Rastan Rebels Kill 20 Syrian Soldiers in Homs, according to Wall Street Journal

Hama Protests Swell in Syria

Tens of thousands of people protested undeterred in Hama on Friday as a government crackdown in Homs, where sectarian violence and defected military conscripts pose a new threat to the government, drew a stark contrast between the two epicenters of Syria’s uprising.

President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces showed relative restraint Friday, with seven people reported killed across Syria, including one in Homs, compared with at least 24 killed the prior Friday, which has become the biggest day for protests on the Arab street.

But the regime’s withdrawal six weeks ago from Hama, the site of a brutal crackdown in 1982, remains a central question in its response. Some diplomats and analysts say a national revulsion of that event has repelled the regime from acting in the city. After prayers Friday, large crowds of protesters lined up Hama in coordinated attire of red, white, and black in a human formation of Syria’s flag.

Thirty miles south, in Homs, smaller crowds of protesters dodged gunfire Friday, with many residents staying home after a bloody week in which activists estimate as many 40 people were killed. Tanks fired mortars in two Homs neighborhoods on Thursday, residents said.

Unlike Hama, which has a conservative Sunni population, Homs is a microcosm of Syria’s sectarian makeup, with a mix of Alawites and Christians among its Sunni majority. Their largely calm coexistence appeared to implode last weekend, when armed sectarian fighting drew a harsh response from Mr. Assad’s forces, who also faced off against some mostly Sunni army defectors, residents said.

One of those defected soldiers said a town north of the city, al-Rastan, has turned into a de facto base for young army conscripts who have defected to avoid orders to shoot protesters.

“There are daily fights between the defected men and the army in al-Rastan, just small bouts of 15 or 20 minutes,” First Lt. Housam, who consented to giving his first name only, said by satellite phone from Homs.

On Thursday, a group of 14 defectors fought the army and security forces in the Bab Siba’a neighborhood of Homs, killing 20 of them and destroying four of their tanks and seven armored personnel carriers, Lt. Housam said. “We decided to intervene on behalf of the people,” he said.

He said the group of defected conscripts, which includes three soldiers, are fighting with the light weapons—machine guns, Kalashinkovs, and rocket-propelled grenades—that they kept with them.

It wasn’t possible to independentLY confirm his account.

Army defections remain limited across Syria, and have so far only drawn from the low ranks, leaving the largely-Alawite and higher ranks loyal to the regime.

But Hom’s sectarian fighting and volatile religious mix appears to have served as a pretext for the regime to strike the city again rather than try to negotiate a truce as it is attempting in Hama.

Both Homs and Hama, Syria’s third and fourth largest cities respectively, are strategically located between the capital Damascus, and Aleppo, two bastions of loyalty to Mr. Assad’s government.

Losing control of both cities would hamper the ability to move troops from Damascus to Aleppo, creating “an island in the country that is completely out of the regime’s control, which would be unprecedented,” says Exclusive Analysis, a London-based intelligence and political risk firm.

Taking no chances with its strongholds, the regime tightened its grip on Damascus on Friday. Residents of the capital’s Qaboun district said machine gun-wielding security forces lined the streets and the entrances to the area’s two major mosques, to prevent protests after the Islamic prayer.

Mr. Assad has struggled to formulate a clearer response in Syria’s other major cities to over four months of antigovernment protests, especially as international pressure has mounted to stop the violence. The protests have posed the biggest challenge to Mr. Assad’s 11-year rule, and his family’s four-decade grip on Syria.

That family legacy is partly why Hama developed into an exception in this uprising, diplomats and analysts say. In 1982, Mr. Assad’s father crushed an uprising there led by the Muslim Brotherhood that left at least 10,000 people dead. When Mr. Assad’s forces killed at least 72 people in one weekend in June, the outrage visible in reactionary protests across Syria forced a withdrawal from Hama that has left its residents to manage the city’s affairs largely free of security oversight since then.

“What saved Hama in 2011 is the 1982 massacre, the heavy history behind the regime,” said Wissam Tarif, head of the Syria-focused rights group Insan. “Homs does not have 1982 hanging over it, so the regime continues the crackdown.”

Hama is still seen as a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold, though members of the banned party live largely in exile or are imprisoned in Syria. The unusual coherence and organization of Hama’s street protest movement—from neighborhood councils to civilian checkpoints—appear to reflect the organizational capabilities of Syria’s largest and best-organized opposition group, once a political party represented in parliament.

Young protest coordinators deny that the Brotherhood in Hama has any organizational role, and even say they harbor anger towards the movement for creating the rebellion that led to the harsh crackdown in the 1980s. Other Syrian activists attribute Hama’s success in sustaining the country’s largest peaceful protests to a sense of community forged out of a scarred history, and efforts by moderates from both sides of the political divide to make sure the regime doesn’t strike it again.

Some residents in the city say attempts to negotiate with delegations of local leaders led by Mustafa Abdel-Rahman, the imam of Serjawi mosque, may have some success. But others remain adamant that nothing short of regime change will stop protests, after past negotiations brought limited results.

One businessman in Hama who supports the protest movement pointed to a deal last week by which some checkpoints were removed from the main roads but only 50 protesters were released of the hundreds detained.

“We do not trust the imam,” he said. “He does not speak for us all.”

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Video of a “special forces defector” in Rastan telling his story. This “defector” from the special forces in Rastan says he personally has witnessed the killing of some 500 innocent civilians in Rastan by Syrian forces, Shabbiha and Iranian snipers. He says he has joined other soldiers in Rastan to fight the Syrian Army.

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William H. Depperman said:


The U.S. Proxy Invasions of Libya and now Syria and other states are part of the U.S. REGIME CHANGE GAMBIT IN THE MIDEAST AND GULF STATES and beyond, which the capitalist dictatorship has contemptuously designated “The Quick Fix” and “The Arab Spring” (!) and is one more graphic example demonstrating that the capitalist world has reached the Final Stage of Capitalism: Permanent War and State Terrorism. The United States has been forced to resort to the new strategy of Invasion by Proxy, not because it is so “clever,” but because the MORALE of its own mercenary armies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere is at an ALL TIME LOW! Lower even than in Viet Nam! The U.S.-Led Proxy Invasions of Libya and now Syria and other countries are being carried out under cover of a RELENTLESS FALSE PROPAGANDA DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN consisting of two parts: 1.) THE FALSE PRETEXT OF “PROTECTING INNOCENT CIVILIANS” and “PREVENTING A HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE” (complete with the clumsily contrived and preposterous false claim of “anti-personnel cluster bombs and rockets”)! This is combined with VILIFICATION and EXCORIATION of the countries’ leaders, for example, the still widely-popular Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi who overthrew the truly hated and despised U.S. puppet King Idris in 1969 and, 2.) A disinformation campaign DESIGNED TO SIMULTANEOUSLY GENERATE MAXIMAL CONFUSION AND DENIAL surrounding the U.S. role in these Invasions using “Facebook”-organized proxy armies and coup d’etat attempts, combined with false denial of the actual U.S. objectives in their attempted REGIME CHANGE such as 1.) STEALING LIBYAN OIL and 2.) undermining the revolutionary movements of Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon! CONFUSION is always a prime objective of the capitalists’ media and educational system on virtually all political issues. The reason is that a confused person cannot act because he or she does know what to think! This helps to neutralize the opposition to capitalism-imperialism at all levels.

