“Inside Syria – Can Syria’s Opposition Unite?” al-Jazeera English

Inside Syria – Can Syria’s opposition unite Part 1 – Al-Jazeera English
why Syria’s opposition has been unable to incorporate itself into a strong coalition with a united message and what the divide means for Assad. Guests: Joshua Landis, Syria expert; Randa Slim, scholar, ME Institute; Najib Ghadbian, SNC.

Part 2

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jake said:

First Comment!

March 5th, 2012, 12:11 pm



This is an excellent post. I actually saw it live on Aljazeera, the network of “the free,” unlike al-Dunia of M.D., Hasan’s al-Manar, etc.

I hope that lovers of Bashar M.D. (Murderous Dictator) won’t hate Mr. Landis for appearing on the dictator’s enemy # 1 network: Aljazeera. Every week an interference with al-Aljazeera’s satellite is detected from Iran. Yes, Iran is trying to block al-Aljazeera on behalf of M.D. They want us to watch the propaganda coming from Press TV, al-Alam, al-Manar, al-Fourat, etc.!!!

March 5th, 2012, 12:31 pm



Iran ‘jamming Al Jazeera broadcasts’
Iran is jamming broadcasts by Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera, satellite operator Arabsat said in a statement received on Tuesday.

“Al Jazeera is affected … from two different locations in Iran,” near Tehran and near the northwestern city of Maragheh, it said, adding that the cause was located at the request of the pan-Arab news channel.

The satellite television on Sunday announced a new frequency for Arabsat viewers due to “continued interference.”

“Over the past few months, Al Jazeera has faced sustained interference to our satellite transmissions,” it said in a statement.

“These occurrences will only strengthen our commitment to continue providing our award-winning coverage across the region 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” said the broadcaster.

March 5th, 2012, 12:52 pm


Mina said:

It’s an article from 10th January, just FYI.

Here is the 6 point plan
(It was on the Guardian blog, pasted from the China’s People Daily.)
1. The Syrian government and all parties concerned should immediately, fully and unconditionally cease all acts of violence, particularly violence against innocent civilians. Various factions in Syria should express political aspirations through non-violent means.

2. The Syrian government and various factions should bear in mind the long-term and fundamental interests of their country and people, immediately launch an inclusive political dialogue with no preconditions attached or outcome predetermined through impartial mediation of [Kofi Annan] the joint special envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League, agree on a comprehensive and detailed roadmap and timetable for reform through consultation and implement them as soon as possible with a view to restoring national stability and public order.

3. China supports the UN’ s leading role in co-ordinating humanitarian relief efforts. China maintains that under the precondition of respecting Syria’s sovereignty, the UN or an impartial body acceptable to all parties should make an objective and comprehensive assessment of the humanitarian situation in Syria, ensure the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid. China is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. We oppose anyone interfering in Syria’ s internal affairs under the pretext of “humanitarian” issues.

4. Relevant parties of the international community should earnestly respect the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria and the right of the Syrian people to independently choose their political system and development path, create conditions and provide necessary and constructive assistance for the various political factions of Syria to launch dialogue, and respect the outcome of dialogue. China does not approve of armed interference or pushing for “regime change” in Syria, and believes that use or threat of sanctions does not help to resolve this issue appropriately.

5. China welcomes the appointment of the joint special envoy on the Syrian crisis by the UN and the AL and supports him in playing a constructive role in bringing about the political resolution of the crisis. China supports the active efforts made by the Arab states and the AL to promote a political solution to the crisis.

6. Members of the security council should strictly abide by the purposes and principles of the UN charter and the basic norms governing international relations. As a permanent member of the security council, China is ready to earnestly fulfil its responsibilities, engage in equal-footed, patient and full consultation with other parties on the political solution to the Syrian crisis in an effort to safeguard the unity of the security council.

March 5th, 2012, 12:59 pm


Alan said:

13 undercover French army officers seized in Syria – report
Thirteen French officers have been captured by the Syrian Army, according to Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper. It claims it received the information from a pro-Syrian Palestinian in Damascus.
According to the source, the officers were taken captive in the city of Homs – the heart of the internal conflict between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, and insurrectionists – and are being held in a field hospital there. The source claims the French and Syrian governments are locked in negotiations over the fate of the men.(…..

March 5th, 2012, 1:11 pm


Alan said:

من جديد دمشق بوابة الحل

يبدو واضحا أن جميع المتورطين في الأزمة السورية يبحثون عن “مخرج لائق” لأنفسهم بعد أن يئسوا من إيجاد مخارج لمشاريعهم وللأزمة التي صدَّروها إلى سوريا ومنها إلى العالم العربي من المحيط إلى الخليج.

فقد فشلوا في اعتماد سياسة ونهج وتكتيك موحد حيال هذه الأزمة. فكلهم بنى معطياته وقراراته على مجموعة من الأكاذيب والتخيلات التي صنعوها وكالوثنيين عبدوها وصدقوها وتعاملوا معها كأنها حقائق لا يرقى اليها الشك.

وفشلوا في تصنيع معارضة حقيقية تستطيع أن تخاطب السوريين وتروي ظمأهم وتمثل طموحاتهم وتطلعاتهم وكلما اغدقوا عليها المال زادوها تفتيتا وكلما اغدقوا السلاح زادوها اقتتالا ودموية. فثبتوا بذلك شرعية ومشروعية السلطة والمعارضة الوطنية معا فخسروا الشارع والمواطن والمعارضة السورية الفاعلة على الأرض. بينما تفتت “الموعودون الجدد” بعدما افتضح هزال الوعد وعاره.

وإذ بالدولة التي ارادوا تقويضها تخرج بحلة جديدة عصرية وديمقراطية وبعقد اجتماعي جديد يسمى دستورا. دستور قد لا يرضي في بعض تفاصيله بعض السوريين لكنه يرضي بوجوده كل السوريين التائقين إلى التجديد. دستور بحده الأدنى أطلق ورشة تغيير وتطوير مستدامة وفتح باب السلطة مشرعا لكل السوريين على قواعد واضحة.

والمراقب للوضع الدولي اليوم، بعد مهزلة تونس، يرى واضحا مدى التفكك في المعسكر الغربي وتوابعه وملحقاته ومدى التوحد في المعسكر السوري بسلطته ومعارضيها وأصدقاءه.

المعسكر الغربي يبدو مفتتا لا يجمعه سوى العداء بالمفهوم النفسي واللاأخلاقي والمصالح المادية الضيقة التي عادة ما تكون المصدر الأساسي للخلافات الكبرى.

المعسكر الغربي يجمعه الخوف. الخوف من كل شيء والخوف على كل شيء

المعكسر الغربي يبحث عن مخرج يخرجه من مأزق هزائمه الدولية والداخلية.

بينما يبدو المعسكر السوري وأصدقاءه، بمن فيهم المعارضة السورية، موحد الرؤيا والنظرة حول طبيعة الصراع وطبيعة الحل فطبيعة الصراع الحقيقي هو مع الكيان الغاصب والعاملين لأمنه واستقراره وازدهاره في خاصرة سوريا الجنوبية والذين يعتبرونه حاجة وضرورة.

والمعسكر السوري موحد حول الاصلاح والتطوير وتعزيز الوحدة الوطنية والقومية باعتبارها أمورا اساسية لتطور اي دولة تحترم تاريخها وتطلعات أبنائها وتحترم تعاقداتها الاجتماعية والسياسية داخليا واقليميا ودوليا.

المعسكر السوري يسير بخطوات مبرمجة ودقيقة في عملية الاصلاح بينما يسير المعسكر الغربي بخطوات وئيدة في عمليات تدمير البنى الاجتماعية للمجتمعات.

المعسكر السوري يسير باتجاه تأسيس وتعزيز مجتمع دولي قائم على العدل والتنوع البناء ونظام مبني على الحقائق لا الأحلام والأوهام والأطماع ومسلسل من دماء لا تنتهي. بينما يسير المعسكر الغربي نحو تعزيز الدكتاتوريات داخل الدكتاتورية الواحدة التي يقودها مؤمنون بأنهم مصطفون ومختارون ومحظوظون ليحكموا آخرين عبيدا.

إذا كان المعسكر السوري، حكومات وشعوبا ومعارضات، قد حقق خطوات واسعة في طريق الاصلاح واعادة تأسيس وانتاج الحراك السياسي رغم الدماء والدموع والآلام التي تلاحقه، فهل يستطيع عاقل أن يرصد أي منجز للمعسكر الغربي وتوابعه؟

ولكن ما يجعل التفاؤل سيدا هو أن مفاتيح الحل والربط ليست في أيدي أحد منهم لا في أوروبا ولا في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية ولا في مجالس ادارة آبار النفط. كما أن من الصعب جدا إيجاد نقاط تلاق استراتيجي أو تكتيكي بين الدول المتورطة في الأزمة وتوابعها. بل أن مفاتيح الحل هي بيد المعسكر السوري الذي عليه أن يعرف كيف يستخدمها ويمرحل خطواتها. حتى لا تطول رحلة الألف ميل الاصلاحية المعمدة بدماء السوريين شهداء وضحايا.

فأي حل للأزمة الاقتصادية الدولية وخاصة ما تعانيه دول المعسكر الغربي وتوابعه لا يمكن أن يحصل دون شراكة كاملة لروسيا والصين ودول الجنوب الأميركي.

وأي أمن للمناطق الملتهبة لن يكون بدون من هم معنيون مباشرة بالشراكة الدولية والاقليمية.

فرنسا تعرف أن روسيا اختارت بوتين وبانتظار الرابع من آذار للاعلان وتعرف أن عليها أن تلاقيها إلى منتصف الطريق بارادة طيبة.

وأوروبا تعرف أن الصين خرجت من وراء الجدار ومن المدينة الممنوعة وأنها مخرج أزمتها وعليها أيضا أن تلاقيها إلى متصف الطريق. ومعظم العرب يعرف ان لا احد يبدل سوريا بغليون.

عيسى الأيوبي

March 5th, 2012, 1:30 pm


Alan said:

Russia not to abandon Syria
Russia will continue rendering assistance to the branch of the International Red Cross in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has declared.

He said that recently a decision was made in Moscow to invest 1mln Swiss franks to the International Red Cross Committee in Syria. Russia will continue rendering other kinds of humanitarian aid to the Syrian population, Lavrov said.

He also reminded the journalists that Moscow had supported the mission of Kofi Annan as a joint UN and LAS envoy to Syria and also the humanitarian mission headed by UN Under-Secretary-General Valerie Amos.

