Romancing Rojava: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Helsinki Meeting Does Little to Clarify America’s Syria Policy – By Joshua Landis 

Turkey’s Afrin Operation Stokes Syrian Yazidi Fears and Fuels Displacement — by Sylvain Mercadier

A Sustainable United States Policy for North Syria, the Kurds, Turkey and the Syrian Government – by Landis and Barber

Minorities and the Kurdish Referendum—by Alda Benjamen

Will the U.S. Abandon the Kurds of Syria Once ISIS is Destroyed? by Landis, Itani, Simon

Kurdish Independence and the Unheard Yazidi Voice — by Murad Ismael

The End of the PKK in Sinjar? How the Hashd al-Sha’bi Can Help Resolve the Yazidi Genocide

The KRG’s Relationship with the Yazidi Minority and the Future of the Yazidis in Shingal (Sinjar)

Report on Mass Graves of Yazidis in Sinjar

The Kobani Model: Strengthening Kurdish-Arab Relations in Syria

Video: ISIS, Yazidis, and the Enslavement of Thousands of Women

Islamic State Officially Admits to Enslaving Yazidi Women

The Yazidis Are Not Getting Support

The Dawn of Freedom Brigades: Analysis and Interview

If the U.S. Wanted To, It Could Help Free Thousands of Enslaved Yazidi Women in a Single Day

IS Routs Peshmerga, Takes Control of Sinjar Mountains, Jeopardizes Yazidi Homeland

The Factions of Raqqa Province

Starvation: a Twisted Example of the Assad Regime’s Terrorism

“Why Syria’s Kurds are beating Al Qaeda,” By Balint Szlanko

Problems for Syrians in Egypt; News from Kurdish North; Looting & Oil; Round-up

Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future

“The Turkish-Syrian Border Dispute: A View From the Past” – By Meir Zamir

News Round Up (8 April 2013)

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