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By Alexandre Auon – Sputnik 
“Cette semaine, une nouvelle banque syro-iranienne a été créée dans l’espoir d’approfondir le commerce entre les deux pays”
“L’Iran a des intérêts économiques en Syrie”
“La Russie et l’Iran ont des intérêts communs dans la survie du régime Assad, tout en étant concurrents pour les ressources économiques de la Syrie. Ils ont tous deux prêté beaucoup d’argent à Damas et cherchent tous deux à être remboursés, si ce n’est en espèces, du moins en concessions économiques”, 
“lorsque les entreprises arabes reviendront sur le marché syrien, elles seront en concurrence avec les entreprises russes et iraniennes”
رNov 30, 2021
Asharq Now 
By Giorgio Cafiero – The New Arab 
“Assad is keenly aware of the debt he owes to Iran for his survival,”
“If the UAE can convince Saudi Arabia to buy into its Syria strategy, using the argument that the only way to diminish Iran’s position in Syria is for the Gulf to participate in reconstruction and to bring Syria in from the cold, I believe Washington and Israel will go along with Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia,”
“I do not think that Assad can normalise with Israel without getting a good deal on the Golan and letting go of Hezbollah,”

The Enduring Cruelty of America’s Sanctions RegimeNov 17, 2021

By Blaise Malley – TNR 

“The sanctions are really defeating America’s major policy interests in the region,”

“They’re ‘feel good,’”

“I don’t think putting severe sanctions is going to change his policies in any fundamental way. He’s always going to be able to find people who are willing to work within those parameters,” 

Landis on i24 News TVNov 15, 2021



UAE foreign minister visits Damascus, Lebanese media reportsNov 9, 2021

Thomas Reuters Foundation News 

“No one want to get their head too far over the parapet,”

“Both the UAE and Egypt have long believed that the Damascus government serves as a break on the spread of Islamist groups in the region,”

Abu Dhabi changes marriage laws to accommodate Non-MuslimsNov 8, 2021

Global Village Space 


American Troops In Syria Targeted By Drone AttackOct 21, 2021

By Dylan Houseman – Daily Caller 


As Arab states normalise with Assad, US faces ‘dilemma’ in SyriaOct 19, 2021

By Ali Harb – Aljazeera 

Joshua Landis, Director of the Center of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, said the US faces a “dilemma” in its Syria policy.

“They’ve got themselves in this terrible position where they’re upholding a Syria foreign policy that’s based on 10 years of bad assumptions and wrong analysis, which is that Assad was going to fall,”

“And how do you back away from that without losing face? You can’t. You have to lose face at some level, and you have to hurt your allies that you’ve built up over 10 years.”

For his part, Landis also said the grim economic outlook in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq is forcing the Biden administration to make some concessions around enforcing what he called the “maximum pressure regime” on Syria.

“That’s a tricky position to be in because if you’re a businessman in the Gulf or Jordan, you don’t want to mess with American laws because you never know when they’re going to hammer you,”

“I think the Arab world has come to the conclusion: This is not good for us; we need to help the Syrian economy grow and give Assad alternatives to Iran,”

EXCLUSIVE – U.S. Foreign Policy Shift on Syria with Dr. Joshua LandisOct 17, 2021

Syriana Analysis


Analysis: Arabs ease Assad’s isolation as U.S. looks elsewhereOct 11, 2021

By Maha El Dahan – Reuters 

“The big effort is to get Saudi Arabia and Syria into some kind of reconciliation, and I think Saudi is coming around, they are just waiting for the U.S.,” said Joshua Landis, Syria specialist at the University of Oklahoma.

Egypt steps up efforts to ‘restore Syria’s position in the Arab world’Sep 30, 2021

By Mohamed Saied – Al Monitor 

“There does seem to be a concerted effort to bring Syria back into the Arab fold, which will end with readmission to the Arab League.”

“No Arab country wants to see more chaos in the region or the failure of another Arab state,”

“For the regional economy to come back to life, Syria must take [back] its normal place within the Arab world. It is vital to the economic health of Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq as well as Egypt.”

Lebanon’s desperation may offer big step to Assad’s salvationSep 28, 2021

By Giorgio Cafiero – Responsible Statecraft 

“Numerous Arab states have been agitating for a relaxation of the sanctions regime imposed on Syria,” explained Dr. Joshua Landis, a Syria expert at the University of Oklahoma.

