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Returning to Hafiz al-Assad’s Syria: Bashar Heads Back to the Future in 2020

Nikolaos van Dam on Syria, Assad, the Opposition, Refugees, Kurds, Terrorism, & the Future of the Middle East

Is the US Decision to Withdraw from Syria in 2019 a Mistake like its Decision to Withdraw from Lebanon in 1983? – By Prof. Robert Rabil

Syria: is it time for the West to talk with Assad?

Nationalism, War, and The Future of The Middle East – by S. Farah

The Plight of the Druze Hostages Held by ISIS & the War on the Islamic State – by Talal el-Atrache

Saudi Arabia, Shi’ism and the Illusion of Reform – by Robert G. Rabil

Idlib: The Game Above the Game – by David W. Lesch

Loyalty over geography: Re-interpreting the notion of ‘Useful Syria’ — By Matthias Sulz

Winning in Syria and the Middle East – By David W. Lesch and Kamal Alam

Helsinki Meeting Does Little to Clarify America’s Syria Policy – By Joshua Landis 

Juliette El-Mir Saadeh: Gender politics and women in armed conflict in Syria

It Would Have Been Preferable Not to Militarily Intervene in Syria – By Ambassador @nikolaosvandam

U.S. Involves itself Ever Deeper in Middle East with No Clear Strategic Interest – By Sam Farah

The Last Thing the Middle East Needs Now Is Another War  – By Robert Rabil

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party’s (SSNP) Expansion in Syria – By Jesse McDonald

Trump May Be Right – By David W. Lesch

Syria, Deterrence of Chemical Weapons and U.S. Policy in the Middle East – By Joshua Landis

Intervention in Syrien: Sollten wir eingestehen, dass der Krieg gegen das syrische Regime verloren ist? – By Nikolaos van Dam @nikolaosvandam

Foreign intervention in Syria: Isn’t it time to admit that the war against the Syrian regime is lost? – By Nikolaos van Dam

A Sustainable United States Policy for North Syria, the Kurds, Turkey and the Syrian Government – by Landis and Barber

US Policy Toward the Levant, Kurds and Turkey – By Joshua Landis 

Reply to Steven Heydemann’s “Assessing Nikolas Van Dam on Syria’s Fate” – By Nikolaos Van Dam

Assessing Nikaolas Van Dam on Syria’s Fate – by Steven Heydemann

Syria: Who will win the future? – By Nikolaos van Dam

Who Will Usher the Middle East Into an Era of Peace? – By Sam Farah

Trump’s Iran Policy is More about Rollback Than Nukes; It Will Cause More Failed States – by Joshua Landis

Will the U.S. Abandon the Kurds of Syria Once ISIS is Destroyed? by Landis, Itani, Simon

End of US Support for Syrian Rebels Sounds Death Knell for Attempt to Roll Back Iran & Russia in Syria – By Joshua Landis

Rollback? Trump’s Iran claims not just flawed but dangerous – by Steven Simon

Farewell to Ibrahim “Abe” Soliman: A Syrian-American Who Worked for Peace between Syria and Israel – By Geoffrey Aronson

Nationalism Between Europe and The Middle East – By Sam Farah

The SSNP’s Military: The Eagles of the Whirlwind & Their Emblem – By Jesse McDonald

China, the U.S, and the Future of the Middle East – By Sam Farah

Revisiting the Malki Affair – By Christopher Solomon

Russia’s Escalation in Syria: Making It Tougher to Fight ISIS? – By Nicholas A. Heras

Revenge Being Meted Out on ISIS linked Sunni Tribes of Iraq – FrontLine “Iraq Uncovered”

Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State

Three Points Regarding Syrian Refugees and President Trump’s Travel Ban – By Sam Farah

Akram al-Hawrani: Syria’s Left-Wing Populist and the United Arab Republic – By Christopher Solomon

Yes, Syrian Kurds Have Committed War Crimes – Roy Gutman Responds to Aymenn Tamimi

The rise and fall of a CIA-backed rebel commander in Syria – by @ErikaSolomon

A Post-National Framework for Peace and Stability in the Middle East – by Sam Farah

America’s Failure – and Russia and Iran’s Success – in Syria’s Cataclysmic Civil War – By Joshua Landis

