Lebanon: A Test of Wills

Hassan Fattah of the NYTimes gets the zibde of the Lebanon story. Washington is its own worst enemy. It is making compromise, the element most important to democracy, impossible in Lebanon through its interventions. It is taking sides not supporting democracy.

U.S. Backs Free Elections, Only to See Allies Lose  (Read the whole story. This is just a bit. Via "friday-lunch-club")

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates Aug. 9 — Lebanon’s political spin masters have been trying in recent days to explain the results of last Sunday’s pivotal by-election, which saw a relatively unknown candidate from the opposition narrowly beat a former president, Amin Gemayel.

There has been talk of the Christian vote and the Armenian vote, of history and betrayal, as each side sought to claim victory. There is one explanation, however, that has become common wisdom in the region: Mr. Gemayel’s doom seems to have been sealed by his support from the Bush administration and the implied agendas behind its backing.

“It’s the kiss of death,” said Turki al-Rasheed, a Saudi reformer who watched last Sunday’s elections closely. “The minute you are counted on or backed by the Americans, kiss it goodbye, you will never win.”

The paradox of American policy in the Middle East — promoting democracy on the assumption it will bring countries closer to the West — is that almost everywhere there are free elections, the American-backed side tends to lose.

Lebanon’s voters in the Metn district, in other words, appeared to have joined the Palestinians, who voted for Hamas; the Iraqis, who voted for a government sympathetic to Iran; and the Egyptians, who have voted in growing numbers in recent elections for the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. “No politician can afford to identify with the West because poll after poll shows people don’t believe in the U.S. agenda,” said Mustafa Hamarneh, until recently the director of the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan. Mr. Hamarneh is running for a seat in Jordan’s Parliament in November, but he says he has made a point of keeping his campaign focused locally, and on bread-and-butter issues. “If somebody goes after you as pro-American he can hurt you,” he said.

In part, regional analysts say, candidates are tainted by the baggage of American foreign policy — from its backing of Israel to the violence in Iraq. But more important, they say, American support is often applied to one faction instead of to institutions, causing further division rather than bringing stability.

“The Americans think that supporting democracy should create positive reactions,” said Nicola Nassif, a columnist with the left-leaning Lebanese daily Al Akhbar. “No one can be against democracy, sovereignty, independence and freedom. But not if it upsets the internal power balance, not if it empowers one party against the other, especially in a country where supporting one group can lead to violence and even civil wars.”

Arab liberals who have embraced America continue to see their influence fade in the region, as more conservative and Islamist forces continue to rise, Mr. Rasheed said. Voters invariably frown on strength coming from abroad, he said; the only legitimate sources of strength any Arab politician can turn to is based on either tribal power or religious ties.

“Last Sunday we saw that even if you are a former president running for a seat in Parliament, in a small area where everybody knows you, you can’t make it either with American support,” Mr. Rasheed said….

From AP, here.  US Opens New Front in Diplomatic War Over Lebanon

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration has quietly opened a new diplomatic front in its efforts to free Lebanon from Syrian influence, with a move to undermine the authority of the country's pro-Syria president.

The behind-the-scenes campaign began to bear fruit last month when the State Department sought and won the replacement of Lebanon's ambassador to the United States, Farid Abboud, an ally of President Emile Lahoud who had served in Washington for eight years, officials said.

The Lebanese foreign ministry, run by Prime Minister Fuad Saniora's Western-backed government, transferred Abboud to Tunisia and chose career diplomat Antoine Chedid to succeed him in Washington. But Lahoud, the country's head of state, has refused to sign Chedid's letter of accreditation, meaning he is not considered an ambassador…..

Syria's Asking Price For a Vacuum in Lebanon
Walid Choucair     Al-Hayat     – 10/08/07


A number of international and most regional players are anticipating a political vacuum after the 24th of November – the end of the term of Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.

Both opposition members and loyalists are taking measures and planning contingencies on the basis that the presidential vacuum will last at least a few days if not months. They will then await the arrival of a God-sent solution in the form of an international, regional and Lebanese settlement – after which a true Lebanese President can be elected.

After initially basing their demands for a national unity government on the importance of political participation and a lack of trust towards the current government, Lahoud and Hizbullah among others are now using the dangers of a presidential vacuum as an argument for a transitional national unity government that could hold presidential elections. The current majority government is threatening in turn to unilaterally elect a president in the second round of parliamentary voting – for which the government possesses the requisite 50% + 1 majority – if the opposition makes good on its threat to withhold parliamentary quorum in case they are not assured the election of a candidate of their choice.

