“Stone Age, Here We Come,” by Syrian Prometheus

Stone Age, Here We Come
By Syrian Prometheus* – Opinion Piece
For Syria Comment
Sept 13, 2011

Anyone who lived through the failed revolution of the 1980s, or the “incidents”, as we call them, will tell you that this current revolution still has a long way to go. Hafiz al-Assad, or “Senior”, used the iron fist for three years before he brought the people back under his firm control. It took a further seven years of severe isolation, privation, and an eventual rapprochement with the US over Iraq (Dessert Storm) before the populace began to experience a bit of relief – the economy loosened up and a measure of civic comfort returned to everyday life.

So, is this time different from the eighties? We have not even begun to reach the upper limit of civilian casualties and economic pain that this conflict will exact.

The economic costs of this revolution will be staggering. International banking institutions have already stopped accepting US dollar payments from Syrian merchants. No consideration is being given to the legitimacy and good reputation of individual merchants. It seems that banks have decided that sanctions against the Syrian government imply an embargo on private citizens as well. This is causing severe commercial dislocation as importers whose businesses are overwhelmingly denominated in US dollars scramble to pay in other currencies. By doing so, they are exposed to foreign exchange risks that they were not counting on. And these costs are only the tip of the iceberg. Merchants are being battered by the collapse in demand. They importing goods in much smaller amounts and selling under more restrictive terms that they used to. Only the most necessary staples have retained their markets. The velocity of money is slowing down to a crawl (much as happened during the financial crisis on the global stage in 2008). Reduced monetary velocity can only be offset by printing money to keep the economy primed to the same level. But, printing money is inflationary (not in a good way in this case). The next stage is likely to be stagnation. There are many bankruptcies looming. This, of course, means layoffs which will bring even less demand and will establish a vicious cycle of contraction, unemployment, and failure.

Many in Syria believe that this effort at revolution will be different from the revolt of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Conventional wisdom states that the telecommunication technology has changed the playing field, like it did in Egypt, and that the Syrian leadership must undertake a different calculus. The world is watching this time around. Yeah? So what?

Many in the opposition and the silent majority (cowards like me who yearn for a better future) observe that Syria’s isolation is much more severe than it was during Senior’s era of the eighties. That is true; Europe, the US, and much of the Arab World have declared their opposition to the Syrian regime and demand that the Assads leave power (I would like to know where to). With continued embargoes, sanctions, and economic pressures, the expectation is that the Syrian leadership will either be overcome by fear and throw down its guns, or develop a conscience when it notices that the sanctions are exacting a heavy toll on Syria’s most vulnerable citizens (Much as they did in Iraq between 1991 and 2003).

Sanctions are going to be a very interesting case study. They will provide a fascinating data base for future historians and policy wonks. Too bad that the Syrian people will pay the price with their innocent blood. In all likelihood, the regime has analyzed its odds carefully, both in terms of its monetary resources and its ability to turn up the level of pain.

It knows how much money it needs to pay for a protracted war against the population. To borrow a term from the “Godfather” movie, it is time to go to mattresses. The regime will:

  • Liquidate its opponents in such a way as to provide the most horrifying abject lesson to those of us who are cowards and readily intimidated. This explains the daily tales and videos of brutish behavior.
  • Wait for high-profile individuals to step out of line and make an example of them. The commercial elites are not only scared about losing their wealth and businesses that many have built up over generations of hard work, but they are scared of losing their lives.
  • Wait. Then wait. And when you are done waiting, wait some more. This is a lesson that Senior probably drilled into Junior. European and US elections are coming up soon. Syria is likely to be demoted relative to other issues for US politicians.  The “Pocket Book” is the number one issue over the next two years. The number two issue is…. Not sure there is a number two issue. Back to waiting; the regime will not be concerned with the numbers of casualties. It is said that one of its leading generals has mused about the expiration of a million Syrians during these trying times and was not greatly concerned.
  • Sow the seeds of regional conflict. Reestablish the PKK connections. Push Hizbullah’s buttons in Lebanon. See if Hamas can start a fracas. It is always worthwhile finding out if other existential issues can distract the people and bring them back in line.

Syria is being shaken down by a regime which acts remarkably like an organized-crime racket. To assume that it would respond to the tools of diplomacy and public opinion is naively optimistic. It is a parasitic entity; it has latched onto its host and is not likely to know that it is in trouble until the host has died.

The regime is not going to respond to the delusional premise that peaceful demonstrations work. It is probably thinking about “fish-in-a-barrel”.

One way to stop the slaughter is to let the Sunni population arm itself. the Alawites have already done so. However, in a recent post, you have pointed out several reasons as to why that will not be the case. The BRICS will not permit it – being so concerned with the rule of international law. The West does not want another Afghanistan that much closer to home.

But, here is the rub, the Syrian on the street, being shot at, wondering where his sibling or parent has been locked up, feeling angst about impending starvation, and reeling about his family’s disastrously bleak prospects will not understand why he has been forsaken. HE WILL NOT FORGIVE!

Syria is already in a state of civil war. It just happens that one side has all the weapons.

The continued poverty and the absence of the rule of “fair” law will continue to corrode the social fabric of the nation. If anyone thought that corruption and graft were widespread today, just wait. Moral standards will become so twisted in the coming year and the need for survival so strong that the Syrian social contract will metastasize into something unimaginable. Society as we know it will collapse. A radical Islamization can potentially stave off such a collapse. But, it remains to be seen what brand of conservative Islam will prevail.

Couple the significant private sector slowdown with reduced receipts from oil and tourism and you will be staring economic collapse in the face.

Personal credit cards of all Syrians are no longer being processed.

I have often wondered about places like Saddam’s Iraq, North Korea and other similar locals. How could a country survive and move forward while millions are starving? How come the people do not leave the country and see how the rest of the world works and then bring back such exotic ideas as freedom, prosperity and self determination? How come the people have not risen up to throw off the yoke of a bankrupt ideology whose only purpose is to perpetuate itself through a cult of personality?

Well, the leader does not care about the people whose lives are nothing but value-less ephemeral playthings. Really, not one iota.

The populace is either too weak, too afraid, or simply does not know better. Things are so bleak that a father is forced to decide between doing what is right and feeding his starving children. One can argue that doing the right thing is the right thing to do. A small bit of sacrifice now is all that is needed to make sure that the value of future gains for the this person’s children and his neighbors are worth the price that is being asked now. Alas, this is not a rational matter. Given the immediate cost, this person will in all likelihood sell his soul to the devil before making the necessary sacrifices.

This is the wager that the Syrian leadership is making.

How does one get off this train wreck? Damned if I know. The regime has led us down a most destructive path. The damage is done. What remains to be seen is how high the price is going to be.

Stone Age, here we come.

* Syrian Prometheus is a Syrian-American businessman.


News Round Up

OFAC Issues Libya, Syria General Licenses, September 12, 2011,

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control released a set of general licenses late Friday governing transactions with entities in Libya and Syria.

Regarding Libya, OFAC authorized transactions (pdf) with subsidiaries of the Libyan National Oil Corp., except Zueitina Oil Co., “provided that such transactions do not involve the Libyan National Oil Corp. or any persons whose property and interests in property are blocked other than the authorized subsidiaries.”

Though the license doesn’t limit authorization to a specific list of subsidiaries, a number of those named in the document were placed under U.S. sanctions in March, among them Arabian Gulf Oil Co., Azzawiya Oil Refining Co. and Brega Petroleum Marketing Co.

U.S. persons doing business with the Syrian government prior to Aug. 18 have until Nov. 25 (pdf) to conduct any transactions that wind down their contracts, according to a license issued by OFAC.

Under the license, the U.S. person has to file a detailed report with OFAC within 10 days of completing the transaction that includes the date and value of the transaction.

OFAC said Friday that international organizations such as the United Nations, its specialized agencies and contractors can continue their business in Syria (pdf) and still comply with the Aug. 18 executive order sanctioning the country, provided they meet some specific conditions.

U.S. individuals living in Syria are authorized to pay day-to-day personal expenses “that are ordinarily incident and necessary to their personal maintenance within Syria” such as the purchase of personal goods, housing costs and taxes under a license issued Friday (pdf) by OFAC.

However, those day-to-day expenses cannot include paying debt on an account or institution blocked under a previous executive order; transactions involving property blocked by previous sanctions on Syria; or employment or a new business venture in Syria.

Those not named by the set of U.S. sanctions on Syria that have accounts in U.S. financial institutions can continue to operate their accounts (pdf) provided they are for a personal nature and do not involve transfers that were prohibited by previous OFAC licenses.

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Akbar Palace said:

Miss Me Yet?

Syria is already in a state of civil war. It just happens that one side has all the weapons.

Reminds me of Iraq.

So now that Russia and China are thwarting any UN action, do we:

1.) Continue with the Obama plan of doing nothing or

2.) “Go it alone” ala George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

Let’s take a vote here (Syrians Only) on intellectually-free “Syria Comment”…

September 13th, 2011, 7:47 am


Aboud said:

Syrian forces raid neighborhoods near capital

(this title was original “Turkish PM warns of civil war in Syria”)


The Associated Press
8:11 a.m. Tuesday, September 13, 2011


BEIRUT — Syrian security forces riding in vehicles mounted with machine-guns raided neighborhoods outside the capital, Damascus, before dawn Tuesday as Turkey’s prime minister said he was concerned Syria could descend into a sectarian civil war.

Tuesday’s raids were the latest assault on dissent in Syria as the regime tries to crush an uprising against President Bashar Assad’s rule using deadly force that the U.N. estimates has killed 2,600 since March. But the protesters have refused to give in, setting the stage for a drawn-out stalemate.

“I fear that matters will end in civil war between the Alawites and the Sunnis,” Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Egyptian daily Al-Shorouk in Tuesday’s edition.

Civil war is perhaps the most dire scenario facing Syria, a fragile jigsaw puzzle of Middle Eastern backgrounds. Syria’s ruling elite belong to the minority Alawite sect, although the country of 22 million is mostly Sunni Muslim.

Erdogan addressed the Arab League in Cairo later Tuesday, telling Arab Foreign Ministers that the legitimate demands of the people in the region should not be repressed by force.

“In the future, we will see that this was the wrong path,” he said.

Turkey is Syria’s neighbor and important trade partner, but its leaders have grown increasingly frustrated with Damascus.

Activists said security forces carried out sweeping arrests and raids early Tuesday. The reports were carried by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as well as the Local Coordination Committees, both of which have a wide network of sources on the ground.

Syria has banned foreign media and restricted local press, making it difficult to independently confirm the reports.

September 13th, 2011, 8:26 am


Aboud said:

Rai’s words draw Jumblatt’s ire

By Hussein Dakroub
September 13, 2011 01:51 AM
Daily Star


BEIRUT: MP Walid Jumblatt assailed Monday Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai’s controversial statements that linked the fate of Hezbollah’s arms to a Middle East peace settlement, saying Lebanon cannot remain hostage to regional conflicts.

Jumblatt, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, also disputed Rai’s warning that a regime change in Syria and the possible emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood would pose a threat to the Christians there.

Jumblatt’s comments were the toughest response so far to Rai’s remarks on Syria and Hezbollah’s arms which have evoked a nationwide controversy in Lebanon, drawing harsh criticisms from the opposition March 14 parties, while gaining praise from Hezbollah and its March 8 allies.

Lebanon’s leading March 14 Maronite groups, the Kataeb (Phalange) Party and the Lebanese Forces, have so far refrained from commenting on Rai’s statements, saying they wanted to meet the patriarch to seek clarifications before commenting.

“Linking the fate of Lebanon to the liberation of the Shebaa Farms and linking its future to all the region’s conflicts are rejected,” Jumblatt said in his weekly article to be published by the PSP’s weekly newspaper Al-Anbaa Tuesday.

“Therefore, the [Lebanese-Syrian] borders must be demarcated. This demand had been unanimously approved at the National Dialogue [conference] in 2006,” he said.

Jumblatt recalled the agreement reached by rival leaders from the March 8 and March 14 camps during the 2006 National Dialogue conference on the U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the defining and demarcation of the Lebanese-Syrian borders, namely in the Shebaa Farms, and the removal of Palestinian arms outside the camps. He said Hezbollah’s arms were the remaining issue to be tackled.

“While affirming the defensive significance represented by the resistance’s arms, it is essential to draw up a defensive plan through which [Hezbollah’s] arms are gradually accommodated in the framework of the Lebanese state as provided for by the [2008] Doha Accord in order to bolster the Lebanese state’s capability to confront any possible Israeli aggression,” Jumblatt said.

Speaking to reporters in Paris and in an interview with the Dubai-based Al-Arabiya satellite channel during his one-week visit to France last week, Rai linked the fate of Hezbollah’s arms to the termination of Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory and the return of an estimated 350,000 Palestinian refugees to their homes in Palestine. He urged the international community to exert pressure on Israel to withdraw from Lebanese territory.

Rai also said that Syrian President Bashar Assad should be given a chance to carry out political reforms in the face of protesters demanding his ouster. He also warned that the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria posed a threat to the Christians there.

Rai’s remarks drew harsh criticisms from some March 14 politicians who said that the patriarch’s comments on the divisive issue of Hezbollah ran contrary to the concept of state building and contradicted with the Maronite Church’s long-standing position in support of state authority.

Responding to Rai’s statements, Jumblatt said: “Linking [Hezbollah’s] arms to the issue of resettlement [of Palestinians] will keep Lebanon held up indefinitely in the framework of regional conflicts. All Arab and regional parties have recognized the Palestinian state. The Palestinians alone are capable of achieving this goal without any tutelage from anyone.”

The PSP leader indirectly scoffed at Rai’s fears that the rise of fundamentalist Muslim groups in Syria would threaten the presence of Christians there. “The scarring remarks said about the rise of Salafist or fundamentalist movements are inaccurate and are used as scarecrows because the popular demands are indivisible. They are axiomatic and basic rights for all the peoples on earth without discrimination,” Jumblatt said.

Addressing his words to Rai, Jumblatt said: “If some circles are concerned about the Christian presence in Lebanon, the best way that enables Patriarch Rai, who is entrusted with this presence in Lebanon and in the Levant and has a wide experience in the Church’s work, to follow in this respect is to form a committee of Christian financiers to prevent the sale of [Christian] lands, and probably exploit the Church’s properties to help poor Christians who emigrate to earn their living.”

On his return to Beirut Sunday, Rai hit back at his critics and defended his remarks on Syria and Hezbollah’s arms which sparked a political storm in the Christian heartland. He said his statements were misinterpreted by some March 14 Maronite politicians.

The opposition March 14 parties, including former Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s Future Movement, have launched blistering campaigns against Hezbollah, calling on the party to surrender its arms to Lebanese authorities. They have also accused Hezbollah of running its own mini-state at the expense of state authority.

Rai met Monday night with Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun, who has praised the patriarch’s remarks on Syria and Hezbollah’s arms.

Following the meeting at the patriarch’s seat in Bkirki, north of Beirut, Aoun told reporters: “It is normal to visit his Beatitude to congratulate him on his safe return. Of course, it is not new for us to support his attitudes because he is entrusted with the Synod for Lebanon and the Synod for the Levant.”

Rai also met separately Monday with some March 14 figures, including former minister Nayla Mouawad, MPs Marwan Hamadeh, Henry Helou and Antoine Saad. He also met with former minister Khalil Hrawi, Joyce Gemayel, wife of Kataeb Party leader Amin Gemayel, and journalist May Chidiac.

Meanwhile, French Ambassador to Lebanon Dennis Pietton described Rai’s visit to France as “successful,” but expressed regret that the patriarch’s statements on Syria and Hezbollah’s arms had caused divisions among the Lebanese.

Speaking to reporters after meeting Prime Minister Najib Mikati at the Grand Serail, Pietton said Rai’s visit to France was “important” during which the patriarch met a number of French officials, including President Nicholas Sarkozy, to discuss Lebanese-French ties, the popular uprisings in the Arab world, including the situation Syria, the STL and the work of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

“But we regret that the patriarch’s visit had aroused this quantity of debate over his statements … We regret that this visit, which was successful and gave the patriarch a chance to express his opinion, had touched off this debate and divisions among the Lebanese in the Lebanese political arena,” Pietton said.

September 13th, 2011, 8:28 am


Aboud said:

That pathetic little X-Box goon is afraid of a 66 year old psychoanalyst. He needs a psychoanalysis himself.

Syria arrests prominent psychoanalyst

(AFP) – 4 hours ago

NICOSIA — Syrian authorities detained a prominent psychoanalyst as she was preparing to board a flight to Paris from Damascus, her husband said in a statement seen Tuesday.

Rafa Nached was arrested by officers in Syria’s air force intelligence service on Saturday as her luggage was being scanned at Damascus airport, said Faisal Mohammed Abdullah, professor of ancient history at Damascus University.

“She is suffering from several diseases and she was heading to Paris for family and health reasons,” Abdullah said of his 66-year-old partner.

He added that he would be “initiating legal procedures at the ministry of justice to get an official answer about my wife’s situation.”

Nached, a French-speaking Syrian psychoanalyst, received her degree in clinical psychology from the University of Paris-Diderot, and was the first female psychoanalyst to practise in Syria.

She recently founded the Damascus School of Psychoanalysis, in collaboration with French colleagues.

Nached was one of the organisers of weekly meetings for Syrians of all backgrounds and political affiliations to discuss their concerns in the face of a deadly crackdown by the security forces on six months of protests against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

September 13th, 2011, 8:30 am


Afram said:

111. Akbar Palace said:

“You can count on me! BTW, what is the difference between mamnhebaks and Menhebak?”

boker tov Akbar

Menhebak stand for Patriotism

mamnhebaks stand for terrorism

Welcome to sunni comment/SC/syria comment NO more,I smell oil?
petro-dollar corrupt the gods!

September 13th, 2011, 8:31 am


Aboud said:

Menhebaks haven’t woken up yet? LOL! Or maybe Besho’s cheques have been bouncing.

September 13th, 2011, 8:32 am


Aboud said:

“Welcome to sunni comment/SC/syria comment NO more”

Aweeee. Poor little Persian has his feelings hurt that most of the menhebaks have turned tail and fled this forum, or else gotten themselves banned LOL! 🙂

September 13th, 2011, 8:34 am


daisie said:

It is a depressing outlook. I assume this american-syrian business man lives in the US. I am curious to hear the views of Syrian businessmen living in Syria. Anyone there?

I read there were popular meetings across Syria regions to prepare for “reforms”. Is it true? How useful are they now that there is talk of armed opposition?

I also read that the defected officer Harmush has been arrested. What happened to the free army he organized?

Also what happened to Adnan Bakkur? Dr Joshua Landis reported he was in the government’s hands. Is it true? Otherwise why is he silent?
So many questions, sorry. It is so confusing to understand what is going on. I hope someone may help.

September 13th, 2011, 8:34 am


Aboud said:

If either Harmush or Bakkur were in government hands, the government would have shown them by now. My own opinion is that Bakkur is still in Syria. Harmush was last seen leaving a Turkish journalist’s house with representatives of the Turkish intelligence apparatus.

September 13th, 2011, 8:46 am


Afram said:

“Stone Age, Here We Come,”
Barack Hussein Obama….one and done….YES WE CAN!

Libya Could Fall to Islamic Extremists: NATO
Tensions growing between rebel camps

The fall of Moammar Gadhafi’s regime has created a power vacuum in Libya that could be exploited by Islamic extremists, warns NATO’s secretary-general. As splits emerge in the rebel leadership and the remnants of Gadhafi’s forces launch fresh attacks, the former rebels need to form a stable government without delay, Anders Fogh Rasmussen tells the Telegraph. NATO is in the final phase of its operation, and things could move very fast if Gadhafi is killed or captured, he says.

The head of Libya’s Transitional National Council, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, spoke to a crowd of thousands in Tripoli last night, calling for the creation of a civil, democratic state, AP reports. “No retribution, no taking matters into your own hands and no oppression. I hope that the revolution will not stumble because of any of these things,” he said. Abdul-Jalil, Gadhafi’s former justice minister, is one of the most widely respected rebel leaders, and insiders say he is struggling to keep the peace between Islamic conservatives and more secular figures competing to form Libya’s new government

September 13th, 2011, 9:03 am


daisie said:

Dear Abboud
I agree totally with you about Mr Bakkour.
As for officer Harmush, I found this piece of news about his arrest. It seem the Turks gave him away. What game are they playing?

Turkey handed over defector to the Syrian army.

September 13th, 2011, 9:43 am


tara said:


Harmoush and Bakkur stories are quite puzzling. I read that his son was either arrested or killed in Jabal al Zawyah. If officer Harmoush was last seen accompanied by Turkish intelligence agents, how come opposition figures such as Ammar Qurabi are not asking for his whereabouts? What about journalists?
In regard to Bakkur, the last we heard is that he took refuge in Cyprus and that he hand delivered the ICC documents proving that Bashar al Assad personally ordered the killing of demonstrators. Why haven’t we heard anything further?

September 13th, 2011, 9:45 am


AIG said:

I have been saying for many years on this site that the Assad regime is just a mafia that doesn’t care about the Syrian people. Finally this is being acknowledged by Syrians. It is a pity that Prof. Landis and Alex could not bring themselves to acknowledge this before but instead chose to give the regime chance after chance. That is really how Syria got to where it is. Assad was able to bamboozle Syria’s liberal minded elites and convince them that he was the only alternative and a winning horse.

I respect Prof. Landis for changing his view once facts have become more obvious. Now I would like to hear from Alex.

September 13th, 2011, 9:55 am


Solitarius said:

“The fall of Moammar Gadhafi’s regime has created a power vacuum in Libya that could be exploited by Islamic extremists, warns NATO’s secretary-general. ”

I think the word here should be “encourages” instead of “warns”.

Clearly when NATO bombs the bananas out of Libya, they already know it will create a “power vacuum” (what a civilized white man word) and would be fertile grounds for Islamists. So why do they give these little shows called press conferences? why does it seem like he is surprised like this is news to anybody? Well we all know the answer. Go in with that YES WE CAN attitude, destroy the country, secure contracts and start pumping oil, while at the same time creating another Islamist-infested failed state that would guarantee your presence in the country and the region while also setting up for future involvement in different countries.

The game is clear. But this is irrelevant to us Arabs. It’s clear to the Russians and the Chinese. To the Indians, the Latin Americans, the South Africans and other aspiring nations who are witnessing this military beast called NATO becoming the new policeman of the world. A corrupt immoral policeman who is taking on countries one by one in order to secure resources and future absolute military superiority over the rest of the world of 6 Billion people. This is not a way to build for a better future of humanity. The new emerging world powers will not let this continue for long. If they let NATO have its way today, they won’t allow it later.

What we hope for, we the free people of Syria, that NATO will be stopped before they destroy our country as well, whether by direct military occupation like is happening or about to happen in Libya, or by inciting internal violence and crippling the economy through sanctions. We aspire that the rest of the international community will continue to see the current world events as extreme and worrying signs, and will keep their stance in opposing military involvement in sovereign countries under the false premise of spreading freedom and democracy.


September 13th, 2011, 10:03 am


tara said:


Thanks. Please provide a link too.

Mnhebaks means “we love you”. We use it as a derogatory expression to describe Besho’s lovers. Syria has had many signs, banners and billboards with that expression as part of the personality cult that Bashar and his thugs enforced. You also see occasional clips of mnhebaks slaves prostrating to Besho’s picture.

Mamnhebak means “we do not love you”. In Syrian slang, we add “ma” to mean “no”

So in conclusion, mnhebaks are the slaves and Mamnhebaks are the free people.

September 13th, 2011, 10:11 am


Solitarius said:

Dear Tara

you sound to me more like a grandmother who just started watching LBC and MTV politics talk shows recently. If Harmosh was caught (and this point was raised by ABBOUD) then the Syrian government won’t display him. They will probably give him the military trial he deserves for deserting and betraying his country in a time of crisis and then execute him probably. That’s how it goes for military personelle. They are not civilians. They Syrians are known to keep their secrets to themselves and make their deals under the table. No one will ever know anything. Even if the information about his capture were to bring happiness and comfort to Syrias, the government will likely not reveal it (unless they have something specific in mind)

Also, regarding the other point you raise like an innocent grandma, the Syrian intelligence won’t leave such important documents proving that Assad was involved in anything as small and insignificant as ordering KFC. They are not children but highly capable professionals. Mr. Bakkour neither has access to anything of substance nor did he defect. I just hope and pray for his safety and that the government was able to free him from his captures.

September 13th, 2011, 10:14 am


some guy in damascus said:

come on, this forum has become devoid of any real tangible material worth discussing. it has become the battle field for posting articles from the pro and anti-besho camps. aboud, i request you dont take the route , hsyrian and ann, have taken. idiots can drag you down to their sad levels and beat you up with their experience. you and i , dont need articles from sketchy sources to tell us whats going on in midan or in deblan. true , everyone should have the right to post what he believes is crucial to this issue but hsyrian turned this website into SANA’s website. and im pretty sure ann’s intentions aren’t that pure. ann cherry picks articles that can vaguely have any relation to the syrian cause. usually i check the titles and see if it’s worth reading but sometimes its pathetic!.

September 13th, 2011, 10:32 am


Aboud said:

“They will probably give him the military trial”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Military trial. Just like they gave his brother when they killed him? Just like they gave the brother of Bakkour when they killed him?

Hey menhebaks, how many of the 2,600 murdered Syrians were given trials?

How many of the 15,000 prisoners have had their “day in court”.

Deserting an army of oppression isn’t treason, it’s patriotism.


In Athadstan, drug dealers and car thieves are let out of prison early to murder civilians. In Athadstan, that’s called probation.

Menhebaks get an STD, and then blame it on Al-Jazeera.


“aboud, i request you dont take the route ”

If we don’t post the articles here, Landis doesn’t post them on his main page. Every article I’ve quoted has come from reliable news sources. SpANN’s websites don’t get 50,000 visitors a month.

September 13th, 2011, 10:32 am


Revlon said:

Dear Syrian Prometheus, thank you for sharing your perspective on the unfolding Syrian saga.
I would like to comment on a few opoints that you made.

“The economic costs of this revolution will be staggering.
International banking institutions have already stopped accepting US dollar payments from Syrian merchants.
There are many bankruptcies looming”

Yes indeed, but only for the big cats and only in terms of inconvenience !
But they can and will weather it!

“This, of course, means layoffs which will bring even less demand and will establish a vicious cycle of contraction, unemployment, and failure”

The unemployment rate is so high now that any ensuing lay off would probably go unnoticed on the streets.

The 4 decades of Asad-Makhloof rule hardships have made Syrians remarkably resilient and fastidious. A few more months would hardly make a difference.

“With continued embargos, sanctions, and economic pressures, the expectation is that the Syrian leadership will either be overcome by fear and throw down its guns, or develop a conscience when it notices that the sanctions are exacting a heavy toll on Syria’s most vulnerable citizens (Much as they did in Iraq between 1991 and 2003)”

The revolution, represented by demonstrators and activists have no illusions about the intentions of The Mob leadership to fight it to their last mercenary before they flee the scene!

The most vulnerable citizens whom the US and EU sanctions are exacting a heavy toll on are the big and intermediate business. Things can only get better for the unemployed and the small business who are barely making it.


September 13th, 2011, 10:34 am


jna said:

Tara said: “In regard to Bakkur, the last we heard is that he took refuge in Cyprus and that he hand delivered the ICC documents proving that Bashar al Assad personally ordered the killing of demonstrators. Why haven’t we heard anything further?”

My guess (and there’s no evidence at all) is that he never left Syria, that he was killed so as not to lose his propaganda value in the interests of his kidnappers.

September 13th, 2011, 10:39 am


Akbar Palace said:

Just say “Lah”

In Syrian slang, we add “ma” to mean “no”

Lah?! :o)


shukran for the explaination.

I respect Prof. Landis for changing his view once facts have become more obvious.


I’m not impressed. I want to see a THREAD where Professor Josh apologizes to this audience. Professor Josh is extremely well educated, however, a REAL “liberal minded elite” would always staunchly support freedom. Always!

If ME studies are supossedly packed full of “liberal minded elites”, they wouldn’t be the strongest supporters and excusers of thuggish, murderous, despots who fail to bring BASIC freedoms to their people.

“Liberal Minded Elites” have ruined ME studies from here to China, including Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv, and Haifa Universities.

September 13th, 2011, 10:41 am


Solitarius said:

whatever ABBOUD. Don’t get hung up on semantics. I clearly said he will probably face execution. We all know how our country is effectively run.

September 13th, 2011, 10:41 am


Revlon said:

Dear Syrian prometheus,

“If anyone thought that corruption and graft were widespread today, just wait.
Moral standards will become so twisted in the coming year and the need for survival so strong that the Syrian social contract will metastasize into something unimaginable.
Society as we know it will collapse”

On the contrary, this revolution, represented by the demonstrators and behind them the activists have shown the highest degrees of discipline and the real attributes of good citizenship, in the face of the highest levels of intimidation and brutality.

The anger of underprivileged citizens at the slaughter of a man by London police lead to a state of anarchy, including looting and vandalism.

Not in Syria it did not! The 4 decade long anger at confiscating every citizen’s right to self determination in their own country and the massacre, torture and displacement of thousands of citizens is being expressed with sheer brave and honourable civility.

A badly wounded and burdened demonstrator was greeted by an anonymous good Smaritan as he was leaving the hospital who swapped his paper bill for what it was worth in cash!
The true fabric of Syrians is made of this.


September 13th, 2011, 11:01 am



Syrian Prometheus
Outstanding analysis. Confirming every single time I called the thugs mafiosos. I happen to agree with you and I too do not know, on my own, how to get out. But all of us together, I am sure can.

When a bunch of organized crime bosses and thugs are willing not only to capitalize on the weakness of human beings but to gamble on the breakage of the social contract, then one must think out of the box as well as in the box. I am afraid that arming themselves is what people will do.

This regime behaves like mafia syndicate, it is then high time to call in some real good District Attorneys along with some few honest cops. And as Revlon has just posted, a lot of good, decent humanity we hope to regain instead of lose.

September 13th, 2011, 11:04 am


Revlon said:

Dear prometheus, lastly

“With continued embargoes, sanctions, and economic pressures, the expectation is that the Syrian leadership will either be overcome by fear and throw down its guns, or develop a conscience when it notices that the sanctions are exacting a heavy toll on Syria’s most vulnerable citizens (Much as they did in Iraq between 1991 and 2003)”

The revolution, represented by demonstrators and activists have no illusions about the intentions of The Mob leadership to fight it to their last mercenary before they flee the scene!

The most vulnerable citizens whom US and EU sanctions are exacting a heavy toll on are the big and intermediate business. Things can only get better for the unemployed and the small business who are barely making it.

“The continued poverty and the absence of the rule of “fair” law will continue to corrode the social fabric of the nation.

Poverty alone does not corrode the social fabric of a nation, the absence of the rule of law does.

The revolution has succeded in replacing the regime’s lawless state by a genuine self imposed discipline in abiding by natural rules of descency, common laws, and cherished religious moral values.

I am glad to see that you have decided to speak up and share the rising crowds’ yearning for a better future.

September 13th, 2011, 11:18 am


tara said:


I do not watch LBC or MTV. I only watch Disney Channel and only when it shows cartoon movies. I like it more. Also, the regime is not made of capable people. It is made of retarded peasants heading security branches who lack intelligence or tactic, headed by an eye doctor who probably passed his medical tests via “wasta”. Finally, I agree that even for an IQ of 110 (my estimation of Besho’s IQ) it is unlikely that besho signed any document to that effect. I was quoting what was posted on SC few days ago.

September 13th, 2011, 11:38 am


Solitarius said:

Isn’t it funny how unitelligent peasants who lack tactic ruled over smart resourceful Syrians like you for 40 years? I mean they ruled over me and my sons as well so it’s not like I’m better.. but just an observation.

Also why do you call them peasants Tara? Clearly they work in the cities or were even born in the cities and know as much about farming as you do.

Are you saying that in reference to their past or the past of their fathers? the past of social injustice that they were forced into by the Ottomans and fellow Syrian Sunni landlords? Just wondering the source of your joke so I can laugh with you.

September 13th, 2011, 11:53 am


N.Z. said:

I have no doubt that Syria’s Mafia is protected by the world leading powers. The latest support, was from the new Lebanese Patriarch, his statement as audacious as Hizbullah’s statement, if not more. It was 180 degree detour from his predecessor. He, like all religious leaders, who uses religion for political achievements is a disgrace, today and yesterday.

But what concerns me the most in Prometheus article, “It seems that banks have decided that sanctions against the Syrian government imply an embargo on private citizens as well.”

These sanctions are a clear invitation for dividing the Syrian street even further, a civil war did not materialize, with all the effort put forward by the Mafia and the clamour from the West.

Junior is their man. Why do they deny us our freedom?

The Bravery on Syrian streets will not stop until this regime/mafia is toppled. Their aim is to live with dignity, without humiliation and fearless. Their demands are legitimate. The west support is illegitimate, in fact its criminal.

September 13th, 2011, 11:56 am


majedkhaldoon said:

I am surprised,you came a long way, but it is not late yet.

As far as Bakkour and Harfoush,the fact that we have not heared anything is a bad sign,I doubt that Bakkour is in Cyprus,we would have heared something from him by now, i am afraid about him, Harfoush is most likely he is in Turkey, Turkish authority would be making a huge mistake to deliver him to Syrian authority, but since he tried to escape several times, i suspect he is in jail in Turkey.

Prometheus analysis,is a depressed one.

sometime I feel that we must get rid of Nouri AlMaliki so we can get rid of Bashar

September 13th, 2011, 12:01 pm


Revlon said:

Martyr Child Izzat AlLababidi; His head was split by a sniper bullet, at the order of Thug One Jr.
+18 12 09 2011

Do we still need to see more before we fully support the seeking international logistical, training and reconnaissance support of the FSA and FOM?

AlFatiha upon Izzat’s soul,
May God bless his family with solace and empower them with patience.
دوما استشهاد الطفل عزت اللبابيدي اثناء تشيع الشهداء +18 12 09 2011

September 13th, 2011, 12:03 pm


Revlon said:

This video shows how trying to send and SMS message that include the word Salat in Arabic would consistently yield a “failed to send” error message.

You can send it if you use a brief form, like Sala, Sal, Sa.
It just shows how desparate and clueless Makhloof-Asad syndicate have become.

September 13th, 2011, 12:16 pm


tara said:


Serious respectful post demands respectful answer.

The fact that Assads ruled over Syria for 40 years do not mean that they are intelligent. It just means they were brutal. They have done nothing to advance Syria. They forced good portion of smart intelligent Syrians out. When I graduated from Damascus University, the first ten in the class left Syria and got dispersed around the world. All without exception made original scientific contributions published in the most respected American and international journals. Syrians are pretty smart yet Syria is a backward country thanks to those… peasants.

In regard to your “peasant” question, I must say I used it to annoy you. I am so enraged with the killing and torture that I sometimes use terms that do not reflect how I view the world. As you know, “peasants” is meant to imply Alawis. I truly do not view Alawis as backward peasants. I respect people based on their personal traits not their sect/ religion. I did have great Alawi mentors that I liked very much and I would never discriminate against people based on their religious belief. I actually do feel that Alawis unfortunately got held hostage by Assads and can somewhat find them excuse of not openly supporting the revolution. I can’t find excuse though for the killers and monsters among them.

September 13th, 2011, 12:26 pm


norman said:

To all of you,

Is it true that Muslim societies have to have Muslim leaders , presidents , Shia or Sunni ,

September 13th, 2011, 12:30 pm


agatha said:

Up-date to post4:
Détails sur l’arrestation de la psychanalyste syrienne Rafah Nached

September 13th, 2011, 12:37 pm


Afram said:

“How does one get off this train wreck? Damned if I know.”
In Greek mythology,prometheus means champion of mankind or creater of mankind .
prometheus,your”Damned if I know”Clichés,IS a double negative to your written complex Analysis of current syrian issues.
ln closing,I recommend that you change your nick-name to doomsday.
doomsday makes you more competent AMIGO!

September 13th, 2011, 12:42 pm


Mango said:

the silly same term !
“We will return Syria back to the Stone Age,” an Israeli minister was quoted as saying in British paper, the Sunday Times. The paper reported that this sentiment was communicated to Damascus via a third party.

September 13th, 2011, 12:42 pm


Some guy in Damascus said:

I can send texts with the word salat, I tried it yesterday.
That’s the problem with these news sources they’re not professional but they’re the best we got. We have to resort to them, thanks to besho. Nevertheless they have
Proven to be the best weapon we got. Had this revolution occurred 20 years ago, it would have never dreamed of entering it’s second month.

September 13th, 2011, 12:45 pm


Pirouz said:

The sanctions card is obviously an external ploy to influence and determine the fate of Syria.

When external ploys are directed against Iran (including sanctions), Iranians for the most part rally in support of their country.

We’ll just have to see if the Syrian people are made of the same mettle.

September 13th, 2011, 12:47 pm


N.Z. said:


Is it true that Muslim countries deserve a legitimate leader? I think will be me more appropriate, No?

September 13th, 2011, 12:50 pm


agatha said:

How fare will Saudi Arabia go? Which impacts will this have for (the) futur (of) syria?

Die Reihen geschlossen halten
Die Niederschlagung dieser Unruhen war für Saudi-Arabien um so wichtiger, als es in seinem Ostteil, wo das Erdöl gefördert wird, über eine sporadisch unruhige schiitische Minderheit herrscht. Ein Überspringen des revolutionär-demokratischen Funkens von Bahrein auf die ostarabischen Fördergebiete wäre bedrohlich gewesen. Sein Geld hilft Riad, seinen Einfluss zu wahren – etwa auch im Jemen, wo Saudi-Arabien seit Jahrzehnten in der Innenpolitik mitmischt.
Als Vormacht des sunnitischen Islams gegenüber dem schiitischen Iran und als Hüter der heiligen Stätten in Mekka und Medina hat Saudi-Arabien auch ein Interesse daran, Turbulenzen unter den Arabern zu vermeiden, die Reihen geschlossen zu halten und sie ruhigzustellen. Unter saudischer Führung haben die Außenminister der im Golf-Kooperationsrat (GCC) zusammengeschlossenen Staaten der Arabischen Halbinsel am Wochenende in Dschidda ein „sofortiges Ende der Tötungsmaschinerie“ in Syrien und die Verwirklichung „ernsthafter Reformen“ verlangt. Dem 1981 gegründeten GCC gehören Saudi-Arabien, Kuweit, Bahrein, Qatar, die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate und Oman an. In Saudi-Arabien selbst hat König Abdullah in den vergangenen Jahren auf kommunaler Ebene einige Veränderungen durchgesetzt. Von außen betrachtet, waren das Marginalien.

September 13th, 2011, 12:51 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Syrian Citizens: At the bottom of the Arab World’s Food-chain

Mango, the “Stone Age” term also came from the thread Professor Josh posted above. See the last sentence (* Syrian Prometheus is a Syrian-American businessman.).

Now I would like to take this time to thank:

1.) His Majesty, The King of Jordan, for his statement:

“Jordan and the future of Palestine are stronger than Israel. It is the Israelis who are worried today,” Abdullah told the audience late Sunday.

2.) Prime MInister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his statement:

“I asked President Obama whether the reason he showed no interest in one of his nationals being killed was because [the victim] was [ethnically] Turkish – he didn’t reply,” said Erdogan.

3.) Egypt’s military Leaders™

“Egypt’s military rulers ignored pleas from US as mob attacked Israeli embassy”

Meanwhile, Syrians are still getting slaughtered:

More people killed in Syrian military operations, rights group says

September 12, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

At least 26 people were killed Monday in the Syrian government’s ongoing crackdown on dissidents, the pro-democracy group Local Coordination Committees of Syria said.

Among the dead was a 12-year-old boy shot to death when Syrian security forces fired on a funeral procession, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights..


September 13th, 2011, 12:57 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

“Syria is being shaken down by a regime which acts remarkably like an organized-crime racket. To assume that it would respond to the tools of diplomacy and public opinion is naively optimistic.” – syrian prometheus

this organized-crime-racket regime would be zionized america-nato, correct.

would the “tools of diplomacy” be the never ending threats, hostile demands and the sanctions that create misery, poverty, illness, death.

yes, this is the diplomacy of barbaric thugs.

never should the govt of syria, or any govt, acquiesce to hypocrits, murderers, thieves, liars, and traitors.

September 13th, 2011, 12:59 pm


norman said:

So you do not think that there should be set a side and quotas or even mentioning of the religion of people in government.

If that is right, i agree, all have the same chance .

September 13th, 2011, 12:59 pm


Some guy in damascus said:

God forbid that happens. Syria will become a Lebanon-style “democracy” .
Posts would be assigned according to religion rather than merit. ( kinda like the Syrian military) . I will be honest with you Norman, many people here wish to be ruled by some one from their own sect, especially the Muslims. I hope I’m wrong.

September 13th, 2011, 1:06 pm


Some guy in damascus said:

God forbid that happens. Syria will become a Lebanon-style \”democracy\” .
Posts would be assigned according to religion rather than merit. ( kinda like the Syrian military) . I will be honest with you Norman, many people here wish to be ruled by some one from their own sect, especially the Muslims. I hope I\’m wrong.

September 13th, 2011, 1:09 pm


Solitarius said:

This has seriously got to top all the revolution videos out there


I really wish to know what the opposition have to say on this one.

90% of them revolution videos are of this same caliber. The only difference is that this one somehow skipped the editors’ scissors.

September 13th, 2011, 1:24 pm


Syrian Prometheus said:

Like you, I do hold a very dim view of external influence and coercion when applied against Syria.
When I spoke about the tools of diplomacy, I was addressing the regime’s willingness to sit down with the majority of Syrians. You know, the Syrians it did not listen to for the last 40 years. Sure, there were some vague promises of reform (some of which were back-tracked on) and some photo ops to bolster the lie that it does listen. But, just look at the Emergency Law. It was lifted and, soon thereafter, 15,000 Syrians were arrested without warrants or judicial proceedings.
You use a strongly patriotic language to denounce the foreign thugs. But, the real thugs are those who return children to their parents, minus a few unattached body parts.
40 years of slogans and lies are enough. Really. Enough. I don’t want to hear the regime’s propaganda machine anymore. We are all aware of our low standing with the west. But, it is no longer a cart-blanche to perpetuate the lies and oppression.

September 13th, 2011, 1:27 pm


norman said:


That is sad indeed.

September 13th, 2011, 1:33 pm




Don’t be surprised, the low intelligence and sloganeering of regime loyalists on Syria Comment and elsewhere can only make one more resolute. Heck, even those who oscillate now see the regime for what it is and see its base for the …. pool it is. just read the loyalists’ comments.

Also, anyone who hadn’t recognize what Bashar is right through the WSJ interview would either be stupid, or a partner in the crime of the regime. And I am neither.

September 13th, 2011, 1:34 pm


agatha said:


Add to post40:
When will Erdogan travel to Syria?

Der türkische Ministerpräsident Recep T[a]yyip Erdogan reist nach Ägypten, Tunesien und Libyen – die Länder der arabischen Revolution. Was bezweckt er mit dieser Reise?
[Arnold Hottinger:] Für Erdogan ist das eine Prestigefrage. Er reist mit 200 Begleitpersonen aus verschiedenen Bereichen nach Nordafrika. Er will vor Ort praktisch an die Sache herangehen. Fruchten seine Gespräche mit der Regierung, können sich seine Experten direkt vor Ort mit den Details auseinandersetzen. Diese praktische Hilfe steht ganz im Gegensatz zur finanziellen Unterstützung von allen anderen Staaten. Die meisten Länder überweisen einen Geldbetrag und das wars.

September 13th, 2011, 1:50 pm


Aboud said:

@45 Yet again, substandard comprehension passing itself off for proof. Do you expect the camera man to get up close and video the army? While shooting and firing is going on?

That video was shot on the 22nd August 2011, in Baba Amr. Are you claiming that there is no army presence in Baba Amr at all? Then not only are you a liar, you insult the intelligence of your readers.

“No army in Baba Amr”. The menhebaks will tell any lie to save the ass of their God Besho.

Now excuse me while I go out and spit on the Russian flag. Eri bi Medvedev wa eli khalafo.

September 13th, 2011, 1:54 pm


Dale Andersen said:


RE: “…never should the govt of syria acquiesce to hypocrits, murderers, thieves, liars, and traitors…”

You forgot to include posers, pederasts and popinjays

September 13th, 2011, 1:58 pm


NK said:


I can answer your question myself, but since I’m posting anonymously I think my words won’t have much weight in terms of credibility … I prefer you watch these two videos and draw your own conclusions


September 13th, 2011, 2:08 pm


Solitarius said:

WOW ABOUD.. you surpassed expectations. If you cannot see the total fabrication and acting going on in that video then you are completely blind or you did not watch the video. This video is so indefensible that it’s not even worth my time arguing.. unbelievable.

This is the video for people who missed it from the first page:

September 13th, 2011, 2:08 pm


Mina said:

Solitarius (since you are a businessman), Aboud, Tara, OTW, Majedkhaldun,
Could you explain me why the Syrians should chose the worse time for their revolution, a time when the US, the EU are fighting for Chinese, Russian, and Gulf money? Did you hear about the financial crisis and the analyses of Rubini and Jorion?
You probably know that a lot of expats and foreigners where starting to send money in Turkey, Egypt, Syria, because of the stock exchange crisis which has started since 2008, no?

September 13th, 2011, 2:11 pm


Solitarius said:


First of all I’m not sure I fully understand your question.

“starting to send money in Turkey, Egypt, Syria,”

Send money from where to where exactly?

Also you base your question on false assumptions. You say “Syrians started their revolution”. That’s wrong. Fida’ Al Sayyed started HIS facebook revolution against Bashar al Assad (weird way to name a revolution) and there were legitimate local demands here and there.. these demands were mismanaged at times and very quickly were hijacked by armed Syrians who were paid by local rich merchants and foreign intelligence agencies trying to destabilize Syria. Whether the events eventually turned into a real popular revolution against the regime is another question and I personally think it has NOT culminated yet as the major cities are still siding with the government and the majority of the population is still largely supportive of the government. Do not be misled by the atmosphere you sense online. The opposition is largely confined to their online niche. On the ground people continue to live their daily life.

So now I think you need to rephrase your question if you agree that your assumptions were inaccurate.

September 13th, 2011, 2:21 pm


norman said:

so from what i understand and i did not have time to listen all the way, there is nothing in Islam to say that a non Muslim can be president, Am i right,?

By the way you said before that you are from a Sunni family from Aleppo.

September 13th, 2011, 2:28 pm


some guy in damascus said:

the ambassadors of the USA, France and Japan attended the funeral ceremony of Ghyath Matar.
hehehe weren’t menhebaks having an orgasm when the ambassador of japan returned to syria, boy did that backfire

September 13th, 2011, 2:30 pm


N.Z. said:


The Constitution, “AlDustoor”, every legitimate country has one. Changing it in five seconds when it suits a family, or changing one’s sect to fit the constitution is Machiavelian.

Only, during the thuggish Assad family, anything that suits their mood or need of the day can be changed, on the spot. Their duplicity and bad faith is legendary akin to Machiavel and his principles. Cunning and unprincipled, to put it mildly.

September 13th, 2011, 2:32 pm


atassi said:

السفيران الاميركي والفرنسي في داريا في دار عزاء غياث مطر..

Thank you ambassador Ford for standing with the free Syrians…

September 13th, 2011, 2:32 pm


Mina said:

I meant that destabilizing some of the “non-aligned” emergent countries is a way to make sure the wealth and savings of expats don’t go there, but rather either 1)stay in Europe and the US, or 2)go to investements in “friendly” countries. This is my analysis after reading the comments today on http://www.pauljorion.com

September 13th, 2011, 2:35 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

The stock market in Syria is down to 915,it keeps on going down,
I think anyone who sends money to Syria,should expect to loose them,when the Assad leaves,the real estate in Damascus is expected to drop in value,especially in Malki area,and Ya3foor.

Tayyar Benaa Syria started its meeting, and I encourage all Syrian to join and send a support letter.
I hope the Arab League sponsor a fund to arm the Syrians,we need to complete this arming as soon as we can,all those leaders from outside will be surprised .

September 13th, 2011, 2:36 pm


atassi said:

The free syrians will be settling of scores with the killers …Soon.. and Norman No Way we will allow a low life like you and other Menheiback form Allentown to rule Syria. Get lost you loser

September 13th, 2011, 2:40 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Hope ‘n Change 5.0

Fears rise as Egypt cracks down on press

By Heba Saleh in Cairo

The authorities in Egypt have widened emergency laws and clamped down on the press, raising fears of a curtailment of the liberties gained after the popular uprising which toppled Hosni Mubarak, the former president, earlier this year.

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, in power during a promised transition to elected rule, said on Sunday night that it was widening emergency legislation to cover a range of “threats to public order” including “attacks on the freedom to work” – code for strikes – and the deliberate dissemination of rumours and false information.


September 13th, 2011, 2:40 pm


Tara said:

Ambassador Ford is an American hero! His visit to Ghyath Matar funeral ceremony to extend his condolences is historic.

September 13th, 2011, 2:48 pm


hsyrian said:

Are U.S./NATO powers aiming to make Syria into Libya 2.0?
Progressives should oppose imperialist intervention
By Mazda Majidi
September 9, 2011
Pro-Assad demonstrators in Damascus, March 25

After NATO overthrew the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, a question raised by media outlets is whether Syria will be “Libya 2.0?” Will the imperialists succeed in removing another nationalist state and replacing it with a client one?

On Aug. 18, President Obama called on Syrian President Bashar-al Assad to step down. European leaders have joined the calls for Assad’s ouster. On Sept. 2, the European Union banned all crude oil imports from Syria. As the EU is Syria’s main trading partner, the oil embargo is far more severe than the earlier sanctions, which mainly placed travel restrictions on Syrian officials. The sanctions and the embargo are implemented to impose a severe economic crisis on Syria.

NATO member and Syria’s neighbor Turkey has joined in, with Turkish President Abdullah Gul stating: “We’ve lost our confidence” in Assad. In addition, the Arab League, comprised mainly of U.S. client states, has called on the Syrian regime “to follow the way of reason before it is too late.”

The same line-up of international forces that called for the overthrow of the Libyan government, and eventually overthrew it through NATO’s military campaign, is now lined up against the Syrian regime.

Since March, Syria has been the scene of rallies and armed attacks against the Ba’ath Party regime headed by Assad. Long before the demonstrations, Syria was targeted for regime change by the U.S. government and its imperialist allies. This is why the business media quickly labeled the rallies as “pro-democracy,” a characterization signaling that the attempt to overthrow the regime meets the approval of the imperialists.

Whatever the term “pro-democracy” means, it is not an accurate summary of the opposition, which is a heterogeneous mix of various forces. The people who have joined large rallies have actually had different, and sometimes contradictory, political demands.

There are those demonstrators, led or influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood, who oppose the secular nature of the rule of the Ba’ath Party and are fighting for the establishment of a Sunni Islamic state. There are Kurds who are protesting the underdevelopment and impoverishment of predominantly Kurdish areas of the country. There are those, heavily represented among bloggers and tweeters, who favor a pro-Western regime.

Many have grievances against economic problems, brought about by corruption of the people in and around the regime, and exacerbated by the world capitalist economic crisis. And all of those in opposition have grievances against the regime’s repressive apparatus, which has a reputation for being ruthless.

Opposition to the regime is stronger in certain regions and cities, such as the southern city of Dara and the Kurdish areas in the northeast. The opposition also appears to be stronger among Sunni Muslims, far less so among Christians and Alawites. In some instances, opposition actions appear to be well-organized, as evident by the launching of armed attacks against the regime. In others, it is simply unarmed people walking out of mosques and forming spontaneous protests.

There is no clear leadership among the opposition forces. Imperialist leaders are ever conscious that, irrespective of the demands and grievances of individual demonstrators, the determining factor is the leadership of a movement, not the sentiments of the rank and file. This is why U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently said, “Just as we have done in Libya, we are also encouraging the Syrian opposition to set forth their own roadmap.”

NATO did, in fact, encourage the Libyan opposition to set forth a roadmap. But the roadmap was not as much their own as it was that of the imperialist powers. The true function of the new government was aptly described by a Reuters article: “A new Libyan government could herald a bonanza for Western companies and investors.”

Another National Transitional Council, another media campaign

NATO leaders should have taken heart at developments on Aug. 23. A group of opposition figures met in Ankara, Turkey, and announced the formation of the “Syrian National Transitional Council.” The group chose 94 people as members of the council, most of whom live abroad, including the group’s leader, Dr. Burhan Ghalioun, a university professor living in Paris.

There were statements from opposition figures within Syria protesting the fact that the group had little grassroots basis within Syria. However, reaction from imperialist states indicated a high level of satisfaction with the formation of this group.

The fact that the group chose the name National Transitional Council is no accident. This is the name that the Libyan pro-imperialist opposition chose for itself. The Libyan National Transitional Council’s signature political characteristic was inviting an imperialist invasion. First, it called for a NATO intervention. Then, realizing that the rebels’ contribution to the overthrow of the regime would be minimal, it called for a more intense bombing of the country. Finally, the NTC turned itself into the foot soldiers of the imperialists, officially serving under the command of NATO.

By choosing the same name, the Syrian National Transitional Council is signaling its pro-imperialist political character.

As might be expected, mainstream media portrayal of the situation in Syria has been nothing less than an intense propaganda campaign.

Al Jazeera, reflecting the class interests of its funders, the ruling class of Qatar, has led the propaganda charge against the Syrian regime. Al Jazeera’s coverage of events in Libya has been even more pro-NATO than networks such as CNN and BBC. Qatar was the only Arab country that actually had forces and military equipment on the ground in Libya, directly contributing to the NATO intervention.

The image one gets from the business media’s coverage of Syria is one of a revolution intensifying by the day and extending deeper and deeper into all sectors of Syrian society. The Syrian state is depicted as being on the verge of collapse.

In fact, even judging by the specifics of the reports from sources supportive of the opposition, the size of demonstrations and rallies have significantly subsided. It is certainly true that the opposition is still active, particularly in certain parts of the country. It is also true that the Syrian state is going through a serious crisis. But developments of the past few months suggest that, without foreign intervention, the regime in Damascus is highly unlikely to collapse under the force of the demonstrations. From the imperialist point of view, this makes intervention all the more necessary.

Pierre Piccinin, a Belgian professor who visited Syria in July to study the developments, characterizes the Western media’s reports of Syrian demonstrations as disinformation. He wrote about his visit to Hama, the center of opposition, and about spending time among the people there. On July 15, Piccinin witnessed an opposition demonstration and even had a chance to observe it from a high-rise in the area. He estimated the crowd to be a maximum of 10,000. That same night, he received a feed from AFP reporting 500,000 demonstrators in Hama. Piccinin also reports that he was “able to roam the country at liberty,” including in “all places where the media had signaled outbursts of violence.” Piccinin continued: “I was surprised that the image of Syria, portrayed by the Western media as a country undergoing full-scale revolution, does not correspond in any way whatsoever to the reality of the situation.”

The business media’s favorite portrayal of a complex array of forces, where people display a variety of tendencies and loyalties, is a childishly simplified image of “the people vs. Assad.” This is a repeat of the propaganda tactic used in Libya, whereby the people of the world were deliberately misled into believing that Gaddafi had no popular support and that the people were uniformly behind the Benghazi rebels. This image was obviously refuted by the million-strong anti-NATO rally in Tripoli on July 1, not to mention the steadfast resistance of those fighting for Libyan sovereignty against the NATO onslaught.

While it is hard to determine the percentage of the Syrian people who support the regime, it is unquestionably true that the Assad regime has some base of popular support. Support and opposition to the regime also crosses class lines. Even the New York Times acknowledged that “Mr. Assad still enjoys support in Syria.” Asia News reported a June 15 rally of hundreds of thousands in Damascus in support of Assad’s government. On June 21, Salon.com reported that tens of thousands of people converged on Syria’s main city squares, waving flags and pictures of Bashar al-Assad.

There have even been pro-government demonstrations abroad, as in late May at an opposition meeting in Antalya, Turkey. The Turkish publication Today’s Zaman reported, “The Antalya meeting also stirred reactions from a few hundred Syrians who staged a demonstration in support of Assad with banners in front of the hotel that hosted the conference.”

To imperialism, not all states are alike

The “people vs. Assad” narrative of Syria is no more accurate than was the “people vs. Gaddafi” narrative of Libya. But in both cases, as in all cases when the imperialists have targeted a country for regime change, the narrative serves the purpose of minimizing public opposition in the imperialist countries to military intervention. “Surely, we have to do something” is the reaction elicited by the demonization campaign.

It is common to lump together uprisings in all Arab countries, characterizing all such movements as “people vs. autocrats.” But the fact is that uprisings have occurred in states with different characters: client and nationalist, of which Libya and Syria are examples. If this distinction is not enough to impress liberals in the United States, it is more than sufficient to determine imperialist strategy towards these states. The fundamental difference of the approach of the United States and its allies towards the two different types of states is obvious.

As one example, in the kingdom of Bahrain, home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, opposition mass demonstrations were violently suppressed, not just by the Bahraini police and army, but with the help of troops from Saudi Arabia, another U.S. client state. The U.S. government and its European allies did not call for Bahrain’s king and princes to step down, nor did they urge its leaders to respect the people’s will. They did not place Bahrain under sanctions or charge the Khalifa royal family with human rights violations.

The Bahraini opposition could much more easily have been called a pro-democracy movement, given that the royal family directly controls all aspects of government and has no democratic pretenses, especially to the oppressed majority Shi’a population of the country. Nor did Washington call for an end to Saudi meddling in Bahraini affairs. Instead, at the height of the bloodbath, imperialist leaders called on both sides to “exercise restraint”—the two sides being the unarmed demonstrators and the military shooting at them.

When mass protests break out in client states, the Western approach is to support the repressive regime as long as safely possible, and when change becomes inevitable to sacrifice the client leaders while attempting to save the system. In contrast, imperialists greet mass protests in independent states by immediately calling for the leaders to step down, imposing sanctions and making threats of military invasion, a threat that all too often is carried out.

The stakes are high in Syria. Syria is not only one of few independent states in the region. It is also one of the few supporters of Palestinian resistance and of Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Syria is an ally of the Iranian government. The United States and Israel would like nothing more than the toppling of the Syrian regime and replacing it with a client, a Libya 2.0.

The conflict is a complex one that does not offer the simple choice of progressive versus reactionary. But it is necessary for progressives and revolutionaries in the United States to have a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic and evolving lineup of forces in Syria.

Our task, first and foremost, is to oppose imperialist-imposed sanctions and military intervention in Syria. A U.S./NATO intervention will not result in gains for the Syrian people, or for the people of the region struggling for independence against the United States and its regional watchdog, Israel.

The future of Syria must be determined by Syrians and Syrians only. U.S./NATO hands off Syria!


September 13th, 2011, 2:49 pm


atassi said:

Where are the descendant of Faris Alkhouri?
فارس الخوري، يوم أبلغه الجنرال غورو أن فرنسا جاءت إلى سورية لحماية مسيحيي الشرق، فما كان من فارس الخوري إلا أن قصد الجامع الأموي في يوم جمعة وصعد إلى منبره وقال: إذا كانت فرنسا تدعي أنها احتلت سورية لحمايتنا نحن المسيحيين من المسلمين، فأنا كمسيحي من هذا المنبر أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله …

فأقبل عليه مصلو الجامع الأموي وحملوه على الأكتاف وخرجوا به إلى أحياء دمشق القديمة في مشهد وطني تذكرته دمشق طويلا

September 13th, 2011, 2:49 pm


Mango said:


Syrian opposition figures form new party
News | 13.09.2011 | 19:01

Four Syrian opposition figures announced Tuesday the formation of a new party, the first since the endorsement of the multi-party law last month.

At a press conference held in Damascus, Louay Hussein, one of the party founders, said that the new party named “the Current for Building up the Syrian State” was initiated by dozens of Syrians, with the main objective of eliminating all obstacles impeding the country’s “transformation.”

