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Call for Submissions: Syrian Studies Association Prizes for Outstanding Book and Article on Syria

Charles Wilkins

In order to promote and highlight excellence in research, the Syrian Studies Association awards annual prizes for the best writing on Bilad al-Sham until 1918 and on Syria in the period following.

In 2015, the SSA seeks submissions for the most outstanding book published between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2015, and the most outstanding article or book chapter published between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015.

In order to be considered for the prize, candidates must join the association. Information about the Syrian Studies Association is available at the our website.

Submissions in languages other than English are welcomed.  Articles should be sent electronically. Books can be sent either electronically or in hard copy.

The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2015.

All submissions should be sent to Charles Wilkins, Chair of the Prize Committee, at the following address: charleslwilkins@gmail.com.

Winners will be announced at the SSA annual meeting in November 2015. Inquiries should be directed to Charles Wilkins.

Comments (31)

Ammar Hamoud said:

It is time for the officers of the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic to take firm charge and control of the affairs of the nation and the State and to bring about a forceful resolution of this issue to stop the destruction of Syria in this form. The Syrian Arab Army has a sacred covenant imposed upon it by the Revolution of 1963 to defend the Republic and to defend the State leaders but the current State leadership has proven to be highly incapable. The need of the hour is for the mid ranking officers who are fighting on the field against foreign infiltrators to forcefully bring about a political resolution that will see the departure of the current leadership, legally invite foreign military powers, especially the United States and Russia, into Syria to crush the militants, bring back civilian opposition from exile, ensure immunity for all officers and soldiers for all actions on the field of battle, ban the Baath Party, ensure that the Armed Forces command is in total charge of the country, and to introduce a free market economic reform in Syria, and forcefully withdraw all foreign forces especially Iranian supported ones from the land. I as a retired officer of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces certainly call on all my nationalist colleagues to take steps in that direction and to fulfill their national covenant for taking complete charge of the country from the political leadership. It is time for the Syrian Arab Armed Forces to take the example of Turkey and Egypt and take charge!!!

Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud
Syrian Arab Army Corps of Combat Engineers 1986-2009

June 13th, 2015, 12:00 pm


ALAN said:

American veterans point out that instead of wars of the past, using tanks and naval fleets will heat up ethnic conflicts and terrorist attacks under false flag.
“Consumables” in them will be ill-prepared and deliberately barbaric armed gangs of human waste, which will be recruited in the doorways and in the prison yard.
Legitimate political and social unrest will be suppressed such “freedom fighters”, hastily trained on the bases of third countries. This is the new permanent war of extermination, does not cure the plague. The end of this war against all will only clearing the area from both sides of the conflict provoked by the third force.

The ultimate goal of the war is not military victory, but the strategic, political (economic and social) success. The purpose of war is peace arrangement that comes after it. Military victory is always important, but it is not a guarantee of political success, since, waging war, should always bear in mind the nature of postwar reconstruction. History is full of examples of win the battle and lose the war and peace.

June 13th, 2015, 4:52 pm


Jamal said:

Tha’alleh airport won’t fall. The SAA and minority Druz are fighting shoulder to shoulder to push back the terrorists.

Mecca might fall but Tha’alleh won’t.

June 13th, 2015, 5:34 pm


Jamal said:

Zahran Allouch submitted his asylum application to the HomeLand department in London. MI6 will give him an exemption to leave the country while his application getting processed.

Heheheheh they’re all the same, money and passports hungry. He reminded me of that Abdul Razaq Talas who claimed the defection and lead the Farouq terrorist group while screwing and jerking off on Skype with the revolution women. This Talas ended in Netherlands as a refugee and now is living on social welfare while smoking weed

June 13th, 2015, 6:06 pm


Ghufran said:

Khoja of the SNC received a revolutionary slap on the face and few radical punches from one of the opposition Shabeehas, Walid Alomari from Qnaitra, at an SNC meeting. The man was kicked out and Khoja may have to sign up for a self defense course offered by his host Erdogan.
Khoja’s beating is the least of his problems when he was denied permission to visit Jordan after militias leaders refused to meet with him, he also may not be allowed to go to Egypt to reserve his seat in a future transitional body that seems to be shaping up after isis and Nusra managed to occupy over 60% of Syria.
The lack of a pragmatic and strategic leadership on both sides of this war will be a major problem that can only worsen the situation caused by the strong presence of Islamist terrorists and war lords in Syria, however, keeping things the same is not an option unless the ultimate goal is to destroy whatever is left of Syria.