An IRCC humanitarian convoy delivered food, medicines and other essentials to the Syrian city of Homs to help the victims.


March 5th, 2012, 1:33 pm


areal said:

The journalist-combatants of Baba Amr

by Thierry Meyssan

Is the crackdown on Baba Amr the biggest political masquerade since 9/11? This is what Thierry Meyssan sets out to prove in a exclusive serialized account published by Voltaire Network. In this first installment, he focuses on the alleged escape of Western journalists and demonstrates that some of them were embedded with the Free “Syrian” Army.

Satellite view of the independent Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr. The Atlanticist media interpret the smoke billowing from the neighborhood as proof of bombings.

Member States of NATO and the GCC were unable to launch a conventional attack against Syria. However, for ten months they have been laying the groundwork by waging a low intensity war coupled with an economic and media assault. The city of Homs became the symbol of the conflict. The Free “Syrian” Army seized the neighborhoods of Baba Amr and Inchaat and proclaimed an Islamic Emirate that heralds its political program.

With the backing of Russia – still traumatized by her experience with the Islamic Emirate of Ichkeria – and China – eager to see the Syrian government protect its citizens -, the Syrian National Army stormed the stronghold on 9 February after all mediation attempts had failed. Defeated, the Free “Syrian” Army soon entrenched itself in an area of approximately 40 hectares, which was immediately sealed off by loyalist forces; it steadily withered and eventually fell on 1 March. In retaliation, the remaining armed elements of the Emirate massacred the Christians in the two villages they ripped through on their way to exile in Lebanon.

Throughout this period, major media have served to veil the sordid and cruel reality of this Emirate, and to replace it with a made-up story of revolution and repression. A special effort was made to create the impression that thousands of civilians were being shelled by the Syrian military artillery or the air force. At the heart of this propaganda construct, we find a press center used by the satellite channels of the Coalition: Al-Jazeera (Qatar), Al-Arabiya (Saudi Arabia), France24 (France), BBC (UK) and CNN (USA) under the coordination of Israeli journalists.

Between the antagonistic versions of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Gulf Cooperation Council on the one side, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the other, public opinion in the West and in the Gulf may well wonder which to believe. We will try to provide key elements, enabling people to decipher and determine the truth on their own. We will base ourselves on the videos broadcast by Western and Gulf TV channels, the testimonies of survivors recorded by the Voltaire Network office in Syria, and the documents which were found in the Emirate’s press center.
The two faces of Western reporters

The Western journalists trapped inside the Emirate posted distress call videos on the Internet. Two of them seem to be wounded, while the third one appears to be in good health. Their respective governments made of their retrieval a matter of principle. France dispatched an official to negotiate with the rebels. Several other states, including Russia, keen to cool tensions in the Levant, offered their good offices.


March 5th, 2012, 1:38 pm


Mina said:

A hundred have died in clashes in Yemen, but who cares,

March 5th, 2012, 1:42 pm


Syrialover said:

Alert! We’re back to the cut-paste faction minus the links again. It reads like paid advertorial too.

March 5th, 2012, 1:57 pm


Son of Damascus said:


Taken from the SC Guidelines

“Fair-use concerns copyright. Most works available on the internet are subject to copyright. There are no hard and fast rules for all situations, but we suggest using only limited portions of material that is originally published elsewhere. A good rule of thumb is to observe these DOs and DON’Ts

Do not reproduce offsite material in its entirety.”


March 5th, 2012, 2:10 pm


Juergen said:

And those who want to read from Voltaire and La Roche do so, i think its a waste of time to read such nonsense


so why have international observers if all is fine. You know buddies like Mubarak and Assad will always had/have their 98% approval. I dont think you believe that any of that is true at all. 98% of chechnyan votes for Putin is a bold joke. After that Russia should change their name, it should include democratic, because the world would not label Russia otherwise with this.

March 5th, 2012, 2:38 pm


Son of Damascus said:

Assad gains ground as Syrian opposition wars with itself
Hassan Hassan

Mar 6, 2012

Over the past month, as the question of arming Syria’s opposition gained momentum, the Syrian National Council has been dealt two major blows. In late February, Haitham Al Maleh, a prominent opposition figure, unilaterally announced the formation of a group that was supposed to arm and fund the Free Syrian Army, an umbrella group of military defectors.



March 5th, 2012, 3:15 pm



Interesting testimony of one member of shabbiha detained by SFA members. Describes murders comited in Jdeidet-Artouz, Kiswe, etc. He is a christian from Marmarita and describes orders received and procedures to kill and steal properties.

March 5th, 2012, 3:18 pm


Areal said:

A second Javier Espinosa in Baba Amr

Voltaire Network | 5 March 2012

Much confusion has surrounded the fate of Javier Espinosa, a journalist from El Mundo who was trapped last week in the Islamic Emirate of Baba Amr.

Contacted on 26 February in Madrid, the executive director of the Spanish daily El Mundo assured us that the reporter was “somewhere quiet” and did not need to be evacuated. Yet, he had been reporting regularly that Baba Amr was being “pounded” by the Syrian National Army.

Via his personal telephone link, Javier Espinosa continued to send his articles and photos to the newspaper’s editorial office, while also maintaining his Twitter account.

However, soon after he fell silent.

While news agencies announced the imminent arrival of Javier Espinosa in Beirut (Lebanon), the Syrian National Army discovered at Baba Amr the corpse of a man of European characteristics, carrying the identity papers and card press of Javier Espinosa.

The individual was killed in the collapse of an underground corridor while trying to flee the Emirate. He was among a group of ten Free “Syrian” Army fighters. Though damaged, the body resembles the pictures of Javier Espinosa. It has not yet been identified.


March 5th, 2012, 3:26 pm


son of Damascus said:

Policy Briefing
Middle East Briefing N°32 Damascus/Brussels, 5 March 2012

Now or Never: A Negotiated Transition for Syria

One year into the Syrian uprising, the level of death and destruction is reaching new heights. Yet, outside actors – whether regime allies or opponents – remain wedded to behaviour that risks making an appalling situation worse. Growing international polarisation simultaneously gives the regime political space to maintain an approach – a mix of limited reforms and escalating repression – that in the longer run is doomed to fail; guarantees the opposition’s full militarisation, which could trigger all-out civil war; and heightens odds of a regional proxy war that might well precipitate a dangerous conflagration. Kofi Annan’s appointment as joint UN/Arab League Special Envoy ar- guably offers a chance to rescue fading prospects for a negotiated transition. It must not be squandered. For that, Russia and others must understand that, short of rapidly reviving a credible political track, only an intensifying military one will remain, with dire consequences for all



March 5th, 2012, 3:37 pm


Areal said:

Child Martyred, Five Injured in Explosive Device Blast in Aleppo
Mar 05, 2012

A child was martyred and five persons from the same family got injured Sunday in a blast of an explosive device planted by a terrorist group in the northern province of Aleppo.

An official source in the province told SANA correspondent that the explosive device was planted in park in Bustan al-Basha area in Aleppo, martyring an eleven-year-old boy, Mahmoud Batayhi and injuring other four teenagers from the same family, in addition to an elderly man.

The injured are Mustafa Batayhi (11 years old), Hasan Mohammad Batayhi (14 years old), Ahmad Batayhi (9 years old), Hasan Mustafa Batayhi (17 years old) and Khalaf al-Juma’a (55 years old).

A doctor at al-Razi Hospital said that one of the patents sustained a severe injury to the left thigh, shattering the femur, in addition to injuries to the tissue and bones of the left hand which may necessitate amputation at the wrist.

Hasan Mustafa Batayhi said that explosion happened when he went out to call his cousins – who were playing in the park – to come home.

One of the injured children said he saw a man wrapping the bomb – which he believed to be trash – in papers and placing it by the wall. He called the attention of his cousin Hasan to the man, which is when the bomb exploded.

March 5th, 2012, 3:52 pm


Alan said:

Glory for Syria and Russia for ever !

March 5th, 2012, 3:54 pm



14. Areal

This spanish reporter is alive and kicking. SANA informed he was found dead by mistake.

These news about Javier Espinosa happened last week. He appeared on saturday or sunday at CNN and some newspapers explaining the tragic way they left Homs.

Among other explanations to CNN he said:

¨We were a numberous group of maybe 50 people, among them the injuried journalists, women and children. We were passing by night very near to a syrian army post. All of a sudden children began to cry and because of that the group was discovered what led to a disaster and many died….¨

March 5th, 2012, 3:55 pm


Alan said:

Ghost Borders: More arms spells more bloodshed in Syria
[Russia Today video report]

China has called for an immediate cease-fire in Syria and has urged all parties to the conflict to engage in talks. Beijing is also calling for unity at the U.N. Security Council which is now contemplating a new resolution, after two previous motions were vetoed by China and Russia. The Chinese are also warning against the use of humanitarian aid as a pretext for foreign interference in Syrian affairs. That’s as the Red Cross says it’s being prevented from helping the worst-hit areas of the city of Homs – a rebel stronghold which has come under intense Syrian army bombardment. The capture of 100 suspected mercenaries trying to flee the city, many of them French, has increased speculation over outside interference in the conflict.
A senior rebel leader has also claimed his militia group had been supplied with French and American weapons.
And as Maria Finoshina reports, more arms could spell more bloodshed.

March 5th, 2012, 3:59 pm


Alan said:

جودة:الموقف في سورية موقف مقلق جداً ومؤسف ومحزن

March 5th, 2012, 4:04 pm


irritated said:

Syria Lover #9

Cut and paste are hundred times more interesting than the repeated ridiculous predictions of the “imminent” fall of the “evil” regime we’ve be reading from some bloggers on SC.

March 5th, 2012, 4:05 pm


Alan said:

Lavrov feels Syrian warring factions should stop fighting at once

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov feels that the parties to the Syrian conflict should stop fighting at once. He told a news conference in Moscow following the talks with his Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh in the Russian capital earlier today that what information has been coming from Syria is hardly inspiring hope in terms of violence ending.

According to the Russian Foreign Minister, information has been available that arms are being supplied to the Syrian opposition and that militants from other countries are penetrating Syria.

Therefore, just as we agree that we should demand severely that the Syrian government should end the armed hostilities, so should we demand that the Syrian opposition act likewise, he emphasized. Lavrov added that Russia and Jordan opt for an early humanitarian mission for Syria.

