Iraqi, Lebanese and Israeli Authorities Criticize Syria

Elaph has printed an interview with Iraq’s Ali al-Dabagh, the official spokesperson for the Iraqi government in London, in which he explains that Iraq wants good relations with Syria, but Syria is not reciprocating. He explains that Iraq’s relations with Syria are tied to Syria’s willingness to hand over the supporters of terrorism in Iraq who have taken refuge in Syria. They also demand that Syria stop Jihadists from coming into Iraq. So far Syria has not done this, he explains. It is not America which prevents Iraq from developing better relations with Damascus, he insists, but Syria’s unwillingness to improve security measures and cooperate with Iraq’s leaders.

Here is the article:

علي الدباغ : علاقتنا مع سوريا مرتبطة بتسليمنا رموز الارهاب

الناطق باسم الحكومة العراقية علي الدباغ ل”ايلاف”:
علاقتنا مع سوريا مرتبطة بتسليمنا رموز الارهاب

علي الدباغ
أسامة مهدي من لندن: قال الناطق الرسمي باسم الحكومة العراقية الدكتورعلي الدباغ ان الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد يطلق تصريحات تؤلم العراقيين واشار الى ان رئيس الوزراء العراقي نوري المالكي لن يزور سوريا مالم تتعاون مع العراق امنيا وتسلمه جميع رموز القتل ممن يمولون الإرهاب ويدعمونه ويقودونه “.

ايلاف :
اعلن اكثر من مسؤول عراقي في اوقات مختلفة عن قرب استئناف العلاقات مع سوريا او زيارة وزير الخارجية السوري وليد المعلم لبغداد لكن شيئا من ذلك لم يتحقق لحد الان فما هو سبب ذلك وهل ان الولايات المتحدة تقف مانعة لذلك كما تشير بعض المعلومات ؟ ومتى سيزور المالكي سوريا وهل هناك مطالب عراقية من سوريا لتنفيذ هذه الزيارة ؟

الدباغ :
كان مقرراً أن يزور السيد وليد المعلم العراق خلال مؤتمر المصالحة في شهر تموز (يوليو) الماضي ضمن الوفود العربية الداعمة لمشروع الجامعة العربية ولم تتم الزيارة بسبب تأجيل المؤتمر، نحن بالتأكيد في الحكومة نرحب بزيارة الأشقاء والأصدقاء وسيجدون كل الود والتقدير لأننا بحاجة لدعمهم السياسي، لكن العلاقة مع سوريا هي حب من طرف واحد، فنحن نحب سوريا وشعبها ورئيسها المرحوم حافظ الأسد لمواقفه مع شعبنا أيام محنته ومن الوفاء أن نتذكر كل ذلك، لكن الآن سوريا لا اتبادلنا هذا الحب بل تأتي الينا عبر سوريا مجموعات سوداء تقتل شعبنا ويتم تهريب السلاح للإرهابيين عبر سوريا ويصول ويجول في سوريا أعداء شعبنا ممن يمولون الإرهاب ويدعمونه ويقودونه وقد قلنا ذلك لهم مرارا وتكراراً ولدينا الأدلة والبراهين على ذلك، لكننا نتصرف بحكمة وتعقل ولانريد ان نسلط ضغوطا اضافية على نظام الرئيس بشار الأسد الذي يمر بأزمة في علاقاته الدولية ويطلق أحيانا تصريحات تؤلمنا في العراق عن عمليات الذبح والقتل اليومي لشعبنا. نحن نريد علاقات وثيقة مع سوريا على أن تتعاون معنا امنيا وتسلم لنا كل رموز القتل والإرهاب وان تمتنع عن دعمهم تحت عناوين المقاومة، وعند ذلك سيجد السوريون اننا سنكون الحصن المانع لأي خطر يتهدد شعب سوريا ولن نكون مقرا أو ممرا لأي قوات ضد سوريا فدماؤنا اختلطت بدماء السوريين عبر كل حقب التأريخ.

نحن نريد علاقة وثيقة مع كل الدول الإقليمية وايران بضمنها وليس للولايات المتحدة اثر في منع هذا التوجه فنحن نتصرف بناءا على مصلحة شعبنا وليس هناك نية لزيارة السيد رئيس الوزراء قبل أن تستكمل فصول حل هذه الملفات مع سوريا الشقيقة.

Another story that has been circulating in the Arab press is that Syria, Iran and Hizbullah have a three step plan to bring down the Lebanese government with the help of General Aoun and other anti-Hariri politicians. The basic idea is: Stage one, stay cool while Israel withdraws its troops. Stage two, create paralysis in the government by opposing all Siniora measures. Stage three, begin large scale demonstrations which will give cover for special inciters to provoke clashes with the police and get people shot. Then push for a vote of no-confidence in parliament and force new elections. The only source quoted in this story is a “high placed” government official. There can be little doubt that opposition figures in Lebanon and their supporters further a field are strategizing to bring down the Hariri coalition that presently governs Lebanon, and which many have already accused of being complicit with Israel and the US during the war. Whether this is their plan is hard to say, but it is hard to think of a different plan.

Two articles extolling Syria for taking in Iraqi Christians have recently appeared. One by GABE HUCK in the National Chatholic Reporter, “The Statue of Liberty belongs in Syria,” September 1, 2006. The other is by William Dalrymple, “The final place of refuge for Christians in the Middle East is under threat,” in the Guardian, September 2, 2006. “As Iraq and Lebanon are torn apart by sectarian mayhem and war, only Syria’s religious tolerance offers refugees shelter.”

Syrian president offers to rebuild 3 south Lebanon villages
International Herald Tribune, France

Skepticism abounds about Syria’s promises to AnnanYa Libnan, Lebanon – Sep 2, 2006Beirut- Lebanon’s media on Saturday dismissed pledges secured by UN chief Kofi Annan from Syria to respect an arms embargo against Hezbollah and help implement …

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Monday it would exert its maximum force if it had to go to war with Syria. “Syria knows that we limited ourselves in our operations in Lebanon, and it knows that in an operation against Syria, against Damascus, Israel won’t limit itself,”

Iran: Iranian news claims Mottaki: Iran, Syria foil plots hatched by American, Zionists Tehran, Sept 4, IRNA

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Farouq Taha conferred here Monday with Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki on regional developments.

According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the meeting, Mottaki said that continued consultations between Iran and Syria has foiled sections of plots hatched by the Americans and the Zionists.

Political death of former Israeli Premier Ariel Sharon, victory of Hamas and Islamic resistance in Lebanon are regarded as new phenomena in regional equations, Mottaki pointed out.

The more the pressure exerted by the Americans, the people will become firmer to defend their sovereignty and independence, he said.

Deployment of troops to Afghanistan and Iraq under the guise of campaign against terrorism is to deceive world public opinion, he said.

After several years, lack of security is the main problem in Afghanistan and Iraq and continued presence of occupying forces in Iraq has fomented spread of terrorism in this war-stricken country, Mottaki said.

Lauding the bold stance of Syrian president in dealing with regional development, he said the Americans are in a very weak position and are not in a position to ignite another war for American taxpayers.

Highlighting Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities which is in total conformity with international rules and regulations and under IAEA supervision, he criticized scientific apartheid and monopoly of technological know-how of the West.

The Americans and Zionists try through illogical means to retrieve their disgraceful defeat by Lebanese resistance movement, he said adding that the world Muslims view Iran and Syria as heros and respect them.

The Syrian deputy foreign minister arrived in Tehran to attend the third Iran-Syria Joint Consulate Commission meeting.

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