The Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes

Matthew BarberThe Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes

Written by Matthew Barber for Syria Comment, with research from the Syria Video team
April 3, 2013

Syria Comment Sunday unveiled Syria Video, a web application that maps and aggregates video footage of the Syrian war. This service does not attempt to measure or compare the respective levels of video content uploaded by conflict participants aligned with the regime vs. the opposition. Syria Video functions as an organized archive for the mass of video material that is already available on the web; the interpretive process is left up to the viewer whose experience is made easier through the mapping of uploaded video by geographical location.

In what follows, we will present our findings on the timeline of events in Raqqa and the organization of the rebel groups operating there, informed by various forms of social media, the most important of which was video material acquired by Syria Video. Aside from any informative value, this report demonstrates the potential of Syria Video as a research tool. Historically unprecedented, information is different in the Syrian conflict—in how it is both acquired and used. The war in Syria is the first conflict of its kind to have such extensive documentation of everyday events captured on video, providing us with levels and kinds of information absent in previous conflicts. Syria Video represents an initial attempt to tap into this expansive resource. In our endeavor to form a clearer understanding of how events unfolded in Raqqa, we relied heavily on Syria Video as an information gathering resource that contributed material that could help revise and expand on the leading narrative already being developed and amended by journalists and others.

The advantages and limitations of relying on uploaded video to construct a picture of events should be considered. The kind of information that can be gathered from uploaded video is different from that gathered by a reporter who has the opportunity to pursue inquiry through direct engagement with actors. However, working with a large quantity of video can facilitate the discovery of emerging patterns and trajectories of events through access to a kind of perspective inaccessible to a journalist on the ground.


The Structure and Relationships of Rebel Groups Operating in al-Raqqa


Syria Video has made it possible to acquire a sense of the number and hierarchical structure of rebel groups who participated in the Raqqa takeover. We have identified over 80 rebel units in Raqqa alone that are grouped into larger bodies that cooperate together.

Figure 1 shows the structure of “Jabhat Tahrir al-Raqqa” (“The Raqqa Liberation Front”), made up of both Free Syrian Army battalions and Islamist battalions. (Click here for .pdf of chart)

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

The methodology for mapping these militias involved first reviewing announcements released by brigades (who often list each battalion linked to them) and the crosschecking by searching for each battalion and identifying which brigade they say they are linked to. Colors in the chart identify duplicate groups. These could be errors on the part of announcement videos released, multiple groups using the same names or the same group switching teams.

In this map, all battalions under “Military and Revolutionary Council” belong to the FSA, and all the other groups listed are Islamist. But this entire “united front” was only one piece of the Raqqa takeover, and was not the most important (or even second most important) force in the offensive. The graphic does not include Ahrar al-Sham or Jabhat al-Nusra who operate independently. All three bodies cooperated in coordinating the Raqqa takeover.

Based on available material reviewed by the Syria Video team, it would appear that Ahrar al-Sham was the real mastermind and spearhead of the Raqqa offensive. Jabhat al-Nusra was second in importance in this operation, providing significant support. Also participating was the Raqqa Liberation Front of fig. 1. The participants of the overall offensive could be visualized thus:

Fig. 2

It will be helpful to continue the discussion of this coalition within a timeline that places the development of these rebel groups with events in Raqqa.

Raqqa Timeline


The following are some of the major events since last summer that led up to the current capture of al-Raqqa.

August 2, 2012               The Raqqa Military Council (a union of multiple rebel brigades) is created. This partnership identifies with the Free Syrian Army.

September 19, 2012    Tel Abyad is captured by the forces of the FSA Military Council, about a month and a half after that group’s formation.

December 20, 2012     The Military Council is restructured, with some groups being expelled and others being admitted.

December 25, 2012     Five days after the Military Council is restructured, it joins with a significant number of Islamist groups fighting in the province to form the larger Raqqa Liberation Front (Jabhat Tahrir al-Raqqa). This is the larger body represented in Fig. 1.

January 12, 2012          The Raqqa Liberation Front and Jabhat al-Nusra work together to take the Raqqa–Deir Ezzor highway.

February 11, 2013        The Raqqa Liberation Front and Jabhat al-Nusra are joined by Ahrar al-Sham for the offensive in Tabqah (also called Thawra), a town near the city of Raqqa. Another group, Liwa al-Tawhid (primarily active in Aleppo) comes to aid in the overthrow of Tabqah which happens on the 11th. A statue of Hafez al-Assad is burnt in Tabqah, 20 days before the one toppled in Raqqa city. The victory of this offensive resulted in the rebels capturing a large amount of weapons and ammunition, likely used later in taking Raqqa city. See Jabhat al-Nusra with captured weapons and Ahrar al-Sham with captured weapons.

February 17, 2013        Ceasefire between Kurds and Syrian rebels is brokered in Ras al-Ain (east of Tel Abyad in nearby muhafiza of Hasake) by Michel Kilo and others. Jabhat al-Nusra refuses to sign the agreement, but stops fighting after the other rebels sign. On the same day, the rebels in Raqqa muhafiza elect new local council to preside over the province and designate Tel Abyad the new headquarters until the city of Raqqa could be overthrown.

February 20, 2013       Ahrar al-Sham carefully plans for the offensive on the city of Raqqa during this period, and it is around this time that we have the first glimpse of another emerging Islamist rebel group, Liwa Umanaa’ al-Raqqa. Since the takeover of Raqqa would be largely conducted by outsiders (rebels not from the Raqqa muhafiza), Ahrar al-Sham cleverly fashioned a sub-group (whose name means “Brigade of the Trustees of Raqqa”) consisting of fighters from Raqqa, to legitimize the offensive and serve as the “local face” for Ahrar al-Sham. Liwa Umana al-Raqqa will later become the primary instrument for maintaining order and implementing Islamic law in the city.

Fig. 3

March 2, 2013            Ahrar al-Sham leads the alliance shown in Fig. 3 in a large-scale attack on the city of Raqqa. This is a well-organized, well-planned military operation, dubbed Gharat al-Jabbaar (“The Raid of the Almighty”). The offensive is announced by both Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra. The muhafiz (governor) of Raqqa and the head of the Ba’ath party are captured and seen in a video speaking about the takeover alongside their captor, the “Emir” (who in later videos becomes known as “Dr. Samer”). Consistent with Ahrar al-Sham’s plan to have the offensive appear as a local operation, they are not featured in this significant video (significant for showcasing the most important prisoners captured by the regime so far). Instead, the group that announces itself in this widely-seen video (and which beyond serving as the local face of the offensive for Raqqans also served as the face of the Raqqa takeover for us) was called “Jabhat al-Wahdet al-Tahrir al-Islamiyye.” Based on what we’ve gleaned from Syria Video, this group—though acting as frontman—was not as significant a force in the offensive as the other major players. Its ranks were drawn by combining one of the FSA battalions (Kitaabet al-Nasir Salahudin) and one of the Islamist brigades (Liwa Huthayfa Ibn al-Yaman). That it was newly formed resolves our earlier question about why the “Emir” first says he is with the FSA before quickly switching to “Jabhat al-Wahdet.”

Fig. 4

The mix of FSA and Islamist fighters comprising Jabhat al-Wahdet illustrates the difficulty of distinguishing between Islamist and nationalist energies on the ground.

This developing picture of the Raqqa offensive as a largely outside operation which utilized shrewd techniques to appear local corroborates the first report I received after the takeover from a tribe member who asserted that the tribes—long closely supportive of the regime—had not suddenly en masse suspended their loyalty. However, this needs to be explored further, as there is evidence of at least one tribe making a switch to the opposition. This tribe (“عشيرة البو عساف”) announced that it took up arms to oppose the regime on May 5 (but that was several days after Raqqa fell). Their militia is called “لواء عمر أمير الأمة” and they called on other tribes to join ranks in fighting the regime.

March 5, 2013             Liwa Umanaa’ al-Raqqa assumes responsibility of the city to “show the people that the fighters are their brethren.”

March 6, 2013            Prisoners are promised safe passage for surrender, and later exterminated. See section below on possible war crime.

March 8, 2013            Abu Jassim, one of the heads of “army security” in Raqqa (a branch of the mukhabaraat), is killed. His head has been shot at point-blank range and his body is dumped from the back of a pickup into the street where it is left through the day and night, as people come by to kick it and spit on it, saying that he had been a very oppressive and ruthless character in the local power structure. Please be warned that the videos are extremely graphic: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

March 9, 2013             Videos are posted by rebels claiming to have besieged the regime’s 93rd Brigade at an army base in Ain Eissa, further north from Raqqa city within the muhafiza. Underscoring the trend of outsider initiative in the Raqqa offensive, 3 of the 4 militias besieging the base are from Jabal al-Zawiya, Idlib.

March 31, 2013           A convoy of the 93rd Brigade comes out of the base and engages in conflict with the rebels. Rumors begin to circulate that tanks were being sent to re-take the city, but these are unconfirmed and likely untrue. Rebels remain confident that the muhafiza will remain under their control, but until now the muhafiza of Raqqa is not completely empty of regime presence. The 93rd Brigade and Division 17 both remain.


A War Crime in Raqqa?


Syria Video has found six videos dealing with a particular group of prisoners who were promised safety in exchange for surrendering after the city of Raqqa fell to the rebels. The prisoners were regime soldiers with army security, and according to the rebels talking in the videos, they were offered safe passage in return for laying down their arms. The man with the camera says to the effect of: “With God’s help Nusra was able to take the base after negotiating and promising the dogs of Assad to give them safe passage if they surrendered.” We see the rebels loading the prisoners onto a bus, presumably to drive them out of the city. What seems to have happened instead is that the bus was fired upon, killing the prisoners inside it. March 6 is the date of the surrender, when we see the prisoners on the bus. The next time we see the bus, it is after dark the same day. The bus is destroyed. Riddled with bullet holes, its windows are shot out and its tires are flat. The possessions of the men are strewn about on the ground outside the bus. (They had originally boarded the bus with clothes and suitcases, probably having expected they would be sent home.) In a subsequent clip the man filming climbs into the bus and shows us a body on the floor near the back:

The next day we see the bus in the daylight, with the destruction more visible.

What exactly occurred here is not clear. In one clip we hear the man filming say “the rebels gave them safe passage but the soldiers betrayed that trust.” We also hear someone say “thank god the rebels were able to prevent this group from joining the 17th Division” and the attitude is that the soldiers were killed “because they were trying to flee.” What seems odd about these statements is that one of the men filming acknowledges that the soldiers were killed inside the bus. Furthermore, why would they have run away having already given up their guns and been loaded onto a bus that was moving out? If they were planning on running from the beginning, they would not have abandoned their weapons. And why would they need to run if they were being conducted out of the city under guarantee of safety? What does seem clear is that they were all killed (a man filming acknowledges this), and that they were killed unarmed, after having surrendered. Also confusing is that though the bus is destroyed by bullets, the presence of a high quantity of blood is not readily visible inside the bus (that we could detect), though in the sole clip that we have of the bus interior, it is nighttime and dark. If the men were marched off the bus and slaughtered, it would not have made sense to destroy the bus with gunfire. Some shell casings can be seen on the floor inside the bus, indicating that shooting took place inside. Did soldiers shoot from inside or was the bus boarded by rebels who shot the soldiers inside it? Could the soldiers still have had weapons?

Perhaps one rebel group promised the soldiers safe passage, and then another group showed up and disagreed with that decision, deciding that they should be executed. One of the men filming indicates that al-Nusra was arriving on the scene after base had already been taken. The names of two other groups are heard mentioned in the clips: Ahfath al-Rasuul (the grandsons of the Prophet) and Jabhat al-Shura. At one point a man says the “the lions of Jabhat al-Nusra have given them al-amaan” (referring to a kind of pledge guaranteeing security that according to the Islamic religion is quite serious and must not be breached). If the bus had been attacked by another party after leaving, it would explain the evidence of attack from without (the shot tires) and if soldiers had responded with fire it would explain the shell casings, though this would mean that not all of their weapons had been taken by the rebels. Another possibility is that the bus was boarded and the shell casings are from the attackers who shot the soldiers inside. It’s impossible to know who was responsible for the act until we have more information and any theory is speculation at this point, but the evidence we have points toward a war crime on the part of the rebels. It’s not certain that we’ve discovered every video related to this incident, though we were unable to find more in our search. Hopefully more information will emerge soon regarding the incident.


Islamist Governance


As described above, an Islamist rebel group called Liwa al-Umanaa’ al-Raqqa (Fig. 3) was formed by Ahrar al-Sham to serve as a local face for the largely outsider-conducted offensive to take the city. Featuring local members, the group served to legitimize the operation. But more than this, the group also represented a strategy on the part of Ahrar al-Sham to introduce Islamist rule and the use of Islamic law in the city. This was a very well-organized project; unlike examples of haphazard campaigns around Syria, the Islamists in Raqqa were considering from the outset how they would maintain smooth administration of the city after the attack. Their planning and organization were impressive, but could also be seen as the exploitation of the conflict to further their own religio-political agenda and impose an unfamiliar brand of religious rule over the city, apart from the will of the local people.

An example of their effort to keep the city functioning in an orderly fashion can be seen in a video featuring their management of the transportation system. They have made sure to keep the buses running and to have drivers ready to work. The bus in the video has “Umanaa’ al-Raqqa” spray-painted on its front. In another video, members of the group can be seen guarding a museum.

While it seems the rebels have provided security and administration, concerns exist about the style of religious law being implemented in the city. As in other areas in Syria now under control of Islamists, a “hay al-shari’a” has been established (a body functioning as a shari’a court) that decides punishments for crime. The following video shows us a man who was beaten for illicit behavior with a woman. They accused him of raping her, but the woman’s statement denied this, claiming that they were alone together because she was being threatened by other men and that this man had “saved her from kidnapping.” It appears that they are possibly lovers who concocted the story to justify having been alone together, and that the man was punished for being alone with a woman.

Whatever the actual offense was, the video shows his body severely beaten. The hay al-shari’a meted out his punishment, and the members of Umanaa’ al-Raqqa are functioning as police, bringing transgressors to the shari’a court.

Other groups have also taken advantage of the situation to promote their brand of Islamism. Jabhat al-Nusra has established a “missionary center” from which they have been handing out gifts to the people in a campaign to win hearts and stomachs.

More about governance in Raqqa can be gleaned in these excellent recent articles by Rania Abouzeid: 1, 2, 3.




The information presented above represents a developing picture of Raqqa, one that is not perfect. With time, additional clarity may correct aspects of this account. For now, conclusions we’ve drawn from a significant amount of analyzed video content include the following:

1)      The fall of Raqqa could have been anticipated if we had been following events occurring in the muhafiza. Most of the governorate was already under rebel control by the time the city fell. (Here’s a video from Feb. 13 purporting to show the burial of 46 regime soldiers in Tabqah.)

2)      The attack that overthrew the city of Raqqa was led by several groups from outside of the muhafiza, but it was coordinated with some groups inside.

3)      The taking of the city was primarily an Islamist-conducted operation. Some FSA units participated, but their role was minimal. We previously postulated that the ceasefire in Ras al-Ain facilitated the Raqqa takeover by freeing up FSA rebels, but now that it is clear that the FSA role in taking Raqqa was minimal, it appears that the ceasefire was not a significant factor.

4)      Ahrar al-Sham, not Jabhat al-Nusra, was the primary force behind the takeover (from what we can tell with our current data). Ahrar al-Sham seems to be the most organized group working in the country—even their media reflects this. Jabhat al-Nusra did play an important role in the takeover, which was well-planned by Ahrar al-Sham, with a high level of coordination between the groups participating. They worked together so closely that they even coordinated their separate video announcements.

5)     Ahrar al-Sham not only planned for legitimacy by engineering an insider Islamist group comprised of locals to be the “face” of the operation, but they also planned for post-takeover Islamist governance. The two groups of Liwa Umanaa’ al-Raqqa and Jabhat al-Wahdet al-Tahrir al-Islamiyye were formed a short time prior to the incursion and remain active in administering the city and in continuing the offensive against the regime’s remaining forces in the muhafiza. The boundaries between the Islamist groups are difficult to distinguish; the two regime prisoners who first appeared in the video with Jabhat al-Wahdet later appear in a video with Jabhat al-Nusra, extolling their virtues as cooperative captives tend to do so well.


A Note on Syria Video

The bulk of video content uploaded from Syria originates from opposition-aligned parties. The representation of video material acquired by Syria Video reflects this reality. Upon encountering this abundance of rebel-filmed footage, some initial visitors to the new (and still developing) service suggested that Syria Video is deficient as a tool for critically approaching the conflict. Let me emphasize: the element of criticism must be introduced by the user. Syria Video does not provide analysis; the user performs it.

Syria Video works with what it finds online. We hope to incorporate all relevant channels from both sides of the conflict. Making that material available in an archive does not equate the promotion of the views expressed in that material. The quantity of video from the rebels will always be greater because there’s more of it. But even if all the videos provided were exclusively from the opposition’s side, the service would still have value as a tool for historians, researchers, and others studying the conflict—and that is its primary purpose: a tool for research, not an attempt to shape opinion.

Most material that has acted in a self-incriminating fashion—on both sides of the conflict—has come from videos that those parties themselves (regime forces and rebels) have captured and uploaded. Therefore, even if Syria Video had a political agenda, it would not be a given that the service would be tilted in the favor of one side merely because of an overabundance of material originating from that side. The section above dealing with bus in Raqqa should demonstrate this fact.

A tremendous amount of fraudulent information has been propagated through deceitful videos produced by actors on both sides of the conflict—this has been a reality from the beginning. With tens of thousands of individual videos already acquired, you are certain to encounter such clips on Syria Video. Remember, the responsibility to interpret critically rests with you. Syria Comment cannot (and need not) constantly hold the viewer’s hand through the interpretive process.

In sum, for those with sensitivities about politicization of media coverage and analysis of the conflict, please realize: an archive is not a mouthpiece. This material is already out there and others are already using it. We simply want to make the vast mass of it more accessible in an organized form. It is available for you as well. Feel free to draw your own conclusions from any material you engage. We hope you enjoy.

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Visitor said:

There is nothing in the videos, posted by Barber, that proves a crime was committed. All the evidence points to an attempt to flee. This is the second time that this so-called Syria video is used to lay baseless charges of so-called war crimes.

It looks like Barber is clinging to straws to prove a fantasy of his own.

Now it is more evident than ever that deliberate attempts by media amateurs, such as Barber, are underway in order to discredit the holy warriors who achieved and continue to achieve victories for the revolution.

This is expected from such elements of the enemies of the revolution. We need only to remember what Allah told us in the Book and exercise patience with regards to the evil raging in their hearts against Muslims

وان يكاد الذين كفرول ليزلقونك بابسارهم لما سموا الذكر

And also,

لَتُبْلَوُنَّ فِي أَمْوَالِكُمْ وَأَنفُسِكُمْ وَلَتَسْمَعُنَّ مِنَ الَّذِينَ أُوتُواْ الْكِتَابَ مِن قَبْلِكُمْ وَمِنَ الَّذِينَ أَشْرَكُواْ أَذًى كَثِيراً وَإِن تَصْبِرُواْ وَتَتَّقُواْ فَإِنَّ ذَلِكَ مِنْ عَزْمِ الأُمُورِ (186).

April 4th, 2013, 6:12 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Every week we hear FSA took over another base, and several soldiers from Assad troops are either captured or dead,
Today we heared Syria sent a delegation to Algyria to talk with the opposition,or this may be to seek assylum to Assad thugs,this reflects change in thinking,Assad and those around him are begining to see the end,
Assad used the Alawi sect to fight Syrians but it seems he is willing to abandon them and let them to become victims at the mercy of FSA,it will not take long for the Alawis to realize this,and they will revolt against him

April 4th, 2013, 7:19 am


Dawoud said:

What happens to Iran’s and Hasan NasrA$$ when the murderous dictator of Syria falls, which WILL be soon?

مرسى: لا ولن أسمح بالتشيع.. والسياحة الإيرانية مشروطة

“المصريون” تنشر كواليس لقاء الرئيس بـ”الهيئة الشرعية”

الرئيس يُطمئن الهيئة الشرعية تجاه التشيع ويعد بحل قضية الضباط الملتحين

مرسى أعطى تعليمات للخارجية بالاعتراف بدولة كسوفو

مصدر بوزارة السياحة: مرسى أعطى تعليمات بوضع شروط على السياحة الإيرانية وأدى استعداده لإلغائها فى أى وقت

التقى مساء أمس الأول، الرئيس محمد مرسى ومجلس أمناء الهيئة الشرعية للحقوق والإصلاح، لمناقشة بعض القضايا المطروحة على الساحة ومنها قضية المد الشيعى والعلاقات مع إيران وقضية الضباط الملتحين، بالإضافة إلى الاعتراف بدولة كسوفو.


April 4th, 2013, 8:11 am


Dawoud said:

This post, which is like the previous bundle of posts, is consistent with the pro-Bashar (Murderous Dictator)al-Assad’s slant and bias of the editors of “Syria Comment.” Mr. Landis should take back his own blog and add a little more balance to it. The pro-Bashar editors are so desperate in their pro-Bashar zeal that they wouldn’t be reluctant to UNCRITICALLY (without disclaimer abut the author’s association) accept posts for a fellow (Mr. al-Tamimi, who is NOT the author of this latest post)at Danil Pipe’s pro-Israel/anti-Muslim Middle East Forum.

April 4th, 2013, 8:20 am


Dawoud said:

If the editors of “Syria Comment” were not biased in favor of the murderous dictator, the following article (which is from today’s, April 4, 2012, Reuters) would have been chosen by them:
Insight: Syrian guerrilla fighters being sent to Iran for training

(This article was reported by a journalist in Syria whose name is withheld for security reasons)

(Reuters) – The Syrian government is sending members of its irregular militias for guerrilla combat training at a secret base in Iran, in a move to bolster its armed forces drained by two years of fighting and defections, fighters and activists said.

The discreet program has been described as an open secret in some areas loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, who is trying to crush a revolt against his family’s four-decade hold on power.

Reuters interviewed four fighters who said they were taken on the combat course in Iran, as well as opposition sources who said they had also been documenting such cases.

April 4th, 2013, 8:26 am


Dawoud said:

I meant above 2013 not 2012. Sorry!

If I were a regime supporter, I would have tried to convince everybody that 2013 is actually 2012! Don’t they propagandize that Bashar the dictator is actually a nice democrat? 🙂

April 4th, 2013, 8:31 am


Ghat Al Bird said:

David Ignatius. Another zionist hasbara pontificates on Syria.

Why is it hard to accept the reality that the only people who have and continue to be extremely happy about whats happening in Syria are the Israelis?

April 4th, 2013, 8:50 am


Visitor said:


There are posters here, like Akbar Palace, who continue to claim that Dr. Landis himself is or was or still is pro-Bashar.

They could be right after all. Landis is perhaps just allowing others to post pro-Bashar propaganda while he sits in the shadow claiming otherwise.

April 4th, 2013, 8:53 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Ghat Al Bird
Israeli are very happy about what is going on in Syria, but they are worried too,

I would not worry about Iran spreading shiism in Syria,no smart person reads Quraan and then change from Muslem to infidel,there are numerous verses in Quraan say God has no WALI,and consider people as Arbab is Kufr,media and religious sheikhs when they become free again they will point to those verses in Quraan,and everyone will know the truth,that Shiism is Kufr and against Quraan.

April 4th, 2013, 9:09 am


zoo said:


Are you so fearful of the Shias that you repeat in almost every of your post that Shiism is Kufr?

April 4th, 2013, 9:30 am


zoo said:

After reading Matthew Barber’s extensively documented revelations, will the USA declare Ahrar Al Sham a terrorist organization too?

April 4th, 2013, 9:35 am


zoo said:

Syria teeters on Obama’s ‘Red Line’
By Nile Bowie

One should not cynically credit Syrian government forces with intentionally killing their own people; this does not serve the purposes of the state in anyway. Civilian deaths that have occurred as a result of government forces engaging the insurgency should more accurately be seen as a heinous by-product of a foreign campaign to topple the Syrian government.
While the foreign ministries of Western capitals cite politically charged death-toll statistics to justify their campaign against “Assad the Butcher”, it is absolutely unconscionable that Paris and London have called for lifting the Syrian arms embargo, and for vowing to arm militant groups with or without the consent of the EU

April 4th, 2013, 9:44 am


Visitor said:


There is no doubt that Shiism is kufr, especially after Khomeini made it clear what Shiism is all about. I think until Khomeini showed up very few Muslims knew the truth about the kufr embedded in Shiism. So, in a way Khomeini helped us see clearly the kufr of this creed that many are openly saying today is alien to Islam. Some people think others are afraid of Shiism, like Zoo. But Zoo is only saying that in order to raise up his low esteem and the low esteem of his creed. But the truth of the matter is no one is afraid of this clearly deficient creed which claims to be Islamic but any average Muslim can see clearly it is not.

April 4th, 2013, 9:51 am


Akbar Palace said:


Jews are not happy about what is going on in Syria, and I expect every other rational human isn’t either.

I’ll say it again, getting rid of Assad for a real democracy is a WIN-WIN for all people in the region.

For those that want perpetual war and slavery, I guess it’s a bad thing.

April 4th, 2013, 9:57 am


majedkhaldoun said:

No I am not afraid, that idea is delusional on your part,I feel sorry for you to say things like that, which is clearly delusion.
If you pray ,remember that to consider Ali wali, rabib,holy, is contradictory to say Subhana allah unless you don’t know what you are saying

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zoo said:


I got the message: Shiism is kufr but you are not worried that it spreads in the Arab world.
Yet, I know many Sunnis who converted to shiism just because their children were only girls and the Sunni law does not entitle the girl to inherit from their father, while Shia law allows it. How many are in this situation, I don’t know.

According to the media, the arrivals of Iranians Shia tourists is sending a wave of panic in Egypt among the Salafists and Al Azhar University. King of Jordan has expressed his worries about the Shia crescent.

Maybe you are not afraid of Shiism spreading, but it appears that many Sunnis are.

April 4th, 2013, 10:57 am


Tara said:


Would you like Shiism to spread in the Arab countries?

April 4th, 2013, 11:09 am


Dolly Buster said:

Egypt has immense resources of knowledge, I am so happy Mubarek’s been removed.

This is one of the professors I listen to, Hassan ‘Abd ad-Dayem

April 4th, 2013, 11:23 am


zoo said:


I’d like secularism to spread in the Arab world.

April 4th, 2013, 11:24 am



@19 Bull Shxt, secularism supported by Iran’s Mullah’s and Hizbullah?….laughable

April 4th, 2013, 11:30 am


revenire said:

Of course it’s a war crime. That is why they are terrorists.

Great report Mr. Barber. I really enjoy the objective look at the war.
Hats off to the entire Syria Video team who analyzes the war crimes. I was wrong about the project.

It is a valuable piece of evidence that the government will be able to use after winning to hang the traitors and foreign rats. Maybe the government should crucify the rats on a road and broadcast it? Nah, that would be the emotional response but we’re better. Hanging is fine.

April 4th, 2013, 11:39 am



I want to make some comments which may offend some people and because it is a taboo subject, but it’s better to speak about it than not to, and this is an online website so who cares.

Secularism will never spread in the Arab world, secularism is considered kufr in islam, as well as western-style democracy and even the concept of nation-state. Legislation is made in terms of “muslims” and “non-muslims”, not in terms of “syrian” or “egyptian” or “saudi”…This is how I understand islam, and this is why many people are afraid, because even though a muslim may tell me otherwise he is either lying or he doesn’t understand his religion or he knows the truth but prefers to let go of it to not cause problems among people.

Islam is more than a religion, it’s a complete ideology. I think Nusra and similar groups are the one whose ideology follow Islam the closest.

I believe TARA would be considered an apostate by Nusra, maybe even by Visitor.

Sorry if I offended anyone, that’s not my goal.

April 4th, 2013, 11:44 am


Tara said:


What about in Iran? Do you like secularism to spread in Iran too?

April 4th, 2013, 11:45 am


revenire said:

Dolly Buster the good thing about the Muslim Brotherhood rats coming to power in Egypt is now everyone hates them. Maybe Egypt can have a real revolution next.

April 4th, 2013, 11:49 am


revenire said:

I’ve said it before and will say it again: If the Nusra Front took power in Syria Tara would be forced to cover herself from head to toe or face a public whipping or even beheading. It’s just the way it is. This is freedom for women? People are so stupid.

April 4th, 2013, 11:51 am


Dolly Buster said:

You can argue between Shariah and Democracy, which is better. But the point here is that both are better than the idea proposed by Russia & Shiites which is that one should spend 24 months bombing his own cities with Migs. It is just a completely insane program.

That is why all decent people from Amnesty to Zawahiri are backing the Thawra.

April 4th, 2013, 12:05 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Zoo said
Yet, I know many Sunnis who converted to shiism just because their children were only girls and the Sunni law does not entitle the girl to inherit from their father, while Shia law allows it
Nonsense and lie,We follow Quraan, Quraan says the wife take 1/8,the daughters take 2/3 if they are two or more, if he had only one girl she will take 1/2.
If you don’t follow Quraan then you are not Moslem

Tara believes in God she is not apostate,there is every evidence that she does good and denounces injustice and bad deeds,so she would never be considered apostate.
Taliban are extremists,Islam is favoring the middle, the prophet said the best things are not the extreme but in the middle, In Syria we will never have extremism, in Iran women are forced to wear hijab the same in Afganistan, I grew up in Syria, Syria is not extreme

April 4th, 2013, 12:17 pm


revenire said:

Dolly Buster you’re not being honest here. I don’t know why I bother to talk to some of you really.

Syria isn’t “bombing its own cities with MiGs” as you put it. Syria is at war and the enemy has inserted itself into cities fighting a guerrilla war because in any open war with the SAA they’d be eradicated in short order.

Why not just tell the truth? It’s more than strange that anyone insists after all this time Syria is the aggressor against her own people. It never was true and even less true today. People saying it are sort of a parody at this point.

It is like people posting video of massacres today. Who cares? Syria is at war. What do they expect?

April 4th, 2013, 12:18 pm


Dolly Buster said:

revenire said: Syria isn’t “bombing its own cities with MiGs” as you put it.

I saw disturbing footage of places completely destroyed. No building left undamaged. And this damage is inconsistent with small-arms rebel fire, and it matches only artillery and airplane strikes.

So then, I think about which side actually has airplanes, and then I have an A-ha moment about the culprit behind the destruction.

Imagine if Obama destroyed Houston to the ground, and then reported some terr’ists were killed, and thus the operation was a success.
It is pretty unimaginable – because only abnormal countries use their military for “indoors” fun.

April 4th, 2013, 12:36 pm


revenire said:

Dolly you’re just effing with me. Go back to World War II and see how the Russians fought off Nazi attacks on their cities. Is everyone here stupid? I don’t think so. Cut it out. You hate Assad – great. I don’t care. But stop the nonsense. War is war. If Assad has to destroy every building in Raqqa to save it let him. Flatten the entire city. I’d do it today if I were in charge.

It is no different than fighting in Stalingrad during the WW II. Sure buildings get destroyed and if you don’t want that tell the rats to come fight in the open like men. See how long the war lasts then.

The destruction is 100% the fault of the rats hiding among civilians.

April 4th, 2013, 12:56 pm


Visitor said:

“22. GEORGES said:


Secularism will never spread in the Arab world, secularism is considered kufr in islam, as well as western-style democracy and even the concept of nation-state. Legislation is made in terms of “muslims” and “non-muslims”, not in terms of “syrian” or “egyptian” or “saudi”…This is how I understand islam, and this is why many people are afraid, because even though a muslim may tell me otherwise he is either lying or he doesn’t understand his religion or he knows the truth but prefers to let go of it to not cause problems among people.

Islam is more than a religion, it’s a complete ideology. I think Nusra and similar groups are the one whose ideology follow Islam the closest.

I believe TARA would be considered an apostate by Nusra, maybe even by Visitor.

Sorry if I offended anyone, that’s not my goal.”


You do not need to apologize. You made an excellent comment. Some of it, however, is incorrect.

You are right about Islam being a complete ideology and not just a Religion. The Qura’n says,

إِنَّ هَذِهِ أُمَّتُكُمْ أُمَّةً وَاحِدَةً وَأَنَا رَبُّكُمْ فَاعْبُدُونِ

The concept of nation is well defined in Islam. We all know that the first Muslim State was established by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself in Medina. It included Muslims and non-Muslims.

Muslim States throughout history also included Muslims and non-Mulsims. There were, of course, differences between and among the various groups also based on Revelations. Non-Muslims, for example, are not required to follow Islamic injunctions. They are also expected not to challenge the Muslim rule. If they do, the pact of protection, also part of Revelation, is automatically dissolved.

Secularism was practised by the early Muslim governments but not in a manner it is now practiced in Europe and some other places. Secularism in Islam evolved in a completely different manner than in non-Islamic countries. Muslims never suffered from Church authority, and there was always room for criticism of religious figures. aside from Shiism, which many Muslims now consider deviates, a religious figure in Islam after the four guided Caliphs never wielded political authority. A religious figure in Islam is respected but is NOT above the Law. I, like MajedK, do not think a religious figure will ever wield political authority in Islam.

I do not consider Tara as an apostate. She professes faith and that is something no one can dispute. i.e. if you proclaim shahada, you are considered Muslim if you die with the proclamation. If you commit sins, then you have to pay for the sins sooner or later, i.e. either in this life or the hereafter.

April 4th, 2013, 1:24 pm


Tara said:


I think saying Islam is not compatible with democracy and secularism is simply Islamophobe.

Tell me one documented principle in Islam that contradict democracy and secularism?

Jews practice Judaism in the US and I practice Islam in the US?

Secularism is separating the state from the church but does not mean that you can’t be of your religion of choice. The caveat in the Muslim country should be that islamic civil laws in regard to inheritance, marriage, etc should be applicable by law to Muslims only.

April 4th, 2013, 1:43 pm


Martin said:

I’m not sure the buses mentioned and shown are really identical. Take a close look at the door. First bus I see a “84”, second bus no such sign.

April 4th, 2013, 1:46 pm


Sami said:


I find there is a completely different outlook of Christianity and what it means based entirely of where the person comes from.

Take for instance Georges Sabra, he is a card carrying member of the Communist Party, yet he is identified as a Greek Orthodox Syrian. How can he be both an atheist and an Orthodox Christian?

I find Middle Easterner’s identify with their religion of birth even though they may not adhere to any of their principles, they see their religion as an identity. While Westerners see their religion as their chosen ideology which they follow.

If you want to compare Islamic Ideology to a Christian counterpart then the Born Again movement and Evangelical Christians is perhaps a fair example.

If I may ask you a personal question to you identify yourself as a Christian because you actively practice it and adhere to its principles or because you were born into it?

April 4th, 2013, 2:08 pm


Visitor said:

I must apologize and correct the typos that I made in comment 1 because the typos involve a Qura’nic verse. I am sorry because I made the comment when I just woke up. The first quoted verse is where the typos are and it should read,

وان يكاد الذين كفروا ليزلقونك بابصارهم لما سمعوا الذكر

April 4th, 2013, 2:15 pm


Sami said:

Just to make myself clear here. When I say to compare Islamic Ideology to that of Evangelical Christians what I mean is that both seek an active role in your life, where you have to choose Christ in order to be “saved”, and adhering to the Shari3ah and the Qawa3ed Islamiyah to be considered Muslim.

I mean no disrespect for either faith, and welcome any corrections or otherwise.

April 4th, 2013, 2:27 pm


AIG said:


“Tell me one documented principle in Islam that contradict democracy and secularism?”

The majority of Muslim scholars hold to the traditional view that apostasy is punishable by death or imprisonment until repentance, at least for adult men of sound mind.

April 4th, 2013, 2:44 pm


Visitor said:

“When I say to compare Islamic Ideology to that of Evangelical Christians what I mean is that both seek an active role in your life, where you have to choose Christ in order to be “saved”, and adhering to the Shari3ah and the Qawa3ed Islamiyah to be considered Muslim. “

The comparison is not valid, not to mention that the concept of nation is absent from Christianity altogether

On the other hand you do not need, in Islam,the Shari3ah per se to be saved in Islam. But do not count on that and go on committing sin after sin, Eventually, you simply get irredeemable by the accumulation of those sins. This is what Muslims refer to as طبع على القلب based on the verses,

تِلْكَ الْقُرَىٰ نَقُصُّ عَلَيْكَ مِنْ أَنْبَائِهَا ۚ وَلَقَدْ جَاءَتْهُمْ رُسُلُهُمْ بِالْبَيِّنَاتِ فَمَا كَانُوا لِيُؤْمِنُوا بِمَا كَذَّبُوا مِنْ قَبْلُ ۚ كَذَٰلِكَ يَطْبَعُ اللَّهُ عَلَىٰ قُلُوبِ الْكَافِرِينَ ﴿١٠١﴾

The person who reaches that stage is beyond redemption unless Allah showers His Mercy upon him to save from that state before he/she gets into it.

In Islam you are not saved by YOUR actions only. You are saved by the Mercy of Allah.

Sinners who violate the Shari3ah will pay one way or another. Some scholars say they better pay in this life than the other life.

If you die while your last words are the Shahada, eventually you will be saved. Following the Shari3ah will help you accomplish that when you get to that point. That’s why it is too risky without proper observance.

Also, you do not need to apologize. you did not offend anyone.

April 4th, 2013, 2:56 pm


revenire said:

My colleague Mona Mahmood has been speaking to Ammar Muhsin, a resident of Latakia and Assad supporter. Latakia, on the west coast of Syria, is viewed as one of Assad’s biggest support bases and strongholds.

Muhsin was damning about the rebels, saying:

“Revolution in Syria is different to anywhere else in the world. It is the revolution of those who were unemployed and now can work as rebels and fight against their people. It is the revolution of criminals who were wanted by the law and now are imposing their own law on the ground through weaponry.”

He said the people who supported the rebels did so for financial reasons: “This is not an oil state and most of the people have low incomes; they support the rebels for the sake of money, not for freedom or democracy.”

Muhsin asked why the rebels were strongest near the borders with Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. “If these neighbouring states closed their borders with Syria for a single month, Syria would clear out all these terrorists.”

He said he was living in Aleppo when the war began.

“I was working in a factory making biscuits in Aleppo and my monthly salary was 22,000 Syrian pounds … The terrorists blew it up and I lost my job. I went back to work in my hometown Latakia selling fruit, but the problem is when I send pick-ups loaded with fruit to other cities and towns, they get looted and their drivers are kidnapped. Is this freedom?”

He said Latakia’s population of 1 million had now ballooned to 4 million with people coming in from Aleppo, Damascus, Hassaka, Riqa and Homs.

And he asked of the Syrian National Coalition, the umbrella group backed by the west, and its president:

“I do not know who Moaz al-Khatib is. Who are the National Coalition? Who is the Syrian opposition? How they became our representatives, I do not know.”

Muhsin said Bashar al-Assad was a “wise and merciful man” and he hoped he would stay in power for ever.

“If terror continues like this in Syria, soon we will be like Libya or Egypt. Can you tell me: when Saddam left, what did Iraq get? Only car bombs and people looking for visas to flee. Libya now has a tribal war after Gaddafi … I hope that President Bashar will not step down, otherwise Syria will be a piece of meat surrounded by thousand dogs and Syria would be lost.”

April 4th, 2013, 3:00 pm


mjabali said:

Almost 99% of Sunnis all over the world are scared of the spread of Shiism for sure. They have been fighting it for a long time. The Sunni sheikhs been stuffing the minds of their fellow Sunnis with lies and nonsense about the Shia. Because of this it would be easy to Shia missionaries convincing average Sunnis with their message. The Fatwas, these Sunnis Sheikhs had made, made sure to construct a scary image of the Shia man, an image that do not deserve to live. Throughout history Sunni Sheikhs managed to keep their fellow Sunnis ignorant about Shiism. Of course hell and death sentencing are involved.

If Sunni states, like Egypt for example, opens its door to Shia missionaries, many would convert from Sunni To Shia. The same could be true for all Sunni land. The Sunni establishment all over Sunnistan always never allowed any type of mingling between its masses and Shia ideas.

Sunism in Syria is the product of the Ottomans. Syria had more Shia before the arrival of the Ottomans and the like minded/race who ruled Syria for the hundreds of years before that.

Sunnism was spread by the sword in Syria.

April 4th, 2013, 3:01 pm


Tara said:


Very good! I give you that. I was also taught the same thing in religion class during elementary or middle public school in Damascus. They did tell as the “Reddah” is punishable by death. That means death to Muslims who change their religion.. This interpretation has to be dropped in my opinion in this day and age.

Having said that, one must note that there are other verses in Quraan that say no compulsion in Islam so the shariaa principal of the Riddah may not be an accurate interpretation of Quraan or was simply applicable to certain period of time.

I am sure there are verses in Torah or other ancient Jewish wholly book with interpretation that is not compatible with democracy but not believed or practiced by mainstream Jews who are able to practice their religion in the secular US.

April 4th, 2013, 3:07 pm




I try to judge and analyze things as fairly and honestly as possible and I always try to separate personal and emotional dilemmas from theory which should always be completely objective and scientific, free from any subjective influence. That’s what I did with Islam and according to my own understanding and logic (which could very well be faulty), #22 is what I concluded. From that moment I say, “based on my understanding, this is what I think Islam is”. This should be 100% rational, theoretical process.

It’s the same process by which I say that the made in US self-proclaimed SNC government is a bad idea and have no legitimacy over Nusra and their followers. Even though I know full well that failure of SNC is in Nusra and friends’ interests.

If “islamophobe” means being scared of what I think is true Islam then yes I am scared and so I am an islamophobe and so you are. Based on your understanding of Islam or Majedkhaldoun or Sh.Yaqubi then I am certainly not one.

April 4th, 2013, 3:07 pm


Visitor said:

Here’s a link for MJabali for pleasure reading when he has the time,

Just click on PDF in the left hand column and download the book from 1000 years ago when Shiism was demolished for good while it had SOME real following and your Fatimids had some transitory power.

The author used reasoning and logic to disprove the validity of ANY belief in this creed Alien to Islam.

Read it and then go on dreaming if you wish.

there were no swords involved in the Ghazali arguments. He simply demolished your creed based on superior arguments.

But….delusion knows no bounds with your kind, the Ajamis.

Sunnis do not give a rat’s ass about the inferiority of Shiism.

April 4th, 2013, 3:12 pm


Pas Cool said:


I’m sorry, but your challenge is way too easy and one could go with various things. I’ll just list a couple. The validity of my response depends of course what Islam you are referring to, as there are so many different forms of Islam. But here are a couple, accepted by many but not by all.

First of all what AIG already mentioned. A muslim convert to another religion might get killed or face other forms of punishment.

In a democracy you elect your leadership. Parliament can, and most often will, pass laws that contradict sharia. That is unacceptable to a broad array of muslims.

Women in Islam are not allowed to marry non-muslims. This law is discriminating and obviously not fit for a state that deems itself democratic.

April 4th, 2013, 3:18 pm


zoo said:

#23 Tara

I am only concerned about the Arab World.
What the other Moslem countries such as Turkey, Iran, Indonesia and China do, is of no interest to me.

April 4th, 2013, 3:20 pm


AIG said:


When you give me “that” you are giving me quite a lot since:
“According to Islamic law apostasy is identified by a list of actions such as conversion to another religion, denying the existence of God, rejecting the prophets, mocking God or the prophets, idol worship, rejecting the sharia, or permitting behavior that is forbidden by the sharia, such as adultery or the eating of forbidden foods or drinking of alcoholic beverages.”

You should ask Visitor what he thinks should be done with a Muslim in the US that changes his religion or drinks alcohol as I imagine you have done a couple of times…

April 4th, 2013, 3:25 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:


“My colleague Mona Mahmood has been talking to Ammar Muhsin”

You have friends who can talk? Friends who have actual bona fide social skills? Wow, Mossie. One of these days someone might even invite you to their house…

April 4th, 2013, 3:26 pm


Syrian said:

This law can only be applied when there is an islamic nation that follows all the islamic laws, which does not exist today
At the time of that law, one’s religion was his citizenship card, that law doesn’t prohibit you from leaving to another nation and follow their religion, it prohibits you from denouncing your citizenship and staying in the islamic nation

the Funny thing the only country that follows this rule is not an islamic country. But your country Israel.Try tomorrow to denounce you Judaism , which is your ticket to become a citizen of Israel and deciding to become a Palestinian citizen and see how fast Isreal will kick you out

April 4th, 2013, 3:27 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:

44. ZOO

“What the other Moslem countries, such as China, do is of no interest to me.”

The depth of your ignorance is astonishing, zooboy.

April 4th, 2013, 3:30 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Forced secularism is WORSE than religious fanaticism.

That’s what the Baathist tried. We can see the results of it today.

Also, I would like to point out that China is NOT Moslem, and if you think so you’re an idiot.

April 4th, 2013, 3:35 pm


zoo said:

#27 Majedalkhaldoon

When Sunni become Shia for women’s rights

13 November 2007
Islamic Research Foundation International, Inc.

BEIRUT – Nada had no choice. The Sunni Muslim Lebanese woman decided to become a Shia because that branch of Islam guarantees that her daughters will one day be her sole heiresses.

“If I became a Shia it was not out of conviction,” Nada told AFP. Had she not converted, the girls’ uncle would receive the bulk of her inheritance when she died, in line with Sunni laws.

Shias, a minority community in Islam, have sometimes been at odds with the Sunnis in the Arab world, but in Lebanon conversions between the two branches are easy and mostly done for practical purposes.

In Lebanon, religious tribunals rule on marriage, divorce and inheritance.

For both Sunnis and Shias, women receive one-third and men two-thirds of an inheritance.

Problems arise when a Sunni couple only has girls. They would inherit just a small part of the assets while the larger part of the inheritance would go to the closest male relatives — grandfathers, uncles or cousins.

One solution for Sunni couples in such a situation is to become Shias, as the sect’s religious regulations allow daughters to be the sole heiresses in the absence of male offspring.

April 4th, 2013, 3:36 pm


Tara said:


Your last paragraph is the best I read from a Christian. Hat off!

To be continued after 6:00 EST today if you are available. I am at work and multitasking is not permissible, and the post can’t be answered in one phrase.