The Obama Regime is using the same falsely-designated “Preventive War Doctrine” as George Bush II did in lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and on March 28, 2011, the demagogue Obama sounded just like Bush: “I refused to wait for the images of SLAUGHTER and MASS GRAVES before taking action.” Compare George Bush on October 22, 2002 as part of the deliberate and later proved-false “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda campaign to try to get the U.S. masses to accept the U.S. invasion of Iraq: “Facing clear (DELIBERATELY FAKED) evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Between September 7 and 8, 2002, the entire Bush Regime pushed the same Big Lie later exposed in detail as deliberately fraudulent. The media pushed that big lie relentlessly! Today the Obama Regime uses the Preventive War Doctrine based on Big Lies (see below) much more frequently than the Bush Regime ever did as it invades one country after another using a tiny “army” of proxy forces while simultaneously denying that there is any war at all! “War? What War? Declaration of War?! What Constitution?” (Article 1, Sec. 8(11)! “This is just a STO (Standard Training Operation)!” Note that the so-called “War Powers Act” was simply a previous attempt to supplant the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 8(11)! The U.S. dictatorship’s false domestic “opposition” (e.g. International Action Center) goes along with all the lies large and small and pretends that the unconstitutional War Powers Act, not the Constitution, defines U.S. war policy.

The Definition of The Big Lie and Class Analysis of the Media

First, it is crucial to define and explain the Big Lie Technique which is used on virtually all topics by the capitalist media and educational system and most of the Internet: There are 2 parts to the Big Lie: 1.) The first part of the Big Lie is that the lie must be BIG, because most people only tell little lies and are entirely unprepared for a Big Lie. 2.) The second part of the Big Lie Technique is to repeat that lie over and over again from every media source and “educational” source including textbooks and films until it is accepted as truth or accepted at least as partly true, when it is most invariably entirely false. In addition, lies may be lies of commission or important lies of omission. Both are unacceptable. The MEDIA, including the medical and science media is simply a privatized arm of the U.S. dictatorship’s “intelligence community,” an actual army of legions of professional liars which control every point on the political spectrum and every academic discipline and includes even so-called “comedians” working in service to the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. The U.S. media is very similar to Blackwater, Dyncorp, Custer Battles and Triple Canopy, etc. the armed military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, except that the media has ALWAYS been privatized. The capitalists are trying to head off the growing Islamic Fundamentalist movement in the Mideast, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. They use Islam but also want to head off Islamic Fundamentalist change under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, which at this point in Egypt is quite docile and has been taken over from within so that it can be integrated into a phony “electoral democracy.” In enacting their long-planned multi-country Regime Change Gambit the U.S. capitalist dictatorship and its media use the Big Lie Technique in every conceivable way in order to hide the truth. Be advised that “democracy” under capitalism is nothing but a euphemism for capitalist dictatorship and enslavement. “Elections” are the Number One Primary Weapon of Deception of the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. Because whoever wins in a capitalist “election” you and I lose! Because capitalism CANNOT be reformed! CAPITALISM OFFERS A WORLD WITH NO FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!

U.S. Recognized Tiny Rebel Terrorist TNC as “Legitimate Authority” in Order to
Try to Demoralize Qaddafi and Provide a Pretext for U.S/NATO Land Invasion!
The U.S./NATO Goal is to Take Over Libya, Steal its Oil and Subjugate
Its People with Phony Sham “Elections” like in Iraq and the United States!
The Technique of the Planned Takeovers of Libya and Syria, etc. Explained:

On July 15, 2011, as an admission of U.S. failure to overthrow Qaddafi, after it became clear that the tiny U.S.-backed, so-called “Rebel” TNC proxy army in Libya was blocked on all fronts despite 6,000-plus U.S./NATO bombing runs, which have destroyed virtually all Libyan infrastructure worth hundreds of $ billions, the U.S. and their bootlickers have tried a final ultimatum before carrying out a direct land invasion of Libya! The U.S. officially “recognized” their tiny proxy army of gang-bangers and its supposed leadership of usurper wannabes, the so-called “transitional national council,” as the supposed “legitimate authority” of Libya and has even supposedly agreed to hand over $ 30 Billion, to these temporary proxies, which the U.S. straight out stole from the government of Libya! The Russian Federation then hypocritically “refused” to recognize the TNC Rebels 1.) in order to falsely disassociate Russia from giving the Green Light in the UN (see below) for the U.S. Invasion of Libya by Proxy with the absurd claim that “Russia does not want to take sides in a ‘Civil War,’” which the U.S./NATO Invasion by proxy most certainly IS NOT, in order to give false credibility to that U.S. Big Lie!

The actual U.S. target is Libyan oil reserves which total 60 billion barrels, the largest in Africa and natural gas supplies of 1,500 billion cubic meters all with minimal extraction costs, all of which capitalism intends to put into the atmosphere! Although division of Libya was the INITIAL stated objective, the U.S. cutthroats and their boot-lickers are NOT able to overthrow Qaddafi outright and are using “diplomatic recognition” as the pretext for a full-scale NATO invasion under cover of “protecting” their tiny itsy bitsy “rebel” army, which is hated and despised by the overwhelming majority of Libyans, and supposedly to protect women from a non-existent “political rape campaign.” The U.S. organized their Proxy “Rebel” Army using FACEBOOK and other so-called “social networking” sites and armed them. The “Rebel” army, numbers only 10,000 (!), of PRO-U.S../anti-Qaddafi FANATICS and ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! and IS GENUINELY HATED BY THE LIBYAN MASSES AND DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL MAJORITY OPINION OF THE LIBYAN MASSES! This is why even after the U.S. and NATO have TOTALLY destroyed the Libyan infrastructure with their non-stop bombing campaign their Invasion By Proxy is at a stalemate! Note that the U.S. is also using “Facebook” to organize similar Proxy Invasion/Coup D’Etat attempts in SYRIA and elsewhere! The New York Times (April 21, 2011) described the Libyan Rebels, who are documented, in bloodthirsty videos with hyperlinks provided below, to be murderous cutthroats, in falsely heroic, glowing terms! (!) Videos below show crowds of Libyan Rebels actually executing, BEHEADING and mutilating those in the Qaddifi Army who have surrendered! (See: http://uruknet.de/?p=m76906) Remember that the word “democracy” under capitalism is simply a euphemism for submission to U.S. capitalist dictatorship and enslavement!

The U.S. has begun the same scenario in Syria where they have also armed a core of “protesters” come “activists” (!) but more recently identified as Islamic Terrorists to supply muscle and has pledged to continue their Proxy War in Syria INDEFINITELY! The U.S. uses the Big Lie technique to claim that they are “defending innocent Libyan and Syrian civilians.” In Libya the U.S. also claims they are “defending” their tiny hated “rebel army” to whom they have made all sorts of false promises, and also even provided officers from NATO to work with and control the DOCUMENTED Libyan Al-Qaeda “rebel” leadership! (See below.) The U.S./NATO has armed their Libyan “rebel” proxy army with small arms but want to provide “more advanced weapons systems” according to Secretary of War (“Defense”) Gates, which is being carried out by France beginning with air drops. In Libya the so-called “rebels” are in fact documented to have a core leadership composed of Al-Qaeda although they are ostensibly being led by Abdul Fatah Younis and Mustafa Abdul Jalil, both former foreign ministers under Qaddafi, Abdel-Hakim al Hasidi and long time CIA hatchet man, the Libyan Khalifa Haftar! (CNN, April 4, 2011)

