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Interview with Lebanon’s Minister of Refugee Affairs, Mouin Merhebi

Loyalty over geography: Re-interpreting the notion of ‘Useful Syria’ — By Matthias Sulz

Creating a New Syria: Property, Dispossession, and Regime Survival — by Erwin van Veen

“Educating Syrian Refugees in Turkey,” by Salih Yasun

In the Line of Fire — the War Against the UN in Syria

A Day in The Life of The Jungle: Syrians Camped out in Calais

Wonderful NGO with School for Syrian Refugee Children in Northern Lebanon

“The evolving humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis,” by Marika Sosnowski

The Children of Syria: A War and Image Industry

Syrian Refugees Collectivizing in Jordan Becomes a Security Issue — by Katy Montoya

Syria Photo Guide

On Camps and Cities: The Lived Experience of Displaced Syrians in Jordan

A Visit to the Tomb of Hafez al-Asad

Joshua Landis on ISIS, Syria & the “Great Sorting Out” in the Middle East – Interview with Danny Postel

“Dreaming of Home: Syrian Refugees in Jordan’s Cities – Will They Be Repatriated?” by Matthew R. Stevens

The Unintended Consequences of Closing and Restricting Jordan-Syria Border Crossings—by Justin Schon

“Bilal” – by Stephen Boeshaar

“Observations of a Homsi living in Tartous,” by Aboud Dandachi

Problems for Syrians in Egypt; News from Kurdish North; Looting & Oil; Round-up

The End of the Line: A Microbus Map of Damascus – by Matthew McNaught

Documentary: Where the war still echoes

Jordan Shudders Under 331% Increase in Refugees as Conflict in Dera’a Intensifies

Syria and the US – by Sami Moubayed – New Book

Homs: The Capital of Syrian Uprising

The Arab Spring & the decay of secular state in Syria

Five Books on Syria – Recommended by Nikolas van Dam

What Will a Post Assad Syria Look Like?

Wiki Leaks: First Cut

Drought, Water Management, and the Kurdish Question

“Damascus art gallery ignites Syrian culture war,” By Khaled Yacoub Oweis

“The Qubaysiyat are Feminists,” by Serene Taleb-Agha

Igraa and Male Hypocrisy; Censorship; Divorce; Two New Ministers

Women and the Rise of The Religious Conservatives

Memorizing is Out in Syrian Schools? Poetry is In.

“New Media is Straining Government Tolerance In Syria,” by Deb Amos

Muhammad al-Habash Resigns from all Religious Activities

Drought Hits East for Forth Year Causing More Distress

Will Obama Abandon the Bush Policy of Punishing Mid East Countries that Oppose Israeli Expansion?

News Round Up (29 August 2010)

“Syrians Were Not Behind the Hariri Assassination,” Former US Offical to as-Safir

The Niqab and Syria’s Private Girls Schools

Syria Bans the Niqab in Schools

Syrian Cinema; American Soldiers and Torture

“Why Reforming the Hadith is so Difficult,” Elie Elhadj

OneMideast.Org Written up by Ian Black and Joe Macaron

“Middle East Art” by Brook Anderson and Don Duncan

Beyond Image: The Effects of the Visual Noise in the City of Damascus. By S. Farah for Syria Comment

Ketan Gajria’s Photo – the Aleppo Souq – is a Winner

“Syria’s National Day Celebrations at the Library of Congress”, by Ford Prefect

“The Armenian Genocide: The Islamist and Kemalist Consensus,” by Firat Demir

The Case for Syria

Syrian Growth Figures; More Scary Drought Figures from the East

Deborah Amos on the Water and Food Crisis

“Jordan is a model that works, whether we like it or not,” – Rami Khouri

Dubai Blues and Iraqi families Suffer in Syria

Observations along the road to Kassab and the streets of Aleppo, by Ehsani

Angelina Does Damascus; Saudi King on his Way; Syria’s Attitude toward an Iranian Nuke

“Can Former Iraqi Baathists in Syria Ever Go Home?” by Andrew Lee Butters

“Tea on the Axis of Evil,” a film by Jean Marie Offenbacher

The Syrian Public Sector, Corruption, Taxation, and Government Services” by Ehsani

The American MidEast Leadership Network’s Virtual Scrapbook

Bashar ElSbihi Clarifies

News Round Up (9 July 2009)

Apologies to Howard Schweber and Barak’s Settlement Shuffle

The Mitchell Visit: Why it is Important

“New Personal Status Draft Law Does Not Permits Polygamy for Christians,” by Tyler Golson

“Raqqa and Beyond” by Ali Khan: Dispatch 23

“Hassakeh,” By Ali Khan (Dispatch 22)

“Trip Around and Across Syria!,” By Ali Khan #21

The Status of Women in Syria – A debate

Ali Khan “At the Hamam”