April 4th, 2013, 3:37 pm


Sami said:


Thank you for the correction but if I may better explain myself and how I reached my conclusions

An Evangelical needs to “find” Jesus in order to be saved, which is an action by itself for by finding Christ and living their lives through Christ they become true Christians. This is what I have come to understand from my wife’s family whom are religious and they truly believe that Canada and the US are Christian Nations (even though both Constitutions don’t backup those claims). For me I don’t see that concept really foreign to my relatives whom believe Syria is a Muslim nation, and who live their lives through what they believe is their faith based on the word of God. Both demand an action of obedience to the laws of God (Shari3ah vs. Biblical Law’s) and both strive to build their own concept of a State whether a Christian Nation or an Islamic Emirate.

If the concept of a nation is absent from Christianity why does my wife’s family think Canada is a Christian Nation? Or the Charlemagne idea of Christian Kingship which still evident in Europe today such as the Queen of England who is Queen by the Grace of God and she is Defender of the Faith?

April 4th, 2013, 3:38 pm


AIG said:


You are completely wrong. An Israeli Jew, as quite a few have, can become Muslim or Christian and of course retains his Israeli citizenship. I know personally a Jewish woman who became a Muslim and married an Israeli Arab. Her children were of course also Israeli. And unlike many other Arab countries you just need one Israeli parent of whatever gender or religion to be an Israeli also.

You really need to get some good information about Israel.

April 4th, 2013, 3:39 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

In Islam there is no coersion, I explained this misconception before there is different rule in peace than during war,in Surah #4,verse 137 there is no punishment on earth for those who choose to change religion,God will punish them,during war if someone left your camp and join the enemy camp,a camp that fighting Moslem yes they can be killed, in peacetime everyone is free to choose religion, there has not been one incident in Syria where someone change his religion,and got punished by getting killed,anything contradict Quraan is not acceptable.

can you give an evidence that in Syria people were Shiite before Ottomen came,
There is plenty of evidences that people in Iran were 80% sunni till Savawi came,and forced shiism on them

April 4th, 2013, 3:42 pm


Akbar Palace said:

I know personally a Jewish woman who became a Muslim and married an Israeli Arab.


Do her kids have to do military service?

April 4th, 2013, 3:48 pm


AIG said:


Your interpretation is one interpretation but according to the Wikipedia article, the majority of Muslim scholars do not agree with you.

April 4th, 2013, 3:48 pm


AIG said:


“Do her kids have to do military service?”

No, they can opt out if they prefer to.

April 4th, 2013, 3:50 pm


zoo said:

Is the US Opening Up Another Front in the Drone War on the Iraq-Syria Border?
John Glaser, April 04, 2013

In response to increasing cross-border collaboration between al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and Jabhat al-Nursa, AQI’s offshoot in the Syrian rebel opposition, the Iraqi government informally requested the US conduct drone strikes against the militants, The Associated Press reports.

April 4th, 2013, 3:51 pm


Syrian said:

I said try to become a Palestinian. not a Muslim
because that would be the equivalence to change your religion in an islamic state

April 4th, 2013, 3:55 pm


zoo said:

Salafists to hold conference against ‘spread of Shia doctrine in Egypt’

Salafist Call and Nour Party will host a conference in Cairo on Friday to ‘reveal dangers’ of spreading Shia teaching in Egypt; spokesperson of Shiites in Egypt claims all Shiites are welcome except those from Iran

Nevertheless, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar demanded for the former to stop promoting Shiism in ‘Sunni Egypt’.

Several Shiite activists in Egypt, however, claim that many of the attacks on the sect in Egypt have been an attempt at scapegoating them for the fears of normalisation of Egypt’s relations with Iran in the face of several Gulf countries.

April 4th, 2013, 4:01 pm


zoo said:

Cairo, Tehran inch closer
This week’s launch of charter flights between Egypt and Iran has more to do with politics than tourism

Amira Howeidy , Thursday 4 Apr 2013,-Tehran-inch-closer.aspx

A spokesman for Air Memphis told Al-Ahram that regular tourism charter flights will start at the end of this month. The plan is for three charters a week, followed by regular flights from 1 June. There are no estimates of the number of passengers expected from either Egypt or Iran.

April 4th, 2013, 4:05 pm


AIG said:


How do you become a Palestinian? If it is by saying you are now a Palestinian, then you still will retain your Israeli citizenship. You can also be a dual citizen of Israel and the Palestinian authority, no problem.

Also, many Israeli citizens define themselves as Palestinians and they are not enemies of Israel and of course remain Israeli citizens. Some of them are in the Knesset. Your example just doesn’t work.

“that would be the equivalence to change your religion in an islamic state”

Where is the equivalence? If a Muslim in a islamic state becomes Christian does it mean that he has stopped loving his country, as your example seems to imply? Does it mean that he is now against his country?

April 4th, 2013, 4:09 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Are you telling me that Shiite they dont follow Quraan, this is another evidence that they are not moslems,by your admission.

There are many mis-statements by sheikhs that contradict Quraan,several Quraanic interpretations were made by non Arabic speaking sheikhs,it was due to the fact that their mother language was not arabic,one example the claim that the earth is flat,based on misinterpretation of the word MADDA,or sa6aha,which mean make it large,stretch it,while few paid attention to the statement in Quraan that says Yokawwer al layla wannahar,in other word the day and night is due to the earth is like a ball

April 4th, 2013, 4:15 pm


zoo said:

Illegally entered Al Jazeera and al Arabya reporters should watch their steps in Syria. They are wanted.

In a phone interview with Syrian state television on March 30, the pro-regime businessman Fahim Saqr accused international journalists of misleading the Syrian and Arab people and said he would offer 10 million Syrian liras (about US$95,000) to anyone who helped journalists from Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya get arrested, news reports said.

April 4th, 2013, 4:18 pm


AIG said:


Thank you for showing what a strong supporter of freedom of speech you are. What a vile hypocrite.

April 4th, 2013, 4:21 pm


revenire said:

Al Jazeera is not a new organization but an enemy. Their reporters are agents and should be arrested, tried and if found guilty shot – on the spot. If it were up to me I’d televise the proceedings to the world.

Bravo to Syrian patriot Fahim Saqr. I have heard of other nameless angels contributing to the effort.

April 4th, 2013, 4:23 pm


zoo said:


Historical background

Although the core of the inheritance laws is derived from the Quran and the Sunna, material differences emerged not only between the Shia and the Sunni, but, to a lesser extent, between the four main Sunni schools, the Hanafi, the Shafi’i, the Malaki and the Hanbali. The major inheritance rules in the Quran are contained in verses 4:11, 4:12 and 4:176.

‘There is no standardisation of Islamic inheritance laws, with a range of different rules being applied’

“The defining systematic feature of Sunni inheritance law is the residuary entitlement of the asaba or male agnatic blood relatives of the deceased.
This entitlement is derived not from the Quran, but from the Sunna. Thus the Quranic rules are interpreted and applied by the Sunnis in such a way that they mitigate, but do not challenge, the principle of male agnatic succession.”

April 4th, 2013, 4:27 pm


Uzair8 said:

The truth about America’s Syria agenda

Abdel Bari Atwan
4 Apr 2013


The Syrian opposition may not realise that the US is a colonial power that only adopts policies which serve its own interests. It is not a charitable organisation and the humanitarian aspect of the Middle East’s many struggles are the least of its concerns.


The US may have changed its tactics in the region but it has not changed its intentions. The authorities became cautious due to consecutive defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq. FSA officials need to understand this, instead of blaming the US. They need to understand that the main aim of the American authorities right now is to confront the opposition al-Nusra Front and not to overthrow the ruling Syrian regime.


April 4th, 2013, 4:30 pm


revenire said:

I’ve noticed many rat supporters consider themselves Muslims but preach perversions of Islam. Interesting. I wonder what role drug abuse plays in this? I ask because our army many times finds narcotics among the terrorists.

April 4th, 2013, 4:35 pm


revenire said:

Uzair8 many in the US probably want to see both sides bled dry. Assad is killing Al-Qaeda aka Nusra Front – America’s enemies – and Nusra is killing Syria. It works out quite well for the US without a lot of investment.

April 4th, 2013, 4:44 pm


revenire said:

AIG has a penchant for calling others hypocrites but correct me if I am wrong isn’t Israel a terrorist nation? Why yes it is. Amusing.

April 4th, 2013, 4:46 pm


mjabali said:

Visitor العديم التربية النتن

بما أنك جاهل كما يبدو فمن الواضح أنك لم تفهم ماكتبته يانتن

لنشرحها لك بالانجليزي ياجاهل

Visitor, of course, did not understand what I was talking about of course. Therefore he thought I was talking about to see if the Shia are better than the Sunnis, and who is the better Muslim. It is obvious, for a 7th grader to that matter, that I was talking about the spread of Sunnism in Syria and the Middle East،and not who is right and who is wrong, or who is better.

As for what Visitor brought to the table to show that the Shiism is a “defected” ideology quoting what al-Ghazzali said, one could EASILY find the defect in his argument that al-Ghazzali WON the argument against al-Shia without the help of any “sword.” It is common knowledge that al-Ghazzali’s ideas were speared headed by a powerful sword.

Just one trip to the book this Visitor linked us to one can find that al-Ghazzali was chosen by a powerful political figure (Nizam al-Mulk).

al-Ghazzali was a pawn for the ruler, like Kiftaro for example, no difference.

As for al-Ghazzali and Philosophy and logic: al-Ghazzali was made to fight logic and Philosophy. Remember his miserable attempt to critique Ibn Rushd.

al-Ghazzali is the rigid type.

AS for me being Ajami: grow up ya 7imar… you think you are better than anyone on this world. People like you who has mental problems think they are better than other people.

طز باللي رباك وبتربيتك ياقرد

حمار وستظل حماراً يانتن

April 4th, 2013, 4:50 pm


Syrialover said:

SAMI #52,

Thank you for that intelligent observation about nations and religion. It stands out in the comments here.

I understand that citizens of western (and Latin American and various African countries) see their countries as having a Christian culture, and its values and ideas have historically contributed to the legal and political systems of these countries.

Now if we are going to talk about Muslim nations, the biggest one in the world is Indonesia.

It has a larger Muslim population than any other country, with approximately 202.9 million identified as Muslim (88.2% of the total population).

Although it has an overwhelming Muslim majority, the country is not an Islamic state.

Over the past 50 years, many Islamic groups sporadically have sought to establish an Islamic state, but the country’s mainstream Muslim community, including influential social organizations such as Muhammadiyah and NU, reject the idea.

(source Wikpedia)

COMMENT: Why do some people here think there is a stronger case for imposing an Islamic state in Syria than there is in Indonesia?

I use the term imposing an Islamic state because it would probably have to be done that way. The Islamists in Indonesia make a big effort to get there through the ballot box and push for changes in parliamentary rules, but Indonesians have shown they don’t want that.

I think the world is aware that using Islam or any other religion as an instrument of power in Government is a disastrous road block to equality and freedom, and is certain to stall social, political and economic development.

Moaz al-Khatib has made clear he thinks an Islamic state would be wrong for Syria.

And we can assume he knows as much (and probably much more) about Islam as most of those fantasizing about making Syria an Islamic state.

April 4th, 2013, 5:01 pm


mjabali said:


You are right that in Iran Shiism was forced by the Safawi ruler (Who is ethnically a Turk if you do not know). How much is the percentage of the Sunnis to Shia before this happened is very hard to know exactly. There were way too many Sunnis in Iran at that moment.

Another thing we are sure about: Iranians played a very important role into the establishment of the Sunni creed that we know today.

AS for Syria: also no one know for sure what was the percentages of Shia to Sunnis at the eve of the Ottoman occupation that started in 1516. But one thing is certain: there were more Shia than what you have left now. The Ottomans killed many Shia for sure. This is reported in many books. Again: Sunnism was spread in Syria by the sword.

April 4th, 2013, 5:05 pm


Visitor said:

MJabali @4:50PM,

It is obvious it is YOU who is an IDIOT and who doesn’t know what the hell he wrote OR what I wrote.

You said Sunnism spread by the sword in your previous comment.

I said Ghazali demolished your creed by the force of argument at the time when your Shiite Fatimids were at the height of power.

Obviously you suffer from an acute case of miscomprehension, not to mention that you are without manners whatsoever, without ethics, without reasoning, a complete idiot to the full with all accessories, a dimwit to the utmost and an utter failure in life
وتضرب انتا واللي رباك يا حمار يا تيس يا بغل يا بهيم٠

Of course, it follows from the same Ghazali book that your creed is deficient, inferior and full of utter nonsense. What else?

لكروح العمى بقلبك شو اعمى٠

You don’t like Ghazali? OK, good enough. Then how about Ibn Taymiyyah? You might as well just run away. You have no argument to offer.

April 4th, 2013, 5:10 pm


Syrian said:

Ok,forget my example, I don’t want to go into the Arab,Jewish thing, Will end up arguing who was the true heir of Abraham.
You asked Tara about a law that is not applicable today,the last time was inforced about 100 years ago by the Ottomans
That law was put when nations and empires were built on religion
So to leave your religion and follow your enemy religion would amount to treason,
And like I said when the ruler has followed the true Islamic law then there are no place in that nation for a convert in that nation ,he can move to other nation and flow thier religion,
so your question to Tara was like apples and oranges asking about a law that was put for a certain time but not our times it was put for the conditions of that era,

BTW (Ishmeal)

April 4th, 2013, 5:19 pm


Syrialover said:

Oh he’s so confused! He doesn’t have the head size or mustache strength to work it out.

“Assad lashes out at Arab League, says it ‘lacks legitimacy'”


“The Arab League lacks legitimacy. It’s a League that represents the Arab states, not the Arab people, so it can’t grant or retract legitimacy,” Assad said in extracts from an interview with Turkish media published on the presidency’s Facebook page.

“Real legitimacy is not accorded by organizations or foreign officials or other country… legitimacy is that which is granted by the people,” Assad said.

“All these theatrics have no value in our eyes,” he added.

COMMENT: Hilarious! So where does that put the totalitarian dictatorship of the Assads who seized and held onto power through the gun and torture chamber and have now turned Syria’s military weaponry on its citizens and infrastructure?

Real legitimacy granted by the people?

Assad’s legitimacy was granted how in Syria? And by which people? Does he mean the Iranians and Russians?

April 4th, 2013, 5:24 pm


Syrialover said:

Why the weird Halloween picture of MATTHEW BARBER in the main post above?

Is that the image he likes?

Surely as Mr digital communication he can get someone to take a normal photo to put with his web postings?

Hmmm. Maybe the scary one above is flattering compared with the reality.

April 4th, 2013, 5:30 pm


Juergen said:

Great comment by DER SPIEGEL correspondent Christoph Reuter

War without End: The Price of Inaction in Syria

Western leaders — and German ones, in particular — have come up with countless reasons for not providing military support to Syrian rebels. But this just plays into the hands of Assad, who has nothing to win, but plenty to destroy.

“Take a moment to imagine it the other way around: A Syrian dictator with a full beard — an Islamist harboring al-Qaida sympathies — has the Christian population of his country shot, starved and bombed, lets fanatical militias massacre non-believers and burns the country down to ashes. Were that the case, an alliance of Western nations would step up to intervene faster than you could say “Mali.”

April 4th, 2013, 6:19 pm


revenire said:

Juergen it is not an accurate statement that there is Western inaction on Syria. They are arming the terrorists so your post is silly.

Maybe it is a “great” comment to your feeble mind but somehow I doubt that.

Do you even know what Truth is?

April 4th, 2013, 6:22 pm


revenire said:

Syrialover no one really cares what you think about Assad or much of anything do they? Are you married? I can imagine a wife paying very little attention to you.

April 4th, 2013, 6:24 pm


Tara said:


You said “If “islamophobe” means being scared of what I think is true Islam then yes I am scared and so I am an islamophobe and so you are. Based on your understanding of Islam or Majedkhaldoun or Sh.Yaqubi then I am certainly not one.”

Georges, I want to say that I sensed in your post a real desire to convey a genuine emotion as opposed to just mere statement of hate that I sometimes perceive in the discourse of Islamophobe middle-eastern Christians that want to engage me in a hate conversation about Islam.  A perception that usually turns me off and prompts me to ignore the poster altogether as I can’t and do not like to argue with “hate”.

I would totally agree with you had you been a christian living in Afghanistan under the Taliban.  I am too afraid of that “version of Islam”.  I do not call it though the “True Islam”.  I call my version the “true Islam”.  I am a pedigree of a very religious family in Damascus.  I wouldn’t blame any one who only heard of Taliban’s version to be an Islamophobe but until not too long ago that I could believe an Islamophobe Syrian exists.   It is the fact that you are a Syrian, born and raised in Syria, along with Syrian Muslims that makes me label your feeling as an Islamophobe which in my mind has a flavor of racism (if you will).  Racism in term of qualifying certain group of people of being inferior based on certain common factor that grope them together.   

What makes a Syrian thinks that the true Islam is Qaeda-style Islam of the Takfiris and the terrorists?   I happen to believe that most of our emotions and behaviors are learned.  They come from past exposure.  Have I lived in a different Syria than yours?   When I face a Syrian  Christian who hate Muslims and there are some or many, I can’t help thinking that he was fed hate in his childhood and that I am seeing the final product of said hate.  

Let us be honest with each other and not sugar-coat anything.  You said it.  It is a blog.  I don’t know you and you don’t know me and the odds are we would never know each other.  Prior to the start of the revolution, Have you sensed intolerance and hate from your Muslims acquaintances if you have any?  Did you thing that they were carrying am inner desire to convert you?  To treat you as a second class citizen?  to steal your property or to impose a Jezya on you?  Did you sense hate?   Where exactly did you make the conclusion that what Tara or MK, your every day fellow Syrians represents is not the “true Islam”?                 

April 4th, 2013, 6:33 pm


mjabali said:

Visitor: النتن

Too bad for you I know your hero al-Ghazzali very well.

1- al-Ghazzali is a light weight. He was no where close to the Shia thinkers like Ibn Sina. Funny also when al-Ghazzali tried to refute Ibn Rushd: read about what happened, maybe you can enlarge your horizon.

2- al-Ghazzali was Iranian: known as al-Tusi al-Naysaburi. His place of birth is located near current day Mashhad in Iran. So, when a joke like you think he is slandering me by calling me A’jami, while at the same time asking me to follow what an A’jami like al-Ghazzali had said, doesn’t this tell us that you are in a sad state of knowledge? Your logic is frozen bellow zero.

3- al-Ghazzali worked for the ruler who was interested into spreading a certain brand of Islam that is hostile to progressive thinking as evidenced through out history from the days of al-Ghazzali till now.

4- al-Ghazzali was a takfiri freak like al-Nusra and Co. He declared Ibn Sina and al-Farabi (Two of the greatest thinkers/scientists of those days) heretics. Doesn’t this tell us a lot about this character?

5- As for the Fatimids: al-Ghazzali can never be compared to Ibn Sina, or any other thinker who shared the creed the Fatimids were trying to spread through their missionaries. al-Ghazzali’s ideas would never been spread without the sword of the Seljukes and the rulers who came after them and who wanted to triumph this conservative/rigid type of Sunni Islam.

6- I hope you are taking notes Visitor: your education is limited as I see.

7- طز فيك وفي اللي رباك شو حوبة

April 4th, 2013, 6:36 pm


Tara said:


Sorry, your attempt to evade answering my question has failed. You may elect to keep that answer. It is of course your prerogative. But you should know that your answer is inadequate. You need to commit yourself to a principal, not only when it fits your views.

Also, you can’t claim that you are pro freedom of speech and call for arresting al Jazeera journalist or the Canadian-Iranisn journalist who sneaked into Iran. Do you support Israel arresting a journalist sneaking into Palestine during Gaza bombardment and exposing what happened? How about a journalist sneaking into the stronghold of Jabhat al Nusra and exposing an atrocity they may have committed? Principals are principals or not?

April 4th, 2013, 6:47 pm


Visitor said:

MJabali @6:36PM السعدان تربية السعادين
لك ولييييييي عليك شو حمار شو قاصر الفهم٠
ولا مين ابن سينا هاد؟ طبعا كافر٠

والفارابي هاد عارف شو قال قبل ما يموت؟
وبعدين مين اللي خبرك انو نحنا ما منعرف الجدل بين الغزالي وابن رشد؟ هاد موضوع تاني مختلف كليا عن الموضوع تبعنا٠
بس الحمار بضل حمار ٠
انت بتعد حالك قد الغزالي٠ لك العمى بقلبك عمى٠ روح انضب ولا انتا جاهل حيوان ما بتعرف العصا من الالف٠ ليش بعدني عمضيغ وقتي مع اشكالك٠

بعدين قبل ما يموت الفارابي قال: آسف على كل لحظة من عمري اضعتها في دراسة الفلسفة والفلاسفة٠

ايه روووووووووح تفلسف غسر هون٠ قال فلسوف قال؟ شي بهوي من هيك فيلسوف سعدان قرد عجمي واطي٠

April 4th, 2013, 7:02 pm


revenire said:

Tara in a war journos are often spies. Al Jazeera is a Qatari rag. You said nothing when Maya Naser was murdered. In fact I bet you applauded it. You are a sick woman.

April 4th, 2013, 7:06 pm


revenire said:

Tara THAT is what a Syrian woman is. You are NONE of those things. Syria spit you out.

April 4th, 2013, 7:10 pm


Citizen said:

Syria Puts Us Into An Historic Moment In History
Syria Playing Role Of Sarajevo A Hundreds Years Ago (Beginning of World War)
Syria Will Not Be Lost Without A No Fly Zone
The Jihadists have aligned themselves with a Jewish Christian Zionist Alliance
Russia and China Standing Firm On Supporting Syria
Zionists generally use a false flag to instigate aggression
Most Americans know it was the Mossad and CIA who planned and carried out the 911 attacks
Israel will hope that NATO and Russia/China will war
Opposing the Zionist attack on Syria does not make a person a supporter of Assad.
No Islamic government is doing as much as Hugo Chavez did, they are all comfortable with the IMF.
The other parts of the interview will go up within 24 hours

April 4th, 2013, 7:29 pm


revenire said:

Tara just so we are clear: You, my dear, are in NO position to question anyone who supports the government’s principles – not with the trash you’ve said and the dogs you support.

April 4th, 2013, 7:44 pm


Tara said:

Where is WSS?


I do not know if you are still reading. I remembered you when Sami wrote a post about Tess2yeh, a Damascene cuisine. I want to have you as my family’s guest in a Damascus veranda.. I want to be quite and would like you to do all the talking. You will come to my parent’s apartment. l will serve you coffee and yasmeen smell. At 2:00 Am, will drive to eat Tesseyeh. You will not regret it.

Why aren’t you posting?

April 4th, 2013, 7:47 pm




“It is the fact that you are a Syrian, born and raised in Syria, along with Syrian Muslims that makes me label your feeling as an Islamophobe which in my mind has a flavor of racism (if you will). Racism in term of qualifying certain group of people of being inferior based on certain common factor that grope them together.”

You are grossly mistaken if you think I am “racist” the way you defined it. I don’t think I ever passed a judgement on Islam in what I wrote. There is no judgement at all. You wrote the word “feeling”, but it has nothing to do with feeling either. All I’m saying is, after having read about Islam, listened to lectures about Islam, etc, analyzed what I had read and found, I reached the conclusion that it is not compatible with western-style democracy or secularism. That’s based on my own understanding and analysis of Islam. There is no feeling or judgement associated with it at all.

Now since I’m not a scholar and it wasn’t an in-depth research I am sure there’s alot of things I don’t have a clue about, maybe things that would have made me reached another conclusion. But that’s another point. The point is, I researched Islam and what I read made me logically conclude that it is not compatible with western-style democracy or secularism. There is no room for judgement or feeling in this. In fact, that’s exactly what I try and strive to avoid: analyzing things as they are and not as I want them to be.

I don’t think muslims are inferior because of their ideology, I don’t know where you get this from either. I certainly don’t think a particular way of life can be superior to another. Everyone has his beliefs and whatever works for people, let them have it as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Secularism is not what “true” muslims (according to my understanding of what a true muslim is) want the same way islamism is not what I want because I’m not a muslim, nobody is superior to the other.

“Have you sensed intolerance and hate from your Muslims acquaintances if you have any? Did you thing that they were carrying am inner desire to convert you? To treat you as a second class citizen? to steal your property or to impose a Jezya on you? Did you sense hate?”

Actually I have experienced some of what you describe but that’s only with an insignificant proportion of muslim acquaintances. The overwhelming majority are/were very nice to me. But being against western-style democracy and against secularism has nothing to do with being nice or not nice.

” Where exactly did you make the conclusion that what Tara or MK, your every day fellow Syrians represents is not the “true Islam”?””

I watched lectures, read, and concluded that secularism is in total contradiction with Islam and so is western-style democracy. From this I also concluded that muslims who deny it either don’t understand their religion, either they know it but don’t what to cause problems, either they have been corrupted by ideas alien to Islam or have some form of cognitive dissonance. That’s all there is to it.

April 4th, 2013, 7:58 pm


Tara said:


Tell me what you think that the Syrian Muslims you lived with want? Specifically in term of minorities’ rights

April 4th, 2013, 8:21 pm


Syrialover said:


I am sure you are laughing even louder than I am at REVENIRE’S childish bizarre attempt at insults to you. He must feel very naughty and pleased with himself for coming up with such things.

Imagine him daring to spit such random rubbish in real life at anyone he encountered at a meeting or social event.

Of course he wouldn’t.

April 4th, 2013, 8:24 pm


Syrialover said:

Sigh. Instead of a rational answer to a reasonable question, I got the usual sumultaneous multiple thumbs down from the usual voter (singular)

Here’s the question again:

Why do some people here think there is a stronger case for imposing an Islamic state in Syria than there is in Indonesia?

(See my post #72)

April 4th, 2013, 8:31 pm


Tara said:


From Reve? It does not bother me a bit. It has no impact on me whatsoever.

A post once written by Why-Discuss made me cry.

April 4th, 2013, 8:42 pm


Syrialover said:

The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan – a good first-hand description and insights on a blog by someone working there.

It gives information and explanations I haven’t seen elsewhere.

April 4th, 2013, 8:42 pm


zoo said:

Syria estimated reconstruction cost: 80 billion $

Syria dying with no winners, no help in sight

The U.N. estimate is due to be officially released in the coming days. It adds urgency to refugee numbers released as part of the U.N.’s ESCWA report last month, warning that the cost of reconstruction for Syria – even if the violence were to stop today – would stand at some $80 billion.

Commenting on the report, Abdullah Dardari, head of ESCWA’s Economic Development and Globalization Division and former Syrian deputy prime minister for Economic Affairs who is working on a U.N.-backed reconstruction plan for the country, told The Daily Star the figures were “shocking.”

“Preliminary numbers show there are 5 million people, or 37 percent of the population, now in a state of abject poverty,” Dardari said. Abject poverty is defined as living below the poverty line of $2 a day, estimated to be the amount needed to meet minimum calorie requirements for survival.

Some “2.5 million people are unemployed today compared to less than half a million two years ago,” Dardari added.

He said that “400,000 homes have been fully destroyed, 300,000 have been partially destroyed and 500,000 are without access to basic infrastructure.” But he added that there was some cause for hope in the alarming figures.

“There is a message here, that if the war stopped now, the country has a good chance of recovery in terms of increasing its budget deficit and foreign debt.”

However, with fighting unrelenting for now, attention is shifting to how Syria can cope with the cost of the war, whoever wins militarily.

More perplexing is the question of who will step up, via direct funding, aid or investment, to help that recovery process.

April 4th, 2013, 8:49 pm


revenire said:

The suffering of the Syrian people looks pretty good from the East Coast of the USA doesn’t it Tara?

April 4th, 2013, 8:58 pm


zoo said:

Washington Escalates Syria Intervention

“After using al Qaeda and similar forces as shock troops in a war for regime change, its intent is to fashion a new dictatorial regime based upon the remnants of Assad’s security forces and fully subordinated to US imperialism’s predatory aims in the region.

By Bill van Auken

While the Obama administration has formally categorized the Nusra front as a foreign terrorist organization, its real attitude has been one of tacit support for the Islamist group’s actions, which have included terrorist car bombings and other attacks on civilians.

And, while US officials have voiced concerns about al Qaeda-affiliated forces gaining a foothold on Syria’s border with Israel, Tel Aviv itself appears to be giving tacit backing to these elements.

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who enjoys close ties to US intelligence, cites an “order of battle” prepared by the Free Syrian Army for the US State Department. It shows, he said, that “most of the rebel groups have strong Islamic roots.”

As a result, he warns, “the post-Assad situation may be as chaotic and dangerous as the civil war itself. The Muslim rebel groups will try to claim control of Assad’s powerful arsenal, including chemical weapons, posing new dangers.”

He reports that the document received by the State Department describes two almost identically named Islamist fronts, one backed by Saudi Arabia and the other by “wealthy Saudi, Kuwaiti and other Gulf Arab individuals,” as well as a third “rebel group” funded by the monarchical regime in Qatar.

The al Qaeda-linked Nusra front is said to number some 6,000 fighters.

Ignatius suggests that US strategy is to pressure the Saudi regime to push the Islamist front it backs into an alliance with the Turkey-based Free Syrian Army and its US-backed commander, Gen. Salim Idriss.

“That would bring a measure of order and would open the way for Idriss to negotiate a military transition government that would include reconcilable elements of Assad’s army,” Ignatius writes.

This scenario provides a revealing glimpse of Washington’s strategy for the Syrian “revolution.” After using al Qaeda and similar forces as shock troops in a war for regime change, its intent is to fashion a new dictatorial regime based upon the remnants of Assad’s security forces and fully subordinated to US imperialism’s predatory aims in the region.

April 4th, 2013, 8:58 pm


Visitor said:

بيان حمل رقم 298 تلقى بيروت أوبزرفر نسخة منه عبر البريد الإلكتروني، أعلنت جبهة النصرة – القيادة العسكرية، التي تقاتل في صفوف الثوار ضد النظام السوري، عن مسؤول في حزب الله يدعى “وسام نحلة” وملقب بـ “دانيال” في حي ركن الدين، وفيما يلي نص البيان
بيان رقم 298
جبهة النصرة – القيادة العسكرية
بشراكم يا أهل بلاد الشام.. بشراكم يا أحفاد الصحابة والفاتحين.. بشراكم أيها المستضعفون والمكلومون.. بشراكم يا عباد الله!
بشرى بدمع الفرح نزفها إلى أهلنا في شام النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم
رداً على غطرسة عصابات حزب اللات وحشدها لمليشياتها في شامنا العزيزة، نبشّركم بنجاح رجالٍ أولي بأس شديد. وبعد تعقبه من لبنان إلى الشام تمكنا من تصفية أحد مسؤولي حزب اللات الأمنيين المدعو (وسام نحلة) الملقب بـ”دانيال” وذلك بعد أن وطأت قدماه أرض شامنا العزيزة بتفجير سيارته في حي ركن الدين
ونحن نعدكم بأن نذيق عصابات الأسد ومليشيات حزب اللات ما لم يخطر لهم على بال
لا تنسونا من صالح دعائكم
والحمد لله ربّ العالمين

Here’s the link,

Basically, the holy warriors of the Nusra Front eliminated a Hezbo criminal, Wissam N7hleh, in Rukn el-Deen district. He is a Hezbo Security thug who was tasked by the mullah-stanis to killing Syrians in Damascus.

April 4th, 2013, 8:59 pm


Ghufran said:

It is unfortunate that many of you are dodging the fact that Islam today is in intensive care after that religion was hijacked by Wahhabis and tainted by oil money. The examples of turkey ( with a lower t), Malaysia and Indonesia are indeed a proof that the version of Islam prompted by the Wahhabis is incompatible with modern times ( and any time). The West is Christian on paper, daily practices of western people isca reflection of pragmatism and freedom ,something Wahhabi Islam does not allow, this is why Muslim nations are the butt of jokes today after being at the top of the world few centuries ago. The closest Arab Muslims get to western Christianity is among progressive Damascenes and Allepines where religious beliefs did not stop followers from pursuing education and business , that explains why those people are bitterly against nusra type of Islam, progressive Sunnis are the last line of defense against filthy Wahhabis.

April 4th, 2013, 9:01 pm


revenire said:

“The military facility is located in an area named Fortification 105 in Syria’s Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (originally referred to as the Syrian Heights in Israel). It is essentially a support base for anti-government forces and only the tip of the iceberg in regards to Israeli involvement in Syria. Israel’s January strikes on Syria were the fruits of the cooperation between the Israelis and insurgent militias.”

April 4th, 2013, 9:03 pm


mjabali said:

Visitor: النتن

ياسفيه سيريا كومنت

لاتزال تصر على عوائك وتنعتني بالاعجمي. هل الأعجمي شتيمة؟ هل تعيش بين الأعاجم ياقرد ؟ هل تستفيد من مااخترعه الأعاجم ؟

عندما يآتي سفيه جاهل مثلك ويأتي بالغزالي الاعجمي للنقاش ألست بمسخرة عندما تنعتني بالأعجمي؟

أليس عمك وقائدك وملهمك إبن تيمية بأعجمي ياجاهل؟

أليس معلمك وقائدك الروحي ابن حنبل اعجمي أم لا؟

مستواك الفكري وضيع مثل أصلك والدليل على هذا ماتقوله حول اصول الناس

عندما يأتي عديم تربية مثلك يظهر جهله بسرعة

قبل أن أذهب: طز في تربيتك وفي الذي رباك ياعديم الأصل

تربيتك تنعكس في كلامك السفيه مرة بعد مرة

مرة أخرى: طز في تربيتك وطز في الذي رباك شو انو حوبة

April 4th, 2013, 9:06 pm


zoo said:

Syria opposition losing its way
4 April 2013, 14:55 GMT

The rebels’ credibility as a political force ready to run Syria after Bashar al-Assad is being eroded due to internal squabbles

Khatib’s proposal for talks with elements within the regime, who have not been implicated in the violence offers a way out. But it has no chance of success if the US and Europe continue to watch from the sidelines. Without any hope of a political resolution, the conflict will continue to escalate, to the advantage of the most vicious elements on both sides.

April 4th, 2013, 9:07 pm


Syrialover said:

“A significant portion of the camp (easily a third) consisted of female-headed households.

“I was also taken aback by what large families they had, and how young women were when they got married. It was astounding how many women I met who, by the time they were in their 30’s, had already given birth to upwards of 7 or 8 children (and looked like they were much, much older). It was devastating to meet widows who were only 19.”

– From the item on the Zaatari camp linked in #99 above.

A stark and bleak indication of the lack of social, educational and economic development in Syria under the Assads.

In a totalitarian state, the Assads have had full control of resources and unchallenged power for the past 40 years to set priorities and carry out national and regional development programs.

But the Assad regime did the bare minimum, and they did it shallowly and selectively, neglecting a big proportion of the country and its citizens.

It’s painful to think how much could have been achieved in a Syria under proper management, taking advantage of Syrians’ talents and energies.

The Assad legacy: burning the country. And in the lead up to that, decades of waste and failure, corruption, ineptitude and increased marginalization, underdevelopment and poverty for much of the Syrian population.

April 4th, 2013, 9:14 pm


Syrian said:

97. SYRIALOVER said:
“Why do some people here think there is a stronger case for imposing an Islamic state in Syria than there is in Indonesia?”
For one thing Indonesia dose not have the kind of beasts that are ruling and destroying Syria. In the last few hours the nighbourhood of Barazeh has been hit with 10 ground to ground misseles without allowing the civilian to leave beforehand
So your friends the none Islamist obvoiasly cannot do the job, is it fair to ask the Islamist to do all the dying and the n your friends come in and say ok Thank you now we will take over?
To the victor goes the spoils, either go and make your own brigades and do the dying or support the current guys doing the job.

April 4th, 2013, 9:26 pm




Before the war I would have said most syrian muslims are like you or what Majedkhaldoun seems to be, but after these last 2 years I am sure there is many times more syrian muslims like Visitor than before, meaning people who understand Islam the way I understand it (“pure” Islam the way it was presented and taught by the prophet)

I wasn’t talking about syrian muslims per se but about Islam itself. I do not think it is compatible with secularism or western-style democracy.

I also think that any syrian muslim who understands Islam the way I do, would have more allegiance to a chinese muslim for example than to a non-muslim syrian. Based on my understanding there is a conflict between the two identities. (maybe the same could be said about some or many christians but in this case it is sectarian motivated rather than religious)

April 4th, 2013, 9:27 pm


Visitor said:

MJabali الواطي الوسخ النجس الجاهل

الجواب لجميع اسئلتك هو بالنفي

لانك جاهل ولا تدري ما تقول

حاجي اتضيعلي وقتي مو فاضي لك

روح حل انئبر انتا واحد سفيه خسيس جاهل ضيعي (انتا بتقول ضيعجي لانو جي هي علامة الاعجمي هيدي معروفة شوفت انك ما بتعرف شي من العربي)

April 4th, 2013, 9:27 pm


Visitor said:

Hi Majedkhaldoun,

Do you remember the source of the report claiming Assad sent a team to Algeria to meet with opposition?

Thank you.


April 4th, 2013, 9:40 pm


revenire said:


The Syrian Arab Army launched a surface to surface missile a short while ago targeting Terrorists and hitting the rear of the “Mohayna” School in the “Sheikh Maqsoud” neighbourhood of Aleppo, Terrorists took the direct force of the missile with reports of dozens scorched to death in flames reaching high into the night sky …

… – J

April 4th, 2013, 9:53 pm


Syrian said:

“Before the war I would have said most syrian muslims are like you or what Majedkhaldoun seems to be, but after these last 2 years I am sure there is many times more syrian muslims like Visitor than before”
The key word here is “these 2 years”, these”2years” have been the worst ever in Syria’s history, so don’t be surprised for all that transformations.
They were a reaction to the way the minorties rules has acted,
Your minority is very lucky though, you got all of the benefits of that rule but all the blame is going towards the Alawites, so as we say in Syria ضحاك بعبك or in English you got away with murder, at least so far!
Edit: while of course there are exceptions like your self but the majority like ZOO/ warren, SNK,Norman, Daryll, albo/ apple mini, Guffran are the rule

April 4th, 2013, 10:19 pm


Visitor said:

Thank you Georges for recognizing what pure Islam is as you said @9:27PM.

I am praying to Allah the Al-Mighty to give you more knowledge of Islam, because you seem to put it to good use, and also to make you accept Islam and become a good Muslim.

April 4th, 2013, 10:25 pm




The point is not why this has happened. We both know what has caused this.

As for “my minority getting away with murder”, **** you.

April 4th, 2013, 10:29 pm


ghufran said:

another new low in the syrian war:
قال ناشطون معارضون، بحسب صفحاتهم على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي “فيسبوك”، إن “صواريخ من نوع (أرض ـ أرض) سقطت في مناطق بحي برزة، حيث سمع دوي انفجاره في المناطق المجاورة”.
وتابعوا أن “أحد الصواريخ سقط بملحق جامع السلام بالحي، ما أدى لاشتعال النيران بالمسجد وبالمنزل المجاور له، وصاروخ آخر سقط في وسط برزة أدى لتدمير بناء من طابقين، وسط محاولات من الأهالي لانتشال سكانه من تحت الأنقاض”.
كما قالت صفحات مؤيدة إنه تم “سماع صوت أربعة انفجارات في برزة”، تبين أنها “ناتجة عن سقوط أربعة صواريخ على أوكار المسلحين”، مضيفة أن “المعلومات الأولية تشير إلى سحق عدد من المسلحين وتدمير متاريس يتحصن خلفها المسلحون وأصابت عددا آخر”.
وتأتي هذه الأنباء بعدما كانت صفحات معارضة على “فيسبوك” تناقلت أنباء عن “مقتل ضابط عند أحد الحواجز في منطقة بين برزة وحي تشرين”.
who would have guessed that we would see the day when Barzeh is shelled by SSMs?

April 4th, 2013, 10:32 pm


Syrialover said:

SYRIAN #109,

Thanks for responding. But I feel my question remains unanswered, and you have raised other questions.

I am starting to despair that the situation is circular. Syrians are invoking Islamism in the fight because there is nobody outside helping them. But others are reluctant to provide help because of the presence and behavior of Islamic extremists.

I’m on record here as a strong supporter of the FSA, and I still am and will always have gratitude and respect for those who fought and sacrificed for freedom and dignity and the end of tyranny in Syria. I am very, very proud of contributions being made to the fight against Assad by some of my own family.

But there are now too many other agendas and voices pushing into the fighting, many of them not aligned with Syrians.

You talk of “victors” and “spoils”. What the hell are you talking about? You sound like the Mongols, Crusaders, Ottomans and others who invaded Syria and made life hell for the locals.

What is the “job to be done”? And who is owed what? I think enough people have died and suffered terrible losses for their sacrifice to be recognized in a future Syria, not to have to suffer a alien agenda and controls imposed by minority Islamists who got there via the gun.

I am beginning to agree with those who are afraid that some of the fighters are now extending the problem, pushing further away from a solution.

Personally, if you are a Syrian with any stake in the country, when will you decide you are sick and exhausted by how far the killing and destruction has gone?

I’ve reached that stage now. I just want it to STOP, and that’s the priority of millions of other anti-Assad Syrians, including Moaz al-Khatib.

And by the way, Indonesia has had some pretty bad beasts and a dark and brutal history.


But Indonesia’s Islamists seem committed to behaving and speaking in ways that anger and alienate the wider population, which is why they have made sure they don’t gain power.

April 4th, 2013, 10:39 pm


Syrian said:

Yeah what ever
I said there are exceptions but you can not say that the majority are not like ZOO,
Go to the face book pages of your minority and check them out for yourself

April 4th, 2013, 10:45 pm


revenire said:

Syrialover your jihadi allies won’t be satisfied until 500,000 are dead.

April 4th, 2013, 10:52 pm


Syrian said:

I probably have more stake in Syria than anybody here.
This regime wants to fight to the finish. There is no middle ground with it they are only playing for time, and they are masters at it,someone said correctly that Hafez played the time card that he slowed time all over the Middle East.
I,like you wish that it is over today but if you studied what this regime done after his last wins in the eighties you’ll know that other than the complete eradication of this regime,Syria will never recover and all the martyrs blood will be in vain

April 4th, 2013, 11:15 pm



SYRIAN what have you done for the revolution? Whatever you have done I am almost sure I have done 100 times as much as you. But this you obviously don’t know because I don’t go around showing off, so **** off before saying that “my minority” got away with murder and show some respect.

April 4th, 2013, 11:32 pm


revenire said:

That’s it boys, fight amongst yourselves just like your puppet leaders do and your rat mercenary murderers do. I am making popcorn.

Has Assad fallen yet?

April 4th, 2013, 11:36 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Bloody though it may be, best to finish the job now. Unless you want another war 30 years from now?

30 years ago, people didn’t stand up to the regime after Hamas. The war today is the CONSEQUENCE of that cowardice.

Almost all revolutions are bloody. The price has to be paid.

EDIT: Hey look, it’s the retard being retarded again. How does it feel to be an unemployed, parasitic loser, retard?

April 4th, 2013, 11:40 pm


Syrian said:

Well.Georges if it upsets that much I will withdraw it out of respect to your contributions that had seen for long time on this site and the one your keeping to yourself.
I have never siad anything about my contributions before so I don’t know were you got the showing off part.

April 4th, 2013, 11:55 pm


Syrialover said:


Again, thank you for your response.

I see we have some points of agreement.

But there’s no precedent or preparation for things going this far. The 80’s was a small blip compared with this.

It’s not just loss of lives and the material and economic destruction.

What’s worse is the terrible, irreparable psychological damage to so many Syrians, their gutted lives and empty futures.

And talk of “victors” and “spoils” by Islamists and them being “owed” is making it even more of a nightmare.

Where are the hopes, welfare and future of the majority of ordinary Syrians being talked about and upheld?

I hear it most clearly when I listen to Moaz al-Khatib.

What he is saying is like being offered clean water after being doused in increasing doses of stagnant, muddy liquid.

An adult voice among excitedly yelling kids.

April 4th, 2013, 11:57 pm



It’s quite enraging to risk your life for this (literally) and then being told that your community will get away for murder. Piss off you rat there’s no room for your ilk in the new syria.

You have no idea.

April 5th, 2013, 12:08 am


ghufran said:

algeria trying to help:
كشف مصدر جزائري، أن وفدا سوريةً رفيع المستوى يزور الجزائر حالياً بصورة غير معلنة، لبحث وساطة محتملة قد تقودها الجزائر بين نظام الأسد والمعارضة المسلحة.
ونقلت صحيفة “الشروق” الجزائرية اليوم الخميس، عن المصدر قوله إن مسؤولين جزائريين استقبلوا أمس وبعيدا عن الأضواء، مسؤولا كبيرا في حزب البعث السوري ووفداً أمنياً مرافقاً له عبر رحلة خاصة لطائرة روسية قادمة من مطار باريس، انطلاقاً من العاصمة الروسية، موسكو، قبل أن تحط بالمطار الدولي هواري بومدين بالعاصمة الجزائرية.
وضم الوفد السوري 5 من القياديين في النظام السوري، كما شمل كلاً من مدير الأمن الداخلي برتبة فريق، ونائب محافظة حلب التي تشهد أشد المعارك بين القوات النظامية وقوات المعارضة.
وكان في استقبال الوفد، الأمين العام للداخلية الجزائرية، عبد القادر واعلي، وممثل عن وزارة الخارجية وعدد من الضباط الجزائريين.
وقال المصدر إن الحديث يجري الآن حول اعتزام السلطات الجزائرية لأن تكون وسيطاً بين نظام الأسد والمعارضة لوقف الحرب.
وكان وزير الخارجية الجزائري مراد مدلسي أعلن قبل يومين ان بلاده تقف على مسافة واحدة من أطراف الصراع في سورية قائلاً “ليس لدينا مشكلة لا مع المعارضة السورية ولا مع الحكومة السورية بل لدينا إرادة أخوية لجمع الشمل”.
وشدد الوزير على أن “الحل الوحيد للخروج من الأزمة السورية هو الحوار” رافضا التدخل في الشؤون الداخلية لسورية.
وأكد مدلسي استعداد الجزائر التعامل مع أي نظام حكم جديد يأتي في حال سقوط نظام الأسد، قائلا “قاعدتنا التعامل مع الدول وعندما يكون لدى الشعوب رغبة في تغيير نظامها فنحن نتكلم مع النظام الجديد إذا كان هناك نظام جديد”.
ودعا مدلسي السوريين إلى أن “يأخذوا على عاتقهم بصفة كلية أمورهم الداخلية حتى لا تعرف سورية ما عرفته دول أخرى قد يؤدي ذلك إلى مشاكل أخطر”.
وقلل وزير الخارجية الجزائري من حظوظ نجاح مهمة المبعوث الدولي إلى سورية الأخضر الإبراهيمي وقال “لا نعتقد أنها ستحظى بفرص للنجاح مع أننا نتمنى لها كل النجاح، لكننا وهو (الابراهيمي) في المقام الأول ندرك تماما مدى تعقيد المهمة”.

