The Coastal Shield Brigade: A New Pro-Assad Militia

By Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi

Emblem of the Coastal Shield Brigade. On top: “Coastal Shield Brigade.” In middle (with portrait of Bashar al-Assad): “Republican Guard. Knights of Assad.” On bottom: “Syrian Arab Army.”

As the Syrian civil war has dragged on with no recent decisive breakthroughs for the Assad regime and the loss of many peripheral territories including all major towns in Idlib and Palmyra, the problem of avoidance of conscription into the regular armed forces has only become exacerbated. Thus, at this point, a strategy of entrenchment and defence of vital areas seems most reasonable to ensure the regime’s survival, having locals recruited instead to focus on defending and retaking territory within their own provinces. For example, this approach is now well in evidence in the predominantly Druze province of Suwayda, which has remained under regime authority but is now threatened on two fronts by the Islamic State to the northeast and the Deraa insurgency to the west, with many Druze refusing to serve in far away fronts to no avail.

The formation of the Coastal Shield Brigade (Liwa Dir’ al-Sahel) for Latakia province is part of the same trend. Indeed, Latakia also finds itself under increasing threat with the Idlib losses, and even some of the Iraqi Shi’a militias deployed in Syria, such as Liwa Dhu al-Fiqar, have played a role in contributing manpower and fighting in Latakia province in recent months.

As is apparent from the Coastal Shield Brigade’s emblem and other media output, it is a local front militia for the elite Republican Guard. The militia first announced the opening of its doors for recruitment in late May this year:


“The Republican Guard announces the formation of the Coastal Shield Brigade accepting those who desire recruitment contract for two years, or permanently, and in reserve and compulsory service, as well as for the sorting out of affairs for those who avoided the reserve and compulsory military service call and deserted before 1 January 2015. Salaries will be paid with monthly remunerations reaching up to 40,000 Syrian pounds. To join and inquire, head to the Republican Guard centre opposite the Naval College, School of Arts in al-Qardaha.

Phone numbers: 0988293892/0936713408/890353/825805.”

It should be noted in particular that the potential salary on offer here amounts to more than $200 a month, which is not only much higher than the salaries of regular army conscripts but also of many rebel fighters. For comparison, it is some 2-3 times higher than the salary of an average Northern Storm fighter from the Azaz area. Wishing to extend its recruitment further, the Coastal Shield Brigade put up another notice in June, pushing forward the cut-off date for draft-dodgers to widen the recruitment pool and emphasizing local service:


“The Republican Guard, Coastal Shield Brigade, is accepting those who desire recruitment contract for two years, or permanent, and required for reserve and compulsory service. Commission is accepted for employees in government foundations and offices. Sorting out of affairs for desertion and those who avoided service before 1 March 2015. Ages from 18 to 45 years. Service on the Coast [Latakia]. To submit applications and for any inquiry, head to the Jableh Republican Guard Centre/al-Qardaha Naval College/School of Arts.

Coastal Shield Brigade
Lions of the Republican Guard.”

On 20 June, the Coastal Shield Brigade reiterated the advertisement for recruitment, announcing that the doors for recruitment would be closed soon. But on 28 June, some clarifications were noted: first, by order of the Defence Minister, the issue of ‘sorting out affairs’ would only apply now to those who deserted from the ranks of the Republican Guard, on account of the supposed large number of recruits and applicants to the Coastal Shield Brigade. Second, the recruitment contract of two years would take into account compulsory military service. As far as required documentation goes, one should submit a personal photo and ID photo.

So far, evidence of significant operations for the Coastal Shield Brigade has been somewhat limited, but on 9 July the militia announced its first fallen fighter in one Ibrahim Makana, who died fighting in the Kherbat Sulas area towards the north-east of Latakia province, which continues to remain under insurgent control.

It remains to be seen how effective the Coastal Shield Brigade will be as a fighting force as there has been no major insurgent offensive to push deeper into Latakia province since spring 2014 when a variety of groups spearheaded by jihadists seized the Armenian Christian border town of Kessab (desecrating the churches there despite rebel media attempts to downplay this) and reached the Mediterranean Sea. The Syrian army, bolstered by the elite Desert Falcons and irregular forces in Latakia province such as the Muqawama Suriya, eventually retook all the lost ground, but the process was sluggish and dragged out until June of that year. Further, the Muqawama Suriya’s own effectiveness was put into doubt with the rapid losses of Idlib city and Jisr al-Shughur in the spring of this year, as the group had a notable presence in both places. Meanwhile, the Desert Falcons failed to prevent the loss of Palmyra and other towns in Homs desert to the Islamic State. These developments besides the potential high salary may add to the attractiveness of the Coastal Shield Brigade as an alternative local defence force that at the same time purports to counter the problem of breakdown of regime authority on account of proliferation of irregular armed groups.

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Akbar Palace said:

Coastal Shield Brigade? Sounds like a gang of pre-teens playing army.



July 23rd, 2015, 8:38 am


omen said:

oh look, this is a chance for our western nazi assad apologists to sign up to join:

Coastal Shield Brigade Phone numbers: 0988293892/0936713408/890353/825805.


akbar, we rely on you to offer israeli perspective. ideally, you’d point to links covering all of the israeli officials coming out (once again) in support for this charade of an iran deal. and perhaps offer a bit of analysis/explanation.