The party would work to create a “political sphere that could enable all people to get indulged in the political life, mainly the youths,” Hussein said.

The Syrian government has actually failed in quelling the protests and submitting any program to drag the country out of violence, he said, adding that his party would seize the “rare opportunity to take the country to the stage of modernization and civilization.”

Hussein said the civil and democratic state which his party aspires to establish would preserve all the Syrian citizens’ rights and freedom regardless of their religious beliefs, political positions and cultural references.

He noted that the party would immediately start contacts with all effective parties and forces in the country to reach an agreement on ending the months-long unrest.

The founder voiced absolute rejection of foreign military intervention in the country “because this would cause bigger ordeals and would have negative impacts on the Syrian scene … Nobody has an interest in foreign intervention.”

Another founder Mona Ghanem said the delay in reaching a solution to the crisis would increase the prospects of foreign intervention in various forms, adding that the best solution is to “embark on a dialogue combining all the conflicting sides.”

September 13th, 2011, 2:51 pm


norman said:

NK, NZ, SGID, Tara,

Do you agree with this,

64. atassi said:

The free syrians will be settling of scores with the killers …Soon.. and Norman No Way we will allow a low life like you and other Menheiback form Allentown to rule Syria. Get lost you loser

0 1

By the way i forgive you, may GOD steer you to the right path.

September 13th, 2011, 2:52 pm


Dale Andersen said:


RE: “…Egypt cracks down on press…”

In 5 years, I see Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria (after Bashar is dead) as Islamic republics along the lines of Iran, but Sunni instead of Shi’ite.

It’s such an exciting time to be alive, is it not? So much hope, so much enthusiasm, so much creativity…

September 13th, 2011, 2:53 pm


atassi said:

This is huge indeed, where are all the Arab ambassadors? penis-less-less

September 13th, 2011, 2:54 pm


atassi said:

Yes .. NO menhiback will ever rule syria..Get lost
syria is looking for the lost descendants of Faris Alkhouri?
فارس الخوري، يوم أبلغه الجنرال غورو أن فرنسا جاءت إلى سورية لحماية مسيحيي الشرق، فما كان من فارس الخوري إلا أن قصد الجامع الأموي في يوم جمعة وصعد إلى منبره وقال: إذا كانت فرنسا تدعي أنها احتلت سورية لحمايتنا نحن المسيحيين من المسلمين، فأنا كمسيحي من هذا المنبر أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله …

فأقبل عليه مصلو الجامع الأموي وحملوه على الأكتاف وخرجوا به إلى أحياء دمشق القديمة في مشهد وطني تذكرته دمشق طويلا

September 13th, 2011, 2:58 pm


Afram said:

“54. NK said:
I can answer your question myself, but since I’m posting anonymously I think my words won’t have much weight in terms of credibility … I prefer you watch these two videos and draw your own conclusions”????????

Norman…watch this video
this shiek/imam is honest muslim


September 13th, 2011, 2:58 pm


Tara said:


Absolutely not! I believe in forgiveness and humility. We are all equal with the same rights in new Syria. We want to celebrate diversity and embrace it. I could care less about the religion of the new president. And inner circle should be tried however reconciliation should be a priority of the new government.

September 13th, 2011, 2:58 pm


atassi said:

Where are the descendant of Faris Alkhouri? This man can rule anytime….
فارس الخوري، يوم أبلغه الجنرال غورو أن فرنسا جاءت إلى سورية لحماية مسيحيي الشرق، فما كان من فارس الخوري إلا أن قصد الجامع الأموي في يوم جمعة وصعد إلى منبره وقال: إذا كانت فرنسا تدعي أنها احتلت سورية لحمايتنا نحن المسيحيين من المسلمين، فأنا كمسيحي من هذا المنبر أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله …

فأقبل عليه مصلو الجامع الأموي وحملوه على الأكتاف وخرجوا به إلى أحياء دمشق القديمة في مشهد وطني تذكرته دمشق طويلا

September 13th, 2011, 3:00 pm


agatha said:

Does anyone of you all now if syrian where also in Barcelona?

In June [was] a roundtable discussion in Barcelona which featured over a dozen young leaders of the Arab Spring, from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco and more. They made it clear that they need European assistance, especially financial resources and know-how. But, several said – showing the delicacy of the situation – that any support from former colonial powers risks a backlash from their populations. So Europe should avoid launching grand, ambitious, broad stroke programs that are not fully endorsed by the leading democratic forces there.


September 13th, 2011, 3:00 pm


Mina said:


THANKS A MILLION for the first GOOD piece of news of the day!

September 13th, 2011, 3:03 pm


atassi said:

“Absolutely not! I believe in forgiveness and humility”!!!
How about a fair justice!!
we all know nothing will move ahead without justice, syrians must have a fair closure… and NO ..We will MUST not allow the Menhiback to gain absolute power again, never again

September 13th, 2011, 3:06 pm


Some guy in damascus said:

No norman, I do not agree. I’ve said it before and il say it again: the next leader of Syria should have the WHOLE nation as a priority and not a select few.I don’t care what his religion,age,gender,sexual orientation, proffesion, colour is.
Btw I find you to be an esteemed person that actually contributes to his message board. I get red in the face every time I remember I called you a morann, for that I apologize once again.
Atassi ,
Those that have thrived in our sorrow will face our righteous wrath, but there are alawites, Christians and other minorities that have revolted. There are also Sunnis standing on our necks. Remember justice doesn’t know religion, profession, age, colour,language etc.

September 13th, 2011, 3:08 pm


norman said:

It is obvious that the opposition does not agree on this principle of equality between all Syrians, am i right?

September 13th, 2011, 3:12 pm


N.Z. said:

Aref Kayali on Aljazeera, Opposite Direction, Faisal Kassem.

September 13th, 2011, 3:14 pm


Atassi said:

Some guy in damascus…
I know that the MenHiback are alawites, Christians and Sunni too.. I don’t care what color or religion they are .. BUT we should NOT allow them to reclaim an absolute power ever. Please read my Arabic note on the Christians leader Faris Alkhouri with my comments, He was my hero and I keep looking for one like him !!

September 13th, 2011, 3:17 pm


Vedat The Turk said:


Hi eshani. Have a couple of questions and was wondering if you knew the answers. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Do you know how easily foreign refiners could convert their facilities to accomodate Syrian crude? Reason I ask is because I am trying to figure out whether exporting to other non European refiners makes economic sense for Syria in the medium and long term.

Also do you know whether the Syria government owns any oil transport vessels itself? My understanding is that the trade sanctions imposed on Damascus includes a prohibition on all maritime vessel insurance. So none of the larger low cost shipping companies could ship the oil and the cost would rise significantly using unflagged older & smaller non-insured vessels.

September 13th, 2011, 3:19 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Watching the Grass Grow NewZ

In 5 years, I see Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria (after Bashar is dead) as Islamic republics along the lines of Iran, but Sunni instead of Shi’ite.

MEMO TO: Dale “Dudu” Andersen

You have any good news?

PS – Looks like Obama’s recruiting campaign for more democrats is fairing quite well. The more poor, the more democrats voting.


Here’s a good one:

Turkey PM tells Arabs: Israel has isolated itself


September 13th, 2011, 3:19 pm


N.Z. said:

Great response Atassi!

September 13th, 2011, 3:20 pm


Tara said:


Are you Christian or Jew? If neither what about your parents or grand parents?

September 13th, 2011, 3:23 pm


Mina said:

Vlad the Turk
Greece is planning to legalize drugs soon, so instead of vessels carrying crude, there will soon be some profitable business with Syria. Now that the Israelis can’t count on Mubarak anymore, they have to find new roads, otherwise the Tel Aviv youth will get desperate and start reading about politics.

September 13th, 2011, 3:26 pm


atassi said:

Wrong ..
Hypocrites don’t rule.. ingenuous always ahead

September 13th, 2011, 3:26 pm


Some guy in damascus said:

I glad you agree Atassi. The asads, makhufs have no role in Syria 2.0 . I’m sick of them and their cult.

September 13th, 2011, 3:27 pm


hsyrian said:

Stone Age, Here We Come
By Syrian Prometheus* – Opinion Piece
For Syria Comment
Sept 13, 2011

Personal credit cards of all Syrians are no longer being processed.”

“International banking institutions have already stopped accepting US dollar payments from Syrian merchants.
It seems that banks have decided that sanctions against the Syrian government imply an embargo on private citizens as well.”

The official reality is ( by following the link given by Joshua )


Office of Foreign Assets Control
Executive Order 13582 of August 17,2011
Blocking Property of the Government of Syria and
Prohibiting Certain Transactions With Respect to Syria
Operation of Accounts
The operation of an account in a U.S. financial institution for an individual in Syria
other than an individual whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to Executive Order 13338 of May 11,2004, Executive Order 13399 of April 25, 2006, Executive Order 13460 of February 13,2008, Executive Order 13572 of April 29, 2011, Executive Order 13573 ofMay 18,2011, or Executive Order 13582 of August 17, 2011 (collectively, the “Orders”),
is authorized, provided that transactions processed through the account:

(a) Are of a personal nature and not for use in supporting or operating a business;

(b) Do not involve transfers directly or indirectly to Syria or for the benefit of individuals ordinarily resident in Syria unless authorized by General License No.6 (“Noncommercial, Personal Remittances Authorized”); and
(c) Are not otherwise prohibited by the Orders.


The US official restrictions on Syrian national businessmen are sabotaging the Syrian economy thanks to the calls for US sanctions by the wise Opposition.

September 13th, 2011, 3:30 pm


N.Z. said:


Wishful thinking, the west is drooling to hand the MBs -the new cronies of the West- not in their wildest dream, baby!


September 13th, 2011, 3:31 pm


Tara said:


No body should gain absolute power in the new Syria. Syria should be ruled by institutions not by individuals or families. Justice should be served without revenge. Criminals should be given fair trials and Sunni, Alawi, Christians, etc..should have equal rights. Besho should not be allowed exile. He should be tried. Same for every one who ordered murders. Alawis should not be targeted. Sunnis are as implicated as Alawis in the brutality and corruption. There is no guilt by association. Alawis and other minorities who did not support the revolution but did not commit crimes should be reassured an equal status in Syria. Minorities who are about 30 to 40 percent should not be marginalized.

September 13th, 2011, 3:36 pm


norman said:

89. atassi said:

Wrong ..
Hypocrites don’t rule.. ingenuous always ahead

I thought that the people should say whom they want, not you,

NZ ,
by the way the only thing that Attassi knows about me is that i am Christian, i have nothing to do with Baath party, never a member, i like the ideas and the principles of the Baath party and i was never in government in Syria or knows anybody in that government.

Draw your own conclusion about the racist Atassi,

He is probably jealous because i am from Hama and we always beat them, the Homsies.

Tara for president ,
I love what you wrote.

September 13th, 2011, 3:40 pm


atassi said:

We have the same opinion, We are on the same line, and I don’t understand why you are telling me the above !

September 13th, 2011, 3:41 pm


Aboud said:

@91 What you don’t know, because you spend all your time watching uninformative satellite channels like Al-Dunya, is that the regime cut its own throat a long time ago, by banning all credit card transactions on accounts in Syrian Liras. They thought that people would use those cards to get their money out of Syria.

The only credit cards that worked, after that idiotic decision, were ones on accounts with US dollars. And after the US Treasury sanctions, even those now don’t work. Bravo Baathists, once again they have shown that they are in way over their heads.

@81 You are right. We do not believe in letting out drug smugglers and car thieves to work for the security forces to kill and beat up civilians. We do not believe that Rami Makhlouf should be allowed a free hand to do what he wants with the economy. We do not believe in arming Alawite villages so the idiots can just go and kill each other by mistake, and then blame it on Salafis.

If what your Baathist “paradise” is doing is called equality, then the peasants do not understand the meaning of the word.

“He is probably jealous because i am from Hama and we always beat them, the Homsies.”

Hamwi grilled meat is the best, I’ll grant you that.

September 13th, 2011, 3:43 pm


uzair8 said:

@71 Dale

An Islamic prophecy:

From Hudhayfah that the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

The Prophethood will remain amongst you for as long as Allaah wills it to be. Then Allaah will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be the khilaafah upon the Prophetic methodology. And it will last for as long as Allaah wills it to last. Then Allaah will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be biting kingship, and it will remain for as long as Allaah wills it to remain. Then Allaah will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be tyrannical (forceful) kingship and it will remain for as long as Allaah wills it to remain. Then He will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be a khilaafah upon the Prophetic methodology.

Then he (the Prophet) was silent.

September 13th, 2011, 3:43 pm


Syrian Prometheus said:

To VEDAT (84),
The cost of retrofitting a light-crude refinery in order to handle heavy crude (like Syria’s) is in excess of USD 1 billion per 100,000 bbl/day refining capacity. It also takes a couple of years to convert a facility.
An easier approach is to sell to India or China who do have heavy-crude refining capabilities. The issue is whether they are willing to go against the US and Europe. It is important to remember that Venezuela also exports heavy crude. It made the decision to sell to China in order to reduce its dependence on the US. Nonetheless, you still need some retrofitting to accommodate Syrian oil which is still different from Venezuela’s.
One of Syria’s problems under the current environment is that when you have very few buyers willing to take your product, you get squeezed on price. Also, Syria does not own any shipping vessels that can move oil. And, international tank operators are not going to put up with the hassle. Even though they may do so for the right price, which reduces the Syrian gov’s receipts more.
Last, it is possible to sell the oil to middle men who may disguise the origin of the oil. Two problems arise; low, low price (a smuggler needs to make a living as well) and tankers (where are you going to find them?)
Long story short, you can move the oil. The proceeds are not remotely worth it.

September 13th, 2011, 3:45 pm


Aboud said:

EU plans ban on new investment in Syrian oil
12:30pm EDT


BRUSSELS, Sept 13 (Reuters) – European Union governments reached a preliminary agreement on Tuesday to ban European companies from making new investments in Syrian oil exploration, production and refining industries, EU diplomats said.

Pending final approval, the latest round of Europe’s economic sanctions against the government of President Bashar al-Assad could go into effect next week, they said.

“The goal is to strike the regime’s access to funds in the long term,” one EU diplomat said.

New sanctions would ban European companies from creating new joint ventures with enterprises in Syria’s energy sector, giving them loans as well as buying and extending stakes in Syrian companies, diplomats said.

September 13th, 2011, 3:47 pm


Atassi said:

I know you very well sir, and the strange thing that you reside in the US and thrived enormously because you had a freedom and equal opportunities, became a successful professional and DON’T want to allow freedom for your own fellow Syrians…

September 13th, 2011, 3:52 pm


Tara said:


Sorry. No offense intended. I knew that what you meant when you talked about Faris Alkhouri. I just wanted to clarify what I meant by forgiveness and justice.

September 13th, 2011, 3:53 pm


norman said:

I want freedom for all Syrians, but not willing like you to kill one or many to save one,

September 13th, 2011, 4:00 pm


atassi said:

What are you uttering sir!! Can you elaborate more on this superb idea of yours!
killing many syrians= your beloved regime is doing it..

September 13th, 2011, 4:07 pm


Afram said:

76. atassi said:
ely heavily upon … In each conquered land, the Jews and Christians were allowed to remain …
Where are the descendant of Faris Alkhouri? This man can rule anytime….
فارس الخوري، يوم أبلغه الجنرال غورو أن فرنسا جاءت إلى سورية لحماية مسيحيي الشرق، فما كان من فارس الخوري إلا أن قصد الجامع الأموي في يوم جمعة وصعد إلى منبره وقال: إذا كانت فرنسا تدعي أنها احتلت سورية لحمايتنا نحن المسيحيين من المسلمين، فأنا كمسيحي من هذا المنبر أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله …
على من تكذب يا آتاسي؟!؟
هل قرأت فقه وباب الولاء والبراء في الإسلام؟
اشهد لا اله الا اللة في الإسلام لن يقبل/الشهادة ذات شهدتين ويجب ان تكمل ومدمد رسول اللة يا آفندم آتاسي،في الأسلام ممنوع حكم المسيحي او اليهودي او الملحد مثلي على مسلم نحن بعرف الإسلام ذميين/ المسيحيين، تصنف في خانة “الكفار” *”لا يجوز ولاية الكافرين على المسلمين وفق الآية 141 من سورة النساء “… ولن يجعل الله للكافرين على المؤمنين سبيلا”.
،!!!!كفاكم تدليس وغزعبلات التقية يارجل،ياااا للعار

atassi read this:

Today we often hear Muslims in the Middle East charging Israel with unfairness and discrimination in regard to the administration
of Israel’s Muslim populations. At times, there may seem to be some justification for these charges. However, there is no way to
fairly assess today’s situation without looking back over the last 1,300 years. Then the present tables were turned and Muslims ruled
exclusively in the Middle East. The little-known facts of this dark and gruesome history have been well concealed and are only now
gradually being brought to light. One excellent source book has become available in English over the last few years. This epic work
was written by Bat Ye’or and is entitled, The Dhimmi (this is a term reserved for Jews and Christians under Islam). This work is not
just a volume of idle speculation, but reflects the painstaking presentation of nearly 200 documents verifying the condition of both
Christians and Jews under the rule of Islam. There are other works, of course, but in this article we will rely heavily upon this fine
and comprehensive work of Bat Ye’or.
During the first half of the seventh century AD, Islam was becoming entrenched in the desert area which we know today as Saudi
Arabia. Islam’s ugly side was quickly made apparent as the prophet turned against the Jews at the oasis of Khaybar, near Medina.
After much destruction and bloodshed, the Jews surrendered under the terms of a treaty known as the dhimma. Subsequently, all the
Jews and Christians of Arabia submitted to the Muslims under the terms of a treaty similar to the one granted at Khaybar.
It was during this early period that the concept of jihad, or holy war, began to be developed. The Muslims considered all areas
controlled by Islam as the dar al-Islam, or the “territory of Islam,” while all areas controlled by infidels were known as the dar
al-harb, or the “abode of war.” Since Muslims felt Islam was destined to control all the earth, there could be no permanent peace
made with infidels.
As Islam and its holy war burst from the confines of Arabia, many peoples were forcefully confronted with it. Islam swept across
the Holy Land, Syria, Egypt, and North Africa in its early years. Generally, polytheists were given the choice of conversion or death.
However, Jews and Christians, or “the people of the Book” as they were known to Muslims, came under special consideration. Based
upon the previous treaty at Khaybar they were called dhimmi, people who were allowed to live and even to adhere to their religions,
but all this for the benefit of Islam. They were doomed to remain second-class citizens, living, it seemed, for the sole purpose of
demonstrating to all, the superiority of Islam over conquered religions.
From this point on the dhimmi were always at the mercy of the Muslim rulers, and subject at all times to the whims of Muslim
mobs. The dhimmi status seemed to always hang in peril. In fact, in AD 640, the status of the dhimmi was revoked throughout the
whole Arabian peninsula and the remaining Jews and Christians were expelled.
Soon the dhimmi status, for what it was worth, was applied to Jews and Christians in many conquered lands of the Middle East.
The dhimmi began to be more clearly defined by Muslim law and by common practice. There were several things that came to define
the dhimmi status in Muslim lands.


1. Oppressive taxation

In each conquered land, the Jews and Christians were allowed to remain and cultivate the land in exchange for the payment of a
tax to the local Muslim ruler. This tax was called the Kharaj. This system was designed to remind the tenants that Islam owned the
land. Their national identities and histories were blotted out and soon became virtually nonexistent. They were forbidden to possess
arms and thus became totally dependent upon the occupying Muslim power. In some areas, such as Morocco, this system became
so oppressive that the Jews of that area were virtual serfs even as late as 1913, and were, literally, the property of their Muslim
In addition to the Kharaj tax, the dhimmi were subjected to the poll tax or Jizya. This tax had to be paid in person by each subject,
and it had to be paid in a public and humiliating manner. It was common for the dhimmi to be struck on the head or on the nape of
the neck as he paid the tax to demonstrate the superiority of Islam.
The dhimmi were also victimized by higher commercial and travel taxes. In addition they were often victims of extortion and
blackmail at the hand of their own rulers. Often, greedy rulers required them to pay an avania, or protection money. This was simply
a sum of money extorted from the Jewish or Christian communities, under the threat of persecution. This practice of having to pay
for their own protection soon became the norm for dhimmi communities in Muslim lands.

2. Social and legal discrimination

Dhimmi peoples were generally excluded from holding public office; were kept from many professions and high positions; or
from being elevated, in any way, over Muslims. The most degrading jobs, such as cleaning the public latrines, fell to the dhimmi.
Yemenite Jews, until they immigrated to Israel in 1950, were still required to clean the public latrines and remove dead animals from
the city streets.
In the courtroom, the evidence of a dhimmi could never be accepted in testimony against a Muslim. Thus it was often necessary
for the dhimmi to hire Muslim “witnesses” for his court appearance. The dhimmi was not allowed to raise a hand against his Muslim
masters, even if raised in self defense. Such a thoughtless act would often result in the death penalty. In many Muslim lands, Jews
were routinely beaten and abused in the streets. They could only beg for mercy and attempt to flee their persecutors. They did not
dare defend themselves.
To further clarify their inferior status, the dhimmi were required to wear special clothing. The type of clothing varied from
country to country, but always it seemed to be designed to make Jews and Christians appear inferior and foolish. In many countries
the Jews were even required to go barefoot. They were also required to walk to the left of the Muslims. They were almost
universally forbidden to ride horses, and even when riding donkeys, they were required to dismount upon meeting a Muslim. Jews
and Christians were often confined to special quarters, and these areas were usually shut up after dark. They were not allowed to
enter certain streets of Muslim cities. This practice continued in Persia, Yemen, and North Africa until the nineteenth century. These
dhimmi ghettos were frequently the scenes of awful pogroms and persecutions by infuriated Muslim mobs. At the whim of local
rulers these pitiful quarters could be confiscated and emptied on short notice. Whether they lived inside or outside of these quarters,
the houses of dhimmi could never be taller or more elaborate than the houses of their Muslim neighbors.

3. Religious discrimination

In Muslim lands, the construction of new churches and synagogues was generally forbidden. The restoration of certain
pre-Islamic structures was permitted so long as they were not enlarged or transformed. Dhimmi places of worship were often
ransacked, burned or demolished at the whim of the Muslims. This trend has continued right up through modern times. In Saudi
Arabia, the government bulldozed the last Christian church in the kingdom in 1987. It was a unique 12th century structure found near
the Yemen border.
Liturgical forms were strictly controlled. It was generally prohibited to ring church bells, sound shofars (ram’s horns used in
Jewish ceremony), publicly display crosses, icons, banners and other religious objects. Early photos taken during the middle of the
nineteenth century confirm that even the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem had been stripped of both its cross and belfry.
In many Muslim lands, Jews and Christians had to bury their dead without mourning. Dhimmi graves had to be specially marked
lest a Muslim should accidentally pray over the grave of an infidel. The cemeteries of dhimmi were not respected since they were
considered as being from the realm of hell. Commonly they were desecrated or even destroyed completely, as occurred in Jerusalem
during Jordanian rule (1948-1967). At that time the Jordanian army used Jewish gravestones from the Mount of Olives to line their
The dhimmi had to take great care to show respect to Muslim holy places. In North Africa, if Jews and Christians entered a
mosque it was considered a capital offense. It was not even permitted for them to look into a mosque when passing by. Any such
accusation, whether true or false, could cost the dhimmi his life. This was especially the case in all charges of blasphemy. The
dhimmi communities were religiously harassed and sometimes forced to convert. For instance, in Yemen, it was required that every
Jewish orphan child be converted to Islam.
Of course, marriage or sexual relations between dhimmi and Muslim women called for the death sentence, although Muslim men
could marry a dhimmi woman. To the Muslim, there was something about the dhimmi that was unclean and impure. This concept
affected all Muslim relations with dhimmi peoples.


Muslim concepts concerning the dhimmi may seem primitive and grossly discriminatory to the modern mind. However, these
concepts are still very much alive in Muslim thinking, and are particularly evident in current ideas of jihad. The Islamic idea of world
dominion has changed very little since the days of Muhammad. Involved in the Islamic concept is the complete military, religious and
political domination of conquered peoples (which should ultimately include the whole world); Arabization of these peoples and
nations; the absolute claim to their lands; the suppression of their historical, religious, and political traditions; and the extinguishing of
their cultural and social aspirations.
It is unthinkable for Muslims that conquered peoples should rise up and throw off the yoke of Islam or that land once in the
domain of Islam should ever be lost to that domain. According to Islamic thinking, once a region has been conquered for Islam, it is
always Islamic and must be re-conquered from the infidel, regardless of the passage of time.


These territorial concepts are best illustrated by the jihad which has raged against Israel. Israel is a tiny island surrounded by a sea
of Islam. Not only was Israel once within the domain of Islam, but until the current immigration wave, over 60 percent of her
inhabitants were descendants of dhimmi, whether they were refugees from Arab countries or indigenous to the land. Israel’s declared
independence and her subsequent victories over confederated Islamic armies in 1948, 1967 and again in 1973 shook the Islamic
world to the core. Egypt’s President Nasser well expressed Islamic feeling when he said, “To the disaster of Palestine there is no
parallel in human history.”
Since jihad can be expressed in many ways, including military, economic, political, educational means, etc., it is not surprising that
the modern jihad against Israel embodies and promotes many of the age-old dhimmi concepts. The tiny nation of Israel has been
oppressed militarily since its birth by surrounding Muslim nations. There have already been five major wars in the Middle East over
this matter, and there continues to be a very active campaign of terrorism against Israel even as peace conferences are in session.
Israel is also oppressed economically. It has been estimated that the Arab economic boycott of Israel has cost the tiny nation some
$45 billion in the past forty years. This does not include an additional $24 billion lost in foreign investments. This boycott also
continues despite all the current peace processes.
Israel is considered a pariah, an outcast, in the Muslim Middle East. The presence of a sovereign Jewish people on the land is
considered a defilement and a sin. Thus, the only solution open to Islam is that the Jews must be pushed into the sea and the land
As in the ancient days of the dhimmi, the history and culture of Israel is denied and even eradicated whenever possible. Rich Arab
nations have exerted considerable pressure in this regard. Airline and even US State Department maps have been known to exclude
Israel entirely. Reference books have often presented slanted views. In recent months Hannan Ashwari, spokeswoman for the
Palestinians, has boldly stated for the worldwide TV audience that she is a true descendant of the first Christians, and that they were
Palestinians. This of course is lie, since her Arab people did not inhabit the land of Israel for almost six hundred years after the New
Testament era. By such statements, history is murdered and so is truth. These are just other sophisticated attempts to deny a
supposed dhimmi people their own culture and history.
Thus the jihad rages on and on, even in this modern day. But for Islam to succeed in its plan of total world domination, there must
be a people who are willing to play the part of the dhimmi. There must also be a people who have somehow allowed the love for
truth to slip from their hearts.

September 13th, 2011, 4:08 pm


ann said:

On the Regime and the Opposition in Syria – Nabil Fayyad


Despite my very negative position on the regime for private and public reasons, the truth is that the regime is very strong, and neither the outside nor the inside were able to make it change its usual stances. This strength does not come from a vacuum. The regime has a broad popular base that supports it at home and abroad, whether out of conviction or opportunism. And ignoring this issue on the part of the Transitional Council is the first indication that the opposition does not know yet the true meaning of democracy. . . .

Nabil Fayyad, an expert in comparative religion and biblical criticism, is a Syrian intellectual who is an outspoken critic of the Syrian regime. He has been arrested and detained by the Syrian authorities in the past. The original Arabic note by Fayyad was first published on a Facebook page administered by Fayyad’s supporters on 29 August 2011. The English translation above was adapted from Sate Hamza’s translation published in his blog Syrian Musings on 30 August 2011. Cf. As’ad AbuKhalil, “Syrian Opposition Council” (Angry Arab News Service, 29 August 2011); Kate Seelye, “Why Can’t the Syrian Opposition Get Along?” (Foreign Policy, 1 September 2011); Aziza, “#Syria activsts have labelled next Friday as ‘Day of Rage’ against #Russia. Does this mean they are losing hope of winning w/o foreign help?”

September 13th, 2011, 4:11 pm


hsyrian said:

Syrian-issued Visa, MasterCard credit cards blocked
August 29, 2011 ⋅ 6:08 pm ⋅

Syrians in the UAE have been left stranded after Visa and Mastercard blocked all credit cards issued by Syrian banks.

The ban, which was put in place last week, is the result of severe US sanctions imposed on Syria in the face violence against protestors in cities across the country.

Syrian visitors to the UAE were shocked to find that their credit cards were not working at Dubai airport.

“When all the ATM machines in Dubai airport refused to process any of my credit card transaction, SMS message was automatically sent to me from MasterCard informing me that I could no longer use this card,” a visitor told Gulf News

When contacted by Gulf News, both Visa and Mastercard confirmed that Syrian-issued cards are no longer valid and all transactions have been blocked.

Another Syrian businessman said that an international bank had sent him message informing that they have closed his account.

“I am here in Dubai to process my financial transaction manually.Even the local banks in Dubai they don’t proceed any transaction to the Syria based banks,” he added. “We have (been) obliged to deal (in) cash.”

On August 18, the United States government issued an executive order prohibiting, “the exportation, re-exportation, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a United States person, wherever located, of any services to Syria.”

The ban on using the cards is part of the recent expanded sanction which aim to put more pressure on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and isolate the nation in the hope that an economic squeeze will force the Damascus government cease its crackdown on pro-democracy campaigners.

Meanwhile, the governor of the central bank of Syria, Adib Mayala, announced that Syria has stopped dealing with the US dollar and switched to the euro, effective August 23.

However, Mayala remarked that most businesses continue to conduct business using the dollar.

Action taken

MasterCard told Gulf News that it began blocking all transactions originating in Syria on 20 August 2011 and would remain blocked until further notice.

“MasterCard Worldwide, in response to an executive order from the United States Treasury Department, has instituted a block of all transactions originating in Syria and has instituted a block of all MasterCard transactions on accounts issued in Syria”, said Shaun Rashid, area head, North Africa and Levant, MasterCard Worldwide.

Visa has also suspended its payment card activity in Syria under the recently expanded US sanctions.

“Visa is required by law to comply with the US Department of the Treasury financial sanctions against Syria,” the company said.

“As a result, Visa has suspended its payment card activity in Syria under the recently expanded sanctions. Visa cardholders should contact their issuing financial institution for further information regarding the use of their payment cards. Visa will continue to cooperate with the appropriate government officials to comply with applicable sanctions.”



The US issued credit cards are blocked whatever the currency used for the transaction hanks to the calls for US sanctions by the wise “Syrian” Opposition.

September 13th, 2011, 4:15 pm


atassi said:


It’s the significance of the story not the details in it..

September 13th, 2011, 4:16 pm


Aboud said:


“I want freedom for all Syrians, but not willing like you to kill one or many to save one”

I’m not sure I understood that sentence. Did the demonstrators who first come out in Dar’a kill anyone? What about your home town of Hama? Do you subscribe to the regime’s line that it was taken over by armed gangs who burned down every single state institution, even though every reporter who had secretly been there, and the US Ambassador, all clearly stated that no such gangs or burning of police stations ever happened.

“Does this mean they are losing hope of winning w/o foreign help?””

Yet another nawari interpretation of events. If Besho is so popular, let the army stand down for one day. But he doesn’t dare, it would be the end of him. Crushing peaceful demonstrations with tanks is as much a sign of strength, as funding an opulent lifestyle through massive borrowing is a sign of wealth. Only a nawari would call beating up a cartoonist “strength”. It’s a Qurdaha mentality that is outdated in this modern world.

So, where is the desperate Jamal these days? Hitting on the butt ugly Persian women on Shiachat? LOL!

September 13th, 2011, 4:17 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Who you calling a Dhimmi?


Jews are no longer Dhimmis. I know that may piss off a few people.

But the REAL dhimmis are the Arabs living under Arab despots. No?

How many billions have Gad-fly, Besho, Arafat and the other Monarchs stolen from the Arab people?


September 13th, 2011, 4:22 pm


ann said:

46.2 million Americans Living in Poverty – Sep 13, 2011 12:56 PM


The U.S. poverty rate rose to the highest level in almost two decades and household income fell in 2010, underscoring the lingering impact of the worst economic slump in seven decades.

*** NUFF SAID ***

September 13th, 2011, 4:24 pm


Tara said:


Take my advise. Ignore Afram. Let him talk to himself and/ or to his significant other. He will get bored eventually. Any time you respond to him, you feeding into his hatred. He is not looking for an exchange. He is looking to spread hatred and intolerance.

September 13th, 2011, 4:24 pm


N.Z. said:

I did not follow Norman’s threads, I think Syrians in general got used to over 40 years of lies, oppression…treason.

All Syrians, excluding the assads and relatives, will like to see themselves free from tyranny…….I have no doubt. Syrians like certainty in ever changing times. It is unrealistic at this moment.

But Norman, how can we not support these people, our people, in their struggle to end nepotism, corruption…

You ask about the future president, let us get rid of this regime, assad’s and then, as they say, when the boy arrives we will praise the prophet.

The coward I am, will always be, however I cannot stay neutral, my neutrality might cost another life. I will not. We must take a stance. The least I can do, is not to become a culprit.

An Islamic regime like the one in Iran will not materialize. In one Muslim family in Syria, you see the most conservative to the atheists. Many Christians think that the president must be Sunni.

I am not sure how old you are, my mother is a supporter of this mafia, not because she believes them, no, because of the unknown.

These young men have shown bravery beyond believe. They are not asking us to join them, they want our support, or our silence.

But to give excuses to the killing machinery of a thuggish family is not only, unacceptable, it is criminal.

I am optimistic for the future, saddened every time I hear the passing of another young Syrian or non Syrian fighting for freedom, selflessly, for all. I bow with respect to the most honourable, to the brave, my heart goes out to their families. We will not forget them.

Take care.

September 13th, 2011, 4:24 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

There is a video on Aljazeera showing members of Syrian Army shooting several donkeys and horses, what did these animals do to be killed?
This is the army that someone on SC (the oscillator) said it is patriotic army

September 13th, 2011, 4:25 pm


True said:

Wazup Syrians?

did anyone come across Jamal?

Is he somewhere resting and chewing the cud or it’s jusy his day off from the Mukhabarat division 225?

Another burned card of Menhebaks, I’m sure he’ll come back again using different alias, maybe more sexy name than Jamal.

September 13th, 2011, 4:32 pm


annie said:


These donkeys were terrorists

113. majedkhaldoon said:

There is a video on Aljazeera showing members of Syrian Army shooting several donkeys and horses, what did these animals do to be killed?
This is the army that someone on SC (the oscillator) said it is patriotic army

September 13th, 2011, 4:38 pm


True said:


Go get yourself busy with “Debate – For Dummies”

But first of all you need prostrate at least 100 times on Betho’s portrait and when you done before lifting up your head do another 200 times on khamenei‘s one eh

If you get nowhere you always can tweet Jamal for some help eh

and btw stay “fearless” hehehehehe lol

September 13th, 2011, 4:40 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Ann #110
The poor person in USA get over $500 from the state in addition to medicaid,this is more than three times what an average employee in Syria makes,at this standard over 90% of Syrian are poor.

September 13th, 2011, 4:46 pm


NK said:


No there is nothing in Islam that prohibits a non Muslim from becoming president, there are verses in the Qur’an though that prohibits Muslims from following those who hate Muslims and conspire against them and Islam. Naturally Islamophobes and radical whack job “Islamists” take those verses and twist their meaning to serve their ideologies/agendas. It’s really a topic that can take pages to discuss and this isn’t the place to do it.

What surprises me Norman is that you and other regime apologists (although to a different degree and for different reasons) still support Bashar even after he went on National TV and defended article 3 of the Syrian constitution and affirmed that any new constitution will not touch the basic principle that the President of Syria must be a Muslim and Islamic Sharia shall remain the main source of legislation.

As for hateful comments we read on SC every now and then, of course I don’t support them, just because I choose to ignore most of them doesn’t mean that I do … the way I see it, those comments are like a hot pile of dung, they’re best left alone as there are far more important stuff to discuss/talk about other than blind religious hatred. 10-20 Syrians are dying every single day Norman, and that’s on a good day, last night another of my class mates got arrested in Aleppo University hospital bringing the number of detained friends to 17, believe it or not we have more pressing matters than worrying about what somebody in London says he will do to Qurdaha when this regime falls, especially when this somebody isn’t even Syrian!.

As for your other question, yes I’m from a prominent Sunni family in Aleppo.

September 13th, 2011, 4:58 pm


abughassan said:

You will find many examples where sanctions are hurting average Syrians and not the regime.
sanctions are ineffective in forcing a regime change,they only manage to punish Syrians for the actions of their government.those who think that the west care about the welfare of the average Syrian are in Western Wonderland where everything is innocent and pretty.

September 13th, 2011, 4:59 pm


norman said:

NZ said,

(( I am not sure how old you are, my mother is a supporter of this mafia, not because she believes them, no, because of the unknown.))

I am like your mother, the unknown and knowing that there are people like Atassi are making us weary, the regime as we know it gone , no body wanted it in the first place but we see no plan, set a plan and the System that the opposition want to Syria 2.0

The questions i put forward are meant to have some kind of policy statements and blocks to stop the fear that many have and are siding with government for fear of chaos and being treated as second class citizens, assure your enemy or will fight to the last Syrian.

September 13th, 2011, 4:59 pm


True said:

I’m in total disagreement with Obama’s foreign policies, he lacks the guts to speak loud and take tough stands especially when it comes to the Palestinian case and the Israeli occupation (c’mon Menhebaks start defending Israel now). However, I have to admit that appointing “Robert Ford” was good as gold.

RF is a pragmatic man who runs according to a plan (in contrary to Betho for sure) and marvellously manages to stay rational rather emotional.

September 13th, 2011, 5:00 pm



Even donkeys are not spared.

September 13th, 2011, 5:01 pm


Tara said:

True and khaled Tlass

Who are the Christian Lebanese who support HA?

September 13th, 2011, 5:02 pm


Mango said:

Smugglers know the price of these donkeys! Ask smugglers of boundary villages how many there is everyone!


September 13th, 2011, 5:05 pm


annie said:


They shoot donkeys, don’t they?
Posted By Blake Hounshell Tuesday, September 13, 2011 – 4:46 PM

Over the last six months, I’ve watched countless gory videos of Arab protesters who have been beaten to death, shot in the head, run over with tanks, or otherwise brutalized by their own governments. And yet, for reasons that I can’t quite fathom, few scenes have disturbed me as much as this scene, said to be of Syrian soldiers gunning down a group of donkeys in cold blood:

Syrians on Twitter tell me that the reason for this seemingly senseless slaughter is to punish villagers for support the protest movement by taking away their means of survival. If so, it’s a particularly nasty form of collective punishment — gunning down a bunch of innocent, helpless animals.

The Syrian revolution has been going through a rough patch lately, with little fresh movement to isolate Bashar al-Assad’s regime and what look to be smaller protests inside the country. The exiled opposition can’t seem to get its act together and organize a united front, while activists inside the country are calling desperately for international protection of some kind as dozens of them continue to be killed, injured, or rounded up each day.

It would be bitterly ironic if it took the murder of a few donkeys to summon the global sense of outrage that greeted Bashar’s Ramadan crackdown. But then again, the world works in strange ways sometimes.

September 13th, 2011, 5:07 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Can the regime supporters comment on video shown by Ann in 115

September 13th, 2011, 5:10 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

The army shooting donkeys,,,,,,now Bashar must be scared to stand next to the soldiers.

September 13th, 2011, 5:16 pm


True said:

@ 119. Abughassan

http://www.aksalser.com/ !!!! this website lacks credibility, it’s totally funded by the horn Mafioso Iyad Ghazal (Betho’s man in Homs)

more info @ Iyad Ghazal

Name: Muhammad Iyad Ghazal
Place of Birth: Aleppo
Family: His father Zuhayr Ghazal, held a high position in the office of the late president Hafez al-Assad. (yil3an ro7ak ya hafiz)
Contacts: Abd-al-Aziz Thalja; Abd-al-Ghafur Sabuni; Bashar al-Assad;
Education: Mechanical engineering, university of Aleppo
Politics: Baath

• 2005 Governor of Homs, Syria
• 1999-2005 General Director of Syrian Railways, government owned organization
• Director of the republican palace in Aleppo
• Municipality of Aleppo
• Military housing institution
Ghazal is reportedly very close to president Bashar and functions as one of his unofficial advisors in economic and political matters

For more info in Arabic

September 13th, 2011, 5:17 pm


uzair8 said:

Apparantly Shaaban has been making silly comments in Russia (She should sack her advisor):

From AJE blog ‘Diary of a besieged Syrian town’:

– “We want things in Syria to develop the way they did in Russia, in a
bloodless manner”- Shabaan.

Another commen in reply to the above:

– you should have listened her when she spoke about the opposition:”just few guys. We don’t have any contact with them because we don’t know them”. And with a gimmick she added “they do what they want”-

So Syrians. Do you fancy the Russian model? The transition from USSR to Russia with current regime still in place?

I will try finding a source.

September 13th, 2011, 5:17 pm


N.Z. said:

Norman, I am not a policy maker, you can tell. When there is a will there is a way. These brave protesters are unstoppable, the opposition is learning, they do not need to be unified. We are all learning to accept the other opinion.

We got so used to one dictator, one way, his way or imprisonment and torture or death.

We will exchange more ideas. Take care. Have to go.

September 13th, 2011, 5:32 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

The donkeys video is the most disturbing I saw so far. A banality of evil. So sad.

September 13th, 2011, 5:35 pm


True said:

@ Tara

First of all no one supports Hizbuallah as Wikileaks exposed all them.

Now back to reality and to the game of scratching backs, fundamentally when you mention Christians in Lebanon you’re mainly refereeing to Maronite church as according to Al-Taef agreement (city in Saudi) the Lebanese president should be a Maronite. The bottom line is that every Maronite leader hopes to be the president and that’s why their loyalty varies between Sunni and Shia and use them as proxy in order to reach to the first chair.

The main three Maronite figures who suck up for HA and Betho and might harvest the presidency are

– Michel Naim Aoun, who signed an agreement with HA in which he’s guaranteed to be the president while he must cover HA’ back in the Christian street

– Michel Samaha, Hafiz’s man in Lebanon

– Suleiman Tony Franjieh and grandson of the former Lebanese President Suleiman Frangieh from Zgharta-Zawyie and he’s Betho’s best friend

September 13th, 2011, 5:37 pm


uzair8 said:


Dr Shaaban in Moscow 13/09/11.

“We are on the threshold of the centennial anniversary of Sykes-Picot colonial treaty and Balfour Declaration. We notice that old colonial countries are seeking to practice their habitual policies and dividing what is has already been divided,” Shaaban said.

September 13th, 2011, 5:41 pm


Aboud said:

“assure your enemy or will fight to the last Syrian.”

Rubbish. The “silent majority” of today will stay silent no matter what. They are a “live another day” kind of people, they will make accommodations with whatever bloc or movement happens to be in power.

As a political force for change, they are not and will never be a force. Just like they have accommodated themselves to the existence of this murderous junta of Qurdaha peasants, they will just as easily accommodate themselves with whatever takes it place, even if it is a neo-Nazi Hitler resurrection party.

Hey menhebaks, is it true that your trumpets are now claiming that Al-Jazeera is shooting protest videos in Qatar, in mock ups of Syrian cities? ROFL!!!!!!! Please, go online and repeat that idea as much as you can.

September 13th, 2011, 5:42 pm


abughassan said:

Brutality against animals is a reliable sign of mental illness,however,I do not come to SC to see videos of donkeys getting killed or to read posts by Israelis denouncing “violence” against donkeys when Israel killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians over the years, I am more focused on the violence against Syrians and seeing an end to the Assad rule and the blood shed.

September 13th, 2011, 5:42 pm


aatssi said:

I am not going to appease you just because you are Christian, You are an adult and well educated Syrian and you will eventfully get over your minority complex condition since you are a real patriotic, I am willing to debate you and chat with you off-line anytime,

September 13th, 2011, 5:52 pm


Aboud said:

In Syria, U.S. ambassador drops diplomatic niceties


WASHINGTON — U.S. ambassadors are usually the most measured of professionals, weighing each word in a delicate dialogue to advance America’s interests with a minimum of public fuss.

But Robert Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Syria, is taking an undiplomatic tack — flouting government travel restrictions, courting opposition figures and taking to Facebook to publicly denounce Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal crackdown on unarmed protesters.

“An ambassador is a very visible symbol of American interest, and I’m a very visible symbol of the American people, so you can’t just hide behind closed doors,” Ford told Reuters in a telephone interview. “I do have a job to do and it is important that we be seen doing that job both by the Syrians and by the American people.”

One of the State Department’s top Arabists, Ford arrived in Damascus in January with a very different brief.

As the first U.S. ambassador to Syria in five years, he was expected to implement a policy of gradual rapprochement in hopes of prizing the Assad government away from its alliance with Iran, Hezbollah and other Islamist groups and facilitating cooperation on new peace moves with Israel.

This was part of President Barack Obama’s outreach to traditional adversaries, including Iran, but ran into criticism in the U.S. Congress where there is deep suspicion of Damascus and its support for Hezbollah, a sworn foe of Israel.

The Obama administration sent Ford to Damascus last year in a “recess appointment,” a temporary move because the U.S. Senate would not confirm Ford’s appointment.

The soft-spoken envoy proceeded to radically redesign his mission to become one of the most outspoken critics of Assad now operating in Damascus.

This appears to have helped him in the Senate, where the Foreign Relations Committee voted on Tuesday to confirm him as ambassador. He must still be approved by the full Senate.

“This is not your typical diplomatic engagement,” said Andrew Tabler, a Syria expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “It really turns engagement on its head and mixes things up on the ground in Syria.”


Ford made his first public move in July, when he traveled from Damascus to the restive city of Hama to show support for protesters some 14 weeks into the wave of bloody anti-Assad demonstrations sweeping the country.

In Hama — scene of a 1982 massacre which symbolized the ruthless rule of Bashar al-Assad’s father Hafez — Ford was welcomed with flowers and olive branches, visited injured protesters and talked to local residents.

The trip infuriated the Syrian government, which accused him of inciting unrest. Three days later, after Ford posted a note on Facebook explaining the trip, pro-Assad loyalists attacked the U.S. embassy compound in Damascus.

The Obama administration toughened its position in August, saying Assad should step down and imposing sanctions on the petroleum industry, a major government money-earner.

Ford made a trip to another restive Syrian city last month, ignoring government requirements that he give prior notice of his travel.

A career U.S. diplomat, Ford was U.S. ambassador to Algeria from 2006-2008 and also served in Bahrain, Egypt and Iraq. A fluent Arabic speaker, he has not shied away from using firm language to set out the U.S. position.

On the embassy’s Facebook page, he has rejected assertions that Washington is aiding “terrorists,” declared that Assad’s government is incapable of real reform and replied to comments from Syrians, which he says mischaracterize U.S. positions.

“Mujtaba Xr warns me that I will face being killed if I continue my criticism of the repression in Syria,” Ford said on Facebook, referring to one posted comment. “I take his post to be a perfectly good example of the kind of intolerance that has provoked such discontent in Syria.”

U.S. officials described Ford’s Facebook push as an effort to put a human face on U.S. opposition to the repression.

“In Arab culture the idea of a personal relationship, even if it’s only on Facebook, matters a little more,” said one senior U.S. official.


While, there have been suggestions that Ford may be withdrawn from Syria, State Department officials reject that and say he remains in contact with senior Syrian officials though they concede privately that communication has suffered.

Last month, the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Syria’s foreign minister, Walid al-Moualem.

Diplomatic analysts say Ford’s public diplomacy may yet prod Syria to expel him and push Damascus and Washington to a new level of estrangement. That would be the opposite of what Ford hoped to achieve when he arrived in Damascus.

“I interpret from the fact that he’s still there that it is not something that they choose to make into a capital offense. But it could happen at any time,” said Richard Murphy, a former U.S. ambassador to Syria now at the Middle East Institute.

The United States, meanwhile, will shift its focus to what comes after Assad — making Ford even more important as Washington seeks a grass-roots view of the changes under way.

“What the United States can do is influence a political transition toward meaningful reforms with the hope extremists will not hijack the process,” said Edward Djerejian, ambassador to Syria from 1989-91. “The American ambassador would be carrying out American foreign policy interests in the country trying to ensure that this happens.”

September 13th, 2011, 5:53 pm


abughassan said:

true,thanks for the info,however,I would have preferred a confirmation or a denial that what was published in it was true or not.I collect info from all types of sites,most are not exactly neutral,but I still look.

September 13th, 2011, 5:54 pm


uzair8 said:

Voice of America wants to give voice to Syrians
09/13/2011 by syriancommando

I have answered a call by the Voice of America for “pro Assad view”, which was completely flooded by the Muslim Brotherhood trying to rewrite the history of their bloody insurrection in the 80s and their current bloody terrorism. I sidestepped them and directly hit at the critical issue: the voice of America will never give me a voice.

Read more:


September 13th, 2011, 5:55 pm


annie said:

135. abughassan said:

Brutality against animals is a reliable sign of mental illness,however,I do not come to SC to see videos of donkeys getting killed.

They were not aiming at the donkeys but at the means of survival of the population.
I have a sad feeling that this video is going to upset more people than the sight of Syrians lying in their blood.

September 13th, 2011, 5:56 pm


Aboud said:

“,I do not come to SC to see videos of donkeys getting killed ”

Yeah well, when I came to SC I didn’t expect to see the army of my country killing donkeys either, but there you go. What kind of a “soldier” demeans himself so much that he follows instructions to kill farm animals? Do they give medals for such heroic acts? Donkey Killer, Athad Class? Donkey Liquidation Division? Do the mukhabarat now open files on the country’s cattle, and select those they deem disloyal for elimination?

September 13th, 2011, 5:58 pm


ziadsoury said:


As far as I am concerned, you are a good human being but very misguided.

You want Syria to be great but at the same time you think Master Bashar and the Baath are the best to ever happen to Syria.

You are a doctor but have not condemned the torture and killing of doctors and pharmacists who helped the injured. You, just like these doctors, have sworn to help the injured even if they are enemy combatant but can’t bring yourself to condemn the atrocities committed by the Syrian Security forces. Why?

You have defended the baath all these years and no I (a very secular person) will not vote for anyone who shares your values.

When Hama was invaded you justified that and called there must be a reason. How dare you?

Six months ago, you said wait few weeks and we will see how master basher will change the country for the better. We have over 3000 dead and many more injured and thousands arrested. For what? For speaking their mind.

I believe attasi taking about people who are still defending this gang and their thugs. People like you. I do not need you to come out against these thugs but at least stop defending them. You are afraid of the unknown? Well the known is extremely scary, ugly, criminal, and hateful. How much worse can it get?

The Syrians (all Syrians) are sic and tired of these people and we are committed to provide a different society and culture to our grand kids. We will not allow another gang to take over.

Again, as I told you before, you live in the states and that speaks volume about what you really think of the criminals you defending in Damascus.

September 13th, 2011, 6:03 pm


annie said:

Prominent Alawite clerics denounce Assad regime’s ‘atrocities’

Monday, 12 September 2011
The clerics said the Assad regime is pursuing a policy of divide and conquer by spreading false reports of sectarian strife between the Shiite Alawites and the Sunnis. (Photo by Reuters)
The clerics said the Assad regime is pursuing a policy of divide and conquer by spreading false reports of sectarian strife between the Shiite Alawites and the Sunnis. (Photo by Reuters)

By Al Arabiya

Three prominent Syrian clerics of the Alawite sect, to which President Bashar al-Assad belongs, have denounced the “atrocities” committed by the regime against pro-democracy protesters.

“We declare our innocence from these atrocities carried out by Bashar al-Assad and his aides who belong to all religious sects,” Mohib Nisafi, Yassin Hussein and Mussa Mansour said in a joint statement from Homs.

The clerics denied state media reports that members of the Shiite Alawite sect are being subjected to acts of killing and kidnapping in Homs.

“The daily reports of kidnappings, killings and harassment of members of the Alawite sect are all untrue. They are designed and spread to cause divisions among people united against the regime.”

The clerics said the Assad regime is pursuing a policy of divide and conquer by spreading false reports of sectarian strife between the Shiite Alawites and the Sunnis.

“The children of Homs, Sunnis, Alawite and Christians, have lived and will continue to live in coexistence and harmony.”

“Six months have passed in this revolution and people have been killed or wounded. The climate is ripe for victory. There is no other way left to save the self except by joining the peaceful demonstrations.” The clerics said.

“This regime and its president will not rule you forever.”

September 13th, 2011, 6:03 pm


norman said:


If you know who i am and have my E mail then contact me if you want.

Ziad soury,

I will answer you later tonight , GOD willing .

September 13th, 2011, 6:07 pm


Aboud said:

Does Syrian Cocko do anything besides whining how the media doesn’t like Besho’s murderous rampage? Why doesn’t he just sue them, like he threatened to sue half this forum LOL!

September 13th, 2011, 6:12 pm


Tara said:

Dear Annie

” I have a sad feeling that this video is going to upset more people than the sight of Syrians lying in their blood.”

I have the same sad feeling. Can you elaborate more? Why do you think people would get more upset with the sight of those thugs killing donkeys as opposed to killing Syrians?

September 13th, 2011, 6:15 pm


Tara said:


“Donkey Killer, Athad Class? Donkey Liquidation Division? Do the mukhabarat now open files on the country’s cattle, and select those they deem disloyal for elimination?”

Aboud, our tale is getting all the elements, Buthina shaaban, the wicked witch of Athadstan, the reign of slaves, the cattle file eliminating disloyal donkeys, few more themes and we can publish the story.

September 13th, 2011, 6:20 pm



Atassi @ 64
You had no right to speak on our behalf promising revenge and score settling. If you have scores to settle, then I hope that in Free Syria, you would be able to file a complaint and bolster it with evidence, and pursue Justice through a fair system.

We are not about settling scores. We are about justice, and I dare you or anyone else to find incriminating evidence against Norman. If there is anything Free Syria should do is to attract people like Norman to come back at least for visits and to contribute in their own way. I have been blogging with Norman for few years now, we don’t exactly see things the same way, but he is no beneficiary or hypocrite.

September 13th, 2011, 6:25 pm


norman said:


Thank you,

September 13th, 2011, 6:32 pm


Aboud said:

Haha Ziad, La Vache Qui Rit will never be the same 🙂

Tara, if some movie writer wrote in an antagonist like Besho, he’d be accused of having created an “over-the-top” evil villain. I mean, for God’s sake, cutting out people’s throats? Imprisoning human right activist grandmothers and grandfathers? Killing cattle? What the hell is the matter with these people? Sick, him and his supporters.


“and I dare you or anyone else to find incriminating evidence against Norman”

He refuses to acknowledge the natural superiority of the Homsi above all others


September 13th, 2011, 6:44 pm



He refuses to acknowledge the natural superiority of the Homsi above all others

Take it to courts, and pray that the Judge is not a 7alabi.

September 13th, 2011, 6:57 pm


Aboud said:


LOL! Yeah, might be very hard to make my case to him 🙂

September 13th, 2011, 7:03 pm




I like smart people, and you are one of my favorites.

September 13th, 2011, 7:07 pm


newfolder said:

Syrian security beating and abusing a kid while asking him “you want freedom?” and “who is your God?”


the barbaric Syrian forces, even stoop so low as to kill helpless farm animals and donkeys

September 13th, 2011, 7:11 pm



One common factor to mass murderers is cruelty to animals. But there is also a factor one should not ignore. All servants of tyrannies and mafia syndicates also thrive on symbolism. I have not watched the tape, but i think a psychoanalyst such as Dr. Nashed would be able to tell what symbolism lies behind this cruelty.

BTW, any news on her kidnapping by air force security thugs.

September 13th, 2011, 7:19 pm


True said:

@ 155. Newfolder

Those animals asking him “who is your God?” and he replies by spitting on their God betho

What a brave kid, I’m going speechless in his presence, I kneel for his gallantry

This is the generation that will put Betho and his thugs down the toilet, piss on them and flush it for good

Yes and all the times yil3an ro7ak ya Hafiz

September 13th, 2011, 7:20 pm


Aboud said:

“Yes and all the times yil3an ro7ak ya Hafiz”

I’ll second that.

Huriya, lil abad, ghasbil 3anak ya Athad!

September 13th, 2011, 7:26 pm


ziadsoury said:


The video has been removed.

September 13th, 2011, 7:30 pm


NK said:

Dear N.Z.

Since you brought up Aref Kayali on Aljazeera earlier today. I must say I’m very disappointed for I know we (the opposition) can do much better than this guy, I would have made that Lebanese shabeeh feel sorry for agreeing to appear on that program to spread regime propaganda the way he did, and that’s a feeling I share with pretty much all the young activists I talked to in the last few hours. Sadly instead of presenting facts to counter the propaganda Mr. Aref resorted to making empty statements and accusations that only made him look that much weaker. I wonder what was going through Mr. Kassem’s mind when he chose this guy to represent the opposition !
On the other hand, why have a Lebanese presenting the regime’s point of view ? couldn’t they find a single Syrian with a dead conscience to go on Air and defend the murderous regime ?

September 13th, 2011, 7:30 pm


Aboud said:


“couldn’t they find a single Syrian with a dead conscience to go on Air and defend the murderous regime ?”

No. To the regime, Al-Jazeera is the evil of all evils, the engine behind an insidious plot to remove His Excellency, President Giraffe Neck, enemy to donkeys everywhere. Going on Al-Jazeera would be as bad as going on an Israeli channel.

So instead, they find a Lebanese to do their work for them. The guy actually claimed that Al-Jazeera had built a mock up of Syrian cities in Qatar, and was shooting fake demonstrations there.