The Western and Arab nations, adamant that elections be held on time (between September 25 and the end of Lahoud's term), are alternatively offering carrots and sticks to actors threatening to stall them – namely: Syria.

Naturally, these actors – along with the March 14th majority – assume that the emergence of a presidential vacuum would be the work and choice of Syria. Thus, many regional powers are counting on Speaker Nabih Berri to push for avoiding such a vacuum and on Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir to pressure Christian MPs from Michel Aoun's bloc to attend the parliamentary session in accordance with a key Church 'principle' of upholding national and constitutional processes.

Meanwhile, Western nations – including France, Italy and Spain – are offering carrots to Syria in the form of promises to end its isolation from Europe. The United States brandishes the stick by threatening more measures (like its freezing of assets of those seen to be undermining Lebanese sovereignty and democracy) against Syria should they push their allies in Lebanon to set up a second government to rival that of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora…..

A European Commissioner Underlines EU-Syria Dialogue

Friday, August 10, 2007 – 01:40 PM


Beirut, (SANA)- European Union Foreign Relations Commissioner, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, has stressed the importance of dialogue between the European Union and Syria as the only way for finding solutions to the pending issues.
In a statement published by the Lebanese daily, alSafir, on Friday, Ferrero-Waldner said that there were deeply-rooted cultural and economic ties in the joint history of  Europe and Syria , expressing hope that such relations would develop further in the future by signing the Association Agreement. On Lebanon, Ferrero-Waldner expressed hope that the Lebanese parties will reach an internal political settlement since it is a necessityfor dealing with the standing challenges in Lebanon.
For a good analysis of the voting in the Metn election read this article in the Daily Star, Independent Christian voters 'shifted support' from FPM to Gemayel

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Frank al Irlandi said:

Dear Dr Landis

You may find this from Moscow News of interest.


Apparently there is an Admiral who says they might like to base a couple of ships in Tartus.

Another carrot perhaps?

Life could get quite interesting.

August 10th, 2007, 8:25 pm


Youssef Hanna said:

When analyzing that Aoun’s electoral regression compared to 2005 owes to his shift from a sectarian to a nationalist language, the Beirut Center for Research and Information, which will be remembered for the thousands gap in favor of Aoun that it foresaw to the detriment to its credibility, shows an unfortunate bias against the voters of the Matn, who may well have simply been set aback by the extreme and at the same time volatile temper of the personage, and in favor of the latter, whose language has been and still is a hardly consistent mix of nationalist and sectarian themes; Aoun put the 2007 elections under the very maronite theme of the protection of the presidential prerogatives, only turning a champion of pluralism after the results showed that his maronite majority of 2005 has peeled off.

August 10th, 2007, 9:49 pm


t_desco said:

Cheney’s newest plan: let’s bomb Iran just a little bit…

“Vice President Dick Cheney several weeks ago proposed launching airstrikes at suspected training camps in Iraq run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to two U.S. officials who are involved in Iran policy.

The debate has been accompanied by a growing drumbeat of allegations about Iranian meddling in Iraq from U.S. military officers, administration officials and administration allies outside government and in the news media. It isn’t clear whether the media campaign is intended to build support for limited military action against Iran, to pressure the Iranians to curb their support for Shiite groups in Iraq or both.”
(“Cheney urging military strikes on Iran”, By Warren P. Strobel, John Walcott and Nancy A. Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers, August 9, 2007).

First reported here, I believe:

“Instead of a direct attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Vice President Cheney has proposed a measure that would launch a very limited military strike at one or more known Iranian training centers whose forces are being deployed to Iraq.”
(“Analysis: Cheney favors attack on Iran”, By Claude Salhani, UPI, July 30, 2007).

A good overview by Dan Froomkin:

Cheney’s Secret Escalation Plan?
Washington Post, August 10, 2007

Syria is mentioned in passing:

” “Discussions about attacking Iran began with the nuclear issue, but it has now become a silver bullet to also deal with Iran’s activities with Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas, and even to provoke a process of regime change,” said Augustus Richard Norton, a retired Army colonel now at Boston University.”
(“In the Debate Over Iran, More Calls for a Tougher U.S. Stance”, By Robin Wright, Washington Post, August 9, 2007).