“The fact that Israeli gas is likely to be exported through the pipeline is also a consideration in Washington,” according to Landis. “It is a way to bring the pro-Israel interests in Washington on board, an important factor in weighing the politics of this effort.”

“The Biden administration has been moderating its positions on Syria, ever so slightly,” Landis said. “The first was scuttling the Trump era deal for exploiting Syria’s oil with Delta Crescent Energy LLC.”

CrossTalk | War on Terror 2.0?Sep 10, 2021

RT News 


فورين بوليسي: العقوبات الأميركية ضد الأسد ستمنعه من إيذاء شعبهSep 7, 2021

قناة الحرة – Alhurra


アフガン戦争の20年は何だったのか、今後米国はどう世界と向き合うのか 識者に聞く 

What were the 20 years of the Afghan War, and how will the US face the world in the future?Sep 4, 2021

Tokyo Newspaper Article 

Professor Joshua Landis, University of Oklahoma, “Hesitant to Deploy Troops to Remote Areas” -What is your assessment of the war in Afghanistan?
 ”It was a terrible decision for the U.S. military to stay in the country for 20 years. The idea that the U.S. could build democracy in other countries was a myth, and trying to build a society at gunpoint was a mistake of arrogance and hubris. However, the U.S. has not suffered any attacks like the 9/11 attacks during this period. From a purely anti-terrorism perspective, we are safe.”
 -Was President Biden’s decision to withdraw correct?
 ”I think so. If the previous Trump administration had broken the agreement and said they would stay, the Taliban would have been ready to attack and the stationing would have continued for another four years or more. Withdrawal is always a very difficult issue. That is why the last three presidents have failed to do so.”
 -What did the U.S. learn from the war in Afghanistan?
 ”All US wars have been fought in the name of democracy. The American people believe that democracy and the rule of law play an essential role in the world, and I don’t think they will go away. But they will be much more hesitant to deploy to wars in faraway places.”
 -How will we deal with China?
 ”The U.S. will focus on preparations with allies and others to balance China in the world. But it will also realize that there are issues in the world that require international cooperation, such as climate change and immigration.”

اقتصاد منهار ونزاع عائلي يكثفان الضغط على الأسدAug 13, 2021

قناة الحرة – Alhurra


Syria’s Assad Takes Oath for Fourth Seven-Year TermJuly 17, 2021

By Edward Yeranian – VOA Milddle East 

Joshua Landis, who heads the Middle East department at the University of Oklahoma, tells VOA that while Assad’s focus on Lebanon’s bankruptcy “is an attempt to shift responsibility for the terrible conditions in Syria,” it is also true that “Lebanon’s bankruptcy devastated Syrians as well as Lebanese, “with the Syrian currency falling from 500 pounds to the dollar to 4000 to the dollar in tandem with the collapse of the Lebanese pound.”

“Syria,” he adds, “had an extremely primitive banking system (which) no one trusted, so Syrians kept their savings in Lebanese banks.” “When Lebanon froze those accounts,” he stresses, “Syrians lost what money they had squirrelled away.”

أيُّ خيارات أميركية لمواجهة انهيار لبنان؟ What Choices Does America Have in Dealing with Lebanon’s Collapse?July 17, 2021


يقول مساعد وزير الخزانة الأميركي السابق مارشال بيلنغسلي، إن “حزب الله هو سرطان الاقتصاد اللبناني، فالحزب لا يساهم بتاتاً في تعافي البلد، بل يشكل عبئاً على الشعب اللبناني”. وينفي بيلنغسلي أن تكون هناك علاقة بين تدهور الاقتصاد اللبناني والعقوبات الأميركية على حزب الله وبعض السياسيين اللبنانيين. تلك العقوبات “كانت فاعلة وأتمنى المزيد منها”. فالعقوبات تساهم في كبح الفساد وتساهم في التوجه نحو الحلّ رغم أنها لا تشكل حلا لوحدها، برأي بيلنغسلي. فيما يُشكك الأستاذ الجامعي الأميركي جوشوا لانديس بجدوى العقوبات في مكافحة الفساد في لبنان، فالعقوبات الأميركية والأوروبية “لم تنجح بتحقيق ذلك في أي مكان آخر ” برأيه .

