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Shop in Damascus, Syria by atsjebosma on flickr

Shop in Damascus, Syria. Photo by atsjebosma, posted on flickr

US, IAEA chief clash over Syria By GEORGE JAHN

VIENNA, Austria (AP) — The chief U.N. nuclear inspector said Monday that Syria had a right to his agency’s help in planning a power-producing atomic reactor, in what diplomats described as a rejection of U.S.-led efforts to block the aid.

The clash reflected tensions between Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the U.N. nuclear agency, and key Western nations over whether Syria should be given potentially sensitive nuclear guidance at a time when it is being investigated.

Russia, China and developing nations also back the aid project, said diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the International Atomic Energy Agency talks.

U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said it was “totally inappropriate, we believe, given the fact that Syria is under investigation by the IAEA for building a nuclear reactor outside the bounds of its international legal commitments.

“And then for the IAEA to be involved in providing technical information concerning nuclear activities would seem to be contradictory, if not ironic,” McCormack said. 

IAEA chief says no basis for denying Syria help on nuclear plant
By Simon Morgan
AFP, 24 November 2008

The head of the UN atomic watchdog said on Monday that the IAEA has no legal right to deny Syria help in a nuclear power project, as called for by a number of western states.

“A state has the fullest right of membership until proven otherwise,” Mohamed ElBaradei told a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) technical assistance and cooperation committee at a closed-door meeting here.

“People and countries are innocent until proven guilty,” he said in comments, a recording of which were obtained by AFP. “And we continue to act on that basis…”

Norks May Have Shipped Syria U Fuel
By James Acton, 21 November 2008

….A source summarized for us some of the information the IAEA has that didn’t make its recent report on Syria as well as its working hypotheses. Specifically, it appears that the uranium found in Syria may have come from fuel imported from North Korea. But, all in good time…

Number one, our source stressed that the composite overhead imagery the IAEA has of the site is very good, both in terms of its resolution, frequency and reliability—five states apparently contributed images.

Onto the uranium…

Syria’s Reactor: Can the IAEA Act Effectively?
By Patrick Clawson and David Schenker
The Washington Institute on Near East Policy, 21 November 2008

“within the context of any U.S.-brokered deal, Washington should ensure that tangible and irreversible Syrian concessions coincide with — if not precede — Israeli territorial withdrawals……..The IAEA can change this perception by acting decisively on Syria during its next meeting. And in the process, it just might generate enough credibility regarding IAEA effectiveness to forestall an airstrike — Israeli or American — against Tehran’s nuclear facilities…”

US: Syria should not mimic Iran nuclear probe block
Middle East News, 21 November 2008

A senior United States diplomat in Vienna called on Syria on Friday to answer the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) questions about an alleged secret nuclear programme, and not to follow Iran’s path of stalling a probe of its nuclear activities.

‘Syria is not Iran, and we do not seek to make Syria into Iran,’ Gregory Schulte, the US ambassador to the IAEA in Vienna, said in a statement. ‘But this requires Syria to cooperate with the IAEA,’ he said. …’The Director General’s report reinforces the assessment of my government that Syria was secretly building a nuclear reactor in its eastern desert and thereby violating its IAEA safeguards obligations,’ Schulte said. Although the IAEA report did not draw any conclusions, it said images taken before and after the bombing ‘are similar to what may be found in connection with a reactor site.’ ….

A senior official close to the IAEA has said that while he could not rule out this scenario, the uranium found was not of the type normally used in missiles. …

An Israeli-Palestinian agreement: Forget about it
Aaron David Miller in Jpost:

… a conflict-ending agreement between Israelis and Palestinians may no longer be possible. … So what to do? My days of giving advice to Israelis and Palestinians are over. I would, however, respectfully suggest to President-elect Barck Obama, in my capacity as an American who doesn’t want to see America fail again, that he recognize there’s no deal in this negotiation now. Manage it as best you can: help support an Israeli-Hamas ceasefire, train PA security forces, pour economic aid into the West Bank and Gaza, even nurture Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on the big issues, but don’t think you can solve it; you can’t.

