir, you personally can not simply deny.


My experience on these forums forces me to agree with you that there is “deep rooted rage against Israel”. I believe arabs, liberal to conservative and secular to religious are all brought up to hate Israel for the usual reasons, including Israel is an “artificial” entity.

Now, if you want to talk about “subjugation and atrocity against the Palestinian in the West Bank and Gaza” we can, although some participants here do not like to get sidetracked on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Israelis have made many mistakes, but under the circumstances, I think Arabs have been mistreated worse by their own people.

Lastly, guess which country in the ME Arabs have the most rights, freedoms and opportunity?

I’ll leave it at that.

This is not about Jews hatred and I told you before, I don’t hate jews. I have lots of close jewish friends.

OK, if you say so. And have you noticed the daily anti-semitism on this very website, despite the “rules” Professor Josh has set?


But I do hate what Israel have and continues to do against the Palestinian.

This is understandable and natural considering what I have seen written on these websites. I suggest learning more about Israel and the obstacles she has had to overcome, including numerous terrorist incidents. I submit, Israel has done pretty well defending herself as well as defending the rights of her Jewish and Arab citizens. I don’t think any Arab country could do better.

Just look at Syria.

July 24th, 2011, 12:06 pm


jad said:

من وراء العملية الارهابية لتدمير سكة القطار بسوريا؟

“من وراء العملية الارهابية لتدمير سكة القطار بسوريا؟
انهم الاخوان المسلمين … عبدة العرعور … هم نفسهم أصحاب الغرفة السوداء على البالتوك الذي فضح جاسوسيتهم التلفزيون السوري … عندهم صفحة على الفيسبوك حرضوا عليها منذ خمسة أيام فقط على تدمير كل سكك الحديد بسوريا و سوف ترون هذا داخل الفيديو … و عندما فضحناهم أسرع بعد دقائق كلبهم الذي يدعى مطوبز بالنباح و العواء فورا نافيا التهمة عن مجموعته و الصاقها بالشبح “الشبيحة” و ردة الفعل هذه بالاضافة لتحريضهم على صفحتهم تؤكد بما لا يترك مجالا للشك انهم وراء هذا العمل الارهابي
هذا هو الأخونجي و لن يتغير … قاتل .. سفاك دماء … ارهابي … و لن ننسى تاريخكم الدموي في سوريا و خارج سوريا”

July 24th, 2011, 12:11 pm


jad said:

Syria tightens screws on Homs, Assad sacks governor

DAMASCUS: The Syrian army consolidated its grip on the hotbed city of Homs on Sunday, activists said, as embattled President Bashar al-Assad sacked the governor of a flashpoint province 48 hours after massive anti-government protests.

Security forces also rounded up hundreds of civilians in Damascus and made a spate of arrests in the town of Sarakeb in the northwestern province of Idlib near the Turkish border, activists said.

In Homs, troops backed by tanks “deployed heavily in Duar al-Fakhura and around the neighbourhood of Al-Nazihin,” said Abdel Karim Rihawi, who heads the Syrian League for the Defence of Human Rights.

He said the operation was apparently aimed at “preparing to carry out a military and security operation in the region.”

More than 50 people have been killed in the past week in Homs, 160 kilometers north of Damascus, either by army gunfire or in clashes between rival demonstrators, rights activists have said.

They have accused the government of sowing sectarian strife among the city’s Christians, Sunni Muslims and Assad’s Alawite minority community.

Residents of Homs observed a strike on Saturday while the army encircled the city, cutting off its water and electricity.

Syria’s third-largest city, Homs has spearheaded demonstrations against Assad and his government since protests erupted on March 15.

The army had already entered the city in May in a bid to stop rallies calling for the fall of the government, and launched a new operation backed by security forces earlier this week.

The crackdown on dissent prompted condemnations on Friday from France and Britain as U.N. officials spoke of the possibility of crimes against humanity being committed in Syria since mid-March.

In Damascus, security forces arrested hundreds of people in an operation targeting the neighbourhoods of Qabun and Rukneddin, which has a mostly Kurdish population, Rihawi told AFP in Nicosia by phone.

“Army units set up roadblocks on routes into Qabun, controlling all entry and exit,” he said, adding that they had lists of wanted people.

Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said: “Soldiers armed with automatic rifles are deployed at the main routes into Qabun and in front of mosques.

“The security forces also searched homes looking for weapons, and made some arrests,” he said, adding that they ransacked homes but emerged empty-handed.

More than 15 people were arrested in the town of Sarakeb in the Idlib countryside, Abdel Rahman told AFP in Nicosia by phone.

“Army units who are deployed on the outskirts of the town opened fire to disperse the residents of Sarakeb who had gathered to cut off the highway that links Aleppo to Damascus,” he said.

The residents wanted to protest against the security crackdown in Sarakeb, which has witnessed almost daily anti-government demonstrations, he said.

“The security forces reopened the highway and then made arrests in the town, rounding up more than 15 people,” Abdel Rahman added.

Forty-eight hours after Friday’s massive anti-government protests in the eastern oil hub of Deir Ezzor, Assad dismissed the regional governor, the official SANA news agency reported on Sunday.

He issued a decree appointing Samir Othman al-Sheikh to replace Hussein Arnoos as governor, the agency said.

More than 1.2 million Syrians demonstrated in Deir Ezzor city and in Hama in the north, on Friday, according to Abdel Rahman.

“More than 1.2 million people marched: in Deir Ezzor there were more than 550,000, and in Hama more than 650,000,” he said.

Earlier in July, Assad replaced the governor of Hama after 500,000 protesters rallied in the opposition bastion calling for the fall of the Assad’s government.

Deir Ezzor and Hama have been rallying points for pro-democracy protests since mid-March, and Hama has a bloody past. In 1982 an estimated 20,000 people were killed there when the army put down an Islamist revolt against the rule of Assad’s late father, Hafez al-Assad.

According to the Syrian Observatory, 1,483 civilians are now confirmed dead in the government’s crackdown on dissent since mid-March. The violence also claimed the lives of 365 troops and security forces.

In that time, at least 12,000 people have been arrested and thousands have fled to neighbouring Turkey and Lebanon, according to rights groups.

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

July 24th, 2011, 12:17 pm


jad said:

Kidnapping the wrong doctor!

إطلاق سراح مدير المشفى الوطني بمعرة النعمان بعد يوم على اختطافه

أفاد مراسل سيريانيوز في محافظة إدلب يوم الأحد أنه “بعد 24 ساعة من اختطاف مدير المستشفى الوطني في معرة النعمان الدكتور صفوان شحادة قام المسلحين أنفسهم بإرجاعه إلى منزله الساعة الواحدة والنصف من فجر اليوم الأحد.

وكان مسلحون ملثمون، أقدموا فجر يوم السبت، على اختطاف مدير مشفى معرة النعمان الوطني الطبيب “صفوان شحادة”، واقتياده إلى جهة مجهولة.

وقال الدكتور شحادة في تصريح خاص لسيريانيوز إن “المختطفين وعددهم ثمانية قاموا باصطحابي إلى غرفة في مزرعة ضمن المنطقة وأقدموا على تهديدي بقتل أولادي ما لم أمتثل إلى مطالبهم”.

وأوضح الدكتور أنهم “طلبوا منه أن يعامل كافة الجرحى في المستشفى سواسية سواء كانوا من متظاهرين أو من قوات الجيش والأمن، وعدم السماح لعناصر الأمن باعتقال المتظاهرين الجرحى من المستشفى”

وتابع الدكتور شحادة أنه ” بعد 12 ساعة من وجودي في الغرفة تفاجأت بوصول مجموعة أخرى قاموا بمعاملتي بطريقة جيدة وقالوا لي بأنني لم أكن الطبيب المقصود وهناك خطأ في عملية الاختطاف، وقاموا بإعادتي إلى منزلي”.

وكانت زوجة الطبيب شحادة روت في وقت سابق لسيريانيوز تفاصيل حادثة الاختطاف, حيث أشارت إلى انه في حوالي الساعة 1:30 من فجر السبت، تفاجأت بقرع متواصل للباب والجرس، ولدى سؤالها عن الطارق، أمرها شخص بفتح الباب مهدداً بكسره، فقامت بفتح الباب وهي في حالة رعب بعد كسر مقبضه، ليدخل 3 أشخاص إلى المنزل، أشهر أحدهم السلاح علي، ودخل الآخران واصطحبوا الطبيب شحادة ، الذي لم يسمحوا له حتى بانتعال حذائه ليخرج بجلباب نومه وجهازه الخلوي فقط.

وأضافت ان المسلحين وضعوا زوجها في سيارة بيضاء اللون بدون لوحة، وزجاجها أسود، لكن الجيران أكدوا بأنها من نوع هونداي افانتي، رافقتها أخرى من نوع كيا سيراتو فضية اللون.

وصفوان شحادة طبيب أخصائي في الجراحة العظمية، ومدير المشفى الوطني في معرة النعمان.


July 24th, 2011, 12:23 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. Abu Umar comment #42

If you are a Palestinian what are you doing inciting sectarian hatred among us Syrians?

Notice how the Syrian Sunnis distance themselves from someone like you.

and now to go and destroy your weak logic as my habit once again:

You said:

“Did you answer the main question of why Syrian Sunnis are protesting because of the tens of thousands of Sunnis slaughtered, disappeared, jailed, tortured by your regime? That is the reason they are marching, not for an Islamic state, and many of thosepro-regime types support this, including yourself in a previous post.”

it is obvious that Mr. Abu Umar have a problem understanding what other people write. It is very clear, because he is such a sectarian maniac that his vision became impaired.

Mr. Abu Umar as I told you before I am not pro regime and I have never condoned any torture or killing of any Sunni or any other human being, even though I am not a fan of Islam as you know.

I am pro human rights and you are not. I am pro law and order and you are a fan of chaos. This is something you can not seem to understand because you are a zealot.

You said:
“am Palestinian. Why shouldn’t I have deep issues with the actions of Hafez Al-Asad? You remind me of the Zionists who make the Palestinians the aggressors, and they the victims. Why does the Syrian regime hypocritically use the mumaana card.”

Mr. Abu Umar since you are a Palestinian why don’t you take care of Palestinian issues and leave us Syrians solve our problems. You have lots of problems as we all know. Your fire is not needed now. We need fire extinguishers now. We had enough of your problems, so leave us alone, especially now with this huge problem that we have. WE do not need your interference.

You confirm that the Salafi Sunnis in the Middle East are conspiring to break the current states and form Khilafa. Your cross border interference is not welcomed in a time we are trying to protect Syrian borders and society. No sir thank you, we are happy with what secular element we had left in Syria and want to protect it. You as a Palestinian did not live in a mixed society like us Syrians. I do not blame you for your extremist ideas.

As for the word Zionist please do not bring it to this discussion, I care less about Zionism and other illusions that you suffer from. AS for Syria and al-Mumana’ politics as I told you I am pro America and hope that Syria forsake al-Mumana’ ideology and adopt a more pro-America stance.

July 24th, 2011, 1:58 pm


Mango said:

Middle East Revolutions Engineered by the Clandestine “PROCACTIVE, PREEMPTIVE OPERATIONS GROUP”?

July 24th, 2011, 2:18 pm


mjabali said:

Cont. to Mr. Abu Umar comment #42

I read your responses and laughed a lot.

Mr. Abu Umar why you do not have the courage to answer the simple questions about Birth Control and Secularism without your fire and referring us to ask the Shia first? You have no Shia among Palestinian and I am asking you, so why you run away and ask me to ask the Shia first?

I am asking you what is your ideas about secularism and birth control? This is a very simple question.

Remember I asked you about your opinion of other minorities, and if you think they should live or die, and remember that you answered with your irrelevant usual answers.

Secularism abu Umar is what we need. The rule of the modern/liberal law is what we need. We need to be equal. You run from this topic.

AS for my religious beliefs, it is obvious from my words that I am not a fan of religions and of course I am not a fan of Islam as you could tell because of how Islam views me and intends to do harm to me just for the simple reason that I do not believe in it and what it teaches. According to modern law I can follow any religion as long as I do not hurt others or interfere with their lives, are you ready to accept this?

It is not your business if I was of Alawi descent or not. I could be from other denominations but your hysteria about Alawis had clouded your vision. wake up Abu Umar there are many people in this world who are not Sunnis like you. Take it easy.

Your insertion of Ali ibn Abi Taleb is nothing but childish. You think you could get at me for me bashing your sheik the War Criminal Ibn Taymiyah. I laugh hard at you.

I think that Islam and all of its characters and history are mostly violent and built upon violence, but among them all your hero Ibn Taymiyah stands out as the biggest criminal of them all.

Ibn Taymiyah is nothing but a huge criminal. It is simple and easy to proof. He issued decrees to kill others. He is a CRIMINAL. you still love him and consider him a saint, what does that say about you?

AS for your words asking me and Mr. Syria No Kandahar to go and torture people in dungeons, I say that behavior is your trade mark Abu Umar as evidenced from your logic. You are the type that tortures people and cut there throats.

At the end, all I have to say to you mr. Abu Umar is that you make no sense and brings nothing to this great forum except for sectarianism and nonsense. Go back and deal with Palestinian issues instead of trying to make Syrians hate each other.

July 24th, 2011, 2:35 pm


jad said:

According to one of the ‘doves’ ‘7mamet’ of the ‘peaceful’ MBs, Turkey should mandate over Syria for the ‘democratic’ process and Qatar is the a leader in it’s position toward the uprising!? As if Mm Banana’s country have any democratic system!
Just ask them to occupy Syria and end these crappy statement.

جماعة “الاخوان المسلمين” تشيد بالموقف القطري “المتقدم” من ما يسمى “الثورة” في سورية .. وخدام زار تركيا سرّا وقدم لوائح باسم ضباط سوريين

انقرة ..
أكد المراقب العام السابق لـ “الاخوان المسلمين” (جناح سورية ) علي البيانوني أن مشروع “حكومة الظل” لم يكن مدرجا في جدول أعمال “مؤتمر الانقاذ الوطني”, مشيرا الى أن أنقرة “مرشحة” لقيادة العملية الديموقراطية في سوريا.
ونفى البيانوني ما تداوله بعض المراقبين عن اختيار الأتراك لـ “الاخوان المسلمين” كحليف مركزي لهم، مشددا على “أهمية المقاربة القطرية للأزمة السورية”، قائلا ان “الموقف القطري متقدّم على مواقف الحكومات العربية من “الثورة ” في سوريا”.
من ناحية أخرى زار المسمى عبد الحليم خدام تركيا سرّا لمدة 24 ساعة آتيا من باريس الى اسطنبول , حيث اجتمع مع قيادات تركية , وبعد جلسة تحريضية على النظام السوري , قدم خدام للاتراك لوائح بأسماء الضباط السوريين الذين كانوا يساعدون “حزب العمل الكردستاني” بحسب ما سوقه للاتراك , ولم يتم معرفة الموقف التركي .

شام برس

الأحد 24-07-2011

July 24th, 2011, 3:09 pm


anas said:

I find it incredible that a train was derailed and it got immediately pinned on the protesters. No investigation, no problem! No evidence, no witnesses, and no arrests. But sure let’s blame the protesters. How convenient.

I don’t see how that is different from blaming Muslims for the Oslo attacks, and even then a Jihadi group claimed responsibility. No prominent opposition groups, websites, figures, or protests claimed responsibility for the attacks or even applauded it.

This is just another shameless attempt at assassinating the character of protesters.

July 24th, 2011, 3:10 pm


Abughassan said:

Using force by the regime has not ended this uprising , so this leaves us with a political track that all syrians should embrace . Violence is not going to get us out of this mess.
The regime now needs to win support and weaken the opposition and that opens the door to a new wave of PR stunts and lies,however , those stunts and lies are also being used by the anti regime forces who also refuse to admit that armed thugs committed atrocities in their name.
Syria changed because of the bravery of those young syrians who simply had enough and chose to defy a brutal security system that never had to face
demonstrations. I am afraid that those who made a new Syria an achievable dream will not be the ones who will benefit from a more open and democratic country. It is simply too early to draw conclusions. Egypt may help us understand events a litte bit better. Very few will shed tears if this regime is changed but many are worried ,and they should,about the nature of the new government.

July 24th, 2011, 3:14 pm


jad said:

أميركا لا تخطط لسحب سفيرها بسوريا

أعلنت وزارة الخارجية الأميركية أن إدارة الرئيس باراك أوباما لا تخطط حالياً لسحب سفيرها في دمشق روبرت فورد، وذلك في أعقاب الهجوم الذي تعرضت له السفارة الأميركية بعد زيارة فورد مدينة حماة بداية الشهر الجاري، مشيرة إلى أن هناك حوارات مستمرة لبحث السبل الكفيلة بزيادة الضغوط على نظام بشار الأسد.

وتأتي هذه التصريحات بعد أيام من إعلان وزير الخارجية السوري وليد المعلم أن الاتصالات مع وزارة الخارجية الأميركية لم تنقطع، رغم بيانات الإدانة القوية من الرئيس أوباما وعدد من المسؤولين في إدارته.

وقالت المتحدثة باسم الوزارة كاثرين فان دي فيت في مقابلة مع يونايتد برس إنترناشونال إن إدارة أوباما لم تغيّر إستراتيجيتها حيال سوريا، وإنها ظلت تقوم على دعم الشعب السوري في سعيه للحصول على ما سمتها حقوقه العالمية مثل الحق في التجمع السلمي والتعبير السلمي عن آرائه السياسية ومن دون خوف من الانتقام العنيف من النظام السوري.

وعن زيارة السفير فورد حماة، اعتبرت كاثرين فان دي فيت أنه كان يتصرف بصفته سفيرا للولايات المتحدة في دمشق، مشيرة إلى أن ذهابه كان من أجل أن يرى بأم عينه ما يحدث في ظل رفض الحكومة السورية السماح لوسائل الإعلام الأجنبية والمراقبين الدوليين دخول البلاد.

وانتقدت المسؤولة الأميركية الموقف السوري الذي يشترط على السفراء الأجانب الحصول على إذن من وزارة الخارجية إذا ما أرادوا السفر خارج دمشق، وقالت كاترين إنه بالنظر إلى أن الحكومة السورية ترفض السماح لوسائل الإعلام الدولية ومراقبي حقوق الإنسان العمل داخل سوريا فإن الدبلوماسيين يجب أن يكونوا قادرين على السفر عبر البلاد لمراقبة الوضع على الأرض.

ومن جهة أخرى قالت المسؤولة الأميركية إن الحكومة السورية ورغم الإدانة الدولية الغامرة استمرت في ممارسة ما سمتها عمليات الانتقام الوحشية ضد المواطنين السوريين، بما في ذلك مقتل أكثر من ألف شخص منذ اندلاع الاحتجاجات في منتصف مارس/آذار الماضي والاعتقال والتعذيب وإطلاق النار على المتظاهرين المسالمين.

وقالت إن بلادها طالبت دمشق مراراً وتكراراً بوقف “العنف ووضع حد للتعذيب وإطلاق سراح جميع السجناء السياسيين والسماح بدخول الإعلام الدولي واستخدام الإنترنت من دون قيود وحرية التعبير، لكن قواتها الأمنية وبدلاً من ذلك تواصل إطلاق النار والاعتداء على المتظاهرين واعتقالهم واحتجاز السجناء السياسيين”.

وردا على سؤال بشأن موقف الولايات المتحدة من إعلان وزير المعلم مؤخرا أن الاتصالات مع وزارة الخارجية الأميركية لم تنقطع، أكدت كاترين أن الدبلوماسيين الأميركيين سيستمرون في الانخراط مع نظرائهم السوريين ومع الشخصيات المعارضة وقادة المجتمع.

وقالت إن المواطنين السوريين من جميع مناحي الحياة يجتمعون الآن في الداخل والخارج لمناقشة الاتجاه الذين يريدون بلادهم أن تسير فيه، وهم الذين سيقررون هذا الاتجاه والمسائل المهمة التي يريدون تحقيقها.
المصدر: يو بي آي

July 24th, 2011, 3:17 pm


Najwa Keylani said:

There is an unhealthy amount of official Syrian sources in this post. Needless to say, official Syrian media, or almost offical working under the eyes of the regime like Al dunia )see here an example of their silly propagande : ), are not really reliable and it is very dangerous to almost only have those sources, you might want to at least accompany that with some other credible sources, thr LLCsy for example is a really good place, hrw and Amnesty and SHRC and 17april movement, what you did here harms even the level and credibility of this blog..Anyways, regarding the extremists and saboteurs, it is impossible to be sure but keep in mind that when soldier defect they will be fired on, for example in is what many in syria suspect, even if they cannot know for sure, but there are real reasons for what they suspect, regading the official regime theory of saboteurs:

July 24th, 2011, 3:59 pm


Norman said:

Reform and security,
President Assad should not wait to get consensus about the reform , he just has to move and put his plan out then see the response, The militant opposition will not accept but the majority of the people like us who want change without chaos and destruction of Syria will rally behind him or in front of him if he wants ,

The king of Morocco put out the new constitution and asked for referendum, many of the organized opposition did not like his plan but the people who are tired from uncertainty stood behind him and the world think of him as reformer who responded to his people,
President Assad should learn from what happened in Morocco and move full speed ahead.

July 24th, 2011, 4:54 pm


Jad said:

مجلس الوزراء السوري يقر مشروع قانون الأحزاب ..

July 24th, 2011, 4:58 pm


Tara said:


Ok now. We miss you already. We gave you 3 full vacation days. People do not ususally enjoy a long vacation during a revolution…

We are being kind of “forced” to read SANA reports and it ain’t sounding that credible to me. You need to help them out.

July 24th, 2011, 5:04 pm


Abughassan said:

I see little need,if any, to discuss Syrian politics with non syrians especially those who incite violence and spread hateful messages .
Syria is a boat and we all are on it,if it sinks we all sink. Do not expect turkey,the gulf states or the west to come to the rescue. Thuggish behavior and violence does not have a religion or a sect. Humans from all races or backgrounds are guilty of doing it at one point or the other. This is why a secular government with an independent judicial system is the only suitable system for a country like Syria.

July 24th, 2011, 5:04 pm


Najwa Keylani said:

Way too many Syrian official sources here, the least we can say about those is that they are biased, Al dunia is one of a kind! ( You know very well that they are not exactly credible reliable sources least for the credibility and level of this blog you should also include sources like LLCsy or 17april movement..Regarding the extremists and saboteurs, as impossible it is to knoe for sure when the regime cuts off Syria from all the world and media so they can kill in piece, but some people have other ideas and interpretations, even if they cann not know for sure, regarding the officialstory :

July 24th, 2011, 5:05 pm


Tara said:


Aside from politics, I want to know if this revolution is affecting your personal and professional life? It is affecting mine tremendously. I think you told us you are a doctor and that you have cried many time during this crisis and that is why I am asking you. How are you coping with all of this?

July 24th, 2011, 5:12 pm


Norman said:


I second your call and ask MR WD to reconsider as i miss him,

please come back .

Jad, that was great, now they need to encourage people to start political parties to show that they are safe to do,

What kind of Doctor is Abu Ghassan and did you go to school in Syria ,

July 24th, 2011, 5:14 pm


Norman said:


Abu umar does not represent Islam, he is a disgrace to Islam , many people used Islam and their authority to interpret Islam to convince the illiterate masses who do not know any better to instigate violence against minorities, that was never Islam that was able to spread all over the world,

July 24th, 2011, 5:26 pm


Abughassan said:

I will not be able to answer any personal question that can make it easier for thugs on both sides to harass me,however , I will be glad to share my views and opinions about Syria ,the country I left but never left me..

July 24th, 2011, 5:29 pm


Jad said:

To all whiners about linking news from SANA, another link;


أقر مجلس الوزراء بجلسته التي عقدها مساء أمس برئاسة الدكتور عادل سفر مشروع قانون الأحزاب في سورية وذلك في إطار ترجمة توجهات برنامج الإصلاح السياسي وبهدف اغناء الحياة السياسية وتنشيطها والمشاركة في مسؤولياتها وتداول السلطة.

ويتضمن مشروع القانون الأهداف والمبادىء الأساسية الناظمة لعمل الأحزاب وشروط وإجراءات تأسيسها وترخيصها والأحكام المتعلقة بموارد الأحزاب وتمويل نشاطاتها وحقوقها وواجباتها.

ويشترط لتأسيس أي حزب أن يقوم على الأهداف والمبادىء الآتية:

1/الالتزام بأحكام الدستور ومبادىء الديمقراطية وسيادة القانون واحترام الحريات والحقوق الأساسية والإعلانات العالمية لحقوق الإنسان والاتفاقيات المصدق عليها من الجمهورية العربية السورية.

2/الحفاظ على وحدة الوطن وترسيخ الوحدة الوطنية للمجتمع.

3/علانية مبادىء الحزب وأهدافه ووسائله ومصادر تمويله.

4/عدم قيام الحزب على أساس ديني أو قبلي أو مناطقي أو فئوي أو مهني أو على أساس التمييز بسبب العرق أو الجنس أو اللون.

5/أن تتم تشكيلات الحزب واختيار هيئاته القيادية ومباشرته نشاطه على أساس ديمقراطي.

6/ألا تنطوي وسائل الحزب على إقامة أي تشكيلات عسكرية أو شبه عسكرية علنية أو سرية أو استخدام العنف بكل أشكاله أو التهديد به أو التحريض عليه.

7/ألا يكون الحزب فرعا أو تابعا لحزب أو تنظيم سياسي غير سوري.

وأقر مجلس الوزراء تحديد ساعات الدوام الرسمي اليومي الفعلية خلال شهر رمضان المبارك في الوزارات والإدارات والهيئات العامة والجهات العامة الأخرى من الساعة التاسعة صباحا وحتى الساعة الخامسة عشرة.

أما في باقي الجهات العامة التي تتطلب طبيعتها أو ظروفها استمرار العمل فيها فيتم تحديد ساعات العمل الفعلية ومواعيد بدء العمل اليومي وانتهائه وكذلك تنظيم الورديات حسب طبيعة عمل تلك الجهات ومقتضيات المصلحة العامة

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Cabinet passed during a session chaired by Prime Minister Adel Safar on Sunday the bill of the new political parties law in Syria as part of the directives of the political reform program and the efforts to enrich and revitalize political life, share responsibility and alternate the possession of power.

The bill includes the basic goals and principles regulating parties, the conditions and procedures for establishing and licensing them, legislations regarding parties’ resources, funding, rights and duties.

The requisites for establishing any party are as follows:

1-Commitment to the constitution, principles of democracy and the rule of law, respecting liberties, basic rights, world declarations of human rights and the agreements approved by the Syrian Arab Republic.

2-Preserving the unity of the homeland and bolstering society’s national unity.

3-Making public the principles, goals, methods and funding of a party.

4-A party cannot be based on religious, tribal, regional, denominational, or profession-related basis or on the basis of discrimination due to ethnicity, gender or race.

5-A party’s formation, selection of leadership and commencement of activities must be carried out using democratic basis.

6-A party’s methods must not include establishing public or covert military or paramilitary formations, nor must it use violence of any kind, threaten with it, or instigate it.

7-A party cannot be a branch of a non-Syrian party or political organization, not can it be affiliated to one.

The cabinet also announced that official work hours in ministries, administrations, establishments and other public bodies during the month of Ramadan are from 9 AM to 3 PM.

This excludes public bodies where the nature of their work requires continuing work past 3 PM, in which case the actual work hours during Ramadan are decided according to the nature of their work and the requirements of public interest.

H. Sabbagh

July 24th, 2011, 5:36 pm


Aboud said:

Najwa, today Landis pulled out all the stops to support the regime’s tales of an armed insurrection in Homs. Quoting SANA is dubious at best, and selectively picking and choosing paragraphs from other media sources even more so.

July 24th, 2011, 5:40 pm


Aboud said:

@70 As long as SANA limits itself to official announcements, then fine. But it’s when they and their readers actually start to believe that they are a credible source for objective news (har har har), well then that’s when you need to take a reality and sanity check.

July 24th, 2011, 5:43 pm


Tara said:


I am agreeing too much with you today. 2 posts in a row. It is scary. At some point, I thought it was hopeless.

July 24th, 2011, 5:58 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Claimed video from the massacre in the academy in Homs (caution, graphic)

July 24th, 2011, 6:19 pm


Constructive Comparison With Libya said:

A few months ago I came across numerous anti-Syrian commentators who sneered at Syrians for believing there’s been a foreign conspiracy to undermine the legitimacy and stability of the Syrian government. I haven’t heard them sneering along those lines recently. The sorry situation in Libya should shut those sneerers up forever.

On 1 July an enormous pro-government rally took place in “Green Square” in Tripoli in Libya. From the video of it, it looks equally as big as any rally in Damascus this year. See the bird’s-eye evidence at On 17 June another enormous rally took place in “Green Square” (almost as big as 1 July) According to this and other reports, one million Libyan citizens turned up in Green Square. Other reports give a number of some hundreds of thousands for each demonstration, which I suppose is more plausible. The whole population of Tripoli is only a little over one million. In any case, it is indisputable from the video evidence that powerfully big numbers of citizens came out on the streets to express their support for the Qadhafi government. The Green Square Tripoli rallies were largely unreported in the non-Libyan news media, and the few outlets that reported them underplayed their magnitude. The city of Sabha (population 130,000) in central Libya held a big pro-government demonstration on 8 July — Other recent pro-government demonstrations in various other Libyan towns are at Youtube. According to Reuters 22 July, “pro-government rallies are being shown almost daily on state television” in Libya — Libya today would have peace and civility, and freedom and civil rights, if the Western powers hadn’t interfered. The Western powers are talking about a “stalemate” in Libya. That is a euphemistic way of acknowledging that the majority in the country supports the established government. There’ll be no way to get that Libyan majority to change their minds. So there’ll be a civil war until the Western powers pull out. The Western powers can stay in at very little cost to themselves, and will probably do so. Hence a decade of civil war for Libya is in the works. The Western justification for intervention was the damn lie that the Libyan government was “slaughtering its own people”. The truth is that the Libyan government was justly putting down an unjustified and foolish armed rebellion. The majority of Libyan citizens know and uphold this truth. The newspaper-reading public in the Western countries don’t know the truth and aren’t going to find it out. With the information and prejudices they have, they’re going to continue to think that Western intervention in Libya was and will be virtuous. Meanwhile the Libyan government is stating that it will never negotiate with the rebels: “Nations do not negotiate with armed gangs.” If Qadhafi himself suddenly died, the situation wouldn’t be changed.