كيف ستتعامل الإدارة الأميركية مع انهيار لبنان؟July 16, 2021

قناة الحرة – Alhurra


مستغلة أزمتهم المالية.. روسيا ترفع معدل تجنيد “المرتزقة السوريين” للقتال في ليبياJuly 6, 2021

قناة الحرة – Alhurra


Biden’s failure to renew US oil company license is a major setback for Syrian Kurds, professor tells KurdpressJuly 7, 2021


“By not renewing Delta Crescent’s OFAC exemption, the Biden administration has undermined Delta Crescent’s contracts that were supposed to bring over 2 billion dollars a year to the AANES. Delta Crescent also hoped to purchase a 40,000 barrel a day refinery that would be built in Rimêlan‎, Syria,” 

“This must be a major blow to the AANES. It doesn’t mean that the US has abandoned the Kurds but it is a setback. Delta Crescent was seeking a 20 contract with the AANES. James Jeffrey of the Trump Administration had given Delta Crescent the go ahead to get such a contract signed. Jeffrey also insisted that the US was in Syria for the long term.”

“President Biden’s Syria policy remains unclear. He is engaged in negotiations with Iran to revive the Nuclear Deal. It is unclear whether his administration is convinced that the US has a long-term interest in remaining in Northeast Syria. So far, the administration insists that UN Resolution 2254 must be fulfilled. But will the US remain in Syria until Assad holds free and fair elections? This is hard to believe.”

“Assad is unlikely to grant the Kurds any of the major concessions for autonomy or retaining its military arm. This means that so long as the US remains to protect the Kurds and the autonomy of NES, the Kurds are likely to cling to the United States in the hope that it will remain or that Assad will be driven from power,” 

“if the US does pull out, the Kurds will need to turn to Damascus to guarantee that the Turkish military is not sent in to root out leadership of the SDF and YPG.”

“Do the Kurds have leverage? Much will depend on the US’s future negotiations with the Russians, Erdogan, and Iran. If the US does not come to agreement with Turkey or Russia, it may want to retain its position in Northeast Syria. This will provide the Kurds with leverage,” 

What’s next for US Syria policy as Assad consolidates power?June 8, 2021

By Giorgio Cafiero – Responsible Statecraft 

“Syria’s economy is a shambles, the currency has collapsed, there is limited electricity in all parts of the country, and Syrians have never felt more hopeless and poor,” explained Dr. Joshua Landis, a non-resident fellow at the Quincy Institute who teaches Middle East studies at the University of Oklahoma. “Assad’s overriding concern is to jumpstart the economy and to rebuild the coalition of political forces that has kept his family in power for 50 years. He must at the very least convince Syrians to submit to his rule. He will also try to rebuild a modicum of trust among the elites he depends on to rebuild the country.”

“Turkey has begun to provide numerous services and to replace Damascus as the North star of their loyalty and money,” noted Landis in an email exchange. “As Hatay was folded into Turkey after its annexation in 1939, the North-West of Syria could also become part of Turkey if the international community allows it. Many of the inhabitants of both regions would accept to become Turkish rather than return to a Syria run by Assad.”

Landis, however, believes that the Assad government will eventually retake northeastern Syria as Washington will “tire of its effort to use Rojava, the Kurdish name for the region, as a battering ram against Assad and Iran.” The YPG “will come to terms with Assad, as painful as they will be,” given that the group would rather live under Assad than face the Turks once it ceases to have Washington to depend on, according to Landis.

Landis is skeptical. “The U.S. is likely to progressively lose interest in tipping the scales of power within Syria, especially as it discovers how difficult and expensive it will be to turn Northeast Syria into a viable economy, not to mention how thankless will be the task of adjudicating between Arabs and Kurds as well as Turks and Kurds,” he told Responsible Statecraft.

As Landis put it, “The faster that neighboring states reestablish relations with Syria and begin to undercut Western sanctions, the faster Syria’s economy will begin to grow again, and the faster reconstruction will take place.”

