Damned if We Do and Damned if We Don’t

I received the following email from a Syrian friend, which summarizes a debate a number of Syrian friends have been having. I suspect it mirrors the sort of debate that many other Syrians have been having. He writes:

I have been on the sideline of this debate….. Let me try to summarize my position about Syria even if it is contradictory.

1. Like C…., I consider myself in the “proceed-with-caution-because-Syria-is-not-ready-for-democracy” camp. There are many reasons for this approach. If we take into consideration that the government is an insecure one (or so it thinks). One does not have to be a rocket scientist to know why it is as cautious and scared as it is. Furthermore, Syria is a very weak country with many enemies. Most of its enemies are VERY powerful.

Assad the father made Syria; he convinced Syrians that their country was much stronger than it actually was. Syrians outwardly fell for this line of thinking, but deep down, they are insecure and fearful. We have little confidence in ourselves. This is why we do not like to pick fights with others. So if one of us were running the system in Syria today, who would you want as an enemy, the millions of state workers and dependent peasants who have been the beneficiaries of the system for 50 years or the few enlightened elitists who are thinking liberty, freedom, and democracy? Let us be frank here: the current regime does have considerable legitimacy with the millions of ignorant citizens who are scraping by and the dependent class of citizenry. They just do not know any better.

Furthermore, one cannot rush into fast and radical reforms in a society that is so illiberal, that still abuses the rights of its women and children, and that allows men to inherit twice as much as women. We still do not allow women to serve as judges or to pray when they are menstruating. We suffer from a profound lack of mutual trust, without which civil society cannot take root.

In such a backward, illiberal, and distrusting society, pushing for fast-acting reforms will likely spell disaster. Today’s Iraq is no better than it was in 2003, despite spending billions on the the ingredients of democracy. The notion that when one removes a tyrannical regime a democracy will automatically pop up to replace it is naive and false.

2. I consider myself in the G…. camp of “it’s the economy stupid”. No question about it, if Syria is to implement a solution for its shocking economical problems today, it will be too late. A solution to have any affect today should have been implemented 20 years ago. There are no economic solutions that can act fast enough to deal with Syria’s immense problems adequately. The economists and financial planners today should be busy formulating plans to face the problems twenty year from today. The train has left the station, but Syrians have not even begun packing for their trip. We are a hopeless case, no matter what we do today. The situation is even more laughable to people like G…. who really understand Syria’s economic problems.

3. I also consider myself in E….’s camp. He argues that Syria’s political system under the Ba’ath is of a piece and hopelessly unable to reform itself. It is not the top guy, it is not the middle guy, and it is not the bottom guy that needs to go. They all, collectively and individually, must depart. You want a good political system, throw out the old one kit and caboodle, all of them, and start fresh. This camp argues that those who created the problem cannot be the ones to solve it – sons and daughters included — although many of them have the best intentions in the world. They have proven their failure for almost half a century. You cannot get juice from a turnip. Here is why: people will not change unless they see dramatic change on top. It took an Ataturk to prove to the Turks that the Ottomans were gone.

Syria’s problems, like those of other Middle Eastern countries, are existential. Time is running out. I worry that we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

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FHMETKom said:

this is not apiece of article. this is a piece of shit
syrians not ready for democrasy? assad made syria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

syrians are peacful people ,. syria has been on the planet since ALLAH decided to create this stupid planet , WE ARE THE ONES WHO CREATED DEMOCRACY. THE WESTERNS HAVE taken this after us.

i caanot even bother to reply this , just wanna tell your friend GO TO HELL AND IN HRLL YOU WILL FIND ASSAD so u can thank him for this whole shit we are living in

March 18th, 2011, 10:44 am


Rehmat said:

Professor, honestly tell me is the Ba’athist regime in Damascus is worse than the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv?

Atleast the Ba’athist thugs are Syrian while the Zionist thugs are foreigners from all over the West.

How about joining me in calling for regime changes in both Syria and Israel?


March 18th, 2011, 10:47 am


SOURI said:

I have little doubt that if the Baath regime falls, Syria will fall apart into several pieces. It is true that Hafez Assad made the country look much stronger than it was, but he made this almost by pure force. The Baath has totally failed to spread the culture of nationalism among the Syrians. Most Syrians still identify by their religion first, and many of them tend to have a hostile and ignorant position towards the other religions, especially the Alawite. The Syrian nation is far from being a nation yet. We are a collection of sects glued together by the Baath’s pure force.

In such a primitive society, anybody calling for immediate “democracy” is actually calling for the dissolution of the Syrian state. This will be good for Israel, America, Lebanon, and the Islamists, but it definitely will not be good for Syrian/Arab nationalists.

It is true that reform in Syria began too late to protect us from the current wave of Islamist revolutions (not democratic like deceivingly called), but we can only hope that Syria whether this storm into safety.

March 18th, 2011, 12:22 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

We do not want to replace one dictator with another dictator
Muslem brotherhood ,in the early 1980, they assasinated over 150 good syrian citizen,they have a bunch of murderers.
SNP is well known for their assasinations, Adnan AlMaliki was killed by SNP member.They ae the one who killed King Abdullah,and Ryad AlSolh, wait and see STL indictment report.
We all know what the Baath did in Syria Hama Massacre,Tudmur Massacre,who by the way few mention, there are over 15000 prisoners in Syria we do not know what happen to them.
What we want,is not SNP or Muslm brotherhood ,to replace Baath, we want freedom,Justice,End of corruption by officials,transparency in goverment work,check and balance to monitor those in power,independent judicial system, one that is responsible for their decisions,we are looking for society,where there is no political prisoners, where people share economic fairness,people are paid fair for their work.

We fought against colonialism,get rid of France and England,what we got was dictators who profit for themself,do not blame the people who revolted ,blame the dictators who made it possible for foreign countries to interfere,you are a physician, Doctors are known for their compassion,intelligence and love to people, Why are you different?

March 18th, 2011, 12:38 pm


Observer said:

One can go back to my old posts: ” the regime needs to be uprooted from its very roots”. We are seeing around us in Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen and Bahrain that the regimes have entrenched themselves with institutions deliberately corrupted so as to remain in power. Tunisia and Egypt are discovering that there is no way to rebuild their societies and institutions without complete dismantling of the old regime infrastructure. The writing is on the wall, if there is no genuine reform there will be an uprising. Peaceful I hope and pray but if crushed as it is being crushed in Yemen and in Libya then the fanatics would have won as they would announce that their estimation of these ” apostate ” regimes was correct all along and then a civil war will erupt. Now if Syria breaks up so be it, it probably is better for everyone. Let there be a Kurdish state and a Maronite state and an Allawi state and a Druze state it is better for us than to live in the big lie of a so called secular modern state. This is the epitome of the sectarian hateful state that one has.

March 18th, 2011, 12:52 pm


jad said:

Good for you Observer, that is truly genius solution!!!
What ‘State’ are you going to live in?

March 18th, 2011, 12:58 pm


norman said:

Majid Said,

((( you are a physician, Doctors are known for their compassion,intelligence and love to people, Why are you different?))
do you see anything wrong here, I am going to give you some time to think about what you wrote before i answer back,

March 18th, 2011, 1:00 pm


SOURI said:

I talked with many Islamists who said they prefer to divide Syria into several states than to live in a secular state.

March 18th, 2011, 1:12 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Regime Change NewZ

Rehmat said:

Professor, honestly tell me is the Ba’athist regime in Damascus is worse than the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv?

Atleast the Ba’athist thugs are Syrian while the Zionist thugs are foreigners from all over the West.

How about joining me in calling for regime changes in both Syria and Israel?



Instead of asking Professor Josh’s help with this, perhaps you should think about answering it yourself (plus, Professor Josh may not be very “objective”).

The precursor to the Libyan fight against her people we are witnessing today (this very minute) was version 1.0 by the Asad regime. Average estimates are 20,000 dead. That is quite a few more deaths than the number killed in both the Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars combined.


Then the next question is why is the Syrian economy so bad, and why wouldn’t Syria opt for BOTH the Golan and peace with the West (get the economy you’ve been dreaming of) in return for a poke in Nejad’s eye?