April 5th, 2013, 12:09 am


revenire said:

Yes Moaz was very adult when he begged his American masters for Patriot missiles. The effect of NATO intervening would mean hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians. A US-led attack will cost more lives than both US invasions of Iraq. Iran will step in. The entire region would be set on fire. Moaz is a fool.

I rather think the US is afraid of Syria. So is Israel. If not why don’t they intervene? What are they waiting for? 100,000 dead? 200,000?

Beggars like Moaz have no place in Syria.

April 5th, 2013, 12:16 am


Syrian said:

It is not as if the regime gave Alkhateeb anything when he stuck his neck out and asked for negotiations.
Again it is now or never, if this regime got any breaathing room.They will in no time with the complete help of Iran, Iraq and HA rebuild his security forces and make sure that this never happens again,
the half millions who left in the eighties and never were able to go back will be joins by another million current refugees that he will make them pay dearly if he ever win.

April 5th, 2013, 12:17 am


revenire said:

“127. GEORGES said:
It’s quite enraging to risk your life for this (literally) and then being told that your community will get away for murder. Piss off you rat there’s no room for your ilk in the new syria.
You have no idea.”

LOL are you the clowns that are going to liberate Syria? Our boys are laughing as our MiGs cut your rats to pieces.

I am having a lemonade watching the “revolution” die. Be sure to have Moaz get your passports renewed. LOL

April 5th, 2013, 12:21 am


Juergen said:

Hey Ann, I thought you may want to show off a bit with this one:

Gate to hell found in Turkey

April 5th, 2013, 12:30 am


revenire said:

Wow! That was frickin’ touching! I am crying as I type this.

Juergen someone once told me Jews control Hollywood but I didn’t believe them. Now I am not so sure.

April 5th, 2013, 12:30 am


Juergen said:

In Egypt, Brotherhood may ‘spoil’ everything

“In their quest for power, the Muslim Brotherhood has committed two fatal strategic errors: they rushed to lead, and then they failed to lead.”

April 5th, 2013, 12:31 am


ghufran said:

Muhammad Ballout:
تضم لائحة المعارضين جماعات متفرقة، أهمها «المجالس العسكرية الموحدة»، التي رفضت تعيين هيتو، وترفض المضي في تعيين أي «حكومة» قبل أن يتم توسيع «الائتلاف». ويقف في المعارضة رئيس «الائتلاف» احمد معاذ الخطيب نفسه ونائبه رياض سيف، ومجموعة التسعة الذين جمدوا عضويتهم، ومنهم كمال اللبواني ووليد البني ومروان حاج رفاعي ومحمد العاصي الجربا. لكنها مجموعة تفتقد رؤية مشتركة.
وإذ يتمتع الخطيب بنبرة وطنية عالية، وقدر عال من «الاستقلالية» والتمرد على القطريين، إلى حد المطالبة بالحل التفاوضي وانتقاد تدخلهم في شؤون المعارضة، إلا انه لا يزال مترددا في ترجمة مواقفه والقطع مع «الائتلاف» و«الإخوان» والقطريين، وتحرير المعارضة من هيمنتهم، وبلورة تحالف مع أنصار الحل التفاوضي من معارضة الداخل.
كما تضم لائحة من القادمين الجدد تحت عناوين طائفية أو عرقية، لم يألفها الخطاب السياسي السوري. فخلال الأسابيع الماضية، جهدت أطراف كثيرة، غربية وعربية، في تجميع ممثلين للطوائف في مؤتمرات في القاهرة أو اسطنبول، تحت مسميات علوية أو مسيحية أو تركمانية، لضمها إلى «الائتلاف» تعزيزا لشرعيته.
يعبر التجميع الطائفي عن التصورات الغربية للحل في سوريا، وهي تصورات تفترض أن إسقاط النظام يمر عبر منازعة قاعدته من الأقليات وطمأنة الخائفين منها، بمنحها مقاعد في الصفوف الأولى لـ«الائتلاف»، من دون أن يعكس ذلك تحولات حقيقية على الأرض، على الأقل بالأحجام التي يجري الرهان عليها في وزارات الخارجية البريطانية والفرنسية والأميركية. وكان المشرفون على الملف السوري في الخارجيات الثلاث يعتبرون منذ تكوينهم لـ«المجلس الوطني»، ضم الطوائف والأقليات إلى المعارضة، شرط تشريعها، وهو ما عبرت عنه بجلاء وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية السابقة هيلاري كلينتون عندما نعت «المجلس الوطني» لإخفاقه في اجتذاب الأقليات.
ولا يملك المعارضون لهيمنة «الإخوان» وقطر سوى خطة اختراق «الائتلاف»، وإغراقه بكتلة معارضة جديدة من الأقليات والنساء والمجتمع المدني، والمراهنة على كرههم التكويني المفترض لجماعة «الإخوان» لوقف تقدمها، علما بأن «الإخوان» كانوا أول من بادر إلى «التقية» السياسية والتخفي خلف واجهات علمانية كبرهان غليون ومسيحية كجورج صبرا بترئيسهما «المجلس الوطني». وهكذا تقدم شعار توسيع «الائتلاف»، ورفع عدد أعضائه من ٦٦ حاليا إلى ١٠٠، على قضية تشكيل «الحكومة» كأحد تكتيكات من يحاولون احتواء «الإخوان»، والرد عليهم ومنعهم من وضع اليد سياسيا وإداريا على المناطق التي ستشرف عليها «الحكومة الموقتة»، وتحويلها إلى كيان «إخواني».
ويقول معارضون ان «الإخوان» لا يبالون بتقسيم الكيان السوري. وينسب معارضون إلى نائب المراقب العام للجماعة محمد فاروق طيفور موافقته على إقامة كيان في الشمال السوري، عاصمته حلب، وإدارة ما يمكن الحصول عليه، من دون انتظار الحسم العسكري في دمشق.
وبرر المعارض السوري ذلك بانزلاق الصراع من «ثورة» إلى صراع على السلطة. وقال معارض سوري ان اتجاهات في «الائتلاف» بدأت تتعايش مع احتمالات إدارة سوريا من قبل حكومتين أمدا غير محدد، وربما تقسيمها. وأعلن أن الخطر يكمن في انه سيكون من الصعب ربما إعادة توحيد الكيانات. ونقل المعارض السوري عن الخطيب اعتقاده أن الخطر ليس في التقسيم بين الشمال والجنوب السوري، لكن في امتناع بعض المناطق التي تسيطر عليها المعارضة عن الخضوع لسلطة الحكومة الجديدة.
ويبدو شرط التوسيع قبل التشكيل طوق نجاة المعارضين لجماعة «الإخوان» داخل المعارضة بدائيا وبعيدا عن فهم أن بنية «الائتلاف»، إذا ما توسعت على أساس الاصطفاف الطائفي، لن تغير شيئا في وظيفته، لان من يحدد وظيفته هي الدول التي رعت تشكيله ولا تزال تموله ولن تغير أجندتها.
وتقول مصادر في المعارضة السورية ان الأسبوع المقبل سيشهد اجتماعات لخبراء الملف السوري في خارجيات مجموعة الـ١١ في «أصدقاء سوريا». وتضم المجموعة تركيا وقطر والسعودية ودولة الإمارات والأردن وفرنسا والولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا وألمانيا وايطاليا. وتنظر المجموعة في مستقبل «الائتلاف» وتشكيل «الحكومة» وتمويلها وعمليات التسليح الجارية
وحذر المبعوث العربي والدولي إلى سوريا الأخضر الإبراهيمي من أن خطوات الاعتراف بـ«الائتلاف» ومحاولات تسليمه مقاعد سوريا في منظمة المؤتمر الإسلامي وغيرها ستؤدي إلى إفشال الحل السياسي. وقال ان «مزيدا من الخطوات باتجاه الاعتراف بالمعارضة السورية قد يؤدي الى تعنت النظام السوري الذي ما زال يملك القوة التسليحية الأكبر في مواجهة الثورة السورية، وهو ما سيفشل في النهاية الحل السياسي».
without keeping, but not entirely preserving, the syrian army, Syria will become a failed state, then it will not matter who wins,all Syrians will be losers, people who refuse to entertain the possibility of a compromise are traitors in my opinion, a compromise must include concessions from both sides, the argument that the FSA will be ready to take over the country’s security is laughable, however, the other argument that all armed syrians must lay down their arms and submit to uncle Assad is beyond ridiculous,even if Assad keeps Damascus, he will not be able to control Syria, the decent thing to do is to step aside then step down, supporters of Assad running for “elections” do not want to understand that Syria today is not Syria before 2011.

April 5th, 2013, 12:35 am


Syrialover said:


It’s no good, even when you yell in capitals. Syrian Commando packed a much stronger punch. He was seriously tough that one, no kidding around.

April 5th, 2013, 12:36 am


Juergen said:

‘Battle of Armageddon’

“The new, dramatic claims of Bashar’s overdue demise aren’t mere fantasy telegraphing, however. They reflect a new stage of relentless psychological warfare by the Syrian rebels who have lately encircled Damascus in an attempt not to take the city (which they can’t yet do) but to lay the groundwork for its eventual taking. The aim is to deplete what remains of regime’s morale, sow panic and paranoia in the ranks of the mukhabarat and conventional military, and put Assad on the propagandistic back foot. ”

Q&A with Alex Thomson

How foreign journalists operate in Syria

April 5th, 2013, 12:39 am


ann said:

Syria warns of regional disaster unless Jihadists reined in – 2013-04-05

• Syria warned Jordan on Thursday against training foreign fighters on its territory.
• It added that Jordan is getting closer to the “volcanic crater.”
• US is currently training some 3,000 rebels in Jordan to send them later to Syria “to escalate the crisis.”

DAMASCUS, April 4 (Xinhua) — Amid reports that Syria has turned the main destination of the world’s Jihadists, Damascus warned that unless those Jihadists are denied access, the crisis it has sustained for over two years will spill over across its border and set the entire region ablaze.

Syria, via its state-controlled newspaper al-Thawra, warned Jordan on Thursday against training foreign fighters on its territory and accused it of espousing the policy of a double ambiguity.

Al-Thawra said Jordan is now “closely feeling the meaning of drowning into anarchy, which even does not need a matchstick to ignite in all directions.” It added that Jordan is getting closer to the “volcanic crater.”

The report came just two days after the Washington Post said the United Stats is currently training some 3,000 rebels in Jordan to send them later to Syria “to escalate the crisis.”

A new study conducted by the International Center for Studies on extremism at King’s College in London said the number of European fighters, who joined the armed terrorist groups in Syria, has exceeded 600.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Ukashevic stressed that Syria’s turning into a magnet for international terrorists has become a terrifying reality, expressing Moscow’s deep concern over the news about the involvement of people from other countries in terrorist acts in Syria.

Ukashevic stressed that his country will continue its hectic efforts to begin urgent political settlement in Syria, pointing out that Moscow has made it clear to its Western and international partners the dangers of encouraging the opposition to rely on a military solution to the Syrian crisis.

The unrest in Syria spilled over into neighboring Lebanon once again this week, with reports saying a Syrian helicopter had fired two rockets into the outskirts of the Lebanese town of Ersal in the Beka’a Valley without causing any casualty.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Lebanese government has officially sought to distance the country from the conflict. However, several deadly clashes have erupted between pro- and anti-President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Syria has often complained that gunmen are crossing via several sites along the long joint borders into Syria to carry out terrorist acts in the country, and there are daily reports in Syria’s official media about the army foiling infiltration attempts by gunmen from Lebanon. It has furthermore warned that its jet fighters will cross the borders and target those terrorists inside Lebanon.

So as to stop the extremist fighters from damaging the stability of the entire region, some countries have started to take actions. For instance, Tunisia has pledged to continue hunting extremist groups at a time when the authorities have started taking security measures to prevent the travel of young Tunisians across Libya to join the armed groups in Syria.


April 5th, 2013, 12:49 am


revenire said:

Oh boy neocon Weiss (Jewish name?) again? Yawn.

Reminds me of the Damascus Volcano etc. Yawn.

It is funny how you guys all suck off the same Zionist hog trough.

Wake me when Assad has fallen Juergen or you find some new shills to copy and paste.

PS Isn’t Alex Thomson the guy your Wahabi pedophile brothers kidnapped? Why yes, yes he was. Small world isn’t it?


April 5th, 2013, 12:50 am


Syrian said:

All I can say now is, God dam Hafez, he corrupted everything in Syria,
If it make you feel any better, if it is up to me I would start with the Damascus business elite, they were the reason of the failed 80s revolution. And they were the biggest benefactors of that regime.
Any way Allah yel3an Hafez who caused all these miseries.

April 5th, 2013, 12:53 am


revenire said:

Syrialover not sure about that but I am sure the Wahabis that are “freeing” you will murder as many Syrians as possible in order to give them freedom. The only chance you have is Assad. You will come to see that just as Edward Dark came to see it.


April 5th, 2013, 12:54 am


ann said:

World Must Unite Against US-Saudi-Israeli Proxy War in Syria –
Tony Cartalucci – March 31, 2013

– US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel have conspired to destroy Syria by way of arming sectarian extremists since 2007.

– The West now admits it, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have provided thousands of tons of weapons to militants in Syria – while also conceding that Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, Jabhat al-Nusra is the best armed, most well equipped militant front in the conflict.

– US, Saudi, Israeli-backed terrorists are now committing a myriad of horrific atrocities against all of Syria’s population, including Sunni Muslims – meaning neither “democracy” nor even “sectarianism” drives the conflict, but rather the destruction of Syria in its entirety.

– US State Department acknowledges Syria faces threat from Al Qaeda, demands blockade of arms/aid from reaching government to fight terrorists the US State Department admits are present in every major Syrian city.

Since 2007, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel have been documented as conspiring to overthrow the Syrian government by way of sectarian extremists, including groups “sympathetic to Al Qaeda,” and in particular, the militant, sectarian Muslim Brotherhood. While the West has attempted to portray the full-scale conflict beginning in Syria in 2011 as first, a “pro-democracy uprising,” to now a “sectarian conflict,” recent atrocities carried out by US-Saudi-Israeli proxies have shifted the assault to include Sunni Muslims unable or unwilling to participate in the destruction of the Syrian state.

Such attacks included a mortar bombardment of Damascus University, killing 15 and injuring dozens more, as well as the brutal slaying of two prominent Sunni Muslim clerics – the latest of which was beheaded, his body paraded through the streets of Aleppo, and his head hung from the mosque he preached in. While the West attempts to mitigate these events by labeling the victims as “pro-government,” the reality is that the forces fighting inside Syria are funded, armed, directed, and politically supported from abroad – and therefore do not represent any of the Syrian people’s interests, including those Syrians who do not support the government.

It is abundantly clear that the West’s goal is neither to institute “democracy,” nor even take sides in a “sectarian conflict,” but rather carry out the complete and permanent destruction of Syria as a nation-state, sparing no one, not even Sunnis.

Such a proxy war exists contra to any conceivable interpretation of “international law.” The world is left with a moral imperative to not only denounce this insidious conflict brought upon the Syrian people, compounded and perpetuated entirely by external interests, but demands that concrete action is taken to ensure that this act of aggression is brought to an end.

The US, UK, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have admitted to colluding together, flooding Syria with thousands of tons of weapons via Jordan to Syria’s south, and NATO-member Turkey to Syria’s north. And in an otherwise inexplicable conundrum, while the likes of US Secretary of State John Kerry insist this torrent of weapons is being directed to “moderates,” neither the US nor its allies are able to explain why Al Qaeda terror front Jabhatal-Nusra has emerged as the most heavily armed, best equipped militant organization in the conflict.

AP reported specifically in their article, “Officials: Arms shipments rise to Syrian rebels,” that:

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on the sidelines of a Syrian opposition meeting in Italy last month that the weapons are ending up in the hands of secular groups. “I will tell you this: There is a very clear ability now in the Syrian opposition to make certain that what goes to the moderate, legitimate opposition is in fact getting to them, and the indication is that they are increasing their pressure as a result of that,” he said, without elaborating.

But even AP admits that:

Syrian opposition activists estimate there are 15-20 different brigades fighting in and around Damascus now, each with up to 150 fighters. Many of them have Islamic tendencies and bear black-and-white Islamic flags or al-Qaeda-style flags on their Facebook pages. There is also a presence of Jabhat al-Nusra, one of the strongest Islamic terrorist groups fighting alongside the rebels.

The US State Department’s own statement regarding the designation of al-Nusra as a listed Al Qaeda terror organization states:

Since November 2011, al-Nusrah Front has claimed nearly 600 attacks – ranging from more than 40 suicide attacks to small arms and improvised explosive device operations – in major city centers including Damascus, Aleppo, Hamah, Dara, Homs, Idlib, and Dayr al-Zawr.

According to the US State Department, al-Nusra is carrying out hundreds of attacks with a wide array of weaponry, across the entire nation of Syria, indicating a massive front and implying an equally massive network of logistical support, including foreign sponsorship. What’s more, is that the US State Department acknowledges al-Nusra’s presence even in cities close to Syria’s borders where the CIA is admittedly overseeing the distribution of weapons and cash. The New York Times, in their June 2012 article, “C.I.A. Said to Aid in Steering Arms to Syrian Opposition,” reported that:

A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.

And in New York Times’ more recent March 2013 article, “Arms Airlift to Syria Rebels Expands, With Aid From C.I.A.,” it is admitted that weapons are being funneled into Syria across both its borders with Turkey and Jordan:

With help from the C.I.A., Arab governments and Turkey have sharply increased their military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters in recent months, expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of rebel commanders.

The article would also state:

Although rebel commanders and the data indicate that Qatar and Saudi Arabia had been shipping military materials via Turkey to the opposition since early and late 2012, respectively, a major hurdle was removed late last fall after the Turkish government agreed to allow the pace of air shipments to accelerate, officials said.
Simultaneously, arms and equipment were being purchased by Saudi Arabia in Croatia and flown to Jordan on Jordanian cargo planes for rebels working in southern Syria and for retransfer to Turkey for rebels groups operating from there, several officials said.

The US State Department acknowledges that the well armed, prominent terror front al-Nusra is operating in the very areas the CIA is feeding weapons and cash into.

Such a reality directly contradicts the US State Department’s official position, and no explanation is given as to how “moderates” can be provided with such extensive support, and still be eclipsed militarily and logistically by terror-front al-Nusra. That is, unless of course, the US, British, Saudi, and Qatari weapons aren’t simply just handing the weapons directly to terrorists, precisely as planned as early as 2007.

The Destruction of Syria Began in 2007, Not 2011

While the West has attempted to reclaim Syria as part of its sphere of influence for decades, concrete plans for the latest proxy war were laid at least as early as 2007. It was admitted in 2007 that the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel conspired together to fund, arm, and direct sectarian extremists including militants “sympathetic” to Al Qaeda, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, against the governments of Iran and Syria. In Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s 2007 New Yorker article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” the conspiracy was described as follows:

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

Hersh also cited US, Saudi, and Lebanese officials who indicated that, “in the past year, the Saudis, the Israelis, and the Bush Administration have developed a series of informal understandings about their new strategic direction,” and that, “the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria. The report would also state:

Some of the core tactics of the redirection are not public, however. The clandestine operations have been kept secret, in some cases, by leaving the execution or the funding to the Saudis, or by finding other ways to work around the normal congressional appropriations process, current and former officials close to the Administration said.

Mention of the Muslim Brotherhood already receiving aid even in 2007 was also made:

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, a branch of a radical Sunni movement founded in Egypt in 1928, engaged in more than a decade of violent opposition to the regime of Hafez Assad, Bashir’s father. In 1982, the Brotherhood took control of the city of Hama; Assad bombarded the city for a week, killing between six thousand and twenty thousand people. Membership in the Brotherhood is punishable by death in Syria. The Brotherhood is also an avowed enemy of the U.S. and of Israel. Nevertheless, Jumblatt said, “We told Cheney that the basic link between Iran and Lebanon is Syria—and to weaken Iran you need to open the door to effective Syrian opposition.”

There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.” He said that Khaddam, who now lives in Paris, was getting money from Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge of the White House. (In 2005, a delegation of the Front’s members met with officials from the National Security Council, according to press reports.) A former White House official told me that the Saudis had provided members of the Front with travel documents.

The Wall Street Journal in 2007 would also implicate the Muslim Brotherhood and more specifically, the so-called “National Salvation Front,” in its article, “To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers.”

It is clear that the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel planned to use sectarian extremists against the nation of Syria starting at least as early as 2007, and it is clear that now these sectarian extremists are carrying out the destruction of Syria with a massive torrent of weapons and cash provided by the US and its regional allies, just as was described by Hersh’s report.

A Moral Imperative to Save Syria

Syria is under attack by an insidious, premeditated foreign assault, intentionally using terrorist proxies in direct and complete violation of any conceivable interpretation of both national and international law. The world has a moral imperative to support the Syrian people and their government as they fight this assault – both politically and logistically. While US Secretary John Kerry is unable to account for how his nation’s support for moderates has left Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra front the premier militant faction in Syria, he has demanded that Iraq help stem the flow of alleged aid Iran is providing the Syrian government as it fights these terrorists.

Does US Secretary of State John Kerry deny that Syria is fighting a significant (and continuously growing) Al Qaeda presence within their borders, which according to the US State Department’s own statement, is operating in every major city in the country? What conceivable explanation or excuse could be made to justify the blockading of aid sent to Syria to fight Al Qaeda terrorists? In fact, why isn’t the US aiding the Syrian government itself in its fight against Al Qaeda – a terrorist organization the US has used as an excuse to wage unending global war since 2001 when Al Qaeda allegedly killed some 3,000 American civilians?

Does Secretary Kerry believe that further arming “moderates” is a legitimate strategy to counter Al Qaeda’s growing presence in Syria when these “moderates” openly defend Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra? The US’ own hand-picked “Syrian opposition leader,” Mouaz al Khatib, demanded the US reconsider its designation of al Nusra as a terrorist organization. Retuers reported in their article, “Syrian opposition urges U.S. review of al-Nusra blacklisting,” that:

The leader of Syria’s opposition coalition urged the United States on Wednesday to review its decision to designate the militant Islamist Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group, saying religion was a legitimate motive for Syrian rebels.

“The decision to consider a party that is fighting the regime as a terrorist party needs to be reviewed,” Mouaz Alkhatib told a “Friends of Syria” meeting in Morocco, where Western and Arab states granted full recognition to the coalition seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

The US is directly responsible for the emergence and perpetuation of Al Qaeda and other extremist groups in Syria. The statements of Secretary John Kerry are made merely to maintain an increasingly tenuous “plausible deniability.” The precedent being set by the US and its allies is one of using full-scale proxy invasions, that if successful in Syria, will be directed into Iran, up through the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, and even onto China’s doorstep via extremists the West is cultivating amongst the Uighurs. It is also clear that the West is directly responsible for the extremists within their own borders, and that these extremists are being used as a political tool against the people of the West, just as they are being used as a mercenary force abroad.


April 5th, 2013, 1:01 am


revenire said:


A very large component of the elite 4th Division has arrived to the outskirts of Aleppo City with full gear including armored vehicles, and with more than 20 Tanks now surrounding the neighbourhood of “Sheikh Maqsoud” from several directions, all Terrorists within are now trapped, with a promise of a decisive battle to begin this evening …




April 5th, 2013, 1:09 am


ann said:

WARNING: “Final” Psy-Op Vs. Syria Begins – Tony Cartalucci – March 30, 2013

Out of time, out of legitimacy, and out of options, the West is attempting once again to prop up its faltering terrorist proxies with another psychological operation aimed at breaking the will of the Syrian people, despite the West’s multiplying tactical and political shortcomings. It began with a suspicious CBS News/AP report titled, “AP: “Master plan” underway to help Syria rebels take Damascus with U.S.-approved airlifts of heavy weapons,” which claims to divulge a “covert” plan by the West to flood Syria’s northern and southern borders with increased weapons and fighters for a “final” push to take the capital. The article would claim:

Mideast powers opposed to President Bashar Assad have dramatically stepped up weapons supplies to Syrian rebels in coordination with the U.S. in preparation for a push on the capital of Damascus, officials and Western military experts said Wednesday.

A carefully prepared covert operation is arming rebels, involving Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, with the United States and other Western governments consulting, and all parties hold veto power over where the shipments are directed, according to a senior Arab official whose government is participating. His account was corroborated by a diplomat and two military experts.

One must question why the Western media would boldly declare to the world what is supposed to be a “covert” operation, if such an operation had any tactical chance of succeeding – unless of course, the announcement was designed to either cover for wide-scale Western special operations inside Syria, or to help achieve a psychological victory (or both) – to induce panic and terror across the Syrian population in tandem with recent, and increasingly barbaric terrorist attacks on Syria’s civilians.

One such attack included the recent mortar bombardment of Damascus University which left at least 15 dead. The New York Times seemed to take special pleasure in describing in great detail the disruptive effect the attack had on people attempting to live normal lives during the ongoing conflict in their article, “Syria’s War Invades a Campus That Acted as a Sanctuary.”

Now, echos of NATO’s spectacularly failed July 2012 “Operation Damascus Volcano” – where the Western media coordinated a propaganda blitzkrieg designed to portray Syria as on the verge of collapsing with Aleppo and Damascus’ fall “imminent,” are appearing once again in the headlines. Just a day after CBS/AP’s announcement of the so-called “covert Master Plan,” the Western media is reporting “rebel gains” including the alleged cutting off of Daara in Syria’s south – meant to foreshadow the once again “inevitable fall” of Damascus. AFP cited the discredited “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” in their article, “Syria rebels seize town on key highway to south: NGO,” that:

“Rebels seized control of Dael after destroying the three army checkpoints at the entrances to the town,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. “The town is located on a main road linking Daraa to Damascus.”

The Britain-based watchdog said that a child was among 10 civilians killed in the fighting for the town over the past 24 hours.

At least 15 rebels and a media activist working with them were also killed, as were 12 loyalist troops, it added.

“Large swathes of Daraa (province) are now under rebel control. Their advance in the south is escalating,” Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.

In actuality, the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is a single opposition propagandists, Rami Abdel Rahman, based in a comfortable countryside home in the UK, disingenuously masquerading as a human rights organization. When not feeding the biased-hungry Western media, Rami Abdel Rahman can be found scurrying in and out of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to meet with Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

Reuters had even admitted in their December 2011 article, “Coventry – an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist,” that ”Rami Abdulrahman,” is openly part of the Syrian opposition who seeks the end of the Syrian government. Abdulrahman admits that he had left Syria over 10 years ago, has lived in Britain ever since, and will not return until “al-Assad goes.”

This facade is fully sanctioned by the Western media which despite acknowledging him as a biased, compromised source, consistently misrepresents him to their audience as a credible “human rights organization,” while almost exclusively deferring to him to lend credibility to their otherwise baseless narratives.

When entire articles hinge on Rami Abdel Rahman’s verified propaganda, perception management, not journalism, is dictating headlines and overarching narratives.

The Syrian people have resisted the collective efforts of the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and their regional partners for 2 years, and have defeated at least two previous psychological operations aimed at toppling the government and destroying the country. The tides have shifted across public opinion, and evidence that the West has intentionally sought to arm and direct sectarian extremists against the Syrian nation since at least 2007, are reaching a crescendo.

While the West now openly admits it is working directly with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and NATO-member Turkey to supply thousands of tons of weapons to militants in Syria, it cannot explain how else Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra front has become the best armed and most well equipped front in the conflict – unless these thousands of tons of weaponry were sent directly to them, as was intended to begin with, according to Seymour Hersh’s 2007 article, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” which reported:

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

A window is closing, and the West is resorting to dangerous desperation.


April 5th, 2013, 1:10 am


apple_mini said:

The military analysis by Weiss is quite amateurish. If the SAA and Assad’s irregular army would allow those rebel fighters get even close to city center, they are basically giving away half victory to the rebels.

That is exactly why SAA has been pounding the suburban Sunni towns and taking them out one by one.

Yes, there has been some rebel infiltration into Damascus, but look at what those rebels ended up with: elimination. The recent one would be Jobar. We had some kind of screaming declaration of imminent full blown battle inside the city on all MSM. Well, where is the followup then?

April 5th, 2013, 1:20 am


MarigoldRan said:

In case you haven’t noticed, they’re still fighting in Jobar and Daraya.

The Assadists have lost half of Damascus, most of the south, most of the north, and most of the east.

The war continues and the rebels continue to make gains. They now control most of the borders, the oil wells, the dams, and the wheat fields of the country. Just follow the trends. Even idiots like you should be able to spot them.

April 5th, 2013, 2:10 am


MarigoldRan said:

The rebels can replace their ranks with defections alone. Since they’re training and getting more recruits and volunteers, their ranks have steadily grown over the last 12 months, and the Assadists’ ranks have steadily shrank.

This military reality has forced the Assadists to effectively cede Daraa and Raqqa.

April 5th, 2013, 2:17 am


Uzair8 said:

Comical Assy:

Arab League lacks legitimacy, says Syrian President Assad

Press Tv
Fri Apr 5, 2013

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the Arab League ‘lacks legitimacy’ as it gave Syria’s seat to the Western-backed opposition coalition.

“The Arab League lacks legitimacy. It’s a league that represents the Arab states, not the Arab people, so it can’t grant or retract legitimacy,” Assad said in an interview with the Turkish media published on the Syrian presidency’s Facebook page on Thursday.


April 5th, 2013, 4:02 am


Citizen said:

U.S. and NATO have invented names for nonstandard created armies of jihadi Islamists in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and ext.. You can paint them in Syrian color! but we know that no Syrians are such like those US model fanatics in our culture!

Has the League of Arab Zionists mortally wounded itself by declaring war on Syria?
This week the global community saw that the Charter and by-laws of the League of Arab Zionists, has not been respected with respect to the Syrian crisis from the beginning despite its mission to bring together Arabs. Rather it has been actively working to prevent coming together especially with respect to Syria.

The organization was created at the time when a racist Zionist state was considered extremely unlikely by most countries but, to make sure, an association of Arab states was organized to prevent, at all costs, the rumored Zionist project from becoming a reality. The first decision of the newly established League of Arab States was to boycott any Jewish organization that would assistant in the theft of Palestine by the European financed Zionist movement.

oday unfortunately, and perhaps fatally for the AL, the complete obverse has obtained. In countless ways the Arab League is supporting the occupation of Palestine, while allowing itself to be preempted and shaped into an instrument of Western foreign policy as it plots against and among its own members their minders behalf. Far removed from its raison d’etre which according to its Charter is to focus on and ensue a coming together of its members, it does everything that would promote the desires of the Zionist occupiers of Palestine while dividing the Arabs and preventing any kind of real union among them.

April 5th, 2013, 6:15 am


Citizen said:

No wonder of the cowboy mentality!

Donetsk workshop with John Tefft frustrated cries of “You’re not in Syria!”
Miners accused of bloggers in the preparation of the revolution in Ukraine.
Kiev – April 5, AIF Ukraine. At Thursday, April 4, unknown persons ripped held in Donetsk, Ukrainian public organizations seminar, which was attended by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft. Initially, the protests against the American presence in Ukraine was fairly quiet. The activists were holding banners saying “Tefft, away from the hands of Donbass”, “No Syrian Revolution in Ukraine”, “No” Arab Spring “in Donetsk,” shouting abusive words to the American delegation.
One of the protesters, said that “the American shelupon trying to bring dissension in our ranks, train inexperienced bloggers, who will prepare the ground for organizing mass disorder”.

April 5th, 2013, 6:34 am


revenire said:

Marigoldran is proud of being stupid. He has no way of knowing who is fighting in Syria except what he reads on the web (from tainted sources). He has no way of knowing the situation on the ground either. He automatically assumes, because he is a rat himself, that his rat friends tell the truth about “victories” when the reality is the rats hold nothing after two years. It’s funny.

April 5th, 2013, 6:55 am


Akbar Palace said:

Dr. Strangelove: How I learned to love Arab Despots

Oh boy neocon Weiss (Jewish name?) again? Yawn.

Reverse, Citizen/Slave,

Do you think searching the internet for Jewish last names, and using the overused terms like “Zionist Entity”/”Racist State”/”Apartheid State” is going to prevent Arabs from killing Arabs?

Your strategy of defaming Jews and Israel has done nothing in the past 60 years to slow Israel down or improve the lives of arabs.

Do you think there may be a better strategy for helping arabs?

April 5th, 2013, 7:08 am


revenire said:

Akbar you mean there are not any Jewish neocons? Why don’t you do some research before opening your mouth?

Weiss is a rabid neocon member of the Henry Jackson Society. He has advocated murdering Syrians for years. He wants NATO to bomb Syria to destroy Assad.

Gee, now who would benefit from that? Israel.

He hates Russia. He hates Iran. He is a Zionist pig.

You want Jews to get a better image in the world stop killing Arabs and get off our land. You’re occupiers. It is illegal.

April 5th, 2013, 7:24 am


Akbar Palace said:

Reversing Our Bad Image NewZ

You want Jews to get a better image…


IMHO, Jews and neocons are the least of your problems.

Does your research show that Jews and neocons are killing arabs in Syria today? Show me some “research” or a simple YouTube video showing Charles Krauthammer cutting off the head of an arab.

Weiss, schmeiss! Who cares who he hates! Meanwhile if anyone is spewing hate, it is YOU motek! Your hate of jews and neocons and Jewish-sounding last names is not going to help arabs.

… stop killing Arabs…

How many arabs have Jews killed in the past 20 years?

How arabs have arabs killed in the past 20 years?

Why are you in denial? For what purpose does that help you?

I haven’t met a Jew who doesn’t recognize the States of Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, etc. And if you think Jews have a bad image, that’s great too! How is bringing to light how bad Israel and Jews are going to save the lives of millions of arabs who are being killed by other arabs?

Please muster your research together and answer my question (and maybe AIG’s questions as well).

I want to help you Reverse, but you are very STUBBORN!

PS – Here’s some research to chew on:

April 5th, 2013, 7:41 am


Visitor said:

The missiles that the criminal regime of thuggocracy is now firing on civilian neighborhoods in Damascus,

At least 15 such missiles have been fired in the last two days on the city.

April 5th, 2013, 8:55 am


ann said:

Syria becoming ‘centre of gravity’ for terrorists – Friday, April 05, 2013

Moscow: Syria is turning into a “centre of gravity” for international terrorists as the ongoing civil war between rebels and government forces continues, a top Russian official has said.

“Syria’s transformation into the centre of gravity for international terrorists is becoming a reality,” said Alexander Lukashevich, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He added that it was a “frightening reality”.

Syria becoming `centre of gravity` for terrorists
Last year, the Syrian government presented the UN Security Council with lists of hundreds of foreign nationals who had been killed fighting against government troops in Syria.


April 5th, 2013, 8:57 am


revenire said:

Akbar this is what you should worry about:

“Israel bears full responsibility for the current tensions in the West Bank because of its use of lethal force against demonstrators, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday.

“Meanwhile, members of Fatah’s armed wing, the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, told reporters in Hebron that they are waiting for a ‘green light’ from Abbas to ‘respond to Israeli crimes.’ The gunmen spoke to reporters during the funeral of prisoner Maissara Abu Hamdiyeh, who died on Tuesday of cancer.”

As far as AIG goes: His “questions” are ridiculous given Hebzollah smashed Israel in 2006 with Syrian rockets.

You know what Weiss is. You know he is a bloodthirsty rat. He is like the Irgun – a terrorist.

April 5th, 2013, 9:04 am


revenire said:

“158. VISITOR said:
The missiles that the criminal regime of thuggocracy is now firing on civilian neighborhoods in Damascus,
At least 15 such missiles have been fired in the last two days on the city.”

No, the army is killing terrorists and should fire 100 of these on their positions and wipe them out, kill them all.

You rats always claim civilians are being killed but it was your holy warriors that murdered al-Bouti and the uni students.

To Hell

April 5th, 2013, 9:07 am


Visitor said:

Reverse, كلب جرو
طز فيك وبالبوطي ولا انتا ما بتفهم عربي يا كلب؟

April 5th, 2013, 9:09 am


ann said:

We want JOBS JOBS JOBS here at home Mr. President NOT jobs for Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria!

US Adds Paltry 88,000 Jobs In March, Unemployment Rate At 7.6% – 4/05/2013

Nonfarm payrolls added just 88,000 jobs in March, a far cry from the nearly 200,000 figure many economists expected, according to Friday morning’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


April 5th, 2013, 9:15 am


Akbar Palace said:

The Elephant in the Room NewZ

Ann, Reverse,

Why are we talking about jobs in the US, Palestinians in the West Bank, and Weiss?

April 5th, 2013, 9:28 am


revenire said:

Akbar why should America pour money into Syria to murder Syrians? Let’s talk about that.

April 5th, 2013, 10:00 am


zoo said:

#116 Ghufran

Barzeh has been a hot spot for a long time with rebels controlling roads leading to Damascus, terrifiying the Alawite population by sending mortars on their houses and and recently threatening to use chemical if the population did not leave their homes.

I think the Syrian army decided that enough was enough and has launched an operation to stop this once for all and prevent the rebels to advance further. As the armed rebels keep repeating they will attack Damnascus, such action is part of the defense of Damascus.
Omitting this rationale, the media campaign will make the Syrian army attack appear as it is about ‘killing civilians”, when civilians death are the collaterals to the war waged by the armed rebels to invade Damascus.
The media claims are pure propaganda and reflect the impotence of the opposition, both militarily and politically.

April 5th, 2013, 10:02 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Why are we talking about jobs in the US

May be Ann just emigrated to the USA

You are right Islam is not consistant with secularism as advocated in the west, You george are good person we appreciate you, but the majority of christians sided with the Assad mafia,sheila reminded me not to generalize ,some christians are with the rebels.
Secularism as you george believe in, are different ideas,some have good morality ,some has bad morality,I don’t agree with homosexual behaviour,nor I agree with nudity,or mixed marriage, I believe in the family as an important unit in the society,so how do you want me to live in a society who permit such things?claim to be secularists

April 5th, 2013, 10:09 am


zoo said:

Hamas is now a confirmed Qatar’s puppet and turns its back on 20 years of support from Bashar al Assad. The Moslem Brotherhood mafia is now in all its splendor.

Hamas cuts ties with Assad and sends military to train rebels
By Cheryl K. Chumley

The military wing of Hamas has upped its support for Syrian rebels fighting to topple President Bashar Assad and is now providing training.

Prior, Hamas was offering only support and assistance, but had held back from tapping its military forces, Ynet reported. But Friday, various media outlets reported that Hamas had completely severed ties with Mr. Assad and had sent military experts to Damascus to train the Syrian opposition, the Free Syrian Army. The group is now friends with Qater, Ynet reported.

Read more:
Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

April 5th, 2013, 10:12 am


Akbar Palace said:

Trying to get Reverse to move Forward

Akbar why should America pour money into Syria to murder Syrians? Let’s talk about that.


Because the US and many in the West do not approve of Assad’s wonderful “resistance” credentials.

Now please answer my questions:

1.) Why are there so many arabs willing to murder Syrians who are part of the regime?

2.) Please tell us how much money pouring into Syria is American, Western, Iranian, Russian and arab? Give us the breakdown according to your research.

3.) Why is it OK to pour money to murder Jews and not OK to pour money to murder a regime that has never not allow basic freedoms for over a generation?



April 5th, 2013, 10:13 am


zoo said:

“Pure” Islam against “Impure” Islam?
Islam’s global civil war

Clifford D. May, Special to National Post | 13/04/05

In much of what we now call the Muslim world, Muslims are fighting Muslims. The conflicts fall into two broad categories: those in which militants battle militants, and those in which militants battle moderates.

The outcomes of these conflicts matter to all of us — Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Syria is the most visible battlefield in these wars. Initially, Bashir al-Assad, satrap of the regime that rules Iran, was challenged by peaceful protesters demanding basic rights and freedoms. He brutalized them. Today, he is in a duel to the death with an opposition increasingly dominated by such al Qaeda-affiliated groups as Jabhat al-Nusra.

When jihadists are slaughtering jihadists, both sides claiming they are “fighting in the way of Allah,” a measure of schadenfreude is probably inevitable among us infidels. But people of conscience should not discount the human cost: 70,000 Syrian men, women and children killed over the past two years, more than a million refugees, ancient cities reduced to rubble.

April 5th, 2013, 10:24 am


zoo said:

Is Tammam Salam a closeted pro-Syrian?

Tammam Salam, former Member of Parliament —————————————–

Salam was born in Beirut in 1945. The Salam family is one of the prominent traditional Sunni political families of Beirut. His late father was one of the heroes of Lebanon’s independence in 1943. Hariri’s political and financial powers undermined the role of the Salam family in Beirut. He is the son of former Prime Minister Saeb Salam. Salam was elected a Member of Parliament in 1996.
He lost his seat in 2000 because of the late Prime Minister Hariri’s efforts against him. Salam was trying to mend fences with the Hariri camp in early 2005, ahead of the Spring Parliamentary elections.
When Speaker Berri launched his response to the Bristol opposition group meetings, Salam participated in Berri’s counterpart conclave known as “Ain Tineh.” Salam abstained from attending the subsequent meeting “Ain Tineh II” after Hariri’s assassination.

April 5th, 2013, 10:44 am


revenire said:

Akbar nah, you Zionists are attacking Syria and you know it. We talk about that or keep waving your hand at me like Hasbara rat AIG does.

Israel will never have peace or security until it gives up the land it took and stops murdering people. Just a fact of life. Israel is one giant prison camp with armed guards and racist killers roaming the streets. You Zionists even abuse your dark-skinned Sephardi.

April 5th, 2013, 10:47 am


AIG said:

“Israel will never have peace or security until it gives up the land it took and stops murdering people.”

And that is exactly why Israel is thriving and its borders with Lebanon and Syria have never been more quiet in the last 6 years while Syria is in the Assad generated catastrophe.


Don’t waste you time. The regime idiots will call night day and day, night. People who can’t analyze reality for what it really is are doomed to be eternal losers. The dogs bark and the caravan lumbers on.

April 5th, 2013, 10:55 am


zoo said:

For those who wish they lived in the city of glamorous TV series.

Istanbul drowning in traffic chaos, report announces

ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News

The world’s second worst city in traffic congestion is Istanbul, according to a study released by navigation systems company TomTom. Russia’s Moscow tops the list of the worst traffic congestion city in the world. Travel times in Istanbul take on average 55 percent longer that they should and the congestion rate for the city jumps to 80 percent during rush hours, the report says

April 5th, 2013, 11:02 am


Akbar Palace said:

The Chosen has Spoken

Don’t waste you time. The regime idiots will call night day and day, night.


Why is it OK for you and not for me?

You Israelis are all the same!

April 5th, 2013, 11:10 am


revenire said:

Israel is thriving with insecurity.

Israel is afraid of Hezbollah or would attack and destroy the resistance movement. I saw the Israelis saying the next war they’d face 1000 rockets a day (might have been 100 but I seem to remember 1000). The Iron Dome is a failure.

Nasrallah terrifies Zionists. If they are not afraid of him let them attack.

They would not dare. Just like they would not dare attack Iran. Iran is much stronger than Israel.

April 5th, 2013, 11:20 am


revenire said:

Akbar it is easy for American Jews to ignore Palestinian deaths isn’t it?

April 5th, 2013, 11:21 am


zoo said:

Jumping on the psychological war train, Weiss sees false rumors as the premises to an apocalyptic and lengthy war on Damascus

The Battle of Armageddon
By Michael Weiss

The new, dramatic claims of Bashar’s overdue demise aren’t mere fantasy telegraphing, however. They reflect a new stage of relentless psychological warfare by the Syrian rebels who have lately encircled Damascus in an attempt not to take the city (which they can’t yet do) but to lay the groundwork for its eventual taking.
The aim is to deplete what remains of regime’s morale, sow panic and paranoia in the ranks of the mukhabarat and conventional military, and put Assad on the propagandistic back foot. If the Lion of Damascus is now forced to roar just to offer proof of life, then he has all but lost control of the country. And this fact emphasizes another: namely, that the battle of all battles will be unlike any that has come before.
What we’re seeing now is a coming attraction for an apocalyptic film.

According to analysts I’ve spoken to, there is simply no way that the rebels can penetrate the Rif Dimashq military installations given their current capability, even with Croatian rocket launchers and recoilless guns. Since they don’t have a no-fly zone or close air support, or heavier caliber weapons the West has been reluctant to supply them, they will likely resort to the kind of pinprick measures – suicide and car bombings – we’ve seen used against NATO and coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But be under no illusions about how long it will take or at what price the fall of Sham will come. Since the siege of Aleppo began last summer, 10,000 have been killed in that province, a million have fled, another half million are internally displaced, and out of a total population of 2.4 million, 2.3 million are living in areas needing humanitarian aid. Not for nothing did the rebels name the battle for Damascus the ‘Battle of Armageddon.’

April 5th, 2013, 11:23 am



In response to comment #81
“It is the fact that you are a Syrian, born and raised in Syria, along with Syrian Muslims that makes me label your feeling as an Islamophobe which in my mind has a flavor of racism (if you will). Racism in term of qualifying certain group of people of being inferior based on certain common factor that grope them together. ”

Sorry to answer a comment that has already been answered but I’ve been thinking about this excerpt and it’s really intriguing, someone needs to explain how believing that Islam is not compatible with secularism and western democracy makes me an islamophobe or a ‘racist’ or means that I feel superior.