In Libya, a legitimate government is being half destroyed by a conspiracy by foreign powers, and apparently now the whole country is going to be destroyed by war for a decade.

July 24th, 2011, 6:31 pm


Tara said:


How do we know that what the regime trying to portray as activists attacking the army cadet is not a cover up for the regime killing massive army defectors?

July 24th, 2011, 6:44 pm


True said:

The Stickers War
This Saturday morning and after the celebration of the previous day, the residents of old Damascus, Kassa’a and the surrounding areas woke up to find their walls filled with stickers distributed by young Christian activists from the area signed with the fish symbol as an indicator of their identity as “Christian in general and Catholics in specific”. They declared their refusal of the regime acts to celebrate at the end of each Friday as during previous weeks several celebrations have been taken place in the most important squares in Damascus and was, maybe intentionally, focused in Christian areas especially “Bab Touma” square with a sponsorship from several pro-regime businessmen and the regime itself.

From the beginning of the movement, the Syrian regime was fully depended on the silence of the minorities i.e. Christians, Druz ..etc, confirming their fears, trying to exhibit a sectarian atmosphere to justify its existence as the “saviour”. In reality, the regime’s absurd game could hoodwink segments of these minorities utilising an intense lobby from some religious leaders. On the contrary, there were other young segments, youth mainly, who have given this propaganda the cold-shoulder and repudiated from being part of the sectarian game even verbally, hence the “Fish Stickers” campaign.

The “Fish Stickers” group wrote “Every Friday, many martyrs of civilians and military-security personals get killed. Do they deserve these celebrations from us? We will not accept to dance on the blood of those who sacrificed their lives”


• This message is targeting the Christian crowds. Giving the geographic vicinity where it has been distributed and the logo used to announce who’s behind it
• This message is illustrating a rational approach of direct coherent question. It exemplifies no tendency to any political view avoiding taking a side or pointing fingers
• This message acknowledges their rejection to the act of weekly asinine celebrations. It can be related to either a pure sense of nationalism or just pushing-back any involvement in Christian sectarian accusations especially that most of these celebrations were taken place in their Christian neighbourhoods
• Holding the stick from the middle this message acknowledges that the killed protesters as “martyrs” representing the anti-regime point of view
• Holding the stick from the middle, as well, this message acknowledges that the killed military-security personals as “martyrs” representing the pro-regime point of view
• This message demonstrates the state of “confusion” that everyone can feel and sense in Syria. On the one hand, the govt announces saboteurs, causalities, massacres, and acts of terrorism throughout Syria, while at the same time it throws out celebrations all over the place with billboards campaign of “Syria is Fine”!!!

Many tend to believe that Damascus is in hibernation mood in comparison to other hot spots throughout Syria. While in reality there’s an ongoing “Stickers War” been going for the last few weeks sending a clear signal of the ash under fire in Damascus. Phrases like “people want to topple the regime”, “long live freedom”, “my way is your way but your tank is blocking the way” and many others slogans have been spotted in different neighbourhoods rich and poor. This silent war by damascenes is the optimal recipe to tire out the security forces and bleed their strength and time away, every time a sticker is found a security zone must be established just minutes after the discovery. At the same time, trying to be one step ahead, cleaning units with security supervision keep touring the city to get rid of these poisoned stickers trying to save themselves and embarrassment in front of their senior officers while saving themselves from a cruel punishment.

July 24th, 2011, 7:04 pm


Tara said:


Thank you for your post. This is very encouraging. It only confirm what I always know about us all. Sectarianism does not run in our blood and it is not part of our DNA. The regime and the Aroor trying hard to enforce it on us but they will fail and Syria will prevail.

July 24th, 2011, 7:22 pm


Aboud said:

Amir, that is the most horrific scene I’ve ever seen in my life. But at this point I believe it is impossible to confirm that it is even in Syria. Can you tell me how you came across it? Thanks.

Can anyone make out the writing on the wall at 3:00. I could only make out “Wahed”.

If it was a massacre of deserters, then it must have happened at Al-Wa3er, and we would have heard of something like this by now. None of the revolution pages mention it.

That video should be analyzed, calmly and objectively. It is too terrible a scene to be taken with anything but the utmost seriousness.

Tara, sorry if I seemed surprised at your question but…yeah, of course they are covering up that there was a defection. Too many people near the academy heard gunshots and explosions there, but no one saw the hundreds of armed men it would have taken to launch an assault on the place.

Landis may be convinced in his mind that it was an armed attack, but frankly no one at this point can possibly make that claim with any credibility.

July 24th, 2011, 7:39 pm


Abughassan said:

The loss of lives and the threat of civil war or more killings and destruction is what affected me the most. I could not care less about who is in power as long as syrians live in dignity and peace.
My work did not suffer much but I had to take more days off to manage the stress. My relationship with Syrian friends was not affected except with those who are hard core asadists or hard core islamists,those people were not close to me anyway. Explaining this to my kids was not easy

July 24th, 2011, 7:57 pm


Norman said:


We all want the same thing , democratic reform and the rise of the Syrian citizen and his dignity, we the ones you call menheback people want that in an orderly fashion while you the Mamenheback people do not care how to get there. take a breath and let us have new Syria that all can be proud of and all can call home ,

I am glad that we are comming closer.

July 24th, 2011, 7:58 pm


Darryl said:

Just an observation, I have seen these videos of the various thugs in many cities throwing rocks and bottles and carrying hand arms. What confuses me though, with the security forces in Syria being omnipresent how did appear all of a sudden?

A few years ago during the bird flu epidemic, every country in the ME had cases except Syria, and I used to joke maybe all the infected birds must have feared the Mukhabarat so much that they must have landed in neighboring countries to avoid Syria.

Where did all these guys come from all of a sudden especially when I hear from family members about drug lords and Armed bandits etc roaming all over?

July 24th, 2011, 8:00 pm


True said:

No worries Tara,

This regime and his group of “Menhebek” should really spend more effort in order to comprehend the nature of Syrian people. Yes it’s true that there are some sectarian killing going on here and there from both sides, , yes it’s true minorities are a bit concerned of what’s next? Similar to the Sunnis are concerned to stick another 40 years with the junior and his ancestors, and yes it’s true that Iran and Saudi have their representatives fighting on Syrian ground and spilling our pure blood BUT the vast majority of Syrian from all sect and backgrounds are 100% vigilant and tolerant. it might be true this website has been hijacked by Bathissets and “Menhebk” group similar to how their pro-regime fellows kidnapped the official media on ground but irrespective from their useless efforts there’s one truth that Syrian will not get dragged into their hatred game.

July 24th, 2011, 8:01 pm


Abughassan said:

There is plenty of thugs in Syria and you see and hear from them now because the army and the security forces have their hands full, they can not be everywhere everyday, and this dangerous situation have consequences on the security of the average Syrian. Few friends of mine took a flight from Damascus to go north instead of using the usual route by bus or taxi. I am amazed that there are syrians who still believe that the only thugs in Syria are the regime thugs.
عنزه و لو طارت

July 24th, 2011, 8:07 pm


jad said:

Ya prince ya jahel, before you link something be sure of its content.
That was in Jisr Ashghour not ‘Mars’ as someone claim! it’s what SyAu wrote about earlier and the accent is obvious if you knew the Syrian dialects.
Go search for مجزرة جسر الشغور on youtube to see the same faces of the people in your clip.
This is the massacre that was denied over and over, it’s the killing of 120 Syrian soldiers/policemen.

July 24th, 2011, 8:11 pm


Aboud said:


“Few friends of mine took a flight from Damascus instead of using the usual route by bus or taxi.”

They worry needlessly. I have numerous relatives and friends who sat for the “Ta3lem el Maftoh” university exams all over the country, and not one got kidnapped, shot at, arrested, or even suffered from car/bus sickness.

I am amazed that there are syrians who still believe anything the state media tells them. Flights to Aleppo indeed LOL!

July 24th, 2011, 8:13 pm


Adam Neira said:

Prayers for Syria.

July 24th, 2011, 8:23 pm


Aboud said:

“This is the massacre that was denied over and over, it’s the killing of 120 Syrian soldiers/policemen. ”

When it’s a case of army shooting at police who shoot at demonstrators, it’s a massacre.

When the shabiha scum use ambulances to sneak up on a funeral and kill a score of mourners, it’s an “armed response”

Some people here epitomize the concept of Doublethink.

July 24th, 2011, 8:23 pm


Norman said:


It might be because your relatives are the ones who are doing the kidnapping, shooting ,

I just couldn’t resist the temptation to say that and throw a cheep shot at you.

July 24th, 2011, 8:26 pm


Norman said:


you said once that you are Syrian Orthodox, where are you from in Syria , I thought that i am the only one here.

July 24th, 2011, 8:30 pm


True said:

@ #54 and #42

So are you suggesting because “Abu Umar” is a Palestinian then he should, simply, shut up?!!! Excuse my ignorance but please let me try to get it right here, so it’s allowed for Joshua Landis to comment, it’s allowed for Iranian officials to comment, it’s allowed for Israeli officials to comment, it’s allowed for everyone in the world to comment BUT because he’s a Palestinian creature then MUST shut his face!! Mate I have to admit I did not come across such racist shit like that for a while.

It does not need royal blood, nationality, background or religion to comment on a humanitarian crisis similar to what’s happening in Syria and conducted by the hands of your pro-regime fellows. And yet Bathissts, like yourself, come to blow our heads with empty slogans about supporting the Palestinian case.

July 24th, 2011, 8:35 pm


Abughassan said:

What affected me the most was the loss of lives,and much of that was preventable. Most of my friends are like-minded and they know where I stand on the uprising and the regime,but I had a couple of heated conversations with Syrians who had no problem with losing thousands of lives and ruining the economy to get rid of Bashar.
Explaining the situation to my kids was not easy but children in many ways are better than us and more open-minded (sorry guys).

July 24th, 2011, 8:44 pm


SS said:

COMMENT 83 “Few friends of mine took a flight from Damascus to go north instead of using the usual route by bus or taxi”

That is true. People are afraid of travelling through the main OTOSTRAD Lattakia Damascus, and would dare to take the road from Lattakia to Aleppo. They would fly.

would you want us to be caught by your Al3ar3oori friends and get beheaded and killed. This is the level of fear normal Syrians are living on a daily basis and this is because of the MBs AlQadal like Islamist terrorists, Jihadist….I need more adjectives to describe and label these thugs who needs to be killed or brought to justice.

July 24th, 2011, 8:48 pm


syau said:


Thanks for locating the videos. They are horrible and very saddening to watch, and an example of what is happening during this revolution, what the ‘revolutionists’ are constantly denying.

And for Aboud commenting on the elderly man not being sworn at during the abuse he received, I think the physical abuse alone is enough to last him a lifetime. Can you imagine your father being in the middle of such a crowd intimidating him and hurling question after question at him, all the while he is bleeding from injuries they inflicted? Could you imagine him being questioned by and Islamist leader who was accusing him of being affiliated with security personnel? I wonder what was going through the mind of that poor man when they accused him of that, knowing what the outcome of any security personnel officer that had the misfortune of crossing paths with these criminals was, possibly, nothing other than that he will never see his family again. All you could do was make excuses for the criminals that attacked him and say he wasn’t sworn at, then talk about comments people made about these criminals after they watched the video.

I also noticed you mention anything about the way the dead soldiers from the Jisr Alshughour massacre were disrespected, by their killers kicking their corpses and using vile language against them and their families. I sincerely hope the families of these victims never see the footage; it’s enough to scare anyone for a lifetime, let alone family members. You Aboud, are a prime example of what this revolution consists of and you do not have a sensitive bone in your body.

July 24th, 2011, 8:50 pm


Darryl said:

Norman, I was born and raised in Wadi alNasara very close to St George (Mar Georges). I Think That part of Syria is the most beautiful part. The steep Hills, the valleys, the forests of Oak and off course endless Olive groves that have been cut into the mountains that are dotted with figs and grapes.

July 24th, 2011, 9:00 pm


Aboud said:

Yes Norman, I’m the head of a Homsi Mafia family, we are into all sorts of things. Our latest racket is selling posters of junior with his neck and ears enhanced. Har har har.

“an you imagine your father being in the middle of such a crowd hurling question after question at you”

Well since it was a two minute video with no context whatsoever, I guess “imagining” is the best you can come up with to fill in the blanks.

“by their killers kicking their corpses and using vile language against them and their families.”

The irony is so heavy it could sink a battleship. A Baathist whining about the insensitivity shown towards men who shot up a funeral *facepalm*

“I need more adjectives to describe and label these thugs who needs to be killed or brought to justice. ”

You don’t need more adjectives, you need more nouns. Bandarites/Haririrites/Turks/Lebanese/Salafis/Iraqi-Jihadists/MBers/Blackwater Mercenaries…after four month your clueless president still can’t seem to articulate who it is that’s supposed to be making people so scared to travel the roads (a myth, the bus terminals are packed as always)

“but I had a couple of heated conversations with Syrians who had no problem with losing thousands of lives and ruining the economy to get rid of Bashar.”

Yes, let’s say nothing of the scum who have no problem in killing thousands of lives and ruining the economy to keep Bashar Al-Fasad.

Hehehe, Baathists are so much fun at this time of night.

July 24th, 2011, 9:04 pm


Abughassan said:

This is an open forum and nobody except the admin can ban or suspend any blogger.
I guess many people here were offended by the sectarian tone by one or two posters,and this what triggered the response not the background of a particular poster. Reading sectarian posts from non syrians did,rightfully,make some people more outraged.Syria treats Palestinians better than any Arab country. Two females in my extended family are married to Palestinians,and I always,and so do most Syrians,enjoyed good relations with Palestinians to the point that I could not see how we are different: same language,looks,food,habits,etc. However,I never managed to like tea with mint 🙂
This is not a racist forum.

July 24th, 2011, 9:05 pm


ss said:

This clip was taken from previous post by Jad,

I think this clip should be played over and over as it is a powerful message to all people out there who are still having delusions regarding the so called “PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS”. These are crminal thugs, part of the MB organization that has had a history full of blood and killing people. This video leaves no doubt that the uprising in Syria has been transformed from a peacful one to a terrorist , organized one under the guide of MB.

This is a cancer in the Syrian Society and surgery is the only treatment for these organized militins. Syrian goverment should have the support of all the world to surgically eradicate thsi cancer, and if this cancer gets bigger in size then it can spread to other countries and no one wants terror to be in their land.

July 24th, 2011, 9:10 pm


mjabali said:

To Mr. True comment number 90

Mr. True, before you call me racist; I guess Abu Umar and I are probably from the same race. So here you make no sense.

I did not say because he is a Palestinian he could not give his opinion, I said that since he is a Palestinian he should be careful not to incite sectarian feelings and try to bring his sectarian agenda to the table. Palestinians have lots of problems that needs immediate attention. This is a fact. He should be careful about cross-border spread of sectarian feelings.

Comparing professor Landis to Abu Umar is funny. Professor Landis is a person trying to bring information who is specialized in Syrian Studies, Abu Umar is specialized with anti Shia and anti Iran hysteria. There is a big difference.

All people are welcome to say whatever they want. It is called freedom of speech, but they should not spread hatred and set up courts with decrees asking if you are an infidel or should you pay tax/Juzziyah, or generalize about certain sects. This is wrong.

Secularism is what we need and hence is the reason why Abu Umar butts heads with people like me. He hates secularism and will never discuss it with you. He will refer you to discuss it with the Najaf people or the Mullahs or Iran or probably with HuzbAllah, and as you can tell none of the Above is Syrian while we are trying to discuss secularism in Syria.

Read my comments and see how I always call for a halt to all violence, and see how mr. Abu Umar instead is interested into setting up courts right now to try Alawis specifically, while distributing accusations right and left. I denounce violence while Abu Umar’s words are embedded with violence.

Are you kidding me; in the time of dangerous rising sectarian feelings Abu Umar wants to set up sectarian courts.

Speaking of accusations, how come you reached out that I am a Baathi? or an Assad loyalist?

How did you know? AS far as I know about myself, I was never a member or a fan of al-Baath, so please tell us MATE how did you reach that I am a Baathi?

Be careful when labeling people MATE. I have no relation to the Baath and his policies regarding anything including the Palestinian Cause. You are barking at the wrong tree here MATE.

I give you no slogans MATE, I hate them. All I give you are facts. The biggest and most important fact says that there are 3000 Syrians dead dead already while the civil war is around the corner in my country of birth SYRIA.

July 24th, 2011, 9:14 pm


Abughassan said:

May I suggest a good cup of black tea to sooth your nerves,my friend. When did I say that it is ok to kill thousands of Syrians and ruin Syria’s economy to keep Bashar in power?
I hope I am not being called a Baathist,here,not that I want to deprive Baathists the right to carry certain beliefs 🙂
The roads from Damascus up north are largely safe but few incidents made some Syrians extra careful,not every Syrian is as brave as your relatives,aboud :), I am glad the roads are busy,this is a good sign.
On a personal note,I like your use of the English language,are you sure you live in Homs?
(that was a cold joke,my Homsi friends are sweet and smart,I hope you become less bitter,bro)..

July 24th, 2011, 9:18 pm


Norman said:


I thought that people from Wadu Nassara are Rome( Greek)) Orthodox ,I am glad that in Syria people from ethnic and religous background are not concentrated in specific areas.

July 24th, 2011, 9:39 pm


Abughassan said:

Bin Humam of Qatar was barred for life from participating in any future FIFA activities and is removed from his post. Qatar will now be investigated to see if it won the 2022 bid using bribes. This is a sad day for Arabs,I guess. I was glad Qatar won the bid but I want to make sure they did not bribe FIFA officials to earn that honor. I truly believe that the collection of sheikhs in the gulf think they can buy people,fame and loyalty with money.they have infiltrated many Islamic centers in the US and managed to buy a number of mouthpieces in the US and supplied militant sheikhs with dollars and gave them access to TV stations.
Hariri of Lebanon paid $700 a vote in Trablos to win elections. Any syrian can tell you a story or two of how gulf tourists behave when they visit syria. I called the oil money-inspired democracy a ” Dollacracy” , and it is coming to a place near you 🙂
When it comes to Arab reputation globally,those sheikhs did a lot of damage.
Is this related to Syria? Yes it is,but that is another post if you have an appetite for it..

July 24th, 2011, 9:59 pm


True said:

@ 96. Abughassan, I totally agree.

@ 98. Mjabali
Secularism is the way, I agree.
Sorry I did not mean to label or put you in a box mate.
I here say I got that wrong and “Mjabali” is not Bathisst.

on the same note, as Abughassan said Palestinians have been in Syria forever and all of us, somehow, have interacted with them and from my personal experience they are very intelligent and kind not to mention their fighting spirit. The issue is that I come cross a bunch of anti-regime friends who were relating most of the current Syrian crisis to Palestinians. They said “Pals always been pro-regime even the late Assad was hiding in the Pal refugee camp in Damascus during his “Correction Movement”, Pals took our jobs (42 thousand Pals are employed in govt), Pals took advantage of our universities, and most importantly Pals are armed and they ready to shoot us” one of them made a scary comment of “maybe Brazil will be better country for them” –refereeing to the Pals in Iraq who were forced to flee to get stuck for 1.5 years in the desert between the Syrian, Jordanian, and Iraqi borders.

I totally disagree with this point of view but at the same time don’t you agree that 430 thousand Pal refugees in Syria are just ticking bombs? Let’s assume they decided to change their current stand and join the revolution, what will happen? simply this would change the whole situation on the ground considering the close proximity to the suburb of Alhajr –Aswad (one of the hot zones in Damascus). or can you tell me how will they be treated if the regime collapses and revolutionists take over? –hoping not like Iraq

July 24th, 2011, 10:03 pm


Norman said:

Palestine is just the southern western part of Syria ,

July 24th, 2011, 10:18 pm


Abughassan said:

Syria probably has more than 430,000 Palestinians,true,and they are part of the Syrian society. Syrians will not treat them as they were treated in the gulf and Iraq,however,they must stay away from Syrian politics until it starts to directly affect their personal life.
دارهم ما دمت في دارهم
Israel is the reason we have a refugee problem,it is not the regime or the anti regime people,the refugees’ enemy is Israel not Bashar or the opposition. Most of my pal friends actually accept these facts,I am not too worried but worried enough to talk about the subject. A number of my friends confirmed that some pals took part in the unrest in at least two cities.
BTW,a number of my relatives are visiting Syria now and their major complaint is the heat.aboud is hot-blooded,but he is right in suggesting,or confirming 🙂 ,that the security condition in Syria is not as bad as the regime claims.
(Aboud,please do not get offended by my dry humor,I mean no harm,I swear I never thought that you live in Syria judging by the timing of your posts and the type of English phrases you use)..

July 24th, 2011, 10:24 pm


Abughassan said:

My final contribution for the day :
1. Sharp comments from المطران لوقا الخوري on the gulf countries and the US ambassador who was denied entry to a church in Damascus.
2. Junblaat may be ready to change his color again
3. France position on Syria may be in a process of moderation
4. Saudi Arabia wants to make it legal to put people in jail for 10 years if they dare to criticize the king.
5. Alsharaa met with Kilo,Dalila and others. Where are the reps from the syrian youth?
I will be out for a while unless something “big” puts me back on track..
I had a dream of a bloodless but Tis’eyyehful and Hummusful Friday in Syria 🙂

July 24th, 2011, 10:59 pm


beaware said:

Further chill in ties if Israel rebuffs apology

If Israel refuses to apologize, the current level of diplomatic representation, charge d’affaires, would be reduced to the level of second secretary.

..Erdoğan had previously announced plans to visit Gaza but said this trip had nothing to do with the current crisis with Israel. The Daily News has learned, however, that this was part of the government’s Plan B.

July 25th, 2011, 12:24 am


beaware said:

Syrian cabinet approves drafting multi-party law

DAMASCUS, July 25 (Xinhua) — The Syrian cabinet set late Sunday a draft law providing for the enactment of a multi-party law that would allow a political pluralism in a country having been under the Baath party rule for 40 years.

The official SANA news agency said the draft law includes the principals and the terms of how the party would be formed and how to function.

A complete revision of the Syrian constitution, mainly the abrogation of the article providing the Baath party the leader of the state and society, topped the demands of the protesters that have been in streets since mid-March, calling for more freedom and wider reforms.

July 25th, 2011, 12:32 am


beaware said:

Syrian cabinet approves drafting multi-party law

DAMASCUS, July 25 (Xinhua) — The Syrian cabinet set late Sunday a draft law providing for the enactment of a multi-party law that would allow a political pluralism in a country having been under the Baath party rule for 40 years.

The official SANA news agency said the draft law includes the principals and the terms of how the party would be formed and how to function.

July 25th, 2011, 12:33 am


jad said:

New Loyalties and Old Feuds Collide in Syria

“Colliding along the front lines of the uprising, and especially here in Homs, these forces suggest a grim reality of the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad: the longer his government remains in power, the less chance Syria has to avoid civil strife, sectarian cleansing and the kind of communal violence that killed at least two dozen people in Homs last week. Unlike in Egypt, and despite the protesters’ hope and optimism, time is not necessarily on their side, a point that some of them admit.”

“As was the case in Iraq, a sectarian lens is often unfairly imposed on Syria’s diversity, with its sizable communities of Christians, Alawites and ethnic Kurds. Other divisions are no less pronounced — between cities like Damascus and Aleppo, among classes, between the countryside and urban areas and within extended clans, especially in eastern Syria. Residents of Hama said they long felt discriminated against, especially in the military, which carried out a brutal crackdown there in 1982. Hama and Homs were traditional rivals in central Syria.”

“Activists often repeat that Syria’s uprising is “a revolution of orphans,” and young activists take pride in the fact that they are organizing themselves by neighborhood for the fight against Mr. Assad’s leadership. But the term also points to divisions that are emerging, where sectarian tension intersects with other resentments.”

“But even protesters themselves acknowledge the way sectarian tensions have deepened, especially along fault lines of Sunni and Alawite communities, as in Homs, especially in its countryside. Some Facebook pages, ostensibly affiliated with the uprising, give voice to vulgar bigotry against Alawites, who are far from monolithic in their support for the government and, historically as peasants, were the most exploited and downtrodden of Syria’s people.

Protesters speak of the importance of reaching out to Christians and Alawites, while in the same conversation warning that Alawites in the countryside will face retribution from Sunnis insistent on exacting revenge for the security forces’ crimes. Complaints are rife in Homs that government agents search only Sunni homes.

In the bloodletting in Homs this past week, which bore an indelible sectarian stamp, another incident went largely unnoticed. An Alawite was killed Sunday in the town of Aqrabiyah, near the Lebanese border. In the ensuing hours, security forces poured into the region, and Sunnis from nearby Burhaniyya stayed indoors. Though joined by a road, no one dared to drive through the other’s village. Everyone seemed to expect more killing.”

July 25th, 2011, 1:06 am


jad said:

إقرار قانون الأحزاب … والسلطة تستأنف لقاءاتها بالمعارضة
دمشق: الحوار الوطني يسابق التوتر الأمني