Quote of the day:

“But don’t worry — Cheney says that the administration ought to wait for “hard new evidence” “…
(Paul Kiel, TPMmuckraker)

August 10th, 2007, 9:59 pm


ausamaa said:

People can Analyse things in Lebanon to death, the simple truth remains: Aoun and the Opposition Won, the 14 Feb crowd (or March 14 if you prefere) and ALL their supporters lost.

If the US and all the “good” guys could not manage to defeat Aoun in a small traditionaly conservative anti-Syrian area, then how will they be able to stop the tidal wave of Aoun, Hizbullah, Amal, Farangieh, Karami, and all supporters of the wide anti-Feb 14 spectrum come Parlimentary Elections?

As to the Test of Wills; Israel lost that test in July 2006, the Siniora -supported by Bush- has been loosing it for months, so what wills, or whose wills, need to be tested further?

The real “Surge” is not working in Iraq where it is intended to work; how the hell can anyone expect its crippled illigitemate child to work in the other and less important front;Lebanon?

The wills are being tested since the invasion of Iraq, can someone tell us who is coming out as a winner and who is coming out as a looser in this Test of Wills which has been taking place since then?

August 10th, 2007, 10:20 pm


ausamaa said:

Shoooooooot!!! Doesn’t all this talk about who REALLY won and who Really lost in the Matn Elections bear a stark similarity to all the sophisticated analysis we heared around the same time a year ago when the “same people” were debating who won the July 2006 War: Israel or Hizbulah?! Remember “that” Test of Wills?

August 10th, 2007, 11:16 pm


Enlightened said:

Damn isnt it great that we are talking about elections that is contested by rivals! Sure beats the joke of elections that the Syrian public was forced to endure?

Yes but we will here talk about how stable the government is. You just cant beat hypocrisy when it is so blatant by some here.

August 11th, 2007, 3:07 am


THOMAS said:

The following link provides an interesting rebuttal of Hassan Fattah article in the NYT.


August 11th, 2007, 5:54 am


Youssef Hanna said:

50,27% is not a derisory victory; contrary to societies where the individual is virtually nonexistent, to the benefit of the social group, French, or U.S, Western generally, and Matn in that, are healthily divided.

Thus, the first teaching of the Matn elections is that the Lebanese Christian society has taken a different route, more so over the past five centuries, from the others; thus, there is no possible stability in Lebanon as long as the claim that communities must be acknowledged as a fact, and granted political institutions as a right, is scorned as sectarian.

August 11th, 2007, 8:04 am


SimoHurtta said:

Democracy is sometimes strange. Occasionally a looser is the winner. Didn’t George Bush get less popular votes than Al Gore? (Popular Votes Bush 50,460,110 and Gore 51,003,926). Maybe they in Lebanon should use a new system based on using electors as final decision makers. The Lebanese voters vote normally and then the elector (appointed by a US presidential order to hinder undermining democracy and sovereignty and to keep up US “national” security interests) in US embassy finally decides the “right” winner. Then there would not be wrong election results. No more democracy “shocks” like in Palestine and Iraq.

August 11th, 2007, 9:16 am


MSK said:

Dear Josh,

I am a bit surprised that you are following the “unknown candidate beats famous Maronite za’im” line. Last Sunday, the opposition candidate was Michel Aoun, the actual FPM person on the ballot (Khoury) didn’t matter.

And yes, the FPM won the elections. Those Metn elections were probably the best example for functioning democracy that the region has seen in a long time.


August 11th, 2007, 1:27 pm


Joshua said:

MSK, you may be right. Perhaps it is really all about Jemayel losing or Aoun winning. The fact that Khoury was unknown may actually have helped because his personality didn’t get in the way of the larger contest of Zaims. Unfortunately, this may not actually be so good for a functioning democracy. Although there is a true contest among the sectarian zaims, unlike Syria, it is not a good sign that lesser personalities are merely stand-ins and remain the Lilliputians in a land controlled by giants – especially when the giants are old and weighted down by the dark history of the civil war and foreign intervention.

I hope Lebanon’s democratic system, despite its flaws, will help the best of the Lebanese rise to the top and ultimately protect it from the damaging interests of neighbors and super-powers who seek to protect only their narrow interests.

