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Trump May Be Right – By David W. Lesch

Intervention in Syrien: Sollten wir eingestehen, dass der Krieg gegen das syrische Regime verloren ist? – By Nikolaos van Dam @nikolaosvandam

Foreign intervention in Syria: Isn’t it time to admit that the war against the Syrian regime is lost? – By Nikolaos van Dam

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Syrians demonstrate against Qaddafi; Kerry Pushes Peace; SLT sputters

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Skewed Balance of Power between Israel and Syrian Impedes Peace

Overview of Syrian-US Relations

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OneMideast.Org Written up by Ian Black and Joe Macaron

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Why Syria Must Burnish its “Resistance” Credentials in the Face of Obama’s Inaction on Settlement Expansion

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The Case for Syria

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The Push for Peace

Ire over US Sanctions Causes Policy Review in Damascus

Ray Close on the Golan

Nasrallah’s Rhetoric Directed East or West?

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Balancing “Change” and “Prudence” will be an arduous process for President Obama

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Top 5 reasons why Israel is attacking Gaza

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Syria is the Only Game in Town

Waging Peace in Atlanta, by Britta Froelicher

Carter in Damascus as US and Israel try to Pressure Syria on UN inspections

Netanyahu Agrees to Give Syria Talk, but Not Golan

News Round UP (6 December 2008)

“Giving Back the Golan Will Not Be Easy,” by Shai

“Start With Syria” by Aaron David Miller

“We will not allow another [IAEA] visit”

Yoav Stern discusses his coverage of Syrian affairs

Obama Dispatches Malley to Syria?

Comments from Jihad Makdissi

Flipping Peace Tracks Again?

Reader’s Comment on “Why Syria Doesn’t Want War”

The Bombing and More.

How Syria’s Assad Is Steering His Country out of Isolation

Baker calls Bush ‘ridiculous’ on Syria

News Round UP (13 Sept. 2008)

News Round Up (12 Sept. 2008)

News Round UP (9 Sept. 2008)

Difficult Decisions for Assad, but Syrian Art Sizzles

Hokayem and Young on the Assad-Sarkozy Summit

News Roundup (6 Sept. 2008)

Sarkozy in Syria

The Middle East Waits for America

Israel Peace Negotiator Quits; Hamas Leader Leaves Damascus

Syria & Lebanon Should Hold Simultaneous Talks With Israel

Bush’s Policy of No Dialogue with Syria is Costing US Lives

Obama Adviser Kurtzer Advises Syria to Do More for Peace

Building Towards Peace

News Round-Up (August 1, 2008)

Syria is Ready for Peace.

Odds and Ends

News Round Up (27 July 2008)

America’s Role in Israel-Syria Talks

Iran Warns Syria Against Peace with Israel

As Paris Boosts Assad, US Adds Sanctions (10 July 2008)

Bashar al-Assad Walking the Tight-Rope

Prisoner Swap; Golan; Negotiations

Olmert: If there is Peace with Syria, the reality in the region will change

Will Assad and Israeli President Shimon Peres Meet in Paris?

“Obama’s Mideast Experts Emphasize Talks,” by Jay Solomon

“What Syria stands for: The moral argument for US friendship with Syria,” by S. Farah

“An Israel-Syria deal is strategically vital for both,” by Shlomo Ben-Ami

“It’s Time to Talk to Syria” by Kerry and Hagel

“America’s Gulf Arab allies and Syria,” by Alex

Q & A with President Assad in Dubai

Nukes, Golan, Lebanon and the Shifting Balance (3 June 2008)

Syrian Israeli Peace Process

“What are the Prospects for Syrian-Israeli Peace?” by Seale, Khouri, & Allaf

Nukes or Peace?

