The UN Veto Turns all Eyes to the Military Effort of the Opposition

The following Telegraph story based on the account of defecting general Mustafa Ahmad al-Sheikh presents a compelling picture of chaos within the ranks of the Syrian army, just as this CBC story: Syria’s fractured opposition, a long way from victory,describes a divided opposition. Most observers believe an end to the bloody stalemate is a long way off. Even if the Syrian military is weak, the opposition forces have a lot of building to do before they can capitalize on the weaknesses of the Assad regime to destroy it.

It will take a major effort by opposition sponsors to build up a force capably of bringing down the Syria army.  Sanctions have seriously undermined government efforts to finance its military, but they have equally impoverished the average Syrian and businessman who can be expected to support the opposition.

Syria’s most senior defector: Assad’s army is close to collapse
Bashar al-Assad’s army is close to a collapse that could plunge the Middle East into a “nuclear reaction”, its most senior defector has told The Sunday Telegraph.

By Richard Spencer, 05 Feb 2012
Syrian army General Mustafa Ahmad al-Sheikh, the second in command in northern Syria in charge of intelligence Photo: AFP

In his first full-length newspaper interview, General Mustafa al-Sheikh, who has taken refuge in Turkey, gave an apocalyptic insider’s view of the state of the regime – despite its attempt to reassert control this weekend.

He said only a third of the army was at combat readiness due to defections or absenteeism, while remaining troops were demoralised, most of its Sunni officers had fled, been arrested, or sidelined, and its equipment was degraded.

“The situation is now very dangerous and threatens to explode across the whole region, like a nuclear reaction,” he said.

The failure of President Assad to keep a tight grip even on the towns and suburbs around Damascus, some of which have driven out the army for periods in recent weeks, has led to a reassessment of his forces’ unity.

When Gen Sheikh fled over the border from his town in the north of the country in the second half of November, he thought the army could hold out against a vastly outnumbered opposition for a year or more. Now, he said, attacks by the rebels’ Free Syrian Army were escalating as the rank and file withered away due to lack of belief in the cause.

The Assads’ increasing reliance on loyalists from their own Alawite minority meant Sunni officers had fled, were under house arrest or at best marginalised and distrusted.

“The army will collapse during February,” he said. “The reasons are the shortage of Syrian army personnel, which even before March 15 last year did not exceed 65 per cent. The proportion of equipment that was combat ready did not exceed that, due to a shortage of spare parts.

“The Syrian army combat readiness I would put at 40 per cent for hardware and 32 per cent for personnel.

“They are sending in elements from the Shabiha (militia) and the Alawite sect to compensate, but this army is unable to continue more than a month. Some elements of the army are reaching out to the FSA to help them to defect.”

Gen Sheikh is not an impartial observer. He is negotiating with the Syrian National Council and the FSA over his future role in the offensive against President Assad. Even now, few analysts or diplomats would agree with his view, believing that the regime, though weakened, has the resilience to cling on to power for months, if not years.

“That the government’s days are numbered can no longer be in serious doubt, but just how many it has left remains an open question,” Yezid Sayigh, an analyst at the Carnegie Endowment, wrote this week . “The regime cannot win, but it certainly can resist and prolong the conflict.”

Gen Sheikh said he had battled with his conscience before fleeing, mindful of his 37 years’ service and of possible retribution against his extended family. He said the final straw had been a sexual assault by soldiers who took turns to attack a young bride at a village near the town of Hama. He believes the army has become a ‘crazy killing machine’, and that without a solution within a fortnight, “the whole region will flare up”.

“The region is strained to the limits because of the role of Iran,” he said. “The Syrian regime has helped transform it into a base for Iranian conspiracies.”

He said that some of the possible solutions – buffer zones, humanitarian corridors – were no longer relevant, even in the unlikely event of United Nations security council backing.

“There is no time,” he said. “There is a serious acceleration under way due to the collapse of the army and the security system.

“We want very urgent intervention, outside of the security council due to the Russian veto. We want a coalition similar to what happened in Kosovo and the Ivory Coast.”

Syria on brink of civil war as diplomacy fails to dislodge Assad
As Arab countries lose patience with diplomatic effort, Qatar rumoured to be arming Free Syrian Army with Saudi blessing
Ian Black, Middle East editor

….”The SNC’s whole strategy was for the cavalry to come over the hill – whether that meant the Arab League, the UN or Nato,” said a Damascus-based diplomat. “They don’t have an alternative. Their whole raison d’etre has disappeared.” In any event, prospects for a negotiated end to the uprising look even bleaker than before.

Perhaps, though, suggested analyst Rime Allaf, there is a silver lining. “Russia’s veto showed that Assad’s supporters are not really prepared to negotiate,” she said. “Everything is clearer now that we know – even if things will get worse.” On the ground, the activists of the local co-ordination committees and the fighters of the Free Syrian Army already sound more defiant. “In the coming days, many Syrians are going to do a lot of soul-searching ultimately leading to a decision to support armed struggle,” one activist tweeted. “We have to depend solely on Syrians to liberate ourselves,” insisted another. “Where do I donate to buy arms for the Free Syrian Army?” asked a third

Overnight, demonstrations in the suburbs of Damascus – in solidarity with Homs and in support of the FSA –displayed growing readiness to risk everything. But the balance of forces between the regime and even its armed opponents remains terrifyingly unequal. In Homs, BBC correspondent Paul Wood reported from inside the city, it was a battle of “Kalashnikovs versus tanks.”

Propaganda is certainly playing a role. Initial claims of hundreds of dead in the shelling of the Khaldiyeh area of Homs were revised downwards by one opposition group on Sunday as a Syrian minister lambasted “fabricated” information in a “hysterical media war conducted by the armed terrorist gangs and their mouthpieces.” The bloodshed and destruction though, are real enough.

Vetoes leave Syria headed for a bloody stalemate
By Randa Slim, Special to CNN, Sun February 5, 2012

… The double veto at the United Nations marks the beginning of the proxy regional game: armed opposition under the leadership of the Free Syrian Army — funded by Arab Gulf states including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, trained by Turkey — waging a protracted fight against the pro-regime military and paramilitary groups funded and trained by Iran and Russia.

Despite recent limited success in defending restive cities and taking control of territory in places like Zabadani and Homs, the Free Syrian Army remains more a collection of disparate groups of defectors than it is an organized army. Its headquarters are in a refugee camp inside Turkey close to the Syrian border. The number of fighters is estimated to be in the range of 10,000 to 30,000.

To wage an effective military campaign against an army that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, they need weapons, training and operational support. Only when the regime’s military superiority is threatened will we start to see defections in its senior ranks….

UK condemns Syria resolution veto

Britain accused Russia and China of encouraging the Syrian regime’s “killing regime” after they vetoed a United Nations resolution seeking an end to the violent repression. Foreign Secretary William Hague joined international condemnation of their stance amid protests at Syrian embassies around the world that led to six arrests in London.

Anger was fuelled by a renewed assault on the city of Homs by security forces overnight which is thought to have killed upwards of 240 people in the bloodiest day of the 11-month crackdown.

Exposed: The Arab agenda in Syria
By Pepe Escobar in Asia times

So the report was either ignored (by Western corporate media) or mercilessly destroyed – by Arab media, virtually all of it financed by either the House of Saud or Qatar. It was not even discussed – because it was prevented by the GCC from being translated from Arabic into English and published in the Arab League’s website.

Until it was leaked. Here it is, in full.

The report is adamant. There was no organized, lethal repression by the Syrian government against peaceful protesters. Instead, the report points to shady armed gangs as responsible for hundreds of deaths among Syrian civilians, and over one thousand among the Syrian army, using lethal tactics such as bombing of civilian buses, bombing of trains carrying diesel oil, bombing of police buses and bombing of bridges and pipelines.

Uprising finally hits Aleppo – Reuters

Months of relative calm in Aleppo were shattered when shabbiha militiamen killed at least 10 people after pro-democracy demonstrations erupted last week in the city which, together with adjoining towns, has a population of several million people, activists said.

The killings, the deadliest in the city during the 11-month uprising, happened in the tribal Marjeh neighborhood after security forces fired at a rally demanding Assad’s removal, they said.

Some activists said those killed were all demonstrators while others said most were killed in clashes that followed the shooting on the protest.

“The difference between Aleppo and the rest of Syria is that Hassoun and the other clerics have remained quiet, and that the shabbiha the regime has recruited are actually Sunnis from the city, not Alawites,” one businessman in the city said.

Syrian Rebels’ Supply Lines
February 3, 2012 | Stratfor

To expand its operations in Syria, the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) must secure supplies of weapons, food, water and other necessities. The most important supply lines for the rebels — though also the most difficult to maintain — come from Lebanon. The Syrian regime has a vast intelligence network in Lebanon to try to constrict this critical line of supply, but increasing activity across the Lebanese-Syrian border does not bode well for the Syrian regime’s defenses at home or its position in Lebanon.

Fighting over Syria at the UN
By Victor Kotsev

Some analysts say that the ongoing confrontation at the United Nations Security Council over Syria brings back memories from the Cold War; the analogy, however, is far from perfect. The face-off and all the bargaining that is apparently going on under the counter is more symptomatic of a situation where multiple players and alliances vie for power in a free-for-all brawl than of the bipolar world order that ended a little over two decades ago.

The government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seems doomed, but its day of reckoning might take some time to come….

The tyrant’s wife from Acton;
She’s British-born and raised, intelligent, liberal and beautiful – so why is she married to a President who has murdered 5,000 of his own people? Martin Fletcher explores the enigma of Asma Assad
Martin Fletcher, 3 February 2012,

INSIGHT-Syria’s Assad set for long conflict
By Mariam Karouny, 3 February 2012
Reuters News

DAMASCUS, Feb 3 (Reuters) – With the enemy at the gates, Bashar al-Assad was dining out. The sound of gunfire and explosions carried to central Damascus as his troops clashed in the suburbs last Saturday with rebels who had seized towns near the capital. Masked gunmen erected checkpoints on the city outskirts. But Syria’s 46-year-old president, outwardly unfazed, put on a show of business as usual for fellow patrons of the smart downtown restaurant where he spent the weekend evening.

“He hasn’t changed his lifestyle,” said a politician from neighbouring Lebanon, a regular visitor to Syria, who has met Assad several times since the Syrian uprising began last March. “He spent the evening at a Damascus restaurant,” he added, speaking privately to Reuters about the president’s movements on Jan. 28, when the appearance of forces flying flags of the Free Syrian Army at the very edge of the capital had some, excitable, observers reckoning Assad’s life expectancy in just weeks…..

Charles Krauthammer: Toppling Syria would undercut Iran’s influence

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Pirouz said:

The many YouTube videos that are available from all sources do not confirm the General’s description.

For example:

-There is no evidence that entire units have crossed over to FSyA.

-SyA MBTs appear to have been equipped with recent upgrades.

-Some of the SyA small arms appear to be late additions to stocks.

-Government videos depict full strength or near full strength units on the move, in a high state of morale (hard to stage such a thing).

The clock is running for the General’s dire prediction of a SyA collapse in February. If it doesn’t happen, it’s yet another blow to the credibility of the FSyA.

February 5th, 2012, 4:51 pm


Norman said:

I see Syria divided into two states, secular with all are equal and religous where Sharia law will be applied, what i do not see is the secular people of Syria submitting to the laws of the religous ones, Arabs in general do not know how to accept defeat and work together. The only reason Iraq is still together is because of the US army in Iraq, there is nobody in Syria to keep it whole. I hope that i am wrong.

February 5th, 2012, 5:23 pm


Hans said:

It is clear that the attack against the Syrians is relentless, the regime is crippled by the instruction of the Russians.
the Americans are being the wolves with few dogs from the GCC, the world again being manipulated by the Americans.
Moscow made a right decision but the Americans don’t want to admit that they are the devils.
Hillary is blaming the Russian, how about Hillary blaming the Israelis for once.
shame on the Arabs, Hopefully the Russian will move to solve the Syrian situation than the American would look down in the eyes of every traitor.

February 5th, 2012, 6:07 pm


Norman said:


The goal of the opposition is for president Assad to step down so Syria become as it was in fifties a puppet state follows and does not lead, that means goodbye Russia in the see now how hard for the Russians to solve the Syrian problem.