July 23rd, 2015, 2:48 pm


Akbar Palace said:


As far as the Iran deal is concerned, I am reading a number of articles in the Hebrew media IN FAVOR of it. The GOI is definitely AGAINST it (as you know from the “speech”). A recent poll shows 78% of Israeli jews are AGAINST the Iran deal (like me). Not 100%, 78%. Don’t forget stupid, liberal jews’ opinion. So there you have it. Maybe the christians in the US Congress will save us again! Don’t bet on it.

I think a more powerful Iran is Khara for the region. I wish:

– the sunni-shia dispute would end
– arab and muslim despots and theocrats would go away
– and democracy would get implemented all over the ME

Easier said than done.

BTW, I just saw this article, I thought is was very interesting…

July 23rd, 2015, 3:09 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Akbar Palace
Thank you, my son showed me this a week ago, me and him discussed it, I believe it is not written at the time of the prophet, and not at the time of Uthman, most likely it is written 50 year after the prophet died, because the way it was written
It sure is very important to pinpoint when it was written, but this belie the statement that Quraan was written over 250 year after Mohammad, as one of the professor claimed, who even denied that the prophet ever existed
It is strange they have it yet they did not know it was Quraan, I still have many questions about it, may be Professor Landis study this book history and help us

July 23rd, 2015, 3:27 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Turkey massed huge army next to Syria, today we found out Turkey invaded northern part of Syria, and is fighting ISIS
I believe that if we can get rid of ISIS, Assad regime will crumble since FSA is fighting ISIS, they will be free to fight Assad alone

July 23rd, 2015, 4:36 pm


ALAN said:

It may make sense to ask both, to tell us what color panties were of my grandmother? because they are experts!

July 23rd, 2015, 6:21 pm


Akbar Palace said:

53% american jews support iran deal.


I emailed a note to my jewish state senator, Ben Cardin, who is on these important committes. I’m not optimistic. F’in liberal joos make me want to puke. Sorry, Hopeful for getting too emotional!

53%….barf! They didn’t ask me!

July 23rd, 2015, 9:55 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Assad did not declare all his Chemical weapons, his list comes short, he is hiding CW, as expected from a criminal supported by mob, we knew he is going to cheat, and lie, this will come out to haunt him, if he believes he can use CW again he should know the consequences

July 24th, 2015, 8:58 am


Passerby said:

This article claims the deal is Turkey get’s it’s no-fly zone, the US is expected to shoot down Assad jets, and in trade gets to use Turkey’s bases.

If so, the US has been bamboozled again…

I’m not so sure. ISIS never messes with anyone willing to fight back. Got their secret deal with the Assad syndicate, never messes with Turkey, Russia, Israel, etc. Ain’t setting off bombs in Tehran etc.

My guess is ISIS overreached, and Turkey is slapping their wrists, showing why ISIS never crossed them up to now, and ISIS won’t retaliate against Turkey.

But of the players on the chess board that can hurt ISIS, instead of helping them, it’s Turkey. And with that long border, it could quickly escalate.

July 24th, 2015, 11:54 am


omen said:

Алан! я нашел подругу для вас 😉

July 24th, 2015, 11:56 am


Akbar Palace said:


Good work. Here’s the translation. You may recognize it…

July 24th, 2015, 1:43 pm


Altair said:

It seems to me that ISIS has managed to make an enemy of nearly everyone, with the possible exception of the Syrian government, which rarely goes head-to-head with ISIS.

It’s a strange group, and its success in NE Syria is even stranger.

The question is, why does it even survive? Who supports it? It controls an area that is landlocked, yet it seems not to have run out of supplies.

It’s not a grassroots organization either. I can’t think of a single Syrian who had anything good to say about ISIS.

It creates the most public provocations possible to bring retribution on itself. A chemical attack causing hundreds of Syrian victims brought no US intervention, yet public, highly publicized beheadings of 2 US journalists brought US airstrikes.

Does this make any sense to anyone? If so, I’d love to hear possible explanations.

July 24th, 2015, 3:20 pm


Passerby said:

Well, the bombing after the beheadings is easy to explain. US public awareness of it hit 97%. That’s an all time record for anything. Something like 85% knew about the health care debate on the same poll. Tremendous political pressure, so he did the token, trivial, less than 1% of previous wars, bombing for domestic political consumption. Probably helps ISIS, they can claim they are defeating the big bad USA. Everyone likes the strong horse.

As for everyone hating ISIS, some are crocodile tears. All these big Sunni countries, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, etc. none have any interest in coming to the rescue in Syria. ISIS at least pretends they are coming to the rescue, so that appeals to a lot of Sunnis.

And look at who they are attacking, Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, they don’t win popularity contests. Lots happy to see them struggle, not just some Sunnis.

And they’ve always been in cahoots with Assad, they are his best friend. Serve the same purpose they did in the no-fly zone before GW invaded Iraq, “See what shows up if you don’t let me run my country.”

Even the Iraqi government, ISIS could cause a LOT more trouble in Baghdad etc. they are sticking to the Sunni areas and not going mad dog.

It’s the Saddam Regime, it’s been the Saddam Regime since Zarqawi, and they are very sophisticated, and very ruthless.

Why not hammer both ISIS and Assad for the chemical weapons, assuming both have used it? The question needs to be asked of the UN Security Council. That is what it is for.