زياد حيدر
تتجه الحكومة السورية إلى إصدار مجموعة القوانين التي أقرت ضمن الحزمة الإصلاحية الأولى، والتي يفترض أن تؤسس لمجتمع تعددي، وأولها قانون الأحزاب الذي أقرته أمس، وذلك بعد أن طلبت من كافة اللجان العاملة على المشاريع إنهاء عملها الأسبوع الماضي.
ويترافق هذا الأمر مع بداية اتصالات جديدة بين السلطة والمعارضة، ممثلة ببعض رموزها، للسير باتجاه عقد مؤتمر وطني، في حين أعلن معارضون من جهتهم أنهم يعملون باتجاه عقد مؤتمر ثان للمعارضة يبحث سبل الانتقال إلى «دولة ديموقراطية مدنية»، فيما أعلنت المستشارة الرئاسية بثينة شعبان أن الأزمة مركبة في سوريا، مشيرة إلى أن الحكومة بدأت
بمعرفة «جذور المشكلة»، في الوقت الذي بقيت معالم الأزمة مفتوحة في كل من حمص وحماه أبرز المناطق الساخنة في سوريا.
وقالت مصادر مطلعة لـ«السفير» أمس إن الحكومة السورية اقرت قانون الأحزاب، بعد أن تسلمت ملاحظات الجهات المختلفة المعنية بمشروع القانون، والتي تصب في مجملها بالاتجاه الذي سارت عليه ملاحظات «اللقاء التشاوري» الذي عقد قبل حوالى أسبوعين.
وقالت المصادر إن الملاحظات توصي بأن يتم «الإبقاء على أحزاب الجبهة الوطنية التقدمية المتحالفة مع حزب البعث باعتبارها أحزابا موجودة على الأرض، شرط أن تسوي وضعها وفق القانون الجديد خلال 6 أشهر». كما نصت الملاحظات على تخفيض عدد الأفراد اللازم لتكوين الأحزاب من ألفي عضو إلى ألف. وسيعمل القانون على التوصية بتشكيل لجنة الأحزاب، وتضم رئيس محكمة النقض العليا ووزير الداخلية وثلاثة مستقلين يسميهم رئيس الجمهورية. كما تضمنت الملاحظات تسهيل شروط الانتساب للأحزاب وتعديل نظام الهبات الممنوحة من الدولة للأحزاب، بحيث ترتبط بنسب تواجد ممثلي الحزب في مجلس الشعب (البرلمان) المنتخب، بدلا من ربطها في السابق بسقف تبرعات المنتسبين. ويناقش مجلس الشعب خلال فترة انعقاده هذا الأسبوع قوانين الإعلام والانتخابات والإدارة المحلية أيضا.
وفي إطار الجهد السياسي لحل الأزمة عادت اللقاءات بين أقطاب السلطة والمعارضة، وفق ما علمت «السفير»، حيث نظمت مجموعة من اللقاءات بين نائب الرئيس السوري فاروق الشرع ومجموعة من رموز المعارضة الفكرية أبرزهم الكاتب المعارض ميشيل كيلو والباحث الاقتصادي عارف دليلة وكل من الزعيم الشيوعي قدري جميل والكاتب أنيس كنجو والمفكر الطيب تيزيني واخرين، وجاءت في سياق «بحث ما جاء في بيان اللقاء التشاوري الذي عقد منذ أسبوعين وسبل تطبيقها».
وقال الكاتب المعارض لؤي حسين لـ«السفير» إن جهودا تبذل الآن لعقد مؤتمر ثان للمعارضة في 2 آب المقبل، يبحث سبل الخروج من الأزمة الحالية ويتقدم عن «اللقاء التشاوري» الذي عقد في فندق «سميراميس». وأشار إلى أن «هدف المؤتمر البحث في طبيعة الدولة الديموقراطية المدنية وكيفية الانتقال السلمي الآمن إليها».
من جهة أخرى، أصدر الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد مرسوما بنقل محافظ دير الزور حسين عرنوس إلى محافظة القنيطرة، فيما أعفي سلفه خليل مشهدية من مهامه كمحافظ لمحافظة القنيطرة. كما عين سمير عثمان الشيخ محافظا على دير الزور التي تشهد احتجاجات أيضا.
من ناحيتها، وصفت شعبان الأزمة السورية، في ختام مؤتمر للمغتربين سمي «باللقاء الوطني للمغتربين السوريين» في دمشق، بـ«المركبة»، معتبرة أن العامل الذي جعل الأزمة أكثر صعوبة هو العنف واستهداف القوات المسلحة والمدنيين، مشيرة إلى أن السلطة بدأت بمعرفة جذور المشكلة، ومعرفة من يقوم بها، ومعرفة أفضل الطرق لمعالجتها.
واعتبرت شعبان أن «التجييش الطائفي هو أخطر سلاح يمكن أن يستخدم في هذه المنطقة»، لكنها راهنت على «وعي ومحبة الشعب السوري الذي لا يقبل الفرقة بين أبنائه».
وكان المؤتمر، الذي عقد تحت عنوان «وطني سوريا» وشارك فيه 150 مغتربا، أعلن «تأييده الكامل لمسيرة الإصلاح الشامل، داعين إلى إعطاء القيادة السياسية والحكومة الوقت الكافي لتنفيذ جميع الخطوات الإصلاحية المعلن عنها»، وفق ما ذكرت وكالة الأنباء السورية (سانا).
واعتبرت شعبان أن» جذور المشكلة التي نواجهها بدأت تتضح ومن يقوم بها ومن وراءها، وتوصلنا إلى أفضل الطرق لمعالجتها»، مشيرة إلى أن «الذي ساعدنا في ذلك هو وعي ومحبة الشعب السوري الذي لا يقبل الفرقة بين أبنائه، واعتاد العيش بالأمن والأمان، ويعمل على إعادته كما كان».
وقالت إن «الطريق اليوم أصبح واضحا، إما أن نستجمع قوانا جميعا ونحاول إعادة الأمن والأمان لبلدنا والسير قدما بكل ما نمتلك من قوة في طريق الإصلاح وإما أن نفسح المجال بصمتنا لمن يريد زعزعة امن البلد وبث الفرقة والطائفية في بلدنا»، مشيرة إلى أن «الشعب السوري حسم خياراته، وأن ردة فعل الشارع على ما يجري جاءت لتقول نحن هنا ونشعر بالأمان وسنمارس حياتنا الطبيعية بكل محبة واعتزاز في وطننا وبلدنا، ويجب ألا نسمح للمغرضين أن يبثوا الفرقة بين أبناء شعبنا».
وكشفت شعبان أن «قانون الأحزاب شبه جاهز، فيما يجري البحث في قانوني الإعلام والانتخابات وسيكونان جاهزين في وقت قريب جدا، إضافة إلى ما تحدث عنه الرئيس حول إمكانية مراجعة الدستور أو إعادة كتابته وعن حرية الإعلام وإصدار قانون حضاري وعصري له»، متسائلة «إذا كانت سوريا بهذه الخريطة الإصلاحية تنتقل إلى بلد تعددي وإلى حرية سياسية وإعلامية وحزبية، فماذا نريد من الإصلاح غير ذلك؟».
وفي طهران، أكد النائب الأول للرئيس الإيراني محمد رضا رحيمي، خلال لقائه وزير النفط السوري سفيان العلو، وقوف إيران إلى جانب سوريا باستمرار وفي كافة الظروف. وقال إن «انتصار سوريا ورفعتها هو ما تتمناه إيران»، مشددا على أن «إيران وسوريا دولتان حليفتان ولا تفترقان». وتابع «النظام الاستكباري يقود هذه الأحداث (الاحتجاجات)، وإن تدخل الأعداء واضح تماما فيها».
وقال رئيس شركة الغاز الوطنية الإيرانية جواد أوجي إن إيران توصلت لاتفاق ثلاثي مع سوريا والعراق لمد خط أنابيب سيعزز صادراتها من الغاز، موضحا انه سيتم توقيع العقد اليوم. وأضاف «سيجري تصدير الغاز الإيراني إلى سوريا عبر العراق، وستشتري سوريا حينئذ بين 20 و25 مليون متر مكعب من الغاز الإيراني يوميا».
ميدانيا، أشار ناشطون على موقع «فيسبوك» إلى عودة الحياة الطبيعية إلى مدينة حمص في أغلب المناطق ووجود حركة مرورية ناشطة، كما فتحت الأسواق في أغلب المناطق إضافة لعمل الدوائر الحكومية بشكل طبيعي. وذكروا أن الأهالي بالتعاون مع البلدية المحلية قاموا بتنظيف شوارع المدينة من القمامة التي انتشرت خلال توتر الأيام الثلاثة الماضية.
وكانت المحافظة شهدت حوادث متفرقة بين الريف والمدينة، أبرزها خروج قطار مدني عن سكته بسبب «عمل تخريبي» كما حصول أكثر من هجوم عسكري في المنطقة أبرزها الذي طال الكلية الحربية في حمص حيث ذكرت صحيفة «الوطن» أنها تعرضت لهجوم بقذائف «أر بي جي» المضادة للدروع، ولكن من دون خسائر تذكر، كما أشارت إلى إلقاء القبض على من قاموا بالهجوم.
وفي السياق، ذكرت «سانا» أن نحو 30 من قوات الجيش والقوى الأمنية وقوات حفظ النظام أصيبوا بجروح، بعضها خطرة، برصاص المجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة في منطقة باب السباع في حمص ووصلوا إلى المستشفى العسكري يومي الجمعة والسبت الماضيين.
وقال مصدر مسؤول في وزارة الداخلية، أول من أمس، إن «مجموعة من الإرهابيين أقدمت على تخريب سكة القطار في منطقة قزحيل شمال غرب مدينة حمص بـ10 كيلومترات فوق جسر طوله 15 متراً وارتفاعه 3 أمتار بقصد تدهور القطار وارتكاب مجزرة بحق الركاب الأبرياء البالغ عددهم 480 راكباً والآتين من حلب إلى دمشق، ما أدى إلى انقلاب القاطرة الأساسية وجنوح العربات الثماني الأمامية خارج السكة». وأكدت أنها «ستتعامل بحزم وشدة مع هؤلاء المخربين». وقال محافظ حمص غسان عبد العال إن القطار كان يقل جنودا ومدنيين وإن القدر ساعد على الحيلولة دون وقوع المزيد من الضحايا. وأضاف للتلفزيون السوري إن «المخربين حضروا بدراجات نارية، وخرج القطار عن القضبان قرب خط للضغط العالي، وإن السائق لقي حتفه حرقا».
وذكرت صحيفة «الوطن» انه في منطقة عقرب الواقعة على طريق مصياف حمص، نجا عدد من عناصر الجيش والقوات المسلحة، أمس، من انفجار لغم استهدف الحافلة العسكرية التي كانت تقلهم من مصياف إلى كلية المدرعات بحمص، كان قد زرع على جانب الطريق، إلى جنوب منطقة مصياف بـ16كيلومترا، واقتصرت الأضرار على جسم الحافلة وتحطم نوافذها، من دون تسجيل أي إصابات بشرية.
وتأتي هذه التطورات في حين شهدت مدينة حماه، منذ الخميس الماضي إضراباً عاماً، يتوقع أن يستمر ثلاثة أيام أخرى، شمل الأسواق التجارية، والدوائر الرسمية التي لم يستطع غالبية العاملين فيها الوصول إلى أماكن عملهم، بسبب عودة الحواجز وانتشارها في الشوارع الرئيسية المؤدية إلى مركز المدينة وأحيائها. وأكد عدد من مواطني المدينة لصحيفة «الوطن»، وبعضهم من أصحاب المحال التجارية، «أنه كان من المقرر أن يبدأ الإضراب منذ الأربعاء لكن غالبية المحال لم تستجب، ما دفع الداعين للإضراب الذين قاموا بتوزيع مناشير إلى إطلاق التهديد والوعيد بالحرق وغيره».
في المقابل أدى التعاون بين الجهات المسؤولة والفعاليات الدينية والاقتصادية والاجتماعية في مدينة إدلب إلى «إلغاء الإضراب الذي دعت إليه بعض الجهات الخميس والسبت الماضيين»، فيما نقلت وكالة «اسوشييتد برس» عن «لجان التنسيق المحلية» المعارضة قولها إن «الدبابات دمرت برجا للاتصالات وقطعت الكهرباء والماء عن قرية السرجة في محافظة ادلب».
إلى ذلك، (أ ف ب، أ ب، رويترز) قال رئيس الرابطة السورية لحقوق الإنسان عبد الكريم ريحاوي إن «قوات ومدرعات الجيش السوري انتشرت بكثافة في دوار الفاخورة ومحيط حي النازحين» في حمص، مرجحا أن «يكون ذلك استعدادا لشن عملية عسكرية وأمنية في المنطقة». وأضاف إن «حملة اعتقالات واسعة طالت المئات في حي ركن الدين والقابون في دمشق»، مشيرا إلى «تواجد امني كثيف في الأزقة ومفارق الطرق ومداخل الأحياء في القابون حيث يتم التدقيق في لوائح المطلوبين على الداخلين والخارجين من الحي».
وقال مدير المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان رامي عبد الرحمن «إن ثلاث تظاهرات خرجت أمس (أول من أمس) في حي الميدان في دمشق، الأولى من قرب مسجد الماجد في الزاهرة والثانية بعد صلاة العشاء من مسجد الدقاق والثالثة خرجت في شارع الكورنيش قرب مسجد المنصور». ولفت إلى أن هذه التظاهرات «قامت بإغلاق طريق السيارات قبل أن تنفض من دون أن يسجل أي حالة اعتقال».
وذكر المرصد «توفي مدني السبت متأثرا بجروح أصيب بها اثر تعرضه للضرب المبرح على أيدي القوات السورية خلال تظاهرات الجمعة في مدينة دوما في ريف دمشق». وأضاف إن «طفلا في الثانية عشرة توفي أيضا متأثرا بجروح أصيب بها الجمعة 15 تموز قرب دمشق بعد إطلاق الشرطة الرصاص خلال مشاركته في تظاهرة».

July 25th, 2011, 1:12 am


SYR.Expat said:

ويكيليكس : المسئولون السوريون يكذبون
الكاتب وطن
الأحد, 24 يوليو 2011 18:25

كشفت صحيفة “الجمهورية” عن مذكّرة سرّية صادرة عن السفارة الأميركية في دمشق في 3 حزيران 2009 نشرها موقع “ويكيليكس”، أوردت قراءة للسلوك الدبلوماسي السوري، وسيطرة النظام على جوانب الدولة كاملة، مدرجة سلسلة من العناوين التي تصف هذا السلوك.
وتفيد المذكّرة أنّ نطاق عمل الحكومة السورية محدود بنطاق سيطرة الرئيس السوري،
فهو قادر على رصد نشاطات وزراء خارجيته والمستشارين الإعلاميين والسياسيين، وكذلك رؤساء المخابرات وحتى شقيقه ماهر.
وبحسب البرقية، يتمسّك المسؤولون السوريون بالبرتوكول الدبلوماسي مع أنهم يفتقرون الى الخبرة في مجال المعاهدات الدولية التي نشأ عنها. وتضع الحكومة السورية أهمّية كبيرة على الأنشطة البروتوكولية التي تحفظ المعاملة المحترمة لمسؤولي الدولة، لأنّ ذلك يضمن أن يظهر الرئيس وممثلوه بمظهر لائق أمام المجتمع الدولي الذي غالبا ما يتناقض مع سوريا.
ومن جهة أخرى، فإنّ وزارة الخارجية السورية لا تملك بريدا إلكترونيّا داخليّا، وهي تعتمد على الفاكس والهاتف، كما أنّ التعليمات الموجّهة الى البعثات السورية في الخارج ترسَل بواسطة الفاكس، وغالبا ما تفشل الوزارة في إيصال التعليمات.
وقالت البرقية ان الصورة الشخصية للرئيس السوري تلعب دورا غير متناسق في صياغة السياسات والنشاطات الدبلوماسية، ويتمّ التركيز على إنجاز الاجتماعات والزيارات والرحلات التي تعزّز من هيبة الرئيس واحترامه. كما أنّ كلّ العاملين في وزارة الخارجية ليسوا أكثر من موظفين لا يتمتّعون بأيّ شكل من التأثير ما لم يكن في مصلحة الرئيس، وأنّ همّهم الأول عند التعامل مع الأجانب هو تفادي التعدّي أو انتهاك الأوامر الرئاسيّة، وهم حذرون جدّا عند تواجد سوريين آخرين، وغالبا ما يطلبون اجتماعات خاصة مغلقة.
ولفتت البرقية الاميركية الى ان المسؤولين السوريّين في كلّ المراكز يتمتعون بصفة الكذب، وهم يصرّون على الكذبة حتى في مواجهة الإثباتات العكسيّة، وهم لا يشعرون بالحَرج متى تفضح كذبتهم. فالمسؤولون الصغار يكذبون من أجل تفادي العقاب من حكومتهم، والكبار يكذبون حين يواجهون موضوعا حسّاسا للنقاش، أو عندما لا يعرفون طريقة الردّ على السؤال ( مثل موضوع تسليح حزب الله).
وبحسب البرقية، يتمّ وضع السياسة الخارجية السوريّة بناء على التطوّرات الخارجية، والحكومة السورية لا تطلق أيّ مبادرة، وتسعى دائما للحصول على تغطية ودعم من حلفائها عند استكشاف معطيات جديدة. كما أنّ سياسة الاستجابة السوريّة هي غالبا تكتيكية وعملية، استكشافيّة بدلا من حازمة، ومنحرفة بدلا من مباشرة.
وجاء في البرقية ايضا ان كلّ علاقة دبلوماسية سوريّة تملك في داخلها نوعا من الخلاف، فهناك خلاف حاصل على العلاقات السورية مع كلّ من فرنسا وتركيا.
واضافت “لا يضطرب السوريّون من التنافر، ويسعون الى لعب دور المسيطر في أيّ علاقة عبر الاعتماد على رغبة الدبلوماسيين الغربيين في إيجاد الحلول، ومن خلال حجب الحقيقة، يسعون الى السيطرة على نمط وطبيعة العلاقة. ويتميّز السوريون بقدرتهم على الدخول في مشادّات كلاميّة قاسية لإذلال الدبلوماسيين الأجانب، وهم يتلذّذون بتحقير محاوريهم من أجل إبراز مظهر الترويع. وعلى المستوى الدولي، انغمس الرئيس السوري في إطلاق انتقادات شخصيّة ضدّ قادة ورؤساء الدول، وهو على عكس والده يصنع الأعداء عندما لا يحتاج الى ذلك”.
ولفتت البرقية الى ان ” الحكومة السورية تؤمن في صدق بأنّ السياسة الخارجية كانت ولا تزال وستبقى مبرّرة بالأحداث، كما تؤمن أيضا بأنّ سياستها الخارجيّة مبنيّة على مبادىء أخلاقية وفكرية. كما أنّ السياسات هذه غير قابلة للتعديل إلّا إذا قرّر الرئيس تغييرها”.

July 25th, 2011, 1:13 am


SYR.Expat said:

الحكم بالسجن مدى الحياة ينتظر الناشط السوري رياض سيف بتهمة التخابر مع دولة أجنبية
الكاتب جدار
الأحد, 24 يوليو 2011 18:20

قال الناشط السياسي رياض سيف والمعتقل السابق أنه مثل أمام رئيس فرع الأمن الداخلي بدمشق وطلب منه التوقف عن استقبال الدبلوماسيين وإلا ستكون عقوبته السجن بتهمة التخابر مع دولة أجنبية.
وكتب رياض عضو مجلس الشعب السابق الذي اعتقل عدة مرات على صفحته في الفيس بوك تحت عنوان ” تهمتي القادمة التخابر مع دولة أجنبية والعقوبة هي السجن مدى الحياة!” ما نصه:

بالامس (السبت 23/7/2011) وبناء على طلب رئيس فرع الأمن الداخلي العميد توفيق يونس مثلت أمام رئيس الفرع وضابط مخابرات آخر لم يعرف عن نفسه ليبلغني بشكل مباشر عن انزعاجه من استقبالي للدبلوماسيين وأمرني بالتوقف عن ذلك تحت طائلة سجني بتهمة التخابر مع دولة أجنبية حسب المواد 273 ومابعد من قانون العقوبات.

عدت بذاكرتي عشر سنوات إلى الوراء، عندما أرادت السلطة الإجهاز على حراك ربيع دمشق، اختارت توجيه تهمة محاولة تغيير الدستور بالقوة لعدد من نشطائه، وحكمت علينا بالسجن لفترات تتراوح بين 3 -10 سنوات، وبعد سبع سنوات حين أرادت الإجهاز على إعلان دمشق اختارت تهمة النيل من هيبة الدولة لتسجن 12 من قياداته لمدة سنتين ونصف، وكنت واحد منهم.

في اليوم الأخير من انتهاء الحكم قضيت الليلة في زنزانة مظلمة تحت الارض يشاركي فيها أعداد كبيرة من الصراصير وبجو مفعم بالإرهاب لأمثل ظهر اليوم التالي وأنا مكبل اليدين ومطمش العينين أمام لجنة الأمن القومي، والتي أبلغتني بلسان المتحدث باسمها العميد توفيق يونس (كما أبلغنني لاحقاً) بأنني أخطأت وعوقبت وأنهم صفروا الحساب معي، وسيبدؤون صفحة جديدة وأي خطأ ارتكبه مجدداً سيكلفني مواجهة تهمة التخابر مع العدو ما يعني السجن مدى الحياة.

الجدير بالذكر أن هذا الاستدعاء كان مختلفاً عما قبله، فأبلغت السيد العميد بأنه آن الآوان لتعرفوا بأن الوقت قد تغير وأن كل وسائل التخويف والترهيب لم تعد تجدي نفعاً بعد أن تحرر الشعب السوري من خوفه، وأنا واحد من هذا الشعب الذي أصبح يردد في أعماقه صرخات أهل درعا البطلة “الموت ولا المذلة”.

الحكم بالسجن مدى الحياة ينتظر الناشط السوري رياض سيف بتهمة التخابر مع دولة أجنبية

July 25th, 2011, 1:14 am


jad said:

مصدر دبلوماسي : ما يؤخر التسوية في سوريا هو نوع من عملية عض اصابع مكشوفة

يعترف مصدر دبلوماسي في بيروت، سبق له ان شكك في قدرة النظام السوري على الصمود، بأن توقعاته خابت وان إطالة امد الازمة لا يصب في خانة لا النظام ولا المعارضة ولا المجتمع الدولي لأنه لا مصلحة لأحد ببقاء الوضع في سوريا على حاله، مع بدء ظهور علامات تعب على الجميع بما في ذلك المعارضة السورية المنقسمة اصلاً على نفسها. ويتوقع أن يكون شهر رمضان منعطفاً في مسار الأحداث السورية، بحيث اذا استطاعت سورية تقطيع الثلاثين يوماً المقبلة، فإنه سيكون قد بدأ برسم مسار الخروج من الأزمة، ولو أن الأمور ستحتاج الى وقت طويل.
ويقول المصدر إن ما يؤخر التسوية في سوريا، هو نوع من عملية عض اصابع مكشوفة، وكما أن هناك في الوضع اللبناني دوراً لكل من سوريا وفرنسا واميركا والسعودية، فإن الوضع السوري يشهد تجاذباً بين التركي الذي يريد حصة عبر المشاركة في قرار الحل سياسياً وبين الخليج العربي المنقسم، بين امارات تدعم وسعودية تمارس سياسية الحرد السلبية وقطر التي تتدفق أموالها الى المعارضة السورية وتستنفر اعلامها من دون إغفال عدم وجود توجه دولي موحد للتعامل مع الواقع السوري.
ويوضح المصدر ان اللعبة حالياً هي لعبة اقتصاد، لذلك لا بديل من تفاهم سوري – تركي وهذا ممكن، على ان يكون تفاهما تركيا – ايرانيا – سوريا وليس تركيا – سعوديا – سوريا.
وحول كيفية ترجمة هذا التفاهم يقول اذا بادر رئيس الوزراء التركي رجب طيب أردوغان او رئيس الجمهورية عبدالله غول الى الاتصال بالرئيس السوري بشار الاسد وحيّاه على خطواته الاصلاحية، فان معارضي الداخل سيفهمون الرسالة، خصوصاً بعدما اعلنت وزيرة الخارجية الاميركية هيلاري كلينتون ان ادارتها لا تستطيع فعل شيء وعلى المعارضة الاتكال على نفسها، حينها يصبح الحل ممكناً ولكن الى الآن لا شيء من هذا القبيل، قد حصل، خصوصاً ان السوريين كانوا باتجاه اعطاء الاتراك ليس في السياسة انما في الاقتصاد عبر مجلس التعاون الاستراتيجي الذي يضم تركيا وسوريا والاردن ولبنان وهذا مخرج جيد على قاعدة إعطاء تركيا شيئاً اساسياً في الاقتصاد يؤدي حتماً الى دور في السياسة لاحقاً.
وعما اذا كانت هناك خشية من تطورات دراماتيكية في سوريا، اكد المصدر «الخشية من ازدياد التوتر الداخلي بالترافق مع عدم وضوح المشهد الاقليمي، فالتدخل الخارجي غير وارد، انما يبقى الخوف من الاقتصاد، فالمحاولات الجادة هي لوقف حركة الاقتصاد بما يؤدي الى مشكلة حقيقية في مسألة التبادل التجاري وحركة تصدير المنتجات السورية وانعدام السياحة.
ويتوقف المصدر مليّا عند الموقف الاميركي، اذ ان الادارة الاميركية لم تذهب حتى الآن الى آخر الموقف مع سوريا واقصى ما وصلت اليه هو القول إن النظام قد فقد شرعيته بعين شعبه ولم تقل انه فقد شرعيته بعيوننا، مع تلمس بداية تراجع في الموقف الاميركي .
ويرى المصدر ان الرئيس الاسد لو عمد في الشهر الثاني لبدء الأحداث الى الدعوة لانتخابات او استفتاء بحضور مراقبين دوليين لكان نال على اقل تقدير أكثر من سـتين بالمئــة من الاصوات، ولكان اقفل الباب نهائياً امام كل محاولة لزعزعة استقرار النظام مستنداً الى شرعية شعبية متجددة مع الانصراف الى الاصلاحات بهدوء، لان المحاولات لتكبير كـرة الدم في وجه النظام متواصلة وهي الآن اخذت منحى العنف الطائفي وتحديداً في حمص، لكن لم يفت الوقت بعد اذ بالإمكان اجراء استفتاء بعناوين محددة ومعايير واضحة وبرقابة من المجتمع الدولي تؤسس لبدء عملية اصلاحية تصحيحية كبيرة بعيداً عن الضغطين الداخلي والخارجي .


July 25th, 2011, 1:18 am


jad said:

35 آلية حكومية لا تزال تحت سيطرة المسلحين على الحدود مع تركيا…أهالي حماة يصطدمون مع المسلحين ويخرقون الإضراب

خلافاً لمشيئة الذين أرادوا لحماة استمرار الإغلاق حتى يوم الاثنين، كسر الأهالي وأصحاب المحال التجارية والباعة حاجز الخوف النفسي وقاموا بفتح محلاتهم بعد مشاجرات مع «دعاة» الإضراب الذين استخدموا الأسلحة البيضاء ضد الأهالي.
جاء ذلك في حين أشارت مصادر مطلعة في مدينة جسر الشغور بأن هناك 35 آلية حكومية من مختلف الأنواع سبق للمجموعات المسلحة أن اختطفتها من الدوائر الحكومية في مدينة جسر الشغور، لا تزال تحت سيطرتهم ومازالوا مقيمين في خيام على الشريط الحدودي مع تركيا.
وأكد شهود عيان من أهالي حماة في اتصالات تلقتها «الوطن» منهم، أن مشاجرات حادة وقعت بين الأهالي الرافضين لاستمرار الإضراب وإغلاق المدينة، وبين دعاة الإضراب ومقيمي الحواجز، الذين يعجبهم الوضع لأنه يضمن لهم بسط السيطرة ومنافع أخرى، على حين يتضرر الأهالي ويدفع التجار والباعة ثمن ذلك من قوت عيالهم.
وقال أحد المتصلين بمركز الصحيفة بدمشق: إن الأهالي تذمروا من الحال الذي وصلت إليه المدينة، والإغلاق الذي يفرض فرضاً، ما دفع بالعديد من الأهالي وأصحاب المحال التجارية إلى التمرد على رغبة مجموعات الحواجز، فقاموا مساء يوم السبت بإزالة ما يمكنهم إزالته من الحواجز التي سدت عليهم منافذ ومداخل أحيائهم، وفتحوا العديد من محالهم التجارية، وهو ما أثار حفيظة دعاة الإضراب ومقيمي الحواجز، فتشاجروا مع الأهالي والباعة، واستخدموا الأسلحة البيضاء ضدهم، وهو ما زاد من استياء الأهالي وأصحاب المحال التجارية، الذين فتحوا محالهم صبيحة أمس كالمعتاد وسط هدوء حذر، ومخاوف من أن ينفذ دعاة الإضراب تهديداتهم السابقة لهم.
وعلى صعيد الحركة العامة، فقد عادت حركة النقل والسير إلى المدينة، وشهدت المدينة أمس امتحانات الدورة الاستثنائية لطلاب الثانوية العامة، التي تخلف عنها طلاب المنطقة الغربية من المحافظة، الذين رفضوا الدخول إلى المدينة عندما شاهدوا الحواجز في مدخلها الغربي والشوارع المؤدية إلى مراكز امتحاناتهم ولم يستجيبوا لطمأنات المحافظ وقائد الشرطة وغيرهم من المسؤولين المحليين.
وأما الدوائر الرسمية فقد شهدت دواماً جزئياً اقتصر على الموظفين العاملين فيها من أبناء المدينة وبعض الموظفين من المدن والقرى القريبة. وفي جسر الشغور بمحافظة إدلب أشارت مصادر مطلعة في المدينة أن هناك 35 آلية حكومية من مختلف الأنواع سبق للمجموعات المسلحة أن اختطفتها من الدوائر الحكومية في المدينة، ولا تزال تحت سيطرتهم في حين يقيمون في خيام على الشريط الحدودي مع تركيا.
ورداً على سؤال لـ«الوطن» عن إمكانية استعادة هذه الآليات والمساعي الجارية في هذا الشأن بين مصدر مسؤول في جسر الشغور بأن بعض مديري الدوائر حاولوا الوصول إلى هذه الآليات ولكن المسلحين هناك هددوهم بإطلاق النار عليهم، وبيّن أنه لا تزال هناك 75 خيمة على الشريط الحدودي (ضمن الأراضي السورية) تضم كل خيمة بين 10-15 مسلحاً وبكامل أسلحتهم، بمعنى أن تلك الخيام تضم بين 750- 1125 مسلحاً، حيث لا يمكنهم دخول الأراضي التركية مع ما سرقوه من سلاح وأموال وأشياء أخرى، في حين لا يمكن للجيش الاشتباك مع هؤلاء المسلحين لقربهم الشديد من الشريط الحدودي مع الجانب التركي، حيث يحظر إطلاق النار في هذه المواقع الحدودية حفاظاً على الأمن فيها.
وشهدت مدينة جسر الشغور وقراها خلال اليومين الماضيين عودة 273 مواطناً إلى بلداتهم وقراهم ومنازلهم وذلك عبر بوابة الحسانية الحدودية بعد أن شردتهم التنظيمات الإرهابية المسلحة وأبعدتهم عنها تحت تهديد السلاح وأعمال الترويع.


July 25th, 2011, 1:23 am


Revlon said:

The theme of news titles of this posting is that the revolution is /becoming militant.
It is based on claims made by the all but credible, Asad-Makhloof syndicate (SANA/Addunia).

This claim was first advanced by Jr in his first speech as a pretext to his ongoing brutal crackdown, aka Wa2dulfitnah.
He elaborated by saying that to kill was less evil than fitnah and to act accordingly was moral, religious and national duty.

The tactical detailed plan was spelled out in the General Mukhabarat directive leaked late March of this year. Its smearing tactics included the staging of a wide ranging scripts of sabotage, murder, and conspiracies.

On the other hand, the revolution’s goal and means of achieving them has been freedom and peaceful activism.
People who clean their city after demonstration are not anarchists and would not seek to derail a train.
People who dedicate a Friday for Humat AlDiyar are not enemies of the Military college.

July 25th, 2011, 3:45 am


AJ said:

This story about the train is fabricated by the government. I am going to state a fact, an incident that happened with my friend’s cousin in Syria. She studies at the university in Aleppo and was taking the train to head back home. She was going to take the train down south as it was quick and cheap, then was going to take a bus to get to the southern city of Sweda. She was a very pretty girl. Before getting on, a guy she does not know and out of nowhere told her not to get on the train that it was “خربان.” She tried to ignore him as she didn’t know him or understand what his motive was, so he said “وحده حلوي متلك حرام يهور فيها قطار.” She got paranoid while waiting. He further told her that they are doing “maintenance” on the train and that it would be crazy to go on it. When she asked him how he knew all this, he replied: “بعرف خلص شو بدك” She had already been paranoid as it was the first time she was going to try taking a train to get home and she ended up canceling her trip. This guy did not get on the train either. It was like he was there to watch who was getting on. She also said that he had two cell phones with him, one in each hand, she remembered as that being quite weird. So you can say this is all just a coincidence, but if this is a coincidence then the stories on Syrian TV must be from a parallel universe!!

July 25th, 2011, 4:05 am


MNA said:

Aboud @ 10

Let me start by condemning with the strongest terms any attempt at humiliation or intimidation by anyone and against anyone regardless of the pretext.
Let me give you my two cents about this incidence as it happened in front of my eyes and I happen to know Mr. Saloum and the guy who assaulted him.

It happened at Al-Rodah Cafe on the Al-3abed Street in Damascus. A guy who is known to be a trouble maker and by the name of Mujahed Ismail walked toward Mr. Saloum and punched him on the shoulder and said ” you are becoming a man now and talking too much”. One of the people who was seated with Mr. Saloum and happened to know this guy, called the office of Maher Assad and complained about the incidence. The person at the office of Maher Assad asked to speak to Mr. Mujahed. After speaking to him, the guy apologized to Mr. Saloum and sat down with him on the same table. 5 Minutes later a security car arrived and arrested him.
Many people are specially disgusted with Mr. Saloum b/c he is known to be the biggest kiss A… to the regime. I attended the last Addounia event (the Syrian Oscar equivalent) and Mr. Saloum was the host. People were about to vomit from the exaggerated a… kissing that he performed.

July 25th, 2011, 4:24 am


Revlon said:

Mr Shara “promises” of a road map to become “more democratic” derive their authority from a speech of a president who has no legitimacy.

Shara confirms President’s «road map» to reform
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Damascus – Ibrahim Hamidi – al-Hayat

“ Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa explained that Syria must turn the crisis into an opportunity by consolidating «reform» and to become «more democratic».