February 5th, 2012, 6:20 pm


Tara said:

Balance of power is the name of the game next stage.  And once the logic of civil war takes hold, it becomes out of the of the hand of countries to stop it unless their shared interests dictate so.  Those of you who rejoiced the double vote, be careful of what you have wished for.  Full support of the AL’s initiative, i.e. Yemen-style transition of power was the last attempt of preserving Syria.  Assad can not ultimately win a civil war.  He is going to be defeated.  In the interim, we will all lose the Syria we know   

UN victory may push Syria’s Assad into unwinnable war
By Joseph Logan | Reuters – 2 hrs 59 mins ago
BEIRUT (Reuters)  

Syria’s victory in dodging a U.N. resolution it deemed a license for regime change may only escalate its internal conflict into a full-fledged civil war that many analysts believe President Bashar al-Assad cannot ultimately win.
With the collapse of the sole diplomatic effort recognized by Assad’s foes – both armed and in a split civilian opposition, the stage is set for deeper diplomatic isolation of Syria and perhaps a new flows of arms and money to Syria’s insurgents.
“The worst effect of the veto is that it inflames, the civil war, intensifies it. We’re no longer talking about a hypothetical civil war. We’re now in the middle of a civil war. It’s started,” said Nabil Boumonsef, a columnist with Lebanon’s an-Nahar daily.

“This (veto) is obviously an endorsement of the regime’s approach to the crisis which, over the last 11 months, has brought the country to the brink,” said Peter Harling of the International Crisis Group.
“We can expect the regime to push ahead along the same lines, which will raise the prospect of a civil war.”
With prospects for a negotiated solution dim, attention may turn to the balance of forces between rebels and Assad’s army.
“If indeed armed struggle is the only option left on the table, there’s a chance that opposition groups will procure the strategic depth that has been missing,” said peter Hurely
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed on Sunday to dry up Syria’s sources of weapons while supporting “the opposition’s peaceful political plans for change”.

“The armed groups that are fighting against them look to be escalating, and I think you’re going to find people around the world supporting them on some humanitarian basis but also militarily,” Khouri said.
That escalation would ensure a long and bloody conflict, Boumonsef said. “The regime is still stronger on the ground, but we’re heading to something like a balance of forces,” he said.
“Once the logic of civil war takes hold somewhere, it’s out of the hands of countries to stop it until their shared interest dictate so…We’re the best experts on this after the 15 years (of civil war) we lived through in Lebanon.”
(Additional reporting by Laila Bassam and Dominic Evans; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

February 5th, 2012, 6:31 pm


Observer said:

I do not agree with Atwan below in everything he says. He thinks that the BRICS wanted to take a revenge on the West after Libya yet India and South Africa voted for the resolution. They wanted to keep it in the Arab fold and arena even though one can argue that it is faulty.
In Libya the intransigence of the regime was partly to play in NATO carrying the mission beyond the mandate of protecting the population and at the end tipped the balance of power.
In Syria the next visit according to Atwan by the Russian foreign minister and reading the Russian semi official press that shows that the veto decision has backfired somewhat on the Russians in the Arab world may and I repeat may limit their field of play and may force them to force a solution on the boy.
In Syria the chasm between pro and anti regime is huge and there is absolutely no imagination on the part of the regime to the idea of sharing power. They are literally drunk with power and are refusing to wake up to the new reality.
When we used a long time ago to treat Delirium Tremens we used to order 5% glucose and 5% alcohol in OJ when patients came in to the ER with withdrawal symptoms. This is what the Russians are delivering some vodka for a regime transition.

Some on this blog cannot fathom that a majority of Syrians wants a different Syria than what they envisage and you can read this thread in all of their conversations. The veto is actually good and the news from Syria show that the security solution is breaking the country apart.

For those who think that the new Syria will accommodate Israel they are sorely mistaken for Israel is as hated as the present regime and the people see the regime as an ally and a stabilizer for the security of Israel no matter how much support it lent to HA in the past. HA is nothing but a card in its hand and it will dump it in two seconds if it needs that for survival.

February 5th, 2012, 7:12 pm


aron said:

About the Arab League mission report cited in Asia Times, is there any way to confirm that this is the real deal?

February 5th, 2012, 7:37 pm


Tara said:


Ah. Has been long time. You’re saying that you

[Edited for personal attack. ]

February 5th, 2012, 8:41 pm


ann said:

8. aron said:

About the Arab League mission report cited in Asia Times, is there any way to confirm that this is the real deal?
League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria

Report of the Head of the League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria for the period from 24 December 2011 to 18 January 2012

February 5th, 2012, 9:16 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Mufti lebanon calling for Jihad in Syria,why not in Lebanon ?

February 5th, 2012, 9:35 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

No one,even dreaming would have ever thought that what is happening in Syria now would have ever happened.8 people from one family got killed.Syrian people and Syrian army are in self defense against terrorists:

February 5th, 2012, 9:45 pm


Hans said:

Agreed all along, the dirty game played by the Americans is to isolate Russia and have her out of the middle east, think about it! there is no one place left for Russia even Yemen is gone. It is very hard to believe that any of the so called Arab spring movements is not orchestrated in the CIA rooms. I am not saying that people didn’t reach a level of frustration against many of the rulers, but that means KSA, GCC, Russia China, etc should have springs coming along. it seems only the selected arabic ones this time. corruption is all over the world not only in middle east, USA is full of corruption as you known.
if Syria is lost out of the Russians hands then that is a true disaster!
can you imagine another radical country on the southern side of Russia to deal with, which will give turkey the strategic depth.
USA is a devil all along ( i don’t mean the american people) i mean the administrations for decades.

February 5th, 2012, 9:51 pm


Tara said:

47 killed by the regime in Syria today. The security forces are stroming Mezza Villat neighborhood where I was raised.

Time for the Mezza class to dissent!

February 5th, 2012, 10:09 pm


ann said:

16 people killed across Syria by gunmen – 2012-02-06

DAMASCUS, Feb. 5 – As many as 16 people, including children, were killed Sunday in separate attacks carried out by alleged armed terrorist groups across Syria.

Two children were killed when an explosive device planted by terrorists went off behind a high school in eastern al-Boukamal area, said SANA, adding that their father and a brother were injured by the blast.

In the southern Daraa province, two law-enforcement members were ambushed and killed by unidentified gunmen when they were driving to work.

In the northern Idlib province, a suicide bomber driving a car blew up at a law-enforcement force’s checkpoint, killing one law- enforcement member and injuring five others.

Meanwhile, an armed group attacked a family in the central Homs province, killing eight of its members, said SANA, adding that the armed forces intervened and clashed with the group, killing all of its members.

In another assault, a colonel and two soldiers were killed and another four were reported injured during a clash with an armed group in al-Rastan area near Homs. Many members of the armed group were killed during the clashes, according to SANA.

February 5th, 2012, 10:18 pm


mjabali said:

The United States is playing catch in my opinion to events in the Middle East. They have no clear policy and apparently they did not know who the players behind this change are, simply because it was utter chaos. They, as well as many, were caught off guard with the events in the Middle East.

As for Russia, they are upset with their losses and can not afford to lose Syria. Think about it: Qadhaffi and Saddam were huge clients to Russian goods and weapons for decades: what happened to them now?

February 5th, 2012, 10:22 pm


Observer said:

I just watched Aljazeera and the footage of a child amputated below the knee and another with his face shot off and the activist saying this is the result of the Russian veto! It is going to go viral around the Arab world.
In this Russia is going to have to deliver there is no room for wiggle any longer and therefore if it cannot deliver important and radical change and concessions from the regime it is going to lose big time both at home and abroad.
Putin cannot afford to look like supporting brutality even if he wants to show that he is standing up for Russian interests and against Western opportunism.
The second item is that there are brazen attacks on the regular forces by the FSA with prisoners being taken. If the regime appears to the regular troops as incapable of directing and conducting successful operations and protecting its own, morale will suffer terribly. Also the prevailing fear that the people have of the republican guards will also diminish as it uses bombardments and is incapable of taking neighborhoods back.
Thirdly, and I think Jaffari crowed too quickly with his fake eloquence at the UN; there is clearly interference in internal Syrian affairs by others as Russia has demonstrated and Iran has repeatedly asserted.
The Syrian common people are going to be trampled in this stupid posturing game between the regional players.
We have a Russian veto to a watered down resolution with the West not ready to act on and now the game will move to behind the scenes and it is going to be very dirty and very bloody.
Pity the simple people in all of this. I hope that any book profits written about Syria will go to help the refugees and the destitute.

The rats and the germs cannot be abolished. There is a rat for every human in urban cities and there are more germs that we carry in our bodies than all the living cells we have.

February 5th, 2012, 10:29 pm


Tara said:

Russian spring?  “Russia without Putin”   

David Hearst
The Guardian
Sunday, feb 5 2012 17.00 EST
Such a position is today occupied by Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister and next president who, on the day tens of thousands of his countrymen turned out in temperatures of -18C to shout slogans like “Russia without Putin”, ordered Russia’s envoy to the UN to wield the veto.

Russia’s normally wooden public relations machine went into overdrive to explain the decision. Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov gave three reasons: the western drive for a stronger crackdown on Syria was preparation for a “Libyan scenario”; despite efforts to tone it down, the draft was unilateral, and did not set enough demands on anti-government armed groups; and it demanded the withdrawal of Assad’s forces from towns and cities. “This phrase, without being linked to a simultaneous termination of violence on the part of armed extremist groups, is absolutely provocative, as no president with self-respect, no matter how treated, will agree to surrender inhabited localities to armed extremists without resistance,” Lavrov 

Insurrections in the Middle East have now turned the international tables full circle. Whereas western powers supported the status quo of Israel surrounded by Arab autocrats with whom it had made peace, and Russia had maintained diplomatic and defence links with Syria and Iran which backed the “resistance” movements to Israel, today Russia finds itself defending the autocratic status quo in the form of Assad.

Putin, backed by the siloviki who run the military and have invested billions in Syria, may think his policy on Assad is good tactics. It stops an intervention that the west was never going to make. But it makes for terrible strategy.

The veto sets Russia on the opposite side of the table from the Arab League; it lifts the international responsibility for failing to staunch the blood flowing in cities like Homs off Barack Obama’s shoulders, and assumes that burden itself. And if defecting Syrian soldiers are to be called “armed extremist groups”, who exactly are the militias currently running Libya, whom Russia belatedly recognised as a legitimate authority? If Islamists are by their nature extremist, and in Putin’s eyes they are, what does that make the elected transitional authority in Tunisia?

Lavrov and the foreign intelligence service chief Mikhail Fradkov will be in Damascus tomorrow to “stabilise” the situation in Syria and persuade Assad to implement “democratic transformations” which both Russians recognise as long overdue. In so doing, Russia will attempt to persuade the Arab League to extend the mission of Arab observers in Syria – a policy it has already abandoned. This lacks any sense of reality. Russia is simply following in Turkey’s footsteps, months after Recep Tayyip Erdogan tried and failed to get Assad to institute political reforms before it was too late. It is now too late. Not for the first time Putin’s political antennae are failing him. If he calls the white ribbons Russian protesters were wearing “condoms” and if he continues to believe that the extraordinary domestic protest he is facing has all been staged by the US state department, there is little chance of him seeing the turmoil in Syria differently. Putin’s deadly enemy is the isolation in which he lives.

February 5th, 2012, 11:00 pm


Syria no Kandahar said:

You know who did that?you have seen it happening ?you have evidence?or you don’t have to?you just accuse the way you want?all what Aljazera showed was victims.FSA don’t have RBG?

[Edited for personal attack. Please observe Syria Comment rules, or posting privileges will be withdrawn. Do NOT make personal attacks on other posters. ]

February 5th, 2012, 11:06 pm


Aldendeshe said:

I am not saying anything, otherwise my comment will be awaiting moderation and deleted, have fun:

February 5th, 2012, 11:26 pm


ann said:

Syrian Kurdish Leader Claims Western Powers Will Support Kurds – 06/02/2012

ERBIL, Iraqi Kurdistan — Abdulhakim Bashar, the head of the Kurdish National Council (KNC), said he has obtained international guarantees for the rights of Kurds in Syria after the fall of Bashar Assad’s regime.

Bashar told Rudaw that his council has the support of America, Britian and France. His claims were not independently verified.

Bashar said the KNC has had talks with the British, French and American foreign ministries last month.

“Officials at the British foreign ministry said that they would support the demands of the Kurds in Syria and that they would try to organize the KNC like the SNC.” Bashar said.

Bashar added, “We told the British officials that we are concerned that the Arab-dominated SNC (Syria National Council) may ignore our rights in the future, but they assured us that they will pressure any future Syrian government to recognize the rights of the Kurds and Christians.”

Bashar said he also received reassurances from French and US State Department officials that they would support Kurdish rights if Bashar al-Assad’s regime falls. A senior US official said the US would impose sanctions on Syria if Kurdish rights are not recognized.