September 13th, 2011, 7:55 pm


Abughassan said:

Lebanese politics,and endless source of entertainment
جنبلاط على اعتاب تحويلة جديدة ويضرب داخلياً وإقليمياً: نرفض ربط مصير لبنان بمزارع شبعا
شارك |
شام لايف

فعلها النائب وليد جنبلاط، مرة جديدة، وكاد يقارب في آخر موقف له (حتى الساعة 16,37 موعد نشر هذا الموقف في الوكالة الوطنية للإعلام)، ذاك الذي وصفه قبيل انعطافته الشهيرة في 2 آب 2009 بـ«اليمين الغبي»، بل كاد يتبنّى دعوته الدائمة إلى حياد لبنان، وربما حياد مصر وسوريا والبطريرك الماروني بشارة الراعي عشية بدء جلسة اللجان النيابية المشتركة لدرس مشروع قانون الكهرباء، ووسط استمرار عاصفة التعليقات على مواقف البطريرك الماروني في بارس، وتقول الاخبار  ضرب النائب وليد جنبلاط مجدداً، محوّلاً موقفه الأسبوعي في جريدة الأنباء إلى مطوّلة بدا كأنه استخدم افتتاحيتها للتمهيد لمواقفه الجديدة ــــ المستعادة، حيث بدأ بانتقاد «إعادة فتح ملف تسريبات ويكيليكس»،وما طال الرئيس نبيه بري منها، ثم انتقل إلى التذكير بأن بري حقق إنجازاً كبيراً بدعوته إلى الحوار الوطني «الذي اتفقنا خلاله بالإجماع» على 3 بنود: المحكمة الدولية، تحديد وترسيم الحدود مع سوريا وتحديداً في مزارع شبعا، والسلاح الفلسطيني خارج المخيمات، «وبقي عالقاً آنذاك بند رابع هو بند سلاح المقاومة».و«من هنا» انطلق جنبلاط ليعلن رفضه «ربط مصير لبنان بتحرير مزارع شبعا وربط مستقبله بنزاعات المنطقة»، ويطالب بترسيم الحدود. ومع تأكيده لـ«الأهمية الدفاعية التي يمثلها سلاح المقاومة»، تحدث عن ضرورة رسم خطة «يجري من خلالها الاستيعاب التدريجي للسلاح في إطار الدولة» لتعزيز قدرة الدولة «على التصدي لأي عدوان إسرائيلي محتمل». واستخدم عبارة «للتذكير أيضاً»، للقول «إن ربط السلاح بمسألة التوطين سيُبقي لبنان معلقاً إلى ما لا نهاية في إطار النزاعات الإقليمية»، مختصراً القضية الفلسطينية بالاعتراف بالدولة الموعودة، ومعتبراً «أن الفلسطينيين وحدهم قادرون على تحقيق هذا الهدف دون وصاية أو منّة من أحد». وكاد يطالب صراحة بإنهاء المقاومة اللبنانية والفلسطينية، بعدما «تبيّن» له أن «المطلب السياسي للسلطة الفلسطينية للاعتراف بالدولة الفلسطينية يقلق إسرائيل وأميركا بفاعلية أكبر من السلاح».في الموضوع السوري، تكلم عن الجارة ربما لتسمع بكركي. فمع تشديده على الحل السياسي ورفض أي تدخل خارجي، رأى «أن المطالب الشعبية غير قابلة للتجزئة»، وأن «الكلام التخويفي الذي قيل عن صعود التيارات السلفية أو الأصولية هو كلام غير دقيق ويستعمل كالفزاعات»، ليختم هذه النقطة بالقول: «هذا الكلام يذكرنا بالمنطق القديم الجديد الذي يقول بتحالف الأقليات الذي دمر لبنان».أما أبرز مواقفه فكانت تلك المتعلقة بمصر، حيث تحدث بالشيء ونقيضه عن اتفاق كامب ديفيد، فرأى أولاً أن إعادة النظر في الاتفاق أمر «قد يكون ضرورياً»، ولكنه حصر إعادة النظر في «ناحية تعزيز الوجود الأمني والعسكري المصري في سيناء»، قبل أن يتبع ذلك مباشرة بالقول إن مصر «استعادت كل أراضيها وحررتها من الاحتلال الإسرائيلي»، وإن مطالبتها بإلغاء هذا الاتفاق تتطلب الوقوف إلى جانبها مالياً واقتصاديا وتنموياً «لتتمكن من مواجهة التحديات الهائلة والكبيرة إذا ما أقدمت على هذه الخطوة». وفي ما يشبه الانتقاد الضمني لاقتحام السفارة الإسرائيلية، تابع جنبلاط «أما دفع مصر نحو الفراغ تحت شعارات شعبوية انتهى زمنها، فهو يوحي كأن هناك جهات داخلية مصرية وإقليمية ودولية تريد ضرب منجزات الثورة المصرية الراقية التي تسير بهدوء نحو تحقيق كامل أهدافها»، معتبراً أن «ضرب هذه المنجزات يفيد بالدرجة الأولى اليمين الإسرائيلي المتطرف، وقد يجرّ المنطقة برمتها إلى الفوضى لصرف الأنظار عن المطالب المحقّة للشعوب العربية بالحرية والديموقراطية والخروج من أسر الحزب الواحد والقائد الأوحد». وعزا «حادثة السفارة» إلى «العجرفة الإسرائيلية والاعتداء على الجنود المصريين في سيناء والتباطؤ في سحب السفير المصري من تل أبيب»، ليختم بأن «المطلوب أقصى درجات اليقظة في هذه المرحلة الحساسة، للحؤول دون تحوير أهداف الثورة عن مسارها».الردّ الأول على الموقف الجنبلاطي المستجد جاء من تلفزيون المنار الذي غمز في مقدمة نشرته أمس من حقيقة تموضع زعيم المختارة، بادئاً بالحديث من دون تسمية عن «مواقف تفتح الشهية على تحليلها لرصد ثبات البعض على مواقعهم، وتأرجح البعض بين بين، وإعادة البعض تموضعهم بحسب اتجاه الرياح الإقليمية»، ثم انتقل إلى التسمية ليتّهم جنبلاط بالاقتراب من القوات اللبنانية «ومتفرعاتها بانضمامه إلى منتقدي البطريرك، إن كان لجهة الموقف من سلاح المقاومة أو التوطين أو حتى ممّا وصفه جنبلاط بالكلام التخويفي من التيارات السلفية الصاعدة».وقد رأت مصادر الحزب التقدمي الاشتراكي في الرد التلفزيوني هجوماً من حزب الله على جنبلاط عبر المنار، مستغربة هذا الـ«هجوم»، لأن موقف رئيس الحزب أمس، في رأيها، لا يختلف «بأي شكل من الأشكال عمّا يقوله جنبلاط منذ 3 سنوات بشأن المقاومة والاستراتيجية الدفاعية ورفضه ربط لبنان بأي مشكلة إقليمية». في المقابل، نفى أحد نواب كتلة حزب الله في اتصال مع «الأخبار» أن يكون ما ذكرته المنار رسالة سياسية من حزب الله، وقال إن ما ورد في مقدمة نشرة المحطة يأتي في إطار التعبير عن «احتضان» مواقف البطريرك الماروني.

September 13th, 2011, 7:56 pm



According to Ammar Qurabi, just back from Russia. When Buthaina Shaaban visited, her escort consisted of 40 cars, 30 of them filled with Lebanese residents of Moscow.

The regime base of Syrians is dwindling rapidly, can you sense that here on SC? or am I wrong?. The last “Millions” pro demonstration was on the accursed birthday of Besho, and it was attended by a huge crowd of tens.

September 13th, 2011, 7:59 pm


sheila said:

Dear #54 NK,
Thank you for the two clips. I am so happy to see some enlightened clerics in Sunni Islam. This is exactly how I feel. I want the best person for the job. I do not care what sect, ethnicity, race, religion or gender. Just please give me the best.

September 13th, 2011, 8:04 pm


Aboud said:


“The regime base of Syrians is dwindling rapidly, can you sense that here on SC? or am I wrong”

Pro regime supporters? Gosh, it’s been ages since I saw one in Homs. I’ve heard of such mythical creatures, they reside in a far away land called Lebanon.

In Lebanon, a high ranking Baathist can walk into a pharmacy and bully its owners. If one of them tried to pull the same stunt anywhere in Homs, he’d be thrown head first through a window.

Shalesh has long since hidden his perverted line of expensive cars, and none of his thugs dare show their faces outside his home. Plus, the sandbags on his balcony really must clash with his wife’s drapes 🙂

September 13th, 2011, 8:10 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Your previous comment and criticism impress me a lot, I agree with you that when people do not change their mind,after clear facts presented to them,put these people in a category of none intelligent, they can not see beyond their nose,they are not free of their limitations,one can read and repeat and pass exam,but wisdom and intelligence is God gift,they certainly lack.

September 13th, 2011, 8:11 pm


sheila said:

Dear #70 Norman,
Even though you did not ask me personally, but I would like to tell you that I do not know or care what you are in terms of religion or ethnicity. As long as you are Syrian and highly qualified, I will vote for you as president. I disagree with attasi.

September 13th, 2011, 8:12 pm


Basil W said:

Everybody be quiet, Aboud just made a joke:

“So, where is the desperate Jamal these days? Hitting on the butt ugly Persian women on Shiachat? LOL!”

September 13th, 2011, 8:12 pm


Abughassan said:

Otw,the regime is not good for Syria,it never was,and it is time we move forward and work to build a new Syria that is secular and inclusive. As the regime loses more supporters,the job of changing the regime becomes easier,however,the road ahead will be filled with opportunists and junblat-like people who change alliances more often than they change shoes. One important indicator of where things are going is how anti regime and anti violence seculars are treated,if they are sidelined and surrounded,then you know that much of the talk today about unity and inclusion was a trap. I am hopeful that Syrians will manage to build a broad coalition government that reflects the diversity of Syria after Assad and Albaath dictatorship become part of Syria’s history.

September 13th, 2011, 8:18 pm


Tara said:


Hi. You introduced yourself as an atheist with a strong Shiaa background. I have a question for you if you’re around. I am assuming you’re Iraqi. Are you open to questions?

September 13th, 2011, 8:30 pm


ann said:

France fails to twist China’s arm on Syria – 4 hours ago


BEIJING — French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said he made little headway Tuesday in convincing Beijing to back a tough United Nations resolution condemning Syria’s crackdown on pro-democracy protests.

The visiting Juppe met his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi and discussed the need for a resolution condemning the military crackdown on protesters, he told journalists.

But asked if he had the impression that China’s position had changed, Juppe said: “Not really.”

For weeks France and Britain have tried to get a UN resolution, but Moscow and Beijing, both veto-wielding members, and numerous other members of the Security Council have refused to come on board.

“I said that our relations are excellent, but this does not mean that we are in agreement on everything,” Juppe said.

The US said Monday it wanted “stronger” United Nations action on Syria and will push the Security Council for a resolution that has sanctions with “teeth.”

Russia has opposed attempts by Western governments to push through a resolution directly targeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose regime has waged a deadly six-month crackdown on protesters.

Juppe also said there was only a small chance of avoiding a confrontation over Palestinian statehood at this week’s meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is expected to formally submit a request for United Nations membership to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on September 20.

The bid is opposed by Israel, which calls it a unilateral move that undermines peace efforts, as well as Washington.

“There is a small chance that there will be an effort at reaching a resolution that is acceptable to a large number of nations,” Juppe said when asked about the Palestine question.

China has voiced support for Palestine statehood and its membership to the United Nations.

September 13th, 2011, 8:34 pm


ann said:

Syria to Maintain Oil Output in Face of EU Sanctions, IEA Says

Sep 13, 2011


Syria is likely to maintain oil production and find alternative buyers after the European Union banned its member states from purchasing the Middle Eastern country’s crude, the International Energy Agency said.

“We do not believe that the sanctions currently in place will affect crude oil production volumes from Syria, which the IEA estimates at 332,000 barrels a day in August,” the group said in its monthly report released today. The ban on dealing in Syrian crude may “exacerbate already-declining mature production in the country,” the IEA said.

The EU on Sept. 2 banned imports of crude from Syria, expanding sanctions against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime for its deadly crackdown on protesters. The embargo affects Syrian exports valued at 3.16 billion euros ($4.3 billion) in 2010, according to the European Commission.

The IEA estimates that Syria exported about 157,000 barrels of oil last year and about 127,000 barrels a day in the first quarter to European members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The IEA is a consultant to the developed economy members of the OECD. About 26,000 barrels of crude a day went to non-OECD countries in the first half of this year, the IEA said, citing figures from Syria’s state oil company.

Syria will seek buyers for its oil outside of Europe, Finance Minister Mohammad Al-Jleilati said in an interview in Abu Dhabi Sept. 7. Syria consumes about 70 percent of its crude and sells the surplus on global markets, he said.

The country will sell to any buyer that makes the “best offer” for its oil and will base its decision on cost considerations like transport expenses, he said. Al-Jleilati said Syria hasn’t decided yet where to sell its crude, adding that countries including Russia, China and Malaysia were allies.

European refiners will lose about 25,000 barrels a day of Syrian light crude once the embargo comes into effect Nov. 15, the IEA said. That’s unlikely to affect operations as crude processors buy oil from alternative suppliers, the IEA said.

September 13th, 2011, 8:38 pm


Atassi said:

I will be doing my most to go after all those killer , I will be seeking justice for all the lost syrian souls .. a fair and closure is a must.
Who are you to tell me what to say sir? I may respected Norman as a person, but I don’t have to respect his ideas..
I only stand for my own ideas and beliefs and no one is obligated to support it.

September 13th, 2011, 8:42 pm


Aboud said:

Basil, you know why the Ayatollahs wear turbans? To hide their lobotomies.

So what’s Iran anyway, a new pair of running shoes made by Apple?

Anyway, the Persian President is heading to the UN in a few days. Man I sure hope he gifts us another screw up , like his infamous “the Holocaust was a hoax” of last time.

And apparently SpANN has run out of articles, he’s back to posting the same ones over and over again.

Atassi, and not just the shabehas. Every trumpet that ever appeared on the satellite channels will be held accountable. The Russians, Chinese and other 3rd rate powers who supported and enabled the massacre of the Syrian people, will find that their support for this murderous junta will cost them dearly.

The thugs who murder and torture Syrians should remember, it might have taken a decade to track down the Serbian leaders, but in the end they ended up in the Hague. One of them spent his last days there.

September 13th, 2011, 8:45 pm


Tara said:


Why do you post articles twice? You posted ” France failed to twist China arms on Syria” twice, the first time at about noon EST and just now. What is the reason for this behavior? I am curious! Also, why do you not respond to Daisie, your ardent supporter?

September 13th, 2011, 8:45 pm


Aboud said:


“Security police also arrested overnight Ahmad al-Zu’bi, a professor of medicine at Damascus University, who has been helping set up makeshift clinics to treat demonstrators attacked by security forces; hospitals are becoming off-limits for many of the wounded because of raids on medical facilities to arrest injured protesters, rights campaigners said.”

So traitorous menhebaks, care to explain or justify the arrest of a professor of medicine, just for helping the wounded? Especially you menhebak “doctors”.

September 13th, 2011, 8:52 pm


NK said:

Dear Tara

How dare you accuse Ann of reading the contents of her C&P spam spree ? please stop it with the personal attacks 😉


They “cannot justify it”. They “think the government should look into that and” they “think these thugs went far in this one. The government should bring them to justice.”

September 13th, 2011, 8:56 pm


ann said:

Libya: the west’s imperial agenda – Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The writer, a former newspaper editor, is a researcher and peace and human-rights

activist based in Delhi

Not many people outside Col Muammar Qaddafi’s inner circle will shed tears if he is captured alive or dead by Western-backed rebel forces, which are closing in on him. Qaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years, tyrannising its people and using its oil wealth to finance various misadventures, including a terrorist attack on an airliner, and attempts to such collaboration has emerged in documents found on September 2 at the abandoned office of Libya’s former spymaster by journalists slogans like eliminating mass-destruction weapons and Al-Qaeda, or ushering in democracy.

(other paragraphs deleted. Please observe the rules and do not post same articles twice)

September 13th, 2011, 9:02 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

I feel that I know you,how old are you?,did you spend part of your education in Damascus?
I have a friend his name start with B, I like a lot.

September 13th, 2011, 9:04 pm


Tara said:

27 killed in Syria today Sep 13, 2011. Plus 3 died from torture . Bodies delivered to their family today.

September 13th, 2011, 9:05 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

I think that the moderator on this site is Arbood.if that is true JL has to inform every one about that.when I was banned last week Arbood posted that befor it was posted online!if Arbood is a moderator then (edited for insult)

September 13th, 2011, 9:11 pm


sheila said:

Dear Aboud,
“So what’s Iran anyway, a new pair of running shoes made by Apple?” Hands down your best line to date. I think you should have a compilation of posts like Ehsani did.

September 13th, 2011, 9:15 pm


atassi said:

Dear majedkhaldoon,
I did not study in Damascus, I hope one day we will meet..
thank you

September 13th, 2011, 9:21 pm


Norman said:


People like you make me have hope for Syria, a republic with multi party and a system like the US GOD Willing.

September 13th, 2011, 9:22 pm


sheila said:

Dear NK,
We should establish the “Aleppo Club” inside SC. I am sure we have more members. I am hoping that all the Halabieh on SC are on our side. With Halab being such a closed society, we might actually know each other. I think that this whole SC experience can be made into a great movie. Imagine people sitting all over the world, from all different walks of life, writing obsessively on this blog. You follow the lives of certain charecters like: Aboud, Tara, Ann, OTW, SGID etc.. then the revolution is over and somehow these people meet randomly and slowly discover that they have actually known each other for years……

September 13th, 2011, 9:24 pm


Darryl said:

52. ABOUD said:

Aboud, I am sorry for the late reply as I was away. My answers:

“Yes. And more people have been killed for insulting Besho.”

Aboud, you avoided answering this question initially as I bet it was the hardest answer you had to give. I bet your fingers were going numb, you were getting dry mouth and your knees were trembling, as this is the first time you bungled a sentence in a post.

Why should a person be killed for speaking their mind Aboud, do you not believe in free speech and all men were created equal in Syria 2.0?

To Aboud’s cheering squad, do you all agree with his answer?

You can answer by pushing the red button (if the answer is YES, I reckon there should be about 11-12). After all, Aboud in one of his posts said “Effing Jesus” or something and SNK was the only person objected. Naturally I believe in free speech and I did not care.

“What an idiotic question. The Sunni majority are out protesting to get rid of Besho and his sanitized school books. And what is the result? People like Ghaith Matar getting their throats ripped out.”

So you have been silenced by the Baath, Alawites and the Martians for the last 40 years from correcting Syria’s history curriculum and all printing presses were moth balled by the Alawites because the Sunni conservative Muslims have been demonstrating in Bab Amr and Bab Esbaa etc for that long?.

“In Syria, the Baathists and their Qurdaha goons, people stick stuck in a 1960 coastal village mentality.”

Do you define this as superiority complex or sectarianism, Aboud?

“Another idiotic question. What books existed in Syria in the 1960s were of course sanitized. Just like today’s books in the West are a big improvement over what they taught in the 1960s. We will never know what a non-Alawite regime might have made of Syria in the 40 years this thug of murderers ruled the country. But we know the disaster the Qurdaha thugs made of it.”

What will the honourable Education Minister Aboud do if he was given the opportunity?

September 13th, 2011, 9:26 pm


NK said:


There’s no need to think donkeys can be revolutionists, the Syrian regime and it’s band of thugs just discovered an armed donkey platoon that was terrorizing the public and after an exchange of gunfire they were able to eliminate all the terrorists


The ministry of interior will issue an advisory to all Syrian citizens not to harbor these terrorist donkeys and to cooperate with local authorities to bring them to justice …

September 13th, 2011, 9:26 pm


Tara said:


I would love to throw a big party in my house for everybody once Besho gets arrested so we can all meet and celebrate.

September 13th, 2011, 9:30 pm


True said:

It would be awesome if Syrians elect a lady as the first legitimate president in 40 years.

One-person One-vote is the way to go

And for those who don’t know and trying to play sectarian, Syria had a Christian president in 1951 and Muslims did not mind.

@ Tara, It’s ok FREEDOM does not come for cheap

September 13th, 2011, 9:30 pm


Abughassan said:

Syria today with all of those stories of arrests targeting artists,clergy ,doctors,lawyers,etc reminds me of Egypt when Sadat arrested everybody who opened his mouth. Sadat was “removed” and Egypt had a short honey moon with Mubarak,and you know the rest of the story.

September 13th, 2011, 9:34 pm


sheila said:

Dear Tara,
I would love to attend and celebrate. We are both in the US, probably not too far from one another. I think the hard work will start after we see the back of Bashar. It will be rebuilding our beloved Syria from the ruins and the raw wounds.

September 13th, 2011, 9:40 pm


True said:

@ 189. Tara, Sheila

Party!!! What party?

Fill me in When/where lol

Can i bring Jamal, i’ll tied him outside of course 🙂

we can play the game “Who want to kick Jamal” –ABOUD, got that lol

September 13th, 2011, 9:41 pm


Aboud said:

For an example on how to use up multiple paragraphs, but end up saying absolutely nothing, I refer you to #187

Now, point me to where I said that people should be killed for insulting any prophet. Go ahead, take your time.

Do you know why I didn’t feel insulted by the Danish cartoons? Because they weren’t even funny. Hell, most of them were hard to understand in the first place

And I am definitely superior to Qurdaha thugs who arrest grandmothers and grandfathers for the “crime” of helping patients, or speaking to the world’s media. The sad fact is that most of these thugs come from a specific sect and backround. So, to hell with QQQQQQQurdaha and its ilk. Have I made myself perfectly clear, Persian?

And I see that the first thing No Klue does after coming back from his ban, is to write a post that gets edited for insulting. Dude, not the cleverest move I’ve seen here.

So Menhebaks, tell me, why was professor Dr. Ahmed Al Zubi arrested? How come we don’t hear any condemnations from the menhebak doctors on this outrageous violation of medical ethics?

For Tara’s party, I suggest we make a pinata in the shape of a cowardly lion.

September 13th, 2011, 9:46 pm


sheila said:

Dear Abughassan
You are a realist and you make a whole lot of sense most of the time, but you are also a pessimist. I know that there is a lot to be pessimistic about, however, I want to see the bright little slivers in this sea of darkness. I want to believe that we can get out of this hole and become a strong nation. Why is it that Syrians do very well outside of Syria?
May I ask you a favor?. Would you please try to write a post reflecting any positive thing that you see in Syria and its people?

September 13th, 2011, 9:48 pm


Revlon said:

Thank you for your feedback.

The claimer in the video provided an instant demonstration that could not be refuted.

The problem could be technical and limited to that phone, related to the network of his service provider, or site-specific and has to do with interference technology in the claimer’s area.

Your experience and the claimer’s are not mutually exclusive.

September 13th, 2011, 10:00 pm


Abughassan said:

Sheila,I actually do not share the pessimism many have about Syria. Syrians outside Syria represent a biased sample,however,we have enough man and brain power to build a new Syria as long as we isolate those militants who prefer the smell of blood over the smell of roses. The use of violence remains the hallmark of most Arab and Muslim revolutions since the assassination of ( الخليفه عثمان( رض
I am worried that syria may be pushed to follow the path of Iraq in the name of regime change. I would take Saddam over almaliki at any moment. This is why I criticized advocating violence and asking for foreign “help” . I yet have to see a single incident when Non Arabs played a constructive role in any crisis the Arab world has witnessed.
Some Syrians are blinded by their hate for this criminal regime and their desire for a twisted version of “justice” ,and they forgot where the beef is,that beef is a united Syria with all Syrians living in peace.
عليكم ان تحبوا سوريا اكثر مما تكرهون النظام : to advocates of an armed struggle..

September 13th, 2011, 10:10 pm


Norman said:


With lack of foreign interference and the way the Libyans are fighting each other, after what happened in Iraq after the fall of Saddam and how the army was dismissed and the Baath party was banned , I see no chance for the Syrian government to give in with force, they are fighting for their lives, the best way out is for the government to announce parliamentary elections at a specific time, end of year, and give access to the media and presidential election in 2014 that president Assad will not be part of, the new government will be formed by the party that gets the majority and prepare for the presidential election .

Security should come back, as without it everybody will be intimidated,

September 13th, 2011, 10:10 pm


Aboud said:

Norman, you described what is basically, the Arab League’s plan and suggestion. It’s one Burhan Ghallioun has publicly come out in support of. It is also a plan Besho rejected out of hand.

Junior will have to be forced to accept the plan. He can retire to Tehran.

Abughassan, all I’ve heard you do is preach at the opposition. Love thy neighbor etc etc etc. Did it occur to you that if the army went back to its barracks, and people were allowed to demonstrate without getting shot at, there wouldn’t be any need or risk of an armed backlash?

I will not allow people who tortured and murdered in the name of the Athad mafia to live life as if nothing happened.

You would rob a grieved parent, sibling, child and spouse of all their dignity, to force them to forgo justice, just because you are too squeamish. I’m sorry, but you are acting like a modern day Chamberlain.

September 13th, 2011, 10:18 pm


Norman said:


I have been calling for reform for a long time, I just do not want it to be by force,as people who come to power by force do not leave with elections, President Assad is wrong not to follow this plan that i put before the Arab league, he has to put the country first and securing the army to protect democratic reform, minority rights and the peaceful transfer of power,

September 13th, 2011, 10:29 pm


Abughassan said:

With every regime change,many people go to prison and some are put to death. People who lost loved ones deserve to see justice served. There are too many “versions” of justice,but the only justice that satisfies fair-minded people is REAL justice where accused people have a chance to defend themselves and the accuser provides REAL evidence.
Street justice is what thugs do,and this is the kind of justice that victimizes many innocent people.اقرب عند الله ان يفلت مجرم من العقاب من ان يعاقب من لا ذنب له
All of you must condemn people who calls for collective punishment before you ask for justice..

September 13th, 2011, 10:36 pm


Darryl said:

Aboud, here is my question to you and your reply:

52. ABOUD said:

“In the ME, you can be killed by insulting the Messenger himself, do you agree with that Aboud?”

Yes. And more people have been killed for insulting Besho.

My question to you, do you agree killing someone for insulting the Messenger as it is expected in the ME and you replied emphatically “yes” after me asking the second time because you hoped I would give up after your insults. You have been wrecked!.

September 13th, 2011, 10:36 pm


Akbar Palace said:


What makes you think these self-appointed thugs are going to reform after 40+ years? Anyone taking up for the Assad regime obviously doesn’t care about Syrians.

September 13th, 2011, 10:45 pm


Aboud said:

#202 Ah I see what you meant.

The way you posed the sentence was extremely clumsy. The proper way to ask it is “Do you believe people should be killed for insulting the prophet”.

It’s like me saying “People have been arrested and tortured for calling for their freedoms, do you agree with that?”

No, I do not think that people should be killed for insulting the prophets. But I do think that menhebaks who support this regime should be forever locked away in a dank, cold place. I believe that Besho should be executed in Marji square. I believe Maher should be lead in his briefs through Dar’a, and stoned in the streets. I believe every Persian and Hizbollah thug caught on Syrian lands should be dispatched with a bullet to the head.

Now that I have explained that, if you want to keep claiming that I am for the execution of people who insult the prophets, then I really don’t give a damn 🙂

When it comes to killing people for expressing an opinion, no one today has outdone your murderous Qurdaha junta.

And by the way, good job on “wrecking” the rules of English grammar. You are the first person I’ve seen who puts a full stop after the menhebak’s favorite character; the exclamation mark.

September 13th, 2011, 10:56 pm


ziadsoury said:


Thanks for the complement. However, I disagree with you. Norman is a very patriotic person and he loves Syria. If he was not, I would not have challenged him on multiple occasions. I only challenge and debate people I think worthy of my time. I have been reading this blog for many years and he always came across as one. I also believe that his heart is full of fear. That is my personal opinion.

I really do not care who the next president is. Even if someone like Norman, who is still making excuses for the thugs, get elected as a president in a free and fair elections, I am willing to call him/her Mr./Madam President.

Yes we want people like Norman and yourself to go back and help with Syria 2.x. I want Syria to be declared as a safe haven to all expats. I want their expertise and money in the country. I also want the new government to get out of their way and let them make things happen with the help of these heroes that go out everyday.


I know that you are a very patriotic Syrian. Justice needs to be served and needs to be served very wisely. The people giving orders to kill and shoot should and must be brought to justice. But we need to limit that to the top echelon. We need to show them that we are much better people than them. We need to look to the future and how we can make the Syria a much better place for all Syrians and their grandchildren. Our energy must be focused on conquering the future and punishing the helpless that had no choice (in their mind).


Instead of bombing Kurdaha, let’s make it a safe haven for any one who wants to switch sides.

September 13th, 2011, 10:58 pm


Norman said:


It is hard to argue that they did not make many mistakes and that they felt they are the only ones that care about Syria, that is part of our problem, not just in Syria many people think that they know best, what they need to understand that they can not be the parents that know best to the Syrian people and that these people who can see how the police is being punished for beating a passenger in the street of Philadelphia or New york will never accept to be treated as they were in Syria, Life will never be the same for Syrians, i just hope they can make the change peacefully, enough killing people and army .

September 13th, 2011, 11:02 pm


Aboud said:


“Even if someone like Norman, who is still making excuses for the thugs, get elected as a president in a free and fair elections, I am willing to call him/her Mr./Madam President.”

Yes, that’s true. If a Baathist wins in a free and fair election, he/she will have earned the title of Mr/Mrs President. At which point I shall ram down laws that make the presidency irrelevant! Muwahahaha. Just kidding.

“Instead of bombing Kurdaha, let’s make it a safe haven for any one who wants to switch sides.”

Qurdaha is going to be the last hang out of the Baathists. It is the only town in the whole of Syria not to come out in demonstrations against this regime. Have you seen the perverted shrine they made to Hafez? People walk around it as if it’s the Kaba. LOL! “Secular”

September 13th, 2011, 11:06 pm


Norman said:


I do not know why anybody will insult anybody else except to create hatred, it always amazed how stupid the people in Netherlands insulting Muslims and the prophet with these Carton that have one goal and that is to entice hatred .

September 13th, 2011, 11:09 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

The MB Shabeha team in SC are so empty that 90%of their intellectual discussions today was about donkeys.I am not interested in donkeys discussions.The point I am trying to make has to be answered by JL:
How would Abood know that I am banned befor that shows on line.if Abood is his moderator he is violating privacy laws,and SC is run by jisr alshoghor laws.
I don’t think Josh will admit that because it is a liability on his part,unprofessional and most likely like I have been suspecting all along Arbood is Ammar Abdulhameed.

September 13th, 2011, 11:09 pm


Darryl said:

204. ABOUD said:

You have been wrecked Aboud period. Your insults sometime stop you from reading things properly as you even tried to get out of the mess by more insults by calling me Persian?

I read you clearly from the start, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt, it took a bit of time, but you are the biggest sectarian on this blog, calling a full blooded Syrian like me a Persian?

Now for your cheering Squad.

September 13th, 2011, 11:10 pm


Norman said:


Not all Baathist are Alawat and not all Alawat are Baathist, there are Baathist from all kind of life in Syria and at least the Baath party is a religion anybody can join and anybody can quit, according to my information.

September 13th, 2011, 11:12 pm


Revlon said:

A Kurdish’s perspective on performance of Syrian opposition

المعارضة السورية: حان وقت المكاشفة
د. بنكي حاجو

المعارضات السورية حاولت منذ ستة اشهر وحتى تاريخه الاتفاق على تشكيل هيئة او مجلس في الخارج يمثل كل السوريين.النتيجة: فشل ذريع.
الاسباب متعددة ولكن الخلاف هو بسبب الكراسي والايدولوجيات التي ذهبت الى مزبلة التاريخ. هذه الفترة الطويلة وكثرة المؤتمرات اوصلت المعارضات الى مزيد من الخلافات وبالتالي الى الاستقطاب الذي كان موجوداً في السابق ولكن بدأ يطفو على السطح الآن.
الاستقطابات الرئيسية حالياً هي: اصحاب مؤتمر الدوحة بزعامة “الاخوان المسلمين” ويعتبر امتداداً لمؤتمرات انطاليا واستانبول. اصحاب مؤتمر القاهرة بزعامة السيد محي الدين اللاذقاني ويمثل التيار العروبي. تيار السيد برهان غليون والذي ظهر الليلة ــ 13 ايلول ــ على شاشة “العربية” واعلن من خلالها عزمه على الانطلاق يوم غد بالمبادرة لتشكيل هيئة لقيادة للمعارضة تمثل كل السوريين. هذا التيار يمثل العلمانيين والليبراليين كما يُعتقدْ.
اما السيد هيثم المالح فقد ظهر انه ليس رجل المرحلة وليست لديه الحنكة والموقف السياسي بل يفتقر حتى الى المؤهلات والموهبة الشخصية من خلال ظهوره على الفضائيات بعد وصوله الى اوروبا.
في كل مؤتمر هناك مزهرية كردية على الطاولة لا تمثل الكرد، ويحملها افراد لا يمثلون الا انفسهم. حتى الآن لم يتم دعوة الاحزاب الكردية المعروفة لا سيما (مبادرة الاحزاب الوطنية الكردية في سوريا) والتي تتألف من 11 حزبا الى اي مؤتمر
في كل مؤتمر هناك مزهرية كردية على الطاولة لا تمثل الكرد، ويحملها افراد لا يمثلون الا انفسهم. حتى الآن لم يتم دعوة الاحزاب الكردية المعروفة لا سيما (مبادرة الاحزاب الوطنية الكردية في سوريا) والتي تتألف من 11 حزبا الى اي مؤتمر.
الشيء المؤسف والباعث على خيبة الامل هو عدم ظهور اي شخص او تيار يمتلك الشجاعة ويعلن على الملأ اهدافه ومبادئه ورؤيته لسوريا المستقبل والأهم طريقة التعامل مع المعارضات الاخرى!!.
الجميع يعمل خلف الابواب المغلقة وبسرية.
هذه هي الذهنية والعقلية الشرقية المتخلفة, اي العمل في الخفاء مترافقاً مع الدسائس والكيدية.
اجهزة مخابرات النظام في دمشق وجميع الدول الاخرى مطلعة على التفاصيل والحيثيات التي تدور بين المعارضين في كل مكان كما يعرف الجميع. الشعب السوري هو الغائب الوحيد الذي لا يعرف ماهية الطبخات التي تعد له خلف الابواب المغلقة وعلى طاولات الدول المضيفة والتي لكل منها اجندتها الخاصة بها.
اذا ارادت المعارضات ان تستحوذ على الثقة والمصداقية عليها الدخول في مناقشات وحوارات مباشرة على الفضائيات مرة او مرتين في الاسبوع وجهاً لوجه وامام الشعب السوري بحيث يتوضح من خلالها اسباب الخلافات وعدم الاتفاق ومعرفة مواقف كل شريحة او مجموعة او افراد. هذا وحده كفيل بإظهار الحقائق والتمكن من التفريق بين المخلص والمراوغ.
من سخرية القدر ان تعرف الدول وكل الغرباء ما يدور بين المعارضين في الغرف المغلقة ولكن الذين يضحون بأرواحهم ودمائهم في الوطن لا يحق لهم معرفتها……

September 13th, 2011, 11:14 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

I never said that Norman is not patriotic, in fact I said he is patriotic,and I said I admire his love for Syria, please do not put words in my mouth

September 13th, 2011, 11:18 pm


Real Syrian said:

I think that the moderator on this site is Arbood.if that is true JL has to inform every one about that.when I was banned last week Arbood posted that befor it was posted online!if Arbood is a moderator then (edited for insult)

Dear SNK we all are waiting a clarifying by Dr.Landis about this point as it is clear to some of the writers on this blog that privacy rules has been breached by MB militia on this blog……Any way I think that Dr.Landis should close the comment section and find an alternative way to send the comments.

September 13th, 2011, 11:24 pm


Aboud said:

“90%of their intellectual discussions today was about donkeys.I am not interested in donkeys discussions”

And 90% of your posts are whines about Aboud. First I’m supposed to be a Lebanese. Then a Zionist. Then a Lebanese Zionist living in NY. Now I’m supposed to be the moderator. Tell me, am I also the scary monster in your closet? Do I haunt your dreams? I think we’ve established I fill your waking hours at least LOL!

“but you are the biggest sectarian on this blog”

Bo ho, go cry to your Ayatollahs. I’ve gone on record as saying I’d boil traitorous soldiers who kill civilians in their own liquid excrement, do I seem like a person who holds back, or cares what the Persians think of me?

If I come across as someone who hates Qurdahans, it’s because those people have earned our hatred many times over. They hitched their wagon to the Besho donkey, they will end up wherever that ehmar leads them. Probably back to Tehran the way things are going 🙂

Now menhebaks, I ask you again, and I dare you people to answer. Do you justify the torture and murder of Ghaith Matar? Do you justify the imprisonment of professor Doctor Zu’bi? Do you justify and defend the imprisonment of Najati Taraya? Anyone who refuses to condemn these acts, deserves a plane ticket to Persia with their God Besho. That’s if I don’t catch them first.

And by the way what’s this crap that I knew about No Klue getting banned before he did? It said so in the part that got edited. Maybe he didn’t refresh fast enough LOL!

September 13th, 2011, 11:25 pm


ziadsoury said:


I am not trying to put words into your mouth. Sorry I missunderstood you.

September 13th, 2011, 11:32 pm


ss said:

هل يتدخل الناتو في سورية بعد ليبيا؟
سالم زهران – “البناء”

قبل إنزال الستارة بشكل نهائي عن المشهد الأخير من سقوط العقيد القذافي ونظامه، ودخول القوى المنتصرة بني الوليد وسرت، بدأت تطفو على وجه الإعلام تصريحات وتحليلات عن إمكان تدخل الناتو في سورية على غرار ليبيا وإستكمال صوغ خريطة العالم العربي الجديد في ما يسمى “الربيع العربي”، الوجه الآخر لمشروع الشرق الأوسط الجديد- القديم.
بدت رغبة “المعارضة” ال…سورية واضحة بتدخل اجنبي على غرار المشهد الليبي، خاصة من على لسان المعارض السوري محمد رحال (الصديق الحميم للنائب عقاب صقر) الذي جاهر بمطلب التسلح والذهاب نحو خيار المواجهة المسلحة مع النظام، وهو خيار دخل بالفعل من اللحظة الأولى للحوادث،.رغم إنكار قوى “المعارضة” الأمر، ورفضها التهمة التي باتت مطلباً على لسان أحد ابرز رموزها ومحركيَ ناشطيها على الأرض. تجلى ذلك في إعلان جمعة “الحماية الدولية” في مفارقة لم تشهدها أي ثورة على مرَ التاريخ، فالثورة تعني عادة التخلص من التدخل لا دعوة اللأجنبي إليه وبجمعة علنية!
على وقع المشهد الليبي وما سمي جمعة ” الحماية الأجنبية” عاد السؤال الى الواجهة:هل يتدخل الناتو في سورية بعد ليبيا ؟
واقع الأمر يكشف ان تدخل الناتو في سورية ليس وارداً حتى الساعة، فسورية ليست ليبيا على الإطلاق، ويؤكد ذلك ليس ما جاء على لسان نائب السكرتير العام “لحلف شمالي الأطلسي” ديرك برنغيلمان من ان “حلف الناتو لن يتدخل عسكريا في سورية “. بل الملاحظات والمفارقات الآتية بين المشهد الليبي والواقع السوري:
1 ـ في ليبيا تمكن “المعارضون” من تجميع قواهم في بنغازي واتخذوا منها محطة انطلاق نحو طرابلس الغرب، وهذا ما فشلت به “المعارضة” السورية رغم العديد من المحاولات بدءاً من درعا والحاضنة الأردنية، الى جسر الشغور والحاضنة التركية، وصولاً الى تلكلخ والحاضنة “المستقبلية-الضاهرية”، وليس انتهاء بمشاريع الإمارات الصغيرة في حمص برعاية وحضور مباشر لضباط من اجهزة امنية عربية رفيعة المستوى ومعها بعض المتعاملين مع الموساد “الاسرائيلي”.
2 – في ليبيا نظام سلَم كل أوراقه الداخلية والخارجية منذ عام 2005 الى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وفكَ قبل هذا التاريخ بمدة غير قصيرة علاقاته بكل قوى المقاومة وحركات التحرَر في العالم العربي، بل وذهب الى حدّ العداء مع بعض تلك القوى، خاصة باختطافه الامام السيد موسى الصدر، فضلاَ عن توجهه نحو القارة السمراء غير المعنية في حقيقة نفوس أبنائها وعمقها الاستراتيجي بالهم العربي والأرض العربية. أما في سورية فالنظام دعم المقاومة في لبنان منذ نشأتها الأولى وساهم في معظم العمليات النوعية التي ادت في نهاية المطاف الى تحرير معظم الأراضي اللبنانية، كما رفض النظام السوري المشاركة في الحرب على العراق رغم كل الإغراءات وذهب الى دعم المقاومة من دون أي تمييز بين ألوانها واطيافها السياسية والمذهبية، بل رفض التدخل في الغارات الجوية على ليبيا في بداية الحوادث، وقبيل الهجمة عليه بقليل، فضلاً عن احتضانه ودعمه لقوى المقاومة الفلسطينية وفي مقدمها حركتا حماس والجهاد اللتين لم تجدا لعناصرهما موطء قدم آمن خارج الأسوار السورية.
-3 في ليبيا موقف روسي وصيني رافض لتحرك حلف الناتو لأسباب متصلة بالعقود والاتفاقيات الاقتصادية الموقعة مع الجانب الليبي.إلاّ أن قراءة حسابات الموقف الروسي ومعه الصيني حيال سورية تتجاوز الجانب الاقتصادي بكثير، وصولاً الى أبعاد استراتيجية منها “الوصول الى المياه الدافئة”، بل يصل لدى العملاقين الروسي والصيني الى حدَ اعتبار الأمر معركة تعني الوجود السياسي في الخريطة الجديدة للنظام العالمي الجديد. وضمن جبهات الصراع الخفي مع القطب الاميركي.
4 – لم يكن لدى النظام الليبي حليف استراتيجي مثل سورية التي تملك تحالفاً وثيقاً مع ايران التي بلَغت تركيا رسالة واضحة:الصاروخ بالصاروخ والغارة بالغارة… والبادي اظلم. إيران تنظر وتتعامل الى المسألة السورية على أنها مسألة اإيرانية في الصميم وترى في الهجمة على سورية مجرد محطة للانقضاض على ثورتها وثروتها بل حتى على وجودها.
5 – في ليبيا كتائب مقاتلة بمعظمها من المرتزقة الافارقة.اما في سورية فهناك جيش عربي بعقيدة قتالية واضحة المعالم والولاء، نشأت على العداء لـ “اسرائيل” وعلى ثقافة حرب تشرين، فضلاً عن تركيبة هرمية لا تسمح بحصول اي إنشقاقات في داخله رغم المحاولات البائسة من القوى التي تحرك كل مفاصل الاضطراب السوري.
– 6 في ليبيا نفط وغاز وخيرات جاءت دول الناتو و”المشيخات” العربية لتتقاسمها تحت عناوين مختلفة ابرزها إعادة الإعمار، اما في سورية فلا وجود لتلك الخيرات ومسألة إعادة الاعمار (لا قدر الله) ستكون على شكل هبات من تلك الدول (التي لم ولن تدفع من خزائنها المالية وجيوب مواطنيها).
7 – في ليبيا سفراء في الخارج تقدموا باستقالاتهم قبل سقوط النظام بشهور، اما في سورية فلم يجد الغرب سكرتير سفارة يتقدم باستقالته من موقعه، نظراً إلى التركيبة الوطنية للسلك الخارجي والقنصلي السوري ووجود “المعلم” على رأسه، تلك الشخصية الفذة التي تعاونها قامة دبلوماسية اسمها فيصل المقداد.
– 8 في سورية نظام بقيادة الرئيس بشار الأسد المُختلف بل والمتفوق الذي سيكون أكثر سعادة واستعداداً للحرب،سواء مع خصومه المحليين الذين سيتعامل معهم كعملاء مباشرين، أو القادمين على حاملات طائرات الناتو التي لن تعود اغلب الظن الى بلادها الا محملة بجثث جنوده التي ستتساقط، من سورية الى جنوب لبنان فالعراق، وربما في اماكن لم تخطر على بال تلك القوى التي تنتظرها ألوف بل ملايين من الصواريخ القريبة والبعيدة المدى التي ستصل في البريد المضمون الى ما بعد بعد “تل أبيب” أولى “ضحايا” ما بعد تدخل الناتو وأحد اكثر المُتضررين.
اذن، يبدو حلم تدخل الناتو في سورية أمراً صعب التحقيق، وما يروج له البعض عن ضربات جوية موضعية وسريعة لا يمكن “صرفه” عند النظام السوري، فأي طلقة نيران ستعد شرارة انطلاق للمعركة المفتوحة،كما يؤكد أحد المسؤولين المُطلعين على مجرى الحوادث السورية، جازماً بأن تدخلاً كهذا سيكون بداية لتحول الحلم الغربي الى كابوس كبير يبدأ في “تل أبيب” ولا أحد يعلم أين ينتهي

September 13th, 2011, 11:38 pm


Aboud said:

Its illuminating to see the menhebak mind at work. The world condemns their murderous crackdown? It’s a conspiracy by Al-Jazeera. Countries break off diplomatic relations and impose sanctions? It’s a conspiracy by the world for forcing Besho to murder his own people. A menhebak gets banned for being totally idiotic and not watching their words? It’s a conspiracy, Aboud is the moderator LOL!

Never, not once, do the menhebaks ever admit their own mistakes for the mess they find themselves in. One of the first traits of adulthood is taking ownership of your own actions and mistakes. From what I’ve seen, every menhebak from their God Besho on downwards hasn’t quite grown up past 13.

We see it even in the Baathist foreign policy. Europe slaps sanctions? Oh gee, the regime will go sulk in a corner and forget Europe ever existed. Until such time as they need to carry out their transactions in the Euro.

By the way, at one time the menhebaks here were calling me the most censored person on the forum. Of course I wasn’t, but I’d love to hear their convulted explanation as to how I’d actually go about censoring myself LOL!

Most of the rules set up on this forum were designed to protect the hurt feelings of the menhebakites, words like scum and turd etc. The rules were implemented in response to their whining…and yet they still managed to break them and get themselves banned. Please allow me to indulge myself in a smirk.

September 13th, 2011, 11:41 pm


syria no kandahar said:

you are running away from my very clear points,like usual.
my question is very clear:
how dis you know that i am being banned befor the fact?
This question is also for JL:asigning a hateful and biased moderator exposes people private emails to evil people is against the law.when i was banned i was following the posts very carefully,Abood knew that befor my comment was dleted and i was banned.the only explanation for that is he or someone with him are the moderator!JL you are giving our private informations to someone who enjoys boiling human beings!

September 13th, 2011, 11:41 pm


ss said:

Aboud “Now menhebaks, I ask you again, and I dare you people to answer. Do you justify the torture and murder of Ghaith Matar? Do you justify the imprisonment of professor Doctor Zu’bi? Do you justify and defend the imprisonment of Najati Taraya? Anyone who refuses to condemn these acts, deserves a plane ticket to Persia with their God Besho”

If you have power then everything is justified. We do not condemn these acts and go eat yourself. You have been manic and hyper for months now; demonstrating daytime, posting all night and you are just a loser. The only one thing you succeeded in is getting the supportors out of this website and making this website the facebook of the revolution second to the origional one.
I decided to stop by once in a blue moon to throw you a peice of bone because I know you must be a hungry—–.

September 13th, 2011, 11:45 pm


Aboud said:

Dear God this guy is going to go to his grave with this obsession about me being a moderator.

“how dis you know that i am being banned befor the fact?”

I “dis” not know you were banned until I saw it in the censored parts. Haven’t you ever been around when someone gets warned or banned? They get told that their text has been censored and that they are banned for a week. Hey dude, don’t blame your own incompetence on anyone but yourself.

This whole “Aboud is a moderator” is a whine meant to blame Landis for enforcing the rules, rules that were set up in response to the menhebaks’ hurt feelings, but which they still couldn’t stick to 🙂

September 13th, 2011, 11:46 pm


ann said:

I’m also starting to agree with prof. Landis. about shutting down this blog.

September 13th, 2011, 11:47 pm


Aboud said:

@220 And this is why an armed insurrection is completely justified at this point, and why the menhebak bases of power should be completely and utterly eliminated, and former menhebaks contained and stripped of all authority and responsibility. A bunch of murderous peasants whose loyalties lie not with Syria, but with Persia.

“Power justifies everything”, and yet they whine to the heavens when Bush and Cheney invade Iraq.

Does power justify the Israelis stealing the West Bank for their settlements? According to the menhebaks, it does. Does power justify Saddam’s occupation of Kuwait? Thank God there was someone to stand up to him and kick him out.

I’m going to keep that silly phrase, and remind the menhebaks of it 🙂

September 13th, 2011, 11:49 pm


ss said:

219. syria no kandahar said: “Abood knew that befor my comment was dleted and i was banned.the only explanation for that is he or someone with him are the moderator!JL you are giving our private informations to someone who enjoys boiling human beings!”

You cannot complaint SNK. JL stated that Imad Mustafa considered him part of the revolution from the first weeks and for that you cant blame him. This website is now the face and the voice of the revolution. Many great people like Jad, SAUY, diappeared.

September 13th, 2011, 11:54 pm


ann said:


I lost count of how many times I got denial of service attacks!

September 13th, 2011, 11:58 pm


Aboud said:

“JL stated that Imad Mustafa considered him part of the revolution from the first weeks”

Which just goes to show what a petty man, and an inept ambassador, Mustapha is. Diplomats are supposed to resolve problems, and not sulk like babies when someone voices an opinion that doesn’t suit them 100%. What kind of diplomacy is it when people who have a difference of opinion with you are considered conspirators overnight?

Same thing with Azmi Beshara. Before, he would be greeted and hailed in Damascus as a hero. Now, in their eyes he is part and parcel of the Great Plot Against Besho.

The Baathists expect the entire world to be as subservient to them as they expected the Syrian and Lebanese people to be. And then they find themselves totally at a loss when things don’t turn out that way.

Hafez used to act the same way, sulking for years anytime Jordanian or Gulf foreign policy diverted even a bit from his “vision”. Some vision, Israel annexing the Golan and him doing squat all about it.

September 14th, 2011, 12:02 am


ann said:

It’s past your bed time the sun must be rising on HOMS by now lol

September 14th, 2011, 12:04 am


ss said:


You are clearly eating yourself.
I cannot help you man.
Power justify everything esp when dealing with evil people like yourself.

“this is why an armed insurrection is completely justified”

Its a total failure so far. The goverment has the upper hand here.

“the menhebak bases of power should be completely and utterly eliminated”

Again you failed. 6 months passed and we only hear your barking. Deliver man, deliver. Just bring me one post in the last 6 moths of any success

“A bunch of murderous peasants whose loyalties lie not with Syria, but with Persia”

That is true, Syria, Iran is one hand and one heart. We are proud to be Persians and Syrians at the same time. Any problem with that. Go kill yourself

“Does power justify the Israelis stealing the West Bank for their settlements?”

Yes it does; without power Israel would have not survived the evil islamic radicals and would have finished long time ago. I am a minority and I now feel the pain of other minorities and I started to justify it.

“Does power justify Saddam’s occupation of Kuwait?” Yes it does, without power he would have not been able to occupy Kuwait, but because he had the power back then he did what he did. The west came to help Kuwait back then. The west is not going to help you Aboud, and for that Syria has all the right and means to do what is in its best interest and yes I mean the best interest of the regime.

Regime has the power, you are very weak and fragmented. Aboud I cannot help you

September 14th, 2011, 12:06 am


ss said:

“The Baathists expect the entire world to be as subservient to them as they expected the Syrian and Lebanese people to be”

That is true, everything you speak tonight is true.
The Baathists has the power and they can use that power the way they want.
If the opposition has had the power, they would have thrown the regime out. The opposition wanted to borrow some power from Turkey; Erdogan said: I do not speak to Assad. LOL; they wanted to borrow some power from USA; Obama busy with the economy and not interested in a third war. etc…..the rat will not beat the cat; the rabbit will not beat the tiger; this is the law of life; the opposition will not beat the regime. Aboud; I cannot help your cause. Death is the end of your cause. You see it daily infront of your eyes.

September 14th, 2011, 12:11 am


Darryl said:

208. NORMAN said:


I do not know why anybody will insult anybody else except to create hatred, it always amazed how stupid the people in Netherlands insulting Muslims and the prophet with these Carton that have one goal and that is to entice hatred .”

Dear Norman, I am not sure if you are referring to my “Aboud nut cracking” question or not, my point in that exercise was to show that these people calling for democracy, as long as certain institutions are not touched and criticized and as long as we don’t ignore things, cannot work and the ME will continue to produce despots and dictators. Same horse different Jockey.

Norman, the Danish cartoons were not funny at all, I have seen 1 or 2 and they really did not convey any information. However, I would have expected our Muslim comrades to have shown more maturity and to simply ignore them.

And this is the heart of the issue, we do not know yet how to ignore side shows and distractions. ME politicians and people only know how to silence their opponents just like the Danish cartoon fiasco; street demonstrations which made the issue much bigger and prominent than it should have been.

Lastly, the authors of the cartoons exercised their freedom of speech guaranteed by “blood and guts” in their constitution, in their eyes they were not doing any wrong. Everyone needs to respect their right whether we agree with them or not, that is if we want democracy to flourish.

September 14th, 2011, 12:13 am


ss said:

Aboud “And then they find themselves totally at a loss when things don’t turn out that way”

All things are turning out the way we want. FYI, things are not turning the way you want. Your crimincal movement had peaked months ago, months ago, its a past, history…The big days are behind us and now we are dealing with incidents here and there. Any leader, any ship so the people can jump in;or not yet. Perhaps in the near future. FRAGMENTED OPPOSITION.

September 14th, 2011, 12:16 am


uzair8 said:

These ex prisoner Shabeeha have got their revenge on their enemy.


September 14th, 2011, 12:23 am


Revlon said:

Mazzeh Airbase Military Prison is currently being used to detain entire families from three cities; Dar3a, Homs, and Idleb.

السجن العسكري الطائر سجناء من حمص وادلب ودرعا
نشر فى: أخبار محلية
مراسل المحليات – كلنا شركاء

عائلات بأكملها في سجن مطار المزة العسكري قرب العاصمة دمشق، وقال أحد الذن كتبت له النجاة لكلنا شركاء إن ( هناكير) كبيرة تم تخصيصها من أجل عائلات معارضة بأكملها من ثلاثة مدن فقط هي حمص وادلب ودرعا.

وأضاف الرجل إنه سمع أثناء وجوده في السجن أصوات عويل وهتافات وطلقات نارية، وكانت في أكثرها قوة تلك التي تمت يوم الإعلان عن انشقاق كبير في مطار المزة.

September 14th, 2011, 12:24 am


Aboud said:

“Its a total failure so far. The goverment has the upper hand here.”

Some upper hand. You are supposed to be fighting an armed insurrection, and after six months all you have to show for it is 700 “insurgents” killed for 700 soldiers? That’s a horrible ratio if it were true. The regime can’t tell us who its supposed to be fighting, who is funding them, who their leaders are. Just last week a colonel was supposedly killed in Telkelakh, an area that’s been under occupation for 3 months.

“Just bring me one post in the last 6 moths of any success”

Many, many successes, although I don’t define success the way you do, as in beating up cartoonists and imams, and cutting the throat of activists. Besho was once popular. He is now an international pariah, beholden to Iran. The regime’s stature and power in the region is at an all time low. Syrians have risen up and will never go back to how things were. Political life has been breathed back into what was a corpse. The world over, to be a Syrian revolution is to be associated with bravery and resilience. What does your regime have to show for all the killing, except that it lives on life support.

“That is true, Syria, Iran is one hand and one heart”

Rubbish. What values do Syrians share with the perverted theocracy of Iran, oh ye fake secularist. The only thing in common are that Alawites and Shias belong to the same sect. You cannot get any more sectarian than that, to put one’s sect ahead of one’s country, to murder one’s countrymen because they do not belong to the same sect as you. Shameful. And primitive. It is this kind of thinking that makes the Qurdaha gang totally unsuited for a modern, pluralistic, nation state. They would be happier to have lived in the days of tribes.

“without power Israel would have not survived the evil islamic radicals and would have finished long time ago”

Hehehe, you have just handed me the best victory I could have hoped for. I could have insulted you till kingdom come, but only you could have turned against what were supposed to be your principles and that of your party, and change yourself into something else. Tell me, do your Persian Ayatollahs share your new found love for Israel? LOL

“Regime has the power, you are very weak and fragmented”

If we are so weak and fragmented, why haven’t you been able to subdue this revolution already? The Iranians subdued theirs. The Bahrainis did so too. Qadafi would have crushed the Libyan revolution had it not been for NATO. Besho has failed to what the Bahrainis, Iranians and Qadafi almost did. The only thing sustaining him is his tanks, which is about as sustainable as living a life of luxury on credit cards hehehe 🙂

“If the opposition has had the power, they would have thrown the regime out”

Ah, but they could have easily turned this whole revolution sectarian. Every commentator has been amazed at how unsectarian this revolution has been. Even your Alawite sheikhs have refuted your lies about kidnappings and killings in Homs. All you have as proof of any sectarian intentions on the part of the revolution is what I myself admit to saying on this forum. And so far, that’s all I’ve done…talk. At least as far as you know.

“Aboud; I cannot help your cause”

You are far more helpful than you give yourself credit for; you, the other menhebaks, and your X-Box president. When you say that the Shias will be the masters forever, you help our cause. When you cheer the brutal killing of civilians, you help our cause. When Imad Mustapha sulks at Landis, he helps our cause. When Mu’allem makes a fool of himself and says he will ignore Europe, he really gets Europe on our side. And so on and son forth, a long list of screw ups that we couldn’t have dreamed that the Baathists would gift us.

Half of fighting a war is the mistakes your opponents make, and it is thanks to the numerous blunders of the Baathists that this revolution is going on strong after six months, and the regime is on Iranian life support. Thank you, we couldn’t have asked for a more inept enemy 🙂

September 14th, 2011, 12:37 am


uzair8 said:

About a month or two ago I intended to right on another forum (Shia Chat as it happens) about the parallels between the Assad family and the Godfather film but I couldnt be bothered.

As the current post refers to the Godfather I will do so. We all remember how Saddam was said to be an admirer of the Godfather films and even built his regime based on the Godfather ‘family’ structure. You can say Gaddafi and his sons had a similar setup.

Moving on to Assad. A lot of similarities between his unexpected rise to power and Micheal Corleone’s. The expected heirs Basil Assad and Sonny Corleone both meeting early ends paving the way for their younger sibling.

Just like Micheal Corleone in Godfather 2 one can see Bashar dealing with crises amid flashbacks (just as in the film) to his father and his rise to,and consolidation of power, and dealing with crises such as the 82 uprising and Hama.

As at the end of the movie, we can picture Bashar sitting alone on a bench in deep thought contemplating his and his family’s fate. A flashback to the good old times with family around the dinner table waiting for Don Hafez to arrive for his surprise birthday party.

Finally lets hope we see Bashar at the hague answering to justice just like Michael Corleone had to face the Senate Committee.

September 14th, 2011, 12:46 am


Revlon said:

Syrian Christian activists voice concern over the negative message Syrian Church leaders are sending to their other countrymen by supporting the regime in spite of its months long violent crackdown and appalling human right abuses

تململ بين الناشطين المسيحيين السوريين من زعمائهم الروحيين المدافعين عن النظام..
نشر فى: أخبار محلية
دعوات لعقد لقاء ضد المواقف الرسمية للكنيسة
دمشق – لندن: «الشرق الأوسط»
يتدارس عدد من الشباب السوريين من طوائف مسيحية عدة، فكرة عقد لقاء أو ندوة لبحث سبل إعادة المسيحيين إلى موقعهم الصحيح في الوطن السوري، وذلك للرد على مواقف آباء الكنائس السوريين الذين اختاروا وإن بشكل موارب الوقوف إلى جانب النظام السوري. ويقول الناشطون من الطوائف المسيحية التي تشكل نحو 4.1 في المائة من السكان، ويبلغ عدد أفرادها نحو 750 ألف نسمة (من أصل 22.5 مليون نسمة)، إن مواقف آباء الكنائس «تتناقض مع أبسط المبادئ الروحية والإنسانية للدين المسيحي، والتي تعز النفس البشرية وتنبذ العنف والقتل وتحرم إهانة وقتل الجسد باعتباره هيكل الروح القدس».

ووصف ناشط مسيحي يعيش في دمشق، وهو من المثابرين على المشاركة في
المظاهرات المطالبة بالحرية، مواقف بعض رؤساء الطوائف المسيحية بأنها مواقف «مخزية». وقال الناشط لـ«الشرق الأوسط» في اتصال هاتفي أجري معه من لندن، إن «رؤساء الطوائف يرتكبون خطأ فادحا بعدم استنكارهم وإدانتهم للقمع الوحشي الممارس ضدنا، أي الشعب السوري الأعزل، وكأن قتل البشر وانتهاك الحرمات لا يعنيان الكنيسة ولا رعاياها».

واعتبر أن هذا «يجرد الكنيسة السورية من إنسانيتها التي هي روح الدين المسيحي، كما يجردها من وطنيتها»، موضحا «لطالما كان مسيحيو المشرق العربي روادا في النهضة العربية وشركاء في النضال من أجل نيل الحرية والاستقلال». وعبر عن تمنيه ورفاقه من المسيحيين والمسلمين أن تخرج المظاهرات من الكنائس كما تخرج من الجوامع، وقال إنه «أصبح وعدد من الشباب والشابات المسيحيين من المثابرين على الصلاة يوم الجمعة في المساجد من دون أن يعلنوا أنهم مسيحيون، إلا أن إمام جامع في ريف دمشق لأكثر من مرة كان يختم صلاته بالسلام على المسلمين وغير المسلمين وهو ينظر إلينا».

