Shara Spells out “Road Map” to Reform; Compares it to Corrective Movement Led by Hafiz al-Assad


Ibrahim Hamidi, bureau chief of al-Hayat in Damascus, and three other journalists met with vice president Farouq Shara. Here is what he said about article 8 of the constitution, which states that the Baath Party is the leader of Syria’s state and society. It explains President Assad’s “road map” of reforms that should be finalized by the end of year. [The following is a very loose translation of the al-Hayat article. I used Google translation, changed a lot, and erase repetition and filler in the interest of saving time. This is not a word for word translation.]

Shara confirms President’s «road map» to reform
Saturday, July 23, 2011
Damascus – Ibrahim Hamidi – al-Hayat
Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa  explained that Syria must turn the crisis into an opportunity by consolidating «reform» and to become «more democratic».

Sharaa indicated that the «road map» announced by President Bashar al-Assad will lead to a basket of reforms being adopted by the end of the year. This will include a national conference and adopt of the new political party law, election law, media law and new People’s Assembly (parliament) early next month and the formation of a Higher Council for Human Rights. He said: »Let their be political action instead of people trading rumors».

The Syrian Vice President speaks in an interview with four journalists, including Director of the Office of «life» in Damascus after the consultative meeting that took place at the invitation of «the national dialogue» set up by President Assad a few weeks ago. And the holding of «consultation» for three days with the participation of 180 personal parties «Progressive National Front» The Party «Baath», including the heads of trade unions of workers and peasants, students and lawyers, in addition to the independent and opposition figures and youth.

Was issued at the conclusion of the meeting, which was attended by a number of opponents, a closing statement, the 18 items, including that the dialogue is «the only way to end the crisis» and the «stability should be a higher national and a guarantee for deepening reforms,» and to consider the «liberation of the Golan from the national targets which represents a consensus». As requested «dialogue committee» of the relevant committees to prepare draft laws in preparation for release «as soon as possible», and to recommend the establishment of the Commission’s «Constitutional Review PROCEDURE all, and to make proposals to ensure the formulation of modern constitution».

Recent days have seen the issuance of public statements from unions, peasants and students about the consequences of «consultation». The General Union of Peasants stated  that “the gains of the masses of the toilers were the result of a long struggle.”  The National Union of Syrian Students made a statement that “any review or amendment to the national Constitution or any change or innovation” must be achieved in a democratic fashion that reflects the will of the people according to the rules and constitutional principles.”

The Syrian Vice-President stressed that it is necessary to “defend the gains” that have been made in Syria over the past decades, including in education and health. He explained that what Syria is going through «is not a revolution, but the process of repair and restoration». “There are gains to preserve and errors to fix. The late President Hafez al-Assad had his “corrective movement” (in 1970). Why? At the time, it was not possible to progress without corrective reform.” He added: “We expanded the base of power.” Those who argue that we relinquish past gains are wrong.” …

He said that based on President al-Assad’s speech at the University of Damascus all articles of the Constitution would be subject to review, including the eighth, which states that «the Baath» is the leader in the community and the state…..He added that the Regional Conference for the Tenth Party «Baath» which was held in 2005, included many of the recommendations for reform. He stressed that everyone should support the reform project led by President al-Assad. He noted that many Baathist leaders support the reforms, pluralism and democracy……

The next phase includes a series of steps. It conducted a «dialogue committee» after the end of the «consultation» a number of meetings with Syrian dissidents accept «the dialogue under the roof of the nation», to complete a dialogue with the formation of a preparatory committee for the conference. He also participated in discussions to enter about 70 thousand people, a website devoted to dialogue.

….He explained that the dissidents interviewed by «the dialogue» are not involved in the foreign plots. They want reform, but not the destruction of the country.  He expressed his conviction that dialogue leads to the «calming of the street».

Al-Shara said that Syria is «immune to sectarianism».  The experiences of the last century and the beginning of the Syrians rejected the attempts of the French mandate to divide the the country. He warned of Israel’s efforts to «play the sectarian card» in the Middle East. He added: «a program of reform to the citizen, make him feel safe. We must fortify the citizen and the nation the national dialogue and reforms ». He compared Syria to the color spectrum, saying that it is difficult to separate any color from the rest of the spectrum. …

Sharaa explained that the US position on its surface seems to be about human rights and democracy, but at its core it is about US national «interests» which are closely connected to those of Israel.

Shara, in response to a question by al-Hayat, stated that there would be a Constitutional Review in the coming months after the formation of a political committee, legally established for this purpose, in parallel with the adoption of draft laws in the coming days. With the return of the People’s Assembly (Parliament) on the 6th of next month, new representative bodies will be elected.

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Norman said:

Talk is not enough, They need to set timetable and deadlines for actions,

July 23rd, 2011, 3:47 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


I’m glad to hear you say that.
The problem is that they don’t set a date, because they don’t want to change, and they don’t really want a reform.

July 23rd, 2011, 4:14 pm


Abu Umar said:

To the (Edited for insult), Syria no Kandahar, who chickened out of the question of why the Syrian government killed tens of thousands of Sunnis by saying that was a sectarian question. Me asking this question is sectarian but the killing of tens of thousands of Sunnis by the Alawi regime so it can hold onto power isn’t and many of the menhebek lunatics do support any measure to suppress the protests so their regime can stay in power. They did it before and they’re doing it again and your pathetic use of the secularism card is ridiculous. Go preach secularism to your Shi’ite allies in Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah, or hold gay marriages and gay pride parades in your neighbourhoods and churches, then come speak. The real issue is the oppression that your regime has meted out to Syrian Sunnis. That is why they are marching and the regime will win many battles, but it will lose the war in the long run. If you and your menhebek pyschopaths don’t like it, then you better start packing your bags.

Look at how they treated this Palestinian(who isn’t a Islamist) in Palestine prison in Damascus.

سؤال : أذكر لنا قصصا بقيت عالقة في ذاكرتك ولن تنساها؟؟؟

كثيرة والله ومما يحضرني الآن قصة شخص فلسطيني ينتمي للحركة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين لم نعرف مخالفته ماهي . ألقوه في الانفرادية ولضعف إيمانه أول يوم بدأ ينشد الأشعار والأناشيد العلمانية ويتغنى بحركته وثورتها واسترجاع القدس وغير ذلك … بعد أيام صار يصرخ ويستغيث بالمخلوق من قادة فصيله وينادي بأسمائهم ضل هكذا ونحن ننصحه ونحاول التخفيف عنه حتى صار يصيح بالعامية اللهجة الشامية ( حطخ خرجوني من هون حطخ … حطخ ….) يعني سأجن سأجن كان يصيح هكذا ليل نهار لأزيد من شهر حتى جن جنونه وأخرجوه وملابسه قذرة تمتلئ بالبراز والبول ورائحته جد منتنة ولا ندري أين أخذوه بعدها .

ومرة أخذوني للتحقيق وسمعت صوت امرأة تبكي وتنتحب وتصيح أخرجوني من هنا أخرجوني ويجيبها المحقق ستخرجين بعد أسبوعين اسكتي وهو يسبها وعلمت أن هناك نساء ينجبن أي يضعن مواليدهن في الزنازين وأزواجهن معهن في نفس السجن ولا يسمح لهم برؤية أولادهم. فهنا حين يتهم الشخص يعتقلون كامل أسرته . وقد حكي أن أخاً قد اعتقلت زوجته معه وأنجبت هناك بعد شهر من أسرهما ولم يسمحوا له برؤية ابنه حتى كان يصرخ ويذكر قصص كفار قريش وكيف كانوا يتعاملون مع الأسير والنساء والأطفال وكان بجواره جاسوس يكتب على الجدار كل ما يتلفظ به الأخ ولما سمع المحقق بهذا الأمر سمحوا له برؤية ابنه في مكتب المحقق لدقائق فقط مع العلم أن هذا السجن لا توجد فيه موظفات، فكل الموظفين ذكور.

July 23rd, 2011, 4:43 pm


Norman said:


I think they want to do but always afraid, everything in Syria takes forever which is very frustrating for me, buildings that should take 6 months to build take years in Syria, and do not know why except to say that they unfortunately have no value for time .

July 23rd, 2011, 4:49 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Prof landis
I am the next victim after why discus,I can’t be with people like Abu umer.if that is being Syrian
Then I will just consider myself from zimbabwi.
Good luck every one.

July 23rd, 2011, 5:02 pm


hsyrian said:

Dear Joshua

Thank you for your translation of an important text.

In your text
“Shara, in response to a question by al-Hayat, stated that
there would be a Constitutional Review in the coming months after the formation of a political committee, legally established for this purpose,
in parallel with the adoption of draft laws in the coming days.

With the return of the People’s Assembly (Parliament) on the 6th of next month, new representative bodies will be elected.”

As your translation do not say more that the original text in arabic, what do you understand by new “representative bodies” ?

July 23rd, 2011, 5:07 pm


AIG said:

Shara brings great news! Very soon a committee will be formed to recommend the structure for electing a panel that will discuss procedures for forming a dialog assembly that will advice on the system that will be put in place to choose how to elect the expert assembly that will discuss how to change the constitution. This should not take more than a decade. I finally feel optimistic. We all just need to be patient.

July 23rd, 2011, 5:21 pm


Tara said:

Abu Ummar.

I am sunni and I do not accept your comments.

The regime has Sunnis thugs and Alawi thugs. Yes, the regime killed 1500 plus to stay in power but to characterize it as Alawis killing Sunnis is just incorrect and indeed sectarian. Sharaa, Moualim , .. are all Sunnis. Aren’t they? Dalila is Alawi, and he is against the regime. Isn’t he

I am not supporting this regime. And I am also very much against your views. As a sunni, I feel very offended when you post a sectarian comment like this and I would like to see you either changed or gone.

July 23rd, 2011, 5:32 pm


Aboud said:

Reforms by the end of the year? And who was the unrealistic sycophant who told junior he could last until the end of the summer?

There were many things junior could have done in the past year…heck, past half month. But he’s too timid to make any grand changes. It takes a real man to send the tanks back to the barracks and let the free press in

July 23rd, 2011, 5:49 pm


louai said:

Dear Syria no kandahar

cant you just skip his comments? i dont really waste my time with him , the guy is not even Syrian and clearly suffer from a deep trauma and needs help , why you bother with him?

July 23rd, 2011, 6:00 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. Abu Umar:

Few questions mr Abu Umar if you care to anwer:

In all of your posts you bring stories about what Hafez al-Assad did to some Palestinians here and there. You seem to have deep issues with that. Are you a Palestinian or a Syrian?

You also seem to have appointed yourself the spokesperson for the Sunnis of Syria, how come? Are there any Sunnis who are not as Sectarian as you, or all of them are gone now? Are you trying to hijack the representation of the Sunnis?

If you are the voice of the Sunnis, do you expect anything else other than the break up of Syria to many states?

AS for secularism, why are you so hateful towards it, and every time one brings it to the table you ask them to go and preach that to the Shia of Iraq or to the Mullahs of Iran? You know this is sidetracking and running away from the real topic which is : SECULARISM, so why this hate towards it?

We want to talk about secularism with you, so why are you running away from it? WE want to talk about secularism with the Salafis so why you divert our attention and run away from the discussion?

Why you run away from issues like Birth control, the rule of the law, civil society,gay marriage (your favorite topic thinking you insult or shame someone), and relations with minorities?

You seem to see things in terms of Sunnis/Shia/Christians…etc The world is not like that Mr. Aby Umar, so the question here is how do you intend to live in a world that have people who are not Sunnis? Are you going to clean the place from anyone who is not a Sunni?

You asked me before if I am Alawi or what is my sect? I tell you that I am la-Deeni (لاديني), which means I follow no organized religion thankfully. My ideas about Allah/God are doubtful of its existence after the harm and violence I saw from religions so far. So the question here, do I deserve to live according to your Sunni logic?
Am I allowed to change the religion my parents had me follow?

Last question: why you never post anything related to the topics and articles that are relevant at the moment?

PS: SYRIA NO KANDAHAR please do not leave. You are a shining light in the face of this Salafi religious non-democratic darkness. Your wise and satirical words are like a sword cutting through their weak هش logic so do not let them defeat a voice of reason like yours.

July 23rd, 2011, 6:07 pm


louai said:


he is a Palestinian he already said that before ,just read his old comments .

July 23rd, 2011, 6:14 pm


AIG said:


You ask very good questions of Abu Umar and I mean that sincerely.
May I ask you a question? Why didn’t the Syrian people ask the Hamas people Assad hosted in Damascus these questions? Abu Umar reflects the Hamas ideology. So how come Assad had no problem with it before? In fact are you surprised a Palestinians would hold such ideologies given that Syria has for years supported Hamas?

July 23rd, 2011, 6:26 pm


louai said:

Two Citizens: We Were Kidnapped, Tortured by Armed Terrorist Gangs

Jul 24, 2011

HOMS, (SANA) – Two citizens from Homs Governorate on Saturday said they were kidnapped and severely tortured by armed terrorist groups.

One of the kidnapped citizens, Ali Sharif al-Jirdi, told the Syrian TV that while he was on his way back to his house in al-Abbasyyah district in Homs, an armed gang of around ten terrorists armed with rifles and knives kidnapped him.

He added that he tried to escape but they tied him up and blindfolded his eyes before moving him to a cache in the district along with other kidnapped citizens.

Al-Jirdi pointed out that while he was detained he heard moaning voices from neighboring rooms, adding that he saw a corpse while he was transferred to other room.

“I heard members of the gang agreeing on hitting us with stones on our heads and throwing us in trash containers”, he said.

Al-Jirdi indicated that the terrorists took their IDs and cell phones.

Al-Jirdi added that after the gang left him he heard moaning voices from a nearby citizen, adding that he tried to untie him but he couldn’t.

“After a while, army personnel saw us and asked for medical help from the National Hospital of Homs, they told me later that the person who was near me, Thaer al-Ali, was martyred because of the severe torture he suffered”, he said.

For his part, Yasir Hashim al-Ali, said that while he was on his way back to Homs city, a group of armed people kidnapped and tortured him.

Al-Ali added that they took him to the second floor of a building before moving him again to another house where they hit and tortured him on the pretext that he is dealing with the army.

“Afterwards, they moved me back to the place they kidnapped me from and left me with my legs and hands tied up”, he concluded.

M. Nassr/ Ghossoun

July 23rd, 2011, 6:27 pm


louai said:

Homs again !!

Saboteurs Target a Train Traveling from Aleppo to Damascus, Driver Martyred

Jul 24, 2011

HOMS, (SANA) – A group of saboteurs on Saturday targeted a train in al-Souda area in Homs at 03:00 am while it was traveling from Aleppo to Damascus with more than 480 passengers onboard most of them are children, women and patients who were traveling to undergo surgeries.

SANA Correspondent mentioned that those terrorist groups loosed parts of the railway as the train derailed and its cabin was burnt and the driver was martyred while a number of the passengers were injured.
Official source: the sabotage act aimed at committing massacre against innocents

An official source at the Interior Ministry announced that the sabotage act aimed at committing a massacre against 480 innocent passengers traveling from Aleppo to Damascus.

“The Ministry urges all citizens to cooperate with security and police apparatus to give any information available about the saboteurs and criminals who exploit and hide behind demonstrations to carry out terrorist acts that target civilians as well as damaging private and public properties,” the source added.

It underlined that the authorities will firmly and decisively deal with those saboteurs.

Homs Governor Ghassan Abdul-Al described the sabotage act as a heinous crime against a train which transports women, children and patients who were heading for Damascus for treatment.

In a statement to SANA, Abdul-Al referred to the existence of railroad pieces that were loosed by the saboteurs, clarifying that a freight train had crossed from an opposite direction from Homs to Aleppo before 1.00 a.m. when the railroad was safe and tight, adding this leads to the fact that sabotage happened between 1.00 and 3.00 a.m.

About the motives of saboteurs to select this spot to commit their crime, the Governor said that the area of the incident is considered as an arch for the railways from a mechanical point of view, so any derail or sliding will be deadly, but the care of God has rescued that train.

He pointed out to the presence of tracks for motorcycles’ tires near the bride that was selected to derail the train, particularly the road is very slippery here and might lead to a huge number of losses.

Director of the Railways’ General Establishment George Makaabari added that selecting this place to carry out the criminal act by saboteurs indicate their plot was targeting to kill all passengers, particularly they have loosed the links of the railroad and a number of beams to a distance of scores of meters.

R. al-Jazaeri / Mazen

July 23rd, 2011, 6:29 pm


AIG said:


Why would you believe anything SANA reports?
They are just a tool of the regime, not an independent news site.

July 23rd, 2011, 6:44 pm


Aboud said:

If armed gangs wanted to wreck some mayhem, there are plenty of military targets around for them to do so. Why crash a train with no value, and which for all they knew could be chock full of their supporters.

Judging from the satellite channels, I’m not the only one who thinks the regime’s explanations are….questionable.

July 23rd, 2011, 6:53 pm


louai said:

I link from SANA because the news were translated to English already

Both news were reported by Syria-news and other private papers, Syria-News recently taking the side of the truth but unfortunately they write in Arabic only


July 23rd, 2011, 6:54 pm


Afram said:

because of dudes like Abu Umars…Scientists invented Birth Control

July 23rd, 2011, 6:56 pm


Shami said:

Louai ,do you swallowed this one ?

it’s the in “video and audio” proof of asad-makhlouf scared from change regime by excellence.

When the road turns ,people like Louai and Jad should not be allowed to taste what they fight against,they have to be subjected to their favorite manners.
Lies ,hypocrisy and deception.

July 23rd, 2011, 6:56 pm


AIG said:


This if from the AP aticle you provided a link to:
“Ghassan Mustafa Abdul-Aal, the governor of Homs, called it a “terrorist and criminal” act and said it was a “clear message” to everyone who says the protest movement is peaceful.
No evidence was provided to support those claims.”

And what is the header of the SANA article?
It is: “Saboteurs Target a Train Traveling from Aleppo to Damascus, Driver Martyred”

See the difference and the lies of SANA? They should never be quoted. Even if they copy from other organizations they add things to further the regime interest, not the truth.

July 23rd, 2011, 7:00 pm


Tara said:


I would like to know what the ” saboteurs” motive is? To inflame people against the revolution? Then they must be working for the regime. No?

It is just not plausible otherwise. I think that the regime’ chief stategist is a disgruntled underpaid employee who is hurting the regime on purpose.

July 23rd, 2011, 7:11 pm


syau said:


“If armed gangs wanted to wreck some mayhem, there are plenty of military targets around for them to do so. Why crash a train with no value, and which for all they knew could be chock full of their supporters.”

The train had over 480 passengers onboard. Their intent was to cause as much mayhem as possible, that would by why they would sabotage a train filled with passengers. I would say their aim was for all onboard to die, and in that they would achieve the chaos and terror they are aiming for. They wouldn’t care if it was ‘chock full’ of the revolution supporters, they are willing to sacrifice eachother for their cause.

As we have witnessed, they don’t only aim at military targets. It’s MB history repeating itself.

Syria no Kandahar,

Please don’t leave and deprive us of your excellent comments, you have too much talent to be driven away. SC has already been deprived of Why Discuss’ brillian mind. Don’t let Abu umar cause you to leave, skip over his poisonous comments and don’t give him the benefit of achieving what he set out for.

July 23rd, 2011, 7:16 pm


Tara said:


Did you see the second link posted by Amir # 56 from the last thread? It clearly mention Iranian snipers shooting some army members to inflame the rest of the army against the demonstratots. If this proved true, This regime is beyond evil.

July 23rd, 2011, 7:26 pm


Aboud said:

@23 So, they are evil doers who do evil just for the sake of doing evil. Reading your comment, I half expected to hear the Darth Vader theme. I’m guessing Ming the Merciless has taken up residence in Homs as well. Sweeney Todd has booked a plane ride I hear.

Tara @24 I would love to get some solid proof of Iranian involvement. But to be frank, no one has caught an Iranian smoking gun yet. Lots and lots of rumors from reliable people, but nothing solid….yet.

July 23rd, 2011, 8:05 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. AIG:

Hamas in my opinion is a religious party, and a conservative one for sure. I am not a fan of those parties. As for why al-Assad allied with them, probably he did that for certain ends and because of certain political realities. These are political games for political gains. He did not ask me for sure, otherwise I would have advised not to be in bed with a Salafi religious party like Hamas.

July 23rd, 2011, 8:24 pm


beaware said:

A National Forum & A Conference in Damascus
(Dp-news – Sana)

DAMASCUS- The National Forum for Syrian Expatriates on Saturday started activities at the Sheraton Hotel under the title “My Motherland Syria” with the participation of more than 150 expatriates.
The event aims at supporting the comprehensive reform led by President Bashar al-Assad rejecting any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

It also stresses complete adherence to the national cohesion as a basis for all the Syrian people.

Also in Damascus, the 1st National Conference for Administrative, Economic and Social Reform focused in its final session on the legal rules and their role in modernization, as well as the objective view of administrative reform. …..

July 23rd, 2011, 8:29 pm


AIG said:


Thanks for the frank answer.
I know you are not one of them but I always find it strange that the regime supporters are shouting “Salafis!” when the regime itself has been hosting them for years!

