“The Legal Foundations of the Islamic State,” By Mara Revkin »

An Islamist rebel group in Aleppo called “the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Supporting the Oppressed” reviews applications for aid on Feb. 25. In addition to handing out aid, the Islamist group says it is carrying out civilian administration in parts of Aleppo.
Hamid Khatib/Reuters/Landov Attorney Jamil Osman says he joined the court system to try to insert Syria’s civil code into these proceedings.

“There needs to be the presence of lawyers because, frankly, the Shariah people do not know the procedures of the judiciary,” he says.

But it’s the religious ruling that Syrians want, says Osman. The memories of the corrupt court system of the regime of President Bashar Assad are too fresh.

“Most people in Syria prefer to have this system in place because it creates a large amount of trust,” Osman says. “People trust the religious scholars.”

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