Roy Gutman Responds to Ehsani2’s critique of his articles arguing that Assad built ISIS and Staged al-Qaida Bombings

DAM WARS: How Water Scarcity Helped Create ISIS – by Quentin de Pimodan

Is Assad the Author of ISIS? Did Iran Blow Up Assef Shawkat? And Other Tall Tales – By Ehsani2

China’s Interests in Syria and the Middle East – by Dr. Christina Lin

How Will the Syrian Crisis End? – By Ehsani2

Aleppo and America’s Syria Policy – by Robert G. Rabil

“Remember Syria’s Adib Shishakli,” by Christopher Solomon

Lens on Syria, by Daniel Demeter

The Druze in the Syrian Conflict – By Talal El Atrache

“Why the UN’s Excuses For its Aid Fiasco in Syria Fail to Convince,” By Reinoud Leenders

“Turkey’s Syria Intervention,” by Joshua Landis

“Who is to blame for Syria’s nightmare?” By Ehsani2

“What the Rebel Loss of Aleppo Will Mean for Syria,” by Landis, Heras, Lund & Abdulhamid

“Educating Syrian Refugees in Turkey,” by Salih Yasun

The Boy Beheaded by Zinki Fighters, Abdullah Tayseer, Who Was He? – By Ehsani2

Marie Colvin’s Death Was Tragic, But It Was Random

In the Line of Fire — the War Against the UN in Syria

“The Asad Petition of 1936: Bashar’s Grandfather Was Pro-Unionist,” By Stefan Winter

General Gouraud: “Saladin, We’re Back!” Did He Really Say It?

“India and the Syrian Conflict,” by Niraj Srivastava

Remembering Dr. Hassan al-Araj

“The Lens of History and Assad,” by David W. Lesch & Carey Latimore

“President al-Assad’s First Speech – An Insider’s Account,” by Ehsani

“Assad’s Fateful Choice” by David W. Lesch

Call for Submissions: Syrian Studies Association Prizes for Outstanding Dissertation and Article on Syria

“The Assyrians of Syria: History and Prospets” by Mardean Isaac

Wonderful NGO with School for Syrian Refugee Children in Northern Lebanon

“A Trip to the ‘Caliphate’: Oppressive Justice under ISIS,” By Omar al-Wardi

“Regime-Change without State Collapse is Impossible in Syria,” Landis Interviewed by RT’s Sophie&Co

“Russia’s Intervention in Syria – A View From the Past,” by Meir Zamir

Abdallah al-Muhaysini, a Pivotal Figure in the Islamist Insurgency in Syria,” by Waleed Rikab

“The inside Story of the British Suicide Bomber of Ramadi,” By Tam Hussein

“Mohammad Nassif: The Shadow Man of the Syria-Iran Axis,” by Mohammad Ataie

The Syrian Southern Front: Why it Offers Better Justice and Hope than Northern Front” by Marika Sosnowski

Who was Mohammad Nasif Kheirbek?” by Mohammad D.

Outstanding Book & Article on Syria. Prizes by Syrian Studies Association

“Did Ali Mamlouk, Assad’s Spy Chief, Try to Carry out a Coup?” by Joshua Landis

“The evolving humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis,” by Marika Sosnowski

How Far is Hezbollah Willing to Go in Syria?

The Killing of Muhammad al-Assad, a.k.a. “Shaykh al-Jabal”

Syria Photo Guide

Syria Year-End Predictions and Analysis – by Joshua Landis (28 December 2014)

2014 Roundup and 2015 Predictions by Aron Lund

“The Legal Foundations of the Islamic State,” By Mara Revkin

“What Motivates European Youth to Join ISIS?” by Loretta Bass

Fareed Zakaria goes 1-on-1 with Syria expert Joshua Landis to discuss an innovative solution to the ongoing Syrian crisis

Nusra’s Offensive in Idlib & its Attempt to Destroy Washington’s Allies. November 2014

A Visit to the Tomb of Hafez al-Asad

Joshua Landis on ISIS, Syria & the “Great Sorting Out” in the Middle East – Interview with Danny Postel

“What’s at Stake in Kobani: Islamic State and Kobani Calculations,” By Carl Drott

“Dreaming of Home: Syrian Refugees in Jordan’s Cities – Will They Be Repatriated?” by Matthew R. Stevens

“ISIS Is Weaker Than It Looks,” By Balint Szlanko

“10 Things to Know About Refugees in Jordan,” by Justin Schon

The Future of ISIS and the Sectarian Response: ISIS has Picked a Fight it Cannot Win

Syria: The West Should Stop Raising False Expectations – By Nikolaos van Dam

“Who Was Hilal al-Assad?” By Mohammad D.