July 23rd, 2011, 8:36 pm


jad said:

شعبان: الأزمة في سورية “مركبة” .. والمشكلة بدأت تتوضح ومعرفة من يقوم بها وأفضل الطرق لمعالجتها

“لا يمكن لأي بلد أن يقبل وجود مسلحين يقومون بقطع الطرقات والمدن واستهداف الجيش والشرطة والمدنيين”
أشارت المستشارة السياسية والإعلامية في رئاسة الجمهورية، الدكتورة بثينة شعبان، يوم السبت، إلى أن الأزمة التي تشهدها سورية “مركبة” دون إلغاء العوامل المحلية والمطالب المحقة للشعب السوري، إلا أن ما جعل الأزمة أكثر صعوبة هو العنف والقتل واستهداف الجيش والشرطة والأمن والمدنيين، موضحة أنه لا يمكن لأي بلد أن يقبل بأن تقوم مجموعة مسلحة بقطع الطرقات والمدن، وأن جذور المشكلة بدأت تتوضح ومعرفة من يقوم بها ومعرفة أفضل الطرق لمعالجتها..

وذكرت وكالة الأنباء الرسمية (سانا) أن كلام شعبان جاء خلال إلقائها كلمة الافتتاح في اللقاء الوطني للمغتربين السوريين الذي عقد اليوم تحت عنوان “وطني سورية”.

وقالت شعبان إن “السوريين موحدون وإن تاريخ سورية وشعبها أعطيا أنموذجاً للمحبة والعيش المشترك وإن هذا الأنموذج هو المستهدف”، مضيفة “إننا لا نريد أن ننفي ما تتعرض له الشعوب العربية في مناطق وبلدان مختلفة وربما ضمنها ما يتعرض له الشعب السوري من مظالم فهذا شأن داخلي”.

ولفتت إلى أنه منذ بداية الأزمة التقى الرئيس بشار الأسد المئات من المواطنين من مختلف المدن والقرى والشرائح والاتجاهات في جميع المحافظات واستمع إليهم وتحدثوا بصراحة كما أن الحراك الاجتماعي والسياسي داخل البلد ركز دائماً على العوامل التي أدت لهذه الأزمة والعوامل التي تمكننا من الخروج منها.

والتقى الرئيس الأسد في الأسابيع الماضية العديد من الوفود من مختلف المدن والمناطق في المحافظات، على خلفية الأحداث التي تشهدها سورية منذ أربعة أشهر، حيث استمع إلى مقترحاتهم ومطالبهم.

وأشارت المستشارة السياسية والإعلامية إلى أن الأزمة في سورية مركبة دون إلغاء العوامل المحلية والمطالب المحقة التي يطالب بها الشعب السوري، مبينة أن العامل الذي جعل الأزمة أكثر صعوبة هو العنف والقتل واستهداف قواتنا المسلحة والشرطة والأمن والمدنيين.

وأكدت أنه لا يمكن لأحد أن ينكر أن دور سورية القومي والمقاوم والعروبي هو المستهدف، موضحة أنه بعد أن رفعت سورية حالة الطوارئ ووضعت قانونا للتظاهر، بات لا يوجد أي مشكلة في التقدم بطلب للقيام بمظاهرة مرخصة، إلا أن المشكلة تكمن في قطع الطرقات ووضع الحواجز من قبل مسلحين واستهداف الناس على الهوية والجيش والشرطة، لأن هذا أمن بلد، ولا يمكن لأي بلد في العالم أن يقبل بأن تتجه مجموعة مسلحة إلى قطع الطرقات والمدن بقوة السلاح.

وشهدت بعض المدن السورية أحداث عنف وقطع طرقات من قبل مسلحين، ترافقت مع حوادث إطلاق نار، أدت إلى سقوط ضحايا في هذه المدن من مدنيين وشرطة وعناصر في الجيش.

وقالت شعبان إن “جذور المشكلة التي نواجهها بدأت تتوضح ومن يقوم بها ومن وراءها وتوصلنا إلى أفضل الطرق لمعالجتها، مضيفة أن الذي ساعدنا في ذلك هو وعي ومحبة الشعب السوري الذي لا يقبل الفرقة بين أبنائه واعتاد العيش بالأمن والأمان ويعمل على إعادته كما كان”.

كما لفتت إلى أن اللغة الطائفية لم تكن موجودة في منطقتنا أصلا فالوطن العربي هو من أكثر مناطق العالم تنوعاً عرقاً وديناً، معتبرة أن التجييش الطائفي هو أخطر سلاح يمكن أن يستخدم في هذه المنطقة لهذا فإن الشعب السوري يقف بمعظمه ضد محاولات التجييش والفرقة والانقسام ويعود ليقف مع خريطة الإصلاح التي أعلنها الرئيس الأسد وضد أي محاولة لزعزعة أمن واستقرار سورية.

وشهدت بعض المناطق في مدينة حمص مؤخرا عدة جرائم راح ضحيتها عدد من الضحايا، وذلك نتيجة أعمال عنف ذات صبغة طائفية.

من جانب آخر، بينت المستشارة السياسية والإعلامية أن قانون الأحزاب أصبح شبه جاهز فيما يجري البحث في قانوني الإعلام والانتخابات وسيكونان جاهزين في وقت قريب جدا، لافتة إلى أن ما تحدث عنه الرئيس الأسد حول إمكانية مراجعة الدستور أو إعادة كتابته وعن حرية الإعلام وإصدار قانون حضاري وعصري له.

وصدرت، في الآونة الأخيرة، عدة قوانين وإجراءات تهدف إلى تسريع عملية الإصلاح في سورية منها إنهاء مراسيم العفو وإلغاء حالة الطوارئ وإلغاء محكمة امن الدولة العليا، إضافة إلى تشكيل عدة لجان، منها لجنة الحوار الوطني مكافحة الفساد ولجنة لدراسة الواقع الاجتماعي والاقتصادي وغيرها.

وعن دور المغتربين، دعت شعبان جميع المغتربين الذين لم يتمكنوا من حضور اللقاء إلى أن يكونوا جزءاً من هذه المبادرة إلى القيام بمبادرات جديدة، مضيفة أن الجهد اليوم لا يلغي أهمية وجود مبادرات أخرى فالوطن قلبه مفتوح للجميع وخاصة أن أعداد وإمكانيات المغتربين كبيرة وسورية تعول عليهم وأبوابها مفتوحة لهم دائما.

وأوضحت أن أهم ثروات سورية هي الثروة الاغترابية لأن المغتربين المنتشرين في كل مكان من أنحاء العالم لديهم من الخبرات والكفاءات ما هو قادر على النهوض بسورية نهضة حضارية عظيمة وسريعة، طالبة من المغتربين السوريين للعودة والاستثمار والمساهمة في نهضة البلد والعيش في ربوعه.

يشار إلى أن هذا المؤتمر يأتي بالتزامن مع خروج مظاهرات في عدة مدن سورية منذ نحو 4 أشهر تنادي بالحرية وشعارات سياسية مناهضة للنظام, تخللها سقوط مئات الشهداء من المدنيين وعناصر الآمن والجيش، حملت السلطات السورية مسؤولية هذا الأمر إلى جماعات مسلحة، فيما تتهم منظمات حقوقية ونشطاء الحكومة السورية باستخدام العنف لقمع التظاهرات.

July 23rd, 2011, 8:37 pm


jad said:

على متنه 485 راكبا .. استهداف سكة حديد في حمص يؤدي إلى انقلاب عدد من عربات قطار واستشهاد سائقه

مسؤول: العملية منفذة بإتقان مستهدفة قطار يقل 485 راكباً..وسبقته محاولات تخريب أخرى آخرها كانت قبل 3 أيام
استشهد سائق عربة قطار وأصيب العشرات من الركاب بجروح بعد جنوح 8 عربات وانقلابها، نتيجة عملية تخريبية في نقطة السودة بمنطقة قزحيل بحمص فجر يوم السبت.

وقالت مدير العلاقات العامة والدولية في المؤسسة العامة للخطوط الحديدية رولا عنبر لسيريانيوز إن “العناية الإلهية أنقذت 485 مواطنا من ركاب الرحلة رقم 230 التي انطلقت من حلب في تمام الساعة 12:00 من منتصف ليل الجمعة متجهة إلى دمشق”.

وروت عنبر تفاصيل الحادث قائلة “بعد مغادرة القطار المذكور محطة سنيسيل، وحوالي الساعة 3:00 من فجر السبت، تعرض القطار للجنوح من على السكة، نتيجة قيام مجموعات تخريبية بفك جبائر (مواد تثبيت العارضة في القضيب) و6 عوارض، على جسر ممتد فوق عبار مائي في نقطة السودة من منطقة قزحيل القريبة من حمص، في النقطة 11 والوتد 8 (ترميز خريطة السكك لدى المؤسسة)، ما أدى إلى جنوح 8 عربات من أصل 11، واحتراق عربة الجر بشكل كامل واستشهاد سائقها احتراقاً في داخلها”.

وأضافت “العملية مدروسة بإتقان، فالتخريب استهدف موقعاً يجانبه عامود كهرباء توتر عال لتكون الخسائر مؤكدة، والهدف كان جعل العربات تنقلب في المستنقع بعد جنوحها عن السكة، لكن القدرة الإلهية، التي أدت إلى احتراق عربة الجر، وبالتالي توقف القطار، حالت دون ذلك، مما أدى إلى استشهاد السائق، وإصابة معاونه بكسور وجروح خطيرة، في حين اقتصرت جروح الركاب على بعض الرضوض، وتم تخريجهم جميعاً”.

وأدى الحادث التخريبي إلى تعطيل كافة رحلات القطار على المحور المذكور، في حين توجهت لجان التحقيق، وفرق إزالة الجنوح والصيانة إلى الموقع لإعادة تجهيز السكة والتأكد من سلامتها وإجراء التحقيقات اللازمة، بإشراف المدير العام للخطوط الحديدية السورية جورج مقعبري.

وبينت عنبر أن “حساسية هذه الرحلة تكمن في استضافتها عدداً كبيراً من المرضى والعجزة، الذين يقومون بالتوجه إلى دمشق قاصدين مشافيها، لذا فهي احتوت كعادتها على عدد كبير من عربات المنامة”.

وأكدت عنبر أن “مجموعات تخريبية تقف وراء الحادث، إذ تبين بعد الكشف على المنطقة، وجود آثار دواليب دراجات نارية في مكان التخريب”، كاشفة عن “محاولات سابقة لتخريب سكة القطر بعد شهر من بدأ الأحداث في سورية، وتحديداً مع تطور الأحداث في مدينة حمص، آخرها كانت قبل 3 أيام، حيث اشتبك حراس نقطة أخرى مع عناصر ملثمين يستقلون دراجات نارية”.

ورداً على عدم وجود حراسة في النقطة المذكورة أوضحت عنبر بأن “الجسر المذكور، هو عبارة عن هضبة صغيرة ترتفع عن تجمع مياه، ولا يعتبر من النقاط الإستراتيجية، أسوة بالجسور والممرات السككية، التي يقوم عناصر الجيش الشعبي بحراستها”.

وحول استفسار عن التأكد من سلامة السكة قبل انطلاق الرحلة أجابت عنبر “هناك قطار شحن مر على السكة في المنطقة ذاتها، حوالي الساعة الواحدة فجراً، دون التعرض لأي مشاكل، ما يعني أن عملية التخريب وقعت بين 1:00 و3:00 تقريباً”.

من جانبه بين مدير السكك الحديدية في حمص المهندس جورج عيسى في تصريح لمراسل سيريانوز بحمص أن “العمل التخريبي استهدف قطار يقل 485 راكباً، قادمين من حلب وحماه وادلب، حيث كان من المقرر أن يمر إلى حمص ثم يتوجه إلى مدينة دمشق”.

وتم نقل الركاب إلى محطة حمص بإشراف من محافظ حمص لمتابعة الرحلة إلى دمشق، كما سيتم تشييع جنازة السائق الشهيد، ويدعى عبد القادر ليلى، في مسقط رأسه بمدينة عندان التابعة لمحافظة حلب، فور وصول جثته من مشفى حمص.

يذكر أن المؤسسة العامة للخطوط الحديدية السورية قامت بإلغاء رحلات القطار المتجهة أو المارة بمحافظة حمص لمدة 3 أيام تقريباً، في بداية شهر أيار الماضي معللة ذلك “بتوجيهات من أجل السلامة العامة”، تلا ذلك إيقاف كافة الرحلات على الأراضي السورية

سركيس قصارجيان-سيريانيوز

July 23rd, 2011, 8:39 pm


jad said:

Syria protests: opposition supporters launch attack on Homs army college
President Bashar al-Assad’s once unshakable grip over Syria appears to have slipped further after suspected opposition sympathisers attacked an army college in Homs.

Residents in the city, Syria’s third largest, said two loud explosions at the compound were followed by the sound of sustained gunfire. A number of ambulances were later seen driving into the college.
“Smoke rose from inside the premises,” one resident was quoted as saying on Saturday. “The injured were taken to the military hospital. It looked like an operation of some sort.”
Later in the day, a passenger train was derailed in central Syria, an incident the government blamed on saboteurs within the opposition, although it provided no evidence. The train, which was carrying troops and civilians, crashed after a section of track was torn up, killing the driver and injuring a number of passengers.
But it is the attack on the military college in Homs, the first of its kind since the Syrian uprising began in March, which will most alarm the Assad regime.
It raised renewed fears that elements within the opposition are increasingly determined to challenge the regime with force, even if the majority of protests still remain largely peaceful.
Some observers suggested that the assault could have been an attempt to seize weapons, but it was unclear whether disaffected soldiers within the college staged a mutiny or if armed civilian protesters tried to storm the camp.
Mr Assad would draw little comfort from either explanation. Once viewed as the most likely strongman to survive the Arab Spring, the Syrian president has been unable to crush the uprising against him despite resorting to a ruthlessness unmatched anywhere in the region, with the possible exception of Libya.
Although the upper echelons of his armed forces, which are mainly filled with fellow members of the Alawite Shia minority, have remained loyal, there are signs of growing fragmentation within the overwhelmingly Sunni rank and file.
Angered over the alleged executions of some of their number for refusing to fire on unarmed civilian protesters, a growing number of soldiers have joined the protest movement and some have even engaged their superiors in gun battles.
Over the past week, scores of people have been killed in Homs, where the violence has taken on a confessional hue. Last weekend, the mutilated corpses of three Alawite men were discovered in the city, leading to reprisals in Sunni suburbs. Most protesters are Sunni Arab.
Opposition activists accused the government of deliberately stoking sectarian divisions in order to fan fears of civil war and present Mr Assad as the only figure capable of preventing Syria from descending into Lebanon-style chaos.

July 23rd, 2011, 8:46 pm


louai said:

Tara you are right ,they gain nothing out of it , this question I always asked myself , why terrorists do terror ,i mean look to the 911 ,they did it in the name of Islam but the biggest winner was the anti Arabs and Muslims .

Some Palestinians did the same mistake in my opinion when they bomb a night clubs or public transports just because they cant attack soldiers ,they are resisting but in the wrong way it backfire on them and the Israeli use it in their propaganda to show that they are the victims

The Muslim brothers used to bombe public transports in the 80s, their aim was to create as much chaos as possible to make the security forces more brutal which would lead the people to revolt against the oppression and the brutality

I don’t know if it was organized by someone smart who knows that will gain them nothing but shame, however when you have an uprising highly influenced by extremist Imams like Aroor you attract the wrong people ,the media is injecting hatred in those people blood and they don’t distinguish between ‘the regime’ and the state ,

Why they cut roads? Why they break traffic lights?why they burn tires? Why killing and torturing the regime supporters?why the public hanging ? why killing children?

Why they chose to shout ALLAHU AKBAR only very late in the night after arooor finishes his program? I mean nothing wrong with Allah Akbar ,I think it’s a peaceful way to express your anger but why after midnight when people try to sleep after a bloody day? I don’t know

I see this act done by bunch of vandals who thought they are doing the uprising a favour by attacking public transports and hopping people will not discover their involvement to shw the government incapable of maintaining its people safety ,I wish they will get caught and we can hear their version of the story

July 23rd, 2011, 8:58 pm


Norman said:

Militants attack soft targets, they did that in Iraq to ignite a sectarian war, they bombed Shia mosques and were responsible for thousands of deaths.

July 23rd, 2011, 9:11 pm


Aboud said:

@33 But you left out what they do in addition to attacking soft targets. They make sure their foes know they carried out the attack. They video it for propaganda purposes. If it is a suicide attack, the attackers make final videos etc etc. None of which were done in this case.

Homs is proving to be, not so much a thorn in the side of the regime, but a massive stick up its rear. The regime is trying every method in its sparse tool box to subdue the city. This staged incident is yet another in a long line of desperate attempts to paint the revolution as something it is not. I have yet to see one non-Dunya or Syria TV commentator who believes it was the work of militants.

July 23rd, 2011, 9:33 pm


Tara said:


If the regime has nothing to be afraid of, why is he blocking free press?

Please do not answer me that the whole world is conspiring against Syria

July 23rd, 2011, 9:43 pm


jad said:

Passenger train derails in Syria; 1 killed as regime, opposition trade blame

BEIRUT — A passenger train derailed and caught fire in central Syria on Saturday, killing the driver, authorities said. The regime blamed the crash on “saboteurs” tied to the country’s four-month-old uprising, but opposition figures dismissed the accusation.

The train was carrying 485 people when it derailed about 3 miles (5 kilometers) outside the central city of Homs, a flashpoint in the uprising against President Bashar Assad. The driver was killed instantly and 14 passengers were injured, rail officials said.

Ghassan Mustafa Abdul-Aal, the governor of Homs, called it a “terrorist and criminal” act and said it was a “clear message” to everyone who says the protest movement is peaceful.

No evidence was provided to support those claims.

The opposition dismissed the accusation and said the regime was trying to seize on the crash to blunt growing support for a peaceful uprising calling for democratic change.

“If there are saboteurs, they belong to the regime,” Ammar Qurabi, who heads the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria, told The Associated Press. “They want to send the message that these protests will lead to instability and insecurity in the country.”

Syrian authorities have unleashed a brutal crackdown in an effort to crush the revolt, and activists say more than 1,600 civilians have died since the protests erupted in mid-March. The government blames the unrest on terrorists and foreign extremists, not true reform-seekers.

The regime has banned nearly all foreign media and restricted coverage of the uprising, making it nearly impossible to independently verify events on the ground.

The Information Ministry took Syrian journalists to the site to survey the damage, showing several white-and-red carriages that had jumped the tracks and one overturned and charred carriage. The rails appeared to have been ripped apart.

George al-Qaabari, head of the Syrian railway, said “divine intervention” kept the losses to a minimum.

Homs has been at the heart of Syria’s uprising.

On Friday, activists and residents reported explosions and gunfire overnight from the area of the Syrian Military College in Homs.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians had flooded the streets nationwide Friday in what has become a weekly show of defiance. At least five people were killed as security forces used batons, bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters in several places, activists said.

The Syrian conflict has become a test of wills between protesters emboldened by the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, and an entrenched family dynasty.

Two special advisers to U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon warned that there was a “serious possibility” that Syria has committed crimes against humanity and pointed to “persistent reports of widespread and systematic human rights violations by Syrian security forces responding to anti-government protests across the country.”

July 23rd, 2011, 9:54 pm


Norman said:


Only the Palestinians did that AL Qaeda did not after 9/11/2001 and did not do that in Iraq, The Americans and the Iraqi government blamed them .

July 23rd, 2011, 10:08 pm


louai said:


Free press? i am sorry to tell you that there is no such a thing as free press , but i know what you mean and i will give yo my opinion about it ,

media was 100% controlled by the government in Syria before this uprising started when the government asked many of the international media to leave the country (they were limited in number any way ),the international media automatically took the uprising side because the uprising claim to aim for a civil democratic society against the dictatorship .i dont think that the whole world is conspiring against Syria but there is a big conspiracy by the KSA and the west is just taking advantage from the current situation

its a huge mistake and suicidal to suddenly open the doors for international media who is on the side of the uprising already some out of geed intention and some out of bad intention but anyhow the country was blocked for decades and we need national free media BEOFRE we can open our door to the ‘free press’

the media law will be introduced very soon then we have our national ‘free press ‘,international press are welcome to join after that .

I am happy to see the government have less control on private press recently like and other websites.

July 23rd, 2011, 10:12 pm


Adam Neira said:

Syria must be stabilised. Syria requires some real wise counsel, oversight and statesmanship at the moment. Getting the balance right of the sefirotic diplomatic, military and financial modalities to correct the situation is the key. It is a complicated dynamic. I am convinced one of the root causes of the violence is the lack of economic growth and opportunity. There are various internal and outside groups fomenting strife for their own ends. Remember Syria is sandwiched between Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel. What a mix !

It must not become another Libya

Prayers for the Syrian people.

July 23rd, 2011, 10:17 pm


Aboud said:

@37 Not true. Al Qaeda made sure that everyone knew who was behind all of their attacks. Conspiracy theories aside, there was never any doubt that anyone except Al-Qaeda carried out the attacks it did.

When you talk about Iraq, you pick the one example that helps the government’s case the least. There were identifiable and well known leaders, backers and ideologies behind each of the different militias in Iraq. For a militia to be able to grow in organization and capabilities, it cannot be otherwise.

