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Bashar al-Assad Walking the Tight-Rope

Prisoner Swap; Golan; Negotiations

Syrian-Israeli Talks, More Iran

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News Round Up (28 June 2008)

The US and Siniora seek to push back against Hizbullah and the Opposition

News Round Up (20 June 2008)

“Syria’s Assad Says More Groundwork Needed Before Olmert Meeting”

Interpol says Syria “very cooperative” on Terrorism: US Oil Majors Back in Iraq

Olmert: If there is Peace with Syria, the reality in the region will change

Syria Pegs Hopes on India and Econ. Liberalization

Will Assad and Israeli President Shimon Peres Meet in Paris?

“Obama’s Mideast Experts Emphasize Talks,” by Jay Solomon

“What Syria stands for: The moral argument for US friendship with Syria,” by S. Farah

Can the US and France agree on a Post-Doha Lebanon Policy?

Turkey and Syria Discuss Nuclear Cooperation

Bashar Will Always Have Paris: Obama has AIPAC

News Round Up (10 June 2008)

Economic and Political Isolation of Syria Crumbling Fast

Moubayed on the Lebanese Cabinet: News Roundup (7 June 2008)

Assef Shawkat Hubbub Debunked

Syria Squashes Coup Attempt, Die Welt claims

“An Israel-Syria deal is strategically vital for both,” by Shlomo Ben-Ami

“It’s Time to Talk to Syria” by Kerry and Hagel

“Israel, Don’t Undermine Beirut,” by Joshua Landis with Help from David Schenker

“America’s Gulf Arab allies and Syria,” by Alex

Q & A with President Assad in Dubai

News (4 June 2008)

“Lebanese and Syrian Leaders as Seen by a Harvard Graduate Student,” by Kiernan

Nukes, Golan, Lebanon and the Shifting Balance (3 June 2008)

News Round Up (2 June 2008)

“An Economic Plan for Syria’s Future,” by Ehsani

News Round Up (31 May 2008)

Syrian Israeli Peace Process

Give up the gun, go for EMBAs

A Political Breakthrough In Doha

A Solution in Doha?

Observations of a German journalist in Beirut

Syrian Media – The Challenge and the Need to Act | Part II

Syrian Media – The Challenge and the Need to Act

Bush Promises Support that Analysts Say He Cannot Give

Bush Administration Policy in Disarray

Lebanon Becoming

“How Hizbullah Blundered and Why Things Will Get Worse,” by Rex Brynen

Hizbullah Proves it Does Not Want a Tehran on the Mediterranean

The War is Over: What Were They Thinking?

Nasrallah’s May 8 Press Conference – Summary

By Provoking Hizbullah, Is Washington Hoping for a Showdown?

March Toward Disaster

More Firms Find Ways Around Sanctions on Syria and Iran

“What are the Prospects for Syrian-Israeli Peace?” by Seale, Khouri, & Allaf

News Round Up (1 May 2008)

U.S. pressures Turkcell to abandon Syria deal & other Economic News

News Round UP (29 April 2008)

News Round Up (28 April 2008)

News Round Up (27 April 2008)

Hamas on Jimmy Carter’s Statement from Hamidi

Syria’s Reactor

Nukes or Peace?

News Round Up (22 April 2008)

“The March to War: Israel Prepares…” by Nazemroaya

“Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand,” by Barstow

Latest Statistics on Arab Popularity of Asad, Hamas, Hizbullah, Iraq…

Carter in Damascus: al-Jazeera by Clayton Swisher

News Round Up (18 April 2008)

President Assad is “more optimistic than any time before.” / Carter is “very upbeat”

Qadhafi at the Arab Summit: “We All Hate One Another.”

Two Views on Hamas

The People’s Army of Hizbullah Attracts Sunnis and Christians

News Round Up (15 April 2008)

Did Chirac know?