August 11th, 2007, 4:00 pm


G said:

I hope Lebanon’s democratic system, despite its flaws, will help the best of the Lebanese rise to the top and ultimately protect it from the damaging interests of neighbors and super-powers who seek to protect only their narrow interests.

Are you joking? You are the number one advocate of “the damaging interests of neighbors” in Lebanon!

August 11th, 2007, 4:13 pm


Majhool said:

Syrian Excelence in Journalism (read below)!! Sad and Funny how we creticize Annahar and the Shark Al Awsat. The Syrian goverment expect everyone to be civil and reasonable except her self.

المقاتلون مع إسرائيل في 12 تموز – الحلقة الثامنة : والشيخ المفتي محمد رشيد قباني في صف بوش واولمرت … فهل يعبد الله ..؟؟…بقلم خضر عواركة

العلماء ورثة الأنبياء…إلا الشيخ قباني مفتي الجمهورية اللبنانية، هو وريث
…نعم ولكن تعالوا نبحث معا في مواقفه وارث من هو .بداية لا يمكن لعاقل أن يدعي بأن بوش ليس شيطانا ، و ليست أفعاله كلها إلا من أعمال الشيطان ونوازعه .أما إسرائيل وأولمرت وقادتها الآخرين المتعصبين من أمثال ليبرمان النازي
وإيتان وباراك إلى آخر لائحة مجرمي الكيان الإسرائيلي فهم بالتأكيد خارج أي
إنتماء إلى افعال الخير التي يقدمها الله للبشر .
وإذا ما راجعنا تصريحات هؤلاء حول لبنان خلال السنتين الأخيرتين ، من بوش
إلى كل قائد صهيوني سنجد أنهم كلهم صرحوا بالقول والفعل بأن فؤاد السنيورة
هو خط أحمر لا يجب أن يسمح لاي كان بالتعرض له أو إسقاط دوره السياسي في
لبنان .قالها اولمرت بعد الحرب بأسبوع وبالتحديد في الواحد وعشرين من آب 2006 ونقلت
كلامه بوصفه مصدرا إسرائيليا رفيعا كل الوكالات : بقاء وصمود السنيورة أمر حيوي بالنسبة لإسرائيل ”
قبله وبعده تعددت التصريحات الداعمة للسنيورة والمحذرة من المساس به على
لسان الإسرائيليين حتى أتاهم صديقهم أدم أيرلي وطلب منهم الصمت والتوقف عن
التصريح ضد حزب الله ودعم السنيورة في نفس الوقت. هذا إسرائيليا أيها
الأعزاء. فهل ما يمثله السنيورة من مصلحة لإسرائيل هو ورث الأنبياء للعلماء ؟؟ بالطبع
لا …إذا لماذا يصر وأصر ويزداد إصرارا الشيخ المفتي محمد رشيد قباني على دعم
السنيورة ؟؟ بدأت الحرب على لبنان في الثاني عشر من تموز2006 ودب الرعب في صفوف
اللبنانيين مسلمين ومسيحيين وبين بين ، فمتى خرج علينا الشيخ المفتي ليمارس
دوره في شحذ الهمم ؟ وماذا قال في خطبته في الجمعة الأولى بعد بداية العدوان
والبيوت تهدم والنساء ترمل والأطفال تقتل ؟؟ لا شيء ، تحدث بشكل عام وإستنكر بشكل مخفف ودعا الجميع للتوقف عن التصرف بطريقة تجلب الويلات على لبنان !! ويقصد المقاومة ..أما حين حدثت مجزرة قانا والمجازر الأخرى فلم يؤدي الشيخ المرحوم إنشاء الله حيا وميتا محمد رشيد قباني صلاة غائب عن أرواح الشهداء ولم يدعوا للدعاء
بنصر المقاومة ولا للتطوع معها وللدفاع عنها ولا لمساعدة النازحين ولا دعا
للنفير والجهاد بل كل ما فعله هو أن إنقبضت أساريره وحزن قلبه حين علم بأن
السيد نصرالله لم يقتل حين سرت الشائعات أنه قتل بغارة إسرائيلية .
مفتي كل المسلمين لم يزر الضاحية المحطمة البطلة حتى اليوم ولا زار الجنوب
وقرأ الفاتحة على قبور الشهداء ولكنه ويا للعار ذهب مثل ” التوتو ” يصلي على
جنبٍ سياسي جماعة ويؤم الخونة في السراي (وبعضهم لم يكلف نفسه عناء الوضوء )
جمع من عملاء أميركا الذين سماهم بوش بأنهم يمثلون مصلحة كبرى هي من شؤون
الأمن القومي الأميركي صلى بهم ومن أجلهم وفيهم وعلى جنابة ونجاسة الشيخ
المفتي رشيد قباني . بوش يعتبر السنيورة أمن قومي أميركي في الثاني من آب 2007 والمفتي قباني