The Libyan branch of Al Qaeda represents a continuum with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, the elite of the Harabi tribe, and the so-called “Transitional National Council,” a concoction of the Obama Regime and NATO, all overlap for all practical purposes. The REASON that the U.S. is using Al-Qaeda in Libya (See below.) is because the Al-Qaeda basic belief structure holds that all existing Arab and Moslem governments are illegitimate and should be overthrown, because they do not represent the caliphate which Al-Qaeda claims is described by the Koran. See: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article27232.html, which also contains the West Point Study (Admission!) documenting Al-Qaeda leadership. (Note: Webster G. Tarpley was a Lyndon Larouche Fascist stooge and remains a member of the U.S. “intelligence community” motivated by anti-Communism and is a false conspiracy disinformation specialist e.g. on the 911 Provocation, Global Warming, etc. But be aware that the so-called “intelligence community” also often has various open Fascists, closet Fascists, or right-wing groups release correct politically sensitive information so that their fake “left” will have a pretext not to report it to their duped membership. For example, Coup D’Etat in America, containing the tramp photos and overlays which both line up positively identifying Nixon’s so-called “Watergate Burglars” as the so-called “Dealey Plaza Tramps,” the triggermen in the JFK assassination, was eventually turned over to the ultra-right in order to try to discredit the claim and the information by source.) The U.S. also brazenly admits to having a wide network of CIA agents in Libya! In addition, the CIA is the source of any and all “weapons of mass destruction” and “anti-personnel cluster bombs” fired in Libya. The U.S. possesses those weapons, not Libya! Grad rockets are primitive in comparison to the U.S. “Hellfire” missile and no more “anti-personnel” than other high explosive weapons! The U.S./“Israel” is documented to have used anti-personnel cluster bombs including white phosphorus (!) in attacking both Lebanon and GAZA! (See below and George Bush-style WMD false report in the NY Times, April 16, 2011) Note that in their presently ongoing attempt at a “FACEBOOK”-Organized Regime Change in Yemen the United States and NATO admit openly to employing known terrorists OTHER THAN THEMSELVES (!). Sheik Abdul Majid al-Zindani, who they first tried to sugarcoat and anoint as a “spiritual leader,” they are forced to admit in their flagship newspaper is actually a “specially designated global terrorist.” (New York Times, May 27, 2011) Zindani is the chief ally of the Ahmar brothers who are leading their forced coup d’etat attempt and overthrow of the government of President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Qaddafi and Libya, unlike the United States (see below!), has no history of waging war against its own population and there is no evidence whatsoever that Qaddafi has done so. His anti-imperialist history and present investment policies (see below) make it is highly unlikely that Qaddafi would EVER wage war against his own general population, but only that INSIGNIFICANT MINORITY, many of whom are indeed Al-Qaeda and other Islamic Fundamentalist fanatics (see below!), organized and manipulated as the so-called “rebel army” by the United States, the CIA, FACEBOOK, NATO and the phony so-called “human rights groups.” These are forced U.S. Proxy Wars/Coup D’etat attempts in Libya, Syria and Yemen, for example, NOT “civil wars.” What the United States has been doing to Libya daily it did to Iraq and continues to do to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries it has invaded: 1.) first it destroys the infrastructure of the country! 2.) Then it carries out a divide and conquer strategy so that the people, the country and the cities are divided in every conceivable way, religiously, ethnically, and even physically! In Baghdad huge cement blocks wall off whole sections of the city and line all main highways in the city. The U.S. is not simply an “occupier” of Iraq, it is still an active INVADER in the continuing Non-Stop U.S. War of Plunder Against Iraq! The U.S. regime reveals by its words and actions that it has total contempt for the intelligence of its own people!!! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship is waging war NOT just against multiple countries around the world one after the other, but also is waging a genuine war of extermination and population reduction against its very own population through a campaign of DELIBERATE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the U.S. and world economy, biological warfare and psychological warfare and has now lost all legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty here in the United States! OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

“Protecting Innocent Civilians” and “Preventing a Humanitarian Disaster” are the kind of FALSE PROPAGANDA and Big Lies straight out of the George Orwell novel: “1984” where there was a new language called Newspeak! Inscribed on the central pyramid in the main square in the book were 3 slogans for the new society: “War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.” The novel “1984” was written in 1948, which was the original title, but the publisher required that Orwell change the date to the “future” date of 1984 so people would not think that world had already arrived! But it had arrived and here is Obama still telling us that WAR IS PEACE! This is also known as BRAINWASHING by use of the BIG LIE TECHNIQUE. (See below.) The daily U.S./NATO air strikes against Libya with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and fighter jet bombing attacks KILL HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT LIBYANS EVERY DAY and there are hundreds of air strikes DAILY by the U.S./NATO! The capitalist dictatorship covers this up and prints false reports instead. Although it does occasionally attribute false reports to their proxy “rebels,” the U.S. media prints as good coin bizarrely false claims that Qaddafi is “just taking already dead bodies out of morgues (!) and placing them around” to make it “appear” as if the U.S. Proxy Rebels killed them! (New York Times, March 23, 2011) In order to cover up the U.S. Proxy Invasion of Syria the New York Times prints preposterous lies that Syria is NOT fighting against U.S.-backed armed “protesters” but “killing their own security agents who would not fire on unarmed protesters” and they get away with it 100% with the false pretext given that Syria does not permit the U.S./NATO “media” access to Syria. But the truth is that Bashar al-Assad is a total opportunist and anti-Communist and acts like a deer caught in the head lights and does not know how to properly respond to the “Facebook”-organized U.S. Proxy Invasion and forced Coup D’etat attempt being carried out against his country! For example, the compromised Assad government even allowed U.S. and French Ambassadors to brazenly travel to the city of Hama to officially lead anti-government protests organized by the U.S. “Facebook” and other social networking sites!

Assad’s proper course of action at that point should have been to arrest U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford and French Ambassador Eric Chevallier on the spot, handcuff and perp-walk them just as in the U.S. and put into the dock immediately. The world (U.S.-dominated) media should have been invited into Syria to witness public reading of the crimes of these supposed “diplomats” including revelation of complete U.S. Motives, with these supposed “ambassadors” sitting there the entire time, exposed not as diplomats but common spies stripped of all vestiges of “diplomatic immunity,“ who would then be deported immediately setting the precedent. It would then be correct to sever all relations with these International Outlaw Countries who must be hereafter so labeled for interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and the internal affairs of numerous other countries, a violation of the Fundamental Principle of International Law. Severing diplomatic relations for a period of time is better than maintaining them at this point where they are entirely counter-productive! But instead Syria chose NOT to arrest them and then called in these same U.S. and French supposed “ambassadors” supposedly to “condemned them” (!?) (New York Times, July 12, 2011 and apparently facilitated attacks of the despised U.S. and French Embassies in Damascus, which then gave the U.S. the golden opportunity to “condemn” Syria! In this instance only the condemning of Syria is ever mentioned in the U.S.-dominated world media. Putting these spies in the dock and reading them their crimes and the crimes and motives of the United States (e.g. Undermining Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Occupied Palestine and severing Syrian unity with Iran) and then breaking off International Relations properly humiliates and ridicules the U.S., exposing the entire process for the whole world to clearly see because that is CRUCIAL and the media would be forced to cover that chain of events! A line in the sand would be drawn and a new precedent would be set. Instead Syria predictably chose the opportunist route. Disgusting!

