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Syrian Israeli Peace Process

Why Reform is an Urgent call to Secular Arabs:

Syrian Media – The Challenge and the Need to Act | Part II

Syrian Media – The Challenge and the Need to Act

Lebanon Becoming

“What are the Prospects for Syrian-Israeli Peace?” by Seale, Khouri, & Allaf

Syria Comment: Rules and Regulations

Nukes or Peace?

President Assad is “more optimistic than any time before.” / Carter is “very upbeat”

News Round Up (15 April 2008)

“A Bloody Era of Syria’s History Informs a Writer’s Banned Novel,” by R. Worth

Upping Diplomatic, Judicial, Economic and Military Pressure on Syria is Unlikely to Work

News Round Up (7 April 2008)

The Peace Canal Plan – Peace plan/water import project from Turkey to the Middle East

News Roundup (15 March 2008)

News Round Up (12 March 2008)

‘Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East’ by Robin Wright

Diagnosing Failure: The Case of Lebanon

Explosion Kills 1 in Syria’s Capital

“Exuding confidence, Syria’s Assad targets opposition,” by Oweis

“Syria: The Opposition and its Troubled Relationship with Washington,” by Joe Macaron

“Al-Qaida in Lebanon,” by Fidaa Itani

“Britain’s treachery, France’s revenge” by Meir Zamir

Israeli-Syrian Peace: From Dialogue… to Details & Diplomacy

News Roundup (23 January 2008)

A letter from Alon Liel / Chairman of the Israeli-Syrian Peace Society

“t_desco” Comments on “Al-Qaeda in Lebanon,” by Nir Rosen

(Saudi) Money can’t buy you love … or success

“Al-Qaeda in Lebanon,” by Nir Rosen

News Roundup (15 Jan. 2008)

Arab League Mediation in Lebanon Fails

“Al-Qaida in Lebanon,” by T-desco

Lebanese Skeptical Deal for New Gov. Will Fly

The Regional Lebanon Deal: What Does it Mean?

The soldiers of truth are back

Hamidi on Franco-Syrian Relations and Lebanon

Ali Barazi Released from Jail: Assad Says Seven Other Seculars to Go Free

Five undeniable facts about the Syria that I saw / by Ehsani

Anti-March 14th General Assassinated

Most activists freed: Some Remain in Custody

Arrests of Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change Conference Participants

“Landis: Syria Key to Middle East Peace Process,” CFR Interview with Gwertzman

Best of Comments on US Opening to Syria

Lebanon Presidential Politics and the Brammertz Report

Is the Notion of Syria Getting Back the Golan a Pipe Dream?

“U.S. Seems to Soften Syria Stance,” by Solomon & Simpson

“Syrian Track and Russian Mediator” by Ben Caspit

Annapolis Round Up: Was Syria a Winner at Annapolis?

What Happened on Day One of Annapolis?

“How Syria Decided to Participate at the Deputy F.M. Level,” by Hamidi

Landis on BBC World Service Explaining Why Syria is Headed to Annapolis

Syria to Attend Peace Conference at Deputy Foreign Minister Level

Schedule for Annapolis Conference and Related Events

“Syria Wants to See Word “Golan” Published on Agenda Before Deciding on Annapolis,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

“The Real Reason Syria Blocked Facebook,” by Idaf

Syria says Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda

Facebook Blocked in Syria: Virtual Civil Society Banned

Syria Will Not Attend Annapolis Conference, Unless…

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies


Asad: No Talks Without Serious Golan Initiative

The Annapolis Protocal & Flip-flopping toward Damascus

“Syria and the Peace Process” by Landis

David Lesch Testimony on Syria-Lebanon before the Senate

“Syria: Options and Implications for Lebanon and the Region,” by Emile El-Hokayem

Treasury Designates Individuals Furthering Syrian Regime’s Efforts to Undermine Lebanese Democracy

“Everyday Jihad,” by Bernard Rougier

Washington Hearings on Syria, etc.

Muslim Brotherhood: “Christian or Woman can be President of Syria”

“Authoritarian Upgrading in the Arab World,” by Steven Heydemann


Jimmy Carter and Joschka Fischer on talking to Syria

Saudi king prays with Rif’at al-Asad in Mecca

Changing Course with Syria

Latakia in 1980-81: Samuel Pickering’s Fulbright Year

Michael Young Talks Sense about Syria

“How to Bring Liberty to Syria,” by Ford Prefect

“How to Encourage Liberty in Syria,” by Ford Prefect

The Economist on Syria

Syria Unlikely to go to Attend Peace Conference

Rice Trys to Gin Up Enthusiasm for Her Peacemaking

“A dihonorable Affair,” by Katherine Zoepf

Perthes and Dobbins on Damascus’ Role

Israeli Strike on Syria: A Message for Syria? … A Message for Iran?

Israel Penetrates Syrian Airspace: Shots Fired

Arguments for Israeli-Syria Dialogue

Subsidies and Iraqis: Syria Shifts Gears

Fatah al-Islam Finished as Political Battle Heats UP

News Round Up (1 Sept 2007)

“Syria and Israel: The Changing Military Balance and Prospects for War,” by Cordesman

“The Syrian Opposition: Part 2,” by Landis & Pace in Arabic

“The Syrian Opposition: Part 1,” by Landis & Pace in Arabic

Does Bush’s Executive Order Criminalize Lebanon’s Democratic Opposition?

Censorship of Websites Announced by Syrian Ministry of Tel.

“To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers,” by Jay Solomon

The truth about Syria?