وأكد الناشط المسيحي وجود عدد كبير من أبناء الطوائف المسيحية في أنحاء متعددة من البلاد من «المشاركين والداعمين للثورة»، عدا عن المسيحيين البارزين في المعارضة، لكنه رأى «أن موقف أرباب الكنائس يعمي على هذه المشاركة المشرفة»، ويسهم في تكريس دعايات النظام عن أن «ما يجري في سوريا اليوم ليس ثورة من أجل الحرية وإنما هو صراع طائفي بين المسلمين السنة والعلويين، وكأنما المسيحيين خارج ما يجري». وقال إن «هذا يلحق ضررا فادحا بالوجود المسيحي في المنطقة، إذ يعزله عن محيطه الإسلامي، ويقتلعه من جذوره».
ولا يرى الناشط مبررا للمواقف الرسمية للكنائس سوى أنها «تعتبر نفسها جزءا ملحقا بالسلطة الزمنية الزائلة، وتربط مصير السلطة الروحية بمصير السلطة الزمنية في سوريا، وأيضا شريكة لها في جرائمها وفي تآمرها على الوحدة الوطنية والدفع باتجاه تفريغ المنطقة من تنوعها». ولفت الناشط إلى أنه «لذلك لاقت الفكرة التي طرحها المعارض البارز ميشيل كيلو في شهر يوليو (تموز) الماضي قبولا في أوساط العلمانيين المسيحيين».

وكان المعارض السياسي والكاتب ميشيل كيلو دعا العلمانيين من مسيحيي المولد إلى «فتح نقاش أو عقد ندوة حول موضوع وحيد هو سبل إعادة المسيحيين إلى موقعهم الصحيح من الجماعة العربية الإسلامية، وإلى دورهم الثقافي المجتمعي في خدمتها، بعيدا عن أي سلطة غير سلطة الجوامع الإنسانية والمشتركات الروحية والمادية التي تربطهم بها». وقال إنه «في زمن التحول الاستثنائي الذي لا سابقة له في تاريخ العرب، فإن هكذا لقاء يمثل فرصة لامتلاك وبناء الدولة التي تعبر عن حريتها وحضورها في شأن عام عاشت المسيحية فيه وبفضله، لأنه كان مرتبطا بالدولة في مفهومها المجرد والسامي، ومنفصلا عن شأن سلطوي استبدادي الطابع والدور، مما حمى المسيحية من شرور وبطش السلطوية وغرسها بعمق حاضنتها الطبيعية، المستقلة نسبيا عن السلطة والسياسة، بفضل الإسلام وفضائه الإنساني، المتسامح والرحب».

وانطلق كيلو في دعوته إلى أن «الدين ليس ملكا للكنيسة، التي تبلد شعورها وفقدت علاقتها مع الواقع ومع حساسية المسيحية الإنسانية، ولأن للعلمانية الحق في ممارسة وفهم الدين بالطريقة التي تريدها، خارج وضد الكنيسة أيضا».
من جانبها، قالت ناشطة مسيحية من حماه لـ«الشرق الأوسط»، في اتصال هاتفي، إن تلك الدعوة بداية لانقسامات جديدة في الكنيسة، وحملت المسؤولية لرؤساء الطوائف «الذين لا يريدون أن يروا الواقع، وهو أن المسيحيين على الأرض يدفعون ثمن الحيادية السلبية لرؤسائهم الروحيين، سواء بعزلهم وقطع صلاتهم مع مجتمع يتشاركون فيه العيش مع المسلمين من مئات السنين، أو بقتل أبنائهم من الموالين للنظام والمتعاونين مع الأجهزة الأمنية». وأشارت إلى أن «أكثر من شاب مسيحي قتل خلال الأحداث، لا سيما في حمص، للاشتباه في تعاونهم مع الأجهزة الأمنية». ودعت رؤساء الكنائس إلى ضرورة التنبه إلى «خطورة تراكم الأحقاد»، والتي ستشكل خطرا كبيرا على الوجود المسيحي في المنطقة. وقالت إنها «لا تمانع في عقد ندوة أو مؤتمر للمسيحيين خارج الكنيسة وضد مواقف الكنيسة إذا لم تستطع أن تمثل رعاياها»، وقالت «لا يمكن للمسيحية في الشرق أن تكون بمعزل عما يجري، فكيف إذا كان أبناؤنا منخرطين في الثورة؟».

واتهمت الناشطة الحموية الكنيسة «برمي أبنائها إلى التهلكة، حين تتخلى عن الناشطين منهم في الثورة ولا تنصت لأصوات الحق»، مشيرة إلى «قيام عدد من الشباب بمخاطبة الكنيسة لاتخاذ موقف واضح إن لم يؤيد الثورة فعلى الأقل يستنكر القتل والعنف، ويكف عن ترويج دعايات النظام في التخويف من المسلمين والمد الإسلامي، لأن سوريا بحكم التاريخ والجغرافية بلد تعددي معتدل لم يكن يوما حاضنا للتطرف، منذ فجر الحضارة».

وعبرت الناشطة الحموية عن استيائها من مسيرات التأييد التي نظمها رجال الأعمال من غير المسيحيين ومن المؤيدين للنظام في الأحياء المسيحية في دمشق، فبدا وكأن كل المسيحيين يحبون نظام بشار الأسد، وقالت «تارة نسمع بطريركا يتحدث عن معنى البشارة باسم بشار الأسد، وأخرى يسهب كاهن في اللقاء التشاوري في الحديث عن إنسانية الرئيس بشار، وآخر يتخوف من الإسلام المتطرف.. إلخ». واعتبرت صمت الكنيسة وتغاضيها عن ذلك «عارا عليها»، كما أنه من العار أن تصمت عن انتهاك حرمة المساجد وقصف المآذن، وقالت إن «السكوت عن الرقص في الأحياء المسيحية على دماء أهلنا من الشعب السوري بجميع أطيافه، والتأييد لنظام ينتهك المساجد ويمزق كتب الله، لن
يجنب البطش، فمن قصف المآذن لن يتورع عن قصف قبب الكنائس والصلبان»

. ولهذا وجهت الناشطة الحموية دعوة لأرباب الكنائس إلى «التعبير عن موقف ينسجم مع روحانية وإنسانية الدين المسيحي، ويحض المسيحيين على الحفاظ على الوحدة الوطنية بالتلاحم مع أبناء شعبه في نضاله من أجل الحرية، فالمسيح جاء لنصرة المظلومين لا الظالمين». وأكدت أن «المحنة التي يعيشها الشعب السوري اليوم تشكل اختبارا لمواقف رجال الدين الموالين للسلطة من كل الطوائف، الذين طالما تغنوا بالتعايش والعيش المشترك في حفلات وملتقيات جرت تحت رعاية السلطة»، متساءلة عما إذا كانت دعواتهم تلك «محض دعايات سياحية للنظام، وعما إذا كانت الكنيسة ترضى بالقيام بهكذا دور هزيل ومخز».

وكان البطريرك الماروني في لبنان بشارة الراعي قد ضم صوته، قبل يومين، إلى أصوات زعماء الطوائف المسيحيين في سوريا، ودعا إلى منح الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد فرصة لتطبيق الإصلاحات، معبرا عن مخاوفه من تفتت سوريا ونشوء حرب أهلية وأنظمة إسلامية. وعبر الراعي الذي تسلم مهامه قبل أشهر قليلة، خلفا للبطريرك نصر الله بطرس صفير الذي يعرف بمواقفه المتشددة ضد النظام السوري، عن تفهمه لموقف الأسد وفي الوقت نفسه عن «خشيته من مرحلة انتقالية في سوريا» قد تشكل تهديدا لمسيحيي الشرق، وذلك قبل زيارة مقررة إلى لورد في جنوب فرنسا. وصرح الراعي خلال مؤتمر أساقفة فرنسا «كنت آمل لو يعطى الأسد المزيد من الفرص لتنفيذ الإصلاحات السياسية التي بدأها». وقال «في سوريا، الرئيس ليس شخصا يمكنه أن يقرر الأمور وحده. لديه حزب كبير حاكم هو حزب البعث. (الأسد) كشخص هو إنسان منفتح، تابع دراسته في أوروبا، وتربى على المفاهيم الغربية. لكن لا يمكنه القيام بمعجزات وحده». وأضاف «لقد عانينا نحن من النظام السوري، لا أنسى ذلك، لكني أريد أن أكون موضوعيا، فهو (بشار الأسد) بدأ سلسلة من الإصلاحات السياسية، ومن المفترض إعطاء مزيد من الفرص للحوار الداخلي.. مزيد من الفرص لدعم الإصلاحات اللازمة وأيضا تفادي أعمال العنف والحرب». وأقر الراعي «لسنا مع النظام، لكننا نخشى المرحلة الانتقالية»، مضيفا «علينا أن ندافع عن المسيحيين وعلينا أن نقاوم بدورنا».

September 14th, 2011, 12:48 am


Aboud said:

“All things are turning out the way we want”

Wow, you mean that condemnation by the Arab League, Vatican, Europe, Asia, sanctions, whole cities out of your control, a battered economy, was all part of your “plan”? Yikes, turns out Besho isn’t clueless. He’s just incompetent.

“things are not turning the way you want”

Yes, it would have been preferable if Besho had just taken himself out of the equation. But this way, we get to remove a very, very large chunk of his supporters as well. Thank goodness we won’t even have to pay lip service to the idea of forgive and forget when we kick the Qurdaha gang out of Syria.

You see, when Mubarak left, unfortunately he left a large part of his regime behind, which the Egyptians are only now learning to their cost. Syrians will get to remove this cancerous regime, all traces of it, so nothing is left, not even the perverted tomb of Hafez, for which I have some very imaginative plans.

“Your crimincal movement had peaked months ago, months ago, its a past, history…”

Um, I didn’t know I was part of a “crimincal” movement. How does one join that? Heck, how does one even start such a movement?

Again, nawari analysis, wishful thinking. You people tried everything, threw everything you had at every city…and STILL cities under occupation come out, still people have not been subdued. Your X-Box president doesn’t dare travel outside Damascus, much less the country. Any Syrian has more freedom to come and go and see the world than Besho and his family. Poor, poor Athma, I think she’ll be selling her shoe collection to pay for the bodyguards they have 🙂

“The big days are behind us and now we are dealing with incidents here and there.”

How deliciously delusional 🙂 Take a look at the number and geographical location of the protests at any day of the week. If there was nothing going on in Aleppo, why are there so many arrests there? To this day your thug army has to invade the Damascus, Homs and Hama countryside, chasing down every protest in every city and hamlet. In Homs, you people have practically given up, with your abandoned checkpoints a testament to the lack of resolve of the regime’s street thugs.

“Any leader, any ship so the people can jump in;or not yet. Perhaps in the near future”

Er…what? Sorry I think we will need an interpreter here, someone who can translate to English from menhebaksi.


Uh yeah, just use caps and it’ll make it more real…not. It doesn’t matter how many parties or opinions there are, they are all united in their desire to be rid of the Qurdaha gang, to send it packing to Tehran. The Israelis, whom you now love so much, had numerous gangs and groups on the eve of the ’48 war, but they all worked towards a common purpose. Just like the opposition is doing 🙂

So Persian, I’d start to learn Farsi if I were you. But I suggest you keep your Zionist love hidden when you relocate to Tehran 🙂

September 14th, 2011, 12:52 am


ann said:

Complexities of taking on the Syrian dictatorship – 14 Sep, 2011


Given this, Tehran can be expected to remain fully committed to the Assad regime and to bail it out to the tune of billions of dollars from its growing oil revenue. Similarly, Russia and China are set to expediently continue to resist tougher sanctions, including an arms embargo, against Damascus at the UN Security Council.

The Assad regime has good reason to remain confident about its survival despite all its brutalities against its own people. Its power and authority have for long been based on exclusion and suppression. It has promised reforms, and latest figure to receive such a promise is the Head of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, who visited Damascus recently. However, it is highly doubtful that it will ever find it in its interest to engage in anything more than cosmetic changes. What the opposition wants is the end of the Assad regime and therefore structural changes. This requires a favourable change in regional and international circumstances, which does not seem to be around the corner yet. The regional country that can exert possibly a determining pressure on Damascus is Turkey. While condemning the Syrian regime’s behaviour and treating Syrian refugees humanely, it is careful not to do anything which could jeopardise its good relations with Iran and reinforce an Arab perception that it seeks wider regional influence.

September 14th, 2011, 12:58 am


Aboud said:

Daaaaaamn, seven whole pages of protests just for the 13th of September!


Hehehe, so how’s the “go tanks” strategy working out for you people?

September 14th, 2011, 1:01 am


ann said:

Lebanon’s Maronite Christian head sparks Syria debate – 3 hours ago


BEIRUT — A heated debate has erupted in Lebanon over controversial remarks by the head of the nation’s Maronite Christians, who has warned an end to Syria’s regime threatens Christians across the Middle East.

During his first visit to France last week, Patriarch Beshara Butros Rai urged that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — once the arch-enemy of Lebanon’s Maronites — be given a chance to implement reforms, saying the “poor man cannot work miracles”.

Assad’s regime has cracked down on a string of unprecedented protests across his country, killing more than 2,600 civilian protesters since the uprising began in March, according to the United Nations.

Many of Syria’s minority Christians, which include Maronites, are concerned that Islamic extremists could rise to power should Assad’s regime collapse.

Rai last week echoed that fear, voicing concern of a takeover by the radical Muslim Brotherhood, a movement the Syrian authorities have blacklisted for decades.

“We endured the rule of the Syrian regime. I have not forgotten that,” Rai said. “We do not stand by the regime, but we fear the transition that could follow.

“We must defend the Christian community. We too must resist.”

He later clarified his statement by telling local press he feared the fall of “regimes described as dictatorial… could lead to civil war, in which Christians would be the biggest victims”.

Lebanon’s Christians, a community that once enjoyed unparalleled political leverage, are now split on the protests rocking Syria.

Maronites allied with Shiite militant group Hezbollah, which is supported by Syria and Iran, are backing Assad and accusing the radical Sunnis of stirring the unrest.

Other Lebanese Christians, allied with pro-Western former premier Saad Hariri, have voiced support for the anti-Assad protests.

Observers are divided on the patriarch’s stance, with some lauding it as a shield for Christians and others warning it marks a grave political faux pas.

“It was a big mistake for the patriarch to go to France, which has a history of hundreds of years of support for Maronites, and say the Assad regime must be protected at a time when the Assad regime is breaking down,” said political commentator and author Elias al-Zoghbi.

But others argue Rai is doing what is necessary to ensure the survival of his dwindling community.

“The patriarch is not enamoured with the regime of Bashar al-Assad, nor is he blind to the atrocities Lebanon suffered as a result of that regime’s military presence in Lebanon for 30 years,” said analyst and columnist Jean Aziz.

“He is not defending the regime but he fears that unrest in Syria will lead to civil war, which would see the Christians of Syria and Lebanon suffer the same as those of Iraq.”

Lebanon was gripped by a deadly civil war from 1975 to 1990, which saw Syria send troops in to its smaller neighbour, where they remained for 29 years.

Ahed al-Hindi, a Washington-based Syrian activist and himself a Christian, openly rejected Rai’s explanations as serving to strike fear into the hearts of Christians.

“Syrian Christians are not threatened — they have long lived side-by-side with Muslims,” said Hindi, a participant in the meetings of Syrian dissidents in Turkey.

“This is yet another tool of fear the Assad regime has created.”

And as Syrian protesters continue to brave the guns of their ruling regime, many are hoping the path will lead to democracy, the only hope for the Christians of the Middle East.

“What we are witnessing today is a transition, which often means the voices of radicals sound loudest,” said Aziz. “It’s possible that could drown out Christian minorities.

“But ultimately, the course of history is headed towards democracy.”

September 14th, 2011, 1:12 am


Aboud said:

I read the article posted at 238 (by the poster who just a moment ago wanted to tear down this blog hehehe). The writer’s reasons for why the regime might be able to sustain itself boils down to four factors, two of which are old and have seen been rendered obsolete, one just doesn’t make any sense, and the other was never a factor to begin with.

“The first is the sectarian nature of Syria”

Not much use to the regime when all the sects are increasingly growing weary towards its behaviour, as witnessed by the way three prominent Alawite clerics publicly came out against Besho. The writer cites it as an advantage in that it affords the regime an alliance with the Persians. It is doubtful whether the Persians have the resources to sustain two countries at the same time.

“The second is the strategic value of the Assad regime in the regional balance of power”

This point has since been rendered moot. When the Americans have come out and said that they have no interest in Besho prolonging his reign, when the Turks have come out and warned against a possible civil war in Syria, when the Arab League have called on the regime to stop the “killing machine”, then you can see that the perception is that the Baathists are a liability to regional stability, and not a safeguard of any sort.

“The third is that while most Sunni-dominated Arab states would be happy to see the back of the Assad regime and the waning of Iran’s influence, they are uncertain about its consequences. They do not want any development that could aggravate the highly confessionalised and conflict-prone political situation in Lebanon and strengthen the position of Israel as well as Turkey, which has now become a leading player in the region.”

This point really doesn’t make any sense. A removal of the Baathist regime could only have a stabilizing effect on Lebanon, and the Gulf states could ensure that a post-Besho Syria would be extremely friendly to them by playing a constructive role in making that a reality.

“The fourth is that the US and its NATO allies have repeatedly made it clear that they have neither the resources nor the necessary geo-strategic incentives to intervene in Syria similar to their Libyan military campaign.”

And the opposition has time and again said that it doesn’t want nor need a NATO style intervention. What it needs is observers to witness what is going on, sanctions to deter the regime from continuing its full scale slaughter of Syrian civilians. Already defections have proven effective in protecting some areas in central Syria, and it will only be a matter of time before there are enough to overwhelm Besho’s poorly motivated ex-drug smugglers, car thieves, and Qurdaha militiamen.

September 14th, 2011, 1:15 am


Aboud said:

(I’m sure the parents of the soldiers killed in the alleged attack will be gratified to know this was just an “isolated incident”)


19 civilians killed in Syria, opposition group says
September 14, 2011

(CNN) — At least 23 people were killed Tuesday in Syria, the opposition activist group Local Coordination Committees of Syria reported. Of that number, at least 19 were civilians, the group said.

Fifteen of the deaths occurred in Hama, five during a funeral there, and one each occurred in Saraqeb, Deir Ezzor, Ghab, Homs and the suburbs of Damascus, said the LCC, a pro-democracy group that organizes and documents anti-government demonstrations.

In Homs, security forces opened fire at a checkpoint, killing one person and wounding four others, two of them critically, said the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group.

The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency reported that two Army members were killed and five soldiers were wounded when their military bus was ambushed “by an armed terrorist group” east of Homs.

The government has maintained a consistent narrative: It is going after armed terrorists. But opposition activists say the regime is behind a systematic, sustained slaughter.

Also Tuesday, a video surfaced on YouTube showing U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford attending what appears to be a wake for Ghiyath Mattar, a 26-year-old activist who was slain in the town of Daraya. In the video, Ford appears seated among a number of other foreign diplomats as a Quranic recitation is heard in Mattar’s remembrance.

At least 26 people were killed Monday in the Syrian government’s ongoing crackdown on dissidents, the LCC said.

The number of people killed in unrest in Syria since mid-March has reached at least 2,600, the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said Monday.

The Syrian Observatory has said more than 2,000 people — mostly demonstrators — have died since the uprising began in mid-March.

Unrest has plagued Syria for more than six months, as protesters demanding more freedom, democratic elections and an end to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime have been met by brute force.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Syria, freezing assets of specific regime members and banning Americans from doing business with the country. The European Union has banned the import of Syrian oil and imposed a travel ban.

CNN cannot independently verify the claims or the death toll because the government has repeatedly denied requests for international journalists to report inside Syria.

September 14th, 2011, 1:24 am


Revlon said:

A historic meeting and historic declarations in support of national unity and peace and harmony amongst Syrian people.

ميثاق شرف للسوريين وبيان للطائفة العلوية في ورشة عمل: تجريم الطائفية
2011/09/13نشر فى: أخبار محلية

القاهرة 12 ايلول ( سبتمبر) 2011

البيان الختامي لورشة عمل تجريم الطائفية، وصيانة الوحدة الوطنية

في ظل الظروف الراهنة التي تمر بها البلاد، بهدف حماية الوطن من أخطار الفتنة الطائفية، وحرصاً على الوحدة الوطنية، فقد تداعى مجموعة من الشخصيات والرموز الوطنية السورية، من مختلف مكونات وأطياف المجتمع السوري للاجتماع في القاهرة في الفترة ما بين (9-12) التاسع والثاني عشر من أيلول سبتمبر عام (2011) ألفي وأحد عشر وتدارست السبل والأليات الكفيلة بحماية المجتمع السوري وتحصينه من اخطار الفتنة الطائفية التي تهدد النسيج الوطني والتي يحاول النظام اللعب بأوراقها والتحريض عليها من خلال ممارساته القمعية الاجرامية.

تضمنت هذه الورشة، التي تم التحضير لها على مدى ثلاثة أشهر نقاشات وحوارات، أكدت جميعها على وحدة الشعب السوري وعلى أن الممارسات الطائفية غريبة عن المجتمع السوري وهي ممارسات عمل النظام على تكريسها والحض عليها في محاولة للتغطية على الممارسات القمعية التي يقوم بها لادامة حكمه، لذلك فقد تمت صياغة ميثاق شرف وطني وقع عليه المشاركون، ودعوا جميع السوريين للتوقيع عليه وتبني ما جاء فيه
من تجريم للطائفية،
وتأكيد على حرمة الدم السوري،
وأن سورية وطن لجميع السوريين مهما كانت انتماءاتهم وهم سيعملون على قطع الطريق على محاولات تفتيت المجتمع السوري
وتعاهدوا على بذل كل الجهود من اجل بناء سورية الدولة المدنية الحرةالديمقراطية التعددية التي يسودها العدل والمساواة بين مواطنيها جميعاً.

كما تم تلاوة بيان صادر عن جماعة الاخوان المسلمين وعدد من الهيئات والشخصيات الاسلامية تضمن تطمينات وتعهدات لجميع الأقليات وخصوصاً الطائفة العلوية الكريمة, وسيتم نشر هذا البيان في وسائل الاعلام, وإيداع نسخة منه لدى جامعة الدول العربية كوديعة.

كما تمت تلاوة بيان عن مجموعة من المثقفين ومن ابناء الطائفة العلوية الكريمة سوف يوزع على وسائل الاعلام قريباً , تبرأ فيه الموقعون عليه من الجرائم التي يرتكبها النظام بحق أبناء الشعب السوري , واكدوا فيه على أن النظام لم ولن يمثل الطائفة في أي وقت من الأوقات , كما قدم الاستاذ حبيب عيسى ورقة عمل تضمنت سرداً تاريخياً لكثير من النقاط المضيئة في تاريخ سورية والتي أظهرت الوحدةالوطنية في أبهى صورها, مؤكداً على أن الطائفية لم تكن موجودة في المجتمع السوري

كما تقدم المركز السوري للدراسات القانونية بورقة تضمت بعض المبادئ التي يرى المركز أن تكون حاضرة في الدستور السوري , تؤكد على أن سورية لجميع السوريين دون تمييز , وهي دولة ديمقراطية مدنية تعددية . واتفق المشاركون على تشكيل لجنة متابعة , لتنفيذ ما تم الاتفاق عليه في هذه الورشة , وعلى أن تعقبها لقاءات اخرى لمتابعة الشأن السوري ومواكبة تطوراته المستمرة.
والمجد لسوريا والخلود لشهدائها
القاهرة 12 ايلول(سبتمبر) 2011

ميثاق شرف وطني للسوريين
تداعت مجموعة من الرموز والشخصيات الوطنية والاكاديمية من ابناء الشعب السوري بجميع اطيافه لتدارس المخاطر التي تهدد وحدة النسيج الوطني في سوريا وتعاهدوا على ما يلي:

1- الدعم الكامل لارادة الشعب السوري في مطالبه المشروعة في الحرية والكرامة واسقاط النظام والحفاظ على الدولة ومؤسساتها ومرافقها العامة، واعتبار كل التفاف او مساومة على هذه المطالب هو مشاركة في استباحة الدم السوري.

2- اقامة العدل ونشر المعرفة والقيم الأخلاقية والإنسانية الجامعة، وان تكون سوريا وطن لجميع ابنائه بمختلف طوائفهم وقومياتهم، وان السوريين جميعهم متساون بالحقوق والواجبات امام القانون، في دولة مدنية ديمقراطية تعدديه تلتزم بحقوق الانسان وحماية حرياته الاساسية، عبر اقرار دستور جديد.

3- نبذ الطائفية وتجريمها ومحاربة كافة اشكالها باعتبارها خطرا جسيما يهدد السلم الاهلي، ونشر ثقافة التسامح والعفو والاصلاح.

4- ان الرد على استخدام القمع في الداخل يكون بالخروج السلمي حيث ان حراك الانتفاضة هو جوهر سوريا المستقبل، وأن دماء الشهداء السوريين هي دماء مقدسة لا مساومة عليها، وسيقدم من استباحها الى محاكم عادلة.

5- المحافظة على وطنية الحراك السلمي، ورفض الارتهان لأي مشروع خارجي.
ندعو كل السوريين هيئات ومنظمات وافرادا للتوقيع على هذا البيان
المجد لسوريا والخلود لشهدائها
بيان إلى إخواننا أبناء الطائفة العلويّة

يا أبناء شعبنا السوري، يا إخوتنا الكرام أبناء الطائفة العلوية الكريمة :
إننا من منطلق الشعور بالمسؤولية الوطنية و انطلاقا من مبادئنا الإسلامية السمحة نرى لزاما علينا أن نتوجه إليكم باسم أهل السنة و الجماعة في سورية و على مرأى و مسمع من العالم اجمع نعلن ما يلي:
إن النظام في سورية ليس نظام طائفة معينة، إنما هو نظام الذين ارتضوا لأنفسهم أن يكونوا خدما عند العائلة المتسلطة على الحكم.
إن النظام الحاكم منذ أربعين سنة هو الذي أذكى الروح الطائفية في الوطن و قد اعتمد على إقناع جزء من الأقليات بأن وجوده هو الحامي لهذه الأقليات و أن غيابه يعرضها للاضطهاد و الفناء.
نؤكد على وحدة الشعب السوري و أن كل طائفة في سورية هي جزء من مكونات النسيج العام للشعب السوري، و يشهد تاريخ سورية على التعايش و التآلف بين كل طوائفه.
لقد أثبت النظام من خلال ممارساته اللامسؤولة أنه ساوى في ظلمه بين جميع أبناء سورية و قد نال معارضوه من أبناء الطائفة العلوية الكريمة من الأذى و التنكيل ما نال باقي المعارضين الشرفاء من أبناء الشعب بل ربما أشد و أنكى.
وإننا إذ نذكر بكثير من الأسى و الألم أحداث الثمانينيات من القرن المنصرم فإننا نؤكد على إدانتنا لجميع الممارسات الطائفية التي حصلت آنذاك من أي جهة كانت.
نعلن براءتنا ونؤكد رفضنا لأي ممارسات طائفية قد يتسبب بها بعض المغرضين في ثورة شعبنا الحالية السلمية .
ندعو إخوتنا الكرام من أبناء الطائفة العلوية الوطنية أن ينضموا إلى ثورة الشعب المباركة و يشاركوا في شرف تحرير الوطن من براثن الاستبداد.
سنبقى بعد سقوط النظام أبناء شعب واحد كما كنا دائما، و نعلن بوضوح أننا نرفض وندين ونحارب أي مسلك انتقامي ، و لن يتم اتهام أو إدانة أحد على أساس الطائفة أو المذهب أو الدين. ، والقانون العادل الحر المحايد هو الذي يتولى القضاء في المظالم والانتهاكات التي وقعت .
و ستعود سورية وطنا لكل أبنائها يتساوون في الحقوق و الواجبات، و يعملون يدا بيد لبناء وطن حرٍ ديموقراطيّ مستقل موحّد.

الهيئات والمنظمات الموقعة
– جماعة الإخوان المسلمين في سورية
– مؤتمر علماء المسلمين لنصرة الشعب السوري
– رابطة العلماء السوريي

– مؤسسة الدكتور معشوق الخزنوي للحوار و التسامح و التجديد الديني

الشخصيات الموقعة
– فضيلة الشيخ عدنان العرعور

September 14th, 2011, 1:26 am


annie said:

146. Tara said:

” Why do you think people would get more upset with the sight of those thugs killing donkeys as opposed to killing Syrians?

Why being upset ? These donkeys didn’t care about the regime, they were totally innocent; same with the murdered babies but somehow the babies had a connection with the Revolution for being in their “terrorist” parents arms.

The donkeys were the livelihood of the “terrorist” villagers. We’ll starve them, just as we set the wheat fields on fire in the North.

Why upset ? They do not claim the clip is a fake; they boast about it. They show what they are capable of. Just like Livni boasting about cast lead. They will do and already do that to Syrians. They will slaughter one million to save their blasted regime.

September 14th, 2011, 1:49 am


NK said:

After exhausting all the options available to them to intimidate us and silence our voices the menhebakites just had it with this website, they want to shut it down and get it over with.

Should we expect Imad Moustapha to take a trip down to Oklahoma to kidnap prof. Landis and break his fingers while yelling “عمتطاول عأسيادك” ?

September 14th, 2011, 1:50 am


Revlon said:

A group of disgruntled SANA employees chose Sooryoon.net to lodge a complaint to Jr about SANA’s festering sectarian practices!

Even its employees question SANA’s professionalism!

السيد رئيس الجمهورية :وزير الإعلام ومدير (سانا) وآخرون.. طائفيون
2011/09/14نشر فى: غير مصنف
خاص- كلنا شركاء
وصلت إلى كلنا شركاء الرسالة التالية من بعض الصحفيين العاملين في وكالة (سانا) والتي يشكون فيها من تعامل طائفي (على حد وصفهم) من قبل وزير الاعلام وبعض المسؤولين الإعلاميين في الوكالة، إضافة إلى مشاكل كثيرة تتعلق بطبيعة العمل.
وإننا في كلنا شركاء ونظراً لخطورة ما جاء في الرسالة ننشرها كما وردت، وبدون أي تدخل في محتواها؟

طائفية الفكر والممارسة لدى وكالة سانا
انه لعجب عجاب فبالرغم من الأحداث التي تمر بها سوريا منذ ما يزيد عن خمسة أشهر وتحول المنحى في بعض جوانب الأزمة السورية إلى صراع طائفي بحت مازال البعض من المسؤولين يتبجحون بممارساتهم الطائفية ضاربين عرض الحائط كل إجراءات ومحاولات الدولة لمعالجة الأزمة والحد من تبعاتها غير مهتمين وغير معنيين بمطالب الشعب السوري ليكونوا سببا آخرا يضاف إلى الأسباب التي أدت إلى تأزم الأوضاع في سوريا على مدى عقود خلت..
وأكثر ما يزعجنا كموظفين في دولة ندافع عن كل شبر فيها أن تتم عملية تقييمنا وتقدير جهودنا ومكافآتنا على أساس طائفي وللأسف هذا ما يحدث في وكالة الأنباء السورية/سانا/ منذ سنين لكنه اليوم أكثر وقاحة فغالبية مفاصل العمل الصحفي في الوكالة بأيدي فئة بعينها معروف محسوبياتها ولو أن هناك حالات فردية تجميلية للفئات الأخرى كما أن الإدارات بدءا من مدير الوكالة إلى المدير العام المساعد إلى غالبية المفاصل هي بأيدي تلك الفئة ما أدى وخاصة خلال الأحداث ونتيجة لسوء الإدارة وطائفيتها المعروفة إلى اصطفافات داخل المؤسسة الإعلامية بين ما يسموا اليوم مندسين وسلفيين وإرهابيين (أصحاب الفكر الإصلاحي الحر)وبين من يدعوا الوطنية (شبيحة النظام وطائفته ومنتفعيه) بمعنى إما أن تكون معهم أو ضدهم ما خلق الكثير من التشنجات بعدما اتخذ المدير الجديد عدة قرارات على أساس طائفي تجاه بعض الأشخاص منها إقالة أمين تحرير /مسيحي /بسبب خطأ قام به المراسل ومكافئة غيره الذي كان سبب في تمرير الخبر وغير تلك الممارسات الكثير وقيامه بتخفيض الاستكتاب وهو المجهود الفكري للصحفيين الذي اقره القانون دون أي معايير موضوعية بل كيفية حسب علاقة الأشخاص بالمدير وطائفتهم وتوجهاتهم، وهناك أمثلة لا حصر لها وجداول الاستكتاب ولسنوات شاهدة للجميع أن كشفوها سيتضح حجم الطائفية والفساد الذي كان ومازال سائدا في وكالة سانا وأكثر من عانى في هذا الأمر أصحاب الفئة الأولى من لا يلوذ بفكر المدير العام وخاصة الطائفة /السنية/ بينما رفع الاستكتاب لأشخاص آخرين مقربين إليه منهم أناس ليسوا مثبتين في الوكالة وليسوا صحفيين وغالبيتهم لا يحملون إجازة صحفية حيث بلغ الفارق في استكتاب الصحفيين حسب المعايير الشخصية عند مدير الوكالة الآلاف من الليرات السورية.
لذلك نحن مجموعة من الصحفيين العاملين في الوكالة ومن مبدأ الموضوعية وفي سبيل إعادة بناء الثقة للإعلام السوري وإعادة توزيع الحقوق بشكل عادل نطالب رئيس الجمهورية بإقالة وزير الإعلام ومدير سانا وأمين تحرير الداخلي في الوكالة وأمين تحرير الانترنت ورئيس دائرة الوكالات ورئيس قسم الرصد والمتابعة، ورئيس شعبة المحافظات الذين اتضحت طائفيتهم (لماذا..؟) في التعامل علنا مع الصحفيين، وخاصة في رفع وتقدير الاستكتاب كما نطالب بإلغاء النشرات السياحية والشبابية والرياضة التي لا تمت لعمل وكالة الأنباء بصلة وإعادة توزيع الاستكتاب بناء على الإجازة العلمية والعمل وبشكل عادل، فلا يعقل أن يحصل موظف الأرشيف والموظف الفني والمحرر الذي لا يحمل إجازة صحفية على استكتاب اكبر من الصحفي حامل الإجازة الصحفية والعضو في اتحاد الصحفيين لافتين إلى أن وكالة الأنباء السورية باتت فرع مخابرات على الصحفيين وأصحاب القرار، ونطالب أيضا بإعطاء فرصة للصحفيين الذين مضى على وجودهم في الوكالة ما يقرب من ثلاث سنوات لإدارة الوكالة بكل مهنية وموضوعية خاصة في هذه الأزمة بعيدا عن أية محسوبيات طائفية.

September 14th, 2011, 1:51 am


Aboud said:


“They will slaughter one million to save their blasted regime.”

What’s even more tragic is that they will willingly sacrifice one million Alawites to save their regime. Even some menhebaks have started to see it’s a big con; in the end, the people at the very top will be the last to suffer, unless specific sanctions can hurt them where it hurts.

(I’m so impressed with my awesomeness right now. It takes half a dozen menhebaks to even try to take me on, and it ends with them whining and leaving the forum)

September 14th, 2011, 2:00 am


sf94123 said:

To: 182, 214 and 224

A similar thing happened to me approximately 10 days ago. Husam answered my post before it went live. Furthermore, he cut and pasted my unedited version in his reply. I was shocked! I felt very uncomfortable! I posted a message to Dr. Landis asking for an explanation – Never heard from him. The privacy rules has been breached. No doubt! I am out too.

-I pray for the safety of all Syrians-

September 14th, 2011, 2:10 am


Aboud said:

@247 You know when you are hosting a party, and someone comes up to say goodbye, and you realize the whole time you never noticed them there…I think you get my drift.

(*whispers* who was that guy?)

September 14th, 2011, 2:15 am


ann said:

It’s past 2AM and the sun must be high in the sky of HOMS lol

Burning the midnight oil I see lol

September 14th, 2011, 2:22 am


Aboud said:

The American ambassador at the funeral of Ghiath Matar, a finer man than every one of those Qurdahans put together


@249 The struggle for freedom sometimes demands that we go without sleep a few times a week, hehehehehe.

September 14th, 2011, 2:34 am


Syria no kandahar said:

Most of us trusted your knowledge and academic status in giving you our informations.I am 100%sure that our privacy is not protected at your site,in fact I am sure that your moderator or moderators are revolutionists,and in my case it was definitely Abood who posted a response to me calling me a (banned Hehehe),befor my post was deleted.I am 100%sure that he knew that I will be banned before it happened.Abood has the filthiest mouth on this site,yet he has never been banned.He is the inventer of every insult or bad language imported to your site,yet he gets treated like your body.Kaled Tlass is another filthy mouth same as Abu Umer …they all gets covered up by your shameful biased moderators with your complet approval.This is a sad discovery because your site is being exposed as non-academic,similar to some degree to Aljazera or Alarabia.You basically knowingly support the Syrian Revolution while you try to cover and select words which makes you look like you are in the middle .I don’t think an American Academic will do this kind of stuff,but I think that you have so much Syrian blood running in you that you were able to push your consciousness button off when you assigned a wolf to watch your SC sheep

September 14th, 2011, 2:41 am


NK said:

SNK and SFzipcode

You guys do realize that your comments go live the moment you hit (SUBMIT COMMENT), you get 10 minutes to make changes even though the comment is already visible to the rest of us.

I’m just curious though, what are you two worried about ? to my knowledge the Syrian security forces only arrest, torture and mutilate the bodies of those who talk badly about Bashar, you guys are golden.

September 14th, 2011, 2:41 am



@ 202
Shut down this blog.

Why, having hard time finding new articles in English that parrot’s besho’s press.

Many will try to fill the void created by the inevitable loss of this valuable blog. But no one will be as tolerant as Landis. I can assure you of that. Try playing your games on another blog and see what you get.

I am wondering if the embassy has recently sent a directive declaring SC enemy territories, or was it enough for Joshua to share with us the ambassador’s view to get the “most eloquent” me7ebbakite so riled up. Sound like we have a new line of attack on Joshua.

Banning is what your mother used to do when you use street language around the house…. as simple as that. You get grounded for a while and then you are given another chance. Joshua and his moderators have been very liniment with you for not banning your for a long long time.

September 14th, 2011, 2:45 am


Aboud said:


HAHAHAHAAH! Oh my God, did these guys think that it took 10 minutes for a post to go live? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear me this is too precious to pass up 🙂

But let them keep thinking that the moderator is me. Although they still haven’t answered the question as to how I could possibly censor myself, and make up and enforce rules to keep in check language I myself was using this whole time.

Doublethink at its finest. It’s this kind of muddled, confused, and illogical thinking that has gotten the Baathists and Besho into the mess they are in.

Anyone know what SpANN is whining about now?

September 14th, 2011, 2:54 am



I meant lenient not linement.

SNK and SF
Demo done, until next time.

That was not a denial of service attack

September 14th, 2011, 2:56 am


ann said:

You’re incoherent! You seem to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Seek professional help.

September 14th, 2011, 2:58 am


Syria no kandahar said:

NK(no knowledge)
Are you hallucinating ?who is talking about Bashar?
I am talking about violations to privacy laws here.This was known as a respected site.Having this site moderated by one of your terrorists friends is a complete collapse to any legitimacy this site has,same thing holds true if it is being moderated by Menhebak(using your premature words).Violating privacy is a serious matter,don’t Try to put Bashar in the middle of this,that is stupid.

September 14th, 2011, 3:02 am


Aboud said:

That’s OK OTW. English isn’t your first language, to err is human, this is about ideas, not spelling 🙂

(I’m so enjoying myself right now)

But seriously, it won’t do for the menhebaks to slur and slander professor Landis like this. I’m still confused as to what No Klue meant when he said I knew he was banned before he was banned.

The only way I knew he was banned was when the moderator said so in the part he censored. Do the menhebaks believe that there is a waiting period before a post goes live? How long have you guys been posting here for?

Again, one more weary time, how could I censor myself? How could I ban the use of the words scum, turd, etc, when I’m the one who made those words so popular? First you people claim I’m the most censored person on the forum, then you whine that I’m censoring unfairly. Seriously, for once in your lives, get your stories straight.

How the human mind could hold so many contradictory thoughts at the same time and still function is beyond me.

September 14th, 2011, 3:03 am


NK said:


Actually I think it was parents like this old lady, who raised such a generation of criminals


so much hate …

September 14th, 2011, 3:06 am


ann said:

Is it true what JAMAL said about you being that state department Jeffrey Feltman?

September 14th, 2011, 3:09 am


Syria no kandahar said:

فضيلة الشيخ عدنان العرعور
صاحب نظرية تصفية الثلث لاسعاد الثلثين
قداسة مخترع مفارم اللحمه لفرم الأقليات
فضيلة هتلر الوهابي
اللهم انعم وبارك

September 14th, 2011, 3:11 am


Aboud said:

“You’re incoherent! You seem to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown! ”

No Klue, SpANN is talking to you.


“don’t Try to put Bashar in the middle of this,that is stupid”

But it is about Besho. Don’t you see how he’s taught you people to think? My God, even Syria Comment to you is a conspiracy. Accusing Landis of allowing me to moderate is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard on this forum, and that’s saying alot.

And here you are, pounding the same point again and again and again, making yourself look quite foolish. *Think*. How could I possibly censor myself? Duh.

OK professor, I stood up for you, but sometimes human stupidity being what it is, people will ignore logic, the proof of their senses and just believe what they want to believe. There’s no helping them. I think they will demand a full accounting of the moderator(s) political activities over their lifetimes.


“Do you consider Syria Comment as liberated territories”

I believe it serves an excellent purpose as a place where Syrians of all political leanings can come together and exchange views.

(ah who am I kidding, I’m about ready to plant the Homsi flag at the summit)

September 14th, 2011, 3:11 am



Some call that compartmentalization. Brain becomes a set of discrete compartments capable of holding contradictory notions with the same rigor of belief. Off course the 66 years old Dr. Nashed would have provided a better answer. Alas, she was kidnapped by besho’s thugs.

September 14th, 2011, 3:13 am


ann said:

Are you on speed?

September 14th, 2011, 3:14 am


ann said:

Do you have that special someone in your life to talk to instead of your computer?

September 14th, 2011, 3:16 am


Aboud said:

“Is it true what JAMAL said about you being that state department Jeffrey Feltman?”

Hehe, even the menhebaks have taken to calling him Jamal.

And yes, you got me, I am indeed Jeffrey Feltman. The US Assistant Sectary of State for Near East Affairs has nothing better to do than to post comments on the Internet.

I hear Obama is in Bab Esba3 right now, rallying all the other Salafis for a night demo. And Hillary Clinton is in Khaldia, sewing banners. And the Emir of Qatar is personally running Thuraya phones across the Lebanese border.


“Do you have that special someone in your life to talk to instead of your computer?”

Let’s just say I’m not the only one having a good laugh right now hehehehehe.


It’s freaky when you think about it. How can any logical and balanced decision be made when the mind holds so many competing and contradictory thoughts.

September 14th, 2011, 3:16 am


ann said:

You are getting dangerously incoherent now!

Do you need someone to come check on you?

September 14th, 2011, 3:20 am


ann said:

I have a good friend psychiatrist in the Washington DC area I can give you her phone number if you’re interested. She’ll have you back on your feet before you know it

September 14th, 2011, 3:23 am


Syria no kandahar said:

What did your mother teach you?did your mother teach you to lie?your dude Arbood is the lying all the time and he knows that I have exposed him.You are jumping to give him cover up.are you part of the paid Electronic MB Shbiha.Are you going to have payment cut due to your stupid posts and the discovery of your foul smelling and unprofessional behavior?
OTW stay in the wall and keep out of this moderator scandal.

September 14th, 2011, 3:25 am


Aboud said:

“I have a good friend psychiatrist in the Washington DC area ”

Ah, if she was only closer to Wyoming, where the menhebaks claim I live 🙂


Arab League Asked to Act on Syria

September 14, 2011

Scores of Arab and international human rights organizations have submitted a petition to the Arab League demanding that it suspend Syria as a member until that nation halts its crackdown on demonstrators who are demanding democratic change. The petition, signed by more than 175 organizations, also said Arab League members should support United Nations actions including a travel ban and the freezing of assets and should go even beyond those measures with an arms embargo. The lack of a unified Arab position against the Syrian government, unlike the reaction to the uprising in Libya, has helped block international action against Damascus.

September 14th, 2011, 3:28 am


Aboud said:

@270 and you wonder why you were banned? People are trying to explain to you why you are being a paranoid little menhebak, and you insult them. Tsk tsk.

Heck, if I had the power to censor you, I’d do so for that rude and foul mouthed post of yours.

You see, your whole manufactured grievance is just a way for you to get back at Landis, for the ban you were slapped with. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions, you spam this forum with the most ridiculous and outrageous accusations, all so you can tell yourself that you weren’t banned for doing anything wrong. No, it was all a conspiracy.

Dude, do you see conspiracies in your cereal?

September 14th, 2011, 3:30 am


Souri333 (formerly Souri) said:

Of course, I don’t agree with this article as whole, but the point I want to comment on is your comparison of this era to the 1980’s.

In the 1980’s the USSR was collapsing and the US was ascending to its highest glory. Today the picture is the opposite. The US is now collapsing and Asia is rising.

Things are not going to be as bad as in the 1980’s because China and other Eastern countries will pump money into Syria. Syria already has minimal trade with the West, and we barely get any money from them.

What you ‘pro-American’ guys mostly need is a process of mental adjustment. You have to stop thinking of yourselves as American subordinates or American wannabes and start thinking of yourselves as Syrians. I know this is very hard for you at this age, but I hope that we will start paying more attention to the newer generations.

September 14th, 2011, 3:34 am


ann said:

I proposed professional help but he refused

September 14th, 2011, 3:38 am


ann said:

All this pretending to be someone else (Syrian) is affecting his Psyche! I hope he does not end up with schizophrenia disorder!

September 14th, 2011, 3:41 am


Aboud said:

“because China and other Eastern countries will pump money into Syria”

No one is going to pump money into a country where credit cards don’t work, the government won’t let you expatriate your profits, and the political outlook is so dismal. Syria has to compete with alot of other countries for DFI, and as things stand it is a worse prospect than Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Israel.

I know that living pipe dreams is a habit that’s hard for the menhebaks to get out of, especially at this age, but hopefully this experience will at least help you to start paying attention on how Globalization and the world economy really works.

September 14th, 2011, 3:44 am


ann said:

the economies of the west are running on over drive

unemployment is at zero

stock markets are at an all time high

poverty is a thing of the past

being married to your computer is a life

September 14th, 2011, 3:51 am


Aboud said:

An article from your favorite non-Persian country


EU ‘salutes courage of Syrian people’
Ria Novosti

The European Union praised on Tuesday the resolve of the Syrian people and urged the authorities to halt its crackdown on the opposition.

“The EU salutes the courage and determination of the Syrian people which they continue to demonstrate every day despite the repression,” a spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said.

“The EU demands that [President] Bashar al-Assad and his regime stop their violent campaign without delay and release all detained protesters,” the statement added.

The statement also included condemnation of “the killing of human rights activist Ghiath Matar while detained by the Syrian security forces.”

Matar, a key figure in the uprising which has rocked Syria since March, died after being arrested on September 6. Rights groups say he was tortured to death.

The UN says over 2,000 people have been killed since the start of the protests against Assad.

The U.S. and the EU have called for Assad to stand down.

September 14th, 2011, 4:00 am


ann said:

“The U.S. and the EU have called for Assad to stand down.”

Well that’s it then tomorrow Assad will obey and stand down.

Go to sleep now.

September 14th, 2011, 4:10 am


Aboud said:

“Well that’s it then tomorrow Assad will obey and stand down.”

Hahahah. Menhebak thinks that Athad stepping down and leaving Mubarak style is still an option.

We are far beyond that. Now, we want the little sh*t’s head, his and his brother’s.

Al Sha3eb yureed e3dam el safah!

September 14th, 2011, 4:15 am


W.M said:

@Syrian Prometheus
Please, I was (d’accord) on the same wave with your view until the boom: Alawites are armed!!!! So now I’m armed!! Enough what I’m reading that I don’t pay electricity and telephone bills, that I can work anywhere in the state sector, that I’m beating the faithfuls. Enough that an Alawite working in private sector is something very difficult and depends on hiding our identity and manipulating the usual question on Syrians: where are you from!!!
Many Alawites, are secular and against the regime.
Every time I defend the peaceful protestation I find myself with people who want my head, if they can see my Identity card!!!
I’m not going on Fridays, out of mosques, Calling Al Jihad just to be anti-regime. Believe me, I’m not the only one.
When it started in Hamadieh we were with those arrested. But when seeing with my eyes the armed people shooting and calling Jihad in Berzeh, I was disappointed. Even worse reading the blogs that these were peaceful protesters.
In the urban Damascus evolved some kind of a civil cohabitation (not optional of course, ask the first immigrants who came there in the sixties).
Deraa has some kind of a homogeneous community, except some Christians who fled their homes but nobody talking about.
But Banias, Lattakia and Homs (post the rural immigration) have some hostilities residual since the days of Ottoman occupation. No need a match to explode.
Democracy has to be social before to reflect itself on the political scene. When asking many of my pro revolution friends something like: a female president, rejection of sectarianism, secularism, abortion, civil marriages, divorce and many other things. Just try and ask the question on facebook, not in person, because the Syrians like to lie and manipulate.
We always discussed what is happening, we anticipated many years ago, and always wished that the regime get out but enough weakened to reform, since their is no alternative.

September 14th, 2011, 4:15 am


ann said:

OH! You did it now! The moderator is not going to like that!

Wait a minute. You are the moderator lol how did I forget that!

I take it back just keep it up and you’ll be fine lol

September 14th, 2011, 4:20 am


Aboud said:

This feels eerily like those times when I’m talking to a girl on the phone, and she won’t hang up until I hang up……

September 14th, 2011, 4:29 am



What did your mother teach you?

probably the same basic values your good mother must have tried to teach you. In my case, there may have been an additional push for both excellence and integrity, among other more complex skills that have paid handsomely in my adult social, intellectual, and professional life.

off course i now expect that you will lash back with long list of vices assaulting me and my good mother, exactly as a toddler would do when arguing as she/he drive themselves into a tantrum.

OTW stay in the wall and keep out of this moderator scandal.

This is one of the lamest insults hurled at me. In fact, most of your posts are child-like tantrums, painful to read for anyone who is developmentally above 12 years. It used to be 14, but you managed to go down a notch with every ban.

To the contrary, with high intelligence, compartmentalization can do miracles. Bill Clinton is known to be one of the most outstanding examples of compartmentalization. He was incredibly intelligent, productive, efficient, and focused. But in the end, his excessive compartmentalization may have been a factor in some of his most stupid actions he took. Although compartmentalization requires a reasonable above average intelligence, when those below average manage to apply it, the results are catastrophically targi-comical.

September 14th, 2011, 4:52 am



Dear Mr. Bashar Al Assad ex-president of the ex-Republic of Syria please make way. You have broken this country and its people. But now please go. You have arruined the economics and created a mafia and a gangster and criminal military. But now please take your belongings and go. Take a time to go and pray at any sufi mosque or chia mosque instead if you prefer and be wise and brave enough to take the final decision to go away.

September 14th, 2011, 5:27 am



If Erdogan is right when he says Syria is near to collapse into a Civil War I think menhebbaks who have proved to be nothing but a group of brainless people beneffiting from their positions under the rule of violence and the detention of arms, should collect their belongings as soon as possible and fly away.

Menhebbaks have shown that if they had not the power of arms and should have not used massively against civil population they should have been crushed long long time ago.

The no-returning point has been crossed at the speed of light. Syria will never be again what it once was. No one can try to look back and see anything, the acceleration of facts do not allow to see them just look in front of you to avoid any collision.

September 14th, 2011, 5:40 am


Basil W said:

@ #175 Aboud’s ‘jokes’:

…*sigh*/*facepalm*…Alright man that’s what’s up…

@ #170 Tara:

Yea I’m available for questions; it might take me a while to respond though because I’m busy with my studies, but nonetheless, I’ll answer any questions you have.

September 14th, 2011, 5:58 am


Ali said:

Wow! Ive been away for so long only to return to see the same childish comments made by the same childish people. YUP!! And Assads still in power.

September 14th, 2011, 6:19 am


annie said:

I stayed away from SC for a long time, but since I have come back I really appreciate it thanks in part to the “MB rabble-rousers”. Given the threats from the menhebaks, may be we should create a backup site where we can regroup when and if, God forbid, Josh gets his Syrian family threatened and is forced to close down or kick everyone out.

Ann, YOU are the one who needs counselling.

September 14th, 2011, 6:32 am


Akbar Palace said:


Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know you were a medical doctor, so I’ll try to be on my best behaviour!

Re: Post 206

I had some difficulty understanding some of your response. Every country and every government makes mistakes. My country, the USA, didn’t allow blacks and women to vote. It took between 100 and 200 years until both these mistakes were corrected.

Life will never be the same for Syrians, i just hope they can make the change peacefully, enough killing people and army.

The only person preventing peaceful change is the Assad clan and a small group of thugs.

Change is never easy, but the Syrians have been suffering for a LONG time. If the Assads had any conscience, like, say, Mubarak, he would call for multi-party elections and promise to step down if he is not elected. The Syrian army would protect Syrians and insure security until the elections. It isn’t that difficult is one is REALLY concerned about Syria like you are.

How an educated person like yourself and Professor Josh can continue to make excuses for the Assads is beyond comprehension for me, a non-Syrian observer.

September 14th, 2011, 7:19 am


Akbar Palace said:

I have a good friend psychiatrist in the Washington DC area…


I’m happy to see you are typing words instead of cutting a pasting articles (seriously). BTW – I see we live in the same area here in the FREE USA.

Tell us, do you like living here? Did you live in Syria at one time? Did you feel the earthquake last month??

September 14th, 2011, 7:26 am


Akbar Palace said:

Just like Livni boasting about cast lead.


Re: Post 243

To my knowledge, Syrian citizens are not firing thousands of missiles into population centers.

It is just my observation, but even though the Arab Spring is purely an internal Arab awakening, where Arabs are finally asking for their basic freedoms, part of this awakening is the ability of Arabs to accept Israel as permanent element of the ME, with the same rights to self-defense as any other ME nation.

At this point, there are still a few countries and many in the Arab Street that do not recognize the State of Israel. This may change as democracy grows.

September 14th, 2011, 7:37 am


Norman said:


The Syrian regime is like an elephant who started small in a room then became big and fat, it is difficult to change the direction of that elephant in the room, he has to put on a diet first then change direction, the regime has to see that by force only it can not control the situation, Assad does not have dictatorial control, he works out of the Baath party and the army and after what happened to those in Iraq, it is fear what is motivating them more than brain, you know people in Israel who think the same about Israel.

Peaceful transition is what is needed, with the army securing minority rights and peaceful transfer of power.

The opposition has to accept that and not seek the dissolution of the army and the Baath party to gain trust.

September 14th, 2011, 7:52 am


Akbar Palace said:


Your comparison of the Syrian government to an oversized elephant doesn’t seem accurate to me. You are Syrian, so perhaps you know something I don’t.

Usually large elephants describe large countries with huge bureaucracies like the US, Russia, the UK, France, etc, where it takes a long time to get something small completed.

Moreover, the government leadership is the Assad family. Don’t they call the shots? If the head of the Syrian Army says, “continue to protect Syria under my direction and, oh, BTW, we’re going to hold multi-party elections” don’t you think the army would comply?? I don’t think the army is against free elections, especially if we are seeing defections.

It seems to me “peaceful transition” is being withheld because of a few power-hungry individuals, not some hypothetically large elephant.

September 14th, 2011, 8:05 am


annie said:

This might be an encore : http://youtu.be/xdmlPhWIAuw (Message from Anonymous: Operation Syria )

This is Telecomix.
We come in peace to Syrian citizens
Call to Syrian Citizens

telecomix logo: opsyria
This is Telecomix. We come in Peace.
We come to deliver a safety message.
You can download these pages as ZIP for offline viewing.
Possible threats you face when using Internet

If you publicly express an opinion against the authorities on the Internet, expect that you or your family will most probably be threatened by Moukhabarats.
Torture is also known to be used as retaliation measure (shown by the example of Ali Farzat) and to force people to give up their Facebook login and password in order to identify and capture their friends, relatives and associates.
Publishing a simple song on the Internet can lead you to death, like Ibrahim Qashoosh who had his throat cut because of a song he invented.
These risks are real and extremely serious. Lots of people have already died because of their Internet activities, which the Syrian government considered a threat to their power.

Means of communication that can put you in danger

Skype should be avoided. The company has been caught providing governments with access to users data in the past.
Facebook, MSN, Gmail and Google+ are known to be monitored by the Syrian government to keep track of all potential opponents. They use fake accounts to fool people and spy on them and their friends. They steal passwords by means of either monitoring or torture. All chat data on Facebook, Yahoo, MSN and Gtalk are not secure and can be seen by authorities.
Web browsing is monitored and censored at all times using equipment manufactured by an American company called BlueCoat, and bought by the Syrian government. Every Google/Yahoo search you do and every comment you post either on a blog or on Facebook is for sure intercepted and stored. Some websites are censored to prevent Syrian citizens from accessing to information that authorities unilaterally consider as unwanted.
Do not use Ultrasurf, it has been reported to send private data to servers that have not been identified yet.
Internet cafés are the worst possible traps. Every key you strike, website you visit, application you start or word you say through Skype can be recorded thanks to pre-installed spying software. Moukhabarats are highly present in Internet cafés.
Assume every phone call can be listened to by authorities (either cell phone or landline). Never transmit sensitive information by telephone.

Simple precautions to guarantee minimal safety

Use antivirus software to scan your computers for malwares that can track your activity even on your own computer.
Change your passwords often, use complicated passwords.
On the Web, use httpS:// instead of http:// as often as possible. The s stands for SSL and encrypts the flow of data between you and the website, making it much more difficult to read by authorities, even if intercepted. Example: SSL-secured Google search is available at https://www.google.com.
Never transmit passwords or any sensitive information to non-HTTPS websites, as they will be intercepted and stored by authorities without effort.
Never ask Google to send you a text message on your cellphone to recover an account.
Authorities also try to spy on HTTPS connections, but it can be detected with simple verifications that we describe here.
Never reveal information that can personally identify you or your associates on the Internet. Change your online identity often (use multiple aliases to disguise who you are).
Remove the battery from your cell phone (cell phones can be used to locate your position in real time).
Always remember that the safest way of communication is a physical one-to-one conversation while walking in the street.

Software to communicate more safely

Web Browsing:
Prefer browsing with Firefox.
Use Tor to scramble the path between your computer and websites you visit, thus increasing your anonymity. Download Tor-enabled Firefox package in Arabic or English. Tor can also help you accessing censored websites.
Usage of HTTPS can be enforced on many websites with the Firefox plugin HTTPS Everywhere, available here.
Another plugin can help in detecting attempts to spy on HTTPS connections, it is named Certificate Patrol.
Safe E-mail Communication:
Secure encrypted webmail can replace Gmail, Hotmail and others: https://www.hushmail.com is fully secured and anonymous, for example.
If you use Thunderbird, the content of your e-mails can be encrypted using Enigmail plugin.
Discrete Message Broadcasting:
http://m.essag.es provides an efficient way to publish encrypted messages quickly. Write your message, encrypt it with two keys and broadcast the URL. The same keys are used for decryption.
Voice Communication (Secure Skype Replacement):
Telecomix provides a Mumble server. Download Mumble and connect to hello.ceops.eu or talk.endno.de. These servers are SSL-secured. This software is simple and allows chatrooms and private chats. You can connect through Tor so that authorities will not even notice you are using Mumble.
Encourage your family and friends to do the same, so that you do not rely on Skype anymore.
Instant Communication
Google Talk, MSN and Facebook chat can be used more securely thanks to Pidgin with OTR extension enabled. Use all your accounts from Pidgin and make sure OTR is active in all conversations.
Telecomix provides HTTPS Web access to a simple and anonymous Internet Relay Chat server. It is available at https://chat.werebuild.eu/?channels=opsyria. It allows for secure private communication as well as chatrooms.
Many IRC servers exist, most of them accepting secure (SSL) connections. IRC clients such as X-Chat can be used.

