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Rollback? Trump’s Iran claims not just flawed but dangerous – by Steven Simon

Liwa al-Mukhtar al-Thiqfi: Syrian IRGC Militia

America’s Failure – and Russia and Iran’s Success – in Syria’s Cataclysmic Civil War – By Joshua Landis

Liwa al-Imam Zain al-Abidain: Building a ‘Resistance’ in Eastern Syria

The Local Defence Forces: Regime Auxiliary Forces in Aleppo

Harakat al-Hawiya al-Arabiya al-Druziya: Defending Druze Identity in Suwayda’

The Doha Congress: Negotiating a Return of the Iraqi Baath Party?

Quwat al-Ridha: Syrian Hezbollah

“Mohammad Nassif: The Shadow Man of the Syria-Iran Axis,” by Mohammad Ataie

The Iran-Syria Alliance: Sectarianism or Realpolitik? — by Mohammad Ataie

“Why Syria’s Assad heads to Geneva from a position of strength,” by Joshua Landis

Clerics in Egypt Call for Global Jihad Against Regime’s Shiite Allies, Egypt Cuts Syria Ties

Drones, A New Alawite Opposition, Obama in Israel

Lebanese Tension, Egyptian Chaos, Iraqi Memories… and all the news from Syria

“The Hamas-Syrian Split, a Dilemma for Iran’s Palestinian Strategy,” By Mohammad Ataie

Will Iranian Warships Through Suez Canal Change Balance of Power?

Obama Trapped in Bush’s Lebanon War

Wikileaks: “Syrian-Iranian Relations return to normal”; Jordan, Turkey, and US Seek Improved Iran Relations; Hariri Tribunal Delayed;

WikiLeaks: Saudi Proposed Arab Force to Invade Lebanon; Makhlouf Sanctions; Mughniya Murder

Disapearing Golan; Hariri Murder; Iran

Ahmedinejad in Lebanon

Turkey Continues to Look East; Iran Hit by Sanctions

News Roundup (August 20 2010)

Hizbullah Arms; Senator Specter to Damascus; Cordesman: “Iranian Threat Exaggerated”

What Effect will Turkey’s Switch to Israeli Opponent have on Syria and the Regional Balance of Power?

News Round Up (25 June 2010)

News Round Up (14 April 2010)

Clinton to Damascus?

Reactions to the Assad-Ahmadinejad Summit

Assad and Ahmadinejad – “There is No Separating Iran and Syria”

Will Engaging Syria deal a “Blow to Iran”? Not Likely.

The Case for Syria

Has Washington Decided to Focus on Syrian-Israeli Peace?

News Round Up (27 December 2009)

Will India’s Proposal to Invest Billions in Iran Undermine US Sanction Drive? Is Turkey the Winner?

France Champions Syria While US Says Differences with Damascus are “Profound”

Why Turkey Went to Iran and What it Means

Turkey’s “Zero Problem with Neighbors” Reaches Iran: New Currency Deal Eliminates Dollar

Syria’s Four Seas strategy, by Yoav Stern

Will Syria Serve Up Iran on a Silver Platter?

Scholarly Articles; Bolton; First Lady on Democracy

News Round Up (30 June 2009)

Why Turmoil in Iran Will Not Cause Peace Between Israel and Syria

News Round Up (June 17, 2009)

Iran, Mitchell, Lebanon and Iraq

“Will There Be a US Ambassador in Damascus by September?” By Landis

US-Syria relations: time to hit the reset button?

News Round Up (5 April 2009)

Engagement and its Many Critics

Nasrallah’s Rhetoric Directed East or West?

A new strategic alliance: Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq?