“ He said that based on President al-Assad’s speech at the University of Damascus all articles of the Constitution would be subject to review, including the eighth, which states that «the Baath» is the leader in the community and the state”

The flurry of promises, made by Mr Sharaa are based on his personal interpretations of Jr’s speech.
He was not speaking from a written authorising directive, or a plan portfolio.
Mr Sharaa and other senior officials statements did not stand the test of authority as early as a few months back.

July 25th, 2011, 4:35 am


Louai said:

it seems this post is unnoticed that’s why I copy it here

Hama Protests Swell in Syria
Tens of thousands of people protested undeterred in Hama on Friday as a government crackdown in Homs, where sectarian violence and defected military conscripts pose a new threat to the government, drew a stark contrast between the two epicenters of Syria’s uprising.
President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces showed relative restraint Friday, with seven people reported killed across Syria, including one in Homs, compared with at least 24 killed the prior Friday, which has become the biggest day for protests on the Arab street.
But the regime’s withdrawal six weeks ago from Hama, the site of a brutal crackdown in 1982, remains a central question in its response. Some diplomats and analysts say a national revulsion of that event has repelled the regime from acting in the city. After prayers Friday, large crowds of protesters lined up Hama in coordinated attire of red, white, and black in a human formation of Syria’s flag.
Thirty miles south, in Homs, smaller crowds of protesters dodged gunfire Friday, with many residents staying home after a bloody week in which activists estimate as many 40 people were killed. Tanks fired mortars in two Homs neighborhoods on Thursday, residents said.
Unlike Hama, which has a conservative Sunni population, Homs is a microcosm of Syria’s sectarian makeup, with a mix of Alawites and Christians among its Sunni majority. Their largely calm coexistence appeared to implode last weekend, when armed sectarian fighting drew a harsh response from Mr. Assad’s forces, who also faced off against some mostly Sunni army defectors, residents said.
One of those defected soldiers said a town north of the city, al-Rastan, has turned into a de facto base for young army conscripts who have defected to avoid orders to shoot protesters.
“There are daily fights between the defected men and the army in al-Rastan, just small bouts of 15 or 20 minutes,” First Lt. Housam, who consented to giving his first name only, said by satellite phone from Homs.
On Thursday, a group of 14 defectors fought the army and security forces in the Bab Siba’a neighborhood of Homs, killing 20 of them and destroying four of their tanks and seven armored personnel carriers, Lt. Housam said. “We decided to intervene on behalf of the people,” he said.
He said the group of defected conscripts, which includes three soldiers, are fighting with the light weapons—machine guns, Kalashinkovs, and rocket-propelled grenades—that they kept with them.
It wasn’t possible to independentLY confirm his account.
Army defections remain limited across Syria, and have so far only drawn from the low ranks, leaving the largely-Alawite and higher ranks loyal to the regime.
But Hom’s sectarian fighting and volatile religious mix appears to have served as a pretext for the regime to strike the city again rather than try to negotiate a truce as it is attempting in Hama.
Both Homs and Hama, Syria’s third and fourth largest cities respectively, are strategically located between the capital Damascus, and Aleppo, two bastions of loyalty to Mr. Assad’s government.
Losing control of both cities would hamper the ability to move troops from Damascus to Aleppo, creating “an island in the country that is completely out of the regime’s control, which would be unprecedented,” says Exclusive Analysis, a London-based intelligence and political risk firm.
Taking no chances with its strongholds, the regime tightened its grip on Damascus on Friday. Residents of the capital’s Qaboun district said machine gun-wielding security forces lined the streets and the entrances to the area’s two major mosques, to prevent protests after the Islamic prayer.
Mr. Assad has struggled to formulate a clearer response in Syria’s other major cities to over four months of antigovernment protests, especially as international pressure has mounted to stop the violence. The protests have posed the biggest challenge to Mr. Assad’s 11-year rule, and his family’s four-decade grip on Syria.
That family legacy is partly why Hama developed into an exception in this uprising, diplomats and analysts say. In 1982, Mr. Assad’s father crushed an uprising there led by the Muslim Brotherhood that left at least 10,000 people dead. When Mr. Assad’s forces killed at least 72 people in one weekend in June, the outrage visible in reactionary protests across Syria forced a withdrawal from Hama that has left its residents to manage the city’s affairs largely free of security oversight since then.
“What saved Hama in 2011 is the 1982 massacre, the heavy history behind the regime,” said Wissam Tarif, head of the Syria-focused rights group Insan. “Homs does not have 1982 hanging over it, so the regime continues the crackdown.”
Hama is still seen as a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold, though members of the banned party live largely in exile or are imprisoned in Syria. The unusual coherence and organization of Hama’s street protest movement—from neighborhood councils to civilian checkpoints—appear to reflect the organizational capabilities of Syria’s largest and best-organized opposition group, once a political party represented in parliament.
Young protest coordinators deny that the Brotherhood in Hama has any organizational role, and even say they harbor anger towards the movement for creating the rebellion that led to the harsh crackdown in the 1980s. Other Syrian activists attribute Hama’s success in sustaining the country’s largest peaceful protests to a sense of community forged out of a scarred history, and efforts by moderates from both sides of the political divide to make sure the regime doesn’t strike it again.
Some residents in the city say attempts to negotiate with delegations of local leaders led by Mustafa Abdel-Rahman, the imam of Serjawi mosque, may have some success. But others remain adamant that nothing short of regime change will stop protests, after past negotiations brought limited results.
One businessman in Hama who supports the protest movement pointed to a deal last week by which some checkpoints were removed from the main roads but only 50 protesters were released of the hundreds detained.
“We do not trust the imam,” he said. “He does not speak for us all.”
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MNA said:

Haz @ 15
Aside from how unprofessional Al-Jazeera coverage has been, in principle, even if this is the case, so what?
Jeudiasm is a religion like any other that we should all respect. Should We fear the christian science monitor?? Should the west fear any media outlet that has islam in its name?

July 25th, 2011, 4:59 am


MNA said:

Tara @ 28

“Don’t you agree that the perspective of the otherside is often more important than one’ own perspective in times of conflicts.”

Oh really Tara??
And this is translated by HEARING the other perspective and then labeling the person of that perspective with all different stereo type labels. (menhabak crowed etc..)

July 25th, 2011, 5:25 am


MNA said:

From Jad @ 52
“Residents of Homs observed a strike on Saturday while the army encircled the city, cutting off its water and electricity.”


How do you manage to be online all the time and reply to every poster eventhough there is no electricity which means no internet.

July 25th, 2011, 5:58 am


Tara said:


Good question. I will answer it. But I want you to answer my questions first. You said you live in Damascus. Great! I missed Dimashq. I was not able to visit this summer and it is paining me. How is Damascus and please be honest and don’t paint me a rosy picture. Now what is your personal stand from what is going on? I am not entirely clear. And finally, I want to know if you are a girl. Your name end with A and in Arabic, it is a girl name. I always thought you are Mina and it turned out you are 2 different people so a lot of time, when I was responding to Mina, I was actually responding to you.

Now, you answer first then I will. I liked the question.

July 25th, 2011, 7:06 am


Akbar Palace said:

Spam Filter Activated

I am still interested in listening to your view of ” a just peace”. I am at work today and may not be able to respond till I am done.


cc: Tara, AIG

Did you answer Tara’s question? If this question is not appropriate for this website, perhaps we can chat about this off the SC website.

Here’s my “outside” line:

Anyone is welcome. Please include name, address and SSN;)

Something to bring to the negotiating table:,7340,L-4099655,00.html

July 25th, 2011, 7:09 am


ss said:

121 by MNA
“How do you manage to be online all the time and reply to every poster eventhough there is no electricity which means no internet”.

It seems that MNA and Aboghassan yesterday both put you on spot dear Aboud. Yes hopw you use the internet if no electricity is there, also the timing does not fit either, it looks that your time is the same as US time. Hows Homs Aboud. Is it hot there.

July 25th, 2011, 7:25 am


Akbar Palace said:

The GOS is allowing political parties:

July 25th, 2011, 7:41 am


louai said:

Jad 46

This video must not be ignored, it’s a big turning point, the killers are filming them selves, if it’s the regime then it must be toppled NOW if it’s the revolution then it must be suppressed NOW!!
the man in the video must be identified and his details must be passed to the Interpol , he is probably in the refugee camp in Turkey ..he has a lot to say ,people must hear him …he must be brought to justice as soon as possible .

July 25th, 2011, 7:53 am


Tara said:


I totally agree.

July 25th, 2011, 8:14 am


MNA said:

Tara @ 121
I m walking out of my office and will answer you soon

July 25th, 2011, 8:27 am


norman said:

for all of you ,


المطران لوقا الخوري : السفيرالأميركي أراد إثارة النعرات الطائفية والمذهبية فطردته من الكنيسة
مشهود له بمواقفه الوطنية النابعة من القناعات والمعتقدات، ومعروف عنه حبه لبلده سورية، ورفعه للواء القضايا الوطنية والعربية والإنسانية المحقة.يرفض التحدث عن الطائفية، “فهي لغة مقيتة”، ويعتبر “أن ما تتعرض له سورية مؤامرة كبيرة تقودها أميركا وفرنسا وأوروبا وبعض العرب، إرضاء لـ”إسرائيل” وخدمة لأمنها”، ويؤكد “أن نائب الرئيس السوري السابق عبد الحليم خدام ينسق مع فريق “14 آذار” في لبنان لتمويل ودعم المتمردين والمخربين في سورية ووسائلهم الإعلامية تروج للفتنة”، ويرى “أن الدبلوماسية في مفهومها الأساسي هي دبلوماسية المصالح، لكن الدبلوماسية الغربية والعربية تعمل فقط لمصلحة “إسرائيل” وأمنها، من دون الالتفات إلى مصالح دول المنطقة وشعوبها وحقوقها”.ويستعيد من الذاكرة ومن التاريخ كيف “أن أميركا قامت على الدم”، ويؤكد أنه “طرد السفير الأميركي من الكنيسة لأنه أراد إثارة النعرات الطائفية والمذهبية في سورية”.كما لا يفوته “أن معظم حكام دول الخليج وأمرائها وصلوا إلى الحكم بعدما عزلوا آباءهم وأخوتهم أو حتى قتلوهم”، وأنهم “خاضعون للإرادة اليهودية”.
هذه بعض مواقف النائب البطريركي العام لمطرانية الروم الأرثوذكس في سورية ولبنان المطران لوقا الخوري :

ينطلق المطران الخوري في حديثه لصحيفة البناء من مُسَلمَة “أن ما يحدث في سورية اليوم ليس سوى مؤامرة كبيرة على الدولة وعلى الشعب السوري، بسبب ما تمثله سورية، من قوة وحيدة في المنطقة، آخذةً منحى الممانعة والمقاومة، ضد كل احتلالٍ لعالمنا العربي”. ويضيف “أن “إسرائيل” وأعوانها، أميركا والدول الغربية والأوروبية وبعض الدول العربية، تريد النيل من المقاومة والممانعة، وحيث أن سورية هي البلد العربي الوحيد الذي يستمر ثابتاً في هذا الخط، نراها مستهدفة ونرى أنها في عين العاصفة”.
لماذا العرب؟
وإذ يقول المطران الخوري “ان هذه المؤامرة الدولية الكبيرة هدفها خدمة المشروع الأميركي ـ “الإسرائيلي”. يعرب عن “الأسف الشديد لأن بعض الدول العربية وبعض الحكام العرب، يسيرون في هذه المؤامرة بشكل يخالف مصالح شعوبهم، وهم يبدون وكأنهم مغلوب على أمرهم، ويفضلون الوقوف مع القوى الظالمة ضد الإنسانية والإنسان، معتقدين أنهم بذلك ينالون الرضى، ويحفظون مصالح أنظمتهم”.
ويؤكد المطران الخوري “أنهم سيفشلون في ذلك، لأنهم كمن يفرح لخراب بيته، ومن لا يؤتمن على بيته، لن يكون أميناً على بيوت الآخرين”.
ويتابع قائلاً: “ان بعض الدول العربية والخليجية فرحة بنفطها ومالها، وتعتقد أنه يوفر لها الحماية، لكن هؤلاء يفتقدون إلى التاريخ، لذلك نراهم لا يبالون بخراب بيوت الآخرين، ولو كانوا يملكون تاريخاً، لعرفوا جيداً، أن لا أميركا ولا “إسرائيل” ستوفر لهم الحماية، فهما (أميركا و”إسرائيل”) أبعد ما تكونان عن الإنسانية وعن حقوق الإنسان والديمقراطية والحرية، وأن أميركا لا تريد من هذه المنطقة إلا خيرات العرب ونفطهم وأموالهم، من أجل السيطرة ومن أجل صناعة القوة الحديدية المدمرة لبلادنا، ومن أجل حماية “إسرائيل” وتوفير أمنها”.
ويخاطب المطران الخوري السعودية ودول الخليج بالقول “إن لا أحد يحبكم أكثر من إخوانكم العرب، ولا يمكن لأي بلد عربي أن يعتمد على أميركا لحمايته، وأنتم لديكم تلك الكميات الهائلة من الأسلحة، فهل لديكم القدرة على حماية أنفسكم؟”
وإزاء ذلك يرى المطران الخوري “أن سورية كانت ولا تزال وفيّة لأشقائها العرب، واستقبلت العرب واحتضنتهم في كل الظروف، من الفلسطينيين والعراقيين واللبنانيين، لأنها لا تفرق بين عربي وآخر، ولأنها دولة ممانعة ومقاومة وحريصة على الحقوق العربية”.

سورية ولبنان توأمان
ويضيف “ان سورية ولبنان توأمان لا يمكن أن ينفصلا، مهما حاول البعض، فالأرض واحدة، والشعب واحد في دولتين، والتاريخ يثبت ذلك، وسورية منذ أيام المسيح (ع) وحتى اليوم، هي البلد الوحيد الذي يأخذ على عاتقه حماية الإنسان والإنسانية”.”إن أول الوجود المسيحي بدأ في سورية، وكانت حينها تسمى أنطاكيا، وهذا ما ذكر في الكتب المقدسة”.
“لقد أرسل اليهود “شهوا” إلى انطاكية (سورية)، بهدف القضاء على المسيحيين فيها، ولحظة وصوله إلى بوابة دمشق، تحول شهوا بإرادة الله تعالى، من شهوا إلى بولس الرسول، أي من محاربٍ ومقاتلٍ شرس ضد المسيحيين إلى مسيحي ممانع ومبشر بالمسيحية، وهذا مذكور في الكتب المسيحية والإسلامية. فمن سورية انطلقت المسيحية إلى العالم، كما أن الإسلام انطلق منها ونشط فيها، ولذلك نقول إن سورية نقلت المسيحية والإسلام والحضارات إلى العالم”.ويستغرب المطران الخوري مجدداً “كيف أن بعض الدول العربية ودول الخليج يفرح بما تتعرض له سورية من مؤامرة، بل أكثر من ذلك نقول واثقين أن بعضهم يموّل المؤامرة استجابة لمطلب الأميركي والأوروبي و”الإسرائيلي”، ويسأل: “هل أتى أمير قطر إلى الحكم بإرادة شعبية، أم أنه عزل والده ليتسلم الحكم؟ ألم يتولى أحد ملوك السعودية الحكم بعد أن أطاح بأخيه؟ ألم يعتلي أحد ملوك البحرين على عرشه بعد أن قتل أباه؟ هذه وقائع تاريخية لا يمكنهم دحضها أو نكرانها، ومع ذلك فهم (حكام الخليج) لا يقرأون تاريخهم”.

سورية و.. الحرية
أما في سورية فيقول المطران الخوري “إن تاريخها يشهد لها بالحرية والديمقراطية، لا بل أنها تتميز بالحرية والديمقراطية”، ويضيف: “فقط من لا يعمل لا يخطئ، والحاكم من الناس، والخطأ هو من طبيعة البشر، لكن سورية تحب السلام وتريده لها ولغيرها، ولا تسعى كغيرها إلى الخراب كما يريده ويعمل له بعض العرب إرضاءً لـ “إسرائيل” وأميركا وأوروبا”.
ويؤكد المطران الخوري “ان سورية اليوم تعيد حساباتها، وقد أطلق الرئيس بشار الأسد مسيرة الإصلاح منذ استلامه الحكم، وهو اليوم يدفع هذه المسيرة بزخم أكبر وبوتيرة أسرع، فقط من أجل وطنه وشعبه”، ويسأل المطران: “من هم أولئك الذين يدعون أنهم يطالبون اليوم بالحرية في سورية؟ أي حرية يريدون؟ حرية القتل والتشويه والتمثيل والتدمير والتخريب باسم الحرية؟ إذا كانت هذه هي الحرية فنحن لا نريدها، نحن كمسيحيين نحصل على حقوقنا كاملة، ليس بالقتل والتخريب والذبح. فما يجري اليوم هو اعتداء سافر على سورية وشعبها، وهذا يحرّمه الإسلام وتحرّمه المسيحية وكذلك الإنسانية”.

خدام.. رجل الخراب والتآمر
ويبدي المطران الخوري استغرابه “للحملة التآمرية التي يقودها عبد الحليم خدام من الخارج، وهو الذي كان في الحكم، وكان بيده ملف لبنان، فخرّب لبنان واليوم يخرّب سورية، وما يتكشف اليوم أن هذا الرجل ومنذ كان في الحكم، كان يقود مؤامرة سافرة لخراب لبنان وسورية معاً، باتفاق مع أميركا، لا ندري حيثياته. لقد وثق به الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد (رحمه الله)، لكنه لم يكن أهلاً ومحلاً للثقة، فتعامل مع الأجنبي لتخريب بلده”.ويلفت المطران إلى ما جرى في جسر الشغور والبوكمال ودرعا وحمص، ويعتبره “خزياً وعاراً على كل سوري ساهم وسهّل وخطط وشارك ونفذ، قتلاً وتنكيلاً واغتصاباً وذبحاً وتمثيلاً بحق النساء والأطفال والشيوخ، وكله باسم الحرية، فأي حرية هذه؟ هؤلاء يهدفون فقط إلى خراب سورية”.

فتاوى.. القتل
وينتقد المطران الخوري بعض رجال الدين المسلمين الذين يصدرون الفتاوى بالجهاد من أمثال القرضاوي والعرعور، اللذين أفتيا للقتلة والمتآمرين بأن “لا مشكلة في أن يذهب (يقتل) ثلث الشعب السوري، من أجل أن يعيش من يبقى على قيد الحياة”، ويسأل المطران: “في ظل فتاوى كهذه كيف لي أن أكون أميناً على حياتي إذا تسلم أتباع هؤلاء السلطة (لا سمح الله)؟.
وعن وجود السلاح بهذه الكمية في سورية بين أيدي الجماعات التكفيرية والإرهابيين يقول المطران الخوري: “لقد دخل السلاح بكثرة إلى سورية”، ويلاحظ “أن معظم أعمال الإجرام والقتل والتخريب حصلت وتحصل في مناطق سورية لها حدود مشتركة مع دول مجاورة: تركيا، الأردن، العراق ولبنان، كما أن الأمن السوري اكتشف أنفاقاً لتهريب السلاح بين سورية والأردن، بهدف تخريب سورية والتآمر على الدولة، والأجهزة المعنية أصبحت على علم بكل التفاصيل وهي تعمل على الملاحقة والمحاسبة”.

الرئيس الأسد همّهُ الإصلاح
ويؤكد المطران الخوري “أن الرئيس بشار الأسد، ومنذ استلامه الحكم، وضع في أولوياته العمل على الإصلاح والتطوير في الداخل، بالإضافة إلى مواجهة التحديات الخارجية، ونحن لمسنا ذلك في لقاءاتنا العديدة والمتكررة معه، لكن الإصلاح ليس كن فيكون، والرئيس الأسد في قمة الفهم والتطور، وكذلك السيدة الأولى، وهما قاما بزيارات ميدانية شملت كل المحافظات السورية، واطلعا عن كثب على الحاجات والمطالب الشعبية على كل المستويات الاجتماعية والخدماتية والصحية ودور العجزة والمسنين والتربية والتعليم وسوق العمل، ووضعت الخطط اللازمة لتلبية هذه الحاجات ولتطوير خدمات الدولة وتحقيق ما يصبو إليه الناس”.

“أميركا قامت على الدم”
ويلفت المطران الخوري إلى “أن تحقيق الإصلاح والتطوير والتقدم يحتاج إلى الاستقرار، وهو لا يتوافر في ظل أعمال التخريب والقتل والإجرام، لأن المؤامرة الخارجية لا تريد لسورية أن تتطور أو تتقدم، وهل يمكن مثلاً أن ننتظر من أميركا أن تسهل ذلك وهي المشهود لها بعدائها للعرب، وهي الدولة التي قامت على الدم، دم الهنود الحمر؟ وهل من قام على الدم يستطيع أن يخلق الحرية والديمقراطية، وهل ننتظر منه المساعدة في تطبيق الحرية والديمقراطية في بلادنا، فيما نرى أن كل ما تقوم به أميركا والغرب وبعض العرب والخليجيون يصب في خدمة “إسرائيل” ومصلحتها وأمنها”.

تمويل وتسليح ودعم لبناني
ويؤكد المطران الخوري “أن الأمور أصبحت جلية الوضوح أمام الرأي العام، حيث تأكد بالملموس أن هناك في لبنان من يعمل على تمويل وتسليح ودعم المخربين والمتآمرين والإرهابيين في سورية، وخير شاهدٍ على ذلك ما جرى في تل كلخ السورية المحاذية لعكار”.
ويتابع: “ان عبدالحليم خدام له ارتباطات وثيقة ومتينة مع فريق “14 آذار” في لبنان، ولا شك في أن هناك تنسيقاً على تمويل ودعم المؤامرة ضد سورية، ولكن نحمد الله أن سورية بشعبها الواعي والموحد حول قيادته الحكيمة، يعي هذه المؤامرة ويواجهها، وإن شاء الله فإن سورية عصية على المؤامرات”.

سلاح المقاومة
ويرى المطران الخوري “أن الذين يشتركون من لبنان في المؤامرة على سورية، تجدهم يتآمرون أيضاً على المقاومة في لبنان، وهي المقاومة التي حررت الأرض والتي تدافع عن الوطن، في حين أن الجيش اللبناني هو ضمان لكل الوطن، لكنه يفتقد إلى التسليح الذي يجعله قوة ردعٍ في وجه العدو “الإسرائيلي” في هذه المرحلة. والذين يريدون ويطالبون بنزع سلاح المقاومة، يهدفون إلى تفريغ الساحة وإفساح الطريق أمام “إسرائيل” لتتحرك بطمأنينة، وهذا يدل على أنهم مع المخطط الأميركي ـ “الإسرائيلي” ضد المنطقة. فالمقاومة واجب وعمل وطني في كل العالم العربي، لتدافع عن الحق العربي ضد “إسرائيل”، والمقاومة في لبنان لم تقاتل بهدف الدفاع عن إيران وسورية بل عن لبنان، وأن الذين يطالبون بنزع سلاحها، يتآمرون لإنهائها وإضعاف سورية”.

ليست هذه دبلوماسية!
وعن تصرف بعض الدبلوماسيين إزاء سورية، يرى المطران لوقا الخوري “أن ذلك ليس تصرفاً دبلوماسياً إزاء سورية، بل هناك عمل لا علاقة له بالدبلوماسية يهدف إلى تخريب سورية”. فالدبلوماسية الأميركية ـ الغربية ـ العربية، تعمل على تخريب سورية، لأنها الدولة العربية الوحيدة التي تقول لا لأميركا ولـ”إسرائيل”، وكل من يقول لا لـ”إسرائيل”، تجتمع الدول الغربية ضده بمعاونة بعض الدول العربية. يا ليتهم ليسوا عرباً، فتاريخياً نعرف أن العروبة هي من “الرحمانية”، أي المحبة والسلام والتضحية وإعانة الغير والتلاقي والإيمان، هذا الإيمان الذي أتت به المسيحية وأتى به الإسلام إلى هذه المنطقة، وهو إيمان غير متوافر في الخارج، لذلك نرى أن الدبلوماسية الغربية وبعض العربية، هي دبلوماسية تهدف فقط إلى إحياء “إسرائيل” ولا مشكلة لديها إذا ماتت بقية الناس”.

تسلل السفيرين إلى حماه
ويتابع المطران: في كل دول العالم وحتى في أميركا، هناك عُرف دبلوماسي متبع ومتعارف عليه، بحيث أن أي سفير في أي دولة، عليه أن يبلغ السلطات الخارجية عن أي تحرك يقوم به خارج سفارة بلاده. لكن السفير الأميركي في سورية، قبل أن يذهب ويتجول في مناطق الاضطراب، سبقه تصريح لوزيرة خارجيته هيلاري كلينتون، زعمت فيه “فقدان الشرعية في سورية، وهي أرادت بذلك، أن توعز إلى سفيرها في سورية، بالتحرك كيفما يشاء، لأن لا شرعية في سورية”.”لقد ذهب السفير الأميركي إلى حماه، وتقصّد حماه، نظراً الى حساسيتها التاريخية، وكان هدف التسلل إلى حماه تحويلها إلى “قاعدة” للتحرك ولانطلاق المؤامرة”.
ويكشف المطران الخوري “أن السفير الأميركي أشرف مباشرة في حماه على توزيع كميات كبيرة من أجهزة الاتصال المتطورة على الإرهابيين والمتآمرين. وقد رفضت إدارة أحد الفنادق في حماه استقبال السفير الأميركي وصحبه، ورفضت إعطاءهم قاعة لكي يجتمع فيها السفير مع المتآمرين، وبعد هذا الرفض، لم يجد السفير والمتآمرون مكاناً يجتمعون فيه إلا أحد مساجد حماه”.
ويضيف المطران: “لقد احتج الشباب السوري أمام السفارتين الأميركية والفرنسية، على تصرف السفيرين وتدخلهما في الشؤون السورية وتغذية الإرهاب والتآمر، وهو احتجاج شبابي أرادوه سلمياً تعبيراً عن غضبهم ورفضهم لهذا التدخل السافر، فأوعز السفيران إلى حراس السفارتين بإطلاق الرصاص الحي والقنابل الدخانية والمسيلة للدموع على جموع المحتجين وأوقعوا بينهم إصابات”.
ويسأل المطران: “هل مثل هذا التصرف مسموح في أميركا أو في فرنسا، في ما لو حصل احتجاج أمام السفارة السورية أو غيرها من السفارات، فهل كان يسمح لحراس السفارة بإطلاق النار على المحتجين؟ لا أعتقد ذلك، بل أعتقد أن الأميركيين كانوا دمروا السفارة على من فيها، لأن أميركا تمارس الازدواجية في تطبيق القوانين الدبلوماسية وغيرها”.

طردتُ السفير الأميركي…
وعن طرده السفير الأميركي من الكنيسة في دمشق يقول المطران لوقا الخوري: “بعد دخول السفير الأميركي إلى حماه، وبعدما تبين بوضوح أهداف هذا التحرك التآمري، وبعد ما توضح من اجتماعه مع الإرهابيين والمتآمرين على سورية وشعبها وأرضها، وبعد انفضاح أمر ذلك التصرف المشين اللاقانوني واللاإنساني، وبعد إطلاق النار من داخل السفارتين الأميركية والفرنسية على المحتجين السوريين أمامهما وسقوط إصابات في الأرواح، اتضحت الصورة التآمرية على بلدنا من أميركا وفرنسا وأوروبا وبعض العرب”.
بعد كل ذلك، يضيف المطران، “كنا في مناسبة استقبال تكريمية لأحد المطارنة في قاعة كنيسة الصليب في دمشق، وكان يوماً حافلاً بالزوار المسلمين والمسيحيين ورجال الدين، فجأة دخل عليّ أحد الموظفين في الكنيسة قائلاً: أن موكب السفير الأميركي أمام درج قاعة الاستقبال في الكنيسة ويريد الدخول، عندها تخيلت منظراً بشعاً ومقيتاً من هذا التصرف، وكأنه يريد قلب الجو التآلفي داخل الكنيسة، بين المسيحيين والمسلمين، شبابنا أمام السفارة يقتلون ويهانون، وهو يريد أن يدخل إلى الكنيسة، هذا عمل مرفوض وتصرف مدان.. ولم أجد في هذا التصرف ودخول السفير إلى الكنيسة إلا هدفاً واحداً وهو إحداث مشكلة، وإظهار التودد الى المسيحيين، وبالتالي تأليب الجو الطائفي، وهو لا يعلم أن مسيحيي سورية وطنيون، عروبيون وممانعون، ولا يرضون الذل والنذالة، ولا يسيرون خلف المستعمرين الذين يريدون الخراب لوطننا، فسورية تاريخياً، بمسلميها ومسيحييها يد واحدة ضد الاستعمار وضد كل من يريد خرابها”.
“حصل نقاش بيني وبين الحاضرين حول هذا التصرف من قبل السفير الأميركي، فتوليت المهمة واتخذت قرار الرفض، ليس فقط منع دخوله إلى الكنيسة بل حتى عدم استقباله والحديث معه، وقلت أن عليه العودة فوراً من حيث أتى، فهو شخص غير مرغوب فيه”، وذهبت لإبلاغ الأمر، فالتقيت بأحد مرافقيه الذي قال لي: حضرتك ستستقبل السفير، فقلت له: حضرتي والحاضرون نرفض استقباله، وأحذره من الصعود حتى على درج الكنيسة، رسالتي واضحة، فليخرج فوراً، وإلا سيحصل شيء ليس مريحاً”.
ويقول المطران: “لقد أتخذت هذا القرار بكل طيبة خاطر، انطلاقاً من مواقفنا الوطنية وما نؤمن به، ولا يهم إذا كان يمثل دولة عظمى، ما يهمنا هو أن الأميركيين ناقمون، وهل من نقمة أكثر من الذي يحصل في سورية”.ويؤكد “أن السفير الأميركي كان يهدف من هذه الزيارة إلى إيجاد نقمة وشرخ وتأجيج الفوضى بيننا وبين إخواننا المسلمين، وهذا لا نشك فيه لحظة، وبالتالي فإن دخوله قاعة الكنيسة هو بمثابة وصمة عارٍ علينا كمسيحيين وككنيسة”.ويحرص المطران الخوري على التنويه بما كتِب عنه في “البناء”، وبالثناء الذي تقاطر عليه من كل حدبٍ وصوب، ولا سيما من مكتب الرئيس بشار الأسد، الذي اعتبر “أن هذا الموقف نابع من روحية وطنية تعبّر عن سورية وممانعتها لكل أشكال الظلم والاستعمار”.
ولذلك لا يشك المطران الخوري بـ”أن أميركا وفرنسا ومن معهما، يتخذون موقفاً واضحاً في دعم الإرهاب وفي التآمر على سورية”.
ويأسف “للموقف الذي اتخذته قطر في سحب سفيرها من سورية، وهي تهدف من ذلك الى البقاء في أحضان الأميركي والفرنسي وبالتالي اليهودي. فقطر مشهود لها باحتضان اليهود من خلال احتضانها المكاتب اليهودية فيها، وكذلك وجودها في “إسرائيل” حيث لا أحد له تمثيل مثلما لها في “إسرائيل”.