المواجهة التركية الروسية تستعر في ليبيا.. موسكو تستنجد بمرتزقة سوريين لإنقاذ حفترJun 7, 2021

قناة الحرة – Alhurra


موقف واشنطن من الدول التي تحاول التطبيع مع النظام السوريJun 4, 2021

قناة الحرة – Alhurra


Blinken’s Middle East visit: ‘What can he offer?’ May 25 2021

By Jillian Kestler-D’Amours and Joseph Stepansky – Aljazeera 

“Blinken and the Biden administration don’t have an answer for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. They don’t want to get sucked into what they see as an impossible mission,” 

Simply put, the goal of Blinken’s visit is “to try to make this go away”, Landis told Al Jazeera – and the administration’s strategy appears to be to “throw money at the problem”.

“He’s hoping that the next war in Gaza is going to break out on somebody else’s watch. And then … he can throw some money at this, promise to rebuild, convince Israel not to do anything really stupid, perhaps slow down the settlements, or at least make it less visible,” 

“That’s all he can do: continue to mother hen this enough, provide some money to the Palestinians, and buy them off for four more years.”

The Judgement Call Podcast

Joshua Landis (A Deep Dive into the Syrian Conflict)

May 10, 2021


Jerusalem Flare Up

May 10, 2021


Expert Panel: Sanctions are Causing Syrians to Starve / Christian Solidarity International Renews Call for End to Collective Punishment of Syrian Civilians

April 30, 2021

Landis acknowledged that many factors are contributing to the “immiseration” of the Syrian people, including the Lebanese banking crisis and the vast damage caused by the international conflict in Syria. “But clearly,” he said, “this policy of denying resources and sanctioning and sabotaging any effort to supply Syria is really starving people.”

Massachusetts Peace Action

Biden’s Policy is to turn Syria into a quagmire for Russia and Iran – Joshua Landis

April 28, 2021

“…Biden’s policy is to turn Syria into a quagmire for Russia and Iran. This is really about a maximum pressure campaign on Iran and also our continuing competition with Russia…”

Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

The Human Rights Impact of Broad-Based Economic Sanctions – Time to Rethink Our Approach?

April 28, 2021

“…People are going to die in large numbers because it is indiscriminate. If we put the Syrian sanctions into the larger context of American policy, I think it becomes starkly clear that this is war by other means and it is a broad-based war…”

Alhurra Iraq

بالعراقي – التحالف الدولي وإقليم كردستان

April 15, 2021


Are Turkey and the Islamic HTS group in Syria’s Idlib allies?

April 05, 2021

Professor Joshua Landis, Director of the Center of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, also believes that Turkey has “accepted the supremacy of HTS and Jolani in Idlib province.” 

“It has done little to push Jolani aside,” he told Ahval. “Turkey’s acceptance of Jolani is largely due to Ankara’s belief that the ‘Syrian National Army’ and other Syrian militias that Ankara supports do not have the power or leadership to challenge Jolani.”

Voice of America

Analysts Urge Diplomatic Pressure on Russia to Allow Syria Aid Convoys

March 30, 2021

Syria researcher Joshua Landis at the University of Oklahoma says competing views by the U.S. and Russia over Syria’s sovereignty play into the aid issue.    

“The United States supports Syrian sovereignty but a government change and an imposition of U.N. resolutions which would cause a political change in Damascus. And that’s where we get into this larger struggle over border issues and aid,” Landis said

Al-Jazeera Arabic

March 19 2021

ABC National Radio: Between the Lines with Tom Switzer

Could Syria be the new Lebanon?; Labor and the WA landslide; and is Putin reviving the ‘iron curtain’?

March 19, 2021

Radio interview with Professor Joshua Landis

The Newsmakers – TRT World

Syria: A War Without End?

March 15, 2021

“Syria has become the battleground for a much larger superpower and regional tug-of-war”


دبلوماسية أميركية لعلاج ملف إيران النووي

March 4, 2021

Interview with Professor Joshua Landis


What will President Biden’s Syria policy look like

February 21, 2021

Professor Joshua Landis, head of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, doesn’t believe that Syria is “a high priority” for Washington.

“Trump largely handed off its Syria policy to Turkey and Israel,” he said.

School of International Service, AU

The Biden Administration and the future of Syria

February 17, 2021

BBC News

What are the benefits of militant attacks on US bases in Iraq for Iran?

February 16, 2021

Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, says the attack on the US base in Iraq is aimed at drawing the attention of the new US administration to the fact that if there is no agreement with Iran, there will be no peace in the region.