President Assad is “more optimistic than any time before.” / Carter is “very upbeat”

The Peace Canal Plan – Peace plan/water import project from Turkey to the Middle East

News Roundup (15 March 2008)

Israeli-Syrian Peace: From Dialogue… to Details & Diplomacy

News Roundup (23 January 2008)

A letter from Alon Liel / Chairman of the Israeli-Syrian Peace Society

(Saudi) Money can’t buy you love … or success

“Landis: Syria Key to Middle East Peace Process,” CFR Interview with Gwertzman

Best of Comments on US Opening to Syria

Is the Notion of Syria Getting Back the Golan a Pipe Dream?

“U.S. Seems to Soften Syria Stance,” by Solomon & Simpson

“Syrian Track and Russian Mediator” by Ben Caspit

Annapolis Round Up: Was Syria a Winner at Annapolis?

What Happened on Day One of Annapolis?

“How Syria Decided to Participate at the Deputy F.M. Level,” by Hamidi

Landis on BBC World Service Explaining Why Syria is Headed to Annapolis

Syria to Attend Peace Conference at Deputy Foreign Minister Level

Schedule for Annapolis Conference and Related Events

“Syria Wants to See Word “Golan” Published on Agenda Before Deciding on Annapolis,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

Syria says Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda

Syria Will Not Attend Annapolis Conference, Unless…

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies

Asad: No Talks Without Serious Golan Initiative

The Annapolis Protocal & Flip-flopping toward Damascus

“Syria and the Peace Process” by Landis

David Lesch Testimony on Syria-Lebanon before the Senate


Jimmy Carter and Joschka Fischer on talking to Syria

Changing Course with Syria

Michael Young Talks Sense about Syria

Syria Unlikely to go to Attend Peace Conference

Rice Trys to Gin Up Enthusiasm for Her Peacemaking

Perthes and Dobbins on Damascus’ Role

Israeli Strike on Syria: A Message for Syria? … A Message for Iran?

Israel Penetrates Syrian Airspace: Shots Fired

Arguments for Israeli-Syria Dialogue

“Syria and Israel: The Changing Military Balance and Prospects for War,” by Cordesman

The truth about Syria?

Will Syria and Israel talk, fight or wait?

Introducing the Creative Forum: Commemorating the Golan Heights

U.S. policy turnabout may enable Israeli-Syrian talks

News Round-Up

Bernard Gwertzman (CFR consulting editor) interviews Joshua Landis

“Hizballah and Syria: Outgrowing the Proxy Relationship,” by Emile El-Hokayem

“Negotiations with Syria Not in Israel’s Interest,” by Giora Eiland

The Smartest Observations on Pelosi and Syria – Malley and Lobe

“Restarting Israeli-Syrian Negotiations,” by ICG

Saudi Arabia’s New Peace Proposal?

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Three’s a Crowd

The US and Syria: Is Dialogue Coming?

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Talks to President Bashar al-Assad About Iraq and Mideast Peace

Liel – “Syrians Serious about Full Reorientation”

Reactions to Revelations of Israeli-Syrian Unofficial Peace Negotiations

“Secret understandings reached between representatives of Israel, Syria” by Akiva Eldar

Madrid Peace Conference Upstaged by Bush’s Call for More War

News Round Up (6 January 2007)

Syrians to Participate in Madrid Conference Jan. 10-12

“Markers on the route to Damascus,” by Itamar Rabiniovich

More on the Bandar Affair

“President Bashar al-Asad Interviewed,” by Alix Van Buren

V.P. Farouq al-Sharaa on the Baker Report & Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine

“Talk To Syria Now, Says Syrian Jewish Maverick,” by Larry Cohler-Esses

“Why the Barak-Asad, Golan Deal Failed” by Swisher

News Round-Up Nov. 10 2006

What is it with War in Summer 2007?

“The Syrian-American Rift,” By Akiva Eldar

Can Bush Bring Down Syrian Regime?

The Foreign Office says, “Engage Syria,” NSC says, “No”

Democracy is Out; Baker’s Advice

Syria Myths – the two-faced arson.

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