Instead, go all-out for an Israeli-Syrian agreement which is doable and will enhance American credibility to confront Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran over time with tough choices, and improve America’s regional standing. Then, perhaps, your chances on the Israeli-Palestinian track may be better. In the interim, I’m afraid sadly that the bottom line for Israelis and Palestinians is not a good one: Israelis will have their state, but Palestinians will never let them completely enjoy it.

Agence France Presse (AFP)     November 23, 2008

Israel should pursue peace talks with Syria next year to help contain perceived threats from Iran’s nuclear program and Hamas, says an internal Israeli government report, which also highlighted the need to halt Palestinian democracy. Compiled by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s National Security Council (NSC) and published in part by an Israeli newspaper on Sunday, the report argues for “paying the heavy price” of an accord with Syria – the return of the
Occupied Golan Heights in line with international law. 

Defense establishment paper: Golan for Syria peace, plan for Iran strike
By Barak Ravid, 23 November 2008

A defense establishment paper recommends making contingency plans to attack Iran, reaching an agreement with Syria that includes leaving the Golan Heights and preventing new elections in the Palestinian Authority, even if this means a confrontation with the United States.

The paper will be presented to the cabinet next month as part of the National Security Council’s annual situation assessment. Additionally, it warns of a possible collapse of the PA, which would effectively kill the two-state solution.

“Iran’s threat to Israel’s survival” is at the top of the paper’s list of threats, followed by the “strategic threat” of long-range missiles and rockets owned by various countries in the region….It also recommends close cooperation with the U.S. to prevent a deal between Washington and Tehran that would undermine Israel’s interests.”

the paper recommends “preventing elections in the PA, even at the cost of a confrontation with the U.S. and the international community.” Israel should support moderate factions in Lebanon in next year’s scheduled parliamentary elections…

 The paper proposes various steps to strengthen Israel’s ties with moderate Sunni Arab countries, and especially Saudi Arabia. “Israel must examine ways to expand its dialogue with Saudi Arabia on various shared interests,”

The paper says Israel has a limited “window” in which to act before Iran obtains nuclear arms and regional hegemony. Israel must therefore establish a military option against Iran, in case other countries abandon the struggle. The defense establishment advises the cabinet to “work discreetly on contingency plans to deal with a nuclear Iran.”

Israel and Syria: Tactical Peace
by David Wurmser in JINSA publication: Before founding Delphi, Dr. Wurmser was senior advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, focusing primarily on Middle East and proliferation issues.

Clinton Faces a Familiar List of Overseas Problems
Wall Street Journal, 22 November 2008

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton would seek diplomatic solutions to problems her husband and President George W. Bush largely failed to solve, from North Korea’s nuclear program to the Arab-Israeli conflict and the U.S. standoff with Iran.

Sen. Clinton’s international stature would help gain the attention and cooperation of world leaders, say current and former U.S. diplomats. Even the former first lady’s critics acknowledge that her tenacity and attention to detail could make her an effective chief American diplomat.

Still, Sen. Clinton’s foreign-policy doctrine, as outlined during the presidential campaign, is considerably to the right of President-elect Barack Obama’s. The two could form an effective good-cop, bad-cop combination, supporters say. Others fear a reprise of the ideological battles between the White House and State Department that marked President Bush’s administration…

Richard Haass, a Scowcroft protégé and former State Department official, could be tapped for a senior National Security Council, State Department or intelligence position. Mr. Haass currently runs the Council on Foreign Relations.

Other prominent Republicans with close ties to Mr. Obama — including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed the Democrat in the final days of the campaign, and Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — share Mr. Scowcroft’s philosophy…”

Emanuel’s Record on Israel Is More Dovish Than the Headlines Suggest
By Nathan Guttman

A close examination of Rahm Emanuel’s voting record during three terms as a congressman from Illinois, and his involvement with Middle East issues during the Clinton administration, paints a complex picture of the next president’s gatekeeper. Though known for close ties with the Israelis, Emanuel had never given them a free pass and has consistently supported a dovish policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ahmad Chalabi in the New York Times

…There are still those in Washington’s corridors of power who want to reduce Iraq to being an American puppet state, like Jordan or Egypt, nations governed through a corrosive mix of covert intelligence and military support spoon-fed to a permanent oligarchy. Iraq will not accept this….