March 5th, 2012, 4:13 pm




Cut and paste is the only tool can use those who have no own ideas, and base their ideology entirely in what other say.

You think the articles you past are your arguments because you do not have direct information and no way to build and defend your opinion on solid bases.

Look my post number 18. I just inform about what is a real fact because I know it (I have read Sana statements and I have seen the journalist explaining what happened) and strange people in this SC vote four thumbs down. Can someone vote negative for the simple information of a real fact? This is crazy. You are denying reality. It is a kind of medically described mental illness.

March 5th, 2012, 4:18 pm


zoo said:

Valerie Amos, the United Nations under secretary general for humanitarian affairs, said in a statement that Mr. Assad’s government had given her permission to visit Syria for three days starting Wednesday. The Syrian government had refused for a month to allow Ms. Amos to visit.

At the same time, Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary general who was appointed last week as a special representative to Syria for the United Nations and the Arab League, announced that he too would visit Damascus starting on Saturday. His mission, he said, is “to seek an urgent end to all violence and human rights violations, and to initiate the effort to promote a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.” The Syrian Arab News Agency, the state-run news service, said Syria “welcomes the visit.”


March 5th, 2012, 4:28 pm


irritated said:

Sandro #23

Most newspapers are already giving second hand information, you are giving a third hand when using your own words.
I think it is more honest to quote the newspaper using Cut/paste and add the link than to attempt to report the news with your own bias.

So instead of accusing the ones who do research to find interesting articles, do the same and cut/paste them to convey the message.

March 5th, 2012, 4:37 pm


irritated said:

#27 SANDRO LOEWE said: paranaoia?

Who is the third body found with Espinosa’s identity papers? Facts please..

March 5th, 2012, 4:40 pm


irritated said:


Who’s talking about paranoia and persecution complex…?

March 5th, 2012, 4:44 pm



Wounded U.K. journalist Paul Conroy describes his harrowing experience covering the violence in Syria:


March 5th, 2012, 4:46 pm



28. IRRITATED said:

¨Paranaoia? Who is the third body found with Espinosa’s identity papers? Facts please…¨

I am so sorry guy, I am afraid I cannot help you. Go and ask the authorities whose is the third body.

I am just informing you Javier is alive as you can see in his own newspaper. If you cannot accept reality please LET IT BE.

March 5th, 2012, 4:50 pm


zoo said:

Assad gains ground as Syrian opposition wars with itself

Hassan Hassan
Mar 6, 2012

In the meantime, President Bashar Al Assad has been winning battles on the ground and in the propaganda war. At the beginning of the protests, now one year old, fear was a major factor that kept the majority of Syrians silent. As the fear barrier was broken, more Syrians came into the streets.

But the opposition’s poor performance and lack of vision only reinforces the fears of the undecided. Even some regime opponents have said the protests should stop to reach a political compromise with Mr Al Assad because they fear chaos. The regime’s campaign against civilians in Homs and elsewhere, however, is yielding results, which is making protesters on the ground more determined.

There is a perception among protesters that opposition leaders are more interested in narrow personal gains. The Syrian National Council, based in Turkey, and the National Coordinating Body, inside Syria, are both considered incompetent and untrustworthy. Protesters stand behind one or the other because there are no other options. The Free Syrian Army is arguably the only popular force within the opposition, which inclines political leaders to support militarisation, which in turn pushes more undecided Syrians towards siding with the regime.

An indifferent world and profoundly incompetent opposition make it too easy for dictators. The activists who began the protests – to rescue their country from the bloody rule and repression of the Assads – cannot stand by themselves. The political opposition must come together for a political settlement to save Syria from chaos, civil strife and economic disaster.

March 5th, 2012, 4:56 pm


irritated said:

#31 Sandro

Who said he was not alive? Obviously you haven’t read Areal #14

March 5th, 2012, 5:01 pm




¨Most newspapers are already giving second hand information, you are giving a third hand when using your own words.
I think it is more honest to quote the newspaper using Cut/paste and add the link than to attempt to report the news with your own bias.¨

Here you are showing that you are out of reality happening in Syria. You are not in Syria and most probably not in touch with people under siege or in other towns. I can afford using my mind to take my own conclusions about inputs and informations I can get FIRST HAND from syrian people living inside Syria. Me myself have seen checkpoints and crossed many of them in Syria after 15th March.
So you can consider my conclusions wrong or even do not trust the informations I receive or I explain. But anyhow my opinions maybe more realistic than analysts from xinhuanet, russian news agencies or some lebanesesources, who of course need to manipulate facts in order to justify their political positions.

Good night

March 5th, 2012, 5:02 pm


ann said:

NATO: All targets struck in Libya were military – 1 hr 16 mins ago


Friday’s report in Geneva said NATO did not deliberately target civilians but that in five cases where the alliance claimed to have struck command-and-control centers or staging areas, the experts could identify no military targets. The panel said it couldn’t reach a conclusion on those issues, citing lack of evidence and urged further investigation.

The prosecutor’s statement does not necessarily mean a formal investigation will be opened. Following the release of the U.N. Commission’s findings, Moreno-Ocampo may decide there is no need for further investigation or ask judges for authorization to open a formal probe.


March 5th, 2012, 5:19 pm


zoo said:

Militants attack Egypt gas pipeline for 12th time
Published: Mar 5, 2012 21:26 Updated: Mar 5, 2012 23:12

EL-ARISH, Egypt: Egyptian security officials say militants have again blown up a gas pipeline in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula that transports fuel to neighboring Israel.

The attack on the pipeline is the 12th since the popular uprising that ousted longtime Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak last year.

March 5th, 2012, 5:20 pm


ann said:

McCain calls for US-led strikes on Syria without UN mandate – 05 March, 2012


Taking the Senate floor, McCain said there will be no UN mandate for the air strikes he deems the only way to stop the violence – but that a mandate isn’t necessary. All the Arizona senator needs, apparently, is a somewhat dubious – and violent – precedent. “NATO took military action to save Kosovo in 1999 without formal U.N. authorization. There is no reason why the Arab League, or NATO, or a leading coalition within the Friends of Syria contact group, or all of them speaking in unison, could not provide a similar international mandate for military measures to save Syria today”, he said.

He spoke at length about the Bashar Assad government, and said that the only realistic way to preserve
“innocent lives … is with foreign airpower.”

The Arizona senator pointed out that President Barack Obama characterized the prevention of mass atrocities as “a core national security interest” when speaking about Libya, and has committed the credibility of the United States to his repeated calls for Assad to step down.

“If Assad manages to cling to power – or even if he manages to sustain his slaughter for months to come, with all of the human and geopolitical costs that entails – it would be a strategic and moral defeat for the United States. We cannot, we must not, allow this to happen,” McCain said.

“Some kind of intervention will happen, with us or without us,” he said. “The real question for U.S. policy is whether we will participate in this next phase of the conflict in Syria, and thereby increase our ability to shape an outcome that is beneficial to the Syrian people, and to us.”


March 5th, 2012, 5:27 pm


ann said:

UPDATE: Air France Says Cancels Paris-Damascus Flight Over Unrest

“Flight AF-570 is cancelled because of the situation in Syria,” a spokesman told AFP

March 5th, 2012, 5:36 pm


jad said:

Alkhanseera, Alarabiya or BBC, all are the networks of the ‘propaganda’

“Bashar Assad rapes children”: BBC propaganda

By As’ad AbuKhalil

Propaganda against the Syrian regime is not confined to the Saudi and Qatari Arab media. Western media have largely suspended their journalistic missions and have become willing transmitters of the claims, lies, rumors, fabrications, hoaxes, exaggerations, and stories of the Ikhwan-dominated Syrian opposition. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (and there are two organizations by that name) is the most oft cited source in Western media and no one knows how they collect their numbers. One of the directors of the observatory, Rami Abdulrahman, is the most quoted name about Syria although it has been revealed that a man by that name does not exist.

This is similar to media coverage prior to the 2003 Iraq war. Western media are now working at the service of Western governments plots for the region. The claims about the situation in Syria are often contradicted within a day or two. For weeks, we heard that the people of Baba Amr were trapped in their homes. Yesterday, it was revealed that they (or most) had been smuggled into safety far earlier (the claim and the counter claim were both bizarrely made by the Free Syrian Army).

Western media admit that there were hundreds of fighters in Baba Amr (belonging to the Free Syrian Army). Yet, the victims are always listed as civilians. The media never offers a breakdown of the dead to differentiate between civilians and combatants among the victims of Syrian regime gunfire.
But the emotional and sentimental nature of the coverage raises many journalistic questions, particularly because it is politically motivated. How can it not be politically motivated when BBC coverage of Israeli assaults, massacres, and war crimes contain not a hint of emotion. At a time of war, or a time of preparation for war, many Western media now volunteer their services to aid in the war effort, or in the psychological operations. Those operations are now being undertaken in earnest.


March 5th, 2012, 5:44 pm


ann said:

Syria slams U.S. penalties on state media – 2012-03-06


DAMASCUS, March. 5 (Xinhua) — Syria’s official SANA news agency launched scathing criticisms Monday on the U.S. sanctions targeting Syria’s official media broadcasting organization, saying that the move came “in the context of the U.S. policy of confiscating the freedom of opinion and media.”

“The new measure is a flagrant contradiction to the U.S. claims of defending the freedom of speech and opinion,” said SANA, the mouthpiece of the Syrian government.

“The democracy, which these countries boast, are just slogans that are being used to serve these powers’ interests and political agendas,” it added.

It said that “the sanctions also reflect the fact of the American-Western disturbance over the role of the state media in exposing the disinformation campaign against Syria.”


March 5th, 2012, 5:48 pm


jad said:

The French soldiers’ story in Syria might be true after all according to the telegraph:

Thirteen French officers ‘captured by Syrian Army’

Thirteen French officers have been captured by Syrian forces according to the Lebanon-based Daily Star newspaper, the first mainstream media outlet to report on rumours of Western troops on the ground.

The French foreign ministry dismissed the report, however, telling the Daily Telegraph that not a single French soldier is on Syrian soil.

But the defence ministry was less categorical, saying it neither confirmed nor denied the claim.
A photographer who recently escaped from the besieged Syrian city of Homs also dismissed suggestions French soldiers had intervened to secure his evacuation and that of three other Western reporters.

The report came on Monday as the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent reached two neighbourhoods of Homs where they were distributing food and blankets to civilians, including families who had fled the battered district of Baba Amr.
The teams still do not appear to have been allowed into Baba Amr itself.