June 13th, 2015, 7:58 pm


ALAN said:

Brigadier General (retd.)
Are you seek help from foreign forces to get rid of their tools?
No space in Syria not for the US and not for its orchestra
Once want to involve the US and it allies in the solution that gives legitimacy to their aggression acts throughout four years! Never. Will not be able for anyone to change the political orientation of the Syrian nation. Pls stay retired.

June 14th, 2015, 7:39 am


Observer said:

Sir Christopher Lee should win this prize

June 14th, 2015, 9:29 am


ghufran said:

I do not know if the post # 1 is authentic or not but I remember how the argument Ammar made was posted here in the fall of 2011.
Assad and albaath have done a lot of damage to the Syrian army in terms of its reputation among Syrians as being a tool in Albaath and then Assad’s hands to ensure that albaath and the royal family stay in power.
Chasing, imprisoning and torturing Syrians who oppose the regime was the job of the security forces (not the army)which in my humble opinion bare most of the blame when it comes to the crimes and the violations committed by the regime since 1963.
The army should not have engaged in urban warfare and should have, indeed, taken charge as early as the fall in 2011 but certainly after July, 2012, however, the army was and still is heavily infiltrated by security personnel (mukhabarat)and is less representative of Syrians today than before 2011.
People forgot that supporting the army, as defected as it is, and denouncing efforts to destroy it should be a natural response when there are no good alternatives and no credible force to face Islamist terrorists.
Sectarianism and the hatred of the regime and the Assads have certainly clouded the judgment of many Syrians, this is one reason why Nusra and ISIS control almost 2/3 of Syrian territory today.

June 14th, 2015, 11:53 am


Ammar Hamoud said:

“Are you seek help from foreign forces to get rid of their tools?”

Yes we seek to gain the professional help that can be offered by the armed forces of the United States and Russia in order to remove the Islamist/Jihadist cancer from Syria as well as the incapable and totally corrupt political leadership in Damascus and its mentors in Tehran. What we seek is a professional relationship between the Armed Forces of the superpowers and the few remaining honest and professional elements of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces in order to crush all the non-state actors such as ISIS as well as foreign players like Hezbollah which have poisoned Syria to the point of no return. It is a fact that most pf the real hard fighting in Syria is conducted by mid0raning field officers who can never actually aspire to any real commanding position, most of the top Generals in Syria have hardly any real professional expertise in warfare and have reached their positions because of their political reliability and because they do not pose any threat to the political leadership. It is time for the real fighting officers to take control of the State. All non-state actors must be made to leave Syria by force, and all armed forces officers must receive immunity from prosecution for all actions that they have to do from March 2011 onwards as part of their official duties. The Arm,y must sit at the negotiating table with the non-Islamist opposition including FSA in order to come to a peaceful solution. Syria must have good relations with all countries including with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. The time for useless, ridiculous ideological nitpicking as represented by al-Baath and al-Ikhwan and ISIS must be totally banished from Syria if Syria is to ever enter the real of prosperity and stability.

Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud
Corps of Combat Engineers 1986-2009
Syrian Arab Army

June 14th, 2015, 12:31 pm


Ammar Hamoud said:

There has not been any really powerful Army chief in Syria since the 1950s, mainly because of the political reasons, since right from independence onwards the political leadership interfered in the Army and ensured that all the top Generals remain professionally incompetent and politically reliable. This policy was doubled during the Baath leadership when an officer with less than 15 years of service experience became the Army Chief and Defence Minister. The same person later became President for life. Thus we have never had a strong Army chief or General Staff that can be a counterbalance to the Presidency, like Turkey and Egypt has had, none of the Army chiefs that Syria has had since the 1960s even had a strong personality or any charisma or popularity which are prerequisites for an Army officer aspiring to take control of the State. In this matter I certainly salute the Turkish Generals who have time and again proved to the the backbone of the country. Army officers must be the backbone of the country. Today Assad has ensured that the Army leaders do not acquire any strong personality and remain in essence private secretaries and personal assistants to His Highness.

Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud
Corps of Combat Engineers 1986-2009
Syrian Arab Army

June 14th, 2015, 12:42 pm


Ammar Hamoud said:

Only four Syrian Generals I respect as highly competent and I think if they were active and around at this time they would surely have acted and taken charge – Maj. Gen. Shafiq Fayadh, Maj. Gen. Ali Haydar, Maj. Gen. Ghazi Kanaan, and Col. Gen. Hassan al-Turkmani. It is no small wonder that Assad, both father and son, worked diligently to get them all out of the way. They did not like any of their employees acquiring a strong personality and public profile.