يعتبر في تصريح في التاسع من آب 2007 بأن السنيورة هو الشرعية التي تعطي
الشرعية لك شرعية في لبنان ” ( وكالات وصحف) رايس تحث الدول العربية على السكوت وقت الحرب وعدم الإستنكار فيما يخص جرائم إسرائيل لا بل ودعمها بالسياسة والمخابرات والمعلومات ، والمفتي قباني كان
ولا زال واحدا من أدوات اميركا الملتزمة بتلك التعليمات لا يحيد عنها أبدا
..الف شهيد لبناني وخمسة آلاف جريح ، مئة الف منزل مدمر عشرات الشهداء كانوا
من السنة بالمذهب، ومع ذلك لم يقف المفتي قباني ليلقي خطبة نارية تحرض
المذاهب على الجهاد لا على بعضها وتعلي النفير ضد المعتدين بعد خروجه من
صلاة الجماعة في مسجد رمز لأهل السنة والجماعة وللشيعة أيضا في طريق
الجديدة. عنيت مسجد الإمام علي الذي لطالما صلى فيه قادة الشيعة اللبنانيين
الدينيين خلف المراحيم المفتين في الجمهورية اللبنانية بعد الإستقلال ، إنه
مسجد رمز للوحدة بين الطائفيين ومع ذلك إستخدمه المفتي ليس ضد إسرائيل في
الحرب التي سكت عنها سكوت أهل الكهف وسكوت الشياطين دعما للشباطيين وأربابهم
الأميركيين والإسرائيليين وخدمهم السعوديين . ..متى تكلم المفتي ومتى علا صوته وعلت عقيرته ورفع لحيته مهددا متوعدا مستثيرا الهمة لرفع الغمة على صدر الأمة الطوائفية ؟؟ فقط وفقط يوم تظاهر اللبنانيين
موحدين ضد حكومة “ابو إيهوديت السنيورة “.
قد يقول قائل بأن المفتي متعصب طائفيا لسنيته ويكره الشيعة ، طيب صدقنا
وعذرنا ولكن ؟؟ هل السنيورة سني وعمر كرامي شيعي ؟ وهو إبن لمفتي راحل وسني.
وهل فؤاد مخزومي شيعي وهو السني القح ؟
وهل تحي يكن الداعية التاريخي والعلم العلامة في الفكر الإسلامي السني شيعي
؟وهل اليهود اقرب على الله من الشيعة بالنسبة للمفتي فيعمل لمصلحة هؤلاء
بشهادة بوش الذي إعتبر السنيورة أمن قومي أميركي يعني صهيوني لأن لا يهم بوش
إلا أمن الصهاينة لا أمن الأميركيين وكذلك قال المفتي قباني سابقا وبالأمس
واليوم ” السنيورة خط أحمر ” وما دخل مفتي جمهورية منصبه تشريفي ديني لا يخوله التدخل في الحكومات
وبقائها أو ذهابها ؟؟ بوش ومفتي لبناني ، شيخ الكذابين المدعين بالتدين جورج بوش السفاح المجرم
قاتل العراقيين والفلسطينيين والأفغان واللبنانيين وكاره العرب العنصري صاحب
القوانين المستهدفة للمسلمين والعرب هو ومفتي المسلمين في لبنان محمد رشيد
قباني في صف واحد وبكلمة واحدة وبقلب رجل واحد يدعمون السنيورة !
ذاك بوش يدعمه لأن السنيورة ينفذ سياسة لا تخدم إلا مصلحة أميركا وإسرائيل
والمفتي لماذا يدعمه ؟؟ لأنه سني حاشا وكلا أن يكون الخائن السنيورة سنيا بل
هو منافق يتساوى في نفاقه ومومسته للصهاينة مع شاه إيران الشيعي والسادات
السني والجلبي الشيعي وابو مازن السني ومع الحكيم الشيعي وجنبلاط الدرزي
… كل شيعي و سني ومسيحي في الخيانة حبيب للمفتي قباني وكل
سني ومسيحي وشيعي عدو للمفتي قباني إذا كان ضد إسرائيل وأميركا والسعودية
ولو بالسر .السني رشيد كرامي إغتاله جعجع وحوكم فعفا عنه وأخرجوه من السجن ورثة الحريري
الذين أحرقوا لبنان وجوعوا شعبه من أجل لباس والدهم الداخلي الذي إحترق ولم
يستطيعوا وراثته وتقاسمه . ومع ذلك، ورغم ألم وخيبة وعذاب آل كرامي
المفجوعين بظلم ذوي القربي الطائفي لهم من آل الحريري إستقبل المفتي قباني
جعجع ” بطنة ورنة ” وتشريفات وصبغ يديه بالحنة للسلام عليه وتقبيله بملمس
ناعم .المخبر الموسادي إيلي نيسي وشقيقه في التعاطي اليومي مع المؤسسات الصهيونية
في الإغتراب إيلي حاكمة رئيس ما يسمى بالجامعة اللبنانية الثقافية فرع وليد
فارس وعاطف حرب وأمثالهما من عصابات حراس الأرز العنصرية العاملة في خدمة
