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Steps Syria has Taken to Win US Favor

Syria’s Battle for the Hearts of the West, by S. Farah

“Will There Be a US Ambassador in Damascus by September?” By Landis

News Round Up (June 2, 2009)

Kerry’s Unusual Role in Mediating U.S.-Syria Relations

US-Syria relations: time to hit the reset button?

The Reasons for ‘Syria’s Positive Caution’ Toward Obama Policy,” By Ibrahim Hamidi

“New Evidence Points to Hezbollah in Hariri Murder,” by Erich Fallath

Is Obama Turning into a Bust?

News Round UP (May 16, 2009)

Ire over US Sanctions Causes Policy Review in Damascus

Syria Eats Sanctions but Looks to Mitchell Visit for Understanding

Obama Sanctions Syria

Obama Should not Renew Executive Order Sanctions on Syria this Weekend

What is Feltman Doing in Damascus?

Hamas and Hizbullah Reach out to Obama

Netanyahu goes for Palestinian over Syrian Track; Lebanon Elections

“Dialogue is the Best Startegy,” Austrian F.M. Interview with Hamidi

Hariri Tribunal Releases Lebanese Generals for lack of Evidence

US Will Work with Lebanon Opposition – Experts Say

Is Clinton’s Visit to Lebanon a Challange to Syria or just a pep rally?

Lieberman, the perfect foil – Lebanon

Assad to Austria, 5 New Ministers, Oil, and Lebanon Elections

Imad Moustapha and National Day – The Golan

Hizbullah and Elections

News Round Up (12 April 2009)

Farid Ghadry’s Leadership of the Reform Party of Syria Expires

Ray Close on the Golan

News Round Up (8 April 2009)

“The Return of the Old Middle East,” by Greg Gause

News Round Up (5 April 2009)

Stocks Prices are Up – Peace is Down

News Round Up (April 1, 2009)

Summit Shame and Hersh’s “Syria Calling”

Khalid Michal Interview by Paul McGeough

Arab Unity? Yes on Kurds, No on Palestinians, Perhaps on Lebanon

Engagement and its Many Critics

Nasrallah’s Rhetoric Directed East or West?

Chase Freeman Withdraws from DNI

A new strategic alliance: Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq?

Is the US Becoming More Humble or Just Less Silly?

Sanctions on the Table?

“Middle East Peace and the U.S.-Saudi Relationship:,” by Lippmann

“Why Syria Will Not Get the Golan Back” by Landis

Syria Dresses Up

Kerry’s Visit Brings Some Hope

New Round Up (Feb. 18 2009)

Asad, “An ambassador is important… There is nothing real yet.”

Ambassadors, Kerry, Levey, Sanctions, and Peace

A New Middle East Strategy for the Age of Obama

Balancing “Change” and “Prudence” will be an arduous process for President Obama

Obama Talks with Syria Begun

New Round Up (31 Jan 2009)

You lose ability, when you lose credibility, S. Farah

“Syria eyes strategic gains after Gaza war,” by Khaled Oweis

What the Middle East Needs is the “Audacity of Hope”, by Hind Kabawat

Will US talk to Hamas? Many say, “Yes”

Will Syria Benefit from Israel’s Invasion of Gaza?

Will Gaza Bring Reconciliation to Divided Arab Leaders?

The Gaza Diary 3: “Our Heros”

Who Won the War in Gaza?

Assad in Doha: “An Eye for an Eye”

“Palestine’s Bleak Future and Syria’s Disappointment in Obama,” by Landis

Assad on Gaza in Interview with BBC

Hillary, Gaza, Econ

Gaza Diary 2

Asma al-Asad on Gaza: Obama’s Dream Team

“The Gaza Diary”

“The War in Gaza: Tactical Gains, Strategic Defeat?” by Cordesman

Demo in Damascus: Assad Explains Syria Stand

Haass Rumored to Be New Mideast Pointman

Water and Economics in Syria

The Best on Gaza

Bush Pardons Man who helped Bombing of Damascus

Gaza and the Geronimo Effect

Gaza Killings Divide Arab Countries Further

Top 5 reasons why Israel is attacking Gaza

Peace Talks and the Economy

Syria is the Only Game in Town

News Round Up (December 19, 2008)

Waging Peace in Atlanta, by Britta Froelicher

Obama likely to appoint Ross, Kurtzer and Indyk says Haaretz

Carter in Damascus as US and Israel try to Pressure Syria on UN inspections

Netanyahu Agrees to Give Syria Talk, but Not Golan

“Forces of Stability: Syria and Iran or the USA?” by Jihad Makdissi

Hariri Tribunal Revives Speculation and Spin

News Round UP (6 December 2008)

“Giving Back the Golan Will Not Be Easy,” by Shai

IMF Report on Syria: Non- oil exports increased 23.5 percent

Obama T-shirt From the “Axis of Evil”

“A New U.S. Policy For Syria,” by Seth Kaplan

Nukes, Obama Policy Advice, the New Team

Are There Non-Sectarian Parties in Syria: The case of the SSNP?

“We will not allow another [IAEA] visit”

The Nuclear Mess – Where Does it Leave Syria?