July 24th, 2015, 6:14 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

Turkish fighting ISIS and the terrorists of Kurds , is a turning point, 50 Km of no fly zone, seems approved by US’ ,

July 24th, 2015, 10:56 pm


Badr said:

“no fly zone, seems approved by US”

I think it is more accurate to say: denied, following yesterday’s press briefing of the State Department.

July 25th, 2015, 4:42 am


Alan said:

الولايات المتحدة: رويترز: إدارة أوباما ستفرج عن الجاسوس جوناثان بولارد الذي أدين بالتجسس لصالح إسرائيل
قناة الميادين
ومتى سوف تفرج اسراىيل عن اسرانا؟ السوريين و الفلسطينيين و العرب؟ متى؟

July 25th, 2015, 7:21 am


Juergen said:

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad updates Koran to stop ‘distortion’ or ‘misleading’ information

“We truly need such acts at this critical stage of distortion and misleading,” the President told state media.

July 25th, 2015, 7:28 am


ghufran said:

The real objective of Turkey’s intervention in Syria is to prevent the formation of a Kurdish enclave, fighting ISIS is secondary, Turkey helped ISIS and Nusra directly or indirectly since 2012.
Turkey also wants to get rid of some of the Syrian refugees by establishing “safe zones” near the borders and that will also expand Turkey’s influence in northern Syria, the Turkish Lira is being declared the official currency in parts of Syria already.
Supporters of Turkey are worse than supporters of Iran because of the geography (800 km of borders) which makes Turkey an ominous threat to Syria’s integrity and sovereignty, and Turkey’s shameful history prior to 1916 and its annexation of parts of Syria after that. Turkey during ottoman times had 400 years to help Syria move up, instead the ottomans oppressed the people, especially minorities, did not do anything to improve education and the economy, collected heavy taxes from people who were already poor and sucked the wealth of the country then blamed Arabs for trying to leave the Ottoman empire in 1916 !!
The western alliance in 1938 bribed the Turks at the expense of Syria and gave them Liwaa Iskandaron (the Turks called it Hatay)which was arguably the most valuable real estate piece in Syria.
Turks during the Syrian war did take a lot of refugees, they had no choice, but also stole wheat, oil and factories (especially from Aleppo)and smuggled tens of thousands of terrorists inside Syria.
Every time I hear an Islamist defending Turkey I remind myself that it is time to use the bathroom !!

July 25th, 2015, 8:39 am


ALAN said:

Thank you very much for your comment, which reflects correctly the rights
We Kurds, know about that unequivocally!

July 25th, 2015, 9:02 am


ALAN said:

/وقال نائب سفير تركيا في الأمم المتحدة “من الواضح أن النظام في سوريا إما غير قادر أو غير مستعد لوقف هذه التهديدات الصادرة من أراضيه والتي تعرض بوضوح أمن تركيا وسلامة مواطنيها للخطر. وحسب قوله، فإن سوريا أصبحت ملاذا آمنا للتنظيم، يستخدمها في التدريب والتخطيط للهجمات عبر الحدود وتمويلها وتنفيذها/
كان يمكن للدبلوماسية السورية أن تساعد نائب سفير تركيا في الأمم المتحدة ليضع حذائه في فمه النجس!

July 25th, 2015, 9:14 am


mjabali said:

Turkey VS the Kurds…that is the new war game to come.

ISIS will go back and settle in deserts in Syria and Iraq.

Turkey gets the Turkman areas in Syria, and they are planning things in that directions.

al-Nusra is going to carve a little mini afghanistan

Assad/Shia are going to get a slice

The Druz going to get protected by Israel

Jordan will get more Sunnis…

Saudi Arabia and its 28 years old defense minister/son of the king…are going nuts

Qatar is insane..

Iraq: massacres every day

Egypt: what do you think is happening?

Libya: IS controls half



July 25th, 2015, 10:14 am


omen said:


i am wounded, akbar. im going to cry in the closet now. frankly, im shocked at your sexism.

i was merely trying bridge differences and hoping to mitigate alan’s antipathy and this is the thanks i get. hrmph


#18 badr

after all of their lies (esp recent ones spinning the iran deal) admin denial aint worth a bucket of spit.

why would US bother to deny if a de facto NFZ been implemented? obama reduced to a butler, still catering to iran? so embarrassing.

one thing the denial betrays. obama still doesnt give a damn about assad carnage.

July 25th, 2015, 11:46 am


Akbar Palace said:


Not sure how I offended you, but I assure you I’m not sexist. Women can do everything men can do. But, we can generalize and make broad brush strokes too. I try to keep that to minimum.

The taco supreme is having a field day with the stupid agreement Kerry just signed and the UNSC just implemented. Notice, it’d personal. As if no other country signed the agreement. The Iranians see this as a victory over the US. And they are correct. It’s all about perceptions.

Where’s GWB when you need him?

July 25th, 2015, 12:32 pm



Hezballah Iranian forces and Assad Militias are taking total control on Zabadani right now. There are hundreds of rebel syrian fighters being executed in the streets of Zabadani.

In the north Assad has ordered PKK to end the ceasefire with Turkey because Turkey decided to attack ISIL and co-operate with the US.
Now Assad lost ground and needs to créate more terror and violence against Turkey.