المنظمات الصهيونية في بلاد الإغتراب في العلن لا في السرضيوف كرام على
المفتي قباني أما جماعة حماس الفلسطينية فمرفوضين في دار الأفتاء وكذلك هو
الزعيم العربي عزمي بشارة . إيلي حاكمة وتوني نيسي حلا ضيفين عزيزين على قلب المفتي قباني ، وصدى صوتهما
وتصريحاتهما في المنتدى الإستخباراتي في واشنطن بقيادة الإسرائيليين لم يجف
رجعه بعد وهم الداعين لضرب لبنان مباشرة من اميركا إضافة لإسرائيل لأن خطر
حزب الله لم ينته بعد متهمين الجيش اللبناني بكل كبيرة وموبقة محذرين منه .
إيلي حاكمة ضيف على مفتي المسلمين وهو الذي ومنظمته لا يعدمون وسيلة لتشويه
صورة المسلمين لدى الكونغرس الأميركي والبرازيلي والأسترالي داعين عاملين
ليل نهار لبث العنصرية ضد كل مسلم ولو بالإسم في بلاد الإغتراب .
المفتي حبيب قلب للمفتي الأميركي فيلتمان ولمختار بكفيا أمين الجميل ، أما
ميشال عون وميشال سماحة وسليمان فرنجية فهم لا شرعيون ولا يستقبلون لأنهم
أعداء السنيورة وبالتالي فهم أعداء للأمن القومي الأميركي الغالي على قلب
المفتي .
قبل شهر من عملية الوعد الصادق قتل في فلسطين العشرات وذبح المئات من
الفلسطينيين على يد الجيش الإسرائيلي . حتى ضج الناس في كل العالم من الجيش
الإسرائيلي وجرائمه فقامت كل الدنيا تصرح إلا المفتي قباني سكت وصمت ولم
يعلي صوتا ! أتعرفون متى علا صوته ؟؟ ليس حين رأى الجرائم الأميركية وجرائم عملاء أميركا
في العراق ضد المسلمين السنة أعلا صوته ….حاشا لرجل مثله أن يفعلها …هو
أعلى صوته وصرخ ونفخ في الفتنة وضرب على الطاولة ونطز من حذائه حتى زاد طوله
يوم سد المعتصمون الطريق على الراقصات اللواتي كن قادمات للسهر في سراي
السنيورة ترويحا عنه ، فإتصل المفتي بخادم الحرمين وطلب منه تسهيل أمر
السيارات الداخلة إلى سماحة السنيورة المعظم. أما حصار غزة فلا يستأهل منه
كلمة أو إشارة أو إستنكار …مفتي مسلمين ولا يأبه بأمور المسلمين في العراق وفلسطين من العالقين على
المعابر والاسلاك ولا ينام ليله إن أصيب خاطر الحريري أو السنيورة أو بوش أو
اولمرت بإنزعاج …مفتي المسلمين ويسعى بلا كلل للفتنة وليذبح المسلم المسلم ، مفتي المسلمين
ويهاله أن يرفع المصريون صور السيد نصرالله في الأزهر فيرفع عقيرته ويشد
الرحال إلى مصر ليفتن على المقاومة عند علمائه وليقضي الليالي والأيام وهو
يحاول ويحاول هدم ما بناه الشهداء بدمائهم من إفتخار بالنصر لدى العرب
إنطلاقا من مصر، خدمة ً لمن ؟؟ للسنة ؟؟؟ لا والله بل للشيطان الأميركي
المهزوم ….مفتي المسلمين تكتب تصريحاته بيد مسوقي الحرب النفسية في السفارة الأميركية
ويقيل أئمة مساجد السنية ربطا بمواقفهم المعادية لإسرائيل ولأميركا كما حصل
مع عشرات العلماء المفصولين وهم من السنة …مفتي المسلمين ولا يهزه منظر الأف بي آي المجرمين في شوارع عاصمة العرب بيروت ولا يهمه إلا أن يقبض من شيخ الداعرين سعد الحريري مخصصاته المالية
التي لا تكفيه فجعل له الأميركي مخصصات تفوق بها على كرم الملك السعودي مع
المفتي الفائز بجنة موعودة وحور عين ليس في السماء بل في لاس فيغاس بيروت .
مفتي مسلمين ويحاول إقناع وفد فلسطيني من البارد بالتوطين وبنسيان الأرض
السليبة في فلسطين وبنسيان المخيم المهدم ….مفتي مسلمين ولا يتدخل لإيقاف العنصرية البيروتية الحريرية ضد السوريين
الفقراء والأغنياء المارين أو الزائرين أو العاملين في لبنان فأحرق من أحرق
وقتل من قتل بلا إستنكار منه أو دعوة لمحاسبة المجرمين العنصريين .
أيها السيدات والسادة كنتم مع بعض من سيرة رجل النفاق والخيانة والكذب على
الله ورسوله وعلى الوطن وأبناءه ولكنه يحتمي باللقب واللباس لأنه يلبس عمة
وجلباب ويحمل لقب مفتي الجمهورية فهل مثل هذا وارث للأنبياء أم وارث للشياطين ؟؟