Britain and Syria Resume Intelligence Sharing

“No longer the pariah President,” by Peter Beaumont

“Murder in Abou Kamal,” by Imad Moustapha

Emanuel Apologizes for Father’s ‘Arab’ Comments, but Press Doen’t Publish Except on Blogs

“Listening to Syria” by David Lesch

Syria blames Israeli bombs for uranium traces

“Syria stops aid vessel unloading Iraq refugees’ rice” by Oweis

Traces Of Uranium found in Syria: Moallem Says No More Searches

Rumsfeld’s secret raids on Syria

Yoav Stern discusses his coverage of Syrian affairs

Emanuel’s Father Calls Arabs Floor Cleaners

Obama Dispatches Malley to Syria?

Syrian TV shows men ‘confessing’ to deadly bomb blast

“Obama Aims to Engage Foreign Allies, Adversaries,” by Jay Solomon

Obama and the Middle East

“American dream expelled from Syria” by Sami Moubayed

Bush’s Final Violent Outburst Causes Exasperation

Syrian Officials Deny Syrian Complicity in Raid

Imad Moustapha on Raid: Newsweek & FP

Comments from Jihad Makdissi

12 Opposition Leaders Sentenced

Petreaus Proposed Visiting Syria: VP Refused him Permission.

Protests in Damascus

“Twilight Struggle” by Eli Lake

Flipping Peace Tracks Again?

Raid Coverage by Wash Post, Moubayed, LATimes, NYTimes,

More on the Raid

Is the US Raid is a “Parting Shot” by the White House?

Syria accuses U.S. in deadly helicopter attack

News Round Up (25 Oct. 2008)

Interview with Ambassador Imad Moustapha: Peace Talks, Hizbullah, Palestine

Asma Al-Asad: “Excuse me! I do not have “good relations” with Christians”

News Round Up (19 Oct. 2008)

News Round Up (17 Oct. 2008)

Syria’s Joint Bank Venture: Syrian Embassy to Open in Lebanon

“Syria-Israel Peace: The Impact on Non-State militias” by Landis

“What to talk to Iran About,” by Baer

News Round Up (11 October 2008)

Syria plays hardball with the Saudis, by Sami Moubayed

News Round Up (8 Oct. 2008)

US to Lift Sanctions on Syria? More on Syrian Military North of Lebanon

Why Syria Doesn’t Want War with Israel

“Syria Talks Spur Speculation” by Jim Lobe & More…

US-Syrian Thaw: Welsh and Muallem Talk

Syrian Troops on the Lebanese Border are to Confront Smuggling

The Bombing and More.

Car Bomb in Damascus and Rise of Salafi Groups in Region

How Syria’s Assad Is Steering His Country out of Isolation

Syria Comment Returns + News Roundup

Livni Wins Vote to Lead Kadima

Baker calls Bush ‘ridiculous’ on Syria

News Round UP (13 Sept. 2008)

News Round Up (12 Sept. 2008)

Patrick Seale on the Damascus Summit

News Round UP (9 Sept. 2008)

Difficult Decisions for Assad, but Syrian Art Sizzles

Hokayem and Young on the Assad-Sarkozy Summit

News Roundup (6 Sept. 2008)

Sarkozy in Syria

The Middle East Waits for America

Along the Road to Damascus, lessons in conflict resolution.

Israel Peace Negotiator Quits; Hamas Leader Leaves Damascus

News Round UP (1 Sept. 2008)

Syria & Lebanon Should Hold Simultaneous Talks With Israel

Bush’s Policy of No Dialogue with Syria is Costing US Lives

Has the US Missed a Chance for Arab – Israeli Peace?

Kouchner Visits Syria

Lebanese Sovereignty continued

Lebanese Sovereignty: Where Does Syria Stand?

“Template for peace is inclusion” by Paul Keating

Biden on Syria

New Cold War or Merely Jockeying for Position? What Does Syria Want?

Syria’s Response to the Russian-Georgian Conflict

Obama Adviser Kurtzer Advises Syria to Do More for Peace

News Round Up (18 Aug. 2008)

News Round Up (12 Aug. 2008)

Assassination Speculation

Muhammad Suleiman Murdered

Building Towards Peace

News Round-Up (August 1, 2008)

Syria is Ready for Peace.

Andrew Tabler: “The U.S. Can Help Tackle Syrian Corruption”

Walid Jumblatt Sets a New Course

Odds and Ends

News Round Up (27 July 2008)

Samir al-Taki’s talk at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC

“U.S. to meet three Syrians, but no warming in ties”

Daoudi Cancels Trip to Washington: Syria-US Relations Remain… Well.. Not Good

“Regional Players Bypass Washington In Brokering Deals,” by Jay Solomon

News Round Up (20 July 2008)

“Lancing the Boil: Hizbullah’s Future in Lebanon”/ by Qifa Nabki

“Some Remarks on Syria,” by Observer

Mead takes on Walt & Mearsheimer on Why the US is pro-Israel

The Prisoner Swap Controversy

“Interview with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia” by Alix Van Buren

Lebanon’s Christians Are Back — ICG: by Peter Harling

News Round Up (15 June 2008)

America’s Role in Israel-Syria Talks

Iran Warns Syria Against Peace with Israel

Assad in Paris

Paris 2008, Paris 1998

A Good News Cycle for Syria

Lebanon Gets a Government

As Paris Boosts Assad, US Adds Sanctions (10 July 2008)

Assad: “Bush Cannot Make Peace;” Economist on Syria’s Economic Outlook

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