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Syrian War Spillover in Iraq Will Be Much Worse than in Lebanon

The Kurds and the PKK in Ashrafiye, Aleppo

Rebel Troops Take Two Christian and One Kurdish Neighborhood Thursday Morning (Oct 25, 2012)


The US Must Supply anti-Aircraft Missiles to the Syrian Opposition

Syrian Rebels Getting Stronger – They Fit a Mold: Poor, Pious, Rural

Jihadists Receiving Arms Meant for Syrian Rebels

Is a Turkey-Syria conflict inevitable? – Inside Syria: Aljazeera

Turkey and Syria – Will Turkey Go to War?

News Round Up (October 11, 2012)

Sheikh Arour Becomes Icon of the the Revolutionary Military Councils

Car Bombs Rip Apart Saadallah al-Jabiri Square in Aleppo

The Families of Qardaha; Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Syria; Iran’s Currency Collapses from Sanctions

Intra-Alawite fighting in Qardaha not Confirmed; Turkey Denies Syria Captured Pilots Alive; `Ar`our Returns to Syria

Aleppo Burns – Dar Zamaria, Sisi House and much of Souq reported Burned

Firas Tlass Offers to Finance Syrian Opposition with Worthless Assets

News Round Up (Sept 27, 2012)

News Round Up (Sept 25, 2012)

“Why Manaf Tlas is Uniquely Qualified to Serve the Opposition,” by a Supporter

Has the Syria State Collapsed?

“State of the Internal Opposition,” by Ammar Abdulhamid

Syrian Kurdistan: Can it Make a Peaceful Transition?

News Round Up (19 Sept 2012)

Many Christians Head for Tartus

Assad’s Army Unlikely to “Crumble”

News Round Up (Sept 12, 2012)

News Round Up (Sept. 10, 2012)

“The Formation of Alawite Militias in the Kassab region,” by Mohammad D.

Flood of Refugees Underlines the Spreading Sectarian War

The Flood of Syrian Refugees Threatens Regional Stability and Underlines Price of Inaction

Darayya Massacre Escalates Killings

Turkey’s Syria Problem

Syria and the US – by Sami Moubayed – New Book

Nuri al-Maliki’s Strategy toward Syria and Syrian Kurds

News Round Up (22 Aug. 2012)

“Revolt in Syria,” Stephen Starr’s Book; Sahner on Syrian Heritage beign Destroyed; Ajami on Clinton

Assad’s Kurdish Strategy

“The Original Shabiha,” by Mohammad D.

News Round Up (14 Aug 2012)

Creating a Syrian Swamp: Assad’s ‘Plan B’

Rebels Get Missiles; Kurds; Aleppo; Opposition Divided; al-Qaida

Will Syria Remain Fragmented for Years?

Kurds; SNC Criticized; Tlas; Aleppo

The Kurdish Flag Flies over Parts of Syria as Aleppo Ignites

Four New Security Chiefs Named – all Hawks. Airplanes Used for First Time. Clinton Gives Assad “Time to Negotiate”

Aleppo Fighting Spreads; Iraq Arms Kurds

Five Reasons Why There Will Not Be an Alawite State

The Damage to Assad’s Security; Death Rate Soars; Fighting in Damascus; Border Crossings Taken

Tremseh: Lopsided Battle with Rebels; Rebel Commanders Angry; Fares Says Assad Ordered Al-Qaida Bombings;

Tremseh: A Massacre or a Fight? Annan’s New Plan: For and Against

The US Sees Russia as the Weak Link in Support for Assad – But is it?

Wikileaks, Assad and Syria Comment – The Dispute about Tlas – Assad Interview

News Round Up (July 8, 2012)

Manaf Tlas Defection Confirmed: His Statement from Paris

Regime’s Top Sunni Defects – General Manaf Mustafa Tlass Flees to Turkey

News Round Up (3 July 2012)

News Round Up (2 July 2012)

What Came out of the UN Conference on Syria?

Has Russia Flipped? Clinton Says “Yes”

“We are in a State of Real War,” Assad Says; Republican Guard Attacked in Damascus

The Weapons Supply – Who is Deciding Who Gets What?

Rebels Massacre 25 “Shabiha;” An Assad Taken; High Level Military to Defect; Turkish Fighter Shot Down

Will the Syria Opposition Unify? Does it Need to?

UN in Catch 22 in Syria

Ajami’s Syria Rebellion; Homs Bombed

UN Suspends Mission as Syria Becomes Regional Proxy War

SNC Gets New Leader; Insurgency Grows; Foreign Jihadists Flock to Syria; Some Claim Houla Dead are Alawis

The Shabiha State Causes Horror – the Unraveling is sure to Speed Up.