Meanwhile, on a daily basis the mass murdering U.S. calmly bombs innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere with drone bombers firing “Hellfire Missiles,” warships firing Tomahawk Cruise Missiles on whomever they want and U.S./NATO dropping 1000 lb “Blockbuster” bombs on Tripoli and all over Libya, and shooting people dead in the street everywhere and anywhere and whenever they want! Assassination of world leaders deemed “enemies,” on a growing list, is now openly admitted U.S. state policy! “Protecting Innocent Civilians” and Preventing a Humanitarian Disaster!” THAT’S A HOT ONE! Another Big Lie run to the limit! See below! The capitalist media have called Qaddafi “crazy” for saying that the so-called “Rebels” were being led by Al-Qaeda. But “NATO’s top commander, U.S. Navy Adm. James Stavridis, (disingenuously covering himself) has stated (what is a well-known fact throughout the U.S./NATO command) that officials have seen ‘flickers’ of possible Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah involvement with the rebel forces.” (Associated Press, March 30, 2011) More than “flickers!” (And please note that Al-Qaeda is NOT Hezbollah!) See below. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton similarly covered herself when she stated that she was “supremely (?) cautious about arming the rebels because of the unknowns of who they were and whether they might have links to Al Qaeda.” (New York Times, April 1, 2011) Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO know very well that they are using Al-Qaeda just as Bush and Clinton did with the 911 Trade Center Provocation! (See below.) U.S. Recognition of the TNC Rebels on July 15, 2011 was done partly to try to cover up the fact that the TNC is largely Al Qaeda, which they think can be contained. Qaddafi on the other hand has become such a total opportunist that until June 11, 2011 he refused to acknowledge that the Invasion of Libya was being orchestrated by U.S./NATO forces in order to steal Libya’s oil, and had dillusionally kept calling Obama “his brother.” (!) Meanwhile, the U.S. has now openly stated the obvious that it is trying to assassinate Qaddafi. (Reuters, June 10, 2011). In the latest attempt to inflame world opinion to support direct U.S./NATO Invasion of Libya and not have to deal with the “rebel” army the U.S. has directed its puppet “International Criminal Court (ICC) to falsely charge Libya with “political rape!” Omitted entirely is all mention that Qaddafi’s Security Team is entirely made up of WOMEN and Qaddafi’s role, alone among all Arab leaders, in highly respecting women and assuring that women get better treatment than in other Arab countries!!!

The United States is the Leader of NATO!
The U.S. Is NATO! Libya is a NATO WAR!
OBAMATALK is Nothing but Nonstop Big Lies!

Simultaneously the U.S. dictatorship has intermittently attempted to generate maximal confusion and denial with a smoke and mirrors campaign by stating that it is “turning over operations in Libya to NATO,” while it continues its NON-STOP BOMBING! What a joke! The U.S. IS the LEADER of NATO! The U.S. is NATO! Period! Libya is a NATO campaign! It was openly admitted that NATO Special Forces are “providing leadership and training” of the U.S./NATO Proxy “Rebel” army on the ground. (Associated Press, March 29, 2011), while the U.S. simultaneously issues the brazen falsely denial: “of having any contact with (their tiny) ‘Rebel’ army, (numbering less than 10,000!), because that would mean the U.S. and NATO have ‘intervened.’” “Intervene” is Orwellian NEWSPEAK for INVADE! By March 20, 2011 Qaddafi’s forces had the U.S./NATO Proxy “Rebels” on the run again and the U.S. capitalist dictatorship was openly discussing full-scale invasion or “arming the rebels,” which they HAVE DONE ALREADY, but by July 2011 they were at an impasse with Qaddafi threatening reprisals in Europe for what the U.S./NATO has done to destroy Libya! The murderous capitalist dictatorship first openly discusses where THEY were going to PUT QADDAFI after THEY overthrow him! Totally bizarre warmongers who later openly declared their intention to assassinate Qaddafi (Reuters, June 10, 2011) merely stating the obvious, which they had hypocritically denied while relentlessly attempting to assassinate him with air bombardment! (Note that the policy of assassination of leaders extends not just to Osama Bin Laden but to the leaders of ALL countries targeted for “Facebook”-organized REGIME CHANGE and Coup D’etat who resist! On June 3, 2011 the U.S./NATO also attempted to assassinate their former stooge Ali Abdullah Saleh, the President of Yemen with a “sophisticated precision-guided weapon” severely wounding him. [New York Times, June 4, 2011])

This is the message the U.S. is sending to the world! And the Russian Federation has given the GREEN LIGHT to everything and trumpeted: “NATO is ‘one step’ from the start of ground operations in Libya” to support the U.S. proxy army numbering 10,000 (!). (Associated Press, June 5, 2011) Putin and Medyedev are foolishly still following the opportunist Gorbachev (Stalinist) formula of SURRENDER falsely believing that in accepting an onerous “agreement” they are “buying time” as Lenin once actually did in WWI with Germany. After signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk they later made up all their losses. While Gorbachev did indeed appear to buy some time they are presently courting disaster not only for the Russian Federation but the entire world as their “Green Light” has maximally encouraged U.S.-led imperialism, which will inevitably end up on their doorstep! And sooner rather than later! Time’s up! There is no more time to buy and no matter what the U.S. promises to the Russian Federation, the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism is operant. The U.S has NOTHING TO LOSE and will continue to force the issue with their so-called “European Missile Shield,” which is simply a transparent ruse to place First Strike Missiles within striking distance of Moscow in order to force a Second Russian Surrender and turn Russia into a U.S. puppet! Even the operation of Russian Television (RT) has been partly turned over to the United States on a day-to-day basis and Associated Press articles are used to cover most sensitive issues! As part of the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism U.S.-led imperialism is also busy destroying the entire planet with the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels, and the escalating pollution of the environment as part of End-Stage Capitalism. (Note that the Runaway Greenhouse Effect can still be reversed!)

Despite the fact that Qaddafi agreed to give up his nuclear weapons program in the fall of 2003 and then did so to remove economic sanctions that was not enough for the U.S. and NATO Principals who want to steal Libyan oil! Their formula is to vilify and excoriate their enemies relentlessly and try to build popular support for their own murders, atrocities and non-stop invasions around the world which are increasing logarithmically with the help of their new Internet organizing weapons, “Facebook” and other “social networking” websites. The imperialists state openly that they fully intend to continue to do the same thing with Syria (!) because of the fact that Syria supports Hamas and Hezbollah and is aligned with Iran! Hezbollah, which is SUPPORTED by ALL 17 factions in Lebanon, is the only force which defended Lebanon from the 2006 U.S./“Israeli” War Against Lebanon and defeated the U.S./“Israeli” army on the ground when it invaded Lebanon and largely rebuilt Lebanon from virtually totally destruction after the 2006 War! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship is now making the same sort of pronouncements made by the Bush Regime as they discuss “the Birth Pangs of a New Middle East” just as Kindasleezy Rice did when the U.S. used its “Israeli” Proxy to bomb Lebanon “back to the Stone Age” in that 2006 War using MILLIONS (!) of anti-personnel cluster bomblets in Lebanon and GAZA and also white phosphorus bombs in GAZA, which are now causing an astronomical increase in birth defects there.

The same sort of Newspeak Big Lies designed to deny that the U.S. is using its “Facebook”-Organized Proxy Armies to Invade Libya and Syria are used elsewhere in the Mideast, e.g. in Zionist Invaded/Occupied Palestine, so-called “Israel,” where the U.S. falsifiers absurdly claim that a “pause” or even a “freeze” in settlement building could serve as some sort of a legitimate basis (!) for a peace agreement between the U.S. Proxy, so-called “Israel” and the Palestinians. The “new” Egyptian Regime Change/military-run government, installed with the help of the U.S. “intelligence community” and “Facebook,” is giving the Egyptian people NOTHING and prosecuting those very “protesters” to whom all sorts of grand (false) promises had previously been made by the United States. In addition, the “new” military government is turning loose those in the military and police who killed the protesters during the regime change (New York Times, July 6, 2011), and is simultaneously trying to legitimize U.S./“Israel” stooge Fatah and coax and/or force Hamas to “unite” with Fatah and accept the fraudulent “Two-State Solution” and so-called “Peace Process,” falsely telling Hamas that the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad is about to be overthrown. SEE BELOW! Hamas won the 2006 election with 72% of the vote with a 80% turnout in Gaza (the Zionists and Fatah stopped the election in the West Bank immediately after learning the result in GAZA!) Fatah has NO AUTHORITY AND NO CREDIBILITY!

