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Reconciliations: The Case of al-Sanamayn in North Deraa

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Kata’ib Humat al-Diyar: A Prominent Loyalist Militia in Suwayda’

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Administrative Update plus Round-Up

The Names of the Revolution

The death of Abdelqader Saleh

Islamist Groups Declare Opposition to National Coalition and US Strategy [updated]

Jabhat al-Nusra and Other Islamists Briefly Capture Historic Christian Town of Ma’loula

“Red Lines and False Choices,” by Sarah Shields

Gangs of Latakia: The Militiafication of the Assad Regime

The End of the Line: A Microbus Map of Damascus – by Matthew McNaught

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Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future

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Turkey Engulfed in Protests, Syria Conflict Worries Turkish Alevis, Syrian Turkomen Support Opposition

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Has the War Reached Lebanon? Meanwhile, Obama Updates War on Terror

Sheikh al-Yaqoubi Elected to the NC—its first non-Brotherhood-aligned religious figure

Is Jabhat al-Nosra breaking apart?

New report on the Muslim Brotherhood

New Addition to the Syrian Islamic Front

Oil Wars—Nusra’s Expanding Reach—Syrian Taliban

Jordan Shudders Under 331% Increase in Refugees as Conflict in Dera’a Intensifies

The Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes

Sorting out David Ignatius

News Round Up (3 April 2013) New Revolutionary Front, Asma on Mother’s Day, M.B. Declaration

Dera’a is Falling

Opposition Infighting and Fragmentation Bedevils Syria

“Jihad in Syria (Part II): The Assad Regime Perspective,” By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Drones, A New Alawite Opposition, Obama in Israel

Lebanese Tension, Egyptian Chaos, Iraqi Memories… and all the news from Syria

“The Free Syrian Army Does Exist” by Koert Debeuf & Response by Aron Lund

Who is Ghassn Hitto? Why Was He backed to be Prime Minister of an Interim Gov by Mustafa Sabbagh?

al-Nusra, al-Raqqa, Calls for Jihad, River of Death

“The Uprising and the New Syria: Islamists Rise in Raqqa while Damascene Christians Dodge Fire” By Matthew Barber

Capture of Raqqa – Daraa Offensive – Schooling Crisis – Kerry Supportive

Raqqa Falls – (4 March 2013) Assad’s Interview with Hala Jaber

Why the US is Reluctant to Support the Syrian Revolution (in Arabic)

News Round Up (1 March 2013)

Kerry at a Crossroads on Syria – Sending Mixed Signals

Debate Over Death and Suffering in Syria; Rebel Unity Efforts

News Round Up (18 Feb 2013)

Obama’s State of the Union – Reactions; Battle for Damascus Promises to be Long

Noah Bonsey: “Liberation Front Represents Mainstream National Militant Alliance”

The Islamist mess in Damascus

Noah Bonsey on the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front; Nick Heras on how Islamic Militias emulate Hamas and Hizbullah

Syria’s Islamic Front Militias and How They Think about Minorities

News Round Up (30 January 2013)

Obama Worries Syria Intervention Would Backfire; Medvedev Says Assad Losing Power by the Day

Levant States Coming Unglued as Iraq teeters on Edge of Civil War and Syria Beset by over 1000 militias

Syrian Agriculture Collapses; Al-Qaida Thrives; Refugee Numbers Spike

Readers Letters; News Round Up (January 22, 2013

Hof, Doran, and Shaikh argue for greater US role in guiding Syrian opposition and transition

Assad Does not Live Russian Ship; Islamists More Honest and Capable than FSA; Winter Misery

News Round Up (13 January 2013)

“Forming a Syrian Opposition Government: The Time is Now” by Fred Hof; Ziadeh

News Round Up (January 9 2013)

News Round Up (Jan 5, 2013)

Assad Regime May Well Survive to 2014

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