“Stay Out of Syria,” by Joshua Landis in Foreign Policy

Military Casualties Rise; President Spreech; Houla

Stay Out of Syria

The West Worries about Civil War in Syria and Blames Russia

News on Houla Massacre

Sanctions Stop Food Getting to Syria but Not Arms

Ghalioun Resigns; Can the SNC Recapture Center Stage; Is Shawkat Dead? No Cooking Gas

Activists Worry that Sanctions May Undermine Chances for Future Democracy

The SNC – Conversation between Kodmani, Labwani, & Landis

Opposition Says it has Killed Top Six Regime Figures, But Claim is Doubtful

Election Results of the May 7, 2012 Syrian Elections

The SNC in Trouble as Ghalioun Offers to Resign

Syrian Rebels Become More Lethal

“The Hamas-Syrian Split, a Dilemma for Iran’s Palestinian Strategy,” By Mohammad Ataie

Main Pillars of the Syrian Regime Collapsing

Week’s Round Up (4 May 2012)

From the Comment Section (26 April 2012)

Syria’s Opposition Develops into a Real Insurgency as Assad Uses More Force. Obama Refuses to Jump In

The US Looks for a More Muscular Response to Syria; Damascus Sells Gold in a Sign of Poverty

Truce Shaky but neither Arab League nor West have Better Idea as Opposition Militias Fight Among Themselves

The Cease-fire Shakes; “Syria’s Phase of Radicalisation” by Harling

‘Don’t Drag our Revolution through the Mud!” Farouk Brigade Commander Denies Claims of the self-proclaimed “Executioner of Homs”

“Mohammad’s American Dream in the Sea of Protest,” Documentary

Syria Accepts the Annan Plan if the Opposition Remains Quiet and UN Observers Follow Strict Rules

“Making the Maliki State in Iraq and the Reemergence of Izzat Ibrahim ad-Duri” By LTC Joel Rayburn

Will Turkey Invade Syria? Can the West Find a New Calculus for Intervention?

Ceasefire Efforts Unlikely to Work; Government Pursues Rebels; Muslim Brotherhood’s New Convenant

“The hunt for ‘plan B’, by Labott; Syria Needs a George Washington; Syria could become like North Korea; “The Burial Brigade of Homs,” by Putz

The Annan Peace Proposal

The Muslim Brotherhood Issues a New Covenant that Gives Hope

Assad’s Emails Reveal that Syria Has Extremely Weak Government Institutions

“In Defense of Asma al-Assad,” by an Anonymous Syrian

News Round UP (23 March 2012)

Upheaval within the Opposition: Defections, Terrorism, and Preparing for a Phase II Insurgency

“Exclusive: Secret Assad Emails Lift Lid on Life of Leader’s Inner Circle,” in Guardian

Defection Rumors Rife; Annan Diplomacy Founders

Syrian Pound at 90 per Dollar as Government Intervenes

Sunni Deputy Minister Defects; Panetta Pushes back against US Involvement

“Syria’s Currency Plunges, Raising Fears of Economic Chaos and Poverty,” by Joshua Landis

Is Aleppo Slipping out of Government Control?

“Inside Syria – Can Syria’s Opposition Unite?” al-Jazeera English

Formation of SNC Military Council Causes Uproar among Fighters in Syria and Turkey

Syrian National Council to Create Military Bureau

“Free Syrian Army lacks organization in fight against Bashar Assad” by Landis and Reuters Video

Referendum and Friends of Syria Meeting Resolve Little

Friends of Syria Meeting in Tunis Accused of “inactivity”

“The Syrian Uprising of 2011: Why the Asad Regime is Likely To Survive to 2013,” by Joshua Landis in MEP

In Mezzeh, Wealthy Sunnis Begin to Demonstrate; Washington Unlikely to Arm Syrians Soon; Friends of Syria to Meetin in Tunis

“The Implosion,” by Jon Lee Anderson in The New Yorker

UN Vote on Syria; Homs Killings Rise; CNN Shows Alawi Neighborhoods Shelled too

Anthony Shadid Dies in Syria

Syria’s Next Leader: Will He Come from the SNC or the Militias?

The New Syrian Constitution Draft Discussed

Al-Qaida Targets Syria; Military Uses Hostages; World Fumbles for Syria Policy

“The Real Opposition in Syria is Not the Syrian National Council or Free Syrian Army,” by Idaf

“Why Homs is the Center of the Revolt” by Joshua Landis

Rockets Fall on Homs as West and Turkey Weigh Support for Opposition

Landis and Heydemann on PBS News Hour Discuss Diplomatic and Military Options

The UN Veto Turns all Eyes to the Military Effort of the Opposition

UN Security Council Meets; SNC Divisions; Sectarian Attacks and Kidnapping in Homs

“Syria’s Assad regime is doomed, but the battle will be long and bloody,” by Joshua Landis

Syria Rejects Arab League Request that Assad Step Aside

Zabadani Ceasefire Collapses, as fighting spreads

“When is the Financial Crisis Coming?” by Ehsani

Opposition Fails to Unify; More Calls for Intervention; The Arab League; First Political Defections

Arab League Enters Syria as Violence Rises. Syria’s Deficit Spending Explodes but Government Hangs On