“Mecca might fall but Tha’alleh won’t.”

It is because of the above vapid agitprop statements that have been force-fed to Syrians by the Party since 1963 that the Army is in the State it is today. They said Taftanaz won’t fall, Tabqa won’t fall, Idlib won’t fall, we’ll get back Jisr al Shugour…..where are we now may I ask ?

Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud
Corps of Combat Engineers 1986-2009
Syrian Arab Army

June 14th, 2015, 12:52 pm


Norman said:

When will we learn that if we are not united against the terror groups we all are going to be victims
Here one is reminded of German Pastor Martin Neimoller and his warning against inaction in the face of evil during the Holocaust.
“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”
Now in face of a Holocaust in the Middle East, perhaps one could see a parallel.
“First they came for the Yazidis, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Yazidi.
Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Christian.
Then they came for the Druze, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Druze.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”


June 14th, 2015, 2:43 pm


ALAN said:

/There has not been any really powerful Army chief in Syria since the 1950s/

Is it a part of the frenzied propaganda here, led by the enemies of the Syrian nation ?
The United states of evil will not achieve undergo case sought by thy presence.

June 14th, 2015, 3:37 pm


Tara said:

Mr. Brigadier General

The army officers and their cousins, the security officers were never the backbone of the state in Syria. They have always been the back bone of corruption and حرف القاف intimidation. I never had the slightest respect of the so-called “Syrian Arab Army”. They are a bunch of uneducated حثالة and poor forced conscripts. It will be known in history as the army -the barrel. Like the hashtag spreading around… (We are the child, you are the barrel).

And with all due respect, I find it difficult to believe a Syrian brigadier General knows how to speak proper Arabic , let alone a proper English .

June 14th, 2015, 4:37 pm


jamal said:

11. Ammar Hamoud said:

(There has not been any really powerful Army chief in Syria since the 1950s)

I’m only respecting the rank you’re carrying because it’s from the glorious Syrian Arab Army.

The above statement is total treason and you should feel ashamed of encouraging your military comrades to destroy the unity of SAA.

Go back to your retirement or maybe it’s better for you to be a military analyst on Aljazeera and Alarabiya.

June 14th, 2015, 4:47 pm


mjabali said:

Syria, and the Middle East in generals does not need army Generals to rule or be visible in the society.

Army Generals destroyed the Middle East. History proves my point.

June 14th, 2015, 5:01 pm


Mjabali said:

الثورة أو راية التوحيد

فداء عيتاني

ها هي معركة مطار الثعلة تطرح المسألة مجددا من احدى اخطر جوانها، الاقليات، الدروز، التعبئة المذهبية السنية، وبقايا الثورة السورية مقابل شتات النظام.
يمكن لاي مدافع عن قوى الثورة السورية القول بان هذه الثورة تملك جمهورا مؤكدا هو السنة، وجمهورا افتراضيا هو كل السوريين، وان النظام وحزب الله وغيرهما يلعبون على مذهبة الثورة، الا ان مقولات كهذه لا بد من مواجهتها اليوم قبل الغد، اما ان الثورة السورية تملك طبيعة وطنية، واما انها ثورة اهل السنة على باقي الطوائف، اصبح تحديد وجه الثورة اليوم ضرورة، وسيكون غدا الاوان قد فات او يكاد امام فصل تام مع مكونات اخرى مقاتلة على الارض السورية، وان كان تنظيم الدولة الاسلامية يلتهم مناطق الثورة السورية فان علم التوحيد ايضا يلتهم روحها.