July 25th, 2015, 2:19 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

My dear Badr
Turkey is fighting terrorists from the Kurds, and the criminal ISIS, and the murderous Assad regime, Turkey is forcing them to retreat ,the liberated territories,that will follow the defeat of ISIS, who will control it? Certainly Turkey is not going to give it to the murderous Assad, the Syrians will go back there, and certainly need protection
Iran is lying about ISIS, they are not telling the truth, while they claim they are against ISIS ,Iran ,Assad,and Nouri AlMalki helped creating ISIS’ releasing their leaders from prisons, delivering Raqqa to ISIS without a fight, withdrew from Tudmor, Palmyra, with one thing on their minds it is to get US to support their criminal Assad.
ISIS has two leadership, the exBathi Iraqee officers, and an extremist Qaida man ,AlBaghdadi, the criminal mind of Iran supported Daesh to gain the US support, Iran was never attacked by Daesh,did anyone asked why?, Iran is not serious about fighting Daesh, Daesh serves the interest of Iran,
Today Turkey is fighting Daesh, Turkey will get rid of the card that benefits Iran and Assad, certainly such news will make the supporters of Assad sick, who care, the truth hurts, Turkey was attacked by ISIS and The terrorists of Kurds, Turkey has the right to defend itself
Erdogan gave concession to Obama so he can use Ancerlik base to attack Daesh, it will have a price,, even it is not mentioned

July 25th, 2015, 8:29 pm


Badr said:

Doctor Majed,

“the Syrians will go back there, and certainly need protection”

It remains to be seen when could this happen.

“Iran ,Assad,and Nouri AlMalki helped creating ISIS”

I have no doubt that the Assad regime facilitated some of the heinous actions committed by Da’esh, when it felt doing so would benefit its scheme. However, this does not mean Syria’s Junta were a founder of Da’esh.

What is ‘Islamic State’?

“Today Turkey is fighting Daesh”

This short analysis sounds reasonable to me: Turkey – from reluctant observer to full player

July 26th, 2015, 6:32 am


Juergen said:

Not for the first time Turks are fighting against Wahabism:

In 1818, Amir Abdullah bin Saud was taken to Istanbul for execution. This was no ordinary prisoner. He was leader of a rebellion that had occupied the two holy cities of Islam for a decade and had dared to declare the Ottoman sultan, Caliph of the Faithful, an unbeliever. Among the various public humiliations before ibn Saud’s execution—since his strict Wahhabi interpretation of Islam forbade music—the Ottomans made him listen to the lute.

July 26th, 2015, 8:40 am


Majedkhaldoun said:

In this article that my friend quote, it says the Coalition aircraft will patrol the liberated areas, previously the state department denied creating buffer zone, do not trust what US says.
Previously US ambassador to Iraq implied that Saddam can invade Quait, when he did they massed huge campaign to get rid of Saddam, ,Erdogan learned the lesson , that is why he was reluctant to interfere directly for long, he obtained several documents from US to back his action prior to him launching such campaign, US is afraid of Erdogan, he could be the leader of the Middle East ,his popularity in Syria and many Arab countries is high, US tried hard to weaken Erdogan, empowering the Kurds, empowering Iran, tried successfully to split Gullen from him and wanted to defeat Erdogan in Election they all failed, now they are trying to get him involved in a war, Erdogan will not send troops inside Syria. But Erdogan sees an opportunity ,he decided to fight Daesh
Daesh is enemy of all, Assad is easy on Daesh, it is helping him, it’s presence gives the impression that Assad is fighting terrorism, defeating Daesh will deprive Assad from this pretext, this is an important step, Daesh has deals with Assad, they sell him oil, they provide routes for Iran to send fighters , their ferocity and criminality equal to his murderous massacres, so they cover his crimes. Daesh is a threat to KSA and Arab states, so if Turkey defeats Daesh, Assad will lose,
That is why Erdogan is right in this action, Assad lost his legitimacy and Syria lost its sovereignty since Assad decided to kill his people and allowed Iran and HA to invade Syria, so for Iran warning Turkey to respect Syria sovereignty is pure nonsense
US supported Sisi in Egypt, Sisi put himself as enemy of Turkey, that was a major set back to Erdogan, US supported Sisi coup to weaken Erdogan, while Erdogan is trying to improve relations with KSA, KSA is still following US orders to help Sisi, Erdogan will not do anything major in Syria till Sisi in trouble, Egyptians will fight Sisi, it is a matter of time, the new generation in KSA looks at Turkey and Erdogan ,as friend not as an enemy, King Salman is old , senile, most likely will abdicate, and the new generation , Mohammad Ibn Naef, is more likely to be reluctant to help Sisi, the future is on Erdogan side
The nuclear deal between Obama and Iran Ayatollah, will have consequences that US miscalculated, empowering Ayatollah is a threat to KSA, who will find it necessary to improve relations with Turkey, empowering Ayatollah is not going to please Pakistan either, I suspect an alliance will see the light, that US may not like, that is US miscalculation

July 26th, 2015, 9:04 am


ghufran said:

There is limits to what Erdogan can do in northern Syria, he is restrained by his own army, Iran and the US, it looks like there is a change in Washington’s position on the subject, however I doubt that Erdogan will be given a free hand in Syria.
The Assad government has given up on most of Aljazeera and northern Syria any way except for Hasaka, parts of Aleppo and few areas in Dayr Azzour, so what Turkey is doing and will do should make the Kurds worried and those who are opposed to the partition of Syria and the domination of Turkey, Assad government may or may not be against partition but their main concern is to stay in power and hold as much territory as possible especially Damascus and the coastal areas and the cities in between. The jubilation over a possible Turkish incursion is not justified, that incursion if it is allowed to get bigger will simply be another sign of the dissolution of Syria.