So if we uncover a few rocks, it’s pretty easy to see which regime is worse. Just MHO.

March 18th, 2011, 1:13 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

NO Observer,Syria must and will stay united, through democratization we will achieve unity.

March 18th, 2011, 1:15 pm


SOURI said:

This is the so-called democratic protests in Syria:

شهد صحن الجامع الأموي وسط دمشق القديمة محاولة للتظاهر عقب صلاة الجمعة اليوم ، سرعان ما قمعت بالقوة . وذكر شاهد عيان لـ”الحقيقة” أن المحاولة بدأت عندما خرج المصلون من المسجد إلى صحن الجامع وبدأوا يتناقشون في إمكانية التظاهر دعما للذين اعتقلوا يوم أمس أمام وزارة الداخلية . وفي الحال بدأ حوالي عشرين شخصا من هؤلاء بالهتاف ضد القمع والسلطة مطالبين بالحرية . إلا أنهم ، وقبل أن يصلوا إلى المدخل الرئيسي للجامع ، أغلقت عليهم الأبواب من الداخل، وبدأ حوالي الخمسين من الـ”مصلين البلطجية” ( من عناصر الأمن أو منظمات حزب السلطة) بضربهم بالهراوات واقتياد بعضهم إلى مسارب جانبية داخل الجامع . وعلم أن اثنين على الأقل اعتقلا ، عرف منهم الشاب عمار بدر ( من بلدة مصياف). وعندها سمعت للمرة الأولى شعارات مذهبية من داخل صحن المسجد تندد بـ”العلويين اليهود الذين يدنسون جامع السنة”(شيء غير مفهوم تماما شبيه بـ: علويييه يهودييه .. بيدنسوا جامع الأموييه السنيه)! وليس معروفا بعد من بادر إلى إطلاق هذه الشعارات ، وما إذا كانوا مندسين من عناصر الأمن أو من بعض المواطنين ، ولو أن شاهد العيان أكد أنهم ” ملتحون”!؟

This a “pro-democracy” rally in Banias, listen to the first demand:

March 18th, 2011, 1:23 pm


SOURI said:

This is just the 1970’s-1980’s all over again. A sectarian Islamist insurgency in the guise of a democratic revolution. I have little doubt that we will start to see assassinations and explosions in Syria very soon carried out by those democratic activists. I know the Syrian society very well and I know that there are tens of thousands of Syrians who won’t mind blowing themselves up to kill the kafir Jewish Alawites.

March 18th, 2011, 1:31 pm


Atassi said:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بيان تضامني مع كريمتنا الحرة السيدة سهير جمال الأتاسي

صادر عن عموم آل الأتاسي في سوريا و بلاد المهجر

ينظر عموم آل الأتاسي في سوريا و بلاد المهجر ببالغ الأسى لما أقدمت عليه أجهزة الأمن السورية من اعتقال لكريمتنا الناشطة السيدة سهير الأتاسي، وذلك عندما كانت تقوم بواجبها الوطني مُشارِكة ً في الاعتصام السلمي الذي دعا إليه أهالي معتقلي الرأي في مدينة دمشق يوم ١٦ آذار للقاء وزير الداخلية السوري وطرح قضية أبنائهم من معتقلي الرأي و الضمير.

و حيث أن السيدة سهير الأتاسي لم ترتكب جُرماَ يعاقب عليه القانون السوري، بل مارست حقها الدستوري و القانوني بالتعبير عن رأيها حين استجابت للدعوة السلمية من منطلق احساسها الوطني الخالص و ضمن ايمانها بالواجب الانساني و بحقها في المشاركة البناءة و كل هذا بأسلوب سلمي و حضاري ، فإننا نعلن تضامننا الكامل مع السيدة سهير الأتاسي وعائلتها الصغيرة في محنتهم و نطالب بالافراج الفوري عنها فهي لا تشكل خطرا أو تهديدا على أحد و لا يعقل أن تبقى حبيسة سجون الوطن الذي أحبته و دافعت عنه. و إذ ندعوا أيضا المؤسسات الحقوقية المختصة للإطلاع بدورها في ضرورة العمل الجاد بغية الافراج الفوري عن كريمتنا السيدة سهير الأتاسي و ابنائنا و بناتنا الأحرار و الذين اعتقلوا أيضا في الاعتصام السلمي آنف الذكر.

ونحب أن ننوه إلى تاريخ السيدة سهير الأتاسي – سليلة الكرام من آل الأتاسي و حفيدة بيت من بيوت العلم و أقطاب الدين و السياسة و الأدب و الشعر و الذين كانت لهم دائما مواقف وطنية شجاعة في مواجهة الاستعمار ضد بلدنا الحبيب سوريا- وهي المعروفة بوطنيتها و مواقفها الشريفة و من قبلها والدها الراحل الدكتور و الوزير السابق جمال الأتاسي، و الذي شهد له القاصي و الداني بوطنيته و اخلاصه و تاريخه القومي العربي و النضالي.

حفظ الله بلادنا من كل شر و مكروه و فرج أسر حرائرنا وأحرارنا .. و الله ولي التوفيق

الموقعون: عموم آل الأتاسي في سوريا و بلاد المهجر



March 18th, 2011, 1:59 pm


SOURI said:

Why is Suhair Attasi so enthusiastic to bring to power the sectarian Islamists? Does she think they are going to put her in charge? Or is she just seeking to go into Heaven by supporting them?

March 18th, 2011, 2:05 pm


nafdik said:


I am sure all or most of our co-commentators are with you in hoping for an immediate release of Suhair.

What are the practical steps that we can take to make that happen?

March 18th, 2011, 2:06 pm


jad said:

I support the release of Mm. Suhair, unfortunately with all the things happening today, and I hope that I’m wrong, she wont go out any time soon and the support for her cause is already stolen and used for something else, as Souri point out it’s the the 1970s-80s allover and i’m still disgusted by Observer’s comment..
Congratulations to all those facebook immature kids you screw it big time to all of us, enjoy the new Syria.

March 18th, 2011, 2:19 pm


majhool said:

Lol. I can’t believe my eyes. This is a peace of crap..I am very disapponted with you joshua.

March 18th, 2011, 2:28 pm


SOURI said:

A democratic activist says:

قولو الله يا رجال
يارب النصر قادم على هدول الكلاب العلويين


These are just the tiny crumbles that find their way out to the media. What is under the ashes is much worse. Many of these democratic activists don’t even spare the Druze and Christians. They want to recreate Zarqawi’s Western Iraq state in Syria and launch jihad against all the kafir sects.

March 18th, 2011, 2:55 pm


norman said:

You are the last one to speak , I am better than you in intelligence, dedication and foresight which apparently you desperately lack, I am glad that i am not like you as If all DRS are like you i am ashamed to be one of them ,
What a stupidity we see these days.

March 18th, 2011, 3:00 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


Agree that Syrians are peaceful people, they are people of commerce and culture, in 11000 years of recorded history, native Syrians never waged war on anyone until the Zionists came in, Phoenicians shared this trait as well. The two sister nations were the commerce and culture drivers for the uncivilized world for millennia’s.

Looking back at history, one cannot find a period of time when Syria or Lebanon ruled by domestic Democracy system other than briefly after Independence from French Occupation. The other period were imposed on it by the Roman, Roman Democracy, all other times, Syria were ruled by Kings and foreign dictator/warriors, bet it Greek, Moslem or Turks etc..

Democracy in the modern period 1948-1958 and 1961-1963, arisen under tugs of cold war issues. The problem in Syria is the lack of Nationhood feeling among the people. The Baath Party further weakened and confused the people just as Islam did, the two acted more like a foreign subversive plot against the Nation. One compromised Syrian interests for the sake of Mecca, the other, Arab nationalism introduced by the Illuminati conspirator when the first one failed under the Turks to continue subversion of Syrian interests by directing Syrians away from the Nation into another alien ideology that is Socialism and Arabism, very alien concepts to Native Syrians.