Personally I think it’s a matter of calling a spade what I think is a spade based on my analysis (which could be wrong but that’s not the point).

I think I have missed something.

April 5th, 2013, 11:29 am


Akbar Palace said:

Still Deflecting

Israel is thriving with insecurity.


Does your research show a metric to quantify this insecurity? Is it more, the same, or less than the insecurity being experienced in other arab countries?

Nasrallah terrifies Zionists.

I think I’m more terrified than AIG. And I’m not Israeli.

Can you tell me why you still want to discuss Israel? I don’t think Jews are firing Scuds at each other right now.

Akbar it is easy for American Jews to ignore Palestinian deaths isn’t it?


Considering the number of Jews who help Palestinians, I just don’t agree with the blanket statement that Jews are ignoring Palestinian deaths. And I don’t think all Palestinians are ignoring Jewish deaths.

By why are we talking about a few dozen people, when so many more people are dying in Syria? More people are dying in Chicago than they are in Israel.

April 5th, 2013, 11:38 am


Tara said:


To make my point clear, I must ask you several simple questions.

What exactly do you perceive in Visitor’s version of Islam that you think its the pure Islam?

April 5th, 2013, 11:49 am


AKbar Palace said:

So Many Questions, so much Deflection


Since your brought up the welfare of the Holy Palestinians, whose lives are worth much more than the average arab, why do you suppose Hamas (which I’m no fan of) is supporting the Opposition in Syria?

Are the Joos now controlling Hamas?,7340,L-4364337,00.html

April 5th, 2013, 12:18 pm


revenire said:

Akbar you don’t have control over your own thoughts. How can you possibly control mine?

A Jew murdered Yitzhak Rabin Akbar. A JEW. A Jew from America.

Is there something wrong with saying the word JEW or is it forbidden? If you were French I’d say French but you identified yourself as a Jew over an American didn’t you?

I am certain you’ve never been to Palestine. You certainly don’t care that the “chosen people” treat Palestinians like Nazis treated the Jews.

You want to talk about the Syrian war only huh? Talk yourself to death about it. I support Assad. Now what?

Hamas? Anyone against Syria is allied with Israel. It’s real simple.

If you have questions on Syrian government policy go to SANA and let them answer your questions. If you want my opinion I will be happy to tell you.

April 5th, 2013, 12:30 pm


revenire said:

Russia dispatches Navy ships to Mediterranean to establish permanent presence

Come on NATO! What are you afraid of? You want Assad gone then get moving!

April 5th, 2013, 12:54 pm


syrian said:

درعا مدينة الحراك 4-4-2013 انشقاق كتيبة بالكامل من اللواء 52 وانضمامهم لصفوف الجيش السوري الحر ..

انشقاق مع كامل اسلحتهم

Desertion of a whole company from the 52 brigade in Dara’a,and joining the FSA

April 5th, 2013, 12:54 pm


revenire said:

LOL sure “Syrian” sure. Don’t you idiots ever get tired of posting fake news?

April 5th, 2013, 12:55 pm


Akbar Palace said:

With Supporters like Reverse, Assad is one lucky Stiff

You want to talk about the Syrian war only huh?


Do you want to talk about Sports? Are you an NFL fan? Baseball?

Is there something wrong with saying the word JEW or is it forbidden?

No, it all depends on the context of the discussion. For example:

– Saying, “Jews are murdering Syrians” is false. There aren’t Jews in Syria.

– Saying, “Jews are murdering Americans” is true, but you also have to add, “Christians”, “Blacks”, “Asians”, “White Supremicists” and “Arabs” to be fully accurate.

I am certain you’ve never been to Palestine.

I’ve been to Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, Jericho, and Gaza City. Oh, and Tel Aviv. But if you’re “certain”, then I must be wrong.

You certainly don’t care that the “chosen people” treat Palestinians like Nazis treated the Jews.

I don’t agree that the “‘chosen people’ are treating the Palestinians like Nazis treated the Jews”, unless you can show proof that Jews/Israelis are rounding up Palestinians gassing them with Zyklon B and burning them in crematoria, or forcing them to live in concentration camps or starving them to death.

Hamas? Anyone against Syria is allied with Israel. It’s real simple.

I knew we could win the hearts and minds of Hamas. It’s called “Making Friends & Influencing People”…

If you want my opinion I will be happy to tell you.

Lying again I see.

April 5th, 2013, 12:57 pm



“What exactly do you perceive in Visitor’s version of Islam that you think its the pure Islam?”

Quite simply, the things VISITOR says are much more consistent with what I understand Islam to be than the things you say.

There’s alot of things, but to give you an example, take a look at this:

I think the message portrayed in this flyer accurately describes Islam’s concept of a nation and that most likely than not VISITOR agrees with this. Maybe he doesn’t agree with the way this end-goal should be reached, some like Nusra think it should be enforced by force if necessary, others think you should educate muslims and wait until they are ready, but the end-goal is the same.

If it’s not then you are corrupted by nationalism which I believe is a concept alien to Islam and haram in Islam, because it could lead you to “favor” a non-muslim over your muslim “brother”, and it goes against the whole idea of one muslim “ummah”. That’s how I understand it and again I could be wrong in this case I’d like to see why and how.

In Islam the relation between two individuals is defined by whether or not they believe in لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله and NOT through “syrian”, “saudi”, “lebanese”, “algerian”, etc. These are artificial separations created by western imperialism to better control and subdue Islam.

In my very humble opinion (meaning I could be wrong but until proof of the contrary I have no reason to believe I am), this is not subject to interpretation and it is agreed upon by most sunni scholars.

Sure there are moderate muslims, (which in my very humble opinion either means they don’t completely understand their religion AND/OR they have been corrupted OR they live with some form of cognitive dissonance OR they know it well but don’t want to cause problems between people) but I don’t believe they represent Islam.

I believe things have intrinsic properties and not everything is subject to interpretation, just as not all interpretations are equal.

This, among other things.

April 5th, 2013, 12:58 pm


Sami said:

But Georges the same argument can be made about Christianity as you are making about Islam.

There is nothing “democratic” about Biblical Law’s, some of which are archaic laws that don’t belong in todays society. I have been told by moderate Christians that these laws and stories we are supposed to learn to read in between the lines and find the spirit of the story rather than what it actually says.

If Democracy can grow in Christian Nations such as England even after of what it says in the book of Deuteronomy, why can’t it grow in a Moslem nation even though it might not adhere to every word of the Qur’an but respects the spirit of it?

April 5th, 2013, 1:05 pm


revenire said:

The Zionists love to ignore this one: “A Jew murdered Yitzhak Rabin Akbar. A JEW. A Jew from America.”

April 5th, 2013, 1:14 pm


revenire said:

Akbar who do you think murdered Iranian nuclear scientists? The tooth fairy? Israelis did.

You set yourself up as the enemy that’s what you are. You have nothing to say about it because a madman named NetanYAHOO runs your puny little slave camp.

I notice you have a lot of delusions.

April 5th, 2013, 1:16 pm


revenire said:

Akbar this is what you cowards do. Go ahead and take a look. Poor girl.

HNN Homs News Network

Israeli soldiers take a Palestinian girl, cuff her, blind-fold her, point their guns at her and take photos. You paid for it America!

Palestinian woman attacked – Israeli police officer Ariel Shapiro posts on Facebook: “It’s a shame that the Arab whore didn’t die”
A Palestinian woman waiting at a light rail station in Jerusalem on Monday was attacked and stripped of her headscarf by religious Jewish women, Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported Tuesday.
According to bystanders, a young Jewish woman punched the Palestinian suddenly as she was passing by the station. A friend of the assailant began aiding her in beating the Palestinian, pushing her against the wall, and ultimately ripping off her headscarf.
Israeli soldiers take a Palestinian girl, cuff her, blind-fold her, point their guns at her and take photos.

You paid for it America … – J

April 5th, 2013, 1:21 pm


syrian said:

Pessst REV.
You are the only one who figured these fake video.
this whole revolution is a Qatari TV program. and when the FSA get to Bashar office they are all going to scream SURPRIZE you’re on candid Camera.LOOL

April 5th, 2013, 1:21 pm


Sami said:

“There aren’t Jews in Syria.”

I know of an antique dealer in Souq Al-Hamediyeh in Damascus that is Jewish. He and his family might be the only Jews left but nonetheless he is as Damascene as I am and maybe even more so since he can trace his family back to 7aret Al-Yahoud for nearly a millennia.

April 5th, 2013, 1:21 pm


Akbar Palace said:

I guess Reverse isn’t a Sports Fan afterall

A Jew from America

Yigal Amir to my knowledge is Israeli not American.

Israeli soldiers take a Palestinian girl, cuff her, blind-fold her, point their guns at her and take photos.


Wake me up when the Israelis start to firing misiles into Israeli cities and begin murdering thousands of their own people.


Good. So now we know who just killed 70000+ Syrians.

JUst FYI, my ex-father-in-law and his family walked from Halab, Syria to live in Israel in the 1930s…

April 5th, 2013, 1:30 pm




I’m not a theologian but based on myself as a christian I think that what makes this jump possible is that most christians, accept that the Bible is the inspired word of God rather than the literal, inerrant word of God which leaves room to interpretation way more than believing it is the literal innerant word of God the way muslims do with the Quran.

This is what makes possible reading in between the lines and finding the spirit of the story rather than believing every single word of it.

April 5th, 2013, 1:30 pm


Sami said:


“accept that the Bible is the inspired word of God rather than the literal”

So it is not the religion it is the people that are backwards in Islam?

Or are you using a double standard here where you expect non-Christian to understand the inspired sense of your Biblical Laws while leaving no room for inspiration from their religious texts except the literal sense?

For the record I am a non-believer, I have no bias in this. And I have nearly as much Christian blood in me as Muslim. Brought up in a Sunni environment that celebrated Christmas. I have attended Fiqh classes and Bible classes growing up. To me at the end of the day both books are almost identical. Both have two God’s, one that is most merciful and loving, and one that is most judgemental and scornful. It is up to the end user which God they want.

April 5th, 2013, 1:59 pm


Sami said:


When did I ever say Jews killed 70,000 Syrians?

Clutching at straws much…

Just pointing out that Jews called my city home for centuries and have lived as neighbours with their fellow Damascenes in peace for just as long.

You see not all Arabs want to kill Jews!

April 5th, 2013, 2:04 pm


revenire said:

Funny I thought Amir was trained in Brooklyn as part of Meir Kahane’s fascist mob? Whatever:

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin appealed to the Palestinians today to return to the suspended peace talks. But he warned them not to use the Hebron massacre to set unrealistic conditions, suggesting that he had taken the sternest measures he plans for now against Jewish settlers in the occupied territories.

But in words both lacerating and relentless, Mr. Rabin declared murderous settlers to be outcasts, alien to Israel and to Judaism.

“I am shamed over the disgrace imposed upon us by a degenerate murderer,” he said.

“You are not part of the community of Israel,” he continued, addressing the most militant settlers. “You are not part of the national democratic camp which we all belong to in this house, and many of the people despise you. You are not partners in the Zionist enterprise. You are a foreign implant. You are an errant weed. Sensible Judaism spits you out. You placed yourself outside the wall of Jewish law.

“You are a shame on Zionism and an embarrassment to Judaism.”

April 5th, 2013, 2:16 pm


Akbar Palace said:


I never said YOU made this commment, that Jews killed 70,000 Syria.

I was responding to our friend Reverse, who claimed that the “…Zionists are attacking Syria…”. So if there are Jews in Syria, like your friend the antique dealer, he must be the attacker.

Reverses claim from Post 175:

Akbar nah, you Zionists are attacking Syria and you know it.

Do you know any Zionists that are attacking Syria Sami?


I am ashamed of Jewish murderers. Are you ashamed of Arab murderers? You seem to enjoy their “exploits”.

Your Post 205:

Please chat with Reverse, I’m getting tired…

April 5th, 2013, 2:17 pm


Sami said:

“Do you know any Zionists that are attacking Syria Sami?”

Yes, his name is Bashar son of Havez. Even AIG agree’s with me on this!

April 5th, 2013, 2:23 pm


revenire said:

Akbar I apologize. I meant Baruch Goldstein, who Amir said he admired. Amir said Goldstein’s funeral was where he decided to kill Rabin.

Nonetheless, they both were part of Kahane’s fascist movement. Goldstein was a boyhood friend of Kahane.

Rabin spit swine like that out of Israel and we all know what Leah Rabin said and did after. She would not even shake hands with that piece of filth Bibi NetanYAHOO.

Israel went over to fascism. Live by the sword you die by the sword.

April 5th, 2013, 2:28 pm


Visitor said:

Sorry to all those who are quoting me and discussing in my absence. I am really busy today. I have some deadlines that HAVE to be met. I will try to pitch in later if the topic is still alive. But I could say the following in brief.

Georges has an outstanding understanding about what Islam IS. Particularly in the subject which he just raised about nationalism. He is 100% on the spot. There is a famous story about the Prophet (PBUH) during the early migration to Medinah, in which a dispute arose among some people that involved old allegiances that relate to what you may call nationalism today. To make it short since I have not much time, the issue was resolved by a famous saying of the Prophet (PBUH): دعوها فانها نتنة

The reference here is made to the old tribal allegiances in which the Prophet (PBUH) ordered that they should be shunned in favor of allegiance to only one allegiance which is the Muslim Nation.

By the way, this also explains Georges reference to an apparent contradiction in which a Muslim finds affinity with other Muslims that are not necessarily of the same country as his/her even more so than non-Muslims who happen to be from the same country. Georges compared this affinity to Christianity and deduced the apparent contradiction from it.

My response to Georges is there is no contradiction and I already replied to Sami about this in a previous response. In Islam, the concept of Nation is well defined, unlike the case in Christianity. It also raises another issue about the Universal nature of Islam which I may say, and many may conclude I am biased which I perfectly understand, embodies more Universality in its message than any other religion on this planet.

This is what George Bernard Shaw, an atheist, had to say about Muhammad (PBUH) right after the second world war,

“The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, though an atheist, said:
“I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Saviour of Humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today

Shaw also stated that “If any religion has a chance of conquering England ,nay Europe, within the next hundred years, that religion is Islam.”

He said about the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) : He was by far the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth. He preached a religion, founded a state, built a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numerous social and political reforms, established a powerful and dynamic society to practice and represent his teachings and completely revolutionized the worlds of human thought and behavior for all times to come”

April 5th, 2013, 2:32 pm


Sami said:

But Visitor Nationhood is defined in Christianity.

The Queen of England is Queen by the Grace of God, meaning it was Gods choice for her to lead not only the Church of England but the United Kingdom (according to Anglicans of course).

And I am not even touching on the more qualified candidate which is the Papacy and the role of the Catholic Church in empire building, and nation building. Not to mention the fact the Vatican is an internationally recognized State.

April 5th, 2013, 2:39 pm


Citizen said:

Funeral procession for two young boys killed by the Israeli army in ‘Anabta
4th April 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, ‘Anabta, Occupied Palestine

On Thursday 4 April the village of ‘Anabta, near Tulkarem buried two of their young men. Amer Nassar, 17 and Naji al-Balbisi, 18 were shot dead by the Israeli Army at the Enav checkpoint late on Wednesday evening.

Despite reports last night that Naji had escaped the Army gunfire, he was found by the Red Crescent medics on Thursday morning after a phone call from the Israeli Army.

Last night Amer was shot in the chest and the Israeli Army prevented his fellow villagers attempts to reach him
resulting in Fadi Abu-A’sr being shot in the arm. Naji was shot in the back, indicating he was running away from the soldiers, which accords with reports taken from witnesses.

The funeral procession was joined by the entire village including Khader Adnan and fellow former hunger striking prisoners. To date there has been no information from the Israeli Army about the fate of Deiyaa’ Nassar, despite reports he was injured at the time of his arrest. His family have been unable to obtain any information from the Army on his condition or whereabouts.

The Army regularly arrest Palestinians, holding them for up to 8 days without access to a lawyer, adequate medical attention or contact with their families. This detention can continue indefinitely and has sparked the mass hunger strikes from prisoners such as Khader and the current hunger striker Samer Al-Issawi, who is in a critical condition after refusing food for over 250 days.

This escalation in violence is a familiar pattern for Palestinians. In recent months the Israeli security forces killed Arafat Jaradat as a result of interrogation tactics. The murder of Amer and Naji and arrest of Deiyaa’, also comes a day after the prisoner Maisara Abu Hamdiyeh died as a result of medical neglect.

April 5th, 2013, 3:01 pm


Visitor said:

Sami @2:39PM

We’ll talk later.

April 5th, 2013, 3:01 pm




“So it is not the religion it is the people that are backwards in Islam?”

Where do you get the backwards idea from? I get the feeling that people (you and TARA) are trying to forcefully inject judgement passings in what I say when there isn’t any. There is no backwards system or better system. To each his own. If you prefer to be ruled by shariah law that doesn’t make you backward in my eyes, that makes you someone with beliefs different than mine.

I prefer secularism because I’m secular and non-muslim while muslims prefer islamism because they are muslims and they love islam. No one is backwards or better than the other.

To answer your question, the conflict if we can call it so, comes from both the people and the religion. Usually there is something in the religion that is not compatible with a concept foreign to it. To answer this, either the worshippers abandon this concept or they modify their interpretation / let go of the conflicting part of the religion to reconcile the two. And according to my understanding this is exactly what Islam is NOT about.

For example I used to think that لا إله إلا الله means what most people think it means (the obvious meaning of إله most people have) but then I learned that إله is way more than the obvious meaning, that anything a muslim does is a form of عبادة and so إله is anything that is worshipped, followed, obeyed. You completely submit yourself to God in every aspect of your life (that’s what islam means). Is this correct?

“you expect non-Christian to understand the inspired sense of your Biblical Laws while leaving no room for inspiration from their religious texts except the literal sense?”

I don’t expect anything from anyone. If most muslims would redefine / reinterpret Islam so it becomes like TARA’s islam that would solve alot of problems in the middle east, but that’s not what it is today.

April 5th, 2013, 3:47 pm


Observer said:

This is not relevant to Syria but I thought going over the back and forth that is on going now that this information about the Ultra Orthodox from Juan Cole’s blog is most intriguing and thought provoking

April 5th, 2013, 3:48 pm


AIG said:


Have you ever heard of the Aleppo Pogrom? Most Syrians are ignorant about it:

And it seems to me you are not aware of the Damascus Affair and its bloody aftermath:

It is true that not all Arabs want to kill Jews, but it is also true that Jews were prosecuted in Damascus and Aleppo and the “hundreds of years of peaceful living side by side” is just a myth.

April 5th, 2013, 4:07 pm


Citizen said:

A Weapon of Minor Destruction
How Eric Harroun, the American jihadist in Syria, was duped by the FBI into incriminating himself.

April 5th, 2013, 4:10 pm


Citizen said:

Given the West’s silence on the FSA’s act today, obviously firing at commercial aircraft is an act of terrorism except for in Syria

April 5th, 2013, 4:23 pm


Visitor said:

Georges @3:47PM

Despite your excellent understanding of Islam, yet you do not seem to understand what is interpretation when it comes to the Revelations in Islam and how it became a science by itself among Muslim scholars.

First of all there are no such things as Visitor’s Islam or Tara’s Islam. Islam is ONE and will always be one. There are built-in mechanism within the Revelations that will sift out any impostors who claim to speak or represent Islam when it comes to interpreting the Revelations. This has been going on throughout history since the time of Muhammad (PBUH) and up to the present. You may want to read a 1000 year old book which I linked recently in order to understand what I am saying. Basically the book sifted OUT of Islam a group which claimed to be Muslim and sought to interpret the Holy Qura’n esoterically. Those who subscribed to such methods are exorcised completely out of Islam ever since.

Back to your issue of interpretation. Let me give you an example which will make it easier for you to understand. can you interpret the ten commandments in a way other than face value? i.e. literally?

This is exactly the situation in the Holy Qura’n. Quite many verses in the Qura’n are subject for interpretations. Allah mentions that clearly in one famous verse. But immediately Allah, in the same verse, warns against those who indulge in it and follow such interpretations, and describes them as those who have illnesses in their hearts.

Take these verses for example,

يَسْأَلونَكَ عَنِ الْخَمْرِ وَالْمَيْسِرِ قُلْ فِيهِمَا إِثْمٌ كَبِيرٌ وَمَنَافِعُ لِلنَّاسِ وَإِثْمُهُمَا أَكْبَرُ مِنْ نَفْعِهِمَا )(البقرة: من الآية219)

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنَّمَا الْخَمْرُ وَالْمَيْسِرُ وَالْأَنْصَابُ وَالْأَزْلامُ رِجْسٌ مِنْ عَمَلِ الشَّيْطَانِ فَاجْتَنِبُوهُ لَعَلَّكُمْ تُفْلِحُونَ) (المائدة:90)

يَسْأَلونَكَ عَنِ الْخَمْرِ وَالْمَيْسِرِ قُلْ فِيهِمَا إِثْمٌ كَبِيرٌ وَمَنَافِعُ لِلنَّاسِ وَإِثْمُهُمَا أَكْبَرُ مِنْ نَفْعِهِمَا )(البقرة: من الآية219)

قُلْ إِنَّمَا حَرَّمَ رَبِّيَ الْفَوَاحِشَ مَا ظَهَرَ مِنْهَا وَمَا بَطَنَ وَالْأِثْمَ وَالْبَغْيَ بِغَيْرِ الْحَقِّ وَأَنْ تُشْرِكُوا بِاللَّهِ مَا لَمْ يُنَزِّلْ بِهِ سُلْطَاناً وَأَنْ تَقُولُوا عَلَى اللَّهِ مَا لا تَعْلَمُونَ) (لأعراف:33)

Notice in the last verse how Allah enumerated what is haram for Muslims. Compare it to the first verse

can any sane person deduce from the above that alcohol is NOT forbidden by Allah?

So, what chances are there for so-called Tara’s Islam among 1.5 billion Muslims?

Of course I brought these verses specifically to respond to your preferences about which Islam you like better.

These and similar many verses cannot be subject for interpretation, in the same manner that the ten commandments must be taken literally.

And by the way, there are a lot more than ten commandments in the Holy Qura’n. And I assume you probably know about them.

April 5th, 2013, 4:25 pm


revenire said:

Looks like Assad had a comment for Syrian “expert” Josh Landis saying he doesn’t live on a Russian ship. LOL

Assad is King!

April 5th, 2013, 5:57 pm


Syrian said:

I think Georges main Idea is that the way you understand Islam scareses him.
What would you say to calm his fears

April 5th, 2013, 6:57 pm



I don’t want to be boring but to wrap this up:

From what I understand of Islam, you cannot be a secular muslim. That would be like being a christian jew or a christian muslim. It makes no sense as one identity is in contradiction with the other. This is consistent when we consider that Islam is a complete ideology and not merely a religion in the narrow sense. In the view of Islam, democracy or secularism is also a form of “religion” in the broad sense. In Islam there is no distinction between religion in the narrow sense and ideology. It’s a complete package. Anything you do is worship and for the sake of pleasing God and thus should be done according to divine laws he has decreed. Otherwise it’s shirk which leads to kufr.

This is how Islam is interpreted or defined by any mainstream sunni scholar, therefore this is what sunni Islam is today.

I stand by what I said, any muslim who denies this either:
1. is lying
2. does not understand his religion
3. knows it but is in a state of cognitive dissonance
4. knows it but has abandoned parts of his religion to not cause problems with non-muslims

and I will add another reason after my exchanges with SAMI
5. is trying to get Islam out of the middle ages.

April 5th, 2013, 7:01 pm




No it doesn’t scare me and I have no problem with it unless it is implemented by violence like I think is the case with Nusra. If it’s implemented by convincing the “moderate muslims” then I guess it’s fair game. It’s an ideology like others.

April 5th, 2013, 7:05 pm


Tara said:


Please read Sami above.  He said it eloquently.

I quote Sami   “Or are you using a double standard here where you expect non-Christian to understand the inspired sense of your Biblical Laws while leaving no room for inspiration from their religious texts except the literal sense?”

You are giving yourself  a “right” or a “quality”  you denying the Muslims.  Islam is not compatible with democracy because Muslims in your mind interpret texts literally and Christianity is compatible because Christians interpret the spirit of the text.  And when  a Tara, a confessed Sunni and a pedigree of a religious Damascene family, tells you she is taught to interpret the spirit and not the literal text, you accuse her of I quote “in my very humble opinion either means they don’t completely understand their religion AND/OR they have been corrupted OR they live with some form of cognitive dissonance OR they know it well but don’t want to cause problems between people) but I don’t believe they represent Islam.”. End quote.  For your information, the moderate Muslims who are the vast majority of World Muslims are neither ignorant nor corrupt or inflicted by cognitive dissonance. 

Now if racism is not having a preconceived notion about group of individuals to lump sum them together under that notion despite evidence to the contrary., what is racism?  And if you ask:   Where is my evidence to the contrary?  Simple:  among the 1.5 billions Muslim, there is not a single Islamic Imara except perhaps the KSA.  And it is an Islamic Imara out of connivence of having  sheiks anchoring the Saud family in power and giving them legitimacy.   

Ironically, what you linked earlier about the Islamic flag carries 2 versions, a white flag with black inscription and a black flag with white inscriptions.

In any case bringing a theology discussion to the front burner in a case of ” people against the dictator” is nothing more than merely creating noise, noise, and more noise for purpose of distraction and often scare mongering.

April 5th, 2013, 7:16 pm


revenire said:

Dr Bashar Al-Assad, “You are a GREAT man!”
You have style and grace more than most in a leadership role!
You are a man of TRUE eloquence!
God Bless you!
God Bless Bless Syrians!
God Bless your MIGHTY Syrian Arab Army & Air Force!
May God be with, and protect you all!!!!!

April 5th, 2013, 7:33 pm



I’m not denying any right.

What I’m trying to say is, I have researched Islam to understand what it is, and everything I found is consistent with what VISITOR says. From then on, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck, and here I am today.

Maybe it’s bad luck that everything I have found is consistent with what VISITOR says, I’d really like to see more of your Islam from reputable scholars, then I would consider changing my mind.

Really you think it’s racist or that I have preconceived notions, you seem to think I’m trying to denigrate or attack or prove Islam wrong, it’s sad that you still don’t get it as I have repeatedly said that my views are made after a honest and objective research (to the best of my abilities) with a genuine intention to learn what this religion is about.

I think at this point I should point out that as SAMI said at #34, I say I’m christian the way it is understood in the middle east rather than the way it is understood by westerners, maybe it can clear some things up for you.

And I don’t really understand what your point is with the flags.

April 5th, 2013, 7:40 pm


Visitor said:

Sami @2:39PM

Are you saying:

1). The queen of England IS the ‘Christian Nation’?

2). The Pope IS the ‘Christian Nation’?

If none of the above, then bring a definition for ‘Christian Nation’ from the New Testament.

April 5th, 2013, 7:51 pm




I was in Syria until a few months ago, and secular muslims were afraid or shy to say that’s what they were in front of islamists. You could feel it had almost become taboo to be linked to secularism. I think this is very telling.

April 5th, 2013, 7:54 pm


Citizen said:

Former Arab deputy of Israel’s Knesset Said Nafaa assures that “Israel is supporting al-Nusra Front in al-Golan villages, describing the attitude of the Lebanese deputy Walid Junblat, who has said that he is with the front against the Syrian regime, as a wrong attitude.

Nafaa says in an E-mail published by the Syrian Newspaper al-Watan “al-Nusra Front could not takes control on Israeli-Syrian borders without the aid of Israel”, declaring that “the injuries of al-Nusra Front are transformed to Israeli hospitals and Israel devotes its military efforts to help them the insurgents in the demilitarized zone”.

he adds that the attitude of Walid Junblat when he said “I am with al-Nusra Front against the Syrian regime” is wrong attitude, as he believe that the conspiracy is not against the regime but rather against the Syria’s attitude that refuses the existence of Israel in Palestine

April 5th, 2013, 8:01 pm


Tara said:


The flags linked showed two different versions of the so called Islamic flags.  Which one was the “true” flag that represents the” true” Islam.  I bet some Islamophobes like the black flag more….    Ironic because there is no consensus in regard to the color,  Yet,  some feel at ease after doing their own research by observing and listening to lectures to conclude that the vast majority of the 1.5 billions Muslims adhere to some literal interpretation from many centuries ago that happens to fit Visitor’s version and  make us not compatible with democracy while continuing to ignore that there is no single Islamic Imara  in existence in the Muslim world of 1.5 billions.  

I view democracy as freedom of individuality subject to the consensus and rules of the majority.  It is a basic human right.  There is nothing more offensive than saying to group of  people that their existence and belief is not compatible with freedom as by saying that, you are condemning them not to the rule of majority, rather to the oppression of an entity whether that entity is a dictator or Emir al Moumeneen.

Racism it is because despite evidence to the contrary, one is generalizing his/her own biased view under a pretext of doing their own “leg work” .

BTW, I am not attacking you personally, I am just sharing my thoughts about the subject in general acknowledging individual variation.

April 5th, 2013, 8:29 pm


Visitor said:

“222. SYRIAN said:

I think Georges main Idea is that the way you understand Islam scareses him.
What would you say to calm his fears.”


People, in general, are scared of what they don’t understand. In the case of George, I believe he understands Islam very well, I cannot say anything to him to calm any fears he may have, as you say, or may not have as he says and I agree.

He can easily read the Holy Qura’n and calm his own fears, if there are any such fears. The relation of Muslims with non-Muslims in a State ruled according the Islamic Laws is well defined, and sanctioned by clear Revelations. He may or may not like it, but as I said he has no fears. It is more like an inconvenience for him more or less.

I also do not think he is racist. What is happening, in Syria and the environ, is that the hundred years era since WWI is coming to an end. There is a new era that will take over in which Muslim re-awakening will be the main driving force. Many of the ideas that were either imposed by colonialists or teleported by few Arab elites are being fundamentally questioned as the main culprits behind the tremendous losses in human and material costs that our region had to endure. Had our people and region been allowed to evolve based on its own values as accumulated through the centuries, such losses would have been avoided, and we would not be experiencing the current trauma. Those who continue to insist on emulating foreign cultures are now the main impediment behind the progress of our people. These impostors will be sifted out and dumped into the history bins just like the dictators we are trying to dump. This category includes all those characters with the monikers you mentioned in a previous comment and anyone of their liking.

April 5th, 2013, 8:32 pm


Citizen said:

د. علوش يكتب…مناطق عازلة في سورية لتخفيف ضغط اللاجئين أم لحماية أمن العدو الصهيوني؟

April 5th, 2013, 8:32 pm


Tara said:

Even the Egyptians, a much more conservative people than Syrians, are making it hell to the MB to rule in Egypt and we are supposed to believe that most Muslims (except the ones with cognitive dissonance) wants the true Islam that comes via an Imara islamieh.

Please note, I make a distinction between conservative and pious. To me they are not interchangeable..

April 5th, 2013, 8:35 pm


mjabali said:

Funny how some idiots here call the Islamization of the masses in the Middle East a re-awakening.

It has nothing to do with awakening. Actually is has to do more with sleeping and dreaming. Or sticking your head in the sand while the rest of humanity is living and progressing.

Islam is a religion that is hostile to many as stated in its texts. There is no running around, like some clowns here try to do, because the relation between Muslims and others are based on NO EQUALITY as stated time and after time.

The Islamization of the Middle East happened because of the funding behind it, not because of the superiority of its logic of Islam or the brands that emerged. You can beat any of these fools in any argument, because as their religion taught them, they are rigid and can not see how the world had developed without them. Their contribution for this world is nothing: that is why they are trying to mess it up for others.

If money was behind other ideologies, the Islamists were nothing but the clowns they are in the Middle East. With time they are going to be defeated because they are not that smart at the end.

April 5th, 2013, 9:24 pm


Akbar Palace said:


You have no right to define who someone is or isn’t. There are Jewish Christians. My best friend in high school defined himself this way as well as many other Jews. They also are referred to as “hebrew Christians”. Google it.

April 5th, 2013, 9:27 pm




Please give me names of reputable mainstream sunnis scholars who call for secularism and I will look into it.

Ask VISITOR why there is no single Islamic Imara, I know what his answer will be and I agree with it if we take into account the islamic ‘framework’ from which the answer is produced. It is consistent. Maybe you know it too.

You have your own definition of freedom that I agree with but VISITOR and islamists have their own which is different. I am sure islamists think an islamic caliphate protects rights and freedom (their view of freedom) better than secularism or other ideologies. For example they may consider it a crime to shake the piousness of muslims because it may lead them to hell and therefore anything in the public sphere that may shake the piousness of muslims and lead them to sin IS illegal. Freedom in secularism have no such consideration beacuse it is atheistic in nature, whereas freedom in Islam does. There is no right or wrong view, it just depends on the individual.

Just like we think the solution for the middle east is that Islam becomes likes christianity today, people like VISITOR think the solution is to implement Islam and that what we want is exactly the source of the problem and the reason the middle east is in this condition. I know what I want for myself but I honestly don’t know what is better for muslims. Who is right and who is wrong?

My point still stands, based on what I have read about Islam, it is not compatible with secularism. In other words, the way Islam is defined/interpreted today by mainstream sunni scholars makes it incompatible with secularism, the same way it was for Christianity in the middle ages. I know you and SAMI don’t like what I say but sorry it would be dishonest for me to give you want you want when I am not convinced. Maybe I am stupid or racist but really I don’t see any place for emotions or ‘racism’ or bigotry in this process. It boils down to: “This is what I read and heard from mainstream sunni scholars, this is how they define/interpret islam today, what I read and heard is not compatible with secularism, therefore islam today is not compatible with secularism” UNTIL proven otherwise. When I see mainstream sunni scholars calling for secularism (you can give me names), then I will change my mind.

Anyway this is starting to look bad for me because I am arguing with a confessed sunni with a pedigree of a religious Damascene family who tells me she is taught to interpret the spirit and not the literal, and that islam is compatible with secularism so who am I to tell her she is wrong. I am probably too ignorant to speak of these things, but as I said with my current level of knowledge that’s what my opinion is.

Racism (the way you define it) it is NOT and I am certainly NOT biased.

April 5th, 2013, 9:30 pm




In this case it makes your friends “Jewish Christians”, not “Jewish” nor “Christians”.

April 5th, 2013, 9:51 pm



Do you consider Irshad Manji a muslim? She describes herself as one.

April 5th, 2013, 9:54 pm


Juergen said:


we have messiani jewish here in Berlin, these are Jews who believe Jesus was indeed the messias. I think nowadays we have outlived the era of labeling each other, there are more shades of grey so to speak.

Bassem Youssef ode to Qatar

April 5th, 2013, 9:59 pm


zoo said:


What an excellent interview! Bashar al Assad speaks with a soft voice expressing himself clearly and with measure: A true leader.

Frankly I don’t see any Syrian wannabe leader who can compete with him. I am still waiting for interviews with Al Khatib or Sabra or Moustafa Sabbagh.
I am sure HBJ will never dare appear in any such interview. We know why.
I am also sure that Erdogan’s blood is boiling with furor when he hears a leader he has tried to topple treating him of being a liar in a turkish TV.
Well done Bashar!

April 5th, 2013, 10:04 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Assad and the Russians say “blah blah blah.”

But no one listens. All we hear is “blah blah blah.”

The regime and Assad are politically dead. The Assadists can commit violence. They can congratulate each other, and slap each others’ backs like the idiots they are, but the war continues and the Assadists continue to lose territory and men.

April 5th, 2013, 10:05 pm


Juergen said:

Why Dictators Don’t Like Jokes
Pro-democracy activists around the world are discovering that humor is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against authoritarianism.

Syria in Ruins

photos of destruction throughout the country

April 5th, 2013, 10:13 pm


zoo said:

The Shia awakening has already happened 40 years ago in Iran.
Maybe it’s time for the Sunni awakening. But which Islam? the Wahhabi, the MB, the Salafists or the ‘moderate’ one?
That is the question…

April 5th, 2013, 10:18 pm


MarigoldRan said:

If the Shias are allowed a fanatical, theocratic state like Iran, why can’t the Sunnis have one too?

What comes around, goes around.

April 5th, 2013, 10:20 pm


Juergen said:


Irans ruling shiite is by no means represantive to all Shiites. They represent only one version of shiite islam, not the variety.

amazing video

“The boot”

April 5th, 2013, 10:29 pm


revenire said:

Zoo it was a great interview.

What I like is his grasp of the world. That puts him above any others by far to me.

His plans for the region’s economy is interesting. I believe this must have been on Syria’s enemies minds. To have the seas connected and the nations cooperating in something of a bloc, like the BRICS countries, would turn the region into a powerhouse. Iran-Turkey-Syria-Iraq-Egypt cooperating with no sectarian flames? This is a dream.

It is clear who fans the flames of sectarianism and it is clear how this ideology – sectarianism and Wahabism – is more dangerous than the war itself.

I had to laugh when he discussed the problems the Muslim Brotherhood has fomented over decades. So true. And correct me if I am wrong but haven’t the former colonial powers been quasi-allies of the Ikwhan for many, many years. I bet if we dug back to the previous problem in Hama you’d see a foreign hand helping the Brotherhood then as they do today.

It was always colonial policy to foment sectarian warfare for divide and conquer. Today we hear of the Ikwhan wanting to break Syria apart.

They have not helped Turkey at all – Ataturk did. Same in Egypt.

I will have to watch it again. I saw it in two parts and was working but listened closely.

Assad is a giant.

April 5th, 2013, 10:30 pm


Juergen said:


what about Hamas, they are an direct offshot of the MB. So the Assads choose to supply and host an MB inspired islamist organization. Not to mention the AQ afiliations and the support of their work in Iraq, but I assume you prefer kullu bi khair in Syria al Assad right?

Ps: On the markets yesterday:

1$=122 SYP/1€= 158 SYP
a reminder what the exchange rates looked like before the reforms of Al Wahash:

1$= 47 SYP/1€= 61 SYP

April 5th, 2013, 10:42 pm


zoo said:


You explained very well the contradictions ‘moderate’ moslems are faced with..
I think the moderate have become hostages to the extremists and they feel threatened to be regarded as ‘bad moslems’ of they disagree with the strict ideology.

While the Jews and Moslems follow sacred books carrying the religion ideology and recommending the best path of life, Christians follow a person, Jesus, a unusual man, who never wrote any book but whose own life of charity and humility, is the basis of Christianity.
Being Christian is not to follow rules decided by ‘religious experts’ but simply to take inspiration on Jesus’s life as reported by the apostles.
For Moslems, the Holy book of the Koran is the pillar of the religion, for Christians, it’s Jesus’s life that is the pillar of the religion.

April 5th, 2013, 10:49 pm


zoo said:

#251 Juergen

Hamas has been a closeted MB. They came out when the MB became fashionable in the Arab Spring.

April 5th, 2013, 10:54 pm



I just thought of something else that makes christianity fundamentally different than islam. In christianity you are saved and will enter paradise as long as you accept that Jesus has sacrified himself for your sins. Jesus has already paid for your sins when he died on the cross. Salvation is earned by faith alone. In Islam believing is not enough to earn paradise. A muslim can go to hell depending on his sins and on God’s judgement for some time before eventually going to heaven. Sins in islam have much more serious consequences than in christianity and this can explain islam’s literalism vs christianity today.

April 5th, 2013, 10:55 pm


Juergen said:


Thank you for admitting this fact. Btw what you think of Assads buddy Kim Yong Un? I think it will be hard for Russia and China to back this fellah much longer, in the long run this may discredit the lionking alliance much more.

April 5th, 2013, 11:03 pm


Visitor said:

Renewal and awakening in Islam is a never ending process which was foretold by our Prophet (PBUH) in a famous narration assuring His Companions that Allah will never cease to send knowledgeable people to renew the True Faith as taught by the Prophet (PBUH). This, of course, applies to true Muslims and NOT to impostors such as the Shiite.

Even George Bernard Shaw, an atheist, recognized this characteristc that is unique to Islam. Please see comment 208 above.

The last century witnessed several attempts for renewal and those attempts were confronted by the few Arab elites who were stooges of European and Western colonialism. These so-called elites sought with help from their foreign masters to stiffle any attempt for renewal up until they began to fall one by one two years ago. While I do not see the MB’s as true representatives of Islam, they were nevertheless part of this renewal process, who suffered at the hands of these impostor elites who produced only dictatorships in order to ensure their dominance over the masses. The true renewal movement, however, was spearheaded by the great Mujaddid Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab who preceeded any other movement by at least a full century. He foresaw well ahead of his peers the ills that the Ummah was suffering from, and he succeeded, despite fierce opposition and persecution from stagnant so-called ulama who were not much different than Buti and Hassoun, with the Help of the Al-Mighty in cleansing the cradle of Islam from the abominations that corrupted the faithful. He is by far one of the greatest mujaddids in modern times.

April 5th, 2013, 11:03 pm


Tara said:

Georges @ 255

Go ahead. Kill, torture, rape, subjugate, have no mercy, …but just accept Jesus and you shall be saved by the Christ.

Thanks but no thanks..

April 5th, 2013, 11:05 pm


Visitor said:

“. A muslim can go to hell depending on his sins and on God’s judgement for some time before eventually going to heaven. Sins in islam have much more serious consequences than in christianity and this can explain islam’s literalism vs christianity today.”

Of course, that also explains why there are mostly nominal Christians these days. Just look at church attendance and compare it to 50 or 70 years ago. So Christianity will wither away naturally because it cannot adapt to changes of time. See Bernard Shaw again.

And by the way the concept of Jesus paying for your sins cannot be supported by anything Jesus Himself said or did. You will find the True Jesus in the Holy Qura’n and NOT in some Pauline inscription

April 5th, 2013, 11:14 pm



What is your comment for? What’s your goal?

You are free to believe what you want. I don’t think one is necessarily superior or inferior to the other. However it seems like that’s not the case with you so I will say that you are a ‘racist’.

April 5th, 2013, 11:15 pm


revenire said:

Juergen what? Hamas? There are traitors everywhere. Read your Shakespeare and don’t bother trying to goad me with nonsense about Hamas.

Lions will remain lions, dogs will remain dogs.

April 5th, 2013, 11:28 pm


AIG said:

If the Koran were a moral book it would have explained how to make antibiotics and save millions of children’s lives. But like all the “holy” books, including the Torah, they are just myths written by ignorant people that did not know much. You can read these books from front to back, memorize them by heart, and still you wouldn’t gain any useful knowledge. Just the fact that people who study these books for years argue about what they say and fight wars just shows how dangerous these books are.

A useful book would tell you that slavery is not allowed, that women should have equal rights, that wars of aggression are not allowed etc. It will tell you how to create useful medicine, how to make agricultural yields higher, how to make phones and computer and cars etc.

But the “holy” books just caused strife and war for centuries. But go ahead, believe in any nonsense you want. It is your right.

April 5th, 2013, 11:31 pm


Tara said:

Georges@ 259

Racism it is NOT and I am certainly NOT biased!

Sometimes someone can say something pretty ordinary and even stupid but it appeals to me. I have been smiling for a while now

To answer you, I meant what I said in# 257. ALL religions introduce the most ridiculous concept and this is one. I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus never said or meant to tell his followers that he is their way to paradise regardless of whatever atrocities they commit. It defies logic and I refuse to believe it. it is a very solid concept in Christianity. Same with the promised 70 virgins in Islam. Did the Qur’an really meant the
reward physically and if so what is the reward of women martyrs? They are definitely not interested in 70 virgins. It defies logic too. What about the Gulmans? Is Allah encouraging homosexuality?

I mean no offense. Not to Muslims nor to Christian who believe in literal interpretation. I am just stating my own “biased” opinion..

April 5th, 2013, 11:33 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

After reading many comments I have to say what I believe
Secularism is not compatible with Democracy, and it is not compatible with freedom either,
Example if the majority of a nation are Moslems and they choose Islamic ideas secularists demonstrate and sometimes violently as is happening in Egypt
No one should use the term Secularism and freedom or democracy interchangeably,secularism is the enemy of religion whether Islam or christianity or jewish

Today I read christian jewish, christian moslem, hebrew christians frankly I don’t understand these terms
Finally different people understand Islam differently,because they don’t think and ponder when they read Quraan

April 5th, 2013, 11:34 pm



TARA since that’s how you operate..

You should repent and return to your religion because calling for secularism and opposing the establishment of the caliphate makes you a منافقة and an enemy of Islam and it WILL eventually take you out of the fold of Islam.

Or you can continue on this path and maybe you should become friend with Irshad Manji.

Even a كافر understands this.

April 5th, 2013, 11:39 pm


revenire said:


“Ps: On the markets yesterday:
1$=122 SYP/1€= 158 SYP
a reminder what the exchange rates looked like before the reforms of Al Wahash:
1$= 47 SYP/1€= 61 SYP”

You don’t want to get into a discussion about economics with me.

The entire world financial system is collapsing. Europe is broke many times over. In a strange way Europe might be worse off than Syria but I can’t expect you to understand the nuances of various speculative instruments.

I am of the opinion Syria, like Iran, has become very nimble after decades of sanctions but what does it matter what I think?

As long as we keep killing rats the money end will work itself out. Think of DEAD RATS as money in the bank.

April 5th, 2013, 11:40 pm


Tara said:

I do not know if we all are taking about the same thing. Just to be clear when I say secular, I do not mean I have no religion myself or I want to strip people from their religion and prohibit them from practicing what they believe. I just believe that the government should have no religion. That the “stated” Islamic law is not forced on people such as forcing women to wear hijab or niqab, cutting the hand of a thief or stoning to death an adulterer. Yet the civil laws should be applicable.

Where is the problem with that. Does living in the secular West prohibiting any of us to be Muslims?

April 6th, 2013, 12:06 am


Juergen said:


its always the same tactic, one issue is always compared to an totally unrelated other issue. ( Or do you want to say Assadistan is an victim of the world bank crisis ?) Do you do that because you have no answer to the obvious questions? In Syria we have an economy going down the grain, millions of people without an income nor access to any social aid provided by the government, and you compare all this to Europe. Sure you have an explanation to the Syrians why there is no money for Syrians who lost everything, and yet the innercircle of the Wahash mafia faces a hard time because they can no longer have shopping trips to Paris over the weekend.

April 6th, 2013, 12:08 am



TARA I am done with this topic.