Troubles downloading software ?

Authorities may be forbidding the download of some software we mention here. We prepared counter-measures and provide alternative links for most essential software at the bottom of this page.
Who are we ?

This message comes from people of the Internet called Telecomix, who support freedom of speech and fight against censorship and invasion of privacy.
We have supported free communication in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.
We have hacked into Syrian Telecommunications Establishment’s network and unveiled a vast surveillance infrastructure. Your Internet activity is monitored by your government.
We have caused this Internet breakdown to try to help you recover a full freedom of speech on the Internet. You are undergoing extreme Internet restriction and surveillance, which are considered a violation of basic human rights.
We wrote this document to increase Syrian people’s awareness on the dangers they incur and to give protective tools. You can find a shorter, printable version here.
We are not seeking money and are not endorsed with any government or corporation. We are individual activists gathered around the idea of freedom of expression.

Let the world know what is going on:

Telecomix can help you get the word out while protecting your identity. Videos, sounds, texts, testimonies, leaked documents, or any sensitive data can be anonymously published.
You are very welcome on our secure and totally anonymous Internet Relay Chat, simply accessible through this URL: https://chat.werebuild.eu/?channels=opsyria. All you have to do is to choose a nickname and connect. We can give you additional advices.
Non-governmental organizations:
Red Cross (USA) – phone: +1 2023035000
Human Rights First – phone: +1 2128455200 – fax: +1 2025435999
International newspapers:
Al Jazeera – phone: +974 44897446 – fax: +974 44897472
New York Times – phone: +1 2125561831
CNN – phone: +1 4048782276 – fax: +1 4048271995
ABC News – phone: +1 2129754321
BBC – phone: +44 2084332221 – fax: +44 2084333266
We strongly hope to hear from many of you.

End of Message

In French :


Still, I am leery

September 14th, 2011, 8:07 am


Revlon said:

Two thugs whipping a boy to prostrate to Jr’s photo.
He found it less painful to spit on it!

تعذيب طفل في مدرسه بمدينة إنخل على يد عصابات الأسد

September 14th, 2011, 8:19 am


norman said:

I am just saying that the Syrian regime and structure is too complicated for just an executive order to change, if president Assad moves faster he will be swept away,he is swimming in raging river with many rocks, getting to the bank need a lot of work.

September 14th, 2011, 8:20 am


Akbar Palace said:

It’s “Complicated”?

I am just saying that the Syrian regime and structure is too complicated for just an executive order to change, if president Assad moves faster he will be swept away,he is swimming in raging river with many rocks, getting to the bank need a lot of work.


Norman, this will be my last response, and then I’ll move to the sideline on this issue. Thanks again.

Mubarak stepped down, and the huge protests stopped. The army took political control and continues to defend and provide security (except for the Israeli embassy). The world didn’t come to an end. I think the same could have been done in Syria, except that there are some very selfish people are in control there, namely Bashar Assad.

September 14th, 2011, 8:38 am


Revlon said:

KIW phalange unit of the FOM ambushed Regime’s security and paramilitia convoy on the Road to Hama killing more than 30 and wounding more than 20 of them.

Three of the FOM unit fell martyrs in the attack.
AlFatiha upon their souls,
May God bless their families with solace and empower them with patience.
Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية
أوغاريت || برق::
كتيبة خالد بن الوليد من الجيش السورى الحر نصبت كمينا لقافلة قمع من الشبيحة و الامن متجهه الى حماه بالقذائف الصاروخية و الرشاشات الخفيفة و قاموا بتدمير شاحنتيت زيل محملتين بالشبيحة و الأمن التابع لبشار الاسد مما ادى الى سقوط أكثر من 30 قتيلا و نحو عشرون جريحا و استشهاد 3 من أفراد الكتيبة ممن نصبوا الكمين,,,,
about an hour ago

September 14th, 2011, 9:14 am


Revlon said:

FSA and FOM have taken another initiative to stamp their authority as the legitimate armed forces of Syria.

The High Military Council of the FSA and FOA will be announcing an ultimatum for high offciails in the iliigitimate government to resign or defect.

Failing the ultimatum would render them liable to be charged with treason and complicity in the killing and torture of civilians.

The targeted high official groups exclude the Army and Security Forces and include:
1. Diplomatic corps
2. Media corps
3. Writers
4. Baath party members.
5. Government administration
6. Employees of companies supporting the regime.

Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية

أوغاريت|| برق:
المجلس العسكرى الاعلى السورى لجيش سوريا الحر ووحدات الضباط الاحرار المنشقين فى سوريا يقوم الان بتحديد مهلة نهائية لانشقاق أو استقالة كل من:
1-الدبلوماسيين و السفراء
4-المسؤولين في حزب البعث
5-المسؤولين في الدوائر الحكومية
6-المسؤولين في الشركات التي تدعم النظام
و يستثنى العسكريون و رجال الأمن
علماً أن كل من يتجاوز هذه المهلة من الكوادر المذكورة آنفاً تحت إمرة النظام فإنه سيحاكم بتهمة الخيانة و مشاركة النظام في عمليات القتل و التعذيب التى تجرى فى سوريا,,,,

about an hour ago

September 14th, 2011, 9:25 am


Aboud said:

“Given the threats from the menhebaks, may be we should create a backup site where we can regroup”

I agree. Let’s think on this for a moment.

September 14th, 2011, 9:42 am


Haytham Khoury said:

Nice video clip

September 14th, 2011, 9:44 am


Anne-marie Goossens said:

300. Haytham Khoury It is an excellent video

Following your example, Oustad Khoury, I am posting under my real name. I am still Annie nevertheless. anniebannie (annie banished from Syria)

Aboud: it would not be that easy though. JL is a precious source of information and it would be a pity to lose him. There is also the safety of the SC pple inside Syria.

September 14th, 2011, 9:56 am


norman said:

2011-09-14 11:24:10

سوريا ترد على المطالب العربية لوقف العنف بمبادرة “لتعزيز الديمقراطية في كل الدول العربية”

دمشق ترفض بيان “الوزاري العربي” وتعتبره “عملاً عدائيا” و”محاولة لإفشال مهمة نبيل العربي”

ذكرت وكالات الانباء ان سوريا طرحت خلال اجتماع وزراء الخارجية العرب مبادرة “لتعزيز الديمقراطية والإصلاح في كل الدول العربية” تدعو هذه الدول لرفع حالات الطوارئ والغاء محاكم امن الدولة إنشاء مجالس للشعب وسن دساتير تضمن حقوق الإنسان والحريات، إلى جانب قوانين تسمح بإنشاء الاحزاب والتظاهر السلمي وحرية الإعلام، وذلك بعد مطالبة الدول العربية لدمشق بـ”الوقف الفوري لإراقة الدماء وتنفيذ المبادرة العربية”.

وذكرت وكالة الانباء السورية الرسمية (سانا) ان ممثل سوريا في الجامعة العربية يوسف احمد وجه انتقادات صريحة لبعض الدول العربية في تعاملها مع الازمة السورية، وتناول دولة قطر بالاسم واتهمها بخدمة المصالح الامريكية، قبل أن يطرح “مبادرة للجمهورية العربية السورية تتضمن مشروع قرار يصدر عن مجلس جامعة الدول العربية ويعكس رؤية عربية متكاملة تلبي الإرادة المشتركة للشعوب العربية من خلال تبني حزمة من الإصلاحات السياسية والاجتماعية والاقتصادية وبما يكفل تعزيز الديمقراطية واحترام حقوق الإنسان ويتصدى لمحاولات التدخل الخارجي في الشؤون الداخلية للدول العربية”.

واوضحت وكالة انباء “الشرق الاوسط” المصرية، حيث جرى الاجتماع الوزراي العربي، أن المبادرة السورية تضمنت “العمل على رفع حالة الطوارئ في البلدان العربية التي لاتزال تطبق هذه الحالة، وإلغاء محاكم امن الدولة في البلدان التي لديها مثل هذه المحاكم. والدعوة إلى حوار وطني شامل تشارك فيه كل الفعاليات للوصول إلى صيغة دستورية تضمن مشاركة الجميع، وسيادة القانون، وعدم التمييز وتأكيد الحقوق الأساسية للإنسان، وإعداد قوانين الانتخابات البرلمانية والإدارة المحلية”.

كما تتضمن المبادرة السوربة، حسب الوكالة المصرية، “وضع دساتير تضمن كل الحريات وضمان إنشاء مجالس الشعب، وتشكيل الأحزاب وحرية عمل المنظمات غير الحكومية، وتطبيق الأسس الديموقراطية والشورى والحكم الرشيد والمساواة، وصياغة قوانين فورية لحرية الإعلام، وحق التظاهر السلمي”.

وقالت “سانا” إن “رئيس وزراء قطر الرئيس الجديد لمجلس جامعة الدول العربية تجاهل بشكل غير مبرر التعامل مع المبادرة أو إصدار أي قرار أو توصية بشأنها”.

كما نتقدت الوكالة بحدة تسلم قطر رئاسة المجلس الوزاري بعد تنازل فلسطين، وقالت إن “دولة فلسطين تسلمت الأحد الماضي رئاسة الدورة الحالية لمجلس جامعة الدول العربية، وفوجئت الأطراف العربية في الجامعة بتخلي فلسطين صباح أمس عن رئاسة الدورة 136 ومنحها لدولة قطر”.

وأضافت الوكالة الرسمية أن “الأوساط الدبلوماسية داخل جامعة الدول العربية وصفت هذه الخطوة بغير المبررة والمتعارضة مع أسس العمل العربي المشترك ومع القواعد الراسخة للتداول المنتظم لرئاسة المجلس، وخاصة أنها جرت في الوقت الذي تستعد فيه دولة فلسطين للتوجه إلى الأمم المتحدة بدعم عربي من أجل تأكيد الحق الفلسطيني التاريخي بقيام الدولة الفلسطينية المستقلة والحصول على العضوية الكاملة في المنظمة الدولية”.

ومن النادر ان يوجه الإعلام الرسمي السوري انتقادات حادة بهذا الوضوح للدول العربية الأخرى.

وكان المجلس الوزاري العربي أصدر بيانا في ختام اجتماعه امس طالب فيه السلطات السورية بـ”الوقف الفوري لإراقة الدماء، وتجنيب المواطنين السوريين المزيد من اعمال العنف والقتل”.

واكد البيان ان وقف العنف يتطلب “من القيادة السورية اتخاذ الاجراءات العاجلة لتنفيذ ما وافقت عليه من نقاط اثناء زيارة الامين العام” للجامعة العربية نبيل العربي اليها السبت الماضي والتي عرضها خلالها المبادرة العربية لانهاء الازمة في سوريا.

وذكرت “سانا” أن سوريا ولبنان أعلنتا “تحفظهما على البيان الذي صدر عن المجلس بخصوص الوضع في سورية حيث أعلن السفير يوسف أحمد رفض سورية للبيان جملة وتفصيلا واعتبره عملاً عدائيا وغير بناء في التعامل مع الأزمة في سورية ومحاولة لإفشال مهمة الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية”.

واعتبر الاحمد أن هذا السعي لإفشال مهمة العربي “حقيقة انعكست من خلال مواقف ممثلي بعض الدول العربية ومن مناخات التفاوض التي سادت اجتماع المجلس والتي تناقضت بشكل فاضح مع المضامين الايجابية لتقرير الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية عن زيارته الأخيرة إلى سورية ولقائه بالرئيس الأسد”.

واستشهد السفير السوري في هذا الصدد بما اسمته “سانا”، “وقائع ثابتة وموثقة حول محاولة بعض الأطراف العربية الرسمية والإعلامية منذ البداية إفشال مهمة أمين عام جامعة الدول العربية وعرقلة زيارته إلى سورية ولقائه بالرئيس الأسد”.

وكان العربي زار دمشق الاسبوع الماضي واجرى كحتدثات مع الاسد وتم خلالها “الاتفاق على خطوات لتسريع الإصلاحات”، دون ان يتم الإيضاح ما إذا كانت هذه الخطوات هي عبارة عن المبادرة العربية التي حملها العربي للأسد وتتضمن 13 بندا تبدأ بوقف فوري للعنف وتنتهي بانتخابات رئاسية تعددية بنهاية ولاية الاسد الحالية عام 2014، مرورا بحكومة وحدة وطنية ومجلس شعب تعددي ودستور جديد.


September 14th, 2011, 10:00 am


Aboud said:

So, they slit the man’s throat, then fire tear gas canisters at the tent where his family are receiving mourners.

Qurdaha primitive mentality. “Stone age here we come?” The Qurdaha thugs never left the stone age.

Report: Syria attacked mourners after US visit
CBS News
September 14, 2011 8:55 AM


BEIRUT – Syrian troops fired tear gas at a gathering of mourners just hours after U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford and other Western diplomats expressed their condolences to the family of a rights advocate killed last week, activists said Wednesday.

The incident could increase already high tensions between Washington and Damascus, which has accused the United States of helping incite violence in Syria. Authorities have also criticized two earlier visits by Ford to the country’s central and southern regions.

The Syrian regime is trying to crush a 6-month-old uprising with deadly force that has killed some 2,600 people, according to U.N. estimates.

Special Section: Anger in the Arab World
Syria mounts deadly raids as Russia backs regime
Iran condemns violent Syrian crackdown

Also Wednesday, Syrian troops conducted raids in the northwestern province of Idlib and the central region of Homs, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties.

The raids came a day after more than 20 people were killed throughout Syria, according to the Observatory and Mustafa Osso, a Syria-based rights activist.

Osso, who runs the Local Coordination Committees activist network, said the attack on mourners occurred on Tuesday night, after Ford and several other ambassadors had left the gathering in the Damascus suburb of Daraya.

Osso said troops fired tear gas at the tent with mourners and relatives of Ghayath Mattar but no one was hurt.

Mattar was detained on Sept. 6 and his body was returned to his family over the weekend.

A U.S. embassy official confirmed Ford’s visit, saying he was accompanied by other diplomats. An amateur video posted on YouTube showed Ford and several other Westerners at a gathering as verses from the Quran, Islam’s holy book, blared from loudspeakers.

Last month, President Barack Obama demanded Syrian President Bashar Assad resign because he had lost legitimacy as a ruler. Major U.S. allies such as Britain, France, Germany and the European Union have made similar moves.

Washington and the EU have also imposed sanctions on some Syrian officials because of Assad’s crackdown.

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-20105957.html#ixzz1Xw3iVHMi

September 14th, 2011, 10:07 am


hsyrian said:

Ambassador Ahmad: Some Arab Sides Are Hindering Solving Crisis in Syria

Sep 14, 2011

CAIRO, (SANA) – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the Arab League (AL), Youssef Ahmad, on Tuesday warned of the negative attitudes of some Arab sides which hinder solving the crisis in Syria.

Ambassador Ahmad was speaking at the concluding session of the 136 AL Council held at the AL headquarters in Cairo on the level of foreign ministers.

“There are Arab sides which have adopted negative stances that do not at all help in solving the crisis in Syria, and are implementing the dictates of some international powers which are leading the conspiracy and exerting suspicious pressure on Syria,” said Ambassador Ahmad.

He continued that “any attitude taken by the AL towards the situation in Syria should be based on the positive and constructive content of the AL Secretary-General’s report. Otherwise the Syrian people won’t forget that some of the Arabs, whom they used to support and help over the years, rejected to help them and played a negative role side by side with the international powers which are targeting Syria’s security, stability and national role.”

During the meeting, the AL Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi presented a report on the talks he held with President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday including a review of the measures he agreed upon with the Syrian leadership to find solutions for the current crisis in Syria in what leads to putting an end to all forms of violence and securing Syria’s stability and security.

Al-Arabi’s report also included agreement on the means of moving forward in the political reforms in Syria and on sending a high-level AL Secretariat-General delegation to visit the Syrian cities and areas and see the reality on the ground.

Ambassador Ahmad said Syria is moving ahead with the reform process in response to its citizens’ legitimate demands and with performing its national duty of protecting the Syrian people and their security and defending the country’s stability and national unity.

He stressed that Syria will come out of the current crisis stronger and more firm in the face of the conspiracy and the foreign pressures aimed at forcing Syria to give up its principled national and pan-Arab and stances which support the Arab right and the Palestinian Cause.

The Ambassador presented a Syrian initiative on a draft resolution to be issued by the AL Council which reflects an integral Arab vision that meets the joint will of the Arab peoples through adopting a package of political, economic and social reforms to ensure enhancing democracy and respecting human rights and facing all attempts of foreign interference in the Arab countries’ internal affairs.

At the end of the meeting, Syria and Lebanon announced their reservation on the AL Council statement about the situation in Syria, with Ambassador Ahmad stressing Syria’s total rejection of the statement and considering it “a hostile and non-constructive act” in dealing with the crisis in Syria and an attempt to foil the AL Secretary General’s mission.

September 14th, 2011, 10:20 am


hsyrian said:

National Dialogue Sessions Continue in the Syrian Provinces and Universities

Sep 14, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- With the participation of representatives of various popular and economic activities and academic and social figures from all spectrums of the society and political parties, independent, and opposition representatives, national dialogue sessions continued on Wednesday in the Syrian provinces and universities.

The sessions aim to discuss various visions to set up a common platform for the work during the forthcoming stage based on enhancing the independence of the national decision, maintaining the national sovereignty and respecting the freedom of the citizen and law sovereignty.

September 14th, 2011, 10:22 am


Real Syrian said:

My dear I a have a terrible personal story about privacy breach on this blog …..JL knows what I mean……. I suggest all pro Syria writers here to stop writing and even reading of it as I see this blog has become like a channel of Aljazeera group…..

To Dr.Landis
I suggest again to stop the comment section on this blog and send our comments in another way like a special email…..such way allows readers to comment on the main post without turning the page to a chatting page or making it a method of insulting.

Dear JL
if you want to contact me please do not use the email which is related to this account as I think it was hacked by???????

September 14th, 2011, 10:28 am


hsyrian said:

“Building the Syrian State” Movement Inaugurated

Sep 13, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – “Building the Syrian State” Movement was announced on Tuesday formed by a number of Syrian individuals. The movement has offices in several provinces and some countries of the world.

Louai Hussain, a founder of the movement, said the movement’s vision is building a democratic civil state and achieving social justice in consultation with all social spectrums.

Hussain added that the movement will be involved publicly in the political life and will contribute through its programs to empowering the Syrian people, particularly the young people to get involved in the public life to help shift to a democratic civil state.

Hussain pointed out that during the coming days a plan will be presented on the suggestions and mechanisms of achieving democracy and contributing to creating political life through working on constructing the state of law and civil society based on citizenship.

He said that the movement will also work on achieving its objectives through achieving sustainable development and focusing on democratic economy that takes into consideration the policy of social justice.

Mona Ghanem, a founder of the movement, said the current crisis in Syria showed the desire of the Syrian people to take part in building a political life that expresses their aspirations, pointing out to the importance of investing the desire to build a pluralist political life governed by the constitution and protected by law.

She also pointed out to the importance of current dialogue in the Syrian provinces being a positive political atmosphere.


September 14th, 2011, 10:29 am


hsyrian said:

Syrian opposition members Hassan Kamel, Louai Hussain, Mona Ganem and Bahaa Al Deen Erkad at a press conference in Damascus to announce the formation of a party called ‘Building the Syrian State’. This is the first party to be announced in Syria since the endorsement of the multi-party law by Syrian President Bashar Al Assad last month.

with a photo

September 14th, 2011, 10:29 am


N.Z. said:

209. Syria no kandahar said: “How would Abood know that I am banned befor that shows on line.if Abood is his moderator he is violating privacy laws,and SC is run by jisr alshoghor laws.

…… I have been suspecting all along Arbood is Ammar Abdulhameed.”

SNK, this is a blog to exchange and receive information and debate issues that are related to Syria, politically, socially and economically.

No one is interested why SNK? where is SNK? who is SNK? this blog is not about shooting the messenger, it is about debating the message.

We are interested in moving forward collectively, with you.

A better future is awaiting us all. Syria is no longer about one family, one party, either you or me. Syria is much bigger, her history is telling, her people are capable of changing and weathering change.

You are a patriotic Syrian with a lovely sense of humour, a witty poet, you are.

Attacking any message is acceptable by JL and all, atacking the messenger is not, me and I are incapable of producing any useful result, WE, collectively, will be able to rise from the ashes and rebuild this neglected nation, a nation that was hijacked by one family, on the expense of all Syrians, for half a century. Let us move forward with a common word. How can we move forward collectively, and build our nation?

September 14th, 2011, 10:35 am


Tara said:

Regime supporters losing their argument and displaying complete intellectual bankruptcy therefore restoring to false accusation of JL and SC. They are doing exactly what the Syrian regime have done for the last 40 years and continued to do, inventing conspiracies. The conspiracy now is about SC. They would like to see this site closed so the murderer Syrian regime is not exposed. If you do not like it here, nobody is forcing you to stay. You are not going to be missed! Believe me.

September 14th, 2011, 10:41 am


Revlon said:

The following is a personal translation of a leaked communiqué sent by Air Force Security Chief and addressed to Army Chief of Staff concerning the circumstances and cause of death of civilian while in detention in Air Force Security prison.

It serves to show an example of the “standard procedure” for reporting, investigating and arriving at the cause of death of civilians who die while in prsion, in the custody of security.


To: General Dawood Rajha, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces
From: General Jameel Hasan, Director of Air Forces Security Forces Administration
Date: 07/05/2011

Subject: Report on the death Mr Mahmood Abdelrahman and Recommendation for Approval

Mr Mahmood AbdelRahman, born in Msaifra, Dar3a in 1939, was refered to us due to his participation in demonstration, vandalism and attacking a Military residential compound.

Initial hearing yielded the following: After Friday prayer on 24/04/2011 and incited by Preacher Imam Ahmad Al3adawi, he set out with others to Saida Military Residential compound for staging a protest and attacking the compound in order to help undo Dar3a blockade.

During the medical round on 01/05/2011 the 71 year old elderly was found free of complaints and had “normal chest and heart”. BP was 95/60 and pulse was 80 and regular.
The subject had breakfast and later underwent another medical evaluation and his condition was normal, without chest or heart complaints. BP was 115/70 and pulse was 87 and regular. Later he had an uneventful lunch.
His medical condition deteriorated suddenly in the same evening at 19:30 and according to the doctor who examined him, he developed heart arrest. Attempted CPR was unsuccessful; food residues were found in his mouth.
He was pronounced dead due to heart arrest resulting from acute myocardial infarction.

His body was transferred to the Department of Forensic Medicine at Teshreen Military Hospital. It was inspected by the investigative team comprised of the Assistant to the Chief Military Attorney Officer Samer Deeb Abbas, and Forensic Medical Expert Doctor Colonel Akram AlSha3ar. The team concluded that death was caused by acute myocardial infarction.

Upon completion of the medical and legal investigations, The Military Judiciary decided to release the body to the family on 03/05/2011 and passed the order to Teshreen Hospital.

In case the Military Judiciary have not yet finalized its report, we recommend that the related legal file be retained at the Military Judiciary.
Otherwise we urge adding the following caveat prior to submission to the General Commander of the Armed Forces; Not subject to any further judicial investigation.
Personal observations:
1. The detained subject, a 71 elderly was arrested for something that has nothing to do with the security of the Air Force, yet he ended up in Qabeeh Bishe3’s dungeon!
2. Those who arrested the man knew he was an elderly. This means that anti-demonstration laws, signed by Thug One apply and are enforced regardless of age.
3. The said charge was outrageous considering the age of the victim, which included vandalism and attacking a Military residential compound!
4. Cause of death was arrived at without proper forensic autopsy. In the future, bodies of victims could be examined exhumis and findings would be compared such perfunctory forensic reports. Major discrepancies would add to the piles of charges waiting for all of those involved
5. The Military Judiciary is under the influence of the investigating teams of the Security Forces.
6. The final report ends up at Thug One’s desk, in his capacity as the Commander in Chief of The Armed Forces.
As such, he is more informed than any of his military generals, security chiefs, or human rights activists on the exact number of those who have and will be dying of torture in his dungeons.

September 14th, 2011, 11:07 am


ann said:

Syrian Analyst: Chaos in Syria Linked to Zionist and Western Plots

During a meeting with the Russian-Syrian Friendship Association on Tuesday, Sep 13, Syrian Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed that events taking place in Syria are linked to Zionist and Western plots to divide Arab countries and end the Arab-Israeli conflict without restoring Arab rights.


Ahlul Bayt News Agency – During a meeting with the Russian-Syrian Friendship Association on Tuesday, Sep 13, Syrian Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed that events taking place in Syria are linked to Zionist and Western plots to divide Arab countries and end the Arab-Israeli conflict without restoring Arab rights.

During the meeting, Shaaban reviewed the facets of the Syrian situation and its connections to foreign agendas, stressing that facts and confessions of terrorists confirm the existence of foreign plots and sides that provide logistic support and media coverage to cause violence and undermine Syria’s stability.

Shaaban stressed as well that the priority is realizing the interests of the Syrian people, stating “we don’t believe the West and other forces in the region when they talk about democracy and human rights… we have blatant examples of the violation of those rights and destruction of countries in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and more.”

For his part, Chairman of the Association Alexander Dzasokhov affirmed that the majority of the Russian people support Syria in the face of the hostile plots targeting it, noting that Russian public opinion and political, parliamentary and social figures agree with the Russian leadership in rejecting foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

In a similar meeting, Shaaban underlined with members of the Syrian community in Russia the recent reform steps and laws in political, economic and social fields.

In turn, members of the Syrian community expressed their support of their homeland under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, voicing confidence in Syria’s ability to overcome the current crisis and expressing readiness to do all that can help achieve this, reiterating rejection of all attempts to destabilize Syria and undermine its dignity.

They also lauded the stances of Russian people and leadership in support of Syria’s aspirations to resolve its issues on its own and build a modern, prosperous country without tampering with its sovereignty and internal affairs.

September 14th, 2011, 11:25 am


N.Z. said:

Norman, HSYRIAN,

How can any one trust criminals?

From March 15, to this day, the only change the regime was capable of: to escalate the disturbance into a full scale riot, in every area they ventured in.

A regime that is adamant on rhetoric. Their language is persuasive, but lacking in sincerity, the truth is, all we ever heard from this family is empty rhetoric.

Ghiath Matar, 27 year old, killed and handed to his family, with words no one can come up with, what they uttered is sickening. This young man and his friends were keen on creativity, handing water and flowers to junior security forces.

When the late Ibrahim Kashoush talked about their deeds in chanting, he was terminated. A man that was junior’s age when his father killed thousands of Hamwis in 3 days or less, their was no reporters, Twitter, cell phones.. today, seeing is believing. Some atrocities are documented, unfortunately the majority are not. Thanks to the utter stupidity of the three amigos, beesho, maher and assef.

Any opposition figure can be terminated, any innocent by-passer can be suspicious. They were never trusted, hey can never be trusted. Many of their close men were liquidated. Their turn has come. Time is not their friend, with every ticking second, their end is closer.

September 14th, 2011, 11:26 am


ann said:

N.Z. we trust israel don’t we?

September 14th, 2011, 11:32 am


ann said:

Russia warns of Syria terror threat – 4:19PM BST 14 Sep 2011

Russia warned on Wednesday that “terrorist organisations” could arise in Syria if President Bashar al-Assad’s regime fell under pressure from ongoing street protests.


The comments marked the latest salvo in a heated war of words between Russia and the West over its traditional regional ally – a country listed as a state sponsor of terrorism by the United States.

The foreign ministry’s new challenges and threats department chief Ilya Rogachyov said Western military intervention was threatening to create new hotbeds of extremist activity in a region already shaken by war in Iraq.

“If the Syrian government is unable to hold on to power, there is a high probability that radicals and representatives of terrorist organisations will become entrenched,” the Interfax news agency quoted the top foreign ministry official as saying.

Russia has been attracting increasing international anger over its continued support for Syria despite a government crackdown on protests that the United Nations estimates to have killed around 2,600 people.

Moscow has refused to support Western sanctions against Assad’s regime and argued that equal pressure should also be placed on the protesters who refuse to engage Assad in direct talks.

President Dmitry Medvedev last week also said that some of those taking part in the Syrian demonstration had links to “terrorists”.

Russia intends to send a group of senators to Syria in the coming days to come with its own ground report and has previously vowed to continue supplying arms to Assad’s government.

The standoff highlights growing tensions that began nearly a decade ago when US-led forces invaded Iraq and escalated further with this year’s Nato-led campaign in Libya.

Moscow enjoyed wide authority in the region in the Soviet era and has watched with increasing alarm as Western pressure and a public frustration helped push veteran regional leaders from power.

Rogachyov cautioned that it was premature to say whether new governments such as the one being set up in Libya would be able to survive and ensure security and peace.

“Strange things are happening in Libya,” Interfax quoted Rogachyov as saying during a lecture in Russia’s second city of Saint Petersburg.

“Weapons stores have been burgled and no one knows what happened,” he said. “We can say with a high degree of probability that the weapons fell into the hands of the regional department of al-Qaeda.”

Russia heavily criticised the Nato-led campaign against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces after abstaining on a UN vote that authorised the action.

September 14th, 2011, 11:34 am


N.Z. said:

As much as we trust a self serving family, assad’s and their cronies.

Both denied people their, DIGNITY, EQUALITY and SOCIAL JUSTICE.

September 14th, 2011, 11:40 am


ann said:

Child convinced she’s on holiday with her father in Syria

Tuesday September 13 2011


It is thought a plan to send May to Catholic school this week may have been the impetus for Assad to take the decision to abduct his daughter. He wants the child to be raised as a Muslim and reportedly, he wants Louise to sell everything she owns and live with him and May in Syria as an Islamic family. It is believed that Mostafa is being sheltered in Syria by his parents.

September 14th, 2011, 11:51 am


EHSANI2 said:

Dr. Landis is traveling so he cannot answer for himself now. Abboud is not the moderator of this blog (no it is not me either).

As Dr. Landis explained before, this forum is about to be taken down very soon (perhaps in a week). I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Landis on a personal level for years. He has an impeccable character.

There is no conspiracy theory anywhere. Private email addresses are not shared or compromised. Cut out the nonsense.

These are very emotional times. Enjoy the little that is left to argue on a forum that has given us all a place to vent, learn and argue.

September 14th, 2011, 11:54 am


Afram said:

Welcome to sunni comment Anarchism,home of Chaos Revolution!

saudi barbaria intends to rape syria,oops,my bad,to democratize syria a la saudi way,again by raping….

barbarians salafists thinks filthy oil money&corruption is above the civilized laws

A Spanish court has reopened a rape case against Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, a man Forbes recently dubbed the richest man in the Arab world. Prince Alaweed allegedly drugged and raped a 20-year-old model aboard a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean in August 2008, according to the New York Times, but the case was quietly dropped last summer for what a judge on the resort island of Ibiza deemed a lack of evidence.

But now a provincial court has ordered the judge to reopen the investigation and summon the prince to court. A spokesman for Prince Alwaleed’s investment firm said the accusations were “completely and utterly false,” adding that the prince wasn’t even in Ibiza in August 2008, but rather in Paris and Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. But a lawyer for the alleged victim says tests confirm she was drugged and sexually assaulted, and he’s calling on the prince to provide a DNA sample.

September 14th, 2011, 11:54 am


ann said:


Your salvation is at hand. The blog of tyranny and shame is coming down in one week

September 14th, 2011, 11:57 am


N.Z. said:

Ann FYI, in case you missed it.

September 14th, 2011, 11:59 am


ann said:

`al-walid is half lebanese

September 14th, 2011, 12:02 pm


Aboud said:


When I first came to this blog, it was full of menhebaks, a revolutionary didn’t have room to move about, and its articles were really quite one sided.

Thanks to the efforts of patriotic Syrians, we now find ourselves in a situation where the menhebaks whine that this blog has become an arm of Al-Jazeera. Their whine is a testament to their ineptitude in debating others 🙂

Only a menhebak would rejoice at the fact that Dr Landis is closing down his blog. Before, it was a stronghold of menhebak opinion 🙂

September 14th, 2011, 12:07 pm


N.Z. said:

318, Afram

“saudi barbaria intends to rape syria,oops,my bad,to democratize syria a la saudi way,again by raping….”

the president of the only country that was build on ethnic cleansing, massacres, the last colonialist power in the world. afram, do not strain yourself! FYI

7 Aug 2011 – Katsav has denied having any sexual relations with the plaintiff.

September 14th, 2011, 12:11 pm


Tara said:


Don’t get too happy. Nothing for sure I guess till we hear from JL.

September 14th, 2011, 12:11 pm


Akbar Palace said:


Thank you for the news. I’ve been participating on SC for a number of years, and I appreciated Professor Josh’s and Alex’s patience in putting up with my different perspectives and criticisms.

Perhaps we can use another website?? I also participate on QN’s (Qifa Nakbi) Lebanon website if any of you are interested and if
QN doesn’t take issue with this.

During a meeting with the Russian-Syrian Friendship Association on Tuesday, Sep 13, Syrian Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed that events taking place in Syria are linked to Zionist and Western plots to divide Arab countries and end the Arab-Israeli conflict without restoring Arab rights.


Did Bouthaina Shaaban show the evidence that “affirmed that the events taking place in Syria are linked to Zionist and Western plots”? Were foreign arm shipments discovered going across the border into Syria? Were foreign terrorists discovered/apprehended in Syria? How did the Zionists and Westerners force thousands of Syrian citizens to demonstrate in the streets across Syria? Ms. Shaaban did not share any of this information to the public.

Your salvation is at hand.


If we have no other website to discuss current events, I guess we’ll all find salvation!


Israel has crime just like every other country on Earth. I hope this doesn’t come as a shock to you. The difference perhaps is that leaders in Israel can get time behind bars. Assad is still living the good life, and he’s responsible for a lot more violence than Katzav.

September 14th, 2011, 12:15 pm


Afram said:

I ear,Sunni comment in a week NO more

let us collectively do AL-FATIHA

for the inquiring minds wanna know what does AL-FATIHA means?

it means beer Bottle Opener

September 14th, 2011, 12:21 pm


N.Z. said:


Where Do We Go Now?

A title of a brilliant movie.

Where Do We Go Now? (2011)

A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village.
Directed by Nadine Labaki. Starring Kevin Abboud, Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Julian Farhat.

September 14th, 2011, 12:28 pm


Aboud said:

I’ve set up a temporary email at aboudinhoms@zoho.com

Revolutionaries are welcome to drop me a line. Mention a color in your email, and I’ll confirm it with you on this blog.

Menhebaks are welcome to send me emails so I can harvest their IPs and prove once and for all they are a bunch of Persians 🙂

This email address isn’t permanent.

Hehe, Al-Fatiha. I’m known as Al-Fatih, ever since I met Besho’s sister….

September 14th, 2011, 12:34 pm


norman said:

I think we should have restriction on how many note can one person write in a day.

September 14th, 2011, 12:48 pm



Vileness لؤم

September 14th, 2011, 1:16 pm



Ingratitude جحود

September 14th, 2011, 1:17 pm


Some guy in damascus said:

It’s sad this forum is shutting down, it was the only place I can find sanctuary to discuss syria’s issues, I thank professor Joshua a lot for giving me this opportunity.
Furthermore it was great pleasure discussing with each and everyone of you. I have set up someguyindamascus@hotmail.com to stay in touch with you fine folk. I will respond to everyone with open arms. I hope Aboud, tara, otw, Syrian hamster, Sheila, husam, Samara,Annie, Norman, true ,dr.landis, Khalid,mna, and those I fail to mention get in touch. Regards and may we live to see a blossoming syria.

September 14th, 2011, 1:18 pm



Spitefulness حقد

September 14th, 2011, 1:19 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Good news, Bakkour was on Alarabyieh ,he is alive

September 14th, 2011, 1:20 pm



Mob رعاع

September 14th, 2011, 1:20 pm



Impoliteness فظاظة

September 14th, 2011, 1:22 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

The courageous ambassador Ford.


Is Daria within the 25km radius from Damascus.

September 14th, 2011, 1:23 pm


Tara said:


What did he say? Where is he?

September 14th, 2011, 1:24 pm



callousness قسوة

September 14th, 2011, 1:28 pm


Aboud said:

AP, I got an email from you, but you didn’t mention any color 🙂

Could you confirm you sent it to me. Thanks.

September 14th, 2011, 1:29 pm



Wretchedness حقارة

September 14th, 2011, 1:30 pm


Shabbi7 said:

My apologies if this was already posted. I don’t have the ability to read all previous comments at the moment.


Foreign media overstate Syria death toll

Head of the opposition-linked Coordination Committee, responsible for tracking and announcing the number of victims of Syria unrest, has said that nearly 500 of those reported dead by the foreign media are alive.

He also said that the opposition is losing the trust and confidence of Syrians over the lies and exaggerations.

The unnamed official also held Razan Zaitouneh, an opposition member who has gone into hiding, responsible for spreading lies and incorrect information to news agencies, including Reuters, al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March. Damascus says 700 security and police forces and 700 insurgents have been killed during five months of unrest.

The opposition, however, claims that 2,200 people have been killed.

While the opposition accuses security forces of being behind the killings, the government blames outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups for the deadly violence, stressing that the unrest is being orchestrated from abroad.

September 14th, 2011, 1:32 pm


Aboud said:


I haven’t seen it in two weeks, last time it was just 6 pages.

Kraysh. And they still run out of nuggets early 🙁

“Mohamad kan ekhaf Allah, bas inta ma bet khaf Allah!”


And you mentioned scarlet.

September 14th, 2011, 1:34 pm



Falsehood كذب

September 14th, 2011, 1:34 pm


Shabbi7 said:

Why is Dr. Landis closing down the forum? 🙁 I missed the explanation.

September 14th, 2011, 1:36 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Bakkour was denouncing the regime,I only heared the last part, may be Revlon will help

September 14th, 2011, 1:36 pm


atassi said:

Dr. Bashar Assad.. Did you get the message !! it’s a very clear one sir …

September 14th, 2011, 1:37 pm


Aboud said:

Salam Ziad, did you mention blue?

September 14th, 2011, 1:38 pm


Aboud said:

@345 Officially he’s off to write a book.

But it didn’t help matters that the menhebaks couldn’t hold their own here and deserted in droves. The ones that remained kept accusing him of being an agent of Al Jazeera.

September 14th, 2011, 1:38 pm


ziadsoury said:


Yes I did

September 14th, 2011, 1:38 pm


ziadsoury said:


Karameh “Blue”.

September 14th, 2011, 1:40 pm


some guy in damascus said:

guys this was the video i uploaded a few weeks ago about the al-saleeb church,
ive added my email to the description so you can make sure its me and not some impostor.

September 14th, 2011, 1:50 pm


Baran said:

Robert Ford visit in Daria is a slap on the face to Bashar al Assad. It really is very humiliating. How coward the president of Syria is! He always reserves the right to respond…except when killing innocent people.

September 14th, 2011, 1:53 pm


N.Z. said:


Moving…promising..did you read the comments?

The last comment is telling, “if there is truly armed gangs, the ambassadors will not be there!”

ya bashar ya mundas, tudrab inta wa hizb albaath.

الله محييكم يا سباع الله يقويكم الله يحميكم الله ينصرنا و ينصركم على أنجس و أقذر و أحقر مجرمي الدنيا بشار المجرم و كلابه
alhamwee 2 hours ago

كلو كوم و زلغوطة هالنسوان كوم

هيك رجال لازم يكونو جابوهن هيك نسوان

و الله الشعب السوري ما بينذل

tyrazera 2 hours ago

لو كان حقا هناك عصابات مسلحة لما ذهب السفراء إلى العزاء
kyypoo 2 hours ago

September 14th, 2011, 1:58 pm



“كل الناس تحاول أن تجد جوابا على سؤال يحيرها , هل هذه الوحشية التي تمارس على الشعب السوري , تقارن بالوحشية الإسرائيلية على الفلسطينيين . الحقيقة الوحشية وحشية ،،، ولكن هناك درجات , الوحشية السورية من قبل النظام تعطى درجة الامتياز ،، أما الوحشية الاسرائيلية فتعتبر جيدة مقارنة بها ،، المقارنة في الحقيقة تأتي من خلال سؤال الشعب السوري والوحشية المطبقة عليه ,والشعب الفلسطيني بوحشية اسرائيل عليه , هذا مع عدم إغفال بان إسرائيل عدوة الفلسطينيين وليس الحال كما هو في سورية حيث القاتل و المقتول سوريون ،، نستطيع أن نقول شيئا بان عدد الفلسطينيين الذين قتلوا وعذبوا وشوهوا من قبل السلطات السورية الى الآن هي أكثر بكثير من الفلسطينيين الذين قتلوا ولم يشوه بجثثهم من قبل إسرائيل البلد العدو . إسرائيل لم تخطف اطفالا ،، تقتلهم نعم ولكن لا تخطفهم ،، أما النظام في سوريا فالشواهد والاثباتات كثيرة ،، تاريخ المجازر الفلسطينية من قبل النظام السوري معروف وحافل ،، مثال بسيط وواحد من الامثلة ،، مجازر صبرا وشاتيلا في لبنان ،،، أما عن ما يحدث في سوريا من مجازر واعتقالات للفلسطينيين فحدث ولا حرج . فما بالكم مايفعله بالسوريين ،،، إسرائيل تخشى على سمعتها امام الرأي العام العالمي ،،، فقضية الطفل محمد الدرة لازالت إلى الآن في خواطر العالم ،،، وإسرائيل خسرت الكثير نتيجة هذا الموقف ،، أما في سوريا الصمود فقتل الاطفال لديها تسلية وتشويههم متعة .”

September 14th, 2011, 2:04 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Why is Dr. Landis closing down the forum? I missed the explanation.

I didn’t know Professor Josh was spending so much time here. Alex used to run the show. Perhaps Alex is back in Syria advising President X-box about the wonderful democracies that exist in the world and why Syrians deserve the same treatment, not as a priviledge, but as an unalienable, basic right.

September 14th, 2011, 2:06 pm



نظام الأسد يقلد إسرائيل.. هدم منازل أقارب المقدم (هرموش).. وجبل الزاوية يفقد النظام صوابه
الكاتب «الشرق الأوسط»
الثلاثاء, 13 سبتمبر 2011 01:06

نشر ناشطون سوريون على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي «فيس بوك» شريط فيديو يُظهر منازل مهدمة تعود لعائلة وأقارب المقدم المنشق عن الجيش السوري حسين هرموش، إذ أقدمت قوات من الجيش والأمن السوري، على متن سبع آليات عسكرية مدرعة وعشر سيارات أمن، على اقتحام قرية إبلين مسقط رأس المقدم المنشق مساء الخميس الماضي، مستبقة «جمعة الحماية الدولية»
التي خرج فيها حشد من السوريين مطالبين بتدخل دولي لحمايتهم من دموية نظام الرئيس بشار الأسد وعنفه الشرس.
وتتبع قرية إبلين لمنطقة جبل الزاوية في محافظة إدلب، الواقعة شمال البلاد بالقرب من الحدود مع تركيا، وتقدر مساحتها بـ70 هكتارا، ويصل عدد سكانها إلى أربعة آلاف وثلاثمائة نسمة، يعمل بعضهم بالزراعة، بينما غادر عدد كبير منهم القرية، متوجها إلى الدول المجاورة بحثا عن فرص عمل بسبب البطالة المستشرية.
ويرى ناشطون أن استهداف منطقة جبل الزاوية بشكل عام وقرية إبلين بشكل خاص يعود إلى الزخم الاحتجاجي الذي شهدته المدينة بعد تراجع هذا الزخم في المحافظات الأخرى، إضافة إلى تحول منطقة جبل الزاوية إلى ملاذ للعناصر المنشقة من صفوف الجيش والأمن، حيث يجد هؤلاء العناصر البيئة الأهلية الحاضنة لهم من السكان المقيمين هناك، ما جعل النظام يفقد صوابه ويقرر اقتحام المنطقة بالآليات العسكرية للبحث عن العناصر المنشقة.
ويتظاهر أهالي إبلين، شانهم شأن أهالي القرى والمدن السورية، مطالبين بإسقاط النظام، لكن انتماء المقدم المنشق حسين هرموش إلى بلدتهم دفع النظام السوري للانتقام وتوجيه ضربة عسكرية، مستهدفا منزل عائلة هرموش بشكل خاص.
ويقول شاهد عيان من القرية المقتحمة، وزعت لجان التنسيق المحلية شهادته على وسائل الإعلام: «قرية إبلين هي مسقط رأس المقدم حسين هرموش الذي انشق في بداية الثورة، وكان شقيقه محمود يقوم وبالتعاون مع شباب من المنطقة بمساعدة الجنود والضباط المنشقين على الهرب. وفي اليوم السابق كان خمسة عشر مجندا وضابطان اثنان يقطنون في منزل شقيقته استعدادا لنقلهم إلى خارج البلاد».
ويشرح الشاهد تفاصيل الهجوم قائلا: «صباح الثامن من الشهر الحالي وفي السادسة صباحا تقدمت قوات أمن في سيارات مدنية مع دبابات للجيش إلى القرية الآمنة، وكانت البداية بإطلاق قذائف من الدبابات المرافقة على منزل العائلة دون إنذار، فاشتعلت فيه النيران، تبعها إطلاق نار كثيف على الجنود الذي حاولوا الدفاع عن أنفسهم، إلا أن سبعة عناصر استشهدوا وتمكن ثلاثة جنود وضابط من النجاة، وكذلك محمود هرموش على الرغم من إصابته، بينما اختفى آخرون في المنطقة». ويضيف: «قام العناصر بعدها بربط الجنود المقتولين بالدبابات وسحلهم في الشوارع، كما اعتدوا بشكل وحشي على خمسة جنود قاموا باعتقالهم».
وكانت قوات الأمن قامت لاحقا باعتقال رب المنزل الذي يبلغ من العمر خمسة وسبعين عاما وزوجته المسنة وابنهما، وعدد من الأهالي بينهم خمسة فتيان يبلغ أكبرهم 15 عاما، كما اعتقلت نساء مع أطفالهن لصلة القرابة التي تربطهن مع هرموش. وعملت الدبابات بعدها على هدم المنازل في القرية، مسوية بالأرض خمسة عشر منزلا.
ويرأس هرموش حركة الضباط الأحرار التي أعلن عن تشكيلها في مدينة جسر الشغور في يونيو (حزيران) الماضي. وتضم هذه الحركة جميع الضباط والجنود الذين يرفضون إطلاق النار على المتظاهرين السلميين ويعلنون انشقاقهم عن الجيش السوري.

Read more: نظام الأسد يقلد إسرائيل.. هدم منازل أقارب المقدم (هرموش).. وجبل الزاوية يفقد النظام صوابه http://www.watan.com/reports/نظام-الأسد-يتعلم-من-إسرائيل-هدم-منازل-أقارب-المقدم-هرموش-وجبل-الزاوية-يفقد-النظام-صوابه.html#ixzz1Xx3NPA9j

September 14th, 2011, 2:09 pm


ann said:

Syria’s foreign fund enough for 20 months: minister – 2011-09-14


DAMASCUS, Sept. 14 (Xinhua) — The Syrian finance minister said Syria’s reserve of foreign funds is estimated at around 18 billion U.S. dollars, which can cover the country’s import needs for more than 20 months.

In an interview with al-Baath newspaper published Wednesday, Mohammad Jlailaty said the government is working within a precisely-studied plan that fits the current stage Syria is passing through.

Asked about the treasury’s alternatives of oil revenues following the European Union (EU) and U.S. oil sanctions, Jlailaty said Syria is a self-sufficient country as its oil output covers 80 percent of its need for oil derivatives.

He said Syria fills the shortage by importing oil derivatives in exchange for selling surplus crude oil.

The EU banned oil imports from Syria earlier this month. This move, which will reduce millions of dollars each day of the country’s revenue, is regarded as a response to the Syrian government’s alleged crackdown against protesters.

Syria exports some 150,000 barrels of oil per day, with the vast majority going to the EU. Oil sales to the EU earned Syria 3. 1 billion euros (about 4.2 billion dollars) in 2010.

Jlailaty played down the importance of the EU oil embargo on Syria, saying that “Europe is not the entire world. It’s not difficult to find other importers of the Syrian oil.”

Syria is making a feasibility study to establish an oil refinery that would manufacture the surplus of the Syrian crude oil and rectify crude oil it imports from neighboring countries, he added.

Jlailaty said oil is no more a basic source of revenue Syria is counting on to finance its public treasury given the decline in output and increase in consumption.

He also said Syria was the first among the Arab countries to end its currency’s pegging with the U.S. dollar, adding that Syria is currently importing in euros.

The minister also expressed dismay over the rampant corruption in the country, vowing to impose the “harshest” penalties on the spoilers.

Although the six-month unrest is eviscerating Syria’s economy and would harm its people, the minister said Syria is still able to meet its financial obligations.

The governor of the Syrian central bank is exerting “tremendous efforts” to maintain the stability of the Syrian currency, he said.

For the moment, the economic decline has not spread to the currency, as the Syrian pound is down just eight percent against the U.S. dollar compared with mid-March.

To pay off the deficit in the treasury, Jlailaty said Syria plans to revive investments and the public sector, brushing aside claims that the government would issue new treasury bonds “because we will pay interests on them for up to nine percent and this would further overburden the budget.”

Once the society gets back to a stable status where safety and security are guaranteed again, such treasury bills could be issued again, he said.

The protests in Syria since mid-March have dramatically slowed the economic activities and rattled the country’s newly-born stock market, which, according to a Syrian newspaper, has lost 48 billions dollars in nine months.

September 14th, 2011, 2:13 pm


Aboud said:

Thanks to everyone who emailed. I’ll wait a day, and then email you back. That way we can all be sure no one is namejacking anyone else on the forum 🙂

Email is such a cumbersome way to communicate as a group. Just temporary for now, we will find a more convenient method later.

Hi Annie, just got your email. Purple 🙂 We will definitely need to get everyone together around something new.

September 14th, 2011, 2:44 pm


EHSANI2 said:

I hate to speak for Dr. Landis. I am sure that he will explain his plans soon. The academic world values publishing books and research papers more than running online forums like this. It is afterall “only a blog” to academia. Maintaining this blog for the past 7 years has taken a lot of Dr. Landis’s time. Time that the university feels could be taking away from him publishing more academic material. Dr. Landis enjoyed doing this so much over the years but the time may have come for him to focus more on his academic career. One hopes that there is still time for a different decision but I am led to believe that the window is very slim at this point.

September 14th, 2011, 2:50 pm


Akbar Palace said:

This article may not be on the SANA website:

Armored Syrian forces storm towns near Turkey border


September 14th, 2011, 3:06 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Aboud, how about you move to ShiaChat and lest see you trashing those Persians in there !1 I say it will be a real good challenge for you, lets just see if you can annihilate the Menhehabks on ShiaChat, what with the mods and admons being against you. Plus, SyrianCommando also posts regularly there.

September 14th, 2011, 3:06 pm


annie said:

Could someone for starts set up a twitter account called syriacommentredux or any other handle ? On twitter one can communicate without it being public. Although I do not know about safety.

I knew SC while in Syria may be around 2003 ? I was very grateful because I knew nothing of what was going on in the country given my beginner Arabic and the fact that pple did not discuss anything. And Al Jazeera English was not born yet.

I met Josh and I liked him; he introduced me to the Syrian Bloggers.
Bonne route Josh. May be we’ll meet again.

To all : Please read the safety instructions at 296 above.
My e-mail : anniebannie@skynet.be

September 14th, 2011, 3:07 pm


Mina said:

I suggest to flood Qayfa Nabki in case this blog is closed, just as Lebanon is a natural extension of Syria, eh eh…
There was an important comment by someone really on the ground, unlike Aboud (you have to open an email with AboudinHoms to remember where you said you were… indeed as someone was saying some months ago here, you are the fake witness we hear on AJA, BBC and F24 always from a new place!!), please read it on the page before this one, signed by W.H if i remember well. He was among the people in the first demos of the Hamidiyye when it started (same tactic as Iran, move the bazaar).

September 14th, 2011, 3:12 pm


Some guy in damascus said:

I’ve received a message from someone claiming to be you from a gmail account, please verify.

September 14th, 2011, 3:27 pm


Aboud said:

Khalid, Syrian Commando was comprehensively humiliated on this blog, which is why he ran away. He isn’t in the same league as the writers here.

@368 Ever hear the phrase “flog a dead horse”?

There is a Kuwaiti commentator on Arabiya, I always forget his name, but damn he’s good at debunking regime propaganda.

When this is over, I’m inviting the American and French ambassadors to my favorite restaurant.

September 14th, 2011, 3:30 pm


N.Z. said:

Professor Joshua Landis, thanks for giving us a forum to express our emotions, news, stories, thoughts, ideas, silliness, humour, laughter, tears and many many more.

Sincere thanks to you and your family, time away from family is always precious. Our thoughts to you and yours. We appreciate your patience, time and above all, your love to that part of the world.

Sincerely, N.Z.

Where do we go from here?

A new blog by no other than, OFF THE WALL!


Your thoughts?

I will like to stay in touch, for the “Syria Free” party!

September 14th, 2011, 3:39 pm


Abu Umar said:

Thank you Aboud for decimating and enraging the cyber-shabiha. May they perish in their rage at the coming demise of their regime. Menhebek majaneen, you will win many battles, but you will lose the war in the long run. Your piggish squealing won’t do you any good and the volcanic rage of millions of Syrians will crush the Asad mafia. The days of cowards like Waleed Jumblaat and Sa’d al-Hariri, who have been waiting years for revenge are over.

September 14th, 2011, 3:39 pm


Aboud said:

Great idea NZ. To the Hayt! 🙂

September 14th, 2011, 3:46 pm


uzair8 said:

A comment from AJE blog ‘diary from a besieged syrian town’:

I have listened to a conversation between Al Arour and a Scientist who left Damascus 2 days before it all started.
The Scientist: Socrat has asked the islamist Al Arour
1) to make public his position about the minorities in Syria
2) to criminilize sectarianism and not outcast the Alawite community who are the regime’s victims
3) If he accepts to sign a declaration that he is preparing in Antalia that includes the 3 above points. And asked him to send a representative to participate to the debate.

Al Arour has addressed the minorities and said that those who did not participate to the crimes have nothing to fear, alas the others who must fear the law of God. Then he asked Socrat about that point. Socrat answered that he rather sees the guilities brought to justice. Al Arour agrees with him and said taht his comments was just hinting at the moral side.
He agrees on the second and third point. I heard on AJA that he signed the declaration. Very constructive. Is the arab spring swirling the islamists ?


By the way. Shiachat has gone quiet on Syria recently. Only yesterday/today someone posted on Syria. Not worth going ther at the moment.

September 14th, 2011, 3:55 pm


True said:

@ Menhebaks (if any still around lol)

So who was bullshiting about having transparent and independent governmental investigations?


This document proves how the criminal Betho and his Chief of Staff (Dawoud Rajiha) are covering all these inhuman killing actions

So bloody horns just SHUSH from now on eh!!

September 14th, 2011, 4:20 pm


True said:

Shutting down SC is not confirmed yet eh

Why everyone is acting as if it’s a done deal?

For now just enjoy the cleansing of most Menhebaks out of SC

September 14th, 2011, 4:26 pm


Aboud said:

OTW and True, I got emails from you. Just let me know the color or animal you mentioned.

In other news, the Turks have alot of explaining to do. Lt Col Harmoush was shown on Syrian TV giving “confessions”. He had disappeared for two weeks, and was living in a Turkish refugee camp. He left the camp in the company of a Turkish security officer.

Now, one really wonders what Turkey thought they would get out of betraying Harmoush. He was a spokesman, he wasn’t leading the actual fighting. He was prominent because he was the first high ranking officer to defect, but he couldn’t do much from a refugee camp.

What the hell were the Turks thinking? They have shown themselves to be two faced, treacherous, and their credibility is shot to hell…all over a spokesman?

It is hard to imagine what they could have gotten out of the Baathists in exchange for this blatant act of treachery and the irreparable damage done to their standing. Who is going to trust the word of the Turkish government after this? It is impossible to conduct diplomacy or maintain much of an international standing when your credibility has been wrecked in this way.

If Turkey would like to live in the same doghouse as Besho, they are going about it the right way.

September 14th, 2011, 4:34 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


Erdogan did not yet bash Israel today !!!

September 14th, 2011, 4:36 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


I sent you my color.

September 14th, 2011, 4:37 pm


TRUE said:


Is a nice blog and I’m sure OTW is very capable to keep it up to the highest standards, although I’m not sure how would OTW be able to balance and play a moderator while being an anti-regime blogger at the same time? unless he’s aiming just to attract Ma-Menhebaks folks.

September 14th, 2011, 4:39 pm


Tara said:

This site is getting sentimental with Ehsani posts of Josh closing SC. So let us change the mood a bit. I tried double coffee, a cup of turkish coffee and a cup of American coffee and both did not work. I do not know how I stumbled upon SC when I first started but it sure left an impact on me. I never thought that I would be interested in writing on a blog. I really never found time to write my own research paper but found lots of time for SC.

Shabeeh @349
You sound like a polite Shabeeh. Shabeeha are not supposed to be polite. Why are you like this?

Your first post saddened me. I was happy that Saddam was humiliated and hanged. I very much like many people around me felt compassion with the Shiaa and Kurds in Iraq during Saddam reign. Life has never painted itself for me as Sunni vs. Shiaa, Muslims vs Christian, etc. It was that your heart goes naturally for the underdog and you can not not feel their pain and suffering.

The amount of sectarianism and “phobias of the others” that I am forced to comprehend after the start of the Syrian revolution has shocked me. Your post with its extreme generalization against the Sunnis was extremely sectarian. While I was never traumatized as you may have been living in Iraq and perhaps experiencing first hand a death of a loved one by a suicide bomber from another sect exploding himself in a busy bazaar and therefore can not put myself in your shoes, I just find it odd how you said you wish victory to the “minorities” turning blind eye to all the killing and mayhem this regime has inflicted upon us. You even acknowledge that the regime did export terrorist to Iraq to destabilize it, yet you consciously support the killing of innocent people.

The simple question I have is how can us people be so blinded by sect or religion and have sympathy to our own only. God is one entity. He created Basil the same way he created Tara. He I believe could not care less about who own which holly site or who should have come after whom. People is more sacred than sites, concepts or historical figure. Hatred beget hatred and somebody needs to break those vicious cycles.

September 14th, 2011, 4:43 pm


TRUE said:


There’s no animal but the (Jamal) lol

Btw I still can’t believe how he just evaporated like that!! Sounds like HA and Betho are not paying their Shabiha enough to keep them on the keyboard


I believe you got my email already eh

September 14th, 2011, 4:45 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

If indeed SC closes, you (Syrians in Syria and abroad) need to create a blog on BlogSpot, that will be run be Syrians (mnhebaks and mamnhebaks) as a group moderators. It could be a startup and an interesting experiment in free media that represent different and opposing views.

September 14th, 2011, 4:46 pm


Shabbi7 said:

EDIT: I should put down a disclaimer for all the dabbi7a, aka mamin7ibbaks, that the announcement below may upset you.


يبث التلفزيون العربي السوري في نشرة الساعة 30ر8 من مساء غد اعترافات حسين الهرموش.
ويبث التلفزيون يوم السبت بعد نشرة أخبار الثامنة والنصف مساء اعترافات جاسوس إسرائيلي يكشف بعض خيوط المؤامرة على سورية وكيف شارك في تسهيل اغتيال الشهيد عماد مغنية وكيف يعمل الجواسيس تحت جنح الظلام لزرع الفتنة واغتيال المقاومين وإغراق البلاد بالفوضى.