It is in the tugs of Cold War that one credit President Hafez Assad with keeping Syria together, by force. And he did play the DPRK show of strength, only to embarrassingly back down to size when he confronted with real possible response back.
One can understand your anger and frustration, and support your positive drive to seeking a change in Syria, one that is more representative of Syrians and works for Syria’s interests. However, not to sound redundant here @SOURI explained it adequately in his comment.

We must do this change in a way that is less hysterically emotional and more of a calm Strategic Planners. It will take longer time, but it will work out for Syria’s interests, not for Syria’s enemies interests, those that are desperately trying to weaken it using all means, from Baathist to Ops carried out by Guantanamo Islamic University Grads.

March 18th, 2011, 3:02 pm


norman said:

If that is what they say and they are not in power , what would they do when they are,

Souri, Ask Majid

March 18th, 2011, 3:05 pm


Atassi said:

Thank you all for your Sympathy …
We need to peacefully and with a civilized manners spread the words and attract the media attentions to the Syrian Prisoners of Conscious matter with the aim of extorting pressure until the Syrian regime to releases them all…

March 18th, 2011, 3:09 pm


Mr.President said:

This is a great article. Yes. Syria is not yet ready for democracy. Judging from responses and personal comments on Syria Comment tell us that this is a fact. The Islamists on this site are asking for revenge for failing in their sectarian massacre tactics. Anyone who argues with them is labeled and attacked. They mastered the art of a minority highjacking the majority. A great democratic behavior indeed. Others practice another great democratic principle called blame-it-all-on-Baath-and-Assad. They make empty statements that indicate we Syrians are democratic by nature and all what we need is to have our doctor, Bashar Assad, write us a refill. Once he does that the Golan is back, our economic growth will exceed China’s, all sects will marry into each others, honor killing will also disappear, people and business will be honored to pay their taxes by themselves, families will no longer have more than two kids, every employer will no longer discriminate against women, the Saudis/the Israelis/ the Americans will no longer interfere …

March 18th, 2011, 3:22 pm


nafdik said:

#17 Majhool I think the reason the article is of such low quality is that it is a patch to cover the article just before.

I have seen this pattern many time on the blog and have always attributed it to my paranoid imagination.

March 18th, 2011, 3:25 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

“…….SNP is well known for their assasinations, Adnan AlMaliki was killed by SNP member.They ae the one who killed King Abdullah,and Ryad AlSolh, wait and see STL indictment report…..”

That was SSNP not SNP, But we command their bravery and action. Sorry you are shedding tears over a Bolshevik Spy / agent, a Bedouin that handed ( in exchange for blond whores) Southern Syria to the Brits and Zionists, and a Lebanese low life that made a living shining the shoes of six fleet soldiers, literally sold his daughter to the Bedouins. Oh yes, the Middle East and Syria would have been heaven if these still alive and ruling like the House of Saud and Hashemite’s. We would all be spared fake Assad Democracy and lived as mere Slaves and serfs like the Bedouins of Arabia living to this day. Guess what, there will be no room in Syria for diversionary people like you, idealistic thinkers living in fancy mottos that can only be outdone by the Baath AHDAFUNA.

The problem with SSNP is that they cowards up after the loss of the Leader and they did not revenge it in full. Few more thousands of assassinations at the time would have placed the Middle East in different orbit than Baathiyye, Sectarianism and Bedouinsm of today.

March 18th, 2011, 3:28 pm


JH said:

@Nafdik: I like your observation. The waves of change in the region are putting Syrian, and indeed Middle Eastern, specialists in Western universities in all sorts of interesting and difficult positions. A key question is raised by the picture from the Reign of Terror that followed the French Revolution (posted with the article): is revolution a bad thing because innocent lives are lost, or a good thing because it creates places like the France of 2011 – which I would much rather live in than the Syria of the same year? As an Englishman I can hardly call for Syrians to make sacrifices while I live in peace and comfort in the West, but at the same time my ancestors among the unwashed masses of England and Ireland had to fight for the rights we enjoy today. Most importantly, I feel a tremendous sense of respect and approbation towards the people making the changes in Tunisia and Egypt – I don’t want Syria to miss out.

March 18th, 2011, 3:39 pm


Nour said:


I don’t want to change the subject here but Adnan al-Malki was not killed by an SSNP member. You should go back and review all court records in the case to see that Adnan al-Malki was actually shot by one of Akram Deiri’s men who then turned and shot Younes Abdelraheem. The propaganda that an SSNP member shot him has been peddled by this regime even though they all know that it was Egyptian intelligence and their stooges in Syria who were behind the crime.

March 18th, 2011, 3:42 pm


AIG said:

This is how the Israeli press is reporting what is happening in Syria:

I think the fact that Russia and China did not veto the Libyan resolution is important. I think this means that Hama like actions will not be possible in Syria. Also, the speed at which the news and videos of the events in Syria have emerged shows that the new technology does give power to the people. In Hafez’ days, these things would have been kept secret easily and of course videos would be unthinkable.

March 18th, 2011, 3:48 pm


Jad said:

Tears in my eyes reading your honest wishes, what a kind English gentleman you are!
One small question about the French revolution, how many years took the French to go from then until 2011???
Thank you kindly your royal highness, we wouldn’t be living in this heaven if it wasn’t because of you.
Thank you!

P.S. We will call you when we need your opinin Mr. Just&fair, for now, keep your priceless advice to yourself.

March 18th, 2011, 3:53 pm


Leo said:

At least 4 killed and pro-regime “intellectuals” are discussing whether Syrians are ready for democracy or not. I am seriously starting to doubt if pro-regime “intellectuals” are aware of what is happening on the ground or do they have their heads shoved up their bottoms?

March 18th, 2011, 3:59 pm


FHMETKom said:


why the world cannot see that these who are moving in the streets are not with the regime and are not part of the different opposition groups spread in the world and in syria. they are a third party, who doesn’t want the current the regime and doesn’t want the oppositons!! we are fully aware that those outside are as bad as the one who is ruling us.
could you please define the word democracy,explain what’s so deifficult about this term that a huaman being with a brain like any syrian walking on the street cannot cope with ? i define democracy as having a real مجلس شعب
i define democracy as having elections, i deifne democracy as having a new president every 6 years, as having a real army defending me the citizen not one person…. etc etc.
now can you define this democracy you are talking about.?

and this syrian is making me sick.@ syrian,dig more and more for these ppl, if you belive that your people are full of hatred , then let it be, let them relieve off all the hate they have for each others , maybe a new generation would be born with no g sectarian differences. keep digging

March 18th, 2011, 4:04 pm


jad said:

“and this syrian is making me sick.@ syrian,dig more and more for these ppl, if you belive that your people are full of hatred , then let it be, let them relieve off all the hate they have for each others , maybe a new generation would be born with no g sectarian differences. keep digging”

Please explain what you wrote ma FHMNAK

March 18th, 2011, 4:16 pm


jad said:


شهدت مدن سورية يوم الجمعة تجمعات لمواطنين رددوا هتافات تشير الى بعض
المطالب ، تطورت الى اعمال تخريب وحرق سيارات في درعا.

وفي بانياس تجمع عشرات الشبان بعد صلاة الظهر يوم الجمعة في دوار المحطة الحرارية رافعين شعارات بضرورة إلغاء التعليم المختلط وإعادة المنقبات إلى المدارس بعد فصلهم، وفتح ثانوية شرعية في بانياس.

وقال مراسل سيريانيوز هناك بإن عشرات الشبان في المدينة خرجوا بعد صلاة الجمعة وتجمعوا في دوار المحطة الحرارية وصولا إلى الشارع الرئيسي قرب جامع “المدينة” وهتفوا بضرورة إيجاد فرص عمل والتقليل من الهدر ومحاربة الفساد وإحداث ثانوية شرعية في بانياس، ومعالجة واقع غلاء فواتير الكهرباء.

من جهة اخرى اظهرت مقاطع مصورة بثت على اليوتيوب سيارات اطفاء ترش عشرات المواطنين بالماء قيل بانها في محافظة درعا.