Upping Diplomatic, Judicial, Economic and Military Pressure on Syria is Unlikely to Work

Carter May Meet Hamas Leader Mashaal

Brother Accuses France of Killing Siddiq: US Accuses French and Swiss of Breaking Spirit of Sanctions

France Lets Key Witness in Hariri Trial Escape: Kushner Sorrowful

News Round Up (7 April 2008)

“Damascus Summit Attendance was Close to Average Despite US Pressure,” by Gary Gambill

News Roundup (6 April 2008)

“Major Breakthrough in Hariri Investigation” by Jacob Tafnis

Economic War: Syria’s New Struggle

President Assad’s Speech to the Arab Summit

UN Investigator Bellemare says ‘Criminal Network’ killed Hariri

Summitry 3: Can the Effort to Isolate Syria Hold?

Rami Makhlouf Speaks to the WSJ

Summitry 2

Summitry (26 March 2008)

News Round Up (23 March 2008)

The Peace Canal Plan – Peace plan/water import project from Turkey to the Middle East

Syrians and Lebanese Respond to Statement that “Syria Needs to Articulate a Clear Lebanon Policy”

The Iraqi refugee view from Syria and Lebanon

“Shaping Lebanon’s Future,” by Bilal Saab

“Lessons of the Franco-Syrian Fiasco” by Peter Harling

News Round Up (March 18 2008)

What is Behind Israeli Offers of Peace Negotiations?

News Roundup (15 March 2008)

Can the International Tribunal Change Syrian Policy?

News Round Up (12 March 2008)

News Round Up (11 March 2008)

The United States presents Cinerama in Damascus, 1954

News Roundup (8 March 2008)

Syria to invite Lebanon, Saudi Arabia to summit

“The Gaza Bombshell,” by David Rose

Saudi Arabia Calls on its nationals to leave Lebanon

Syria Pooh Poohs U.S.-Saudi Effort to End Influence of Syria and over 50% of Lebanese

News Roundup (28 February 2008)

Syria’s Stand on Lebanon: Saudi Arabia Withdraws Ambassador From Damascus

Can Israel and Syria Break the Middle East Deadlock?

“The New Middle East,” by Carnegie Endowment Staff

Syria sees no chance for peace this year

Diagnosing Failure: The Case of Lebanon

Foreign Militants Crossing Syria-Iraq Border Drop to 40-50 a Month

Will Sanctions and the Mughniyah Killing Make Syria Blink?

Hizbullah and Syria Threaten Revenge in Kind

Mughnieh: Liberator of Lebanon or Opportunistic Terrorist ?

Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah Commander, Assassinated in Damascus

Ibrahim Hamidi Interviews Austrian FM Ursula Plassnik

The Missed opportunity in Lebanon

It’s Not About Nukes: Stopping Missile Tranfer from N. Korea to Syria

“Al-Qaida in Lebanon,” by Fidaa Itani

Britain’s Treachery, France’s revenge / Photos

“Britain’s treachery, France’s revenge” by Meir Zamir

“Sy Hersh: Syrian Facility Bombed by Israel not Nuclear”

Israeli-Syrian Peace: From Dialogue… to Details & Diplomacy

“Lebanese diva arouses emotion, controversy in Syria,” by Oweis

News Roundup (23 January 2008)

A letter from Alon Liel / Chairman of the Israeli-Syrian Peace Society

“t_desco” Comments on “Al-Qaeda in Lebanon,” by Nir Rosen

(Saudi) Money can’t buy you love … or success

“Al-Qaeda in Lebanon,” by Nir Rosen

“Syria’s policy, post-Annapolis,” by H. Cobban

News Roundup (15 Jan. 2008)

Electoral math: The history of a failing formula

Arab League Mediation in Lebanon Fails

“Al-Qaida in Lebanon,” by T-desco

“U.S. Wary of Warming Syrian-Turkish Ties,” by Deborah Amos on NPR

The Day After Tomorrow… / by Qifa Nabki

Who is at Fault in Lebanon? The Blame Game Heats Up

Lebanese Skeptical Deal for New Gov. Will Fly

The Regional Lebanon Deal: What Does it Mean?