The ‘Good War’ Isn’t Worth Fighting
The New York Times, 23 November 2008

“…The financial crisis is a more immediate threat to United States power and to other states; environmental catastrophe is more dangerous for the world. And even from the perspective of terrorism, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are more lethal….President-elect Obama’s emphasis on Afghanistan and his desire to send more troops and money there is misguided. Overestimating its importance distracts us from higher priorities, creates an unhealthy dynamic with the government of Afghanistan and endangers the one thing it needs — the stability that might come from a patient, limited, long-term relationship with the international community…..

A sudden surge of foreign troops and cash will be unhelpful and unsustainable. It would take 20 successful years to match Pakistan’s economy, educational levels, government or judiciary — and Pakistan is still not stable. Nor, for that matter, are northeastern or northwestern India, despite that nation’s great economic and political successes.

We will not be able to eliminate the Taliban from the rural areas of Afghanistan’s south, so we will have to work with Afghans to contain the insurgency instead. All this is unpleasant for Western politicians who dream of solving the fundamental problems and getting out. They will soon be tempted to give up…”

Hezbollah Seeks to Marshal the Piety of the Young
New York Times, 20 November 2008

…. “You are our leader!” the boys chant in unison, as a Hezbollah official walks to a podium and addresses them with a Koranic invocation. “We are your men!”

This is the vanguard of Hezbollah’s youth movement, the Mahdi Scouts. Some of the graduates gathered at this ceremony will go on to join Hezbollah’s guerrilla army, fighting Israel in the hills of southern Lebanon. Others will work in the party’s bureaucracy. The rest will probably join the fast-growing and passionately loyal base of support that has made Hezbollah the most powerful political, military and social force in Lebanon.

At a time of religious revival across the Islamic world, intense piety among the young is nothing unusual. But in Lebanon, Hezbollah — the name means the party of God — has marshaled these ambient energies for a highly political project: educating a younger generation to continue its military struggle against Israel. Hezbollah’s battlefield resilience has made it a model for other militant groups across the Middle East, including Hamas. And that success is due, in no small measure, to the party’s extraordinarily comprehensive array of religion-themed youth and recruitment programs…..

Assad awards convicted murderer Kuntar Syria’s highest medal
AP, 24 November 2008

Syrian President Bashar Assad has awarded former Lebanese prisoner Samir Kuntar the country’s highest medal for spending nearly three decades in an Israeli jail. He was imprisoned in 1979 after he was convicted of one of the grisliest attacks in Israeli history – killing a man in front of his four-year-old daughter, and then killing the girl herself by crushing her skull. Kuntar and four Hezbollah guerrillas were freed in July in exchange for the bodies of Ehud Goldwasswer and Eldad Regev, two Israel Defense Forces soldiers captured by the militant Hezbollah group in 2006. Their capture sparked a 34-day war between Israel and Hezbollah.

U.S. alone critical of Syria at Iraq conference
By Khaled Yacoub Oweis
Reuters, 23 November 2008

The United States stood alone at a conference on Sunday in accusing host Syria of sheltering militants attacking Iraq, while other countries adopted a more conciliatory tone, delegates said.

“The American diplomat’s speech was blunt and short. The United States was the only country at the conference to criticise Syria openly,” one of the delegates said. … Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Ahmad Arnous said Syria was a “victim of terrorism” and that it would not allow any attack on any individual living in its territory, the delegates said. “Arnous chose not to respond directly to the U.S. charge, but emphasised that Iraq’s stability was in the interest of Syria,” …

Guardian: 2025: the end of US power, says report US intelligence says incoming president will inherit country unable to ‘call the shots’ alone

Over the last few months, Israel and Syria—through Turkish mediation—have resumed some sort of peace talks. Despite the volume and frequency of these overtures at the moment, this round of “peacemaking” will not break precedent; meaningful progress is highly unlikely. Instead, it fits a pattern of previous such efforts—overtures which led nowhere or even ended in the opposite, namely escalation (as in 1995-1996 and 1998-1999). Neither the Israeli nor the Syrian government is currently positioned to enter real peace talks. But each, for its own reasons, has a great momentary interest in talking about talks with great vigor. ….

