Schedule for Annapolis Conference and Related Events

This schedule is about three days old and does not have the word Golan included in section III of Tuesday's evens where Syria and Lebanon are to have a chance to speak. Presumably Syria is waiting for the Golan issue to be written in.

Schedule for Annapolis Conference and Related Events

Sunday, November 25

TBC Three-way Meeting on Roadmap Implementation (at State)

TBC Planning Meeting for Post-Annapolis Negotiations (in DC)

Monday, November 26

1050 POTUS [President of the US] Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Olmert

(1 hour)

POC: Alon Sachar – Israelis

1315 POTUS Bilateral Meeting with President Abbas

(1 hour)

POC: Shayna Steinger – Palestinians

1500 (TBC) Possible S meeting with Arab FMs (S Office)

POCs: Del Controls for participating delegations

1600 (TBC) S Bilateral Meeting with Russian FM Lavrov (S Office)

POC: Alex Angert – Russians

1700 (TBC) Quartet Principals Meeting (Henry Clay Room, HST 8th Floor)


1800 Cocktails/Reception at State Department (HST 8th Floor)

POC: Alex Sundquist, Site Officer

1900-2130 Dinner hosted by Secretary Rice with remarks by POTUS (HST

8th Floor)

POC: Alex Sundquist, Site Officer

Tuesday, November 27

0900 Delegation Buses leave the C Street entrance en route to

Annapolis. Delegations shuld arrive at 8:00am for security procedures and

to be ready for a 9:00am departure.

0840 POTUS Departs White House

0910 POTUS NSC Pre-Brief (Buchanan House)

POTUS will greet Abbas and Olmert individually as they arrive

0940 POTUS Trilateral meeting in Annapolis with Abbas and Olmert

(Buchanan House)

POTUS will have photo-op with Abbas and Olmert at conclusion

1100-1215 Opening Session (Memorial Hall)

POC: Ashley Bagwell, Site Officer

(Note: POTUS, Olmert, and Abbas depart after this session)

1230-1330 Lunch hosted by Secretary Rice (Smoke Hall)

• Secretary Rice remarks 1230-1245

• Lunch service completed 1245-1315

• Russian FM Lavrov remarks 1315-1330 (note – Lavrov likely

to leave immediately after lunch due to daughter’s wedding

in Moscow)

1345-1445 Remarks by UN and Arab Leaders

(Memorial Hall)

Proposed list and order of speakers – UNSYG Ban ki-Moon, FM

Saud al-Faiysal as Chair of Arab Summit and Arab League Follow-

Up Committee, Egyptian FM Aboul Gheit.

Afternoon Plenary Sessions (Memorial Hall)


I. International Support for the Bilateral Process

Warm statements welcoming the statements by POTUS and the


Proposed Speaker list and order – EU High Rep Solana, Jordanian

FM Khatib, Portuguese FM Amado, German FM Steinmeier,

Canadian FM Bernier, other members of the Arab League Follow-

Up Committee such as Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar, or Bahrain? Would

we want Livni to speak during this session?


II. Institutional Reform and Capacity Building

Statements focusing on what the international community is doing

and what must be done over the coming months to build the

institutional and economic capacity of the Palestinians. Should

help lay foundation for December donors conference.

Proposed speaker list and order – Quartet Representative Blair

(does Blair chair this session?), Palestinian PM Fayyad, EC

Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, Norwegian FM Stoere, French FM

Kouchner, UK Foreign Secretary Miliband, Japanese FM Koumura.

Would we want Livni or Barak to speak during this session?


III. Toward a Comprehensive Peace

This will be the opportunity for Syria and Lebanon to speak, and

also an opportunity for discussion of Arab reconciliation with Israel.

Proposed speaker list and order – Arab League SYG Moussa,

Indonesian FM Wirajuda, Syrian FM Mualem, Malaysian FM

Hamid, Lebanese FM, Oman or UAE FM? Livni or Barak might also

be interested in speaking during this session.

1930-2000 Press conference (Chair Summary, Q&A)

Wednesday, November 28

1050 POTUS Bilateral Meeting with President Abbas

1315 POTUS Bilateral Meeting with Prime Minister Olmert


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Nur al-Cubicle said:

Take a bus (A bus??) to Annapolis-Doesn’t the Naval Academy have a heliport?
Go through security (Foreign Ministers? Is their DNA wanted too?)
Go to Naval Academy (As if there weren’t enough security there)

November 25th, 2007, 8:44 pm


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