مشروع وبقايا احلام

لن تبقي الفصائل الاسلامية للثورة من روح، ولا من جسم غير الجسم الاسلامي، وسيصبح الاعتدال هو مفتاح التعاون مع الدول الراعية والداعمة، لا بل بالاحرى القول الدول المحركة لمجريات الامور، بينما ستلتحق باقي الفصائل، تلك التي ترفع علم الاستقلال بمن سبقها، ستلحق بجمال معروف، وبجيش الامة وبحركة حزم. ولن يكترث احد ان كان على علم الاستقلال خطت عبارة التوحيد ام لا، فثمة مشروعان في سوريا اليوم، اذا اتفقنا ان النظام وحلفائه قد انتهوا عمليا، وان الائتلاف السوري لقوى الثورة يعيش ميتا كل الوقت، فما تبقى هو سوريا كدولة مدنية، ام سوريا كدولة اسلامية، وفي حين نشهد صراعا حادا بين الاطراف التي ترى في سوريا دولة اسلامية، بالكاد نرى مواجهة جدية من تلك التي تعتبر سوريا دولة مدنية، لا بل تحاول هذه الاطراف سواء اكانت تصنف نفسها كجيش سوري حر ام كقوى معتدلة تحاول جهدها استمالة جمهور السنة دون ان تخسر رعاتها الاقليميين والغربيين.
احدى اوجه المأساة هو الاعتماد الدائم على تدخل الزعيم الدرزي وليد جنبلاط لتهدئة الدروز عند كل منزلق او مشكلة او مطب يقع فيه الجيش الحر، او جبهة النصرة، وان كان الدروز عبارة عن نصف مليون او اكثر قليلا من المواطنين السوريين، فان كل القوى السورية المنتفضة لم تجد لغة مشتركة لمخاطبتهم. لا بل وحتى اولئك الدروز المنتفضين تم التعامل معهم على انهم دروز، وليسوا سوريين، واضطروا في النهاية الى الخروج من سوريا واللجوء الى الاردن او تركيا او دول الغرب.

السوريون وديار الاسلام

هذا المثال يطرح مثالا اكبر، اضطرار المعارضين المدنيين والعلمانيين الى الخروج من سوريا، لم تتمكن ولم ترد الفصائل المنتفضة تحمل مشاركة هؤلاء، المئات من العلويين، ومن المسيحيين، والعشرات من اليهود، والوف من السنة تركوا البلاد، وابتعدوا، البعض تراجع عن موقفه الداعم للثورة، واخرون اختفظوا بحنين الى لحظات السلمية، وتعلقوا بامل عودة الثورة لسوريا او عودة سوريا الى لب الثورة، ولكنهم حاليا خارج البلاد وخارج الثورة.
لم تتمكن القوى المنتفضة او لم ترد، او الامرين معا، النتيجة ان الوقت قد حان لاظهار وجه من اثنين ووقف نزف الدم. فتلك الفصائل التي لا تزال ترفع علم الجيش الحر عليها ان تقرر، اما الراية واما عبارة التوحيد، وان اختارت عبارة التوحيد فان زهران علوش يمثل سنة محيط دمشق خير تمثيل، ولا بد من تقديم المزيد لهؤلاء حتى يقتننعوا بترك زهران علوش وجيش اسلامه والالتحاق بفصائل جديدة، وان كان الخيار هو راية الاستقلال فلا بد من برنامج سياسي يخاطب المواطن، وليس المذهب، والفئة الاجتماعية وليس العشيرة.