Scowcroft Protégés on Obama’s Radar
The Wall Street Journal, 24 November 2008

Many of the Republicans emerging as potential members of the Obama administration have professional and ideological ties to Brent Scowcroft, a former national-security adviser turned public critic of the Bush White House.

Mr. Scowcroft spoke by phone with President-elect Barack Obama last week, the latest in a months-long series of conversations between the two men about defense and foreign-policy issues, according to people familiar with the discussions.

The relationship between the president-elect and the Republican heavyweight suggests that Mr. Scowcroft’s views, which place a premium on an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, might hold sway in the Obama White House…

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why-discuss said:

Obama and Iran

From an Iranian intellectual, Kam Zarrabi

“In the first part of this two part series, Obama and Iran, I tried to demonstrate that Obama\’s choice of well-known Zionist hawks, Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Ross, may well point to a positive change in the American administration\’s attitude toward the Middle East, particularly regarding relations with Iran. Obama’s choice for the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the New York senator and quite convincingly, at least as far as appearances go, as pro-Israel as anyone in the Democratic Party, should reinforce this belief. Although this seems ironic at first glance, a more careful analysis would support my conclusions….”

November 25th, 2008, 5:02 am


offended said:

You guys should have a look at the secular vs. religious discussion taking place between syrian bloggers at the moment.

Namely on Abu Feras blog:

November 25th, 2008, 1:40 pm


Akbar Palace said:

In the first part of this two part series, Obama and Iran, I tried to demonstrate that Obama\’s choice of well-known Zionist hawks, Rahm Emanuel and Dennis Ross, may well point to a positive change in the American administration\’s attitude toward the Middle East…


You may want to ask the “Iranian Intellectual” if Obama’s choice of running mate also counts toward “positive change” beyond that of the “well-known Zionist hawks™”.

November 25th, 2008, 4:46 pm


norman said:

EU, Syria move closer to signing association agreement
Posted : Tue, 25 Nov 2008 16:12:19 GMT
Author : DPA
Category : Europe (World)
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Europe World News | Home

Brussels – The European Union and Syria on Tuesday moved closer to signing an Association Agreement, which will eventually grant the Middle Eastern country access to the bloc’s neighbourhood funds. At a meeting in Brussels, officials from the European Commission and Syria said they had agreed on a series of technical updates to the agreement, which was initialled in 2004 but subsequently frozen as a result of the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

The update takes into account the latest developments in Syria, as well as the fact that the EU has expanded to accommodate two new member states, Bulgaria and Romania, since the start of the talks.

EU external affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner singled out Syria’s decision to establish diplomatic relations with Lebanon and to hold indirect peace talks with Israel as “recent positive developments” in the country’s regional policy.

“The two sides … agreed to meet again in Damascus on 14 December to initial the updated text, with a view to submitting it to their respective authorities for consideration and subsequent signature,” the EU commission said in a statement.

The EU already has such Association Agreements in place with all of its Mediterranean partners, expect Syria and Libya.

The text must now be endorsed by the EU’s 27 national governments before it can be signed some time “in the near future”, officials said.

Once it comes into force, it will allow Syria to access EU funds and sign cooperation and trade agreements.

Copyright, respective author or news agency


Article : EU, Syria move closer to signing association agreement
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November 25th, 2008, 6:46 pm


SimoHurtta said:


“If I were a Jew, I would be a Zionist. I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.”

– Senator Joseph Biden

“When an angry crowd of millions is screaming for jobs on the streets and there are business opportunities for 500 billion waiting a non-Jew Zionist becomes an non-Arab Arab in a second.”

– “Senator” SimoHurtta

Akbar Israel is now a to expensive “hobby” for USA. Well they could sell Alaska (without Palin, I suppose the buyer doesn’t want her) back to Russia (or China) and continue the Zionist project.

