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Thoughts On Southern Syria

It Would Have Been Preferable Not to Militarily Intervene in Syria – By Ambassador @nikolaosvandam

Eastern Ghouta x 20, by Aron Lund

Reply to Steven Heydemann’s “Assessing Nikolas Van Dam on Syria’s Fate” – By Nikolaos Van Dam

Trump’s Iran Policy is More about Rollback Than Nukes; It Will Cause More Failed States – by Joshua Landis

Mahdi al-Harati: a Libyan Force Multiplier

Reconciliations: The Case of al-Sanamayn in North Deraa

Paradise Lost: The Rise and Fall of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by Tam Hussein

Revenge Being Meted Out on ISIS linked Sunni Tribes of Iraq – FrontLine “Iraq Uncovered”

Why the U.S. Should Team Up with the Kurds & Not Turkey to Take Raqqa and Destroy the Islamic State

Yes, Syrian Kurds Have Committed War Crimes – Roy Gutman Responds to Aymenn Tamimi

A Response to Roy Gutman’s “Have the Syrian Kurds Committed War Crimes?”

The rise and fall of a CIA-backed rebel commander in Syria – by @ErikaSolomon

Liwa Al-Jabal: A New Loyalist Militia Unity Initiative In Suwayda’

Quwat Dir’ Al-Qalamoun: Shifting Militia Links

America’s Failure – and Russia and Iran’s Success – in Syria’s Cataclysmic Civil War – By Joshua Landis

The Fifth Legion: A New Auxiliary Force

The Situation in al-Fu’a and Kafariya

Roy Gutman Responds to Ehsani2’s critique of his articles arguing that Assad built ISIS and Staged al-Qaida Bombings

Usud Al-Cherubim: A Pro-Assad Christian Militia

DAM WARS: How Water Scarcity Helped Create ISIS – by Quentin de Pimodan

Is Assad the Author of ISIS? Did Iran Blow Up Assef Shawkat? And Other Tall Tales – By Ehsani2

Kata’ib Humat al-Diyar: A Prominent Loyalist Militia in Suwayda’

“Remember Syria’s Adib Shishakli,” by Christopher Solomon

Liwa al-Imam Zain al-Abidain: Building a ‘Resistance’ in Eastern Syria

The Virtues of Sham: The Place of Syria in the Muslim Sacral Imagination

The Druze in the Syrian Conflict – By Talal El Atrache

Fawj Maghawir al-Badiya: A Military Intelligence Branch Militia

“Who is to blame for Syria’s nightmare?” By Ehsani2

“What the Rebel Loss of Aleppo Will Mean for Syria,” by Landis, Heras, Lund & Abdulhamid

“Why the Islamic State Is Losing, and Why It Still Hopes to Win”

Dealing with Syria’s Foreign Fighters: A Liberal Conundrum

“India and the Syrian Conflict,” by Niraj Srivastava

The Local Defence Forces: Regime Auxiliary Forces in Aleppo

A Day in The Life of The Jungle: Syrians Camped out in Calais

The Leopards of Homs: A Pro-Assad Militia

“President al-Assad’s First Speech – An Insider’s Account,” by Ehsani

Liwa Usud al-Hussein: A New Pro-Assad Militia in Latakia

The Life of al-Khal: First Leader of Liwa Shuhada’ al-Yarmouk

Report on Mass Graves of Yazidis in Sinjar

The Ten Most Important Developments in Syria in 2015

The Death of Zahran Alloush

“A Trip to the ‘Caliphate’: Oppressive Justice under ISIS,” By Omar al-Wardi

“Regime-Change without State Collapse is Impossible in Syria,” Landis Interviewed by RT’s Sophie&Co

Media Maskirovka: Russia and the Free Syrian Army

Liwa Shuhada’ al-Yarmouk: History and Analysis

Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa: History, Analysis & Interview

Abu Yahia al-Hamawi, Ahrar al-Sham’s New Leader

The Doha Congress: Negotiating a Return of the Iraqi Baath Party?

Syrian Rebel Leader Subhi al-Refai on U.S. relations with Ahrar al-Sham

“The inside Story of the British Suicide Bomber of Ramadi,” By Tam Hussein

The Syrian Southern Front: Why it Offers Better Justice and Hope than Northern Front” by Marika Sosnowski

“Is Zahran Alloush in Amman?” by Aron Lund

New Dabiq Issue Reiterates Justifications for Yazidi Enslavement

How Far is Hezbollah Willing to Go in Syria?

Syrian Rebels Capture Idlib, by Aron Lund

The Administration of the Local Council in Azaz

Meet the Badris

After Burning of Muaz al-Kasasbeh, Jordan & al-Azhar’s Gestures of Vengeance Will Not Heal

Syria Year-End Predictions and Analysis – by Joshua Landis (28 December 2014)

2014 Roundup and 2015 Predictions by Aron Lund

“The Legal Foundations of the Islamic State,” By Mara Revkin

Will the Revolutionary Command Council be Syria’s New Rebel Government?