“الإعلام التآمري”
ويلفت المطران إلى “أن دول الخليج بأكثريتها خاضعة للإرادة اليهودية”، ويكشف “أن مستشار الكنيسة الأنغليكانية في أبوظبي هو يهودي”، ويشير إلى “أن قطر على وشك أن تشهد ثورة وانتفاضة شعبية، وقد حصل بعض المقدمات لهذا الأمر، لكن الدولة فرضت تعتيماً إعلامياً عليها”.
ويصف المطران “الإعلام الذي تتبناه قطر والسعودية وبعض الدول الأخرى (الجزيرة والعربية وغيرهما)، بالإعلام القاتل والمحرض أكثر من القتلة، فهو يؤجج الحركات التآمرية، وهو إعلام مأجور 100% للأميركي ولـ”الإسرائيلي” بشكل مباشر، وأن ما يعرض على هذه الوسائل عن سورية كذب 100%، فهم يستحضرون تظاهرات حصلت في مصر وفي غيرها ويقولون أنها تحصل في سورية. وكشف أننا في أحد الأعياد كنا نصلي في كنيسة الصليب في دمشق، وبدأت وسائل الإعلام المغرضة والمأجورة، تدعي أن كنيسة الصليب تشهد ثورة، تلك الوسائل حاولت تأجيج الخلاف بين المسيحيين وبين إخواننا المسلمين وهذا ما لم ولن يحصل”.

المساواة في سورية
ويقول المطران الخوري “أن المسيحيين يشكلون 8% من أهل سورية، ونحن نحصل على كامل حقوقنا الوظيفية والاجتماعية والصحية والتربوية والتعليم والاستشفاء والضمان وغيرها من الدولة، تماماً ككل مواطن سوري، وسورية هي البلد الوحيد التي كنائسها ومؤسساتها الدينية معفية من كل أنواع الضريبة ومن الرسوم الضريبية، تماماً كالأوقاف الإسلامية، على عكس البلدان الأخرى، ففي لبنان مثلاً، لسنا معفيين، ندفع الضرائب والرسوم، الكهرباء والماء وغيرها. نحن كمسيحيين في سورية مع هذا الوطن، لأن من ليس له وطن لا شيء له في هذه الدنيا”.
ويؤكد المطران الخوري “أن المؤامرة انكشفت، وأن المتآمرين أفلسوا، ولذلك نشهد بداية النهاية لهذه المؤامرة، ونثق أن سورية بخير وستبقى كذلك الآن ومستقبلاً، وستكون أقوى، وستخرج من هذه المحنة التآمرية أقوى بكثير مما كانت، لأن الشعب السوري يملك الوعي، ويدرك ان المؤامرة تحاك ضده وضد وطنه، فالشعب السوري لم يعرف اللحمة والوحدة كما تتجلى اليوم خلف قيادته الحكيمة، ونحن كمسيحيين على تواصل مع القيادة السورية ومع الرئيس بشار الأسد، ونتباحث في مجمل القضايا وفي كيفية التطوير والإصلاح”.

المؤتمر الحواري
ويشيد المطران الخوري بـ”المؤتمر العام الذي عقد في دمشق وجمع العديد من الشخصيات، من المجتمع المدني والفاعليات الإجتماعية والوجهاء والشخصيات الرسمية تحت سقف الدولة، أما المؤتمرات التي تعقد في الخارج فهي ملغومة، وتهدف إلى خراب البلد، تماماً كما كان يحدث في العراق”، ويرفض التخوف من “عرقنة” سورية، لأن سورية المحصنة بشعبها وقيادتها، كشفت المؤامرة باكراً، وعرفت كيف تواجهها وتتغلب عليها، وكذلك لأن السوريين يثقون بقيادتهم الوطنية الحكيمة والعاقلة والشجاعة، ويقفون خلفها ومعها في كل ما من شأنه أن ينقذ بلدهم من المؤامرة”.

مؤتمر عام
ويكشف المطران لوقا الخوري عبر “البناء” عن التحضير لـ”عقد مؤتمر عام، إسلامي ـ مسيحي موسع في دمشق، بهدف الجمع والتوحد لمجابهة المخطط التآمري الذي يستهدف سورية، أرضاً وشعباً، ولكي نوضح للرأي العام ما يجري في سورية من مؤامرة تقودها أميركا وأوروبا ومعهما بعض العرب والخليج، خدمة لمصالح “إسرائيل” وأمنها”.
ويوجه المطران لوقا الخوري رسالة عبر “البناء” إلى الشعب السوري، فيقول: “ان سورية إذا انتهت فلن يبقى وطن للعرب أبداً، هذا الشعب الذي دافع ويدافع عن وطنه وعن الحق العربي، لا يمكن إلا أن نحييه ونقدره”. أما إلى المغرر بهم فنقول: “اتقوا الله وابتعدوا عن القتل التآمري، لقد افتضح أمركم وافتضحت مؤامرتكم، وأصبحتم مثل “يهوذا”، فأيها المتآمرون على سورية “أنتم يهوذا القرن العشرين”.
ويكشف “أن أموالاً طائلة تغرر بالمتآمرين، من داخل سورية ومن خارجها، لتخريبها وليس لإصلاحها كما يدعون، فأي إصلاح يمكن انتظاره في ظل هذه الكميات الكبيرة من السلاح المتطور بين أيدي المتآمرين؟”.

الإسلام براء من أمثال العرعور
ويشير إلى “أن الديانتين الإسلامية والمسيحية ترفضان القتل”، ويتساءل: كيف ينصاع هؤلاء إلى الشيخ العرعور الذي افتضح أمره، والذي حياته مليئة بالأعمال والأفعال المشينة واللاأخلاقية، هو يدعي أنه “داعية إسلامي”، في حين أن الصغير والكبير يعرف عنه سوء أخلاقه وأفعاله وممارساته الشنيعة، ونحن نعرف ان الدين الإسلامي الذي نحترم ونقدّر يرفض أمثال العرعور ولا يسمح لهم بأن يتحدثوا باسم الاسلام والمسلمين”.

ليحفظ الله سورية
ويختم المطران الخوري حديثه إلى “البناء” بالصلاة من أجل سورية والعالم العربي، ويقول: “أصلي ليحفظ الله سورية وقيادتها الحكيمة، وليبقيها أماً لنا جميعاً وحاضنة لكل إنسانٍ عربي، وسورية هي سورية السلام والمحبة والوفاء”.

شام برس

الاثنين 25-07-2011

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July 25th, 2011, 8:59 am


nafdik said:

There no spectacle sadder than seeing men who are supposed to be imbued with the message of Christ take the sides of those who kill him.

37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

July 25th, 2011, 9:24 am


Akbar Palace said:

Ripley’s “Believe it or Not”



I see the blame (thanks to Google translate) for what is going on in Syria is the usual Jew and “Israel”.

Do you agree with this?

July 25th, 2011, 9:54 am


Revlon said:

129. Dear norman, thank you for the link to mutran Khouri’s views on the current Syrian crisis.

Their importans stems from whether they represent his own opinion as a citizen and a clergy or as representative of his Church in Syria.

As a person he has the right to assume any opinion he may choose.
As a clergy, the statement is reminiscent of similar ones by other clergy men in Syria, including AlBooti and Hassoon.

As a representative of his church, the statements amount to an official declaration by the church to side with the regime and to incriminate the Syrian revolution.

The implications are so serious that I would rather not take him seriously.

Mr Khoury came across as an authoritarian, dogmatic politician rather than a humble, open minded Christian preacher worthy of his post.

All religious institutions, Sunni, 3alawi, Shi3a, or Christian are under the tight grip of Mukhabarat.
Mr. Khouri was reading from memory, a scrip written by Mukabarat and probably screened by Jr himself.

It is another attempt by the regime to blackmail the minorities and the Church for support to regain some of thrir lost legitimacy.

July 25th, 2011, 10:05 am


Afram said:

101. Abughassan said:
Bin Humam of Qatar was barred for life from participating in any future FIFA activities and is removed from his post. Qatar will now be investigated to see if it won the 2022 bid using bribes.
bribery is legitimate business in islam;read>>
*المؤلفة قلوبهم، هذا مصطلح جاء ذكره في السيرة النبوية العطرة(..)، فعن أنس ، قال : حين أفاء الله على رسوله أموال هوازن ، طفق رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يعطي رجالا من قريش مائة من الإبل، فقال ناس من الأنصار : يغفر الله لرسول الله يعطي قريشا ويمنعنا، وسيوفنا تقطر من دمائهم. فقال رسول الله : إني أعطي رجالا حدثاء عهد بكفر أتألفهم(..) متفق عليه. ومعناه أن النبي قام بشراء ذمم بعض الشخصيات النافذة في قريش

July 25th, 2011, 10:08 am


louai said:

Dose any one have further information about the video Jad linked in his post @ 46

The intro says the guy who appeared in the video was arrested!! Is it true? Please share with us if you have any more information.

i cant stress more ,this video very important its the first in its kind where we can see the killer and the victims and both can be identified ,there is no story can justify this video if it’s the regime so that is its end and if it’s the revolution then the government should be subjected to any international pressure and should crush this armed revolution using all possible ways.

July 25th, 2011, 10:15 am


Tara said:


I really think that you have a serious issue that you need to handle internally. I am not writing this comment out of zeal to defend Islam. Believe me! You trigger so much negative emotions in me that I refuse to have. I said it to Abu-Omar once, and I want to say it to you: I would like to see you changed or gone.

July 25th, 2011, 10:23 am


louai said:

Dear Revlon

Regardless of his statement, the point is he kicked the guy out of the church, he give him what he deserved and earned by interfering in our internal maters ,he stopped Fitna maker from entering the church , i hope you enjoyed that and you are proud of him .
you said
‘The implications are so serious that I would rather not take him seriously.’

and what if you take it seriously what are you going to do? is that a threat?

the healthy thing about the church in Syria is , the fathers can say any thing they want but that dose not obligate their follower to obey and imitate
No church in Syria dose interfere in politics for a simple reason, that is against Jesus teaching .period

July 25th, 2011, 10:25 am


louai said:

Dear Tara @130

I am happy to see that you are open minded and welling to fight evil no matter in which side it stands , if we are going to take the side of those killers no matter who they are , it means we lost our humanity for ever and we don’t deserve to call ourselves humans any more .

I will use your words ‘this video trigger so much negative emotions in me that I refuse to have.’ I must see this guy brought to justice with all his partners !! I wish I will see that day soon

July 25th, 2011, 10:35 am


aboali said:

wonder why the menhibaks still haven’t commented on the videos I posted showing the mosque who’s minaret was attacked, riddled with holes and destroyed, especially after they claimed the video was faked.

bullet holes and destruction at Zafaran mosque in Bab Sbaa Homs:

what about the humiliation of the imam of the Gaylani mosque at the hands of the mukhabart?

face up to your responsibility, if you keep supporting this regime which is trying to sow the seeds of civil and sectarian conflict, you may yet get your wish, then you’ll have only yourselves to blame. It will be too late to regret anything then, too late for you, your family and your country. make your decision now, many already have:

July 25th, 2011, 11:05 am


norman said:

NO, but i think that Israel benefits from problems and civil war in Syria


He wanted to make it clear that Syria’s Christians do not forget what the US did to Iraq and the civil war that it was after their invasion ,and the continued occupation of Palestine that is dear to the christian Arabs probably more than the Muslim Arabs, at least that is what looks like.
Bribery is not limited to a certain religion , Judas was bribed to tell on Jesus , in the US they call bribery , political contribution ,

July 25th, 2011, 11:06 am


Afram said:

rara says:I would like to see you changed or gone!!!.
you mean gone the islamic way?!? WITH aLLAH&aKBAR Explosive vest then kabooooom?
you advocate Fascism rara

Fascism is a radical islamic ideology.

fool me once shame on you

I post just the facts….just the facts….somalia failed failed as a state coz cuz of islamic sharia lawless…syria can do without the rogue shariaaaaaaa,either your way or the highway HA!

July 25th, 2011, 11:21 am


Tara said:

Now, that is pathetic.

I never liked preachers and I will never do.

Tara is anti-preachers across all religions.

July 25th, 2011, 11:23 am


AIG said:


How does Israel benefit from problems and civil war in Syria?
Our interest is a quiet border, and that is what the Assad regime has provided. They did nothing even when the Syrian nuclear reactor was bombed. Short term, there is no better for Israel than the Assad regime since Assad keeps Syria ultra weak relative to Israel.

July 25th, 2011, 11:25 am


Tara said:


I like to see you gone from SC. You should find a hate site and exchange your ideas there. Have you not read comments about your posts even from ardent pro-regime?

For me, I will skip your comments from now on.

July 25th, 2011, 11:28 am


louai said:

Dear Tara@144

we were reading the same article at the same time , the heading says something and the article says different thing ,

They say in the heading, Bootty issued fatwa to bow to Bashars photo

but the fatwa itself came after question from some one who claimed that he was forced to do so, so Bootty told him just consider it as a carpet under you !
15449 ردا على سؤال لسائل من دوما يسأل عن حكم الإثم الذي
لحقهم بعد إجبار الأمن لهم بالسجود على صورة بشار: اعتبر صورة بشار بساطا.. ثم اسجد فوقه.

so the question is about the guilt ‘ ithm’ of the person not if is it right to do so

Huge difference and completely irrelevant to the way they presented it . Read the original Fatwa then judge, by the way you are referring to Al Arabya but at the same time criticizing SANA?

July 25th, 2011, 11:38 am


Jad said:

I second Tara’s call
I want to see Afram and Abu Oumar out of SC

July 25th, 2011, 11:45 am


Tar said:

Dear louai

I agree the heading is not consistent with the body of the story but in my opinion he lacks integrity and his answer is not acceptable. If he has no internal strength to call things by their names and he does not, he should resign his ” religious post”.

July 25th, 2011, 11:48 am


Akbar Palace said:

Israel Benefits is worse than Syria Benefits (Huh?)

NO, but i think that Israel benefits from problems and civil war in Syria


Thanks, but if you didn’t believe in the article’s point, why did you post it?

Anyway, here is my advice on how to quickly destroy the illegitimate, Zionist Project (in case you’re wondering):

1.) Create a Syrian democracy

2.) Vote to go to war with the Apartheid State.

It’s that easy. Otherwise, you’ll have to depend on the undependable: President-for-Life and MD, Bashar Assad

And now for your entertainment pleasure, more examples of Israeli Apartheid (I would call the UN if I had their phone number):

July 25th, 2011, 12:24 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

proper term for these “activists” and “rebels” would be terrorist.

in u.s. they would already be dead.

when these sorts receive american support, the world knows these “rebels” and “activists” are the terrorists and terrorism is taking place.

many syrians receiving an educ in u.s. support this externally generated/supported thug violence against the govt of syria because they want syria to become like america: empty and pointless with a pretend representative democratic govt, actually, a plutocratic regime. for them a starbucks, gap, abundance of gmo foods, kim kardashian, are what they want and represent what life, a free life, is all about.

the educated deluded.

if your desire comes through, you will end up with a mubarak, palavi, abdullah 2.

you will be free to crawl on your bellies and to kiss the feet of israel.

July 25th, 2011, 12:30 pm


norman said:

I do not post only the articles that i agree with completely, i post many things that i think can stimulate the discussion,

July 25th, 2011, 12:35 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

Pentagon to Detail Troops to Bolster Domestic Security

By Spencer S. Hsu and Ann Scott Tyson
Washington Post Monday, December 1, 2008

“The U.S. military (we also have new norcom) expects to have 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe, according to Pentagon officials.”

of course like 9/11 the nuke “terrorist” attack will be DC/telaviv grown.

other domestic catastrophes, vague, could be protests against cutting soc benefits and sending the cuts to wall st (sorry, already sent. approx 4 trill).

welcome to the militarized police state democracy which spreads same democracy around the globe.


it has the educated deludeds to support this activity.

July 25th, 2011, 12:57 pm


Tara said:

To anyone who knows and cares to answer:

Do mainstream Shiaa go to Sunni mosques? Do they have Imams preaching them on Fridays?

Now please do not jump down my throat. I am not implying anything. I just want to know.

July 25th, 2011, 12:58 pm


SYR.Expat said:

Dear Prof. Landis,

The title of this post is misleading.

“Activists Attack Army Cadets, Derail Train, and Kill 20 Soldiers in Homs as Opposition Uses Force.”

It should say something like “The Syrian Government Accuses ____ of ____.”
In the post, you make it clear that these claims are made by the government. However, when reading the title, one gets the impression that the “activists” did indeed commit the alleged crimes.

July 25th, 2011, 1:00 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Louie said
No church in Syria dose interfere in politics for a simple reason, that is against Jesus teaching .period
So it is against jesus teaching to interfere in politics.
I read the bible, I have never came across such things, and I asked my friends who are christians , they denied that.
So you either come with a link from the bible, or retract such erroneous statement.

I am sure that Shiaa has their own mosques,and yes they go to friday prayers in the mosque, they are good people,but they are misguided, just like christians, christian believe God, the creator of the whole world has a son who is human, and Shiaa,believe God has wali, even that the end of souret al Israa it says very clearly God has no Wali,among the Thull(slaves),Thull means people they are Thull compare to God.

July 25th, 2011, 1:18 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:


so many questions. so much you dont know.

you never went to school. you never lived in a muslim country. you never opened your eyes. you never read a book. you never…did anything.

you really dont exist.

except in a cubicle and in cyber space.

July 25th, 2011, 1:21 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

for the syrian, well, any deprived, 3rd world, american wannabe:

The Kim Kardashian Wedding Express rolled on this weekend, as the reality supernova and her basketballer fiance partied it up in Vegas on Saturday night for their bachelorette and bachelor parties, respectively, reports People (all future democracies should have its own version of “people”. these important little things are what democracies are mainly about).

July 25th, 2011, 1:30 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

i like this to describe those who love america (taken from an angry arb contributor):

“colonized mentally”

July 25th, 2011, 1:33 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

I have a friend who is Alawi, he was told to return to Damascus, and another friend,his brother is Colonel in the fourth brigade,led by Maher Assad,He is from Aleppo, he too has to quit his college,before he finish,and was told to report to Syria, to join Shabbiha.
Is it possible that some who are proregime were to report back to Syria, and that is why they quit SC?

July 25th, 2011, 1:34 pm


Abu Umar said:


To the thug Mjabali, you continue to ignore the oppression that the sad regime has meted out to Syrian Sunnis and this is will be you and your menehebek’s lunatics downfall.

If you are a Palestinian what are you doing inciting sectarian hatred among us Syrians?”

If you are a Syrian Alawi, what were you doing in Lebanon killing thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese Sunnis? Just like every sect sides with its own, then I have a right to side with my Syrian Sunni brothers and you have no problem not just inciting, but implementing sectarian policies of your government. Don’t accuse me of something you are guilty of and I am Sunni sectarian, just like many Alawis are sectarian and willing to do anything to cling to power.

“Notice how the Syrian Sunnis distance themselves from someone like you.”

In your dreams, and many Syrian Sunnis feel the same way or they wouldn’t be marching. You can’t kill tens of thousands of Sunnis, and expect them to smile at you. Just look at Waleed Jumblaat who changed his political position so many times, pro-Syrian one day, anti-Syrian another, because Hafez killed his father and then issued condolences to him. The Asad mafia won’t “iqtul qatlana wa yumshoon fi janazatihum” like Jumblat, Sa’d al-Hariri or Hamza al-Khatib.

“and now to go and destroy your weak logic as my habit once again:”

Keep patting yourself on your back. All it will get you is one-way ticket out of Syria.

“it is obvious that Mr. Abu Umar have a problem understanding what other people write. It is very clear, because he is such a sectarian maniac that his vision became impaired.”

One sectarian responding to another. You don’t have to be religious to be sectarian. Many secular Jews support the policies of the Israeli government precisely because they are sectarian and tribalistic.

Mr. Abu Umar as I told you before I am not pro regime and I have never condoned any torture or killing of any Sunni or any other human being,\”

Your pathetic denial isn’t worth the wing of a fly and you clearly called on the Asad mafia to restore order in one of your posts whatever it takes and you refuse to acknowledge the killing of tens of thousands of Sunnis by your Alawi regime or the jailing and torture of tens of thousands of Sunnis. This is why the people are marching, something you and your ilk refuse to acknowledge.

“even though I am not a fan of Islam as you know.”

So why are you afraid to condemn Ali ibn Abi Talib? Because of some nostalgia for your Alawi heritage?

“I am pro human rights and you are not.”

Where is this talk about human rights when your regime killed tens of thousands or when they raped prisoners with rubber hoses?

” I am pro law and order and you are a fan of chaos.”

We’ve seen your law and order and we’ve seen the chaos that the Syrian army and mukhabarat did in Lebanon. I still remember the Syrian soldiers demanding bribes in Lebanon.

“This is something you can not seem to understand because you are a zealot. ”

How many of your ilk refuses to acknowledge the real reasons the people are protesting?

“Mr. Abu Umar since you are a Palestinian why don’t you take care of Palestinian issues and leave us Syrians solve our problems. You have lots of problems as we all know. Your fire is not needed now. We need fire extinguishers now. We had enough of your problems, so leave us alone, especially now with this huge problem that we have. WE do not need your interference.”

Mr. Mjabali since you are Syrian, why don’t you take care of Syrian issues, and stayed the hell out of Lebanon committing massacres that killed thousands and unleashing your mukhabarat? Why don’t you stay out of the Palestinian issue, which your regime hypocritically used when your regime killed thousands of Palestinians, or when Asad’s grandfather praised the Zionists and blamed the Palestinians for refusing to become refugees in their own land? You certainly don’t have a problem with the fire of the Shabiha and your problem isn’t with me, but the millions of Syrian Sunnis who oppose your regime.

“You confirm that the Salafi Sunnis in the Middle East are conspiring to break the current states and form Khilafa.\”

Where did I confirm this? Because Sunnis sympathise with fellow Sunnis, they are conspiring for khilafah. So when Lebanese or Iraqi Shi’ites sympathise with Bahrani Shi’ites, they are conspiring to form wilayat al-faqih?

“Your cross border interference is not welcomed in a time we are trying to protect Syrian borders and society.”

So why did you invade and occupy Lebanon and kill thousands there? Did you condemn this?

” No sir thank you, we are happy with what secular element we had left in Syria and want to protect it.”

You’ll protect it by killing thousands of Sunnis so the Asad mafia can stay in power? See you thug, your words contradict your pathetic denials of pretending to condemn the actions of your regime. Spare me your crocodile tears.

“You as a Palestinian did not live in a mixed society like us Syrians. I do not blame you for your extremist ideas.”

Yes, when you kill thousands of my people, I will be an extremist. Your Zionist mentality doesn’t work on me.

“As for the word Zionist please do not bring it to this discussion,”

So leave your house and shout at the top of your lungs that you love Israel so your people can hear you.

” I care less about Zionism and other illusions that you suffer from.”

Of course, the Zionists stealing the land of the Palestinian is an illusion I am suffering from.

“AS for Syria and al-Mumana’ politics as I told you I am pro America and hope that Syria forsake al-Mumana’ ideology and adopt a more pro-America stance.”

Do you support American policies in the Arab world, including its total support for the Zionists?

“I read your responses and laughed a lot.”

Keep laughing till you leave Syria.

“Mr. Abu Umar why you do not have the courage to answer the simple questions about Birth Control and Secularism without your fire and referring us to ask the Shia first? You have no Shia among Palestinian and I am asking you, so why you run away and ask me to ask the Shia first?”

Of course, I am against your gay secularism as are the majority of Syrians, even non-Sunnis. When you lead a gay pride parade through your Alawi village, then I might believe you.

“I am asking you what is your ideas about secularism and birth control? This is a very simple question.”

See above and yes I support birth control for the menhebek crowd and the Zionists and why do many Western politicians(many of whom are non-religious) support increasing the white birth rate? Why are many secular Jews are pleased with the high birth rate of the Haredis Jews, despite the differences between them. Your just ranting about this because the high Sunni birth rate is a threat to you. And don’t bring up the water or resources issue, Israel has a bigger water problem than Syria, yet it continues to encourage the Haredim to have a high birth rate. Secondly, I told you ask the Shi’a first, because they are your allies and strong supporters, so it is a very relevant question which you refuse to respond because you will self-incriminate yourself and expose your hypocrisy.

“Remember I asked you about your opinion of other minorities, and if you think they should live or die, and remember that you answered with your irrelevant usual answers.”

They should live, but the Sunnis will be in power.

“Secularism abu Umar is what we need. The rule of the modern/liberal law is what we need. We need to be equal. You run from this topic.”

Your “secularism” is similar to the secularism of Thomas Jefferson who wrote eloquently about liberty even though he praised and implemented the destruction of Native American tribes, owned many slaves, believed in manifest destiny and supremacy for the white race. If you were the ruler of
Syria, would you ban Hezbollah?

“AS for my religious beliefs, it is obvious from my words that I am not a fan of religions and of course I am not a fan of Islam as you could tell because of how Islam views me and intends to do harm to me just for the simple reason that I do not believe in it and what it teaches. According to modern law I can follow any religion as long as I do not hurt others or interfere with their lives, are you ready to accept this?”

Not if you openly attack Islam, just like the majority of Muslims feel. You might consider this barbaric, but if I were to launch a vicious verbal attack on Bashar in a public square in Syria, I would be disappeared and probaly killed and you certainly don’t have a problem with this.

“It is not your business if I was of Alawi descent or not.”

It sure seems that way.

” I could be from other denominations but your hysteria about Alawis had clouded your vision.”

Should I smile while you are killing me? Yes boss, anything else boss?!

“wake up Abu Umar there are many people in this world who are not Sunnis like you. Take it easy.”

Wake up Mjabali, there are many Syrian Sunnis who don’t like the Asad mafia? If you don’t like it, then start packing your bags.

“Your insertion of Ali ibn Abi Taleb is nothing but childish. You think you could get at me for me bashing your sheik the War Criminal Ibn Taymiyah. I laugh hard at you.

I think that Islam and all of its characters and history are mostly violent and built upon violence, but among them all your hero Ibn Taymiyah stands out as the biggest criminal of them all.

Ibn Taymiyah is nothing but a huge criminal. It is simple and easy to proof. He issued decrees to kill others. He is a CRIMINAL. you still love him and consider him a saint, what does that say about you?”

No, your pathetic chickening out of responding to me is childish and intellectually dishonest. Ali ibn Abi Talib is guilty of everything that you accused Ibn Taymiyyah of, and he issued many orders to kill, including the execution of those who deified him and he would be considered an “Islamic extremist” by you, but you refuse to condemn him because of some nostalgia and sectarianism for your Alawite heritage. You aren’t even sincere in your ideals and do you consider the Prophet a criminal too?

\”AS for your words asking me and Mr. Syria No Kandahar to go and torture people in dungeons, I say that behavior is your trade mark Abu Umar as evidenced from your logic. You are the type that tortures people and cut there throats.”

I was being sarcastic and it shows what kind of person you are, that you are more bothered by my sarcasm, than the actual deeds of the regime, which many of the menhebek lunatics supported including SNK. You never had a problem when other posters like Souri666 or Syrian Haywano were calling for killing. Why don’t you discuss what goes on in Syrian dungeons?

“At the end, all I have to say to you mr. Abu Umar is that you make no sense and brings nothing to this great forum except for sectarianism and nonsense. Go back and deal with Palestinian issues instead of trying to make Syrians hate each other.”

Your problem isn’t with me, but the million of Syrian Sunnis who hate the Asad mafia. I know you are boiling in rage at coming downfall of your beloved regime.

July 25th, 2011, 1:41 pm


jad said:

From FB:
“هام جدا وخطير: استكمالا لمسلسل التزييف و الفبركة و الخداع و الذي انتهجته بعض القنوات المغرضة لاستهداف شخصيات وطنية سورية بهدف الإساءة إليها و ضرب سمعتها, قامت اليوم قناة العربية باستهداف العلامة الشيخ محمد سعيد البوطي عبر فبركتها خبر أن شيخنا الجليل أفتى بجواز السجود لصور السيد الرئيس بشار الأسد.. وهذا الكلام عار تماما عن الصحة, فالشيخ لم يفتي بذلك إطلاقا, وإنما هي محاولة منهم للإساءة للشيخ البوطي والانتقام من مواقفه الوطنية التي تتماشى و روح الإسلام… لكم وددنا أنهم نددوا مرة واحدة بفتاوى العرعور بقتل السوريين, و لكنهم يستهدفون شيوخنا و علمائنا فيرجى التنبيه”

July 25th, 2011, 1:49 pm


Tara said:


I never heard that there is a local shiaa mosque in Damascus. I know they have Wali. I was referring to local clerics. And my question is specifically
about Syrian Shiaa not Lebanon or iraq Shiaa

Don’t bother answering my questions. I never read you posts.

July 25th, 2011, 2:01 pm


Observer said:

There is a lifting of the fog a little in my mind;
1. There is every effort to crush the uprising before Ramadan but it is not clear it is achieving its aims. Perhaps in parts of Damascus and in Aleppo.

2. Where there are mixed communities we see a lot of strife and where there has been a withdrawal of the security forces and the thugs we see more calm and peaceful demonstrations. The latest news from Syria is that the region of Deir Ezor is essentially out of the regime’s control likewise Hama and many small parts of the countryside.

