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Idlib: The Game Above the Game – by David W. Lesch

Turkey’s Afrin Operation Stokes Syrian Yazidi Fears and Fuels Displacement — by Sylvain Mercadier

Syria, Deterrence of Chemical Weapons and U.S. Policy in the Middle East – By Joshua Landis

A Sustainable United States Policy for North Syria, the Kurds, Turkey and the Syrian Government – by Landis and Barber

US Policy Toward the Levant, Kurds and Turkey – By Joshua Landis 

Trump’s Iran Policy is More about Rollback Than Nukes; It Will Cause More Failed States – by Joshua Landis

Will the U.S. Abandon the Kurds of Syria Once ISIS is Destroyed? by Landis, Itani, Simon

Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State

Yes, Syrian Kurds Have Committed War Crimes – Roy Gutman Responds to Aymenn Tamimi

The rise and fall of a CIA-backed rebel commander in Syria – by @ErikaSolomon

America’s Failure – and Russia and Iran’s Success – in Syria’s Cataclysmic Civil War – By Joshua Landis

DAM WARS: How Water Scarcity Helped Create ISIS – by Quentin de Pimodan

“Turkey’s Syria Intervention,” by Joshua Landis

“What the Rebel Loss of Aleppo Will Mean for Syria,” by Landis, Heras, Lund & Abdulhamid

“Educating Syrian Refugees in Turkey,” by Salih Yasun

Syrian Rebel Leader Subhi al-Refai on U.S. relations with Ahrar al-Sham

Syria in Limbo: Neither Reunification nor Partition Are Yet Possible

The Kobani Model: Strengthening Kurdish-Arab Relations in Syria

Joshua Landis on ISIS, Syria & the “Great Sorting Out” in the Middle East – Interview with Danny Postel

“Why Syria’s Assad heads to Geneva from a position of strength,” by Joshua Landis

Gangs of Latakia: The Militiafication of the Assad Regime

“The Turkish-Syrian Border Dispute: A View From the Past” – By Meir Zamir

Oil Wars—Nusra’s Expanding Reach—Syrian Taliban

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Is a Turkey-Syria conflict inevitable? – Inside Syria: Aljazeera

Syrian Kurdistan: Can it Make a Peaceful Transition?

Opposition Parties Fight in Cairo; Feltman Claims Sanctions Effective and Assad’s Days Numbered, Eyes on Turkey

Syrian “National Salvation” Opposition Meeting in Istanbul: Opening Remarks and Mr Maleh (17 July 2011)

An interview with Bassam Alkadi, President of the Syrian Women Observatory

Is Turkey a Shield? Assad to Speak about Reform on Monday

Syrian Opposition Meeting in Antalya: Day Two

The Opposition Meeting in Antalya (1 June 2011) First Impressions

Syrian Opposition to Meet in Turkey: May 31 – June 2

Rami Makhlouf’s daily blasts Turkey; Draws MB link

Duma; Turkey Hosts Musl. Brotherhood; Press Services; More

Obama Trapped in Bush’s Lebanon War

Wikileaks: “Syrian-Iranian Relations return to normal”; Jordan, Turkey, and US Seek Improved Iran Relations; Hariri Tribunal Delayed;

Wiki Leaks: First Cut

China’s Rise Undermines Power of Sanctions as US Diplomatic Tool

More WikiLeaks – Kerry: “Israel should return Golan”

News Round Up (24 October 2010)

Drought, Water Management, and the Kurdish Question

Tuykey and Syria Struggle to Resolve Their Kurdish Question

Turkey Continues to Look East; Iran Hit by Sanctions

Encouraging Israel not to Settle; Encouraging Iran to Go Nuclear

“Syria’s Improved Relations with Turkey is the Center-Piece of Bashar Assad’s New Foreign Policy,” Joshua Landis

What Does Turkey’s “Yes” Vote Mean for Democracy

News Round Up (13 Sept 2010)

News Round Up (1 Sept. 2010)

Will Obama Abandon the Bush Policy of Punishing Mid East Countries that Oppose Israeli Expansion?

News Round Up (22 July 2010)

“Syrians Were Not Behind the Hariri Assassination,” Former US Offical to as-Safir

Real GDP Growth 5.9%? Turkey and Change in the Region; Fadlallah Dies

What Effect will Turkey’s Switch to Israeli Opponent have on Syria and the Regional Balance of Power?