فيما قالت وكالة الانباء الرسمية بانه ” خلال تجمع عدد من المواطنين في محافظة درعا البلد بالقرب من الجامع العمري بعد ظهر اليوم الجمعة استغل بعض المندسين هذا الموقف وعمدوا إلى إحداث الفوضى والشغب ملحقين أضراراً بالممتلكات العامة والخاصة ”
واضافت الوكالة بان هؤلاء “قاموا بتحطيم وحرق عدد من السيارات والمحلات العامة ما استدعى تدخل عناصر حفظ الأمن حرصا على سلامة المواطنين والممتلكات فاعتدى عليهم مثيرو الشغب ثم تفرقوا”.
ونقلت بعض المحطات الفضائية والوكالات عن سقوط ضحايا في هذه الاحداث فيما يبقى هذا الامر بحاجة الى تأكيد من قبل السلطات الرسمية.

وبالعودة الى مدينة بانياس فقد اكد مراسلنا هناك بان “الجهات الدينية والشعبية والرسمية في المدينة تدخلت لاستيعاب الموضوع والاستماع إلى مطالب الشباب، في وقت عمد فيه بعض الشباب الى كسر زجاج بعض السيارات الخاصة، دون احتكاك مع الشرطة، حيث تمت السيطرة على الموضوع، دون اعتقال أو توقيف أي شخص، مع عودة الحركة إلى طبيعتها”.
وبحسب المراسل فأن “الجهات المعنية منعت مسيرة مضادة احتشد فيها عشرات الآلاف منددين بهذا التصرف وذلك منعا من حدوث أي تماس بين المحتشدين”.
فيما اكدت سانا وجود الحشد في بانياس “انتهى دون أي حوادث تذكر” على حد تعبير الوكالة.

وكانت دمشق قد شهدت الاسبوع الماضي تجمع محدود لمواطنين يوم الثلاثاء في سوق الحميدية ، فيما تجمع العشرات أمام مبنى وزارة الداخلية بساحة المرجة في دمشق يوم الأربعاء مطالبين بالإفراج عن سجناء قال المجتمعون بانهم “معتقلي رأي”.


March 18th, 2011, 4:29 pm



Without intruding on family’s wishes, Please count my voice among those with great sympathy for Suhair’s plight and respect for her courage.

I knew you would come around Comment 242441 and Comment 242436 as well as Comment 242063 and acknowledge that Dignity is in and much else is gone. It is in big time.

Syria is different from Egypt, and from Tunisia, and from Libya, and from Yemen, but Syrians, Egyptians, Tunisians, and Libyans are similar. They all want dignity.

Yes, I agree that there is a sectarian undertone to many of the participants in the first wave of demonstrations. I do not expect that to continue if the security apparatus continues to follow the play book of its sister mega structures in the region. Every additional casualty will bring more of the silent majority, and when that happens, sectarian voices will be drowned. Thats said, the Islamic, conservative undertone will probably be dominant for a while.

March 18th, 2011, 4:29 pm


Averroes said:

Human psychology is a fascinating domain of knowledge. Many people need just three stimuli leading in the same direction to jump ship. They forget about all the laws of physics and just … “believe”.

Suddenly people are talking about breaking Syria apart? That it never really was a country? About eradicating the Alawites from existence? About re-instating a “Khilafah” in Bilaad el-Shaam?

Our use of language is so colourful, so metaphorical, and so detached from reality, that no wonder we have great poetry … and very little real world achievements. It’s self-hypnosis.

The best reality check I think these enthusiasts would have, is probably to introduce them to one another.

I have long said that the domain of public opinion should not be abandoned by the regime as it has so pathetically been for decades. It is a battle front that should be challenged and met because people keep proving that they have extremely short attention spans. I hope the current shake will convince them that that’s indeed the case.

March 18th, 2011, 4:39 pm


NK said:

I’m surprised that you guys are playing the blame game, and finger pointing when fellow Syrians are being killed and savagely beaten ( if the reports are true ).
Every country have fundamentalists and there will always be fundamentalists, are they the majority of the Syrian population ? I think we can agree they’re not. So the question is how do we deal with them,
a- allow them to express their views as long as they do it PEACEFULLY, and as long as it doesn’t put Syria or other Syrians in harms way.
b- arrest them, persecute them, feed into their hatred and push them into a more radical stand off.

The problem is not having radicals, the problem is dividing Syria into two camps with the government/security forces on one side and lumping everyone else into the other camp, thus effectively increase the resentment towards the regime and alienate the majority of Syrians which only plays into the hands of those shadowy figures working to subdue Syria.

For the sake of Syria, the regime must stop thinking about how to tighten its grip on power and how to quell the uprising, and instead try to do what is in the best interest of Syria and the future of Syria. Unified and for all Syrians.

Let people demonstrate peacefully, allow news outlets to cover those demonstrations and if they’re indeed sectarian and separatists, the majority of Syrians will stand behind the government when they arrest them ( not kill, not beat, ARREST ).

SOURI and others

Let’s assume you’re right and that many of those calling for demonstrations are indeed fundamentalists,
– do you think they represent the majority of Syrians ?
– what do you think is the best way to deal with them ?
– do you think those fundamentalists have a Right to demonstrate peacefully ?
– are any of the demands of those calling for demonstrations legitimate ?

March 18th, 2011, 4:47 pm


Majhool said:

A news report stating that the assad family has 1.9 billion dollars in swiss banks

March 18th, 2011, 4:50 pm


jad said:

Leo et all,
I’m very sorry for the unfortunate, unaccepted and unnecessary lost of two young Syrians (maybe more I’m not sure so I’ll stick with the official names I read about) Ma7moud Jawabra and 7usam 3yash (Alla Yer7mon) in today’s clashes, and I’m sure that my words of sympathy wont change or mean anything of value to anybody but my conscious can’t read such news and ignore it.
This lost and this violence should never happened and the way police and people acted in Daraa is too wrong for every Syrian to accept.
A true unbiased investigation must be launch to bring back the rights to those who deserve it and to clear what really happened today in Daraa because I’m not believing any side at the moment.

I also sincerely wish that Syrians can stay away from the usual dramatic emotional reaction they do and be aware of not letting others to use their own causes or use them for other hidden agendas.

Changes must happen but cautious is needed, we have lots of enemies including ourselves that we need to deal with.

God be with Syria and Syrians at all times.

March 18th, 2011, 5:00 pm


Majhool said:

Question: WHere is the president?

Is he still browsing Vouge magazine and his photo album with Brad and Angelina?

How about a speach? some reform announcements?

Is he waiting for a western newspaper to offer them an exclusive?

Are we not worthy of some attention?

Photo ops arround Falafel, Labneh, & ass kissing are not good enough. BMW tours are not working.

This is it. With every arrest and every killing that silent majority is being mobolized. Is the family regime going to do what’s right and give us our rights, and money, back?

March 18th, 2011, 5:12 pm


SOURI said:

The theory that a period of sectarian struggle in Syria would lead to democracy and national unity is nonscientific, to say the least. Lebanon has been living in sectarian struggle for 90 years, and things there have gotten only worse. Same is true for Palestine. The current generation of Zionists is worse than the generation of the 1940’s, and so is the current Palestinian generation.

Nationalism is a higher level of culture. The only way you can transform a feudal society into a nation-state is through EDUCATION. People must be educated on nationalism in order to learn it. Bigotry arises from ignorance, and as long as people remain ignorant they will remain bigots.

Before talking about democracy, we need to transform Syria into a nation-state. Democracy can only work in a nation-state or otherwise it will turn into a sectarian chaos. Turning Syria into a true nation-state requires working on two lines:

1-the nation: we have to create a nation. Education quality must be improved substantially. People must learn to think scientifically, not emotionally. They must learn to deal with differences in views and opinions in a civilized manner. They must learn to separate between religion and science. Religious restrictions on science must be removed comletely. People must have the freedom to discuss any scientific or social subject freely without objections from others.

In Syria now, people are not allowed to criticize the headscarf الحجاب. How can we expect such a society to allow deeper discussions on matters such as e.g. the existence of God?

2-the state: the Syrian state must be reformed so that people gain confidence in its institutions.