3. The regime has one clear strategy now and that is to stay in power even if it means a full civil war. As a matter of fact some welcome this scenario as they believe that they will win it hands down just as the father did in 82. Consolidation of power is the MO; not sharing it. The new party law is actually for the Baath and the others to fight for the scraps as the lion’s share of power remains in the family.

Someone commented on Aljazzera and I think the description of the regime is accurate

Here it is

تناقض النظام الطائفي، عروبة ايرانية، جمهورية وراثية و علماني يتبع ايات طهران و اشتراكي لكنه راسمالي يملكه الاسد و مخلوف و ممانع لكن امنه من امن اسرائيل و ضد الطائفية و هو حكم الطائفة بل الاسرة الواحدة و ضد التكتلات الدينية و لكنه اكبر حليف و تابع لايران و حزب الله وضد اسرائيل ولكنه باع الجولان واعلن سقوط القنيطرة بثلاث ساعات قبل دخول الصهاينة و فقير و لكن ملياراته في بنوك سويسرا و محبوب عفويا و لكن الملايين تخرج ضده رغم زخ الرصاص و انساني لكنه يعذب الاطفال حتى الموت

July 25th, 2011, 2:16 pm


jad said:

In Damascus we have everything, you never been to 7aret Alshi3t to the east of bab touma? or Albarki area? You never been to jame3 Sit Rouqaya or jame3 Sit Zeinab? those are the biggest Shia mosques in Damascus and you have more smaller mosques too.

July 25th, 2011, 2:21 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Have you not heared of (Sitti)Zainab Mosque, or Ruqiyyeh mosque, or Husayniyats?

July 25th, 2011, 2:26 pm


Abu Umar said:

” 148. Jad said:

I second Taras call
I want to see Afram and Abu Oumar out of SC”

Tara, did you call on people like Souri666 and Syrian Haywano to leave when they were calling for a scorched earth policy?

Jad, keep stewing in your rage and I’m never leaving until the Asad Mafia falls and they are exiled along with the menhebek lunatics like Mjabali in Iran. He can preach his secularism there openly. I’d give him a day or two, before he’s jailed. And Jad, I’ve seen your posts supporting the crackdown of your beloved regime, so you can join them too. If the terrorist Zionist regime will fall in a few more years, then the Asad mafia, which is much weaker, will fall very soon.

July 25th, 2011, 2:29 pm


jad said:

For you Tara:
ويقطن الشيعة اليوم في دمشق في ثلاث مناطق رئيسية : في حي الخراب ( حي الأمين ) ، وفي الجورة ( حي الإمام الصادق ) ، وفي الصالحية ( حي الإمام زين العابدين ) .
فأما مركز تجمعهم الأول في ( حي الأمين ) فتوجد فيه أكثر فعالياتهم ، وهم يتميزون بنسبة عالية مِن الوعي والثقافة ، وكان ذلِكَ بفضل العلماء الأجلاء الَّذينَ أنشؤوا لهم المدارس والجمعيات الخيرية وسهروا على رعايتها .
وأما التجمع الثاني للشيعة في ( الجورة ) فيقع شمال حي الأمين ومتصل به جزئياً ، وفيه جمعية التعاضد والمدرسة الهاشمية . ولما تم فيه بناء مسجد الإمام جعفر الصادق (ع) ، أصبح اسمه حيّ جعفر الصادق (ع) . وكلا التجمعين السابقين يقع في منطقة القيمرية داخل سور دمشق .
وأما التجمع الثالث للشيعة في دمشق فهو في زقاق المحكمة في الصالحية ، وتقع الصالحية في أقصى شمالي دمشق على جبل قاسيون . ومنذ أقيمت في هذا الحي مدرسة الإمام زين العابدين (ع) صار اسم الحي : حي زين العابدين .

July 25th, 2011, 2:31 pm


nuffsilence said:

It is deeply ironic that the new party law demands that all processes and deliberations within a party be transparent and democratic.

Deeply ironic that the Syrian regime would stipulate this when the regime itself has never practiced democracy at national level or even within the Baath party itself.

فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه

July 25th, 2011, 2:47 pm


democracynow said:

It is deeply ironic that the new party law demands that all processes and deliberations within a party be transparent and democratic.

Deeply ironic that the Syrian regime would stipulate this when the regime itself has never practiced democracy at national level or even within the Baath party itself.

فاقد الشيء لا يعطيه

July 25th, 2011, 2:49 pm


jad said:

Syria introduces law allowing independent political parties

The bill, approved by the cabinet yet awaiting agreement from Syria’s parliament, is the regime’s latest concession to protesters. But it includes some restrictions that could limit its impact.

Beirut, Lebanon
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s cabinet yesterday approved a bill to allow independent political parties other than the Baath Party, which has ruled the country since 1963.

The draft law, which has been under consideration for many years, is due to be taken up by parliament Aug. 7. Its stated aim involves “enriching the political life, creating a new dynamic and allowing for a change in political power,” said the state-run news agency SANA.

The move is the latest in a number promises aimed at denting Syria’s popular four-month uprising, which represents an unprecedented challenge to the 40-year Assad regime. But even if the law goes into effect soon, its impact is likely to be limited.

Press Freedom Index: The top 10 worst countries

SANA reported that the bill prohibits parties founded on the basis of “religion, tribal affiliation, regions, and professional organizations as well as those which discriminate on the basis of race, sex, or color.”

Those restrictions suggest that Kurdish nationalist parties may not be recognized, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist party currently banned in Syria.

In addition, Article 8 of the constitution stipulates that the Baath Party is “the leading party in the society and the state.” Protesters have demanded that the article be appealed, but so far it remains in place.

Assad’s concessions ill-received

Since the uprising began in March, Assad has made some concessions, such as lifting the emergency law that granted the state draconian powers, forming a new government, sacking some unpopular local governors, releasing detainees, and canceling the National Security Court.

Protesters and their supporters say that the concessions are undermined by the continuing crackdown by the security forces against the largely peaceful and unarmed protesters.

When the uprising began, the protesters’ key demand was for reform rather than regime change. But the rising death toll, which so far has claimed some 1,500 lives, has hardened the resolve of the protesters, most of whom today seek to topple the regime altogether.

More than 120 soldiers have also reportedly been killed, although it is unclear whether they were killed by armed gangs and extremists, as the government says, or were shot by fellow soldiers for refusing to fire on protesters.

Debate about Assad’s intentions

Between Assad and his father, Hafez, the family has run Syria since 1971. Ever since Assad took office in July 2000 upon the death of his father, diplomats, analysts, and journalists have been pondering and debating his true nature.

Is he the reformist-minded former eye doctor who wants to modernize his country but finds every avenue blocked by the corrupt vested interests in the regime? Or is he the hard-nosed autocrat whose grip on power is more important than introducing reforms?

Andrew Tabler, who studies Syria at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, argues that Assad’s tentative approach to governance has undermined his credibility, and thus the opposition is unlikely to trust his promises of reform.

“Assad’s track record indicates that he is not a decisive person but someone who is rather moody and contradicts himself all the time,” says Mr. Tabler. “And that has just devastated his credibility before his own people and the international community and anyone who has ever engaged with him.”

Tabler, who lived in Damascus between 2001 and 2009 and is author of the forthcoming “In the Lion’s Den: An Eyewitness Account of Washington’s battle with Syria,” adds that Bashar’s father, Hafez, the notoriously crafty former president, would rarely make commitments.

“But when he did say something he would follow through with it,” Tabler says. “Bashar is not like that, and I don’t think anybody in Syria is going to believe him going forward.”

July 25th, 2011, 3:04 pm


SYR.Expat said:

163. JAD said:

From FB:
“هام جدا وخطير: استكمالا لمسلسل التزييف و الفبركة و الخداع و الذي انتهجته بعض القنوات المغرضة لاستهداف شخصيات وطنية سورية بهدف الإساءة إليها و ضرب سمعتها, قامت اليوم قناة العربية باستهداف العلامة الشيخ محمد سعيد البوطي عبر فبركتها خبر أن شيخنا الجليل أفتى بجواز السجود لصور السيد الرئيس بشار الأسد.. وهذا الكلام عار تماما عن الصحة, فالشيخ لم يفتي بذلك إطلاقا, وإنما هي محاولة منهم للإساءة للشيخ البوطي والانتقام من مواقفه الوطنية التي تتماشى و روح الإسلام… لكم وددنا أنهم نددوا مرة واحدة بفتاوى العرعور بقتل السوريين, و لكنهم يستهدفون شيوخنا و علمائنا فيرجى التنبيه”

Shiakh Saeed didn’t issue a fatwa making it okay to prostrate to pictures of Bashar. Rather, the shiakh was asked by someone who was forced by security thugs to prostrate over the pictures. The answer of the shaikh was something to the effect that if one is forced to prostrate over a picture of Bashar, to think of the pictures as a prayer rug and prostrate with the intention being that one is prostrating to Goad and not to Bashar.

What these security thugs have been doing is not new and is not only in Syria. In Egypt, similar things happened.

July 25th, 2011, 3:14 pm


SYR.Expat said:

Just before I get misunderstood, my pervious post (172. SYR.EXPAT) was an explanation of the shaikh’s fatwa, in agreement of what was referenced by 163. JAD. In other words, as reported in “163. JAD,” some media outlets are distorting the fatwa of the shaikh.

July 25th, 2011, 3:19 pm


William H. Depperman said:

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“Facebook” is actually part of the U.S. capitalist dictatorship’s media and its misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” and is playing a crucial role in the Final Stage of Capitalism: Permanent War and State Terrorism. Here is how they work it: The U.S. capitalist dictatorship uses “FACEBOOK” to organize the opposition in countries targeted for a coup d’etat takeover or regime change. Usually this is a small opposition which supports the U.S. policies of wars and invasions. Through “Facebook” the U.S makes all sorts of false promises to these “protesters,” “activists,” or “rebels,” most of whom they intend to discard as occurred in Egypt, after protestors’ demonstrations provide the pretext and muscle for a regime change. Using “Facebook” the U.S. has now organized several hundred thousand Syrians to get them to try to overthrow the Pro-Iran government, which also supports Hezbollah and Hamas. If the U.S. is successful in its proxy invasion in Syria the masses will get nothing just like in Egypt. In countries where they intend to carry out a proxy invasion and coup d’etat with a complete overthrow of the entire government, rather than just carry out a minor REGIME CHANGE where the political power is simply turned over to the army (such as in Egypt), (which promises to hold the sham elections of capitalism), the U.S. uses “Facebook” to organize and arm a “Rebel” army of PRO-U.S. FANATICS and actual TERRORISTS, a group WHICH IN LIBYA DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL MAJORITY OPINION OF THE COUNTRY! The U.S. has also armed its opposition proxies in Syria and Yemen, for example, and instructed them to attack government forces. Then the U.S.-led media and FACEBOOK and TWITTER, etc. all falsely announce: “He’s killing his own people!” “The protests have escalated into a civil war!” This is followed by escalation of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Bush-style Big Lie “Preventive War” Campaign, which claims that Libya and Syria, Yemen, etc. are all “targeting innocent civilians and using anti-personnel cluster bombs, etc.” The truth is that Libya, for example, is defending itself against only a small and numerically insignificant but HIGHLY ORGANIZED group of so-called “protesters”/“rebels”/“activists” armed directly or indirectly by the U.S./NATO and backed by TOTAL AIR SUPREMACY of U.S./NATO and supported by a false media propaganda barrage backed up by their fraudulent, so-called “human rights groups,” which are also just part of the U.S. “intelligence community.” On the other hand the U.S. has been able to organize huge peaceful marches in Syria based on false promises to these people made through “Facebook,” etc, which Syria permitted to take place. Note that neither Libya nor Syria even POSSESS anti-personnel weapons, which are the EXCLUSIVE PROVINCE of the U.S./NATO and the U.S. PROXY state, so-called “ISRAEL!” After threatening and bribing the Russian Federation (!) and the Peoples’ Republic of China (!) and whomever else was necessary such as half of the scurrilous “Arab League,” the U.S. capitalist dictatorship then announce a “No-Fly Zone” to begin their proxy invasions and attempted coup d’etats! Examples are Libya and now Syria, where the capitalists have threatened to begin an air war momentarily! That is why TIME magazine made the kid-CEO of “FACEBOOK,” who is documented to have illegally stolen the idea for “Facebook” from 2 brothers and an Indian man, the so-called “Man of the Year.” (!) 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William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y.
Revised July 22, 2011

July 25th, 2011, 3:28 pm


Tara said:

The sheik should condemn the regime’ thugs for their behavior of forcing people to kneel to Bashar picture. And also he should call on Bashar publicly to. “Put pressure” on his thugs to not do that. He demonstrates lack of integrity in his response.

July 25th, 2011, 3:32 pm


Tara said:


Thx for your answer about Syrian Shiaa. That was the answer I was looking for. I know about the major Shiaa holly sites in Damascus. I have not personally visited but I am aware they are visited by shiaa from around the world. I have a shiaa Pakstani friend who was planning a trip to Damas this summer but had to cancel it due to the crisis.

July 25th, 2011, 3:41 pm


SYR.Expat said:

175. TARA

In 172. SYR.EXPAT, I was clarifying the shaikh’s response. However, I agree with you. He should have also explicitly condemned the atrocities committed by the regime. He went hard after demonstrators, but when it came to the government, his condemnations were indirect for the most part. This is why a lot of people have been disillusioned by him.

July 25th, 2011, 3:42 pm


louai said:



مجد خلدون
its Louai not Louie
from your answer to Tara(they are misguided, just like christians, christian believe God, the creator of the whole world has a son who is human,)
I can guess you are either fanatic or just misguided if you were a fanatic so my answer is irrelevant to you and a complete waste of my time but I will try to answer you any way وكب بالبحر
iam not the right person to explain the bible to you but I will give it a try
Christians take Jesus as an example to follow and his life story is his teaching like الحديث النبوي الشريف for Muslims

so one day the the Jews asked him just to put him in trouble with the Romans (the regime at the time) who were very strict about paying taxes, they asked if they should pay taxes to the Romans ,Jesus answer was : give caser what belong to caser and give to God what belonged to God,
from here the church got it clear what its correlation with the state , off course throw out the years the balance between curch and state was changed and many times the church manipulated the stated and the state manipulated the church
make a quick google search and you will get thousands of pages if you are interested to read more professional opinions about the correlation between state and church.

July 25th, 2011, 3:44 pm


beaware said:

Germans court Syrian uprising amid crackdown

The spokesman, Martin Schäfer, said that Berlin’s coordinator for Middle East policy, Boris Ruge, had held talks with opposition members as well as Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on two occasions.

…Germany is one of the first Western countries to announce direct contacts with the Syrian opposition, which has held several meetings in Turkey.

…Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council this month, has stepped up diplomatic efforts in the Middle East and North Africa in recent weeks in response to the wave of uprisings.

July 25th, 2011, 3:52 pm


louai said:

Democracy Now
‘It is deeply ironic that the new party law demands that all processes and deliberations within a party be transparent and democratic.

Deeply ironic that the Syrian regime would stipulate this when the regime itself has never practiced democracy at national level or even within the Baath party itself.’

fine, but isnt it great that we will have multi parties now?

July 25th, 2011, 3:55 pm


beaware said:

Syria’s Best-Known Dissident Reflects On Uprising

Michel Kilo’s book-lined apartment in a Christian neighborhood in Damascus is a quiet contrast to streets where protesters demand an end to Syria’s repressive regime…..

July 25th, 2011, 3:56 pm


AIG said:


What multi parties do you have? You think you have parties just because the Assad regime changed the law? Do you also not have emergency laws in place even though the emergency law was abolished? Talk is cheap. The facts on the ground will speak for themselves.

When I see a few parties existing, with their own media, and without the regime bothering their conferences, I will start believing. When I see free multi party elections, I will start believing. Until then, it is just another lie to buy Bashar more time. It is a feeble attempt to fool people.

July 25th, 2011, 4:17 pm


Louai said:

Dear Jad

its not bad to have Abu Umer in here , he represents the radicals who unfortunately do exist in Syria but i like to think they are a tiny minority ,i watch Aroor and i read Abu Umer to know how my fear look like .

July 25th, 2011, 4:18 pm


Louai said:

AIG and every one

no offence but i refuse to discuss Syrian matters with Israelis/Zionists ,
i know you are probably doing your job or just interested in Syrian matters but regardless its my choice and hope you will respect it .

July 25th, 2011, 4:26 pm


AIG said:


You are of course entitled to ignore my posts and not answer them. That does not mean I will not voice my opinion to yours if I want to.

July 25th, 2011, 4:29 pm


Aldendeshe said:

Unfortunately I agree with AIG.

Just completed review of the new parties law and it is obvious, Bashar wants to keep running Syria as a Private Baathist Farmhouse (Mazraa).

Maybe some Syrians who have no more time at hand, should consider moving and set shop as new Syrian towns in the Golan Heights.

July 25th, 2011, 4:29 pm


Louai said:


the guy ‘claimed’ he was forced to do so just to embarrass the Shaik and put him on the spot , what you expect the Shaik to say?

if somebody is really doing so ‘i really doubt it’ but for the sake of the argument i will accept this story as a fact ,the shaik answer is very wise . as for condemning the act ,no one asked him directly that question ,that was not the question to answer , i on his behalf condemn any officer/thug/soldier … who try to humiliate any detainee ,i dont think there are any to sane people disagree with that .

July 25th, 2011, 4:36 pm


jad said:

Some nonsense but fun reading, abo roro is mentioned in it “وهؤلاء مع فلسطيني يدعى عمر ومترجم اللغة الانكليزية”

الاميركيون ورغبتهم في احتواء الاعلام السوري الموالي تصطدم بوطنية السوريين ولكن لكل قاعدة شواذ

لا شيء يقف امام الطموحات الاسرائيلية في سورية فحلم الدولة الصهيونية باغراق دمشق وحلب وحماة وحمص في اتون مذابح مذهبية لم ولن يتوقف حتى مع وجود رأي اسرائيلي آخر يحذر من ردة فعل الرئيس بشار الاسد على هذه الوقاحة الاسرائيلية التي سخرت لها اوروبا وجندت لها اميركا كل الامكانيات اللوجستية والادوات الاعلامية والامنية والشعبية التي بحوذتها والتي بنتها على مدار عقود تحت عنوان الاحزاب المعارضة ونشر الديمقراطية وناشطوا حقوق الانسان والمدافعين عما يسمى حرية حق التعبير وهذه المجالات هي الاكثر استخداما من قبل الغربيين لتفعيل عملائمهم الامنيين وحمايتهم تحت يافطات تعطيهم احترام الناس بدل احتقارهم.

تتصالح اميركا مع مصالحها في سورية بعد فشلها على الارض في حشر النظام وبعد فشلها في اختراق منظموته الصلبة الامنية والعسكرية والديبلوماسية (لا يعني عدم حسم الامور على الارض ضد المتظاهرين ان القدرة على الحسم ليست موجودة ولكن الاسد يعمل على قلب السيئات التظاهرية الى حسنات لتطوير بلده وذاك لا يمكن ان يحصل مع حمامات دم ضد المتظاهرين) .
ولكنها اميركا الدولة الاعظم ولن تتوقف مؤامراتها على سورية حتى ولو تفاهمت الدولتين على حدود وهوامش اللعبة التي تجري الآن في المنطقة . فبقاء ريفي في منصبه ومشاركة الاميركيين لحكومة لبنان في بعض نواياها المستقبلية رغم سطوة حزب الله وهدوء جبهة العراق – المعسكرات الاميركية وعدم ملاحقة عملاء الاميركيين السارقين الناهبين لاموال الشعب اللبناني على الفور . وعدم تحويل العواء الفرنسي الى فعل حقيقي في مجلس الامن كلها امور تعني بان السوري نجح في افهام من لا يريد ان يفهم في اميركا بان صبر الاسد على الوقاحة الاميركية قد نفذ وانه على اهبة الاستعداد لتنفيذ ما هو ابعد من حماية بلاده داخليا وذاك يبدأ بتنفيذ تهديدات نصرالله – صدى الاسد المقاوم – في الجليل ، ليس ذاك فقط بل ان الاسد كان ولا يزال حاليا على اهبة الاستعداد لتعليم الاسرائيليين والاميركيين دروسا في السياسة تكتب بحبر مصنوع من ركام المدن الاسرائيلية ومن اجساد جنود الصهانية في الجولان
بالتأكيد لا يسعى الاسد للحرب لانه يعلم بانه سيحارب اميركا لا اسرائيل ولكن حين يصبح الخيار بين حرب اهلية تشنها حركات تكفيرية على الشعب السوري وبين دماء اسرائيلية تجري انهارا من اثر سقوط الصواريخ السورية فحينها لا يصبح لدى الاسد الا خيار واحد هو تجديد العهد مع الانتصارات العربية التاريخية في شهر رمضان

الاميركيون فهموا الرسالة و” كوعوا ” جزئيا

تؤمن اميركا بان الله حق وان اللعب مع الاسد قد يطيح باسرائيل وامنها وبشعبها فكوعت قليلا عن التورط المباشر في العمل التكفيري العسكري ضد سورية ومنعت – خوفا العقاب السوري – منعت تصعيدا قانونيا ضد الاسد ورجاله في المحاكم الدولية .
هي سورية التي لا تسقط لا بالنقاط ولا بالضربة القاضية وجل ما سعت اميركا واسرائيل اليه هو استغلال الحقد الطائفي التكفيري الغرائزي لتفجير حرب مذهبية – تعرف اميركا انها ستصيب سورية في مقتل الارباك لا في مقتل القضاء على اصل القوة في النظام . بأي حال ما الذي بقي للاميركيين ضد سورية ولم يستخدموه – وهنا نتحدث عن المسموح والممنوع عند السوريين – فالسوري يسمح ببعض الالعاب ضده ولكنه عند نقطة معينة يستخدم اوراق قوته وسبحان المنجي كيف انقلبت حكومة لبنان من وهم الى حقيقة وكيف انقلب الموقف العراقي من ضد الى حليف اقتصادي شرس للنظام السوري .

سورية لم تسقط امنيا ولن تسقط اقتصاديا خاصة بعد تخصيص حليفها الايراني لها بمئة وخمسين الف برميل نفط مجاني يوميا من خارج حصة الاوبك المخصصة لايران ما يعني ضخ اكثر من ستة مليارات من الدولارات سنويا ولخمس سنوات قادمة ودون ان يتأثر الاقتصاد الايراني سلبا من هذا العطاء لانه عطاء غير داخل في ميزانية لا الدولة ولا في ميزانية الشعب ، هو ضخ من مخزون المستقبل ونسبته قليلة على ما قياس ما تملكه ايران من مخزون هائل

اذا الاقتصاد السوري بخير والوحدة السورية ستبقى بخير والامن والعسكر السوري بخير فما الذي بقي غير الضغط على سورية اعلاميا ؟؟؟

لهذا وضع الاميركيون حاليا كل ما في جعبتهم وفي جعب سعادينهم الاوروبية لتحويل كثير من مواقع النفوذ الاعلامي السوري الى نفوذ معادي للنظام خاصة بعدما طبق الاسد وعوده ومنع سجن اي كان او التعرض له خاصة الصحافيين والفنانين الا ان حملوا السلاح وهذا ما ليس مطروحا الآن مع ان سلاح الاعلام هو سلاح نووي نفسيا واخطر من النووي الحقيقي ومع ذلك يصر الاسد على ان القتلة والارهابيين لهم السجون واما الاعلاميين والفنانيين والناشطين حتى المتظاهرين ليس لهم الا الحوار والاقناع …ز

ما هي الخطة الاميركية – الاسرائيلية لتشليح السوريين مواقعهم الاعلامية الموالية ؟؟

منذ اليوم الاول للحراك السوري الشعبي الموالي للاخوانجيين والسلفيين عمل الاميركيين والاوروببين على تجميع قشور علمانية جميلة تغطي بشاعة اصحاب الفكر التكفيري من امثال الاخوان المسلمون المعروفون في العالم العربي بان فروعهم السورية هي فروع سلفية – مرتبطة امنيا بالسعوديية وبالاميركيين وبالبريطانيين ، لهذا كانت الحاجة ماسة لمنابر اعلامية من داخل سورية تتبنى ما يسمى بالثورة وتمسك بما يسمى بالوجه الاعلامي للثوار لهذا رأينا ان اغلب التنسيقيات التي هي فكرة اميركية خالصة وتديرها دوائر اميركية خالصة هي تنسيقيات يديرها اعلاميا وفي العلن عملاء لاميركا لهم وجه علماني
على سبيل المثال فان الجهد الاعلامي النفسي الاميركي – الاوروبي المخابراتي الموضوع بخدمة ما يسمى بالحراك السورية يعتمد اصلا على مكتب الديبلوماسية العامة في وزارة الخارجية الاميركية وهو مكتب يشرف عليه الخبير في الحرب النفسية والضابط المخابراتي العامل سابقا في الميدان مايكل هامر (فضلا اقرا الرابط وانظر الصورة )

هذا المكتب يتسلط على كل اقسام الحرب النفسية في وكالات الاستخبارات الاميركية كافة وهو ينسق مع وكالات الاستخبارات الغربية والعربية التي تعمل ضد سورية من سورية ومن خارجها (اسطنبول لها دور اساسي في هذا الجهد ) وكان المدعو ادام ايرلي الخبير بالشؤون السورية قد عاد الى واشنطن بعد غيابه سنتين عنها فقط للعمل ضد سورية فعينته كلينتون مساعدا اسميا في مكتب الديبلوماسية العامة ولكنه في الواقع قائد الحملة على سورية وهو يستخدم علاقاته العربية ومعرفته باللغة والعادات العربية لتجنيد اكبر عدد من عملاء الحرب النفسية الاعلاميين السورييين ومن محاولاته الاخيرة نجح الرجل في التواصل بمساعدة من سوريين عملاء لدى مكتبه مثل العميل الصغير محمد علي العبد الله ومثل العميل الامني الكبير والمخابراتي التنفيذ الخطير ايمن عبد النور . هذان يساعدان ادم ايرلي على تجنيد الموالين من الاعلاميين السوريين وممن يعملون على تجنيده يقف اسم نضال معلوف على رأس القائمة فهل نجحوا في تجنيد الرجل ؟؟

حتى الآن تقول المعلومات بان صاحب احد المواقع الكبرى في سورية رفض الاستجابة ولكن الضغوط عليه نفسيا شديدة وهو اصلا مخترق بثلاثة من كبار العملاء التابعين لايمن عبد النور – وللاميركيين عبره وهم

زاهر الجغل وبشار دريب ووائل عدس
وهؤلاء مع فلسطيني يدعى عمر ومترجم اللغة الانكليزية في موقع سوري كبير هؤلاء كلهم يعملون مع المخابرات الاميركية ويحولون السياسة التحريرية للموقع الموالي لما فيه مصلحة التسويق للاهداف الاعلامية الاميركية في سورية .

والخمسة المذكورين آنفا ينفذون اجندة اختراق امنية – اعلامية فضلا عن انهم يعملون على الارض مع التنسيقيات التي هي في الواقع خلايا عنقودية امنية تابعة للاميركيين تقوم بتغطية بشاعة التكفيريين في الاعلام وتخدع غير التكفيريين حتى يشاركوا في الحراك ظنا منهم بان الحراك ليس تكفيريا صافيا

ملاحظة : هذا المقطع للراشدين فقط

فشلوا مع صاحب موقع موالي كبير فهل فشلوا مع نضال معلوف ؟؟

المعلومات تؤكد بان الرجل لم ينحدر بعد إلى مصاف الخيانة لانه يريد ان يصبح بطل وليس خائنا لهذا هو ينتظر في اسطنبول ولم يستلم مفاتيح مكتب اعده له هناك وكلاء ادم ايرلي لنقل ادارة موقعه الى تركيا وفي الوقت عينه لا يزال نضال يشن حملة ناعمة على النظام السوري ودوما باسم الموضوعية وذلك عملا بمبدأ عدم قطع شعرة معاوية لا مع النظام ولا مع الاميركيين حتى يتبين له الخيط الاميركي الاسود في رمضان من القضاء السوري الابيض على الفتنة ، فاذا ما طعج النظام السوري الاخوانجية والسلفية الثورية في الشوارع السورية عاد نضال الى قواعده الدمشقية سالما واذا ما صدق ادم ايرلي في مزاعمه بان ليلة قدر اميركية ستحصل في مواسم التروايح اليومية اعلن نضال معلوف عن رفضه للظلم الواقع على موقعه في سورية وسعى الى نشر استفزاز لا يحتمل فيغلق النظام موقعه السوري فيظهر فورا الى العلن الموقع التركي بنفس الصيغة ونفس الترتيب فيكون نضال منتقلا بفعل الاضطهاد الى تركيا لا بفعل الخيانة ….خطة ذكية وتليق بعقل كعقل نضال معلوف …مو هيك ؟؟ على قولة اخواننا السوريين

July 25th, 2011, 4:44 pm


True said:

Please let’s stop getting drifted into narrow personal debates and get focused on the main matter instead.

“A victorious rebellion can put into place the structures it has built in opposition, changing the institutional quality of the whole state. Therefore, a rebellion with strong and coherent authority can be a significant boost to state building if it wins its civil war. However, when a rebel army assumes formal control, it also assumes new constraints and opportunities, deriving from the capture of territory and from the acquisition of membership in the international system, which can reformulate its authority” Theodore McLauchlin

Do we have a responsible “Opposition” with the ability to roll-out better state structure and institutional quality in case it manages to topple the junior and his group of “Menhebk”?

Mmmmm, NO!

July 25th, 2011, 4:53 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

A liberal Christian argues that separation of church and state is vital, but not separation of religion and politics.
– Most Christians agree that their faith affects how they approach politics, but disagreements arise over the political role of the church
Your argument lack rational
jesus never said not to interfere with politics,this is your invention.

July 25th, 2011, 4:53 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

“…refuse to discuss Syrian matters with Israelis/Zionists”.

That is so pompous. Take a hike! Discussing Syria’s matters with Syrians only, brought you to your miserable present situation. It will not hurt you to hear other opinions, rather then hearing your reactionary friends grinding and grinding same topics over and over again.