Suicide Bombing Changes Nature of the Syrian Revolution

Opposition Meets in Tunisia as Arab Observers Enter Syria and Deathrate Rises

Assad’s Parallel Universe Suggests a Long Struggle

Syria Places 30% Tariff on Turkish Goods; Conditionally Accepts Arab League Observers; Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: “To Hell with Syrian Identity”

Burhan Ghalioun, Leader of Syria’s Main Opposition Group, Interview with Wall Street Journal. (Dec. 1, 2011)

Free Syrian Army getting attention

Syrian Pound Falls to 59.4 to the Dollar

“SYRIAN FUTURE SCENARIOS,” by Ambassador Nikolaos van Dam

Harling on “Syria’s Dynamics” and More

Syrians Donating to Opposition; News Round Up (Nov. 23, 2011)

Assad Determined to Fight On; SNC Issues Plan; Reasons for Energy Shortages

Sanctions Bite; Do Not Attack Syria; The Harasta Attack; The Arab League Delays as Damascus Contemplates Observers

Will Sanctions Bring Down the Syrian Regime?

“Let’s Call Bashar’s Bluff” by Reinoud Leenders

Off the Wall on Ghalioun’s Eid Speech

Opposition Parties Fight in Cairo; Feltman Claims Sanctions Effective and Assad’s Days Numbered, Eyes on Turkey

Ghalioun Addresses Syrians for `Eid Holiday in bid to Establish Authority

Arab League Peace Plan? Syrian Opposition Shoots Back. Turkey Hardens Stand on Syria

Arab League in Damas; Pro-Assad Demos, Strike in Homs, Killings, Ambassadorial tit for tat

Qaddafi’s Death, Mazoot Prices, Opposition

New Era for Syria Comment – Ehsani and Camille Otrakji take the Helm

Opposition National Council Formed; Opposition Gets Armed; Building Boom in Syria as Sanctions Bite;

“Stone Age, Here We Come,” by Syrian Prometheus

News Round UP (12 Sept. 2011) – Turkey as Emerging Leader of the Resistance

Will the Regime Reach a Tipping Point and Collapse?

Homs Intense Fighting; Bakkour Taken by Gov; Roadside Bomb Wounds 11 Soldiers; Defections

“Who is Mohammad Rahhal, the Syrian Revolutionary who Called for Armed Resistance and Attacked Burhan Ghalioun?”

Seven Reasons Why Western Officials do Not Want the Syrian Opposition to Take up Arms

Ehsani on Syria Comment over the Years

Four of Syria’s Biggest Businessmen Hit with EU Sanctions as Anger and Fear Spread

Bourhan Ghalioun is Sunni; Big Demonstrations in Hama

Syria’s First High Ranking Defection or a Forced Confession? The Taped Resignation of Hama Attorney General

Assad Maintains a Vice-Like Grip on Syria’s Capital; Rastan

Opposition Disunity Becomes the Problem as the West Gets its Ducks in a Row

No Bullet Holes in Bab Touma; Several Accounts of Life in Syria

“We Will Have to Eat Brown Bread,” Adib Mayaleh, Head of Syria’s Central Bank

Valerie, an American Business Owner in Latakia, Tells Her Story of Gun Boats, Rimal al-Janubi, the Evacuation, and Miliatry Operations

News Round Up (25 August 2011)

Interventionists Versus Non-Interventionists

What is behind Assad’s Violence? Three Opinions

Libya and Syria – Looking Over Our Shoulder

President Assad’s 4th Speech on TV (21 Aug 2011) “We don’t permit any country … to interfere in Syria”

Assad to Speak Sunday as Opposition Assembly Gathers in Turkey

Sanctions and Their Impact; The Opposition Forms Transitional Parliament

News Round Up (19 August 2011)

EU and US say Syria’s Assad must step down

Baath Party Calls Emergency Meeting; Latakia; EU Weighs Broad Sanctions


News Round Up (14 Aug 2011)

“A Syrian Drama: A Taxonomy of a Revolution” by Omar Dahi

News Round Up (13 August 2011)

News Round Up Aug 10, 2011

The World Closes in on Bashar al-Assad

New Coalition to Box in Assad Takes Shape. Iran’s Response Awaited

Mid East Governments Pressure Assad to Stop Killing and Hand over Power

WikiLeaks: US Embassy Officials’ Views on Sanctioning Syrian Insiders and on Assad

The Armed Gangs Controversy

“The US Won’t Use Force against Syria,” Chief of Staff Mike Mullen; Armed Gang Controversy

Hama as Explained on Syrian TV and al-Jazeera

Ramadan Begins with Wide Spread Crack Down

120 Dead as Tanks Sweep into Hama and Deir

Hama Being Subdued Before Ramadan – “Way out of the Syrian Crisis,” by Patrick Seale

Is the Free Syrian Army Real?

Free Syrian Army Founded by Seven Officers to Fight the Syrian Army

Friday 29 July 2011: “Your Silence is Killing US”

Buti [not] Expelled From Mosque – Soldiers enter Kanaker: 8 Killed

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