“A Night at the Theater with Saadallah Wannous” by Ali Khan

Private Universities; Haykal Wins; Syriacs Hang On

Arabesque Festival in DC

Old Damascus – Restored or …? Beit Rumman as an Example

What the Middle East Needs is the “Audacity of Hope”, by Hind Kabawat


Obama T-shirt From the “Axis of Evil”

Emanuel Apologizes for Father’s ‘Arab’ Comments, but Press Doen’t Publish Except on Blogs

“American dream expelled from Syria” by Sami Moubayed

“Dispatch from Damascus 6,” by Ali Khan

News Round Up (17 Oct. 2008)

Reader’s Comment on “Why Syria Doesn’t Want War”

News Round UP (13 Sept. 2008)

News Round UP (9 Sept. 2008)

Difficult Decisions for Assad, but Syrian Art Sizzles

Syria at the Olympics

IDAF’s Observations on his Month-long Trip Around Syria

Ehsani’s Observations Following a Two Week Visit to Aleppo

Syria is Ready for Peace.

“Some Remarks on Syria,” by Observer

Lebanon’s Christians Are Back — ICG: by Peter Harling

As Paris Boosts Assad, US Adds Sanctions (10 July 2008)

Palestinians, Refugees, Turks, Aleppines, Arar, Bloggers

Donating Books to Syria: Advice from Mr. Abed

Books for Syrian Universities – Mr. Haytham Abed

News Round Up (28 June 2008)

“We Salute Syria” for its “Generosity” and “Cooperation,” said James Foley

“Language Atlas of Syria” reviewed by Nikolaos van Dam

“The Struggle for Power in Syria” by Van Dam reviewed by Josh Landis

“What Syria stands for: The moral argument for US friendship with Syria,” by S. Farah

Bashar Will Always Have Paris: Obama has AIPAC

News Round Up (10 June 2008)

News Round Up (31 May 2008)

Why Reform is an Urgent call to Secular Arabs:

News Round Up (1 May 2008)

“A ‘Surge’ for Refugees”

“Syria Sees Influx of Arabic Language Students,” by Peter Kenyon

“A Bloody Era of Syria’s History Informs a Writer’s Banned Novel,” by R. Worth

France Lets Key Witness in Hariri Trial Escape: Kushner Sorrowful

“The Jews of Syria,” By Robert Tuttle

Jewish Fundraiser to Support Syrian Children with Cancer

The Iraqi refugee view from Syria and Lebanon

News Round Up (March 18 2008)

What is Behind Israeli Offers of Peace Negotiations?

The United States presents Cinerama in Damascus, 1954

Foreign Militants Crossing Syria-Iraq Border Drop to 40-50 a Month

“Once-Socialist Damascus Displays New Wealth, Glitz,” by Deborah Amos

“Lebanese diva arouses emotion, controversy in Syria,” by Oweis

Damascus, capital of Arab culture for 2008

“Al-Qaeda in Lebanon,” by Nir Rosen

News Roundup (15 Jan. 2008)

“Syrian Americans: The Identity Balancing Act,” by Salma al-Shami

Syria Requires Arabization of Names

Five undeniable facts about the Syria that I saw / by Ehsani

Arrests of Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change Conference Participants

Iraq Wants US to Engage with Syria and Iran. Facebook Minister Soaped

Lebanon, Iran & US

“The Real Reason Syria Blocked Facebook,” by Idaf

Facebook Blocked in Syria: Virtual Civil Society Banned


Iraqi Refugees: Has There Been a Breakthrough?

“Syria is No Longer Cuba,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

An Iraqi in Syria

“A dihonorable Affair,” by Katherine Zoepf

Hamidi on New Visa Requirements for Iraqis

Subsidies and Iraqis: Syria Shifts Gears

News Round Up (1 Sept 2007)

Germany Restores Aid & Analyzing Aoun

Elissa Banned from Syria. Shwarma Fires Up France

Censorship of Websites Announced by Syrian Ministry of Tel.

News Round Up (27 July 2007)

Syria’s Iraq Policy

“In the Old City, a Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Oliver August

Syria’s Private Universities

Syrian Clothes Designer Enthralls Turks

Introducing the Creative Forum: Commemorating the Golan Heights

Iraqi Refugees in Syria: 3 Best Articles

Seymour Hersh: “We may never find out who ordered Hariri assassination”

“U.S.-Syrian Relations” by Amassador Moustapha

Has a Lebanon Deal Been Clinched?

News Round Up (3 March 2007)

Feb 14 Raises the Rhetoric

News Round Up (13 February 2007)

Syria Shuts Out Iraqi Refugees. Is Arabism Over?

“Shi’ites and Shi’ism in Medieval Syria,” by Stephennie Mulder

The Babes of Hizbullah

8 Syrian Students Face Trial for Starting Discussion Group

Mansour al-Atrash has Died at 80

Can Bush Bring Down Syrian Regime?

News Roundup (Oct. 9, 2006)

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