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Wikileaks: Bellemare “has no case” against Syria

Wikileaks: “General Rifi is convinced that Syrian authorities are directly responsible for all three crimes,” said a cable classified by Jeremy Feltman

Should A Resurgent Syria Give Alarm?

Elias Murr: “If Israel has to bomb Shia areas, that is Hizbullah’s concern… The Lebanese Army Forces will stay on their bases …. and take over once Hizballah’s militia has been destroyed.”

Wiki Leaks: First Cut

“Defining a Constructive Role in the Middle East,” by Ahmed Salkini

Disapearing Golan; Hariri Murder; Iran

Can the US Convince Hariri to Stand up to Hizbullah with the Lebanese Tribunal?

China’s Rise Undermines Power of Sanctions as US Diplomatic Tool

Assad Grants State Employees a 50% Bonus as Job Creation Lags

More WikiLeaks – Kerry: “Israel should return Golan”

“Why Lieberman?,” by Shai

News Round Up (24 October 2010)

Ahmedinejad in Lebanon

Drought, Water Management, and the Kurdish Question

Tuykey and Syria Struggle to Resolve Their Kurdish Question

Turkey Continues to Look East; Iran Hit by Sanctions

The Special Lebanon Tribunal Power Play – The End of the Bush Agenda

Encouraging Israel not to Settle; Encouraging Iran to Go Nuclear

U.S. Saves Talks but Not Palestine

“Syria’s Improved Relations with Turkey is the Center-Piece of Bashar Assad’s New Foreign Policy,” Joshua Landis

Syria Gets Better Russian Missiles

“New Media is Straining Government Tolerance In Syria,” by Deb Amos

What Does Turkey’s “Yes” Vote Mean for Democracy

News Round Up (13 Sept 2010)

Drought Hits East for Forth Year Causing More Distress

Lebanon PM: I was wrong to accuse Syria of Rafik Hariri murder

“Bush White House Wanted to Destroy the Syrian State by Force and With Urgency,” Tony Blair

News Round Up (1 Sept. 2010)

Will Obama Abandon the Bush Policy of Punishing Mid East Countries that Oppose Israeli Expansion?

News Round Up (29 August 2010)

News Roundup (August 20 2010)

Will rising tensions in the Middle East lead to another catastrophic war?

News Round Up (22 July 2010)

“Syrians Were Not Behind the Hariri Assassination,” Former US Offical to as-Safir

News Round Up (14 July 2010)

Is the Obama Peace Effort Over?

“A Peace Crime” by Levy; Will Turkey be Punished?

Hizbullah Arms; Senator Specter to Damascus; Cordesman: “Iranian Threat Exaggerated”

Lesch Article on Assad; Syria Worst at Anti-Corruption; Bush Nixxed Israel 2007 Bombing

Skewed Balance of Power between Israel and Syrian Impedes Peace

Real GDP Growth 5.9%? Turkey and Change in the Region; Fadlallah Dies

What Effect will Turkey’s Switch to Israeli Opponent have on Syria and the Regional Balance of Power?

News Round Up (25 June 2010)

What Are US Tech Firms Doing in Damas? NeoCon Dreams of Regime Change

Overview of Syrian-US Relations

Uri Saguy on Barak’s “Missed Opportunity” with Syria – Didi Remez trans.

US-Syrian Diplomatic War; US Tech Firms to Syria; Trade Union w. Turkey

Israel Pays High Price for Attack on Turkish Flotilla with Aid for Gaza

Israel Wins Twice

News Round UP (23 May 2010) Kerry in Damascus Written up by Blanford, CNN and All4Syria

OneMideast.Org Written up by Ian Black and Joe Macaron

Medvedev’s Visits to Syria and Turkey – News Round Up (14 May 2010)

“Will failure to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict mean a new Cold War in the Middle East,” By Joshua Landis

“A Brief Introduction to the Shebaa Farms Problem” by Matthieu Cimino

News Round Up (May 6, 2010)

Who is Changing the Regional Balance of Power?

Iran, Syria, and US in War of Words as West Bank is Digested by Israel

Freeman: Israel is useless to US power projection

Is a Hizbullah – Israel War Likely?

Turkish-Syria Military; How to Sanction Syria? Obama Keeps Jewish Leaders Happy

Seguy: “It Was Not about Dipping Assad’s Feet into the Water of the Kinneret that Prevented Peace”

US and Israel Agree; Missile Controversy Plays Out

Why are US Analysts Surprised that Syria Arms Hizbullah?