What Are US Tech Firms Doing in Damas? NeoCon Dreams of Regime Change

US-Syrian Diplomatic War; US Tech Firms to Syria; Trade Union w. Turkey

Medvedev’s Visits to Syria and Turkey – News Round Up (14 May 2010)

News Round Up (May 6, 2010)

Turkish-Syria Military; How to Sanction Syria? Obama Keeps Jewish Leaders Happy

“The Turkish Judicial System: Guardians of the Ancient Regime,” By Firat Demir

“Nationalist First, Islamist Second: The Armenian Issue Shows the Limits of the Erdogan Government,” by Firat Demir

Syria NOT Pursuing Nuclear Power, Biden Flounders, Ford to Confirmation

“The Armenian Genocide: The Islamist and Kemalist Consensus,” by Firat Demir

“Turkey at a Crossroad: Democracy or Military Rule?” by Firat Demir

John Kerry and Leveretts Talk to Assad

Reactions to the Assad-Ahmadinejad Summit

Assad Reaches Out to Business, Turkey, France and the US

The Case for Syria

Has Washington Decided to Focus on Syrian-Israeli Peace?

“Greater Syria” and “Turkey’s slide toward Syria and Iran” by Rabinovich, Maoz, Moubayed et al.

Has Obama Outsourced the Job of Chastising Israel to Turkey?

Deborah Amos on the Water and Food Crisis

News Round Up (27 December 2009)

End of Arab Cold War Makes Syria Man in the Middle

Turkey’s “Zero Crescents, Zero Axises, and Zero problems” Foreign Policy is Catching on.

Sharaa on Turkey, the US, Lebanon; Diplomats on Bus Explosion; Turkey’s Leadership

Is Syria to Blame for the Bombings in Iraq?

Bus Bomb? Syrian-Israel Peace Talks? SSNP, Turkey is Warned, Washington is Broken

Bus Explosion in Damascus Sets off Wild Speculation

Will India’s Proposal to Invest Billions in Iran Undermine US Sanction Drive? Is Turkey the Winner?

“Has Syria Won?” in the Economist

Syria and Iraq and Lebanon and ….

Assad in Paris

News Round Up (6 November 2009)

Why Turkey Went to Iran and What it Means

Turkey’s “Zero Problem with Neighbors” Reaches Iran: New Currency Deal Eliminates Dollar

The Turkey-Syria-Iran Alliance Heats Up; The Economy, Tepid

Syria’s Four Seas strategy, by Yoav Stern

News Round Up (19 October 2009)

News Round Up (18 October 2009)

Will Syria Give up the Golan as it Gave up Alexandretta?

Alex on Saudi Arabia; Hamidi on Turkey

Syria’s Integration: What Changes Will it Bring?

Is Syrian-US Engagement at an End?

Turk & Syria – Assad Interview: Muslim Brothers, Kurds, Iraq, Israel

Turkey Changes Heart, Says It Will Increase Water Flow of Rivers

Turkey Says More Water For Iraq, Syria Is Unlikely

News Round Up (19 June 2009)

News Round UP (May 16, 2009)

News Round Up (8 April 2009)

News Round Up (5 April 2009)

Stocks Prices are Up – Peace is Down

Arab Unity? Yes on Kurds, No on Palestinians, Perhaps on Lebanon

A new strategic alliance: Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq?

Sanctions on the Table?

Kerry’s Visit Brings Some Hope

A New Middle East Strategy for the Age of Obama

Balancing “Change” and “Prudence” will be an arduous process for President Obama

Peace Talks and the Economy

Syria is the Only Game in Town

Waging Peace in Atlanta, by Britta Froelicher

Imad Moustapha on Raid: Newsweek & FP

News Round Up (17 Oct. 2008)

News Round UP (13 Sept. 2008)

Patrick Seale on the Damascus Summit

Israel Peace Negotiator Quits; Hamas Leader Leaves Damascus

Samir al-Taki’s talk at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC

Palestinians, Refugees, Turks, Aleppines, Arar, Bloggers

Turkey and Syria Discuss Nuclear Cooperation

Syrian Israeli Peace Process

More Firms Find Ways Around Sanctions on Syria and Iran

News Round Up (1 May 2008)

News Round Up (28 April 2008)

News Round Up (27 April 2008)

Nukes or Peace?

“U.S. Wary of Warming Syrian-Turkish Ties,” by Deborah Amos on NPR

Syriatel and Turkcell Courting

How the Lebanese Delegation was Blindsided at Annapolis

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies

Turkey – Syria Trade to Reach $5 Billion in 5 Years, Insha’allah: Hamshou Hit

News Round Up (3 Nov. 2007)

News Round Up (Oct. 19 2007)

Turkey and Lebanon

“Analysis: Iran, Syria in gas deal,” by Derek Sands

News Roundup (25 April 2007)

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