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60 years after Iraq’s 1958 July 14 Revolution by Christopher Solomon

Reply to Steven Heydemann’s “Assessing Nikolas Van Dam on Syria’s Fate” – By Nikolaos Van Dam

Reconciliations: The Case of al-Sanamayn in North Deraa

A Post-National Framework for Peace and Stability in the Middle East – by Sam Farah

Liwa Al-Jabal: A New Loyalist Militia Unity Initiative In Suwayda’

Labawat al-Jabal: A Druze Female Militia in Suwayda’ Province

Rijal al-Karama after Sheikh Abu Fahad Waheed al-Bal’ous’ Assassination

The Assassination of Sheikh Abu Fahad al-Bal’ous: Context and Analysis

The Syrian Southern Front: Why it Offers Better Justice and Hope than Northern Front” by Marika Sosnowski

“The Legal Foundations of the Islamic State,” By Mara Revkin

The New Syrian Constitution Draft Discussed

Analyzing the largest Syria crisis Facebook polls, by Camille Otrakji

Homs: The Capital of Syrian Uprising

The Arab Spring & the decay of secular state in Syria

Haithem al-Maleh, Landis, Fred Reed on Prism TV

Shara Spells out “Road Map” to Reform; Compares it to Corrective Movement Led by Hafiz al-Assad

Obama to Assad: “Lead that transition, or get out of the way.”

News Round Up (3 May 2011) Syrian Banks Asked to Pay for Stable Syrian Pound

“Syria’s New Government,” By EHSANI2

SYRIA’S PRESIDENT ASSAD: WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED?” by Brian J. Davis, Canadian Ambassador to Syria, 2003-2006uesd

News Round Up (11 April 2011)

Assad Responds to Clerics’ Demands

Syrian Reactions to the President’s Speech

Ignatius Lesch, Seale, Tisdall, Khalaf, Fadel on Assad and Syria

“As Protests Mount, Is There a Soft Landing for Syria?” by Joshua Landis

Syrian Government Promises: Free Press, End of Emergency Rule, Opposition Parties, Justice

Damned if We Do and Damned if We Don’t

Demonstrations in Damascus Challenge Regime

“Why Syria is Unlikely to be Next…. for Now,” by Bassam Haddad

The sad irony of it all – the USA and the Arab world…

George Saghir Responds to Samir Aita

“What Does the Future Hold for Syrian Economists?” By Samir Aita

Ibrahim Hamidi, “Political and Economic Factors of Syrian Stability”

A New Day in Egypt

“What Does the Future Hold for Syria?” By George Saghir

Will “Day of Rage” Rock Syria?

“Syrian Corruption” by Lina Sinjab; Tourism and Preserving Syrian Heritage; Stateless Kurds

George Saghir and Bassel Hamwi Launch Independent Economic Index to Assess Syrian Economy

“The Sin in Syria is Low Wages,” by Ehsani

The Special Lebanon Tribunal Power Play – The End of the Bush Agenda

Memorizing is Out in Syrian Schools? Poetry is In.

Lesch Article on Assad; Syria Worst at Anti-Corruption; Bush Nixxed Israel 2007 Bombing

Beyond Image: The Effects of the Visual Noise in the City of Damascus. By S. Farah for Syria Comment

“The Turkish Judicial System: Guardians of the Ancient Regime,” By Firat Demir

“Nationalist First, Islamist Second: The Armenian Issue Shows the Limits of the Erdogan Government,” by Firat Demir

“Turkey at a Crossroad: Democracy or Military Rule?” by Firat Demir

Austrian FM and James Baker III on Syria-Israel Peace Talks

The Case for Syria

Radwan Ziadeh on “Syria’s Democratic Past: Lessons for the Future”

Omar Dahi and Ehsani Debate “Neoliberalism” and Economic Reform

Observations along the road to Kassab and the streets of Aleppo, by Ehsani

It’s the Economy Stupid – Ehsani Comments

Bashar ElSbihi Clarifies

“New Personal Status Draft Law Does Not Permits Polygamy for Christians,” by Tyler Golson


“A New U.S. Policy For Syria,” by Seth Kaplan

“Can Syria change its image?” by S. Farah

How Syria’s Assad Is Steering His Country out of Isolation

Economic News About Syria (6 Sept 2008)

Competing with the Syrian government itself and wining hands down

Obama Adviser Kurtzer Advises Syria to Do More for Peace

IDAF’s Observations on his Month-long Trip Around Syria

Aref Dalileh released

Building Towards Peace

Syria is Ready for Peace.

Andrew Tabler: “The U.S. Can Help Tackle Syrian Corruption”

“Lancing the Boil: Hizbullah’s Future in Lebanon”/ by Qifa Nabki

“It’s Time to Talk to Syria” by Kerry and Hagel

Q & A with President Assad in Dubai

“An Economic Plan for Syria’s Future,” by Ehsani

Why Reform is an Urgent call to Secular Arabs:

Syrian Media – The Challenge and the Need to Act | Part II

Syria Comment: Rules and Regulations

Diagnosing Failure: The Case of Lebanon

Five undeniable facts about the Syria that I saw / by Ehsani

Best of Comments on US Opening to Syria

Facebook Blocked in Syria: Virtual Civil Society Banned

“Authoritarian Upgrading in the Arab World,” by Steven Heydemann

“How to Bring Liberty to Syria,” by Ford Prefect

“How to Encourage Liberty in Syria,” by Ford Prefect

The Economist on Syria

“A dihonorable Affair,” by Katherine Zoepf

Subsidies and Iraqis: Syria Shifts Gears

The Presidential Plebiscite and Pageantry: What does it Mean?

Arriving in Damascus 2007 – First Impressions

Initial syriapol Results Released

“A Review Of Mr. Assad’s First Term in office” by Ehsani

“Lebanon’s Coming Crisis” by Firas Maksad

Saudis and Syrians …Brothers or Rivals?

Amendment to Syrian Election Law

“President Bashar al-Asad Interviewed,” by Alix Van Buren

US Senators Defy Bush and Head for Damascus: Bush Says Asad Rules by Force

“SYRIA: Regime interests dictate regional policies,” by Oxford Analytica

“Syria: Return of the reformer ,” the Economist

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