First I look bad as a كافر debating a sunni that comes from a religious pedigree about his own religion.

Second I don’t have the knowledge nor the desire to debate this any further, I just wanted to state my opinion. Maybe I should have refrained from doing so because I’m not a scholar but I thought it would be good for you to know what is going inside the minds of the syrian كفار and why most of them are scared.

I repeat that I was in syria not more than a few months ago and indeed being associated with secularism is ‘taboo’.

You can debate this with VISITOR or MAJEDKHALDOUN if you want.

Sorry if I have hurt your feelings or if you have taken offense and anything I wrote.

April 6th, 2013, 12:16 am


MarigoldRan said:

The retard’s an unemployed and unemployable loser with no life. That’s basically all there is to it.

All indications show that he’s unable to interact normally with people. Even more damning, he spends 12 hours a day on the comments section of blogs.

In other words, the retard is simply a horrible, useless, space-eating person.

April 6th, 2013, 12:41 am


revenire said:

Juergen we both know there is a war in Syria. What is your point? Seriously?

It isn’t the only economy affected by that war. Syria’s neighbors are. Even the US economy is.

Again, outside of derision, what is your point? People can’t go shopping? Talk to your patrons in KSA etc. They look like they’re eating okay. Moaz was spotted on a yacht and Syrians are starving. That better?

I say you don’t have a point, at least not a cogent one.

I didn’t use a tactic or anything else. I spoke the truth.

I believe you’re stupid, or you think I am. Is it you think everyone swallows your posts? I don’t. Not since the 300 circulation paper post.

Any idiot can see the explanation for a war economy. I can’t believe you’re even asking me.

April 6th, 2013, 1:05 am


MarigoldRan said:

Retard, you can’t handle the truth.

Heck, you can’t even handle a JOB INTERVIEW.

April 6th, 2013, 1:11 am


Hopeful said:

Two comments on Assad’s interview:

1. On 14:18, he said: “when they failed in the first phase, they started to support the armed groups”. This is an admission that he was lying about the conspiracy on day one.

2. At 25:55, he said, “whenever there is chaos in a country and a vacuum, it is normal for groups and gangs to form to fill the vacuum.” He was referring to Kurd groups in northern Syria. However, this is the first time he publicly acknowledges that there is chaos in Syrian, and he is also attributing the emergence of groups to the existence of that chaos.

It is funny that at the end of the interview he talked about not allowing idiotic and immature politicians to create a mess in the region. It is like the pot calling the kettle black.

April 6th, 2013, 1:17 am


Pas Cool said:


I agree with you that holy books are nothing but ways to limit your understanding of the world.

One thing I do not agree with, and I’ve just started contemplating this recently after reading some history books, is the notion that holy books only cause strife and war, emphasis being on ‘only’.

They divide society and cause friction and often war, yes. But, as part of our history, they have also brought along evolution of thought (as paradoxical it might sound), helped organize and discipline society and thus in part helped in doing away with troubled societies. The norm today is ‘western’ society, but western society might not have existed had it not been for protestantism. I don’t think either you or I would like to live in a society with barely a thread of social contract, where being killed by your neighbor was a real threat, where justice was at the whim of the local strongman etc. Religion, however defunct to fit in today’s liberal democracy, gradually did away with these societies and replaced it with a central authority, the spread of the rule of law etc. Of course, the fact that most people prefer the western concept of the rule of law to sharia is peripheral to this particular train of thought.

Obviously I am not saying religon is ‘the’ reason for our advancements since a few millennia, but it is a reason, and something to think about when talking about the pros and cons of holy books.

April 6th, 2013, 1:35 am


Badr said:

Pas Cool,

Did you come across this book before writing your comment?

Religion for Atheists: A Non-believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion

April 6th, 2013, 2:07 am


Sami said:


I have to say that I really appreciated your candid honesty, it is refreshing to read honest commentary about the perception of religion and texts without the usual “sectarian mudsling” that ensues here. Thank you, Tara, and Visitor for that.

I know you wanted to end this conversation and I expect no reply back if you wish. I’ll just leave you with an excerpt from a Syrian Sheikh’s writing (whom is the uncle to a prominent Montreal Syrian Activist Extraordinaire Afra Jalabi):

Religion is about salvation in the here-and-now and in the hereafter. Salvation is to accept good and reject evil, to refuse to become an instrument for evil, to cooperate for good and righteousness. “Help you one another in righteousness (compassion) and piety, but help you not one another in sin and rancour . . .” (Surah 5 Al Ma’idah: 3)
“`In very truth, I tell you’, said Jesus, `that everyone who commits sin is a slave (of sin).”‘ (John 8:34) Both the Bible and Qur’an show us ways of dealing with evil that go beyond the simple dichotomies of ordering people to stay away from evil or to destroy evil. At the risk of simplifying the issue, it is important to clarify how we still fail in approaching the mental realm. Killing the evil one is like breaking the glass instead of washing it. Since we do not accept doctors who kill their patients, it is hard to understand why we accept it when intellectuals, or those who claim to be sons of God, continually glorify the killing of the ignorant instead of teaching and guiding them

And I would recommend reading his Call Of Democracy Chapter within that same book:

April 6th, 2013, 3:12 am


MarigoldRan said:

As long as there is man, there will be religion. Arguing over whether religion is “good” or “bad” is like arguing over whether mountains are good or bad.

Some people might argue mountains are good, and some think they’re bad. But most people accept that it’s a natural feature of the world.

April 6th, 2013, 3:18 am


Sami said:


Those incidents were the exceptions not the norm. Arabs do not have the same History of persecuting Jews as Europeans do, that is why Jews continued to live side by side with Arabs for so long.

And if you had to dig that deep into History to find of incidents against Jews in Damascus and Aleppo just proves my point.

Why are you so forgiving with the Europeans who have a much more bloodier history with you and yet so scornful towards us?

April 6th, 2013, 3:22 am


Sami said:


I am saying the Queen is Queen by the Grace of God or Divine Right. Same thing with the Pope. They both lead Christian Nations and both are considered God’s Choice to represent him on earth.

April 6th, 2013, 3:48 am


Pas Cool said:


No, I haven’t read that one. Heard about it, yes, but not read it.

Lately I’ve been reading alot of Tom Holland, currently his latest. First, every ruler uses mythology to proclaim their right to rule, and to forge an identity. This is as true with Spartans and Persians as it is with Christianity and Islam. Secondly, only an authority can impose peace and pave the way for development.

Interestingly enough, one religion builds upon a previous one. Our concept of Christianity and Judaism hardly existed before the Arabs ventured out of Arabia. The difference between a Christan Jew and a Jewish Christian was blurry at best. In this mix of religions Islam was forged, and seemingly enough points to Islam having been forged in what is today southern Israel or south Jordan. Muslim sources where only written centuries after Mohammed presumably lived and are thus of dubious worth for historians.

April 6th, 2013, 5:57 am


Visitor said:


Yor un-supported claims “Interestingly enough, one religion builds upon a previous one. Our concept of Christianity and Judaism hardly existed before the Arabs ventured out of Arabia. The difference between a Christan Jew and a Jewish Christian was blurry at best. In this mix of religions Islam was forged, and seemingly enough points to Islam having been forged in what is today southern Israel or south Jordan. Muslim sources where only written centuries after Mohammed presumably lived and are thus of dubious worth for historians”

Can be easily refuted by a ten grader. Not worth the effort of responding as your claims lack any intellectual depth whatsoever!

April 6th, 2013, 6:27 am


Visitor said:

“278. SAMI said:


I am saying the Queen is Queen by the Grace of God or Divine Right. Same thing with the Pope. They both lead Christian Nations and both are considered God’s Choice to represent him on earth.”

Sami, the above does not say what a’Christain Nation” IS. Interestingly you used the term in the plural to imply more than one such illusory nation.

Muslims never subscribe to the view of multiple Muslim nations. The Ummah is ONE.

I was expecting something like what this writer has to say,

“There Is No Christian Nation?

By Robert J. hull


Without doubt, multitudes of Christians have come to faith and have thrived under all of the arrangements summarized above, but in my opinion there never has been and never can be a truly Christian nation. There is a considerable difference between being a religious people and being a Christian nation. Nations are constituted through political action and their causes are always and necessarily advanced by force of law, but Christian faith can never be enacted by law. Americans have generally been a religious people, the majority of whom continue to identify as Christians—although when it comes to religious knowledge and practice, we have to set the bar pretty low to continue to describe the American population as religious, let alone Christian. Be that as it may, the United States was the first nation on earth specifically to forbid an establishment of religion.

Many Christians are dismayed at the loss of vital cultural and moral standards in the United States, and are tired of the open mocking of Christian teachings often heard in the mass media. So am I. The separation of church and state does not mean the silencing of moral and religious convictions in the public square, even in politics. We Christians—in high places or low—should earnestly do all within our power to commend the gospel and the Christian way in hopes that those who see and hear us will also become believers, but not so that America will become (or “again” become) a Christian nation.”

April 6th, 2013, 6:34 am


Pas Cool said:

By all means Visitor, the floor is yours.

I have no need, only a slight interest and definitely not the time to engage in discussion with what I presume to be a pious person. I am not religious and can thus not accept holy books as truth, only as an historical text. You are tainted by your faith and would have a very difficult time even fanthoming the idea that Islam developed differently than your Quran and Hadiths proclaim. The miracle of the Quran is as rooted in your mind as your spine is to your body. Even the sheer thought of it being not the word of god will sound the alarm, put you on the defensive. Trying to contemplate the idea is probably beyond you.

April 6th, 2013, 6:47 am


majedkhaldoun said:

pass cool said
Muslim sources where only written centuries after Mohammed

this is denying facts

Assad said this crisis will divide Syria,I understand from it he is thinking seriously about establishing Alawi state

April 6th, 2013, 6:50 am


Observer said:

Can we go back please to discuss Syria?

This is a huge distraction of what is going on the ground. Do the people of Jobar care yesterday when missiles hit the place?

Putin says he is not breaking any international laws by supplying weapons to Syria based on contracts.

Athad talks about legitimacy with a straight face as if the place is a beacon of democracy and the rule of law.

I have never in my life seen more cynical displays.

I wonder however how is Syria paying for the weapons? Were they paid for already or not. With the dollar to the pound being at 122 confirmed to me by a friend in Damascus I wonder how they are able to pay.

I guess the strife could go on for another two to five years.

Is Athad going to strike Jordan?

He says that the entire region will be destabilized if he is toppled and for decades, did that mean that the region was stable in the last forty or sixty or eighty years?

Every 10 years and it seems to be more frequent now we have a war


These are the dates of the “stable” wars we have had.

April 6th, 2013, 7:06 am


Visitor said:

“282. PAS COOL said:

By all means Visitor, the floor is yours.

I have no need, only a slight interest and definitely not the time to engage in discussion with what I presume to be a pious person. I am not religious and can thus not accept holy books as truth, only as an historical text. You are tainted by your faith and would have a very difficult time even fanthoming the idea that Islam developed differently than your Quran and Hadiths proclaim. The miracle of the Quran is as rooted in your mind as your spine is to your body. Even the sheer thought of it being not the word of god will sound the alarm, put you on the defensive. Trying to contemplate the idea is probably beyond you.”

Islam had this same discussion LONG LONG before you were even born. It never raised any alarms in any Muslim’s mind and never will. It is only in a person’s sick mind that such deja vu discussion is worth repeating. You can go back to early Muslim sources and satisfy your quest for sophistry. I too have no time for such idle pursuit such as yours.

April 6th, 2013, 7:33 am


Citizen said:

Damascus: Conference Against War in Solidarity with Syrian People
Conference at Damascus 28th and 29th April against war, for peace,development and reform, in solidarity with the Syrian people with people of all countries across continents facing threat of war for seizrure of resources of all citizens.

April 6th, 2013, 8:03 am


Syrialover said:

MAJEDKHALDOUN said in #63:

“Secularism is not compatible with Democracy, and it is not compatible with freedom either”



And then added: “..secularism is the enemy of religion whether Islam or christianity or jewish”

Er, are there some typing errors in that post?

April 6th, 2013, 8:49 am


AIG said:


“Those incidents were the exceptions not the norm.”

No they are not, they are just examples I gave you. There were several pogroms against Jews in Damascus and Syria.

If you want to know about this subject, the book “In Ishmael’s House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands” by Martin Gilbert is highly recommended.

The history of Jews in Islamic and Arab countries is chock full of prosecution.

” Arabs do not have the same History of persecuting Jews as Europeans do, that is why Jews continued to live side by side with Arabs for so long.”

Yes, the history is different. But saying that a person that raped you is better than one that murdered you is not much consolation.

“And if you had to dig that deep into History to find of incidents against Jews in Damascus and Aleppo just proves my point.”

Did not have to dig deep at all, I just gave you two quick examples. If you read the book I recommended or research online you will find hundreds of documented incidents.

“Why are you so forgiving with the Europeans who have a much more bloodier history with you and yet so scornful towards us?”

I don’t know where you came up with me being scornful about these actions. I have given you historical information in a matter of fact way. I do not hold anyone responsible for what her ancestors did. If I am scornful it is at the fact that you didn’t even know about the two major prosecutions I mentioned and still believe they were not the norm. There is no excuse for not knowing one’s own history, including the uncomfortable facts.

As for today, antisemitism is rife in the Arab world and of course also in Syria. I hope you don’t deny that.

April 6th, 2013, 8:57 am


majedkhaldoun said:

I don’t know the relation between Iyad Jaafary and Bashar Jaafary,but Iyad has an article in Syria news that says
ثلاثة أحداث دراماتيكية حفل بها المشهد السوري مؤخراً، يخلص هذا المقال إلى أنها في مجملها، بغض النظر عن خلفياتها وأهدافها ومدبريها، تصب في خانة تراجع قوة النظام، وتزايد مؤشرات ترنحه، والحاجة إلى تغيير قيادته.
The dollar is around 122 lira-117 lira
Dardari said
الدردري: 5 مليون فقير ومليوني عاطل عن العمل و800 منزل مهدم نتيجة الأزمة في سوريا
if you read the article ,he said in it 800,000 house destroyed not 800.

April 6th, 2013, 9:05 am


ann said:

Syrian president refutes rumors on his whereabouts – 2013-04-06

DAMASCUS, April 5 (Xinhua) — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has slammed all rumors that questioned his well-being or his current whereabouts, and stressed that he lives in Syria, not on a Russian warship or in Iran.

The president’s comments were made during an interview with the Turkish Ulusal TV and Aydinlik newspaper, after the journalist asked him about recent circulated rumors.

Rumors have recently spread about an assassination attempt against the president, while others claimed that he lives atop a Russian warship or in Iran, his main regional ally.

While on the Arab League move to grant Syria’s seat to the western-backed exiled opposition, Assad underscored the lack of legitimacy in the Arab bloc, saying the “Arab League itself needs legitimacy. It’s a league that represents Arab states not Arab peoples and the states don’t represent their peoples.”

He said the AL can’t grant legitimacy or strip someone from it, adding that the move was “symbolic” because legitimacy can’t be given by organizations or groups.

The president stressed that the conflict in Syria “wasn’t originally domestic, there is a local movement. But in general, the entire thing was external. A foreign conflict on Syria.”


April 6th, 2013, 9:12 am


ann said:

Mortars slam Syrian capital, casualties feared – 2013-04-06

DAMASCUS, April 6 (Xinhua) — Multiple mortar shells struck on Saturday several areas of Syria’s capital Damascus, including a stadium and the building of the state-run al-Thwara newspaper, a pro-government radio reported.

The shells slammed the Tishreen Stadium in the central Baramkeh neighborhood, the Panorama area, and the building of the al-Thawra newspaper, Sham FM radio said, reporting unspecified number of injuries.

The Tishreen Stadium has been repeatedly hit by the rebels’ mortars. Last month, a football player was killed and many of others wounded due to a shell that was fired by rebels from the adjacent Kafar Souseh area.


April 6th, 2013, 9:19 am


Tara said:

Batta may be still living physically in a presidential palace but most likely he will be forever locked in a mental sewer lit by a Chelsea chandelier in an all marbled presidential palace.

April 6th, 2013, 9:27 am


Syrialover said:


Interesting to read your comments, and thanks for making them.

Despite what some here say (and probably wish), Christianity is far from dying off. It’s still the biggest religion around the globe and expanding.

There is an exponential growth of Christianity in Africa.

It’s also making a comeback in Russia and there is likely to be a surge in China when freedoms are allowed. It’s stronger than ever through Latin America.

The numbers that make up the majority of the Muslim ranks are in Indonesia, Pakistan and India, but they aren’t likely candidates for Islamic government.

In that context, Syria’s an extremely small sideshow for Islamists. The real challenge for them lies in Asia, where the ballot box seems beyond them and best they seem to be able to do is terrorist bombings (with energy and credibility being further expended on Shia-Sunni conflict in Pakistan, for example).

But really, those who get excited about which religion is the biggest and best need to grow a bigger brain and stick their head out the window and notice it’s the 21st century.

They also need to take a deep breath and reflect on how so much of humanity has managed to get so far for so long without Islam.

And the Asian world got along very well thank you without either Christianity or Islam.

OBSERVER #284 said:

“Can we go back please to discuss Syria?”

Yes please!

April 6th, 2013, 9:29 am


ann said:

Algeria denies mediating between Syrian parties – 2013-04-05

ALGIERS, April 5 (Xinhua) — Algeria on Friday denied reports that it is mediating between the Syrian administration and the opposition.

The official APS news agency quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Amar Belani as “categorically” denying “the imaginary information” reported by a local Arabic language newspaper “about a possible mediation role being conducted by Algeria between disputing parties in Syria.”

“No Syrian delegation visited Algeria and the idea of mediation exists only in the demented mind of the author of this false information,” said Belani.


April 6th, 2013, 9:30 am


Uzair8 said:

Posted on facebook 19 hrs ago:

رسالة إلى أهلنا في سورية
على قناة سورية الشعب
فضيلة الشيخ أنس سويد يستضيف الشيخ محمد أبو الهدى اليعقوبي
والإعلامي البطل هادي العبد الله

April 6th, 2013, 9:32 am


Ghat Al Bird said:

A recent news item on the activities of American Zionist-neocon Daniel Pipes calls for “us” (i.e. Israel’s satellite states like the US , Britain, France) to back Syria’s president-elect Bashar al Assad against Western backed mercenaries so as to “keep them fighting each other”.

“I think we are best off strategically when they are focused on each other” Pipes stated on a right-wing talk show. He continued: “Here we have in Syria today; the Sunni Islamists fighting the Shiite Islamists. The Turkish-backed Islamists fighting the Iranian-backed Islamists. Well, let them go at it and let us help them to continue killing each other”.

Guess the aim all along is to “balkanize” Syria.

April 6th, 2013, 9:44 am


zoo said:


All religions are based on encouraging man to do good and implement justice. It’s the greed, the arrogance of men that exploited them and transformed them into tools of repression and manipulation.
Most religions carry myths, traditions and beliefs that existed before the religions and people are impregnated with these cultural heritage. Unconsciously people incorporate them in their lives but they are sometimes in contradiction with each others, thus people can get confused.
Some people feel reassured by strictly following the common rites and rules edicted by scholars who analyzed the Koran, the Torah or Jesus’s life over the centuries. They see it as an insurance policy to Heaven. What they neglect is that following these rules is useless if they don’t follow the essence of the religion. The essences being to be altruistic, charitable and aim to do good.
These people apparently are religious, but in fact they are not but they feel they know better and give lessons to the others.

In Christianity, Jesus is said to have ‘saved’ the people, not from their future sins, but from the “original sin”, when Adam fell to evil, revolted against God and was thrown out of paradise. According to Christianity, with Jesus’s death, man is now given a second chance. For now on, with the help of Jesus’s life example, man can better resist the temptation of evil.
The temptation of evil take many shapes. According to Christianity the worst is making men believe he is a god, he is the master of the world and can impose his will on others: vainglory, vanity.
This is why Christianity value humility, warns riches about the dangers of greed and instead praise the poor.
Note than in Islam, while rich are asked to help the poor, the message of humility is not emphasized to the same degree.

The life of Jesus offers no chance of misinterpretation, it is crystal clear. What man made out of it, how they exploited it over the centuries, when they created the Church is another story.

April 6th, 2013, 10:21 am


Uzair8 said:

Robert Fisk talks to Al Jazeera about latests developments in Syria

Uploaded 2n April

[20sec] ‘If they (rebels) manage to keep hold of it (Raqqa)…it’s another of those little benchmarkers..’

Obama to Cameron when the latter raised the issue of Syria:

[1:20] ‘I didn’t get re-elected to intervene in syria, don’t bring this up again.’

[3:25] ‘I have a feeling that we in the west are going to betray the syrians. I smell a bit of Yolta, you know where Churchill insisted that Poland must be free after the war but accepted that Stalin would run it.’

Asked to expand on this:

[3:42] ‘Well you see it’s interesting….the Isrealis have only condemned Bashar al Assad’s regime once in two years of bloodshed. So the Isrealis actually deep down I think would like to keep Bashar’.


‘The west is asking itself ‘well do we want the Islamists in Damascus or maybe some form of the old regime again’, in other words betray the opposition and say well maybe if we can’t keep Bashar, some kind of secular government like Bashar or maybe even Baathist up to a point…’

April 6th, 2013, 10:28 am


Syrialover said:


Daniel Pipes earns his living by specializing in being nasty and controversial.

He talks big, but his thinking and opinion repertoire is stale, shallow and on a small loop.

Don’t worry he doesn’t represent anybody.

April 6th, 2013, 10:44 am


Syrialover said:

#298. UZAIR8

Robert Fisk in the twilight of his career damaged his credibility by singing songs approved by the Assad regime.

It’s a tragedy.

He’s even become a figure of fun and satire:

April 6th, 2013, 10:52 am


Visitor said:


You are indispensable in this forum!!

By the way, did you remember VISITOR from SC when you were listening to Fisk?

April 6th, 2013, 10:57 am


zoo said:

While Morsi begs Qatar for funds for his government to survive, just like the Tunisians, Egyptians are accusing Qataris of trying to buy off their country. Qatar’s clout continues its decline in the Arab world .

Qatar has granted cash-strapped Egypt $5 billion, including a $1 billion grant and $4 billion worth of deposits at the Central Bank of Egypt, since the country's January 25 Revolution.

The oil-rich Gulf nation had promised to invest $18 billion in Egypt over the next five years in September 2012, though more recently, Qatari Finance Minister Youssef Kamal stated that his country did not expect to give further financial aid to Egypt “in the immediate term.”

Qatari largesse has not been well received by Egyptian public opinion, fueling fears for Egypt's sovereignty as rumours abounded in recent months regarding a Qatari takeover of national landmarks such as the Suez Canal and the pyramids of Giza.

“The Qataris are not amused by the negative public and media perception of their assistance to Egypt,” a leading businessman who is in partnership with top Arab Gulf entrepreneurs told Ahram Online's Dina Ezzat late in March.

April 6th, 2013, 10:59 am


Syrialover said:

Nobody could disagree with what ZOO says in the first 4 paragraphs of #297.

(The rest is specialist theology).

Religion is hard wired in humans, but it is a problem only when it is abused and misused as a tool to get power and privilege over others.

Christianity and Islam have both had their history stained by this.

April 6th, 2013, 11:09 am


Uzair8 said:

300 & 301 – SL & Visitor

I don’t necessarily agree with Mr Fisk. He hasn’t been a friend of the revolution.

The reason I posted was more about his comment regarding Isreal wanting secretly wanting Assad to stay. It goes against those who portray this as a zionist project (which unfortunately goes down well amongst some circles).

The second reason was his comments about betrayal of the uprising. It plays into the fear in the back of many a mind about the end time brutal character, Sufyani, who may well be appearing further down the line and may well have the backing of the west.

I honestly feel, right now, a sense of trepidation. However, I’m aware somethings are meant to happen and things will get better eventually.

So I guess it is a bit of a reminder for people to be cautious.

Also, regimists tend to dismiss losses. As Mr Fisk said they are all little ‘benchmarkers’.

April 6th, 2013, 11:12 am


revenire said:

Matt Barber and team: I finally got around to reading your analysis and you do realize Ar-Raqqa was not defended correct?

April 6th, 2013, 11:12 am


zoo said:

Four Italian journalists abducted in Syria

One of the abducted journalists works for RAI news channel, while the other three are freelancers, according to Corriere della Sera newspaper. The paper identified the journalists as Amedeo Ricucci, Elio Colavolpe, Andrea Vignali and Susan Dabous, adding that they were apparently abandoned by their guides as they crossed into Syria.

La Repubblica newspaper said they were kidnapped “by a rebel group” while out filming.

The incident occurred in the same border area where American freelance journalist James Foley was abducted in November, 2012.

April 6th, 2013, 11:13 am


Hassan said:

We have already won. Now is the clean-up phase. Getting ready to party soon.

Prepare for SCUD RAIN and CHEMICAL RAIN ya rats.

April 6th, 2013, 11:20 am


revenire said:

Syrialover if Sharro’s words were bullets they’d be blanks.

April 6th, 2013, 11:27 am


Hassan said:

Army Strike Groups are on standby. Special Forces companies have ben flown in to besieged bases in Idleb and Aleppo to stiffen the resistance. Even the 17th Reserve Division in Raqqa has received a fresh reinforcement of SF commando company and Republican Guard Tank company. It is already showing results. Meanwhile ASSAD has assembled HUUGE strike corps of armored and mechanized forces in Homs-Hama and Reef Damascus. Some of them are equipped with Chemical ammunition.

We already have 30,000 of our Iraqi and Lebanese brothers helping us.

April 6th, 2013, 11:27 am


zoo said:

After his dramatic announcements and his melodramatic speeches, Al Khatib will be gone in a month without having achieved much in uniting the opposition, quite the contrary. Who is the next rising star in the morinbund SNC? When will Hitto move to Azzaz as promised?

No More Khatib-isms for Syrian Opposition
Khatib is not a man of war and aspires for a solution to the Syrian crisis. He is busy knocking on doors and considers it a challenge. But he also believes it is a dead end, the coalition member added.

The majority of the coalition members have not commented on Khatib’s statements. They did not take their usual positions in front of the cameras and say monologues about how “Khatib’s initiative” is a personal one and that the coalition would meet to bring things back to normal.

After the latest “initiative,” the coalition did “bring things back to normal.” They met and decided that any call for dialogue can only happen through the general assembly.

Members of the coalition told Al-Akhbar that, though Khatib will officially end his duties on 11 May 2013, they will not disavow their president. “The remaining time does not warrant a political shock,” according to coalition member Khaled al-Nasser.

The forces who control the coalition want a Syrian Ahmad Chalabi, the NCC official added.

April 6th, 2013, 11:28 am


Syrialover said:

The Assad government is still using terror against ordinary Syrians through surveillance.

The regime also appears to be anxious about any evidence against them getting out! (Too little too late, they shouldn’t have prompted mass witnesses to get out there as refugees and inflicted so much infrastructural damage on the country it can be seen from outer space).

“Video: Dispatch from Syria as civil war plays out in the digital age”


WHEN government soldiers burst down the front door, one of the first things they demand to see is every mobile phone.

The women, they warn, will be shot dead if a single hidden phone is later found.

With the traditional media under the control of the state and international journalists facing huge security and logistical difficulties if they attempt to report from the country, the rebel side is fighting back through the internet – using social media to share news and organise opposition.

It means mobile phones are targeted by the regime, who are searching for compromising photographs, Tweets or Facebook groups that might help identify rebels or their sympathisers.

It also means that rebel soldiers, sympathisers and ordinary Syrians with no immediately obvious political preference are often reluctant to be identified – and are especially wary of being photographed or taped on video if it is not on their terms.

Not so long ago, a British newspaper reported, Syrian government troops at checkpoints would stop cars and ask to see any “Facebooks”, believing they were real books. Now they go straight for the phone, and begin their search, while technology experts trawl the web in an attempt to piece together the secret identities of activists who are passing information.

April 6th, 2013, 11:30 am


Hassan said:

I should also add that Army Mechanized, commando and Armored units have been redeployed from Golan Front to Damascus.

Let Israel face these terrorists which it itself created.

In all this, I should not forget to thank and praise the brilliant sterling role played by our Intelligence organizations, especially Military Intelligence. Infact I think the M.I has actually saved the Army, otherwise you would have seen the Army collapse 6 months ago.

April 6th, 2013, 11:32 am


Hassan said:

From a 35 yrs veteran of Syrian Arab Armed Forces.

April 6th, 2013, 11:34 am


Syrialover said:

Rebel govt aims to hold sway across Syria

SYRIAN rebel prime minister Ghassan Hitto has begun talks to form an interim government to administer the whole of Syria.

“The interim government is the executive authority that will extend its authority over all national Syrian territory, and it will consist of 11 ministries,” the main opposition Syrian National Coalition said in a statement on Saturday.

Nominees for each post must “be able to work from within Syrian borders,” said the coalition.

“The nominee cannot be a pillar of the current regime (of President Bashar al-Assad) or have committed crimes against the Syrian people.”

The opposition has been divided over the need for an interim government and over Hitto’s election as premier at a meeting in Istanbul last month.

After the coalition’s vote to name Hitto, a dozen prominent opponents froze their membership of the umbrella group accusing the powerful Muslim Brotherhood bloc of having pushed through the nomination.

Mainstream rebel Free Syrian Army chief Selim Idriss has said a key condition for accepting an interim government was that its authority should cover the whole of Syrian territory, not just areas under rebel control.

The coalition said the government will comprise ministers of defence, interior, foreign affairs, local administration, economy and public resources, education, agriculture and water, health, infrastructure, relief and justice.

COMMENT: ZOO #310, don’t worry. According to other reports, Moaz al-Khatib is still well and truly involved and will be playing a role in post-Assad Syria.

April 6th, 2013, 11:41 am


Syrialover said:


Professional jealousy, eh?

That piece I linked in #300 is way out wittier and cleverer that anything I’ve seen posted by you here. I guess you’ll just keep trying.

Read more Karl Sharro and you might get some lessons on brilliant satire.

April 6th, 2013, 11:49 am


revenire said:

Syrialover wouldn’t you grab mobile phones? YOU WANT TO CATCH RATS YOU HAVE TO GET THEIR CHEESE!

The destruction of Syria is caused by the terrorists Syrialover not the government. No government destroys its own infrastructure and people.

You sure tell a lot of lies.

Is that because of the weakness of the argument?

April 6th, 2013, 11:55 am


Syrialover said:

I still get creeped out by that halloween picture of MATTHEW BARBER at the top every time I open this page.

Is he intending to make people feel his subject material is sinister and alarming? Well, it works.

April 6th, 2013, 11:55 am


Syrialover said:

REVENIRE #316 said:

“The destruction of Syria is caused by the terrorists Syrialover not the government. No government destroys its own infrastructure and people.”

That’s funny, though it’s a joke you keep recycling.

April 6th, 2013, 12:04 pm


Tara said:

“According to Christianity the worst is making men believe he is a god, he is the master of the world and can impose his will on others: vainglory, vanity.”


April 6th, 2013, 12:17 pm


Visitor said:

Uzair8 @11:12AM!

Let me assure you that ALL the narrations about the Sufyani CANNOT be substantiated. The only one that is quoted with some degree of relevance is mentioned in the Mustadrak for Al-7Hakem. Even this narration is rejected based on the presence of a well known fabricator in the chain of isnad whose name is Al-Waleed Ibn Muslim. Please, let Sheikh Ya’qoubi know about that.

Shiite are very fond of such unsubstantiated narrations and use them with no reservations, even though they do not follow the good narrations.

Please also, let Sheikh Ya’qoubi know that.

April 6th, 2013, 12:26 pm


zoo said:


My conviction is that Qatar has failed in all the countries it was involved when it comes to building political stability. Look at the chaos in Libya where it was heavily involved in toppling Qaddafi. In Tunisia Qatar is persona non grata and in Egypt, Egyptians are asking the same. Qatar is becoming an outcast in Arab countries.

As long as the SNC is driven by Qatar and the Moslem Brotherhood, I have no confidence it will achieve anything valid.
We heard this kind of promises of unity etc… for two years

By the way, the report you posted is incorrect. Idriss and the FSA have rejected the election of Hitto because it was not consensual not because it did not cover all of Syria.
The SNC is just on paper, they have zero power and if Qatar drops its funding of millions a month, it is dead. No country will want to fund such an inefficient, corrupted and polluted organization.
In my view the SNC is doomed, it is a matter of time. Al Khatib is clever to get out of it before it crumbles.

April 6th, 2013, 12:46 pm


revenire said:

Syrialover I am not making a joke. You might find it funny but I am deadly serious. You know exactly what I mean too but it makes you nervous so you handle those emotions with derision.

April 6th, 2013, 1:06 pm


zoo said:

Is the opposition attempting to complement ( replace)? Qatar’s financial support to deal with the enormous financial burden of setting up a functioning government in exile ?

Opposition to set up a fund to support the Syrian revolution

2 April 2013

The fund will support Syrian economy during transition period.

CAIRO (AA) – April 1, 2013 – Syrian National Council (SNC) leader George Sabra said that they were making preparations to set up a fund in order to support the Syrian revolution and country’s economy.

Sabra, who is also deputy head of National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, told AA on Monday that they were assessing several options to help Syrian economy during revolution and transition period.

We are pursuing preparations to set up a fund for Syria, said Sabra, adding that Syrian Business Forum was also considering to organize an international assistance campaign to support Syrian economy.

April 6th, 2013, 1:12 pm


zoo said:

#321 SL

Because the SNC is discredited and moribund, it was necessary to quickly replace it by a “government”, so as not to loose totally the momentum.

The big question is financing. Which countries will want to finance a complete government? Will this government be financed by Qatar, thus loosing any credibility among Syrians?
The UAE or KSA? They hate the Moslem Brotherhood. Turkey? possible.

That’s the dilemma the opposition is struggling with and that’s why Sabra us trying to get financing from other sources so as to present a facade on ‘international funding’ and not of Qatar.

As long as the MB is dominating this “government” KSA will not help and I have serious doubts they’ll get the financing from the West already struggling with their own economical crisis.
Will the USA invest billions to support an Islamist governement? I also doubt.

This ‘government in exile’ will probably end up like the SNC and its sequel, lots of noise then mumblings.

How much money the SNC needs?
In November 2012 the same Sabra said:–bn-needed-in–months-after-Assad-falls.aspx

SNC says $60 bn needed in 6 months after Assad falls
A prominent Syrian activist says opposition needs $60 billion to secure the first six months that will follow the collapse of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime

The Syrian opposition will need $60 billion in aid to prevent the country’s collapse within six months of a fall of the regime, prominent leader George Sabra told reporters on Wednesday.

Over the “first six months we need 60 billion dollars” as immediate aid and for reconstruction, Sabra told reporters in Dubai on the sidelines of a “Partnership to Invest in Future Syria” meeting

April 6th, 2013, 1:30 pm


revenire said:

I advise against giving funds to ANY charity associated with the “revolution” – this money will be directed to the Nusra Front and end up causing ordinary Syrians more suffering.

Give money to the Red Crescent or organizations that can prove nothing will go to buy death.

April 6th, 2013, 1:37 pm


Citizen said:

Putin ! well done!
Russian bomber conducts practice strikes on U.S. missile defenses in Asia

April 6th, 2013, 1:37 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

# 318 “syrialover”

if the govt you have in mind is usa, you are correct.

the amurderkan govt is laying waste to the american infrastructure, education, industries, and to millions of its own citizens.

it has the resume/cv: syria, s.e. asia, n korea, haiti, iraq, libya, afganistan, pakistan, palestine(learning from its boss the jews).

April 6th, 2013, 1:42 pm


mjabali said:


لأهشم مقولاتك الكرتونية ومعلكاتك القذرة ولنعطيك درساً آخر في التاريخ الحديث للشرق الأوسط

Whoever quotes you must have a problem in their logic because of the intrinsic lies in your texts:

for example:

Visitor said in comment # 256

“The last century witnessed several attempts for renewal and those attempts were confronted by the few Arab elites who were stooges of European and Western colonialism. These so-called elites sought with help from their foreign masters to stiffle any attempt for renewal up until they began to fall one by one two years ago. While I do not see the MB’s as true representatives of Islam, they were nevertheless part of this renewal process, who suffered at the hands of these impostor elites who produced only dictatorships in order to ensure their dominance over the masses. ”

Visitor either does not know the history of the 20th C. Middle East or he is just a simple liar?

If we look at what this Visitor called a “renewal attempts” one can see why. Take the case of Sayyid Qutb vs Jamal Abd al-Nasser. Qutb could be the “renewal” guy this Visitor is talking about, and Nasser should fit what this kook had said. First, Jamal Abd al-Nasser was not from any elite that was the product of the Western colonialism. He was the son of Egypt, from the countryside, who hated the colonial powers in his youth, joined the Army, fought in war, staged a coup with his countrymen. Nasser clashed with the Islamists.

Nasser fought this “renewal attempts” because he saw them as going BACKWARDS. وراء دور Qutb and Co. were not putting a plan to solve Egypt real problems. They were creating a vision for the world that would start with taking over the rule of the country, which they deemed infidel, of course.

How much would the Muslim Brothers would win in election at that moment in the history of Egypt was not that much. How come they want to force the whole society to follow them, I do not know you should ask this lunatic Visitor about that?

What Qutb and Co. in Egypt were trying to do was fought by Egyptians themselves, and by the surrounding world atmosphere that had not witnessed the petro dollars that pushed the Salafi ideas yet. The whole Middle East was not like now. Money was in different hands, and the role of Islam was just getting restructured after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

Visitor, I think without him knowing that, is using the Marxist ideas word by word. The Marxist talked about the Western supported elites that stood up to the renewal attempts. They spoke in a language very similar to Visitor. What Visitor is neglecting is that the resistance to Islamists like Sayyid Qutb came from with Egypt itself.

The local societies of the Middle East are the best recruiting grounds to find those who would stand up to the religious conservatism of Nusra and Co.

Also, Visitor and the Marxists of course, believe that the West is the one responsible for the dictators of the Middle East. What a simplistic way to see things. First, the dictators of the Middle East vary in the way they came to power. The West actually brought and made those Visitor supports and likes; example: Saudia Arabia, Qatar. Many of the dictators of the Middle East came from the hatred to the West: like Nasser, Qadhafi, Saddam. The West was the villain when these dictators were born. The West cultivated relations with these men; sure. But, to say the West brought the dictators of the Middle East: is a simplistic amateurish way to see history.

The Eastern block helped polish some of the dictators of the Middle East.

عم تتمنفخ بجهلك..ولاك روح طز فيك شو حوبة

April 6th, 2013, 1:52 pm


Visitor said:

Once again, Ignatius, with another analysis, keen and right on the spot, dispels the fantasies of the US admin. and other western states seeking some ilusory so-called moderate fighting force among the array of militants operating in Syria.  Ignatius clearly and correctly recognizes that the parties that are calling the shots in Syria are deeply rooted in Islamic ideology no matter which side of its mouth the US and its satelites choose to chew on.

“As the battle for Damascus approaches! The array of Syrian opposition forces facing President Bashar Assad appear to share one common trait: Most of the major rebel groups have strong Islamist roots and backing from Muslim neighbors”……,

On the other hand General Salim Idriss’ authority remains nominal, at best,  as many have observed here on this forum on more than one occasion.  The fundamental issue to be addressed in this uprising is that the militant element of it is a bottom-up structure rather than top-down, which means that all the US efforts to glue in from outside a command structure, whether military as in Idriss’ case, or political as in the Khatib-Hitto saga are bound to fail.  In either case such presumed authority would be immaterial to the outcome.  It will also be impossible for such foreign-imposed authority to gain any allegiance from Syrians on the ground who are the main driving force in this war.

That leaves only two plausible scenarios for concluding this war with a triumphant outcome for the revolution:

1). Opposition in the diaspora MUST be content to play a supportive role for the revolution and to NEVER to seek to form a fake authority structure, which is bound to fail no doubt, while tainting in the process those involved in it (Khatib, Hitto and co.) as stooges of foreign government and revolution impostors.  The end result would be the history dumpster for such characters,

2). Defectors from the SAA and new recruits MUST go through a rehabilitation process by the holy warriors of Nusra Front and its sisters in order to acquire effective fighting skills, organization, discipline, dedication and a sound ideological training in order to erase the corrupt Baathist abomination that have been inculcated in them, being products of a corrupt and evil regime.  This will ensure the eventual triumph of the revolution and rid the country of the worst period of corruption it experienced in its entire history.

April 6th, 2013, 2:02 pm


Visitor said:

MJabali @1:52PM,

Notice that I did not use any qualifiers to describe you this time!!


ايداك وما تعطيك. ويا جبل (يعني فيزيتور ) ما تهزك ريح.

On the other hand, the answer to your long rant full of empty verbiage is as simple as pointing out to you that the elites that I mentioned in my previous comment are not Nasser and those who revolved in his orbit. I already mentioned in a previous comment who these elites were. They had nothing whatsoever in playing a political role directly in the last century.

Go back in the archives and you will find the answer.

I never mentioned Marxism and I am opposed to it. Marxism is as alien to our societies and region as Western coloniasm was (or is).


Edit: before I forget: طز فيك وحدك

Just to be fair.

April 6th, 2013, 2:13 pm


ghufran said:

sane people oppose oppression regardless of who the oppressor is:
فاجأ رجل الدين الشيعي العراقي محمود الصرخي الرأي العام بموقف مخالف لما بات يعرف عن الشيعة العراقيين حيال الازمة السورية المتواصلة فصولاً.
فقد شبه الصرخي “الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد بالديكتاتور العراقي الراحل صدام حسين، والشعب السوري بالشعب العراقي بل أنه بات أكثر مظلومية منه مقارنة مع مقدار الظلم الذي تعرض ويتعرض له الشعب السوري اليوم”.
جاء ذلك خلال الظهور المفاجيء للصرخي في مدينة كربلاء في أول مؤتمر صحافي له ظهر امس الجمعة ضم عددا من وسائل الاعلام العراقية بعد سنوات من العزلة الاختيارية.
وقال الصرخي: “وفق ما نقلته عنه وكالة أنباء المدى برس المحلية إن “الشعب السوري هو كالشعب العراقي تعرض للظلم والاضطهاد ونظام بشار الأسد هو نسخة من تجربة نظام صدام والشعب السوري أكثر مظلومية من العراقي لانه شعب فقير وموارده قليلة والأيام كشفت مقدار الظلم الذي تعرض له”. وأضاف أن هذا الرأي قد يتسسب بتصفيته من قبل أذرع النظام السوري المنتشرة في كثير من البلدان، حسب وصفه.
ويأتي هذا الرأي مغايراً لما بات ينسب أو يعلنه رجال دين شيعة من وقوفهم مع نظام الأسد الذي يعاني من انتفاضة شعبية ضد حكمه منذ أكثر من سنتين راح ضحيتها عشرات الالاف من السوريين.
وكان رجل الدين الشيعي مقتدى الصدر سبق الصرخي بتعاطفه مع معارضي الرئيس السوري من خلال رفع أعلام الجيش السوري الحر في آخر تظاهرة لهم في الشهر الماضي.
ويرى الباحث في الشؤون الدينية وليد خادم أن موقف الصرخي يأتي كإعلان لرأي يتبلور لدى أغلبية صامتة من جمهور الشيعة العراقيين خاصة من المتعلمين الذي يفرقون بين الجيش السوري الحر وجبهة النصرة التابعة لتنظيم القاعدة

April 6th, 2013, 2:45 pm


revenire said:

5 DANCING SHLOMOS you’re very correct. The largest government laying waste to their people is the US government. I just read of them cutting off money for cancer clinics forcing thousands of Americans to go without cancer treatment. They have money to send to murder Syrians but not money to fight the cancer their own people have. Can anything be more depraved.

April 6th, 2013, 2:45 pm


revenire said:

Citizen I am happy to see the Russian bomber campaigns. That sends a very potent message to Obama’s rats.

April 6th, 2013, 2:52 pm


ghufran said:

Assad met with pro regime Syrian journalists:
شكا إعلامي تابع للنظام السوري إلى الرئيس بشار الأسد “غباء المحللين” في القنوات المؤيدة للنظام، بينما جاء رد الأسد موافقاً لرأيه “معكن ح
وعبر أحد المذيعين عن شكواه مما وصفه بغباء بعض المحللين السياسيين الذين يفرض عليهم استضافتهم، والحاجة إلى “محللين بتفهم”، فرد بشار الأسد: “معكن حق”، في الاجتماع الخاص بالإعلاميين بقصر الشعب أعلى جبل قاسيون، وفقاً لموقع “كلنا شركاء” .
وقال الموقع نقلاً عن مصدر شارك في الاجتماع الذي استضاف فيه الأسد نحو عشرين مذيعاً: إن “الإعلاميين غادروا مبنى الإذاعة والتلفزيون في وسط دمشق في سيارات خاصة بالرئاسة، وذلك في التاسعة صباحاً إلى قصر الشعب
وذكر المصدر أن الاجتماع استمر لساعتين ونصف الساعة، استمع فيها لمطالبهم لتحسين الخطاب الإعلامي في المرحلة المقبلة، وحتى مطالبهم بتحسين أحوالهم المعيشية، حيث طمأن الأسد إعلامييه “لا تقلقوا.. ولا تخافوا.. النصر قريب”، مشدداً على الترويج لفكرة أن الحوار هو الحل الأفضل لسوريا.
وأضاف الأسد في حديثه المطمئن للإعلاميين “سنحرر جوبر خلال أيام من (الإرهابيين)، وسنتوجه لدوما”. وعندما سُئل عن العاصمة بعد الهجمات التي تعرضت لها أخيراً، وزيادة الحواجز قال “أنا مطمئن للوضع العسكري في دمشق”.
وعندما سئل المصدر: كيف كانت نفسيته؟ حركاته؟ وإن كان قلقا؟ قال “لا.. لم يبدُ مرعوباً إطلاقاً بخلاف الحضور”.

April 6th, 2013, 2:54 pm


revenire said:

100% behind Syria. Thank you Russia and President Putin!

April 6th, 2013, 3:05 pm


AIG said:

More proof Assad is “winning”:

The regime can’t protect the oil fields which are its economic life line. Slowly but surely, Assad and his regime are being strangled to death.