July 26th, 2015, 10:33 am


Altair said:

31. Majedkhaldoun

Interesting analysis, and plausible.

One of the unsung stories about Iraq is that Saddam was once an ally of the US, the Saudis and the Kuwaitis. They all turned against him once he was no longer useful, that is, when he was no longer fighting Iran. An economic war was launched before his forces entered Kuwait in 1990.

He quite clearly fell into a trap that was the Kuwait war and was never able to get out of it. With his fall was the fall of the entire country of Iraq, which has endured an unprecedented assault and blockade for over 12 years, followed by 7 or 8 years of dismantling the state and civil war, and playing one faction over another.

So it is quite possible that Erdogan sees Syria as a trap in which he could not see himself easily extricated. The amount of criticism I see in the West of Erdogan should be one sign. Despite the fact that he is probably one of the best leaders in the Middle East (he and his party turned around the economy of Turkey) and has been re-elected several times, he is roundly criticized where dictators get a free pass.

Witness now what is happening with Sisi, who is being courted even by Germany. Erdogan got more criticism for the attempted closing of Gezi Park in Istanbul and the subsequent crackdown than Sisi who has killed thousands of Egyptians in a brutal crackdown, and will probably send the elected deposed president Mursi to his death. Where is the outcry?

The hypocrisy never ends.

July 26th, 2015, 1:36 pm



Assad starting to feel the heat. PKK Assad terrorists and Islamic State Assad terrorists both being bombed by Turkey. US gave the Green light to Turkey to clean the territory and new rumors about the end of Assad having been agreed with Iran. Question marks.

It seems neither Iran nor Russia accepts to receive the motharfakka.

July 26th, 2015, 3:13 pm


ALAN said:

To Yemenite Jews living in Israel
To Yemenis living in the Arabian Peninsula
Get up against the tyrants in the land of your stay
Israeli / Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen (Neutron Bomb)

July 26th, 2015, 3:20 pm


omen said:

are you serious?

Turkey sent a general to Damascus to discus the recently proposed Russian initiative on forming a regional alliance to battle IS

July 26th, 2015, 3:52 pm


Alan said:

What are you talking about? Is the Russian initiative includ the Syrian Kurds issue? Why the Turkish jets atacked our people?

July 26th, 2015, 4:10 pm




You need to take your pills to come back to reality or just say to your master to accelerate his bomb in Teheran. LOL

July 26th, 2015, 4:10 pm



ALAN and MINHEBAKJIS are disgusted because Saudi Arabia and Turkey have finally decided to act the criminal way Iran, Assad, Russia and US habve been acting for the last 4 years. Enjoy it !!!

July 26th, 2015, 4:57 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

So far the indications that Turkey is going ahead with artillery missiles and air attack, the land troops will not be involved, the goal is to destroy Saleh Muslem forces along with ISIS troops, Masood Barazani approved the Turkish action, Turkey may have to fight Assad troops that are fighting along with Saleh Muslem forces, this will increase the chances that Turkey will be more actively involved in the rest of Syria, but I doubt it, Qurdaha will be under attack soon, Turkish attack against Daesh will not be limited to fifty Kilometer, the FSA may be able to control large part of Syria
Some predicted major changes may occur in September, that depends on Russia, Russia so far is afraid that if Assad falls the regime may collapse, Russia is waiting for assurances from US

July 26th, 2015, 6:06 pm


Observer said:

I quote” sign of the dissolution of Syria.”
Wow in what planet do you reside?

Syria has ceased to exist the day it was called Souria Alassad
This is not a country as Begin said of KSA it is a family and lo and behold Assad followed suit and called it Souria Alassad.

In hi speech he will give citizenship to “all who defend the country” and therefore Afghani and Persian will become the second languages of the country.

This is laughable were not so tragic

July 26th, 2015, 7:17 pm



Assad will give citizenship to all who defend the country because from day 1 the main goal of this ¨revolution¨ promoted by Assad-Iran-HA is to change the sectarian distribution of Syria.

All high level diplomats know from the beginning of the revolution that Assad was going to stay. One of them told me once and again but I used to doubt.

Everything has been accurately designed by Iran. From the sale of weapons by HA to the syrian peasants in Daraa, Homs or Hama by spring 2011 to the massive exodus of sunni syrians organized through Assad mafias with the assistance of syrian embassies abroad, the massacres of Christian and Yazidi minorities, and of course the creation of ISIL was the master piece of this drama signed by the Ayatollahs and Assad.

The output is clear, 100.000 foreign shia fighters will get syrian nationality and get married with syrian women who lost their sunnis husbans or fathers and are living in total poverty.

