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Syria Gets Better Russian Missiles

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Iranian Defector Reportedly Tipped Off U.S. on Syria Nuke Plant

Nasrallah’s Rhetoric Directed East or West?

“Middle East Peace and the U.S.-Saudi Relationship:,” by Lippmann

New Round Up (Feb. 18 2009)

Balancing “Change” and “Prudence” will be an arduous process for President Obama

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Bush Pardons Man who helped Bombing of Damascus

Carter in Damascus as US and Israel try to Pressure Syria on UN inspections

IMF Report on Syria: Non- oil exports increased 23.5 percent

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“Murder in Abou Kamal,” by Imad Moustapha

Syria blames Israeli bombs for uranium traces

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Traces Of Uranium found in Syria: Moallem Says No More Searches

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Syria accuses U.S. in deadly helicopter attack

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“Syria Talks Spur Speculation” by Jim Lobe & More…

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“Lancing the Boil: Hizbullah’s Future in Lebanon”/ by Qifa Nabki

Syria Pegs Hopes on India and Econ. Liberalization

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German Paper Speculates About Syrian Nuclear Facilities

Observations of a German journalist in Beirut

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“Syria had committed no crime, and Israel had no legal justification to carry out its attack” Scott Ritter

Syria’s Reactor

Nukes or Peace?

News Round Up (22 April 2008)

“The March to War: Israel Prepares…” by Nazemroaya

Hizbullah and Syria Threaten Revenge in Kind

Mughnieh: Liberator of Lebanon or Opportunistic Terrorist ?

Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah Commander, Assassinated in Damascus

It’s Not About Nukes: Stopping Missile Tranfer from N. Korea to Syria

“Sy Hersh: Syrian Facility Bombed by Israel not Nuclear”

News Roundup (23 January 2008)

(Saudi) Money can’t buy you love … or success

Sarkozy: “Your last opportunity is Saturday.” Assad: “I Said No to Nukes.”

IAEA: “No Credible Evidence” of Nuke Activity in Syria

Jackson Diehl goes over the deep end on Syria bombing

News Round Up (3 Nov. 2007)

US Planes Participated in Syrian Bombing Raid, according to al-Jazeera

“A New Intelligence Failure?,” by Hosenball, Newsweek

More uncertainty about Syrian “Nuke” plant

Ray Close on the Israeli Sept. 6 Air Raid on Syria

Old Pictures of Syrian Nuke Site Suggest “Refried Beans”

“Satellite Photos Show Cleansing of Syrian Site,” by Broad and Mazzetti

Moustapha: We know “the Gates of Hell” would open beneath us if we planned a nuke

More Washington Leaks on the Syria Target

News Round Up (Oct. 19 2007)

Radio: Bolton, Landis, Mazzetti, & Khouri Discuss Bombing of Syria and Peace Process

The NSC versus Rice and the Syria Strike

Ray Close on the Mysterious Israeli Air Attack on Syria

Analysts Say Israel Bombed Legal Nuclear Project Inside Syria

The New York Times: An Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the U.S.

“Ticking Clocks and ‘Accidental’ War,” BY Alastair Crooke

News Round Up (6 Sept 2007)

Strike on Syria or Iran – Lebanon torn in the Middle

Israel Hit Main Arms Depot Sept. 6, Killing Military Police

“The Consistancy of Error,” by Amir Oren

Assad Speaks On Israeli Strike and Peace Conference

The Economist on Syria

News Round Up (27 Sept. 2007)

Bolton Defends Against Absence of Syrian Nuclear Evidence

Articles Pushing Diplomacy with Syria and Questioning Raid

News Round Up (21 Sept. 2007)

Doubts about Israeli Strike Increase

Trish Schuh Reports From Deir al-Zur

Israel’s Strike – Was it a Warning to Iran? For Lebanon?

Israeli Strike on Syria: A Message for Syria? … A Message for Iran?

Nuclear Allegations Seemingly Hot Air

Baradei: “No Evidence of Khan Link to Syria” 2004

“ISRAEL/SYRIA: Rumours of war reflect tensions” by Oxford Analytica

News Round Up on Israeli Strike (13 Sept. 2007)

“N. Korea, Syria May Be at Work on Nuclear Facility” By Glenn Kessler

Nuclear? Chemical? Missiles? What Was Hit?

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