March 5th, 2012, 5:49 pm


Tara said:


Can Angry Arab be sued in the New Syria for disinformation. It is one thing when a regime supporter expresses a pro- regime opinion on a blog and a whole other thing when someone widely quoted like Angry Arab spread disinformation to embolden the regime in its quest to kill Syrians, while he sits in an apt somewhere enjoying what the west has to offer seeing no further than the window of his next door neighbor. How can he be emphatic about all his facts? Shouldn’t he be legally responsible for it?

March 5th, 2012, 5:58 pm


ann said:

Sound bomb detonated in Damascus, smashing storefront: TV – 2012-03-06


The sound bomb was detonated at the Barzeh neighborhood in northeastern Damascus, the report said, giving no further details.


March 5th, 2012, 5:59 pm


ann said:

Armed groups target oil pipeline in Syria’s Deir al-Zour, causing no damage – 2012-03-06


Quoting an official source in the oil ministry, SANA said the targeted pipeline had not been used since two weeks ago because other alternative lines were available, adding that the ” sabotaging act” did not affect the line but caused minor damage to one of its covers.

It said the pipeline had been targeted more than once lately without being seriously damaged.

Earlier Monday, Syria’s private al-Ekhbaria TV cited sources as dismissing foreign media reports that the pipeline was blasted, saying that the report was “media fabrication.”


March 5th, 2012, 6:11 pm


Dawoud Holy Homs said:

# 3 Mina
Thanks for article.
The only plan is that M.D. Has to go!

March 5th, 2012, 6:12 pm


ann said:

Syria’s Red Crescent distributes aid to 600 unrest victims in Homs: official – 2012-03-06


The relief aid materials were distributed to 600 people in al- Barazil and Insha’at neighborhoods in Homs, Khalid Ariksusi, head of the operation section in the Syrian Red Crescent, told Xinhua by phone Monday.

He said the displaced families have started to return to their homes, adding that his humanitarian organization hasn’t entered the focal point neighborhood of Baba Amr yet.

He reiterated his previous statement that their priority is to reach the people in need.

Meanwhile, the state TV showed Monday footage of Baba Amr with government workers removing rubble and debris from the streets there. It said that the area is now clean from armed groups.


March 5th, 2012, 6:18 pm


ann said:

‘Putin not part of NWO, labeled evil by US elites’ – 06 March, 2012


“Putin … said that close co-operation among the BRICS will be absolutely essential. He sees this as the founding stone of the new emerging multipolar world order [NWO]…Obviously, the Washington elites won’t like it,” Escobar told RT. “If you follow what news corporations … are [saying] about Putin, it’s the same old thing – it’s a relentless demonization, a personification of evil.”

The journalist explains that all the members of the international community who are not viewed by the West as a part of the “Anglo-American ‘Masters of the Universe’ narrative,” are immediately defined as enemies. It can be any country from Syria and North Korea to Putin’s Russia or Argentina under President Cristina Kirchner, he added.

Escobar refers to a comprehensive article last week where Putin outlined his views on Russia’s international relations and future foreign policy. “It’s a multipolar world, a close cooperation with BRICS, fighting NATO encroachment – which is a very, very strong preoccupation of most Russian voters – and trying to find a place for Russia in this new emerging multipolar [world] order,” he noted.

“Russia, according to the post-Yeltsin script, was … supposed to be a vassal state, like a kind of used satrapy for Washington’s interests. And in fact, Russia got closer to China; the BRICS came up – they start integrating. Russia started to be more forceful among the Central Asian states as well. [Russians] have already forged a strategic partnership with Germany – Germany is investing in Russia, and Russia is selling its natural resources to Germany,” Escobar explained.


March 5th, 2012, 6:25 pm


Son of Damascus said:

Video evidence and testimony of torture being committed in Syrian Military hospitals, patients tortured by Doctors that swore an oath to do no harm to their patients.


March 5th, 2012, 7:02 pm


Tara said:

SOD @47

People who committed these unthinkable crimes are not peasants. They are animals. Bashar and his family are animals! Only Animals have an ability to torture the injured. This video clip should be posted after any post that supports the regime.

March 5th, 2012, 7:45 pm


Tara said:

Canada closes embassy in Syria

By Laura Payton, CBC News Posted: Mar 5, 2012


… .

March 5th, 2012, 7:57 pm


ann said:

On Syria, Rumblings of P5 Plus 1 on US Draft as Amos & Kofi Green Lighted


UNITED NATIONS, March 5 — While in Washington Senator John McCain called for US-led airstrikes on Syria, citing as precedent the campaign on Serbia and Kosovo which had no UN Security Council approval, in front of the Security Council Monday the messages were mixed.

One Permanent Five member’s Permanent Representative told Inner City Press there would be “consultations Tuesday on the American draft” resolution.

Another P5 Perm Rep disputed that, and at day’s end when Inner City Press asked the UK’s Mark Lyall Grant, President of the Council for March, if there would be “P5 plus One” consultation, he answered this question with a question: who’s the one?

Morocco, of course, representing the Arab League. Lyall Grant smiled and said, “Consultations continue.”

The scuttlebutt such as is it is that at first the US Mission to the UN had a draft that was all ceasefire and humanitarian access, and previous vetoers said they might agree to it, as they agreed last week to a Council Press Statement calling for UN humanitarian envoy Valerie Amos to be admitted, and for “all parties” to cooperate.


March 5th, 2012, 7:58 pm


Syrialover said:

Tara #42

If (i) this is the well-known Angry Arab (and not someone copying his title) and (ii) what you claim about his mischief against Syrians is true, then you are dealing with an aggressive self-promoter who would suffer a hit to his credibility and respectability if this was pointed out in the mainstream media and made known in US academic circles.

(Here he is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/As'ad_AbuKhalil and http://articles.latimes.com/2005/jun/07/entertainment/et-arab7)

If both i. and ii. ARE the case, you should get the evidence together and send it with your comments. Try his employer and colleagues in California for a start.

(And if you give details here of what you refer to, others might also feel like doing the same.)

March 5th, 2012, 8:04 pm


Son of Damascus said:


“This video clip should be posted after any post that supports the regime.”

I doubt it would make a difference. They will scream conspiracy, and claim it fake.

March 5th, 2012, 8:05 pm


Tara said:

“I have seen detainees being tortured by electrocution, whipping, beating with batons, and by breaking their legs. They twist the feet until the leg breaks,” the employee who made the video told Mani. 

“They operate without anaesthetics … I saw them slamming detainees’ heads against walls. They shackle the patients to beds. They deny them water. Others have their penises tied to stop them from urinating,” the employee said.
The video, which Channel 4 said it could not independently verify, showed wounded, blindfolded men chained to beds. A rubber whip and electrical cable lay on a table in one of the wards. Some patients showed what looked like signs of having been severely beaten. 
The hospital employee said some of the men were soldiers who refused to follow orders and others were civilians. The youngest was 14 years old, he said. 
…. .

March 5th, 2012, 8:06 pm


Syrialover said:

# 21. Irritated

You appear to be having so much fun at the moment.

What are Assad’s online defenders going to do after his regime bites the dust?

Maybe they’ll hang around for the next wave of civil uprising in Iran and cheer the regime there and sneer at its courageus opponents and victims anonymously online.

March 5th, 2012, 8:23 pm


Tara said:

Dear SOD @53

This would be for the preview of the State Department staff that some committed poster on SC told us they tap on the comment section of SC to guide their foreign policy.

It amuses me when I remember this comment and imagine that someone like Hillary Clinton is declining a dinner with Bill Clinton to read Jad’s and Ann’s and the rest of the crew’s insightful views.

I bet Hillary is mad at the moderator when he /she bans people as a missed opportunity for enlightenment.

March 5th, 2012, 8:23 pm


Hans said:

Danny abdel khaif, is talking to anderson Cooper as being his friend and probably this guy is paid by the CNN if not the CIA directly. He flies to the USA freely at anytime to meet with Anderson cooper on his program, it is clear that he is an agent to a foreign agency. He is a British national with radical background, he wants to join the FSA so bad, I am sorry Dannyboy, if i could i would helped you to join the FSA and have more virgins sometime soon. The Brits are hot dude if you choose to have new virgins in hell i will help you.

He and all the others like him are cowards people who are looking for a fame moment, he is talking to Anderson Coopers as anyone cares about who he is and if anyone cares about him.

The situation in Syria is a very good at the current time, the news channels have been intentionally deceiving the public opinion in the west to prove their agenda..

McCain would like to bomb Syria what I can read from this that the USA is a bloody thirsty administration with no difference between the left and the right given both are ran by the Jewish lobby.

Obama mentioned yesterday that no one stood with Israel unilaterally against the rest of the world opinion but the USA, it is a clear admission of the hypocrisy.

It is time to show the USA that the BS has to stop and I am hoping that this time the will of the USA is put down.

it is a new world order and time will prove, if Assad doesn’t finish his term i would be very surprised.

March 5th, 2012, 8:37 pm


ann said:

Venezuela to ship more fuel to Syria as crackdown spreads – Mar 5, 2012


“The information we have received is that the Negra Hipolita is on the Venezuelan coast, and according to the agreement, Venezuela is ready to continue supplying diesel,” said congressman Adel El Zabayar from the government’s socialist party.

El Zabayar did not say when the third shipment would be sent.

The PDVSA shipments appeared to be carried out under a 2010 agreement between the two nations in which Venezuela provides diesel in exchange for food and commodities such as olive oil.

“The decision of the government is to give all our support to Syria,” El Zabayar said.


March 5th, 2012, 8:42 pm


Tara said:

Syrialover @52

Thank you for the information!

I was asking if there is a legal ground to bringing up a civil case against a “public figure” who spreads misinformation the world over, while sitting in an apt, in his case in California. I guess since he is a public figure with a published University contact number, I will give him a ring and simply ask him.

I one was looking for Ullah Khamenei to send him a clip of Besho’s animals desecrating a mosque to explore his opinion…. His contact page did not have an email.

March 5th, 2012, 8:42 pm


Syrialover said:

[Note: it may be time to wrap up comments about and directed at ‘them,’ if there is nothing but insult to come. We appreciate commentators who do not unduly personalize discussion.]


You are unfairly praising all the the Assad supporters on this forum by suggesting they are inside Syria.

Worse, there are a couple of provocateurs here who show childish ignorance about Syria and its people and appear to have only recently discovered that the country exists.

