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Free Syrian Army Founded by Seven Officers to Fight the Syrian Army

Friday 29 July 2011: “Your Silence is Killing US”

Buti [not] Expelled From Mosque – Soldiers enter Kanaker: 8 Killed

New Party Law Preserves Baath Power; Saudi – Iran – Turkey Vie For Syria

Economic News Roundup (26 July 2011)

Haithem al-Maleh, Landis, Fred Reed on Prism TV

Activists Attack Army Cadets, Derail Train, and Kill 20 Soldiers in Homs as Opposition Uses Force

Rastan Rebels Kill 20 Syrian Soldiers in Homs, according to Wall Street Journal

Shara Spells out “Road Map” to Reform; Compares it to Corrective Movement Led by Hafiz al-Assad

Syria’s Security Measures are Failing

New Opposition TV Station; Hama Free? Homs and Deir Shut Down

“A Call to President Assad to Launch Democratic Reform before Syria stumbles toward Sectarian Conflict Iraq-Style,” by Inhabitant of Damascus

Syrians Scared and Angered by Sectarian Fighting. Little unity Among Opposition

In Homs, 30 Dead as Communal Factions Fight; Bukamal and Qatana Light Up as Calm Returns to Hama

“The Road to Qardaha,” by Peter

Syrian “National Salvation” Opposition Meeting in Istanbul: Opening Remarks and Mr Maleh (17 July 2011)

“The Street Will Wash Them Away,” Amb. Ford – Biggest Demonstrations So Far: Friday 15 July 2011

Economic News and More (13 July 2011)

“The Syrian Regime’s Slow-motion Suicide: Crisis Group,” by Peter Harling

Does the US Getting into a Fight with Syria Help the Syrian Opposition or the Regime?

Syria Closes in on Four Months of Uprising with No End in Sight.

Ambassador Ford Goes to Hama

News Round Up (7 July 2011)

News Round Up (5 July 2011)

Syria: An Uprising, Not a Revolution, By Yazan Badran

An interview with Bassam Alkadi, President of the Syrian Women Observatory

“The squeeze on Assad,” by the Economist

Stalemate Prevails as Gov and Opposition Look for New Strategies; Pressure on the SYP

Syrian Opposition Conference: Semiramis Hotel: 200 members – First Impressions

Syria’s Opposition Faces an Uncertain Future

What is new on the Economy (24 June 2011): Oil Sanctions

“The Alawi Dilemma – Revisited,” By Khudr

Jisr al-Shaghour – the Government Story as told by a Foreign Member of the Organized Press Visit

“Where is the Truth in Conflicting Reports? Not in the Middle but at the Extremes,” by a Foreigner in Syria

President Assad: Speech #3, (Monday 20 June 2011) “We Control Events, rathern than Events Control Us”

How the Opposition Plans to Take Down the Syrian Regime (Joshua Landis & Ausama Monajed)

Is Turkey a Shield? Assad to Speak about Reform on Monday

“What do Sunnis intend for Alawis following regime change?” by Khudr

Rami Makhlouf: Is He Being Sacrificed? Is the Syrian Economy the Achilles Heel of the Assad Regime? WINEP Pushes for Sanctions on Syrian Oil

Damascenes Rally for the Government Even as Economy Enters Crisis Mode and Touble in the North Expands

“Deeply Sectarian,” Joshua Landis on the Economist online

What happened at Jisr al-Shagour?

Idlib and Aleppo

News Round Up (9 June 2011)

Syria Reports 120 Military Killed in Jisr al-Shagour, Promises Decisive Response. More Economic Woes

The Final Declaration of the Antalya Opposition Conference

‘Friday of the Children of Freedom’ – the Uprising Moves to Hama, Many Killed, Internet Cut

Syrian Opposition Meeting in Antalya: Day Two

The Opposition Meeting in Antalya (1 June 2011) First Impressions

Did Four Alawi Clans Dissociate themselves from the Assads, as the Opposition Claims? Not likely.

News Round Up (1 June 2011)

“Syria in Fragments: Divided Minds, Divided Lives,” by an American in Syria

Syria’s Economic Challanges: How Long Can the Government Pay the Growing Costs of the Uprising?

Divisions within the Syrian Opposition on Eve of Turkey Meeting

Syrian Opposition to Meet in Turkey: May 31 – June 2

Five Books on Syria – Recommended by Nikolas van Dam

News Round Up (22 May 2011)

The Syrian Revolution Lives

Obama to Assad: “Lead that transition, or get out of the way.”

Assad Sanctioned – What Can it Do for America?

News Round Up (15 May 2011)

What Will a Post Assad Syria Look Like?

Imad Moustapha: “Rami Makhlouf does not speak on behalf of the Syrian authorities.”

Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page Administrator, Fidaaldin Al-Sayed Issa, Interviewed by Adam Almkvist

US closer to declaring Assad’s rule in Syria illegitimate

“Makhlouf Says Syria Will Fight Protests Till ‘the End'” by Anthony Shadid

Syrian Regime Says it is Witnessing the end of the Story; Opposition Calls Meeting in Cairo

“It seems they got better in tracking satellite mobiles”

Landis and Seale on Prosepects for a Government Comeback

Day 53 of the Syrian Uprising; over Six Killed; Fewer Demonstrators; Clinton Says Reform Still Possible

Preparing for Friday Demonstrations (5 May 2011)

News Round Up (5 May 2011)

“Nobody Is Free In The World” – Report From Damascus by Gergő Plankó & Bence Gáspár Tamás

The Man behind “Syria Revolution 2011” Facebook-Page Speaks Out