Muhammed Abbas and others in Fatah directly assisted the U.S./“Israel” in poisoning Yasser Arafat in 2004, causing him to die finally in Paris of an isolated thrombocytopenia, a cause of death which can ONLY be produced by poison! So said his physicians in Ramallah and some of the house staff in the Paris hospital. (See: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast and Occupied Palestine.) The truth is that the only possible basis for any sort of genuine Mideast peace agreement at the present time would require that the Zionists exit the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem and LEAVE ALL the settlements in place for exclusive use by the Palestinians and entirely dismantle the Apartheid Prison Wall! When the Zionists signed the agreement with Egypt in 1979 they vacated ALL settlements in the Sinai, which were then demolished, which was a really bad idea. But the U.S. and its so-called “Israel” proxy have no such intentions of even vacating the settlements much less turning them over to the Palestinians, so everything is done to string people along while steadily waging a WAR OF EXTERMINATION against the Palestinians. The only real solution for the Middle East is one secular state of Palestine which has as its precondition Socialist Revolution in the United States!

Freezing Libyan Funds was Designed to Block Libya’s Move
To Break World Bank and IMF Stranglehold on Africa!
The United States Wages War of Economic Imperialism
Not just Against Libya but ALL of Africa!

The U.S. admits Libya has $ billions in Libya if necessary to pay for all defense against the U.S./NATO Air War and “Facebook”-organized Proxy Invasion. The primary purpose of the United States and European Union in “Freezing” (STEALING) $150 billion of Libyan Sovereign Wealth Funds invested on five continents and in 25 African countries was to prevent African countries from escaping control by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the primary weapons of economic imperialism! By freezing these Libyan assets, the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship also prevented African countries from becoming independent from U.S./European satellite propaganda networks, and which would also save hundreds of millions of dollars per annum. The Freeze of Libyan Sovereign Wealth Funds by the U.S. and EU also forced 14 African countries to continue using the CFA franc issued by France as a means to control its former colonies. See: Il Manifesto (Italy), April 22, 2011. Handing over $30 Billion or even $150 Billion to their tiny puppet TNC/“rebel” army will not change these facts because any government recognized by the United States fully supports IMF-WB Policies in subjugating Africa!

By 2007 National Public Radio Reported the U.S. Capitalist
Dictatorship had Already Caused the Deaths of 1.2 Million
Iraqis! Today that Number is Close to 2 Million Dead Iraqis!

The United States hypocritically vilified Saddam Hussein as the “Butcher of Baghdad” and the war-mongering Reagan regime which invaded Lebanon, Grenada and ran multiple Proxy Wars in Latin America and around the world while carrying out a runaway nuclear arms race against the USSR, ludicrously labeled Qaddafi the “Mad Dog of the Middle East.” But Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi are small potatoes compared to Barack Obama and George Bush, their predecessors and successors. The real Butchers of Baghdad and Afghanistan and elsewhere have been the Bush and Obama Regimes and U.S.-led world capitalism-imperialism, which has caused the deaths of over 1.2 million Iraqis since the start of the U.S. invasion in 2003, according to a blipped report on National Public Radio Online, “Survey Puts Iraqi War Dead Above One Million.” Day to Day NPR Radio Program, way back on September 19, 2007 (!), http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyld=14501232. Previously the British Medical journal The Lancet (October 11, 2006) reported the death of over 655,000 Iraqis since the start of the U.S. Invasion, “an increase which would not have occurred without the 2001 U.S. Invasion.” The United States had been after Libyan oil for over 40 years and think that now is the time to take it while they are taking it every where else! “Protecting Innocent Civilians.” What a clumsy Big Lie pronounced with such grandiloquent pretentiousness and tyrannical puffery always with plastic false smiles or phony stern pursed-lips! The haughty poseur and Fascist demagogue Barack Obama! Regarding U.S. domestic statecraft, it should be noted that con man Obama works closely with the Republicans and Tea Bags who provide him his “left” cover, meaning a form of political deception and manipulation where they falsely and almost comically denounce Obama as a “Socialist” or a “radical” in order to provide him the necessary support he needs from among the traditional brainwashed Democratic party constituencies, so that he and his fellow Fascists, proto-Fascists and Bonapartists are able to move the entire political spectrum ever closer to the right and harden the capitalist dictatorship. This is all in accordance with the (now) One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism explained below. The capitalist dictatorship intends to stage yet another sham presidential “election” in 2012 to keep Obama in power by pitting him against widely hated, laughably incompetent and despised Republican “opponents.”

Fake “Facebook and Twitter Revolutions” are U.S. Orchestrated Attempts
At Regime Change and a Cover for U.S. Proxy Wars and Coup D’Etats!

Because the situation has deteriorated to such a degree for the United States in the Mideast and elsewhere due to rising organized, militant Islamic Fundamentalism provoked by multiple U.S. Wars and aggression, for example in Afghanistan where the Taliban has completely pushed the U.S. out of large geographic areas, the U.S. dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires has organized a campaign of Mideast-wide and Gulf states-wide REGIME CHANGE extending beyond even to Belarus, the former Republic of the USSR, which retains all social programs of the Soviet Union (!), and is being carried out simultaneously against multiple regimes to try to counterbalance U.S. defeats elsewhere. The U.S. is attempting to tweak many of their comprador regimes to make them more manageable, while opening full-scale proxy wars against other nation states which possess huge natural resources and/or which oppose U.S. imperialist domination such as Libya and Syria! A Comprador Regime is a nation state with a government ostensibly led by native citizens but really controlled by large imperialist countries. The U.S-led world capitalist dictatorship is also targeting Iran, the PRC, Cuba and the Russian Federation.

What is happening in the Mideast, the Persian Gulf and North Africa is precisely attempted REGIME CHANGE using the capitalist Internet organizing weapons such as FACEBOOK, Twitter, etc. to help instigate, manipulate and organize the regime change sought by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship. (THAT is why Time magazine made the CEO of FACEBOOK the “Man of the Year.”) Here is how it is done: “The Facebook group: Syrian Revolution 2011 (!), which has more than 100,000 ‘fans’ (!) urged Syrians to take to the streets on Friday.” (New York Times, April 1, 2011) But there are NO ”revolutions” whatsoever going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria or elsewhere at the present time unfortunately! A genuine revolution in today’s world with an international Working Class is a Socialist Revolution and involves a CHANGE IN PROPERTY RELATIONS. It means getting rid of the dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires, the very ones calling for the present regime changes! This is obviously not happening in ANY of the countries with so-called “Facebook and Twitter Revolutions!” The primary objectives of this orchestrated Regime Change and Proxy Invasion Gambit is to try to increase the stability of those U.S. comprador regimes by trying to substitute the sham “elections” of “democratic capitalism” and false promises of “democratic reforms” for the very unpopular U.S.-backed strong men who have been in power, many of them for over 30 years, and to overthrow governments in order to steal their oil and natural resources such as Libya or deemed enemies and opposed to the U.S. political “interests,” such as Syria. But the truth is that under capitalism no candidate can deliver what the masses really want and really need: a new economic-political-social system based on human need not private profit—Socialism! The reason for this is that capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism because of its (now) One-Way Dynamic or Development Sequence. “Elections” under capitalism keep the false hope of change alive and actually are designed to perpetuate that false hope, where the only permitted organized “opposition” to Fascist Democrats is from the right! The primary weapon of deception of U.S. capitalism IS the Presidential “election” and ALL elections by extension. There are no exceptions to this! The reason for this is that “elections” perpetuate the Number One Big Lie of Capitalism—That capitalism can be reformed. But capitalism can’t be reformed because of its ONE-WAY DEVELOPMENT SEQUENCE or DYNAMIC! (See below!)