July 25th, 2011, 5:11 pm


louai said:


let’s say its my opinion(and every Christian i know), but surly the modern church share this opinion with me that what matters ,i explained the verse as i was thought in the church and as it was explained over the net you can check it out ,maybe if you find anything in the new testament explains the relation between the church and the state (as you said you read the bible )you can share it with me and i will be grateful to learn from you.

back to the ambassador Ford ! wasn’t it a great that he was kicked out from the church in Damascus ? it one good news from million bad ones .

July 25th, 2011, 5:11 pm


Aldendeshe said:

Mythical Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ ( there existed hundreds of Jesuses at that time, running the streets proclaiming the word of god) according to bible writers “A one JESUS” declared for separation of devotion and life of religion from state affairs or politic. As stated in:

Luke 20:25
And He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

John 18:36
Jesus answered, “My kingdom doesn’t belong to this world. If my kingdom belonged to this world, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. My kingdom doesn’t have its origin on earth.”

July 25th, 2011, 5:11 pm


louai said:


thank you for sharing John 18:36 i forgot about that one ,

i know you were disappointed with it but can you explain why?thanks

July 25th, 2011, 5:23 pm


jad said:


Turkey edges toward renewed conflict with Kurds

“Hakura and Pope are doubtful, saying the Kurds are mainly influenced by domestic issues. But Mehmet Kalyoncus, an independent political analyst writing in Today’s Zaman, a newspaper close to the AKP, warned that Syria, Iraq and Iran could all serve as staging ground for PKK operations inside Turkey even after the Arab Spring turmoil subsides.

“Syria will also be paralyzed by an internal conflict and instability in a way that would prevent Damascus from functioning as an effective regional partner for Ankara in the foreseeable future,” he wrote in a commentary on Monday. “Iran is [also] highly likely to experience popular unrest in the coming years.”

Read more:

July 25th, 2011, 5:28 pm


louai said:

i didnt say i want to discuss Syrian matters with only Syrians!! i said not with Israelis or Zionists , i learn alot from everyone in here and specially from Dr.Landis

digging halls and twisting words is one of the reasons why i dont discuss Syrian matters with Zionists , if the Zionists are in my side then i know i am in the wrong side , i wished the opposition members shared my opinion

July 25th, 2011, 5:29 pm


AIG said:


Since most Americans and Europeans are “Zionists” and also most Chinese and Indians and Brazilians and Russians, you want to speak with a limited number of people. Most people in the world are Zionists as they believe Israeli should exist.

If you were a little more mature you would know that it does not matter who writes the argument, what matters is the argument itself. It is a pity you cannot differentiate between what a person says about a specific issue and what a person believes in general.

July 25th, 2011, 5:35 pm


Darryl said:

About the thread of Jesus’ separation of Church and State:

Western democracy separates the two, not only because Christ said this; do remember there was a revolution lead by Martin Luther King against Church authority and later on by thinkers in Europe.

Sadly this is what Islam has not had so far, a revolution to get read of the “colonization” of the Islamic mind by the ultra conservatives of KSA. The Islamic world needs more people like Dr Hassoun, I like the way he speaks and thinks.

July 25th, 2011, 5:37 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


You were so obsessed fighting, rejecting and always choosing to be on the opposite side (than the side of the Zionists), that you lost every thing in a way. No political system, no economy, nothing.

Did staying on the opposite side brought you any good, but a sense of fake pride and empty pompousness ?

July 25th, 2011, 5:43 pm


True said:

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” & “All tyrants reach a miserable end,” John Bradshaw

“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. […] It is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government” Thomas Jefferson

“Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion” Oscar Wilde

“Rebellion, though apparently negative, since it creates nothing, is profoundly positive in that it reveals the part of man which must always be defended” Albert Camus

AND MY FAV “With rebellion, awareness is born” Albert Camus

It’s very natural and healthy to throw out unmerited tyrants who decide to stick on our chests for about 40 years. Sorry “Menhebek” group but you have to learn how start spreading your love very soon.

July 25th, 2011, 6:12 pm


louai said:

the art of self victimization is what some of the opposition figures and fans learned from the Zionists very well ,in Arabic we say نفشو وشوف ما اجحشو we need to change it for the Zionists to انكشوا وشوف ما اوحشو it didn’t take them more than one comment to remove the lamp mask and show the wolf face , and they brag about democracy and they can’t stand some one choice not to speak to them ,any way enough with them .

Dear Darrel, thanks for that, you said it all in one beautiful paragraph, that’s why the authority of church is only spiritual one and it may extend to civil law in Syria ,all religions can be manipulated by politicians and politicians can be manipulated by religion ,therefore secularism is what i would chose .

July 25th, 2011, 6:26 pm


louai said:

TRUE 188

you said:

‘Do we have a responsible “Opposition” with the ability to roll-out better state structure and institutional quality in case it manages to topple the junior and his group of “Menhebk”?

Mmmmm, NO!.’

i say : true.

July 25th, 2011, 6:31 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Abu umber
I can’t really give you the joy of victory,you don’t deserve it.with people like you there is no reasoning,because although god gave you a brain,you choose to make your brain a slave of hateful heart,which made your brain paralyzed.
Can you explain to me what is being Sunni means to you?why do feel so superior?what is more important to you being a moslem or being a Sunni?
Why do only make yourself a defendant of Syrian Sunnis,why don’t you defend Iraq Sunnis?
In 1973 war Syria lost 10000 soldiers were they all Sunnis?what will you call the hundreds or thousands of none Sunni soldiers who were killed in that war.same thing in 1982 war.
Why do believe that prisons have only Sunnis in them,there is many none Sunnis in prisons and you know that very will,but you choose to ignore fact I know a Christian who has been in prison for 25 years for stupid reasons.
You are an example of how low a human being can get,why are so much crazy about the Sunni factor?is every Sunni person a good person? No,and you are an example,same thing for every Alawi,or every Christian or every palastenian…there is good and bad people every where.suppression was not only imposed on Sunnis,it was on every are a person who dos’t deserve to be respected,it is not a matter of disagreement with you,it is a matter of you being fascist and hateful to every one who is not Sunni .we grew up in Syria not knowing who is Sunni or Alawi or durzy …these diseases we found about down the road from germs(thanks Bashar ) like you,we are not a perfect society, and we treated half a million palastenians with love and dignity ,some of them did not deserve it.

July 25th, 2011, 6:33 pm


Akbar Palace said:

B. Assad’s Great Syrian Modernization Experiment

“If my kingdom belonged to this world, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jews.”

Being handed over to the Joos these days isn’t so bad. I’d rather get handed over to the Joos than say, the Baathists.


Has it ever occurred to you that the Arab people and the Arab leadership are sort of “one and the same”? Yes, there is a substantial population that wants to liberalize. But are they going to win against the Baathist, Muslim and Jihadist dinosaurs?

If the majority of Arabs still can’t bring themselves to recognize or even speak to Israelis, is it any wonder why they’re stuck in first gear?

July 25th, 2011, 6:34 pm


louai said:

Dear True
thanks for sharing the quotes
I will share wth you my favorite quote about revolution

‘“When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood it is hard to shake hands with her.”
Oscar Wilde

July 25th, 2011, 6:41 pm


louai said:


welcome back 🙂

July 25th, 2011, 6:47 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

I always talk with every body. Especially with those every bodies who are successful. I will never let my pride guide me. That’s a recipe for failure. I will always talk to my enemies, to know them better, and to know what they think. I will never agree to be defined by others. Arabs always (till now, any way) defined themselves by the hate to Israel. Nothing else unites them.

By refusing to talk, you punish only yourself.

July 25th, 2011, 6:50 pm


True said:

no worries LOUAI,very comprehensive quote indeed!

One might say “Civil war is the key to rebuild the modern State”, now in our Syrian case if a civil war breaks out, God forbid, Who would benefit from it?

• Assad junior and his ancestors, YES (Continuity of dictatorship authority)
• Arror and his fundamentalists, YES (Another fertile soil to seed their hatred)
• Regime, YES (Only the highest seniors of the inner circle)
• Israel, YES (Ongoing occupation wit ultra peaceful borders)
• Iran and Arab-Gulf countries, YES (Using Syrian blood in their Sunni-Shia holy war)
• Lebanon, NO (A subsequent civil war might break out)
• Turkey, NO (Definite tangible and intangible ramifications)
• The State, NO (Economy, education, safety …etc all down the toilet)
• Grass-roots Alwait, NO (Subject to definite attacks from Arror’s worshipers, thugs and pro-regime shabiha)
• Grass-roots Christian, NO (Subject to definite attacks from Arror’s worshipers thugs and pro-regime shabiha)
• Grass-roots Sunni, NO (Subject to definite attacks from Arror’s worshipers thugs and pro-regime shabiha)
• Grass-roots Druz, NO (Subject to definite attacks from Arror’s worshipers thugs and pro-regime shabiha)
• Grass-roots other minorities, NO (Subject to definite attacks from Arror’s worshipers thugs and pro-regime shabiha)
• Kurds, ?????? (maybe establishing their own state north-east Syria)

July 25th, 2011, 7:08 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

I have nothing to learn from you, yet I’m glad to talk with you.
You have every thing to learn from me, yet you refuse to talk to me.

Who is the wise and who is the dumb?

Good night all.

July 25th, 2011, 7:09 pm


jad said:

Iran in ‘$10bn deal to export gas to Europe’

Iran has signed a preliminary $10bn (£6.25bn) deal with Syria and Iraq to export some of its natural gas, local media have reported.
The memorandum of understanding signed by oil ministers from the three countries would see a 3,100 mile pipeline built through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the Mediterranean.

The deal may allow exports of gas to Europe – according to the Iranian Oil Ministry’s website, Shana.

It would also supply gas to Syria.

Iran has roughly 28 trillion cubic meters of natural gas – the second largest reserves in the world according to research by BP.

The pipeline would allow it to export gas from the South Pars field, which it shares with Qatar.

Qatar is currently a major gas exporter to the UK – though that comes from different fields.

International sanctions and disagreements with foreign investors mean that Iran’s reserves remain relatively undeveloped.

In 2009, Iran signed a $4.7bn contract with China National Petroleum Corporation to help develop part of the South Pars reserve – replacing France’s Total which it had accused of delays.

However, in June this year, the country’s Mehr news agency quoted Iranian officials criticising the Chinese company for not investing fast enough.

Iraq To Export 10,000 B/D Of Crude Oil To Syria – Official

AMMAN -(Dow Jones)- Iraq is about to reach a final agreement with the Syrian government to start exporting some 10,000 barrels a day of Iraqi crude oil to Syria and gradually increase that amount, a senior Iraqi oil official said Monday.

“We are in the final stages of reaching an agreement to start exporting to Syria,” the official told Dow Jones Newswires.

The official said details of the agreement wouldn’t be made public until it was signed officially between the two sides.

The Iraqi crude oil will be shipped to Syria through an existing pipeline which has been idle since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. The pipeline was used to transfer some 150,000 barrels a day to the Mediterranean port of Banias when Saddam Hussein was the Iraqi leader.

-By Hassan Hafidh; Dow Jones Newswires—official

July 25th, 2011, 7:11 pm


jad said:


Iran Warns Turkey to Butt Out of Syria

“A recent article published in the weekly magazine Sobh’eh Sadegh, one of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ media outlets, sternly warned Turkey against its stance on Syria, emphasizing that Iran stands squarely with the Assad regime.
The article, entitled “Iran’s Serious Stance in the Face of Syrian Events,” warned that “Should Turkish officials insist on their contradictory behavior and if they continue on their present path, serious issues are sure to follow. We will be put in the position of having to choose between Turkey and Syria. Syria’s justification in defending herself along with mirroring ideological perceptions would sway Iran toward choosing Syria.”
The article, sanctioned by the Iranian government, made these points:
♦Turkey is gravely mistaken if it believes Syria is on a “one-way path to destruction” and that any dreams it may have to take advantage of the fall of Assad will not happen. “From Iran’s standpoint, the Syrian leadership is in the midst of resolving its problems, and as soon as foreign meddling stops, the Syrians will be able to revert back to ‘normal.’”
♦Turkey can only realize its “ambitions” through an “alliance (with Syria and Iran that) can take over a more extensive part of the region.”
♦The “rabble rousers” participating in the Syrian protests are “puppets of Zionists and the United States.” The “proof of their alliance with the enemies of Islam” can be seen in their denunciation of Hezbollah, the “resistance front.” “The Syrian dissenters are working directly for the Zionists and are against the resistance front. None of this is coincidental. There are clear signs of direct connections. The Zionists still occupy and control parts of Syria (the Golan Heights).” Chanting slogans against Iran and Hezbollah by the “radicals in Syria will be their last stand.”

Read more:

July 25th, 2011, 7:17 pm


Tara said:


Are you OK?

July 25th, 2011, 7:18 pm


louai said:

Dear TRUE @ 207

nice analysis i agree with all of it (well apart of i dont see how Iran will beneft loosing its main friend in the region )
but its very important to know who will benefit from the civil ware , according to your analysis is not the Syrians at all and that how i see it ,

i would love to hear your opinion about the civil war is Syria ,cant be avoided it if the regime toppled suddenly? thank you .

i have to go now , i hope by tomorrow we will know what exactly the video with the dead bodies and the young criminal is about !!!

July 25th, 2011, 7:25 pm


jad said:

السلطة تسرّع العملية الإصلاحية … قبل حلول رمضان
سـوريا: قانـون الإعـلام صـار جاهـزاً

سرّعت السلطة السورية عملية الإصلاحات التي أعلنها الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد. فبعد يوم من إقرار الحكومة لمشروع قانون الأحزاب الجديد، أنهت لجنة صياغة مشروع قانون الإعلام عملها أمس. ويخلو النص المقترح من عقوبة سجن الصحافي والاكتفاء بالغرامة المالية مع إعطاء الحرية المطلقة للإعلام في الوصول إلى المعلومة بشرط عدم التدخل في الخصوصية الشخصية.
وقال وزير الإعلام السوري عدنان محمود، عقب جلسة الحكومة أمس الأول، إن «مشروع قانون الأحزاب الذي أقره المجلس يضع الأسس التشريعية والقانونية الناظمة للحياة السياسية والتعددية الحزبية التي تشكل إحدى ركائز النظام الديموقراطي في ممارسة المواطنين لحقوقهم في المشاركة السياسية والإسهام في صياغة الحياة السياسية على أساس المساواة بينهم في الحقوق والواجبات واحترام الحريات».
وأضاف إن «القانون سيقود إلى تفعيل الحراك السياسي وتوسيع المشاركة الصحيحة في إدارة الدولة من خلال إيجاد البيئة المناسبة لقيام أحزاب جديدة وفق برامج سياسية، وتعمل بالوسائل الديموقراطية والسلمية بقصد تداول السلطة والمشاركة في مسؤوليات الحكم».
وقال النائب السوري محمد الهبش لوكالة «اسوشييتد برس» إن مشروع قانون الأحزاب لا يزال يحتاج إلى مصادقة مجلس الشعب، متوقعاً أن يتمّ تقديمه خلال الجلسة المقبلة للبرلمان في 7 آب المقبل.
وأشار إلى أن مشروع القانون ايجابي، لكن يجب تعديل بعض مواد الدستور أولاً، وضمنها المادة الثامنة.
وقالت مصادر سورية في دمشق إن اللجنة المكلفة بصياغة قانون الإعلام أنجزت عملها، وسلّمت إلى مجلس الوزراء المسودة النهائية لمشروع قانون الإعلام والمجلس الوطني للإعلام، ومن المنتظر أن يقره المجلس خلال أيام.
وأشارت المصادر إلى أن المبدأ الأساس في مشروع القانون هو الحرية والمسؤولية، وإعطاء الإعلام الحرية المطلقة في الوصول إلى المعلومة، بشرط عدم التدخل في الخصوصية الشخصية وحق الفرد في حماية أسراره وحياته الخاصة. ويتضمن تحديد آليات العمل الإعلامي في سوريا بأشكاله كافة، المطبوع والمرئي والمسموع والالكتروني.
وأوضحت أن الفصل المتعلق بالمخالفات في القانون خلا من أية عقوبة بالحبس للإعلاميين على الجرائم المرتكبة بواسطة وسائل الإعلام، وإنشاء محكمة خاصة بالإعلام تنظر في جميع القضايا المتعلقة بالنشر، تحكم في الدعاوى المقامة أمامها بسرعة مع اختصار مراحل التقاضي. كما منع القانون توقيف الصحافي في الجرائم المتعلقة بالنشر، مؤكداً ضرورة حضور ممثل عن نقابة الصحافيين مع الإعلامي خلال مراحل التحقيق. وتضمن مشروع قانون الإعلام تأسيس «المجلس الوطني للإعلام» على أن يبقى موضوع إلغاء وزارة الإعلام من عدمه من اختصاص السلطة السياسية.
وفي برلين، أعلن المتحدث باسم وزارة الخارجية الألمانية مارتن شيفر أن «مدير إدارة الشرق الأوسط في الخارجية الألمانية بوريس روج زار سوريا مرتين حيث التقى وزير الخارجية السوري (وليد المعلم) وممثلين عن المعارضة السورية في دمشق» في الأسابيع الماضية.
وأضاف شيفر، خلال مؤتمر صحافي، إن «ممثلين عن المعارضة السورية زاروا برلين أيضا، واجروا محادثات في وزارة الخارجية الألمانية». وأشار إلى أن روج أدان، خلال زيارته دمشق، قمع الحكومة السورية لحركات الاحتجاج، محذراً سوريا من أن العقوبات الأوروبية ضد الرئيس بشار الأسد والمقربين منه ستزيد.
إلى ذلك، أكد الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية نبيل العربي، في مقابلة مع وكالة «فارس» الإيرانية، أن زيارته لسوريا كانت لإبراز أهمية إحداث تغييرات وإصلاحات، رافضاً التطرق إلى تفاصيل ما دار بينه وبين الأسد. وكرر إن «الرئيس وعده بأن تكون هناك إصلاحات».
وقال رئيس المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان رامي عبد الرحمن لوكالة الأنباء الألمانية إن «أي قرارات تصدرها هذه الحكومة مرفوضة». وتساءل «كيف يمكن قبول قانون (أحزاب) أقرّه أشخاص أيديهم ملطخة بدماء السوريين».
وقال المعارض السوري المقيم في لبنان عمر ادلبي «لم يعد أحد يصدق النظام السوري، لأنه يعلن عن أمر ولا يطبقه». وأضاف «لا يمكن للنظام أن يواصل قتل أبناء الشعب ثم يعدهم بعمل إصلاحات».
وقال ياسر سعد الدين، المعارض الذي يعيش في الخليج، إن «القانون الجديد مصمم لكي يوضح على الورق أن النظام يتقبل المعارضة، بينما يستمر القتل والقمع». وأضاف «في كل مرة يتعرض فيها النظام لضغط دولي يتخذ المزيد من الإجراءات الإصلاحية الزائفة لمحاولة الظهور بمظهر ديموقراطي»، مشيراً إلى أن «اعتقال النشطاء والقمع في تزايد».
إلى ذلك، قال معارضون سوريون إن المحتجين سيكثفون التظاهرات في شهر رمضان الذي يبدأ في آب المقبل. وقال رئيس المنظمة الوطنية لحقوق الإنسان عمار القربي لوكالة «رويترز» إن «المحتجين يخططون لتنظيم تظاهرات أضخم بكثير في رمضان، لان الناس يسهرون حتى وقت متأخر من الليل أثناء الشهر ويزيد إقبال الناس على المساجد».
وقال مقيم في دمشق إن وجود الشرطة حول المساجد تزايد مؤخراً، ومن المتوقع أن يزداد خلال رمضان. وقال محمد، وهو طالب يدرس القانون عمره 26 عاماً يشارك في التظاهرات كل يوم جمعة، «كل يوم في رمضان سيكون مثل يوم الجمعة يوماً بعد يوم». وأضاف «كل يوم في رمضان سنشهد احتجاجات صغيرة أثناء النهار واعتصامات ضخمة أثناء الليل. إننا نجهز لدفعة كبيرة في رمضان حتى يخرج الناس إلى الشوارع».
وقال دبلوماسي غربي في دمشق «رمضان يغير اللعبة»، لكن بعض السوريين أعربوا عن خشيتهم من أن يشهد رمضان تصعيداً في ردود الفعل من جانب السلطات.
وقال عمار (35 عاماً)، وهو صاحب متجر في دمشق، إن الناس بدأوا في تخزين الأطعمة لأنهم يخافون من تصاعد الاضطرابات أثناء رمضان. وأضاف «الناس يشترون كميات كبيرة جداً من البقوليات والزيت والأرز والسكر». وتابع «إذا حدث شيء خطير فسأضطر لغلق متجري».
ميدانياً، ذكرت وكالة الأنباء السورية (سانا) إن مدينة جسر الشغور في محافظة أدلب شهدت عودة 255 مواطناً من المخيمات التركية إلى قراهم ومنازلهم «ممن أجبرتهم التنظيمات الإرهابية على مغادرتها». وأكد العائدون أنهم «وقعوا ضحية الشائعات المغرضة التي روجت لها بعض الفضائيات المتآمرة من خلال التضليل الإعلامي الذي مورس عليهم طيلة فترة بقائهم في المخيمات».
وقال المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان إن «قوات الأمن قامت أمس (الأول) باعتقال تسعة موظفين من أهالي الحجر الأسود وعمال عديدين في صحنايا (ريف دمشق)»، مشيراً إلى أن «الأجهزة الأمنية نفذت حملة مداهمات واعتقالات في حي ركن الدين في دمشق». وأضاف «نظم أكثر من 300 محام اعتصاما داخل قاعة المحامين في القصر العدلي في دمشق للمطالبة بالإفراج عن المحامين المعتقلين ومعتقلي الرأي في السجون والمعتقلات السورية».
وفي حمص «قطعت الاتصالات الأرضية والخلوية عن حيي الخالدية والبياضة وانتشرت دبابات في كل أحياء المدينة الرئيسة التي خلت من المارة»، بحسب المرصد، الذي أشار إلى «دخول عدد من سيارات الأمن إلى حي الإنشاءات وتمركز الدبابات في حي باب السباع وباب الدريب والخالدية وأول حي القصور وشارع الستين في البياضة».
(«السفير»، ا ف ب، ا ب،
رويترز، د ب ا، اش ا)

July 25th, 2011, 7:25 pm


jad said:

New book for Roland Dummas
كتاب لوزير الخارجية الفرنسي السابق رولان دوما: إسرائيل تسيطر على فرنسا… وتخطئ حيال الأسد

سامي كليب
كتاب جريء بشكل عام ومنصف للعرب على وجه الخصوص، وكاشف عن اسرار كثيرة بينها التدخل الإسرائيلي في شؤون فرنسا. هذا باختصار الانطباع الذي يفرض نفسه بعد الانتهاء من قراءة الكتاب – الوثيقة لوزير الخارجية الفرنسي السابق رولان دوما، الذي يختمه بالقول إن الثورات العربية هي الحدث الأبرز عالميا بعد نهاية الاستعمار وسقوط جدار برلين، وان انعكاساتها على إسرائيل ستكون كبيرة.

يريد الدبلوماسي الفرنسي العريق والواسع الثقافة، أن يكون كتابه الحامل عنوان “رولان دوما، لكمات وجروح”، وثيقة للتاريخ حول الأسرار الكثيرة التي عاصرها أو شارك فيها منذ دفاعه عن مناضلي جبهة التحرير الجزائرية في ستينيات القرن الماضي حتى اليوم. كان لا بد إذاً من نزع قفازات الدبلوماسية التي وضعها طويلا خلال عمله السري والعلني إلى جانب الرئيس الراحل فرانسوا ميتران، ليقول الأشياء والأسرار كما عرفها وعاشها، وخصوصا مع الرؤساء والملوك العرب.

“الإسرائيليون يفعلون ما يشاؤون في فرنسا، ويحرِّكون الاستخبارات الفرنسية (DST ) كيفما يحلو لهم”، بهذه الصراحة يتحدث رولان دوما عن إسرائيل وتأثيرها على ساحة بلاده، وذلك في سياق روايته عن بداية العلاقة الطويلة التي جمعته أولا بالرئيس السوري الراحل حافظ الأسد، ومن ثم بالرئيس الحالي بشار الأسد .

July 25th, 2011, 7:29 pm


jad said:

I disagree with mixing religious with politics, I’m just bringing in what did Mr. Albouti really said not what Al3briyet claimed to show who is the liar and how much the media is used to spread lies and rumors:
د. محمد سعيد البوطي : حكم الخروج على الحاكم

July 25th, 2011, 7:58 pm


SYR.Expat said:

Video purporting to show the imam of a mosque in Baba Amr district of Homs being humiliated and slapped on the back of his head by security thugs. The article below asks whether the leaking of this video is meant to stir up a sectarian conflict?

الكاتب وطن
الاثنين, 25 يوليو 2011 18:32

حذر ناشطون وحقوقيون مما اعتبروه استمرار محاولات النظام السوري لخلق فتنة طائفية في حمص بعدة وسائل، وذلك بعد أن تم تسريب فيديو صوره أحد رجال الأمن يظهر إهانة إمام أحد المساجد في حمص بطريقة مؤذية للمشاعر.

وظهر في الفيديو الشيخ محمد مصطفى إمام جامع عبدالقادر الجيلاني في باب عمرو بمدينة حمص، وهو يعامل بإذلال شديد، ويسأله محقق عن اسمه وهو معصب العينين ثم عن عمله ويقوم زميل المحقق بضرب
الإمام على رقبته أكثر من مرة، وينهره قائلا “دير وجهك”.

ويعتقد أن الفيديو الذي أثار غضبًا عارمًا في الشارع الحمصي صُور بأحد أفرع الأمن من خلال هاتف عنصر مخابرات.

من جهته تساءل ناشط في اتصال مع “العربية.نت” عن سبب تسريب هذا الفيديو وسبب إذلال إمام المسجد، وتابع “هذا يصب في دائرة الفتنة، وهو ما لا يريده أهل حمص”.

ويذكر الناشط أن الفيديو صور بيد رجل أمن وبالتأكيد سرب من خلاله، مردفا: “ما المقصود من ذلك؟ ولماذا أصلا يعامل الإمام بهذه الطريقة، ووجه الناشط نداء لمفتي الجمهورية ولوزير الأوقاف لاتخاذ موقف هو بالأصل واجب عليهما لإنقاذ الإمام من تعذيب المخابرات ومحاسبة من قام بإهانته”

July 25th, 2011, 8:13 pm


N.Z. said:


I thought I will help you a bit. Here is a link based on statistics, number of dead by, gender, age, date, family, city,,,,
Most importantly, the number of dead before and after lifting the emergency law.

July 25th, 2011, 8:30 pm


SYR.Expat said:

Another video about the hitting of a minaret in Bab Alsiba’ in Homs.

سوريا: أهالي يؤكدون قصف مئذنة باب سباع.. والسؤال لماذا؟ – فيديو
الكاتب زمان الوصل – وطن
الاثنين, 25 يوليو 2011 18:50

بالتكبير واجه أهالي منطقة باب سباع في حمص قصف مئذنة جامع الزعفران، التي تطايرت أجزاء منها.

عدد من الموقع الالكترونية كذبت الفيديو الذي يُظهر القصف واعتبروه مفبرك إلا إن الأهالي أكدوا لـ”زمان الوصل” صدقيته وزودونا بلقطات مختلفة للقصف الذي نفذ يوم الخميس الماضي 21-7.

وتساءل الأهالي عن سبب هذه التصرفات التي استهدفت مئذنة جامع لها في قلوبهم مكان ولا يوجد بها أي إرهابي أو حتى كائن حي.

وتعرضت بيوت باب السباع لقصف عشوائي، ودهست الدبابات عدة سيارات واستعمل الشبيحة طريقة الطرق على أبواب البيوت بأرجلهم والهراوات لمجرد إخافة سكانها وهو ما أكده أكثر من مقطع فيديو.

وتتعرض باب سباع خصوصًا ومدينة حمص عمومًا لحملة عسكرية منذ 15 يوم راح ضحيتها العشرات واعتقل المئات بحسب حقوقيين.
Read more: سوريا: أهالي يؤكدون قصف مئذنة باب سباع.. والسؤال لماذا؟ – فيديو

July 25th, 2011, 8:39 pm


Darryl said:


“Louie said
No church in Syria dose interfere in politics for a simple reason, that is against Jesus teaching .period
So it is against jesus teaching to interfere in politics.
I read the bible, I have never came across such things, and I asked my friends who are christians , they denied that.
So you either come with a link from the bible, or retract such erroneous statement.”

For a start, I do not like to get involved in religious discussions. But I will answer this one only.

Christ’s statement is really taken out of context for the separation of politics from state affairs. If your read the Injil, the Jews were setting traps for Christ. The Jews were looking for a Messiah who was going to lead them to revolt against the Romans, and they popped the question as to should they pay a tax to the Romans when they did not recognize the Roman authority over them. Keep in mind, Jews only believed in the Power of Yahwa (God) over them. Jesus knew where the discussion was heading and stopped the argument by telling them to pay the tax as he is only leading them spiritually. During Roman times, not paying your tax was equivalent to declaring war on the emperor, far different from today’s governments. He did not come to make war! Christianity separated religion from politics primarily because European theologians like Martin Luther and the metaphysical thinkers broke the church authority which was badly needed.

I am sure that Shiaa has their own mosques,and yes they go to friday prayers in the mosque, they are good people,but they are misguided, just like christians, christian believe God, the creator of the whole world has a son who is human, and Shiaa,believe God has wali, even that the end of souret al Israa it says very clearly God has no Wali,among the Thull(slaves),Thull means people they are Thull compare to God.”

This is another gem statement. You remind of a Muslim person many years ago who thought that Jesus being the son of God meant that God had sex with the Virgin Mary and a baby is born. The Term “Son” in Christianity alludes to the situation where Jesus did not have a human father and Christians highlight this because it is foretold in the Torah about the coming Messiah.