“Syria’s National Day Celebrations at the Library of Congress”, by Ford Prefect

Missiles and More

News Round Up (22 April 2010)

The Scud Issues Has Legs – State Dept Summons Syrian Diplomat

News Round Up (19 April 2010)

News Round Up (18 April 2010)

Why Having a US Ambassador in Damascus is Important

News Round Up (14 April 2010)

Ambassador Ford’s Confirmation Delayed

Netanyahu: “We will oppose an imposed solution”

Will Obama Unveil a Peace Plan?

Renewed talks between Israel and Syria unlikely

“The Turkish Judicial System: Guardians of the Ancient Regime,” By Firat Demir

Kerry Creates Good Will in Damascus

Kerry to Syria Keeps Hope Alive

Why Syria Must Burnish its “Resistance” Credentials in the Face of Obama’s Inaction on Settlement Expansion

Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s Vice Premier, Explains How Netanyahu “Maneuvers” to Avoid Agreement

“Nationalist First, Islamist Second: The Armenian Issue Shows the Limits of the Erdogan Government,” by Firat Demir

News Round Up (21 March 2010)

News Round Up (March 19, 2010)

Syrian Economy; Israel – US Clash

Ambassador Ford Hearings; Petraeus’s Testimony; Hof in Damascus to Discuss Peace

Mearsheimer and Bacevich on Petraeus and the Clash of US-Israeli Interests

Will Israel Flex Its Muscle Further?

Petraeus Asks that Palestinians be Considered Middle Eastern and Not European – Politics Prevail over National Interest

Syria NOT Pursuing Nuclear Power, Biden Flounders, Ford to Confirmation

“The Armenian Genocide: The Islamist and Kemalist Consensus,” by Firat Demir

Devastation in the North East; Left Laments Israel; Right Laments Syria

“Turkey at a Crossroad: Democracy or Military Rule?” by Firat Demir

John Kerry and Leveretts Talk to Assad

Clinton to Damascus?

Reactions to the Assad-Ahmadinejad Summit

Assad and Ahmadinejad – “There is No Separating Iran and Syria”

Austrian FM and James Baker III on Syria-Israel Peace Talks

Assad Reaches Out to Business, Turkey, France and the US

Will Engaging Syria deal a “Blow to Iran”? Not Likely.

Obama Nominates Ambassador to Syria as Businessmen Rush in

News Round Up (15 February 2010)

The Case for Syria

Economy Grows at 4%ish; Saudi Handshaking; Israeli-Syria Verbal Jousting

More on New US Amb., War Bluster, Hariri Court

Israel and Syria Threaten War as US Pushes for Talks: Feltman and Abrams Explain US Policy

Has Washington Decided to Focus on Syrian-Israeli Peace?

Syrian Growth Figures; More Scary Drought Figures from the East

Economics, NGOs and More

“Ecological Peace between Syria and Israel?” by Saleem H. Ali

“The US Censors Syrian Internet,” By Idaf

NGO’s in Syria; Mitchell Should Resign; Egypt and Syria Feud; Assad to Libya

Al-Waleed Bin Talal: “Assad… we are getting him back in the fold”

News Round up (20 January 2010)

“Greater Syria” and “Turkey’s slide toward Syria and Iran” by Rabinovich, Maoz, Moubayed et al.

Economic Policy and Amer Lutfi as Head of State Planning Commission

Has Obama Outsourced the Job of Chastising Israel to Turkey?

Deborah Amos on the Water and Food Crisis

Washington Reaffirms Sanctions on Syria as Gift to Israel

News Round Up (27 December 2009)

End of Arab Cold War Makes Syria Man in the Middle

Assessing Hariri’s visit to Lebanon and Syria’s Rise

Hariri Speech Reveals Bad Arabic; Adam Ereli Possible Ambassador to Syria

Hariri Goes to Damascus; US Gives More and Better Arms to Israel

“Reshuffling the Cards?: Syria’s Evolving Strategy,” by Peter Harling of ICG

Turkey’s “Zero Crescents, Zero Axises, and Zero problems” Foreign Policy is Catching on.

Sharaa on Turkey, the US, Lebanon; Diplomats on Bus Explosion; Turkey’s Leadership

Is Syria to Blame for the Bombings in Iraq?