And yet the regime would have us believe that a homegrown Syrian armed movement of tens of thousands has managed to get to the stage where it threatens the state, and yet the state still knows precious little about them? Vague accusations of foreign funding and backing strongly suggests that the regime is only guessing at the existence of such groups.

Or are we to believe one of the regime’s mouth pieces, who claimed that 4,000 mercenaries from Blackwater infiltrated Baba Amr (note to regime propagandists, they changed their name to XE Services a while back)

July 23rd, 2011, 10:27 pm


Norman said:


Did Al qaeda claim responsibility for the attacks on the buses in London or the trains in Spain,,,,, I do not remember that they did, did they.?

Syria does not want to expose the countries behind the militants in Syria to let them back off without being exposed and without wrongly accusing any country , It looks clear to me that the fall of the Syrian regime or any trouble Syria faces will strain the relation or even break that relation between Syria and Iran, and KSA and Jordon made it clear before that they fear the Shia crescent of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon .

July 23rd, 2011, 11:18 pm


Mick said:


The whole world conspiring? No. But the elite in the world have decided to remove Bashar.

Don’t claim ignorance that this is the way the world runs. They wanted Saddam from power. The U.S. and England violated international law by attacking a nation that was not threatening, and no one said a damn thing.

You think Judith Miller of the NYT was held accountable for being part of the ‘free press’ that sold the war?

Ever watch FOX news?

Free press did not stop the war on Iraq. Nor did it hold those responsible for the illegal war accountable.

The role of the press in every nation is to tell the people in power’s position.

You think Italy has a free press? It is all owned by the Prime Minister.

How much free press is their in the Arab world considering Saudi money funds most of it? You don’t think that there is no political freedom in Saudi, but no media in the world mentions it, is a problem? ‘Free press’ is going to save the world?

When Saudi women can drive because the ‘free press’ in the world puts enough pressure on Saudi Arabia, I’ll take your point as valid. But the ‘free press’ has so little power that Obama didn’t even have to mention Saudi Arabia in his speech on the Middle East.

How pathetic.

But until ‘free press’ can actually be free to look at how Saudi influence of terrorism has caused problems, whether it be the 9/11 hijackers, the numerous militant funded cells around the middle east, all I see is the press is nothing more than a but of rich assholes with big houses in Aspen telling us how we should think.

We attacked Iraq because Saudi terrorists attacked us.

Our ‘free press’ sold us that this was right.

Our ‘free press’ still quotes Tony Blair, who lied because BP wanted him to, as if he is a man of moral substance, and not the whore he was that could care less how man Arabs died because his job was to get BP contracts.

July 24th, 2011, 12:32 am


louai said:


dear Shami , welcome back i was thinking if you are still commenting in here but here you are back with your insults , good to hering from you this video you linked is a bit old ,it was uploaded in youtube and many people rejected it ,its part of the counter terrorist training but was uploaded to discredit the regime media , this mistake has been corrected., I do not remember seeing it on addunia TV but addunia is not protected of being deceived

you said ‘When the road turns ,people like Louai and Jad should not be allowed to taste what they fight against,they have to be subjected to their favorite manners.
Lies ,hypocrisy and deception ‘ I didn’t quite understand what you mean but let me tell you something , I am NOT fighting against any thing and I am not supporting ‘the regime’ all what I am doing is not supporting the revolution ,and supporting the reforms announced and wishing to spare Syria a sectarian conflict that not you or me will benefit from ,is that a crime?
Would the revolution establish after it succeed ,sarya defa3 (to protect the revolution) and saraia sera3 (to fight the enemies of the revolution)
If this revolution is about democracy, so let me tell my peace of mind about it and don’t get offended if I expose the criminal acts from time to time

July 24th, 2011, 1:06 am


AIG said:

What fear the regime supporters have of people finding out what really is going in Syria! Yes the free press makes mistakes, but they try to be objective and they also monitor each other and hold each other to a high standard. If the free press has “so little power”, why are you afraid of letting it in Syria?

Let them bring the pictures first hand. But of course the regime and its supporters cannot stand an open and free discussion because they will lose. That is why so many of them are leaving this site.

July 24th, 2011, 1:09 am


Samara said:

Those idiots who derailed the train will pay for what they did.

As for me, i will not be commenting for a while. Not because I have lost motivation or interest, but because i go back to uni on Monday, second semester (oh the joy). And until i have free time, i will be focusing on my work.

Keep up the great work my fellow good Syrians, and dont give up.

I sign off with,

Allah, Souria, Bashar ou bas!!!

July 24th, 2011, 1:15 am


SYR.Expat said:

“Did Al qaeda claim responsibility for the attacks on the buses in London or the trains in Spain,,,,, I do not remember that they did, did they.?”

At least one of the alleged bombers in London had recorded a video giving his last will if I remember correctly. You can ask SC member 837 who might have the link and might be able to convince you that London 7/7/ was an inside job.

July 24th, 2011, 1:58 am


Abu Fehmi said:

There Can Be no Dialogue with The Assad Regime. This Regime has never been elected in a free and fair election and only came to power through a Military Coup. Assad must be toppled and he must be Hung in Public like Saddam and his psychokiller brother Maher must be laid out on a slab just like Saddam’s two sons were in Iraq.
This is a 41 year military Dictatorship and is a corrupt and cruel Assad Family Dynasty. There is not a shred of truth or credibility in anything that comes out of the Assad Police State’s mouth.
Real Syrians are working towards the following Goals:
1) Topple Syria Regime and help to bring Democracy to Syria;
2) Outlaw Syria Baath Party and ban all members from public office
3) Sieze Assad Family Fortune and Use it for Families of the Martyrs (Shuhada)
4) Initiate War Crimes Trials and Crimes against Humanity trials for Assad Regime members.
We Syrians in the pro Democracy movement are fighting for the same rights that people in the West enjoy. We have no free speech, no free press or tv, no real elections, no real courts, secret police are everywhere and people disappear without trials, statues of the Dicator are on every street and if anyone complains about the status quo they are kicked out of college, fired from their job, arrested, often tortured and either put in jail for years, sometimes decades, and none of us dare ask about what happened to the jailed or we will get arrested and will disappear as well. This is the Syria that regime apologists like Joshua Landis and Dennis Kucinich are so infatuated with and this is the Regime that Washington Liberals like Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were suckered by and bought into the Con-Artist Sociopath Bashar Assad’s lies about being a “would-be reformer” or a “someday reformer” – Bashar inherited our Nation from his dead dictator father 11 years ago and has been babbling gibberish about reform ever since, and the only reform we ever got was a few more Watemelons on the fruit stand. It is time for a Revolution – Assad had his chance and blew it – It is time for the Monarch to hang from the gallows.

July 24th, 2011, 8:04 pm


AJ said:

What correction movement? Thugs cannot lead a movements to “correct.” And Fundamentalists are non-correctable at this point. The moderates have been pushed to the side. The seculars are now on the sidelines of this fight. It is the regime and it’s thugs against the Arours of Syria.

I am a strong believer of coexistence. The mix of religious minorities and mainstream Islam in Syria is what makes the country so unique. And no, I do not give credit to this regime for keeping this fabric intact. Look back, look at Brahim Hananu, and other Christian figures that played a vital role in shaping Syria’s history before the Assads, way before them! Syria is special in that regard and always has been. We are a mature population is how I like to put it.

It is going to take many years but religion and state will eventually break away, and yes, in Syria. Do you know who I blame for the extremism? I blame the regime. You can think I am crazy, contradictory, whatever, but let me tell you that I am sure of this because I have seen it. Despair, lack of a good education, unemployment, economic hardships and no outlook on a brighter future drives young men and women to fundamentalism and religious extremism. The regime has been shooting itself in the foot for decades. Can you imagine, if this regime made a decision 40 years ago to build a modern and secular Syria, instead of stealing billions of dollars and securing their futures and the future of their families instead where Syria would be today? They did the opposite. They robbed our generation of a future in our country, hence we are here, in the US Canada Australia etc…

Of course you are going to have crazy fanatics out on the streets demonstrating among the few seculars on the ground. Arour is a product of this regime and now he is biting them in the ass, literally! This is what happens when you deprive your people, when you oppress them for this long. They will grow beards, memorize the holly books and cover their wives. Why? They needed someone to turn to, something greater than them, a mosque, a religion, etc.. They probably had to support their family since teenage-hood, didn’t get a proper education, didn’t land that nice job but instead got married had kids and prayed for a better life and the demise of the regime that robbed them from a future. I honestly would rather die that been in that man’s shoes.

This regime is going to do all that is in its power to fight those people. There might be a Arour or two in the crowd, but the majority are the young men that don’t have a better future. They have nothing to lose. They just want to take down the regime with no replacement. Irrational? Irresponsible? yes. But what options do they have? At least in Saudi the king bribed his people with cash grants. Bashar tried the ‘Mazout’ coupons lol and look how far that went. Those who lost a friend or a neighbor or a father to the regime do not care at this point. Force no longer works. It worked in 1982 but not today. The city of Hama is out of the government’s control now. Troops have not been able to enter the city. Homs is getting there. Deir el Zour and abu Kamal will follow soon. I hate to see this unfold. I am for a revolution, but the way the government has dealt with it has turned it into a war. And you can ALL disagree with me, but this regime will use the sectarian card and will take down HOMS and the entire country down before they go down. WE care about Syria, they don’t give a shit. A lot of them have already transferred money into Saudi accounts and planned an escape strategy. They will toss “the farm” they have been guarding for 40 years to the dogs overnight. And who are the dogs? They are the Arours of Syria. They simply don’t care. I was more positive in the beginning, but from what I am seeing now it is not promising. The secular voices are dwindling, extremists rising and the regime is still stuck in the 80s. At this point there is no hope. Everyone is a loser, unfortunately. At the end of the day it is going to be the regime’s thugs against the Arours. Every moderate is going to be pushed aside. Thanks to this damn regime!

July 25th, 2011, 4:17 am


William H. Depperman said:

“FACEBOOK” Social Networking is Just a Cover For Spy Work and Proxy-Invasion Organizing!

“Facebook” is actually part of the U.S. capitalist dictatorship’s media and its misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” and is playing a crucial role in the Final Stage of Capitalism: Permanent War and State Terrorism. Here is how they work it: The U.S. capitalist dictatorship uses “FACEBOOK” to organize the opposition in countries targeted for a coup d’etat takeover or regime change. Usually this is a small opposition which supports the U.S. policies of wars and invasions. Through “Facebook” the U.S makes all sorts of false promises to these “protesters,” “activists,” or “rebels,” most of whom they intend to discard as occurred in Egypt, after protestors’ demonstrations provide the pretext and muscle for a regime change. Using “Facebook” the U.S. has now organized several hundred thousand Syrians to get them to try to overthrow the Pro-Iran government, which also supports Hezbollah and Hamas. If the U.S. is successful in its proxy invasion in Syria the masses will get nothing just like in Egypt. In countries where they intend to carry out a proxy invasion and coup d’etat with a complete overthrow of the entire government, rather than just carry out a minor REGIME CHANGE where the political power is simply turned over to the army (such as in Egypt), (which promises to hold the sham elections of capitalism), the U.S. uses “Facebook” to organize and arm a “Rebel” army of PRO-U.S. FANATICS and actual TERRORISTS, a group WHICH IN LIBYA DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL MAJORITY OPINION OF THE COUNTRY! The U.S. has also armed its opposition proxies in Syria and Yemen, for example, and instructed them to attack government forces. Then the U.S.-led media and FACEBOOK and TWITTER, etc. all falsely announce: “He’s killing his own people!” “The protests have escalated into a civil war!” This is followed by escalation of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Bush-style Big Lie “Preventive War” Campaign, which claims that Libya and Syria, Yemen, etc. are all “targeting innocent civilians and using anti-personnel cluster bombs, etc.” The truth is that Libya, for example, is defending itself against only a small and numerically insignificant but HIGHLY ORGANIZED group of so-called “protesters”/“rebels”/“activists” armed directly or indirectly by the U.S./NATO and backed by TOTAL AIR SUPREMACY of U.S./NATO and supported by a false media propaganda barrage backed up by their fraudulent, so-called “human rights groups,” which are also just part of the U.S. “intelligence community.” On the other hand the U.S. has been able to organize huge peaceful marches in Syria based on false promises to these people made through “Facebook,” etc, which Syria permitted to take place. Note that neither Libya nor Syria even POSSESS anti-personnel weapons, which are the EXCLUSIVE PROVINCE of the U.S./NATO and the U.S. PROXY state, so-called “ISRAEL!” After threatening and bribing the Russian Federation (!) and the Peoples’ Republic of China (!) and whomever else was necessary such as half of the scurrilous “Arab League,” the U.S. capitalist dictatorship then announce a “No-Fly Zone” to begin their proxy invasions and attempted coup d’etats! Examples are Libya and now Syria, where the capitalists have threatened to begin an air war momentarily! That is why TIME magazine made the kid-CEO of “FACEBOOK,” who is documented to have illegally stolen the idea for “Facebook” from 2 brothers and an Indian man, the so-called “Man of the Year.” (!) What a farce! “Facebook” is also used to SPY ON, MONITOR and CENSOR the Internet AND CAN REMOVE ARTICLES COMPLETELY by proscribed (usually Communist) authors from any website which has the “Facebook” link! “Facebook” is connected to virtually ALL websites on the Internet now and their servers know instantly when a person is on any of these sites whether a person logs on using “Facebook” or not! Facebook can and does prevent these websites from accepting ANY blog submission by identified Communist activists. One way the U.S. capitalist dictatorship blocks submissions is to continually force bloggers to re-register, falsely claim non-recognition of passwords and not permit the blogger to use his/her actual name. Those few websites which do still permit blog entries also have several techniques in order to neutralize any post! One method is to severely limit the number of words in order to render meaningless any comments made such as on the Other new techniques have been to change the size and the fonts of the blog post and separate the words with huge gaps so that nobody would go near it! This is done UNIFORMLY on a significant number of websites. And changes always occur simultaneously as evidence that the capitalist dictatorship controls the entire Internet to a much greater degree but in much more sophisticated ways than China! Yahoo and numerous other highly censored websites all controlled by the United States government have also periodically blocked this writer and others from making any comments whatsoever on any topic! Also, most recent entries are NEVER shown. In addition, the so-called U.S. “intelligence community” creates phony “Google” search files with hundreds of fabricated entries on certain targeted political enemies designed to falsely discredit them and permanently blacklist them from all employment by making totally bizarre, outrageously false accusations. The phony Google search sites also publish virtually no actual writings or viewpoints of the targeted individual and even issue open death threats in order to frighten and thoroughly scare any people who might research that individual! This is an example of hypocritical, phony U.S. Internet “freedom!” In addition, so-called “Facebook” will no longer even post ANY of the writings by this author, for example, which “Facebook” was previously so very eager to post and has ENTIRELY DELETED The Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics the most important document published on theoretical astrophysics since Hubble’s observation that the Universe was expanding, from this writer’s “profile” or “wall,” or whatever they call it, and now from ALL websites on the Internet, because the word has caught on with young physics students and others that they are being manipulated and fed a load of rubbish for political/religious reasons that have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with science and physics and that there is in fact NO “dark energy,” NO “dark matter,” NO “parallel universes,” NO “worm holes” and NO “god” and that so-called “String and M-Theory” are being used to try to SUPPLANT Einstein Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by cleverly using the name of “Einstein” and other classical physicists to make innocent students believe that what they are being peddled is simply a “natural continuation” of Einstein’s work (!) to carry out their switcheroo! “Social networking” is thus only a cover for Faceboook and Twitter, etc! Facebook is thus a partner in mass murder and disinformation and Big Lie Orwellian 1984 “Newspeak” with Obama and NATO! Facebook is TOTAL DECEPTION, so do not be deceived by all the ballyhoo accorded to this new “Facebook” weapon of capitalism-imperialism! NEVER ever connect with “Facebook” and other social networking sites and cut all your support for them and suggest that your friends do likewise. “Facebook” deliberately assists the U.S. capitalist dictatorship in all of its policies & helps organize proxy invasions! U.S. policies now include deliberately sabotaging the U.S. economy and causing the impoverishment of the U.S. population through “BUDGET DEAL” ULTIMATUMS in order to be in accordance with Globalism/Globalization! Globalism is defined as worldwide competition among the capitalist exploiters and parasites for the lowest salaried workers. “Twitter” on the other hand is a micro-blogging website limited to 140 letters only (!) which is designed to keep the masses distracted and to discourage any real thinking and analysis while encouraging people to think it is quite normal to relegate themselves to a minor Peanut Gallery role titillated by various celebrity nonsense tidbits. The U.S. is presently using proxy invasions in one country after another and simultaneously ALSO waging a genuine war of extermination and population reduction against its own population, ITS OWN PEOPLE (!), through a campaign of DELIBERATE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the U.S. and world economy, biological warfare and psychological warfare! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship has now lost all legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty here in the United States! OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! Capitalism Offers a World with No Future for You and Your Children! 95% of New Yorkers already agree we need a new system based on human need not private profit! Only Socialism can provide such a system with jobs, complete security and no wars! We need a Socialist Revolution here in the United States!

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y.
Revised July 22, 2011

July 25th, 2011, 10:51 pm


William H. Depperman said:


The U.S. Proxy Invasions of Libya and now Syria and other states are part of the U.S. REGIME CHANGE GAMBIT IN THE MIDEAST AND GULF STATES and beyond, which the capitalist dictatorship has contemptuously designated “The Quick Fix” and “The Arab Spring” (!) and is one more graphic example demonstrating that the capitalist world has reached the Final Stage of Capitalism: Permanent War and State Terrorism. The United States has been forced to resort to the new strategy of Invasion by Proxy, not because it is so “clever,” but because the MORALE of its own mercenary armies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere is at an ALL TIME LOW! Lower even than in Viet Nam! The U.S.-Led Proxy Invasions of Libya and now Syria and other countries are being carried out under cover of a RELENTLESS FALSE PROPAGANDA DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN consisting of two parts: 1.) THE FALSE PRETEXT OF “PROTECTING INNOCENT CIVILIANS” and “PREVENTING A HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE” (complete with the clumsily contrived and preposterous false claim of “anti-personnel cluster bombs and rockets”)! This is combined with VILIFICATION and EXCORIATION of the countries’ leaders, for example, the still widely-popular Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi who overthrew the truly hated and despised U.S. puppet King Idris in 1969 and, 2.) A disinformation campaign DESIGNED TO SIMULTANEOUSLY GENERATE MAXIMAL CONFUSION AND DENIAL surrounding the U.S. role in these Invasions using “Facebook”-organized proxy armies and coup d’etat attempts, combined with false denial of the actual U.S. objectives in their attempted REGIME CHANGE such as 1.) STEALING LIBYAN OIL and 2.) undermining the revolutionary movements of Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon! CONFUSION is always a prime objective of the capitalists’ media and educational system on virtually all political issues. The reason is that a confused person cannot act because he or she does know what to think! This helps to neutralize the opposition to capitalism-imperialism at all levels.

The Obama Regime is using the same falsely-designated “Preventive War Doctrine” as George Bush II did in lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and on March 28, 2011, the demagogue Obama sounded just like Bush: “I refused to wait for the images of SLAUGHTER and MASS GRAVES before taking action.” Compare George Bush on October 22, 2002 as part of the deliberate and later proved-false “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda campaign to try to get the U.S. masses to accept the U.S. invasion of Iraq: “Facing clear (DELIBERATELY FAKED) evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Between September 7 and 8, 2002, the entire Bush Regime pushed the same Big Lie later exposed in detail as deliberately fraudulent. The media pushed that big lie relentlessly! Today the Obama Regime uses the Preventive War Doctrine based on Big Lies (see below) much more frequently than the Bush Regime ever did as it invades one country after another using a tiny “army” of proxy forces while simultaneously denying that there is any war at all! “War? What War? Declaration of War?! What Constitution?” (Article 1, Sec. 8(11)! “This is just a STO (Standard Training Operation)!” Note that the so-called “War Powers Act” was simply a previous attempt to supplant the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 8(11)! The U.S. dictatorship’s false domestic “opposition” (e.g. International Action Center) goes along with all the lies large and small and pretends that the unconstitutional War Powers Act, not the Constitution, defines U.S. war policy.

The Definition of The Big Lie and Class Analysis of the Media

First, it is crucial to define and explain the Big Lie Technique which is used on virtually all topics by the capitalist media and educational system and most of the Internet: There are 2 parts to the Big Lie: 1.) The first part of the Big Lie is that the lie must be BIG, because most people only tell little lies and are entirely unprepared for a Big Lie. 2.) The second part of the Big Lie Technique is to repeat that lie over and over again from every media source and “educational” source including textbooks and films until it is accepted as truth or accepted at least as partly true, when it is most invariably entirely false. In addition, lies may be lies of commission or important lies of omission. Both are unacceptable. The MEDIA, including the medical and science media is simply a privatized arm of the U.S. dictatorship’s “intelligence community,” an actual army of legions of professional liars which control every point on the political spectrum and every academic discipline and includes even so-called “comedians” working in service to the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. The U.S. media is very similar to Blackwater, Dyncorp, Custer Battles and Triple Canopy, etc. the armed military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, except that the media has ALWAYS been privatized. The capitalists are trying to head off the growing Islamic Fundamentalist movement in the Mideast, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. They use Islam but also want to head off Islamic Fundamentalist change under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, which at this point in Egypt is quite docile and has been taken over from within so that it can be integrated into a phony “electoral democracy.” In enacting their long-planned multi-country Regime Change Gambit the U.S. capitalist dictatorship and its media use the Big Lie Technique in every conceivable way in order to hide the truth. Be advised that “democracy” under capitalism is nothing but a euphemism for capitalist dictatorship and enslavement. “Elections” are the Number One Primary Weapon of Deception of the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. Because whoever wins in a capitalist “election” you and I lose! Because capitalism CANNOT be reformed! CAPITALISM OFFERS A WORLD WITH NO FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!