September 14th, 2011, 4:48 pm


sheila said:

Dear Haytham #300,
Thanks for the clip. I specifically liked the addition of that piece of trash Khaddam to the mix of regime Thugs.

September 14th, 2011, 4:50 pm


uzair8 said:

Lt Col Harmoush.

I wander if this is what Syrian Commando has been excitedly saying on twitter about Syrian News to break the story showing the Free Syria Army is fake. He then said there would be a delay and News will be broken tomorrow instead.

Does he have inside information on these things?…

September 14th, 2011, 4:59 pm


Aboud said:


Syria’s ports suffer as unrest hits economy
10:21am EDT

By Suleiman Al-Khalidi

AMMAN (Reuters) – From his window on the corniche of Syria’s Mediterranean port city of Tartous, an international shipper bemoans the change since a popular uprising six months ago engulfed the country and dealt a heavy blow to its economy.

“At night, ship lights made Tartous extend into a city on the sea; now it’s like a small village. The port’s sealine was full of vessels — now the berths are nearly empty,” said the shipper, who opened an agency in Tartous to cash in on a boom in traffic after the Iraq war wound down.

Street protests demanding the removal of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, many of them bloodily suppressed, have shrunk traffic at the country’s ports and damaged its hopes of capitalizing on its position as a Middle East crossroads to grab a bigger share of transit business.

The exact extent to Syria’s economy is being hurt by the unrest and resulting international sanctions is not clear; official data is scarce. But many analysts expect gross domestic product to decline this year, perhaps by several percent or more. At the start of this year, the International Monetary Fund predicted it would grow 3 percent.

Shippers and businessmen say exports have dropped as foreign customers have cut orders, while Syrian importers have delayed orders because of the uncertainty. Meanwhile, companies which used Syria as a conduit to conduct trade with other countries in the region are seeking different routes. Syria’s principal port of Latakia, where the military deployed three months ago, has been hit hard along with Tartous.

“Even the Mediterranean cruise liners that came to Latakia and Tartous, and had hundreds of Italian and Spanish tourists, have not come this year,” said the international shipper, who did not want to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.


Shipping sources say traffic in general cargoes, dry and liquid bulk cargoes, and containers at Latakia and Tartous has been slipping since the uprising broke out in March. They estimate volumes shrank an average 35 to 40 percent from a year earlier in the first eight months of 2011.

“Importers and exporters are being very cautious, and that has led to imports of raw materials falling sharply as production slows down in many industries due to the troubles,” a Syrian transportation official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters from Damascus.

Shipping agents and industry experts said container volumes, the vast majority of which are handled by Latakia, dropped in June alone by 36 percent from a year earlier to 33,527 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU).

Official Latakia port figures for the April-June period show a drop of 16 percent from a year earlier, but industry sources said this data was misleading because it included many containers with empty space.

In Tartous, which handles most of Syria’s bulk cargoes, or nearly 9 million tonnes of annual traffic in normal times, shipping sources said some European operators were avoiding the port after the European Union announced sanctions on Syrian oil exports at the start of September.

They said they were also seeing less business from Iraqi and other Arab traders who were deterred by the increasing checkpoints and roadblocks in many parts of Syria.

“We had 25 to 30 vessels daily arriving. This has dropped to between 10 to five daily,” said a major shipping agent based in Tartous, referring to vessels between 8,000 and 35,000 tonnes.

So far, major regular shipping lines such as Danish firm Maersk, French-based CMA CGM, Geneva-based MSC, and Germany’s Hamburg Sud have largely maintained normal vessel calls to Syrian ports despite lower cargo volumes, industry sources said.

Shipping agents say the companies are reluctant to pull out of a transit market that has served the whole region and still has great long-term potential because of its location.

“No major regular shipping lines are quitting at the moment. Once they withdraw from any service, it’s very hard to restore,” said Talal Halawani, a shipper whose Amman-based Liberty Shipping is an agent of a leading Italian line.

“Although they are suffering because cargo is not like before, they are still operating normally despite all the constraints. It’s a wait-and-see attitude.”

But other regional companies with no regular services have less ability to sustain losses, and they have omitted port calls or canceled visits to Syrian ports altogether.

“Liners that made container ship calls four times a month are now calling three times a month. Some regional liners, including one or two Turkish liners, have even dropped port calls altogether,” said a second Syrian transportation official.

Some shippers are seeking to offset the drop in their Syrian trade by offering more competitive rates for container slots in nearby Beirut, Mersin and Alexandria ports, which are in the same Europe-Mediterranean service.


The turmoil has prompted many lines to suspend plans, some drawn up only a few months ago, to add more container slots or introduce bigger vessels on Syrian port calls in anticipation of demand related to the reconstruction of Iraq.

Over the past five years, Syrian ports were able to boost their transit trade with Iraq, Jordan and the Arabian peninsula as Syria’s red tape and state controls, a legacy of five decades of Soviet-style economic management, were reduced.

Latakia and Tartous were also revitalised by the award of contracts to manage their container terminals to foreign investors in partnership with local investors linked to the Assad family.

The foreign investors — CMA CGM in Latakia, and the Philippines’ International Container Terminal Services in Tartous — upgraded the facilities and helped to nearly double the ports’ container traffic last year to 620,000 TEU from around 365,000 TEU in 2004.

Nearly 40 percent of Latakia’s total incoming cargo volume has been Iraq-bound, shippers and Syrian transportation officials say, while for Tartous the figure has been as high as 70 percent.

Syrian ports’ flexibility and lower costs gave them a competitive advantage in Iraq-related business against Turkish and Lebanese ports and Jordan’s Aqaba. Lower land transport costs were also a plus, along with the ability to bypass Suez Canal fees paid by importers using Jordanian and Saudi ports on the Red Sea.

Now, Iraqi, Jordanian and Saudi Arabian importers, who have used Syrian ports in recent years for bulk cargoes of wood, marble, steel and grains from the Black Sea area and North and Central Europe, are looking for alternatives.

“We are getting increasing inquiries from local and Iraqi traders who want to bring their goods to Jordan by sea from Turkey or other markets. This business traditionally would go to Syrian ports. Even goods that would normally go by land via Syria are now being shipped,” said Captain Wahid Abu Ajamieh, general manager of CMA CGM Jordan.

“This is an indication that something odd is happening.”

(Additional reporting by Khaled Yacoub Oweis; Editing by Andrew Torchia)

September 14th, 2011, 4:59 pm


annie said:

369. Some guy in damascus said:

I’ve received a message from someone claiming to be you from a gmail account, please verify.

I have several e-mails; skynet and gmail. No worry

September 14th, 2011, 5:00 pm


Tara said:

We shall never forgive Turkey. Delivering Harmoush to The Syrian regime is a crime against humanity. Erdogan is indeed a paper tiger and his Gaza flotilla is nothing but a stunt to champion the Arab world.

September 14th, 2011, 5:02 pm


Aboud said:


“Does he have inside information on these things?…”

No. And I’ve addressed this point a dozen times already. This guy is *always* making predictions, like a horoscope, none of which pan out. He wants to sound like he has inside information, but people who have seen his ineptitude on this blog have seen firsthand how his “information” is always crap.

We heard from him that Besho was going to launch a war in June. We heard from him that Turkey was going to invade in May. We heard from him a million things that never panned out.

September 14th, 2011, 5:03 pm


Mango said:

حشر أردوغان نفسه في وضع صعب ! سيكون لنصب الدرع الصاروخي لحلف الناتو على أراضي تركيا ردود مناسبة من سوريا و روسيا على هذه المغامرة !!!

September 14th, 2011, 5:13 pm


Tara said:


I agree with Aboud assessment in regard to Syrian Commendo. I wouldn’t worry about him. He is not connected nor is he a challenge. He does not belong to the same league.

September 14th, 2011, 5:23 pm


N.Z. said:

384. Shabbi7,

Confessions! Can you please link an actual Q&A
why suddenly will an israeli spy appear on Syrian TV? he looks as if he just stepped out of a movie set. His white hair looks suspicious, also, his original hair colour.

the Syrian and israeli directors failed badly.

1.the production took so long
2.he shed “some” information
3.the late Mughniyeh died in the middle of Kafr-souseh
4. is the unrest now linked to assad ally, israel

we are lost, they blame everyone, except, the stupidity of the three amigos .

September 14th, 2011, 5:34 pm


TRUE said:

@ TARA, ABOUD, sheila,SGID, SoD, Khalid, Husam, Haytham, Revoln, Atassi, UbuGhassan, ziadsoury, N.Z, SYR.EXPAT, Akbar Palace, UbuUmar, EHSANI2, annie, uzair8, Darryl, Homsi

Sorry if I missed anyone.

SC was our virtual window to our real world in Syria, being far away from home does not make it easy at all.

It was my pleasure to work with you guys, and I hope one day, soon, we would be able to enjoy a round of real Syrian coffee (not Turkish) next to Muhajreen palace.

Feel free to keep in touch trueonsc@hushmail.com


September 14th, 2011, 5:38 pm


sheila said:

Dear Anne-marie aka Annie,
Welcome to the fold. Can you tell us a little about you. Can be in general terms. Are you from Syria?.

September 14th, 2011, 5:40 pm


sheila said:

To all,
I feel like I am going to be orphaned next week. SC has become an important part of my life. I will miss each and every one of you, even the childish, incoherent and down right stupid.

September 14th, 2011, 6:04 pm


Tara said:

My guess is Josh may change his mind if he finds a volunteer assistant so he can be saved time to work on his book. Someone may be to do the news round up every few days. Any candidate?

September 14th, 2011, 6:18 pm


uzair8 said:

Here is a scenario that has entered my mind lately.

Earlier on in the uprising analysts were saying the regime was militarily (security) strong enough to last for some time but economy could be its weakness that proves fatal unless it gets substantial outside support.

Then there were the worrying reports that Iran was ready to give Syria $5.8 billion. Analysts doubted this story as Iran had its own economical problems.

An alternative solution in which both nations benefit can be one in which Syria sells ‘some’ of its military equipment (such as missiles, air-defence systems etc) to Iran.

Assad regime could do with the money to save or prolong its economy, currency, and ability to pay for the crackdown. What good would the equipment be to the regime if it is overthrown? If it survives it can replace sold equipment.

Iran would recieve sought after weaponry to bolster its missle deterrance, and strengthen its air defence capabilities.

Its win-win for both nations.

September 14th, 2011, 6:32 pm


Samir A. said:

This video showing a kid being kicked around and hit is clearly fake. You can easily see that the “soldier” is hitting the bottom of his shoes and specific places on his body (where they can easily hide a protection pad or something)

this demonstrate how desperate you are to go on CNN.


Bashar, we the people are with you!

Seriously guys (ah and Tara-Annie), this is a pity…. I can all see you crying because no more bullshit is posted on SC’s comment section. hehehhehehehe

Annie, on se vois a damas… et la on parlera.

ya hameeee* .

allah suriya bashar w bas.. (edited for insult)

September 14th, 2011, 7:45 pm




September 14th, 2011, 7:57 pm


ann said:

Businessmen, Christians still support Syria’s Assad

The Christian Science Monitor | Sep 14, 2011


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad came under fresh fire yesterday from the Arab League, which called for an immediate end to what one official referred to as the regime’s “killing machine” deployed against antiregime protesters.

But despite deepening international isolation, Mr. Assad’s supporters at home are likely to wield significantly more influence over his course going forward.

To be sure, Assad – once widely liked and seen by Syrians as a reformer – has seen his support base rapidly diminish after a brutal campaign against the uprising, now entering its seventh month. More than 2,600 civilians have been killed since March, according to the United Nations, as well as several hundred soldiers.

But Assad remains in control – thanks in part to a range of Syrians who still haven’t turned against him, from businessmen dependent on the regime to minority Christians worried about the rise of Islamist powers should Assad fall. That support provides a bulwark for the regime against outside pressure, making it unlikely to bow to threats from the Arab League or other international actors – potentially to the regime’s own detriment.

“This makes it harder to make the regime understand that they need to move towards an exit strategy,” says Steven Heydemann, author of “Authoritarianism in Syria.” “The continued support of the officials keeps it strong while the shows of support of ordinary Syrians stops the regime from realizing how serious the crisis is.”
Businessmen bet on regime’s survival

Support for Assad is especially strong in Syria’s two largest cities, Damascus and Aleppo, where residents are wealthier and have been shielded from the worst of the crackdown.

Some Damascenes proudly wear baseball caps with Assad’s face on it, and can be heard declaring that they “love the president.”

For some, self-interest is a key motivator. Regime officials, including the army and prominent businessmen have tied their fortunes to the regime. They are still betting on Assad’s survival, especially after an escalation of the violence during Ramadan increased fear and reduced the size of protests.

Increasing numbers of defections of soldiers have been reported and in August the minister of Defense, Ali Habib, was quietly removed, but there have been no defections of diplomats or key government ministers.

While many businessmen have long been disgruntled with the regime’s crony capitalism and small business owners have taken to the streets, prominent industrialists see working under the regime as the only option. That’s due at least in part to the fact that relatives and allies of Assad, including his business tycoon cousin Rami Makhlouf, still control broad swaths of the economy.

“Many businessmen are forces to partner with regime figures such as Rami Makhlouf,” says one business analyst in Damascus. “So it’s not so easy to get out of it.”

In Aleppo, one Syrian activist attributes the city’s relative quietness to its commercial interests. “There would be more demonstrations if the security forces weren’t everywhere, but this is also an industrial city where people have spent 40 years working with the regime,” she says.
Fear of upheaval

Fear of what comes after Assad is another rallying factor for some citizens living under a regime whose collapse could result not only in civil war, but regional upheaval, given Assad’s close ties with Iran, the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah, and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Many, especially the rich, would prefer stability to upheaval, a sentiment that is growing as instability increases without any end in sight.

Syria’s mosaic of ethnicities and religions makes it especially susceptible to such concerns. Supporters of the Assad regime frequently cite fractured neighbors Lebanon and Iraq both as examples of the havoc wreaked by sectarian strife. The regime has played on this line and has been particularly successful in drawing Syria’s minorities – Christians and Alawites – to its side.

“They are just rural troublemakers, the government should carry on trying to end this even if it means more deaths,” says one Christian woman, a university graduate from Damascus’s Old City.

Regime warnings of a sectarian backlash against Assad’s Alawite sect has rallied the predominantly Alawite security forces to his side. Detainees report sectarian insults from Alawite guards while others say Alawite friends are scared of “being sent back to the mountains,” the ancestral home of the sect, if violence breaks out.

While some of Syria’s 1.7 million Kurds have taken to the street, others fear rule by a Sunni Arab majority were Assad to fall.

Some Syrians from a variety of backgrounds still believe the government narrative that the unrest and violence is caused by armed gangs, Islamists, and a foreign conspiracy against the country. But critics say such attitudes are largely the result of propaganda.

“Hardcore support is based on propaganda,” says one young professional from Damascus. “The regime stripped the Baath party of any ideological content so the few remaining supporters are [those] brainwashed into the cult of Assad [who] believe the unrest is caused by armed gangs.”
No ‘clear alternative’ from the opposition

The remaining support helps to bolster the regime on two levels, analysts say.

“The loyalty of officials is obviously the most important because this keeps the regime cohesive and in control,” says Mr. Heydemann, now a Middle East specialist at the US Institute of Peace in Washington.

But the ordinary support on the street also has an effect. “The Assad regime operates in a bubble so by seeing shows of support they may be persuaded they are confronting an insurgency and believe they have the support of ordinary Syrians,” he says.

In theory, analysts say it should be easy to persuade people to drop support for Assad. His past image as a reformer who was widely liked, and may have won elections had they been called at the start of the year, has been replaced by support based on intimidation and fear of the alternative.

International pressure from the West is targeting regime loyalists, with sanctions on officials and prominent businessmen aiming at provoking others, fearing the same treatment, to split with the regime.

But while this could backfire if the regime rallies officials and citizens to its side by repeated claims of a foreign conspiracy, it will also not be enough to change minds. That must come from more efforts inside.

“While many people hate the regime, they don’t see any clear alternative from the opposition,” says a Western diplomat in Damascus. “Hatred of the regime is still growing, but many are not yet ready to actively move against it. If they did, it would signal a faster downfall.”

September 14th, 2011, 7:57 pm


ss said:

397 “I feel like I am going to be orphaned next week”

How about 3arbood? is he going the same?

He should have some antidepressants on hand as I am sure it is not easy for him.

September 14th, 2011, 8:00 pm


ann said:



September 14th, 2011, 8:03 pm


NK said:



September 14th, 2011, 8:10 pm


ann said:



September 14th, 2011, 8:18 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

If the revolution is successful,there will be message on Revolution against Bashar Assad,and on Off the wall blog,in it we will get togather,this is just in case SC is permanently closed, however I am optimistic.

September 14th, 2011, 8:22 pm


uzair8 said:

Off the wall.

How do you log in to your blog if we dont have accounts on twitter, fb etc?

September 14th, 2011, 8:45 pm


Daisie said:

This blog is closing? How sad! Just as I was getting to know better the members.
Well so long, folks…

September 14th, 2011, 8:47 pm


uzair8 said:

It would be a pity if SC is suspended.

Did Don Bashar send Luca Brasi to pay the Prof. a visit? How is your Race Horse Prof.?

September 14th, 2011, 8:50 pm


ann said:

Erdogan’s Remarks Irk Muslim Brotherhood – SEPTEMBER 14, 2011, 7PM


CAIRO—The Muslim Brotherhood objected to statements by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan telling Egyptians not to fear building a secular state, in a rare clash that exposes the gap between the so-called Turkish model for building a Muslim democracy and what Islamists in the region believe when they invoke it.

For much of Mr. Erdogan’s two-day visit to Egypt this week, members of the Muslim Brotherhood made up much of the fan club that followed Mr. Erdogan around Cairo. They championed his tough stance toward Israel and his promotion of Muslim solidarity.

September 14th, 2011, 8:54 pm


Tara said:


Your writings are intriguing. You pretend to sound less smart than what you actually are. Why is that?

September 14th, 2011, 8:56 pm


ann said:

The Islamization Of Europe – Copenhagen Tuesday Sept. 13.


After a media firestorm over Danish Muslim candidates accused of “infiltrating” politics here, Prime Minister Rasmussen declared a culture war with immigrants and Islam. Not law or economics but a war of values is “decisive” for Denmark’s future, he said.

Wilders, speaking last spring to the Magna Carta Foundation in Rome, cohosted by the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, compared the spread of Islam and Muslims to the invasion of the barbarians, an infiltration not seen “until it was too late,” he said. “It is time to wake up. We need to confront reality and we need to speak the truth. The truth is that Islam is evil, and the reality is that Islam is a threat to us.”

September 14th, 2011, 9:20 pm


ann said:



September 14th, 2011, 9:26 pm


Norman said:

What kind of political system Syria should have ,

Parliamentary, like England, Iraq, Israel
and should religous, regional and ethnic parties be allowed,

Presidential, Republic like the US with districts and two houses

Combined of both like France,

My vote goes for the presidential with districts and two houses, i feel that in each districts all parties can compete and people will vote for a representative that lives between them and known to them,

What do all think?

September 14th, 2011, 9:34 pm


ann said:

Syrian TV Station Accuses Al Jazeera of Fabricating Uprising

September 14, 2011, 8:54 pm



A YouTube channel called the Syrian Interpreter has posted a subtitled recording of the Syrian television station Addounia TV claiming in a Sept. 9 broadcast that the news station Al Jazeera has built enormous “cinematic replicas” of Syrian cities and squares in the Gulf state of Qatar in order to fabricate the uprising in Syria.

These replicas were built “with the help of some French and American directors” and are “exactly like the ones set up of the Green Square for Libya, with which they duped the Libyans and the world that Tripoli fell,” according to the channel’s English translation.

“With those replicas,” the subtitles read, “Al Jazeera will continue media fabrication and cinematic tricks by shooting scenes of big defections from the Arab Syrian Army and shooting scenes of clashes. Those scenes would be done by directors from the U.S., France, and Israel.”

A spokesperson for Al Jazeera said: “This is wackiness of the highest order which no one will be taking seriously. Many other journalists were in Tripoli reporting the same events, so it is telling that such is Al Jazeera’s influence in the region that supporters of these regimes are targeting Al Jazeera specifically for covering the uprisings.”

Reached via e-mail, the Syrian Interpreter said that Addounia’s claims were “nonsense,” and that the station was “a mouthpiece of the government.” The activist who created the channel requested anonymity out of security concerns for family in Syria.

Addounia TV is owned by Mohamed Hamsho, who is the brother-in-law of Maher al Assad, the commander of Syria’s Republican Guard and the brother of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

In August, Addounia TV broadcast dramatized footage of the United States Ambassador Robert Ford being attacked by a group of pro-regime demonstrators wielding a poster. The incident took place just before Mr. Ford’s planned trip to Jasem, in the southern Daraa region, where pro-democracy protests have been violently suppressed. A month earlier, Mr. Ford made a similarly controversial visit to the besieged city of Hama.

September 14th, 2011, 9:38 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@Norman #415

For Syria combined like France is the best.

Parliamentary system means change of government every two months.

September 14th, 2011, 9:38 pm


ann said:

Norman you need to ask the Iraqi refugees in Syria that question

September 14th, 2011, 9:41 pm


ann said:



September 14th, 2011, 9:45 pm


Norman said:


Can you explain to me with simple terms how that works and what the responsibility of each, the president and the parliament and would that be used like what happened to Arafat and the prime minster Abbas, changing responsibility depending whom the West like more.

September 14th, 2011, 9:45 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

The way it is done in Syria

September 14th, 2011, 9:48 pm


Norman said:


I do not like the Iraqi system , many problem with that system from religous and ethnic parties to set a side for women which might look good on paper but actually will limit the numbers of women if enough of them are qualified,
Iraq moved to democracy with lack of security and safety and that made intimidating and vote buying wide spread, Syria so far is still safe in comparison and election will diffuse the tension and test the candidates their ability to governs, small town with city councils that manage these towns will give enough experience to would be leaders to mature, Syria can not stay as a single party system and the Baath party should not fear competition after the dead wood leave the party, it will be a better party.

September 14th, 2011, 9:56 pm


ann said:

The Arab spring is an Arab disaster – 15.09.2011

The choice in Syria will be either a bloodbath, an Alawite dictatorship or a Sunni dictatorship


The picture is clearing up. The Arab spring is an Arab disaster. In the coming years there will be no democracy in Egypt. The choice in Egypt will be either chaos, Islamic dictatorship or military dictatorship. In the coming years there will be no democracy in Syria. The choice in Syria will be either a bloodbath, an Alawite dictatorship or a Sunni dictatorship. In the coming years there will be no democracy in Jordan. The choice in Jordan will be either weakened Hashemites, the Muslim Brotherhood or Palestinians. In the coming years there will be no democracy in Libya. There the choice will be disintegration, disorder or renewed despotism. Perhaps in Tunisia a real change for the better will occur.

But the bottom line of the Arab spring is that the lives of hundreds of millions of Arabs will be worse. More poverty, more crime, more fear in the streets. More oppression of women, more persecution of minorities, more hatred of the West. Monarchies like Saudi Arabia, which thwarted the Arab spring – are now emerging as responsible states. In contrast, the republics defeated by the Arab spring are turning one after the other into failed states. They are tainted with fanaticism, spreading misery and creating unprecedented instability.

The picture is clearing up. The Palestinian September is an Israeli-Palestinian disaster. The Palestinian September was conceived by two European statesmen – Bernard Kouchner and Javier Solana. Those two naive men figured if they grant international sponsorship to Salam Fayyad’s Palestinian-state plan, they would force Israel to make a final-status arrangement.

But the Israelis did not cave in to the pressure. The Palestinians fell in love with the plan.

The train left the station. Now, when everyone understands the train is racing to the abyss, nobody can stop it. On September 20 the General Assembly debate will begin. At the beginning of October the assembly is likely to adopt a destructive resolution. Presumably Israel will take unilateral retaliation measures and the Palestinians will go the The Hague.

At the same time quiet mass demonstrations will probably begin in the West Bank. Neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor Mahmoud Abbas will want violence. But the two men’s failure in managing the conflict will induce violence. Suffice it for one demonstrator to be killed. Suffice it for one Jewish terror cell to carry out one murder. The autumn air will fill with gas fumes and one spark will be able to ignite them.

Both Israel and peace are about to be struck a historic diplomatic blow. But the blow’s immediate tangible effect will be the creation of an uncontrollable confrontation situation in the West Bank.

The picture is clearing up. The combination of the Arab spring with the Palestinian September could create a perfect storm. Since the big Arab revolution is not offering real hope, it awakens rage and hatred. The first wave of rage and hatred was focused on Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gadhafi and Bashar Assad. The second wave will be focused on Israel. Facing the wave will be transient, weak Arab leaders who will have difficulty containing it.

Thus, if Palestinians are killed at Jerusalem’s gates – Cairo, Amman and Istanbul will rage and storm.

If an alert squad in some settlement opens fire at Palestinians ascending on it – the Middle East will tremble.

In the newly created historic situation there are no shock absorbers. No stabilizing forces. Every isolated incident could instantly turn into a strategic one. The quiet is hanging by a thread.

The clearer the picture, the gloomier it gets. What makes it especially gloomy is the inexplicable behavior of Israel’s government. The government is not launching a political initiative that would moderate the Arab, Palestinian and Turkish hostility. The government is not stretching out its hand to the Arab nations and Arab masses. The government is degenerating the alliance with the West and burning its bridge to the Arab world. It insists on positioning Israel in a way that highly increases the chance it will be hit by the storm.

Netanyahu’s government did not generate the Arab spring. Netanyahu’s government did not initiate the Palestinian September. But Netanyahu’s government has done nothing to prevent what may occur when the Arab spring and Palestinian September come together. Instead of bolstering the Jewish national home in anticipation of the hurricane, Netanyahu’s government is hacking away at its foundations.

September 14th, 2011, 10:02 pm


Aboud said:

Will, Tara and NK thanks, I got your emails.

Great job everyone. When the revolution started, this website was a stronghold for menhebak propaganda. At the end, the menhebaks fled in droves, and now bitterly accuse professor Landis of working for Al-Jazeera. The expected response and reaction of a group of people whose claims and lies could not stand up to the light of day, and to rational analysis.

It reminds me of reading how Hitler railed against his armed forces at the end of his days.

They not only lost a platform from which to spread Baathist conspiracy theories, they lost something else; the chance to prove they and their ideas could hold their own in an atmosphere of free discussion and debate. I don’t mean to sound smug, but they were utterly routed.

The comprehensiveness of their failure can be seen in how they have turned against this blog that was once very accommodating to their every whim.

I don’t think this great group of people should lose touch. We will get something going on Facebook to facilitate communication, and discuss ways to keep the spirit of community that we created alive.

(Alas, some will never get the answer to the question “Where were the French taaaaaaaanks!!!!!!!”)

September 14th, 2011, 10:10 pm


Darryl said:

415. NORMAN said:

What kind of political system Syria should have ,

Norman, I advocate Westminster system for the following reasons ( I wrote about this in a message to Sheila back then):

I think a Westminster system with a full opposition bench of shadow cabinet along free media and regulatory bodies should reduce a corruption in our country which is very prone to under table deals and politicians doing nothing.

Get read of the french system and do not even think about the American model, as the founding fathers made a mistake. I understand many Americans now are thinking about a Westminster system.

1. President is head of state acts a figure head with very limited power chosen by 2/3 parliament. The president can be a of any religion and ethnic background and must be an exemplary figure to unify all sects and ethnic groups.

2. Election winning party or a coalition of parties chooses the Prime Minister (PM) and cabinet.

3. Election losers form a shadow cabinet to keep the bastards honest as they say in Australia so that all election promises are kept. I think this is the problem with American system, they argue and argue and lie and little is delivered as no one is overseeing that election promises are delivered except the voter who is fooled.

4. Election term is 4 or 5 years. PM has limit of 3 terms.

5. Parliament members have limits of 3 terms maximum 4. You do not want to have dinosaurs in parliament like US system where a person dies in office. Better have new blood more often.

September 14th, 2011, 10:11 pm


ann said:

Norman I was being sarcastic.

A million Iraqi would rather live under Assad stable Syria than in a FREE and DEMOCRATIC Iraq.

Obviously the so called Western Civilized World is too blinded with hatred and dead set on destroying Syria

September 14th, 2011, 10:14 pm


Aboud said:

BBC News Magazine
14 September 2011 Last updated at 18:58 ET
Syrian unrest: The exiles keeping the uprising online
Mishal Husain By Mishal Husain BBC News, Beirut


Social networking and internet-based communication has been crucial to all the Arab Spring uprisings, including the ongoing struggle in Syria – and Syrian exiles in Lebanon are helping to make it possible.

In cramped, smoke-filled apartments in Beirut, I came to know the two men who, for me, now embody the Syrian uprising.

Both are exiles, escaping from President Bashar Assad’s Syria at different times, but now with very similar lives undercover in Lebanon.

It is a strange existence – understandably secretive – for these are the people trying to do everything in their power to end Mr Assad’s grip on their country.

One is Rami Nakhle, known in the Twittersphere by the pseudonym Malath Aumran. He was forced to flee Syria in January as the security services began to suspect he was responsible for a Facebook page fiercely critical of the regime.

Rami is an intense young man who seems to live and breathe through his laptop, constantly connected to the protests in his country and relentless in his zeal to spread the word about them.

We first met in Beirut just a few weeks into the Syrian uprising.

Unlike many other dissidents, Rami was prepared to be seen on camera and explain the process of gathering the news of Syria and disseminating it to the mass media.

It was a Friday, the day of prayer, and his network of cyberactivists was braced both for protests and for a tough response from the authorities.

The atmosphere in the apartment was heavy with expectation.
Red-rimmed eyes

Within moments of our introduction, I felt as if I had been transported to Damascus.

Rami’s whole existence seemed to be devoted to what he called “the Syrian struggle”.

He looked as though he had not slept in weeks – his pale, red-rimmed eyes staring at his computer, leaving it only to go live on air when foreign TV and radio asked for interviews.

As I sat with him, watching him monitor Facebook and Twitter, a video clip arrived via email. It was labelled “a martyr from the city of Hama”.

Rami said: “I don’t usually watch these,” but clicked on it nevertheless.

I was prepared to see a body, but the footage showed a man who had just been shot, slumped to the ground as a deep red stain seeped across his clothing. Some of those around him were trying to keep him alive. Others were filming the scenes on their phones.

Both Rami and I were shocked into silence and after a moment he abruptly left the room.

I remained, watching the last, frozen frame.

In any other context, it would be grotesque to think of a scene like this being filmed by onlookers. Here, though, it was if everyone had their task – some to try to save a life, others to capture the evidence.

Later that day, I saw reports that one person had been killed in Hama. This time I could visualise that person as never before.

‘So heartfelt’

The other dissident, Omar Edlibi, is a very different but equally compelling character.

The father of a young son, he is strongly motivated by his desire to create a better Syria for the next generation.

Unlike Rami, he was still in Syria when the uprising began in March, and began agitating and getting people out on to the streets.

He explained how the first gatherings in Damascus began, in solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia. The authorities even encouraged them, ignoring the irony of supporting democracy elsewhere while repressing it at home.

Omar, like Rami, battles with guilt. Some of those he has encouraged and persuaded to join him on the streets have been killed in front of him.

It is clear that he feels their loss – and his responsibility for it – acutely.

What sustains him are his ideals – a Syria that he can be proud of, that can live in peace with its neighbours.

He was so eloquent, so heartfelt, that when the cameras stopped rolling I said he could run for office in a future Syria.

He laughed and shook his head. “No,” he said, “I am a poet, not a politician.”

Changing passwords

As the protests have continued, wealthy Syrian exiles have begun to play a part, buying satellite phones, that are packaged in Beirut and smuggled across the border.

It is a very risky journey to make, but the phones are a lifeline for activists as they struggle against the regime’s efforts to cut them off from each other and the outside world.

The activists share online passwords, so that if one of them is arrested and drops out of contact, the relevant password can be immediately changed – preventing data falling into the hands of President Assad’s dreaded security services.

In one of my meetings with Rami, he acknowledged that he had already changed 17 passwords out of the 20 he held – meaning that 17 out of 20 had been arrested.

In the secretive world of Syrian dissidents in Lebanon, I was never sure whether Rami and Omar knew one another.

Neither ever showed any doubts about the outcome of the uprising in Syria. They are perhaps at present no closer to their goal, but both insisted that in the end they would prevail.


September 14th, 2011, 10:18 pm


Aboud said:

“A million Iraqi would rather live under Assad stable Syria than in a FREE and DEMOCRATIC Iraq.”

Hehehe, where else would they go? Jordan can’t absorb anymore, Lebanon won’t be accommodating. They acquiesce to live in Syria (big word, look it up).

September 14th, 2011, 10:22 pm


ann said:

OK assuming you are right. They acquiesce to live in Syria instead of living in FREE and DEMOCRATIC IRAQ.

*** NUFF SAID ***

September 14th, 2011, 10:26 pm


Aboud said:

Yeah free and democratic Iraq. The Persians and Qurdaha gang have alot to answer for when the time comes.

Speaking of which, how many Iraqis choose to live in Iran’s theocracy? Not many I hear…..

September 14th, 2011, 10:29 pm


Norman said:


You are in Australia, right, the system you are talking about is the one in England and Australia, what i fear about that system is that it does not protect minority rights and a simple majority can shove laws into the throat of the minorities, in the US these laws do not pass with 2/3 majority, people in our country will vote for the big name on the ticket or the religion of that person only to get cronies of that man or woman ,

September 14th, 2011, 10:31 pm


ann said:

You are being incoherent again!

September 14th, 2011, 10:31 pm


Norman said:

The Iraqis come to Syria because Syria has open border policy to all Arabs in according to the Baath party principle of one Arab Nation, free education and health care in Syria helped, they did not come for democracy,i think you all agree.

September 14th, 2011, 10:46 pm


ann said:

They came for PEACE and STABILITY also Norman

September 14th, 2011, 11:03 pm


Darryl said:

Norman, Yes Westminster is used here in Australia and also Israel uses it as well as India (largest democracy on earth).

In new Syria there should not be minorities and people need to remove this from their heads. Everyone is a citizen, and I believe these issues have been resolved by the new party law as parties are not religious or ethnic. Thus “so called minorities” should become members and vote for a party that fits their particular political thinking and the election platform that a party runs on.

Religion or Ethnic background does not differentiate or diminish our basic needs in life such as liberty, freedom, dignity and basic service delivery that a government is there to do. A government is not there to be worshiped it is there to deliver every day basic needs to the community and laws that everyone is equal under. I am talking about a SECULAR government that is.

At the end of the day a Sunni Muslim, a Christian and Alawite wants the same thing; a government that is honest and delivers a service to the citizen where ever they are in Syria and upholds the laws. My needs are not different to Aboud’s even though we can disagree on many things (may be Aboud is not a good example 🙂 ) perhaps NK or NZ or True etc.

September 14th, 2011, 11:06 pm


Aboud said:

“may be Aboud is not a good example”

LOL! Not in this case.

However, as I understand it the Israeli system is different from the Westminster one. In Israel parties are assigned seats according to the popular vote, while in the UK each constituency gets a representative.

Also, in Israel the PM is elected directly, while in the UK the party or coalition with the most seats gets to lead.

Peres once said that if Israel had the UK’s system, it cold have avoided alot of political messes.

September 14th, 2011, 11:17 pm


Norman said:


Yes , i missed security and safety.


The kind of system is what Iraq has and that led to corrupt system, I like the American system because of decentralization and district where can elect directly their rep, and vote him out if he does not behave, that is difficult if you like a platform but do not like the rep that the party wants for you ,

Anyway it looks like we like the systems we know , I the US, Haytham the french and you the British,

September 14th, 2011, 11:18 pm


Norman said:

Aboud said,
(( Also, in Israel the PM is elected directly, while in the UK the party or coalition with the most seats gets to lead.))

I think that was tried and canceled, they are back to give the PM to the one that can have a government ,

I wish we can have the lecture from DR Landis or somebody that can educate us about the different systems and why for example the US chose the British System.

September 14th, 2011, 11:22 pm


N.Z. said:

Canada’s Parliamentary system is referred to as a “Westminster Model.” This model was first developed by the British and is named after the Palace of …

The States has a different model..

September 14th, 2011, 11:34 pm


Darryl said:

Norman, I have lived under the American System and I prefer the Westminster for the reasons outlined originally. The American founding fathers chose this new system as they were afraid of having King George the first, by dividing power equally among three institutions. They thought it was more difficult to corrupt and they did not want a British system at all.

Off course what they got was a system of “I scratch your back and you scratch mine”. For this reason, a bill never looks like the original and always ends up more complicated and wasteful.

September 14th, 2011, 11:39 pm


Abughassan said:

I hope we abandon the presidential system and move to the Turkish model where the PM is chosen by the party that wins parliamentary elections. This makes the office of presidency more symbolic and ensures a less totalitarian political system.

September 14th, 2011, 11:40 pm


Abughassan said:

I will be glad to help Joshua keep this blog open including providing finanial support if needed. Closing this blog is not the end but I hope dr Landis gives us time to look for alternatives if he chooses to shut down SC.
Jordan can not tolerate 6 months of demonstrations

September 14th, 2011, 11:46 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@Norman 420.

In France
Mainly, if the president is responsible for the Defense and foreign affairs, while the prime minister is responsible for the rest.

September 14th, 2011, 11:53 pm


Abughassan said:

More on Syrian opposition
No positive outcome is likely until:
Syrians reject foreign intervention
The regime releases all political prisoners,not common thugs
Real trials for criminal elements from all sides are held

September 15th, 2011, 12:00 am



Just in case this blog closes down, I would like to thank Prof. Landis for all the work he did to raise awareness about Syria and allow us to share our views.

I would also like to thank my fellow compatriots who spoke out against the Assad mafia and intellectually challenged the regime supporters.

As for the regime loyalist, I ask you to reconsider your stance. By supporting this criminal regime, you’re a partner in its crimes and you will be held accountable by God Almighty. Sooner or later, the Angel of Death is going to catch up with you (and all of us for that matter). When that happens, there is no going back. So why wait until it’s too late? The least you can do is denounce the regime’s crimes in you heart. However, if you feel that you must stand on the regime’s side because of fear of the alternative, then you must also speak out against it crimes.

One other point for the regime loyalists. “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Throughout history, many tyrants thought they were smarter than the ones who preceded them only to end up joining the caravan of losers (their supporters included). The worst part is not losing in this world, but in the hereafter. So act now and save yourselves by repenting to God and doing what’s right.

September 15th, 2011, 1:11 am


Dale Andersen said:

You are a good dude, Syr Expat

September 15th, 2011, 1:16 am



Dear Joshua,

Instead of closing down the blog, you could dedicate one hour per week to post few links to articles about Syria and add few quick thoughts. You can always shut the comments section if you don’t have someone to moderate the Comments section.

Continuity at a much slower pace is better than ending this effort.

September 15th, 2011, 1:20 am


mjabali said:

General Commander in Cheese Arboud the undisputed king of SPAM:

You never made any sense because you are sectarian. If you want to make a change, like you always claim, you can start by learning how to respect others and their opinions and whom they are.

No matter how much you try to fake intellectualism, your sectarian smell, behavior and words kill all of your hopes. This sectarian attitude will kill Syria for sure.

Your accusatory tone and words plus your disrespect is a reminder of al-Baath to me, isn’t that strange?

The dictator that is going should not be replaced by another, especially a religious one.

Syria has no hope to stay as we know it today because of people like you. Secularism is what is going to save Syria.

Religious kooks like you who want to kill anyone who insult your prophet is danger to this time. What is the difference between you and al-Assad that you hate and make fun of all day.

Syria should have a civil law that equals all, otherwise, it is going to break apart. Sectarianism and the attitude where people are divided into peasants and landlords is not going to take you anywhere General Cheese master.

You think that you are better than the Alawis and consider them not worthy of anything. Sometimes you make fun of the way they talk. Do you belong to this time and space or you belong to be in the 7th Century? General sorry to piss on your parade, the Alawis I know are a light year ahead of you in every aspect of life. Even those living in the most remote Alawi villages are ahead of you. Those who milk cows and farm are better than you and ahead of you in terms of their fit to the fabric of this world.

Also, the Sunnis that I know are a light year ahead of you in terms of accepting others and respecting them.

You are a bad influence and the crazy thing here is that you are either an unemployed and found this website a gift where you can talk all day, or a paid blogger of a sort. You are going to be very lonely after the closing of this great blog, that I hope it never closes.

I work and you spam General. All your calls for battles are unanswered because I have work. You are creating too much noise.
One day you are a war expert, the second day you are a historian, the third you are a legal expert, and so on….But, the beauty of this is the more you blab and blab and blab, the more mistakes you make, and more of your real self gets out and spits your sectarian venom and disrespect to other people.

For real you are a video game general.

September 15th, 2011, 1:23 am




Thank you.

September 15th, 2011, 1:30 am


Aboud said:


You said

“General Commander in Cheese Arboud blah blah blah whine whine whine sectarian blah blah where’s my French tanks blah blah”

When I first came to this blog, it was enemy territory. Now, it is the Qurdaha gang who call it enemy territory. And not because of anything professor Landis did. It was because you people could not sustain your propaganda in the cold hard light of critical analysis. You could not hold your own when challenged on the principles and ideas you spent 40 years believing in.

The Qurdahans have proven themselves, in these six months, completely and utterly ill prepared for all aspects of a modern, pluralistic society. You see conspiracies even in your morning cereal.

All your talk about “secularism” is of course, fake, not when you rely on a theocratic Persian tyranny and a Hizboll-shaytan terrorist organization as your only friends 🙂

With friends like that to keep you company, it’s no wonder you people are always in a foul mood.

When Mubarak left so quickly, he left his regime intact, something the Egyptians are learning to their cost. Syrians, however, will be able to remove not just your X-Box tyrant, but his entire Qurdaha gang. When we are done, every trace of this cancerous regime will have been gone. We won’t even need to pay lip service to the idea of coexistence with the Qurdahans 🙂

September 15th, 2011, 1:36 am


ann said:

Sens. Durbin, Paul battle over logistics of Syria resolution

By Peter Sullivan and Josiah Ryan – 09/14/11 10:53 AM ET


Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) took to the floor Tuesday evening to demand that freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) drop a hold he has placed on a bipartisan resolution to condemn the violence that the Syrian regime has deployed against its citizens.

“I hope that he [Paul] will consider the bloodshed and carnage in Syria as he continues to hold up this official action by the United States Senate,” said Durbin.

Paul’s spokesman told The Hill on Tuesday night that Paul intends to continue blocking the legislation because he opposes the way Democratic leadership is attempting to pass the resolution swiftly. The method Democrats are using is called unanimous consent, which does not require debate or the actual presence of senators for the vote.

“Senator Paul does not believe sweeping foreign policy resolutions should be passed in the shadow of darkness without debate or public votes,” Paul’s spokeswoman, Moira Bagley, told The Hill. “There needs to be a discussion about whether or not this resolution is another precursor to an unconstitutional war.”

Paul also opposed a resolution in July to authorize U.S. military action in Libya, in part because he believed President Obama had already overstepped his constitutional powers by participating in a United Nations mission against then-Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

Durbin insisted, however, that the Senate must send a unified message to the Syrian people that America supports their efforts to throw off the dictatorial regime.

“The people deserve the message to know that the people of the United States through their elected representatives in the Senate understand their plight, stand behind them and will work to bring justice to their country,” said Durbin.

In response, Paul’s spokeswoman told The Hill that if appropriate debate time is afforded to the resolution and a real vote is scheduled, the junior senator from Kentucky will likely drop his objection.

“Sen. Durbin should speak to Majority Leader [Harry] Reid about scheduling floor time and votes for the full Senate to discuss this matter,” she said.

In his speech, Durbin called for other actions against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which has used violence to crack down on rebellions against his rule.

He admonished China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa for holding up sanctions against Syria in the U.N. Security Council, saying, “I find it hard to imagine how some of these countries in light of their own history could ignore the obvious, the killing of innocent people in the streets of Syria.”

Durbin said he promised a group of Syrian-Americans he met with in Illinois last Saturday that he would do the best he can to address the situation in Syria. He also advocated passing legislation sponsored by Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) to further sanction Syria by penalizing those who buy its oil.

“Durbin insisted, however, that the Senate must send a unified message to the Syrian people that America supports their efforts to throw off the dictatorial regime. ” What good will that do? It isn’t our business. This is what Rand’s dad champions when he talks about a non-interventionist policy. Glad to see the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. Symbolic votes like this do nothing but stoke the ire of one side or the other in an ongoing conflict. Durbin should focus his attention a bit closer to home.”

September 15th, 2011, 1:44 am


annie said:

396. sheila said:

Dear Anne-marie aka Annie,
Welcome to the fold. Can you tell us a little about you. Can be in general terms. Are you from Syria?.

Dear Sheila, I study Arabic and I lived in Syria which I considered my home between 2002 and 2007 when I was advised upon leaving from Damascus Airport for a holiday in Belgium that I could leave but never come back. I had wanted to apply for Syrian citizenship but the only way was to marry a Syrian or have a business a thing I had contemplated with a friend. Starting a kind of editing French texts service.

When I was told thru investigating friends that there was nothing in my files at the mukhabarat, I flew back but they did not let me in. I asked if I could at least organize the shipment of my things but they refused. I kept quiet about it here not wanting to embarrass them.

So, my connection with Syria is thru the heart. I have travelled in quite a few Arab countries, but no people are comparable to Syrians.
I hesitated before siding with the Revolution but the unspeakable cruelty of the repression did it.

September 15th, 2011, 2:06 am



To comment you do not need an account on any of these. Just and email address and a name of your choice. Better if the email is not connected to your real identity. It is pretty much like visiting this blog.

In the future, I will remove these buttons, once the blog is moved into a location that allows more customization.

September 15th, 2011, 2:17 am


Mina said:

I hope closing the blog does not mean taking all its contents off-line. This would be an act of censorship in the current circumstances, because this is the sole place which has some information on some of the actors of these events.

September 15th, 2011, 3:32 am


Syrian Commando said:

Laughable tripe:

“Khalid, Syrian Commando was comprehensively humiliated on this blog, which is why he ran away. He isn’t in the same league as the writers here.”

I left because I knew the game of the moderators ahead of you all. Now all of your stupid reporters are begging me for interviews, people are only interested in the voice of the victor. That’s why ABOUD’s (non-Syrian faker, exposed multiple times) little abode is going to be shutdown. But not before we archive all the damning evidence of the conspiracy.

For REAL, intelligent commentary on Syria, you’re all free to check out my blog.


Or this excellent blog by another patriot


Oh and finally (I know you’ve all been waiting for this for a while): checkmate, professor.

September 15th, 2011, 4:25 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:








Just like the blog owner and your backers. DIMMMMMMMMWITTTTTTTS X-Baathists, Socialists and Communists, worse…

September 15th, 2011, 4:41 am


Arabi Souri said:

I refrain myself usually from commenting on such blogs as the comments itself are the factor that increases the popularity and exposure of such blogs, even if the content value is very low to the level of copying statements and speculations.

To be married to someone who has a couple of relatives in the Syrian army with some sort of ranks and posts gives the author information he claims exclusivity doesn’t merit value except in the locations and posts accessible to the relatives of the author, which is unlikely of intelligence importance and depends on what the Syrian army itself wants to leak.

However, since my own blog was mentioned in a link here take these factors:

The 1978-1982 Ikhawn crimes were supported directly by Saddam and through Jordanian crown prince then, it’s true it cost lives and hardship on regular people but that was before self efficiency in food and resources.

BRICS were not existing at those times, and there was only 2 major blocs and 3rd non-allied, each moving out of own interests and busy with own problems.

NATO countries were at their peak powers, not their poorest situation as of now.

Media did not exist, now in the internet even sluts and criminals have their own sites, like Ikhwan for instance.

Turkey was much more powerful and not economic-dependence, now a small shock in Turkey would cost them Billions of Dollars as it’s reliance on tourism, export based industry and transit, if Turkish Syrian borders are closed, the biggest loser is the Turkish industries, if tensions intensify Kurds won’t sit idle as this would be their ever dreaming moment, Turkish opposition voiced its rejection to the new Ottoman policies and waiting for such an opportunity to regain control, Istanbul is one of the cities in the range of Syria’s strategic missiles as well as Bir Saba’ in the south of israel, so the stakes in other words are huge and would like to remind you all of the Samson option Syria loves to do and stated once by late Snr Assad: “When we fall we fall on the bodies of our enemies”, now think why NATO didn’t get involved directly in Syria till now like it did in Libya and others.

Your dreams are high, but when you wake up to reality you will be so hated by the people of Syria who used to humiliate someone by calling them an ikhawnji, but were about to forget and forgive recently till riots unfolded and ikhwan reminded the people of the bloody criminal nature of their movement, so no more forgiving and forgetting, it’s payback time.

In case you still have doubts, ask Japan and others why they sent back their ambassadors to Syria, Media is something and Reality is another.

September 15th, 2011, 4:51 am


annie said:

To all : This is a great ressource
Latest Thoughts of Syrian Bloggers

Most of the posts are now in Arabic.

September 15th, 2011, 4:55 am


Some guy in damascus said:

Hey Syrian commando,
How do you feel about besho’s seriousness towards reforms?
Will rami makhlouf’s multiple industries be nationalized and up for a an auction or will the paralyzing monopoly continue?will rami be tried for being a leech on the economy?Will besho be investigated for turning a blind eye to rami’s violations?
If none of these issues are going to be addressed , besho isn’t serious at all.

September 15th, 2011, 5:02 am


Syrian Commando said:


I don’t think anyone will be tried for anything legal but patriotic people will get what they want. There’s a dodgy-sounding party formed by “opposition”. If you’re in Damascus, you should join up and use your nationalisation idea as a campaign. If people feel strongly enough about it, it’ll happen.

I’m not a fan of any nationalisation. Our family suffered enough under Abd Al Naser so I don’t even want to hear the word again. Internet in Lebanon is cheap now, 3G in Syria should be cheaper than it is. Telecommunication reform is definitely required. (though it isn’t as bad as other places near by)

Anyway, that’s all from me, feel free to visit my website or my friends. Together we’ll build an amazing Syria, traitor/ikhwan/zionist/corruption free.

September 15th, 2011, 5:11 am


Some guy in damascus said:

I’m not saying I want it to belong to the public sector. Years of rami’s monopoly gave us huge bills, warded off investment and ruined the economy. Obviously some one has to be accountable for this.
The first step besho should’ve taken was to show us the law is above all else. He failed miserably. With no assurance given to us. There can be no nation building with the asads/ makhlufs in power. You try speaking out against the rami’s bid to syriatel( hint: raid seif) and tell me how that works out for you. Your a besho supporter, right?

September 15th, 2011, 5:37 am


Mina said:

Wake up, it’s the same bills as in Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and they don’t have Besho.
Don’t you see the big smiles on Sarkozy and Berlusconi’s faces every time they met with Putin? Just the same big friendship as between Bush and Putin. You don’t remember Tchetchenia? You must be really young folks…
Bush has transformed the world in a self destructive machine based on lies, with unacountable mercenaries and bankers dictating laws, and “think-TANKS” to provide them a clean “consciousness”.
Bush emptied the pockets of the middle class which Clinton had filled, and Sarkozy is doing the same job with Lybia.

September 15th, 2011, 6:13 am



Wake up, it’s the same bills as in Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and they don’t have Besho.

Not true. If phone and internet bills in these countries consumed the same percentage of income as they do in Syria, you would have had major riots only for these bills in all of these countries. Please don’t by making such comparisons. Yes, they may be expensive and some may be a near-monopoly (e.g. France), but it is in no way similar to that of Syria.

As for Bush, he just continued with the program started by Reagan /Thatcher couple. All the little bozo did was add blackwater into the equation.

September 15th, 2011, 6:55 am


MNA said:

“341. Haytham Khoury said:

The courageous ambassador Ford.

Is Daria within the 25km radius from Damascus.”

Yes Daria is within 25km radius.

The move is very touchy indeed, but yet hypocritical. I wonder how many funerals did the ambassador go to when he was in Baghdad and many Iraqi civilians were being slaughtered

“The courageous ambassador Ford.”

statement like this Haytham, repel many away from your cause.

September 15th, 2011, 7:00 am


Some guy in damascus said:

Are you seriously implying I should forget about these problems just because some European countries have them too???
With that kind of logic why should south Africa combat AIDS if the USA has it’s own HIV victims.

September 15th, 2011, 7:02 am


Tara said:


With all due respect, please be repelled. If the sight of body trails in Syrian towns, the massive number of children murdered by the regime, and the many footage of the humiliation, beating and torture did not attract you to the cause, then honestly I could care less about you being “repelled”. Please stay repelled. Mr. Ford has made history. He is a great person. He deserves all admiration.

September 15th, 2011, 7:33 am


uzair8 said:

#455 Syrian Commando said:

“Oh and finally (I know you’ve all been waiting for this for a while): checkmate, professor.”

This taunt should not be tolerated by Prof JL. An appropriate response would be to call Regime Commando’s bluff and allow this site to continue operating as normal.

The regime and its supporters are their own worst enemies. One mistake after another. Lol. Who needs friends when you have enemies like these.

Commando may just have made a big mistake which even his fellow Menhabeks will curse him for. Lol.

Menhabek premature celebrations on hold…lol.

September 15th, 2011, 7:50 am


uzair8 said:

AbuGhassan Thanks for the Al Quds articles.

I always liked Abdul Bari Atwan so I wandered what he has been saying on Syria situation. I checked it out:

Syria should accept Arab League initiative to avoid foreign intervention
29 August 2011

“The fierce security solution to which the Syrian authorities have resorted has not succeeded in stopping the popular uprising; rather it has fanned the protests. Otherwise, the uprising would not have continued for more than six months without letup, leaving hundreds, rather thousands, dead or wounded.”


September 15th, 2011, 8:13 am


hsyrian said:

National Dialogue Sessions Continue in the Syrian Provinces and Universities

Sep 15, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – With wide participation of political, economic and social activities, representatives of unions and civil establishments and academic, independent and opposition figures, national dialogue sessions continued on Thursday in the Syrian provinces and universities.

The aim of the dialogue is to come up with common national formulas that that boost democracy and political pluralism, fulfill the citizens’ aspirations and draw the features of the coming stage in Syria in a way that preserves national unity, bolsters Syria’s regional and international role, maintains the independence of its national decision and fortifies the society against foreign conspiracies.

Dialogue Sessions Discuss Reconsidering Economic Strategies

On Wednesday , national dialogue sessions discussed viewpoints and visions for establishing common grounds for work in the coming stage based on bolstering the independence of national-decision making, preserving sovereignty and respecting citizens’ freedom.

In Damascus, 350 political, economic, social, religious, media and cultural figures participated in two sessions focusing on politics, preserving national unity, confronting the conspiracy the new laws and the state of mass media.

Participants stressed the need for continuing reforms to foil plots targeting Syria, calling for boosting the role of parties and civil organizations, achieving social justice, strengthening the concept of national unity among youths, and reconsidering the constitution to benefit the country and its people.

They also called for expediting the trials of those involved in terrorist acts and forming independent committees to visit Arab embassies and explain the scale of the conspiracy against Syria.

The participants underlined the important role of youth in developing Syria and the need to combat corruption, restructuring government establishments, diversifying exports, relying on local resources, making wages suitable to the living conditions, and expanding the use of alternative energy sources.

They stressed that developing mass media is a national duty as it should reflect citizens’ aspirations and play a role in monitoring ministries and establishments, voicing rejection of all forms of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

In Damascus University, participants in dialogue agreed that the events taking place in Syria are the result of a foreign conspiracy facilitated by internal elements, most importantly corruption, with professors stressing the need to acknowledge issues and facts in order to reach a solution through involving experts, academics and citizens in decision-making, trying the corrupt, and bolstering liberty.

Participants stressed that democracy isn’t achieved through chaos and foreign dictations, but rather through a constitutional establishments and according to a schedule that guarantees reforms.

They stressed the need for improving the role of civil society establishment, bolstering the values of citizenship, and focusing on the human being and the fact that the people are the reference point and the once capable of dealing with issues through active participation.

The participants called for preserving the resistance and national sovereignty, reconsidering the mechanisms of political and party work, confronting those who bear arms, and strengthening the rule of law.

In Daraa, participants in dialogue unanimously stressed the importance of bolstering security and safety across the governorates in order to carry out services projects and programs that serve the people’s interests.

The participants proposed providing new job opportunities through new industrial and services projects, calling for expediting the various services projects, finding new water sources, amending laws and regulations, and revitalizing tourism and sports in the area.

They also called for establishing a hospital, providing equipment to the blood bank, encouraging investment projects that provide new job opportunities, lowering university acceptyance marks, assigning newly-graduated teachers in their governorates, and caring for archeological sites.

In Tartous, dialogue sessions tackled services and social issues, discussing social support and welfare, unemployment funds, health insurance, education and services, with participants calling fro combating red-tape, reconsidering educational policies, curricula and tests, improving universities, fixing the rates of private hospitals, developing internet services, supporting scientific research, and developing agriculture and industry.

In Sweida, discussions focused on consecrating the rule of law and amending the constitution to suit the stage while preserving the national course, with participants calling for separating the three authorities and boosting the role of mass media as the fourth estate.

Participants stressed the need for an independent judicial system, party pluralism, social justice, combating corruption, confronting cultural invasion, and caring for youths and solving their problems.

They also rejected foreign interference in Syria’s affairs and the squandering of public money, calling for making a distinction between national opposition and those affiliated with foreign agendas, stressing the need to support comprehensive political reform and confronting the instigation targeting national unity.

In Deir Ezzor, dialogue underlined the importance of dialogue in resolving issues, stressing that political reform and party pluralism is an urgent necessity and the need for national opposition which rejects violence and doesn’t conspire with forces from abroad.

Participants underlined the importance of an independent judicial system and the army’s role in achieving security and stability, in addition to affirming the media’s importance in confronting and exposing conspiracies against Syria.

In Hama, participants called for adopting dialogue as a primary principle, achieving equality, and preserving the dignity of citizens and their right to express their opinions, stressing that no-one should be exempt from being held accountable.

They also called for issuing a new law for early retirement, encouraging local investments, protecting local products, uniting efforts to build the homeland, correcting erroneous economic policies and reconsidering tax legislations.

In Lattakia, the national dialogue focused on service and development-related issues of concern to various social and age categories.

In Homs, the national dialogue session discussed political, economic, social and service issues, with the participation of 500 participants representing social spectrums.

The participants discussed solutions to the current crisis, as well as allowing enough space for carrying out the package of reforms and the laws issued lately to reach a modern Syria.

They also thrashed out amending the constitution, calling for broadening dialogue with the opposition and laying out a comprehensive political and social reform plan.

In Tishreen University, the participants in the dialogue considered that combating corruption starts by issuing deterrent legislations, calling for protecting the achievements of the state and developing the public sector.

They also stressed the importance of consolidating decentralization, ending bureaucracy and establishing modern centers for public service.

In Quneitra, the participants in the dialogue session stressed the importance of security and stability in the country, and keenness on pushing the development and modernization process in spite of internal and external challenges.

The proposals affirmed that disagreement in viewpoints in society is normal as long as they converge when it comes to national principles, underlining the importance of fair judiciary.

They considered that dialogue is a healthy national state that paves the way towards a new stage in Syria’s modern history.

In Idleb, the participation in the national dialogue focused on supporting and protecting local industry and supporting public and agricultural sector, among other issues

A small country with powerful neighbors , multilingual , multicultural , non sectarian , has a constitution that kept his people peaceful and its economy improving for centuries : Switzerland

September 15th, 2011, 8:21 am


Aboud said:

“I left because I knew the game of the moderators ahead of you all”

HAHAHAHAHAHA! He leaves the website, but apparently is still so obsessed he checks back often. At the time Mr “My daddy shot down Zionist-Indians in the war” left, no rules were being enforced and the moderator hadn’t even been appointed. The straw that broke the menhebak’s back was, apparently, when he was humiliated after claiming he would sue anyone who called him a terrorist.