March 18th, 2011, 5:14 pm


Vedat The Turk said:

For all those who are against the demonstrations, please answer the following questions:

1. Why has Syria been governed under emergency rule for nearly 50 years?

2. Why is Bashar Assad the president of the nation? How did he get there? Who ordained him? Did the people of Syria, who he rules, have any say in the matter?

3. Why is the Assad and Makhlouf (maternal cousins) families the wealthiest families in the country while the average Syrian is amoingst the poorest in the region?

I am looking forward to reading the replies.

March 18th, 2011, 5:14 pm


jad said:

To all non-Syrians, Zionist, Nosecones, Europeans, American and other westerners/easterners/northerners and southerners who want to lecture us about what to do and how bad we are do all of the Syrians favor and Get Lost!!

March 18th, 2011, 5:26 pm


Leo said:

Souri, the same regime has been in power for almost 50 years now without progressing forward. They are the ones responsible for this dire state because not only did they fail miserably to move forward but are the ones who installed this fascist police nature of the state. The Syrian people were and are united before Hafez Assad and the Baath ever existed and will not wait for another 30 years while watching the clique that you support bankrupt the country and oppress the people.

March 18th, 2011, 5:31 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


“……..could you please define the word democracy, explain what’s so deifficult about this term that a huaman being….”

Sorry, could not define this obsolete Roman Governmental System to you. At best to explain it to you will be “GEORGE W BUSH” got it, a FRAUD. SNP promotes a modified form of “Representative Stratocracy-Collectivism” as the ideal government for Syria. Under that strategy, the government works closely with-for the business and economic interests of the nation and will build and deploy the defense and intelligence units to serve the Syrian economy and business interests. Sort of like the United States is, but they use glossy terms that deceive outsiders about the true intent of its rule. SNP relies on ancient Syrio-lebanse rule of State. That is Innovations, business, Trade commerce; industries, education and culture are the Nation wealth and backbone to take care of its people, We pay no attention to anything else, not a Bolshevik theology, Marxist slogans, Western deceptive plans or religious theocracy.

For other nations some of these may have worked well, based on their societal makeup, Israel found out that serving Christo-Westerners serve their interests and adopt that into policy, in Iran theocracy appears to have worked well. But in Syria, we need a Syrian system that fits our makeup and goals.

Syrian’s will have to come to term with something like SNP, they have no other choice except Baathism, you see what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, Arabia, they had no experienced leadership, they all failed. We are studying these revolutions in extreme details; nothing was surprising to us, or disappointing. It all evolved and ended as expected. If you to go back to 2005 you will read comment placed here warning about this outcome. This is first step in the process; the egg is cracked, in the next few years a different tactics, with technologies that will even out the field will be available for cheap. But as long as there exist no leadership, by that we mean either a person, a group, a party or none of that, just someone establish the institutional apparatus and set the fair play rule, none will succeed in the end, they will all be manipulated and hijacked to greater extent by the powerful organizationally and lesser extent strong financially. Someone will have to set up the system initially, and it is always the organized, experienced groups that can do that, an individual cannot launch or setup in the beginning. He is just a sheep in the crowd.

@ Vedat The Turk

1- Why the U.S. is ruled not by the great Constitution and rather by the Patriot Act for decade since the demolition of the Towers ten years ago.

2- Bashar Assad came to power by a system of Government that was set up by a Baathist Army man named Louai Atassi, a Sunni Moslem from Homs whop overthrow the legitimate parliamentary Representative Government with the backing of Washington (he was military attaché to D.C.). By the way his information minister was another Baathist Jamal Atassi, whose granddaughter arrested in Syria.

3- Why 9000 Jews (disguised as Moslems) in Arabia own the entire wealth of 1 billion Moslems and are running down Moslem Holy Sites. Why the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers own almost 70% of all world wealth. Rockefeller even prints U.S. currency on cheap Crane paper at will in the trillions and dump it on Arabs and Chinese for real value of oil and products.

Hope you will have answers to these disconcerting questions.

March 18th, 2011, 5:45 pm


SOURI said:

To Leo:

“The Syrian people were and are united before Hafez Assad and the Baath ever existed”

This is absolutely not true. This is Islamist propaganda. The minorities were persecuted in Syria by the dictatorial feudalistic regime of the 1940’s-1950’s. There is a book in Arabic called مذكرات أحمد نهاد السياف, read it.

The Syrian regime has started to do some reform in the last few years, so things are improving. I just wish that the Syrian regime allows free debate on religious matters. The Syrian regime tried to appease the Islamists by banning religious discussions in Syria completely. This is a very nearsighted policy that has made things only worse for the regime on the long run. The regime must make a brave and necessary decision to protect the freedom of speech in Syria rather than to try to buy the loyalty of the Islamists, which will never work on the long run.

March 18th, 2011, 5:59 pm


Aldendeshe said:


ماحدي من اهل عيلة الاتاسي الي بعرفهم مهتمين بحالة سوهى. وهاي تكتب الفاتحة أولاَ مسخرة. ليش ماتبدئ الرسالة متل ماكان جدها يبدء – اهدافنا..وحدة، حرية، اشتراكية. معتز الدندشي, الحزب القومي السوري

March 18th, 2011, 6:09 pm


LeoLeoni said:

SOURI you said:
“The minorities were persecuted in Syria by the dictatorial feudalistic regime of the 1940’s-1950’s.”

This is pure nonsense. From 1946-1949, 1954-1958, 1961-1963, Syria had a multiparty pluralistic parliamentary system where different (non-ideological) parties came to power at different times (National party, Peoples Party). A prominent Christian statesman Faris Al Khari was prime minister at one point. What you are purporting is nonsense spread by Baath propaganda machine because they needed to find a way to justify their military coup d’etat in 1963.

You said:
“I just wish that the Syrian regime allows free debate on religious matters.”

Is this all that you care about? Free speech in order to debate religious matters while basic civil liberties are nonexistent? The regime is a police state, if secular forces are to get the upper hand tomorrow they will be brutalized and thrown in jail by the same regime. The regime does not distinguish between religious or secular calls for democratic change, because both are considered a threat to the regime’s tyrannical existence. Marxist and liberal democratic currents in Syria have always stood opposed to Islamic agendas yet they considered a bigger threat to the regime because their representatives tend to be very qualified academically and in the art of discourse and persuasion.

Do you have any clue about Marxist and Liberal academics and human rights activists in prison? Few days ago Al-Teyeb Tizini was arrested because he was part of a peaceful demonstration that called for the release of political prisoners. Do you know what kind of books Al Tayeb Tizini writes? He writes about the secularizing elements within Islamic history and how to progress towards secularism and enlightenment. It’s time to get out of your shell and see the reality on the ground. All the changes that the people asking are legitimate changes that deal with people’s liberties and dignity and have nothing to do with “Islamism.” Enough scaremongering.

March 18th, 2011, 6:24 pm


Off the Wall said:

Good post, thanks.

I am also curious as to the choice of the image depicting the French revolution. For me, the French revolution Started with this image


Then when the king posted his 30,000 troops around paris, the National Assembly (AKA Tennis Court Assembly) and the poeple recognized that he is not in for reforms, they did what is depicted in this image


which later inspired this image


March 18th, 2011, 6:49 pm


SOURI said:

Dear Leo,

Just read the book I told you about.

March 18th, 2011, 6:59 pm


LeoLeoni said:


اولاً, من قال لك بأنه لا يوجد احد من آل أتاسي غير مهتم بقضية سهير الأتاسي؟ هل سألت او استفتيت جميع اقاربها؟ وبعدين حتى لو لم يهتم احد من اقاربها بها (وهذا شي مستبعد وانا سأدع الاتاسي يجاوبك بما انه هو من العائلة) فسهير ناشطة حقوقية وشخصية عامة وقضيتها تهم كل السوريين وليس فقط عائلتها, فنحن في سوريا لسنا قبليين حتى نهتم فقط بأقاربنا ولكن حقوق جميع المواطنين تعنينا

ثانياً, كيفية بدء سهير رسائلها وخطبها شي يرجع لها وهذه مسألة شخصية, فهناك من يبدأ خطابه بإسم الله وهناك من يبدأ بإسم الوطن وبالنهاية هذه مسألة اذواق يعني اذا ماعجبك فأنت لست مجبر ان تستمر في سماع الخطاب.
وبعدين انتوا في حزب السوري القومي تنهون خطابكم بتحية لأنطون سعادة الذي مات من اكثر من ستين عام فيعني صار ذكر انطون سعادة شي عادي وطبيعي بس ذكر الله صار مشكلة؟

March 18th, 2011, 7:03 pm


Aussie syrian said:

Vadet the turk:

Im syrian born and living in australia and i went to syria in 2000 to vote for the greatest president Bashar.