U.S. Recognized Tiny Rebel Terrorist TNC as “Legitimate Authority” in Order to
Try to Demoralize Qaddafi and Provide a Pretext for U.S/NATO Land Invasion!
The U.S./NATO Goal is to Take Over Libya, Steal its Oil and Subjugate
Its People with Phony Sham “Elections” like in Iraq and the United States!
The Technique of the Planned Takeovers of Libya and Syria, etc. Explained:

On July 15, 2011, as an admission of U.S. failure to overthrow Qaddafi, after it became clear that the tiny U.S.-backed, so-called “Rebel” TNC proxy army in Libya was blocked on all fronts despite 6,000-plus U.S./NATO bombing runs, which have destroyed virtually all Libyan infrastructure worth hundreds of $ billions, the U.S. and their bootlickers have tried a final ultimatum before carrying out a direct land invasion of Libya! The U.S. officially “recognized” their tiny proxy army of gang-bangers and its supposed leadership of usurper wannabes, the so-called “transitional national council,” as the supposed “legitimate authority” of Libya and has even supposedly agreed to hand over $ 30 Billion, to these temporary proxies, which the U.S. straight out stole from the government of Libya! The Russian Federation then hypocritically “refused” to recognize the TNC Rebels 1.) in order to falsely disassociate Russia from giving the Green Light in the UN (see below) for the U.S. Invasion of Libya by Proxy with the absurd claim that “Russia does not want to take sides in a ‘Civil War,’” which the U.S./NATO Invasion by proxy most certainly IS NOT, in order to give false credibility to that U.S. Big Lie!

The actual U.S. target is Libyan oil reserves which total 60 billion barrels, the largest in Africa and natural gas supplies of 1,500 billion cubic meters all with minimal extraction costs, all of which capitalism intends to put into the atmosphere! Although division of Libya was the INITIAL stated objective, the U.S. cutthroats and their boot-lickers are NOT able to overthrow Qaddafi outright and are using “diplomatic recognition” as the pretext for a full-scale NATO invasion under cover of “protecting” their tiny itsy bitsy “rebel” army, which is hated and despised by the overwhelming majority of Libyans, and supposedly to protect women from a non-existent “political rape campaign.” The U.S. organized their Proxy “Rebel” Army using FACEBOOK and other so-called “social networking” sites and armed them. The “Rebel” army, numbers only 10,000 (!), of PRO-U.S../anti-Qaddafi FANATICS and ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! and IS GENUINELY HATED BY THE LIBYAN MASSES AND DOES NOT IN ANY WAY REPRESENT THE ACTUAL MAJORITY OPINION OF THE LIBYAN MASSES! This is why even after the U.S. and NATO have TOTALLY destroyed the Libyan infrastructure with their non-stop bombing campaign their Invasion By Proxy is at a stalemate! Note that the U.S. is also using “Facebook” to organize similar Proxy Invasion/Coup D’Etat attempts in SYRIA and elsewhere! The New York Times (April 21, 2011) described the Libyan Rebels, who are documented, in bloodthirsty videos with hyperlinks provided below, to be murderous cutthroats, in falsely heroic, glowing terms! (!) Videos below show crowds of Libyan Rebels actually executing, BEHEADING and mutilating those in the Qaddifi Army who have surrendered! (See: Remember that the word “democracy” under capitalism is simply a euphemism for submission to U.S. capitalist dictatorship and enslavement!

The U.S. has begun the same scenario in Syria where they have also armed a core of “protesters” come “activists” (!) but more recently identified as Islamic Terrorists to supply muscle and has pledged to continue their Proxy War in Syria INDEFINITELY! The U.S. uses the Big Lie technique to claim that they are “defending innocent Libyan and Syrian civilians.” In Libya the U.S. also claims they are “defending” their tiny hated “rebel army” to whom they have made all sorts of false promises, and also even provided officers from NATO to work with and control the DOCUMENTED Libyan Al-Qaeda “rebel” leadership! (See below.) The U.S./NATO has armed their Libyan “rebel” proxy army with small arms but want to provide “more advanced weapons systems” according to Secretary of War (“Defense”) Gates, which is being carried out by France beginning with air drops. In Libya the so-called “rebels” are in fact documented to have a core leadership composed of Al-Qaeda although they are ostensibly being led by Abdul Fatah Younis and Mustafa Abdul Jalil, both former foreign ministers under Qaddafi, Abdel-Hakim al Hasidi and long time CIA hatchet man, the Libyan Khalifa Haftar! (CNN, April 4, 2011)

The Libyan branch of Al Qaeda represents a continuum with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, the elite of the Harabi tribe, and the so-called “Transitional National Council,” a concoction of the Obama Regime and NATO, all overlap for all practical purposes. The REASON that the U.S. is using Al-Qaeda in Libya (See below.) is because the Al-Qaeda basic belief structure holds that all existing Arab and Moslem governments are illegitimate and should be overthrown, because they do not represent the caliphate which Al-Qaeda claims is described by the Koran. See:, which also contains the West Point Study (Admission!) documenting Al-Qaeda leadership. (Note: Webster G. Tarpley was a Lyndon Larouche Fascist stooge and remains a member of the U.S. “intelligence community” motivated by anti-Communism and is a false conspiracy disinformation specialist e.g. on the 911 Provocation, Global Warming, etc. But be aware that the so-called “intelligence community” also often has various open Fascists, closet Fascists, or right-wing groups release correct politically sensitive information so that their fake “left” will have a pretext not to report it to their duped membership. For example, Coup D’Etat in America, containing the tramp photos and overlays which both line up positively identifying Nixon’s so-called “Watergate Burglars” as the so-called “Dealey Plaza Tramps,” the triggermen in the JFK assassination, was eventually turned over to the ultra-right in order to try to discredit the claim and the information by source.) The U.S. also brazenly admits to having a wide network of CIA agents in Libya! In addition, the CIA is the source of any and all “weapons of mass destruction” and “anti-personnel cluster bombs” fired in Libya. The U.S. possesses those weapons, not Libya! Grad rockets are primitive in comparison to the U.S. “Hellfire” missile and no more “anti-personnel” than other high explosive weapons! The U.S./“Israel” is documented to have used anti-personnel cluster bombs including white phosphorus (!) in attacking both Lebanon and GAZA! (See below and George Bush-style WMD false report in the NY Times, April 16, 2011) Note that in their presently ongoing attempt at a “FACEBOOK”-Organized Regime Change in Yemen the United States and NATO admit openly to employing known terrorists OTHER THAN THEMSELVES (!). Sheik Abdul Majid al-Zindani, who they first tried to sugarcoat and anoint as a “spiritual leader,” they are forced to admit in their flagship newspaper is actually a “specially designated global terrorist.” (New York Times, May 27, 2011) Zindani is the chief ally of the Ahmar brothers who are leading their forced coup d’etat attempt and overthrow of the government of President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Qaddafi and Libya, unlike the United States (see below!), has no history of waging war against its own population and there is no evidence whatsoever that Qaddafi has done so. His anti-imperialist history and present investment policies (see below) make it is highly unlikely that Qaddafi would EVER wage war against his own general population, but only that INSIGNIFICANT MINORITY, many of whom are indeed Al-Qaeda and other Islamic Fundamentalist fanatics (see below!), organized and manipulated as the so-called “rebel army” by the United States, the CIA, FACEBOOK, NATO and the phony so-called “human rights groups.” These are forced U.S. Proxy Wars/Coup D’etat attempts in Libya, Syria and Yemen, for example, NOT “civil wars.” What the United States has been doing to Libya daily it did to Iraq and continues to do to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries it has invaded: 1.) first it destroys the infrastructure of the country! 2.) Then it carries out a divide and conquer strategy so that the people, the country and the cities are divided in every conceivable way, religiously, ethnically, and even physically! In Baghdad huge cement blocks wall off whole sections of the city and line all main highways in the city. The U.S. is not simply an “occupier” of Iraq, it is still an active INVADER in the continuing Non-Stop U.S. War of Plunder Against Iraq! The U.S. regime reveals by its words and actions that it has total contempt for the intelligence of its own people!!! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship is waging war NOT just against multiple countries around the world one after the other, but also is waging a genuine war of extermination and population reduction against its very own population through a campaign of DELIBERATE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE of the U.S. and world economy, biological warfare and psychological warfare and has now lost all legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty here in the United States! OR ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!

“Protecting Innocent Civilians” and “Preventing a Humanitarian Disaster” are the kind of FALSE PROPAGANDA and Big Lies straight out of the George Orwell novel: “1984” where there was a new language called Newspeak! Inscribed on the central pyramid in the main square in the book were 3 slogans for the new society: “War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.” The novel “1984” was written in 1948, which was the original title, but the publisher required that Orwell change the date to the “future” date of 1984 so people would not think that world had already arrived! But it had arrived and here is Obama still telling us that WAR IS PEACE! This is also known as BRAINWASHING by use of the BIG LIE TECHNIQUE. (See below.) The daily U.S./NATO air strikes against Libya with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and fighter jet bombing attacks KILL HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT LIBYANS EVERY DAY and there are hundreds of air strikes DAILY by the U.S./NATO! The capitalist dictatorship covers this up and prints false reports instead. Although it does occasionally attribute false reports to their proxy “rebels,” the U.S. media prints as good coin bizarrely false claims that Qaddafi is “just taking already dead bodies out of morgues (!) and placing them around” to make it “appear” as if the U.S. Proxy Rebels killed them! (New York Times, March 23, 2011) In order to cover up the U.S. Proxy Invasion of Syria the New York Times prints preposterous lies that Syria is NOT fighting against U.S.-backed armed “protesters” but “killing their own security agents who would not fire on unarmed protesters” and they get away with it 100% with the false pretext given that Syria does not permit the U.S./NATO “media” access to Syria. But the truth is that Bashar al-Assad is a total opportunist and anti-Communist and acts like a deer caught in the head lights and does not know how to properly respond to the “Facebook”-organized U.S. Proxy Invasion and forced Coup D’etat attempt being carried out against his country! For example, the compromised Assad government even allowed U.S. and French Ambassadors to brazenly travel to the city of Hama to officially lead anti-government protests organized by the U.S. “Facebook” and other social networking sites!

Assad’s proper course of action at that point should have been to arrest U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford and French Ambassador Eric Chevallier on the spot, handcuff and perp-walk them just as in the U.S. and put into the dock immediately. The world (U.S.-dominated) media should have been invited into Syria to witness public reading of the crimes of these supposed “diplomats” including revelation of complete U.S. Motives, with these supposed “ambassadors” sitting there the entire time, exposed not as diplomats but common spies stripped of all vestiges of “diplomatic immunity,“ who would then be deported immediately setting the precedent. It would then be correct to sever all relations with these International Outlaw Countries who must be hereafter so labeled for interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and the internal affairs of numerous other countries, a violation of the Fundamental Principle of International Law. Severing diplomatic relations for a period of time is better than maintaining them at this point where they are entirely counter-productive! But instead Syria chose NOT to arrest them and then called in these same U.S. and French supposed “ambassadors” supposedly to “condemned them” (!?) (New York Times, July 12, 2011 and apparently facilitated attacks of the despised U.S. and French Embassies in Damascus, which then gave the U.S. the golden opportunity to “condemn” Syria! In this instance only the condemning of Syria is ever mentioned in the U.S.-dominated world media. Putting these spies in the dock and reading them their crimes and the crimes and motives of the United States (e.g. Undermining Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Occupied Palestine and severing Syrian unity with Iran) and then breaking off International Relations properly humiliates and ridicules the U.S., exposing the entire process for the whole world to clearly see because that is CRUCIAL and the media would be forced to cover that chain of events! A line in the sand would be drawn and a new precedent would be set. Instead Syria predictably chose the opportunist route. Disgusting!

Meanwhile, on a daily basis the mass murdering U.S. calmly bombs innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere with drone bombers firing “Hellfire Missiles,” warships firing Tomahawk Cruise Missiles on whomever they want and U.S./NATO dropping 1000 lb “Blockbuster” bombs on Tripoli and all over Libya, and shooting people dead in the street everywhere and anywhere and whenever they want! Assassination of world leaders deemed “enemies,” on a growing list, is now openly admitted U.S. state policy! “Protecting Innocent Civilians” and Preventing a Humanitarian Disaster!” THAT’S A HOT ONE! Another Big Lie run to the limit! See below! The capitalist media have called Qaddafi “crazy” for saying that the so-called “Rebels” were being led by Al-Qaeda. But “NATO’s top commander, U.S. Navy Adm. James Stavridis, (disingenuously covering himself) has stated (what is a well-known fact throughout the U.S./NATO command) that officials have seen ‘flickers’ of possible Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah involvement with the rebel forces.” (Associated Press, March 30, 2011) More than “flickers!” (And please note that Al-Qaeda is NOT Hezbollah!) See below. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton similarly covered herself when she stated that she was “supremely (?) cautious about arming the rebels because of the unknowns of who they were and whether they might have links to Al Qaeda.” (New York Times, April 1, 2011) Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO know very well that they are using Al-Qaeda just as Bush and Clinton did with the 911 Trade Center Provocation! (See below.) U.S. Recognition of the TNC Rebels on July 15, 2011 was done partly to try to cover up the fact that the TNC is largely Al Qaeda, which they think can be contained. Qaddafi on the other hand has become such a total opportunist that until June 11, 2011 he refused to acknowledge that the Invasion of Libya was being orchestrated by U.S./NATO forces in order to steal Libya’s oil, and had dillusionally kept calling Obama “his brother.” (!) Meanwhile, the U.S. has now openly stated the obvious that it is trying to assassinate Qaddafi. (Reuters, June 10, 2011). In the latest attempt to inflame world opinion to support direct U.S./NATO Invasion of Libya and not have to deal with the “rebel” army the U.S. has directed its puppet “International Criminal Court (ICC) to falsely charge Libya with “political rape!” Omitted entirely is all mention that Qaddafi’s Security Team is entirely made up of WOMEN and Qaddafi’s role, alone among all Arab leaders, in highly respecting women and assuring that women get better treatment than in other Arab countries!!!

The United States is the Leader of NATO!
The U.S. Is NATO! Libya is a NATO WAR!
OBAMATALK is Nothing but Nonstop Big Lies!

Simultaneously the U.S. dictatorship has intermittently attempted to generate maximal confusion and denial with a smoke and mirrors campaign by stating that it is “turning over operations in Libya to NATO,” while it continues its NON-STOP BOMBING! What a joke! The U.S. IS the LEADER of NATO! The U.S. is NATO! Period! Libya is a NATO campaign! It was openly admitted that NATO Special Forces are “providing leadership and training” of the U.S./NATO Proxy “Rebel” army on the ground. (Associated Press, March 29, 2011), while the U.S. simultaneously issues the brazen falsely denial: “of having any contact with (their tiny) ‘Rebel’ army, (numbering less than 10,000!), because that would mean the U.S. and NATO have ‘intervened.’” “Intervene” is Orwellian NEWSPEAK for INVADE! By March 20, 2011 Qaddafi’s forces had the U.S./NATO Proxy “Rebels” on the run again and the U.S. capitalist dictatorship was openly discussing full-scale invasion or “arming the rebels,” which they HAVE DONE ALREADY, but by July 2011 they were at an impasse with Qaddafi threatening reprisals in Europe for what the U.S./NATO has done to destroy Libya! The murderous capitalist dictatorship first openly discusses where THEY were going to PUT QADDAFI after THEY overthrow him! Totally bizarre warmongers who later openly declared their intention to assassinate Qaddafi (Reuters, June 10, 2011) merely stating the obvious, which they had hypocritically denied while relentlessly attempting to assassinate him with air bombardment! (Note that the policy of assassination of leaders extends not just to Osama Bin Laden but to the leaders of ALL countries targeted for “Facebook”-organized REGIME CHANGE and Coup D’etat who resist! On June 3, 2011 the U.S./NATO also attempted to assassinate their former stooge Ali Abdullah Saleh, the President of Yemen with a “sophisticated precision-guided weapon” severely wounding him. [New York Times, June 4, 2011])

This is the message the U.S. is sending to the world! And the Russian Federation has given the GREEN LIGHT to everything and trumpeted: “NATO is ‘one step’ from the start of ground operations in Libya” to support the U.S. proxy army numbering 10,000 (!). (Associated Press, June 5, 2011) Putin and Medyedev are foolishly still following the opportunist Gorbachev (Stalinist) formula of SURRENDER falsely believing that in accepting an onerous “agreement” they are “buying time” as Lenin once actually did in WWI with Germany. After signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk they later made up all their losses. While Gorbachev did indeed appear to buy some time they are presently courting disaster not only for the Russian Federation but the entire world as their “Green Light” has maximally encouraged U.S.-led imperialism, which will inevitably end up on their doorstep! And sooner rather than later! Time’s up! There is no more time to buy and no matter what the U.S. promises to the Russian Federation, the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism is operant. The U.S has NOTHING TO LOSE and will continue to force the issue with their so-called “European Missile Shield,” which is simply a transparent ruse to place First Strike Missiles within striking distance of Moscow in order to force a Second Russian Surrender and turn Russia into a U.S. puppet! Even the operation of Russian Television (RT) has been partly turned over to the United States on a day-to-day basis and Associated Press articles are used to cover most sensitive issues! As part of the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism U.S.-led imperialism is also busy destroying the entire planet with the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels, and the escalating pollution of the environment as part of End-Stage Capitalism. (Note that the Runaway Greenhouse Effect can still be reversed!)

Despite the fact that Qaddafi agreed to give up his nuclear weapons program in the fall of 2003 and then did so to remove economic sanctions that was not enough for the U.S. and NATO Principals who want to steal Libyan oil! Their formula is to vilify and excoriate their enemies relentlessly and try to build popular support for their own murders, atrocities and non-stop invasions around the world which are increasing logarithmically with the help of their new Internet organizing weapons, “Facebook” and other “social networking” websites. The imperialists state openly that they fully intend to continue to do the same thing with Syria (!) because of the fact that Syria supports Hamas and Hezbollah and is aligned with Iran! Hezbollah, which is SUPPORTED by ALL 17 factions in Lebanon, is the only force which defended Lebanon from the 2006 U.S./“Israeli” War Against Lebanon and defeated the U.S./“Israeli” army on the ground when it invaded Lebanon and largely rebuilt Lebanon from virtually totally destruction after the 2006 War! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship is now making the same sort of pronouncements made by the Bush Regime as they discuss “the Birth Pangs of a New Middle East” just as Kindasleezy Rice did when the U.S. used its “Israeli” Proxy to bomb Lebanon “back to the Stone Age” in that 2006 War using MILLIONS (!) of anti-personnel cluster bomblets in Lebanon and GAZA and also white phosphorus bombs in GAZA, which are now causing an astronomical increase in birth defects there.

The same sort of Newspeak Big Lies designed to deny that the U.S. is using its “Facebook”-Organized Proxy Armies to Invade Libya and Syria are used elsewhere in the Mideast, e.g. in Zionist Invaded/Occupied Palestine, so-called “Israel,” where the U.S. falsifiers absurdly claim that a “pause” or even a “freeze” in settlement building could serve as some sort of a legitimate basis (!) for a peace agreement between the U.S. Proxy, so-called “Israel” and the Palestinians. The “new” Egyptian Regime Change/military-run government, installed with the help of the U.S. “intelligence community” and “Facebook,” is giving the Egyptian people NOTHING and prosecuting those very “protesters” to whom all sorts of grand (false) promises had previously been made by the United States. In addition, the “new” military government is turning loose those in the military and police who killed the protesters during the regime change (New York Times, July 6, 2011), and is simultaneously trying to legitimize U.S./“Israel” stooge Fatah and coax and/or force Hamas to “unite” with Fatah and accept the fraudulent “Two-State Solution” and so-called “Peace Process,” falsely telling Hamas that the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad is about to be overthrown. SEE BELOW! Hamas won the 2006 election with 72% of the vote with a 80% turnout in Gaza (the Zionists and Fatah stopped the election in the West Bank immediately after learning the result in GAZA!) Fatah has NO AUTHORITY AND NO CREDIBILITY!