Bashar said he is negotiations with the SNC to form a united alliance, but the SNC so far has not accepted the Kurdish rights to self-determination in the new Syria.

February 5th, 2012, 11:32 pm


ann said:

Regime Change, Humanitarianism and Syria – February 5, 2012

The West and especially the United States are still paying a price for the messy habit of conflating regime change with other objectives, even the laudable objective of saving lives. Last October Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria. The Russians in particular made it clear they were determined not to fall again for what they regarded as a bait-and-switch on Libya, in which a NATO military intervention that received multilateral support on humanitarian grounds quickly morphed into support for toppling the Libyan regime. Last Saturday saw a replay at the Security Council: another resolution on Syria, and another double veto by Russia and China. It’s not as if the Russians and Chinese are throwing vetoes around with abandon these days. The vetoes on the Syria resolutions are four of only five vetoes that have been cast at the council in the last couple of years (the United States used the other one a year ago against a resolution criticizing continued Israeli construction of settlements in occupied territories). Despite efforts to word the most recent resolution on Syria in a way that would assuage Russian and Chinese concerns, all the talk about seeing the backside of Bashar Assad, in addition to the experience with Libya, makes it easy to see why Moscow and Beijing were still not buying.

[Link to full text: ]

February 5th, 2012, 11:53 pm


zoo said:

After this provocation, will the Syria Army retaliate in full force and attempts to neutralize the stronghold of the FSA in Edlib and Zabadani , like they did in Homs and Hama before the arrival of the Russians?

Syrian deserters destroy army post: rights group
AFP – 1 hr 31 mins ago

Syrian army deserters destroyed a military control post in the northeast overnight, killing three officers and capturing 19 soldiers in the process, a rights group said Monday.

The attack happened in the village of Al Bara in the Edleb region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, adding that none of the army deserters involved was killed.

The regular army post was completely destroyed, according to the London-based group.

February 5th, 2012, 11:55 pm


irritated said:

Syrian army General Mustafa Ahmad al-Sheikh, does he read newspapers or is he under drugs?

“We want very urgent intervention, outside of the security council due to the Russian veto. We want a coalition similar to what happened in Kosovo and the Ivory Coast.”

February 6th, 2012, 12:05 am


zoo said:

BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army has carried out raids using helicopters in villages bordering Syria in search of “terrorist” groups at the request of the Syrian regime, Akkar MP Khaled Daher said Sunday.Daher also accused the Lebanese government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati ordering the army operation at the request of Damascus authorities.

“Lebanese troops landed by helicopter in a mountainous area and in the Wadi Khaled area in search of what the Syrian regime told the Lebanese government were ‘terrorists,’” Daher told The Daily Star by telephone. He said that the army also set up checkpoints in the area as part of a security plan to control the tense Lebanese-Syrian border.

So far, there has been no comment from the Army Command on the reported military operation in the Wadi Khaled area near the border with Syria.

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

February 6th, 2012, 12:12 am


bronco said:

606. Tara

Khomeini reluctantly made peace with Saddam Hossein to stop the bloodshed. Can you imagine worst enemies?
You don’t make peace with friends, you make peace with enemies.

Israel occupies a part of Lebanon by force. As long as they don’t show any sign of willingness to withdraw, then Hezbollah is totally justified to arm itself to defend any further occupation of Lebanese territory that the Hezbollah liberated.

February 6th, 2012, 12:25 am


zoo said:

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Secretary General Al-Shaqfa:
Interview: Ali Hussein Bakeer
Friday, 3 February 2012
Q: Some people say that the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat for minorities and that if the Assad regime is toppled, radical Islamism will overrun Syria. What is your comment on this?

A: We are Muslim. Our religion is based on peace and respect to others. The history of the Muslim Brotherhood is proof of this. During the Imam Hassan al-Banna era in Egypt, Copts were working in Muslim Brotherhood offices. In earlier periods of the Syrian regime, Christian candidates were running in elections from Muslim Brotherhood lists. We did not have the concepts of majority and minority before; it was only under the bad administration of al-Assad that we started to hear about them. We assure you today that we side with the citizenship principle, in which everyone has equal rights and responsibilities.

Q: What are the current or future criteria in directing your relations as the Muslim Brotherhood—in case you govern Syria—with the U.S. or other effective regional and international countries?

A: We exhibit a positive stance toward all states and segments as long as they are willing not to interfere in our internal affairs. We are open to dialogue with all sides and ready for collaboration with everyone in order to prevent the spilling of our people’s blood and serve the interests of our country. When a democratic state is established in the future, international agreements, charters and conventions will shape our relations with other states according to mutual interest and respect.

February 6th, 2012, 12:32 am


ann said:

Britain tyrannical as Syria with unelected Lords, says Liberal Democrats – 05 Feb 2012

The unelected House of Lords was yesterday likened to the tyrannical government of Syria as leading Liberal Democrats warned that the chamber full of “dinosaurs” must be reformed.

February 6th, 2012, 12:38 am


zoo said:

Egypt: The Revolution Season 2 ?

Concession fails to quell violent Egypt clashes
By Edmund Blair and Yasmine Saleh | Reuters – 6 hrs ago

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s army-backed government said it was preparing to move ousted President Hosni Mubarak to a Cairo prison hospital in an apparent bid to calm protests, but clashes continued with police firing tear gas at demonstrators hurling rocks and broken tiles.

February 6th, 2012, 12:38 am


zoo said:

To be confirmed…
Syrian Forces Arrest Saudi intelligence Agent in Syria’s Homs
Sunday, 05 February 2012 09:11
‘Syria has reportedly detained a Saudi Arabian intelligence agent in the western city of Homs during clashes between the Syrian army and armed groups.

According to Lebanese media reports, Nasser al-Ariqi was arrested in Homs after clashes broke out between Syrian forces and armed gangs on Saturday. Al-Ariqi has been said to be the commander of a heavily armed terrorist group in the Syrian city. The armed group has been trying to remove the Syrian army’s security checkpoints using heavy weaponry.’

February 6th, 2012, 12:49 am


jad said:

الافتتاحية : هذا الشيخ القطري لا يمون حتى على كلسون زوجته
الافتتاحية – عرب تايمز

في تسجيل بثته القناة الفرنسية الثانية لحوار دار بين مندوب روسيا في مجلس الأمن فيتالي تشوركين ورئيس وزراء قطر ووزير خارجيتها حمد بن جاسم ، حيث وجه بن جاسم الكلام لمندوب روسيا قائلا : أحذرك من اتخاذ اي فيتو بخصوص الأزمة في سوريا، فعلى روسيا ان توافق القرار و إلا فانها ستخسر كل الدول العربية

فرد الروسي بكل هدوء أعصاب

إذا عدت لتتكلم معي بهذه النبرة مرة أخرى, لن يكون هناك شيء إسمه قطر بعد اليوم

انتهى الخبر

يا سعادة السفير تشوركين … هذا الشيخ القطري شبه الامي لا يمون حتى على كلسون زوجته … هذا شيخ جاهل وغير متعلم وفاسد وامواله المسروقة – كما ذكرت الصحف السعودية والبريطانية يوم كانت العلاقة مع مشيخة قطر سيئة – يضعها في حسابات سرية في بريطانيا حتى يخفيها عن الاخرين … ومشيخته تتكون من كم شيخ هامل على كم شي موزة وشعب لقيط اغلبه من البدون وعدد من اولياء العهود انجبهم حاكم المشيخة من عدة زوجات قبل ان يسطو على الحكم ويحلق لابيه … وكل سلاحه الذي يهددكم به محطة فضائية اشهر مذيع فيها مواطن سوري هارب من الجندية وعضو سابق في الكنيست يشتغل مثل العداد بضغطة زر من مذيع سعودي ومذيعة جزائرية اكتشفت الحجاب بعد ان تختخت شفايفها من المص ومفتي مصري الاصل متهم باغتصاب زوجته وممنوع من الدخول الى الامارات لسؤ ادبه واخلاقه

موقفك يا سيدي من الشعب السوري قوبل من العرب كافة – وليس من حكوماتهم غير الشرعية – بالحفاوة والتقدير لانك جنبت سوريا مذابح كتلك التي ساهمت قطر في خلقها … بدءا بمصر … وليس انتهاء بليبيا

شكرا مستر تشوركين … ولا داعي لتوجيع رأسك بقطر وشيوخها .. فقد اقترحنا من قبل ان يشخ مليار صيني على قطر ولو شخة واحدة .. لتغرق قطر بما فيها غير ماسوف على موزاتها

February 6th, 2012, 12:59 am


ann said:

The US and France now appear set to proceed outside of the UN, forming a new version of the “coalition of the willing” that pursued the 2003 war against Iraq—with the Arab League and Turkey providing political cover.

After Russia’s UN veto, US talks of “coalition of the willing” against Syria – 6 February 2012

The veto by Russia and China of a United Nations Security Council resolution will not halt ongoing preparations for Western-backed intervention against Syria. The discussion on the resolution was a political maneuver from the outset, designed either to force Moscow and Beijing into agreeing to a UN cover for a Libya-style operation against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, or justify a predetermined alternative route to regime-change.

[link to full article: ]

February 6th, 2012, 1:19 am


ann said:

US war provocations against Syria – 6 February 2012

Washington and its imperial allies in Europe are escalating preparations for a full-scale military intervention in Syria. Coming after last year’s NATO war against Libya and threats of a sudden Israeli attack on Iran, Syria’s main regional ally, it is clear that Washington aims to reshape the Middle East by forcibly installing pro-US regimes throughout the region.

US officials have denounced Saturday’s veto by Russia and China of a UN Security Council resolution against Syria which sought to provide a pretext for military intervention. Beijing and Moscow, who did not veto a similar UN resolution against Libya last year, fear that the day when Washington tries to use these methods directly against them may not be far off.

US preparations for intervention against Syria are very far advanced, accompanied by levels of deceit and hypocrisy unseen since the 2003 US invasion of Iraq or the period of the Nazis. Trying to hide US policy under the worm-eaten label of a “humanitarian” intervention, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced the UN Security Council vote as a “travesty,” adding, “We will work with the friends of a democratic Syria around the world to support the opposition’s peaceful political plans for change.”

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé called the Russian and Chinese veto a “stain” on the UN, adding that French President Nicolas Sarkozy would soon present further initiatives against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
[ Link to full text: ]

February 6th, 2012, 1:39 am


ann said:

China paper defends Syria veto, doubts West’s intentions – February 6, 2012

China’s top newspa­per says Wester­n campai­gns in Libya, Afghan­istan and Iraq show the error of forced regime change.

BEIJING: China’s top newspaper on Monday defended Beijing’s rejection of a UN resolution pressing Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad to abandon power, saying Western campaigns in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq showed the error of forced regime change.

The commentary in the People’s Daily, the top newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, was Beijing’s clearest defense of its decision to join Moscow at the weekend in vetoing a draft United Nations resolution that would have backed an Arab plan urging Assad to quit after months of bloodshed.

The commentary suggested that Chinese distrust of Western intervention lay behind the veto, which was described by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a “travesty”.

“The situation in Syria continues to deteriorate and numbers of civilian casualties keep rising. Vetoing the draft Security Council resolution does not mean we are giving free rein to letting this heart-rending state of affairs continue,” said the commentary in the paper, which echoes government thinking.

China, not its Western critics, was acting “responsibly” for the sake of the Syrian people, it said. The author used the pen name “Zhong Sheng”, which can mean “voice of China” and is often used to give Beijing’s position on foreign policy.

“Currently, the situation in Syria is extremely complex. Simplistically supporting one side and suppressing the other might seem a helpful way of turning things around, but in fact it would be sowing fresh seeds of disaster,” said the paper.

[ Link to full text: ]

February 6th, 2012, 1:53 am


Mawal95 said:

In a press conference soon after the UNSC veto by Russia and China last Saturday, Hilary Clinton was asked if there would be any possibility of foreign military intervention in Syria. Clinton replied: “No, military intervention has been absolutely ruled out. And we’ve made that clear from the very beginning.” . Clinton was also asked what she imagines the ‘endgame’ in Syria to be. Reply: “Asking what the end game is can’t be answered until we actually start to bring about the changes that we think will be beneficial…. The potential endgames, if we are serious about putting this kind of international pressure on the Assad regime, making it clear to the opposition that they should pursue their changes in a peaceful manner, is the possibility of the beginning of a transition…. In the absence of us acting together as the international community, the endgame is civil war.” . France’s foreign minister Alain Juppe said of the UNSC veto by Russia and China: “Of course that paralyses the international community.”