“Obama Approval of Manpads for Rebels Would Violate US Agreements, Policy, and Endanger Airliners,” by James McMichael

Sham al-Islam: Its Project and Promise in Healing the Wounded Lands of the Levant

“Do Syrians Want To Fight Until Victory or Do they Want a Ceasefire?” by James McMichael

The Northern Storm Brigade: It’s History, Current Status, and Why It Matters By Chris Looney

The Syrian Uprising at Three Years

Saudis and CIA agree to Arm Syrian “Moderates” with Advanced Weapons

“Inter-Rebel Fighting Enters a New Phase as Salafists Declare Open War on ISIS,” by Daniel Abdallah

“Syria, Iraq and Lebanon: the new Af-Pak,” by Anno Bunnik

“Does the Truce Between ISIS and Suqour al-Sham Mean an End to Syria’s Inter-Rebel War?” By Daniel Abdallah

“The ISIS – Suquor al-Sham Truce: Is It Real and Can It Last?” By Daniel Abdallah

“Why Syria’s Assad heads to Geneva from a position of strength,” by Joshua Landis

“Observations of a Homsi living in Tartous,” by Aboud Dandachi

The Battle between ISIS and Syria’s Rebel Militias

“Why Syria’s Kurds are beating Al Qaeda,” By Balint Szlanko

Battle in East Ghouta, Damascus: Rebels Claim to kill 800 Syrian Army Soldiers

Zahran Alloush: His Ideology and Beliefs

“Al-Qaeda’s Governance Strategy in Raqqa,” by Chris Looney

The Work of Fabrice Balanche on Alawites and Syrian Communitarianism reviewed by Nikolaos van Dam

Notes on the Growing Struggle between ISIS, Nusra/Ahrar, and other factions of the FSA

Syrian Army Retakes important towns in Aleppo, Homs and Damascus. Both Salah and Salameh, leaders of largest Aleppo militia, wounded.

Syria’s Top Five Insurgent Leaders

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Lashes out at Critics (30 September 2013)

“Syrian Chemical Weapons & the Possibility of Ending the Civil War,” by William R Polk

Are the Islamic Courts of Aleppo run by al-Nusra? Aron Lund Answers

“Red Lines and False Choices,” by Sarah Shields

Syria Consolidates into Three Cantons as the Opposition Pushes Back, Taking Mengh Airbase and other Strategic Points

Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future

Do the Massacres in Bayda and Banyas Portend Ethnic Cleansing to Create an Alawite State?

Is Syria Like Iraq?

Should the US Intervene? And Listener Responses – Positive and Negative

Buffer Zones: Can They Help?

News Round Up (8 April 2013)

News Round Up (3 April 2013) New Revolutionary Front, Asma on Mother’s Day, M.B. Declaration

Syria Video – a powerful web service that maps Syrian war video by town and province

Jabhat al-Nusra Shaikh Promises to Decapitate Every Oppressive Arab Leader

Opposition Infighting and Fragmentation Bedevils Syria

“Jihad in Syria (Part II): The Assad Regime Perspective,” By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Moaz al-Khatib, Moderate Syrian Leader, Resigns, as Islamic Front and Nusra Move on Damascus. Will the US build a Counter-force?

“Syrian Regime Loses Last Credible Ally among the Sunni Ulama,” by Thomas Pierret

“Jihad in Syria,” By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

“The Free Syrian Army Does Exist” by Koert Debeuf & Response by Aron Lund

Who is Ghassn Hitto? Why Was He backed to be Prime Minister of an Interim Gov by Mustafa Sabbagh?