The United States—NOT Libya—Blew up the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie Airliner
As a Provocation Directed Against Libya to (Falsely) Justify Economic Sanctions
Designed to Weaken and Ultimately Overthrow the then Highly Popular Leader!

On April 30, 2011 the U.S. tried to assassinate Qaddafi with aerial bombing killing his youngest son and 3 grandchildren! Twenty-five years earlier on April 15, 1986 Ronald Reagan murdered his daughter and almost killed Qaddafi himself. After that the United States—NOT QADDAFI—NOT LIBYA—brought down the Lockerbie jet airliner on December 21, 1988 with a bomb as a MASS PROVOCATION killing 243 passengers sacrificed as part of an escalating war against Libya and Qaddafi in order to take control of Libyan oil. THINK MOTIVE! The Lockerbie Airliner Provocation was used as the pretext to wage a never ending media onslaught against Qaddafi and Libya combined with years and years of ECONOMIC SANCTIONS, only lifted when Qaddafi, who finally became a total opportunist, agreed to plead guilty to something he and Libya had nothing to do with in order to have the economic sanctions lifted. A very high-ranking scapegoat, bdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, the former Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies in Tripoli (!), agreed to go to jail for the sake of having the economic sanctions removed. The Scottish government with the support of British Petroleum, who knew the whole thing was a total farce, later freed him for medical reasons. British Petroleum wanted access to and concessions from Libya which they received! The U.S. has a long history of blowing up airliners and sinking ships and then blaming the victim in order to create a pretext to start wars and invade countries. On June 23, 1985 the U.S. blew up Air India Flight 182 after Rajiv Ghandhi during his visit to the U.S told Ronald Reagan he had no intention of becoming a political ally of the U.S. and taking a position against the USSR, India’s long-time ally and loyal friend! The Soviet Union had taught India how to feed itself rather than to remain mostly dependent on importing grain from the United States, Great Britain and other imperialist powers where early newsreels recorded airplanes dropping bags of rice on the heads of the Poor in outlying areas in India! THINK MOTIVE! The Air India bombing occurred shortly after that refusal to turn against the USSR. Later, Rajiv Ghandhi was assassinated outright on May 21, 1991 by the U.S., which is the only country which had the actual MOTIVE, which was to set a precedent and intimidate any others who would thumb their nose at the United States. The U.S. is also the only country which had the so-called “intelligence,” the spying capability and technical capability to know precisely where the extremely popular Rajiv Ghandhi would be to the minute and hour in rural India in order to allow the transportation of the Tamil Tiger assassin/suicide bomber Thenmozhi Rajaratnam to the tiny obscure village, Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu state.

The U.S. Regime Change Gambit Being carried Out in SYRIA is
Actually Also Targeting Iran which Supports Hezbollah and Hamas,
Which Form the Political Leadership of Lebanon and the Palestinians!

The U.S. is using its “FACEBOOK” and Twitter Internet “social organizing” weapons to maximally instigate and organize an attempt to overthrow the Bath Socialist Regime led by Bashar al-Assad and carry out a coup d’etat in Syria, end the Syrian/Iran alliance and crush Hamas and Hezbollah! The problem with all of the Mideast regimes is that there is no genuine Communist, meaning Marxist-Leninist leadership anywhere! Communist leadership would INSTANTLY expose the Bush/Obama Regime Change Gambit for what it is, an attempt to take over the entire Mideast in virtually ONE BLOW BY MANIPULATING THE MASSES WITH FALSE PROMISES, which can NEVER be realized under capitalism. The U.S. uses Al-Qaeda and other independent Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organizations as in Libya, Syria and Yemen as the initial muscle for their actually tiny (microscopic) proxy “rebel armies.” (See above.) The reason for that is that capitalism is now in its Final Stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism, of which the present Regime Change/Proxy War Gambit is just one part. Human need does not enter that equation! Proper Communist leadership would expose the fact that the U.S.-Orchestrated Regime Change/Proxy War Gambit is designed as a means to take over more completely and steal the oil and ALL natural resources from the Mideast and Central Asia. And to give the people NOTHING in return! Just like in the United States, where the U.S. has opened a war of extermination against its own people using economic warfare, biological warfare and psychological warfare, and has now lost all legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty in the United States OR ANYWHERE ELSE! How difficult would it be for these regimes to use their own media to explain this manipulation to the masses? While Assad now sometimes mentions “a foreign conspiracy” he falsely alleges that it is merely an “Israeli conspiracy to bring down Syria.” Right!? Sure! Or at other times he just blames “saboteurs.” (!) Bashar al-Assad even refuses to reveal the fact that so-called “Israel” itself is nothing but a U.S. PROXY and receives all direction and authority from the U.S. from whom it constantly falsely disassociates with all sorts of contrived (even military) actions! This cover-up is due to Assad’s self-destructing opportunism and is documented by his own history and that of his father Hafez. The U.S. Proxy Invasion of Syria depends on the opportunism of Bashar al-Assad!! For the U.S. it’s the next best thing to already running the Syrian government! Bashar al-Assad makes the PERFECT punching bag!

The U.S. “Facebook”-Organized Proxy Invasion of Syria has two stages. Because Bashar al-Assad is such an incompetent and a total opportunist, and DESPITE the fact that Syria plays a contradictory positive and progressive role in the Middle East by arming both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in so-called “Israel” and is an ally of Iran, the United States has been able to use “Facebook” and its other social networking weapons and phony “human rights groups” to first organize and then ARM a small group of opposition “protesters,” the core of whom are Islamic Fundamentalist similar to al-Qaeda, as in the Libyan formula, who are then instructed to go and attack Syrian government installations. When Syria fought back as any government would do and arrested and took reprisals against those directly involved the U.S. immediately screamed: “Syria is killing its own people,” exactly as they did with Libya! These attacks were then highly publicized by the U.S.-dominated media worldwide and used to organize the “opposition” by the United States through its Facebook “social networking” Internet organizing weapons and phony “human rights groups.” This publicity and direct encouragement from the United States and NATO is being used in turn to organize much, much larger peaceful demonstrations in Hama, Homs and elsewhere, for example, which the Syrian government wisely allowed to proceed until the U.S. sent in provocateurs to fire on Syrian security forces, which fired back killing “protestors.” But at NO point did the Syrian government EVER use its potentially most effective weapon—THE TRUTH—and explain to the Syrian masses how they should not allow themselves to be manipulated by the Facebook “social networking” websites to do the bidding of the United States and its proxy, so-called “Israel.” And at no point did the Syrian government explain the actual MOTIVES of the U.S. and its proxy, so-called “Israel,” why precisely they wanted to overthrow the Syrian government, bizarrely and hypocritically fearing to take a position against its enemies the U.S. and E.U.! The Bashar as-Assad government and the Syrian masses will all suffer the consequences such anti-Communism!