Bus Bomb? Syrian-Israel Peace Talks? SSNP, Turkey is Warned, Washington is Broken

“Jordan is a model that works, whether we like it or not,” – Rami Khouri

Bus Explosion in Damascus Sets off Wild Speculation

Will India’s Proposal to Invest Billions in Iran Undermine US Sanction Drive? Is Turkey the Winner?

Dubai Blues and Iraqi families Suffer in Syria

“Has Syria Won?” in the Economist

News Round Up (25 November 2009)

Syria and Iraq and Lebanon and ….

France Champions Syria While US Says Differences with Damascus are “Profound”

Assad in Paris

Netanyahu Talks Peace for the Press; Syrian Subsidies

Lebanon Gets a New Government

News Round Up (6 November 2009)

Israeli Trojan Horse Proves Lame: Syrians Unveil New Secret Weapon

Why Turkey Went to Iran and What it Means

Turkey’s “Zero Problem with Neighbors” Reaches Iran: New Currency Deal Eliminates Dollar

The Turkey-Syria-Iran Alliance Heats Up; The Economy, Tepid

The Association Agreement; Authoritarianism; and Arab winds of change

Syria’s Four Seas strategy, by Yoav Stern

“The Murders at al-Sukariya” by Reese Erlich and Peter Coyote

News Round Up (19 October 2009)

News Round Up (18 October 2009)

Will Syria Give up the Golan as it Gave up Alexandretta?

Alex on Saudi Arabia; Hamidi on Turkey

Angelina Does Damascus; Saudi King on his Way; Syria’s Attitude toward an Iranian Nuke

Can Obama and Sarkozy Succeed?

“Can Former Iraqi Baathists in Syria Ever Go Home?” by Andrew Lee Butters

Syria’s Integration: What Changes Will it Bring?

Is Syrian-US Engagement at an End?

Turk & Syria – Assad Interview: Muslim Brothers, Kurds, Iraq, Israel

Iraq-Syria Row Calming, but Maliki Needs to Shift Blame for Elections

EU postpones Syrian accord; Ignatius on Syria; Butters on Beirut

France has Led the West out of Bush Think and into Engagement with Syria

Turkey Changes Heart, Says It Will Increase Water Flow of Rivers

Turkey Says More Water For Iraq, Syria Is Unlikely

Syria Seeks to Separate US Relationship from Arab-Israeli Conflict

The American MidEast Leadership Network’s Virtual Scrapbook

News Round Up (Mon Aug. 10, 2009)

Hariri Majority thin with Jumblatt Defection; Brits Urge Peace

Sanctions on Hafiz Makhluf and Muhammad Nasif Khayr Bek Extended

Mitchell Moves Ahead With Normalization of US-Sy Relations for Iraq Security and More

First analysis of the Mitchell Meeting

What is Mitchel up to in Damascus?

Mitchell to Syria; Arafat Murdered?

News Round UP (Sunday 20 July 2009)

News Round Up (17 July 2009)

Hof in Israel; Britain and Arms

Israel Frightened of Golan on a Platter or Without Platter

Syria Wants Center Stage

News Round Up (9 July 2009)

Muallem: “Yes, we want the Golan Back on a Silver Platter.”

Will Syria Serve Up Iran on a Silver Platter?

Who Will Be the Next US Ambassador to Syria?

Scholarly Articles; Bolton; First Lady on Democracy

News Round Up (1 July 2009)

News Round Up (30 June 2009)

Apologies to Howard Schweber and Barak’s Settlement Shuffle

Why Turmoil in Iran Will Not Cause Peace Between Israel and Syria

“Hillary is Wrong About Settlements,” Elliott Abrams & Saudi Arabia

Ambassador Redux and its Implications

Syrian Reformers Increasingly Agree that EU-Syrian Association Agreement Should be Signed

News Round Up (19 June 2009)

Syrian-Israeli Peace Made Easy by Cobban

News Round Up (June 17, 2009)

Iran, Mitchell, Lebanon and Iraq

Carter Blasts Feltman

The Mitchell Visit: Why it is Important

Popular Vote Favors Lebanon’s Opposition, Despite Loss

Syrians Silent and Disappointed but Ready to Put Lebanon Behind Them

Elections Run Smoothly in Lebanon Despite Final Fear Mongering

Will Obama Put Syria at the Center of a Peace Plan?

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