The New Arab

February 16, 2021

“Turkey’s occupation of North Syria is assessed very differently by different groups in the region,” Professor Joshua Landis, a noted Syria expert and head of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, told The New Arab

“For Kurds, Turkey’s incursions and rule have been a disaster,” he said. “The expulsion of Kurds in places like Afrin and Ras al-Ayn and the settlement of Arab refugees in homes where Kurds once lived is viewed as ethnic cleansing.” 

Middle East Eye

‘Wise diplomacy’: How will Biden tackle US foreign policy towards Syria?

February 8, 2021

“Joshua Landis, the director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma and who specialises in Syria, told Middle East Eye that Trump’s strategy had been “to turn Syria into a quagmire”. 

“The end game was to bring about some form of regime change through peaceful means, which is a mishmash of various policies in the past, to make them palatable for today,” Landis said. “But they’re not realisable.” 

Foreign Affairs

How to Win the Influence Contest in the Middle East

February 3, 2021

“The United States and its partners in the Middle East have two problems with Iran. One stems from Tehran’s penetration of neighboring states; the other, from its nuclear program, which could yield weapons if left unchecked.”

Al Jazeera

Syria sanctions inflict suffering as al-Assad regime marches on

January 16, 2021

Foreign NGOs estimate that prices of most daily products have gone up 30 percent due to sanctions

Al Jazeera – Inside Story

What’s the actual human cost of Syria’s war?

January 12, 2021

There has to be a re-evaluation in the policy of Europe and the United States towards Syria because as long as it can’t rebuild, Lebanon’s economy is going to be weak, Jordan’s going to be weak and Iraq is going to be weak; the entire region.

Financial Times

Walid al-Muallem, Syrian foreign minister, 1941-2020

December 4, 2020

The Progressive

Foreign correspondent: Iran assassination aims to hurt Biden

December 3, 2020

America needs a deal…US supremacy in the world has taken a nosedive. Other powers are successfully competing with the US. The US is bogged down in the Middle East and needs to avoid nuclear proliferation in the region without going to war with Iran


Com aprovação de lei para enriquecer mais urânio, Irã se EUA

December 1, 2020

“Faz mu ito sentido para o Ira aumentar o enriquecim ento de uranio e proibir inspec;oes antes de a equipe de Biden chegar ao poder. lsso coloca o Ira em uma posic;ao melhor para barganhar, porque quanto mais tempo o time de Biden levar para negociar, mais o Ira enriquecera uranio”


Is Turkey gearing up to attack the Syrian Kurds again?

November 26, 2020

Turkey may well try to exploit U.S. weakness during this awkward transition period. President Trump has made it clear that he wants to draw down U.S. troop presence in the region and seeks to end the ‘forever wars’. President Biden’s foreign policy team is not firmly in place yet, but he has surrounded himself with liberal hawks who insist that the U.S. must retain its presence in Syria to force a ‘political solution’ to Syria and help the Kurds.

The Telegraph

‘The war riche’: Syrian elites skirt US sanctions amid economic turmoil

November 15, 2020

“The price of doing business is going up 35 to 40 per cent because of all the difficulties”


Professor Joshua Landis Interview with Talal Alhaj

October 30, 2020

“Russia is banking on Turkey moving away from the West”

Centre for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies 

U.S. Challenges in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon

October 22, 2020

“The weaker Assad becomes, the more Iran is influential.”

The National Interest

To Beat China, Support People, Not Illiberal Elites

October 21, 2020

“Those with the guns eat first”

The Washington Diplomat

Sinam Mohamed Pushes U.S. Not To Abandon Her Fellow Kurds in Syria

September 25, 2020

“Israel is worried about Syria and its relationship with Iran, and therefore it has a big interest in the United States staying in Syria,” Landis said. “And I assume that pro-Israeli interests in Washington will work closely with the Kurds to promote this love affair between Americans and the Kurds.”

The American Prospect

From the U.S. to Syria, a Doctor Smuggles Lifesaving Equipment

September 22, 2020

“These sanctions are so sweeping, that you have no way to know what’s going to be sanctioned.”

Quincy Institute

U.S. policy in Syria: Is regime change worth state failure?