“people are only interested in the voice of the victor”

Reminds me of reading about Goebbels, everyday he kept telling Hitler that the Luftwaffe was winning, and would destroy the RAF “anyday now”. FYI, if like Butthaina says you are 700 for 700 after six months, that ain’t winning, that means you aren’t anywhere near to subduing anything except Athma’s shopping bills.

Oh and take a look at Onsyria.com, and see how many demonstrations come out every single day.

But of course, menhebaks define victory as beating up cartoonists.

“For REAL, intelligent commentary on Syria, you’re all free to check out my blog.”

Apparently he isn’t getting enough traffic, poor thing, and has to go around the web spamming his link.

“checkmate, professor.”

Typical Baathist. He can’t win a victory, so he pathetically claims one after the owner of this blog decides to move on to other things. Nothing says more about their needy and desperate nature 🙂

So menhebak, what happened to the war of liberation on the Golan your X-Box president was supposed to launch? What happened to the big army of Qurdahans that were supposed to subdue Homs….like, 3 months ago 🙂

September 15th, 2011, 8:22 am


Aboud said:

“statement like this Haytham, repel many away from your cause.”

But he was courageous. Unlike your own Imad Mustapaha who spends his time harassing expatriates.

But I guess menhebaks think *this* is bravery. Eleven Qurdahans against a wounded guy


“I wonder how many funerals did the ambassador go to when he was in Baghdad”

Tell me, how many funerals has Besho been to? Butthaina been to? Mu’allem been to? Makhlouf been to? Cro Magnum Maher been to?

September 15th, 2011, 8:27 am


norman said:


Isn’t that the system in Syria now , but without free elections .

September 15th, 2011, 8:33 am


Aboud said:

“ask Japan and others why they sent back their ambassadors to Syria”

He never left. The announcement was made on August 21st, three weeks ago, that he would be recalled “in the near future”.

Apparently the Japanese decided that for the time being, it would be better to have an observer in the country to witness things like this;


Now the menhebaks will claim that America doesn’t really believe that junior is a mass murderer, hence Robert Ford’s continued presence in Damascus.

September 15th, 2011, 8:35 am


sheila said:

To #426. Ann,
And how about you Ann? Do you prefer living under Assad’s Syria, Saddam Husein’s Iraq, or whatever country in the West that you currently live in?. Or is it the same old:”Arabs can’t handle democracy” theory?. Or is it that we, living in the West, deserve better than those living under the shoes of the Syrian regime? And why do you think “the so called Western Civilized World is too blinded with hatred and dead set on destroying Syria”?

September 15th, 2011, 8:39 am


Aboud said:

I think the Syrian army is the last one in the world to still use camouflaged dump trucks to move around infantry *facepalm*

September 15th, 2011, 8:40 am


Haytham Khoury said:

@ Norman 427.

It is technically almost the same. However, the president has a lot of executive. Practically, the prime minister is like an employee, not like a politician. Further, there is real absence of functional legislature.

My experience with the Syrians (through the opposition) is the Syrians do not adapt to new things fast. For this reason, it is better to put a System close to the one they know, however, we should make alive.

September 15th, 2011, 8:48 am


Aboud said:


Angry activists say Turkey handed deserted officer to Syria

September 15, 2011 8:41 a.m. EDT

Istanbul (CNN) — Syrian activists are denouncing the Turkish government in the wake of the Syrian regime’s announcement that it has a deserted army officer in custody.

The officer is Lt. Col. Hussein al-Harmoush, one of the first Syrian army officers to publicly desert and begin making online declarations denouncing the Damascus regime.

“The Turks handed him to the Syrian secret police,” said Omar al-Muqdad, a prominent Syrian opposition activist who is now in exile in Turkey applying for refugee status.

“The Turkish government is directly responsible for Harmoush’s destiny, because Harmoush was a refugee on their territory. They have to be honest about him. …under international rules, any country that receives him has to protect him,” al-Muqdad said.

Al-Harmoush called on all Syrian soldiers to defect and mobilize against President Bashar al-Assad. Eventually he fled Syria to Turkey.

Two weeks ago, al-Muqdad called CNN in a panic, saying al-Harmoush had gone missing from the refugee camp in Turkey where he’d been living. At the time, he suspected Syrian security agents had kidnapped the defecting officer.

“I talked to him on the morning of August 29th,” al-Muqdad said.

“He said ‘I have a meeting with a Turkish security man. When I finish I will call you.’ I waited for three days and didn’t hear from him. Then after that we discovered that the security man took him and didn’t send him back to the camp. They sent him to Syria directly. The Turks made a trick with Harmoush. They caught him in Turkey and sent him to Syria.”

The Syrian Arab News Agency said Syrian TV will broadcast al-Harmoush’s confession on Thursday and aired images of him to tease his comments, scheduled to be shown at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Another Syrian activist, Omar Idilbi of the Local Coordination Committees of Syria, said that from what Syrian TV is showing, there are signs that al-Harmoush has been tortured.

CNN has previously asked the Turkish Foreign Ministry about al-Harmoush, but Turkish diplomats said they were not familiar with his case.

Turkish Foreign Ministry officials could not immediately be reached for comment in light of the appearance of al-Harmoush in Syrian custody. They were accompanying Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on a tour of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

In Egypt, the first stop on the Turkish delegation’s trip, Syrian activists tried to confront Erdgoan about al-Harmoush. When Erdogan emerged from the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo on Tuesday, a crowd of angry Syrian activists stood outside the gates chanting “Erdogan Coward” and “Erdogan, where is Harmoush?”

Erdogan waved to the crowd, apparently not understanding the question. But one Syrian activist cornered a senior Turkish official next to the government motorcade and demanded to know al-Harmoush’s whereabouts.

The Turkish official had no idea what he was talking about. Turkey is critical to the Syrian opposition movement. Dissidents have fled to Turkey to escape the ongoing government crackdown in Syria and have been holding opposition meetings in Turkish cities.

On Thursday, a Syrian opposition council is announcing its creation in Istanbul, the latest in a number of groups claiming to represent the opposition in Syria and abroad.

But now, with Syria announcing it has al-Harmoush in custody, opposition activists said they feel betrayed by the Turkish government.

“I can’t trust the Turks any more. They are hypocrites,” said al-Muqdad.

“There are a lot of questions that the Syrian government and the Turkish government should answer,” said Idilbi, who is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The importance of al-Harmoush to the Syrian regime became evident September 8, when opposition activists and residents inside Syria called CNN to report Syrian security forces had attacked the village of Ibleen, where al-Harmoush’s brother Mohammed lived.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a number of Syrian army defectors had taken shelter in Ibleen while awaiting the chance to smuggle themselves across the nearby border to Turkey.

Video filmed of the aftermath of the Syrian government raid showed blood-spattered houses, burned-out cars and trucks, and a ransacked home.

At least five people were killed in the raid, including al-Harmoush’s brother. His corpse was shown in another video released by opposition activists. Thousands of people attended his funeral.

Syria’s state news agency claimed responsibility for the raid on Ibleen, saying Syrian security forces had killed a number of “armed terrorists” who had been residing there.

CNN’s Yesim Comert contributed to this report

September 15th, 2011, 8:54 am


Haytham Khoury said:

Introducing a new word in the English language:


September 15th, 2011, 8:55 am


norman said:

You are probably right, make the one they have better and lively then change it if they want.

September 15th, 2011, 8:55 am


Haytham Khoury said:

ما هي حقيقة أختفاء الضابط المنشق حسين هرموش ؟؟!!
by Syrian Freedom on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 6:24pm

وقال المعارض السوري صلاح الدين بلال، في تصريح خاص لـ”إيلاف”: “أثناء وجودي في أوروبا مكان إقامتي وصلني هاتف من السيد إبراهيم هرموش المتواجد في أحد مخيمات الريحانية كلاجئ، وهو شقيق المقدم المنشق عن جيش النظام السوري حسين هرموش، وسألني إن كنت على دراية بأية أخبار تخص المقدم حسين هرموش الذي اختفى منذ ظهر يوم السبت 28/8/2011، ولم يعد لعائلته منذ أكثر من يومين، دون أي خبر، وفي ظروف غامضة، حيث اختفى عن المخيم الذي يتواجد فيه هو وزوجته وأولاده وأخوه”.

وأضاف بلال: “لقد بدأت فصول القصة حين اتصل به ضابط أمن تركي برتبة نقيب للقائه خارج المخيم، ومن حينها انقطعت أخباره، وحين سؤاله للسلطات التركية عن اختفاء المقدم حسين أبدوا استغرابهم ونفوا معرفتهم مكانه، وحين سألت شقيق حسين هرموش عن كيفية حصوله على رقم هاتفي ذكر لي ان السلطات الأمنية التركية أعطته الرقم لكوني آخر من تواصل مع السيد هرموش، وفي الواقع كسوري يهتم بالإعلام تواصلت مع الفارين واللاجئين في تركيا للإطلاع على أحوالهم بمن فيهم السيد هرموش”.

“لكن ما اثار استغرابي”، والحديث لصلاح بلال، “إن الجهات الأمنية التركية أعطت رقم هاتفي لشقيق هرموش على أنني اخر من اتصل بهم المقدم حسين هرموش، وقد نفيت له حصول أي اتصال بي في ذلك اليوم، وفي اليوم التالي اتصل بي السيد إبراهيم هرموش، وأكد لي أن السلطات التركية أكدت صحة حديثي حول الاتصال المزعوم للمقدم هرموش، وأكد لي اتصال حسين بهاتفي إلا انه لم ينجح في الحديث معي حينها، لأنني كنت في طريقي إلى فرنسا وكان هاتفي مغلقا، ونزولا على طلب عائلته في البحث عن السيد هرموش فقد قمت بالاتصال بجهات سورية مقيمة ولها اتصالات وثيقة في تركيا للسؤال عن أخبار هرموش من قبل السلطات الرسمية”.

وتابع المعارض السوري: “فكانت كل الإخبار التي وردتني تؤكد أنه خارج المخيم وانه في مكان آمن وسيعود لزوجته وأولاده خلال أيام قليلة، وذلك من خلال المحادثة التي جرت بيني وبين السيد غزوان المصري الشخصية الإسلامية المعارضة والمقيم في تركيا والمقرب من حزب العدالة والتنمية ومكتب اردوغان الذي اتصل سابقا بأخ وزوجة السيد هرموش وأعطاهم بعض التطمينات والتي أكدها السيد المصري لي أيضًا في أن السيد هرموش سيعود قريبا ولا خوف عليه”.

وأشار الى أنه” حين طال غيابه لأكثر من أسبوع ازداد قلق كل عائلته، وكل الأصدقاء والضباط المنشقين والمقربين من السيد هرموش لغيابه، وقد مرضت زوجته نتيجة قلقها على مصير زوجها، وعليه فقد تواصلت مع جهات دولية وعربية عدة لسؤال السلطات التركية حول حقيقة قصة اختفاء السيد هرموش ومن خلال أعلى مستوى وعبر شخصية رفيعة رسمية استغرابهم لاختفائه وأرسلوا لنا جوابا بعد ساعات إن السيد حسين هرموش في مكان آمن، وفي شقة على الحدود السورية التركية، وبعلم السلطات وسيرجع خلال أيام إلى عائلته، وهذا ما أعطانا تطمينات وأراح قلوبنا وبناء على هذه المعلومات اتصلت بعائلة الهرموش وأم براء وطمأنتهم إلى حياته. ولكن بعد إعلان الإعلام السوري عن اعتقاله وعن عملية نوعية لاعتقاله (وأرجو وان يكون كاذبا) مما سحب كل التطمينات التي اكدتها المصادر التركية للجميع والى الجهات العربية وبعض المنظمات الدولية”.

ويضيف بلال: “وتبين فيما بعد أن عملية اختفاء حسين هرموش الذي يعتبر أول منشق عن الجيش والناطق الرسمي باسم حركة الضباط الأحرار كان يقف وراءه بعض الجهات الأمنية في تركيا، وهي التي تتحمل مسؤولية اختطاف السيد حسين هرموش وتسليمه إلى النظام السوري وقد فوجئت فيما بعد في تقرير إعلامي عبر قناة العربية يتحدث عن موضوع اختفائه مما أكد مخاوفي ولكن الفظيع والخبيث في التقرير ومحاولة الحكومة التركية وعبر صحافي كان يقرأ تقريرا استخباراتيا، ولا اعلم أين كان هذا الصحافي وأين التقينا معاً، وهل التقى السيد هرموش ليخرج ويؤكد بعض الأحداث وكأنه كان مرافقا وظلا للهرموش ويحشر اسمي في تقريره، وبشكل يدعو للشك وللريبة عندما عرفّني بكردي ومن شرق العراق علما أنني كردي سوري أبا عن جد ولا ألعم لماذا حشر الصحافي التركي هذه الخلفية في تقريره الأمني؟ نافيا بذلك مسؤولية السلطات التركية عن قصة اختفاء الهرموش”.

وتابع المعارض السوري صلاح الدين بلال: “وأنا إذ احيي موقف الشعب التركي في وقفتهم مع السوريين، إلا أن الأفعال على الأرض تنافي الموقف الرسمي التركي في الوقوف مع الشعب السوري ومع اللاجئين السوريين إلى تركيا طلبا للامان والحماية وأؤكد مرة أخرى على طلب رسمي للسلطات التركية وللسيد اردوغان بتوضيح قضية المقدم حسين هرموش الذي يشكل قضية رمزية كبيرة للشعب والثورة السورية وللكثير من الضباط الشرفاء والإصرار على إخفاء المعلومات عن هذا الملف سيزيد من حالة الخوف للكثير من المعارضين والمنشقين من جيش النظام الاسدي، وسيرمي بظلال الشك على المواقف التركية المعلنة، وأعتقد معرفة ملابسات اختفاء أو اختطاف السيد حسين هرموش قضية إنسانية تخص عائلته وقضية وطنية تخص الشعب السوري ونأمل من الجانب التركي الإجابة عليها سريعاً”.

وكان هرموش ظهر قبل أشهر في فيديو مسجل على شبكة الانترنت وتناقلته قنوات فضائية يعلن فيه انشقاقه عن الجيش احتجاجا على “القمع الشديد للتظاهرات السلمية”.

منقول للتحقق

September 15th, 2011, 8:59 am



As usual, good question.
And why do you think “the so called Western Civilized World is too blinded with hatred and dead set on destroying Syria”?

Could it be because it sounds grandiose.

September 15th, 2011, 9:25 am


Some guy in damascus said:

Dear Madame Tara,
Sorry I replied late , your color is pink/orange. Have a good day 🙂

September 15th, 2011, 9:26 am


Abu Umar said:

400. Samir A. said:

Keep drinking your kool-aid. Fashar and his Nusayri mafia are finished.

” 448. mjabali said:

General Commander in Cheese Arboud the undisputed king of SPAM:”

Nusayri scumbag, Mjabali, the undisputed king of HYPOCRISY

“You never made any sense because you are sectarian.”

Your false accusations never worked because of your extreme Nusayri sectarianism.

” If you want to make a change, like you always claim, you can start by learning how to respect others and their opinions and whom they are.”

Where is the respect from your filthy regime when it slaughters, imprisons and torture tens of thousands so it can maintain its grip on power?

“No matter how much you try to fake intellectualism, your sectarian smell, behavior and words kill all of your hopes. This sectarian attitude will kill Syria for sure.”

Just like your Nusayri regime. كما، تدين تدان
Why are you afraid to condemn Ali Ibn Abi Talib for slaughtering your forefathers, except for your Nusayri sectarianism.

“Your accusatory tone and words plus your disrespect is a reminder of al-Baath to me, isn’t that strange?”

How dare Aboud not grovel to you and your hypocrisies?! The menhebeks demand that the Syrian people go smiling to their graves. Those days are long on and the volcanic rage of millions of Syrians will crush your regime.

“The dictator that is going should not be replaced by another, especially a religious one.”

And you will be joining him in a permanent exile in Iran where you can preach your secularism.

“Syria has no hope to stay as we know it today because of people like you. Secularism is what is going to save Syria.”

Yes, Syria will never ever let a Nusayri mafia control it again.

“Religious kooks like you who want to kill anyone who insult your prophet is danger to this time. What is the difference between you and al-Assad that you hate and make fun of all day.”

And, yet you were threatening anybody who insulted Hafez with violence!

“Syria should have a civil law that equals all, otherwise, it is going to break apart. Sectarianism and the attitude where people are divided into peasants and landlords is not going to take you anywhere General Cheese master.”

So no more units filled with Nusayris so they can maintain their grip on power?

“You think that you are better than the Alawis and consider them not worthy of anything. Sometimes you make fun of the way they talk. Do you belong to this time and space or you belong to be in the 7th Century? General sorry to piss on your parade, the Alawis I know are a light year ahead of you in every aspect of life. Even those living in the most remote Alawi villages are ahead of you. Those who milk cows and farm are better than you and ahead of you in terms of their fit to the fabric of this world.”

Why should tens of thousands of Syrian Sunnis go to their graves so your regime can maintain it’s grip on power?

“Also, the Sunnis that I know are a light year ahead of you in terms of accepting others and respecting them.”

You’ll know very soon, the millions of Sunnis who will be marching on Bashar’s palace.

“You are a bad influence and the crazy thing here is that you are either an unemployed and found this website a gift where you can talk all day, or a paid blogger of a sort. You are going to be very lonely after the closing of this great blog, that I hope it never closes.”

You are going to be very miserable in the secular oasis of Iran

“I work and you spam General. All your calls for battles are unanswered because I have work. You are creating too much noise.
One day you are a war expert, the second day you are a historian, the third you are a legal expert, and so on….But, the beauty of this is the more you blab and blab and blab, the more mistakes you make, and more of your real self gets out and spits your sectarian venom and disrespect to other people.

For real you are a video game general”

Squeal and bay all you want, but you lose Mjabali. A parting gift for you:


September 15th, 2011, 9:46 am


Abu Umar said:

” 455. Syrian Commando said:

Laughable tripe:”

Syrian Haywano, you can laugh all you want, but you will lose
blog, which is why he ran away. He isn’t in the same league as the writers here.”

“I left because I knew the game of the moderators ahead of you all. Now all of your stupid reporters are begging me for interviews, people are only interested in the voice of the victor. That’s why ABOUD’s (non-Syrian faker, exposed multiple times) little abode is going to be shutdown. But not before we archive all the damning evidence of the conspiracy.”

You left because you are a coward and you went to Shiachat so you can enjoy a sychophantic audience.

“Anyway, that’s all from me, feel free to visit my website or my friends. Together we’ll build an amazing Syria, traitor/ikhwan/zionist/corruption free”

الى مزبلة التاريخ يا حقير

457. Arabi Souri said:

Time and demographics aren’t on your side and those who defeated greater entities than the Syrian regime will have no problem defeating it, even if it takes several years.

September 15th, 2011, 9:58 am


Aboud said:

Apparently the Free Officers don’t believe that Turkey handed Lt Colonel Harmoush over to the regime

Then I’d like to hear Erdogan explain how a refugee in his country could be kidnapped this way with no repercussions to the Baathists.

Hello Mr Claret, thanks for emailing. Interesting perspective from your neck of the woods. Safe trip!

September 15th, 2011, 10:05 am


Tara said:


I have a bad feeling about exchanging emails. I have a feeling that a particular person or group of people posting as pro and anti. This is evident to me by analyzing the language style. Please trust my judgement. Cancel your last email account and do not reply to anyone period, and I really mean anyone.

September 15th, 2011, 10:07 am


hsyrian said:

ISTANBUL, Sept. 15 (Xinhua) — Members of the Syrian opposition managed to put aside their differences and agreed on the makeup of the National Council in Turkey’s largest city Istanbul on Thursday.

The council will broadly be based on the principle of representing different sections of the Syrian society, according to Dr. Halit Hoca, a member of the council.

For example, 30 percent of the council members may be from Islamic-leaning groups ( Muslim Brothers ) ,
30 percent left-leaning groups and
40 percent from various ethnic groups present in Syria, he said, adding that they didn’t want to be rigid about percentages.

Hoca said that the council is made up of 65 people who live outside Syria and 70 from inside at the moment, although this number will be open to expansion as new figures will join the council.

“Everyone who is committed to our basic principles is welcome to join the council,” said Yasser Tabbara, an independent member of the council.

Tabbara told Xinhua that the basic principles of the council consist of toppling Bashar al-Assad’s regime, commitment to peaceful nature of the revolution, opposition to any foreign intervention and maintaining the national unity of Syria.

He also said it is unlikely that the council will see eye-to- eye with the recently formed party named “the Current for Building up the Syrian State” in Damascus since the council would not work with anyone who negotiated with the Assad government.

The various positions in the National Council will be determined after an election process is completed in the next few weeks, said Tabbara.

Syrian dissidents first announced the formation of the council in Istanbul on Aug. 23.

“The council sees three stages in the near future consisting of changing the regime, post-regime transition and then the future political path,” said Bassmah Ghodami, a Paris-based Syrian opposition member.

Ghodami said each stage is expected to last six months but the timeframe is flexible depending on events on the ground.

Another aim of the council is to create a political umbrella for Syria’s rebels, according to Ghodami.

Imadettin Rashid, another member of the council, said they want a civil and modern government, which protects human rights, and new constitution that will guarantee equal rights of every Syrian citizen.

He also said the Syrian army’s role will be protecting the country’s borders and will not be politicized.

Imad Eldin Rasid, a Paris-based Syrian opposition member, speaks at a press conference held in Istanbul on Sept. 15, 2011.

Not even sure of the correct names of the Opposition speakers
Imadettin Rashid verus Imad Eldin Rasid

But Meanwhile,

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said Syrian opposition members will meet in Paris with French officials on Thursday and Friday, though he did not identify the figures or elaborate on the meetings.

Syrian opposition members in İstanbul said they were in contact with France but had no scheduled talks with French officials this week.

Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said recently that France, Syria’s one-time colonial ruler, will develop its contacts with Syria’s opposition in a new effort to pressure President Assad’s regime.

September 15th, 2011, 10:13 am


Some guy in damascus said:

Some one sent me a message posing as you, I would like you to confirm. Please post the name of the food i sent you.

September 15th, 2011, 10:20 am


Revlon said:

Chief Commander of FSA Colonel R AlAs3ad:

Turkish Government is not to blame in the arrest of Colonel Harmoush by Syrian Forces. The Turkish authorities are investigating Harmoush disappearance and working on bringing him back.

We hold the Syrian regime responsible for the well being and the life of Colonel Harmoush and we demand his release to the custody of the Turkish Authorities.

Should the Syrian regime fail their obligations all of their civilian, military, and security commands shall be targeted by swift attacks by FSA forces.

September 15th, 2011, 10:31 am


Haytham Khoury said:

The Syrian National Council

September 15th, 2011, 10:31 am


norman said:


Count me in,

September 15th, 2011, 10:31 am


Revlon said:

I have come across this satellite channel for Syrian opposition that offers good internet streaming.


September 15th, 2011, 10:39 am


Haytham Khoury said:

Members of the Syrian National Council

September 15th, 2011, 10:49 am


Abughassan said:

I have said repeatedly that Syrians should not trust outsiders to solve their problems,and this includes Turkey and Iran. It seems like Harmoush ,who may be on tv today,was given away with aid from the Turkish secret service. Turkey and Iran do not want another Syrian army operating inside Syria possibly leading to problems in Turkey and Iraq.
The sfa may receive help from other countries but the goal is not to free Syria,the goal is to ignite a civil war and create a number of BinGhazis in the homeland. I am amazed that many of you are unable to admit this simple fact and still pushing for an armed struggle.

September 15th, 2011, 10:52 am


Tara said:

Some Guy in Damascus

I did not send you any email nor have I received any email from you.

September 15th, 2011, 10:52 am


uzair8 said:

Off the wall.

You’re right. Dont need to log in. My comments on your blog have appeared after a delay (approval). CSI Hama.

September 15th, 2011, 11:04 am


Dale Andersen said:


RE: “…my own blog was mentioned here…”

You have a blog? Wow! How does it get written? Do you have a team of monkeys working around the clock churning it out? You sound like someone barely literate, dude, like maybe one of those alawite shitkickers from the hill country with a cleft palate and four thumbs…


September 15th, 2011, 11:05 am


hsyrian said:

491. Haytham Khoury said:

The Syrian National Council


494. Haytham Khoury said:

Members of the Syrian National Council


It looks like Al Jazeera removed the “secular” lady .

September 15th, 2011, 11:08 am


Mina said:

465 Guy claiming to be in Damascus,
I simply say that al risala wasalat.

September 15th, 2011, 11:11 am


Some guy in damascus said:

عفواً بس ممكن تقول لي اي رسالة
للأسف أنا ما بفهم لغة المنحبكجية

September 15th, 2011, 11:23 am


Revlon said:

494. Dear Haytham Khoury,
Thank you for linking to the press conference that witnessed the historic announcement of the establishment of the Syrian National Council.

The introductory statements of the speakers included a declaration of principles, goals, and information on the method of selction of members.

A nucleus of the council have been formed, however, more names will be added over the next two weeks, at the end of which the full list of membership shall be announced.

The ground activists were represented in the panel.

Peaceful activism as the means for change was stressed by two speakers. I do not think this statement will go down well on the streets in Homs, Idleb, or Dar3a.
Mr Chalabi, the young activist avoided that point for some reason.
I believe this point remains contentious and will be revisited by upcomming communiques.

September 15th, 2011, 11:39 am


Revlon said:

Colonel Harmoush was conned by officers that he knew. They deceived him into beliveing that they needed to meet him inside the border to defect to turkey.
He went in and was trapped by security forces.
Turkish Authorities have nothing to do with the incident.
The regime is using the incident to smear the Turkish intentions twords the Syrian people.

حركة سوريا شباب من أجل الحرية Youth Syria For Freedom

أموي مباشر #syria ◄ هذا الكلام منقول عن أحد الشباب الذين لهم اتصال بالمقدم حسين هرموش وبمرافق له .. ونرجوا قراءة هذا الكلام بدقة .. :: :: :: :: :: تنبيه تنبيه مهم : تركيا ليس لها علاقة بإختقفاء المقدم حسين هرموش هو الذي هرب من المخيم للدخول الى سوريا ويبدو ان كمينا ما للمخابرات وقع به والنظام يقوم على بث اشاعة انه تركيا قامت بتسليم المقدم لضرب العلاقة بين الثورة وتركيا وحتى تخرج الناس تحجرق العلم التركي في الشارع مما سيجعل الشعب التركي يقول بعد أويناهم يحرقون علمنا الهدف من ترويج اشاعة ان تركيا هي من قامت تسلميه نؤكد لضرب العلاقة ببين الثورة وتركيا ولدق اسفين بينهما ولو تركيا ارادت تسلميه لقامت بتسليم غيره من قبل من الناشطين والنازحين وكل ما جرى نقله عن مبادلته بسبع من حزب العمال الكردستاني هي فبركة مخابرات وهذا النص الحرفي لما وردني من شخص مرافق للهرموش بتركيا اضعه لكم كما ورد بالرساله (((اخي شلونك طمني عنك؟تركيا ليس لها علاقة بموضوع حسين هرموش ولكن كان متواصل مع بعض الضباط الانذال وخبروه انهم يريدون الانشقاق ولكن عندما تكون انت با الداخل وعندما دخل كان كمين له والرجاء يا اخي ان لا احد ينشر اي خبر عن تركيا لانه يوجد اناس نخاف على حياتهم هناك ولو ان تركيا كانت تريد تسليمه كانت فعلتها من زمان)))
3 hours ago ·

September 15th, 2011, 11:54 am


some guy in damascus said:

What message are you talking about?

September 15th, 2011, 11:57 am


Maryam said:

I have a question for all of you, if anybody knows whether this is a rumor or not… I have heard from several people that the Syrian government is planning to institute a universal draft, meaning that all men of army age, no matter what their military status is, will have to go to the army.

My husband talked to his lawyer and the lawyer said that it’s a new law that will only take effect if there is war, but otherwise it will not happen. But somebody who was in the army suggested that it is better for him to leave the country.

Can somebody please tell me if this is true or not? I am really worried about him.

September 15th, 2011, 12:19 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

سوريا الجديدة:

أعلن القائمون على تشكيل المجلس الوطني الانتقالي اليوم عن أسماء 71 عضواً من أعضاء المجلس الوطني، الذين يبلغ عددهم 140 عضواً، حيث يمثل الحراك الثوري وشباب الثورة 52% من مجموع أعضاء المجلس الوطني.

هذا و وفق المعلومات الواردة على صفحة المجلس الوطني السوري فأن إعلان دمشق للتغيير الوطني الديمقراطي كان قد قام بتسمية ممثليه في الخارج كما من المفترض تسمية ممثليه في الداخل في الأيام القادمة.

فيما لم تعلن جماعة الإخوان المسلمين و الكتلة الوطنية الكردية في الداخل عن أسماء ممثليها بعد، كما أكدت الهيئة المعنية بالقرارات الإستراتجية للمجلس، والتي ستعلن اسمائهم في وقت لاحق، بأن هذا المجلس مفتوح للقوى السياسية والشخصيات الوطنية.

الأسماء المعلنة من أعضاء المجلس الوطني السوري في الداخل والخارج هي:

1. إبراهيم اليوسف

2. أحمد رمضان

3. أحمد شاكر

4. أديب الشيشكلي

5. أسامة الشربجي

6. أسامة المنجد

7. أسامة قاضي

8. أنس العبدة

9. أنس عيروط

10. بدر الدين بحرو

11. بدر جاموس

12. بسام جعارة

13. بسمة قضماني

14. بشار العيسمي

15. بشار حسن الحراكي

16. جان عبد الله

17. جمال الوادي

18. حسام القطلبي

19. حسان الشلبي

20. حسان الهاشمي

21. خالد الحاج صالح

22. خالد خوجه

23. خليل كرو

24. رامي نخلة

25. رضوان العلمي

26. رضوان زيادة

27. رياض الحسن

28. ريمون معجون

29. ريمون يوخنا

30. ريناس سينو

31. زِيوَر العمر

32. سالم المسلط

33. سامر كيلاني

34. سداد عقاد

35. شادي جنيد

36. عبد الإله ثامر الملحم

37. عبد الباسط سيدا

38. عبد الباقي يوسف

39. عبد الرحمن الحاج

40. عبيدة نحاس

41. عفراء جلبي

42. عماد الدين الرشيد

43. عمار الحداوي

44. عمار قربي

45. عمر إدلبي

46. عمرو العظم

47. فداء المجذوب

48. كاميران حاجو

49. لؤي صافي

50. مأمون نقار

51. محمد العبد الله

52. محمد ثامر المهيد

53. محمد سرميني

54. محمد ياسر تبارة

55. محمد ياسين النجار

56. محمود الكيلاني

57. محمود عثمان

58. مصطفى الصباغ

59. مصطفى كيالي

60. مصطفى محمد

61. مطيع البطين

62. معاذ السباعي

63. منى محمد

64. موسى موسى

65. نجيب الغضبان

66. نذير حكيم

67. هبة الفوز

68. هشام مروة

69. هيثم رحمة

70. وائل مرزا

71. وجدي مصطفى

September 15th, 2011, 12:22 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

Dear Revlon:

Without doubt the council will be a contentious issue for a while, because without the MB, The Declaration of Damascus, and the left wing people agreeing on the idea and providing the names of their representatives, the council won’t work.

Anyway, the other council seems be stumbling.

We will see.

September 15th, 2011, 12:32 pm


some guy in damascus said:

Shukumaku distributed that rumor.
It means mp can barge into your house and drag anyone to military duty. Personally I think they want to apply it so they can gather all the men and make sure they aren’t demonstrating.

September 15th, 2011, 12:40 pm


Aboud said:

Hello Maryam

“Can somebody please tell me if this is true or not? I am really worried about him.”

Actually that’s an old law, it’s been around for ages. In the event a war ever reached a major city like Damascus, everyone and everything would be drafted into militias.

It only works if people are willing to be drafted. Right now half the young men who are supposed to be drafted are dodging their service. The security forces can’t round up everyone who is demonstrating, so they don’t have the means to enforce a “everyone and his mother” emergency draft.

September 15th, 2011, 12:41 pm


ann said:

Syria to air confession of ‘Israeli spy’ in Mughniyeh hit

09/15/2011 17:55

News agency says it will expose Israel’s assassination of Hezbollah commander; Druse leader says Lebanon has no claim to Shebaa Farms.


Syria will broadcast a taped confession of a Syrian officer it says aided Israel in assassinating the top Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh in 2008, Damascus’ official SANA news agency said Thursday.

Mughniyeh was killed in 2008 in Damascus in a massive car bombing Hezbollah and its allies attributed to Israel.

SANA is promoting the broadcast as “confessions of an Israeli spy,” whom authorities said was discovered in neighboring Turkey. The agency said he would “reveal some of the details of the conspiracy against Syria, how he facilitated the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, and how spies are working under the cover of darkness to sow sedition, assassinate resistance figures and plunge the country into anarchy.”

Meanwhile, in Beirut, Hezbollah slammed Druse leader Walid Jumblatt for implying that claims to the tiny Shebaa Farms border area are an insufficient pretext for the radical group to maintain arms and lead Lebanon into wars, the Daily Star newspaper reported.

Jumblatt recently said he rejected “linking the fate of Lebanon to the liberation of the Shebaa Farms and linking its future to all the region’s conflicts.” Israel maintains that the area is part of the Golan Heights, while Syria has been ambiguous about its own claims there.

“Hezbollah rejects outright such statements, based on the party’s ideology toward the conflict with Israel,” Hezbollah MP Hussein Mousawi said in remarks published Thursday in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Anbaa.

“As long as Israel continues to occupy not only territory in Lebanon but also Arab territory as well as Muslim and Christian territory in Palestine, the party is ideologically committed not to trust usurpers and occupiers and considers their presence an attack on both Islamic and Arab nations,” he said.

Earlier this week, MP Mohammad Raad of Hezbollah’s “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc said Lebanon’s March 14 alliance is carrying out “the goals of the US-Israeli project” in the region.

“Those who are [working against] the resistance are merely fulfilling the goals of the imperialist project that benefits the US-Israeli plan in the region,” he said, according the website Now Lebanon. Raad urged Lebanese to be “permanently aware and ready to confront this project, or else the future of our country will be in danger.”

September 15th, 2011, 12:43 pm


Aboud said:

Tara, I haven’t sent or replied to anyone from that email (save one, someone I know for sure). Any response I make will be here for now.

September 15th, 2011, 12:48 pm


annie said:

To all of you and that includes you Aboud, whose posts are always a pleasure to read

Please leave Alawis alone.

things like “alawite shitkickers from the hill country with a cleft palate and four thumbs…”, NO

If this had been said about jews, everyone would be up in arms. Generalisation is racism. Not all Alawites profiteered from the regime and many have joined the opposition.

I share Tara’s distrust about giving email addresses. I have nothing to hide or fear so I don’t care.

September 15th, 2011, 12:51 pm


Shabbi7 said:

I love how all the dabbi7a here are so heartbroken about Harmoush and his upcoming execution. The officer’s rank is so low. Muqaddam. That is nothing! There is literally thousands of Muqaddam ranked officers in the Syrian Arab Army. It’s below 3aqeed, 3aneed, liwa2, and 3imad. Correct me if I missed other ranks that are higher. If you guys want a significant defection, you’ll want to pray for someone ranked 3imad. The rest are insignificant and a dime a dozen. And guess what! One can find all sorts of Muslims and Christians ranked 3imad (there goes the sectarian argument).

Ann, thanks for that last article post. Notice how Zionists bend facts. Syria came out and said, explicitly, that it has no claims over Sheb3a Farms and that it is completely Lebanese. We have not been ambiguous about it. Then the US started demanding “proof” that we don’t own any of Sheb3a Farms. Can you imagine having to prove that you *don’t* own a certain piece of land? “Why sure officer! That big expensive mansion over there is really mine, it’s true!” It’s all an excuse for the Zionist entity to keep boots in Lebanon. Also, SANA didn’t say that it was a Syrian officer that aided in the assassination of Mughniyeh, like JPost is claiming. Zionist media is such garbage even though they have 10000x the funding of SANA.

September 15th, 2011, 12:58 pm


Revlon said:

507. Dear Maryam:
“I have a question for all of you, if anybody knows whether this is a rumor or not… I have heard from several people that the Syrian government is planning to institute a universal draft, meaning that all men of army age, no matter what their military status is, will have to go to the army”

Jr signed a new legislation regarding drafting reserves for military service. I linked to the legislation in an earlier posta week or two ago.
The new law allows the president to order partial recall of reserves without alerting the parliament.
Therefore, the call might be announced any minute, any day.

“My husband talked to his lawyer and the lawyer said that it’s a new law that will only take effect if there is war, but otherwise it will not happen. But somebody who was in the army suggested that it is better for him to leave the country”

Jr might announce a state of war anytime.
He could announce war on terror!
He could announce war on terrorist gangs that he has not found yet!
However, he is too pussy to declare war on any country though!

In Syria, miltary drafting, like any issue related to the government, has nothing to do with the law or lawyers.
It has every thing to do with Mukabarat.
If some one in the army suggested that your husband leaves in case he does not want to stand the risk of being drafted, then he should heed his advice.


September 15th, 2011, 12:59 pm


norman said:


The maturity of our people is sad, isn’t it .

I do not know how the Syrians are going to pull together .

September 15th, 2011, 1:00 pm


Shabbi7 said:


It’s not a new law. It’s very old. Pre-Ba3th. It’s meant for times of war when the country is being invaded and more man power is needed. We’re talking need for millions of men here! Not going to happen with the current events.

Also stop listening to idiots. Syria isn’t a lawless land and things today on the ground are better and quieter than they have been the whole last 6 months.

September 15th, 2011, 1:02 pm


Revlon said:

513. Dear Shabbi7
You said: “If you guys want a significant defection, you’ll want to pray for someone ranked 3imad”

Actually the revolution is not interested in the defection of the higher ranks that you named, even if they were the handful of Sunnis.

High ranks of the regime is the mob. Jr is their Godfather while the mobsters comprise the high ranking Civil servents, and military, and security commanders.

They are all, by necessity and without exception corrupt.
They have either committed or are accomplices to committing crimes against humanity.

As for your likes, defection will not help, no matter how low your rank is!
All of you are wanted to stand trial alongside your boss!

September 15th, 2011, 1:09 pm


tara said:


Thanks for trusting my judgment. Will have lot of things to talk about when we meet at the falafel stand in Homs walking in Bab Alsbaa in new Syria. For now, communication should be limited to SC. The regime and its shabeeha are very wicked so trust NO ONE.

September 15th, 2011, 1:12 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

Dear Revlon:

I heard that.
I can believe anything about Bashar. I know his personality. Bashar is erratic or rather foolish under extreme stress. I think they are fearing a NATO strike. Remember, Sarkozy and Cameron are celebrating in Tripoli today. After this celebration they will go upbeat to their respective nations. They may think Syria is next.

September 15th, 2011, 1:13 pm


Aboud said:

Tara, there are secure ways besides SC to communicate, and which don’t rely on emails.

September 15th, 2011, 1:19 pm


Aboud said:

Well said Revlon. Just how useful do the menhebaks think that a 3imad will be when muqadams are deserting. Do you think Cro Magnum Maher will be able to drive a tank all by his lonesome? Maybe he can put Buttaina on the cannon. Mu’allem will reload.

September 15th, 2011, 1:28 pm


Shabbi7 said:

There are thousands of muqaddams in the Syrian Arab Army. Thousands. Harmoush was a somebody when he served and now he’ll die a treacherous nobody.

September 15th, 2011, 2:20 pm


Pirouz said:

You’re talking about a mobilization beyond the conscription term for 18 year olds and older, that lasts 18 to 21 months?

Highly unlikely, in my opinion, for a variety of reasons.

Well, tomorrow is another Friday. While I understand that protests are continuing, I haven’t been that impressed by the fewer videos that are being uploaded. The scale appears to be diminishing, not expanding, and there are fewer videos.

I know we keep hearing claims made by “activists” but actual evidence remains in short supply.

Anyway, links to military and protest videos are always appreciated.

September 15th, 2011, 2:27 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

شبكة مسيحيي سوريا لدعم الثورة السورية
نحن الموقعون أدناه، مثقفون وناشطون سوريون مسيحيو المولد، نعلن استنكارنا لما جاء مؤخراً في تصريحات غبطة البطريرك الماروني مار بشارة بطرس الراعي
بيان من مسيحيين سوريين – 15 أيلول 2011
نحن الموقعون أدناه، مثقفون وناشطون سوريون مسيحيو المولد، نعلن استنكارنا لما جاء مؤخراً في تصريحات غبطة البطريرك الماروني مار بشارة بطرس الراعي من خشيته على مستقبل مسيحيي الشرق. إننا نؤمن بفصل الدين عن السلطة ولسنا من أ…نصار التحرك ضمن أي إطار ديني، إلا أن اجتماعنا اليوم للتوقيع على هذا البيان هو إستثناء فرضه علينا خطاب غبطة البطريرك الذي لم يتكلم بصفته الشخصية ولكن بصفته ممثلا للكنيسة ومدافعا، بطريقته، عن جميع مسيحيي الشرق، متجاوزا إلى حد بعيد صلاحيات تمثيله، وهو ما جعلنا جميعا معنيين فوجب علينا التحرك لرفض تدخله في الشؤون السورية لما فيه من إثارة للحساسيات بين أبناء الوطن الواحد بكل طوائفهم ومذاهبهم. نحن نعتبر تصريحاته بمثابة إساءة لهوية وأصالة ووطنية الشعب السوري، ونذكر أن المسيحيين عاشوا منذ مئات السنين إلى جانب إخوتهم في الوطن السوري دون خوف، ولا فضل لأحد في بقائهم أو حمايتهم، فهم جزء لا يتجزأ من هذه الأرض. كما نستنكر، بشكل عام، أي محاولة لزج الكنيسة في اللعبة السياسية من قبل أي جهة دينية أو مدنية تحاول التشكيك بنوايا أبناء الوطن الواحد، ونرفض ما يقوم به النظام السوري من محاولات تسويق للمسيحيين كمدافعين عنه، من خلال تنظيمه لحفلات الرقص الجماعي على دماء الشهداء والتي يختار لها ساحات المناطق ذات الأغلبية المسيحية، ونؤكد أن الأزمة السورية سياسية بامتياز وليست طائفية، وأن الحراك القائم حالياً هو ثورة شعبية ذات طابع مدني. كما أننا نعلن من جهة أخرى رفضنا لكل ما نتعرض له كسوريين من عنف وقتل وملاحقة وتشريد، بسبب مطالبتنا بالحرية والديمقراطية والحياة الكريمة. لعرض أسماء الموقعين والتوقيع على البيان

September 15th, 2011, 2:30 pm


Aboud said:

“I know we keep hearing claims made by “activists” but actual evidence remains in short supply.”

What do you base this on? Go to http://www.onsyria.com .They don’t even get all the videos.

September 15th, 2011, 2:34 pm


Abughassan said:

المقدم هرموش يتحدث الان

September 15th, 2011, 2:39 pm


Mango said:

إسرائيل واليونان تفعلان معاهدة دفاع مشترك ضد تركيا

ذكرت مصادر إسرائيلية رفيعة للإذاعة العامة الإسرائيلية أن المجلس الأمني والسياسي الإسرائيلي المصغر “الكابنيت” برئاسة رئيس الوزراء الإسرائيلي “بنيامين نتنياهو” ووزير دفاعه “أيهود باراك” قررا مساء أمس في اجتماع حضره وزراء الثمانية، تفعيل معاهدة الدفاع المشترك بين إسرائيل واليونان، حيث وقعت تلك المعاهدة فقط قبل 12 يوماً.

وجاء قرار الكابنيت للرد على قوات سلاح الجو والبحرية التركية في البحر المتوسط، كما يهدف القرار لحماية آبار النفط الذي كشف عنها على الحدود الإسرائيلية اللبنانية والقبرصية.

وحسب المصادر الإسرائيلية فقد أجرى نتنياهو اتصالا مطولا مع رئيس الحكومة اليونانية “جورج ببندارو” مساء أمس لبحث هذا الأمر، وأعرب الرئيس اليوناني عن قلقه من تحليق الطائرات التركية المقاتلة فوق جزيرة كاستلريزو التى تقع جنوبى شرق البحر المتوسط على بعد 2 كيلو من حدود تركيا، معربا عن خشيته من أن يقوم سلاح الجو التركي بمهاجمة الجزيرة ومهاجمة أهداف يونانية أخرى في البحر المتوسط القريبة من تركيا.

وأضافت المصادر العسكرية الإسرائيلية إن كلا من تل أبيب وأثينا لم تدل بتفاصيل أخرى حول تفعيل معاهدة الدفاع المشترك بين البلدين، ولكن يبدو بأنه سيتم نشر قوات تابعة لسلاح الجو الإسرائيلي في القواعد الجوية اليونانية في البحر المتوسط لمواجهة التهديد التركي المحتمل.

September 15th, 2011, 2:45 pm


N.Z. said:

Annie, I wholeheartedly agree with your comment, I will like to touch on MB’s and Salafis as well.

Emotions are extremely high, especially for someone, like Aboud, living in Homs, as well those watching on twitter or TV the amount of despicable humiliation and savagery inflicted, on anyone, anytime, not in the past 6 months only, but, for over 40 years!


Yet, some have the audacity to blame protesters. Despicable.

Yet, the name callings by some, such as you are: MBs, Salafis, Islamists, although, I never consider it an insult, it shows a level of immaturity, and in the context it has been used, it shows disrespect to Muslims and religious people in general.

In my humble opinion, the west have been preparing MB and extremists from all religions as a tool, to be unleashed, when needed. The Arab awakening had taken everyone by surprise.

Yet, I will not eliminate them, like senior, the mass murderer. If they want to have a party, a representation, i will support them.
Do I trust them or anyone who says, they are following the teachings of God, NEVER. I am very religious, but I trust no one that claims he takes his orders from God. Bush and Bin Laden, two faces of the same coin.

The New Syria will include everyone, except criminals. These should be brought to justice, and yes I believe in capital punishment, after a fair and just trial, and without a shadow of doubt. I will be looking to the day when justice is served.

We are all equals in the ” Syria Free “.

I always like to quote Palestinian professor, Edward Said, the first time I heard it, was from Norman Finkelstein. Both, I admire greatly.

“there is room for all at the rendezvous of victory,”

Syrian Commando, SNK, Anne, even Akbar Palace, I am not sure if can include Andersen?

We are all stronger together.

Abu Ghassan, I am still not sure were to….

Take care all.

September 15th, 2011, 2:48 pm


Aboud said:

“Syrian Deserter Major Recognition”. I’m glad to see the menhebaks maintain their habit of atrocious grammar. Seriously, couldn’t Besho have sent at least some of his goons to English classes?

September 15th, 2011, 3:08 pm


annie said:


Confessions of Defecting Officer Col. Husein Harmoush @blakehounshell talks to Hala Gorani on CNN

He needs all our prayers.

516. norman said:Annie,
The maturity of our people is sad, isn’t it .I do not know how the Syrians are going to pull together

Norman, this was not a reflection on the people but on the language used here.

NZ thank you for your response. You are right. I remember how here we hated all Germans after the war and how even their language was no longer taught in school for a few years. So, it is human to lump people together.

September 15th, 2011, 3:26 pm


Mina said:

I hope i am going to wake up from this nightmare: just watched Sarkozy and Cameron in Benghazi. So abnoxious. Is it normal that instead of listening to the Tunisians and Egyptians faced with inventing a third way and building a country since 6 months and more, we have been fed on nice Lybian soldiers showing their most beautiful weapons? Is it made to help us love their fellows in Iraq and soon in North Korea (the pictures of starving children just followed the Ben Ghazi news). Whenever the empire has money problems, it goes for war, nothing new here.

September 15th, 2011, 3:27 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

His heart is with the regime what he says obviously he has a lot of sympathy for the regime,
i read him as anti revolution.

it is not abnox… it is obnox…

September 15th, 2011, 4:04 pm


TRUE said:


Here’s the issue, after putting up my e online yesterday asking specific people only to keep in touch, I was overwhelmed with too many emails.
Luckily I was quite busy to reply, but after reading Tara’a warning I went to have a second look and I’m totally convinced Bathissts of division 225 are trying to play smart.

Examples of fake identities

What so called as “tara” — the real Tara never put down here name with lowercase (t) and knowing she’s a respectable mum so she would not use a language like “ YES WE SHOULD F*CK THEM UP!!”

What so called as “ABOUD” – surely our Aboud on SC would not do silly spelling mistakes i.e. “I have too many incrementing vedios and I need your help” I don’t care whether ABOUD lives in Homs or Uganda but I’m sure he knows how to spell “videos”

What so called “Dream” — bloody hell I never come across this alias, he goes like “I lost Aboud’s email, do you have it handy?”

The only authentic email is maybe from SGID (cherry red)?

This email idea was not the best, maybe we need to come up with facebook page in which we can use out current aliases ?

September 15th, 2011, 5:05 pm


Tara said:


I have not sent you an email either. Those electronic Shabeehas are pretty dumb. They should’ve realized that I never use “bad” language but that tells you the level of stupidity these thugs enjoy. There are also many people who just read and do not comment except rarely but can use some info we have shared to impersonate our characters.

September 15th, 2011, 5:30 pm


NK said:


رجالٌ صدقوا ما عاهدوا الله عليه
by Ziad Sadek on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 9:14am

بتاريخ 31\8\2011 وعشية عيد الفطر لهذا العام كتب “حكم” على صفحته الشخصية على الفيس بوك مايلي :
عذراً يا وطني الجريح .. اضطررت لأن أشتري كفني في هذا العيد بدلاً من الثياب الجديدة .. لأنني لن أحيا مادمت أنت الجريح

بهذه الكلمات عاهد “حكــم” الله والوطن أن
لا ثياب للعيد .. ما دام الوطن جريحاً
لا مكان للفرح .. ما دام الوطن حزيناً
لا وقت للتخاذل .. ما دام الوطن نازفاً
لمن لا يعرف “حكم” نخبركم قصته
ابن الخامسة والعشرين ربيعاً .. وحيدٌ لأبويه
بطلٌ من أحفاد خالد بن الوليد .. رجلٌ من أبطال حمص العدية
شاب من خيرة أهل الخير والتقوى والاستقامة
خريج فرع إدارة الأعمال .. وموظف سابق بأحد البنوك
مسعف متطوع بالهلال الأحمر
هكذا كان “حكم” بطلاً وطنياً بامتياز
رفض أن يكون على الهامش .. رفض أن يكون أقل من الآخرين
فهب يلبي نداء الواجب الانساني بكل شجاعة وبطولة
واتجه إلى مركز الهلال الأحمر فرع حمص مساء يوم الأربعاء 7\9\2011
قائلاً لعمه مودعاً بكل فخر (اليوم عندي مناوبة بالهلال) ادعولنا
بدأت المناوبة ومضت ساعات قليلة قضاها مفعماً بالمرح والنشاط بصحبة الرفاق
إلى أن رن هاتف الطوارىء .. تلته دقائق استنفار .. حسمت بالقرار
(( إلى حي الروشة يا شباب لتلبية نداء الاستغاثة ونقل المصاب))
هكذا هم متطوعو الهلال الأحمر .. أبطالٌ بالأفعال
مهمة إسعاف انسانية أم معركة مع الموت كان بالانتظار !!؟
واحد وثلاثون رصاصة غادرة أمطرت سيارتهم .. شاءت الأقدار
ثلاثٌ منهم أصيبوا .. وسيارتهم على عجلاتٍ ثلاثٍ تمشي باحتضار
سبع ساعات بين شبح الموت وطيف الحياة بغرفة العمليات
ستة طواقم من الجراحين بمختلف الاختصاصات أحاطت بجسده الطاهر
تسع رصاصات مجرمة اخترقت صدره وبطنه و رأسه وعينه وأطرافه
طال الانتظار ولخمس أيام ثقيلة قاسية مرعبة وعلى جهاز التنفس الاصطناعي
ولشدة الاصابات وكثرتها أرهق جسده الطاهر
كان لا بد من اتخاذ قرار !!؟
إلى … بلد الجار !!!؟
فما كان بيدنا إلا أن نسأل الله أن يكون أرز لبنان بلسماً وشفاءً له
في الوقت الذي وقفت تنتظره صامتةً عاجزةً شجيرات ذلك المشروع
الذي شارك فيه لأول مرة كمتطوع بالهلال الأحمر بتشجير تراب الوطن !!؟
واليوم وبعد مرور يومين على سفره للعلاج وأسبوع على إصابته
وبصباح يوم الخميس 15 \ 9 \ 2011 ومن بيروت
ارتقت روحه إلى العلياء برفقة أخوانه من الشهداء
لتذكرنا بقوله تعالي
مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ رِجَالٌ صَدَقُوا مَا عَاهَدُوا اللَّهَ عَلَيْهِ
فَمِنْهُم مَّن قَضَى نَحْبَهُ وَمِنْهُم مَّن يَنتَظِرُ وَمَا بَدَّلُوا تبْدِيلاً
صدق الله العظيم
وكما كانت البداية بكلمات “حكم” رحمه الله
كذلك الخاتمة ستكون بكلماته الرئعة
فيقول ..
لو أنك احتجت أن أتبرع لك بالدم ، هل ستسألني عن طائفتي ؟؟؟
لو أن القدر جمعنا بخندق واحد في الحرب
هل سيكون رصاصنا الموجه للعدو مختلف العقيدة والطائفة ؟؟؟
لو احتجت من يسعفك ليلا وما في الجوار غيري
هل أمتنع إن كنت من غير طائفتي ؟؟؟
حين كنا نلعب سوية في حي واحد
لم يكن لألعابنا طائفتين ألم نتقاسم كثيرا رغيف خبزنا وحزننا وهمنا
كانت زاوية الحي تكفينا لنصنع منها عالماً من الفرح
ماذا حدث الان وسوريا كبيرة جداً لتكون حياً واحداً
وتستوعب أحلام قوس القزح
لن ننساك أيها العظيم
سلم لنا على إخواننا في جنات الله ,, يا حكم

September 15th, 2011, 5:59 pm


ziadsoury said:

Hi all,

I created a group on yahoo called “syriacom”.

Create a new yahoo id (use the same one you use on SC), look for the group and ask to join the group. I have to approve your membership.

Just These:

1) Everything you post on this Forum will be visible to all. The competent Yahoo engineers will most likely keep your post till the end of time. You should not post anything which you may regret later.

2) I do not have time to moderate this forum. So behave yourself. Make your point without using foul language, personal attacks, disparaging a person’s gender, religion, nationality or ethnicity. Be an adult.

September 15th, 2011, 6:49 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

women in Aleppo quit wearing hijab,since there vare no men there

September 15th, 2011, 7:59 pm


ss said:


حسين هرموش

Wazuppppppppp Aboud, any comment regarding the head of your free Syrian army.

September 15th, 2011, 8:21 pm


Aboud said:

True, I didn’t send you any email 🙂

@543 He wasn’t the “head”, he was the spokesman LOOOOOOL!!!!

September 15th, 2011, 9:15 pm


Abughassan said:

Louai Hussain
Aleppo remains in a watchful status. I spoke to a lady from Aleppo who argued that despite the fact that the regime is unpopular in Aleppo,many people are not willing to “jump ships” (aboud’s term) until they see a mature and moderate alternative. I understand that stance but I agree with Louai that the pressure must continue on the regime. Harmoush’s arrest was a symbolic victory for the regime and a blow to the FSA and advocates of an armed struggle but that will not stop Syrians who want a regime change.

September 15th, 2011, 9:15 pm


Aboud said:


UN chief accuses Syria of breaking promises

By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press – 3 hours ago

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for international action against Syria on Thursday, saying President Bashar Assad has repeatedly broken promises to reform.

Using unusually strong language, Ban accused Assad of “escalating violence and repression” and ignoring appeals to stop, most recently by the Arab League.

“It’s been almost six months. I have been speaking with him several times, and he made all these promises, but these promises have become now broken promises,” Ban told a news conference.

If Assad’s promises haven’t been kept, the secretary-general said, “then enough is enough — then (the) international community should really take some coherent measures and speak in one voice.”

He said it’s up to U.N. member states to decide what measures to take.

The Human Rights Council, the U.N.’s top human rights body, voted overwhelmingly last month to demand that Syria end its bloody crackdown and to cooperate with an international probe into possible crimes against humanity.

“We have to assess the violation of human rights which have happened during the … very repressive handling of these demonstrations,” Ban said.

After five months of deadlock, the U.N. Security Council finally responded to the escalating violence in a statement condemning Assad’s forces for attacking civilians and committing human rights violations. But the Security Council remains divided over sanctions against Assad and his top supporters.

European nations and the U.S. circulated a draft U.N. Security Council resolution on Aug. 24 seeking an arms embargo and other sanctions aimed at stopping the Syrian government’s ongoing crackdown on opposition protesters. That initiative faced immediate opposition from veto-wielding Russia, which introduced a rival resolution calling for Assad’s government to halt the violence and expedite reforms.

It makes no mention of sanctions, which Russia and China have long opposed, and diplomats report no breakthrough in trying to reconcile the rival drafts.

Top French, British and U.S. officials have been trying to get Russian and Chinese leaders to agree to some sanctions, and those efforts are expected to continue during next week’s ministerial meeting of the U.N. General Assembly.

Copyright © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

September 15th, 2011, 9:20 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

What is the name of the man who is interviewing Harmoush?

for those talking about the future constitution, is it enough to be acceptable by the majority ?, or it should be accepted by all parties, which I believe in.

September 15th, 2011, 9:22 pm


Aboud said:

Yeah, “all is calm in Syria”


Sky News is reporting that the US government has urged American citizens in Syria to leave straight away.

According to Reuters, the State Department has warned that “the government’s violent crackdown on peaceful protests had led to an uncertain and volatile situation”

“The U.S. Department of State urges U.S. citizens in Syria to depart immediately while commercial transportation is available,” a warning notice read.

September 15th, 2011, 9:25 pm


Aboud said:

So, apparently Erdogan did not take a trip to Gaza afterall.

And not one Turkish ship will dare go anywhere near Israeli waters.

September 15th, 2011, 9:29 pm


zoo said:

U.S. Ambassador to Syria in charge of recruiting Arab/Muslim death squads
By Wayne Madsen


WMR has been informed by reliable sources that the U.S. ambassador to Syria, Robert S. Ford, is the key State Department official who has been responsible for recruiting Arab “death squads” from Al Qaeda-affiliated units in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Chechnya to fight against Syrian military and police forces in embattled Syria. […]

September 15th, 2011, 9:32 pm


Abughassan said:

This question is for supporters of the regime. Can you educate me on why Gyath Matar was tortured and killed?
We heard no response from the regime about his murder and nobody claimed that the guy was armed or used violence.
This may be old news to some but not for me. We will know that Syria is moving forward when the lives of Syrians,all Syrians,are protected and respected,and when murderers and criminals face justice,real justice not street justice.

September 15th, 2011, 9:33 pm


Norman said:


Are we supposed to expect, no fly zone and NATO bombing, I hope not

I think that Syria is going for fragmentation, I hope that i am wrong.


Apparently he has a will that was published, how many Syrians have wills, Is it possible that he knew that he will die in his mission, therefore he had a will done, dead prisoners do not talk, live ones are better for the security services .

September 15th, 2011, 9:34 pm


Abughassan said:

Do not expect much from Turkey,abboud. I said that to “excited” bloggers on this forum a long time ago. Arabs in general are in three miserable camps:
The helpless and the manipulated
The puppets
The corrupt and brutal regime officials and sub officials
Expats are not exactly Arabs today,but you can give them an “observer status” if you want.
يا أمة ضحكت من جهلها الامم

September 15th, 2011, 9:40 pm


Aboud said:

Abu Ghassan

“This may be old news to some but not for me”

It will never be old news. But it’s not surprisingly the menhebaks would rather the world forgot.