Their cluelessness not only about Syria, but also about Arabs, Islam, Middle Eastern affairs and geopolitics is squirmingly obvious every time they make a “smart” remark, usually sneering at others.

The hours they sit here, non-stop posting and point-clicking, indicates their lack of outside life and meaningful employment. (In one case I suspect they are neglecting their school homework!)

What an ugly and destructive way to keep yourself amused. Supporting the Assad regime for fun.

I wonder what other serious forums they are also messing with.

March 5th, 2012, 8:43 pm


irritated said:

#53 Syria Lover

Please give a date for your prediction that you have been repeating at every single of your post, so I can manage my schedule: a month?, 2 years?

March 5th, 2012, 9:15 pm


irritated said:

#54 Tara

“I bet Hillary is mad at the moderator”

I hope she is furious to be compared to Miss Piggy!

March 5th, 2012, 9:19 pm


hans said:


I guess Netanyahu has the upper hand with Obama!!! the former was clear that he will do what ever it suits him and Israel, meanwhile Obama was asking him kindly and politely to consider discussing the move with USA prior to taking such an act.

it is clear what is the USA is about!!! the server of the Jewish lobby, it doesn’t matter how many american soldiers die for Israel. what matters that Israel has its interest served.
what is interesting that the GCC now a days are paying the devils work for Israel.
it is clear that the time will tell who was on the right side of history, unfortunately that’s at the expense of the innocent Syrian who are dying daily.
all because of BS of the west.
Syria probably not a democratic country, neither Jordan, Iraq, GCC, Egypt, Tunisia or Libya are!
it is a region which is not ready for democracy as long as you have stupid Imams filing people heads and brains with god’s retarded ideas.
In the 21st century, religion should be abolished and replaced with courses of civility, science and humanity.
Religion in the middle east is the culprit of the retardation and backward thinking the middle east lives in, even the Jewish have rejected the orthodox sect way of living, given they are still living in the stone age.
Israel probably ahead of so many developed countries in many fields because scientists are the leaders of the society not religious psychopaths.
Islam has to confront itself prior to blaming its failure on others.
Bab amr proved that the radicals who are hijacking the country are supported by Israel and other foreign countries.
Russia is aware of the conspiracy and won’t allow the devils to destroy Syria.

March 5th, 2012, 9:20 pm



[Sandro, please take care that comments do not slip past the point of insulting other commentators in every way but name.]

I imagine many of the pro-regime here in this forum how would they act in a daily life situation in Damascus. I know how they try to justify their regime. I know the interests they hide and in the best case the ignorance, due to their poor knowledge of how things work ouside Syria, their political education and very poor secular moral education. I have had many interest disputes with syrian people throughout my life. I am sure those who defend the regime here are that kind of people that when they find no way to defend their arguments tend to intimidate talking about their relatives or friends in the security apparatus, bla, bla, bla.

March 5th, 2012, 9:30 pm



If the spanish reporter Javier is reading this SC forum right now, he must think this forum is an association of paranoics denying the more simple and proved facts.

Just in case someone was interested in the truth you can watch the spanish journalist interview in the link below:


Please thumbs down not to an opinion but to simple verified facts.
This is how creatures pro-Assad act.

March 5th, 2012, 9:30 pm


bronco said:

Reposted from previous thread about the French militaries

Juergen said

“I have my own clue, either there arent any french army members or they are all dead and not presentable…”

Look at recent developments:
– the devastating retreat of the militias in Bab Amr,
– the disarray and the imminent desintegration of the SNC,
– the revival of the Syrian local opposition,
– the renewed support of China and Putin’s Russia,
– the UN plan of Kofi Anam obviously scrapping the failed AL plan.

Bashar is in a far too strong position now to need to use the ‘french militaries’ card, if ever it exists.

March 5th, 2012, 9:34 pm


Tara said:

Irritated @58

Father, forgive Irritated, he does not know what he is saying.

March 5th, 2012, 9:38 pm


Tara said:

Motivated by the desire to help suffering people…Humanity is not dead.  

Citizen journalists undertake mission in Syria: ‘Bullets don’t discriminate’
Two Americans whose first foray into citizen journalism was filming at an Occupy protest have moved on to one of the most dangerous places in the world for reporters of any skill level


Yet without the backing of a media company and with little experience as journalists, two Americans, William Gagan, 30, and Geoffery Shivley, 29, decided to enter Syria in a risky attempt to film inside the divided country.
…. .
Gagan said he had been following developments in Syria “very closely”, reading news reports and watching videos. He did not, however, feel it was worth spending time researching Syrian history. “I knew about the parties and the Sunnis and I looked up a little of Assad’s background and whatnot but I didn’t really think any of that was relevant,” he added. “The fact of the matter is people were dying and that’s what I was going there to try to help.”
…. .
“They’re secretly trying to help,” he said. “I felt like the Turkish military are not there for a reason. They’re letting the FSA make that crossing to get supplies,” Gagan added, saying that the FSA were happy for them to film and publish the footage.
…. .
Already, the pair are facing criticism for their trip: many comments under their video on YouTube are negative. One says: “Gagan – you shouldn’t be running around putting people in danger because you’re on a ‘little’ adventure. Seriously reprehinsible behaviour.”

Gagan rejects the argument that reporting in Syria and in similar conflicts should be left to experienced journalists.

“To be honest, yes, there’s some experience that these people have under their belt. They’ve been in these war zones circumstances, but I really feel that it doesn’t matter when you’re on the ground. Bullets don’t discriminate.”
…. .

March 5th, 2012, 9:39 pm


irritated said:

#66 Tara

I guess your prayer should extend to a lot of SC commenters, including you.

March 5th, 2012, 9:51 pm


Tara said:

Syrians fleeing to Lebanon ‘feared slaughter’ in Assad backlash
Up to 2,000 people have fled to Lebanon over last two days as Assad’s forces hunt down opponents in Homs

Associated Press in Lebanon
Monday 5 March 2012 14.48 EST

…. .
“What are we supposed to do? People are sitting in their homes and they are hitting us with tanks,” Firas said. “Those who can flee, do. Those who can’t will die sitting down.”
…. .
The Obama administration added Syrian state television and radio to a US sanctions list – part of an effort to block Syrian government assets within the US. The treasury department’s sanctions chief, Adam Szubin, said the Syrian General Organisation of Radio and TV has “served as an arm of the Syrian regime as it mounts increasingly barbaric attacks on its own population and seeks both to mask and legitimise its violence”.

He said any institutions supporting President Bashar al-Assad government’s “abhorrent behaviour will be targeted and cut off from the international financial system”.
…. .

March 5th, 2012, 9:52 pm


zoo said:

Syria Violence: Opposition Seeks Heavy Weapons And Support Abroad For Bosnia-Style War


BEIRUT, March 4 (Reuters) – Few close observers of the Syrian conflict believe the uprising that began nearly a year ago is anything like over, and nor do they believe that President Bashar al-Assad can use the siege of Homs as a springboard to regain full control of the country.
Syrian troops entered the ruins of Baba Amro, the rebel enclave in Homs that succumbed to month of artillery and tank bombardment, amid loyalist claims that Assad had broken the back of a Western-sponsored terror campaign against his government.
Yet some experts believe the authorities’ brutality will lead to a drawn-out Bosnia-style war as well as the further militarisation of a conflict that began as a civil uprising inspired by revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.
“The Syrian regime has won one battle in a war it is not guaranteed to win,” said Nabil Boumonsef, a columnist at Beirut’s an-Nahar newspaper. “It took the Syrian forces one month of siege to enable them to enter Baba Amro district – this is not a sweeping military victory.”
“The opposition will continue. They will not rest or forgive or turn back,” Boumonsef said.
It was always clear that superior loyalist forces could overcome the lightly armed Free Syrian Army, made up of army defectors and rebels who have taken up arms. Human rights groups and activists say that between 700 and 1,000 civilians may have perished in Baba Amro, the worst single toll of the conflict.
“You would expect the regime after several weeks of heavy pounding to retake a small neighbourhood like Baba Amro,” said Peter Harling, Syria specialist at the International Crisis Group. “This is not a turning point in the revolution; it is one more development. The rebels will try for heavier arms, and to obtain help from abroad.”

March 5th, 2012, 9:59 pm


jad said:

In Damascus we have a say:
The mouse is not clean and her prayer wont be answered 🙂
La alfara (ra..ra..ra..) tahra w la douaha moustajab

March 5th, 2012, 10:06 pm


Observer said:

There is a report on BBC arabic about people fleeing BA reporting horrific acts of violence on the population and someone witnessing the decapitation of a 12 year old.

No verification on the ground of these reports.
However, the point I would make is that the best way to find out if there are fabrications is to allow foreign and other correspondents in: RT, Brazilian, Venezuela, Iran, BBC, CNN, France24, Alarabyia, AJ, Reuters.

If the regime has the truth it has nothing to fear. You see the best way to insure that the truth comes out is to have rival correspondents in.

Until that happens, the regime will always loose the battle. It has followed a single narrative of armed gangs with a foreign agenda and what have you.

Usually politically motivated groups aim to have an impact beyond their true power by sensational acts that bring about wide coverage yet we have never heard any statement about any group claiming this or that act. All we hear is the same mantra from the same thugs and news organizations of the regime. It is as if they have one audience and one only the adoring love stricken Fredo worshipers.

Others are pure cynics on this blog who actually know very well how murderous the regime is and how brutal and corrupt it is yet in their hatred, sectarian, and self serving delusion would rather have the regime survive and crush any popular revolt unless and until they can guarantee an outcome that is advantageous to them and them only.

The idea of a plurality of opinion is simply abhorrent to them as they view themselves as the “chosen” community to lead and the majority of Syrians as just above animals and to be treated as such.

They are the worst of the worst for they are willing to sacrifice every other Syrian and all parts of the great Syrian mosaic to their selfish ends.

It is they that do not wish to live in a unified Syria and therefore my call is for the separation of these communities from the majority of Syrians and to grant them their independence.

There is no such thing as Syria, as j’amuse AlJaffaari said at the UN Syria is called the SAR and the Assady Syrian Republic yet at every turn and in every circle and square and on every official building we have Souria Alassad and Kaedouna Lilabad and such North Korea style garbage.

The Syrian opposition on the ground is united and organized and getting stronger.

It is clear that if it took the mighty Syrian Army 4 weeks of relentless bombing and the final use of human shields to enter BA to commit massacres then this army is not capable of subjugating all of Syria.