May God give Bashar the strength to work through this small obsticle syria is facing. I don’t think we could have asked for a better president.
God bless and protect Syria. Souria Allah hamiya.

March 18th, 2011, 8:30 pm


SOURI said:

One of the main figures behind the current democratic revolution in Syria is علي الأحمد, a Muslim Brotherhood and إعلان دمشق member. I’ve been following this guy urging for a revolution in Syria for a long time, and he seems to have direct connections with Islamists inside Syria since that the private news he publishes on his website often turn out to be true. The Syrian authorities took out his website since 3/15. These are examples of his democratic opinions:

كم تمنيت لو ان الطائرة البولنديه كانت سوريه

تلك الطائره التى تحطمت قبل أيام في روسيا وكانت تقل قادة الدوله وزعماءها العسكريين والسياسيين ، كم تمنيت لو أنها كانت طائرة سوريه متجهه الى إيران لإحياء مناسبة أو توقيع إتفاقية بين نظام الملالي الشيعي ونظام آل أسد القرمطي الحاكم في دمشق . كم تمنيت أن يكون فيها كل عتاة البعث الكاذب والطائفية المريضه في سوريه : بشار الاسد ومصطفى طلاس وفاروق الشرع وعبد الله الاحمر وكل زبانية الحكم والجلادين وتجار المومسات من كبار ضباط الجيش ، لو أن طائرة تقل كل ذلك الوخم البعثي القابع في دمشق يعيث فيها فسادا وإفسادا ويدير عشرات أجهزة الامن التى تنتهك حرمات الناس وتذيقهم الذل والهوان وتعتقل الحرائر والمثقفين والنشطاء وهيثم المالح وكل رفاقه السجناء ، لو أن عاصفة هوجاء تحطّم عليهم بيوتهم أو زلزالا مدمرا يقضي عليهم وهم في أواكرهم المنتنه ، أو صاعقة برق ورعد تحرق عليهم فرشهم وأسرتهم ، أو طوفانا مثل طوفان جده الاخير يسحبهم الى مزابل التاريخ ، أو مرض سل أو داء مثل انفلونزا الكلاب تجتاحهم وتخلص تلك الامة المعذبة منهم .
كم ربّى البعث والطائفية القرمطية في سوريه من أنذال وأوغاد وأشباه الرجال ؟ كم فقّس من صراصير قذره تعمل أوسخ الاعمال في السجون والاقبيه ، كم تملك أجهزة القمع السوريه من أدوات القتل والتعذيب في سجونها ، كم يحتفظ أولئك المحققون بصور مرعبة لضحاياهم وهم مجردون من ملابسهم عراة تحت سياط الحقد المتعطش لمزيد من دماء الادميين ؟ الا يستحق أولئك في دمشق أكثر من طائرة تتحطم بهم أو صاعقة تحرق بيوتهم أو طوفان نوح يأخذهم إلى غير رجعه ؟
كم أنت حكيم يا ربنا وعليم وحليم على أولئك الطغاة ؟ ألم يسقط كل اولئك الضباط والقاده البولنديين في دقيقة واحده صرعى في أتون نيران طائرتهم ؟ أفليس بشار وزبانيته أحق وأولى من أولئك بالقتل والحرق في نار الدنيا قبل نار الاخره ؟
كم انت حليم يا بنا وعليم وتعرف ما فعلوه بأبناء سوريه وبناتها ونسائها وشيوخها ؟ أفلا يستحق اولئك الطغاة أكثر بكثير مما حصل لتلك الطائرة البولنديه المنكوبه ؟
كم أنت حليم يا ربنا وعليم ، وكم هو حلمك على الطاغين وعلمك بجرائمهم وتتركهم يصولون ويجولون فوق رقاب العباد؟
الله أرنا فيهم عجائب قدرتك ، زلزالا مثل زلزال هاييتي الاخير قوته سبعين درجه على رختر يجتاح جبال العلويين كلها ولا يبقى منهم من يخبر عن مصيرهم ، أو طوفانا مثل طوفان نوح يسحبهم من بيوتهم إلى قبورهم ولا يعرف صغيرهم من كبيرهم .
اللهم قاصفا من عذاب يمحو عنّا عارهم وخزيهم الى يوم القيامه .
اللهم دمرهم كل مدمّر وأهلكهم كما أهلكت عادا وإرم وثمود ، اللهم لا تذر على الارض من الكافرين ديّارا ، اللهم إنتقم منهم وأرنا فيهم يوما يفرح به المؤمنون .
اللهم أهلك آل اسد وآل مخلوف وأرنا فيهم عجائب قدرتك يا رب العالمين .
اللهم أحصهم عددا وأقتلهم بددا ولا تغادر منهم أحدا يا رب العالمين .
اللهم امين .

مجزرة حماة تتحملها الطائفة النصيرية وليس رفعت فحسب

ما كتبه مراسل صحيفة الاندبندنت البريطانية روبرت فيسك عن دور المجرم رفعت أسد في قتل أكثر من عشرين ألف ساجد وقائم في حماة الفداء، وما روجت له مواقع النت المقربة من النظام الطائفي بأن المجرم الحقيقي لمجزرة حماة ، مجزرة العصر إنما هو رفعت أسد وهو أمر يشكل جزءً من الحقيقة فقط ..

ما نريد قوله هنا هو أن أهل السنة والجماعة في سورية الأموية، وتحديدا في حماة الفداء يحملون الطائفة النصيرية مسؤولية المجزرة الجماعية التي أراقها أبناؤهم دون أن يدينوها ودون أن يأخذوا على أيدي العصابة المجرمة، وبالتالي فإن النظام الطائفي البغيض سليل النظام الذي قاده المجرم الهالك حافظ أسد يتحمل مسؤولية تلك المجزرة الرهيبة التي ستخجل الإنسانية جمعاء من عدم الحديث عنها ومن عدم التطرق إليها، ومن تعاملها وتعاطيها الديبلوماسي مع أصحابها وأبطالها المجرمين القتلة من عناصر النظام الطائفي البغيض..

إننا في هذا الموقع نحذر من تحميل مسؤولية مجزرة حماة لشخص واحد فقط وإن كان المجرم رفعت أسد يتحمل جزءا من المسؤولية، ونؤكد على أن المجزرة التي ارتكتبت في أيام شباط من عام 1982 هي من نتاج النظام الطائفي البغيض، وإن الطائفة النصيرية في سورية تتحمل تلك المسؤولية التاريخية ولا أحد منها يستطيع الفكاك منها والتهرب من تلك المجزرة الرهيبة التي روعت الآمنين في تلك الأيام العصيبة، لن نغفر ولن ننسى ولن نسامح أبدا ..

