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Wonderful NGO with School for Syrian Refugee Children in Northern Lebanon

Conference Announcement—Syria: Moving Beyond the Stalemate

Administrative Update plus Round-Up

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Lashes out at Critics (30 September 2013)

Islamist Groups Declare Opposition to National Coalition and US Strategy [updated]

Ehsani Says GoodBye

“The US Won’t Use Force against Syria,” Chief of Staff Mike Mullen; Armed Gang Controversy

Haithem al-Maleh, Landis, Fred Reed on Prism TV

Nokalaos van Dam, “The Struggle for Power in Syria: Politics and Society under Assad and the Baath Party.”


Imad Moustapha: “Rami Makhlouf does not speak on behalf of the Syrian authorities.”

“Talking about a Revolution: An Interview with Camille Otrakji” by Qifa Nabki

NPR Show with Anthony Shadid, Rami Khouri, and Joshua Landis

“Protesters Want Changes to Syria’s Power Structure,” Landis on NPR

Happy New Year

Mearsheimer and Bacevich on Petraeus and the Clash of US-Israeli Interests

A New Study Abroad Program in Aleppo – CET

Pr al-Assad Announces the Passing Away of His Brother Majd

“Tea on the Axis of Evil,” a film by Jean Marie Offenbacher

ADC on Anti-Arab remarks of Emmanuel’s father

Sami Moubayed Sets the Record Straight

Syria Comment Returns + News Roundup

Syria Comment Goes off-line for Maintenance

News Round UP (13 Sept. 2008)

Aref Dalileh released

Donating Books to Syria: Advice from Mr. Abed

Books for Syrian Universities – Mr. Haytham Abed

The Syria Comment Hall of Fame

Syrian Israeli Peace Process

Syria Comment: Rules and Regulations

Jewish Fundraiser to Support Syrian Children with Cancer

Jonah Hutton Firas Landis is born

News Roundup (15 March 2008)

‘Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East’ by Robin Wright

The Eighth Gate of Damascus

A letter from Alon Liel / Chairman of the Israeli-Syrian Peace Society

Damascus, capital of Arab culture for 2008

Hassan al-Quwatli, son of President Shukri al-Quwatli, Dies in Saudi Arabia

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies

Canadian Searches for Sister Lost in Syria

Landis and Badran Debate Syria on “Radio Times” with Marty Moss-Coane

Introducing the Creative Forum: Commemorating the Golan Heights

Centre for Syrian Studies Call for Papers on Reform