Now, when foreign intervention has been absolutely ruled out, we on the pro-regime side know what our endgame is. It is exactly as Bashar said in his speech on 10 Jan 2012 namely (1) the institutional reforms being introduced under the auspices of the regime including the new Constitution and this year’s upcoming parliamentary election and (2) fightback with an iron fist against violent rebels.

February 6th, 2012, 2:01 am


ann said:

Joe Lieberman Calls for Arming the Syrian Opposition – February 05, 2012

Last month I wrote about “The Incredible Push for Intervention in Syria,” especially from very influential neoconservative Washington-insider groups like the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Foreign Policy Initiative (successor to New American Century), Foundation for the Defence of Democracies, etc. All of these groups have a significant revolving door aspect to them in which their members have been in and out of high government positions for many years. They’re very influential.

I noted there as well that it was back in June that I had first written about the increasingly real potential for a U.S. intervention in Syria, and also that a notable recognition of that in the mainstream had shown up with Josh Rogin’s piece in Foreign Policy explaining that the Obama administration instructed the National Security Council to begin considering options for U.S. intervention in Syria, including what they called the “unlikely” option of setting up a no-fly zone. Although it can’t yet be substantiated, its possible that the Obama administration has already covertly aided the opposition in Syria, but anyways that was really the first notice in officialdom that an intervention in Syria was being considered.

The calls for intervention are getting even more explicit. Unsurprisingly, Senator Joe Lieberman has beaten nearly everybody to the punch on this. On Sunday he said the U.S. should start supporting the Syrian Free Army soon:

“So we should begin thinking about what we can do, particularly with the Arab League,” he said. “I think it begins with support for the Syrian Free Army.”

The hawkish senator said a “range of support” could be given to the rebels, from medical supplies to intelligence and reconnaissance surveillance.

“And then ultimately it is providing them with weapons,” he said during a panel discussion on the Middle East.

Even though Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Saturday that military action in Syria “has been absolutely ruled out,” the behind-the-scenes push for intervention needs to be watched very closely. As I’ve noted, the U.S. and its Arab allies in the Gulf States who have been pushing for a UN resolution for Syria, would welcome the chance to remove Assad from power and perhaps replace the regime with a more Sunni-oriented, pro-Western dictatorship, especially since it would eliminate Iran’s primary ally in the region, thus isolating the regime in Tehran even more.

I talked here with Scott Horton about how disastrous a significant U.S. intervention would be.

Update: Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post writes that the fall of the Assad regime is a strategic imperative for the U.S., primarily because it would undercut Iran. The West should get rid of Assad, he argues:

How? First, a total boycott of Syria, beyond just oil and including a full arms embargo. Second, a flood of aid to the resistance (through Turkey, which harbors both rebel militias and the political opposition, or directly and clandestinely into Syria). Third, a Security Council resolution calling for the removal of the Assad regime.

February 6th, 2012, 2:11 am


Juergen said:

DER SPIEGEL story about the wealth of the Assads. Funny picture in the article of Bashar in Vienna starring at the emporers crown of Habsburg.

For over 40 years the Assad’s rule over Syria. The family should have done at that time a fortune worth billions on the page. Asset manager of the clan is Rami Makhluf, a cousin of Dictator Assad.

How rich are the Assads? An indication of how large the capacity of the Syrian ruling family is gaping, worlds apart. They own about three million dollars, the Israeli-Syria expert Shmuel Bar estimated 2006. The Jordanian news site Albawaba recently estimated the total at 40 billion dollars, that would be nearly three times the annual export volume of the country.
Even further went the “Canadian Business Online”: $ 122 billion are the Assad’s heavy, so the business side last year. By comparison, the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is currently estimated at 18 billion dollars.
But the Syrian ruling family was not always so rich. Hafez al-Assad, the patriarch of the clan was, in 1930, the son of a poor, born of the religious minorities of Alawis dependent family. He was the first son of the clan, who made it at all on to higher education.

Driven by immense ambition soon made Hafez Career: At 16, he joined the Baath Party and by 22 in the military service. Twelve years later he is already general. Staged a coup in 1971 and Assad became the head of state of Syria. He will not hand over power until his death in 2000 again and then pass the presidency to his son Bashar, who is now embroiled in a bloody power struggle with the opposition. Their anger is directed not only against the person of Bashar al-Assad, but against the ruling clique.

Because the assumption of powers by Hafez al-Assad and his extended family catapulted them into the higher spheres of Syrian society. Brother and nephews, cousins ​​and aunts by marriage do what the families of arab chief of states always like to do: to enrich themselves.

Together with the in-laws family, the clan is made up of thousands of beneficiaries. Syria as they fleeced over the years, can be hard to understand. The net of the nepotism – Corporate investments, licensing agreements, foreign bank accounts – is so convoluted that it’s hard to penetrate.

It is clear that the clan established a kleptocracy within Syria which leaves most without any chance. The news page count alone President Bashar al-Assad to a personal fortune of about two billion dollars, which will be distributed to Swiss accounts. By comparison, the Syrian average earner receives about $ 200 a month.

Experts believe that Bashar al-Assad before the death of his father personally was involved in dirty business. In 1998, the dictator’s son, the responsibility for doing business with the then-occupied Lebanon. Assad junior was involved in the opinion of experts in a large-scale money laundering, Syria undertook in Lebanon. The alleged 25 percent of high commission for the laundered billions would have gone gome to Baschars brother Maher.

As an asset manager and the clans moneymaker is Rami Makhluf. He is Baschars cousin, his mother was the sister of Hafez. His financial circumstances are at least exposed in parts – well, because the U.S. sanctioned him in the year 2008 and the European Union in May last year, citizens of the United States and the EU it is forbidden to do business with the 42-year-old businessman. The reason given in 2008 was that Makhlouf is an “influential Syrian businessman who has built his business empire, by using his connections to regime members.” Because he “promotes public corruption and benefited from it.”

Therefore, the wrath of the Syrian insurgents unloads on Makhluf: Since the beginning of the revolt ten months ago a little lacking in anti-regime demonstration placards, on which it is not representative for the whole insulted Assad clan as a “thief”.

The “Financial Times” in 2011 estimated that Makhluf controlled by its system of economic relations up to 60 percent of the Syrian economy. His nickname is “Mr. Five Percent”: It means that no one could drive trading in Syria, without him to participate accordingly. The French newspaper “Le Monde” estimated his personal fortune in 2008 to about six billion dollars.

Makhluf is the majority shareholder of the Syrian mobile phone provider Syriatel and Cham Holding, luxury hotels, restaurants, real estate and Syria’s first private airline, “Syrian Pearl Airlines’ covers. His portfolio also includes duty-free shops, free trade zones on the border with Lebanon and department store chains. He is involved in various banks at home and abroad, holds shares in insurance companies, television stations and expensive private schools. The Makhlufs also hold the monopoly on tobacco imports to Syria.

Since, as the reforms that President Bashar al-Assad tried after his assumption of power to modernize Syria’s economy, as an alibi: For the cautious opening of markets to foreign investors and banks were for men and Makhluf above all an opportunity to siphon off funds.
Although Assad also used the mini-reform of the overall population, but the real beneficiaries were as often the relatives of the inner circle. It would be a modification of the Syrian economy urgently needed: experts estimate that Syria must import oil from 2015, instead of exporting it.

What the country is to live it is entirely unclear. Because Syria is hardly making products for export, the export of goods accounts for only about three percent of Syria’s gross national product.,1518,813116,00.html

February 6th, 2012, 2:19 am


Mawal95 said:

5 feb 2012, SANA. A big handful of prominent Sunni religious sheikhs together with the Minister of Religious Endowments and Bashar Assad attended a service in Damascus on the occasion of the aniversary of the birth of the prophet Mohammed. Some of the proceedings were televised. You should see this event as further demonstrating that Bashar has the support of the Sunni religious establishment.

The strongest and most important factor in the regime’s political position is the support it gets from the people of Syria who are Sunni in their religion.

The Opposition doesn’t have the support of the majority of Sunnis. The Opposition’s actions of violent rebellion further alienate the Sunni civilian masses. The Opposition loses with violent rebellion — it loses politically as well as militarily. It also loses without violent rebellion.

February 6th, 2012, 2:29 am


Juergen said:


what you expect from those authorities who have their authority because they are loyal to their master? Believe it or not, all of those and most prominently Shaikh Hassoun will have to look for shelter elsewhere in a new Syria.

February 6th, 2012, 2:55 am


Antoine said:

The fake thing is that this General Mustafa al Sheikh was NOT second-in-command of Intelligence in the Northern Sector. He was commander of the logistics and supplies operations in the North, a very ordinary job for a mediocre officer.

Some people in the opposition should stop lying and exaggerating, it doesn’t do any good to their credibilty. All the senior officers who have defected ( above the rank of Colonel), none had held any important command or staff positions. Important people are much less likely to defect.

February 6th, 2012, 3:23 am


Pirouz said:

26. BRONCO said

Khomeini agreed to a UN ceasefire, not a formal peace agreement – there’s a difference.

A formal peace agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq was not established until the removal from power of Saddam Husayn.

February 6th, 2012, 3:30 am


Antoine said:

41. PIROUZ said :

“A formal peace agreement between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq was not established until the removal from power of Saddam Husayn.”

SWo is it safe to argue that the US intervention in Iraq was in favour of Iranian national interest ?

February 6th, 2012, 3:35 am


Mawal95 said:

The final draft of the UNSC resolution, the one that was voted on, is at . Here’s one clarification about what it does and doesn’t say. France’s foreign minister Alain Juppe said on 4 Feb 2012: “We made great efforts to accept the amendments presented by Russia and by China. There was no arms embargo, no sanctions, no call for Bashar Assad’s departure in this resolution.” But, Juppe said, Western governments were not prepared to sign a resolution that put the Syrian regime on an equal footing with the opposition forces fighting them. Juppe added that he thinks the regime has been guilty of crimes against humanity. That sort of sentiment resulted in clause 5(c) of the final draft resolution which demanded the Syrian government to “withdraw all Syrian military and armed forces from cities and towns and return them to their original home barracks.” That was a demand for the regime to surrender to the rebels! As Lavrov pointed out, it was a demand the regime could not possibly accept. Lavrov also objected to the fact that the final draft resolution did not acknowledge and rebuke the armed rebels; it placed all blame for violence on the regime. It was therefore effectively supporting one side and opposing the other side in an internal Syrian dispute — that is what Alain Juppe would like to do! We have the Russians and Chinese to thank for preventing it. ,

Allah Souria Ash-Shaab Al-Assad ou bas. Hooray!

February 6th, 2012, 3:36 am


Carl said:

I have created a petition at the whitehouse asking the US to put a No Fly Zone over Syria. Please sign it here:!/petition/put-no-fly-zone-over-syria-and-help-army-defectors-free-syria-bashar-al-assad/cQM1Tf6B

February 6th, 2012, 4:31 am


Dale Andersen said:

[NB. This account is banned for an additonal three weeks. ]

February 6th, 2012, 5:12 am


Tara said:



Good taste!

February 6th, 2012, 6:44 am


SimoHurtta said:

46 This is no Gaza

Hmmmm Amir in Tel Aviv when that same happens in Gaza (=rockets against civilians), and it will happen, do you then support the government’s side (=Israeli government + army) or the defenceless civilians? Have you developed to areal humanist or is here speeking Amir the opportunist from Jaffa.

In reality the situation in the occupied areas and Syria is exactly the same. People want a change and the ruling “system” (Israel not Hamas) doesn’t like that. Pretending that Gaza is an independent entity is absurd.

February 6th, 2012, 7:22 am


mjabali said:

Amir in Tell Aviv:

You are like a mafia boss lecturing us about the importance and merits of the law and asks us to respect it.

Even a little kid can tell that the video you posted in your comment # 45 is fake.

The fire on the roof is fake also. It is one of those smoke stunts they have been doing all along.

I have seen real shelling in my lifetime and as a matter of fact been through some air raids by your state on my town too.

I was in my elementary school class in 1971 (fifth grade always in my memory) when your F4’s came and blasted somethings less than a mile from my school. I know when a 500lb bomb hits and when a missile from a jet fighter hits and what a tank shell do. Also, from my days in that violent part of the world I could tell when a mortar hits and what a multiple rocket launcher would do (notice the man in your video is claiming that he is getting bombed with the multiple rocket launcher Rajema in Arabic)

I do not blame you chief intelligence officer, CNN ran a headline last night that said something to the effect that the Syrian Army has been shelling a town for days. Really? does the video game geeks of CNN know what shelling is? Today they changed it because it was really ludicrous.