After some years the balance will be:

SHIA 60 %

July 27th, 2015, 3:45 am


Badr said:

Doctor Majed,

The article I linked to above, mentioned only that according to Turkey’s foreign minister, as opposed to some U.S. official, a “safe area” along the Turkish border, free of IS militants, will be created, patrolled by coalition aircraft. Still seems to me there is no agreement between the two sides on the proposed militarily enforced no-fly zone.

July 27th, 2015, 4:28 am



The north of Syria will be in turkish hands, Mosul in kurdish hands, Daraa and Sweida will belong to Israel or Jordan. Halab, Edlib and Hama are still contested. The new Assad´s Syria will extend from Damascus to Lattakia and will have a 60 % of shia.

After 10 years someone will remeber these words.

July 27th, 2015, 5:12 am


Alan said:

ساندرو على طول الشريط الحدودي نوجد نحن.ولا مجال لاي عثمان للسيطرة هناك . ، ان الامر من المسلمات. و الا …
اذا اردت التنظير يمكنك ذلك على الجليل و حيفا و يافا … و القدس …..

July 27th, 2015, 12:22 pm


Observer said:

Like his ancestors the boy president has declared: سوريا لمن يدافع عنها أياً كانت جنسيته
Therefore it is once again a full justification for allowing any foreign invader and any power to occupy and oppress the local population in the name of so called defending the country. The same call for France to give them a statelet. The same treasonous actions from 1920 to this day.

It is clear as the sun of the day that the sect has chosen to be with this gang and they will end up suffering for it unfortunately.

July 27th, 2015, 8:27 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

سوريا لمن يدافع عنها، this is a call of a desperate man, he basically promising Syria to Iran and HA, it is clear he meant he can not defend Syria, he is saying whoever wins militarily he has the right to occupy Syria and rule it, is this a president of Syria, obviously he is admitting his failure, could that mean he is leaving?, he is saying come fight take over Syria and Syria for you who ever you are, may be he meant if Israel fight in Syria , then Israel will have it, he is out of his mind to say that,
At the same time he said he is short of soldiers, ,he sacrificed many of the Alawites, now he will withdraw to small part of Syria, well he is going to withdraw from Deraa and from Hamah, does he have enough soldiers to defend the northwest of Syria, did he not know that the Alawis in Syria are minority, 6.5% of Syrian, in the past they claimed they are 11%’ but they were counting Alawis in Eskandaron province where half the Alawis live there, those belong to Turkey not Syria, they should not be counted as Syrians
The question how can a minority like Alawis win over a majority, 75%of Syria?
In 1950 the Alawis were treated equal to the rest of Syrians, it would have been better for them to go back to that situation rather than face a gloomy future now, they lost many Alawis, and probably will lose much more, they will lose equality in the future as they may not be able to enter the army, they do not have the resources to survive, they will be surrounded by the rest of Syria, at best they will be like Lebanon, except they will be in constant war with the rest of Syria
Today Turkey strafed defense factories near Halab, videos show the area is burning, any fight between Assad troops and Turkish troops will result in further losses to Assad, Assad can not defend Syria against the Turk if confrontation developed, so he better avoid such fight, our syrian Alawis should wise up, get rid of Assad and join us,most likely we will forgive you, do not choose death, this is suicide

July 27th, 2015, 10:36 pm


SimoHurtta said:


…, so he better avoid such fight, our syrian Alawis should wise up, get rid of Assad and join us,most likely we will forgive you, do not choose death, this is suicide

Who we? And what if you “we” do not forgive? Do you Majedkhaldoun even understand that you threaten with a genocide if “they” do not join your ideology? Suicide in what you mean means that “they” will be killed.

If there would be a real clear rational option for all Syrians as the replacement of the present regime, joining that movement would be an understandable option. But anybody with some sense know that there is no united political movement behind the “opposition” and it is absolutely clear that when Assad’s regime is kicked out the real fight among numerous militant groups continues. And who are the strongest and most successful? Extreme, well financed and armed Sunni movements who already have performed areal religious/ethnic cleansing and mass murders. ISIS and Al Qaida will be the future, not some social democratic, liberal, secular democratic government.

Not even US leaders are so stupid, that they in earnest believe that Assad would be replaced with a democracy respecting secular government. And they do not care or care as much as they cared about Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, South-Sudan etc. Let us remember what Obama said to Libyans almost four years ago: I congratulate the people of Libya on today’s historic declaration of liberation. Hmmmm liberation of what in order to get what?

July 28th, 2015, 8:14 am



All the muslims, jews and christians who defend political positions based on their beliefs or their sectarian pertenance are simply minded or idiots.

July 28th, 2015, 6:13 pm


Syrian said:

سمير المطفي
Yesterday at 2:19pm ·
الأسد أو نبيع البلد

Assad or we’ll sell the country

July 28th, 2015, 6:41 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

You are talking in sectarian term, I agree however that in military term , if we let this go , radicals are the current alternative, but politically, the military radicals will gain nothing, if we get rid of this criminal Assad, and agree to replace him with democratic government, the militant radicals will be weakened
Syrians are not radicals, radicalism is the direct response to tyranny, and Assad crimes, but if you keep talking in sectarian tone, then you are supporting radicalism, and what you will reap is death and destruction, who is to blame for that? It is sectarianists

July 29th, 2015, 5:05 am


Majedkhaldoun said:

This Iran deal is a deal of deceiving, one side is deceiving the other, both Iran and U.S. Are deceiving the other side, this agreement is good for ten years only, after that Iran will resume nuclear bomb development mean while Iran will have sanction relief and get over 100 billion dollar,in the near future, so who is deceiving the other
Obama is thinking that in ten years US will claim Iran did not abide with the agreement so US will resume sanction and may use military solution, but by another president,
Iran thinking is Iran now will get hundred of billion of dollars and will have relief of sanction for the next two or three years , meanwhile its economy improves, and military forces become stronger, and in two or three years Iran will claim US did not comply with the agreement terms and will annul the agreement,
So who is deceiving the other more?certainly Iran is more clever than Obama

July 29th, 2015, 5:58 am


Akbar Palace said:


You’ll have to excuse Sim, he prefers self-elected governments like those in Syria and Iran over democracy ( just for the Middle East region).

I think he’s OK with democracy in Finland, just not for the Middle East.

July 29th, 2015, 9:13 am


ALAN said:

تمتلك قوات الجمهورية العربية السورية من القوة ما يكفي لقلب أراضي الجمهورية العثمانية الاردوغانية رأسا على عقب، و انا أقصد ما أقول.
لا بأس من تناول بعض المرطبات!

July 29th, 2015, 1:17 pm


ALAN said:

A German journalist asked the German government speakers if the German government has assured knowledge that the Islamic State was responsible for the recent attack that killed 32 in Turkey.

The answer: *crickets*

July 29th, 2015, 4:26 pm


SimoHurtta said:

54. AKBAR PALACE said:


You’ll have to excuse Sim, he prefers self-elected governments like those in Syria and Iran over democracy ( just for the Middle East region).

I think he’s OK with democracy in Finland, just not for the Middle East.

Every Syrian must think what will come after Assad’s regime, that is essential for them – not speaking bullshit about democracy which is a very distant dream. The 99.999 percent likely option of this chaos is that of Somalia’s and Libya’s faith, not a secular or even less secular democracy. In a case where there is no large united organized force/movement as the opposition in a revolution, the result will be what we see now in Libya (soon 4 years and counting) and what has been going on for decades in Somalia after Siad Barre. Sure everybody “here” would like the result to be a stable democracy in Syria and everywhere else in Arab countries. And naturally in Israel a democracy instead of that rule of those racist religious nuts with atom bombs. Europe has serious problems with those millions of refugees coming from Middle East and in many EU countries the situation is nearing the point, that “we” do not want more of them to come from ME’s failed states.

Can fragmented tribal societies with no longer nation state past jump to western style democracy after autocrat rulers, with the army, police, civil administration etc destroyed? It would be nice, but it happens so only in Jewish Holywood fiction and US politicians’ speeches. Somebody has to fill the power vacuum. In Iraq (and pre 2002 Afghanistan) it was USA with miserable success which did it. In Afghanistan it was after Soviets and longer civil war brought the Talebans in power.

It is naive to think that when Assad is kicked out everything stops and ISIS, Al Qaida and those tens of other clans and groups have a meeting and form a peaceful democratic secular government. Come-on. After Assad’s fall the real slaughter begins, like in every other case like this. In Syria’s case the outcome will be if outsiders do not intervene, that the strongest militias take the most of the country using ethnic cleansing etc methods. It is very likely now that outsiders intervene and Turkey has to take most of Syria so that Kurds do not get it, directly themselves or by arranging strong Sunni militias to fill the vacuum.

It will be interesting to see who you Akbar support then when the real slaughters, ethnic cleansing and revenge killing begin after the present regime is kicked out. I don’t hear you whining about the promised democracy in Libya and Somalia (or Palestine) and the ten of thousands killed in those processes. Iraq’s US nation building and “democracy” process caused nearly a million of killed and several millions of refugees plus a destroyed economy. And that Iraq process is far from over.

Speaking about democracy to Syria (or to Israel) or demanding it is easy. Even Akbar can do it, but he can not say how is going to happen in the present reality. In Akbar’s imagination ISIS, Al Qaida etc militias vanish the day Assad is exiled or is killed. And the four weeks after that are elections and the secular new government begins their job. Yes so it must be happening in Akbar’s Zionist imagination. These same Akbars have been negotiating 25 years with Palestinians achieving nothing for Palestinians’ “democracy” and stealing much land and killing many during that time. Creating democracies is easy as we have seen.

July 29th, 2015, 5:24 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

You are assuming too much, most of what you say most likely will not happen, for example you say Turkey will take over most of Syria, this is extremely exaggerated, Turkey will not be allowed to take any part of Syria, Turkey will withdraw and give the control to moderate Syrians, you say the Syrian regime is autocratic regime , you are too nice to this regime , which is the most ferocious murderous tyrannical regime in the last 200 year, any thing will be better than this murderous sectarian regime who did not hesitate to use chemical weapons against his people, and destroy cities over his Syrian heads killing children women and sick people , killing doctors merely for treating patients,
You say real slaughter will begin , after all the killing Assad committed and you don,t think this is real slaughter? Where do you live , come down to earth, open your eyes, you remind me of the one who said hardly a massacre, be honest and fair please,
You are still confused , we are against ISIS as much as we are against your idol, the criminal Assad, no one knows what conditions Syrians will live under after Assad and his murderous supporters leave, but Syria is not Libya, the history of Syria proved that we are quick to forget and forgive and live togather peacefully, Isis survives due to chaos Assad created, There is good chance ISIS will disappear before the end of this war in Syria or soon after, Turkey today is going to diminish the power of ISIS, Turkey will not go south of Aleppo and Reqqa, by the end of Turkish attack, there will not be ISIS,

July 29th, 2015, 8:40 pm


Observer said:

Rumors and more than rumors now note that the law of the jungle pervades the coastal towns starting with Latakia.
A glimpse of the future Alewite state and how the sect will suffer on the hands of the clan. Perhaps then they will understand how a whole population took up arms against this gang.