April 6th, 2013, 3:12 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:

From the EU/CIA/Jew/al Qaeda/Salafi-fi-fi/KSA/GCC Press:

“President Assad told Turkish television that a rebel victory
might destabilise the Middle East for decades”

Destabilize? Really? Guess what, Bashie? In case you haven’t noticed, the Middle East has been destabilized for the past four decades and one of the main reasons has been the lame-brained policies of the Assad Mafia…

A New Bashar Cartoon:

April 6th, 2013, 3:34 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:

MOSSIE and some of his SHABEEHA pals at the yogurt shop:

April 6th, 2013, 3:40 pm


mjabali said:


Strange, you are trying to be a little polite, what happened? You cursed at my father the other day with no provocation, do you think one should expect anything from you but foul languages?

The adjectives I use to describe you are very accurate.

Nevertheless: let me prove your argument wrong again:

You want me to go back to the archives to see that you meant another “elite” than Nasser.

Why do I need to go searching amongst your one million comments? You could tell me now and save us the toil. But, again, it is your technique of running around with no direct answer. With me you get direct answers any minute.

As the elites that the “Colonial powers” help maintain: I say they are the ones responsible for this “Awakening?” Why you run from this contradiction ya Observer?

The colonial powers are the ones that established the states you like Observer, so why you deny this?

As for the similarities between what you wrote and Marxist mode of thinking: your denial does not mean it did not exist no matter if you liked that mode of analysis or not. This is not the issue dude.

قبل أن أنسى : طز في اللي رباك وطز في اللي علمك

April 6th, 2013, 3:51 pm


Thinker said:

The author reports that a busload of Syrian Army soldiers was promised safe passage, but was promptly fired upon, with all occupants killed.

How can this be called a “war crime?” A war crime happens when soldiers improperly kill others (such as prisoners). That happens only when the Syrian army kills someone. The rebels don’t “kill” anyone — such people are simply “killed.”

In short, active verbs like “kill” mean a war crime might have happened. Passive verbs like “were killed” means no war crime occurred.


April 6th, 2013, 3:53 pm


Visitor said:

MJabali @3:51PM,

I was not in the mood to insult you not that you do not deserve to be insulted. So,

طز فيك يا حمار ابن حمار لانو الحمار مو ممكن الا ابن حمار. انتا قذر سافل وابوك وكل عيلتك والفصيلة القمرية اللي بتعبدا قذرة سفلة.

Now to your rant.

I made it clear on several occasions that I DO NOT REPEAT myself. Asking me to go through the archives takes precious time of my time. You asked for it, you work for it. That is the rule. The only way around this is to keep alert and remember what was said. The comment in which I mentioned who those elites were was addressed to you specifically. Not remembring it is negligence on your part for which YOU have to pay and NOT me.

That is the price of corresponding with me. And it applies to everyone and not just you.

Just before I go,

طز فيك وبكل اللي ذكرتن فوق

Since you prefer vulgarity over politeness. Let me know when you like to switch.

April 6th, 2013, 4:18 pm


mjabali said:

Visitor: القذر النتن

Again when faced with real knowledge and real history: you run around.

Also the curses you throw at my father show the poor work your father did with you. What type of a person was he?

AS for your “colonial elite” standing up to the guys renewing the Middle East: hahaahhaa You have nothing to say. Poor guy can not even stand up for his ideas.

قليل الحيلة المعرفية يلجأ للشتائم عاكسا اصله وفصله ومقامه…

قبل أن أنسى:

طز فيك وفي اللي رباك وفي الذي علمك

April 6th, 2013, 5:04 pm


Visitor said:

MJabali @5:04,

بعد الطز الواجب عليك وعلى الفاميليا

I remind you that it is ONLY ‘knowledge’ according to you. Which means it is the braying of a donkey اي نهيق الحمار

I never ran away. At least I reminded you that I answered your question a while ago and you were mistaken to think I meant Nasser.

April 6th, 2013, 5:16 pm


Tara said:


42% of Doha Film Institute grants go to female film makers.

In 2012, the California-based Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film reported that just 9% of directors in the US were women.

In the same year, no woman competed for the prestigious Palme d’Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Yet the Doha Film Institute in Qatar, which funds local film-makers, reports that 42% of all its grants since 2010 have been to women, and that last year a third of all films shown at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival were by female directors.

April 6th, 2013, 5:31 pm


ghufran said:

الموصل- د ب أ: أبدت أم خديجة (50 عاما) وهي امرأة عراقية متسولة معروفة في شوارع الموصل العراقية انزعاجها من انتشار المتسولات السوريات في شوارع المدينة بشكل غير مسبوق، مما انعكس سلبا على ما تجنيه يوميا حيث انخفضت من 50 ألف دينار يوميا إلى 10 الاف دينار( الدولار الواحد يساوي 1158 دينارا عراقيا).
وقالت أم خديجة، وهي متسولة معروفة تقضي معظم وقتها في التسول بالشارع الرئيسي لمنطقة النبي يونس في الجهة اليسرى لمدينة الموصل الشمالية، ‘المتسولات السوريات المهاجرات هن السبب الرئيسي في قطع أرزاقنا في الشوارع والأزقة بالموصل، كونهن جميلات ويحققن يوميا مبالغ طائلة ما انعكس سلبا واثر على إيراداتنا التي كنا نكسبها بمعدل 50 ألف دينار يوميا، أما اليوم فقد انخفضت الى 10 الاف دينار يوميا’.
وأضافت أن ‘النساء (السوريات) وغالبيتهن من الفتيات انتشرن بشكل كبير في التقاطعات المرورية وأصبحن من اللاتي يكسبن أموالا كثيرة بعد أن أزحن كثيرات من المتسولات العراقيات بسبب جمالهن وطريقتهن في استمالة الأشخاص’.
وكان نحو 100 ألف سوري فروا للعراق بعد اتساع رقعة العنف والاضطرابات في سورية، وأقيمت لهم مخيمات في مناطق محاذية للحدود السورية مع العراق في كل من كردستان والموصل والأنبار، فيما فضل آخرون الاندماج في عدد من المدن العراقية.
وتقدم الحكومة العراقية ومكاتب المرجعيات الشيعية ومنظمة الهلال الأحمر ومنظمات أخرى وميسورون المساعدة للنازحين السوريين.
ودعت أم خديجة الجهات العراقية الى اخراج المتسولات السوريات ‘لانهن السبب في قطع أرزاقنا’.
وقالت متسولة عراقية اخرى تدعى نبيلة (58عاما) أم لأربع فتيات تمارس التسول منذ 10 سنوات في منطقة الدواسة بالموصل ‘ان اثنتين من بناتي يمارسن التسول لجأتا الى استخدام المكياج (الزينة) والملابس المثيرة لاستمالة الرجال في الشحاذة
(التسول) من أجل منافسة البنات السوريات اللاتي انتشرن في الشوارع بشكل كبير’.
وأضافت أن ‘المتسولات السوريات ينزلن الى الشارع بملابس جميلة وضيقة ويضعن المكياج (الزينة) لاثارة الطرف الاخر لهذا استطعن بفنونهن ازاحة أكبر عدد من المتسولات’.
25% of syrians are refugees, internal or external, but some of you still think that war will bring a better life for Syrians.

April 6th, 2013, 5:56 pm


Tara said:

Syria oil industry buckling under rebel gains
April 6, 2013

BEIRUT (AP) — Syria’s vital oil industry is breaking down as rebels capture many of the country’s oil fields, with wells aflame and looters scooping up crude, depriving the government of much needed cash and fuel for its war machine against the uprising.

Exports have ground practically to a standstill, and the regime of President Bashar Assad has been forced to import refined fuel supplies to keep up with demand amid shortages and rising prices. In a sign of the increasing desperation, the oil minister met last week with Chinese and Russian officials to discuss exploring for gas and oil in the Mediterranean off Syria’s coast.

Before the uprising against Assad’s regime began in early 2011, the oil sector was a pillar of Syria’s economy, with the country producing about 380,000 barrels a day and exports — mostly to Europe — bringing in more than $3 billion in 2010. Oil revenues provided around a quarter of the funds for the government budget.

The loss of oil revenues has been a further blow to government coffers, depriving it of a major source of hard currency at a time when it is straining at the cost of the war. Syria’s currency, the lira, has plummeted more than 80 percent in comparison to the dollar.

April 6th, 2013, 6:12 pm


Tara said:

Liked defending Shiite site or Slaughtering Syrians?   

Iraqi Shiite group says member killed ‘defending holy sites’ in Syria
By Associated Press,  Published: SATURDAY, APRIL 06, 10:29 AM ET
BAGHDAD — A member of an Iraq Shiite militant group was killed in Syria, an official with the group said Saturday, highlighting how the increasingly sectarian conflict there is drawing in its fragile neighbors that already experience unrest among religious sects.

Other Shiite militias in Iraq have acknowledged sending members to Syria, but it is the first time that the Iraqi Hezbollah has hinted that its members are fighting there.

The fighter, Afrad Mohsen al-Hemedawi, was killed while defending a Shiite holy shrine in Syria, according to the official of the Hezbollah Brigades, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the issue. The official said the man was killed on March 30 and buried on April 1.

April 6th, 2013, 6:15 pm


Tara said:

Looks much older than 68.   Is 68 too old to be a prime minister? 

Lebanon names Salam as prime minister
Tammam Salam, British-educated former minster, vows to work towards ending divisions and preventing civil war

April 6th, 2013, 6:23 pm


mjabali said:

Visitor: النتن القذر

لمن دواعي سروري بهدلتك مرة أخرى ياسفيه سيريا كومنت

Let me prove you wrong once again Visitor:

You said there are elites created by the colonials and those are a hindrance in the face of those wanting to renew things.

Ok, I will take Nasser’s example out since it it hard for you to argue against that one.

But, Why not talk about if the elites of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are made by the Colonial Powers or not? These elites support what Visitor consider as the “awakened” men who want to “renew.”

Did Britain play a direct role into the establishment of Qatar? Did Britain play a direct role into the establishment of Saudi Arabia?

If the answer is YES, once could see how ludicrous your statements are Visitor. Again, proving that you are of limited knowledge is not that hard. It is boring me these days. Your responses are becoming a curse fest. This show how poorly your parents reared you. They should have slapped your big rear more, I think. Your parents’ work is poor Visitor.

Oh, before I forget:

…اللي رباك على اللي علمك

April 6th, 2013, 6:41 pm


Visitor said:

البهيم MJabali @6:41PM

اما انتا ما في لزوم حدا يبهدلك لانو انتا مبهدل خلقة شي طبيعي البهدلي شي روتيني عندك لانو حياتك كلها مبهدلة

On the other hand what kind of rant is this your latest in which you say things on my behalf. No that is not what I said.

It isn’t me who was wrong about Nasser. It is you.

So it is obvious that you are seeking to win an argument by reversing roles and putting words into my mouth. It is not going to work. This is real بهدلة when you do something like this.


KSA was formed by the renewalist movement of the great Sheikh Abd Al-Wahhab (سيدك ومولاك) and the great al-Saud when you and the rest of your الفصيلة القمرية العلوية were still living in caves in the mountains above the coast, and were still in the pre-evolutionary stage of ape-monkey existence with tails hanging between your legs to give help you in climbing and jumping like clowns from tree to tree seeking sustenance. In case you’re wondering why your kind still has these tails hanging from behind their spines, it is exactly because of this reason. Your species, if you haven’t noticed already has been bypassed by time during that stage of existence and were left with the tails intact when the rest of humanity took the quantum jump of shedding it die to its lack of use. Many of your kind actually actually have to go theough surgery to make up for this natural neglect that struck you species from among all other soecies.

So يا قرد يا سعدان يا ابن القرود والسعادين who are you to speak about those who are your superiors and masters and who are far ahead of your kind in terms of progress and development? متل ما قلتلك من شي كام يوم روووووح انضب وشوفلك شي جورة وطمور حالك فيا انتا مو خرج منائشة

انا بعتئد انو انتا انسان معقد من صغرك. وانا متاكد انو سبب عئدتك بترجع للاستاذ اللي علمك ادب عربي. كان الاستاذ مخصص حصة للمبارزة الشعرية وانتا كنت دايما تخسر لانو فهمك قاصر عن فهم حتى العربي العامي فكيف ممكن لواحد غليظ الدهن عشكلك يقدر يفهم ويبارز بالشعر. ليك احسنلك تحمل حالك وتضب غراضك وترح ع اصقاع العجم.

يعني حاجي تضيعلي وقتي

April 6th, 2013, 7:22 pm



Alert for REVENIRE.

5 DANCING SHLOMOS in #357 isn’t just copying your satire and comedy act here, he’s trying to upstage you!

April 6th, 2013, 7:37 pm


revenire said:

I am glad we’re keeping you laughing. Laughter is good. It heals wounds.

April 6th, 2013, 7:43 pm


revenire said:

SL – here you go… another joke post. It makes me laugh and laugh. Enjoy.


Both “Al-Tunisiyya” and “Tanit Press” have announced the deaths of more rats from their country in Syria.

Al-Tunisiyya provided the following names:

“Al-Mufti Al-Shar’i” Jabhat Al-Nusra hyena killed in Dayr El-Zor
“Abi Saami Al-Tunisi”, killed by villagers in Misraab in Dayr El Zor

Tanit Press reported these two snakes:

Hamdi Ruwayd (poss. Hamdi Rawbad)
Saaber Al-Mi’laawi

A terrorist in Tunisia also stated in an interview that there were 3,500 Tunisians fighting in Syria and that 13 young Muslim girls had been sent as part of the “sex Jihaad”.

April 6th, 2013, 7:53 pm


revenire said:


April 6th, 2013, 7:54 pm


Visitor said:

We should not waste time in idle talk with chacters مبهدلي from now on.

Let’s follow about latest victories by holy warriors.

Lots of criminal planes beat the dust today while engaged in criminal acts of war crime nature:

1). One plane in 7Hama.
2). One plane in Idlib.
3). One plane in Jabal Azzawiyeh.
4). One plane in Ma’arah.
5). One plane in Damascus.
6). One plane in Qamishly country side.

April 6th, 2013, 7:59 pm


zoo said:

An FSA attempt to distance itself from Al Nusra and take control of the weapons the AL promised. Idriss , Al khatib and Hitto in France this week

Gulf states put new conditions on arms supplies to Syrian rebels

Phil Sands Apr 7, 2013

Antakya, Turkey // Syrian rebels say they have been told access to weapons from Arabian Gulf states will be conditional on their pledging allegiance to the Free Syrian Army and its civilian overseers in the Syrian National Coalition.
The conditions are part of an effort to better organise the revolt against Bashar Al Assad and rein in Islamist militants.
The Free Syrian Army commander Gen Selim Idriss visited Gulf states last week to ask if the flow of weapons to the rebels could be increased.
The visits followed a decision by the Arab League last month authorising munitions supplies and amid a quickening diplomatic tempo as regional leaders head for Washington in coming weeks for talks on Syria,
“The arms will not be given out unless the group accepts it is part of the FSA and National Coalition; they must accept that leadership and agree to follow orders when they are given by the FSA high command,” a leading opposition figure said after a discussion on the outcome of Gen Idriss’s visits. He did not say which Gulf states Gen Idriss had been to.

“Until today the FSA command has very little connection or influence to the fighters on the ground, there is no real working leadership structure or chain of command,” the opposition member said.

“It seems a real effort might now be starting to correct that and integrate the FSA command with the fighters on the ground and with the civilian leaders in the National Coalition.”

Moaz Al Khatib, the president of the Syrian National Coalition, Ghassan Hitto, the coalition’s prime minister, and Gen Idriss have all been invited to meetings in London this week with Britain and France.

The US has announced a series of meetings focused on Syria between now and mid-May; with the UN chief, Ban Ki-moon followed by the leaders of Qatar, Turkey and Jordan, and on April 16 with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

Read more:

April 6th, 2013, 8:00 pm


zoo said:

If the FSA gets reinforced, Al Nusra will not easily release the the areas they won and control.

A ferocious war between the FSA and Al Nusra and other Islamists is about to start.
The Syrian army will probably just watch their enemies killing each other.

April 6th, 2013, 8:07 pm


Syrialover said:

ZOO #356

What’s with posting all this positive news?

That’s an encouraging story about the Oppositon Coalition, thanks.

Then I noticed in the following post you quickly tried to find a negative spin on it.

April 6th, 2013, 8:13 pm


revenire said:

Six planes down today? LOL

April 6th, 2013, 8:23 pm


revenire said:

I don’t buy a word of the National story by Sands. More garbage about “secular” rats being vetted. Nah. Sorry but there are no moderate forces fighting Assad.

April 6th, 2013, 8:26 pm


Syria said:

ZOO is day dreaming
Why would the FSA goes after anyone but the very exhausted Batta’s militia ?

April 6th, 2013, 8:34 pm


revenire said:

How desperate to lie. Everyone knows your rat army fights over stolen loot and drugs. It is all over the press.

You two boys are not in Syria. No way.

April 6th, 2013, 8:40 pm


Citizen said:

USA principles are its interests, and its interests are its principles. US foreign policy is not about democracy and freedom. Washington’s closeness to Saudi Arabia puts pay to any suggestion otherwise.

April 6th, 2013, 8:41 pm


Syrian said:

362 rev
Hey, we are only following up on your buddy post, take it up with him.
And the nice loot are all in Batta’s areas now, so that is where will be the next battles

April 6th, 2013, 8:46 pm


Citizen said:

During his visit to Germany, Russian President Vladimir Putin conducted an interview with German ARD TV, during which he pointed that all arms must stop going to the “Syrian” opposition groups fighting inside Syria to topple the current Syrian government headed by President Bashar al-Assad. He stressed that this stands in violation of international laws that explicitly prohibit arms export to groups seeking to destabilize countries through the use of weapons.

April 6th, 2013, 8:51 pm


Ghufran said:

I know there are Baathists on this blog, my question is:
What did albaath achieve after 66 years of its birth and 50 years of dominating political life?
أكد حزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي «ضرورة تقييم بعض الأخطاء والسلبيات في حياة الحزب والاستفادة من إيجابيات دوره في الماضي للانطلاق نحو بناء المستقبل ووضع تصور جديد للمرحلة القادمة».
واعتبرت القيادة القومية للحزب في بيان صادر عنها بمناسبة الذكرى السادسة والستين لتأسيسه التي تصادف اليوم «أن بعض التطبيق الخاطئ الذي جاء به بعض المحسوبين على البعث لا يلغي صدق فكر البعث وسمو أهدافه ونظرياته لأن من لا يعمل لا يخطئ». كما دعت القيادة القطرية للحزب في بيان مماثل، إلى «العمل من أجل إعادة بناء الوحدة الوطنية».
Albaath wants to reinvent itself but I do not think Syrians are ready to give Baathists another chance,the best Baathists can hope for , and I support that, is being allowed to exist , however, only elections can tell how much support albaath still have in Syria , that support is at all times low, even secular syrians are not willing to allow Baathist to have a monopoly over the secular vote, enough is enough.

April 6th, 2013, 9:01 pm


apple_mini said:

On battleground, SAA has adapted new guerrilla tactics to attack the rebels: SAA ambushes the rebels on their supply lines and convoys. This seems inevitable since the rebels have to move themselves and their logistic around. Many videos show the rebels take quite significant losses. SAA has air power to back their attack which makes those more deadly.

Yesterday, a whole convoy of the rebels near Turkey border in Idlib got wiped out, near 100 rebel fighter got killed and huge material loss as well.

Without means to counter the regime’s air power and dominant artillery power, the rebels will be facing continuous threats on their logistic and deployment of their forces.

Situation in Deraa is murky. Nothing mentioned on government news or pro-government blogs. That probably means no good news. But at least so far Deraa itself is still under the regime’s control.

The aggressive operations by SAA around Damascus is paying off: The regime recaptures several areas and we are looking at dramatic weakening of the rebels’ capacity to launch direct attack on Damascus.

That is probably why we are seeing more indiscriminate mortar attacks on civilian in Damascus.

Those attacks certainly terrify some civilians but also it hardens some people’s resolve and it helps the regime in the end.

April 6th, 2013, 9:02 pm


Tara said:

Foreign jihadists fought in Libya under one leadership and can fight in Syria under the FSA leadership. Those who think that the Nusra and the FSA will finish each other before the toppling of Bashar are daydreaming.

April 6th, 2013, 9:04 pm


Syrialover said:

Here’s a positive and intelligent perspective on where sectarianism is (or rather, isn’t) leading. A welcome antidote to all the doomsaying melodramists and conspiracists.

“The rise of sectarian conflicts will not fragment the Levant”

April 6th, 2013, 9:07 pm


zoo said:


I post the news, but I also draw my own conclusion.

I am certain that Idriss, Al Khatib and Hitto in France and the UK will get the message that they must dissociate themselves from Al Nusra totally otherwise they will get no weapons.
The trio will be very hesitant as if they antagonize the Islamist extremists, they may loose most of the areas controlled by the rebels, in particular Raqqa and Deraa.
The FSA is weak and disorganized while Al Nusra is strong and disciplined.
I see a violent showdown very soon between the two factions and even the possibility of US drones to chase Al Nusra.
If this happen, the situation in Syria will enter a new war that will weaken even further the opposition.
The FSA is trapped: without the weapons, the FSA will loose the war to the Syrian army. With weapons they will loose the war to Al Qaeeda. In both case they’ll loose.
Their only way out is negotiations with the regime.

April 6th, 2013, 9:08 pm


revenire said:

SL stop puffing Sharro up. He’s a scribbler. Post something like Visitor does about holy magic warriors downing six planes in a day. That’s more believable than Sharro’s bleating.

April 6th, 2013, 9:11 pm


revenire said:

Tara please… you believed in a FSA Air Force. Go to bed.

April 6th, 2013, 9:12 pm


revenire said:

The rats could not hold a piece of territory larger than a shoe-box for long. The air force would bomb them to into little tiny pieces.

It was just last month we heard of the “covert” plan to take Damascus. I think both Hassan Hassan and scribbler Sharro wrote about it. Yawn.

Allahu Akbar.

April 6th, 2013, 9:14 pm


Visitor said:

Syrian 361,

Let them become friends because they fit together perfectly.

We’re lucky to have Zoo as an enemy who can do all the work for us.

My strategy, which I have been following for quite a while, is to let this Zoo and this قيس character do the talking which uncovers them to the naked eyes. I find it to be working and it is obvious from the desperate tone of their nonsensical posts.

In any case our holy warriors are scoring victory after victory by the hour. While these guys are growing desperate by the minute. It is a winning strategy. Believe me.

I Just let you in on a big secret. Mullah-stan and Haliki-stan (from Maliki = Haliki) just expressed their deepest disgust to Basharon for the continuing series of defeats he and his thugs are suffering on an hourly basis. They were even more outraged because their thugs (the Hiliki-stanis, the Mullah-stanis and the Hizbi-stanis) once they hand over certain areas that they win to the Basharons, his thugs lose them immediately to our heoroes. They told him straight to the ace that he and his thugs are a piece of shxt, good for nothing, except loot, steal, and commit murders. Very soon they are going to dump him.

April 6th, 2013, 9:18 pm


zoo said:

Syrian troops recapture several areas near capital, repulse infiltration attempt


DAMASCUS, April 6 (Xinhua) — The Syrian troops recaptured several rebellious areas near the capital Damascus on Saturday and repulsed an overnight infiltration attempt into the capital, killing tens of rebels, pro-government media reports said.

The Syrian troops have reportedly encircled the sprawling eastern al-Ghouta suburb and recaptured many other rebellious suburbs surrounded Damascus, namely Kafreen, Haran al-Awamid, al- Ataibeh, and the industrial city in the Adra suburb.

Meanwhile, the pro-government Sham FM radio said that tens of armed men were killed while attempting to infiltrate the capital from the hotspot suburb of Jobar on the eastern rim of Damascus.

The Syrian army has recently shown no leniency in dealing with the rebels, unleashing strong firepower to dislodge them from the capital’s vicinity.

April 6th, 2013, 9:20 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

The resignation of Miqati,is due to his fear that Assad time is getting close to the end.
Tammam Salam father lived to be 95,at the age 68 is relatively young, In lebanon the PM job is family affair not party one.It is estimated that there are 200 family in Lebanon worth 150 Billion dollar,Tammam Salam family own ME Airline.
It does not matter anymore if France or USA arm the rebels,Assad Mafia are getting too weak

As for secularism,and freedom, USA is secular, yet Japanese were interned during the war,Moslems were banned to build a mosque close to trade center, France is secular yet Moslems who wear head scarf are fined.secularism is radical and soft,soft one is called civil rule

April 6th, 2013, 9:44 pm


Syrialover said:


I note you’ve got a particularly rabid case of frustration about brilliant young Syrian journalist Hassan Hassan who writes for The National.

He must be the brightest, best and most influential Middle Eastern journalist of his generation.

He’s increasingly taking the lead in information and thinking about what’s happening in Syria.

His sources, intellectual integrity, and writing talent put him way in front and earn wide respect from other journalists and commentators.

What a nuisance for you the Assad/Iran/Russia team can’t come up with any journalist/commentators to compete with him.

April 6th, 2013, 9:45 pm


Juergen said:

Assad meets his journalists, tells them: ‘don’t be afraid’

“We will liberate Jouber within days and will then go to Douma; I am content with regards to the Security situation in Damascus,” Assad said.

At the end of the meeting, he pledged bonuses and pay raises for journalists.”

April 6th, 2013, 9:58 pm


Juergen said:

Grave Robbers and War Steal Syria’s History

“Across much of Syria, the country’s archaeological heritage is imperiled by war, facing threats ranging from outright destruction by bombs and bullets to opportunistic digging by treasure hunters who take advantage of the power vacuum to prowl the country with spades and shovels. Fighting has raged around the Roman ruins of Palmyra, the ancient city in central Syria, once known as the Bride of the Desert. And the Syrian Army has established active garrisons at some of the country’s most treasured and antiquated citadels, including castles at Aleppo, Hama and Homs.”

April 6th, 2013, 9:59 pm


Juergen said:

This is amazing! The loyal lionking warriors have hacked Israels Alzheimer website. What an success! What is next, liberation of the Golan?

April 6th, 2013, 10:04 pm


Syrialover said:


Sharro and Hassan Hassan are such a problem, aren’t they. OK why not tell us about some sources you approve of?

Condition: to be a serious contender, they need to have at least 10% of the intellectual horsepower of those two.

I think you are feeling bored and restless, in that post tickling the tummy and patting the head of some contributors here. Experimenting to see how many instant simultaneous thumbs up votes you get?

April 6th, 2013, 10:09 pm


Ghufran said:

قال نبيل وهو مقاتل مسيحي من حمص إن المدربين الإيرانيين حذروهم من ارتكاب أعمال السلب والنهب وهي جريمة يرتكبها المقاتلون من الجانبين.
وتابع: “في أول ايام التدريب قال الضابط الايراني المشرف على برنامجنا، اعلم تماما ما يجري في سورية وأود ان اقول شيئا واحداً: اذا كان انضمامكم الى جيش الدفاع الوطني من اجل السلب وليس للدفاع عن البلاد ستلقون ميتة بشعة وتذهبون الى الجحيم”. وقال المتدربون انهم يقسمون الى مجموعات ويجري تدريب البعض كقوات برية على استخدام البنادق والمدفعية المحمولة المضادة للطائرات وكقناصة.
وتطير المجموعات من القاعدة الجوية في اللاذقية إلى مطار طهران الدولي ثم تنقلهم الحافلات مباشرة لمكان مجهول.
وقال سامر: “فور وصولنا ركبنا حافلات اسدلت الستائر على نوافذها وجرى التنبيه علينا بألا نرفع الستائر… واستمرت رحلة الحافلة ساعة ونصف الساعة تقريبا قبل الوصول الى المعسكر، انتقلنا من المطار الى المعسكر مباشرة وغادرنا المعسكر الى المطار ولم نر سواه”.
وروى المقاتلون الاربعة الذين ينتمون الى بلدات وميلشيات مختلفة الشيء نفسه كلاً عل حدة. وذكروا ان المتدربين قُسموا الى مجموعات تضم كل منها نحو 60 شخصاً وقام بتدريبهم ضباط ايرانيون يتحدثون العربية ويعاونهم مترجمون إيضاً.
وقال المتدربون انهم شاهدوا مقاتلين لبنانيين. وقال سمير وهو من حمص: “كانت هناك مجموعات من (حزب الله) تتدرب في القاعدة نفسها ولكن لم يكن هناك اتصال مع مجموعاتنا… اعتقد ان برنامجهم كان أقوى”.
وتدعم إيران الجيش النظامي وتساعد في تدريبه بموجب اتفاقات تعاون عسكري قديمة لكن المشاركة في تدريب قوات شبه عسكرية قد يقلق غرماء في المنطقة لا سيما اسرائيل التي تخشى بشكل خاص التنسيق المتزايد بين مجموعات سورية و”حزب الله”.
 ويصف المقاتلون التدريب بأنه يتفوق كثيراً على ما تدربوا عليه من مهارات داخل سورية. وقال سامر: “في السابق كان احتمال اصابتي للهدف لا يتجاوز 50 في المئة لكنه تحسن الان إلى 90 في المئة”.
 واضاف: “في سورية يعطون الأولوية للدفاع عن المكان الذي نتمركز فيه مهما كان الثمن. في ايران قالوا اننا نحافظ على ارواحنا، فإذا فقدت موقعك وبقيت على قيد الحياة يمكنك ان تعيد تنظيم صفوفك واستعادته في اليوم التالي. إذا مت فسيضيع موقعك إلى الأبد”.
I said this before: removing Assad will not be enough to topple the regime and capturing Damascus, if it happens ( a big if) will not be enough to end the war.

April 6th, 2013, 10:26 pm


Syrian said:

ZOO is the enemy we all know that.
SL is on our side he just needs to sit his priority straight, this is not that to time to fell in the trap of the moles,who want to divide the oppositions into all sorts of factions and make them fight each others , while our enemy is one

I guess more body bags started to arrive to Baghdad and to south Beirut,they realized that Syria is the not picnic they thought it would be.

April 6th, 2013, 10:34 pm


revenire said:

SL if you like them knock yourself out. I know how fond you boys are of self-promotion. I suffered through Hassan’s “important” and “must read” nonsense for a long time.

Seriously, if you think they’re wonderful please enjoy them. I don’t care one way or the other. I just comment on them because this is a message forum and that’s my message. Is that okay?

I read everything and find them both a bit full of themselves but I suppose working for a big news outfit like The National can go to one’s head.


April 6th, 2013, 10:38 pm


Syrialover said:


You are one of the commentators here I respect and I always read what you write, usually strongly agreeing.

But we stand on opposite sides of a divide if I am right in reading that you prefer a sectarian government in Syria to a secular one there or anywhere else.

Do you feel Moaz al-Khatib is wrong in what he says about the importance of not making religious identity an issue in a future Syrian government? He has spoken, clearly, strongly and consistently on that.

What is your message to Syrian Alawites and Christians? Different from what al-Khatib says to them?

The Assad regime was not secular – it was toxically sectarian.

April 6th, 2013, 10:42 pm


Syrialover said:


OK why not tell us about some sources you approve of?

(I have a strong suspicion you find it emotionally and intellectually hard to actually read and absorb Hassan Hasan and Sharr. I have that probem with the stuff CITIZEN posts, for example).

April 6th, 2013, 10:46 pm


revenire said:

Really? Hmm, I won’t take the bait SL. If you think I can’t read them because I am stupid I have to say your Internet skills are what the kids call “mad skills” and I salute you.

My news sources? SANA SANA and more SANA.

What else?

Oh yeah.. Press TV is good too.

April 6th, 2013, 10:54 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Yes retard, we know you’re stupid. Stop wasting your breath telling people what they already know about you.

April 6th, 2013, 11:08 pm


ghufran said:

Islamists are doing what the Assads did, they are trying to have a monopoly over power in Syria:
ميشيل كيلو

يتم اليوم انقلاب زاحف على الثورة، تنفذه جماعة إسلامية تتسلط على ما يسمى المجلس الوطني – والوطنية منه براء – والإئتلاف الذي يعرج على ساقه الواحدة، ولم يأتلف مع أحد غيرها، بعد أن مكنتها صفقة مع قوى خارجية من وضع يدها عليه هو ايضا، بالاحتيال والمكائد والوعود الكاذبة، فلا عجب أن ظن بعض قادتها أن وضع يدها على الحكومة الانتقالية سيمكنها من استكمال سيطرتها على المؤسسات الرسمية البديلة للنظام، التي يعترف العالم بتمثيلها للمعارضة السورية، وأن الاعتراف الديبلوماسي الدولي بممثليات الإئتلاف يجب ان يكون الحلقة ما قبل الأخيرة في انقلابها، الذي تظنه خفيا لا تراه أعين السوريين، وتعتقد ان بوسعها مواصلته بكل هدوء دون أن يفتضح امرها أو يقاومها احد، فيكون وصولها الى السلطة حتميا بعد سقوط الاسد وتنفرد بالبلد، في سابقة لم ينجح أي تنظيم إسلامي في الإتيان بمثلها، سواء في تونس أم في مصر، حيث وصل الإسلاميون إلى السلطة عبر انتخابات نيابية حرة، بينما تخطط هي للاستيلاء عليها قبل إجراء اية انتخابات، او بالأحرى لمنع إجراء أية انتخابات حرة، لعلمها الأكيد أنها ستهزم، وان مجتمع سوريا لن يقبل حكمها، لثقته بأنها ليست اهلا للثقة، وستكرر على نطاق وطني موسع مغامرة 1980-1982 الطائفية، التي كلفت الشعب عشرات آلاف الشهداء ومئات آلاف المهجرين والمسجونين والمعذبين.
يثق الناس ان الجماعة ستكرر مأساة حماه، فهم يرونها بأم أعينهم وهي تخزن الأسلحة والذخائر في كل مكان من سوريا، وتشتري الولاءات وتستعمل المال السياسي وتمارس الوقيعة بين المواطنين، وتمد خيوط التبعية والتفريط بالاستقلال الوطني وحريات السوريين إلى واشنطن عبر قطر، لاعتقادها بضرورتها لاستيلاء مناصريها ومحازبيها على السلطة، خاصة إذا ما سوقتها أميركا لدى تل ابيب، واقنعتها أن حكمها سيكون أقدر على تحييد وشل الأصولية الإسلامية اكثر من اي حكم ديموقراطي.

April 6th, 2013, 11:11 pm


apple_mini said:

#380 SL, it is your personal preference to praise anyone anyway you like. But for a journo, isn’t the neutral and unbiased reporting kinda the first requirement to qualify being professional?

After all, why would people take anything serious from a reporter who openly takes his/her side in a conflict?

Hassan Hassan is exactly that kind of journo. Sorry, no matter how he brilliant he is as you claim, his writing does not carry weight.

April 6th, 2013, 11:23 pm


Syrialover said:


You comment surprises me if you’ve actually been reading Hassan Hassan.

He is rare for being prepared to chase the truth and state facts even if wounds the opposition cause.

He has blown the whistle very loudly on the Muslim Brotherhood and made life harder for the Syrian Opposition. He also writes frankly about the Islamist presence in the fighting, basing it on direct personal knowledge, not second-hand reports. He sometimes writes things I wish he didn’t.

Since you appear to be one who hesitates to condemn the regime and keen to find fault with the opposition, I thought you would take comfort from the writing of Hassan Hassan.

And if you are Syrian you should be proud of him for his quality and reputation as a thinker and journalist.

April 6th, 2013, 11:47 pm


revenire said:

I’ve been reading him for a long time. He’s a cheerleader, a very biased cheerleader for terrorism pretending to be this urbane, educated man. He is close to the terrorists and we know who and we know where.

Let’s stop playing games. You want your side to win but, unfortunately for you, your side is full of murderers and animals – Hassan covers for them and always has.

April 6th, 2013, 11:55 pm


revenire said:

Uggh, this new format is hard to look at much less navigate.

April 6th, 2013, 11:57 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Dear Syria lover
where did I say that I prefer sectarian goverment? I am against sectarian goverment and strongly so,I made it clear I am for freedom modified democracy amd justice, I think Islam is consistant with soft secularism,,,,but that is called CIVIL RULE,where everyone is equal under the law, I can tolerate religious groups
In Syria we have Awqaf ministry, this is not consistant with secularism, I think it should be independent institution concerned only with religious matter, I believe in modified democracy I believe in protection to minorities, and I believe in a democratic society,
I believe in new interpretation of Quraan, one that adheres to the words as it stated in Quraan I am against changing the words of Quraan just to please the male or the sultan,in the last seven years I have been commenting , I made several statements I don’t think I should repeat them.
I believe in the USA there is complete sepeartion of state and church, this resulted in a situation where students do not learn ethics neither at homes nor at school, I suggested the student should not pass unless they bring a certificate from religious leader of choice or instructor of ethics,(THEY MUST BE CERTIFIED)indicating the student attended 100 hours a year.lack of such things has caused many student to lack ethics ,get depressed or use drugs, and many student has committed crimes,a stupid gun law that is proposed will not teach ethics and will not prevent crime
As for Moaz Khatib
Do you feel Moaz al-Khatib is wrong in what he says about the importance of not making religious identity an issue in a future Syrian government?
Coming from a preacher I don’t believe he believes in what he said,I think he said it under political pressure, but I agree with such statement in matters that are not religious

April 7th, 2013, 12:01 am


Hopeful said:

#372 Zoo

And the regime’s only way out is to negotiate with the FSA. Not to “dialog”, but “negotiate”. Do you agree?

April 7th, 2013, 12:22 am


MarigoldRan said:

@ Zoo

Your prediction track record sucks.

My prediction is that the different rebel groups won’t seriously fight one another until the regime is dead.

This idiotic regime through its brutality and violence has united its enemies against them.

Let’s see who is right.

April 7th, 2013, 12:50 am


Syrian said:

Another jet was downed today

April 7th, 2013, 12:58 am


revenire said:

Wow that make seven jets downed today. I am getting worried .

April 7th, 2013, 1:01 am


MarigoldRan said:

You should be. The Assadists have been launching much fewer airstrikes than in the past.

The effects of the war on the regime are cumulative. It continues.

April 7th, 2013, 1:03 am


revenire said:

Thank you. I rely on you for news of the war.

That makes seven aircraft down in one day. I am shocked.

Yes there are far fewer airstrikes because they are scared of the FSA and there are many less planes now.

It is terrifying.

April 7th, 2013, 1:09 am


MarigoldRan said:

Absolutely. I’m glad that you agree.

April 7th, 2013, 1:10 am


MarigoldRan said:

Absolutely. I’m glad that you agree. The regime has steadily lost ground, everywhere.

In the past two months or so, they’ve effectively ceded both Raqqa and Daraa.

April 7th, 2013, 1:12 am


revenire said:

Very important areas too.

I think it is a matter of hours now.

April 7th, 2013, 1:17 am


MarigoldRan said:

Hardly a matter of hours, but yes, they’re important areas.

In case you haven’t noticed, Daraa is between Jordan and Damascus. Raqqa is in the middle of the country between Homs and Hamas and the OIL-PRODUCING regions of the east.

Haven’t you noticed yet that most of the oil wells are now in rebel control? But of course you haven’t, because you’re stupid.

April 7th, 2013, 1:19 am


revenire said:

I sometimes wonder how I can tie my own shoes.

Yes the oil wells have fallen. I saw it on TV. Very disturbing.

The rebels control most of the country now. Maybe 90%.

Daraa yes. I will look that up on a map. I have heard of it.

April 7th, 2013, 1:23 am


MarigoldRan said:

No, you shouldn’t wonder why you can’t tie your own shoes. At this point you should understand that you’re a retard, and so idiocy like that is expected of you.

I’d say the rebels control about 60-70% of the country at this point.

By the way, you should look it up on a map. But then again, you’re stupid so what are you going to get from it anyways?

You can try to PRETEND to be dumb, but we all know the truth.

[To spell it for you, which I have to do because we know you’re dumb: the truth is that while you try to pretend to be dumb, you’re ACTUALLY dumb. You’re pretending to pretend to make yourself feel better. But the truth will liberate you, retard. Accept it].

April 7th, 2013, 1:27 am


Ghufran said:

I struggled to convince myself that I should try to read comments by people I do not respect and I ended up laughing ay myself and the posts I read.
One major problem liars on this forum will have is that all of their posts are kept on file, that makes it very hard ,for example ,for advocates of a civil war and sectarian strife to convince readers that they are now pro freedom and against sectarianism.
However, there is an advantage for encouraging people with contradictions, hypocrisy and hatred to speak up their mind. I would let people decide whether they find any fresh beef in what seems like rotten chicken soup, I am just sorry that long years of education and living in the west can not change some people’s character.
( one of my favorite parts is the piece about 100 hours ethics courses)
قال ابو صياح
الفهمان ببلده بسافر و بيرجع فهمان
و الحمار ببلده بيسافر و بيرجع حمار
I did not want to start another stone throwing match but I could not let this garbage pass without a response.

April 7th, 2013, 1:29 am


revenire said:

I remember when the former prime minister – we don’t hear anything from him today – said the rats (sorry ‘the rebels”) controlled 70% and that was a year ago so by today with seven planes going down a day they must have at least 90%.

Assad probably lives in an underground bunker guarded by Iranians (if he isn’t dead already and the person we saw on TV was a robot).

April 7th, 2013, 1:33 am


MarigoldRan said:

Actually, Assad probably DOES live in an underground bunker guarded by Iranians. Every once in a while he goes above ground to do a silly interview that has no effect except to make people hate him more, and then he returns to his bunker. He’s basically a troll, except that ACTUAL PEOPLE KNOW WHERE HE LIVES AND ARE TRYING TO KILL HIM.

You’re making things too complicated. The regime lacks the brains to build a robot.

April 7th, 2013, 1:36 am


MarigoldRan said:

Actually, Assad probably DOES live in an underground bunker guarded by Iranians. Every once in a while he goes above ground to do an idiotic interview that has no effect except to make people hate him more, and then he returns to his bunker. He’s basically a troll, except that ACTUAL PEOPLE KNOW WHERE HE LIVES AND ARE TRYING TO KILL HIM.

You’re making things too complicated. The regime lacks the brains to build a robot.

April 7th, 2013, 1:37 am


revenire said:

Assad is basically a troll. He trolls people. Trolls live under the earth in caves with Iranian guards.

April 7th, 2013, 1:45 am


MarigoldRan said:

Most trolls like you live with their relatives.

In Assad’s case, his relatives have decided that they’d be better off in another country. So I guess that makes him a better troll than you, retard. Does that make him your role model?

As I see it, you support the regime because you’re a troll. You think you’re just pretending, but the truth is that the regime is a reflection of your empty, stunted, and evil soul.

You’re a horrible, worthless person, retard. And the sooner you understand that, the better it will be for everyone around you.

April 7th, 2013, 1:48 am


revenire said:

My support for the regime is because Assad is a troll that has lost 90% of the country and hides in a tunnel. I am worthless.

Assad is a better troll than me.

Assad’s relatives left him. They trolled the troll. He is alone in his troll cave.

April 7th, 2013, 2:00 am


MarigoldRan said:

Everything you just said was accurate, except the percentage. Also, he doesn’t hide in a tunnel. He hides in a bunker.

But yes, you’re worthless. Tell me, how much time have you spent on the comments section of a blog over the last week?

EDIT: No, several of his relatives left because Assad is running his country into the ground. They have decided they’d be better off elsewhere.

April 7th, 2013, 2:04 am


revenire said:

This guy was trolling but got trolled by his own grenade. Such is the life of a troll.

Training was received from US super-spies for this fellow.

I am worthless and the sooner I understand it the better.

April 7th, 2013, 2:05 am


MarigoldRan said:

I’m not going to click on your worthless links, but yes: you’re worthless. Over the last week, have you done anything of value?

If you haven’t, that means you’re worthless. As I see it, you’ve been wasting your time on the comments section of a blog, getting your ass handed to you. I think that’s a pretty accurate description of your loser life.

April 7th, 2013, 2:06 am


revenire said:

Eating some ice cream.

April 7th, 2013, 2:13 am


MarigoldRan said:

Enjoy. Get fat and die. The sooner, the better.

April 7th, 2013, 2:15 am


revenire said:

When you said that I added a slice of cake to it. Yum.

April 7th, 2013, 2:18 am


MarigoldRan said:

Excellent. Why don’t you go ahead and do more of that?

April 7th, 2013, 2:18 am


revenire said:

We have a fresh cake. My wife made it.

April 7th, 2013, 2:24 am


MarigoldRan said:

So let me get this straight:

Your wife made you a cake that you’re eating, AFTER MIDNIGHT?

If you’re going to lie, do a better job of it. As I’ve said before: you’re a pathetic troll. If you have a wife, why are you still posting here?

April 7th, 2013, 2:26 am


revenire said:

Chocolate with vanilla frosting.

April 7th, 2013, 2:31 am


MarigoldRan said:

Point proven.

Enjoy your cake, retard. Unlike you, I’ve got things to do tomorrow.

April 7th, 2013, 2:33 am


revenire said:

She is a great cook.

April 7th, 2013, 2:37 am


revenire said:

Wow, even MORE propaganda.

April 7th, 2013, 2:50 am


Citizen said:

389. SYRIALOVER said:
( I have that probem with the stuff CITIZEN posts, for example).
For good dancer testes interfere 🙂

April 7th, 2013, 3:21 am


Citizen said:

America is approaching body paralysis with the policy head, Israel, willing the body, America, to do one more trick.

However, now too mired in ballooning economic and financial contradictions, for America to embark on another prolonged war is a folly which cannot end until America, this time, is also destroyed.

Which discussion is what was behind Obama’s trip to Israel last month.

So what did the Israelis say to themselves afterwards ?

As America can’t do Iran for us, and the Syria project is foundering through absence of legitimacy, let’s see if we can get the Koreans to attack one another.

But the Koreans are also having sober reflections, enlarging their view such that while their mutual tensions are central to their lives, they now see that they are but a sideshow to the Tel Aviv architects as a lesser chess piece in the geopolitical map centred on Iran, about which Pres Obama’s personally initiated trip to Israel signified the high watermark of American imperial power, awareness of which was a rare presidential attribute in the imperiums of other nations of the past.