Muhammed Abbas and others in Fatah directly assisted the U.S./“Israel” in poisoning Yasser Arafat in 2004, causing him to die finally in Paris of an isolated thrombocytopenia, a cause of death which can ONLY be produced by poison! So said his physicians in Ramallah and some of the house staff in the Paris hospital. (See: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast and Occupied Palestine.) The truth is that the only possible basis for any sort of genuine Mideast peace agreement at the present time would require that the Zionists exit the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem and LEAVE ALL the settlements in place for exclusive use by the Palestinians and entirely dismantle the Apartheid Prison Wall! When the Zionists signed the agreement with Egypt in 1979 they vacated ALL settlements in the Sinai, which were then demolished, which was a really bad idea. But the U.S. and its so-called “Israel” proxy have no such intentions of even vacating the settlements much less turning them over to the Palestinians, so everything is done to string people along while steadily waging a WAR OF EXTERMINATION against the Palestinians. The only real solution for the Middle East is one secular state of Palestine which has as its precondition Socialist Revolution in the United States!

Freezing Libyan Funds was Designed to Block Libya’s Move
To Break World Bank and IMF Stranglehold on Africa!
The United States Wages War of Economic Imperialism
Not just Against Libya but ALL of Africa!

The U.S. admits Libya has $ billions in Libya if necessary to pay for all defense against the U.S./NATO Air War and “Facebook”-organized Proxy Invasion. The primary purpose of the United States and European Union in “Freezing” (STEALING) $150 billion of Libyan Sovereign Wealth Funds invested on five continents and in 25 African countries was to prevent African countries from escaping control by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the primary weapons of economic imperialism! By freezing these Libyan assets, the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship also prevented African countries from becoming independent from U.S./European satellite propaganda networks, and which would also save hundreds of millions of dollars per annum. The Freeze of Libyan Sovereign Wealth Funds by the U.S. and EU also forced 14 African countries to continue using the CFA franc issued by France as a means to control its former colonies. See: Il Manifesto (Italy), April 22, 2011. Handing over $30 Billion or even $150 Billion to their tiny puppet TNC/“rebel” army will not change these facts because any government recognized by the United States fully supports IMF-WB Policies in subjugating Africa!

By 2007 National Public Radio Reported the U.S. Capitalist
Dictatorship had Already Caused the Deaths of 1.2 Million
Iraqis! Today that Number is Close to 2 Million Dead Iraqis!

The United States hypocritically vilified Saddam Hussein as the “Butcher of Baghdad” and the war-mongering Reagan regime which invaded Lebanon, Grenada and ran multiple Proxy Wars in Latin America and around the world while carrying out a runaway nuclear arms race against the USSR, ludicrously labeled Qaddafi the “Mad Dog of the Middle East.” But Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi are small potatoes compared to Barack Obama and George Bush, their predecessors and successors. The real Butchers of Baghdad and Afghanistan and elsewhere have been the Bush and Obama Regimes and U.S.-led world capitalism-imperialism, which has caused the deaths of over 1.2 million Iraqis since the start of the U.S. invasion in 2003, according to a blipped report on National Public Radio Online, “Survey Puts Iraqi War Dead Above One Million.” Day to Day NPR Radio Program, way back on September 19, 2007 (!), Previously the British Medical journal The Lancet (October 11, 2006) reported the death of over 655,000 Iraqis since the start of the U.S. Invasion, “an increase which would not have occurred without the 2001 U.S. Invasion.” The United States had been after Libyan oil for over 40 years and think that now is the time to take it while they are taking it every where else! “Protecting Innocent Civilians.” What a clumsy Big Lie pronounced with such grandiloquent pretentiousness and tyrannical puffery always with plastic false smiles or phony stern pursed-lips! The haughty poseur and Fascist demagogue Barack Obama! Regarding U.S. domestic statecraft, it should be noted that con man Obama works closely with the Republicans and Tea Bags who provide him his “left” cover, meaning a form of political deception and manipulation where they falsely and almost comically denounce Obama as a “Socialist” or a “radical” in order to provide him the necessary support he needs from among the traditional brainwashed Democratic party constituencies, so that he and his fellow Fascists, proto-Fascists and Bonapartists are able to move the entire political spectrum ever closer to the right and harden the capitalist dictatorship. This is all in accordance with the (now) One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism explained below. The capitalist dictatorship intends to stage yet another sham presidential “election” in 2012 to keep Obama in power by pitting him against widely hated, laughably incompetent and despised Republican “opponents.”

Fake “Facebook and Twitter Revolutions” are U.S. Orchestrated Attempts
At Regime Change and a Cover for U.S. Proxy Wars and Coup D’Etats!

Because the situation has deteriorated to such a degree for the United States in the Mideast and elsewhere due to rising organized, militant Islamic Fundamentalism provoked by multiple U.S. Wars and aggression, for example in Afghanistan where the Taliban has completely pushed the U.S. out of large geographic areas, the U.S. dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires has organized a campaign of Mideast-wide and Gulf states-wide REGIME CHANGE extending beyond even to Belarus, the former Republic of the USSR, which retains all social programs of the Soviet Union (!), and is being carried out simultaneously against multiple regimes to try to counterbalance U.S. defeats elsewhere. The U.S. is attempting to tweak many of their comprador regimes to make them more manageable, while opening full-scale proxy wars against other nation states which possess huge natural resources and/or which oppose U.S. imperialist domination such as Libya and Syria! A Comprador Regime is a nation state with a government ostensibly led by native citizens but really controlled by large imperialist countries. The U.S-led world capitalist dictatorship is also targeting Iran, the PRC, Cuba and the Russian Federation.

What is happening in the Mideast, the Persian Gulf and North Africa is precisely attempted REGIME CHANGE using the capitalist Internet organizing weapons such as FACEBOOK, Twitter, etc. to help instigate, manipulate and organize the regime change sought by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship. (THAT is why Time magazine made the CEO of FACEBOOK the “Man of the Year.”) Here is how it is done: “The Facebook group: Syrian Revolution 2011 (!), which has more than 100,000 ‘fans’ (!) urged Syrians to take to the streets on Friday.” (New York Times, April 1, 2011) But there are NO ”revolutions” whatsoever going on in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Syria or elsewhere at the present time unfortunately! A genuine revolution in today’s world with an international Working Class is a Socialist Revolution and involves a CHANGE IN PROPERTY RELATIONS. It means getting rid of the dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires, the very ones calling for the present regime changes! This is obviously not happening in ANY of the countries with so-called “Facebook and Twitter Revolutions!” The primary objectives of this orchestrated Regime Change and Proxy Invasion Gambit is to try to increase the stability of those U.S. comprador regimes by trying to substitute the sham “elections” of “democratic capitalism” and false promises of “democratic reforms” for the very unpopular U.S.-backed strong men who have been in power, many of them for over 30 years, and to overthrow governments in order to steal their oil and natural resources such as Libya or deemed enemies and opposed to the U.S. political “interests,” such as Syria. But the truth is that under capitalism no candidate can deliver what the masses really want and really need: a new economic-political-social system based on human need not private profit—Socialism! The reason for this is that capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism because of its (now) One-Way Dynamic or Development Sequence. “Elections” under capitalism keep the false hope of change alive and actually are designed to perpetuate that false hope, where the only permitted organized “opposition” to Fascist Democrats is from the right! The primary weapon of deception of U.S. capitalism IS the Presidential “election” and ALL elections by extension. There are no exceptions to this! The reason for this is that “elections” perpetuate the Number One Big Lie of Capitalism—That capitalism can be reformed. But capitalism can’t be reformed because of its ONE-WAY DEVELOPMENT SEQUENCE or DYNAMIC! (See below!)

The United States—NOT Libya—Blew up the Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie Airliner
As a Provocation Directed Against Libya to (Falsely) Justify Economic Sanctions
Designed to Weaken and Ultimately Overthrow the then Highly Popular Leader!

On April 30, 2011 the U.S. tried to assassinate Qaddafi with aerial bombing killing his youngest son and 3 grandchildren! Twenty-five years earlier on April 15, 1986 Ronald Reagan murdered his daughter and almost killed Qaddafi himself. After that the United States—NOT QADDAFI—NOT LIBYA—brought down the Lockerbie jet airliner on December 21, 1988 with a bomb as a MASS PROVOCATION killing 243 passengers sacrificed as part of an escalating war against Libya and Qaddafi in order to take control of Libyan oil. THINK MOTIVE! The Lockerbie Airliner Provocation was used as the pretext to wage a never ending media onslaught against Qaddafi and Libya combined with years and years of ECONOMIC SANCTIONS, only lifted when Qaddafi, who finally became a total opportunist, agreed to plead guilty to something he and Libya had nothing to do with in order to have the economic sanctions lifted. A very high-ranking scapegoat, bdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, the former Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies in Tripoli (!), agreed to go to jail for the sake of having the economic sanctions removed. The Scottish government with the support of British Petroleum, who knew the whole thing was a total farce, later freed him for medical reasons. British Petroleum wanted access to and concessions from Libya which they received! The U.S. has a long history of blowing up airliners and sinking ships and then blaming the victim in order to create a pretext to start wars and invade countries. On June 23, 1985 the U.S. blew up Air India Flight 182 after Rajiv Ghandhi during his visit to the U.S told Ronald Reagan he had no intention of becoming a political ally of the U.S. and taking a position against the USSR, India’s long-time ally and loyal friend! The Soviet Union had taught India how to feed itself rather than to remain mostly dependent on importing grain from the United States, Great Britain and other imperialist powers where early newsreels recorded airplanes dropping bags of rice on the heads of the Poor in outlying areas in India! THINK MOTIVE! The Air India bombing occurred shortly after that refusal to turn against the USSR. Later, Rajiv Ghandhi was assassinated outright on May 21, 1991 by the U.S., which is the only country which had the actual MOTIVE, which was to set a precedent and intimidate any others who would thumb their nose at the United States. The U.S. is also the only country which had the so-called “intelligence,” the spying capability and technical capability to know precisely where the extremely popular Rajiv Ghandhi would be to the minute and hour in rural India in order to allow the transportation of the Tamil Tiger assassin/suicide bomber Thenmozhi Rajaratnam to the tiny obscure village, Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu state.

The U.S. Regime Change Gambit Being carried Out in SYRIA is
Actually Also Targeting Iran which Supports Hezbollah and Hamas,
Which Form the Political Leadership of Lebanon and the Palestinians!

The U.S. is using its “FACEBOOK” and Twitter Internet “social organizing” weapons to maximally instigate and organize an attempt to overthrow the Bath Socialist Regime led by Bashar al-Assad and carry out a coup d’etat in Syria, end the Syrian/Iran alliance and crush Hamas and Hezbollah! The problem with all of the Mideast regimes is that there is no genuine Communist, meaning Marxist-Leninist leadership anywhere! Communist leadership would INSTANTLY expose the Bush/Obama Regime Change Gambit for what it is, an attempt to take over the entire Mideast in virtually ONE BLOW BY MANIPULATING THE MASSES WITH FALSE PROMISES, which can NEVER be realized under capitalism. The U.S. uses Al-Qaeda and other independent Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organizations as in Libya, Syria and Yemen as the initial muscle for their actually tiny (microscopic) proxy “rebel armies.” (See above.) The reason for that is that capitalism is now in its Final Stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism, of which the present Regime Change/Proxy War Gambit is just one part. Human need does not enter that equation! Proper Communist leadership would expose the fact that the U.S.-Orchestrated Regime Change/Proxy War Gambit is designed as a means to take over more completely and steal the oil and ALL natural resources from the Mideast and Central Asia. And to give the people NOTHING in return! Just like in the United States, where the U.S. has opened a war of extermination against its own people using economic warfare, biological warfare and psychological warfare, and has now lost all legitimacy to rule and all right to sovereignty in the United States OR ANYWHERE ELSE! How difficult would it be for these regimes to use their own media to explain this manipulation to the masses? While Assad now sometimes mentions “a foreign conspiracy” he falsely alleges that it is merely an “Israeli conspiracy to bring down Syria.” Right!? Sure! Or at other times he just blames “saboteurs.” (!) Bashar al-Assad even refuses to reveal the fact that so-called “Israel” itself is nothing but a U.S. PROXY and receives all direction and authority from the U.S. from whom it constantly falsely disassociates with all sorts of contrived (even military) actions! This cover-up is due to Assad’s self-destructing opportunism and is documented by his own history and that of his father Hafez. The U.S. Proxy Invasion of Syria depends on the opportunism of Bashar al-Assad!! For the U.S. it’s the next best thing to already running the Syrian government! Bashar al-Assad makes the PERFECT punching bag!

The U.S. “Facebook”-Organized Proxy Invasion of Syria has two stages. Because Bashar al-Assad is such an incompetent and a total opportunist, and DESPITE the fact that Syria plays a contradictory positive and progressive role in the Middle East by arming both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in so-called “Israel” and is an ally of Iran, the United States has been able to use “Facebook” and its other social networking weapons and phony “human rights groups” to first organize and then ARM a small group of opposition “protesters,” the core of whom are Islamic Fundamentalist similar to al-Qaeda, as in the Libyan formula, who are then instructed to go and attack Syrian government installations. When Syria fought back as any government would do and arrested and took reprisals against those directly involved the U.S. immediately screamed: “Syria is killing its own people,” exactly as they did with Libya! These attacks were then highly publicized by the U.S.-dominated media worldwide and used to organize the “opposition” by the United States through its Facebook “social networking” Internet organizing weapons and phony “human rights groups.” This publicity and direct encouragement from the United States and NATO is being used in turn to organize much, much larger peaceful demonstrations in Hama, Homs and elsewhere, for example, which the Syrian government wisely allowed to proceed until the U.S. sent in provocateurs to fire on Syrian security forces, which fired back killing “protestors.” But at NO point did the Syrian government EVER use its potentially most effective weapon—THE TRUTH—and explain to the Syrian masses how they should not allow themselves to be manipulated by the Facebook “social networking” websites to do the bidding of the United States and its proxy, so-called “Israel.” And at no point did the Syrian government explain the actual MOTIVES of the U.S. and its proxy, so-called “Israel,” why precisely they wanted to overthrow the Syrian government, bizarrely and hypocritically fearing to take a position against its enemies the U.S. and E.U.! The Bashar as-Assad government and the Syrian masses will all suffer the consequences such anti-Communism!

When the U.S. first authorized its proxy so-called “Israel” to assassinate Rafik Hariri on February 14, 2005 the Bashar al-Assad government played the absolute fool and went along with it 100% acting the part of “guilty party!” Instead of explaining the assassination of Rafik Hariri in all detail as a typical U.S./“Israeli” provocation by assassination, which was designed as an attempt to generate anti-Syrian and anti-Hezbollah sentiment, Syria actually played the part of “guilt party” and IMMEDIATELY withdrew all its forces from Lebanon on April 26, 2005, thus weakening Lebanon and exposing it to the planned U.S./“Israeli” bombing campaign and Invasion of Lebanon which started on July 13, 2006. “Israel” followed the “decent interval” rule and used the routine kidnapping of an Israeli soldier as the pretext! Hezbollah saved the day at that time but Syria remains totally self-defeatingly silent and in opportunist collusion with the U.S. and “Israel” on all these matters. The simplest truths are never explained! The false indictment of 4 Hezbollah Ministers on June 30, 2011 by the U.S.-puppet “United Nations Tribunal” in what was the U.S./“Israeli” Assassination of Hariri (!) is being used to try to provide a pretext for yet another U.S./“Israeli” Invasion of Lebanon and as an excuse to label Hezbollah and the Lebanonese government as a supposed “International Outlaw,” which must then be targeted with ever-increasing sanctions in the standard U.S. imperialist formula! (New York Times, July 12, 2011). They know that 99% of Americans and a similar number of Europeans can’t follow Middle Eastern politics or even their own! For a more comprehensive coverage of Lebanon and Hezbollah see: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast and Occupied Palestine.

The Syrian “activists” now being armed by the U.S./NATO in Jisr al-Shughour, Syria (BBC News, June 6, 2011) and elsewhere and the armed Yemeni “Protestors” are all committed anti-Communists and anti-Socialists and in practice support and wish to join a new government loyal to the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship. They care nothing for and do not identify with the Palestinians or oppressed minorities unlike the Syrian government, which despite its bizarre opportunism, does in fact support oppressed Arabic minorities! The U.S. has been trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and the Bath Socialist Party for decades and install a comprador (puppet) regime and has instigated many previous “uprisings” in 1980 even before the Soviet Surrender by Gorbachev in 1988! See below. Prior to this point the multiple religious and ethnic groups and minorities in Syria have all lived in relative harmony just like in Yugoslavia, but since that Soviet Surrender the U.S. has been using those differences to try to divide and conquer Syria just like in Libya, Yugoslavia, etc.! (See below.) Note that Syria was previously allied with the Soviet Union! On September 6, 2007 the U.S. used its “Israel” proxy to brazenly bomb Syria with totally unsubstantiated claims that Syria was building nuclear weapons! Those Syrians who follow the U.S.-led and backed so-called “protesters/activists” are chasing an illusion and the genuinely FALSE PROMISES of U.S.-led capitalism, precisely as has occurred in Egypt! The cat is out of the bag: the Egyptian people were used by the United States to carry out Regime Change but are getting nothing in return except an even hardening capitalist dictatorship! Meanwhile THE UNITED STATES HAS THREATENED TO CARRY OUT AN AIR WAR OF ITS OWN AGAINST SYRIA as soon as a couple of weeks after it thinks it will have overthrown Qaddafi in Libya. (Yahoo News, March 25, 2011) But because of Qaddafi’s popularity the U.S./NATO and rebels have not been able to overthrow the Libyan government! Capitalism has truly and undeniably reached its Final Stage: Permanent War and State Terrorism! (U.S. citizens should break ALL connections to ALL so-called “social networking” sites, which actually SPY on users and are used to help CENSOR the U.S. Internet and help the U.S. capitalist dictatorship organize Proxy Invasions and Coup D’etat attempts in a constantly increasing number of countries! Expose “Facebook” and ALL so-called “social networking” websites politically and let’s do everything possible to get rid of them! They are not necessary as they exist under capitalism!)

The U.S. Capitalist Dictatorship is Now Pulling Out All the Stops in Its False
Propaganda BIG LIES and Preposterously Blames SHIITE IRAN, and HEZBOLLAH
For Supposedly “Working with SUNNI Al Qaeda in Planning the 911 Attack!”

Because the U.S. capitalist dictatorship has no respect whatsoever for the intelligence of its own people it has launched yet another totally absurd Big Lie campaign falsely asserting in a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court (!) that Iran (!) and Hezbollah of Lebanon (!) supposedly “helped plan the 911 attacks!!!” (New York Times, May 20, 2011). In addition to the more heavily publicized Big Lie by the Bush Regime, which falsely claimed that Iraq possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” the Bush Regime also falsely claimed that Saddam Hussein and “Iraq worked with Al Qaeda in planning the 911 Attack.” (!) That Big Lie is based on the recent fabrications of 2 defectors from the Iranian “intelligence service” who have undoubtedly received money and promises by the U.S. dictatorship. But that Big Lie also employs the very same technique used to furnish false “evidence” on jailed high-ranking political operatives or mobsters by placing a “snitch” in the same cell. (The designation “snitch” is used to convey false credibility to the undercover operative.) After a period of time the “snitch” is removed and makes false claims against the targeted high profile Big Shot, while the “snitch” usually has any charges against him or her reduced or dropped entirely or even receives a promotion!

While this technique has long been recognized and totally discredited as a way to “build a case” in the criminal law most people are not aware that the very same technique is used in politics, as it is now being used by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship as part of the attempt to build a case for falsely discrediting the Iranian government. Simultaneously the U.S. announced that it had stepped up its economic warfare (“sanctions”) against Iran and also Venezuela for delivering oil to Iran! (Don’t forget North Korea!) (New York Times, May 25, 2011) This also sets the stage for bombing Iran in the future using either its proxy “Israel” or after instituting a “No Fly Zone” like in Iraq, Libya and possibly Syria and trying to overthrow the government as part of their Regime Change Gambit throughout the Mideast and Gulf states using its “FACEBOOK”-ORGANIZED PROXIES on the ground! The truth is that Al Qaeda is a fundamentalist SUNNI Islamic sect and has repeatedly denounced Iran which is led by SHIITE Islam. Hezbollah is an extremely popular SHIITE-led Social Service Movement in Lebanon and is supported by the overwhelming majority of the general Shiites, Sunnis and even some in the Christian population and many in the 17 other religious sects of Lebanon and is composed of Lebanese—not Iranians. Hezbollah runs hospitals, schools and supports virtually all of the social services in southern Lebanon from construction to picking up the garbage and even paying the bills, including $10,000.00 paid to each of the 15,000 Lebanese families whose home or apartment was destroyed by the 2006 U.S./“Israeli” Invasion of Lebanon, which followed that attempt to bomb Lebanon “back to the Stone Age!” Hezbollah also has a self-defense guerilla army, not a “terrorist army,” which is made up of Lebanese SHIITE civilians. Hezbollah prevents the U.S./“Israel” from controlling Lebanon and that is why the U.S. tries to discredit and destroy it.

Just like Bush, Obama Supports the CONTINUING U.S./Israel War on Gaza
Which is Carried Out to try to Weaken Hamas and Force a Fraudulent
2-State Solution—so-called “Peace Process”—Down the Throats of the
Palestinians Who Are To Live in Prison Behind the Apartheid/Prison Wall!