At this point, any regime supporter is a supporter of mass murder, a sectarian worm and an enabler of state terrorism. I’m glad we won’t even have to pretend to coexist with these people in post-Besho Syria. They have damned themselves with their own actions and words.

“how many Syrians have wills”

It wasn’t a will, it was a last statement. Of course he would have one, if he thought he was going to be captured at any moment.

Or are you now suggesting he cut his own throat for “propaganda” purposes? That would be a new low, even for menhebaks.

September 15th, 2011, 9:41 pm


Norman said:

And any supporter of the killers that they call themselves revolutionary while killing the army and welcoming the American Ambassador that represent a country that is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Iraq Lebanon and Palestine ,

Shame on you all, Just remembered that Fares Al khoury refused the help of the French against Syria and her people , while you call for foreign occupation for Syria so some low life traitor and puppet can be president that will sell the Palestinians for the chair,

Shame on the Arabs they are their worst enemy , We do not deserve to have a nation .

And yes suicide bombers always lest last will and testament and he did the same so he probably was going on a mission that he did not expect to survive,

September 15th, 2011, 10:02 pm


Aboud said:

And now Norman shows his true colors, and they are adorned with the bloodied hands of Besho and his terrorist gang of drug smugglers. The menhebaks have been given their talking points, and the terrorist supporter Norman is relishing parroting those. These Qurdahans are so low, so lacking in any self respect, that they would claim that Ghiath Matar deliberately killed himself.

Hey Norman, how many funerals has your Qurdahan attended? Of course it was a magnificent gesture on the part of the ambassadors. Why would anyone refuse to receive a person offering condolences? Or maybe Norman the terrorist enabler would rather he fired tear gas canisters into a wake?

And by the way Qurdahan, you still haven’t shown any proof that there are armed gangs in Syria, with the exception of your ex-drug smuggling shabiha.

Apparently in mehebakstan, “Doctor” is an excuse to cover war crimes and the murder of one’s own people. I am thoroughly disgusted.

“hat represent a country that is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Iraq”

Hey, it was your Qurdahan and his Shiaa allies inside Iraq and Iran who were responsible for many of those deaths. But did you ever dare take it up with your eye doctor?

Did you, Doctor terrorist supporter, ever take this up with your fellow menhebaks?

Or maybe this was faked to? Despicable. “Giath was a suicide bomber”. Unbelievable the sort of people Besho draws his support from.

September 15th, 2011, 10:31 pm


Akbar Palace said:

The Ghost of UNSC 1441

And any supporter of the killers that they call themselves revolutionary while killing the army and welcoming the American Ambassador that represent a country that is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Iraq Lebanon and Palestine…


I’m surprised that a doctor such as yourself would rattle around and belittle numbers when confronting the death of innocent people.

You said the US “is responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine” above.

Iraq Body Count started tracking deaths in Iraq since the US invasion in 2003. The number, shows a high value of 112,000. Mind you, this number does NOT distinguish between deaths caused by American, NATO, jihadist, Iranian, or criminal elements.


So how did you come up with “hundreds of thousands”?

Meanwhile, I’ll give you a few hundred thousands to ponder:

1.) Saddam Hussein: ~300,000


2.) Iran-Iraq War: 0.5 – 1 million


3.) Lebanese Civil War: 130,000 – 1/4 million


4.) The Assad Wars 1982 – present: 25000+

Bottom line: Arabs and muslims have killed more arabs than Americans by at least an order of magnitude.


How many Syrians have to die by the Assad regime until you would ask for AMERICAN assistance?

September 15th, 2011, 10:35 pm


Norman said:

The Ambassador was just playing on the weakness of our people for national identity so he can get brownie points for the US and to make our people forget what the the world and the US did to Iraq from 1991 to 2003 ,it was a noble gesture, you do not know what noble is,

September 15th, 2011, 10:38 pm


Aboud said:

Norman would rather people did not receive ambassadors if they come to give condolence. He would rather that we fired tear gas canisters into the wake of Giath Matar, whom he calls a suicide bomber. Disgusting. But to be expected from a Qurdahan mentality.

“you do not what noble is”

Yeah, let’s learn nobility from an X-Box Qurdahan who hasn’t attended one funeral, neither him nor his lackeys. It’s so much more noble to call Giath Matar a suicide bomber.

September 15th, 2011, 10:39 pm


Aboud said:

See people, it is just not possible to rehabilitate the Qurdahan mentality. I’ve frankly been fed up with all the “Oh hey Norman is a *good* enabler of state terrorism”, because frankly I know the nature of these people. No one with a shred of self respect or humanity would voice a word of support for this murderous junta.

But some people seem more concerned with condemning killings in a civil war, than in denouncing the mass murder of peaceful demonstrators in their own country. The Qurdahans have never considered themselves Syrian, they never thought in terms of belonging to a larger Syrian nation. If it came to it, they would be the first ones to split away in their own little pathetic fiefdom on the coast. In fact, some of them seem to relish the prospect.

Witness how any atrocity can be excused by these people with the most shameless of lies. “Ghiath Matar was a suicide bomber”. Disgraceful, but something only a menhebak would utter. It doesn’t matter what liberal society you put them in, what degrees or education you put them through. A peasant Qurdahan will always retain his peasant mentality.

These are the same people who still claim that 13 year old Hamza al Khatib was a rapist.

September 15th, 2011, 10:47 pm


Norman said:

The American ambassador was just looking for a photo opportunity and if you do not see that then you are blind,

More than 500 army members dies in the last 6 months and your criminal opposition keep claiming that the are killed by their fellow officers, how stupid they think the Syrian people are ,

Apparently the Syrian people are believing the government, so keep dreaming about the fall of the Syria, that will never happen, I am just waiting for the time that Syria will start going on the attack to get rid of the traitors ,

By the way i have cousins in Homs who left town fearing for their lives and not from the government, it is from the criminal element that you call peaceful revolution,

September 15th, 2011, 11:03 pm


Abughassan said:

I have to admit that I do not know much about Matar and thus I can not take a position yet on his murder except to denounce those who killed him,mafia-style.
I read that he was wanted for organizing and leading protests in and around Damascus but nobody said that he used violence or committed any crime other than opposing the regime which is NOT a crime. I am waiting for info,credible info,on the man.
His murder and the killing of so many Syrians,from all sides and sects,filled my heart with anger and sadness ,it is SYRIA,guys,and we all should be united in our grief and our determination to end this blood shed and change our government for the sake of all.
My family and my friends are strongly opposed to me going to Syria now,but I managed to send money and supplies for the needy.please do the same هذا اضعف الايمان
(do you know why many people think that some resolution will be seen by the end of the year? Is that simply wishful thinking? )

September 15th, 2011, 11:07 pm


Revlon said:

554. Dear Norman:
You said: “ And any supporter of the killers that they call themselves revolutionary while killing the army “

Who are these revolutionary killers?
– There are thousands of cold blooded crimes committed by regime forces on video.
– There is not a single video for civilians of the revolution killing regime forces
– Norman, If you get caught by this Mob by mistake, you could easily end up being displayed on Addunya TV as a Salafi, terrorist, not withstanding you being Christian or having Jesus Christ himself as for an alabi!

You said: “ and welcoming the American Ambassador that represent a country that is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Iraq Lebanon and Palestine “

– Jr’s ascent to power was Baptised by Albright and.
– He has received and cajoled hundreds of US politicians since.
– Makhloof, speaking for the Makhloof-Asad syndicate made it clear how important Asad regime was to the interests of US in the region and stability of Israel.
– To my knowledge, US has not committed crimes against Syrians. Actually, when the US wanted Syrian civilians to be tortured or liquidated they would send them to Jr dogs to do the dirty job for them!
– Asad regime have killed a thousand times more Syrian civilians than Israel have done since its inception.
– Asad regime have executed more Syrian army servicemen than Israel have done in three wars.

You said “ Shame on you all, Just remembered that Fares Al Khoury refused the help of the French against Syria and her people , while you call for foreign occupation for Syria so some low life traitor and puppet can be president that will sell the Palestinians for the chair”

Norman! Were Syrian Christians being massacred when Khoury refused the help of Christians?
I would have supported the Christian’s call for protection myself!

To my knowledge, “All” of us meant by this shaming have repeatedly called for independent investigation of all of all deaths in Syria, not only from the beginning of this revolution but as far back as when Senior ceased power. That would include the 20,000 people massacred in Hama and all the so called ”MB” assassinations.

No one is encouraging vendetta.

Now, six months into the revolution, I personally support the activists call for legitimizing the use of arms in self defense. Would you not?
Since the regime and its establishments have lost its legitimacy as far as the rising people are concerned, their newly formed armed forces, the FSA and FOM have their legitimacy to carry arms in their defense.

I conclude:
Human lives are sacred.
Political entities, geographic borders, ideologies are contractual abstractions designed to serve the parties to the contracts.
Their purpose for being ceases once they trespass the sanctity of human lives.

The one party contract of the regime to rule the people has been declared null and void by the people.
Jr, his mobsters, any other army or civilians who committed crimes against their fellow countrymen outside the bounds of self defense or defending helpless civilians, as well as those who aided them morally or materially shall be liable to be sued for their actions or inactions.

September 15th, 2011, 11:11 pm


syau said:


“No one with a shred of self respect or humanity would voice a word of support for this murderous junta.”

Although it is quite degrading commenting on a forum where you do, I must say vile comments, sectarianism and personal attacks are expected from someone like you.

No one with any self respect or humanity would voice a word of support for this revolution of terror.
This terror campaign you call a ‘revolution’ has brought nothing but terror and destruction to Syria. If you were actually Syrian you would not support this disgraceful movement led by traitors and followed by supporters of terror such as the commentators here affiliated with this ridiculous farce.

What is disgraceful Aboud is your backing of murders and mutilations of civilians and security and army personnel, destruction of infrastructure and insurgencies. There is nothing Syrian about this revolution.

Supporting the revolution in Syria is supporting terror.

September 15th, 2011, 11:14 pm


Aboud said:

“The American ambassador was just looking for a photo opportunity”

How simple can a person get. What kind of photo opportunity can there be when he a) does not bring any photographers with him (the only video we have of the wake is amateur) b) He had to share the limelight with the French and Japanese ambassadors. Do we see any self glorifying photos on the US Embassy page?

No. We see an honest man and one of impeccable character, doing a noble thing; offering condolences. Only a menhebak, drunk on the blood of Syrians, would condemn the family of Giath Matar for receiving him. Oh, and then the menhebak would go claim that Giath Matar was a terrorist.

“More than 500 army members dies in the last 6 months”

Wow, I thought it was 700 according to your fellow terrorism propagandist. Get your figures straight will you. Despite numerous videos and testimony, they still deny there are any defections. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Maybe they should get a checkup with the eye doctor.

“how stupid they think the Syrian people are ,”

Yes, how stupid do you Qursahan terrorism enablers think people are to believe that the Vatican are part of a plot to unseat junior, that there are Zionist Salafis running about. Thankfully most Syrians have evolved to a higher sophistication of thinking than the Qurdahans.

“Apparently the Syrian people are believing the government”

Yeah, which is why Homs, Hama, Deir al Zour, Baniyas, Latakia, Rastan, Dar’a, Telkelakh, Idlib, the Damascus and Aleppan countryside all came out in demonstrations that said “The Syrian media lies”.

Just stand down your thug army for one day, and let’s see how many people believe your murderous regime.

“I am just waiting for the time that Syria will start going on the attack to get rid of the traitors”

Man, it’s been six month already. What are you people waiting for? Every commentator with an opinion on the subject expresses disbelief at the ineptitude of this regime, that it can’t subdue a so called armed insurrection after six month.

“By the way i have cousins in Homs who left town fearing for their lives”

God riddance. I hope they find it comfy up in Qurdaha. May many more of their ilk follow them, until all of Homs is free of them and their kind. It just shows what gutless cowards your cousins are. How many people have the shabiha killed here? And yet do you see an exodus of non-menhebaks? Nope.

By the way, it doesn’t say much about your pathetic drug smuggling army that they can’t protect your “cousins” even after occupying Homs for 5 months LOL!

September 15th, 2011, 11:15 pm


Aboud said:

Menhebaks, why hasn’t your leader been to any funeral? Why doesn’t his wife ever wear black for the so called 700 killed security men? Why hasn’t Buttaina been to any wake? What about Mu’allem.

The American, French and Japanese ambassadors have shown more humanity towards Syrians than the entire Qurdaha junta.

September 15th, 2011, 11:18 pm


Aboud said:

@564 Heard it all before. Go ask Butthaina for new talking points LOL!

I fully support free and fair trials after the revolution. The fact that the vast majority of crimes were committed by Qurdahans and their kind is enough to damn them in any impartial trial. This way, the country will be emptied of the Qurdahans, in a legal manner. Heck, the world will applaud us our forbearance and humanity, and we still get the very desirable outcome of freeing up the country of all traces of the Qurdahans.

That’s if they haven’t left town and gone into hiding like Norman’s “cousins”. I hope they took a supply of meti with them 🙂

How ironic. Despite repeated army invasions, I’m still in Homs, and Norman’s cousins are the ones who are refugees. I find that delicious 🙂

September 15th, 2011, 11:27 pm


Tom said:

Human rights may be important on personal level, but not on the level of national politics. The most important thing for politicians is defense, security and diplomacy.

Human rights activists don’t work properly in national politics. They actually do not understand the very basics of defense and security, and therefore, they are unfit for diplomatic negotiations. If you have a human rights president, it will be a disaster for any country, and especially for Syria.

National Council for the oppositions was formed yesterday. I don’t think that a mixture of Islamists and leftists will function properly. They formed because they were told to do so by foreign governments. The National Council is weak because they haven’t experienced real political struggle which is harsh.

And if you have a common sense, you cannot leave your important future to unknown amateurs living in France or Germany, OR a person who is hiding his name.

Some oppositions are demanding “international protection” which actually means (1) to destroy air-defense system of Syria, and deprive Syria of its airspace, a part of sovereignty along with territory and territorial waters, and (2) international monitoring of domestic affairs.

If Syria is an independent country, it won’t need international approval in carrying out any domestic procedures. What the international community can do is to accept the Syrian decision. In the Arab League HQ, the oppositions even demanded air and sea blockade against Syria.

If so-called Syrian oppositions are really Syrians, they must think about destroying air-defense systems of enemy countries. If they are really Syrians, they must talk about the way how to proceed things in favor of Syria and against its enemies. But the Syrian oppositions are demanding the opposite.

Then a serious suspicion arises. Are the so-called Syrian oppositions really Syrians?

September 15th, 2011, 11:29 pm


Aboud said:

Oh and in case some of you are still so dim you don’t get it, you read it like this; BUTT-haina.

September 15th, 2011, 11:44 pm


Tom said:

Concerning 562. AbuGhassan, if you want to protest in the street, you must get a license from the police in advance. Otherwise, your act will become illegal. This is a common rule adopted in the developed countries.

Demonstrations at night are illegal. Demonstrations at religious places are also banned. So I suppose that the vast majority of protests in Syria are illegal in nature.

If you do the same in developed countries, you will be immediately be beaten and arrested by the police.

September 15th, 2011, 11:48 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

While I support arming the people,I truely think that the end of this regime is aproaching the bad fate soon,many indications pointing to that,Bashar will be surprised just like Gaddafi,however the difference he will not stay in Syria ,Hiding, he will run away to Tehran, he should have his bag packed already.
I am sad to read that it is either Assad or syrian do not deserve to be a nation,whoever said this,they at the same time, admire the democratic system in this USA,where they live.
Giath Mattar was arrested three days before his body was sent to his family for burial.
Russia refusal to agree for UN condemnation of Syria will mean nothing,we should ignore Russia.

September 16th, 2011, 12:30 am


Revlon said:

زينة ارحيم : لقاء بأصغر مطلوبة أمنيا… وصبية رشيقة تقود مظاهرة: مشاهدات من دمشق خلال جمعة ‘الموت ولا المذلة’
زينة ارحيم

يرّن هاتفها ‘ألو، أستطيع أن أؤمن لك سبعين نسخةً من الكتاب، ورقه نوعيةٌ جيدة وتستطيع قراءته بأسبوعين’ تُنهي المكالمة وتلتفت إلي مترجمةً ‘يحتاجون إلى مساعدات لأهالي المعتقلين والشهداء في برزة والقابون وعندي سبعين كرتونة من مواد غذائية تكفي كلاً منها عائلة لأسبوعين’.

هاتفٌ آخر ‘لازم نعمل العملية للولد سريعاً يا أبو نبيل، لعمليته الأولوية بعدها نتدّبر أدوية أمك’، تغلق وتشرح مرةً ثانية ‘هو متظاهر من الصفوف الأولى كان مصاباً واقتحم الشبيحة منزله ليحولوا عظامه إلى هشيم، جمعنا تكاليف عمليته ونحاول إدخاله إلى المشفى بحجة أن تعرض لحادث سيارة لئلا يعتقلوه منها، أما أدوية أم نبيل فهي طلبية أكياس دم ومواد طبية علينا تأمينها لدوما’.

هاتفٌ تلوَ الآخر وهي تلعن الظُلاّم الذين حولوا علاج الجرحى وتهريب الطعام لأهلها المُحاصرين إلى تهمة، صديقتي التي تُلقّب نفسها بـ’أم جوزف’ سأصلّي دائماً لذلك الصليب المتدلّي من راديوا سيارتك، وللإنسانية التي تخفق في مُحيّاك.

تعيش أم جوزف في كوكب أسميته ‘الحياة’ يعلو فيه صخب الحرية وأنصارها، لا يهدأ.. يزرعه المتظاهرون والنشطاء والأطباء الإنسانييون وجامعو المساعدات لعائلات الشهداء والمعتقلين كل يوماً حبّاً وغداً أجمل.

يدور كوكب أصدقائي ذاك في فُلك دمشق مع كوكب ‘المنحوتات’ الذي تتحرك به أجسادٌ جبصينيةٌ بلا روح تضحك وتسهر وتحتفل وتملأ صالونات التجميل والنوادي الليلية فيما تضجّ مقابر دمشق وغوطتها بالشهداء.
نظامٌ معقدٌّ يُسّير هذه الكواكب المختلفة بدمشق مع كوكب المتألمين الصامتين

وكوكب الشبيحة الذي زرته في جمعة ‘الموت ولا المذلة’ بحي الميدان بدمشق.
مئاتٌ من الشبيحة بلباس خاكيّ وبعضهم مدّني يحملون هراواتٍ وعصي خضراء- ربما هي كهربائية- مع سكاكين، كانوا ينتظرون تحت جسر المتحلق الجنوبي وخلف جامع الحسن في حديقة صغيرة احتلّوها بالكامل، تأخر الشيخ كريّم راجح في خطبته فضجّت النساء تلفّ الشرفات جيئةً وذهاباً باحثات عن أسباب تأخرهم عن الموعد.

سيدة في الخمسينات من عمرها كانت تنتظرهم على باب الجامع ومعها لافتةٌ كَتبت عليها ‘مبروك لثوّار ليبيا من أحرار سورية’ وما إن خرج المصلون حتى انساب صوتها بين أصواتهم الخشنة التي تعالت بالتكبير قبل أن تتحول لهتاف ‘الشعب يريد إعدام الرئيس’ و’السوري يرفع إيدو، بشار ما منريدو’.
الشبيحة خرجوا من مخابئهم ليشكّلوا جدراناً عازلةً على الشوارع الرئيسة يمنعون بها التقاء مظاهرات الجوامع مع بعضها، كالمجانين يركضون بكل الاتجاهات ويصرخون كلاماً بذئياً لم أفهم معظمه.

المظاهرة تنقسم لمظاهرات عدة لتشتيتهم وما زالت الهتافات تخفق بسماء الميدان، هاهي القنابل المسيلة للدموع تٌطلق هنا وهناك وبلمح البصر يختفي المتظاهرون، ثلاث صبايا بخمارٍ أبيض كنّ يهتفن مع إحدى المظاهرات الفرعية ثم دخلن ببناء ما إن هجم الشبيحة.
بصلٌ وزجاجات كازوز وزجاجات ماء تُرمى من الشرفات على الشبيحة لتعيق حركتهم وليستخدمها المتظاهرون لإزالة آثار الغازات الحارقة للعيون، من خلف الغمامات البيض ذات الرائحة اللاذعة تراءى لي شاب وسيم يرتدي كنزةً بنفسجية، وقف وحيداً على طرف حديقة تجمع الشبيحة وصرخ بصوت عشرة رجال ‘حريّة للأبد غصباً عنك يا أسد’ ليُقاسم أصدقاءه قسماً من الشبيحة.
ورغم أن تلك الجمعة كانت ‘من أقل الأيام عنفاً في الميدان، فلم يستشهد فيها أحد، وإنما اعتقل – من أمام جامع الحسن وحده – حوالي خمسين شخصاً ككل يوم جمعة!’، إلا أن ذالك القرب الجسدي من الشبيحة أنهك روحي، أجل أعرف أنهم أشخاص من لحم ودم لكنني تفاجأت بذلك!، وبكمّ الحقد واللؤم الذي يضربون به أناساً لا يعرفون منهم سوى صوت حرّ يهتف لسورية أجمل دون عصيّهم وهراواتهم.
ولو خُيّرت بين الرصاص الذي أٌطلق علينا في دوما والهروات التي انهالت في الميدان لاخترت الرصاص، لأستشهد بعيداً عن الوحوش.
‘دوما وقصاع.. واحد’
بين دوما والرصاص علاقة عمرها ستة أشهر، إلا أن الرصاص ‘العادي وغير المخيف’ – كما تصّر أم عبادة وهي تبتسم – كان سطراً رميته في ذاكرتي القصيرة وسيُمحى أمام تلك الملاحم التي ستخلّد عن تلك الرحلة في مدينة الحرية. دوما التي لم يخطر ببالي زيارتها خلال السنوات السبعة التي عشت فيها بدمشق، رقصَت في أذني لحناً لا يقاوَم إغواءه عندما أخبرتني صديقتي أم جوزف أننا سنزورهم مساءً.

قبل الموعد حضر الجميع، ستة صبايا وتسعة شبّان بينهم شاب دوماني رافقنا طوال الرحلة ليتفقّد الطرق ويختار أقلّها حواجز.
وصلنا دوما، وأنا أحاول البحث عن الخوف فيّ، لأفاجأ بفراغه الواسع، لا ذرة من الخوف في قلبي، لا لشجاعتي وإنما لثقتي بأنني محمية بين أهلي في تلك المدينة التي لم أزُرها بحياتي ولا أعرف أحداً فيها.
قادنا صديقنا الدوماني إلى طريق مختصر أخرجنا فيه بوسط المظاهرة عند الخط الفاصل بين النسائية والرجاليّة، وقفت أو ربما مشيت أو ركضت لا أعرف، ما أعرفه أن قلبي كان يرقص على وقع طبل تعزف عليه صبيةٌ رشيقة تقود المظاهرة.
في دوما الحرية كان موعدي الثالث مع البكاء، سيدات بخمار سحبتنا للمشاركة بعد أن وزّعت علينا أعلاماً سورية نحملها وأخرى نتخّمر بها من الكاميرات والعواينية، وهانحن وسط المظاهرة، استغرق استيعابي لما يجري عدّة هتافات، ولأنني لم أكن أتابعهم هتفت وحدي ‘الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام’! وإذ بإحداهن تضربني برفق على كتفي مؤنّبة ‘نظام مين يا حبيبتي! نحنا عنا عصابة’ استسمحتها بهتاف واحد أطفئ فيه حرقتي التي تجاوز عمرها الخمسة شهور، كنت فيها ميّتةً أمام شاشة كمبيوتر حجريّة يبثون فيها الحياة بكل مظاهرة، فسامحتني.
صبيّة كانت تنظّم حركة المظاهرة بالتنسيق مع عدد من الرجال الذين طوّقونا خوفاً من ‘غدر الأمن’ وأخرى جرّتنا نحن الستة لنتصّدر المسير بعد أن وزّعت علينا شموعاً، لم أكد ألحظ انطفاء شمعتي حتى تشعلها إحداهن، تلتقي عيوننا، نبتسم ثم نعود للهتاف.
وفي غمرة انهماكي بالهتاف أول المظاهرة أمسكت إحداهن بيدي وأوعزت لي لأقرأ ترحيبهم بنا، التفتت إلى السيدات السائرات خلفنا وإذ بلافتةٍ كبيرة كتبن عليها ‘تنسيقية نساء دوما الحرّة ترحب بأحرار القصّاع’ وانطلق الهتاف ‘يا قصّاع دوما معاكي للموت’ و ‘واحد واحد واحد…قصّاع ودوما واحد’ بينما كانت صديقاتي -اللواتي اكتشفت لاحقاً أنهنّ من القصّاع فعلاً – يندبن القصّاع التي اتخذها النظام مقراً لحفلات الرقص على دماء الشهداء.
أخبروني بأننا تظاهرنا لأربعين دقيقة، مشينا في الشارع الرئيسي، الشرفات والأرصفة تضجّ بالمتفرجين، تفيض عيون بعضهم بالحب والتقدير فيما يعتري البرود أخرى.
قطع هتافنا صوت الرصاص الذي ترافق مع انقطاعٍ كاملٍ للكهرباء عن المدينة، الرجال يركضون نحونا وفي لحظاتٍ تحولنا لنواة تحيط بها مدارات جسدية كثيرة، صرخوا ‘تفرقن الآن وخبّئن الأعلام السورية’، تهمس في أذني صبية تشعّ فطنةً ‘أجل العلم السوري تهمة، مالم تكن صورة الأفندي عليه’. بقينا واقفات ونحن نهتف ‘مو خايفين..الله معنا’ غضب الرجال ثم تمالكوا نفسهم وترجونا أن نفترق لأن الأمن وصل لمفرق الشارع، وبينما كانت السيدات تتنافسن لاستضافتنا جَمعنا أبو أحمد في سيارته وانطلق بنا لمنزله.

قدّمت لنا بنات أم أحمد الرقيقات الماء والعصير بابتسامهّن المفعمة بالحياة وعرفتني إحداهن بنفسها قائلةً ‘أنا أصغر مطلوبة للأمن في دوما’، ‘والنعم والله’ قالت أم أحمد ضاحكة ثم أضافت بجديّة ‘إذا داهم الشبيحة البيت لا تقلقن.. لن يقتربوا من غرفة النساء’ وعندما شاهدت علامات الدهشة علينا تابعت ‘هذا البيت مُحطّم ومُداهم أربع مرات، عادي، لا تقلقن!’.
كنت كطفلة مستجدّة بالصف اسجل كل مايجري حولي، على يساري جلست صبيةٌ جميلة كانت تخبر أم عبادة عن مشاركتها في مظاهرة القيمرية ‘تخيلي قالوا عني سلفية عرعورية وأنا مسيحية ومن القصّاع كمان!’ تسبّهم أم عبادة وتدعو عليهم قبل أن تقاطعها الجميلة ‘يا ستي أنا مسيحية وأريد الحرية وسنسقط النظام’.
في تلك اللحظة انفّك ارتباط مقولة ‘سورية بخير’ عنه وانتقل إليهم، فأضحت اللافتات الكثيرة التي تحملها تثير فيّ ذكراهم وابتسامة بدلا من الغضب من تلك الكذبة الباهتة.
لن تكفِ هذي الصفحات لأرسم دفء تلك الليلة ونقاء جلستنا النسائية الثورية على أضواء الشموع بذاك الحر الخانق الذي استحال برداً وسلاماً على جميلات القصّاع ودوما و بينهما أنا ‘بالخطأ’ الأكثر صحّةً في حياتي.
أما مكاني أنا فإدلبتي التي سأسافر إليها غداً متخفيةً بخمارٍ لم ألبسه بحياتي، غطى معظم ملامحي وترك عيوني التي سترتشف إدلبتي الجديد، شارعاً شارعاً، وحريّةً حريّة.

September 16th, 2011, 12:54 am


Revlon said:

Dear Norman,
You said: ” Apparently the Syrian people are believing the government, so keep dreaming about the fall of the Syria, that will never happen, I am just waiting for the time that Syria will start going on the attack to get rid of the traitors”.

I, many on this block, some of my family members who demonstrate, and the rest who don’t as well as all of my extended family members and who demand the fall of the regime qualify as “traitors”, and you are waiting for “Syria” to atack us and get rid of us.

Please pause and compare what I and my mates on this forum and the revolutionary people are calling for!

Your enemy is us, the traitors.
Our’s is tyranny, the tyrant, and his dogs.

You support, trust, and believe a regime that have killed thousands, tortutred thousands, detained thousands, and displaced hundreds of thousands.

We support, beleive, and trust the victims of murder, torture, and life long abuse.

Your goal is to have your kind of Syria, after getting rid of us!
Our’s is to build A Free Syria that would include all of us

September 16th, 2011, 1:25 am


Some guy in damascus said:

I understand your anger at ambassador ford for attending funerals, BUT how many funerals did warlord besho go to???not 1!! He did however host numerous festivals, and even attended 1. If you think it’s a shame the opposition claimed the 700 dead soldiers were killed by fellow soldiers , what do you think of besho, who literally parties while he claims innocent syrians are being killed????

September 16th, 2011, 2:16 am


Revlon said:

خلافات المعارضة تؤجل الإعلان عن ائتلاف المعارضة السوري

نشر فى: أخبار محلية
كلنا شركاء- مراسل المحليات
كشفت مصادر سورية معارضة مطلعة, ان سبب الخلافات بين الأطراف المتحاورة في المعارضة السورية, هي ان أحدى الجهات قدمت مسودة عمل تضمنت بضرورة انطلاق البيان التأسيسي من لاءات الشعب السوري الثلاث والتي كان الخلاف حول احد هذه اللاءات والتي نصت على ” لا للعنف وسفك دماء السوريين من قبل النظام او اي جهة أخرى مهما كانت خارجية او داخلية”
وبعد الإعلان المبدئي بين أطراف المعارضة الثلاثة الرئيسية بداية الأسبوع الماضي, على قيام ائتلاف فيما بينها تحت اسم (ائتلاف المعارضة السورية) يضم هيئة التنسيق الوطنية لقوى التغيير الوطني الديمقراطي, وإعلان دمشق للتغيير الديمقراطي والتيار الإسلامي المستقل, وحركة الأخوان المسلمين. هذا الإعلان يعتبر بمثابة -نواة مجلس وطني- يمثل القوى الفاعلة في الثورة من الداخل والخارج بمشاركة تنسيقيات الشباب.
وقالت المصادر المطلعة التي فضلت عدم ذكر هويتها” أبدينا استيائنا من ورود هذه الجملة في مسودة مقدمة من احد الأطراف المتحاورة, من اجل التوقيع على تشكيل ائتلاف سياسي موحد للمعارضة السورية, وكأننا نقوم بالتوقيع على رواية النظام بوجود منظمات إرهابية مسلحة استدعت القمع الوحشي لهذه الحركة؛ وان تلك الجهات- اي المسلحة- تستغل حركة الاحتجاجات السلمية وتقوم بإطلاق النار على الجيش والأجهزة الأمنية, وهي محاولة تشويش للمظاهرات الوطنية السليمة التي يقوم بها الشباب السوري, وهي الفرضية التي يحاول النظام أقناع حلفائه في روسيا والصين وباقي الدول المساندة له؛ ليبرر القتل والعنف الذي يستخدمه لقمع الحركة السلمية للشعب السوري المنتفض منذ ستة اشهر, وأثبتت الوقائع لنا جميعا ان هذا الشعب يصر على سلمية ثورته. وفي حال إصرار الطرف الأخر على أبقاء هذه الجملة في ميثاق العمل الوطني للائتلاف المنشود؛ فانه يقوم بنسف المبادرة وهذا مالا نرغب به, لأنه يقودنا الوصول الى طريق مسدود”
وفي سياق متصل أعلن المعارض حسن عبد العظيم, المنسق العام للمكتب التنفيذي لهيئة التنسيق لقوى التغيير الوطني الديمقراطي في سوريا” ان الهيئة سيعقد مجلس وطني في 17 أيلول الشهر الجاري في دمشق, يشارك فيه 300 شخصية معارضة حزبية ومستقلة. يكون ممثلا لجميع قوى وأحزاب المعارضة, مع مراعاة تمثيل كل الشخصيات والفعاليات على مختلف انتماءاتهم السياسية والقومية والمذهبية, ولاسيما قوى الشباب والتي تقود الحراك الشعبي. لأنه شعرنا ان محاولات عقد المؤتمرات التي عقدت في الخارج, كانت متعجلة ومتسرعة بدون أعداد جيد, تارة لتشكيل حكومة ظل. وتارة أخرى لتشكيل مجلس انتقالي, حتى بدون التشاور مع الجهات المعنية في بعض الأحيان, وارتأينا كمعارضة داخلية ضرورة تشكيل مجلس وطني في الداخل وتشكيل اطار جامع لكل المعارضة في الداخل والخارج, ونعتزم ان يكون المجلس الوطني مؤلفا من 300 شخصية, واتخذنا قرار ان يخصص ثلث المقاعد لقوى الشباب وقيادات الشارع المنتفض, وهؤلاء يمثلون في جميع الهيئات والمؤسسات التي ستنبثق عن المؤتمر”
A personal commnet

The inclusion of a statement of “rejection of armed intervention” in its declaration of intentions appears to be the contentious clause that lead to the balking of some oppositional forces from voicing their support and joining the announced National Syrian Council.

Peaceful activism and armed resistance are not and should not be regarded as mutually exclusive.

Prioty can and should always be given to peaceful alternatives!
However, there is no moral justification to watching precious lives being lost when we can save them by applying defensive force.

The conferrees’ primary concern should be the preservation of human lives and not the notion of peaceful fidelity of the revolution.

A statement that could satisfy both sides of the divide in the oppostion could call for mainitaining peaceful activism and peaceful demonstrations and also pledge to defend civilians by empowering the defected, legitimate Syrian armed forces.

The door must be left open to asking for additional Foreign military assistance should human lives remain in jeopardy.

September 16th, 2011, 2:19 am



I have heard a few people now on this blog expressing desire/warning that the regime would go on the attack. I am yet to see anyone define attack, be it a militarily attack or a rhetorical one. From my naive perspective, it would seem that conducting wholesale arrest campaigns of young people is an attack. Firing on peaceful demonstrators is an attack. Invading cities and allowing bands of hyenas to roam the streets destroying private property is an attack. Murdering political activists either using snipers or by arresting them and then torturing them to death is an attack. Mass arrest is an attack, kidnapping and disappearing thousands worst than Pinochet style is an attack. The regime has so far used all of these means of attacks and more, including preemptive ones such as loading streets with thugs and shabee7a and arresting anyone who seems to think of voicing malcontent. Off course rhetorical attacks never stopped, the regime propaganda machine, from the cheap bombastic stupidity of SYRIAN COMMANDO and his ilk, to the most expensive operation of a filthy media empire, working hand in hand with the regime, all the way to dollar (or is it now Euros) paid Lebanese intellectual prostitutes have been thrown at the revolution. In essence the regime has been on the attack and a fierce attack at that. So what is left, really, ….what is left.

1. Mass rounding and executions (not that it did not happen, but seems that some people think not enough of it has happened)

2. Chemical weapons Halabja style

3. Indiscriminate wide-scale air Bombing raids Qaddafi style

From my humble point of view, when one asks the regime to go on the attack, she/he are insinuating that the regime is not doing enough. So for now, i am asking everyone who think that not enough has been done to quell the “terrorists”, to imagine themselves as a president for a day with real powers, and to decide, publicly whether they want to use 1 or 2, 3, in combinations, or all together. Name the location/s they think infested by suicide bombers like Ghyath Matar and sign and issue the decree for the attack. After all, some loud regime horn around here claimed that Syria is not a lawless country, well go a head, use the law and tell us what is your choice.

September 16th, 2011, 2:27 am


Pirouz said:

527. ABOUD said

Thanks for that link.

Just by viewing a sample of those videos, I can tell you that some are misrepresented, which tends to discredit the effort as a whole.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally dismissive of the Syrian opposition. But as a dispassionate observer, I’m attempting to gauge the scope, scale and momentum of what’s taking place.

Again, links to any recent videos of protests and the Syrian military, especially that put forth as corroborating evidence to specific claims made by “activists” is appreciated.

September 16th, 2011, 2:43 am


NK said:


I was wondering when will your inner Baathist come out and play, now please refer to OTW’s post #573 and let us know what would you do should you trade places with your master -the mass murderer- back in Damascus.

It’s really fascinating how all regime supporters without a single exception are calling for more massacres

Anyways, enjoy this article

شعوب خائنة وجنرالات وطنيون!
by Ibrahim Nasrallah (إبراهيم نصر الله) on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 4:30pm

إبراهيم نصر الله

بمجرد أن رأى صديقي العزيز توقيعي على أحد البيانات التي تقف بوضوح مع حق الشعب السوري في الحرية والكرامة، أرسل إلي مقالا، يشتم فيه كل من يقفون هذه الوقفة المخجلة ضد الممانعة ورمزها الوحيد.

وتطور الأمر إلى هذا الحوار الطريف.

ـ 1ـ

قلت له: إن أبسط حقوق المواطن أن يمنح حق الانتخاب، وأن لا يُطْبِق أيُّ نظام على صدر هذا المواطن أربعين عاما، وأكثر، وألا يبتكر هذا النظام أعلى نسبة لنجاحه في الانتخابات كلما تفضل على الشعب ووضع الصناديق في مراكز الاقتراع: 99.9% ، وأن لا تمتلئ السجون بكل أولئك الذين يحبون الحرية، ويدافعون عنها، وأن لا يحجر على الأحزاب (كما لو أن الذين سينتمون إليها مصابون بالجذام) وأن لا يكون هناك سوى نشيد واحد لزعيم واحد، نولد وهو فوق صدورنا، ونعيش وهو فوق صدورنا ونموت وهو فوق صدورنا.

فالتفت صاحبي إلي وهزّ رأسه، وقال: خسارة! أنت تفهم في الشعر ولكنك لا تفهم في السياسة!

ـ 2 ـ

قلت له: حسنا، سأكون معك! فالطفل حمزة الخطيب الذي شوِّه وبترت أعضاؤه: مندس! وإبراهيم قاقوش المغني الذي لن تعثر أمه على حنجرته، وذلك الشاب الذي داسته الدبابة بالعرض، ثم حمله جنديان (أمام الكاميرا) وداسته بالطول: مندسان، والشباب الذين ألصقت وجوههم في الأرض وضربوا بالبساطير وأولئك الذين حشروا في أضيق الأمكنة بين البساط ير في الحافلات وضربوا بوحشية: مندسون أيضا، ولكن، أليس من المفترض أن يقدم هؤلاء للمحاكمة بدل أن ينكل بهم الجنود على هذا النحو والشبيحة ومشتقاتهم؟

فالتفت صاحبي إلي وقال: خسارة! أنت لا تفهم في القانون!

ـ 3 ـ

قلت له: هناك نظام لم يطلق طلقة واحدة باتجاه (العدو الغاصب) لأرضه وكرامته خلال أربعين عاما، ويحرص على ألا يجرح هدوء الجبهة حتى بطلقة طائشة، ويسحق تل الزعتر وسواه، ويضع ذنبه بين رجليه ويفر مع أول الغارات على بيروت! في الوقت الذي يصمد فيه مقاتلون شرفاء ما يقارب الثلاثة أشهر. هذا النظام الذي لا يتردد لحظة في الانضمام إلى قوات حفر الباطن لمهاجمة العراق وشعبه، هذا النظام الذي يُقصف مفاعله النووي، ولا يجرؤ حتى أن ينظر إلى السماء ليرشق طائرات العدو الغاصب بنظرة غاضبة، ويبتلع لسانه، ويتعامل مع الأمر كما لو أن شيئا لم يكن..

فقاطعني صاحبي وقال: خسارة! أنت لا تفهم في الإستراتيجيا!

ـ 4 ـ

قلت له: هذا النظام الذي يحول كبار ضباطه إلى متسولين على الحدود، يتسابقون لسلب المسافرين كل (ما تجود به أنفسهم) ويتغاضى عن بيع النقاط المربحة التي يكون فيها هؤلاء الذين كان من المفترض أن يكونوا على الجبهة، هذا النظام الذي يذل كل مواطن في خبزه وحريته في الكلام والطعام والراتب، والتعليم، هذا النظام الذي يقبل أن يدخل ضابط قاعة في جامعة وأن يدفع الباب بقدمه، ويلتفت إلى الطلبة، أمام وجود أستاذهم ويقول بابتهاج: كلكم ناجحون بقرار من الرئيس بمناسبة عيد ميلاده. ويترك الأستاذ ذاهلا، لا يجرؤ حتى على التنفس. هذا النظام الذي لا تستطيع دباباته الوصول إلى أي مكان سوى مدنه! ولا تجيد التصويب إلا حين تطلق النار على بيوت شعبه..

فقال صاحبي: لا تكمل، أرجوك.. لم أكن أعتقد أنك جاهل إلى هذا الحد في الأمور العسكرية!

– 5 –

قلت له: وهؤلاء الذي يطوفون بحقائبهم السوداء الفارغة، ليشاركوا كل صاحب مشروع، ولو كان سوبر ماركت في رزقه. هؤلاء الذي لا يعرف الناس من أين يخرجون، فإذا بهم يمتلكون كل شيء، ويجمعون الملايين في سنوات قليلة، ويتحكمون في كل المشاريع الكبرى في البلاد، هؤلاء الذين هم بالضرورة: أبناء عم الرئيس أو أخوته أو أنسبائه، أو غلمانه. هؤلاء الذين يبتلعون بلادا بأكملها، ويعتبرون بصاقهم في وجوه خلق الله صدقة.

قال لي: للأسف: أنت لا تفهم أبدا في الاقتصاد!

ـ 6 ـ

قلت له: وهؤلاء الذين يملأون الشوارع بهتافهم ويعبرون جدران الليل بشغفهم للضوء وليوم يعيشون فيه أحرارا فوق الأرض لا تحتها. هؤلاء الذين يتحدّون الدبابات والقناصة بصدورهم وصدور أطفالهم، هؤلاء الذين لن يعودوا ثانية إلى جحور الخوف التي حشروا فيها طوال عمرهم، هؤلاء: الألوف المؤلفة.

فقال لي: لم أكن أعرف أنك جاهل بالوطنية إلى هذا الحد، أتدافع عن الخونة؟!

ـ 7 ـ

لقد وصلنا إذن إلى ذلك الحد الذي يخشى فيه الرئيس أن تبيع الشعوب الأوطان، لأنه الوحيد الذي يمنع ذلك! فما الذي يمكن أن يحدث حين تستولي هذه الشعوب الخائنة على البلاد، وتطرد الرئيس البطل. البطل الوحيد الذي أجدبت أرحام الأمهات بعد أن ولدته أمه؟!

كل ما تفعله هذه الشعوب إذن، حين تضحي بأرواحها، هو أن تأتي للبلاد بحاكم آخر، يخون هذه الشعوب أكثر! ويذلها أكثر! وينشر الفساد أكثر! ويدّعي أنه ضد العدو الغاصب أكثر!

قال لي صاحبي: الآن بدأت تفهم!

ـ 8 ـ

(للإيمان الأعمى، عيون شريرة) لست أدري من قال ذلك، ولكنني أحييه!

في المرصاد، القدس العربي 28/8/2011

September 16th, 2011, 3:18 am


Revlon said:

More on the operation of the Military security forces that lead to the arrest of Colonel Harmoush from AlQuds AlArabi.


علم مراسل ‘القدس العربي’ في دمشق من مصادر سورية مواكبة لعملية إلقاء القبض على المقدم المنشق حسين هرموش أن العملية تمت بجهد استخباراتي سوري بحت وعبر متابعة دقيقة لتحركاته بين الأراضي السورية والتركية، وأن العملية وفق ما كشفته تلك المصادر قادها العميد نوفل الحسين رئيس فرع الأمن العسكري شخصياً في محافظة إدلب شمالاً وأن تمويهات عديدة نفذها العناصر المشتركون في العملية لم تكشف المصادر النقاب عنها لكنها ألمحت لاستخدام الأمن العسكري سيارات قديمة تابعة لمؤسسة الإسكان التي تقل عادة الموظفين.

المصادر السورية قالت أيضاً أن لا صفقة تمت بين دمشق وأنقرة بخصوص هذه العملية ولا دور لأجهزة المخابرات التركية في إلقاء القبض على هرموش، وزادت المصادر: ثمة سوريون يستخدمون الأراضي التركية الحدودية شمالاً كمجال جغرافي لشن هجمات على الجيش السوري بعلم بعض الجهات التركية.

September 16th, 2011, 3:33 am


SyriaLover said:

Norman, After #554, #558 and #561 time to calm down and take a big, deep breath. Shake yourself and sober up.

From your other quality posts here I always saw you as an original-thinking, interesting, sophisticated person enjoying a successful medical career in the west. You changed my thinking a few times. But America-bashing is stooping way, way below your mental level.

I am shocked that someone like you suddenly carries on like they do not care about facts and are ignorant and hostile about the society where they have been enjoying a good life and rearing their children.

You are not a peasant living in some Taliban-run village. Be careful, you’ll lose respect and trust from many Syrians and all Americans and make a fool of yourself.

Please say it isn’t so. And please never make us watch Akbar Palace catch you out again!

September 16th, 2011, 5:16 am


Aboud said:

“I can tell you that some are misrepresented”

Yet another vague statement, coming on the heels of your previous vague statement. Dude, it’s OK to admit you were wrong.

Giath Matar was a peaceful, energetic activist, the very role model of the kind of person the world keeps telling us our young people should be. In the end, he was brutally murdered, and called a terrorist by the menhebaks, the Russians and the Chinese.

If, as is being reported, Harmoush got caught in a trap, then it is tragic, but it will serve to make his successors more experienced on how they handle themselves. Remember that the Libyans didn’t start to win any battles until the guy who was supposed to be leading their army, was removed. War is a Darwinian survival of the fittest, and either a people start being lead by commanders up to the task, or they will end up defeated.

We know that the Baathists will never change even an atom’s worth of the “leadership” that has bought them to their sorry predicament, they are too rigid and hidebound in their ways.

The revolution, on the other hand, has the luxury of a flexible leadership, and many people will find opportunities to make their name and reputations in the coming weeks.

The time for endless reliance on peaceful means is over. The West can only come up with pathetic sanctions that have so many loopholes they are worthless. The Russians and Chinese will still be calling for “dialogue” after a million Syrians have died, and the Turks and Arabs have proven themselves inexperienced and unprepared to face down the Baathists.

The Syrian people should have taken up arms months ago. Only when tens of thousands of Qurdahans are fleeing towards Turkey, and junior’s closest are dead, will the regime even begin to contemplate another path.

Or are the “peace at all cost” camp worried they might alienate people like “Norman”?

September 16th, 2011, 5:28 am


Aboud said:


September 16, 2011
Ban Calls for ‘Coherent’ Global Response to Syrian Violence

VOA News

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling for a “coherent” international response to Syria’s violent crackdown against dissent.

Ban on Thursday accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of “escalating violence and repression” and ignoring appeals to stop state-sponsored violence. The U.N. chief said “enough is enough” regarding Assad’s broken promises of reform.

Earlier Thursday, Syrian opposition activists announced in Istanbul, Turkey, the formation of a council to present a united front against Assad. They said the council includes 140 members with half of them living in Syria.

The United States expressed its support, but noted the need for coordination as the group faces many challenges.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials are urging Americans to immediately leave Syria, repeating their warning issued last month. Since then, Washington has imposed additional sanctions on the Syrian government.

Separately Thursday, Syria’s state news agency (SANA) aired what it called the “confessions” of Colonel Hussein al-Harmoush, a senior military officer who publicly defected two months ago and fled to Turkey. Activists say Syrian intelligence agents recently captured Harmoush in Turkey and brought him home.

The United Nations estimates that 2,600 people have been killed in Syria’s six-month uprising against Assad’s 11-year autocratic rule. The Syrian government said Monday about 1,400 have been killed, half of them security personnel.

September 16th, 2011, 5:39 am


qunfuz said:

Aboud – are you the same Aboud as formerly? I have a good Qurdahan friend – against the regime 100%. Samar Yazbeck, and Arif Dalila and many other Alawis are against the regime, which has murdered Alawis too over the years. I recently met an Alawi http://qunfuz.com/2011/09/13/a-syrian/ who reassured me as to the revolution’s victory. The problem isn’t Alawis, it’s the gangsters and slavedrivers, including of Sunni and Christian background, who run the regime. I had thought you were too intelligent and principled to fall into the sectarian trap, which is exactly the trap the criminal regime wants you to fall into.

September 16th, 2011, 6:21 am


hsyrian said:

Syrian Dissident Harmoush: I was Betrayed, Army Defection a Plot

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-Hussein Harmoush said that he escaped from the Army because of the bloody events in the streets… a number of people were killed, and I am sure that the armed groups were the killers.”

In a speech to the Syrian TV broadcast Thursday, Harmoush said that in 2009 he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, then he joined a security course for one year at the National Institute for Security Sciences but he didn’t succeed, adding “on June 6, 2011, I announced my defection from the Syrian Arab Army.”

“During my service in the Syrian Army, nobody has ordered me to fire at the civilians or any others, I didn’t see or hear any commander in the army that had given orders to shoot fire at the civilians,” Harmoush added.

He went on to say “after my escape from the army, a lot of opposition figures abroad contacted me, but after 75 days, I discovered that the majority of them have given promises, including financial and logistic aid, weapons and others, but none has been met.”

On their need for weapons, Harmoush said “The plot was to provide weapons for protecting the unarmed civilians, but weapons or any other materials were not supplied.”

Harmoush underlined that he didn’t fire at any security or military members, and that he said in a previous statement that even if soldiers killed him, he wouldn’t kill the soldier.

“Muslim brotherhood members were the first who have contacted me, all in unreal names, in addition to Zouheir al-Siddiq, Mohammad Rahal, Abdul-Halim Khaddam, his two sons and the majority of Antalya Conference figures,” Harmoush said.

He underlined that Muslim Brotherhood members asked him what he will do and he answered them “what do you have”, adding “there were some sides that suggested setting up a buffer zone through the Turkish Government near the border lines between Syria and Turkey.”

On providing him with weapons and money, Harmoush said “They were all promises… they promised to supply me with weapons and money for liberation, but they were just promises.”

Harmoush said, “When I arrived in Turkey, they started to call me including Abdul-Halim Khaddam. All phone calls were just words and wasting of time.”

He added that Rifaat al-Assad’s office manager called him after he had issued statement No.1 to ask him about the amount of money his movement needs.

Harmoush went on saying that Burhan Ghalion called him twice to ask him about his safety and Khaddam and his sons, Rifaat al-Assad, Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Rahal and about 300 personalities from Antalya conference called him, too.

He said that Sheikh Adnan al-Arour called him to know about the work plan and asked him about the army in general.

Harmoush said that Zouheir al-Siddiq was the first person to call him once he arrived in Turkey, adding that al-Siddiq called him to tell him that he can support him and sent USD 1,000 and a used laptop.

Al-Siddiq and the Muslim Brotherhood smuggled weapons into Homs, Hama, Idleb and the Palestinian Ramel in Lattakia, Harmoush added.

He said that weapon smuggling from Turkey was carried out by merchants in the border areas where weapon merchants and smugglers exist.

He also said that the first time he was video-taped was in Bdama district in Jisr al-Shughour when a person gave him SYP 50,000 and the person received about SYP 2 millions for the video tape.

“I have been thinking about coming back since Ramadan 15, but I was shocked to be used as a trade and how people begged money in my name and offered many promises none of which was achieved.” Harmoush concluded.


The dissident Major Hussein Harmoush admitted in a testimony broadcast on the Syrian TV on Thursday that he had been contacted by Muslim brotherhood members, Zouheir al-Siddiq, Mohammad Rahal, Abdul-Halim Khaddam, his two sons, and the office of the former Vice President Rifaat al-Assad, in addition to calls from radical cleric Adnan Araour and political dissent Borhan Ghalyoun after he defected from the Syrian Army on June 6, 2011. They promised him with money and gear, but got nothing.

On their need for weapons, Harmoush said: “The plot was to provide weapons for protecting the unarmed civilians, but weapons or any other materials w
ere not supplied.”
Al-Siddiq and the Muslim Brotherhood smuggled weapons into Homs, Hama, Idleb and the Palestinian Ramel in Lattakia, Harmoush added. He said that weapon smuggling from Turkey was carried out by merchants in the border areas where weapon merchants and smugglers exist, SANA reported.

He also said that the first time he was video-taped was in Bdama district in Jisr al-Shughour when a person gave him SYP 50,000 and the person received about SYP 2 millions for the video tape. “I have been thinking about coming back since Ramadan 15, but I was shocked to be used as a trade and how people begged money in my name and offered many promises none of which was met.” Harmoush concluded.

The dissident added that he escaped from the Army because of the bloody events in the streets… a number of people were killed, and I am sure that the armed groups were the killers.” “During my service in the Syrian Army, nobody has ordered me to fire at the civilians or any others, I didn’t see or hear any commander in the army that had given orders to shoot fire at the civilians,” Harmoush admitted.


La guerre ( revolution ), un massacre de gens qui ne se connaissent pas, au profit de gens qui se connaissent mais ne se massacrent pas. Paul Valery

War ( revolution ), a massacre of people who do not know each other
for the benefit of politicians who know each other too well but do not massacre each other .

September 16th, 2011, 6:24 am


Syrialover said:

“The problem isn’t Alawis, it’s the gangsters and slavedrivers, including of Sunni and Christian background, who run the regime. I had thought you were too intelligent and principled to fall into the sectarian trap, which is exactly the trap the criminal regime wants you to fall into.”

Thank you Qunfuz for #584. A shaft of clear air in the smoke and dust.

September 16th, 2011, 6:54 am



QUNFUZ @ 584
Thank you.. I have tried, so did others like Annie and Sheila. I am really sorry to see Aboud getting into the trap.

September 16th, 2011, 7:09 am


Samara said:

Hey 3arboud,

I hear you are the moderator…interesting. You can have a song anyway…

September 16th, 2011, 7:10 am


Aboud said:

Hello Qunfuz, as far as I can tell no one has laid claim to the name “Aboud” on this forum for the past 5 months except me.

I no longer have any patience for any niceties. Alawite condemnation of the regime has been few and far. As a society, there is nothing anyone can say that will harden their positions any more, nor is there anything that will sway them away from the path of self destruction they have chosen by hitching their wagon to the Besho donkey.

Let’s face facts, and admit that a significant segment of Syrian society will gladly kill and murder to hold on to the crumbs that Makhlouf, Akhras and Athad allow to drop from their tables. Peaceful demonstrations will never sway people so rooted in self interest at the expense of the rest of the country.

If war crimes trials were held today, a large swath of Alawite society would be in the docks. That is a fact.

@588 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mG3V2fBYbw

A world famous song by now, sung in every corner of Syria, the region and the world’s capitals.

So, how has cutting people’s throats worked for you so far?

September 16th, 2011, 7:16 am


Samara said:


Islamist extremists Brotherhood related (deleted for bad language) buckets like yourself will be in the docks. That is a fact.

September 16th, 2011, 7:25 am


Samara said:


I wouldn’t know about that, you should tell me. Since that is the trademark of the revolutionaries. As well as indorsing boiling soldiers in their urine.
BTW, didnt listen to ur song…too buisy singing Fares Karam’s.

September 16th, 2011, 7:29 am


some guy in damascus said:

are you absolutely sure no one gets touched for voicing anti-besho slogans in syria?

September 16th, 2011, 7:38 am


Aboud said:

@594 That is the weakest sounding “yes” I’ve ever read on the Internet LOL!

So, why hasn’t Besho been to any funerals or wakes? Tsk tsk, turns out the American, French and Japanese ambassadors are way more considerate. I know, it must be hard to tear oneself away from one’s X-Box.

September 16th, 2011, 7:47 am


some guy in damascus said:

why dont you pay syria a 7th visit?, put your life where your mouth is and if you go back to Australia unscathed, besho has my full support.
today i was in midan, a demonstration were going on as usual. there werent alot of demonstrations today, however the demonstrators at the hasan mosque were very vocal about their opinion. guess who surrounded them??? no other than the shabeeha #$%*ers. i personally saw a kid in his early teens get beaten up.
samara , its your duty as an expatriate syrian to learn more about your country and it’s politics. you need a paradigm shift! im stunned about the fact you actually think we can safely oppose besho!

September 16th, 2011, 7:53 am


Samara said:


That ‘yep’ was instead of ‘Duh’. Looks like you are as (deleted) as i thought.

(edited for vulgarity. It is not possible for me to edit all your comments. This is a warning. You are at risk of being banned. Please observe SC rules.)

BTW, stop copy, pasting your own comments, it’s sad. We understand this revolution is losing momentum and will be wiped out soon, but it is still sad.

Oh, are you going to moderate my comment?

September 16th, 2011, 8:00 am


Samara said:

Some Guy in Damascus

LOL. I swear if i wasnt in the middle of studying for exams, i would be in Syria within a heart beat.

Would you care to explain to me why it is that terrorist affiliated with this ‘revolution’ stormed a house, three days ago and shot dead a 16 yr old and injured his brother just for being supporters of the government.

Peaceful protesters are not the problem, it is terrorists that the government is focusing on…and if you ARE in Damascus, protest peacefully…g’night.

September 16th, 2011, 8:12 am


Aboud said:

“I swear if i wasnt in the middle of studying for exams”

Menhebaks always have an excuse to stay above the fray. What kind of exams take place in September? And was the menhebak doing her exams for the past six month? 🙂

“We understand this revolution is losing momentum and will be wiped out soon”

Funny kind of loss of momentum that takes six month to wind down. You people have been talking about “protestor fatigue” since May.

“Oh, are you going to moderate my comment?”

These people see me in their cereal, I think. The Beatles didn’t have groupies this obsessed 🙂

“three days ago and shot dead a 16 yr old and injured his brother just for being supporters of the government. ”

Bullsheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Man, my bullsh*t meter just went through the roof. I have to recalibrate it for a much higher scale.

Who was this teenager? Where? When? Why didn’t Al-Duhnya mention it? Too busy airing fake confessions?

September 16th, 2011, 8:20 am


MNA said:

TARA @ 464

“With all due respect, please be repelled. If the sight of body trails in Syrian towns, the massive number of children murdered by the regime, and the many footage of the humiliation, beating and torture did not attract you to the cause, then honestly I could care less about you being “repelled”. Please stay repelled. Mr. Ford has made history. He is a great person. He deserves all admiration.”

Well Tara thank you for dialoging!
When did I ever say that I was not repelled by the killing and torturing, of Syrian civilians for the sole reason of peacefully protesting. But, unlike you Tara, I m repelled by the killing of Syrians on both sides. I m also repelled by people calling for international intervention, international sanctions, and those who cheer for an ambassador with a very dark recent history in a neighboring country. I m also repelled by people making very sectarian comments about a certain sect and then try to extract it by saying that one of their mentors that they really respect is from that sect. I m also repelled by people who are practicing the same behavior that they have been accusing the regime of the longest time and that is calling labeling any person that disagree with them on anything as menhabak, regime supporter etc…
It is really pathetic.
With all due respect Tara, I said it to you before and I say it again that your “revolution” will begin to have any chance of succeeding when it starts to care about people of the silent majority and addresses their concerns.

September 16th, 2011, 8:31 am


Some guy in damascus said:

Here’s the difference Samara.
I personally saw this incident. It happened something like 5 meters from me. How did you hear about this dead 16 year old incident?
Ps: there are no terrorists in Damascus. I assure you that , there are demonstrations however and the regime is responding in the very same way we see on al jazeera, BBC, al arabiya, CNN, Reuters, the independent.
Why don’t these terrorists show up when a pro besho demonstration is taking place?? Regardless of the fact these parties are being held in a time where there should be national mourning( your media claims 1400 innocent syrians were murdered). Can’t you see the discrepancies??

September 16th, 2011, 8:35 am


Aboud said:

“when it starts to care about people of the silent majority and addresses their concerns.”

Nope, sorry, couldn’t care less. If someone isn’t