الحكم الطائفي = الحرب الطائفية

لكل مقدمة نتيجة، ولكل نتيجة مقدمات، والجزاء من جنس العمل، وكما قال السيد المسيح عليه السلام ردو الحجر من الجحر الذي انطلق منه، فالمثقف لا يمكن الحوار معه إلا بالثقافة والفكر والصنعة التي يتقنها، أما العسكري وعنصر الأمن أو الخوف بالأصح فلا يجدي معه إلا لغة تكسير الرأس كونه يحمل مدفعا يصوبه هنا وهناك ويحمل أدوات تعذيب ولا يفقه غيرها، ونفس الأمر ينطبق على النظام الطائفي البغيض في سورية المحتلة من قبل العصابة المجرمة ..
الذين يتباكون على ما نقلناه من خبر بالأمس والتحذير المتواصل في أن تجتاح بلادنا العزيزة ـ لا سمح الله ولا قدر ـ الحرب الطائفية من يتباكى على ذلك فلينظر إلى المقدمات، ولينظر إلى من يحكم سورية وإلى من يحكم العراق وإلى من يؤثر في لبنان، ولينظر إلى إيران، لينظر إلى ذلك كله حينها سيتيقن أن من يحكم هم الطائفيون الذين يستأصلون أهل السنة و الجماعة بحجة الممانعة و المقاومة اللفظية الشعارية الاستهلاكية التي أجادوها وأجادوا خديعتنا للأسف، فساعة يقول القزم المجرم نجاد بأن إسرائيل ذاهبة إلى الجحيم، نعم ذاهبة إلى الجحيم لكن ليس على أيديكم أيها الخونة لعقيدة المسلمين، وساعة يهدد الطاغية في سورية ويتوعد والكل يعرف خوره وضعفه حين ضربت الطائرات الصهيونية في عمق دير الزور وحين حلقت فوق غرف نومه، وحين قتل عماد مغنية ومحمد سليمان وغيرهم ممن نعرف وممن لا نعرف ..
الحكم الطائفي لا يقاوم بالورد والديمقراطية، والحكم الطائفي نتيجته بالتأكيد حرب طائفية رغبنا أو كرهنا فتلك سنة الحياة في الأرض، الحكم العسكري والشمولي نتيجته أن يرحل بثورة تطيح به من جنسه وكذلك الحكم الديمقراطي يطاح به من خلال صناديق الاقتراع، فإلى من يتشدق ويتحدث عن الحرب الطائفية وأن التكفيريين هم من يريدونها عليهم أن يراجعوا أنفسهم ويعرفوا أن النظام الطائفي هو من قاد إلى ذلك، ومن كفر عشرات الآلاف من صحابة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ورضي الله عنهم لا يحق له أن يتهم الآخرين بتلك الصفة التي تقمصها وتجسدها كابرا عن كابر ..

رؤية في جذور النظام الطائفي السوري
نستغرب جد الاستغراب من حديث بعض المثقفين السوريين عن فردانية النظام السوري، وأنه نظام فردي يستغل الطائفة النصيرية، وكأننا أمام مملكة لآل اسد ضاربة جذورها في سوريا منذ مئات السنين وبالتالي لديها من الأرضية التاريخية والأخلاقية والأدوات المادية ونحوها ما يُجبر الجميع وتحديدا أبناء الطائفة النصيرية على السمع والطاعة، بينما الكل يعرف أن عائلة أسد من العوائل الضعيفة والهزيلة مقارنة بالعوائل النصيرية الضخمة وذات النفوذ والتاريخ، وهوما يعني أن الاستماع لهذه الطائفة وليد العقود الأخيرة…
وبالتالي من يتباكى على حادثة المدفعية عليه أن يقرأ أيضا كيف وصل هذا العدد الضخم إلى المدرسة وحُرم أبناء الطوائف الأخرى، وعليه أن يقرأ أيضا كيف كان الابتعاث للبعثات الدراسية يتم حيث يُرسل 98 طالبا نصيريا وواحد مسلم وواحد مسيحي، وعليه أن يقرأ أيضا كيف يمسك أبناء الطوائف النصيرية بكافة شرائحهم وعوائلهم بتلابيب مراكز الخوف والقمع السورية من مخابرات النظام الطائفية، بالإضافة إلى إمساكهم بقادة الفرق وكل ما يتعلق بالمناصب الحساسة العسكرية، بل وصلت البجاحة والوقاحة بهم إلى أن يمسكوا حتى بمناصب وزارة الداخلية والإعلام، بعد أن كان الطاغية المجرم حافظ أسد يسند بعضها إلى المنتسبين للسنة ..
مرة أخرى نقول ونؤكد أن المعركة ثقافية، وأن من يريد أن يشرح واقع هذا النظام عليه أن يعي تماما أنه نظام طائفي بامتياز وإلا فلم هذا التنسيق المخيف مع الصفويين في إيران والطائفيين في العراق وحزب الله في لبنان …

رحمك الله يا أبا عامر .. وأنت القائل سورية لا تتسع لكلينا السنة والنصيرية !!

رحلت يا شيخنا عدنان سعد الدين أبا عامر ، رحلت عنا ونحن أحوج ما نكون إليك، رحلت يا أخي عن هذه الدنيا لعلك تستريح من وعثاء سفر هذه الدنيا، وتستريح من المرض الذي ألم بك ويرجل فارس الإخوان المسلمين، رحلت يا أخي ، يا من كان بيتك منارة نهتدي إليها حين نأتي إلى عمان، كان خلية نحل حقيقية في العمل الإسلامي والدعوي، تجاوزت الثمانين لم تكل ولم تمل فالإخواني السوداني والموريتاني والسعودي والأردني والفلسطيني في بيتك، لم تكن رحمة الله عليك تفرق بين المسلمين هببت إلى كل منطقة ينادى فيها بالإسلام لتدعمها، ذهبت إلى السودان قبل أيام والمرض يصارعك لتساعد على فك أسر أخيك حسن الترابي ..
رحمك الله يا أبا عامر وأنت الذي قلت قولة لا زالت ترن في آذاننا منذ عام بحضور كبار قادة الحركات الإسلامية وفي بيتك العامر بعمان قلت يا أخي حين سئلت عن النظام الطائفي النصيري في سورية” إن سورية لا تتسع لكلينا السنة والنصيرية إما نحن وإما هم ” هكذا قلت قبل رحيلك وصدقت يا أخي، وأن الحموي الأصيل الذي تعرفهم وتعرف جرائمهم وعشتها ساعة بساعة ويوما بيوم ..
رحلت يا أبا عامر وسنفتقدك في هذا الصيف، سنفتقد أحاديثك وتشريحك للوضع وسنفتقد أبوتك وسنفتقد كل شيء كنا نعايشه معك ، رحمك الله وأسكنك فسيح جناته، رحلت حيث رحل شيوخنا الأفاضل في ديار الهجرة التي طالت بسبب النظام الطائفي البغيض، رحلت حيث رحل الشيخ عبد الفتاح أبو غدة، وسعيد حوى وأبو سليم البغا، ومن قبلهم بنان الطنطاوي وإخوة آخرين كثر، طالت الهجرة يا أبا عامر، ولكن بإذن الله خلفت جيلا سيثأر ولو بعد حين من الظلمة والطغاة ، سيثأر لكل دم أريق في حماة الصابرة ,في الجسر وفي حلب وفي تدمر وصيدنايا، سيثأر لهؤلاء من خلال محاكم دولية تنصب للقتلة المجرمين، رحمك الله، ونحن على خطاك سائرون ، ولا نقول إلا ما يحب الرب ” إنا على فراقك يا أبا عامر لمحزنون ، وإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون”