September 10, 2020


The real goal of US sanctions on ex-Lebanese ministers is not corruption… it is to weaken Hezbollah & combat Iranian influence 

September 10, 2020

“Astonishing that the U.S. would not place sanctions on the Ponzi scheme master-mind who brought ruin to millions of Lebanese, Riad Salame. Instead it sanctions two-bit ministers connected to Hezbollah. Talk about cynical exploitation of port tragedy.”


من العاصمة.. صعود واضح للعرب الأميركيين في الحياة السياسية

September 7, 2020

Voice of America

Syrian Economy Continues to Struggle as Sanctions Bite, Shortages Hit 

September 8, 2020

New Delhi Times

US-Russia skirmish in Northern Syria leads to minor US injuries

August 29, 2020

Voice of America

US-Russia skirmish in Northern Syria leads to minor US injuries

August 27, 2020

“With so many armies and militias all claiming legitimate control of the same small territory, conflict and provocation are to be expected.”

Al Jazeera

Syria talks ‘on hold’ as delegates test positive for COVID-19

August 24, 2020

“The Syrian government has put its foot down and said that only Syrians are going to decide the future of Syria … It has won the war so it’s unlikely to allow for outside powers and the UN to change the constitution very much,”

The Grayzone

Crushing US sanctions devastate Syria’s people and post-war reconstruction

August 21, 2020

Interview with Aaron Maté 


Our cruel collective punishment of the Syrian People

August 20, 2020

“Although the United States says it is “protecting” Syria’s oil fields in the northeast, it has not given the Syrian government access to repair them, and US sanctions prohibit any firm of any nationality from repairing them – unless the administration wishes to make an exception”

ABC National Radio: Between the Lines with Tom Switzer

The French history behind Lebanon’s problems; challenging the prisoners of war narrative; remembering Brent Scowcroft.

August 20, 2020

Radio interview with Professor Joshua Landis


A collapsing economy and a family feud pile pressure on Syria’s Assad

August 13, 2020

The Makhlouf side was generally better educated and refined, so they could help out with the finances, which is something the Assads were not good at and didn’t have the education for…They were also better at dealing with the people of Damascus and Aleppo, who dominate Syria’s economy.

Annahar Newspaper
تل أبيب تهدّد إيران بإخراجها من سوريا… أيّ
موقف سيتّخذه بوتين؟

May 25, 2020

AJInsideStory: Syria’s Family Feud Flag of Syria

Why is President Assad going after the money and assets of his own cousin, Rami Makhlouf?

April 30, 2020

أعلن وزير الدفاع الإسرائيلي نفتالي بينيت الاثنين أنّ تل أبيب انتقلت من مرحلة “لجم ترسّخ إيران في سوريا إلى إجبارها على الخروج من هنالك”. وأضاف: “نحن لن نتوقّف.” أتى ذلك قبل ساعات على استهداف الإسرائيليّين مجموعة من المقاتلين التابعين لإيران في دمشق وبعد أيّام قليلة على شنّ غارات ضدّ مجموعة أخرى في تدمر. وإذا كانت هكذا غارات غير جديدة فإنّ تلازمها مع تصريحات بينيت ومسؤولين آخرين يمكن أن يفتح الصراع على قواعد اشتباك جديدة. أمّا نافذتها الأولى فقد تكون غياب استقرار العلاقات الروسيّة-الإيرانيّة:

World Affairs Council
Joshua Landis on the Syrian Civil War, Assad’s Presidency, and the Impacts of U.S. Withdrawal
April 29, 2020

Arab News
Why coronavirus is a ticking bomb in war-ravaged northern Syria
April 19, 2020

“Tensions are extremely high as six armies are in a standoff: The Turkish Army, the Syrian Army, the SDF, the US Army, along with Russian and Iranian forces stationed in the region, not to mention the many proxy militias, which have their own agendas,” Landis said. “This makes getting aid to the region or coordinating policy impossible.”

Just World Educational
Commonsense on Syria
March 25, 2020

Zoom interview and discussion with Dr. Joshua Landis and other contributors.

The Next Chapter in Syria’s Civil War
March 6, 2020

Radio interview with Dr. Joshua Landis.