Already the massacre in contrast to Hama have actually backfired for now there is clearly a determination on the part of the people to take up arms and to fight to the end.

This regime has done nothing but commit mistakes and it is clear that not even its supporters can continue to tolerate such incompetence.
Germs and Rats are coming


There is no such thing as Souria Alassad.
There is Somaria Alassad.

March 5th, 2012, 10:08 pm


jad said:

Nizar Nayouf explain some details about the report shown on Channel4:

القناة الرابعة البريطانية تبث شريطا حصريا عن المعاملة الوحشية في مشفى حمص العسكري

تقييد المرضى بالسلاسل المعدنية إلى الأسرّة ، وسجين سوري سبق أن تعرض شخصيا لتجربة مماثلة في مشفى المزة العسكري يؤكد صحة المشهد

لندن ، الحقيقة ( خاص ): بثت القناة الرابعة البريطانية مساء اليوم شريطا وثائقيا حصريا من مشفى حمص العسكري في حمص يظهر معاملة وحشية للمعتقلين الذين جرى نقلهم إلى المشفى للعلاج. ويظهر الشريط ( المنشور جانبا) عددا من المعتقلين المرضى معصوبي الأعين ومقيدين من أقدامهم بسلاسل معدنية إلى الأسرّة ، بينما ظهرت آثار التعذيب على الجزء العلوي من جسد واحد منهم على الأقل. وفي زاوية أخرى من غرفة المشفى ظهر ” الكيبل الفولاذي الرباعي” الذي يستخدم في التعذيب ، والذي يعرفه جميع المعتقلين السياسيين في سوريا بلا استثناء. وقالت القناة إنها حصلت على الشريط بشكل حصري من أحد العاملين في المشفى ، والذي صوره سرا. وبحسب القناة، فإنها المرة الأولى التي يظهر فيها دليل من هذا النوع على ما يتعرض له المعتقلون داخل المشافي وعلى “الانتهاك الصارخ للأخلاقيات الطبية”. وقال الموظف الذي صور الشريط لمراسل القناة البريطانية ” جوناثان ميللر” لقد رأيت المعتقلين يتعرضون للتعذيب بواسطة الصعق الكهربائي والجلد والضرب بالعصي ، فضلا عن تكسير أرجلهم.

“الحقيقة” اتصلت بزميلنا السابق الصحفي المعارض نزار نيوف للتعليق على الشريط والتأكد من مصداقيته ، فقال ” بالنسبة للمشفى إنه فعلا مشفى حمص العسكري ، أو مشفى الشهيد الطبيب عبد القادر شقفة ، وهو اسمه الرسمي. وأنا أعرفه جيدا من الداخل ، فقد بقيت فيه حوالي شهرين في العام 1983 للعلاج من قرحة معدية نازفة خلال خدمتي العسكرية (خدمة العلم) في كلية الدفاع الجوي”. وبالنسبة لتقييد المرضى قال “هذا التقليد الهمجي معمول به في المشافي العسكرية منذ مطلع الثمانينيات حين هرب أحد معتقلي الأخوان المسلمين من سجن مشفى المزة العسكري( المشفى 601)،
وبشان ” الكيبل الفولاذي” المشاهد في الشريط ، قال نيوف ” لا أستطيع الجزم بأنه استخدم للتعذيب داخل المشفى. فهذا لم يحصل سابقا على حد علمنا وتجربتنا . فالكيبل يستخدم كما معروف في فروع المخابرات . ولكن لا أستبعد أن يكون الكيبل قد استخدم في ضرب المعتقلين ـ المرضى في المشفى ، وليس موضوعا للتصوير فقط ، لاسيما إذا كانت أجهزة المخابرات هي التي أصبحت مشرفة على أقسام السجون في المشافي بدلا من الشرطة العسكرية . وهذا لست متيقنا منه بعد”. وأوضح متسائلا بالقول” إذا كان فرع المخابرات نقل هؤلاء المعتقلين للعلاج من آثار التعذيب التي تعرضوا لها ، أو من إصاباتهم بأعيرة نارية خلال مواجهات مع أجهزة الأمن ، لماذا سيلجأ إلى ضربهم داخل المشفى؟ بإمكانه أن ينتظرهم حتى يتعافوا ، ويعيدهم إلى الفرع ويستأنف تعذيبهم”!


March 5th, 2012, 10:12 pm


bronco said:


It is very sad that syrians had to leave their country but it is certainly better than to be be caught in crossfires or used a human shields.
The appearance of heavy weapons in the hands of uncontrolled militias will open a new chapter. It will cause even higher casualties for civilians and destruction of the infrastructure of the country.
No wonder the local Syrian opposition is horrified by that perspective that would mean the physical destruction of the country and the creation of hundred of thousands of refugees.

This is what the hysterical spoiled kids KSA and Qatar want and this what Kofi Annan and the UN do not.
It is enough to have the palestinians refugees unsolved, the UN do not want other refugees. Lebanon and Jordan may soon refuse the refugees coming from Syria, they have 500,000 palestinians in camps. Turkey will have to absorb the mass of refugees.
This will be a human disaster that the Western countries will ignore after having created it, as long as Syria is weaken.

The countries with a border with Syria are now faced with a dilemma. Either they encourage through a UNSC resolution an intervention of the UN forcing the opposition and the regime to lay down the weapon and enter into negotiations with no pre-conditions or accept that they will be soon submerged by refugees among which will be terrorists with no good intentions.

For the GCC countries who do not share a border with Syria, they just don’t care as long as at the end, there is regime change in Syria favorable to them and to the USA and unfavorable to Iran.

They will then surely send as much money to the Syrian refugees as they do for the Palestinians as long as they don’t see them at their door.

March 5th, 2012, 10:26 pm


irritated said:


“Germs and Rats are coming”

There were plenty of them in Bab Amr, but it’s been cleanup and desinfected.

March 5th, 2012, 10:32 pm


Ghufran said:

That was a shrewd observation. Most Syrians are not rich enough to emigrate to Europe and The US,Syrian refugees are likely to flood neighboring countries most of which have enough problems. The armed militia may or may not win but Syria,a country with little oil,will certainly lose. This is not a pro regime theory,it is almost an obituary..

March 5th, 2012, 10:33 pm


Tara said:


“It is they that do not wish to live in a unified Syria and therefore my call is for the separation of these communities from the majority of Syrians and to grant them their independence.”

Why not? They are sacrificing every other Syrian to maintain their privilege status and they will do it again without remorse.. So be it.

March 5th, 2012, 10:50 pm


bronco said:

#76 Ghufran

This is why the neighboring countries should stop fueling further violence, prevent the introduction of more lethal weapons and stop encouraging fighters. There is no acceptable solution than a negotiated one.
Syria will suffer of destructions but the neighbors will suffer as well.
Turkey has to make a huge U-turn as it is the one who is protecting the FSA, allowing weapons to cross to Syria and will be the best candidate for the refugees to choose. It is also the only one which has tent camps ready…
Turkey is playing with fire.

March 5th, 2012, 11:00 pm


Ghufran said:

The weakest of the three in the videos is clearly the SNC member. The only way to save this uprising from becoming a front for armed rebels and common thugs is for the SNC to joinn forces with other opposition groups,and the new body can then negotiate a political solution with the supervision and help of the international community. Notice the change in the tone of the SNC spoke person who is now talking about Russia,before you know it,there will be talks from most groups about engaging moderate elements of the regime,such a move did not have to wait for 12 months to gain momentum. When two fighting parties can not win with guns,negotiations suddenly become sexy.
Politicians who advocated violence have effectively kicked themselves out of any future political solution because when guns speak,politicians in exile can only hold press conferences and carry empty meetings at 5 stars hotels.

March 5th, 2012, 11:03 pm


jad said:

Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood: Unexpected Adversaries

The political gains of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have breathed new life into long-suppressed political Islamist forces across the Arab world. While it may appear on the surface that Saudi Arabia is supportive of the political rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, its Sunni co-religionists, a quiet but growing dispute between Saudi Arabia and Turkey over the increasing regional clout of the Muslim Brotherhood reveals the Saudi royal family’s long-standing aversion to the world’s oldest and largest Islamist movement.
Post-9/11 Complications
The 9/11 attacks put the Saudi royal family in the uncomfortable position of having to answer to the West for al Qaeda’s radical interpretation of Salafism. The United States, unlikely to see the nuances of Salafism as the Saudis did, saw the radical fringe of Salafism espoused by al Qaeda as the Saudi kingdom’s responsibility to contain.
The unrest in Syria represents yet another complication for the Saudi regime. Saudi Arabia is certainly enticed by the prospect of undercutting Iran’s leverage in the Levant, but it also cannot ignore the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood as a powerful force in the opposition movement. The Sunni armed resistance operating under the label of the Free Syrian Army takes care to publicly distance itself from any Islamist ideology in the hopes of attracting Western support, but local anecdotes and the limited polling that has been done by journalists embedded among Sunni protesters has so far revealed strong support for the MB should the political struggle come to a vote.

Saudi Arabia is thus caught between a geopolitical imperative to contain Iran and a domestic strategic imperative to contain Islamism as a political force. This dilemma has put Saudi Arabia directly at odds with Turkey, the rising regional counterweight to Iran and Saudi Arabia’s co-collaborator in backing the Syrian Sunni opposition against the al Assad regime. Turkey’s own liberal Islamism, shaped by Sufi Islamic culture, Ottoman religious values and Kemalist secularism, is distinct from the MB’s conservative model of Arab Islamism and allows far more room for secularist practices, but the two strands share a basic ideological principle in using Islam as a path toward governance. Whereas Turkey is actively trying to mold the MB in Syria according to its own moderate Islamist vision, Saudi Arabia would like nothing more than to see the MB marginalized in the Syrian opposition.

Saudi Arabia has resorted to its old tactics of funneling support to Salafists to serve as a counter to the MB Islamists. In Egypt, for example, the Salafist bloc surprised much of the Egyptian populace and wider region when it came out with more than a quarter of the seats in both the upper and lower houses of parliament, coming second only to the Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia reportedly played an important role in providing funding and support to the Salafist bloc. In Syria, Saudi Arabia is also likely to channel its support to Salafist groups to compete with Turkey’s backing of the MB.
Moreover, there are a range of Salafists in the Levant who have embraced jihadism and have been utilized by various state intelligence agencies in the region to carry out attacks. These Salafist-jihadists may be a useful tool for Saudi Arabia to use to try to destabilize and ultimately topple the Syrian regime in order to counter Iran. However, given the evolution of Salafist-jihadists, especially over the past decade, it is unlikely that Saudi Arabia’s control over Salafists in the Levant is as tight as it would like it to be.