Video: ISIS, Yazidis, and the Enslavement of Thousands of Women

The Islamic State (IS) and Pledges of Allegiance: The Case of Jamaat Ansar al-Islam

The Factions of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab)

“What Motivates European Youth to Join ISIS?” by Loretta Bass

The Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra: A Looming Grand Jihadi Alliance?

Nusra’s Offensive in Idlib & its Attempt to Destroy Washington’s Allies. November 2014

Islamic State Officially Admits to Enslaving Yazidi Women

If the U.S. Wanted To, It Could Help Free Thousands of Enslaved Yazidi Women in a Single Day

“ISIS Is Weaker Than It Looks,” By Balint Szlanko

Sinjar Was Only the Beginning—by Matthew Barber

The Expulsion of Mosul’s Christians, part 1: The Account of the Kidnapped Nuns

The Six Words You Need to Know to Be a Successful Jihadi and Establish Your Own Caliphate

The Future of ISIS and the Sectarian Response: ISIS has Picked a Fight it Cannot Win

Religious Groups and Scholars of Islam in the Syrian Revolution – by Issam Eido

Did the Killing of Abu Bassir Lead to the First Lattakia Offensive?

“Obama Approval of Manpads for Rebels Would Violate US Agreements, Policy, and Endanger Airliners,” by James McMichael

“Do Syrians Want To Fight Until Victory or Do they Want a Ceasefire?” by James McMichael

Detailed Syria Maps; Activists Honor Revolution Dead in Washington

The Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham’s dhimmi pact for the Christians of Raqqa province

Saudis and CIA agree to Arm Syrian “Moderates” with Advanced Weapons

“Inter-Rebel Fighting Enters a New Phase as Salafists Declare Open War on ISIS,” by Daniel Abdallah

“Does the Truce Between ISIS and Suqour al-Sham Mean an End to Syria’s Inter-Rebel War?” By Daniel Abdallah

“The ISIS – Suquor al-Sham Truce: Is It Real and Can It Last?” By Daniel Abdallah

New ISIS Leaks Reveal Particulars of al-Qaida Strategy

The Battle between ISIS and Syria’s Rebel Militias

Battle in East Ghouta, Damascus: Rebels Claim to kill 800 Syrian Army Soldiers

“Al-Qaeda’s Governance Strategy in Raqqa,” by Chris Looney

The death of Abdelqader Saleh

Notes on the Growing Struggle between ISIS, Nusra/Ahrar, and other factions of the FSA

Syrian Army Retakes important towns in Aleppo, Homs and Damascus. Both Salah and Salameh, leaders of largest Aleppo militia, wounded.

Syria’s Top Five Insurgent Leaders

Islamist Groups Declare Opposition to National Coalition and US Strategy [updated]

Aymenn al-Tamimi Speaks to Ali Kayali and Profiles “The Syrian Resistance,” a Pro-Assad Militia Force

Are the Islamic Courts of Aleppo run by al-Nusra? Aron Lund Answers

Chemical Weapons and Responses; The Developing Story of Tripoli’s Bombing; Theories on Outcomes for Syria

Syria Consolidates into Three Cantons as the Opposition Pushes Back, Taking Mengh Airbase and other Strategic Points

Where Does Jabhat al-Nusra End, and the Islamic State of Iraq & ash-Sham Begin?

Round-up: News from the North, Changes to Opposition, Egypt, and a lot of Miscellany

Round Up: Lethal Aid, Human Interest Stories, Lebanon

Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future

Clerics in Egypt Call for Global Jihad Against Regime’s Shiite Allies, Egypt Cuts Syria Ties

“Let ‘Lawfare’ Shape the Conflict, Not the Flow of Arms” – By David Falt

Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi Interviewed by Syria Comment

Has the War Reached Lebanon? Meanwhile, Obama Updates War on Terror

Brotherhood Figures Block Yaqoubi’s Appointment, Post-Confirmation

Sheikh al-Yaqoubi Elected to the NC—its first non-Brotherhood-aligned religious figure

Is Jabhat al-Nosra breaking apart?

New report on the Muslim Brotherhood

Major salafi faction criticizes Jabhat al-Nosra

New Addition to the Syrian Islamic Front

Islamic State Declared in Syria

The Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes

Sorting out David Ignatius

Opposition Infighting and Fragmentation Bedevils Syria

Moaz al-Khatib, Moderate Syrian Leader, Resigns, as Islamic Front and Nusra Move on Damascus. Will the US build a Counter-force?

Drones, A New Alawite Opposition, Obama in Israel

Who is Ghassn Hitto? Why Was He backed to be Prime Minister of an Interim Gov by Mustafa Sabbagh?