November 25th, 2008, 6:54 pm


Observer said:

First, where is the current president GWB. For all practical purposes he has left town for Crawford with the attitude of “apres moi le deluge”.
Second, according to both Liberal and Conservative economists no one knows exactly what to do. The level of toxic leverage is still not known, the banking industry’s whole is not known and no amount of cash injection seem to be helping.
Third, where is the money coming from. The day when the Treasury could print green is rapidly coming to an end. In the last century, Britain went to the US asking for a bailout as the empire was broke. Today who is going to bail out the current empire.
Fourth, the national security projection is one of a diminshed power, which will make the world more dangerous as it may lead to desperate acts. It is most fortunate that Obama was elected not because he is anti establishement or out of the establishement but because he is prudent. Whether he will be able to handle the crisis is another matter. He is acting with daily pronouncements as the acting president.
As for the ME, there is delusion in Israel, delusion in Saudi Arabia, and delusion in the US.
There is a new reality on the ground that is clear for all to see and it is called Islamic revival. I am not saying this is good or bad, a true solution to the problems or more fuel on the fire. I am just saying that this is the new beast to contend with.
Libaral and secular minded groups and parties are essentially on the defensive.
Even Saudi Arabia has been outflanked on its right by more zealous groups. Attempting to disguise overture of peace and stability under the dialogue of religions is truly pathetic.
According to the latest polls, Likud is set to win the elections. IF not, it is set to upset both labor and Kadima. If Bibi is elected, I do not know how the slaves Mubabrak and Abdullahs are going to react.
Likud ascendent with a diminished US will give a free hand to Iranian and Lebanese adventures. Coupled with the eternal sense of vindictiveness that Zionists have ( true and delusional ) means another conflict in the offing.
I tend to be a pessimist, and I think the next year will bring some regression to old habits of confrontation. The talk of peace is just talk. As long as there is a complete lack of a balance of power between Israel and Syria there will not be an inch of withdrawal. The Israelis are drooling over the idea of making peace with the Gulf Arabs as they see their market shrivel in Europe and would like to remain propped up as the local policeman that can keep Iran out.
Iran is in every part of Iraq and every part of Syria and every Shia community in the Gulf and has worked with every power including the CIA and the Mossad to preserve its interests. They have used everybody and every opportunity to further their agenda and they are after all driven by two pwerfull forces: survival at all costs and an ideology of ascendency. It is very difficult to stop a people in such a stage of their historical cycle short of completely destroying them.

November 25th, 2008, 7:05 pm


Akbar Palace said:

As long as there is a complete lack of a balance of power between Israel and Syria there will not be an inch of withdrawal.


I don’t think a “lack of balance of power between Israel and Syria” is the issue. Israel can’t force Syria to do much and Syria cannot force Israel to do much. I don’t think this “lack of balance” is as gross as you believe.

The talk of peace is just talk.

What “talk of peace” are you refering to? I wasn’t aware Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, al-Queda, the Taliban, and the other handful of jihadist groups were talking peace.

Perhaps you know something I’m not aware of, or, maybe you’re just giving Arab/Muslim terrorist groups a free-ride from any responsibility.

Sim said:

Akbar Israel is now a to expensive “hobby” for USA. Well they could sell Alaska (without Palin, I suppose the buyer doesn’t want her) back to Russia (or China) and continue the Zionist project.


Sorry you’re not happy with “American Hobbies”. My suggestion would be for you to become an American so you can change this “American Hobby”. Perhaps you can take on the “hobby” Ahmadinejad, Hamas and Hezbollah have: the Destruction of Israel;)

November 25th, 2008, 7:42 pm


AIG said:

Let see the Iranians feed their people with oil at $50. Then we can talk about “ascendency”.

There will not be war next year because it will be too expensive for everybody and anyway, we will end up in the same position. We will just continue with our usual low intensity warfare. Hizballah cannot afford a war as the Iranians are on the verge of bankruptcy and who now will lend to Lebanon for rebuilding? The Syrians are also in very dire economic straits as recent posts show and can gain nothing from a war. In short, even if Israel atacks Iran, there will not be any war.

November 25th, 2008, 8:02 pm


norman said:

IAEA: West can’t deprive Syria of N-tech
Tue, 25 Nov 2008 17:53:15 GMT

The UN nuclear watchdog warns the West against impeding Syria’s efforts to construct a nuclear reactor over ‘political considerations’.

In a statement released by his office, Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei said if Syria’s request for technical help for building a nuclear reactor were rejected over “political considerations”, the body would lose its credibility among the developing nations which seek peaceful nuclear energy.