These days I do not believe anyone except what I am seeing from death and destruction that is coming from ALL parties.

Call for peace and do not call or glorify violence and please do not try to compare violence with other violence bringing to the table comparisons about who is more violent than who? We need solutions and not people pouring gas into the fire especially if they are arsonists themselves.

February 6th, 2012, 7:55 am


bronco said:

#41 Pirouz

You are right, my point was that to stop the bloodshed, despite the fact that Saddam was loosing the war, Khomeini reluctantly agreed to a unconditional ceasefire. I am waiting this happening in Syria, a unconditional ceasefire as demanded by the Russians.

February 6th, 2012, 7:58 am


zoo said:

Opposition being silenced in Turkey
By Kemal Kılıçdaroglu, Published: February 5
Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is chairman of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the main opposition party in Turkey.

Many in Washington have been debating whether Turkey’s governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) could be a model for the Arab Spring , as our neighbors in the Middle East aspire to get rid of totalitarian regimes and become true democracies. But the reality in Turkey makes clear that the AKP model does not hold.

Our party stands for democracy, secularism, the rule of law, human rights and freedoms. We envision a progressive Turkey where citizens, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, gender or political view, are equal before the law. Building political, economic and cultural walls between people is not consistent with democracy or social justice. Only a nation at peace with itself can be a model for its neighbors. A nation plagued by multiple forms of division and polarization is doomed to failure.

Tactics such as oppression, preying on fear and restricting freedoms can help sustain a government’s rule for only so long. Never in history has a government succeeded in ruling permanently through authoritarian measures. Oppression does not endure; righteousness does. Turkey will be no exception.

February 6th, 2012, 8:14 am


zoo said:

Syria’s Christians continue to stand by Assad regime

Syria’s Christians, a fellow minority, believe they need the ruling Assad regime for protection.
February 6, 2012 06:00

DAMASCUS, Syria — As the announcement was made Saturday evening that Russia and China had vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the actions of the Syrian regime, some Christians inside the country celebrated.

One man from the western Syrian town of Qatana called his relatives to say “mabrook,” or congratulations, on the result of the vote. A lounge bar in Damascus offered two alcoholic drinks for one in a happy hour offer.

But in Christian homes around the country the prevailing sentiment is one of relief rather than delight — they link the survival of the Assad regime to their own.

“Thank god for Russia. Without Russia we are doomed,” said a Christian woman from Damascus recently.

As a fellow minority, Christians have long supported the Alawite regime in order to ensure protection and rights for themselves. The Alawite are a Shiite sect of Islam.

February 6th, 2012, 8:23 am


zoo said:

Arm Assad’s enemies
7:22AM GMT 06 Feb 2012

What can be done in the wake of what William Hague yesterday described as the UN’s “hour of shame”? Hillary Clinton, his American counterpart, has proposed that “friends of democratic Syria” should co-ordinate assistance to Assad’s opponents, on the lines of the recently dissolved Contact Group on Libya. Even if it rules out direct military intervention, such a group should consider supplying weapons to the Free Syrian Army. All the evidence suggests that force alone will end Assad’s misrule.

February 6th, 2012, 8:26 am


Tara said:

Denying the people of Syria to carry arms to defend themselves against the killing machine of Bashar al Assad after the failure of multiple attempts for peaceful transition while justifying HA carrying arms to defend its territory against the Israeli is double thinking.

Bashar al Assad and his army of thugs, by killing thousands of their own people, committed high treason and lost their privilege of being our country
men and became our enemies.

February 6th, 2012, 8:27 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


The Arab-Israeli conflict cannot be compared with what is going on in Syria. I’m against bombing civilians, whether they are Palestinians, Israelis, Iranians or Syrians.

To their astonishment and horror, the Arabs now discover that their rulers can be more ruthless, brutal and cynical then any Israeli government will ever be.

I adore the Arab awakening.

February 6th, 2012, 8:38 am


bronco said:

#55 Tara

Considering that Israel is supported and funded by the international community while the Syria regime is under sanctions by the same international community, this comparison is obviously a figure of style or a convenient fantasy.
As for the comparison between HA and the FSA, just let’s wait for a leader of the FSA like Hassan Nasrallah then maybe you can claim some controversial similarities.
If Ryad al Assad or the fake ‘general’ General Mustafa Al Sheikh sitting in Turkey or A’rour the preacher in Saudi Arabia are the candidate leaders, then we’ll have to wait for very long.

February 6th, 2012, 8:47 am


mjabali said:

Amir in Tell Aviv:

The “Arab Awakening” happened in the 19th C.

You are the one who brought the comparison between what goes on in Syria and compared it to Gaza.

Arabs and Middle Easterners in general ALWAYS wanted liberation and freedom but things did not go their way. Middle Easterners always paid with their lives for freedom. It is nothing new what goes on now.

Your leaders and the Arab rulers are the same in terms of their usage of violence. Your leader and state has a worst record than any of the Arab dictators (probably Saddam is kind of equal to Sharon probably) but since it is not a competition here: they are ALL violent and never believed in peace and flowers.

AS for “awakening” I wonder when the peace and flower people are going to rule your country mr. Amir in Tell Aviv?

February 6th, 2012, 8:55 am


Mawal95 said:

My sensible friends the Russians have some more to say about Syria with which I fully agree:

6 Feb 2012. In a statement on Sunday 5 February the Russian foreign ministry said that the Arab League’s observer mission report included a finding which concurred with the Russian foreign ministry’s own assessment, namely, that it is armed rebel groups who are largely responsible for the violence in Syria. The Russian foreign ministry added that the ministry does not accept the position of some foreign countries that responsibility for the escalating violence should be placed on the Syrian government.

Meanwhile Former Russian Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov in an opinion piece has said that the majority of Syrians support President Bashar al-Assad’s leadership. He also said that violent events in Syria have been committed by armed dissidents operating against the forces of law and order, since the beginning last Spring. And he said Western and Arab news media characterizations of the situation as a forceful government repression of peaceful protests was not objective.

By the way, the Russians are also on record repeatedly wishing for the implementation of the institutional reforms in Syria QUICKLY — with which I fully agree. Where is the new Constitution? Walid Al-Moallem said on 24 Jan 2012 that the new Constitution would be published “within a few days”. I’ve been waiting for it impatiently.

February 6th, 2012, 9:00 am


zoo said:

Will annexed Hatay province become again the home of Syrians, or just the long waited no fly zone?
A potentially dangerous and costly proposal from generous Davutoglu?

Turkey’s doors open to ‘all fleeing Syrians’

Triggering a new balance on Syria after a double-veto at the UN Security Council, Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu declares that Turkey’s doors are open to ‘all Syrians who want to flee from oppression’ at home
Turkish police use tear gas to disperse Syrian protesters as they try to enter the Syrian Consulate in Istanbul yesterday. REUTERS photo

Reacting to the Russian and Chinese veto to a United Nations Security Council resolution to stop killings of civilians by Syrian security sources, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Turkey’s doors are “open to all Syrians who want to flee from opression”.

“We are ready to host them at our homes if necessary” Davutoğlu added, as a part of a new stage to step up pressure on the Beshar al-Assad regime.

The move is intresting since Turkey has announced that there could be only two conditions for Turkish involvement into military action into the Syrian situation; a UN Security Council decision based on humanitarian reasoning and a massive flood of refugees to Turkey.

February 6th, 2012, 9:12 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

BDS Israel? NO. BDS now Russia and China

Isn’t it hilarious?

February 6th, 2012, 9:17 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


I can’t understand how a person like you who suffered this kind of bombardment and from A4 Israeli jets, is now denying the suffering of your Syrian Arab brothers and sisters.

The Youtube clip is not faked. How can reality be faked?

Tell me the truth: do you hate Israel more then you love your Arab brothers and sisters?

February 6th, 2012, 9:25 am


Mawal95 said:

I do not understand the regime’s security strategy because it seems to me it’s not aggressive enough. Bashar in his speech on 10 Jan 2012 said the regime would fight the rebels with an “iron fist”. And Walid Al-Moallem on 24 Jan 2012 said that more aggressive action by the security forces is “a popular demand by the Syrian people”. I have not seen enough of this “iron fist”, which I know the security forces are capable of bringing to bear in practice. I think the military officers have a duty to explain to the Syrian public why they’re not doing their job more aggressively. I’m distressed that neighborhoods in Homs are under the control of armed rebels and the security forces are not promptly attacking the rebels there.

A problem is that when the army goes into a neighborhood, the rebels slink way and disappear. The rebels wisely don’t put up a fight, and don’t get killed. So once the army has gained control of a bad neighborhood it’s necessary for the army to keep its presence in the neighborhood with very considerable numbers of soldiers. If the army withdraws, the rebels will go back in. If the army stays but isn’t present in very considerable numbers, the rebels will try to pick them off with small hit-and-run tactics. Okay. So it’s necessary for the army to take possession and then to hold its possession with lots of men on the ground. The army has more than enough men to do this for every problematic neighborhood in the country today. And the army can keep this up indefinitely for so long as the rebels are at large in the numbers the rebels are at large at today.

February 6th, 2012, 10:05 am


Juergen said:

Mhnbaks rejoice Ambassador Robert Ford has left the country. The embassy was closed and all diplomats have left the country. The state department said that the security of the personal could not be guaranteed by the syrian authorities.
After reading the wikileaks data concerning the syrian regimes aspiration for a long time to get the US to open their embassy, the damage will cost a lot for the syrian regime.

February 6th, 2012, 10:05 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Things are changing so fast that soon, the Arab League will ask Israel to help remove this Assadi Alawi criminal junta.

February 6th, 2012, 10:17 am


Juergen said:


Your hateful speech proove to me that the baseground of the worshippers of the Bashar religion is far worst than i thought. In a bold way i would ask you if you would volunteer to kill one or two terrorists. I dont await answer, i know how inhumane people are who share such hate.

I learned in the ME that people do not forget, ages and times dont matter much, so be prepared that after the downfall of this overdue regime you will find an answer to your quest for more brutality, for more inhumane massacres.

February 6th, 2012, 10:19 am


jad said:

War on the ground, war in the media space: Who is fighting who in Homs today?

Amid the pain that squeezes every Syrian’s heart to see the violence in Syria reaching an unprecedented level, we as observers have the obligation to try to cast some light on the events, using, as usual, an evidence-based approach to journalism that we hope has managed to gain our readers’ confidence over the past months of the Syrian crisis.

Due to the urgent nature of today’s issue, we will present our points briefly and straight to the point. In this report, we will try to answer three questions:

Who is the Syrian army fighting in Homs today?

Who is assaulting civilians?

How credible is the media coverage of the events in Syria today?

Who is the Syrian army fighting in Homs today?

Some news channels have been presenting a remarkable ability in swinging to and fro between talking about the militia now famous worldwide under the code name “The Syrian Free Army (or Syria Free Army)” on one side, and talking about the Syrian army attacking civilians on the other.

In this video, published yesterday Feb 5th, an armed group calling itself “ALLAH Men” is announcing that it had occupied Rastan, a small village near Homs.

This video, also published yesterday, shows the same group using explosives to blow off a police station in the same area.

This video, published 5 days ago, shows a militiaman bragging about attacking and destroying a police checkpoint in Homs, Bab Al Draib. We can clearly see the police vehicle (the word POLICE is shown clearly) completely destroyed.

This video, published today, Feb 6th, shows militia in a neighborhood in Homs, including women carrying machine guns and RPG missile launchers.

This video, published yesterday, shows a group of militiamen, also in Rastan, bragging about storming an army barrack in the area.

This video, published two days ago (Feb 4th), shows militiamen bragging about abducting Syrian soldiers in Khalidia, Homs.

There is a large number of similar videos that show the wide presence of militiamen in Homs and the villages neighboring it, which are tha areas the Syrian army is operating in today. This is supported by numerous posts on opposition Facebook pages talking about victory stories and prevalence of SFA fighters in different areas in Syria, especially in Homs.

Over the past two days, Syria Tribune was able to collect testimonies from many civilians in Homs, stating the wide presence of militiamen in many neighborhoods in the city, including disturbing incidents where families were forced out of their homes at gunpoint, especially in the Christian neighborhood of Hamidya. We abstain from mentioning names at the moment, due to security concerns, but all testimonies are recorded for future verification.

On the other hand:

Al-Akhbar newspaper (Lebanon) published a detailed report covering the presence of a backup territory in the Lebanese area of Wadi Khalid, buzzing with militiamen, fully armed, and very verbal about their intentions to fight in Homs. Please check the report that contains video footages showing those militiamen here, here, and here.