شام برس بالترتيب مع صحيفة أخبار مونتريال

August 11th, 2007, 4:39 pm


Alex said:

Majhool there is no hope with you.

“The Syrian government”?

شام برس بالترتيب مع صحيفة أخبار مونتريال

The Syrian government is the Syrian government. Did you hear Bashar speak that way?

First of all, I obviously agree that this tone is pathetic. Baathist language of the sixties still alive among some writers and their supporters.

HOWEVER … this (champress, the tabloid website) is not the influential and respected Asharq alAwswat or Annahar … those news papers are translated and read in Washington and decision makers actually made use of Asharq’s editorials and opinion pieces to assure others in the United States who were opposed to the Iraq war that the Iraqi people will indeed greet US soldiers with flowers…. based on “proof” from Asharq Alawsat.

So when some of us campaign against the lies and deceptions of Sharq alawsat in its attempts to make Saudi Arabia look like Switzerland and Syria look like North Korea, it is not out of frustration, but because there is serious damage out of the Saudi and Lebanese anti-Syria continuous distortion of the facts .. witnessed lately through their copy and paste of a false story as it appeared in a Syrian opposition site in Fracne 9 months ago …

Don’t try … it is not even close : )

Let me tell you what would have been similar to what Asharq did:

If in Teshreen or al-thawra (official newspapers) there was an editorial saying:

“Teshreen has obtained exclusive information that Saudi Arabia agreed with the Untied States and Israel to sell Mecca to the Jews”

Because my Majhool friend, that was exactly similar to what Asharq did in this copied false story” they pretended was their “exclusive information”

August 11th, 2007, 5:57 pm


Offended said:

Alex, let’s keep Makka out of the subject matter…

August 12th, 2007, 5:39 am


Alex said:

But that is exactly the point “offended” … Is Damascus not also a special city?

What the Saudi media is doing is repulsive … if you look at the latest story they invented (the one I linked above) it shows you what they are trying to do:

1) They alleged that Syria is working with Iran on nuclear research: In Israel, there were calls to deal with this threat (After reading Asharq’s story) in a promp way … how nice of the Saudis! .. they know how this US administration and Israel react to those who do nuclear research with Iran.