July 29th, 2015, 11:04 pm


Observer said:

This is another example of a failed state that was put together in an artificial way.
No comment

July 29th, 2015, 11:22 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Sim asks:

Can fragmented tribal societies with no longer nation state past jump to western style democracy after autocrat rulers, with the army, police, civil administration etc destroyed?

Yes, easily, with NO outside influences. Arab states are fragile because they are in economic ruin. They have been raped by their self-appointed leaders, who have forced their vision of the state on their own sheeple.

Does Syria and Iraq have roads? Do they have doctors? Do they have schools? Do they have universities? Do they have movie houses? Restaurants? It all gets put together by a strong police force, civil administration, judicial system, business opportunities, etc.

Arabs are SMART people, but they NEED democracy like everyone else on this planet. To deny arabs freedom Sim, is “anti-semitism”, which you know so much about.;)

It would be nice, but it happens so only in Jewish Holywood fiction and US politicians’ speeches. Somebody has to fill the power vacuum. In Iraq (and pre 2002 Afghanistan) it was USA with miserable success which did it. In Afghanistan it was after Soviets and longer civil war brought the Talebans in power.


“Jewish Holywood” (sic) is entertainment and nothing more. Jews are creative and so this industry has a high percentage of jews. So what? Basketball has a high percentage of blacks; I love basketball. Golf has a high percentage of whites?


It boils down to this: Do you support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for a humans?

It is naive to think that when Assad is kicked out everything stops and ISIS, Al Qaida and those tens of other clans and groups have a meeting and form a peaceful democratic secular government. Come-on. After Assad’s fall the real slaughter begins, like in every other case like this.

The real slaughter is happening NOW dude. And two wrongs do not make a right. All these Islamic militant groups are just as bad as the self-appointed leaders. No one said freedom was easy to obtain. It wasn’t easy for blacks in the US. It is something you have to fight for.

Iraqis had a opportunity to obtain democracy. It is still a fragile state. Obama should not have pulled out. Iraqis are still learning how to defend themselves. They’re still learning how to paste together a strong, united defense force. They deserve the opportunity.

In Syria’s case the outcome will be if outsiders do not intervene, that the strongest militias take the most of the country using ethnic cleansing etc methods.

Syrians need to be left alone so Syrians can put together a country of all her people, not just Alawi overlords.

July 30th, 2015, 7:06 am


ALAN said:

Human Rights Watch Markets ISIS As Safe Haven, Then Laments About It

July 30th, 2015, 10:57 am


ALAN said:

Human Rights Watch Markets ISIS As Safe Haven, Then Laments About It

July 30th, 2015, 10:57 am



Assad´s bastards and the followers of the Mehdi (HA) are still fighting to get Zabadani. After more than 2 weeks of intense fight they could not get a small village like Zabadani? What is this fxxxxing militia doing? Are they supposed to protect the whole country?

July 30th, 2015, 11:27 am


habib said:

Erdogan’s megalomania and NATO’s complicity is just about to push the Kurds over to the government side.

July 30th, 2015, 5:36 pm


Ghufran said:

Not sure if the USA has a clear strategy when it comes to Turkey, Syria and the Kurds.
It seems like Obama is selling the Kurds to win Turkey and that can not be good for
the anti Assad forces, tension is rising between rebels and the Kurds and Turkey will definitely prefer nusra and Isis over the Kurds, I hope you guys did not believe the myth that the ottomans will fight nusra and Isis and allow Kurds to prevail. Erdogan’s hands will again be stained with blood, Kurdish blood this time.

July 30th, 2015, 11:03 pm


Ghufran said:

I do not know if I believe the report about a visit by Ali Mamlouk to KSA
to meet with KSA effective leader prince
Muhammad Ibn Salman. Russia was the mediator accordingl to the report published in Lebanese press.
Sslman’s points:
You allied yourself with ksa’s main regional threat, Iran, and its proxy in Lebanon, hizbullah and you chose not to listen to the demands of Syrian people.

July 30th, 2015, 11:18 pm


ALAN said:

We covenant United States policy towards us always treacherous.
Obama: Why you approved the Turkish air Strikes Against the Kurds? do you want to terror us more and more?
I call on all Kurds in all the capitals of the world: DONT tolerate Turkish action against Kurds. Break the silence and act against dirty Obama-Erdogan alliance.

July 31st, 2015, 3:43 am


الأسد يخسر وحدة البلاد | التجمع الوطني الحر said:

[…] خارج مناطقها. على سبيل المثال، لم يلقَ صعود “ألوية الدروع” دفاعاً عن اللاذقية وحمص، مقاومةً تُذكَر من […]

August 9th, 2015, 3:21 am


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