On Alarabiya news channel (KSA), in this report, Ammar Alwawi, a member of FSA, said that “every soldier and officer in the Syrian army is a legitimate target for FSA”, and that “FSA will hit Damascus, all of Damascus”, before the channel announcer corrected him: “You mean military and security centers, not civilian targets, don’t you?”. He colncludes: “We are declaring an armed movement all over the country.”

We can clearly see from the above that the Syrian army is actually facing a paramilitary network, consisting of armed groups working under the umbrella name of SFA.

Who is assaulting civilians?

Concurrently with the UNSC discussions regarding the Syrian crisis, many media outlets escalated their campaigns, focusing on one claim: The Syrian army is assaulting civilians in Homs. The testimonies Syria Tribune gathered from the city was clear in stating that, on the contrary, civilians not supporting the opposition were the ones assaulted excessively over the past week. The testimonies, all recorded for future verification, summarized the assaults as follows:

Shelling pro-government neighborhoods with mortars.

Forcing families to flee Homs at gunpoint.

Death threats to many who do not support the opposition.

Awaiting more evidence that should leak after the military operation returns the city to the government’s control, we can provide the following:

The footage shown on Aljazeera last Saturday as proof for the alleged massacre in Khalidya, Homs, contains images like the one in the frame to the right. The victims, who supposedly died in the “random bombardment”, are shown with their hands tied up. Why would they be tied up under bombardment? And why are their bodies intact, not in pieces as one would expect? This supports the other story, saying those were the kidnapped civilians abducted over the past weeks by armed militia, killed and gathered in one place. Those who were shooting the video did not find enough time to untie them.

This terrible video shows the armed groups near Idleb, bragging about executing a civilian accused of being a “regime spy”. The victim, identified as Mohamad Meri, was caught talking to the Arab League observers last month, as shown in the same video above. We believe that he was punished for this, as the AL Observers report came largely in favor of the Syrian government.

This video shows an FSA group bragging about capturing some Iranian men, and claiming they were fighting with the Syrian army. One couldn’t help wondering why would soldiers and officers carry their passports with them to the battlefield. The Iranian authorities stated that the kidnapped are civilian workers in a power plant in Homs.

There is credible evidence that the armed groups working under the umbrella name FSA have been assaulting civilians for months. We will wait for a more secure situation in the city of Homs before we publish the testimonies we have, especially with regards to forcing families out of their homes.

How credible is the media coverage of the events in Syria today?

Besides what we have already mentioned above regarding the alleged massacre in Khalidya the night before the UNSC meeting (Also discussed by Syria Tribune Editor on RT in this coverage), there have been some questionable reports over the past few hours.

Earlier today, Aljazeera posted a news flash claiming that the Syrian army is using military aircrafts to bombard Baba Amro in Homs, and although Aljazeera Mobashar, the live channel, was broadcasting live from the area, we saw no aircrafts at all, as the “eye witness” was claiming that they were in action as he spoke.

In this report, the alleged “eye witness”, the one and only Danny, famous for his contradicting stories that he told BBC last year, claims they counted up to 500 causalities, amongst which over 200 died. But the burial ceremony the next day did not show the number of coffins any close to this. Moreover, no video footages were posted apart from the questionable one that appeared the same day, with victims tied up.

This video, produced by a Facebook network, shows a comparison between images posted by Syria Alshaab Channel on its Facebook page, and images from other places, such as Palestine. It is very clear that the channel forged its coverage, using fake images from other places, claiming they are for victims in Homs.

In this report on Alarabiya News Channel, the “eye witness” speaking with amazing coorination with the announcer, claims the Syrian army is using “thermal rockets” (!!) in its shelling, as well as helicopters, again with no concrete proof, despite the live coverage accompanying the report.

Although the image is still not completely clear, We urge all our readers to practice the maximum skepticism on what they will be hearing in the news today and the coming days.

February 6th, 2012, 10:35 am


jad said:

As’ad of FSA declares the SNC as a failure and a traitor to the ‘Syrian people’ and he threats to attack it soon!
As if this terrorist didn’t kill enough Syrians to start his new mission of killing the SNC members too:

” المجلس الوطني” يطلّق “الجيش الحر “.. و رياض الأسعد يصف المجلس بأنه ” متآمر على الشعب السوري”

فتح رياض الأسعد رئيس ما يسمى ” الجيش السوري الحر” النار على ” المجلس الوطني ” المعارض، ووصفه بانه ” متآمر على الشعب السوري”.
وقال ” الأسعد” في مداخلة على قناة ” بي بي سي” البريطانية ” إن موقف المجلس الوطني إلى الآن موقف كلام (..) لم نتلقى أي دعم من المجلس الوطني حتى الآن(..) موقف المجلس هو من موقف الجامعة العربية وهو موقف فاشل”.
وتابع ” إن لم يستدرك الأمر فنحن سنقف ضد المجلس المتآمر على الشعب السوري (..) فهذا المجلس أثبت انه غير قادر على مجاراة وحماية الشعب السوري ولم يقدم للشعب اي دعم مادي أو ميداني”.
وحول الاتفاق بين ما يسمى ” الجيش الحر” و” المجلس الوطني” المعارض، أشار “الأسعد” إلى أن الاتفاق” ألغي”، وقال ” نحن نعمل نعمل دون اي غطاء سياسي، المجلس يقف ضد الشعب، و لم يقدم اي دعم حتى دعم انساني، وعليه إن لم يكن قادرا على قيادة المرحلة أن يرحل و يأتي باشخاص أكفاء لقيادة المرحلة”.
وتزامن تصريحات ” الأسعد” مع إعلان تأسيس ما يسمى “المجلس العسكري الثوري الاعلى” ليحل محل ما يسمى “الجيش السوري الحر”.
وقال المجلس في بيان ان قائده هو العميد الركن مصطفى أحمد الشيخ الذي فر الى تركيا. والمتحدث باسم المجلس هو الرائد ماهر الرحمون النعيمي الذي كان متحدثا باسم الجيش السوري الحر، كما ورد في البيان.
عكس السير

العقيد رياض الاسعد: المجلس الوطني متآمرعلى الشعب وخائن

February 6th, 2012, 10:45 am


Mawal95 said:

Thanks JAD #68 that’s a good article. From that article here’s a good example of what the security forces should not be tolerating on Homs streets, uploaded at youtube today:

Here’s another outrage that the security forces are tolerating in Homs:

February 6th, 2012, 10:53 am


irritated said:


Soon we will have the chemical weapons episode…..

The Syrian army will be accused of using Khalabja like poisonous gas on civilians. More theatrical and bloody videos will popup on Youtube and facebook demonizing even more the Syrian army and horrifying the international community.
After the humiliation inflicted on the Qatarmafia, no wonder they will pull out of the stops to get the proper personal revenge.

February 6th, 2012, 10:56 am


Revlon said:

1. Pirouz:
General AlSheikh is second in command of military intelligence in northern Syria!
Such position makes him a credible witness on the status of readiness of the Syrian army, more than any other “virtual” military analyst.

Please note that he has a 36years of service in the army.
He would not have jumped the ship and risked his future in the army and harm to himself and his family had it not for his certainty that Assad army ship was not just about to sink, but was actually sinking.

((You said: The many YouTube videos that are available from all sources do not confirm the General’s description.))

So, what Youtube videos have you seen that do not confirm, and what videos do you deem necessary and confirmatory of the following General’s points about Assad army?
-Only a third of the army was at combat readiness due to defections or absenteeism?
-Remaining 2/3rds were demoralised?
-Most of its Sunni officers had fled, been arrested, or sidelined?
-Most of Its equipment was degraded?

February 6th, 2012, 10:58 am


Revlon said:

1. Pirouz:
(( For example, There is no evidence that entire units have crossed over to FSyA)).

A team is as strong as its weakest link!
A team’s standard performance decline’s with the decline of that of its elements, irrespective of the type of their contribution.
In a nutshell; you do need to lose an entire cadre of special forces unit, a General, an infantry expert, or an intelligence officer to fail a mission.
It is enough to lose kitchen chef, a driver of a supply truck, low rank combat officer, or any of the ranks, physically or to mistrust to be doomed.

(( You said: SyA MBTs appear to have been equipped with recent upgrades))

You did not show Youtube video/s, PIROUZ!
One is not enough either! The videos need to document that the supplies remedied the deficit.

((You said: Government videos depict full strength or near full strength units on the move, in a high state of morale (hard to stage such a thing).))

“In military science, there are two meanings to morale. Primarily it means unit cohesion, the cohesion of a unit, task force, or other military group. An army with good supply lines, sound air cover and a clear objective can be said to possess, as a whole, “good morale” or “high morale.” (From wikipedia on Morale)

The above description, particularly the unit cohesion currently applies only to the pure, or nearly pure Alawis units, namely the Republican Guards, which is a small fraction of Assad army!

Good supply lines apply to none of Assad army units.

February 6th, 2012, 11:03 am


jad said:

Actually, according to this article, FSA with the help of the French are already planning for a chemical weapon’s attack to escalate the situation and take it to another level..hint (WMD)..(Iraq)! few days ago an alarming news that didn’t take much attention was about fsa fighters attack on a military truck with chemical weapons where they confiscate the materials.

مصدر روسي : توجه مدير المخابرات الخارجية إلى سوريا يعني أن هناك حدثا أمنيا كبيرا سيقع

المخابرات الروسية وضعت أيديها على أدلة ووثائق تدين “المجلس الوطني السوري” بالتآمر مع الفرنسيين لارتكاب “مجزرة تحت الطلب” بالاسلحة الكيميائية!؟

شبه جزيرة القرم / البحر الأسود ـ الحقيقة ( خاص من : يوليا فيربتسكايا + مكتب التحرير): أثار قرار الرئاسة الروسية إيفاد مدير المخابرات الخارجية ،”ميخائيل فرادكوف” ، بصحبة وزير الخارجية سيرجي لافروف إلى سوريا بعد غد الثلاثاء سؤالا كبيرا في الدوائر الأمنية والإعلامية الروسية . ورغم أن جميع المصادر الإعلامية الروسية التي اتصلنا بها ، في موسكو وشبه جزيرة القرم، أجمعت على أنها لم تتحصل على أية معلومات بشأن ذلك ، إلا أنها أجمعت في الآن نفسه على أن” حدثا أمنيا كبيرا سيقع في سوريا و / أو المنطقة قريبا (…) وفي الحد الأدنى إن هناك تدابير يجري العمل عليها بين سوريا وروسيا لمنع مثل هذا الحدث من الوقوع ومواجهته”. ولفتت هذه المصادر إلى “إن تقاليد العمل الديبلوماسي في حقبتيها السوفييتية والروسية علمتنا أن رجال المخابرات ، لاسيما مدير المخابرات الخارجية، لا يرافقون الديبلوماسيين في زيارات خاصة إلى الخارج إلا إذا كان هناك قضية أمنية أوسع من كونها محلية ، وهو التفسير الوحيد لتوجه فرادكوف بصحبة لافروف إلى سوريا”. وقال مصدر إعلامي وثيق الصلة بقسم الشرق الأوسط في وزارة الخارجية الروسية لـ”الحقيقة” إن فرادكوف “لم يقترب من ملف الأزمة السورية منذ اندلاعها إلا فيما يتعلق بأبعادها وذيولها واستطالاتها الإقليمية والدولية ، وظل بمنأى عن تفاصيلها السياسية الداخلية . ولهذا فإن توجهه إلى سوريا بصحبة وزير الخارجية يعني أن قضية أمنية كبيرة تتصل بالأبعاد الإقليمية والدولية للأزمة السورية سنشهد فصولها قريبا”. وربط المصدر بين توجه فرادكوف إلى دمشق و المعلومات التي نشرت خلال الأيام الأخيرة ، منقولة عن وزير الدفاع الأميركي ، ليون بانيتا، عن أن إسرائيل يمكن أن تهاجم إيران خلال هذا الربيع دون موافقة واشنطن. ومن المعلوم أن هجوما من هذا النوع يعني حكما توسع المواجهة تلقائيا لتطال لبنان وسوريا. وقال المصدر في هذا السياق” إن لدى موسكو معلومات أمنية جيدة التوثيق تشير إلى أن الإسرائيليين سيهاجمون لبنان وسوريا وقطاع غزة على الأرجح ، في آن معا ، فور اندلاع المواجهة مع إيران ، وربما قبل ذلك . ومن الواضح أن لديهم ضوءا أخضر بهذا الأمر من الولايات وحلفائها بعد أن استخدمت روسيا والصين حق النقض ضد مشروع القرار الغربي ـ العربي ، باعتبار ذلك الوسيلة الوحيدة المتبقية لإسقاط النظام السوري بالقوة المسلحة”. ولفت مصدر آخر إلى أن فرادكوف “وبحكم كونه منحدرا من الطائفة اليهودية ، يتمتع بوضعية خاصة سمحت له أن يكون على تواصل مع دوائر صنع القرار في إسرائيل ، رغم أنه يعتبر مواطنا روسيا مخلصا جدا لوطنه الروسي وكان من أبرز المعارضين لهجرة المواطنين الروس اليهود إلى إسرائيل ، ويتمتع بثقة الطاقم السياسي والعسكري الروسي ، لاسيما رئيس الوزراء فلاديمير بوتين”.