When the U.S. first authorized its proxy so-called “Israel” to assassinate Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005 the Bashar al-Assad government played the absolute fool and went along with it 100% acting the part of “guilty party!” Instead of explaining the assassination of Rafik Hariri in all detail as a typical U.S./“Israeli” provocation by assassination, which was designed as an attempt to generate anti-Syrian and anti-Hezbollah sentiment, Syria actually played the part of “guilt party” and IMMEDIATELY withdrew all its forces from Lebanon on April 26, 2005, thus weakening Lebanon and exposing it to the planned U.S./“Israeli” bombing campaign and Invasion of Lebanon which started on July 13, 2006. “Israel” followed the “decent interval” rule and used the routine kidnapping of an Israeli soldier as the pretext! Hezbollah saved the day at that time but Syria remains totally self-defeatingly silent and in opportunist collusion with the U.S. and “Israel” on all these matters. The simplest truths are never explained! The false indictment of 4 Hezbollah Ministers on June 30, 2011 by the U.S.-puppet “United Nations Tribunal” in what was the U.S./“Israeli” Assassination of Hariri (!) is being used to try to provide a pretext for yet another U.S./“Israeli” Invasion of Lebanon and as an excuse to label Hezbollah and the Lebanonese government as a supposed “International Outlaw,” which must then be targeted with ever-increasing sanctions in the standard U.S. imperialist formula! (New York Times, July 12, 2011). They know that 99% of Americans and a similar number of Europeans can’t follow Middle Eastern politics or even their own! For a more comprehensive coverage of Lebanon and Hezbollah see: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast and Occupied Palestine.

The Syrian “activists” now being armed by the U.S./NATO in Jisr al-Shughour, Syria (BBC News, June 6, 2011) and elsewhere and the armed Yemeni “Protestors” are all committed anti-Communists and anti-Socialists and in practice support and wish to join a new government loyal to the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship. They care nothing for and do not identify with the Palestinians or oppressed minorities unlike the Syrian government, which despite its bizarre opportunism, does in fact support oppressed Arabic minorities! The U.S. has been trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and the Bath Socialist Party for decades and install a comprador (puppet) regime and has instigated many previous “uprisings” in 1980 even before the Soviet Surrender by Gorbachev in 1988! See below. Prior to this point the multiple religious and ethnic groups and minorities in Syria have all lived in relative harmony just like in Yugoslavia, but since that Soviet Surrender the U.S. has been using those differences to try to divide and conquer Syria just like in Libya, Yugoslavia, etc.! (See below.) Note that Syria was previously allied with the Soviet Union! On September 6, 2007 the U.S. used its “Israel” proxy to brazenly bomb Syria with totally unsubstantiated claims that Syria was building nuclear weapons! Those Syrians who follow the U.S.-led and backed so-called “protesters/activists” are chasing an illusion and the genuinely FALSE PROMISES of U.S.-led capitalism, precisely as has occurred in Egypt! The cat is out of the bag: the Egyptian people were used by the United States to carry out Regime Change but are getting nothing in return except an even hardening capitalist dictatorship! Meanwhile THE UNITED STATES HAS THREATENED TO CARRY OUT AN AIR WAR OF ITS OWN AGAINST SYRIA as soon as a couple of weeks after it thinks it will have overthrown Qaddafi in Libya. (Yahoo News, March 25, 2011) But because of Qaddafi’s popularity the U.S./NATO and rebels have not been able to overthrow the Libyan government! Capitalism has truly and undeniably reached its Final Stage: Permanent War and State Terrorism! (U.S. citizens should break ALL connections to ALL so-called “social networking” sites, which actually SPY on users and are used to help CENSOR the U.S. Internet and help the U.S. capitalist dictatorship organize Proxy Invasions and Coup D’etat attempts in a constantly increasing number of countries! Expose “Facebook” and ALL so-called “social networking” websites politically and let’s do everything possible to get rid of them! They are not necessary as they exist under capitalism!)

The U.S. Capitalist Dictatorship is Now Pulling Out All the Stops in Its False
Propaganda BIG LIES and Preposterously Blames SHIITE IRAN, and HEZBOLLAH
For Supposedly “Working with SUNNI Al Qaeda in Planning the 911 Attack!”

Because the U.S. capitalist dictatorship has no respect whatsoever for the intelligence of its own people it has launched yet another totally absurd Big Lie campaign falsely asserting in a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court (!) that Iran (!) and Hezbollah of Lebanon (!) supposedly “helped plan the 911 attacks!!!” (New York Times, May 20, 2011). In addition to the more heavily publicized Big Lie by the Bush Regime, which falsely claimed that Iraq possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” the Bush Regime also falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein and “Iraq worked with Al Qaeda in planning the 911 Attack.” (!) That Big Lie is based on the recent fabrications of 2 defectors from the Iranian “intelligence service” who have undoubtedly received money and promises by the U.S. dictatorship. But that Big Lie also employs the very same technique used to furnish false “evidence” on jailed high-ranking political operatives or mobsters by placing a “snitch” in the same cell. (The designation “snitch” is used to convey false credibility to the undercover operative.) After a period of time the “snitch” is removed and makes false claims against the targeted high profile Big Shot, while the “snitch” usually has any charges against him or her reduced or dropped entirely or even receives a promotion!

While this technique has long been recognized and totally discredited as a way to “build a case” in the criminal law most people are not aware that the very same technique is used in politics, as it is now being used by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship as part of the attempt to build a case for falsely discrediting the Iranian government. Simultaneously the U.S. announced that it had stepped up its economic warfare (“sanctions”) against Iran and also Venezuela for delivering oil to Iran! (Don’t forget North Korea!) (New York Times, May 25, 2011) This also sets the stage for bombing Iran in the future using either its proxy “Israel” or after instituting a “No Fly Zone” like in Iraq, Libya and possibly Syria and trying to overthrow the government as part of their Regime Change Gambit throughout the Mideast and Gulf states using its “FACEBOOK”-ORGANIZED PROXIES on the ground! The truth is that Al Qaeda is a fundamentalist SUNNI Islamic sect and has repeatedly denounced Iran which is led by SHIITE Islam. Hezbollah is an extremely popular SHIITE-led Social Service Movement in Lebanon and is supported by the overwhelming majority of the general Shiites, Sunnis and even some in the Christian population and many in the 17 other religious sects of Lebanon and is composed of Lebanese—not Iranians. Hezbollah runs hospitals, schools and supports virtually all of the social services in southern Lebanon from construction to picking up the garbage and even paying the bills, including $10,000.00 paid to each of the 15,000 Lebanese families whose home or apartment was destroyed by the 2006 U.S./“Israeli” Invasion of Lebanon, which followed that attempt to bomb Lebanon “back to the Stone Age!” Hezbollah also has a self-defense guerilla army, not a “terrorist army,” which is made up of Lebanese SHIITE civilians. Hezbollah prevents the U.S./“Israel” from controlling Lebanon and that is why the U.S. tries to discredit and destroy it.

Just like Bush, Obama Supports the CONTINUING U.S./Israel War on Gaza
Which is Carried Out to try to Weaken Hamas and Force a Fraudulent
2-State Solution—so-called “Peace Process”—Down the Throats of the
Palestinians Who Are To Live in Prison Behind the Apartheid/Prison Wall!

Obama said nothing except that he was supposedly “monitoring the situation” when the U.S. authorized and directed its Proxy Israel to begin the War Against Gaza starting with a relentless bombing campaign on December 27, 2008 which was followed by a ground invasion on January 3, 2009, which killed over 1300 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000 Palestinians, made more than 20,000 homeless, destroyed over 40,000 houses and caused at least $2 billion worth of damage in trying to bomb GAZA back to the Stone Age. The U.S. proxy, so-called “Israel,” openly used white phosphorus against civilians and Gaza and enhanced their atrocities with delayed action anti-personnel bombs designed to look like harmless toys to entice children to pick them up and die. These are the “cluster bombs,” manufactured in the United States (!), and also used in the 2006 U.S./“Israel” bombing and invasion of Lebanon. The United States ordered its Israeli proxy state to attack Gaza prior to Obama actually taking office in order to try to change the facts on the ground by weakening and undermining support for Hamas which won the election in GAZA with 72% of the vote and is now supported more strongly than ever! When Fatah, which supports Israel and the U.S. and is in fact also their proxy, tried to take over militarily in 2006 Hamas easily routed Fatah because they were traitors who were already well known to work with the U.S./“Israel” against Palestinian interests. Fatah also helped murder Yassar Arafat, their front man, when he ran out of credibility. Fatah has virtually no popular support and was driven out of Gaza. The U.S. authorizes its proxy so-called “Israel” to keep bombing the tunnels where virtually ALL supplies come through from Egypt, which ALSO has carried out a campaign against the tunnels! See: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast.