Divisions among foreign backers of the Syrian opposition constitute one of many impediments to the mission in Syria. The United States and other Western stakeholders are already unnerved by the idea of secularism giving way to Islamism in Syria. They are certainly not going to be supportive of a Saudi strategy that favors more radical Salafists over those who at least present themselves as moderates. Turkey is also much closer to the Syrian situation than Saudi Arabia, and Turkey is not going to pull back from its agenda to see the MB rise in Syria as a dominant political force.

March 5th, 2012, 11:09 pm


Ghufran said:

The rumors that the army is now controlling old Homs are not true according to a number of Homsi bloggers and face bookers, Homs is still a major hot bed for unrest and violence.

March 5th, 2012, 11:11 pm


Bronco said:

#79 Ghufran

The specter of a full scale war with heavy weapons is starting to weaken seriously the bellicose desires of the opposition.

I am wondering if the KSA offer to fund weapons that looked so gross did not have the effect of frightening both the opposition and the regime into finding a political solution.
Such a sword of Damocles could be a valid deterrent.

March 5th, 2012, 11:12 pm


Hans said:

McCain wants the US Army to bomb Syria, does this count as inciting violence? I wonder what Russia will do if this happens?
Would they watch Syria being hit with Israeli missiles and American jests bombing the country. It is very sure a lucrative business for the American to continue to bomb arabic countries as long as there is someone who is forfeiting the bill, in this case the GCC proudly are paying the bill. Democracy is on the eyes of the beholders, given GCC is a no democratic but hypocrisy at best.
I wonder if Iran should bomb Bahrain in retaliation for bombing Syria.
I guess all the criminals and terrorists who died are not the goal.
The goal of McCain is killing few hundreds of thousands Syrians equal to the Iraqi and Libyans who are killed in thousands.
I guess the outside oppositions is determined on destroying Syria at any cost for the sake of power and assuming the helm as the new dictatorship of Syria. I would hing my bet if Assad is toppled Syria may end being like Yemen as failed country, with weak central government and fragmented into emirates as it is planned for by the Israelis.
minorities are not the Issue in Syria given no one cares about the human factors in such war, but what matters here that Syria doesn’t exist any more as a whole united country which make it a very weak country.
it is a clear point that we never hear from the American what does Syria look like post Assad!
the Answer is clear a fragmented country into small pieces.
but it is clear as well that this can of worm when it is opened,is going to bite all the ones participated in its destruction.

March 5th, 2012, 11:21 pm


Son of Damascus said:


“There were plenty of them in Bab Amr, but it’s been cleanup and disinfected.”

That is one sick and twisted outlook at the monstrous injustice that our people had to endure.

Maybe you should go cleanse yourself the same way, and tell us how “clean” you are?

March 5th, 2012, 11:22 pm


Tara said:


I started to like the idea even more. We will give this independent piece of land a fancy name. I must think about it though. A name to revolve around worshiping Bushbus. All suggestion are invited… But with most of their men know nothing but Tashbeeh, how are we going to build them a stable economy? I feel responsible. .. Hum…Let me think….How about the entertainment business? One can make lots of money in that field and we’ve seen some good talent in Sabaa Bahrat…haven’t we? Additionally, Mullah Khamenie (sp?) can give them another $10 billions for a jump start. And may be (only maybe) Prince HBJ can spare some donation. Now, what taxing system are they to enjoy. Whatever it is, I won’t accept anything that does not match their severe affection towards Besho. May be they should weight him in gold every year then cough up the money. That will guarantee Besho maintaining his elite status and he will reward them with his retarded giggles. Oh boy, I can see his face giggling. I am so ignorant when it comes to esoteric
religions. What religion again that practice this ritual?

This is getting more amusing by the minute.

March 5th, 2012, 11:24 pm


zoo said:

Maybe already posted
Assad gains ground as Syrian opposition wars with itself

Hassan Hassan
Mar 6, 2012

Over the past month, as the question of arming Syria’s opposition gained momentum, the Syrian National Council has been dealt two major blows. In late February, Haitham Al Maleh, a prominent opposition figure, unilaterally announced the formation of a group that was supposed to arm and fund the Free Syrian Army, an umbrella group of military defectors.

Then last week, a prominent retired brigadier general, Akil Hashem, stormed out of a Paris conference on armed resistance. Later, Gen Hashem criticised Burhan Ghalioun, chairman of the Syrian National Council, for refusing to demand foreign military intervention.

The real reason for that falling out, however, is probably over who will lead the newly formed Military Bureau, which is also responsible for arming defectors.

March 5th, 2012, 11:25 pm


jad said:

Lebanon, is trying to do its part but they seem to be too weak to stop the salafi movement from their side, my guess is that at some points the Syrian Army may cross the borders and do the work the Lebanese are incapable of.
Today Almalki announce that Iraq will enforce its border and will try to stop the weapons and fighters from going into Syria, will see how seriouse they are on this, I would say that they have no choice but to try, it’s a mutual interests.
Jordan is stuck between being forced by to the Khalijis to help the armed militias inside Syria with weapons and his fear from retaliation by Syria or from the uprising to explode inside Jordan, so for now he is pleasing both sides.
الملك الأردني للسعوديين : قطع العلاقات مع سورية إنتحار إقتصادي

Turkey may be the biggest problem, they have the militants control headquarter and they are financing, supporting and giving weapons at the order of the west and the gulf, at the moment the game is spreading instability as much and as wide as possible.

March 5th, 2012, 11:25 pm


Ghufran said:

BBC Arabic web poll:

نتائج الاستفتاء
هل تؤيد تدخل رجال الدين في سياسات دولهم؟
عدد الأصوات 1330

March 5th, 2012, 11:27 pm


irritated said:

#84 SOD

Adress your outrage to the one who talked about germs and rats.

March 5th, 2012, 11:28 pm


Ghufran said:

Alqardawi in hot water:
لندن ـ ‘القدس العربي’: قال قائد شرطة دبي بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة الفريق ضاحي خلفان انه ‘سيتم اصدار مذكرة القاء قبض’ على الداعية الاسلامي البارز المقيم في قطر يوسف القرضاوي.
وشن خلفان على صفحته بموقع التواصل الاجتماعي ‘تويتر’ امس الاثنين هجوما على القرضاوي لانتقاده ‘ابعاد سوريين عن الامارات عقب مشاركتهم في مظاهرة منددة بالنظام السوري امام قنصلية بلادهم بدبي’.
واضاف خلفان ‘كل من سب الامارات كدولة او حكومة ووصفها بأقبح الأوصاف سألاحقه بحكم العدالة’.
وأضاف خلفان أن ‘عدد الذين تم ترحيلهم لا يتجاوز 30 شخصا وأنهم كانوا يعملون ضمن تنظيم سري ويتلقون تعليمات عبر مرشد الإخوان’، مؤكدا أن ‘الإمارات لم تقم بترحيل سوى30 من أصل 2000 سوري تظاهروا
أمام قنصلية بلادهم’.

March 5th, 2012, 11:36 pm


Hans said:


it is being reported on the global media, than the daily star story has started to become more of a true story.
will see how many Bashar has to bargain with.
Umm wouldn’t be cool to ask for the heads of some terrorists in exchange for this Frenchies…
I think Charcoalizy head is in the mud after this seeing lite.
french election is coming and it reminds me of the american hostage in Iran in the 70’s which caused Carter loss of the election.
yes the terrorists wouldn’t release the journalists and won’t allow the IRCC to enter Bab Amer because of this Frenchies existence.
well insurgents foreigner should be killed ( isn’t that what the Americans did to the foreign insurgent in Faloujha?) what is good for the goose is good for the gander….

March 5th, 2012, 11:38 pm


Son of Damascus said:


Please point me to where in Observers comment did he/she call for the extermination or as you chose to call it “cleanup and disinfection” of anybody?

If you were just trying to be witty how about you choose a better subject matter than dead Syrians. If you choose to support the regime that is your right, but that does not give you the right to make light of the death and pain Syrians have endured, in Bab Amr especially.

Show some decency. I am sure you are capable of that!

March 5th, 2012, 11:40 pm


Tara said:

It is time for Bourhan Ghalioun to step down from leading the opposition and to give his place to Haytham al Maleh to lead and unite..

Ghalioun has achieved all his potentials. It is time to move on.

March 5th, 2012, 11:44 pm


jad said:

Son of Damascus,
You lashed out at Irritated for what he wrote but you have nothing to write about what Observer suggest and keep suggesting of splitting Syrian into pieces or about McCain calling to bombard your homeland.
Don’t you think that is a bit odd?

March 5th, 2012, 11:45 pm


jad said:

Interesting interview with Imad Fawzi Shueibi:

عماد فوزي شعيبي: المطلوب الآن العودة إلى لغة الحوار والدخول في اللعبة الديمقراطية
¶ لكن، أي مناخ (هذا الغرائزي) يمكن التحاور في ظله؟
– هنا الديمقراطية بالذات تفكُّ الدائرة وتفتحها وتحوِّلها إلى خط مستقيم؛ لأنه في الدائرة لاتُعرف البداية من النهاية، ولايُعرف السبب أو المسبّب من ردِّ الفعل، وليس في هذا تبرئة لأحد- كما قد يظنُّ بعضهم وليسمحوا لي بذلك- فهناك قاعدة قانونية دولية تقول: «إذا ما قبلت دولة ما الدخول في حرب مع دولة افتعلت أو دخلت الحرب معها أو عليها، فإنَّ القانون الدولي أو قانون الحرب لايميِّز بين البادئ والذي ردَّ عليه». وهنا أعلم أنَّ هذا ليس عدلاً، ولكن من قال إنَّ الاحتراب فيه عدل والعنف فيه عدل؟.. أذكر، على سبيل المثال، عندما يضرب أحدهم الآخر في مشاجرة، ويردُّ عليه الآخر، فإنَّ القانون يوقف الطرفين، وهذا ما يسمَّى قاعدة الدائرة. وبالنسبة إلي، هذا شيء سيِّئ علينا أن نخرج منه بسرعة، من الدائرة إلى الخط المستقيم؛ أي إلى عدم السؤال عمن بدأ ومَن ردّ، إلى قاعدة التسامح.
أريد أن أذكَِّر بمسألة في منتهى الخطورة؛ وهي أنَّ أوروبا دخلت 200 عام من الاحتراب الطائفي- الديني حتى أرست مفهوم

¶ أدعو إعلامنا الوطني إلى الخروج من عقلية الندرة والاقتتال على الندرة، وأن يفتح الشاشات والجرائد والإذاعات لكل مختلف وطني أو متفق وطني لحوارات لاغرائزية لاانتقامية معيارها هذا الوطن..