على صعيد متصل ، وفيما يتعلق بزيارة فرادكوف إلى سوريا أيضا، كشف مصدر في قاعدة “سيباستوبول” البحرية على البحر الأسود لـ”الحقيقة” أن الاستخبارات الخارجية الروسية وضعت يديها ، من بين معطيات أخرى، على معلومات تتعلق بـ”مجزرة بالأسلحة الكيميائية” ، شبيهة بمجزرة حلبجة العراقية العام 1988 ولكن على نحو مصغّر، كان مخططا لها أن تنفذ خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية في سوريا من قبل المعارضة وليس السلطة السورية. وأكد المصدر أن المعلومات الموثقة التي حصلت عليها موسكو بهذه الخصوص تؤكد أن أجهزة الاستخبارات الفرنسية ( وربما الأميركية أيضا) ناقشت مع العقيد رياض الأسعد قائد ما يسمى ” الجيش الحر” ، وبمعرفة قياديين من الصف الأول في المجلس الوطني السوري، تنفيذ عملية قصف بمدافع الهاون / المورتر لمناطق في ” جبل الزاوية” بسورية ، سواء منها الحرجية حيث يختبىء مسلحو “الجيش الحر” والمقاتلون الليبيون والعرب الآخرون الذين دخلوا سوريا خلال الأسابيع الأخيرة، أو في منطقة مأهولة بالسكان مثل جسر الشغور. كما أن الخيار وقع أيضا على الأحياء السكنية التي تسيطر عليها لمعارضة المسلحة في مدينة حمص . وأكد المصدر أن “بضع قذائف مورتر محشوة بالفوسفور الأبيض أو غاز الخردل وربما غاز السارين ، وكلها أسلحة متوفرة في ترسانة الجيش السوري ، كانت على وشك تسليمها إلى مقاتلي الجيش السوري الحر ، وربما سلمت فعلا بعد أن طبع عليها علامات الصناعات العسكرية السورية”. وأشار المصدر إلى أن المخابرات الخارجية الروسية “حصلت على هذه المعلومات من ثلاثة مصادر أحدها ضابط يعمل مع رياض الأسعد ، بينما المصدر الآخر عضو في المجلس الوطني السوري الذي يترأسه البروفيسور برهان غليون ، أما المصدر الثالث فهو أحد عملاء المخابرات الروسية في تركيا”. وأضاف المصدر” إن معلومات المخابرات الروسية ، وعلى الأرجح هذا ما سيبلغه رئيسها للسوريين إن لم يكن أبلغهم بذلك مسبقا ، تشير إلى أن المجزرة الكيميائية كانت ستنفذ الأسبوع الماضي من أجل عقد جلسة طارئة لمجلس الأمن تقرر تشكيل لجنة تحقيق دولية في الأمر . لكن المجزرة لم تنفذ لسبب ليس معلوما بعد ، ربما يكون انكشاف أمرها من قبل الاستخبارات الروسية. ولعل هذا ما دفعهم إلى الاستعاضة عنها كما يبدو بمجزرة حمص التي جرى الحديث في وسائل الإعلام فور وقوعها عن أنها أودت بحياة أكثر من ثلائمة ضحية وحوالي ستمئة جريح ، لكن تبين خلال الساعات القليلة الماضية أن الضحايا أقل من أربعين جميعهم على الأرجح من الرهائن . ويكشف الرقم المرعب الذي جرى تداوله في وسائل الإعلام فور وقوع المجزرة عن أنها كانت مدبرة فقط من أجل جلسة مجلس الأمن. وقد لاحظ الجميع أن الأمر غاب عن وسائل الإعلام فور انتهاء التصويت على القرار الغربي ـ العربي ، أي فور الانتهاء من الحاجة إلى توظيفها سياسيا في الجلسة المذكورة”!؟

ولدى استغراب “الحقيقة” من إمكانية إقدام تلك الجهات على تنفيذ مجزرة كيميائية لتحقيق غرض سياسي حتى وإن كان بحجم تجريم نظام بأهمية النظام السورية ، أو “مجزرة تحت الطلب “Mail-Order Massacre وفق مصطلحات أجهزة الاستخبارات، كشف المصدر عن أن وكالة المخابرات المركزية الأميركية و المخابرات الفرنسية سلمت المنظمات الإسلامية الأصولية في أفغانستان خلال الثمنينيات ، بالتعاون مع برنار هنري ـ ليفي ، مدافع مورتر وقذائف فوسفورية وأقنعة ضد الغازات ، وطلبت منهم استخدامها ضد تجمعات بشرية أفغانية ، وقد ضبطت الاستخبارات السوفييتية هذه المعدات قبل استخدامها ( صورتها منشورة جانبا). وتساءل المصدر : هل هي محض مصادفة أن برنار هنري ـ ليفي هذا الذي سلم المنظمات الأصولية في أفغانستان أسلحة فوسفورية هو نفسه الذي يتولى الآن تنظيم العلاقة بين المخابرات الفرنسية والجيش السوري الحر؟ وهل هي مصادفة أنه ، وفور عودته من لقائه الأخير مع رياض الأسعد في تركيا ، أنشأ مكتبا إعلاميا لـ”الجيش السوري الحر” في باريس وسلم إدارته لشريكته في “جمعية أنقذوا سوريا” السيدة لمى الأتاسي؟ وهل هي مصادفة أيضا أن السيدة الأتاسي تعمل مع المخابرات الفرنسية والأوساط الإسرائيلية في باريس منذ سنوات عديدة؟

أسبوع لـ”الحسم العسكري” .. يليه قرار دولي بوقف إطلاق النار؟

المصدر نفسه ، ولجهة ما يتعلق بزيارة وزير الخارجية لافروف ومدير الاستخبارات الخارجية ، رجح أن يكون من بين أهداف الزيارة البحث مع السلطات السورية في إمكانية إنجاز “حسم عسكري خلال أسبوع أو عشرة أيام ، على أن تقوم روسيا بعدها بالدعوة إلى عقد جلسة طارئة لمجلس الأمن ، وهذا حقها، من أجل إعلان وقف إطلاق نار فوري. وفي حال عدم استجابة الطرف الآخر لذلك ، يكون من حق السلطات السورية المضي في عملياتها العسكرية دون أي رادع ، باعتبار أن ذلك سيكون في مواجهة تمرد عسكري”. و كشف المصدر في هذا السياق عن أن وحدات كبيرة من ” قوات التدخل السريع الروسية / سبيتسناز Спецназ جرى حشدها خلال الأيام القليلة الماضية في قاعدة ” سيباستوبول” البحرية على البحر الأسود ( شبه جزيرة القرم)، لافتا إلى أن هذه القوات سبق لها أن قامت بتدريب قوات ” الحرس الجمهوري ” و ” القوات الخاصة” في سوريا في فترات سابقة.

February 6th, 2012, 11:07 am


Revlon said:

((You said: The clock is running for the General’s dire prediction of a SyA collapse in February.))

Assad army started to crack at the level of mental allegiance since Alqash3ami defected in late March of 2011; cracks has been steadily widening since.

The collapse of Assad army has actually started a few weeks back. The strongest indicator was its defeating deal with Zabadani FSA units in return for safe withdrawal of its distressed units.

Further collapse shall take the shape of more ground concessions to FSA and retaliatory shelling of lost grounds with more massacres against civilians.

Collapse shall not be apocalyptic to be witnessed in one day or demonstrated by a single Youtube; It will be gradual, steady, and pervasive. It can be deduced from watching hundreds of Youtubes over weeks or months.

One thing is certain. Assad army collapse has gathered enough momentum that by itself shall bring the rest of its foundations down.

((If it doesn’t happen, it’s yet another blow to the credibility of the FSyA.))

It is already happening, PIROUZ!

February 6th, 2012, 11:08 am


Juergen said:


Sarkozy is not that crazy to get reelection by using banned military goods to be deployed by the FSA. May be thats the new plan of the regime, they should have enough of that stuff in their hands.

Any website or news agency which bears the name truth in it will bring all kind of opinions ´but surely no truth. Its like a country which has democratic in his name, its usually the opposite or do you consider North Korea a democratic country?

February 6th, 2012, 11:24 am


jad said:

“Appointing” not ‘Electing” Fayez Sara (Not George Sabra!) instead of Ghalyoun as the new face of SNC
لمجلس الاسطنبولي يعين فايز سارة رئيسا له بدلا من برهان غليون

The Hawk Zibaleh defected from the SNC. My guess is that he will join the new Hawks ‘change current’:
رضوان زيادة يعلن انشقاقه عن مجلس….

And Mo is giving out the steps that will be taken by the AL and asking as he did before for Syrians to ‘demonstrate’ instead of his all of ‘destroy’ the Syrian and Russian embassies everywhere, I wonder why he didn’t ass the Chinese embassies to his list of targets:

Mohammad Al Abdallah
خطة طوارئ عمل لإنقاذ حمص والزبداني وسائر الأماكن التي تتعرض لقصف عنيف:

1- إتصالات مكثفة يجريها المجلس الوطني السوري مع وزراء الخارجية العرب لينتج عنها دعوة مباشرة للإنعقاد الفوري للجنة الوزارية العربية.

2- تتخذ اللجنة الوزارية العربية قرارات فورية بطرد السفراء السوريين المعتمدين لديها (على غرار ما فعلته تونس)، وسحب سفراءها من دمشق.

3- الشروع بتطبيق العقوبات العربية التي أشارت إليها اللجنة الوزارية العربية سابقاً بشكل فوري. حظر للطيران التجاري، منع سفر، عقوبات إقتصادية.

4- تكثيف الإتصالات مع وزراء خارجية الإتحاد الأوربي والولايات المتحدة والتوجه إلى الأمم المتحدة فوراً لعقد جلسة فورية للهيئة العامة للأمم المتحدة لإتخاذ قرار يدين جرائم النظام السوري ويدعو إلى فرض العقوبات وطرد السفراء.

5- يجب على القرار إعلان حمص منطقة منكوبة وإرسال بعثات من الصليب الأحمر الدولي لتدخل الأماكن المحاصرة.

6- ضرورة صدور بيان من المجلس الوطني السوري يخاطب وزير الخارجية الروسي يحمله مسؤولية ما يجري ويطالبه بالضغط على الأسد لوقف الحملة العسكرية فوراً.

المطلوب من المتظاهرين في الداخل القيام بتظاهرات حاشدة في جميع المدن قدر الإمكان، لا سيما تلك البعيدة عن حمص. التظاهرات الكبيرة سترسل رسالة للنظام باستمرار الثورة حتى لا يفكر النظام بسحق حمص على أمل وأد الثورة.

المطلوب من السوريين المقيمين في الخارج التظاهر بأعداد كبيرة أمام السفارات السورية والروسية. تبدأ المظاهرة أمام أحدها وتنتهي أمام الأخرى فنضمن مشاركة الجميع أمام السفارتين ولا تنقسم التظاهرات ويقل عددها.

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February 6th, 2012, 11:28 am


Revlon said:

Announcement of the formation of the AlMutasem Phalange in Hama country side.
تشكيل كتيبة المعتصم بالله في ريف حماه
Uploaded by MESILVERGHOST on Feb 3, 2012

February 6th, 2012, 11:52 am


bronco said:


I think the SNC has been scolded for it support of violence and the FSA.
I guess they have received strong instructions from the US and the western countries that as long as they call for violence, they stand no chance to be “recognized” by any country as valid alternative to the Syrian regime. So they are in the process of reviewing their strategy. The removal of Ghalioun and the resignation of some warmongers may open the door to the ‘dialog’ with the government that the Russians are pushing hard.
This may marginalize the FSA and create tension within the opposition that may divide it even further.

By the way there was a call for sunday-monday “massive’ strikes, any success this time?