“SYRIA: Regime survival depends on Hariri outcome,” by Oxford Analytica

Will Syria and Israel talk, fight or wait?

News Round Up (2 July 2007)

The Damascus Center for the study of Human Rights

“Bush Weighs Reaching Out To Muslim Brothers,” byu Eli Lake

News Round Up (13 June 2007)

The Presidential Plebiscite and Pageantry: What does it Mean?

Introducing the Creative Forum: Commemorating the Golan Heights

Arriving in Damascus 2007 – First Impressions

Initial syriapol Results Released

News Round Up (28 May 2007)

“US Asks NSF to Elect New Leader for Credibility,” by Bette Dam

U.S. policy turnabout may enable Israeli-Syrian talks

News Round Up (19 May 2007)

“A Review Of Mr. Assad’s First Term in office” by Ehsani

News Round-Up

Bernard Gwertzman (CFR consulting editor) interviews Joshua Landis

“Sufism and Salafism in Syria” by Itzchak Weismann

Kamal Labwani Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

“The Difference Between Wahhabis and Muslim Brothers,” by David Commins

“Battling the Lion of Damascus: Syria’s Opposition” by Seth Wikas

News Roundup (25 April 2007)

Anwar al-Bunni Sentenced to 5 years in Prison

“The Election Results” by Hamidi

The Party is Over. Long Live the Party

Syrians at the Polls: To Vote – Yes or No

The National Salvation Front Opens Office in Washington

Syrian Opposition harmed by Iraq: MB Opens office in DC

“Hizballah and Syria: Outgrowing the Proxy Relationship,” by Emile El-Hokayem

“My Experience in the People’s Assembly,” by Riyadh Sayf

“Negotiations with Syria Not in Israel’s Interest,” by Giora Eiland

The Smartest Observations on Pelosi and Syria – Malley and Lobe

“Restarting Israeli-Syrian Negotiations,” by ICG

“Lebanon’s Coming Crisis” by Firas Maksad

The Pelosi Visit

Pelosi’s Trip to Damascus

Saudi Arabia’s New Peace Proposal?

“Farid Ghadry, Syria’s Chalabi: From Washington to Damascus,” by Salim Abraham

A Response to Michael Young

Kurds Commemorate the “Intifadah” of 12 March 2004

Saudis and Syrians …Brothers or Rivals?

Syrian Opposition – New Articles

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Three’s a Crowd

Will Saudi Arabia Solve America’s Problems?

Feb 14 Raises the Rhetoric

News Round Up (13 February 2007)

The US and Syria: Is Dialogue Coming?

Is Syria Supplying Weapons to Iraqi Militias?

New Zogby poll: 80 % of moderate Arabs say Israel and the U.S. are their two biggest external threats. 6% cited Iran

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Talks to President Bashar al-Assad About Iraq and Mideast Peace

Liel – “Syrians Serious about Full Reorientation”

Reactions to Revelations of Israeli-Syrian Unofficial Peace Negotiations

“Secret understandings reached between representatives of Israel, Syria” by Akiva Eldar

Madrid Peace Conference Upstaged by Bush’s Call for More War

“Elliot Abrams’ Uncivil War,” by Conflicts Forum

News Round Up (6 January 2007)

Amendment to Syrian Election Law

Syrians to Participate in Madrid Conference Jan. 10-12

US Arms Surrogates

“Markers on the route to Damascus,” by Itamar Rabiniovich

More on the Bandar Affair

Could the US be Planning Covert Action in Lebanon and beyond?

For and Against Dialogue with Syria

“Syria in Bush’s Crosshairs: MEPI Money” by Adam Zagorin

“The Story of My Arrest and Accusation” – by Michel Kilo

“President Bashar al-Asad Interviewed,” by Alix Van Buren

US Senators Defy Bush and Head for Damascus: Bush Says Asad Rules by Force

Encouraging Sectarian War as a Means to Bring Down Asad

V.P. Farouq al-Sharaa on the Baker Report & Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine

“SYRIA: Regime interests dictate regional policies,” by Oxford Analytica

America Must Decide between Shiites and Sunnis

“A Primer in Lebanese Politics,” by Uri Avnery

8 Syrian Students Face Trial for Starting Discussion Group

“Talk To Syria Now, Says Syrian Jewish Maverick,” by Larry Cohler-Esses

US Dialogue with Syria Ruled Out For Now

“Why the Barak-Asad, Golan Deal Failed” by Swisher

News Round-Up Nov. 10 2006

What is it with War in Summer 2007?

“Iraq War Sapping U.S. Influence in Lebanon,” Landis interview with Gwertzman of CFR

We have not met with Members of Muslim Brothers

“Washington meeting with Khaddam and Al-Bayanouni failed” by Mardini

“The Syrian-American Rift,” By Akiva Eldar

Syrian Corruption Hits Prime Time

Can Bush Bring Down Syrian Regime?

Michel Kilo Will Not Be Freed

The Foreign Office says, “Engage Syria,” NSC says, “No”

Democracy is Out; Baker’s Advice

Syria Myths – the two-faced arson.

“The Rebellion against American Policy,” by Patrick Seale

“Syria: Return of the reformer ,” the Economist

Is Hizbullah Secular? James Baker Meets Syrian F.M.

Aref Dalilah suffers stroke in jail. More prisoner releases

Kurds Protest; Israel Says No to Peace

Pro-Democracy Students Held at Sidnaya Prison

Brammertz, Opposition Releases, and Israeli Talks

Spiegel Interview with Assad: “America Must Listen” (Sept. 24, 06)

Bayanouni Improves on Alawi Question