التسامح، لأنَّ كل طرف كان يقول، إنَّ الآخر هو مَن بدأ. وكانت النتيجة أنَّ على الطرفين احتواء بعضهما بعضاً، ثم إنَّ الموقف الأبوي المعكوس الذي يقول، إنَّ الدولة يجب أن تحتوي لأنها الأقوى فيه، يعكس رغبة أو تورطاً نفسيا وفكرياً وذرائعياً بعدم الإنهاء.
¶ كيف تستشرف نهاية الأزمة في سورية؟، وهل ترى هذه النهاية قريبة.. وما شروط الخروج الآمن منها، خاصة مع تزايد الضغوط الخارجية؟
– لن أدخل في تحليلات مستقبلية، فالمطلوب في هذه المرحلة إنهاء المناخ الغرائزي والعودة إلى لغة الحوار والدخول في «اللعبة الديمقراطية»، لأنَّ هذا وحده الذي يمكن أن يقي البلاد الشرور. وبخصوص الخارج، أتوقَّع أن تتَّجه الضغوط إلى المراوحة في المكان، ففرنسا ستضطرُّ إلى التراجع ودفع ثمن خطأ خطر ارتكبه ساركوزي خارج ما يسمح به الدستور الفرنسي، وبعض الدول العربية ستذهب إلى آخر الشوط، لأنها خسرت كلَّ شيء، ولابدَّ من أن تأخذ شيئاً.. أما تركيا، فهي في مأزق داخلي وإقليمي وخارجي، والحاكم هو قسمة الغاز، حيث وقَّعت موسكو معها في 28 كانون الأول اتفاقاً لتمرير فرع من السيل الجنوبي عبر أراضيها. ولهذا ستستمرُّ الضغوط، وسيستمرُّ الاستنزاف، وإن كان بصورة أقل، وستُوضع العربة السياسية الديمقراطية على السكة، وهنا- في الدرجة الأولى- أودُّ أن أصرَّ على أهمية أن نستبق كلَّ ما يحدث خارجياً؛ لكي يكون لدينا فرصة في هذه المرحلة بالذات لتجاوز الوضع الخارجي وفصله عن اعتبارات ما هو في الداخل.. لهذا أدعو جميع السوريين إلى الاحتكام إلى العقل والحكمة، التي هي ذروة التعقّل، وهذا ينطبق على كلِّ الأطراف. وأنا دائماً كنت أقول، إنَّ كلامي موجَّه إلى كل الأطراف، فالمطلوب الآن أن تكون الاختيارات مبنيَّة على حسابات مستقبل سورية الجمعي والاستراتيجي، وعليه فإنني على قناعة بأنَّ هذا الغد آتٍ، والمهم أن نخرج من الغرائزية والكراهية والحقد والثأريات، وأن تُردَّ المظالم إلى أصحابها، وأن يشيع مفهوم التسامح مبكراً.. ولهذا أدعو إلى برنامج عمل سياسي اجتماعي نفسي- وأصرُّ على كلمة نفسي، بسبب كل ما حدث- ووطني يقوم عليه خبراء نوعيّون في هذه اللحظة للخروج من الأزمة، وعدم الركون إلى الجانب الخارجي فقط، وإلى قاعدة أنَّ الذاكرة القريبة تطوي الذاكرة البعيدة، لأنَّ أحقاد ومفاعيل الذاكرة البعيدة ستبقى حاضرة. وأدعو أيضاً إلى التهيئة لمشروع «مارشال» بالمعنى المجازي؛ أي بمعنى إعادة بناء هذا الوطن على أسس سياسية وديمقراطية جديدة واجتماعية ونفسية جديدة، وهذا يحتاج إلى خبراء علم نفس الجماهير، الذين أشعر أنهم غائبون عن المشهد حالياً، في وقت عملت وسائل إعلام خارجية على هذا الجانب بامتياز.. باختصار، لدينا مسؤوليات كبيرة أهمها: الخروج من مأزق الدائرة، ومد جسور الثقة.. أودُّ أن أنهي بكلمة: أمدُّ يدي إلى الجميع، ومَن يمدد يده سآتيه راكضاً، لاخبباً ولامتثاقلاً، وفي منتهى المسؤولية والمحبة.

March 5th, 2012, 11:56 pm


Hans said:

This is couple of weeks old article, but it is and continues to be true and obviously the opposition will never unite.
it is matter of time before Assad wins, McCain said history taught him that oppression works.
Opposition will never unite because it is infiltrated by radical people who are the voices of KSA, GCC and MB.


March 5th, 2012, 11:58 pm


Son of Damascus said:


Observer gave his opinion, he did not make light of the horrors Syrian endured and are enduring. The so called “clean up” process in Bab Amr is not even done, anyone over the age of 14 is getting arrested, Red Cross not allowed in coming on the 5th day since they ‘cleansed’ Bab Amr, but yet State cameras are parading through the streets.

I am sorry but I can’t sit and turn a blind eye to a comment as “its been cleanup and disinfected”, this is the same nasty language bigots used before they lynched black people, the same language the Germans used in their final solution and so on.

I am surprised in the lack of your outrage, comparing Ahl Bab Amr to rats and germs that needed to be “cleanup and disinfected”, shoo Ahl Bab Amr ma 3adou sha3abnah ya3ny, wallah haram.

March 6th, 2012, 12:12 am


jad said:

Son of Damascus,
I do understand your sadness, anger and feeling powerless to help those in need, it’s the situation of almost every Syrian I know regardless of which political side they are taking, kilna bi alhwawa sawa.
You wrote “I am surprised in the lack of your outrage”
Simply because I didn’t get the meaning you are referring to from Irritated comment, for me it was kind of obvious that he meant the armed militia fighters, not the locals of Baba Amr.

March 6th, 2012, 12:28 am


Syria no Kandahar said:

FSB(Free Syrian Butchers):

March 6th, 2012, 12:31 am


jad said:

Nawaret SC, SNK 🙂

A new post is on

March 6th, 2012, 12:34 am


Atheist Syrian Salafist Against Dictatorships said:

March 6th, 2012, 12:41 am


Mina said:

“He has to go” – period ?
The demonstrators have been sticking to this binary, over simplistic solution for a year, and it was their first and fatal mistake.
You can’t ask the FB Damascus elite who has started the small demo last February, and the rich merchants of the Hamidiyye who demonstrated after the Daraa events, and the little Islamist thugs of Homs, Edleb, Aleppo’s suburb Sayf al-DIn, to get to an agreement. So the only possibility is for the elite to come with serious offers and plans for what comes next. Only people with a touch of ground reality can achieve that, not a Chalabi or a brainwashed guy who thinks himself pious because he follows sheykhs.
But then, it is also in the interest of the elite (i. e. the educated) to let the armed forces “clean up” the extremist elements. This has been so all through history.

March 6th, 2012, 3:33 am


bronco said:

Tara #93

You too Tara (Brutus), my daughter (son)..
Ghalioun (Shakespeare’s Caesar)

March 6th, 2012, 5:22 pm


Jerusalem said:

ذكرت مصادر مطلعة في الجزيرة لعرب تايمز ان هناك همسا كثيرا في الدوحة عن قرب هروب مفتي الناتو من قطر الى مصر تمهيدا لشن هجوم على شيوخ قطر

Inshalla from Arabtimes to God’s ears


March 6th, 2012, 6:44 pm


brian said:

why quote the qatar dictatorships Aljazeera?

the goal of any colour revolution is to demonise the target govt, catalyising violence to get the govt to crack down..and undermine the economy to get the people to aid their own destruction

March 7th, 2012, 7:20 pm


brian said:

[ Brian, please observe the letter and spirit of Syria Comment’s Rules and Regulations. Do not make personal shots at other commentators.]

‘ Syrialover said:

# 21. Irritated

You appear to be having so much fun at the moment.

What are Assad’s online defenders going to do after his regime bites the dust?

Maybe they’ll hang around for the next wave of civil uprising in Iran and cheer the regime there and sneer at its courageus opponents and victims anonymously online.
id call this fellow;SYRIA HATER as he seems happy to see Syria, a secular state be plunged into a cauldron of jihadi violence backed by Great Satan. Nothing pleases him than to see syrians murdered actually by the brutal sharialoving muslim brotherhood( mo must be rollin g in his grave) as he can then cry : ‘Assad is a murderer!’



The third is al-Jazeera, whose biased role in “reporting” the Awakenings has been well documented. Described by one seasoned media analyst [17] as the “sophisticated mouthpiece of the state of Qatar and its ambitious emir”, al-Jazeera is integral to Qatar’s “foreign-policy aspirations”.

Al-Jazeera has, and continues, [18] to provide technical support, equipment, hosting and “credibility” to Syrian opposition activists and organizations. Reports show that as early as March 2011, al-Jazeera was providing messaging and technical support to exiled Syrian opposition activists [19] , who even by January 2010 were co-ordinating their messaging activities from Doha.
The Washington Post exposed in April 2011 that recent WikiLeaks showed that the US State Department had been giving millions of dollars to various Syrian exile groups (including the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Movement for Justice and Development in London) and individuals since 2006 via its “Middle East Partnership Initiative” administered by a US foundation, the Democracy Council. [43]

Leaked WikiLeak cables confirmed that well into 2010, this funding was continuing, a trend that not only continues today but which has expanded in light of the shift to the “soft power” option aimed at regime change in Syria.


March 7th, 2012, 7:27 pm


brian said:

‘101. Atheist Syrian Salafist Against Dictatorships said: ‘

this title says it all:

salafists are not atheists but they do want to establish a sharia based dictatorship, and will repress any non salafists as we see now in Libya.

The faux Human Rights driven lies used to justify the war on secular Syria by muslim terrorists backed by the US and the murderous likes of John Mccain are so transparent that not to see them implies wilful blindness…

so who exactly are the people here backing the US/israel salafist war on Syria?


Rule 1: find out whos telling the truth…those are the ones to support..
Rule 2: see who the US is supporting…and do the opposite

March 7th, 2012, 10:31 pm


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