Obama said nothing except that he was supposedly “monitoring the situation” when the U.S. authorized and directed its Proxy Israel to begin the War Against Gaza starting with a relentless bombing campaign on December 27, 2008 which was followed by a ground invasion on January 3, 2009, which killed over 1300 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000 Palestinians, made more than 20,000 homeless, destroyed over 40,000 houses and caused at least $2 billion worth of damage in trying to bomb GAZA back to the Stone Age. The U.S. proxy, so-called “Israel,” openly used white phosphorus against civilians and Gaza and enhanced their atrocities with delayed action anti-personnel bombs designed to look like harmless toys to entice children to pick them up and die. These are the “cluster bombs,” manufactured in the United States (!), and also used in the 2006 U.S./“Israel” bombing and invasion of Lebanon. The United States ordered its Israeli proxy state to attack Gaza prior to Obama actually taking office in order to try to change the facts on the ground by weakening and undermining support for Hamas which won the election in GAZA with 72% of the vote and is now supported more strongly than ever! When Fatah, which supports Israel and the U.S. and is in fact also their proxy, tried to take over militarily in 2006 Hamas easily routed Fatah because they were traitors who were already well known to work with the U.S./“Israel” against Palestinian interests. Fatah also helped murder Yassar Arafat, their front man, when he ran out of credibility. Fatah has virtually no popular support and was driven out of Gaza. The U.S. authorizes its proxy so-called “Israel” to keep bombing the tunnels where virtually ALL supplies come through from Egypt, which ALSO has carried out a campaign against the tunnels! See: Materialist Analysis of the Mideast.

The so-called “Palestinian Authority” is controlled by Fatah, despite the fact that Fatah had won only about 28% of the popular vote in the 2006 election! The West Bank is controlled entirely by the U.S. through its proxy state of “Israel.” The capitalist dictatorship believes that it can enforce a ridiculous “2-state solution” on the Palestinian people! Obama thinks he can send George Mitchell, who refuses to meet with the group which won 72% of the Palestinian vote, and impose “peace” with a “2-state solution.” They think that the Palestinians will be more likely to agree to live behind the Apartheid/Prison Wall, which is more than 5 times as long and over twice as high as the Berlin Wall! To accept such a “peace” would be ridiculous! It would be like telling the inmates at Leavenworth Penitentiary that they are now all citizens of the “free and independent state of Leavenworth…Penitentiary!” The only serious answer is to support a Secular State of Palestine! This implies the abolition of “Israel” and Zionist rule but does not permit any anti-Semitism or any anti-Islamism! This goal can ONLY be achieved by first carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States as explained further below.

Despite the Fact that the United States is Behind the Regime Change
Gambit, Communists Must Give support to ALL Oppressed Peoples

Despite the fact that the goal of those involved in organizing the Regime Change Gambit is not Socialism, just the opposite, it is still important to support the struggle against what in many cases is autocratic rule by the U.S. backed strongman despite the fact that the end result sought by the “opposition rebels/protesters” is only to substitute sham rigged capitalist “elections” for the benefit of capitalist stability and to try to take over the entire Mideast and beyond. With capitalist “elections” the political climate may loosen up enough so that it eventually becomes possible to actually organize a genuine (Marxist, Engelsist, Leninist) Communist Party in those Islamic countries. This is an example of where class interests of the capitalists and the Communists possibly may coincide. Another important example of this would be when the German Kaiser, a capitalist warmonger, allowed Lenin the leader of the Bolshevik Party, to pass through Germany from Switzerland where he was living as an exile and expatriate (!) and eventually to Russia during World War I because it was believed that Lenin would at the very least create trouble for the Russian Czar and possibly organize a revolution in Russia which would take Russia out of the war. Ultra-leftists criticized Lenin for accepting the help of the German Kaiser but that campaign went nowhere and turned out actually to be instructive for all Workers. After a Socialist Revolution is carried out in the United States, the center of world capitalism, that still leaves the rest of the world to deal with. The Socialist Revolution will triumph simultaneously in all developed countries but not so easily in backward theocratic autocracies, for example. If the basis for theocratic autocracies or U.S.-backed strongman regimes is undermined through the present U.S. orchestrated Regime Change Gambit that is a good thing. That is why Lenin always recommended giving support to ALL oppressed peoples. This admonition does not apply to the situation in Libya and Syria or Iran, which already support oppressed peoples! Iran is a special case and although it does have politically inept and provocateurish leadership must be defended because it supports oppressed peoples.

Obama Tried to Compare Libya to Yugoslavia! So Yes, Let
Us Briefly Examine What the United States Did to Yugoslavia!

Obama brazenly telegraphed U.S/NATO intentions in Libya by comparing Libya to Yugoslavia (!), where the U.S. ever since the end of WWII had fanned the flames of national and ethnic divisions through “Radio Free Europe” and VOA, in a country where everyone got along peacefully and well under Marshall Tito, intermarrying and living together, despite the false U.S. propaganda barrage. Tito died in 1980. So in 1992, after the 1988 Soviet surrender to the threat of a nuclear war (see below) and after the USSR had already given the U.S. the green light to invade Kuwait and Iraq in 1991, Russia gave the green light to the U.S. and NATO to use the Strategy of Divide and Conquer with Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia the U.S. deliberately played national groups and ethnic/religious groups off against one another in the Bosnian War, and by using highly radioactive DEPLETED URANIUM in U.S. munitions as they had in the 1991 Persian Gulf Slaughter, made large sections of former Yugoslavia radioactive even today! The U.S. has done the same in Iraq causing an astronomical cancer rate there and has made Iraq uninhabitable!

U.S. Divide and Conquer and Atrocities in Yugoslavia

Atrocities, such as the July 1995 Srebrenica Massacre, were used in order to provide a pretext for Fascist Croat and U.S. backed ethnic cleansing of Serbs and Bosnian Muslims in Western Bosnia, which involved several hundred thousand Serbs from the Krajina area in Croatia and was almost entirely covered up by the capitalist media. That massive ethnic cleansing operation was carried out with U.S. approval and logistical support within a month of the Srebrenica events, and it involved the killing of more Serb civilians than Bosnian Muslim civilians killed in the Srebrenica area in July. Kosovo Albanians led by the Fascist KLA and backed by the U.S. intensified anti-Serb, anti-Montenegrin and anti-Macedonian riots, which began within a year after Tito’s death, provided a pretext for the Serbian call for a de-Albanianization of Kosovo and a revocation of Kosovo autonomy and caused a large migration of Serbs out of Kosovo in the mid-1980s. That in turn resulted in the KLA call for a “greater Albania” including all the Albanians living in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. Those charged with the Srebrenica Massacre were former Communists/Serbian nationalists who received false promises from and became paid proxies of (later cutout patsies of) the U.S., but who were discarded and later hypocritically denounced by the U.S. as “war criminals,” arrested and sent to the so-called “International Criminal Court (ICC)” in The Hague. Some high profile cases were later poisoned outright in their jail cells AFTER they had ENTIRELY WON their case in court, e.g. Slobodan Milosevic (BBC TV) in March 2006. Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, the latest previously manipulated U.S. patsy cutouts extradited to The Hague face the same false blame-the-victim charges as Milosevic and possibly the same sort of fate especially if they win their cases or expose and embarrass the U.S. as the prime mover in the dismembering of Yugoslavia. The U.S. has instructed its stooge ICC NOT to give Karadzic the time he needs to prepare his case and has instructed its media to downplay this trial as much as possible. Ratko Mladic is sick but still feisty and declared he did not recognize the ICC but it looks like he will be easily led to the slaughter. Note that the U.S., which was behind EVERYTHING in the Bosnian War, has declared that IT is IMMUNE from any and all actions and findings of the ICC! Although it made a pro forma protest against the U.S.-instigated “independence” of Kosovo, the present opportunized comprador Serbian government is now a virtual U.S. puppet

July 25th, 2011, 10:52 pm


William H. Depperman said:

Part 2 of 3:
Although it made a pro forma protest against the U.S.-instigated “independence” of Kosovo, the present opportunized comprador Serbian government is now a virtual U.S. puppet/proxy state which was installed after the final U.S. division of Yugoslavia.

Kosovo Today is Nothing but a U.S. Military Base and Crime Center:
The Final Division of the Yugoslavian Workers State

The capitalists’ divide and conquer efforts also included on May 22, 2006 the division of Montenegro from Serbia thereby waging economic war against the Serbian people and permanently cutting it off from the sea! The U.S. had already installed a puppet government in place in Serbia to facilitate this divide and conquer of Yugoslavia and also granted “independence” to Kosovo, which is an integral part of Serbia. The U.S. puppet government in Serbia only went through the motions of “protest” when the United States and NATO countries granted Kosovo “independence.” Kosovo has another name: Camp Bondsteel, the largest U.S. military base built in Europe in a generation. Kosovo is a U.S./NATO puppet and is run by an appointed High Representative and bodies appointed by the U.S., European Union and NATO. An old-style colonial viceroy and imperialist administrators have control over all aspects of foreign and domestic policy. The U.S. has merely consolidated its direct control of a totally dependent colony in the heart of the Balkans. The “independence” of Kosovo is in direct violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244, which the leaders of Yugoslavia were forced to sign to end the 78 days of NATO bombing of their country in 1999. Even this imposed agreement affirmed the “commitment of all Member States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Serbia, a republic of Yugoslavia. U.S. imperialist domination does not benefit the occupied people. Kosovo after nine years of direct NATO military occupation had a staggering 60 percent unemployment rate. It has become a center of the international drug trade and of prostitution rings in Europe. The once humming mines, mills, smelters, refining centers and railroads of this small resource-rich industrial area all sit silent. The resources of Kosovo under NATO occupation were forcibly privatized and sold to giant Western multinational corporations. Cheney’s Halliburton, of course, got the contract to build Camp Bondsteel in the first place. Now almost the only employment in Kosovo is working for the U.S./NATO army of occupation or U.N. agencies. The U.S. base guards the strategic oil and transportation lines of the entire region. Over 250,000 Serbian, Romani and other nationalities have been driven out of this Serbian province since it came under U.S./NATO control. Almost a quarter of even the Albanian population (!) has been forced to leave in order to find work. On Russia Today TV, the lawyer for Radovan Karadzic, Svetozar Vujacic, stated that Karadzic believed that it was just a matter of time before he (Karadzic) was poisoned, as was Milosevic, or otherwise murdered on orders of the U.S. and NATO. Vujacic also confirmed that the “Civil War in Herzegovina was provoked by Germany, England, the Vatican and the United States.”

The 1983 Korean Airliner Provocation

The U.S. has a well-known and long history of engaging in provocations designed to blow up airliners (see above), including the Korean Airliner Provocation on September 1, 1983. The Soviet pilot, who finally shot the Korean airliner down after it had deviated greatly from its assigned flight path and continued to make evasive maneuvers up and down even after the fuselage had been depressurized by cannon fire, reported: “A LARGE SECONDARY EXPLOSION.” (!) That “large secondary explosion” was apparently an altitude bomb to make sure that the plane exploded when the Korean pilot finally tried to land the plane deep inside the USSR, following the instructions given to him by RICHARD NIXON who was flown in specially to the Anchorage Alaska stopover to speak to the Korean pilot. Personally! Nixon apparently assured the Korean pilot that the Soviets would DEFINITELY NOT (!) shoot the plane down, assuring the Korean pilot that HE, Richard Nixon, knew the Soviets better than any other living person (!) and that this “test of Soviet air defense capabilities” was essential, even while instructing the pilot to do everything conceivable to provoke an actual shootdown, including instructing the pilot to keep the window shades ALL drawn and closed to conceal the actual passengers from the Soviet jet interceptor! The MOTIVE for the Korean Airliner Provocation was primarily to DISCREDIT the German Communist Party-led opposition to the placement of Pershing II First Strike Nuclear Missiles in Germany 10 minutes from Moscow, which changed the political equation to LAUNCH ON WARNING, a step up from MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). After this provocation those First Strike nuclear missiles were placed in Germany in late November 1983 and in 1988 Gorbachev, after internal maneuvering in the Soviet Union after taking state power in April 1985, surrendered to the United States to prevent a nuclear war, the inexorable outcome of a nuclear arms race, which was instigated by the United States, as part of the strategic FULL COURT PRESS against the USSR in the 1980s after the U.S. had given up on peaceful coexistence.

The Soviet Surrender also demonstrated Soviet recognition of the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism. See below. There was NO collapse of the USSR whatsoever, economically or in any other way! There was the 1991 START nuclear weapons agreement and what amounted to a surrender agreement which both sides agreed to. There were also several quid pro quos, which included ending the official rule by the Communist Party in the USSR in 1991 through a STING/”coup d’etat” carried out by Mikhail Gorbachev (see elsewhere by this writer). In exchange the U.S. engineered the freeing of Nelson Mandela of the ANC in South Africa where the U.S. abandoned support for that regime. Gorbachev also gave the green light to the brazen assassination of the charismatic and hugely popular Cris Hani, the General Secretary of the South African Communist Party in April 1993 so that the South African Communist Party would not follow Nelson Mandela and the capitalist ANC! Gorbachev himself also had assassinated a veritable laundry list of Soviet diplomats and “bad memories” for the U.S. capitalist dictatorship including Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko in July 1989, Kim Philby in May 1988, a Soviet Agent who had led the Russian division of British Intelligence (!) for 19 years (!) and “Gorby” agreed to the assassination of NAZI Rudolph Hess in Spandau Prison by the U.S in August 1987, to name just a few key personnel. These events were followed by a long and painful dismantlement of the Soviet Worker’s State during the 1990’s. The CIA, which at that time did not want to be known as a false propaganda source because it would decrease morale, came on network TV news in 1991 and stated that they “had no evidence that the USSR was headed for an economic collapse.” The reason that they “had no evidence” was because there was no economic collapse of the USSR. That is the Big Lie False Propaganda anti-Communist Media Campaign designed to demoralize the masses who did not understand what actually happened in the USSR with Mikhail Gorbachevl!

The 911 Attack was a U.S. Government-Assisted Provocation:

The 1988 Soviet surrender set the stage for the 1991 Persian Gulf slaughter, the 911 Trade Center Attack/Provocation orchestrated by the United States and the U.S invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and the present Regime Change Gambit and Invasion of Libya. In the 2001 Trade Center Provocation the Bush Regime kept the U.S. military jet interceptors on the ground for over an hour in order to permit the Islamic Fundamentalists to fly their hijacked jets into the Trade Center and Pentagon in order to create a provocation and pretext to invade Central Asia and later, after a bait and switch using the fraudulent “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda as the pretext, to invade the main target—Iraq. Both the Clinton and the Bush Regimes allowed the 19 Islamic Fundamentalists to enter the United States, followed all of their movements by constant telephone, computer and email surveillance and made sure that those who were going to fly the planes received the higher education they needed at special flight schools to fly jumbo jets into the World Trade Center. When lower level FBI agents reported their suspicions to FBI headquarters in Washington they were told to shut up and they were reassigned. This all appeared within the first 3 weeks in the New York Times after the Trade Center Attack. See for the timeline documenting how the interceptors were kept grounded (we do not support the political position of this site which supports “Israel”) and see: (pages 51and pdf 63). The latter is the website of the Wolfowitz document entitled: “Rebuilding Americas Defenses,” a totally hair-brained scheme by third-rate intellects, which nevertheless is the present continuing game plan of the U.S. government, which is being carried out with virtually no deviation despite the fact that everything in it has been a fiasco from its inception. That game plan, which calls outright for projection of U.S. military power into Central Asia and the Mideast, the overthrow of the Peoples’ Republic of China, etc., was published in September 2000, one year before the 9/11 Attack, states on page 51: “Further, the process of transformation (the Fascist game plans of the Bush Regime), even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a New Pearl Harbor.”

Incidentally, there were no “bombs in the Trade Center!” Single issue anti-Communist groups supposedly attacking “the official explanation” of the Trade Center attack such as 9/, etc. deliberately make the false and completely unsubstantiated claim that the Trade Center buildings came down because of planted “bombs” in all 7 Trade Center buildings and that the attacks by the Islamic Fundamentalists in those huge planes filled to the brim with 90,000 liters of jet fuel and the totally flimsy design of the Trade Center Buildings and subsequent huge fires in all 7 had nothing to do with it! What a joke! The bombs claim is known as straw man disinformation meant to 1.) Cover up the fact that the 911 Attack was a U.S. Government-Assisted Provocation, 2.) To discredit the true claim that the Bush (and Clinton) regimes orchestrated the 911 Attack and 3.) Cover-up the UNDERLYING MECHANISM of the capitalists’ so-called “War on Terror”—A CONTINUOUS CYCLE OF PROVOCATION FOLLOWED BY RETALIATION—where the Islamic Religion is systematically and deliberately attacked, provoked and manipulated on a continuing basis in order to illicit retaliation from Islamic Fundamentalists, which is then used in turn as the fraudulent pretext for the Final Stage of Capitalism—Permanent War and State Terrorism!

The Libyan So-called “Protesters/Rebels” Function
As U.S./NATO Proxies to Steal Libyan Oil!

The Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Germany, India and Brazil ALL VOTED FOR THE U.S./NATO INVASION OF LIBYA by abstaining in the U.N. Security Council vote for the so-called “No-Fly Zone.” Russia and China indubitably received huge concessions from the United States in what was a clear and obvious QUID PRO QUO, the precise nature of which will be revealed by future events! The U.S. Invasion of Libya started with the usual Bush-style SHOCK AND AWE AIR CAMPAIGN of 110 cruise missiles the first day (!), over 200 cruise missiles overall, and used “CIA and NATO special forces” to “lead and train” their proxy “Rebel Army” in an initial attempted ground invasion and coup d’etat attempt. The “protesters/rebel army” numbers no more than 10,000 (!) (New York Times, April 7, 2011) and was organized and supported, manipulated and instigated by the U.S. and are in fact U.S. proxies, but Qaddafi’s forces made them turn tail and run. Those fighting against Qaddafi will not get anything in return for laying down their lives for nothing but BUSH STYLE—REGIME CHANGE, which is precisely what is going on!! The “Rebels” say they want “elections,” but elections are a sham way of keeping the capitalists in power. There is no change in property relations threatened by the so-called “rebels.” Everything is being carried out to overthrow Qaddafi and steal the Libyan oil! The “rebels” do not see it yet because of their Islamic Fundamentalism, anti-Communism and deliberate misleadership by the United States which orchestrated the entire thing! But it has to be acknowledged that Qaddafi made several large mistakes: 1.) He invited the capitalist oil companies into Libya. 2.) He promised (not “threatened” the term used by the capitalist media) but did not follow through on his pledge to redirect the oil money to the Libyan people.

Hugo Chavez on the other hand actually has redirected the oil wealth to the Working Class and the Poor of Venezuela and he has no problem with popularity. Chavez is hugely popular despite unrelenting U.S.-directed false media propaganda campaigns directed against him and non-stop provocations. 3.) Qaddafi also made the mistake of not watching his back. The Libyan people DO have LEGITIMATE grievances, which will NOT be improved one iota with a U.S. INVASION OF LIBYA and a take-over by the oil companies and private contractors, which is the United States objective. Prior to their present stepped up demand that Qaddafi be overthrown “at all costs” because their Proxy “Rebel” army looks like it will be defeated outright and entirely by Qaddafi’s ground forces despite the U.S. air strikes and the CIA and U.S./NATO special forces leadership provided to the Proxy “Rebel” army, the U.S./NATO objective was first to divide Libya as the capitalists did with Korea and Vietnam and later Yugoslavia (see above), but gave up on that when it was clear that their Proxy “Rebel” army was about to lose all territory gained with U.S/NATO aid. The U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship first intended to divide Libya with Bengazi being the “capitol” of the imagined, newly reconstituted U.S.-controlled so-called “Kingdom of Libya” with the U.S puppet “Transitional National Council” declaring that it now controls all Libyan oil and the banks!! (!) The Libyan “rebels” should smell a rat but they do not because they are too young to remember the hated and despised King Idris, who was overthrown in 1969 by Qaddafi! The U.S.-led capitalist dictatorship just wants that oil! The de facto division of Iraq into Sunni, Shia and Kurdish factions was another wonderful demonstration of how well the capitalist dictatorship is able to implement this essential Divide and Conquer Rule of capitalist statecraft! Maintaining the racial, ethnic, religious, national, age, sex and sexual preference division in the United States and elsewhere also keeps the U.S. dictatorship on its toes!