April 7th, 2013, 3:29 am


Juergen said:


You are truly an expert on propaganda.

April 7th, 2013, 5:17 am


Hassan said:

368. Ghufran said:

“I know there are Baathists on this blog, my question is:
What did albaath achieve after 66 years of its birth and 50 years of dominating political life? ”

1. They stabilised the country after the previous 15 years of instability.

2. They created a powerful State with one of the largest and strongest Armies in the Middle East.

3. They increased literacy and healthcare. They built Tabqa Dam and Euphrates Dam. They launched many public irrigation and infrastructure projects.

4. They redistributed land to the tillers of the soil. They built one of the best Welfare States in the Third World.

5. They started the Five-Year Plans of the National Economy thereby creating the basis of a Planned, protected, nationalist economic life that is adequately protected by Jewish Globalism.

However, my beef with alBaath is not because of its economic or security policies. My beef with the Party is that it tried (unsuccessfully) to assimilate the Alawite and Christians of Syria with the Sunnite majority under one assimilated Arab identity under the flawed Arabization programme. Also it tried to impose Arab identity on Syria.

Now in my old age when I reflect I feel overwhelming anger when I think that somebopdy would even consider Alawites and Sunnis to be one people. We are the true indigenous autochthonous Syrians, Sunnites are illegal immigrants from Turkey, Caucasus and Arabia.

Infact Syrians ( Christians, Alawites, Druze ) are closer to Greeks than Arabs.

April 7th, 2013, 5:57 am


Uzair8 said:

BBC Radio 5. An upcoming Channel 4 documentary was discussed last night.

Before that a survey was looked at:

Survey: According to a British survey only 12% support ground troops to protect people of syria. Also low figure in support of arming rebels. No Fly Zone gets some support.

[From 1:12.15]

Channel 4 documentary maker talks to Radio 5. Olly Lambert got close to both sides in the conflict. Documentary to be aired on 17 April.

‘There’s an emptiness in people’s faces that I often noticed…’

[Listen from 1:16.00 till 1:30.00]

April 7th, 2013, 6:07 am


Citizen said:

Israel Demands World ‘Respond Decisively’ to North Korean Nuclear Test
2006 – Haaretz

North Korea supplying Weapons to Six Mid East States
2008 – Haaretz

Israel: North Korea shipping WMD’s to Syria
2010 – The Daily Star

North Korea’s Enemy: Israel
2012 – Arutz Sheva

Potential Threats To Israel: North Korea
2013 – Jewish Virtual Library

Israel Minister: Iran, Syria, & North Korea are New Axis of Evil
2013 – Huffington Post

Israel Urges Swift Response to North Korea Nuclear Test
2013 – Reuters

Iran-North Korea Pact Draws Concern
2013 – Wall Street Journal

Inhofe: Prepare pre-emptive strike ‘right now’ on North Korea
2013 – The Hill

April 7th, 2013, 6:24 am


mjabali said:


tsk tsk tsk: it looks that you are disappointed. There will not be a military show of force again in Syria. The Brits should send you to fight….

On the bright side: you should be happy, Visitor said that you are an important thinker on this blog. Look he is not here yet to give the 6 or 3 or 9 or the 12 thumbs up.

I am not surprised: you are an Alawi hater and he is the Racist bastard that he is. Look at this classic Visitor talking that racist rant about the Alawites. This person is like you living in the West and spewing all this hatred.

April 7th, 2013, 6:35 am


mjabali said:

Visitor القذر النتن عديم التربية السطل السفيه الدعي

Let me give you another lesson in history. You seem to have missed lots of classes. Or wait, you came from the culture that hides half of what really happened.

From what you wrote: you said that Saudi Arabia is the creation of the The Wahabbis and the Saud family and their allies. What is missing from your rant is the role of the Colonial powers. Why did you hide the role of your enemy the “Colonial Powers” into the creation of the Saudi kingdom?

Are you that ignorant with history, or just a straight up liar?

By the way: the Racist talk you spewed was entertaining and I am happy that you are giving away the gems of the Sunni beliefs about the Alawis. Thank you for letting us look into the great thinking mind of yours.

Also, of course you ran around and did not answer if Qatar was the product of the “Colonials” or not?

I guess they did not teach you those things in classes? Or you probably think that Hamad of Qatar, or his father, were/are freedom fighters?

By the way: you should be kicked out of this blog for the foul language you use, not with me only but with everyone so far.

To me say whatever you want: I am happy, I learn more about your rotten culture with every new rant you spew.
طز في كل شيى تنتمي إليه ياسفيه

تقتبس من القرآن هنا وهناك وبعد ذلك تتفوه بترهات عنصرية هههه اخلاق اسلامية حقيقية

قبل أن انسى

طز في اللذي رباك وفي الذي علمك شو مساطيل

April 7th, 2013, 6:57 am


zoo said:

“Funded” by generous Qatar and KSA, Al Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan is becoming a nightmare: Riots, heroin smuggling, rumors of rape, insecurity. Refugees camps are becoming time bomb for the hosting countries.

Security concerns rise at Syrian refugee camp despite police presence

Za’atari camp – now Jordan’s fifth largest city – becoming chaotic mix of Syrian refugees, locals, journalists and NGOs

This month, local media reported that the Jordanian police busted large amounts of heroin sold by Syrian refugees in Za’atari. One refugee told IRIN that she was twice taken outside the camp and brought back by smugglers without being questioned. Refugees are officially not allowed to leave the camp unless they are “bailed out” by a Jordanian citizen.

Camp resident Hajjar Ahmad, 37, says she no longer feels safe leaving her children on their own in their tent when she goes to collect donations from aid agencies or visit the doctor.

“Before, riots used to happen for a reason,” Mobaslat said. “Now, riots happen for everything and nothing … You literally have to wear a helmet. You never know when you’re going to be hit by a stone.”

New arrivals to the camp, who have witnessed more violence in Syria, are “louder and more violent” than those who arrived at the beginning of the crisis, she said.

Alhmoud says there are around 2,000 single men in the camp and that most of the security problems are due to such “agitators”.

April 7th, 2013, 8:25 am


zoo said:


You are right, it is very interesting to learn what such people think and how their express themselves: A mixture of pseudo-intellectualism and gross vulgarity. I never met anyone of that brand before. He is almost a caricature. I will certainly make use of some of his posts in a study on Islamist extremism in the USA. They are gems. I guess they are public domain and not copyrighted.

April 7th, 2013, 8:36 am


zoo said:


“You are truly an expert on propaganda”

Well, it seems you have found your match.

April 7th, 2013, 8:40 am


Hassan said:

Ooops I made a mistake in my above comment “5. They started the Five-Year Plans of the National Economy thereby creating the basis of a Planned, protected, nationalist economic life that is adequately protected by Jewish Globalism.”

Ofocurse I meant “adequately protected FROM Jewish Globalism” rtaher than BY Jewish Globalism.

Support the Five Year Plan of the National Economy !!! Support the Syrian Pound !!! Down with Jewish Internationalism !!!

April 7th, 2013, 8:45 am


zoo said:

One thing the rebels have gained from this war at a very heavy price: How to use a video camera and upload on Youtube.

This war is the most visually documented and mediatized war in human history: A Guiness book of records winner.

April 7th, 2013, 8:50 am


Citizen said:

438. JABALI:
for Sunies looks as Dushman with Wahhabi-Takfiri-Djihado satanic-Hilarry made Dude

April 7th, 2013, 8:55 am


Hassan said:

We want another Crusade in Syria, help us Christian Europe against the Muslim Hordes and Zionist crooks who abuse and deny our Holy Trinity and our Saints.

We ask all European countries to help Dr. Assad in his fight against Islamic terrorism and Judo-terrorism, this is another phase of the Crusades.

We especially request his Holiness the Pope Franciscus to declare Crusade against the FSA, Jabahat al Nusra and the Zionist State.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit and our Lady of Immaculate Conception, and all Saints.

Hierosolyma Est Perdita !! HEP !!! HEP !!!

April 7th, 2013, 8:55 am


Hassan said:

In The Name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, and all Saints.

Hierosolyma Est Perdita !! HEP !!! HEP !!!

April 7th, 2013, 8:58 am


zoo said:

Text messages to rebels: “Army is coming to get you”.–killed-in-army-airstrikes.aspxv

Syrian activists say government airstrikes killed at least 20 people as the army presses ahead with its campaign to crush the rebellion against President Bashar Assad.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the strikes Sunday targeted the northern cities of Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Idlib, the western Mediterranean city of Latakia, the eastern province of Deir el-Zour and the suburbs of Damascus.

To the south in Daraa, a man was shot dead by an army sniper, the Observatory said. It added that there was little rebel advancement in the province where opposition forces seized large swathes of land over the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, the government urged rebels to surrender their arms, warning in cell phone text messages that the army is “coming to get you.”

April 7th, 2013, 8:58 am


zoo said:

“opposition forces seized large swathes of land”
It seems the media enjoys using the word ‘swath’ to describe small villages and uninhabited areas in North Syria controlled by the rebels ( estimated by many opposition leaders at 70% of Syria in 2012)

I suggest that the new entity headed by Hitto and supposed to administer these swaths of land, call itself the government of “Swathiland”.

April 7th, 2013, 9:10 am


Citizen said:

US ‘fueling and orchestrating’ war crime against people of Syria

April 7th, 2013, 9:12 am


Hassan said:

I like this :

Assad intelligence do this routinely. It shos we are real men.

F*ck the Arab Spring.

April 7th, 2013, 9:23 am


AIG said:

The stench of desperation that is coming from the regime idiots is getting even stronger. Cities falling, no economy, no oil, mortars falling in Damascus daily, planes being shot down daily, tanks burning and the best they can look forward to is a steady stream of jihadists that will slowly strangle them to death with no chance of reconstruction or connection to the West. That is what Assad the “genius” has bequeathed Syria.

April 7th, 2013, 9:24 am


Hassan said:

ZOO, people like you, the ordinary man on the streets who support us, are our real countrymen and leaders. After we crush this insurgency we are going to hold a HUUUGE MASSIVE victory parade with people like you in Damascus. We are going to let you ride on our Tanks amd Grad launchers. True respect from a retired Syrian Arab Army veteran to a fellow Syrian citizen. Honorable peaceful citizens like you can sleep woth ease knowing that guys like me are out there protecting them day and night.

April 7th, 2013, 9:28 am


Hassan said:

AIG have you seen the sodomy video ? Just think about what IDF conscripts must go through if they ever fall into Syrian Arab Army hands. F*ck Israel.

April 7th, 2013, 9:30 am


revenire said:

That guy really GAVE it to Landis.

April 7th, 2013, 9:32 am


Hassan said:

AIG, Assad’s rockets and missiles are still flying, rats are still dying.

April 7th, 2013, 9:32 am


revenire said:

AIG one comment: aside from your silly Johnny One Note performance you sound HYSTERICAL that Assad isn’t going anywhere.

April 7th, 2013, 9:33 am


Hassan said:

F*ck the Arab Spring, Long Live the Old Order.

April 7th, 2013, 9:36 am


zoo said:

That’s what the Swathiland trio will hear in France, next week
Al-Qaeda and Jabhat Al-Nusra Collaborating

Iraq asks Washington for drones to help secure borders

The Jordanian anti-terrorism official, who declined to be named, said that Al-Qaeda in Iraq is providing Jabhat Al-Nusra with expertise and logistical assistance. He added that, “During the training, [Jabhat Al-Nusra] fighters learn how to fire rockets, use automatic weapons, conduct maneuvers in desert regions, and supply arms to fighters in the field. The training is carried out at provisional camps on rugged terrain along the Syrian-Iraqi border.” Once the training is complete, they usually dismantle the camp in order not to leave any traces of their presence.

According to the Iraqi officials, Jabhat Al-Nusra helps Al-Qaeda by allowing it to expand in western Iraq, and launch large-scale attacks.

April 7th, 2013, 9:44 am


AIG said:

Regime idiots,
I really need to hold my nose while typing here now. Your desperation, cowardice and impotency is causing a stench almost impossible to overcome. All you are left with are infantile platitudes and threats of rape. You are dead men walking. We see the pictures from Syria. We see Aleppo, we see Damascus, we see the oil fields, we see Raqqa, we see the Alawite militia bases falling, we see the Alawite villages in which the men population is dwindling by the day, we see that the well to do Christians have left Syria, we see the value of the pound, we see the planes falling and the tanks burning. And we also see how quiet the Golan and the Israeli-Lebanon border are.

So keep writing you nonsense, that is ok, I will buy a nose plug. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

April 7th, 2013, 9:49 am


revenire said:

Guy from the SNC comes off like an idiot, a lying idiot. This is GREAT. He has notes and is confused. A puppet reading notes. LOL Is this the best they had?

SNC guy = LOL

What a joke.

Our guy creamed them!

April 7th, 2013, 9:52 am


revenire said:

Hasbara AIG in all honesty you come off as the desperate one here.

April 7th, 2013, 9:56 am


revenire said:

Today is a very important day: the birthday of the Ba’ath party. My wife has baked me another cake and we will celebrate the entire day.


April 7th, 2013, 9:59 am


Citizen said:

black hole!
Return my comments back !

April 7th, 2013, 10:05 am


zoo said:

Is Ayman al-Zawahiri on Bashar’s payroll?

Qaeda chief urges Syria rebels to seek Islamic state
Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has urged rebels to fight to establish an Islamic state in Syria, in an online audio message Sunday in which he also warned France against its military intervention in Mali.

“Let your fight be in the name of Allah and with the aim of establishing Allah’s sharia (law) as the ruling system,” he said in his first message posted on the Internet since last November.

“Do all that you can so that your holy war yields a jihadist Islamic state,” said Zawahiri, adding that such a state would help to re-establish the Islamic “caliphate” system of rule.

“The enemy has begun to reel and collapse,” he said, referring to forces loyal to Assad.

Islamist rebel groups such as the Al-Nusra Front, which has links to Al-Qaeda, have eschewed the main opposition National Coalition, making it clear their goal is the creation of an Islamic state to replace President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Zawahiri’s message will not sit easily with Western powers, who have expressed fears of extremist Islamism playing a growing role in the Syrian conflict and are reluctant to arm the rebels on the ground.

April 7th, 2013, 10:54 am


zoo said:

Putin Urges Peace Talks to End Syria ‘Massacre’

07 April 2013 | Issue 5104
The Associated Press

President Vladimir Putin said the civil war in Syria had become a “massacre” that must be stopped through peace talks between the government and the opposition, and repeated Russia’s firm rejection of calls for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s ouster.

Speaking to the German ARD television in remarks released by the Kremlin on Friday, he rejected the Western criticism of Russia for continuing to supply weapons to Assad’s regime. Putin said such shipments did not violate international law, and he criticized those who send weapons to the Syrian opposition fighting a “legitimate government.”

Putin said negotiations between the government and the opposition were necessary to provide guarantees to all parties and prevent the country from sliding into chaos.

“We do not think that Assad should leave today, as our partners suggest. In this case, tomorrow we will have to decide what to do and where to go,” Putin said

He said Russia did not want to see Syria plunge into a turmoil, which befell Libya, Iraq and Yemen.

“Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to bring everyone to the negotiation table so that all warring parties could reach an agreement on how their interests will be protected and in which way they will participate in the future governance of the country,” he said. “And then they will work together on the implementation of this plan with due guarantees of the international community.”

Read more:
The Moscow Times

April 7th, 2013, 10:58 am


zoo said:

While Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey hosts million of Syrian refugees, in its effort to “help” Yemen, ‘generous’ KSA expulses 20,000 yemenis and more than 300,000 face deportation.

The expulsion from Saudi Arabia of hundreds of thousands of Yemeni workers, most of whom will be hard-pressed to find jobs at home, could hurt Yemen, economically or politically. The Saudis, then, must find a way to reconcile two competing national interests: improving the domestic job situation and keeping Yemen from tipping any further towards unmanaged chaos, or division.

Read more:
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April 7th, 2013, 11:09 am


Syrian said:

444. ZOO said:
“One thing the rebels have gained from this war at a very heavy price: How to use a video camera and upload on Youtube.
This war is the most visually documented and mediatized war in human history: A Guiness book of records winner.”
Of all the barrage of hilarious comments this morning, to me this one takes the prize,
For the 2nd time you are making all Syrian Looks like idiots.What dose it take to upload a video?
My 6 years nephew has his own you tube account and post videos all the time,
Typing every time the word “video camera” is a nice touch though as to make it expensive to do it( so you need Qatar’s money to do it!), while 90 % of the recorded crimes came from the captured Shabih’s PHONES,
Yeah ZOO all you need is a phone and you a tube account.
Your 2nd point about the documentation is another point that is against your side,
Scream all you want about who is right and who is wrong, the fact is 90% of those crimes are from your side, and those are recorded for ever, they are not word of mouth crimes like the ones in Majabli’s head.they will be there always a reminder.

April 7th, 2013, 11:10 am


Syrian said:

The 2nd funniest thing this morning is Majabli getting his feeling hurt from personal insults and then ZOO agreeing with him
Majabli mastered it with his always reply to the very civilized Observer by ” my dog knows more than you”
While ZOO uses his other monikers to do it.

April 7th, 2013, 11:16 am


revenire said:



Spokesman for the Syrian Defense Ministry has announced that the encirclement of all terrorist units operating in the southern and eastern areas of Damascus is complete! According to the spokesman, the stranglehold will put to an end the use of mortars and howitzers against suburbs of Damascus, such as Kafr Soussa. The area targeted by the SAA with the support of the NDF extends from the Damascus International Airport all the way through Kafreen, Harraan, Al-‘Awaameed, Al-‘Utayba, Al-‘Ibaada and the Industrial Park in ‘Adra finishing at West Al-Dhumayr. SyrPer has learned that the units of the SAA responsible for this task is the Republican Guard and the 2nd Mechanized Armored Division of the First Army Corps. All these forces are backed by new militia and security services. There are going to be big Rat-Stats coming because there are no escape routes any more.

April 7th, 2013, 11:23 am


Akbar Palace said:


The sad thing is this all could have been avoided if Athad called for the formation of political parties, multi-party elections, new constitution, and a date for his departure.

April 7th, 2013, 11:26 am


Ghufran said:

تمكنت القوات النظامية السورية من السيطرة على قرية استراتيجية تطل على احياء في جنوب شرق مدينة حلب في شمال البلاد، بعد اشتباكات استمرت اياماً، بحسب ما ذكر المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان.
وقال المرصد في بيان نقلته فرانس برس “تمكنت القوات النظامية السورية من السيطرة على قرية عزيزة الاستراتيجية وعلى جسر عسان في ريف حلب، وذلك بعد اشتباكات اشتدت قبل ايام”.
وتقع القرية على الطريق المؤدي الى مطار النيرب العسكري شرق مدينة حلب وعلى هضبة مرتفعة تشرف على احياء في جنوب حلب وتبعد نحو اربعة كيلومترات عن حيي المرجة والشيخ سعيد اللذين يسيطر عليهما مقاتلو المعارضة.
ونقل المرصد عن ناشطين في حلب ان “مقتلي كتائب المعارضة انسحبت من القرية بسبب نقص الذخيرة واشتداد الاشتباكات”.
This has become a pattern over the last year, you can see It on both sides, when military efforts shift resources to one area, other areas suffer. The failure of rebels to finish the job in Aleppo severely damages the credibility of the Aqidi and other FSA leaders who kept giving promises that Aleppo will be ” free” in weeks. The point is, sit down to end this war and direct your guns at Israel and the terrorists if you really care about Syria , this armed rebellion failed to achieve the basic goal of every revolution : making life better for the victims of targeted oppressor, are you better off after 2 years of war?

April 7th, 2013, 11:39 am


zoo said:


“making life better for the victims of targeted oppressor, are you better off after 2 years of war?”

1 million Syrians must be wondering about that in refugees camps tightly controlled by the police of a foreign country.
Instead of protecting what is left of these refugees’ dignity by providing massive humanitarian help in the camps, the promoters of the revolution are visiting fancy hotels and encouraging the exodus of more civilians toward refugee camps by favoring violence over dialog.
One wonders who has turned out to be the real oppressor?

April 7th, 2013, 11:53 am


Sami said:

حلب مساكن هنانو لوحة بشرية ضد الطائفية 7_4_2013

(I love the fact they used the usual background music used by Al-Ikhbariyah, but instead of the message full of lies and deceit, their messages are full of hope)

April 7th, 2013, 11:59 am


Sami said:

“One wonders who has turned out to be the real oppressor?”

No only the callous spinsters like you do!

April 7th, 2013, 12:01 pm


Syrian said:

It is even sadder when you know that when the whole thing started,the people were even asking for less than that. Lots of Syrians before Dara’a 2011 bought into the regime’s 40 years propaganda B.S.,
But this revolution stripped them completely naked of what they really are A mafia family that will make deals with devil if need be just to stay in power.
Now the Syrians after all this blood and destruction want every other thing under the sun.

April 7th, 2013, 12:16 pm


Mina said:
The deadly sectarian clashes that erupted in Qalyubia Saturday ensued when a group of Christian teenagers allegedly painted offensive drawings on the gates of an Al-Azhar (Muslim) institution in the town, MENA news agency reports (…)

April 7th, 2013, 12:17 pm


AIG said:

What vile hypocrisy discussing the refugees by the regime idiots while Assad did nothing for the 1 million internally displaced Syrians because of the droughts. Why isn’t Assad helping the refugees? What about the Russians and Iranians? Vile hypocrites.

April 7th, 2013, 12:21 pm


Syrian said:

Batta in his interview and the moles on this site were enraged about the supposed killing and hanging of a Shaikh from Maksood Aleppo from the minaret
Here he is in a video clip answering all these lies

حصل موقع عكس السير على شريط مصور يظهر “شيخ الشبيحة” في حي الشيخ مقصود بحلب حيا، بعد أن نعاه رئيس النظام السوري و مختلف وسائل الاعلام الرسمية.

و كان الأسد يدلل على استهداف مقاتلي المعارضة لعلماء الدين، عندما أشار إلى مقتل “شيخ الشبيحة” في مدينة حلب، و ذلك خلال لقاء مع وسائل الاعلام التركية.

و ذكرت وكالة سانا الرسمية أن من أسمتهم “الإرهابيين” قتلوا الشيخ حسن سيف الدين حمو الماردلي امام جامع الحسن و مثلوا بجثته.

و ذهبت مصادر إعلامية مؤيدة إلى أن مقاتلي المعارضة قاموا بنحره بساطور و علقوا رأسه على مأذنة الجامع.

و ظهر الشيخ حسن سيف الدين إلى جانب قائد ميداني في لواء تحرير سوريا، فيما كان الأخير يكذب الأنباء التي تحدث بها النظام السوري، و هيئة علماء حلب التي أصدرت بيانا استنكاريا حول “الجريمة المزعومة” على حد تعبيره.

و أكد القائد الميداني أن الشيخ حسن سيحال إلى القضاء الموحد، لينال جزاءه العادل.

ثم نفى الشيخ “سيف الدين” أيضاً الأنباء التي تحدثت عن مقتله، مشيرا إلى أنه تلقى معاملة خاصة من مقاتلي الجيش الحر، و داعيا اتباعه إلى الكف عن التشبيح لانه حرام، على حد قوله.

April 7th, 2013, 12:41 pm


revenire said:

“473. AKBAR PALACE said:
The sad thing is this all could have been avoided if Athad called for the formation of political parties, multi-party elections, new constitution, and a date for his departure.”

In other words the only choice Assad had was to surrender. This is so ridiculous it borders on lunacy.

April 7th, 2013, 12:57 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

This belies the fabricatiopns that Ghufran was quick to propagate,he has no shame and no dignity, he repeats thus fabrication he is trumpet for the regime.
BTW whoevever looks for beef in chicken soup is an idiot and stupid

As for american policy,Daniel pipe advise for the west is to guide this Syrian conflict to stalemate,and assists always the losing side whoever he is, this policy is an evil policy,he is supporting the daily murders and he is an accomplice to Assad crimes, most people are good people,supporting the good makes sense, there is no sense in supporting evil, that is why at the end whoever occupies the higher moral ground is the winner,lack of intervention by the US will backfire,the future goverment in Syria will recognize this and owe nothing to the US, a mmajor strategic loss to the USA, the whole people in the middle east will resent american policy and ruin the image of America, and Syria will be the sinkhole of jihadis.

April 7th, 2013, 1:11 pm


Uzair8 said:

Murhaf Jouejati ‏@mjouejati 17h
Damascenes are reporting a strong rotten egg smell in the RuknAlDin area. Many are now experiencing headaches and nausea.

Amjad of Arabia@amjadofarabia 16h
@mjouejati It was the same in #Homs in late 2011.Never figured out what that was

April 7th, 2013, 1:27 pm


Akbar Palace said:

In other words the only choice Assad had was to surrender. This is so ridiculous it borders on lunacy.


This is only “ridiculous” in your own mind. Being elected into office, offering multiparty elections, having a constitution insuring basic freedoms is not “ridiculous” to most people.


Call me naive, and although I disagree with Daniel Pipes, if the tables were turned, and if Israel was in the midst of an internal, Jewish civil war (which apparently is something we experienced in ancient times), no arab organization, country or otherwise, would lift a finger to help save lives of Jews. In fact, arab “resistance” exists today just for this stated reason.

Daniel Pipes understands that the two competing parties are both praying for Israel’s destruction. I differ, in the sense that I support the quiet Syrian stuck in the middle who wants neither party, and who can also live with a state of the (my) jewish people.

April 7th, 2013, 1:29 pm


revenire said:

Uzair8 tell your rats to bathe more often.

April 7th, 2013, 1:30 pm


Visitor said:

The US is committing war crimes in Afghanistan killing Muslim women and children,

How could any Syrian in his right mind believe that the US will ever intervene to save Muslim lives in Syria?

The US will do exactly as evil Pipe would like it to do.

The US administration IS EVIL.

The US administration is now branded by the Muslim World as a terrorist organization.

April 7th, 2013, 1:32 pm


Uzair8 said:

Dear Syrian

Is that the Shaykh who was said to have been hung? I want to share the news elsewhere however I want to be sure.

April 7th, 2013, 1:35 pm


Visitor said:

A thug who belongs to the so-called Amal movement of criminal thug Nabih Berri has been eliminated while commiting crimes in Damascus.

His name is 7Hamza Ibrahim Ghamloush from town of Chaqra in S.L.

This now proves that the Berri is as thuggish as Nus-lira and is just the flip side of the coin.

A Holy War against these impostors must be declared immediately.

April 7th, 2013, 1:40 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Akbar Palace
This is not true, look at history,the two sons of Soloman fought, Rebo the younger fleed to Egypt, married the pharoah ugly daughter and Pharoah,helped him settle the conflict gave him the southern part that includes Jerusalem

April 7th, 2013, 1:42 pm


Sami said:

There is a petition being circulated by the NDP (The Official Opposition Party currently in Canadian Parliament). I strongly urge every Syrian Canadian to sign it:

The conflict in Syria has claimed more than 70,000 lives. Over one million people have been displaced. Refugee camps in Turkey are overflowing.
No Canadian wants to see loved ones living in those conditions. Our government must help Canadian families to reunite in Canada on a humanitarian basis – as we have done before, during the Lebanese civil war, following the tsunami in South-East Asia, and following crises in Iraq, the Philippines, and Haiti.

But Citizenship & Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has refused even to meet with representatives of the Canadian-Syrian community. He blamed his inaction on Turkey, claiming that Turkish law did not allow Syrian refugees in that country to come to Canada. The Turkish government rejects this claim.

Enough inaction. It’s time to help these Canadian families reunite on Canadian soil.

April 7th, 2013, 1:54 pm


Akbar Palace said:


True. There were times of peace and war with Israel’s neighbors including Egypt.

Today, if arabs are caught sitting on their hands when tens of thousands of their arab brethren are getting killed, I wouldn’t expect any better if it were jews getting killed instead of arabs.

Thank you for the post.

April 7th, 2013, 2:01 pm


Syrian said:

Yes he is the same one

April 7th, 2013, 2:11 pm


Visitor said:

If ALL the Jews are like Akbar Palace, we can easily live with them peacefully in the Arab World.

By the way, Akbar, I am not saying this because I want the US to intervene in Syria. I am opposed to that for several reason. One of these reaons is because the US administration is EVIL. I do not want evil in Syria.

April 7th, 2013, 2:12 pm


Majed97 said:

حلوة يا قطري يا مالي جيوبنا حلوة يا وكسة يا كاسية رايتنا
حلوة يا نهضة يا طاحنة شعوبنا حلوة يا احلى خازوق في حياتنا

Looks like the tides are finally turning against this Qatari sponsored so called “Arab Spring”. The Arab streets are finally waking up to realize what has really hit them two years ado. The remake of this old popular Arab nationalistic song ridiculing Qatar got nearly a million hits in 24 hours (it begins on the 46th minutes).

April 7th, 2013, 2:24 pm


Syrian said:

Here is another rebuttal for another story Guffran was very quick to post here, about many Christain women who got raped when the FSA went into shaykh Maksood neighborhood in Aleppo from very well known activist from Aleppo,

Ghassan Yasin
عن اغتصاب المسيحيات في حي الشيخ مقصود !
عشرات الرسائل من أصدقاء وصحفيين وصلتني تستفسر عن الاحداث التي رافقت تحرير حي الشيخ مقصود وعن انتهاكات حدثت بحق المسيحيين تحديداً
ولحساسية الموضوع تريثت قبل الكتابة عنه حتى اتاكد وبشكل قاطع من حقيقة ماجرى ..بعد عدة لقاءات مع اصدقاء اثق بهم وهم اساسا من ابناء الحي ومنهم من كان هناك لحظة دخول الجيش الحر تبين ان ماحصل كان عكس ماروج له تماما
قام ابطال الجيش الحر بمساعدة احدى دور العبادة المسيحية لإخراج المسنين من المكان وترحيلهم الى خارج الحي بناء على طلب من اصحاب الدار
لدي فيديو لرجل مسيحي يتحدث وبالتفاصيل عن معاملة الثوار له ولبقية الموجودين وكيف كانو يعاملونهم بكل احترام وود حتى انه ذكر تفاصيل كثيرة منها انهم يجلبون له الخبز كل يوم الى منزله “لا استطيع نشر الفيديو حاليا حرصا على سلامته”
لن اطيل الشرح لكنني ولكثرة الرسال ولكثرة المنشورات والنداءات المنشورة هنا كدت اصدق انه تم اغتصاب فتيات بعد التكبير عليهم !
النظام ومؤيديه هم من روج لمثل هذه الأخبار ..ليست المرة الأولى ولن تكون الاخيرة لانهم فشلو في ايقاف مد ثورتنا بدأو يبحثون عن اشعال فتنة طائفية
من أول يوم قلناها ورح نضل نعيدها ..ثورة لكل السوريين
really only the Arabic word of فاسق can describe someone who insist on spreading false news like that
I remember you trying to translate the word مطيلس
Same way I don’t think there are a translation for فاسق

April 7th, 2013, 2:24 pm


Visitor said:

Syrian @471,

This مبهدل character thought he could get away with his vulgar behavior on this forum for good. Now, he is getting what he deserves and still doesn’t get it.

Same applies to Zoo.

They are both ingnorance peronified zombie walkers!

They will never get it. Believe me. We can only make the best of it by getting a good laugh at them every once in a while.


فاسق is usually translated into ‘disobedient’ by Holy Qura’n translators.

April 7th, 2013, 2:38 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:


“Look at history. The two sons of Soloman fought. Rebo the younger fled to Egypt and married the pharoah’a ugly daughter.”

How do you know she was ugly? Where does it say she was ugly? Do you have a photo of her?

A New Bashar Cartoon:

April 7th, 2013, 2:40 pm


Tara said:

Reports that Shiaa terrorists flocking Syria from different countries including Pakistan, in addition to Lebanon, Iran, and Iraq to “defend Shiite site” in Syria i.e to kill Syrians in response to Hassoun’s call for jihad. Hopefully, they will return home in body bags.

April 7th, 2013, 2:49 pm


Hopeful said:

This is insanity. Would regime’s supporters please tell me how they can ever defend such insane acts? How is bombing a neighborhood “fighting terrorism”?

April 7th, 2013, 2:52 pm


mjabali said:


You posted once one of the most racist rants regarding the Alawis.

In that racist post of yours, you wanted to say the same things Visitor said about the Alawis but could not because your knowledge is not that much. You even mixed Visitor’s tail with something else: السنطيحة, if you know what I am talking about.

You did not even know where is al-Santiha in the human body, you were mixing it with Visitor’s tail.
يعني حرفيا ومن دون الغوص في باطن الكلام لم تعرف مؤخرتك من رأسك، كما نقول في سوريا
This reflects the type of attitude you have towards the Alawis for generations.

If I told someone that my dear dog know more than him, like your uncle Visitor, do not take out of context.

Funny you came barking to defend your hero Visitor. To explain this one need to bring the Syrian saying:

اللي في شوكة بتنخزو..

April 7th, 2013, 2:55 pm


ghufran said:

حصل موقع عكس السير على شريط مصور يظهر “شيخ الشبيحة” في حي الشيخ مقصود بحلب حيا، بعد أن نعاه رئيس النظام السوري و مختلف وسائل الاعلام الرسمية.
و كان الأسد يدلل على استهداف مقاتلي المعارضة لعلماء الدين، عندما أشار إلى مقتل “شيخ الشبيحة” في مدينة حلب، و ذلك خلال لقاء مع وسائل الاعلام التركية.
و ذكرت وكالة سانا الرسمية أن من أسمتهم “الإرهابيين” قتلوا الشيخ حسن سيف الدين حمو الماردلي امام جامع الحسن و مثلوا بجثته.
و ذهبت مصادر إعلامية مؤيدة إلى أن مقاتلي المعارضة قاموا بنحره بساطور و علقوا رأسه على مأذنة الجامع.
و ظهر الشيخ حسن سيف الدين إلى جانب قائد ميداني في لواء تحرير سوريا، فيما كان الأخير يكذب الأنباء التي تحدث بها النظام السوري، و هيئة علماء حلب التي أصدرت بيانا استنكاريا حول “الجريمة المزعومة” على حد تعبيره.
و أكد القائد الميداني أن الشيخ حسن سيحال إلى القضاء الموحد، لينال جزاءه العادل.
ثم نفى الشيخ “سيف الدين” أيضاً الأنباء التي تحدثت عن مقتله، مشيرا إلى أنه تلقى معاملة خاصة من مقاتلي الجيش الحر، و داعيا اتباعه إلى الكف عن التشبيح لانه حرام، على حد قوله
If that is true, it means regime media lied , again. Many of us have realized the amount of lies spread by mouth pieces of regime and rebels, but one truth stands out:
this war is evil and it needs to stop, a violent overthrow of the regime failed and only brought death and misery to millions of Syrians, some of you know this but are too proud to admit it, some still do not know this simple fact, they are idiots who can not be reformed, my main problem is with those who know the truth but still pursue violence, these are filthy traitors whether they are pro or anti regime.
(every time i see the news from Libya I have more respect for a couple of people here who had warned repeatedly that this path is the wrong path)
to be fair to pro regime media, the SOHR also said the sheikh was killed:
محافظة حلب :: نشرت كتية مقاتلة شريط مصور قالت انه لامام وخطيب جامع الحسن في حي الشيخ مقصود شرقي بمدينة حلب,وكان مسؤول حزب سياسي كردي بمدينة حلب ابلغ للمرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان مقتل الشيخ وان مقاتلين من حزبه ومواطنين اكراد من سكان الحي شاهدوا الشيخ مقتولا ويتم سحله في شوارع الحي وذلك إثر اقتحام مقاتلين من عدة كتائب مقاتلة اسلامية الحي منذ 10 ايام
وبناءا على ما ورد ان المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان يدعو الصليب الاحمر الدولي لارسال لجنة الى حي الشيخ مقصود من اجل التاكد من وفاة الشيخ من عدمه والقيام باستلامه اذا كان على قيد الحياة

April 7th, 2013, 2:56 pm


revenire said:

Friend of yours Visitor?

Al-Qaeda chief calls on Muslims to unite in struggle

Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman Zawahiri has urged Muslims in Arab Spring countries to unite and establish an Islamic state. He further urged rebels in Syria to establish a system of Islamist rule, and warned France over its military intervention in Mali.

“Let your fight be in the name of Allah and with the aim of establishing Allah’s sharia (law) as the ruling system,” France 24 cites Zawahiri as saying in his first online message since last November.

The Al-Qaeda chief pressed Syrian rebels waging “holy war” to do everything within their power to establish “jihadist Islamic state.” He said such a state would help re-establish the Islamic “caliphate” system of rule.

“The enemy has begun to reel and collapse,” he said in reference to Syrian government forces.

However, he warned Syrian rebels from allowing the United States, the Arab League, the United Nations or Israel to dictate Syria’s future in the event of victory.

“(They) want to steal your sacrifices and your jihad to give them to their supporters in Washington, Moscow and Tel Aviv.”

He reserved harsh words for Iran and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah for providing support to President Bashar Assad and his government, which the Al-Qaeda leader characterized as a “criminal secular” regime.

Zawahiri further claimed that France would face a protracted military operation in Mali, warning it would face “the same fate America met in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“I call upon our Muslim nation in Mali to hold and be patient, and hopefully, effect a new defeat to the global crusade,” he added.

Zawahiri, an Egyptian citizen and one time member of the Muslim Brotherhood, criticized Egypt’s Islamist government for failing to tackle wealth inequality in the country.

“…the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Have the Islamic movements provided better education, health or transportation?”

He was also critical of the country’s new constitution, which was drafted by the Brotherhood and other Islamist political factions, saying it was not significantly religious in nature.

In the 103 minute audio address, Zawahiri also urged Muslims to implement Sharia law, give support to fellow believers facing discrimination and end the plunder of Muslim wealth.

April 7th, 2013, 2:57 pm


Syrian said:

@495 M.97
Basel Yousef is a Jon stalwart wannabe, and he is doing a miserable job at it,
While Jon make fun of all politicians for few minutes on his half hour comedy.
Basel spend almost half hour every time just to attack one party and the president of Egypt,
He is a man with an political agenda using a comedy show for political purposes .or at best looking for fame out of cheap laughs from simple-minded people

April 7th, 2013, 2:58 pm


ghufran said:

Dayr Azzour witnessed an outrageous act of terror committed by Nusra:
the attack was on Al-Misreb village, opposition sources said 27 people were killed, local sources brought the number to 50, Nusra was avenging the killing of a number of its commanders
كان الدكتور شافي العجمي المقرب من جبهة النصرة قد نصح الجبهة بعدم اقتحام البلدة وأن تنسحب من محاصرتها، لأنها وبحسب قوله: “عش الدبابير وستتحالف بعض القرى معهم وسيستغل النظام الفرصة”. ولكن كما هو واضح فإن
جبهة النصرة لم تصغ إلى مثل هذه النصائح ونفذت تهديدها باقتحام البلدة ودخلت عش الدبابير بأرجلها.
وبعد أن وقعت المجزرة كان لا بد لجبهة النصرة من التنصل من مسؤوليتها فأشاعت الجبهة عبر مناصريها خبراً مفاده أن قرار اقتحام البلدة اتخذته الهيئة الشرعية وهي هيئة مستقلة ولا علاقة لها بجبهة النصرة، وذلك بحسب ما ذكر أبو أنس الهمداني على صفحته في تويتر وهو من أنصار جبهة النصرة والمدافعين عنها، بينما قال “ابن الشيخ” أنه ما زال ينتظر بياناً من المجاهدين حول أحداث بلدة المسرب وأنه علينا ألا نتبع الإشاعات التي تتربص بجبهة النصرة”، وفي نفس الوقت حاول محمد العنزي من جهاديي أحرار الشام الإسلامية الترويج لفكرة أن “جبهة النصرة لم تقتحم القرية لوحدها بل معها تشكيلات متعددة حتى من الجيش الحر.. وجاء الاقتحام بأمر من الهيئة الشرعية وهم قضاة مستقلون”.
when thugs with guns rule the streets, the concept of a country gets replaced with a new reality that makes it far less important who is right and who is wrong because as long as you have a gun you are on the right side. This is what your “revolution” has brought to Syria, instead of having to only worry about regime thugs we now have to worry about a collection of thugs.

April 7th, 2013, 3:24 pm


Visitor said:

في معلك هون اسمو غفران شايب ما بيستحي عشيبتو مصاب في الامعاء الغليظ ما بيشبع كذب.
لك روح ما طلعت ريحتك من زمان وهيدا سيريان اليوم كشفك بالجرم المشهود.

ولا وئح ما بتستحي عحالك ولا اللي بيختشو ماتو

روح تضرب ويضرب اللي بضيع ثانية يقرا الكذب تبعك.

April 7th, 2013, 3:44 pm


Syrian said:

You are becoming a master at putting words in people’s mouth,
At that time you were claiming that Sunnis are not Arabs and Alawaits are the true Arabs
So I told you to prove to you that you don’t look like an Arab to go and look in the mirror and look at your special neck that all Alawaitsl have ( including all the Assads)
Also I said that The people of Hama call it sande7a( صنديحه) ،
That is a physical characteristic that you have,
You decided to take it as an insult, I was just answering your claim about who is the real Arab,
If your ashamed of yourself that is your problem.
Finally you used your dog with everyone even those who were talking to you reasonably including Observer, who by the way called him few time Hajji even though he is an atheist, because this in your mind is even bigger insult to an atheist
So spare all the B.S.

April 7th, 2013, 3:49 pm


Syrialover said:


Thank you for your thoughtful response on secular and sectarian government. I appreciate your clarification and agree with some of your ideas, but in some things I still feel we are not on the same page.

– I would love to think that Syrians would one day elect people because of their personal attributes and achievements, not because they do or don’t belong to this religion or that. The inference is that if a Christian or Alawite was elected, there would automatically bring power and privilege to their own communities at the expense of Moslems, and vice-versa. That’s a justified fear from experience under the Assad regime. But is it how it is always going to be? I want to believe no.

– I don’t think that’s reasonable or realistic to say Moaz al-Khatib is saying those things for political reasons and as a preacher he doesn’t believe what he’s saying. Why wouldn’t he be authentic, reflecting thinking the same as most intelligent and ethical people, including enlightened religious leaders, throughout the history of civilization.

– I am not confident that the introduction of ethics to school curriculums will completely resolve social and behavioural issues. I have heard of various programs like that being introduced in different countries in the west to deal with bullying and so on. And I think they are a very good idea. But…

– It’s such a very big and complicated issue,and it includes trying to push against the tide of social and economic change. This includes various tsunamis such as the media and internet (the biggest influence and pressure on young people today, overriding family and community); the fact that people are no longer anchored for life in a stable community and the collapse of family support structures (the enormous rapid population flow from rural to urban areas that is happening globally), the lack of guaranteed jobs and social position for young people (particularly bad in the the Middle East) and so on and so on. These forces influence how people feel about themselves and the world and others – and I don’t think the world is sure of what the end result of these trends will be, or how best to handle it.

– If you want to look at depression and drugs, it’s interesting to note Iran – a theocracy – has one of the world’s highest rates of drug addiction. We know that population has had a version of officially-sanctioned religious “ethics” dumped on their head in bucketloads. But there is still a moral emptiness and despair, maybe linked to living in a grim and backward autocracy with lack of freedoms and opportunity, things no amount of “ethics” can mask or offset.

I’ll stop here or I’ll be taking up excessive space, which means even 5% as much space as REVENIRE and MARIGOLDRAN in their endless stream of silly insult exchanges (continue it offline or set up another site, guys)

April 7th, 2013, 4:04 pm


Tara said:

شايب ما بيستحي عشيبتو?!

واللهِ عيب….   

April 7th, 2013, 4:17 pm


Syrian said:

Uzair8 here is the link for the you tube video of the Maksood Alppeo shaykh

April 7th, 2013, 4:19 pm


Syrialover said:

Meet some of Syria’s great activists & armed revolutionaries. In it, they urge Syrians abroad to return to help build (


April 7th, 2013, 4:21 pm


zoo said:

#500 Hopeful

When the rebels keep calling for a ‘decisive’ war on Damascus and are sending mortars on the city, they shouldn’t be surprised that the areas they are hiding in will be bombed ruthlessly.

The only way to stop this is to call for ceasefire, not war.

April 7th, 2013, 4:31 pm


zoo said:

The Croatian weapons are exhausted. The Syrian army is gaining back in seven cities and regions what it lost the past two weeks. The rebels are loosing strategic outposts

Syrian army launches counteroffensive, calls on rebels to lay down arms

The Syrian army targeted rebels with heavy airstrikes in at least seven cities and regions Sunday, killing at least 20 people. The government also called on rebel fighters to surrender their weapons.

By Barbara Surk, Associated Press / April 7, 2013

After weeks of rebel gains in the south, the Syrian regime launched a counteroffensive on Sunday with widespread airstrikes and an operation that reclaimed a northern village on a strategically important route.

However in the north, the main rebel stronghold, government troops have been chipping away slowly over the past weeks at rebel gains around the city of Aleppo, the country’s main commercial hub. They have been hammering rebel-held districts inside the city with fighter jets and artillery, sowing fear among residents.

Troops recaptured on Saturday the village of Aziza on a strategic road that links Aleppo with its airport and military bases, activists said. Rebels have been trying to capture that airport and the nearby bases for months now.

The regime seized back the village southeast of Aleppo after a 10-day battle with rebels, said Rami Abdul-Rahman, director of the Britain-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“It’s a setback for the rebels because the village is an important strategic point from which the army can shell (opposition) positions all around the area,” Abdul-Rahman said.

It’s also an outpost from which the army will be able to protect its convoys traveling the highway to ferry supplies to its bases at the airport.

April 7th, 2013, 4:40 pm


Syrialover said:

Collective random, brutal and massive “punishment” by a sick dictator, the continued hellbent burning of Syria and its people.

The latest pointless devastating air strike in urban Aleppo.

What exactly is the Assad regme fighting to retain power over?

Not people, infrastructure and territory that’s for sure – or it wouldn’t be manically destroying those things.

April 7th, 2013, 4:40 pm


AIG said:

“they shouldn’t be surprised that the areas they are hiding in will be bombed ruthlessly.”