The so-called “Palestinian Authority” is controlled by Fatah, despite the fact that Fatah had won only about 28% of the popular vote in the 2006 election! The West Bank is controlled entirely by the U.S. through its proxy state of “Israel.” The capitalist dictatorship believes that it can enforce a ridiculous “2-state solution” on the Palestinian people! Obama thinks he can send George Mitchell, who refuses to meet with the group which won 72% of the Palestinian vote, and impose “peace” with a “2-state solution.” They think that the Palestinians will be more likely to agree to live behind the Apartheid/Prison Wall, which is more than 5 times as long and over twice as high as the Berlin Wall! To accept such a “peace” would be ridiculous! It would be like telling the inmates at Leavenworth Penitentiary that they are now all citizens of the “free and independent state of Leavenworth…Penitentiary!” The only serious answer is to support a Secular State of Palestine! This implies the abolition of “Israel” and Zionist rule but does not permit any anti-Semitism or any anti-Islamism! This goal can ONLY be achieved by first carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States as explained further below.

Despite the Fact that the United States is Behind the Regime Change
Gambit, Communists Must Give support to ALL Oppressed Peoples

Despite the fact that the goal of those involved in organizing the Regime Change Gambit is not Socialism, just the opposite, it is still important to support the struggle against what in many cases is autocratic rule by the U.S. backed strongman despite the fact that the end result sought by the “opposition rebels/protesters” is only to substitute sham rigged capitalist “elections” for the benefit of capitalist stability and to try to take over the entire Mideast and beyond. With capitalist “elections” the political climate may loosen up enough so that it eventually becomes possible to actually organize a genuine (Marxist, Engelsist, Leninist) Communist Party in those Islamic countries. This is an example of where class interests of the capitalists and the Communists possibly may coincide. Another important example of this would be when the German Kaiser, a capitalist warmonger, allowed Lenin the leader of the Bolshevik Party, to pass through Germany from Switzerland where he was living as an exile and expatriate (!) and eventually to Russia during World War I because it was believed that Lenin would at the very least create trouble for the Russian Czar and possibly organize a revolution in Russia which would take Russia out of the war. Ultra-leftists criticized Lenin for accepting the help of the German Kaiser but that campaign went nowhere and turned out actually to be instructive for all Workers. After a Socialist Revolution is carried out in the United States, the center of world capitalism, that still leaves the rest of the world to deal with. The Socialist Revolution will triumph simultaneously in all developed countries but not so easily in backward theocratic autocracies, for example. If the basis for theocratic autocracies or U.S.-backed strongman regimes is undermined through the present U.S. orchestrated Regime Change Gambit that is a good thing. That is why Lenin always recommended giving support to ALL oppressed peoples. This admonition does not apply to the situation in Libya and Syria or Iran, which already support oppressed peoples! Iran is a special case and although it does have politically inept and provocateurish leadership must be defended because it supports oppressed peoples.

Obama Tried to Compare Libya to Yugoslavia! So Yes, Let
Us Briefly Examine What the United States Did to Yugoslavia!

Obama brazenly telegraphed U.S/NATO intentions in Libya by comparing Libya to Yugoslavia (!), where the U.S. ever since the end of WWII had fanned the flames of national and ethnic divisions through “Radio Free Europe” and VOA, in a country where everyone got along peacefully and well under Marshall Tito, intermarrying and living together, despite the false U.S. propaganda barrage. Tito died in 1980. So in 1992, after the 1988 Soviet surrender to the threat of a nuclear war (see below) and after the USSR had already given the U.S. the green light to invade Kuwait and Iraq in 1991, Russia gave the green light to the U.S. and NATO to use the Strategy of Divide and Conquer with Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia the U.S. deliberately played national groups and ethnic/religious groups off against one another in the Bosnian War, and by using highly radioactive DEPLETED URANIUM in U.S. munitions as they had in the 1991 Persian Gulf Slaughter, made large sections of former Yugoslavia radioactive even today! The U.S. has done the same in Iraq causing an astronomical cancer rate there and has made Iraq uninhabitable!

U.S. Divide and Conquer and Atrocities in Yugoslavia

Atrocities, such as the July 1995 Srebrenica Massacre, were used in order to provide a pretext for Fascist Croat and U.S. backed ethnic cleansing of Serbs and Bosnian Muslims in Western Bosnia, which involved several hundred thousand Serbs from the Krajina area in Croatia and was almost entirely covered up by the capitalist media. That massive ethnic cleansing operation was carried out with U.S. approval and logistical support within a month of the Srebrenica events, and it involved the killing of more Serb civilians than Bosnian Muslim civilians killed in the Srebrenica area in July. Kosovo Albanians led by the Fascist KLA and backed by the U.S. intensified anti-Serb, anti-Montenegrin and anti-Macedonian riots, which began within a year after Tito’s death, provided a pretext for the Serbian call for a de-Albanianization of Kosovo and a revocation of Kosovo autonomy and caused a large migration of Serbs out of Kosovo in the mid-1980s. That in turn resulted in the KLA call for a “greater Albania” including all the Albanians living in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. Those charged with the Srebrenica Massacre were former Communists/Serbian nationalists who received false promises from and became paid proxies of (later cutout patsies of) the U.S., but who were discarded and later hypocritically denounced by the U.S. as “war criminals,” arrested and sent to the so-called “International Criminal Court (ICC)” in The Hague. Some high profile cases were later poisoned outright in their jail cells AFTER they had ENTIRELY WON their case in court, e.g. Slobodan Milosevic (BBC TV) in March 2006. Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, the latest previously manipulated U.S. patsy cutouts extradited to The Hague face the same false blame-the-victim charges as Milosevic and possibly the same sort of fate especially if they win their cases or expose and embarrass the U.S. as the prime mover in the dismembering of Yugoslavia. The U.S. has instructed its stooge ICC NOT to give Karadzic the time he needs to prepare his case and has instructed its media to downplay this trial as much as possible. Ratko Mladic is sick but still feisty and declared he did not recognize the ICC but it looks like he will be easily led to the slaughter. Note that the U.S., which was behind EVERYTHING in the Bosnian War, has declared that IT is IMMUNE from any and all actions and findings of the ICC! Although it made a pro forma protest against the U.S.-instigated “independence” of Kosovo, the present opportunized comprador Serbian government is now a virtual U.S. puppet

July 25th, 2011, 3:26 pm


EDJ said:

Oh, my God….20 Syrian soldiers were killed by “rebels” in the Rastan area!? So the question is what were these “Syrian” soldiers doing in the Rastan area. Hummmm, yep trying to kill inoccent Syrian civilians. The true question to be asked is how many of these soldiers killed, maimed, tortured inoccent civilians in the Rastan area. What a twisted logic!!! Gen. Thomas Jackson, the famed Confederate General from Virginia, once said when the Federal troops tried to occupy and enslave his beloved State of Virgina, Said: Kill them sir, kill them and kill every one of them. Perhaps those Syrian “Rebels” should learn a lesson from General Jackson.

July 25th, 2011, 10:15 pm


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