Islam cannot accept this concept as the Arabs believed that Allah had three daughters (before Islam off course). Can you imagine the argument that the Messenger would have had to deal with if sons and daughters of gods were permitted and discussed. Hence, they went about to highlight Jesus’s human side instead as the spiritual side was a difficult subject to explain. In 4:171 (I believe) The Qur’an said the Messiah is a “Spirit from Allah” (RuHun Minhu) but does not explain it any further as this spirit is not an Angel either and there are no other created Spirits.

To make things even more complex and worse , the Qur’an also states the Messiah is a “Word from Allah” conveyed to Mary (Kalimatun minhu) as this is what is also stated in the Injil. Again when the Muslim Theologians were confronted about this issue in Damascus in the 7th century AD as the Christians knew what was in the Injil, the Muslim theologians had to invent an explanation that the word of Allah is “Be” (Kun) because they were clearly unaware that John’s Gospel started by saying The Messiah was the word of God. You cannot substitute “Kun” in the verse. This make Allah the all knowing and capable unable to form a proper sentence.

MajedKhaldoon, please read the Qur’an properly and on your own terms and do not rely on fabricated information and accusations like the Bible is also not the same one we have now etc etc etc. One of the things that fascinates me is that the Qur’an is very easy to read yet Arab Muslims all ways say we need to refer to fabricated material to deal with the the difficult questions. These were false statements the early Muslims theologians had to invent because they did not expect to find knowledgeable Christians in Damascus. They thought all Christians were like the Arabian ones who did not study the Bible and only learned it by hearsay.

July 25th, 2011, 8:45 pm


Abughassan said:

I do not want to fast in Ramadan only to break my fast with an onion!!
لا تخلونا نصوم رمضان و بعدين نفطر ببصله
Mr alsharaa and ms shabaan are sweet talkers but very few Syrians take them seriously.
I want beef or at least falafel to satisfy my fasting stomach…شعبان قبل رمضان و رمضان من صميم الشرع 🙂
My wife thinks I am losing my mind…

July 25th, 2011, 8:55 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Darryl’s Syria Comment Theology Hotline

If your read the Injil, the Jews were setting traps for Christ.


Do you think Jesus would support Bashar Assad today or would he support the protestors?

Something only Jesus would do

IDF helping Gaza farmers:

How about a muslim who is now a zionist?

July 25th, 2011, 8:58 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

I looked in your list,didt see officer Tallawai and his kids?they didt pass your standards?

July 25th, 2011, 9:00 pm


Darryl said:

AKBAR PALACE, Piss-off, your a pest.

July 25th, 2011, 9:10 pm


Akbar Palace said:


What’s wrong? Were the questions too difficult?

July 25th, 2011, 9:14 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Can you link that jisr alshoghor vidio again to خاي NZ let him may be add those
Soldiers to his list,let him also listen to his MB comrades kicking them and saying:طالع أنا بالصوره..اي تمام and ياخنيزيز …ياخوات الشرموطه very high revolutionary manners,indeed.with all the regime did,MB pigs,being fed by the ottomans three meals a day,are so far the winners of The Sharmotmost Award,the race is not done yet.

July 25th, 2011, 9:24 pm


Tara said:

Syrian Expat,

The video you posted is very inflammatory. This regime can not be reformed. I wonder how Mr. Bouti feels about it?

July 25th, 2011, 9:30 pm


Darryl said:

AKBAR PALACE, what is your point? Ok you are proud of the illegal entity called Israel! good on you!

You are proud of the land, the culture, the theology etc etc that you stole. You even stole the temple design from Syria (Ain Dara) near Idlep and called it your own. Anything else you want to hear?

July 25th, 2011, 9:31 pm


Aldendeshe said:

First of all, I don’t appreciate you posting 7 negatives on my comment# 186 and 5 negatives on # 193. If you have an issue with my comment please make a counter post and give me a chance to respond. I don’t post negatives just because I disagree with the comment. The first is honest, it is very frustrating and disappointing to read this new Parties Law, here is some feedback below from some commenter. Basically, it is designed to be obstructionist, TAAJEEZE on purpose. I mean you will spend so much time in administrative red tapes, you can be disqualified at any time, and to start, UGGHHH you could not even start up at all because you can be criminally charged. It is like did the chicken or the egg came first; Bashar team did not resolve that issue.

My second comment, what you not liked about it, I am Sunni Moslem yet knows enough about Christianity and Bible to pull verses off my head, relating to the subject at hand. Is it stating that Jesus was mythical?? That you disapprove with, can you give any evidence whatsoever that Jesus of the Bible in fact did exist!! Just one please. You do that, and will become Christian right away, I have no problem with Christianity and knows the bible better than any Catholic or Orthodox Bishop. Do I have to perpetuate a lie just to be diplomatic? Would you want me to say too that 19 Moslem Hijacker flew planes on 911 when in fact I have evidence to the contrary, that in fact the towers were nuked.

Here is sample of one critic of the party law, mine is too long and I am very dissapointed. I knew Baathshits will not give in an inch but I thought Bashar will weigh in.

سامر علي ضاحي

2011-07-19 16:09:30

بعد الاطلاع على مشروع قانون الأحزاب في سوريا وحرصاً على نجاعة العمل السياسي والحزبي أتقدم من حضرتكم بمجموعة من الاقتراحات تمثل وجهة نظري المتواضعة حول بعض الموادة الواردة في المشروع: المادة (5) الفقرة (ز) عشنا كسوريين مرحلة ربيع عربي ولا نزال نتغنى بالقومية العربية وخاصة بوجود حزب البعث ذو التنظيم القومي فما المانع بوجود أحزاب في سوريا تعتبر امتدادا لأحزاب عربية موجودة على الساحة العربية المادة (7) إن تشكيل اللجنة على النحو المنصوص عليه في الفقرة (أ) يعطي سلطات واسعة لمؤسسة الرئاسة ونحن في جمهورية ديمقراطية شعبية وليس رئاسية بالتالي يجب أن تعدل الفرع (3) من هذه الفقرة على الأقل بحيث تصدر التسمية عن البرلمان وليس رئيس الجمهورية المادة (9) الفقرة (ه) وجود هذه الفقرة يتناقض مع الحرية الحزبية وطبيعة الأمور فيجب تحديد المدة التي يجب أن تنقضي ليكون العضو المؤسس أو المنتسب غير منتمياً لحزب آخر في ظل وجود حالات من الانشقاقات والاندماجات تحتاج معظم الأحزاب السياسية في دول العالم كافة المادة (10) الفقرة (ب) هل سيقدم الحزب قيد التأسيس بيانات عن مقاره الرئيسية والفرعية بالمجمل أم مفصلة ثم كيف سيسجل المقر باسم حزب غير مرخص أو غير موجود قبل الحصول على موافقة لجنة الحزاب مما يضعنا أمام تناقض كبير فيما لو تم رفض الترخيص للحزب فما هو مصير مقاره التي اشتراها أو استأجرها وكيف سيتم تسجيلها في المصالح العقارية المادة (11) الفقرة (ب) عدد الأعضاء المحدد ب (2000) عضو عند تقديم الطلب هل سيكون من اليسر الحصول على هكذا رقم من المنتسبين خلال فترة قصيرة لا يتخللها مخالفة العضو المنتسب لقانون الاحزاب ذاته وهو الانتماء لحزب غير مرخص مما قد يضعهم أمام مسائلة قانونية وقد يصل الأمر بالمنتسبين إلى حد تجريمهم, وهنا أقترح ان يبلغ المنتسبين عند تقديم الطلب عدداً معقولاً جداً على ألا يتجاوز 25 عضواً فقط وليس بالضرورة التواجد بأكثر من محافظة وعندها تعدل الفقرة (ج) أيضاً حيث لم يعد هناك من ينوب عن مقدم طلب الانتساب إلا من يحمل وكالة تمثيل كمحامي مثلاً المادة (12) تعدل الفقرة (أ) بحيث تصبح: يبلغ رئيس اللجنة طالبي التأسيس أو من ينوب عنهم قرار اللجنة سواء بالموافقة أو الرفض خلال 7 أيام ………..إلخ المادة: (14) الفقرة (ب) تعدل لتصبح: (الإعانات المقدمة من الدولة لمدة سنتين فقط بدءاً من تاريخ تمتع الحزب بالشخصية الاعتبارية) -الفقرة (ج) للحزب أن يقيم ما يشاء من أنشطة تجارية لتغطية نفقاته عبر شركات تجارية أو صناعية تتبع لشخصيته الاعتبارية وعندها يتوقف دعم الدولة المنصوص عليه في الفقرة (ب) فور تأسيس أي شركة تابعة للحزب أو يستوفى من أرباحها ما قدمته الدولة سابقاً من إعانات الفقرة (ب) وتعامل الشركات التابعة للحزب معاملة شركات مستقلة كأي شركة أخرى. -الفقرة (ه) لا مانع من قبول أي مساعدة او هبة داخلية أو خارجية طالما الدولة موجودة وبإمكانها محاسبة الحزب وغيره على أي أداء يضر بالمجتمع أو يسيء إلى قواعد النظام العام وأرى شخصياً في هذه الفقرة اعترافاً بقصور في دور الدولة كمراقب عام على عمل ونشاط الأحزاب. -الفقرة (و) عطفاً على التعليق السابق تعدل الفقرة بحيث يحذف كل ما يلي كلمة نظامية أي تنتهي الفقرة عند الفاصلة الأولى. -الفقرة (ز) أقترح إلغاؤها. المادة (15) يراعى فيها اقتراح تعديل المادة السابقة الفقرة (ب) المادة (16) تلغى كل المادة إذا تم تعديل الفقرة (ب) في المادة (14) أو تنص على تساوي الإعانات المقدمة لكل الأحزاب المادة(17) طالما مبلغ الدعم واحد لكل الأحزاب فلا مبرر لوجود هذه المادة المادة (20) الفقرة (ج) بإقرار التعديل المقترح على الفقرتين (ه, و) من المادة ( 14) تعدل الفقرة ج هنا لتصبح ” إذا ثبت استخدام الهبة أو المساعدة لمشاريع وأغراض تضر بالمواطنين وتسيء لأحزاب وشخصيات أخرى” المادة (24) الفقرة (د) يجب تعديلها بحيث تكوون أموال الحزب ليست عامة فهو لا يمثل كل الشعب بل شريحة معينة مغلقة على ذاتها قد تتسع أو تضيق بالتالي أموال الحزب خاصة مثل أي شخص اعتباري آخر خاصة إن أمكنها تاسيس شركات والاستفادة تجارياً من تلك الأموال المادة(25) يجب إلغاء هذه المادة. خاصة في ظل الدعم الحكومي المقدم للحزب المادة (28) إن إرغام كافة وسائل الإعلام على النحو المنصوص عليه في هذه المادة يناقض حرية التعبير ذاتها إذ ليس من الضروري أن تقوم قناة مملوكة لحزب ما بعرض وجهات نظر حزب آخر في ظل منافسة حزبية خاصة أيام الحملات الانتخابية سامر ضاحي ماجستير في الدراسات السياسة- الأحزاب السياسية جامعة دمشق- كلية العلوم السياسية

July 25th, 2011, 9:31 pm


SYR.Expat said:

“To make things even more complex and worse , the Qur’an also states the Messiah is a “Word from Allah” conveyed to Mary (Kalimatun minhu) as this is what is also stated in the Injil. Again when the Muslim Theologians were confronted about this issue in Damascus in the 7th century AD as the Christians knew what was in the Injil, the Muslim theologians had to invent an explanation that the word of Allah is “Be” (Kun) because they were clearly unaware that John’s Gospel started by saying The Messiah was the word of God. You cannot substitute “Kun” in the verse. This make Allah the all knowing and capable unable to form a proper sentence.”

Your knowledge of Islamic theology or lack of it is apparent. This is not the place to discuss theology. Let’s focus on the Syrian issue.

July 25th, 2011, 9:44 pm


Darryl said:


Are you stuck in the first contradictory gear today?

I cannot see how you are a Sunni Muslim and think Jesus was a Myth. You have basically invalidated Islam and the Qur’an mate.

A nuke destroyed the world trade centers? I can believe the CIA, Mossad made them do it as that is very easy, but nuclear devices?

July 25th, 2011, 9:45 pm


Darryl said:

230. SYR.EXPAT, this is my last post on this subject. But I bet I know a lot more than you do as you have been spoon fed, I read.

July 25th, 2011, 9:51 pm


Tara said:


Do you think Iran has power over Turkey to be able to influence Turkey’ decision in regard to Syria?

July 25th, 2011, 9:54 pm


Silence said:

OMG!! I did not know we’ve got too many bishops and Imams on SC!! I’m not on here to find out how Mary got fertilised or discuss Fatwa on the 14 century so please cut the crap boys and focus on the important issue of our people getting killed by their own brothers.

July 25th, 2011, 9:58 pm


EDJ said:

This new political parties law. It is 50 years toooooo late. The Syrian people will not accept any laws formulated under the “Hun leadership” of Al-Baath and Al-Assad family. Bashar you and your Baath Party are both illigitemate etities. BE GONE. Just GO away.

July 25th, 2011, 9:59 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. Abu Umar comment # 162

AS always I laughed a lot when reading your response. It is violent of course and promises more violence, while calling others thugs. You are funny.

Your biased sectarian interpretation of history and event is short sighted.

Also I was not intimidated, of course, by your thuggish claims about kicking me out of Syria. No one has the right to do or promise me that, no matter what my position from events. So your threats have no merit.

It is funny how you call me a thug and do not see the thuggish behavior and words you use. This is your trademark. You bullied Syria No Kandahar out with your thuggish words and now you try to do the same with me. I am very GLAD that Mr. Syria No Kandahar is back to smash your irrational thinking.

But, your logic is very weak, as usual, so let me go on to destroy it again for you:

Point one: I am not pro Assad. I am pro human rights, freedom of speech, and democracy. Always was and always will. You are not, plain and simple. If al-Assads, father and son, tortured any one I am against that. If they killed anyone for no reason, I am against that too. This is my stance: clear and simple.

This is my personal history and that of my family. So your accusations are nothing but nonsense and based on hysteria because I am like you.

I know my non-sectarian history mr. Abu Umar. Do not connect me with others, They are their own men and responsible for what they said.

Many Sunnis were treated badly under al-Assads but also many Sunnis in Syria benefited from al-Assads so your logic as I told you is not valid and nothing but sectarian. Things can’t be analyzed as Alawi vs. Sunnis. There were Alawis in prison and against al-Assad.

Point2: Your sectarian mind makes you see the history of the Middle East as Shia vs. Sunnis. Things are more complicated than that.

You saw the Syrian’s Army venture in Lebanon as an Alawi invasion to kill Sunnis. This shows how childish your interpretation of events.

First of all, the Syria Army went in to stop a civil war, Syrians did not start. Some Palestinians did, as you remember mr. Abu Umar. Some Palestinians wanted to establish a state within a state as you remember Mr. Abu Umar and started clashing with the local population the same way you want to kick me out of my country. What is wrong with you? kick me out of my country just because I do not share the same views as you. SHAME on YOU.

First the Syrian army clashed with a number of factions among them some Palestinians. The Syrian Army went to restore order, a concept foreign to you as obvious.

Syrian forces fought a group of different factions, that included Shia, Christians and Sunnis, who were fighting together under an umbrella called “Progressive Front.” (Remember Fath, Qlaylat, Junblat the father and smaller groups). Those did not like to lose what they gained since the start of the Lebanese Civil War so they clashed with the Syrian Army that came to RESTORE ORDER.

The Syrian army has Sunnis and Christians as well as Alawis, Druz and Ismailis among its ranks. The 12,000 Syrian soldiers or so died in Lebanon were from all walks of life in Syria and from all religions. It was not a war against the Sunnis mr. Abu Umar. You need help if you see it like that, because it was not like that.

You are making it seem as if the Alawis has some vengeance against the Palestinians: did you forget that many Alawis fought in wars related to Palestine like the Alawi Brigade in the 1948 war?

Point three: as for restoring order: I said order should be restored. This does not mean the al-Assad should send his forces and start shooting people. It also does not mean to take security forces from the street, but also mean that demonstrators should stay home and go back to normal life.

Political parties should be given a chance here by all. All, government and all should work hand in hand to restore order. But why am I talking to you about restoring order in Syria, do you really care about that? Do you really care about the Syrian blood spilled? or you care only about your kind only? WE SYRIANS are not sectarian like that.

Point Four: AS for Ali Ibn Abi Taleb vs the War Criminal Ibn Taymiyah you lie again mr. Abu Umar. Ali Ibn Abi Taleb did not do the same things like the war criminal Ibn Taymiyah as you claimed.

The difference between Ali ibn Abi Taleb and Ibn Taymiyah is huge because the Criminal Ibn Taymiyah issued decrees that are still being used till today to kill others. Ali ibn Abi Taleb did not do that.

Ibn Taymiyah’s criminal ideas are still used today to kill Christians in their churches, Shia in there mosques, and blow trains and buildings in the West, and to dehumanize minorities like the Alawis in our case. Ali Ibn abi Taleb did not issue any decree to kill others.

What is left from Ali ibn Abi Taleb is the wise words and sad attitude about life that cheats you. What is left from Ali are the philosophical words and his stance. What is left from Ibn Taymiyah is a trail of blood from his days till now. Ibn Taymiyah was a carrier psychopath interested into killing others and dehumanizing them. Did Ali Ibn Abi Taleb do that? The answer is No. So again your miserable attempt to get at me by using Ali ibn Abi Taleb as an example fired back at you!!!! Your logic is weak.

Point Four: AS for Secularism and its related issues, I told you that SECULARISM is the way to go. Secularism is what guarantee for every human his equal rights. Your version of Islam does not have people as equal. Here is why you are against it.

AS for the gay marriages and gay parades, I say why not! what are you going do with all of the gay people in the Muslim world?

Are you gonna shove them under the carpet and imagine they do not exist, or they do not deserve to live according to you?

Human rights Abu Umar does not have limits, it should include all.

AS for my village Abu Umar it is not your business if they held a gay parade or not, are you upset that they may not invite you?

Last point: AS for Zionism and America, I told you that I am pro America, and pro American ideals. Among American ideals is the right to criticize. America’s policy in the Middle East may be wrong in some places, but overall it is good for America. So far, it had paid America well.

As a Syrian wish that America could be more friendly with Syria and the Syrian people so may be they would learn good work ethics, respect of the law, and how to live in a pluralistic society. I want better relations with America and you want better relation with Saudi Arabia. No thanks sir.

Zionism is an illusion for every conspiracy nut in the Middle East. Zionism and its cousin Imperialism, were used frequently also by the rulers to brainwash their masses. I do not buy this. I see my real enemies and recognize them. Israel and Zionism did not threaten me to kick me outside of Syria but you did mr. Abu Umar. So it is obvious who is my real enemy.

July 25th, 2011, 10:13 pm


True said:

@ 236 Tara,

It’s not a matter of which is more powerful, It’s more complicated when it comes to sensitive matters such as activating/ceasing an operation. There are heaps of card above and under the table to be played between countries.

Politically, Iran has isolated itself from many of the world’s most powerful countries, while Turkey has strong diplomatic and strategic ties with the world’s leading super powers (The US, EU, Russia, etc).

Militarily, Turkey has over 1 million soldiers at any given time in active duty, making it the second largest military in NATO (aside from the US), and one of the largest in the world. But at the same time it can be argued that Iran invested heavily in its home-made military equipment and that Hezbollah is an extension of Iran’s military, the same can also be said of other insurgent groups in Iraq.

In terms of economic Turkey is more powerful. Many mining firms are moving into Turkey right now. It is also an important entryway for goods from the middle east into Europe. So even though Iran has a lot of oil, big portion of the oil goes through Turkish pipelines. Additionally, Turkey’s GDP is $1.028 trillion with a 4.5% annual growth. ($13,290 per capita) while Iran’s GDP is $840 Billion with 6.5% growth ($12,800 per capita). Iran’s nuclear program does not seem to be going so well, so I hardly call that a source of power for Iran.

July 25th, 2011, 10:21 pm


Akbar Palace said:


Enjoying your posts. I hope I’m not the only one.

July 25th, 2011, 10:38 pm


beaware said:

Law allowing Syrian political parties not enough, activists say
Phil Sands
Jul 26, 2011

DAMASCUS // A draft law allowing new political parties will not end the Baathists’ 50-year stranglehold on power in Syria unless sweeping changes are also made to the constitution, legal experts and civil-rights campaigners said yesterday.

“It is a welcome step forward only if other positive steps follow, including a revision of the constitution,” said one civil rights activist.

…The constitution is currently under review and Mr Al Assad has said the Baathists’ monopoly may be ended as a result. One of the law’s provisions, insisting that no political organisation can have a religious, tribal or regional platform, appears to render the Baath party itself – more properly known as the Arab Socialist Baath party – technically illegal….

July 25th, 2011, 10:56 pm


beaware said:

Syria in the shadow of Libyan parallels
By Victor Kotsev

TEL AVIV – The clearer and neater the narratives presented by the international media, the more suspicious they are. This rule of thumb has retrospectively proved its value in numerous conflicts and uprisings in the past decades, including the color revolutions of Eastern Europe, the conflicts surrounding the break up of the former Yugoslavia, various African civil wars, and the Arab Spring this year in countries such as Libya, Egypt and Yemen.

The pattern is repeating itself in Syria. On the surface, the fault lines appear simple, even though this makes the conflict no less of a quagmire. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is sticking to his guns even as the pressure on him escalates and his legitimacy seemingly declines.

…..Conversely, al-Jazeera and other protest-friendly media may have labeled the pro-Assad demonstrators as “mnhebak” (“we love you,” or political Hare Krishnas of sorts), but this does not erase the fact that said “mnhebak” represent a legitimate Syrian political voice. There is every indication that they are not simply regime-paid thugs, as some accusations against them have it. Neither is the opposition as democratic and unified, and nor is the conflict as simple as many reports have it. [7]

….The most optimistic scenario currently being discussed involves some sort of a gradual transition to democracy in Syria and a broad and lengthy reform implemented by the Assad government and accepted by the protesters. Such a reform would necessarily require the removal, and perhaps exile, of key regime figures such as the president’s brother Maher, the hardline commander of the feared 4th Armored Division.

….Such simplistic narratives have been known to serve very well complex geostrategic games and foreign interests. Judging from ample past examples, this will bring nothing good to Syria and to the region; it may, however, signal the onset of a new international stage in the Syrian conflict.

July 25th, 2011, 11:13 pm


Abughassan said:

Do you guys think that albaath can pass the new proposed political party law?
Is it time to take the “arabi” out of the name and call it حزب البعث الاشتراكي?
When will Bashar pronounce the death of article-8,and how many people may actually believe him?
How can we accept a collection of new laws from a regime that never allowed
free elections? Is not it the role of a new democratically elected parliament to approve new laws?
When will some rouge elements in the security forces and the kings of corruption face questioning by an independent judiciary?
Until basic questions are answered and people see changes on the ground,all of what the regime says will be seen as makeup to beautify the ugly face of an oppressive and corrupt government. We do not need makeup,we need a new face.
August 8th is coming and I will believe what I see not what they say.

July 25th, 2011, 11:32 pm


Norman said:

New Media and press law,

الوصول إلى المعلومات


ورسون يتظاهرون ضد النظام

دمشق ـ (يو بي أي) خلا مشروع قانون الإعلام في سورية من عقوبة السجن بحق الصحافي واكتفى بالغرامة المالية، والمبدأ الأساس فيه هو الحرية والمسؤولية وإعطائه الحرية المطلقة للإعلام في الوصول الى المعلومة يقابلها عدم التدخل في الخصوصية الشخصية.
وأنجزت اللجنة المكلفة بصياغة القانون عملها وسلمت إلى مجلس الوزراء المسودة النهائية لمشروع قانون الإعلام والمجلس الوطني للإعلام ومن المنتظر ان يقره المجلس خلال الأيام القادمة.

وقال رئيس اللجنة طالب قاضي أمين ليونايتد برس انترناشونال اليوم الاثنين” القانون هو ما تم التوافق عليه بين أعضاء اللجنة حيث أنجز مشروع القانون بعد إغناء المسودة الأولية التي قدمت إلى اللقاء التشاوري وأخذ بالملاحظات التي قدمت خلال اللقاء التشاروي الذي عقد في العاشر من الشهر الجاري والملاحظات الأخرى التي وردت الى اللجنة عبر موقعها على الفيسبوك “.

واضاف قاضي أمين ” المبدأ الأساس بمشروع القانون هو الحرية والمسؤولية وإعطاء الإعلام الحرية المطلقة للإعلام في الوصول الى المعلومة يقابلها عدم التدخل في الخصوصية الشخصية”.

وتابع ان مشروع القانون يتضمن ” تحديد آليات العمل الإعلامي في سورية بأشكاله كافة المطبوع والمرئي والمسموع والالكتروني”.

وشدد على “أن المبدأ الأساس للقانون هو الحرية والمسؤولية وإعطاء الإعلام الحرية المطلقة للإعلام في الوصول الى المعلومة يقابلها عدم التدخل في الخصوصية الشخصية، وحق الفرد في حماية أسراره وحياته الخاصة اضافة الى مبادئ أساسية، وحقوق وواجبات الإعلاميين وحق الرد في محظورات النشر والتراخيص”.

وأكد قاضي أمين أن “الفصل المتعلق بالمخالفات في القانون خلا من أية عقوبة بالحبس للإعلاميين على الجرائم المرتكبة بواسطة وسائل الإعلام وإنشاء محكمة خاصة بالإعلام تنظر في جميع القضايا المتعلقة بالنشر تحكم في الدعاوى المقامة أمامها بسرعة مع اختصار مراحل التقاضي كما منع القانون توقيف الصحفي في الجرائم المتعلقة بالنشر وضرورة حضور ممثل عن نقابة الصحفيين مع الاعلامي خلال مراحل التحقيق “.

وتضمن مشروع قانون الإعلام تأسيس المجلس الوطني للإعلام على ان يبقى موضوع الغاء وزارة الإعلام من عدمه من اختصاص السلطة السياسية في سورية على ان يستحدث مجلس يسمى المجلس الوطني للاعلام يتولى تنظيم الاعلام طبقاً لأحكام هذا القانون ، ويتمتع بالشخصية الاعتبارية وبالاستقلال الاداري والمالي ويتألف من احد عشر عضواً من ذوي الاختصاص في مجال الإعلام.

وكانت الحكومة السورية أقرت امس مشروع قانون الاحزاب في سورية والذي يشترط لتأسيس أي حزب الالتزام بأحكام الدستور ومبادىء الديمقراطية وسيادة القانون واحترام الحريات والحقوق الأساسية والإعلانات العالمية لحقوق الإنسان والاتفاقيات المصدق عليها من الجمهورية العربية السورية والحفاظ على وحدة الوطن وترسيخ الوحدة الوطنية للمجتمع.

كما ينص على علانية مبادئ الحزب وأهدافه ووسائله ومصادر تمويله. وعدم قيام الحزب على أساس ديني أو قبلي أو مناطقي أو فئوي أو مهني أو على أساس التمييز بسبب العرق أو الجنس أو اللون وأن تتم تشكيلات الحزب واختيار هيئاته القيادية ومباشرته نشاطه على أساس ديمقراطي وألا تنطوي وسائل الحزب على إقامة أي تشكيلات عسكرية أو شبه عسكرية علنيةأو سرية أو استخدام العنف بكل أشكاله أو التهديد به أو التحريض عليه وألا يكون الحزب فرعاأو تابعا لحزب أو تنظيم سياسي غير سوري .


ارسل هذا الخبر الى صديق بالبريد الالكتروني
نسخة للطباعة
هل ترغب في التعليق على الموضوع؟

“القدس العربي” ترحب بتعليقات القراء، وترجو من المشاركين التحلي بالموضوعية وتجنب الاساءات الشخصية والطائفية، ولن يتم نشر

July 25th, 2011, 11:33 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

You do not make sense, and you obviously do not understand Quraan,Jesus was from God soul, and so was Adam, and all living people, has soul and we got it from God, all what God has to do is to say be and things are created,,I am sure you agree that Jesus was son of mary,In Quraan it is mentioned several time that he was not son of God, while christian say he is son of God,if you read Andrew 42, you will read that jesus asked the people around him the messiah whose son is he, the people said he is son of David, he then asked them how could David, how can he call his son God?
and if you read john 16, jesus said I have to go for a while, for him to come ,he is the instructor , who will explain everything, and he will talk out of holly spirit.
There was no invention by other people, please tell me what invention you are talking about.

July 25th, 2011, 11:46 pm


Abughassan said:

That is what we really need,a pointless discussion about Jesus and Al-quraan when Arabs and Muslims are the butt of jokes,sorry guys,of the world.
A fight is looming because there will be a tv series on Alhasan,alhussain and the Omayyad caliphates. Keep going down when other people are looking up !!

July 26th, 2011, 12:11 am


Darryl said:


The Qur’an is the easiest document to read and understand, the clergy made you think it is difficult to understand because there are a few difficult issues in it. The Qur’an tells you!:

“Thalika Alkitabu al-mubeenu Unzila min Rabika Lil-mutaqeena”.

What a powerful verse! only if you as a Muslim can capitalize on it and appreciate it.

The one big reason the Islamic Arabic world is in such a sad situation because every non thinking Muslims is fed that it is difficult to understand, it is difficult to think for yourself, to difficult to make decisions and never forget to keep looking back and so on.

Democracy in the middle east will be a failure because of this thinking. Democracy requires freedom to think for yourself and NOT for someone to do it on your behalf. Democracy requires freedom to chose NOT to be fed a choice.

If you want to know more about these inventions, do some research about the original religious discussions between John of Damascus and the early Islamic theologians. But reading the Qur’an with an open mind will do wonders also.

July 26th, 2011, 12:22 am


Abughassan said:

The buttom line is that Arabs are out of the power game,thanks to the clowns that lead Arab countries and our enlightened sheikhs who are enjoying the ride and coming up with countless gaseous Fatwas that excite an illiterate and mindless crowd..
I am done for few days,my religious counselor is asking me to stop drinking my sinfully-strong Syrian tea and start a period of virtuous silence..I am sure some of you could not care less while others may actually welcome this necessary move.

July 26th, 2011, 12:32 am


some guy in damascus said:

@ abu ghassan.
i think 41 years of silence are enough for me. thank you very much.

July 26th, 2011, 7:50 am


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