The oil companies and the United States bought off all the Libyan ambassadors, some individuals in the Libyan armed forces and on March 31, 2011 even bought off the Foreign Minister, Moussa Koussa and then the very next day Ali Abdessalam Treki, a former foreign minister and U.S. General Assembly President were also bought off. Both took positions against Qaddafi. Buying off diplomats is Standard Operating Procedure for the U.S.! The U.S. also controls the militaries of virtually all of its Mideast allies and also attempts to make inroads into the militaries of its enemies. The U.S. and NATO were given the green light to invade Libya beginning with a “no fly zone,” when it looked like their initial coup d’etat attempt was about to fail miserably!!” A “no-fly zone” is an act of war first requiring that the US/NATO first bomb Libyan air defenses, and infrastructure which they have done destroying them almost entirely! The U.S. capitalist dictatorship also instructed 11 puppet members of the 22-member Arab League, to make a “special request” to the U.S. and NATO and the United Nations to please, please come invade Libya, beginning with a “no-fly zone,” because it was obvious that the U.S. proxy “rebel army” was collapsing. The U.S. Invasion of Libya is one more glaring demonstration that Capitalism is in its Final Stage designated: Permanent War and State Terrorism. The “War on Terror is the pretext used to maintain capitalism in its final stage. Capitalism is fundamentally based on war, mass murder, crime and subjugation to steal new resources and markets in order to increase private profits. It should be very clear to any person who knows the history of Libya and the U.S.-led capitalist dictatorship what is happening! The combination of: 1.) total absence of any genuine Communist Party or organized Working Class in Islamic countries and 2.) U.S. control of the military in most of these countries through training of their officer corps often in the United States and direct supply of war materiel and money to those militaries is how the U.S. is able to ensure that under no circumstances should the deliberately created social unrest which capitalism has created get organized in the correct direction of a Socialist Revolution. Because there is no genuine Communist Party in Islamic countries, social unrest which is created naturally by capitalism through the exploitation and super-exploitation of the Working Class, has been organized through “Facebook” and “Twitter,” etc. to perform the bidding of the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship, their very exploiters! Islam is the most REACTIONARY of all religions which are ALL inherently reactionary. That helps keep the lid on for the capitalist dictatorship. But that can not last forever!

The U.S. Government—Meaning the U.S. Capitalist Dictatorship—

The United States is waging economic war, biological war and psychological war against its own population—its own people! Let’s look at the history and the present situation both in the U.S. and in Libya. We can not change the future without knowing the past. The reason for this is that if we do not learn the lessons of the past, our capitalist class enemy will and will and does apply those lessons against the Working Class and its allies. That’s us! Therefore, we have to briefly examine some history. The real story of the New Deal: What actually happened in the 1930’s was that a million-strong Communist-led Working Class in the United States generated the pressure which forced Franklin Delano Roosevelt to come up with the New Deal—16 Social Programs which included the Social Security Act. At that time and most recently on Channel 13 Public Television Roosevelt was given credit for “saving capitalism.” “Saving capitalism,” from WHAT pray tell? From a Socialist Revolution in the United States! That’s what! It was that close! So, the New Deal, which TODAY is only a dream—instead we get The No Deal and The Bad Deal because there is currently a ZERO organized Communist movement in the United States—was actually just a BRIBE in the 1930’s. The Working Class did not have to take that bribe! So WHY did they take that bribe??? At a point in time when they did NOT have to take that bribe!

Why Franklin Delano Roosevelt Wrote the New Deal:
The Importance of Genuine Communist Leadership:

The answer is that the million-strong Communist-led Working Class took that bribe, the New Deal, because of the deliberate misleadership of Josef Stalin, who himself was NOT a Communist although he was a member of the Communist Party and used manipulation to become General Secretary, a position which Lenin opposed! Prior to the 1917 Russian Revolution, the most important and significant event in the Twentieth Century, Stalin voted against taking state power on each and every vote that was taken. He always voted with Kamaniev who always voted against! This included the vote taken the night before the Bolshevik party led the Working Class, (70% of whom supported the Bolsheviks) and 30% of the Peasantry which included the all-important military WHICH WAS IN MUTINY, to take state power. Stalin played a counter-productive role in the Revolutionary War and much later in 1924 after becoming General Secretary, poisoned Lenin while Lenin was recuperating from his second stroke. All the details of what was well known since the 1920’s were all published in the Moscow News, Jan-Feb, 1989. Stalin murdered the remaining leaders of the Bolshevik Party most of them in a series of show trials but others through outright assassination. His position internationally was well known: Socialism in one country–in practice meaning Socialism in no other country. The USSR was only a Workers’ State not a version of Socialism, the first stage of Communism. Communism is a stateless society which has never been practiced and can never be put into practice until capitalism has been overthrown in its center—the United States. In addition to sabotaging the Working Class movement in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Stalin sent 50,000 Chinese Communists to their deaths before Mao got wise and stopped accepting directives from Stalin. Finally in 1943 Stalin ended the Communist International altogether. So much for Stalin being a “Communist.” Stalin rode the back of the 1917 Russian Revolution and drew all his power from it and was compelled to defend it albeit rather poorly starting out as mentioned by murdering Lenin. We have to build back a million-strong Communist movement here in the United States like there was in the 1930’s and carry it through to a Socialist Revolution in the United States. CAPITALISM OFFERS A WORLD WITH NO FUTURE FOR YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN!

The One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism:

Capitalism cannot be turned into Socialism because of its inherent (now) ONE-WAY dynamic which leads to Fascism, barbarism and the end of civilization, a DYNAMIC which is totally independent of the WILLS of the individual capitalists and politicians who nevertheless RIDE that dynamic to the top based on the extent that they express and further the interests of that one-way dynamic. That same dynamic makes George Bush look like a choirboy compared to Obama! The system controls them NOT the other way around. This is hard for most people to understand or accept. People are taught to think in terms of individuals and good guys and bad guys and this forms the basis for elections under capitalism, which is the primary weapon of capitalist deception. But under capitalism it is NOT a question of good guys and bad guys. Under capitalism they are ALL BAD GUYS, AND THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. (There is an exception to every rule–including this one—where there are NO exceptions!) The proof for this is that there is not ONE capitalist politician anywhere who is saying that capitalism is a failure and has had its day and must be replaced with Socialism through a Socialist Revolution in the United States as the precondition for survival of humankind and all life on Earth and explaining how it must proceed! ALL capitalist politicians without exception try to encourage the false illusion that capitalism can be reformed. That is the basis for the Presidential elections and all elections by extension, which are the Number One Weapon of Capitalist Deception. (ALL capitalist politicians also cover up the fact that the rich pay virtually NO TAXES!)

Every capitalist administration since the beginning of Imperialism, which correlates approximately with the beginning of the Twentieth Century has been to the right of the one which preceded it whether it has been Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference. The only exceptions to this were the administrations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the two New Dealers which followed him, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, a Democrat who ran as a Republican, and Lyndon Johnson another New Dealer. These exceptions applied domestically ONLY! Roosevelt orchestrated the Pearl Harbor Provocation in order to get the U.S. Congress to declare war on Japan and reverse the anti-war sentiment in the United States: Seven months after the U.S. cracked the Japanese code and the U.S. heard the Japanese approaching Pearl Harbor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt pulled the 2 aircraft carriers in Pearl Harbor out to sea because they did not want the decks of those carriers to be damaged in the coming attack, which they needed to take place! Reflecting the overwhelming will of the U.S. people the U.S. Congress had just passed the Neutrality Act because the horror of WWI was so fresh in people’s minds and Roosevelt needed a provocation, “a Day Which Would Live In Infamy,” in order to justify asking Congress to declare war on Japan, which it did the very next day after the attack on December 8, 1941 The reason that the capitalists are able to get away with their lies and are able to wage economic war, biological war and psychological (brainwashing) war against their “own” people with virtually NO ORGANIZED OPPOSITION is that only genuine Communists oppose the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires and genuinely represent the interests of the Working Class and survival of life on this planet. But today there is no organized Communist movement in the United States! Communists are the only ones who call up front for a new system based on human need not private profit—Socialism. But right now in New York City 95% of those interviewed DO smell a rat and agree, given the choice, which they are NOT, that we need a new system based on human need not private profit. That is a Communist response (!) and does mean Socialism not Fascism. So how do we achieve Socialism?

Capitalism is in its Final Stage of Permanent War, Which is
Potentially the Most Ideal Pre-Revolutionary Situation Possible!

The Capitalists Rule Through a Combination of Force and Deception!
Therefore: 1.) The Capitalists Must be Deprived of the Ability to Send Bodies of Armed Men
Against the Masses and 2.) The Primary Capitalist Weapons of Deception Must be Explained
And Exposed in Order to Take the Steps to Defeat Them and 3.) A Nationwide Network
Of Workers’ and Community Councils Must be Organized as a
Dual Power Counterposed to the Capitalists’ Dictatorship!

THE CAPITALISTS MUST FIRST BE DISARMED! Mutiny in the armed forces is the Absolute Precondition for Socialist Revolution as well as ending the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc. etc.. Mutiny saves lives! Mutiny Saves Lives! This must be repeated! And repeated! And repeated! The capitalists must first be deprived of the ability to send bodies of armed men against the masses before there can ever be genuine free speech where opposing viewpoints can even be fully heard by the masses, for example on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN television at prime time every night of the week or even the INTERNET which is NOW HIGHLY CENSORED! Speaking on a street corner even with a megaphone, currently forbidden, is not free speech! Mutiny is also the first step to abolishing the standing army while arming the vanguard of the Working Class. Because of the Mutiny of U.S. armed forces in Vietnam in 1975 the U.S. has taken precautions to try to prevent another mutiny! The capitalists have switched to an army of mercenary mass murderers, which includes regular low-paid GI marauders and cutthroats plus a group of 45,000 armed “private contractors,” paid 4 times the salary of the regular mercenary army. These are the special elite Fascist killers such as Blackwater USA (leader photographed by major media openly giving the Hitler salute!), Dyncorp International, Custer Battles, Aegis, Zapata, Triple Canopy, etc., which are directly analogous to the NAZI SS (Schutz Staffel), for the personal protection of the U.S. high military command and officer corps. These very highly paid heavily armed military contractors are not in Iraq in order “to protect diplomats” despite the fact that the U.S. has built the largest embassy in the entire world in Baghdad! The protection of diplomats has always been carried out by the regular military. And they are not there to hunt for Al-Qaeda! This highly paid organized group of psychopaths are In Iraq for one reason only—to protect the officer corps in event of another mutiny! There were no super-highly paid military contractors in Vietnam! Only after the mutiny in Vietnam was such a security force deemed necessary for Iraq, which is another Vietnam! The overall number of private contractors in Iraq, which includes the 45,000 armed NAZI SS Blackwater USA, etc., numbers about 183,000 according to the Associated Press, September 19, 2007, more than the regular U.S. troops (150,000). In this situation the U.S. strategy of using very highly paid private contractors in order to buy their loyalty ultimately cannot prevent a mutiny, but it does complicate it. The regular army must defeat these NAZI-style SS private contractors militarily while turning their weapons on their officers and taking prisoner all those who do not support the mutiny, along with these NAZI-style SS forces. The regular army is better organized, has heavier weapons with more men under arms so this is not an impossible task. The morale of the mercenary army has never been lower because of the repeated deployments and because after a while the military personnel start asking themselves why they must kill, kill, kill!! So-called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental illness also afflict a high percentage of the military.

After the Mutiny in Iraq and in all U.S. forces, which must include all National Guard units followed by the police forces, the masses will be able to begin to set up a government of Dual Power in the United States consisting of a nationwide network of Workers’, Soldiers and Community Councils which are directly counterposed to the capitalist dictatorship’s Congress. The success of the Socialist Revolution in all other developed countries is guaranteed after capitalism is abolished in the United States, but if necessary, we will provide every assistance in any pockets of crazed resistance. The Socialist Revolution in the United States and the actual taking of state power will take place relatively bloodlessly, and can only take place relatively bloodlessly because the masses must support it. Only after Mutiny in the armed forces and after winning the support through patient explanation of at least 70% of the U.S. Working Class and their allies will it be possible to take state power, just as occurred in Russia in October 1917—where only about 220-240 people died in the actual taking of state power starting on October 25th and the days that followed. It was only afterward that millions died in the Revolutionary Civil War after the Imperialists first invaded the Soviet Union 4 months after the October Revolution and all those 14 invading imperialist armies on 19 different fronts mutineed, forcing the capitalists to back the “White Army” organized by the former Czarists and the Provisional Government of Kerensky, the fake-left “Socialist Revolutionary,” against the victorious Red Army. When the Socialist Revolution takes place in the United States there will be no civil war and no more central support for capitalism-imperialism anywhere on Earth. A Socialist Revolution is not a coup d’etat (which the capitalists are trying to carry out in Libya, Syria and Yemen, etc.) and must be supported by the masses won over to the Socialist Revolution through patient explanation, which can only occur if genuine free speech, as described above, exists.

There Are No Downsides WHATSOEVER to Socialism!

The capitalists campaign nonstop to try to instill fear in the masses against Socialism, and most people are genuinely concerned about what Socialism would look like after a Socialist Revolution in the United States and the abolition of capitalism-imperialism worldwide. A Socialist Revolution in the United States would not and could not end up like the Soviet Union because there would be no basis or reason to continue a hard dictatorship after the Socialist Revolution had been consolidated in the former center of capitalism-imperialism—the USA. The Soviet Union and other Workers’ States have all been hard Working Class dictatorships, which was justified only in order to prevent both internal and external counter-revolutionary attempts to restore the capitalist dictatorship, a threat which existed due to the fact that the Workers’ States have existed in a world still threatened by capitalism. That threat would be eliminated permanently after the Socialist Revolution takes place here in the United States, the center of world capitalism-imperialism. (See above for a more comprehensive analysis of the USSR.) The capitalists do not want such questions to even be discussed! The reality is that there are no downsides WHATSOEVER to Socialism! First of all, life on this planet would be able to survive! Almost all of the jobs will still be there too except some of the jobs involved in the military industrial complex and the parasite insurance companies, HMOs and credit card companies. Insurance, HMO’s and credit would be largely unnecessary under Socialism, which would supply all social services automatically!

The capitalist military industrial complex would be terminated immediately after the Worldwide Socialist Revolution, while most of the jobs in that area would be transferred to projects more in line with human need not mass murder. Jobs in no longer necessary parasitic industries such as insurance, health management organizations (HMO’s), credit card companies and private real estate, would also be abolished along with the industries themselves. No more Donald Trumps! No more landlords! As part of the global economic-political-social system based on human need, with the exception of disability, there would be no unemployment permitted (of healthy normal people)—NOT the so-called “natural rate of unemployment” devised by capitalist economists such as Milton Friedman, or any version of it, which permits millions of people to be unemployed to benefit the capitalists as the so-called “reserve army of the unemployed,” as a pretext to keep wages low and as a threat of being unemployed or even homeless by those who are employed. Most large corporations and businesses would not disappear. Far from it! The only difference will be is that all corporations will be owned and run entirely by the workers, but all executive and management positions will be based on periodic direct elections within the corporation or company and all those elected would be subject to immediate recall. Training for top executive and management positions would be required for all! No one will be paid more than the wage of a union worker, just as government officials, and with the end of huge military budgets and the expropriation of the expropriators, the union wage will rise to be more than sufficient to live like a millionaire. That would be the starting point.

Dislocation for any reason during or after the Socialist Revolution will be minimal because the popular support required for its success at its center will allow a smooth and rapid transition! In addition, as mentioned there will be no more exploitation and super-exploitation by landlords, although a much-reduced rent will be paid to the Socialist State. Landlordism will be terminated! Society will finally be placed on a basis of human need. All sections of the economy which derive their profits from parasitizing the masses would be permanently eliminated. There would be no more insurance company parasites and no more need to buy insurance of any kind and no one would ever again be in debt! Today the average college graduate often starts life in debt to the tune of around $100,000.00 and sometimes over twice as much after a graduate degree, an amount which often can never be repaid during the person’s lifetime! That practice would be ended! It should be noted that all European countries have until recently had free education to the highest level—but only because of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the existence of the Soviet Union and it very close proximity until its surrender to the threat of a nuclear war. See Above. (Today the capitalist European countries are trying to reverse and abolish all of the social programs all of which have owed their existence to the Soviet Union.) After a Socialist Revolution in the United States there would be no more “Credit Card Scores” and “Credit Card Reports” by parasite credit card companies because those companies would cease to exist. And there would be no more parasite HMO’s!

Medical and Scientific research would be expanded, fully funded and put to use of human need not mass murder primarily as under capitalism! There would be an end to all economic warfare which capitalism wages against the masses carried out to try to impoverish them economically and to demoralize them politically and to reduce their number by bringing them to an earlier death through applied Social Darwinism. There would an end to homelessness, and all housing would be made livable. There would be entirely free education to the highest level obtainable for each person. There would be free medical and free dental treatment for everyone. There would be an end to the AIDS pandemic, which is documented to be Biological Warfare by the U.S. government and other cooperating governments. A safe recombinant AIDS vaccine, which would be close to 100% effective, would be promptly developed. (See further below in Analysis and Theses for exact description.) Humankind would have its best chance to reverse the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, which the beginning of an exponential increase in atmospheric CO2 levels, documents has already begun. (See above.) The capitalists wage a continuous Big Lie campaign, just like they do on every other issue to brainwash the masses against Socialism. Anti-Communism, which is imposed on the masses through the capitalist government, its puppet media, its puppet educational system, its 100% loyal, fake “left opposition,” its divide and conquer “single issue groups” and its always anti-Communist conspiracy groups, has as much basis in truth as the capitalists’ claim that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

“Elections” under capitalism perpetuate the false illusion of “reform” under capitalism, which is the Number One Big Lie of capitalism. The word “democracy” under capitalism is simply a euphemism for capitalist dictatorship and enslavement. That applies here in the United States and everywhere else as well. And if you tune into any news show or cable show only ONE question is actually being discussed no matter what the issue is! All discussion reduces to only one question! What question is that??? The only question being discussed under capitalism is HOW BEST TO PRESERVE CAPITALISM! Nothing whatsoever about human need! So the first step we need to take is to organize back that one million strong Communist Movement we had in the 1930’s by organizing a genuine Communist Party. The Declaration of Independence is actually a transitional document for a Socialist Revolution in the United States. Google up the Declaration of Independence and read it! Although it is not actually necessary, we do have that as a legal basis and justification for calling for a Socialist Revolution in the United States and as a first step, for calling for MUTINY in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and all U.S. armed forces as in Vietnam, the real reason and the ONLY REASON that the Vietnam War ended in 1975! Disarming the capitalist dictatorship is thus the Precondition for ALL social change in the United States and worldwide.

The U.S. Government, meaning the U.S. capitalist dictatorship, has lost ALL LEGITIMACY TO RULE and ALL RIGHT TO SOVEREIGNTY in the United States or ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! This must be repeated from the rooftops! Let’s stop talking about reforming capitalism! This is not your country and it is not my country. WE JUST LIVE HERE! This country belongs to the dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. It does not belong to you and it does not belong to me! WE own NOTHING! The banks and dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires own everything. If you miss a payment on your mortgage you are in the street. Same thing with your car! Miss a payment on your car and you have no car. So lets stop talking about “why don’t WE do this or WE do that.” Who “we?” Never ever say ”we” or “our” when talking about the U.S. Refer to the US as the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires or capitalist dictatorship because that is what it is! We are NOT talking about “changing the government!” That is already done with the periodically staged sham, phony U.S. “elections,” which the capitalists use as take-off points for further and intensified wars in order to more easily steal natural resources and new markets. The U.S.-led capitalist dictatorship is also presently waging war on many levels against its own people! That means you and me! We have to talk about getting rid of the economic-political-social system of capitalism, which can ONLY be accomplished through a Socialist Revolution here in the United States. Lets STOP identifying ourselves with the crimes of the dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires who stage sham “elections, where whoever wins the “election,“ WE ARE THE LOSERS!

We have to STOP thinking in terms of reforming capitalism through protests against particular policies or actions of capitalism-imperialism. Such REFORMIST protests are really aimed at leading seriously motivated people to defeat while allowing them to VENT their energy uselessly and harmlessly to the capitalist dictatorship and then to go home and become progressively demoralized when the capitalist dictatorship does nothing to reform itself! Protest demonstrations, all of which are presently organized by the fake “left,” are just begging the capitalist dictatorship (a designation which is also never permitted to be mentioned) to please, please be nice and “do the right thing.” “Aw, Please, Please, Please Mr. Capitalist-killer-mass murderer, Please throw us s few crumbs! Aw, come on. Please just throw us a few crumbs!” It is a rule of capitalist statecraft that a government must control and operate its own “opposition.” The U.S. government does operate the leadership of its own fake “opposition,” which NEVER EVER connects up the crimes of the capitalist dictatorship with the direct need to organize an economic system based on human need not private profit NOW, because Reformism is designed to FAIL!! Or revealing that this new system is called Socialism, a word which is never even permitted to be mentioned at any demonstration, much less explained, as done above! This is how the entire U.S. fake “left,” which includes: International Action Center, Workers World Party, the Revolutionary Communist Party (so-called!) and the Socialist Workers Party, Communist Party USA, just to name a few, deceives their members and others who read their newspapers and/or show up at their demonstrations. Protest demonstrations, when they are rarely held, are carefully designed to keep those who are opposed to the actions and policies of the capitalist dictatorship ignorant of the fact that the actions and policies of capitalism are almost always integral parts of capitalism and can only be abolished by overthrowing capitalism. This includes War and Racism! The fake “left” exists in order to always keep those opposed to capitalism within the framework of capitalism and continuing to support the capitalist dictatorship by asking it to “do the right thing.” Another deception is to hold “solidarity” events with Socialist Revolutions elsewhere! Nor does the fake “left” ever mention that capitalism can ONLY be permanently overthrown through a Socialist Revolution in the United States! Discussion today must center on precisely HOW to organize and carry out the Socialist Revolution here in the United States because this information is available and easy to understand. The capitalists rule through a combination of force and deception. So the first thing which must be done is to disarm the capitalist dictatorship by calling for and organizing a mutiny in all U.S. armed forces from Iraq to Afghanistan to Pakistan to Somalia to Yemen to Libya! As in Vietnam! The real reason and ONLY reason the Vietnam War ended in 1975! The morale of the U.S. Military has NEVER EVER BEEN LOWER EXCEPT IN VIETNAM as mentioned above! The time is right to start to organize a genuine Communist Party!