“Syria’s Salafi Insurgents: The Rise of the Syrian Islamic Front” by Aron Lund

al-Nusra, al-Raqqa, Calls for Jihad, River of Death

10 Anti-tank Missiles Supplied to Military Council for Aleppo Fight

Obama’s State of the Union – Reactions; Battle for Damascus Promises to be Long

The Islamist mess in Damascus

Noah Bonsey on the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front; Nick Heras on how Islamic Militias emulate Hamas and Hizbullah

News Round Up (21 December 2012) Debate over al-Nusra

Swedes, jihadis & anti-air missiles in northern Syria

“Three Scenarios for Syria’s Future,” by Joshua Landis w. Lara Setrakian

“Islamism and the Syrian revolution,” by Aron Lund

“The Formation of Syria’s National Coalition: An Assessment and Analysis,” By Amr al-Azm

“Why Manaf Tlas is Uniquely Qualified to Serve the Opposition,” by a Supporter

“State of the Internal Opposition,” by Ammar Abdulhamid

The SNC – Conversation between Kodmani, Labwani, & Landis

The Muslim Brotherhood Issues a New Covenant that Gives Hope

Analyzing the largest Syria crisis Facebook polls, by Camille Otrakji

Burhan Ghalioun, Leader of Syria’s Main Opposition Group, Interview with Wall Street Journal. (Dec. 1, 2011)

Opposition Parties Fight in Cairo; Feltman Claims Sanctions Effective and Assad’s Days Numbered, Eyes on Turkey

Qaddafi’s Death, Mazoot Prices, Opposition

Homs: The Capital of Syrian Uprising

The Arab Spring & the decay of secular state in Syria

“Who is Mohammad Rahhal, the Syrian Revolutionary who Called for Armed Resistance and Attacked Burhan Ghalioun?”

Opposition Disunity Becomes the Problem as the West Gets its Ducks in a Row

“We Will Have to Eat Brown Bread,” Adib Mayaleh, Head of Syria’s Central Bank

Sanctions and Their Impact; The Opposition Forms Transitional Parliament

Haithem al-Maleh, Landis, Fred Reed on Prism TV

Syrian “National Salvation” Opposition Meeting in Istanbul: Opening Remarks and Mr Maleh (17 July 2011)

Syria: An Uprising, Not a Revolution, By Yazan Badran

An interview with Bassam Alkadi, President of the Syrian Women Observatory

Syrian Opposition Conference: Semiramis Hotel: 200 members – First Impressions

How the Opposition Plans to Take Down the Syrian Regime (Joshua Landis & Ausama Monajed)

The Final Declaration of the Antalya Opposition Conference

Syrian Opposition Meeting in Antalya: Day Two

The Opposition Meeting in Antalya (1 June 2011) First Impressions

Divisions within the Syrian Opposition on Eve of Turkey Meeting

Syrian Opposition to Meet in Turkey: May 31 – June 2

What Will a Post Assad Syria Look Like?

Rami Makhlouf’s daily blasts Turkey; Draws MB link

Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page Administrator, Fidaaldin Al-Sayed Issa, Interviewed by Adam Almkvist

Syrian Regime Says it is Witnessing the end of the Story; Opposition Calls Meeting in Cairo

“National Initiative for Change” Program of Syrian Opposition: the liberal wing

Assad Responds to Clerics’ Demands

Duma; Turkey Hosts Musl. Brotherhood; Press Services; More

Ammar Abdulhamid Emerges as Face of the Syrian Revolution, according to Washington Times

“As Protests Mount, Is There a Soft Landing for Syria?” by Joshua Landis

Syrian Government Promises: Free Press, End of Emergency Rule, Opposition Parties, Justice

Damned if We Do and Damned if We Don’t

“Why Syria is Unlikely to be Next…. for Now,” by Bassam Haddad

A New Day in Egypt

‘Day of Rage’ for Syrians Fails to Draw Protesters

Syrians Stay Home; Turkey Leads; US Loses Allies

“Why Does Syria Do So Badly in World Economic Rankings,” by Ehsani

“The Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Leadership Transition from Bayanouni to Shaqfa” by Aron Lund

The Niqab and Syria’s Private Girls Schools

News Round Up (25 June 2010)

News Round Up (18 April 2010)

Mitchell on the March, Muslim Brothers in Egypt, Makhlouf Man of 2009

Radwan Ziadeh on “Syria’s Democratic Past: Lessons for the Future”

A Memoir-Novel of Tadmur Military Prison, reviewed by S. Taleghani

Muhammad Atta in Aleppo; Muslim Brothers; Oil

Turk & Syria – Assad Interview: Muslim Brothers, Kurds, Iraq, Israel

Bashar ElSbihi Clarifies

Opposition News and Bashar Sba’i’s Return

Syrian Reformers Increasingly Agree that EU-Syrian Association Agreement Should be Signed

US-Syria relations: time to hit the reset button?

“Kilo Set Free,” by Khaled Oweis

The National Salvation Front Folds

Farid Ghadry’s Leadership of the Reform Party of Syria Expires

Muslim Brotherhood Breaks with Khaddam and NSF

Private Universities; Haykal Wins; Syriacs Hang On

“Syria could be softening stance on dissidents,” Phil Sands

A New Middle East Strategy for the Age of Obama

12 Opposition Leaders Sentenced

Asma Al-Asad: “Excuse me! I do not have “good relations” with Christians”

Has Assad’s Social Base Narrowed or Expanded?

How Syria’s Assad Is Steering His Country out of Isolation

Aref Dalileh released

Building Towards Peace

News Round-Up (August 1, 2008)

News Round Up (28 June 2008)

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