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Peak Fragility: Why The Middle East Is Doomed — by Ehsani

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The Effect of the Conflict on Syrian Banking and Economy

Round Up: Qusayr, Hezbollah, Regional Sectarianism, Ehsani on Economics, Foreign Jihadis Behead & Kill for Blasphemy, US Intervention Proposal

Former Secretary James Baker Commenting On Syria – The Charlie Rose Show

“The Declining Number of Christians in Aleppo, Syria,” by Ehsani

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Qaddafi’s Death, Mazoot Prices, Opposition

Ehsani Says GoodBye

The Issue Of Foreign Intervention – US Calls on Assad to “Step Down Now”. Robert Ford, making a difference (By Ehsani)

The First Legally Binding Decision Against Syria Fails At the U.N. (By Ehsani)

The Import Suspension Decision Was Indeed “Temporary” – (By Ehsani)

Syria Faces A New Economic Reality – By Ehsani

More Economic Pressure. Assad Will be Ousted “Sooner or Later”? Sarkozy asks why the Region’s Christians Don’t Emigrate? The Six Killer Apps (By Ehsani)

Suspending New Car Imports into Syria (By Ehsani)

Aleppo – Remarks by the newly appointed Governor (By Ehsani)

News Round Up (September 20th, 2011) – By Ehsani

Ehsani on Syria Comment over the Years

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“Syria’s New Government,” By EHSANI2

Syria first bond issue – A first round win for the Ministry of Finance

“The Sin in Syria is Low Wages,” by Ehsani

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American Sanctions on Syria: Godsend to Hardliners, Hell for Liberalizers – By Ehsani

“Has President Assad Stepped Up Economic Reform?” by Ehsani

Omar Dahi and Ehsani Debate “Neoliberalism” and Economic Reform

Observations along the road to Kassab and the streets of Aleppo, by Ehsani

It’s the Economy Stupid – Ehsani Comments

The Syrian Public Sector, Corruption, Taxation, and Government Services” by Ehsani

“Syrian Population Growth and Unemployment” by Ehsani

“Obama’s Speech: a Syrian Reaction” by Ehsani

US-Syria relations: time to hit the reset button?

Syria’s New Tax Code

Syria – magic ruins and 1001 nights, and a few other things

Syria’s Bourse – The Launch & Recommendations for Enhanced Liquidity

Is Syria Putting a Price Tag on a US Brokered Peace with Israel?

Water and Economics in Syria

US-Syrian Thaw: Welsh and Muallem Talk

Competing with the Syrian government itself and wining hands down

Ehsani’s Observations Following a Two Week Visit to Aleppo

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U.S. pressures Turkcell to abandon Syria deal & other Economic News

News Round Up (7 April 2008)

“Syrian Economy in Downturn,” by Ehsani

Five undeniable facts about the Syria that I saw / by Ehsani

Maybe the NIE Is Not So Good for Syria?

“A Review Of Mr. Assad’s First Term in office” by Ehsani

“Why Don’t Arab Dictators Declare Themselves Kings?” by Ehsani

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