صفعتان للثورة

لا شك بان ما سبق يحمل قدرا من التبسيط، خاصة ان اسلمة الثورة يعتمد على جذور اجتماعية داخلية عميقة، كما يعتمد على قوى داعمة وازنة ماليا وسياسيا، وكما تم العمل له من عهد الشيخ عدنان العرعور وبعض الشخصيات اللبنانية والسورية الاسلامية التي برعت في تجارة السلاح والاسلام السياسي جنبا الى جنب. الا ان الطريق الاخر، ذاك الذي يقود قوى الثورة القليلة قدرا وهيبة، والمحافظة على راية الاستقلال يسير حتما نحو الدمار، انه يسير على حافة الاوامر الجافة للسفارات المتمثلة في غرف الادارة في الاردن وتركيا، وفي بعض ضباط المخابرات وجنرالات حروب المناظير، وفي موافقة مسبقة يقدمها الممثلن السوريون للثورة الى هؤلاء، ومن الناحية الاخرى على حافة شعارات وفئات شعبية سيكون من السهل على جبهة النصرة استيعابها وتعبئتها ضد مطلقيها في لحظات الضرورة، خاصة وانها منذ اليوم تجد تعاطفا يتجاوز نسبة 70 ٪ بين مقاتلين في بعض فصائل الجيش الحر.
ولكن كان لا بد من حصول امرين حتى نعود الى تبسيط الصورة على الرغم من كثافة تشابكها، الامر الاول هو الجريمة التي ارتكبتها جبهة النصرة في ادلب، حيث، وفي قراءة سياسية تعتبر ردا على مقاطعة فصائل الجبهة الجنوبية للنصرة في وقت سابق، وعدم اشراك النصرة في معركة اللواء 52، وبالتالي تهميش جبهة النصرة في الجنوب السوري وخاصة في المناطق المتاخمة للسويداء.
والحدث الثاني كان ما بات يعلمه الجميع من ان احدى النتائج المباشرة للجريمة التي راح ضحيتها 17 من دروز ادلب كانت مشاركة الدروز في حماية مطار الثعلة، ومنع سقوطه الى حين اضطرار المهاجمين الانسحاب تحت وابل قصف الطيران.
ما يعني ان اي خطاب حول وطنية الثورة، ومخاطبة الشرائح السورية، والمواطنين، والفئات المختلفة، واختراق النسيج الطائفي، مجرد كلام لا يكاد يقنع مطلقيه فكيف بسامعيه، وفي المقابل لم تتمكن الثورة حتى اليوم من مخاطبة وعي المواطنين، ولا من مخاطبة مصالحهم الفعلية، ولا تزال المصالح الطائفية هي ما يقود الفئات المختلفة، ولا ينفع هنا القاء اللوم على النظام، سيما وان اولى مهام الثورة كان اختراق مفاهيم النظام، وشبكات تمثيله باخرى، وهو ما لم يحصل، ويبدو انه لن يحصل على المدى المنظور.
لم يعد من معنى لرفع علم الثورة دون اطلاق صرخة الدولة المدنية في سوريا عاليا، ولم يعد مجديا النقاش حول اسلمة الثورة ومدى طائفيتها، ان اوان الاعتراف بواقع الامور بحال كان هناك من يريد التغيير فعلا وانهاء حالة الحرب الاهلية وبناء دولة، ولن يتمكن الجيش الحر من ايجاد وليد جنبلاط اخر يخاطب المسيحيين، ولا ثالث ليخاطب الشيعة ولا رابع ليخاطب العلويين. كان يفترض ان يستغلوا هذه المناسبة الى اقصى حد لاطلاق نداء مواطنة ودولة قانون تقوم على انقاض النظام المتهاوي بدل التلهي بنقاشات تهم جنرالات اجهزة المخابرات، كان الاجدى بناء هياكل لمؤسسات سياسية تقوم على الانتخاب الداخلي والتداول السلمي للسلطة بدل انشاء مجالس قيادة تشبه اجهزة النظام نفسه، كان الاجدى احتضان كل الكفاءات بدل فرزها على اسس مذهبية ومناطقية، ومن كان سنته يقاتلون بعشرات الالاف الى جانب النظام في كل المناطق لا يرمي السوريين الباقيين بالاحجار.

June 14th, 2015, 5:03 pm


ALAN said:

Stay where you are retired there. . There are millions of friends, who are eager longing to support our brave national army. Syria is a status quo power and will be a damn to the enemy!
Syrian Arab Army knocked the big nail in the coffin of the new world order.

June 14th, 2015, 5:20 pm


Ammar Hamoud said:

You are right Tara, officers have never been the backbone of the State in Syria and I never claimed they were. I said they should have been, as they have been in Turkey and Egypt.

The Army was infested by corruption in pretty much the same manner in which all State institutions were infested by corruption – I dare single Syrian living abroad in the pre-2011 period to remember with a single incident when they returned home and the Customs officers at DIA have not tried to extract bribes for not levying some import duties. The real facilitator of corruption in Syria has been the closed economic system/socialism and the license-permit-control system which put all the economic powers in the hands of the government (i.e. Assad). Even Lebanon a country shattered by War much earlier than Syria used to have a 5 times higher average per capita income than Syria even before 2011, mostly due to their free market system and encouragement of foreign capital. It is preposterous to think that Syrian army officers are not educated, we are responsible for handling very advanced equipment for gods sake most of which literature is in English and Russian.

Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud
Corps of Combat Engineers 1986-2009
Syrian Arab Army

June 14th, 2015, 5:26 pm


jamal said:

You imposter Brigadier General, you reek lies and BS. Tell us more where did you serve? Tell us something that only a Brigadier General will know.

If you were a real army personal you would not betray your brothers from other mothers on an online forum. Or are you trying to put your service for sale and hoping that one of the many intelligence personals who watch this website will get in touch with you.

والرب لحطك بفرع التحقيق العسكري و علقك بالطاحونة من قرونك

June 14th, 2015, 5:29 pm


Ammar Hamoud said:

Why should Syria go out on a leg and sacrifice her collective wellbeing in order to destroy the new world order ? There are much more powerful and wealthier nations (Russia, Iran) which have bones to pick with the NWO and they should do it on their own, not use Syria for that purpose, a country where 20 out of 100 people still cannot read and write and sign their names. Syria at the most should be concerned with recovering the Golan, bas.