New Round Up (Feb. 18 2009)

Balancing “Change” and “Prudence” will be an arduous process for President Obama

Syria is the Only Game in Town

News Round Up (December 19, 2008)

“Forces of Stability: Syria and Iran or the USA?” by Jihad Makdissi

Britain and Syria Resume Intelligence Sharing

Bush’s Final Violent Outburst Causes Exasperation

“Twilight Struggle” by Eli Lake

News Round Up (25 Oct. 2008)

Interview with Ambassador Imad Moustapha: Peace Talks, Hizbullah, Palestine

“Syria-Israel Peace: The Impact on Non-State militias” by Landis

“What to talk to Iran About,” by Baer

Why Syria Doesn’t Want War with Israel

Syria Comment Returns + News Roundup

Livni Wins Vote to Lead Kadima

Difficult Decisions for Assad, but Syrian Art Sizzles

The Middle East Waits for America

News Round Up (18 Aug. 2008)

Building Towards Peace

News Round-Up (August 1, 2008)

Andrew Tabler: “The U.S. Can Help Tackle Syrian Corruption”

Samir al-Taki’s talk at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC

News Round Up (20 July 2008)

Mead takes on Walt & Mearsheimer on Why the US is pro-Israel

Iran Warns Syria Against Peace with Israel

Bashar al-Assad Walking the Tight-Rope

Syrian-Israeli Talks, More Iran


News Round Up (28 June 2008)

News Round Up (20 June 2008)

News Round Up (10 June 2008)

News Round Up (31 May 2008)

Bush Promises Support that Analysts Say He Cannot Give

More Firms Find Ways Around Sanctions on Syria and Iran

News Round UP (29 April 2008)

Latest Statistics on Arab Popularity of Asad, Hamas, Hizbullah, Iraq…

President Assad is “more optimistic than any time before.” / Carter is “very upbeat”

Brother Accuses France of Killing Siddiq: US Accuses French and Swiss of Breaking Spirit of Sanctions

News Roundup (6 April 2008)

Summitry 3: Can the Effort to Isolate Syria Hold?

News Round Up (12 March 2008)

News Roundup (8 March 2008)

The soldiers of truth are back

Israel Says No to Syria; Lebanon Says No to France

Crackdown, Cranks, China, and the Cost of Gas Oil

“How to Defuse Iran,” by Leveretts

Iraq Wants US to Engage with Syria and Iran. Facebook Minister Soaped

Bush Engages for Foes as Syrians Make a Come Back

Lebanon, Iran & US

“Landis: Syria Key to Middle East Peace Process,” CFR Interview with Gwertzman

Maybe the NIE Is Not So Good for Syria?

What Does the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran Mean for Syria?

Best of Comments on US Opening to Syria

How the Lebanese Delegation was Blindsided at Annapolis

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies

News Roundup (31 Oct. 2007)

“Analysis: Iran, Syria in gas deal,” by Derek Sands

Strike on Syria or Iran – Lebanon torn in the Middle

Michael Young Talks Sense about Syria

Assad Speaks On Israeli Strike and Peace Conference

News Roundup (18 Sept. 2007)

Israel’s Strike – Was it a Warning to Iran? For Lebanon?

Israeli Strike on Syria: A Message for Syria? … A Message for Iran?

News Round Up (1 Sept 2007)

“Iran and Syria: An Alliance Shaped by Mutual Foes” by Deborah Amos

Sharaa Statement of Syria’s Foreign Policy

The truth about Syria?

“Iran’s and Syria’s plan: an interpretation,” by Michael Young

Rice and Moualem Meet: Has Syria Won?

Seymour Hersh: “We may never find out who ordered Hariri assassination”

The Arab League Summit: Arabism is Back – Syria is In

“Iranian General Defects with Hizbullah’s Secrets,” by Nicholas Noe

Has a Lebanon Deal Been Clinched?

Saudis and Syrians …Brothers or Rivals?

News Round Up (3 March 2007)

News Round Up (27 February 2007)

Seymour Hersh, “The Administration’s New Policy on Terrorism”

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Three’s a Crowd

Will Saudi Arabia Solve America’s Problems?

Powell Says, “We got plenty” from Syria in Talks

New Zogby poll: 80 % of moderate Arabs say Israel and the U.S. are their two biggest external threats. 6% cited Iran

Syria and Iraq

“The Pieces are in Place for Escalation,” by Sam Gardiner

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