2) They want Israel to not have peace talks with Syria .. their story claims that Iran persuaded Assad to not pursue peace talks with Israel. Again, how wonderful of the Saudis to try to obstruct Syria’s chances of peaceful settlement with Israel … especially that these days in Israel they are not sure if they should attack Syria instead.

3) They are trying to show that Syria is betraying the Arab (Sunni) world by bringing Shiite Iran into the area…

So my Mecca example is relevant.

August 12th, 2007, 7:02 pm


Majhool said:


Your points are valid, and I am not disagreeing you with you.

However, from what you said, you seem to regard teshreen and thawra as the only propaganda outlets of the syrian goverment.

Champress, is allowed to function in Syria, meaning it’s rythroic is allowed and maybe encouraged. Doumari and other outlets t that are not blessed were shut down by the regiem, sorry for using this term as i consider the mukhabarat independent from the “auotocratic goverment” which has my sympathy.

you said it your self, shark al awsat and annahar are reputed. how come we don’t have any reputed newspapers? are the americans and the saudis to blame?

Look up the comment sections on syria-news, racist syrian comments are allowed to be published, and you know that mukhabarat do censure it meaning they bless it.

my motive behind siting that sleazy article is to show how incompotent our “system” in syria is, and how the leadership fails to produce anything reputed, and I see that as evil it self.

Instead of waisting your energies on critizing the americans, saudis, march 14th who naturaly have interests they want to advance, i would like to invite you to call for an “improved system” in Syria that would produce reputed newspapers that would advance syrian interests.

August 13th, 2007, 7:54 am


Majhool said:

one last note, your comment of “Baathist language of the sixties” really amused me greatly. I guess for you the Baathist of the 70s, 80s, and 90s were significantly better!!

and by the way, how do you expect the Saudis to react when our leadership call them ” half men” i say it’s fair game and we should have known better.

our screwups in Lebanon are our failures. our mukhabarat and army failed to win the hearts of the Lebanese people. that is the real problem. we insisted on dealing with an entire country through corrput politicians who all turnd against us later..

Syrian leadership refused and still refuse to deal with the population of both Syria and Leabnon as significant bodies. As you your self put it to me one day, we are hasharat!! and that my freind is also the evil it self

August 13th, 2007, 8:18 am


Alex said:


1) My use of the Baathist language of the 60’s does not imply tha tI like the Baathist language of the 70’s any better.

2) Our leadership did not call “the Saudis” half men. In fact the same week our leadership clearly stated that they did not mean the Saudi and Egyptian leaders.

3) The Saudis did not “react” to the half men speech … their policy towards Syria and the Syrian regime was set in the late 90’s when Hafez was clearly dying.

4) I totally agree with you that we need to have Syrian newspapers and TV satellite stations that are respected in Syria and the wider Middle East. But I want to clarify something:

The “reputable” Asharq Al-Awsat is not reputable anymore. It was when Jihad elKhazen was there. The past few years it turned into a first-rate Saudi propaganda machine in the worst way … the problem is that it is perceived as being a trustworthy newspaper by those who like and agree with what they are reading in it. And that is where it can cause a lot of damage.

Same as the other fancy well financed newspapers .. such as the Lebanese Al-mustaqbal (Hariri’s)

So my friend, Teshreen is not impressive, but at least it is not capable of causing major damage. Everyone knows Teshreen’s limitations. But When the “reputable” Asharq makes aup a story that Syria is working with Iran now on nuclear weapons … and the Israeli right wing politicians call for immediate action … I’m sorry, but I will continue to “waste my energy”.

August 13th, 2007, 4:37 pm


Majhool said:

Very true, Teshreen is indded not capabale of causing major damages. in fact it’s not capable of anything!!

Who is to blame? I hope you are not going to blame it on the lack of human resources in Syria.

Syrian TV shows made huge succeess in the arab world so i truly think that the syrians are capable of producing reputed Newspapers to say the least.

Let’s blame it on Outri how is that?, as I am “sure” the leadership is working day and night to improve media outlets in the country…

I see no good comming (regadless of nature of intentions) from the syrian “authorities” insisting on their pitty police state.

I belive police states are just against human nature. no matter how they spin it people will always hate it.

August 13th, 2007, 5:14 pm


Alex said:

I blame everyone including, but not exclusively, the ones you would like to blame.

طيب روح كمل مقالتك

: )

August 13th, 2007, 6:02 pm


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