The U.S. Masses Would be Receptive to a Socialist Revolution in the United States

When 95% of New Yorkers agree that we need a new system based on human need not private profit, that is a already a Communist response. And that means that the masses WOULD BE RECEPTIVE RIGHT NOW TO A SOCIALIST REVOLUTION IN THE UNITED STATES! Although those polled would not necessarily identify themselves as Communists at this time because they have been brainwashed into falsely believing that Communists are “the bad guys.” In other words the capitalists have inoculated the masses against the only solution to the entire complex of problems confronting humanity, the majority of which have been created by capitalism, now in its Final Stage of Permanent War and State Terrorism. Most people do not understand: that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and the friend of my enemy is my enemy. This is inductive reasoning, the reasoning of science! The capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires (capitalism) is our primary enemy although few actually understand that completely or are able to explain such a simple concept in as many words at this time because of the relentless anti-Communist brainwash and the campaign to beat down, demoralize, divide, intimidate and infantalize the U.S. Working Class. Remember that in the final analysis all wars are won and lost on morale and every movement begins with the call. The capitalists have demoralized their subject populations, which have no Communist organization of any kind at the present time. And the capitalists know it! Although the masses have presently been rendered ANTI-COMMUNIST almost as a reflex, and often resemble those crazed extras in movies such as “Return of the Body Snatchers” or “Night of the Living Dead,” they simultaneously give a true Communist response when they agree that we need a new system based on human need not private profit, demonstrating both the pervasiveness and limits of brainwashing! Deprogramming the masses all of whom have been brainwashed begins with patient explanation. There is no other way!

Further Impoverish a Large Percentage of the Working Class and the Poor!
The Capitalists Are Deliberately Falsely Labeling the Capitalist
Solution to the Economic Crisis/Depression—Namely Standard Keynesian
Deficit Spending—as “The Problem” in Order to be Able to Sabotage the
Economy and Cause it to Contract to be in Accordance with Globalism!

By deliberately falsely labeling the actual CAPITALIST solution to the economic crisis (Keynesian Deficit Spending!) as “the problem” and using the false pretext of a supposed “federal budget deficit,” which the capitalists deliberately and artificially created for this precise pretext, the capitalist dictatorship is able to wage ECONOMIC WAR against THEIR OWN PEOPLE by DELIEBERATELY SABOTAGING the U.S. and world economy in every conceivable way. The capitalist dictatorship is thus able to wage economic war against its own people by CUTTING government spending and REDUCING DEMAND IN THE ECONOMY in order to SHRINK THE ECONOMY and ultimately the population (!) and is therefore not afraid of increasing oil prices, for example, as a result of their continually escalating wars in the Mideast! The Obama Regime, the Democrats, Republicans and Tea Bags go through a clumsy Mutt and Jeff (Good Cop/Bad Cop) Routine regarding “the federal deficit,” and debate ONLY about how much and about how fast to “reduce the federal deficit.” NO OTHER DISCUSSION IS EVER PERMITTED! The so-called “budget deal” charade had Obama and the Republicans/Tea Bags pretending to be “opposed.” The Republicans adamantly refused to agree to actually raise taxes on the rich and the con man and demagogue Obama agreed in practice, (!) offering instead to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security! (New York Times, July 23, 2011) Some phony “Deal” with the outcome predetermined in advance! The “federal budget deficit” is then simply used as the main pretext to cut social services targeting especially Social Security and Medicare and to set the economy in motion to gradually reduce the U.S. living standard to TOTAL IMPOVERISHMENT!

Today the New Deal has been almost entirely demolished by the hardening U.S. capitalist dictatorship. Obama was elected in order to finish that demolition by first targeting Social Security, where within 100 days of taking office he immediately and permanently abolished the yearly Social Security Cost-Of-Living Allowance. The Obama Regime has even cut Social Security Taxes in order to try to undermine and expedite, in every possible way, the ELIMINATION of Social Security, NOT to “put more money to the Workers’ paychecks, the false pretext concocted by the Obama Regime! The capitalist dictatorship is able to get away with this because there is NO REAL OPPOSITION, meaning ORGANIZED Communist opposition in the United States! The capitalist dictatorship DELIBERATELY and METHODOLOGICALLY creates “budget deficits” BY TAXING ALL INCOME OF THE WORKING CLASS, the POOR and the middle class, while REFUSING TO TAX ALL INCOME of the millionaires and billionaires and even giving Tax Cuts for The Rich, (Bush and Obama!). David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget, explained in his 1986 book “The Triumph of Politics: Why The Reagan Revolution Failed,” that the PURPOSE of “Supply-Side Economics” was to “create a Strategic Budget Deficit in order to DIVERT money from social spending.” This was also the actual purpose for the 4.7 $trillion in Bank Bailouts backed up by $23.7 trillion “if necessary. (Associated Press, July 20, 2009). (Computer Search: “US Financial Market Bailout Tab Hits $4.7 Trillion.”) This is all the result of the deliberate failure to implement a Progressive Tax Structure in the United States. The capitalists’ deliberate failure to create large scale Federal Jobs Programs to put people back to work is the other side of the equation. (See above!)

INSTEAD the capitalist dictatorship has instituted a REGRESSIVE TAX STRUCTURE in the U.S. and deliberately DIVERTS as much tax money as possible, almost all of it collected primarily from the Working Class and the Poor, away from social programs TO the capitalists themselves via so-called Tax-Cut/Supply-Side Economics, and grants landlords and utilities perpetual/astronomical rate increases and deliberately keeps foreclosure rates MAXIMALLY HIGH in order to keep the American people impoverished as much as possible in order to maximally increase homelessness and are now pulling out all the stops and GOING FOR BROKE! Broke, meaning the U.S. masses, who are being set up for a mass extermination as victims of economic warfare, biological warfare and psychological warfare by the U.S. capitalist dictatorship!

Progressive Taxation is Good for the Economy!
Regressive Taxation is Bad for the Economy!
The Capitalist Dictatorship Keeps the Masses Totally Confused About Taxes!

There is never any explanation provided concerning the vast difference between progressive taxes, which normally tax the rich more than 90% of their total gross —–income, versus regressive taxes which tax the poor primarily and which are correctly opposed by the masses. By cleverly manipulating and omitting these simple, fundamental facts of taxation the capitalist dictatorship of billionaires and millionaires and its media and “education system” are able to keep the masses totally confused and opposed to “taxes” in general, and with their reduced understanding this means that only regressive taxes are imposed in this, the most reactionary period of End-Stage capitalism.

The ONLY taxes which exist today in the United States are regressive taxes. A progressive tax is a tax which increases as the GROSS INCOME (NOT “taxable base!”) increases! A regressive tax is defined as a tax with a rate that decreases as the taxpayer’s income increases, meaning that regressive taxes target the Working Class and Poor primarily. Examples of regressive taxes include: 1.) Consumption taxes such as the sales tax and 2.) the value-added tax, 3.) the excise tax, which will target those with comprehensive health insurance as a “luxury tax” (!) in the so-called “Healthcare Overhaul,” 4.) Property taxes designed to increase rent, 5.) a Flat Tax called for by assorted Fascists which taxes the rich at the same rate as the Poor (!), 6.) increases in the subway and bus fares and tolls and 7.) increases in stamp prices combined with the most recent outright cuts in services and delivery even in the U.S. Post Office and 8.) The system of FINES, which the Bolsheviks abolished entirely in 1917, is even being ridiculously increased for every conceivable crime and administrative code violation, and will be used to raise up to $52 billion targeting those who fail to comply with the government “healthcare mandate” with huge fines to pay for the new health insurance, which is to increase by 10% even for all those who already have insurance!!! Note: the Payroll tax used to pay for Social Security and the FICA and Medicare tax does not “dampen economic activity” and is NOT regressive because it funds the social safety nets. Those anti-“Big Government” Fascists who claim otherwise are deliberate liars!

In addition, the GAO reported that 66% of U.S. companies paid no federal income taxes and 68% of foreign companies doing business in the United States paid zero corporate taxes between 1998 and 2005, while reporting $2.5 trillion in sales! This includes 1.2 million U.S. companies and 38,000 foreign companies! This is what is known as Supply Side Economics! The actual purpose of the $4.7 Trillion Bank Bailout was also to DIVERT TAX MONEY away from Social Spending! The capitalist dictatorship then blamed the present Depression (NOT “Recession!”) on the masses themselves for “living too high off the hog!” Combined New Deal and WWII spending in a program of standard CAPITALIST Keynesian Deficit spending to 37% of the Gross Domestic Product primarily on Federal Jobs Programs is what lifted the U.S. economy and then the world economy out of the Great Depression. The U.S. capitalist dictatorship has thus lost all legitimacy to rule and lost all right to sovereignty in the United States OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

The Rich Effectively Pay No Taxes!

Although the Bush and Obama Tax Cuts for the Rich were very effective in helping to create a large federal deficit, the money which was handed over to the millionaires and billionaires in that scheme is virtually NOTHING in comparison with the potential tax monies available if all income were taxed! In other words it is not the Top Tax Rate which is important, but the Social Security Wage Base, which is now still only $106,800! No income taxes are paid over that amount! But the U.S. population is helpless in the face of this theft because it is presently demoralized, divided, intimidated, largely infantalized and totally brainwashed. The masses have no knowledge whatever of what is being done to them! ZERO public awareness, ZERO organization and ANTI-COMMUNIST BRAINWASH is why the capitalist dictatorship is able to get away without taxing ALL INCOME but only the first $106,800 (!) and get away with it!!!!! “Tax the Rich” is thus the WRONG slogan entirely and misses the point TOTALLY! “TAX ALL INCOME” is the correct slogan, but the capitalists will NEVER EVER DO THAT! All capitalist politicians without exception and the media, a privatized arm of the misnamed U.S. “intelligence community,” (see above) remain dutifully totally silent about the fact that the rich pay essentially no taxes! In fact, this is the Number One Big Lie of Omission in the United States!

The “Effective Top U.S. Federal Tax Rate” is now only 27.9%, while the Effective Tax Rate for the average taxpayer is 18.2%. (New York Times, August 28, 2009) But this so-called “TOP TAX RATE” is paid ONLY on the first $106,800! And the millionaires and billionaires do not even pay the top rate of 27.9%. They pay the capital gains tax rate of only 15%…on $106,800! This is why Warren Buffet’s secretary, who is paid more than this amount, pays more in income taxes than he does. This was on the TV Show “60 Minutes.” Twice! BIG DEAL! “Intelligence” operative Nicholas Kristof’s July 7, 2011 column in the New York Times, discusses this awful “loophole!” This whole issue and other “loopholes” are a ridiculous cover-up! The fact that NO TAX WHATSOEVER is paid on income above this amount of $106,800 is completely covered up! “Tax loopholes” are thus TOTALLY IRRELEVANT in comparison! “Tax loopholes” are discussed with great fervor by capitalist politicians and media stooges out of a pretended concern for “fairness,” but are actually used to deliberately DIVERT ATTENTION away from any and all discussion of the key fact that the rich pay virtually no taxes whatsoever! This can not change under the constantly hardening capitalist U.S. dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. Instead, so-called “Budget Deals,” are used to deceive and further impoverish the U.S. masses! That is one of the many reasons that we need a Socialist Revolution in the United States.

The capitalist dictatorship and its media falsely blame increases in healthcare costs, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as THE CAUSE of “the budget deficit,” which they deliberately created, and for the “need” to eliminate pensions, jobs and social programs and to get rid of unions, which set the pay scale for the entire Working Class. The truth is that the millionaires and billionaires have drained us totally dry! But this could be reversed immediately by taxing ALL INCOME! When they talk about ”taxpayers” and “raising taxes” they do not EVER mean themselves or taxing themselves! By “taxpayers” they mean the Working Class and the Poor primarily! The ”Middle Class” designates small business people, doctors, lawyers and the direct servants of the capitalists and they do also pay taxes. But the capitalists try not ever to mention the Working Class and substitute “middle class” whenever possible in order to falsely flatter the Workers so that the Working Class does not even understand its own identity and its destiny, namely to overthrow the capitalists and organize a Socialist society, which can only be created by overthrowing capitalism at its center in the United States. Do not for one moment be led into believing that “we just need to send the right message to Obama” or someone else and “they will do the right thing,” “Money for Jobs not for War,” “Please throw us some crumbs!” or “Let’s take it to the streets!” What are they actually “taking to the streets?” The false belief that capitalism can be reformed! This is what the fake “left” International Action Center and Workers World Party, etc. are “taking to the streets” and would like people to falsely believe. That is all based on the false belief in the Number One Big Lie of Capitalism, that capitalism can be “reformed,” but because of capitalism’s inherent dynamic, which is explained above, capitalism cannot be reformed! The capitalists have total contempt for the intelligence and organization of the Working Class. Right now with good reason! And the situation is going hell bent for leather to the right as this is being written.

WHY does the U.S. capitalist dictatorship do everything in its power to DELIBERATELY SABOTAGE THE OWN ECONOMY AND ALLOW THE ECONOMY TO CONTRACT in the U.S., Europe and worldwide? The reason is because of “Globalism” or “Globalization,” which simply means competition among the world’s capitalists to obtain the lowest salaried workers. To do this the capitalists must lower the standard of living and impoverish the masses and reduce their numbers in the United States! According to so-called “economic experts on CNBC on October 9, 2009, decreasing the standard of living in the United States was “a primary objective “of the Obama Regime “in order to make the U.S. more competitive under Globalism.” This in the face of the greatest income disparity, the greatest income difference, in ALL HUMAN HISTORY! There is enough money in the United States today for every single person to live like a millionaire with no exaggeration! The possession or acquisition of huge material wealth automatically means poverty, misery and exploitation of others! The economy is NOT going to recover and CAN NOT REALLY RECOVER, despite the negligible effect of the capitalist business cycle, unless the government institutes HUGE Federal Jobs Programs equivalent to 37% of the GDP, which is the only possible way to sufficiently stimulate DEMAND, the ENGINE of the economy. That is BASIC ECONOMICS 101! That is WHY the capitalists are NOT hiring federal workers! That is WHY the capitalist dictatorship is doing the precise opposite and is FIRING Federal, State and City Workers as fast as possible, precisely IN ORDER TO DECREASE DEMAND and to shrink the economy. The Obama Regime, while boisterously and pretentiously talking falsely about “creating more jobs” carries all this out with MAXIMAL DENIAL! GreaZy mass murderers/cutthroats like Barack Obama and apologist slimeballs such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times, were both awarded the Nobel Prize as a cover 1.) for the unprecedented long-planned unprecedented escalation in warmongering by the Obama Regime and 2.) to give more weight to Krugman’s non-stop deceptive apologia from every direction and outright cheerleading of the ever-hardening capitalist dictatorship. Don’t be deceived! The fake “Left” and characters like Krugman, whose role is to play stupid (the Nobel Prize Winner!) and HIDE the DELIBERATE ECONOMIC SABOTAGE and the PURPOSE of that economic sabotage, while always attributing mostly good faith to the capitalist murderers and falsely singling out parasitic “rentier capitalism,” one time for example, as the supposed cause of the continuing economic depression. (!) While Krugman has occasionally briefly mentioned the New Deal and WPA work programs in order to cover himself he never mentions what is actually necessary to lift the economy out of the depression. See above! With phony obscurantist “explanations” he tries to foster the false belief that “the government is just “making mistakes,” “just not doing enough” and/or rarely “being mean-spirited. Why don’t they just listen to reason?” More concerned about his own credibility than that of the Regime’s, Professional Liar Krugman, rather than actually tell the truth, once again falsely attributes GOOD FAITH to Obama and the Republicans when he pretends to hedge: “Maybe” Obama “basically shares the (Republican’s) diagnosis of what ails our economy and what should be done to fix it.” (New York Times, July 8, 2011) The truth is that the only way to put people back to work today is through Socialism, which can only be achieved by carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States.

All the Wealth Now Owned by the Millionaires and
Billionaires was STOLEN from The Working Class!

The capitalists have effectively stolen all of their wealth from the Working Class by expropriating the Surplus Value from the goods and services the Working Class has produced. Surplus Value is the new value which is created by workers by what they produce in goods and services in excess of their own labor-cost (e.g. wages and benefits), a value which is freely appropriated, MEANING STOLEN (!), by t

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William H. Depperman said:

Part 3 of 3:
All the Wealth Now Owned by the Millionaires and
Billionaires was STOLEN from The Working Class!

The capitalists have effectively stolen all of their wealth from the Working Class by expropriating the Surplus Value from the goods and services the Working Class has produced. Surplus Value is the new value which is created by workers by what they produce in goods and services in excess of their own labor-cost (e.g. wages and benefits), a value which is freely appropriated, MEANING STOLEN (!), by the capitalists as gross PROFIT, and which is the basis of capital accumulation, meaning accumulation of their WEALTH! That is the basis of capitalism! It is the basis of all the money the capitalist have acquired and use for the formation of companies and corporations, banks, bank loans, the issuance of stock, purchase and ownership of private property, etc. It is time to take back what is rightfully ours—ALL the wealth which WE, the Working Class, NOT the capitalist class, has produced! As mentioned above there is enough money in the United States today for every single person to live like a millionaire with no exaggeration! The possession or acquisition of huge material wealth automatically means poverty, misery and exploitation of others! Taking back this wealth first requires taking STATE POWER and is one more reason to begin to organize a genuine Communist party with the objective of carrying out a Socialist Revolution in the United States!

The basic question of every revolution is that of state power. The state is nothing more than a machine for suppressing one class by another. Unless this question is understood, there can be no intelligent participation in the Socialist Revolution, not to speak of guidance of the revolution. Only in a Socialist Revolution carried out in the center of world capitalism does the capitalist class permanently lose state power! Although the U.S. capitalist regime today is composed largely of Bonapartists, Fascists and Proto-Fascists we do not yet have Fascism in the United States. We have Rule By Decree, technically a form of Bonapartism, in the form of a constantly hardening bureaucratic-military police state. What is most important to understand is that capitalism is a class dictatorship based on the fact that the capitalists own the means of production, the factories, the land, the banks, the military, the media (a privatized arm of the U.S. government’s so-called “intelligence community”), the educational system, where the state begins the brainwash of the youth who become the brainwashed adults and are instructed to pledge allegiance to the hardening capitalist dictatorship, which is falsely labeled “a democracy,” and to be ready to fanatically fight and die for the capitalists’ interests only—never their own interests! Finally, the capitalists own and operate the entire political process with their 2 parties which represent only capitalist interests. Even under a parliamentary system such as in France, Italy or England the capitalists run all of the parties including those that falsely claim to be “Communist.” In addition, all of the U.S. presidential “elections” outcomes are rigged in advance, or if need be, during the election or after the election as they were in 2000 and 2004—and have been ever since Watergate. The Working Class, middle class, middle-income earners and the Poor can never be fairly represented under capitalism. Even the capitalists have no future under capitalism! The survival of civilization and all life itself therefore depends on carrying out a Socialist Revolution here in the United States, which will then follow automatically worldwide because there will be no more center of world capitalism-imperialism.

Function of the State During and After
The Socialist Revolution in the United States:

Once the Socialist Revolution has been consolidated, the capitalists/expropriators have been expropriated and class society has been abolished worldwide, the primary function of the state as a class dictatorship to suppress one class by another disappears and the state as such begins to wither away, its bureaucratic apparatus smashed and the functions of the new government apparatus taken over by the very same workers who carried out the Socialist Revolution, against whose transformation into bureaucrats preventative measures will be taken, namely 1.) Direct Election, 2.) Recall at any time and 3.) Payment no higher than the union wage scale, which after the Socialist Revolution in the United States will be considerable! But before the process of the withering away of the state can be entirely completed the reality is that because the capitalists have created such a range of problems that immediately confront the very survival of the human race the Socialist States of the entire world will have to work together very closely to undo the damage which has been done, for example, the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, which has now begun. Only a Socialist Revolution will permanently end the capitalist tyranny by an insignificant minority of millionaires and billionaires by expropriating all of the capitalists’ wealth, which was originally expropriated from the Working Class (!), and will actually make it possible for everyone in the United States to live like a millionaire with a future and with complete security. This level of relative wealth will eventually extend worldwide. There will be a permanent break from capitalist dictatorship to a genuine worker’s democracy, from the dictatorship of the oppressors to the democracy of the oppressed classes, from the state as a “special coercive force” for the suppression of the Working Class, the middle class and the Poor, by an insignificant minority of exploiters and oppressors, to the suppression of those oppressors by the general force of the majority, after which the state in the proper sense of the word begins to wither away as the functions of the state are taken over by the general population. In the final analysis all wars are won and lost on morale. This analysis is part of that call. We have nothing to lose but our chains and a world to win.

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y. 10003
Revised July 25, 2011

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