“President Bush to make first trip to Syria,” by Alex

The soldiers of truth are back

Hamidi on Franco-Syrian Relations and Lebanon

Syria Stands by Lebanese Allies: France distraught: Lebanon in Continued Crisis

“Syrian Americans: The Identity Balancing Act,” by Salma al-Shami

The US Has NO Lebanon Policy

Israel Says No to Syria; Lebanon Says No to France

What Kind of Deal Should Lebanese Make? Bush, Sarkozy and Mualem Face Off

Hassan al-Quwatli, son of President Shukri al-Quwatli, Dies in Saudi Arabia

Sarkozy: “Your last opportunity is Saturday.” Assad: “I Said No to Nukes.”

Lebanon and the Art of Kabuki Theater

Lebanon Languishes: Bush and Sarkozy Threaten

Crackdown, Cranks, China, and the Cost of Gas Oil

News Round Up (13 Dec. 2007)

Anti-March 14th General Assassinated

Farouk al-Sharaa: “The Worst is Over in Lebanon – Syria Army will Never be Back”

“Lebanon’s Exodus” by Rana Fil: Newsweek

“How to Defuse Iran,” by Leveretts

Paranoia in the Land of Cedars

Syriatel and Turkcell Courting

Iraq Wants US to Engage with Syria and Iran. Facebook Minister Soaped

Bush Engages for Foes as Syrians Make a Come Back

Lebanon, Iran & US

“Landis: Syria Key to Middle East Peace Process,” CFR Interview with Gwertzman

Maybe the NIE Is Not So Good for Syria?

What Does the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran Mean for Syria?

Best of Comments on US Opening to Syria

How the Lebanese Delegation was Blindsided at Annapolis

Lebanon Presidential Politics and the Brammertz Report

Is the Notion of Syria Getting Back the Golan a Pipe Dream?

“U.S. Seems to Soften Syria Stance,” by Solomon & Simpson

“Syrian Track and Russian Mediator” by Ben Caspit

Annapolis Round Up: Was Syria a Winner at Annapolis?

What Happened on Day One of Annapolis?

“How Syria Decided to Participate at the Deputy F.M. Level,” by Hamidi

Landis on BBC World Service Explaining Why Syria is Headed to Annapolis

Syria to Attend Peace Conference at Deputy Foreign Minister Level

Schedule for Annapolis Conference and Related Events

“Syria Wants to See Word “Golan” Published on Agenda Before Deciding on Annapolis,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

“The Real Reason Syria Blocked Facebook,” by Idaf

Syria says Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda

Lebanon: Drift Better than Conflict: Hamidi Translated

Syria Gets Credit for Gains in Iraq: Jihadists Come from US Allies

Syria Will Not Attend Annapolis Conference, Unless…

Assad warns: The region will soon witness events that might have dangerous repercussions …

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies


Iraqi Refugees: Has There Been a Breakthrough?

Asad: No Talks Without Serious Golan Initiative

Turkey – Syria Trade to Reach $5 Billion in 5 Years, Insha’allah: Hamshou Hit

The Annapolis Protocal & Flip-flopping toward Damascus

“Syria and the Peace Process” by Landis

David Lesch Testimony on Syria-Lebanon before the Senate

“Syria: Options and Implications for Lebanon and the Region,” by Emile El-Hokayem

Treasury Designates Individuals Furthering Syrian Regime’s Efforts to Undermine Lebanese Democracy

Jackson Diehl goes over the deep end on Syria bombing

“Is Israel About to Attack Hizballah?” by Blanford

“Hezbollah: Maneuvers held near border in ‘response to enemy’,” AP

Top French Officials Go to Damascus on a Fool’s Errand