Is Syria’s historical territorial claim to Turkey’s Hatay being resurrected amid Idlib crisis?
March 5, 2020

Professor Joshua Landis, Director of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma, noted that the reopening of this issue is an indication of just how bad Ankara-Damascus relations have deteriorated.

“Sputnik’s reporting on the issue indicates that Russia is also looking for ways to increase pressure on Ankara short of going to war,” Landis told Ahval.

Syrienforsker Joshua Landis om Idlib: Europa lader kynisk Tyrkiet håndtere konsekvenserne af Vestens fejlslagne politik
March 3, 2020

Interview med Joshua Landis.

Analysts: Neither Turkey nor Russia lived up to agreements on Syria’s Idlib
February 23, 2020

“Turkey did not fulfill its commitments under the Astana Agreement,” said Professor Joshua Landis, Director of the Center of Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

He pointed out that under the September 2018 agreement, Turkey was supposed to facilitate the reopening of the key highways in Idlib and arrange the withdrawal of HTS from a planned demilitarized zone along with their heavy weaponry.

Hürriyet Newspaper
Esad rejimi çatışmalara ara verebilir
February 19, 2020

Landis: “Esad, İdlib’i kontrol etme çabaları kapsamında taktiksel bir ara vermeyi düşünebilir ancak Suriye’nin tamamını ele geçirme hedefini bırakmayacak. Suriye ve Rusya, İdlib’de bağımsız bir devlet yapılanmasına ve geçmişte Hatay örneğinde görüldüğü gibi halk oylamasıyla Türkiye’ye bağlanacak bir durumu yol açabileceğini düşündükleri kalıcı ateşkes anlaşması imzalamak istemiyor.”

NPR Background Briefing with Ian Masters
The UN Warns of “The Biggest Humanitarian Horror Story of the 21st Century” In Syria
February 18, 2020

Dr. Landis speaks with Ian Masters

Iran-US Conflict: What’s Next For The Region?
February 10, 2020

Held February 3rd, 2020 at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, “Iran-US Conflict: What’s Next for the Region?” featured OU professors Samer Shehata and Joshua Landis joined by Trita Parsi of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

Will the Recapture of Syria’s Idlib Affect Islamic State?
February 3, 2020

“If the Syrian regime retakes Idlib province, the ISIS members who have taken refuge in the Islamist dominated enclave will be killed or flee into Turkey,” said Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Tulsa Public Radio
“The U.S. and the Middle East: Making Sense of Oil, Regime Change, and Forever Wars” at the TCFR
January 14, 2020

Guest Dr. Joshua Landis, Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and Professor at the University of Oklahoma’s College of International Studies, gives an address at the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations.

El Diario Vasco
Las calles de Teherán lloran a Soleimani
January 7, 2020

Para el analista Joshua Landis, director de Syria Comment, este asesinato «no tiene sentido alguno para la política exterior de Estados Unidos porque en lugar de desalentar a Irán, le provoca; empuja a Irak a los brazos de los iraníes; abre las puertas a la expulsión de las tropas; convierte en objetivo a los estadounidenses en países como Irak o Líbano y muestra al mundo que su política está fuera de cualquier ley», según compartió a través de las redes sociales.

Syria Direct
The Caesar Act: The beginning or end of US Syria Policy?
January 5, 2020

Opponents of the Caesar Act warned that these shortages would only worsen and that reconstruction efforts would be hindered under the newest round of punishing sanctions. “The act will severely delay the effort to rebuild after the war or to provide Syrians with electricity, heating, cooking gas, and other basic commodities needed for existence,” Dr. Joshua Landis, the director of the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Middle East Studies Program and founder of the Syria Comment blog, told Syria Direct.

Chuyên gia quốc tế: Iran sẽ không dùng chiến tranh vũ trang để trả đũa Mỹ lúc này vì họ cầm chắc thất bại
January 5, 2020

Trả lời phỏng vấn Trí Thức Trẻ, ông Joshua Landis – Giám đốc Trung tâm Nghiên cứu Trung Đông – Khoa Nghiên cứu Khu vực và Quốc tế, Đại học Oklahoma (Mỹ) nhận định, Iran đã thề sẽ làm leo thang cuộc chiến với Mỹ sau khi Washington rút khỏi thỏa thuận hạt nhân với Iran và tái áp đặt các biện pháp trừng phạt đối với nước này.

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