So you are fine with the rebels bombing ruthlessly areas held by the regime, vile hypocrite?

April 7th, 2013, 4:42 pm


zoo said:

Thank you Ayman… the USA will just do that to please you

Al-Qaeda’s al-Zawahri urges toppling ‘secular’ Syria

April 7th, 2013, 4:51 pm


zoo said:

After seeing the negative reactions of the Arab World about his sudden reconciliation with Israel, Erdogan is backtracking. He ay

Turkey gets tough with Israel over peace deal

Thomas Seibert and Hugh Naylor Apr 8, 2013

ISTANBUL and RAMALLAH //Israel will have to end all restrictions on Palestinians and lift the Gaza blockade before Turkey restores ties.

The surprise demand yesterday by Turkey’s foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu is a diplomatic setback for the United States as secretary of state John Kerry arrived in Istanbul for his third trip to the region in the past two weeks.

Read more:
Follow us: @TheNationalUAE on Twitter | on Facebook

April 7th, 2013, 4:56 pm


revenire said:


(Al-Jumhoor Newspaper, Sanaa) YEMENI MEN volunteer for service with the Syrian Arab Army to fight the terrorists Obama and NATO have sent to Syria. In a major turnaround for the weasels in Riyaadh and Doha, the sisterly nation of Yemen has arisen out of the dark to take its place among truly patriotic members of the Arab family. We look forward to seeing a new Yemeni National Defense Force in Syria.

April 7th, 2013, 5:00 pm


revenire said:

Syrialover that was funny. Sunday must be joke day.

April 7th, 2013, 5:01 pm


zoo said:

NATO air strike kills 10 Afghan children: officials

ASAD ABAD, Afghanistan – Agence France-Presse

A NATO air attack in eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 10 children, officials said today.

The children were killed during a joint Afghan-NATO operation in the Shigal district of restive Kunar province bordering Pakistan late on Saturday.

April 7th, 2013, 5:07 pm


Tara said:

Kerry:  Turkey vibrant strain and energized country..  And some still think that the embattled dictator badmouthing Erdo can have an impact.  Wide imagination..

Davutoğlu and Kerry said they had discussed the two-year-old civil war in Syria, including the shared goal for a peaceful transition there. They said a meeting of a core group of the Friends of Syria would take place soon. Kerry praised Turkey for its “generosity” toward refugees and commitment to keeping its borders open. The Iraq and the Cyprus issues were also on the agenda during their meeting.

April 7th, 2013, 5:16 pm


AIG said:


Didn’t you mean to say: What rebel gains? The regime idiots have been telling us there are no rebel gains so how can they be reversed?

April 7th, 2013, 5:16 pm


zoo said:

#521 Tara

Who knows? What is clear is that the rebels badly need replacement weapons and they will only get them if they distance themselves from Al Nusra and other Islamists terrorists. In my opinion, this is an impossible condition to fulfill as without these terrorists, the FSA is weak and even if it gets weapons, it won’t be able to do what the “holy’ Al Nusra fighters have been doing.

The Swathiland trio will be getting that ‘condition’ when they will meet UK and France FM next week.
I think the armed rebels and the opposition are about to fall in a trap.

April 7th, 2013, 5:20 pm


ghufran said:

the lessons of Libya are not that hard to understand unless you are dumb, no cure for that, or outright evil:
لندن ـ “القدس العربي” ـ اعداد ابراهيم درويش ـ في العراق وليبيا لم يؤد التدخل الخارجي لبناء دولة ديمقراطية وتحقيق الامن والامان للسكان. ففي العراق لم يتوقف صوت الانفجارات التي تحصد عشرات الارواح يوميا، ومنذ عام 2008 لم يعد العراق موضوعا مهما في الاعلام فقد غطت عليه اخبار الانتفاضات العربية والحرب الاهلية في سورية.
اما ليبيا التي تحررت من حكم القذافي وعائلته فهي تعاني من مشاكلها الخاصة، غياب الامن واستمرار سطوة الميليشيات الذي اثر على سلطة الحكومة، وفي مقال كتبه باتريك كوكبيرن في “اندبندنت اون صاندي” “مستقبل ليبيا يبدو قاتما والاعلام يركز اهتمامه على اماكن اخرى”.
ولاحظ كوكبيرن ان الذكرى الثانية للثورة الليبية مرت بدون ان تلتفت اليها الحكومات الغربية ولا اعلامها والذي كانوا قلقين على الشعب الليبي وحقوق الانسان عام 2011. ويجب ان لا يكون مثيرا للغرابة لان البلد وبشكل واضح يتداعى وشعبه يعيش تحت رحمة الميليشيات المسلحة.
ويقدم كوكبيرن عينة لما حدث في ليبيا خلال الاسابيع الماضية، ويكرر خبر اختفاء مستشار رئيس الوزراء الليبي علي زيدان الذي يعتقد ان اختطف، والذي ربما جاء انتقاما من الحكومة التي قالت ان قادة الميليشيات يتصرفون بدون خوف من العقاب.
وفي نفس يوم اختفاء المسؤول قامت افراد مجموعة مسلحة بالهجوم على وزارة العدل مطالبين باستقالة وزير العدل بعد ان اتهم الجماعة بادارة سجن غير قانوني.
ويقول كوكبيرن ان الاوضاع في ليبيا تتجه نحو الاسوأ لا الاحسن حسب ما تظهره الادلة، مشيرا الى ما حدث في البرلمان الليبي واضطرار اعضائه لعقد اجتماعاتهم في مكان مؤقت، لاحتجاج الجماعات المسلحة على قانون العزل السياسي والجدل الدائر حوله. هذا يحدث في العاصمة طرابلس اما خارجها فحكم البندقية اظهر وواضح، ولا يعرف العالم عنه الا عند حدوث قتل كبير كما حصل في بنغازي العام الماضي من مقتل السفير الامريكي، كريستوفر ستفينز. ويقول هذا هو الحادث الوحيد الذي حظي باهتمام الاعلام الغربي والامريكي تحديدا لان الحزب الجمهوري حول مقتل السفير الى قضية سياسية
you can not fix stupid

April 7th, 2013, 5:24 pm


Tara said:


Who believe them any how?

April 7th, 2013, 5:32 pm


Uzair8 said:

Thanks Syrian.

There are people skeptical of the revolution and seize on sensational headlines to criticise the uprisings. Many a time the headlines turnout to be fabricated or a distortion of reality.

April 7th, 2013, 5:32 pm


Tara said:


After I read about the shiaa terrorists flocking in to “defend the holy sites” i.e. killing Syrians, I am happy that they will find their match.

April 7th, 2013, 5:34 pm


Visitor said:

In this report,

John Kerry says,

وقال وزير الخارجية الأميركي جون كيري في مؤتمر صحفي مشترك مع نظيره التركي أحمد داود أوغلو في إسطنبول إن التعاون بين بلاده وتركيا سيستمر من أجل هدف مشترك يتمثل في تحقيق الانتقال السلمي للسلطة في سوريا، حسب ما نقلت عنه وكالة أنباء الأناضول.

Which we translate, using our free translation service, as follows,

“The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said, in a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Ahmed Davud Uglo in Istanboul, that the cooperation between his country and Turkey will continue for the common goal of achieving a PEACEFUL transition of power in Syria, according to Anatolian News Agency.”

On the other hand, we see in this report that the criminal legitmiteless regime in Syria is using ballistic missiles against civilian neghborhoods of Damascus and other parts of Syria,الأسد-يقصف-دمشق-بصواريخ-قادرة-على-حمل-رؤوس-نووية.html

So much for PEACEFUL.

And furthermore, we see in this report that Kerry’s criminal planes are killing Muslim women and children in Afghanistan,

So much for TERRORISM.

Which planet is Kerry living on?

Kerry is a member of a terrorist organization which is the US Administration!!!

April 7th, 2013, 5:35 pm


zoo said:

Despite the predictions, Aleppo airport and Neyrab military bases are firmly in the Syrian army’s control

Syria Army Oust Rebels From Airport Near Aleppo, Activists Say
By Glen Carey – Apr 7, 2013 8:47 AM ET

Syrian forces pushed rebels, including an al-Qaeda linked group, from a village next to the Aleppo international airport and a military airbase, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Intense fighting is taking place on the outskirts of the “strategic” Aziza village after Syrian forces ousted rebels late yesterday after weeks of clashes, the U.K.-based group said on its Facebook page today. Aziza and Jisr Assan were used by rebels to attack the airports, the group said.

Rebels have tried to capture military airports to reduce the government’s air superiority. In February, rebels including the Islamist Al-Nusra Front, a group classified terrorist by the U.S., captured the Jarah military airport in Aleppo province. They have been unable to seize the Aleppo airport and the Bab al-Neyrab military airbase.

April 7th, 2013, 5:40 pm


zoo said:

#528 Tara

If you’re happy, then enjoy the match…

April 7th, 2013, 5:43 pm


revenire said:

Visitor give me your name and address and I will have the American FBI come over to talk about your holy warrior friends.

April 7th, 2013, 5:48 pm


ghufran said:

One of the interesting facts of this war is that thousands of officers and soldiers, many are alawites, died defending Damascus, not their towns and villages , against Nusra and FSA rebels:
دمشق ـ “القدس العربي” ـ من كامل صقر: تبدو العاصمة دمشق عصية على مسلحي المعارضة لا سيما وأنها مركز قوة الحكومة السورية، حالياً تدور اشتباكات عنيفة بين مليشيات المعارضة المسلحة والجيش السوري يمكن تسميتها بمعركة دمشق الخامسة والحاسمة على الأغلب.
وفق تقدير المراقبين، الكفة ترجح لصالح الجيش السوري باعتراف نشطاء ميدانيين معارضين على اضطلاع تام بالوضع الميداني، هؤلاء لا يُخفون صعوبة الموقف بالنسبة للكتائب المسلحة لاسيما الناشطة في والمعضمية وداريا والقدم ومعظم بلدات الغوطة الشرقية وصولاً إلى دوما وعدرا وكذلك في جوبر وبرزة البلد، أغلب الألوية المقاتلة ومنها لواء أحفاد الرسول ولواء الحبيب المصطفى تطلب الدعم والمساندة بالعتاد والمقاتلين معاً.
الجيش السوري استعاد عدداً من البلدات الاستراتيجية في أقصى الجنوب الشرقي
لريف دمشق أبرزها العتيبة وحران العواميد وكفرين تلك القرى تشكل التهديد الأبرز لمطار دمشق الدولي والذي لن يكون بإمان ما لم تبسط القوات النظامية سطوتها على تلك البلدات، في مقابل ذلك تقول مصادر ميدانية أن الجيش يحاصر مئات المسلحين ويقطع عنهم وسائل الدعم والامداد في عدد آخر من قرى الغوطة الشرقية، وقد أرسل الجيش السوري رسائل نصية للأرقام الخلوية التي يعرف أن حامليها داخل تلك القرى يتوعدهم ويطلب إليهم إلقاء سلاحهم، وجاء في إحدى الرسائل: إلى حامل السلاح ضد الدولة طريقك مسدود في مواجهة الجيش السوري، ابحث عن طريق العودة، أهلك بانتظارك”، وجاء في رسالة أخرى: “إلى كل من يحمل السلاح ضد الدولة كن عاقلاً وسارع لترك السلاح رجال الجيش السوري قادمون”.

April 7th, 2013, 5:51 pm


Tara said:


Happy that someone is defending the people… At least, there will be some deterrence.

I know if one supports the regime, one enjoys one way slaughter like your alter ego friend on SC.

April 7th, 2013, 5:52 pm


ghufran said:

GCC pigs did not pay what they promised to pay, I am not surprised, indeed, I talked about this before:
قالت منظمة الصحة العالمية إن فريقها في سورية يتكون بالأساس من أطباء سوريين، خاصة بعد مغادرة أغلب موظفي الأمم المتحدة للبلاد، وكشفت عن عدم وفاء دول الخليج العربي بإلتزاماتها في مؤتمر الكويت للمانحين.
التصريح أتى خلال زيارة قامت بها اليزابيث هوف ممثلة المنظمة في سورية إلى مستشفى بدمشق في إطار الاحتفال بيوم الصحة العالمي.
وقالت هوف إن سورية بها متخصصون في المجال الطبي على كفاءة عالية، وأن الوكالة تساعدهم بالأدوية واللقاحات، مضيفة “لدينا فريق قوي جداً من المواطنين السوريين يعمل مع منظمة الصحة العالمية. هذا البلد به أطباء ومتخصصون في المجال الطبي على مستوى عال جداً”.
وأوضحت هوف أن “الأمم المتحدة تلعب دوراً مهما جداً لكن الدور الأهم خلال هذا الوضع الصعب يلعبه الشعب السوري نفسه”.
وعن الدعم الذي تتلقاه المنظمة للقيام بأعباء مساعدة السوريين قالت هوف “تلقينا أموالاً حتى الآن في 2013 من مانحين تقليديين من الدول الغربية”، وتابعت “لم نحصل على أموال من تلك التي جرى التعهد بها في مؤتمر المانحين لصالح المدنيين السوريين في الكويت، من حكومات غير تقليدية من دول الخليج. لكننا نواصل دعم الشعب السوري في شتى أنحاء البلاد”.
وكان مؤتمر المانحين الذي عقد في الكويت أواخر شهر شباط/فبراير الفائت تعهد بتقديم مساعدات وصلت قيمتها إلى 1.5 مليار دولار لمساعدة اللاجئين والنازحين السوريين في داخل البلاد وخارجها، حيث أعلنت كل من السعودية والكويت والإمارات العربية المتحدة عن تقديم كل منها لمبلغ 300 مليون دولار، بينما تعهدت البحرين بتقديم 20 مليار، ولم تصرح قطر حينها عن أي مساهمة في المؤتمر
if they are not paying for food and blankets in a war they helped to spread ,do you think they will pay to rebuild Syria when it is a poorer and weaker state?
keep dreaming

April 7th, 2013, 6:01 pm


revenire said:

Syrian Perspective

Last month March 2013, was just a regular month in Syria since the starting of the Syrian crisis in regards with the number of terrorists killed. We heard in the mainstream media about horrific figures killed hinting they’re Syrian civilians killed by the Syrian Army, a typical statement in the demonizing policy NATO’s propagandists and warmongers followed since the very start.

What mainstream media seems to fail is to count the numbers of the terrorists killed among the figures they show, and more important the number of Syrian civilians and Syrian Army soldiers and policemen killed by the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists aka FSA or Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant, which in reality are the majority killed by these mercenary terrorists. They don’t fail to claim there are hundreds of terrorists joining the fight weekly in Syria against the Syrians, their state and their army, though!

Here’s part of what you miss on NATO’s mainstream media, which real Syrian activists managed to count and identify from the terrorists killed totaling 1,807 cavemen, and detailed province-wise:

120 killed in Idleb
041 killed in Hasaka
110 killed in Raqqa
018 killed in Quneitra
015 killed in Latakkia (hundreds more but difficult to count in the mountainous border region)
247 killed in Aleppo
072 killed in Hama
305 killed in Homs
211 killed in Daraa
095 killed in Der Ezzor
573 killed in Damascus and Damascus Countryside

April 7th, 2013, 6:01 pm


Visitor said:

ايه تلحس يا رفرس

عطيني اسمك وعنوانك لخلي الهولي ووريورز يجو يفرجوك نجوم الضهر

April 7th, 2013, 6:27 pm


mjabali said:


Stop your lies:

1- I never ever mentioned on this blog that the Alawites are Arabs. I said they are Syrians, although many Alawites would disagree with me and tell me that the Alawites are pure Arabs.
(Do you want a list of the tribes?)

2- About the Sunnis: all I said that the Sunnis of the Syrian cities are the Ottoman mix. The percent of Arabs amongst Syrian Sunnis could be around 30-40 percent most likely.

3- The Sunnis in the country side around Lattakia are Kurds and Turks, the same could be said around Homs, Hama and Allepo. The Arab Sunnis in the countryside are mostly in the East and in and around Dar’a.

4- The racist physical attribute you are talking about is called سنطيحة and not صنديحة, as you mentioned. It does not mean anything that has to do with the neck. It is left from the hundreds of years of brainwashing by the Sunnis to the Sunnis about the Alawites.

5- Santiha is Forehead. It is a part of your head, you need to check your head by the way. السنطيحة تعني الجبهة وهي المنطقة الواقعة بين حواجبك وخط شعرك يامحلل انثربولوجي.

6- Talking like this about the Alawis is an example about the tales your society has about the Alawis. You think, as Visitor said, they are monkeys, and as human being they have physical attribute that are inferior to your glorious sect.

7- As for if I am ugly or good looking: I have to tell two things: first is that I do not care about if I am ugly or not in the material sense. As for how I look like I guarantee you that I, and many Jabali people like me, do not look like you guys. We are tall, you are short for one.

8- AS for hajji Observer: I have to salute him. I apologized to him once if I did him wrong. He said many bad things about me till I started saying things not necessary. Still, he is a quality man. He understands why I called him Hajji. Even he called me Hajji few times. So do not use things out of its context.

April 7th, 2013, 6:32 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Syria lover
Thank you,I will repond later

If that is true, it means regime media lied
Ghufran You just discovered that fact, ,wow!

Tara 522
There is a lot more about Turkey and Israel, All the sudden Israel appologized to Turkey,appology that will allow Israeli jets to fly over Turkey, John Kerry visit to Turkey involved more than Syria,it involved Iran,Four M.E. leaders to come to Washington to discuss Syria and Iran, The negotiations with Iran about the Nuclear activity in Iran has failed, I believe something is going to happen in may or june

April 7th, 2013, 6:36 pm


revenire said:

Visitor you wish. You’re the kind of animal US Marines like getting up close and personal with. You’re nothing but a pack of murderers. You sit here calling for blood. Holy warriors my ass. You’re about as much a Muslim as the Man in the Moon is.

April 7th, 2013, 6:38 pm


ghufran said:

I am so thrilled that the people I disagree with are still reading my posts, but on second thoughts, they are reading my posts because they may learn one thing or two instead of the same garbage they say or see often on this blog.
It is now the turn of the Iraqi Parliament chief to say something about Syria:
قال رئيس البرلمان العراقي أسامة النجيفي، يوم الأحد، أن “جبهة النصرة وكتيبة الفاروق اللتين تقاتلان القوات النظامية في سورية، لا تشكلان سوى 5 في المئة من قوام الثوار، وتنشطان في مناطق محددة من البلاد وليست لديهما القدرة على حكم البلاد بعد سقوط النظام”.
وتقاتل “جبهة النصرة، وكتيبة الفاروق”، الجيش النظامي، في حين أدرجت الولايات المتحدة النصرة على قائمة الإرهاب مبررة ذلك بارتباطها بتنظيم القاعدة، ما أثار إعتراض أطياف من المعارضة.
واضاف النجيفي, في تصريحات لصحيفة الحياة اللندنية نشرت على موقعها الالكتروني ان “الدور الأكبر والنشاط الأشد تأثيراً هو للجماهير الثائرة والتي لا تحمل فكراً تكفيرياً وليس لديها نزعة الانتقام من الطوائف الأخرى”.
ولفت النجيفي إلى أن “التصريح بدعمنا للثورة السورية لا يعني دعم كل من اشترك فيها”، موضحا أن “المجموعات التي أشرت إليها صغيرة وتمارس القتال الآن، لكن لا تستطيع إدارة دولة، ولن تُدعم دوليّاً وليس لديها مقومات للحكم”.
وأعرب النجيفي عن اعتقاده بأن “دعم الشعب السوري سيقضي على التطرف”، مستدركا “لكني أحذر من صعود التطرف في سورية والذي بدأ يرعب العالم”، معتبراً أن هذا الصعود “يؤخر الحسم في سورية، ويعطل المساعدات التي يراد لها أن تصل إلى الشعب السوري”.
does that mean we do not get to see a Nusra terrorist as the next PM? I am so relieved.
“If that is true, it means regime media lied
Ghufran You just discovered that fact, ,wow!”
wow,indeed, it is not just pro regime media who said that, SOHR too and kurd sources. unlike you I have no problem bringing new information that may not help my story line , that is called integrity, live and learn.

April 7th, 2013, 7:19 pm


Visitor said:

Tammam Salam is related to the Syrian Dendeshi(s) through marriage.

I am sure these are the good Dendeshi(s) and not the fake and cursed one we all know about.


رفرس طز فيك يا بهيم

لا تمني حالك انو حدا بيتعلم منك شي انتا واحد وئح وبس

April 7th, 2013, 7:40 pm


ann said:


Syrian Regime Launches Counteroffensive on ‘Rebels’ – April 7, 2013

After weeks of ‘rebel’ gains in the south, the Syrian goverment launched a counteroffensive on Sunday with widespread airstrikes and an operation that reclaimed a northern village on a strategically important route.

At least 20 people were killed in heavy airstrikes that targeted ‘rebels’ trying to topple the regime in at least seven cities and regions. To underline their resolve, the government called on opposition fighters to surrender their arms and warned in cellphone text messages that the army is “coming to get you.”

State television said the aim of the counteroffensive was to send a message to the opposition and its Western backers that President Bashar Assad’s troops are capable and willing to battle increasingly better armed rebels on multiple fronts.

In the north, the main ‘rebel’ stronghold, government troops have been chipping away slowly over the past weeks at rebel gains around the city of Aleppo, the country’s main commercial hub. They have been hammering rebel-held districts inside the city with fighter jets and artillery, sowing fear among residents.

Troops recaptured on Saturday the village of Aziza on a strategic road that links Aleppo with its airport and military bases, activists said. ‘Rebels’ have been trying to capture that airport and the nearby bases for months now.

The government seized back the village southeast of Aleppo after a 10-day battle with ‘rebels’, said Rami Abdul-Rahman, director of the Britain-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

“It’s a setback for the ‘rebels’ because the village is an important strategic point from which the army can shell (opposition) positions all around the area,” Abdul-Rahman said.

It’s also an outpost from which the army will be able to protect its convoys traveling the highway to ferry supplies to its bases at the airport.



April 7th, 2013, 7:52 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

The families in the US are disrupted,frequently we see a woman in her 20-30 raising her children alone,or she lives with another man who he is not their father,sometimes far away from her parents in a different town,this society is mobile society,it is very hard for a child to grow in such enviroment and learn what is right and what is wrong,then at school there is no teaching of ethics except what their peers tell them most kids rebel because they see themselves small part of this society, very unimportant part,this is hard for some kids,you can imagine the fear and anxiety they are going through, the most important thing for a child growing up is the security feeling, and guidance of what is good and right, distinguishing this from what is bad and forbidden.
Religion help teach ethics,it is a deterance that if you do bad God later punishs you, living in close family relationship will embarrass you if you do something bad,some kids will adjust in a right way,some deviate,that is what causes some kids to express their anxiety in a violent way,weapons drugs poor school performance would be their answer.
the lack of ethics teaching or religion at home and at school,changed our society,it is scary,we have over two million in prison, many others has bad record,lack of good ethics is the major undeclared war in america,it is expensive for our society, it is time that we face this crisis now or we will face the danger later.

April 7th, 2013, 7:55 pm


Akbar Palace said:

If ALL the Jews are like Akbar Palace, we can easily live with them peacefully in the Arab World.


Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t know what I said to make you feel this way. G-d knows I’ve pissed-off enough anti-Zionists in my lifetime…

One of these reaons is because the US administration is EVIL. I do not want evil in Syria.

I know you are upset with the US Administration because they speak out of both sides of their mouth. I don’t disagree.

Would you feel better if they said, “we’re not helping Syria because we don’t see one side being more democratic than the other”?

April 7th, 2013, 8:02 pm


ann said:

Syria urges rebels to lay down weapons – 2013-04-07

DAMASCUS, April 7 (Xinhua) — The Syrian government on Sunday urged the armed militant groups across the country to be “rational ” and lay down weapons because “the Syrian army is coming.”

The government’s demand came in a text message sent to Syrians nationwide, in which it said: “to all those carrying weapons against the state, be rational and quick to lay down weapons because the men of the Syrian army are coming.”

“Our duty is to protect the homeland, and confronting terrorism is a national and legitimate duty,” the SMS read.

The warning came as the Syrian army was reportedly advancing in hotspots around the capital Damascus and in the central province of Homs, according to local media reports.


April 7th, 2013, 8:05 pm


revenire said:



April 7th, 2013, 8:06 pm


ann said:

Syrian troops recapture several areas near capital, repulse infiltration attempt – 2013-04-07

• The Syrian troops recaptured several rebellious areas near the capital Damascus on Saturday
• Sham FM radio said tens of armed men were killed while attempting to infiltrate Damascus
• The Syrian army has recently unleashed strong firepower to dislodge rebels from the capital’s vicinity

DAMASCUS, April 6 (Xinhua) — The Syrian troops recaptured several rebellious areas near the capital Damascus on Saturday and repulsed an overnight infiltration attempt into the capital, killing tens of rebels, pro-government media reports said.

The Syrian troops have reportedly encircled the sprawling eastern al-Ghouta suburb and recaptured many other rebellious suburbs surrounded Damascus, namely Kafreen, Haran al-Awamid, al- Ataibeh, and the industrial city in the Adra suburb.

Meanwhile, the pro-government Sham FM radio said that tens of armed men were killed while attempting to infiltrate the capital from the hotspot suburb of Jobar on the eastern rim of Damascus.

The Syrian army has recently shown no leniency in dealing with the rebels, unleashing strong firepower to dislodge them from the capital’s vicinity.

Meanwhile, Syria’s Minister of Interior Mohammad al-Shaar stressed that Syria is facing “a fierce global war plotted by the international imperialism under the leadership of the United States and Zionism,” according to the state-run SANA news agency.

Al-Shaar made the remarks during his meeting with police officers in the coastal city of Lattakia, during which he stressed that Syria is committed to defending its people and public and private properties.


April 7th, 2013, 8:17 pm



ZOO You should refrain from using the word ”terrorist” to describe islamists who commit terrorist acts unless you are also ready to call the regime ”terrorist” because it also commit acts that are terroristic, which makes it a terrorist regime.

It is a propaganda word with no meaning. Everyone just labels every group that is opposed to their interests as “terrorists” and every group which work in their interests as “freedom fighters”.

Therefore if you are calling ‘terrorists’ these specific islamists you are talking about because they commit terroristic acts then you should do the same for the regime. But I have a feeling you’re not calling this specific group ‘terrorist’ solely for this reason. This is apparent because you used ‘islamists’ before slapping the word ‘terrorist’ while supporting a group who also commits terroristic acts. You have a problem with terrorism only when it is done by groups whose ideology you don’t like. Your problem is not with terrorism itself.

April 7th, 2013, 8:23 pm


Darryl said:

“537. VISITOR said:

ايه تلحس يا رفرس

عطيني اسمك وعنوانك لخلي الهولي ووريورز يجو يفرجوك نجوم الضهر”

Dearest Visitor, in this post you sound exactly like Ali; “wlak give me your name, address DOB and I will send someone to burn your house”

What has happened to you? Hey did I read MKhaldoun saying something about re-interpreting the Quraan here recently? I hope your blood pressure did not go up or broke some teeth.

Are you still going to visit him or have you cancelled the plan? I do not believe you too will get along in real life, I am ceratin punches will be thrown around! You have a better chance of getting along with me than him.

April 7th, 2013, 8:40 pm


revenire said:

George that isn’t true at all. You’re lying and covering up for actual terrorists unless you consider blowing up 85 year old Sunni clerics an act of a freedom fighter.

To Hell

April 7th, 2013, 8:51 pm


revenire said:


April 7th, 2013, 8:53 pm


revenire said:

You know, rats, I’d be more concerned if the so-called FSA could unify but they never have and they never will. They fight each other and the SAA.

What happened to the Damascus operation? The “FSA” is surrounded. LOL

The next few days we’re going to have an awful lot of RAT STATS coming from Ziad I bet.


April 7th, 2013, 8:55 pm


Visitor said:


Do not play games.

You need to apologize first to ALL Muslims for the blasphemy, and also you need to make a solemn promise NEVER to go back to your old rotten ways.

This condition will NEVER be waived no matter what you say.

I cannot risk losing the Love of Allah by corresponding with you until you comply.

This is the Borg!!

April 7th, 2013, 8:58 pm


zoo said:

Qatar buying out luxury iconic department stores in UK, France and Germany

Harrods, Printemps, Karstadt, Kaufhof, dear Qataris?

April 4, 2013 at 19:21

Three years ago it was Harrods and, pending a statutory meeting with the unions in Paris tomorrow, it could now be Printemps.

Clearly, Arabs from the tiny Emirate of Qatar are doing more than just their shopping in Europe.

Perhaps more significantly, France has thrown out the red carpet to Qatari investments in the past, and the political establishment is unlikely to court Arab disfavour today.

In 2008, France signed a fiscal convention, exempting Qatar state-owned companies from capital gains taxes on real estate investment. Also, The Financial Times believes that the QIA provided a letter of intent in December 2012 to commit €250m to a European private equity fund that could be run by former premier Nicolas Sarkozy.

Whatever its real merits, there are a number of reasons why the Qataris’ next move could just as easily be to Germany. After all, this is a country where leading department store operators Karstadt and Kaufhof have long struggled in the inner cities.

April 7th, 2013, 9:02 pm



Qatar has also bought land in Australia

Qatar-based Hassad Foods, which is the agricultural arm of the Qatar government, recently agreed to pay about $35 million for more than 8ooo hectares of sheep-grazing and cropping land in Victoria’s Western District.

Read more:

April 7th, 2013, 9:07 pm


Tara said:

Bravo Qatar,

It is good to be business savvy. You have lemon you make a lemonade. You have money, you invest.

April 7th, 2013, 9:11 pm


Darryl said:

“554. VISITOR said:


Do not play games.”

You need to apologize first to ALL Muslims for the blasphemy, and also you need to make a solemn promise NEVER to go back to your old rotten ways.”

Dear Visitor, is the blasphemy you are referring is about Allah (glory be to Him alone) being a banker? If it is, Allah Himself (glory be to Him alone) said He is. If Allah (glory be to Him alone) likes to be a banker why is it a problem for you when it is clearly something He calls Himself in His book.

April 7th, 2013, 9:13 pm


zoo said:

#549 George

Who do you think you are to tell me what I should write and I should not?

Al Nusra is an Islamist terrorist organizations and the FSA fighters are willing accomplices. By this association they are terrorists too.
Be sure that I’ll call them terrorists as many times as I want.
If you don’t like it, just skip my posts as I’ll do with yours.

April 7th, 2013, 9:14 pm


Ghufran said:

It is obvious now that a second war has started in Syria , FSA against Nusra, and a third may develop if Kurds follow Erdogan’s empty promises , kurds against regime forces.
Rebels fight over money , weapons and oil but they may now fight over territory as Jordan and the USA seem determined to limit nusra’s reach inside Syria :
مراسل شام إف إم بإدلب: اشتباك بين مجموعة العقيد الفار “عفيف أبو عفيف” ومجموعة “جمال معروف” من أتباع جبهة النصرة يسفر عن مقتل 40 مسلح من مجموعة “جمال معروف” ومقتل مسلحين اثنين من جماعة “عفيف أبو عفيف” وتدمير عدة سيارات من الطرفين  
Limiting the fighting forces to two , syrian army and fsa ,instead of 400 is good for the long run but it will not be easy, cleaning Syria’s town from terrorists may help reach a solution if the two parties realize that they can not win. Assad and some hard core supporters may not want to talk to the FSA and the opposite is probably true on the FSA side, but eventually a compromise has to be reached for Syria to survive as one country with one army , personally I am not optimistic, remember that Syrians in more than one part of Syria have shown they are unable or unwilling to tolerate each other, I yet have to learn about any alawite presence in areas under rebels control, Syria for the near future will be a weak and impoverished country that lives under the mercy of donors and foreign governments that are unlikely to help unless they get something substantial in return, that is where potential oil and gas reserves in the med sea may play a role.
On the issue of Qatar, their money is only safe if the gulf remains a war- free zone.

April 7th, 2013, 9:19 pm


zoo said:

$557 Tara

… and let the Syrian refugees die of hunger and thirst in miserable camps in Jordan.

Bravo Tara..

April 7th, 2013, 9:19 pm



“Who do you think you are to tell me what I should write and I should not?”

This is a website to comment, therefore I comment. I sense some frustration, did I hit a nerve?

“Al Nusra is an Islamist terrorist organizations and the FSA fighters are willing accomplices. By this association they are terrorists too.
Be sure that I’ll call them terrorists as many times as I want.
If you don’t like it, just skip my posts as I’ll do with yours.”

You completely missed the point. A little less posting and a little more thinking would help.

April 7th, 2013, 9:25 pm


Visitor said:

” 545. Akbar Palace said:


I know you are upset with the US Administration because they speak out of both sides of their mouth. I don’t disagree.

Would you feel better if they said, “we’re not helping Syria because we don’t see one side being more democratic than the other”?”


It is much much deeper than that. The US doesn’t have any moral grounds to tell others what to do or not to do. The US administration committed a war crime today in Afghanistan. It (the Administration) is, therefore, a terrorist organization by definition. Therefore, I will not listen to or be satisfied with anything the administration says. It is EVIL. The Americna people must work hard to correct the moral compass that this administration has strayed too far away from.



Neener neener!!

April 7th, 2013, 9:25 pm


Tara said:

Dear Zoo,

Please spare Qatar your anger and look closer. Just browse the glamorous pictures around your house…

…did you forget the $5000 Asma al Assad’s Louboutin shoes? How many Syrian girls would this pair of shoes would have saved from prostitution? A thousand girls? Or more. After all not so beautiful girls may be sold for less.

April 7th, 2013, 9:28 pm


zoo said:


If the FSA openly antagonizes Al Nusra, that’s the end of the FSA. Even if they receive badly needed weapons from the West, they will be wiped out by terrorists acts, the speciality of Al Nusra.

If they don’t agree to fight Al Nusra, they’ll get no weapons, and they will wiped out by the Syrian army.
Their only survival option is then to open up for negotiations with the regime, without any conditions.

I hope they will soon realize that they are trapped.

April 7th, 2013, 9:30 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

my call for interpreting Quraan is to show numerous verses that point to those who consider people as wali like shiites as unbelievers.
to remove anything that contradict Quraan verses, and for example bad money will still be bad money ,it will not turn to good money by closing your eyes,the word alla tughmido feeh means you have doubt about the source of money,not to close your eyes,
There is hardly any difference between me and Visitor as far as understanding Islam, Islam says never take nonmuslems as your boss tell you what to do regarding religion,no Muslem can get along with you Darryl

April 7th, 2013, 9:31 pm


revenire said:

Women like Asma deserve 5000$ pairs of shoes.

April 7th, 2013, 9:43 pm


MarigoldRan said:

@ Zoo

Why are you still trying to predict things? Your prediction track record SUCKS.

The rebels have been getting more weapons from the Arabs. Jordan has opened another front in the war.

The war continues.

April 7th, 2013, 9:44 pm


MarigoldRan said:

The different rebel groups will fight one another at some point in the future. But not until the regime is dead.

They have a common enemy.

EDIT: With Raqqa and Deir El Ezzor and most of the oilfields in rebel hands, the Assadists have to rely almost entirely on foreign handouts from Iran and Russia to survive.

EDIT 2: Retards like you deserve a kick in the butt. Which most people are more than happy to provide.

April 7th, 2013, 9:45 pm


zoo said:


HA HA HA… A prediction?

April 7th, 2013, 9:47 pm



Supposing that you don’t consider voting haram, is it haram for muslims to vote for a non-muslim president in Syria?

I think I already know the answer but just to make sure…

April 7th, 2013, 9:48 pm


MarigoldRan said:

@ Zoo

No, you’re right. I gave you too much credit. Your “predictions” are more like a wishful hope.

Look at the rebel gains over the last year or two. The Assadists have steadily lost territory and troops. And you say that they can somehow “crush” the rebels?

The regime has tried everything. They continue to lose ground.

April 7th, 2013, 9:51 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

If a moslem abiding by Islam is runing against non moslem, yes it is haram to vote for the non moslem, if non moslem runing against non moslem it is not haram to vote for the less evil one.preferable not to vote
If moslem ,not following Islam(Munafiq) runing against non moslem who has good morals it is not haram to vote for the non moslem

April 7th, 2013, 9:58 pm


Visitor said:

“571. GEORGES said:

Supposing that you don’t consider voting haram, is it haram for muslims to vote for a non-muslim president in Syria?

I think I already know the answer but just to make sure…”


Since you think you already know the answer, could you please tell us what the answer is and based on what? We will confirm by either yes or no or qualify your answer as the case may be.

April 7th, 2013, 10:00 pm


revenire said:

LOL where does the army publish troop strength?

April 7th, 2013, 10:09 pm


ann said:

Russia criticises expansion of UN Syria chemical arms investigation – Monday, April 8, 2013

Moscow compares move to build-up to US invasion of Iraq

Russia criticised Western moves to expand a planned United Nations probe into chemical weapons in Syria and compared it to the build-up to the US invasion of Iraq.

Russia, which has used its clout as a veto-wielding Security Council state to blunt Western pressure on Syria, says the UN investigation announced last month should focus on Syrian government allegations rebels used chemical arms near Aleppo.

Western countries want two additional rebel claims about the use of such arms investigated as well. The Syrian opposition says president Bashar al-Assad’s government carried out all three alleged chemical attacks.

In a pointed statement, Russia’s foreign ministry today voiced anger over a letter in which it said the UN secretariat told the Syrian government it intended to broaden the investigation beyond the incident in late March near Aleppo.

It said the UN secretariat was seeking overly broad access for investigators to facilities and individuals in Syria and wanted to use aircraft for transportation.

“This approach brings to mind the line taken over an investigation into the presence of chemical weapons in Iraq, which was based on deliberately false data and led to well-known consequences,” it said, referring to the US-led invasion in 2003.

“We cannot fail to draw the conclusion that under pressure from certain states, the UN secretariat is taking an unconstructive and inconsistent position that in essence undermines the investigation (into the incident near Aleppo),” it said, without mentioning UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon by name.

Last month, Russia accused Western nations of trying to use the investigation to push Dr Assad from power and said the probe might be biased unless Russian and Chinese experts were part of the team of investigators.


April 7th, 2013, 10:18 pm


apple_mini said:

I think it is most likely the only solution: The regime will take more military advances and hold more key cards to decide the future of Syria.

We no longer hear willingness of dialogue or negotiation from warring sides. The regime rejects any foreign backed opposition and the opposition rejects the regime with foreign backing from the very beginning.

The opposition have to admit it their rebel “revolutionists” including those Nursa fighters are not doing good on battle ground.

I wrote about my understanding of the push by SAA to Aleppo couple months ago: it was a strategic move to take Aleppo back and the bigger goal is to reclaim Syria-Turkey border. It was also a display of confidence by the SAA. If they had had problem to hold areas in the south (in particular Damascus), they would not have diverted their troops to the north. The only thing wasn’t so clear back in February is what the results of those operation would turn out.

It looks like SAA is on their track for their strategic planning. For a while, MSM and members here on SC were cheerful about imminent fall of those airports in Aleppo even though we predicted otherwise. The thing is the rebels have never been able to transform into a structured armed force which is quite crucial to combat the regular army of SAA. They can celebrate their victory after guerrilla attacks and harassment against the regime. But in the long run, they have to form a real army with bases and structures to utilize their strategy and resources. Unfortunately, it is not happening considering what kind of fighters they have in their ranks.

Right now, the regime is grappling harder on its hold of Damascus including the outskirts; Homs is almost completely under the regime’s control; The coast area is clear and defending of Turkey border in Lattakia is withholding; The rebel claimed Hama operation has never materialized. So we see the regime has a very solid and firm grip of the core of Syria: Sprawling from Homes to the west to coast area, extending to Hama and growing in Aleppo. Down the south, Damascus is actually the most formidable fortress. And the regime controls all the highways connecting those strategic locations.

If the regime can steadily push forward genuine dialogue with the opposition while making gains on the battle ground, it will be important for national reconciliation to heal the bloody divides and lay foundation for a progressive future during rebuild of the country. I cannot see that much constructive and positive elements from the opposition. In that prospective, my vision for the future role of the opposition is supporting.

April 7th, 2013, 10:40 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:


“Bassem Youssef is a Jon stalwart wannabe”

It’s Jon Stewart, dumbass

April 7th, 2013, 10:46 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:

MOSSIE encounters a checkpoint somewhere on the Syrian border:

April 7th, 2013, 10:53 pm


apple_mini said:

Wow, we got SC member here blaming Asma’s expensive shoes for NOT saving Syrian girls from prostitution at refugee camps.

Now that is an eye-opening thinking and way to put blames on the regime.

How about admitting the simple fact: without the armed and violent revolution, people would not be so despair. Meanwhile, GCC promised aid turned out just promise and scam.

April 7th, 2013, 10:54 pm


revenire said:

Apple_Mini very keen analysis. I enjoyed it.

April 7th, 2013, 11:43 pm


Ghufran said:

By Ruth Sherlock, Magdy Samaan and Suha Maayeh in Amman6:56PM BST 05 Apr 2013
The Kingdom is working with American intelligence officials in Jordan to help build a strong rebel force in southern Syria that can fight to seize control of Damascus, and offer a ‘west friendly’ counterweight to the proliferating hardline Islamist rebel groups, high level Syrian opposition sources and eyewitnesses have told the Daily Telegraph.
“Saudi Arabia is supporting groups here that are not religious extremists.
Americans are supervising the flow of arms and the Saudis pay for them,” said a rebel who called himself Ahmed Masri speaking to the Daily Telegraph from the southern city of Deraa.
Saudi Arabia is also said to be supporting a US-led programme to train Syrian rebel fighters in Jordan. A well-placed opposition lobbyist based in Jordan told the Daily Telegraph that “the Americans are doing the training, but Saudi is paying the money for it”.
Those receiving training are mainly moderate Sunni Muslim tribesmen from central and southern Syria, many of whom have served in the Syrian army.
( I agree that the FSA is in a tough position, however, that opens an opportunity to corner foreign jihadists. I see a difference between Syrian rebels who do not want to destroy the country and Islamist terrorists who think that death and destruction is their way to heaven. The FSA is being kicked out from Aleppo and northern Syria by Islamist gangs, now they are trying in the south, if that fails then the FSA will be irrelevant. What foolish posters here say about the FSA is a cover to hide the fact that they indeed support Nusra the same way they supported alqaida )

April 7th, 2013, 11:47 pm


Hopeful said:

# 512 Zoo

Sounds like the logic Israel used wheneve they bombed civilian areas. It is painful for me to hear someone with your intellect repeat it callously.

April 8th, 2013, 12:11 am


Ghufran said:

The so called Damascus Battle seems to be put on hold after recent unfavorable development in reef Dimashq , this leaves the rebels with one option: attacking from the south. Nusra is now likely to use mortar attacks and car bombs but that will not help to
“liberate” Damascus , it will only increase death toll among civilians.
In the north, Turkey is trying to bribe Kurds to secure ” liberated” areas, I suspect that will not last long but I am afraid Kurdish leaders have made a big strategic mistake by trusting sultan erdo who will never give anything to the Kurds.
نفّذ الجيش السوري عدداً من الهجمات المفاجئة في ريف دمشق، أدت إلى تطويق الغوطة الشرقية، ومحاصرة المسلحين الذين يفترض بهم مهاجمة العاصمة. خطوة تقول المصادر السورية إنها مفصلية في الحرب الدائرة في بلاد الشام
المعلومات الواردة من دمشق تشي بانقلاب الصورة. فبعد الحديث طويلاً عن إعداد قوى المعارضة السورية العدة للهجوم على العاصمة، فاجأ الجيش السوري أعداءه بعدد من الهجمات المتفرقة في ريف دمشق، وبهجوم موسع في أقصى شرق الغوطة الشرقية. وبحسب مصادر سورية رفيعة المستوى، يمكن القول إن نتائج الهجمات التي شنها الجيش تعني أن «معركة دمشق» التي كانت تتحدّث عنها المعارضة صارت صعبة، إن لم تكن مستحيلة في المدى المنظور.

April 8th, 2013, 12:12 am


MarigoldRan said:

Shrug. Better the Islamists than the regime. At least they haven’t sent jet bombers and SCUDs at Syrian cities.

The war continues.

April 8th, 2013, 12:17 am


Visitor said:

“Sounds like the logic Israel used wheneve they bombed civilian areas. It is painful for me to hear someone with your intellect repeat it callously.”


Do not abuse the term!!!

April 8th, 2013, 12:17 am


MarigoldRan said:

The regime is politically dead.

It can shell and bomb towns and cities, but it can’t re-take lost territory. Nor can it end the war. Nor will anyone talk to it.

The war continues.

April 8th, 2013, 12:19 am


Ghufran said:

Rebels Assasins have added dr Nahla Issa ( Damascus univ) and six other staff to their list of the enemies of ” revolution” , the staff are:
رشا عباس، باسل حسين، نسيم رحال، والسكرتيرة سوسن موسى، ورئيس قسم شؤون الطلاب الأستاذ نجدت، ورئيس الدائرة أنور مطر
Tozz Bihal holy warriors who think that everybody who disagree with them must die

April 8th, 2013, 12:25 am


Syrian said:

“فاسق is usually translated into ‘disobedient’ by Holy Qura’n translators.”

Visitor, that is only one meaning, some Arabic words can not really be translated with one word , it has many other meaning that simply need sometimes a whole page discribing it as is in the word فاسق
The above case is a clear example

April 8th, 2013, 12:39 am


Syrian said:

578 JDS
I know his name idiot. It was the autocorrect. I see you still going after typos.

April 8th, 2013, 12:48 am


Potential Futures for Syria in the Fog of War (1) | Red (team) Analysis said:

[…] Most probably, observers and analysts need to face conscious and unconscious deception and manipulation by fighting actors on the ground. Each group of fighters has an aim, as well as its own unconscious biases and partial vision and understanding of the situation. The story of each group, of each battle, be it told through written or video means or through interviews will reflect specific perceptions and goals, which must also be considered. The difficulty is very well underlined in the introductory paragraphs of a recent article by Matthew Barber on the excellent Syria Comment of Joshua Landis when he uses the new Syria Video facility to analyse “The Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes.” […]

April 16th, 2013, 6:44 am


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