“All the equipment that is provided is relevant to the project, and is of an innocuous nature. None of it requires any (nuclear) safeguards,” ElBaradei was quoted by Israeli daily Haaretz as saying.

He made the remarks as the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Technical Assistance and Cooperation Committee (TACC) held its annual meeting in Vienna to discuss Syria’s demand for technical assistance, AFP reported Tuesday.

The project which would last from 2009 to 2011, “did not parachute out of the sky,” said ElBaradei, adding that “We have been working with Syria since 1979 … on different aspects of the feasibility to introducing nuclear power… Thirty years.”

Denying nuclear aid due to unproven allegations “is not part of our lexicon, it’s not part of our statute,” the UN official reiterated.

Israel and its Western allies have accused Damascus of having planned to construct a secret nuclear reactor. Israel bombed a desert site last September, alleging that the place had been a secret under construction reactor.

They argue that it would be “highly inappropriate” for the watchdog to share sensitive technical information with Damascus while the country is still under investigation for allegations.


Count of views : 273

© Press TV 2007. All Rights Reserved.

November 25th, 2008, 8:10 pm


Off the Wall said:

folks, this is probably appropriate here W/R Obama. I just could not resist.

\رسالة بالبريد المستعجل
شعر: أحمد مطر

مِن أوباما..

لِجَميعِ الأَعرابِ شُعوباً أو حُكّاما:

قَرْعُ طناجِرِكُمْ في بابي

أرهَقَني وَأَطارَ صَوابي..

(افعَلْ هذا يا أوباما..

اترُكْ هذا يا أوباما..

أَمطِرْنا بَرْداً وسَلاما

يا أوباما.

وَفِّرْ لِلعُريانِ حِزاما!

يا أوباما.

خَصِّصْ لِلطّاسَةِ حَمّاما!

يا أوباما.

فَصِّلْ لِلنّملَةِ (بيجاما)!

يا أوباما..)

قَرقَعَةٌ تَعلِكُ أَحلاماً

وَتَقِيءُ صَداها أوهاما.

وَسُعارُ الضَّجّةِ مِن حَوْلي

لا يَخبو حتّى يتنامى.

وَأنا رَجُلٌ عِندي شُغْلٌ

أكثَرُ مِن وَقتِ بَطالَتِكُمْ

أطوَلُ مِن حُكْمِ جَلالَتِكُمْ

فَدَعوني أُنذركُمْ بَدءاً

كَي أَحظى بالعُذْرِ ختاما:

لَستُ بِخادِمِ مَن خَلَّفَكُمْ

لأُساطَ قُعوداً وَقِياما.

لَستُ أخاكُمْ حَتّى أُهْجى

إنْ أ َنَا لَمْ أَصِلِ الأَرحاما.

لَستُ أباكُمْ حَتّى أُرجى

لأَِكونَ عَلَيْكُمْ قَوّاما.

وَعُروبَتُكُمْ لَمْ تَختَرْني

وَأنا ما اختَرتُ الإسلاما!

فَدَعوا غَيري يَتَبَنّاكُمْ

أو ظَلُّوا أَبَداً أيتاما!

أنَا أُمثولَةُ (شَعْبٍ) يأبى

أن يَحكُمَهُ أحَدٌ غَصبْا..

و(نِظامٍ) يَحتَرِمُ الشَّعبا.

وَأَنا لَهُما لا غَيرِهِما

سأُقَطِّرُ قَلبي أَنغاما

حَتّى لَو نَزَلَتْ أَنغامي

فَوقَ مَسامِعِكُمْ.. أَلغاما!

فامتَثِلوا.. نُظُماً وَشُعوباً

وَاتَّخِذوا مَثَلي إلهاما.

أَمّا إن شِئتُمْ أن تَبقوا

في هذي الدُّنيا أَنعاما

تَتَسوَّلُ أَمْنَاً وَطَعاما

فَأُصارِحُكُمْ.. أنّي رَجُلٌ

في كُلِّ مَحَطّاتِ حَياتي

لَمْ أُدخِلْ ضِمْنَ حِساباتي

أَن أَرعى، يوماً، أغناما!

November 25th, 2008, 9:30 pm


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