أيها المعارضون: كلمة سر انتصارنا وهزيمتهم .. الحديث عن طائفيتهم

لن نكل ولن نمل من الحديث عن طائفية النظام السوري، ولن نسأم من تكرار ما هو يمارسه بشكل يومي، يقول المتباكون على هذا النظام الطائفين إنكم تعرضون أمن البلد للخطر، أنظروا ما حل بالعراق وغيره، ونقول لهؤلاء، إنها دموع التماسيح ، ما حل بالعراق هو عكس ما يجري في سورية تماما، ففي العراق اغتصب السلطة أحفاد ابن العلقمي، فكان ذلك مضادا ومعاكسا للتاريخ، والجغرافيا وأُبعد ورثة العراق الحقيقيون أهل السنة عن الحكم، ولذا فقد وقع ما وقع، أما في سورية فقد اغتصب السلطة الطائفيون تماما كما يحصل الآن في العراق والحل هو بعودة الحق لأهله ولذاكرته الجمعية ..
استمرار النظام الطائفي في الحكم بسورية هو الذي يزيد من الاحتقان وهو الذي يزيد من التراكمات، وهو كلما زاد وطال سيكون الانفجار مدويا لن يمس سورية لوحدها لا سمح الله وإنما المنطقة، وعلى الطائفة النصيرية أن تدرك مخاطر ذلك وتداعياته إن كانت تريد أن تعيش في هذا البلد ..
استمرار الحال من المحال، والمعارضة ومثقفيها بدأت تتحدث بصراحة عن طائفية النظام، ومواصلة الحديث عنها قضية في غاية الحساسية والأهمية للمعارضة ولدك معاقل النظام الطائفي لسبب بسيط ، فهو يدرك تماما أن الحديث عن الطائفية يعني نزع المشروعية عنه، فالطائفية تعني اللامشروعية، والاستبداد والديكتاتورية الوجه الآخر للمشروعية، وما دام النظام الطائفي يعاني من الأمرين فإن المشروعية ستظل عنقاء يطاردها..
وهنا ينبغي التأكيد على قضايا مهمة :
1- على المعارضة ألا تخجل من الحديث عن الطائفية، وطائفية النظام، وهنا لا نريد أن نسحق ونطرد الطائفة النصيرية كما يفترض البعض، ممن يتباكون على وحدة البلاد وهم يرونها ممزقة مدمرة، أحرارنا في السجون والمنافي ولصوص البلد يحكمون، وإنما نتحدث عن الطائفية السياسية، ولقد أثبتت الطائفة النصيرية أنها تقف سدا منيعا خلف النظام الطائفي، ولم يثبت أن تخلى أحد عنه، ومن عارضه وسجن لسنوات أو شهور، خرج صامتا، وربما خروجه ثمن صمته، فالنظام هو الطائفي وهو الذي يمارس الطائفية، ومن يوصف الحالة ليس بطائفي، وإنما يريد أن يصحح واقعا غلط، وبالتالي ينبغي عدم الخجل من توصيف الحالة، والصمت على الغلط هو الغلط ذاته ..
2- السلام الذي يتحدث عنه النظام الطائفي السورية مع الصهاينة مشكلة أخرى ستعاني منها الطائفة فهي لا تستطيع أن توقع سلاما مع الصهاينة في غياب مشروعيته وغياب ممثلي الشعب الحقيقيين، ينضاف إلى ذلك استحقاقات خطيرة بانتظار ما بعد التسوية الوهمية..
3- على المثقفين السوريين أن يواصلوا الكتابة عن طائفية النظام، ويقعدوها ويمؤسسوها ويبحثوا عن جذورها الثقافية والسياسية والتاريخية، فهي وظيفتهم في الوقت الراهن، كون الثورات كلها بدأت من الثقافة والتقعيد للثورة، وبالتالي فالمسؤولية عظيمة على كاهلكم أيها المثقفون، لتكشفوا عوار النظام الطائفي وتعملواعلى توعية الشعب السوري بمخاطر ما يواجهه من طائفية، وأنتم الرواد القادرون على كسر جمهورية الخوف الطائفية التي زرعها وسقاها النظام البغيض على يد الهالك حافظ أسد ..

الكل يُصنّف النظام السوري طائفيا إلاّ؟؟!!

حين تتحدث البرقيات الأميركية من عاصمة بني أمية عن طائفية وعلوية ونصيرية النظام السوري، وحين تُشخص تلك البرقيات حرص النظام السوري على منع نائب الرئيس السوري المنشق الأستاذ عبد الحليم خدام، وجماعة الإخوان المسلمين برئاسة المهندس محمد رياض الشقفي وقبله الأستاذ علي صدر الدين البيانوني بأنه نجح أي النظام في منعهما من اختراق المجال والحيز السني في سورية وظل النظام الطائفي السوري يأكل من أرضية سنة الإخوان وخدام حينها يتحسر المرء على أهل السنة في سورية الذين لا يزالون يفكرون بعقلية مغايرة لعصر النظام الطائفي ويفكرون بطريقة تتباين مع العصر ومع الواقع المعاش، لا لأننا في هذا الموقع طائفيون وإنما لأن الواقع الذي يصرخ بوجهنا جميعا أنه دون قاعدة ودون أساس لنا لا يمكن أن يكون لنا تحت شمس سورية..
أنظروا إلى ما يجري في العراق وطائفية الأحزاب الشيعية وأنظروا إلى السياسة الإيرانية الطائفية ومعها الجوقة السورية الطائفية وحزب الله والطائفيون في العراق، وأنظروا إلى ما يجري في لبنان وأنظروا إلى ما يجري من استقطابات طائفية انتهت وركبت من قبل الطائفيين، كلها تصرخ بوجهنا أن الورقة الوحيدة التي نملكها كقوى معارضة في سورية هي الورقة الطائفية، بمعنى أن أهل السنة الضائعون بين ذئاب الطائفيين الذين رفعوا شعار البعث زورا وبهتانا بينما كفر به كل قادته من ميشيل عفلق والبيطار والأرثوذي وأخيرا خدام ليعترفوا بطائفية النظام السوري ، هذا النظام لا سلاح معه يجدي سوى السلاح الطائفي ورفع مظلومية أهل السنة في سورية، والحديث عنها حينها سيصغي النظام، في السياسة ثمة أوراق ودون أوراق ضاغطة فليذهب السياسي إلى التحنيط ، والورقة الضاغطة في سورية التي تركع النظام الطائفي هو رفع الورقة الطائفية وكما قال السيد المسيح عليه السلام :” ردوا الحجر من الجحر الذي انطلق منه ” .

March 18th, 2011, 8:30 pm


Vedat The Turk said:

TO: Syrian Nationalist Party

Your answers demonstrate your bias and prejudice.

1. Last time I checked the US Constitution as interpretted by the federal court is the basis of US law. The US Federal Court has regularly struck down portions of anti terror legistlation since 9/11. To argue otherwise is silly. But instead of bringing the US into your answer why not just answer the question as it pertains to Syria?

2. Bashir Assad is the president solely becuase his father annointed him.

3. FYI The Rothchilds are passe! Why not pick up the latest issue of Forbes and see how many Muslims are ranked as billionaires in the global ranking of worlds most wealthiest people! They have long since surpassed people of Jewish faith on the list.

March 19th, 2011, 12:14 am


JH said:

@29 Jad: do you see me out on the streets of Damascus, shouting at young people to risk their lives to protest? No. This is a blog in English run by a professor in America, and my intention was to make a point about the positions people like Josh Landis and I should take. I would not like you to tell me how to vote in the upcoming UK referendum on voting systems…

(Funnily enough, one thing that Britain’s exploitative colonialism failed to export to the Middle East was our class system; if it had, you would know from my reference to unwashed ancestors that I am neither a gentleman nor a highness of any sort.)

You are right about the French Revolution of course – do you think that this blog’s author chose the picture for that very reason? Do you think the French should have chosen not to revolt? Why is #42 Vedat The Turk wrong?

March 19th, 2011, 2:38 am


Alex said:

“Vadat the NOT a Turk” is not wrong but he is selective … he listed what is wrong with option A … what is wrong with option B (for many years to come) is worse. What is right with option A needs to also be discussed, but it seems there is no need to bother using our minds in a logical way. All we have to do is list what is not good in hte current system.

The Ayatollahs in Iran replaced the Shah who used to be corrupt, a dictator, and a serious torturer. Those were the same reasons some of you are pushing us to go for Syria’s fundamentalists who are calling for the easy cliches of “democracy” and “human rights” …

March 19th, 2011, 4:09 am


Jihad said:

In summary, the content of this e-mail is both ignorant and racist.

March 19th, 2011, 8:00 pm


JH said:

@56. Alex: events have overtaken us somewhat, but I should say that, if allowed to push, what I would push for would be a mechanism that allowed rotation between A and B, and C etc as well in time. Bashar, educated opthamologist that he is, might well be a good president if he had to face the ballot box every four years or so in the knowledge that he risked losing power there. The same is true of those option B types: the rotating mechanism of democracy was doing quite good things for the development of Hamas until their opponents joined with (all the!) external forces to stop the nascent democracy from functioning.

Churchill (not a hero of mine, see Dresden) once said that democracy was an awful political system with only one justification: that all the others were worse.

March 20th, 2011, 4:28 am


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