Brigadier General (retd.) Ammar Hamoud
Corps of Combat Engineers 1986-2009
Syrian Arab Army

June 14th, 2015, 5:33 pm


Tara said:

Brigadier General,

Thanks for your response . You sound like a very decent and respectful individual. Having been around on this blog on and off for the last 4 years, I would advise that you do not lower yourself to arguments some sick منحبك individuals on this blog might want to start with you. Express your opinion and ignore them . That is what I do.. most of the time- I have similar beliefs to some of what you expressed : Against Batta and Nasrallah and Iran and against ISIS and those who think they are “the true believers” no matter what their religion/sect is

June 14th, 2015, 5:37 pm


jamal said:

How many conscripts did you have in your unit? how much were you charging them for the weekend leave? or to stay at home permanently? How many villas did you build? Did your conscripts drive your wife around? did they help her with the shopping? or did they sleep with her for that matter?

You’re making my blood boiling you traitor. You piece of … claiming honesty after stealing till you had enough.

June 14th, 2015, 5:40 pm


Tara said:

I was referring to you jamal, the wanna be. That is what Nadia told us: You behave and act like an Alawi منحبك and you are just not. The Alawi community on this blog have already exposed you.

You know Jamal: there is treatment for such a condition.

June 14th, 2015, 5:41 pm


jamal said:


TARA = Brigadier General

I rest my case.

June 14th, 2015, 5:42 pm


Tara said:


Please do.

June 14th, 2015, 5:51 pm


Ammar Hamoud said:

“How many conscripts did you have in your unit? how much were you charging them for the weekend leave? or to stay at home permanently? How many villas did you build? Did your conscripts drive your wife around? did they help her with the shopping? or did they sleep with her for that matter? ”

Ahh my friend, I see that you have catched on well to the now well-known “dirty linen” of the Army that civilians loved to talk about as coffee-shop gossip and pulp fiction. In general officers are provided with the services of a conscript as a household “helper/assistant” but it is a fact that Syria being a hierarchical society, most of these conscripts get treated as personal servants.

Whatever money I earned, legally and illegally, I invested in getting myself and my family the hell out of Syria. And this was way before 2011. I do not deny that I was for a long time a part and parcel of the corrupt system.

June 14th, 2015, 5:56 pm


Observer said:

I agree 100% with Mjabali the last thing we need is army people mingling in politics. It is because of this that the country is in its current state.

Today the Druze of Israel asked Bibi to intervene in Sweida and some Druze were turned away at the Quneitra crossing.

Israel is pondering giving them logistics and arms but not to intervene directly in the conflict.

The Druze in Israel asked the US to come to their aid and to intervene to help them out.

In the case of the Yazidis the intervention was done actually to protect Irbil and the US consulate there. There are no Kurdish allies of the US in Sweida. There is Jordan that all agree to preserve at all costs for the sake of Israel and KSA. That is the only reason why anyone would come to help the Druze.

It is possible the Druze would then create a buffer state on the Golan heights and that would suit Israel against potential IS/Nusra at its border. Who knows perhaps they can also play a role against HA.

Or perhaps HA and the IDF will join together to fight for the sake of the Druze of Syria the way this war is going.

It is interesting that Mayadeen is showing this kind of information.

The question for Mjabali is whether the Alawi community will ask for Israeli or US help.

Oppression will make you ally with whomever to end the oppression and blinds you to your ultimate fate.

As for our new military contributor it seems he agrees with me: the regime needs to be uprooted from its tiniest roots as it corrupted every institution and every activity of this country.

Even this SAA has long ago been gutted by Assad the father.

One final question: why would anyone come and fight your fight? If IS is so evil how come it is winning the social media war against the US and recruiting right and left and conducting repeated offensives? How come their “romantic” discourse of a unified Muslim state is finding resonance?

Perhaps it is because the SAA and the Security services of Syria were two sides of the same coin: look at the SAA troops leaving Lebanon in 05 with trucks filled with toilets and dishwashers.


June 14th, 2015, 10:05 pm


Badr said:

alias “Ammar Hamoud”,

Retired in 2009, and got yourself and your family the hell out of Syria way before 2011, I must say how lucky you are! 😉

June 15th, 2015, 12:57 am


Badr said:

N.B.: My above comment depends on the reader’s intelligence to reach what I think!

June 15th, 2015, 2:41 am


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