Capture of Raqqa – Daraa Offensive – Schooling Crisis – Kerry Supportive

Raqqa Falls – (4 March 2013) Assad’s Interview with Hala Jaber

Why the US is Reluctant to Support the Syrian Revolution (in Arabic)

News Round Up (1 March 2013)

Kerry at a Crossroads on Syria – Sending Mixed Signals

Debate Over Death and Suffering in Syria; Rebel Unity Efforts

News Round Up (18 Feb 2013)

10 Anti-tank Missiles Supplied to Military Council for Aleppo Fight

Obama’s State of the Union – Reactions; Battle for Damascus Promises to be Long

Why Are Syrians So Prone to Factionalism? by Abdul Ahad; Ahrar al-Sham Takes Jarrah Air Base

Noah Bonsey: “Liberation Front Represents Mainstream National Militant Alliance”

Noah Bonsey on the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front; Nick Heras on how Islamic Militias emulate Hamas and Hizbullah

Syria’s Islamic Front Militias and How They Think about Minorities

News Round Up (30 January 2013)

Obama Worries Syria Intervention Would Backfire; Medvedev Says Assad Losing Power by the Day

Levant States Coming Unglued as Iraq teeters on Edge of Civil War and Syria Beset by over 1000 militias

Syrian Agriculture Collapses; Al-Qaida Thrives; Refugee Numbers Spike

Readers Letters; News Round Up (January 22, 2013

Hof, Doran, and Shaikh argue for greater US role in guiding Syrian opposition and transition

Assad Does not Live Russian Ship; Islamists More Honest and Capable than FSA; Winter Misery

News Round Up (13 January 2013)

“Forming a Syrian Opposition Government: The Time is Now” by Fred Hof; Ziadeh

News Round Up (January 9 2013)

Assad Speech – December 6, 2012

News Round Up (Jan 5, 2013)

Assad Regime May Well Survive to 2014

“Syria’s chaos isn’t America’s fault,” by Miller; “Abu Ali’s wake-up call,” by Abdul-Ahad

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News Round Up (28 December 2012)

“Women: The Forgotten Victims” by Aida Dalati

“Washington doesn’t care about Syria,” Landis, News Round Up (Dec. 23, 2012)

News Round Up (21 December 2012) Debate over al-Nusra

“Is an Alawite State in Syria’s Future?,”Cecily Hilleary interviews Joshua Landis

Latakia will become Focus of Alawi-Sunni Contest; Scorched Earth; Hama in Flames; 27% of US Public Say…

News Round Up (17 December 2012)

Betting on Bashar’s Expire Date; Russia Prevaricates; National Coalition Struggles

Recognition, Scuds, Ministry of Interior, Controversy over Jabhat al-Nusra

Obama Recognizes National Coalition; Trudy Rubin – “Arm Rebels”

“Three Scenarios for Syria’s Future,” by Joshua Landis w. Lara Setrakian

Syrian Militias Establish New Command – Pro-Jabhat al-Nusra Alliance Emerges

“Chemical Weapons in Syria: Fact, Fiction, and Fib,” by Aron Lund

“Islamism and the Syrian revolution,” by Aron Lund

Chemical Weapons; Jabhat al-Nusra; The End Game; Recognizing National Coalition

News Round Up (1 December 2012)

“Syria’s Long Civil War” by Glenn Robinson

“The Struggle for Abu Kamal: Peace after Defeating the Dictator’s Forces,” by Asaad al-Saleh

Opposition Claims 4 Jets Shot down Today – The Alawite Existential Dilemma

Syria: the Strategic Prize for New and More Religious Sunni Leaders of the Middle East

Will Assad Soon Abandon the North to Rebel Control?

Announcement of Islamic State in Aleppo Met with Widespread Denials. Opposition Gains Ground and Recognition in Europe

The Khatib Controversy – How Liberal is He? More Countries Recognize National Coalition

“The Formation of Syria’s National Coalition: An Assessment and Analysis,” By Amr al-Azm

New Syrian Leadership Electrifies Opposition: Ten Countries Promise Recognition

Clinton Effort to Create Syrian Government in Exile Collapses

Syria Disintegrating

Clinton’s Effort to Build a Syrian Government in Exile Seems Doomed

Kurds and FSA Fight as Clinton’s Efforts to Build New Government Stir Hornet’s Nest

Clinton Helps Shape New Syrian Gov in Exile

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