February 6th, 2012, 11:53 am


Revlon said:

In front of a massive demonstration in Homs, Commander of Special force unit of FSA announces the destruction and take over of two Assad forces command posts in Rastan on 31/01/ and 01/02/2012.
بيان كتيبة المهام الخاصة النقيب رواد الأكسح امام المتظاهرين
Uploaded by abolaith1000 on Feb 3, 2012

February 6th, 2012, 12:01 pm


Revlon said:

Syrian National Council المجلس الوطني السوري

SNC received intelligence information of an impending second attack by a force of 4000 of Assad Republican Guards and 4th division on the neighbourhood of Khalidiya in Homs city.
7 hours ago
خاص – حمص (حي الخالدية – هجوم) (06 شباط/ فبراير 2012) (SCMC)
نـــــــــــــــــــداء عاجـــــــــــــــل
تلقى المجلس الوطني السوري قبل قليل معلومات ذات مصداقية عالية بقيام النظام بحشد قرابة 4 آلاف جندي من الحرس الجمهوري والفرقة الرابعة لمعاودة الهجوم على حي الخالدية في قلب حمص، وقد بدأ النظام بالتمهيد للهجوم بقصف بواسطة المفعية الميدانية والهاون.
والمجلس يجدد دعوته للمنظمات والهيئات والأطراف العربية والدولية للتحرك العاجل لمنع استمرار المجزرة في مدينة حمص الباسلة وللأخذ على يد عصابة الإجرام الأسدية.​Syrian.Centre

المركز السوري للإعلام والاتصال | Syrian Centre for Media & Communication

المركز السوري للإعلام والاتصال مؤسسة غير ربحية تابعة للمكتب الإعلامي في المجلس الوطني السوري، وهدفها تعزيز التواصل بين المجلس الوطني وكافة القوى السياسية والشبابية المعارضة في سورية ووسائل الإعلام كافة، إلى جانب نقل أخبار الثورة إلى العالم وتحقيق التفاعل البناء بين الخبر والحدث في سورية والوسط الإعلامي عربياً وعالمياً.

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February 6th, 2012, 12:26 pm


Tara said:

Is Fayez Sarah Alawi?

February 6th, 2012, 12:32 pm


Son of Damascus said:


I believe Mr. Sara is Christian, not Allawi.

February 6th, 2012, 12:41 pm


Tara said:

Russia has no basis to be the other pole in a “bipolar” world. It is a prototype of corruption failure, arm sales, and mafia rule. Can some one list us what qualifies Russia (after the fall of the USSR) to be called a pole?

Before qualifying as a “pole”, they should come out with a plan to reverse the trend of Russian women leaving their country to work in prostitution or in domestic help.

February 6th, 2012, 12:47 pm


ann said:

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the head of its Foreign Intelligence Service, Mikhail Fradkov, will meet with Assad tomorrow in Damascus. Russia is counting on planned talks to encourage the Syrian government and its opponents to hold negotiations, the Foreign Ministry said.

Lavrov said that his country asked western and Arab nations to wait until after the Russian diplomatic mission to Damascus before putting to a vote their resolution on Syria. “It was absolutely realistic” to reach a deal on the UN resolution, Lavrov said today in comments broadcast on state television.

February 6th, 2012, 12:48 pm


jad said:

Fayez Sarah was quick to deny the news of appointing him as the new face of SNC, something is happening behind the doors.
Obama freezes Iran money in the States including the central bank accounts, I’m guessing a war is coming to the region soon:

فايز سارة ينفي انتخابه رئيساً لـ”المجلس الوطني السوري” (“السفير”)

نفى المعارض السوري فايز سارة ما تناقلته بعض وسائل الإعلام عن انتخابه رئيساً
لـ”المجلس الوطني السوري” خلفاً لبرهان غليون.

وقالت مصادر مقربة من سارة لـ”السفير” إن الخبر عارٍ تماماً عن الصحة.

At least the Russians didn’t force other nations women to sell their bodies to feed their children and become with no home like your beloved Americans and Brits did to Iraqi’s women.

February 6th, 2012, 12:50 pm


Revlon said:

المجلس الوطني السوري لـ(الزمان): موسكو نسقت الفيتو مع الحملة علي حماة وسليماني في قيادة العمليات
القتلي 56 وكلينتون تتعهد تجفيف تمويل واردات الأسلحة لسوريا

لندن ــ نضال الليثي
دمشق ــ أنقرة ــ ميونيخ
القاهرة ــ الزمان:
05/02/2012كشف المجلس الوطني السوري المعارض لـ(الزمان) امس: ان غرفة عمليات يترأسها الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد وتضم شقيقه ماهر الاسد وصهره آصف شوكت وابن خاله رامي مخلوف وقاسم سليماني قائد فيلق القدس في الحرس الثوري الايراني تدير العمليات العسكرية ضد المحتجين والنشطاء والمنشقين عن الجيش في المدن السورية وبعلم الحكومة الروسية التي لجأت الي استخدام الفيتو ضد قرار حول سوريا، وقال احمد رمضان عضو اللجنة التنفيذية والناطق باسم المجلس الوطني لـ(الزمان) امس: ان المجلس اخذ علماً بهذه الحملة قبل ساعات من إعلانها علي حماة والتي انتقلت امس الي جبل الزاوية.
Jr presides over a special operational command council that include his brother, cousin, brother in-law, and Qasem Suleimani of Iran. Its goal is to regain control of lost territories by using more force to inflict up to 2000 casualties a day.

فيما بلغ عدد القتلي نتيجة المواجهات أمس 56 بينهم 28 عسكرياً من الجيش السوري حسب المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان . فيما وقعت اشتباكات في ادلب وفرقت قوات الامن تظاهرة في داريرا وقتل القناصة مدنياً في السباق كما قصفت المروحيات حي البياضة في حمص. في وقت واصل الجيش قصف القري عند الحدود مع تركيا.

وقال رمضان ان الحملة يشارك فيها الحرس الجمهوري والفرقة الرابعة المدرعة التي يقودها شقيق الرئيس السوري ووحدات منتقاة من باقي الفرق العسكرية مدتها خمسة ايام ومسموح لها بقتل ألفين.

واشار إلي ان ايران وروسيا علي اطلاع بهذه المعلومات وزودتا النظام بالاسلحة لتنفيذها. وقال رمضان: ان زيارة وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف الي دمشق سيكون في خامس يوم الحملة اي عند انتهائها حتي يأخذ علما مع رئيس المخابرات الروسية الذي سيرافقه بالنتائج للاتفاق مع الاسد علي خطة جديدة وفق النتائج المتحققة علي الأرض. وقال: ان سليماني يدير عمليات الحرس الثوري المشاركين من مقرين الاول في كفر سوسة والثاني في المزة بدمشق.

من جانبها قالت وزارة الخارجية الروسية امس ان لافروف سيسعي خلال زيارته المقبلة الي دمشق الي الدفع من اجل تطبيق الاصلاحات. وقال رمضان لـ(الزمان): ان الفيتو الروسي الصيني اعطي للاسد رخصة للقتل . واضاف: ان موسكو وبكين تشاركانه الجريمة. واوضح رمضان ان المجلس الوطني سيتوجه الي الجمعية العامة للامم المتحدة لحشد الدعم الدولي اضافة الي الانخراط في مجموعة عمل دولية دعا اليها الرئيس نيكولا ساركوزي وتضم عددا من الدول العربية وحكومات صديقة. وحول زيارة لافروف الي دمشق قال رمضان: ان روسيا لا تملك مقومات الوساطة والنزاهة وهي شركة في اراقة دماء السوريين.

وعلي لافروف ان يطأطئ رأسه من تزويد النظام بالسلاح الذي يقتل به النساء والاطفال.
واكد علي التمسك بمبادرة الجامعة العربية، وقال: ان علي الاسد التنحي وتحويل صلاحياته لنائبه لتشكيل حكومة وفاق وطني.

February 6th, 2012, 12:52 pm


Tara said:


Thanks. Would the Syrian Christians be won over with a SNC leader who is Christian? I do not believe so. Those who chose to continue to support evil, whether Sunni, Alawi, or Christisns have a “visceral” issues that can not be overcome. Sadly, when someone chooses to position him/herself on the wrong side of humanity.

February 6th, 2012, 12:54 pm


ann said:

84. Tara said:

“”Russian women leaving their country to work in prostitution or in domestic help.””

is this acceptable language under the strict rules of posting on SC?!

February 6th, 2012, 12:54 pm


Tara said:


I think it is acceptable. I am describing a status quo and not insulting a commenter per se. I am sorry if you are Russian and feel hurt. That of course not applicable to all Russian women. I wish the Russian regime address this problem because it is widespread.

February 6th, 2012, 1:00 pm


ann said:

The fall of the regime is only a matter of time, President Barack Obama said in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show. “It is very important for us to try to resolve this without recourse to outside military intervention and I think that’s possible,” he said.

The U.S. has suspended operations at its embassy in Syria, the State Department said today in an e-mailed statement.

Ambassador Robert Ford and all American personnel have left the country, the department said. The surge in violence in Syria “has raised serious concerns that our embassy is not sufficiently protected against armed attack,” it said.

February 6th, 2012, 1:01 pm


jad said:

U.S. Leak on Israeli Attack Weakened a Warning to Netanyahu

“WASHINGTON, Feb 4, 2012 (IPS) – When Defence Secretary Leon Panetta told Washington Post columnist David Ignatius this week that he believes Israel was likely to attack Iran between April and June, it was ostensibly yet another expression of alarm at the Israeli government’s threats of military action.

But even though the administration is undoubtedly concerned about that Israeli threat, the Panetta leak had a different objective. The White House was taking advantage of the current crisis atmosphere over that Israeli threat and even seeking to make it more urgent in order to put pressure on Iran to make diplomatic concessions to the United States and its allies on its nuclear programme in the coming months.

The real aim of the leak brings into sharper focus a contradiction in the Barack Obama administration’s Iran policy between its effort to reduce the likelihood of being drawn into a war with Iran and its desire to exploit the Israeli threat of war to gain diplomatic leverage on Iran.

The Panetta leak makes it less likely that either Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Iranian strategists will take seriously Obama’s effort to keep the United States out of a war initiated by an Israeli attack. It seriously undercut the message carried to the Israelis by Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, last month that the United States would not come to Israel’s defence if it launched a unilateral attack on Iran, as IPS reported Feb. 1. ”

February 6th, 2012, 1:02 pm


Revlon said:

كيلو : حلب تتحرك والنظام يعترف 12 الف شهيد والاسد لن يحصل على 2 % بانتخابات حرة

2012/02/06نشر فى: مقالات وتحليلات

Kilo to Akhbar Al Yom:
• حلب بدأت التحرّك وستقرر مستقبل سوريا
– Aleppo has started to rise and will determine Syria’s future.
• 70% من الشعب ضد النظام
-70% of Syrian people are against the regime.
• أحد الضباط المقربين من القصر اعترف بـ 12 الف قتيل
-An officer, close to the palace acknowledges the killing of 12,000 people.
• الأسد لن يحصل على أكثر من 2% من الأصوات في أي انتخابات حرة
– In any free elections, Assad will not win more than 2% of the votes!
باريس – بسّام الطيارة – اخبار بوم

يعد ميشيل كيلو من المعارضين السوريين الأساسيين في الفترة السابقة للثورة على نظام الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد، وهو عانى كثيراً من الاعتقال الذي لم يوقفه عن إبداء رأيه في النظام. مع اندلاع الثورة، أبقى كيلو على رأيه الحر، غير المرتبط بأي من الهياكل المستحدثة للمعارضة السورية، رغم خروجه من سوريا قبل ثلاثة أشهر. كيلو يرى أن بذور الثورة السورية الحالية بدأت منذ العام 1963، ويشير إلى أن المدن الكبرى بدأت تتحرك. ويجزم بأن اكثر من 70% من الشعب السوري ضد النظام، وأن الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد لن يحرز أكثر من 2% من الأصوات في أي انتخابات رئاسية حرة وديموقراطية. ويؤكد كيلو أن عدد القتلى والجرحى والمعتقلين أكبر من ما يروّج له. ويشير إلى المعارضة لا تنظم الشارع، هي تكتفي بدعمه، فالشارع تقوده حركة شبابية يئست من إمكان التغيير.

• تعيد بذور الثورة إلى وصول «حزب البعث» إلى السلطة، لماذا؟
• نعم، لأنه مع ثورة ١٩٦٣ وصل نظام شمولي وضع يده على الحياة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية لسوريا. ولهذا قامت محاولات ثورية في الاعوام ١٩٦٥ و١٩٧٢ و١٩٧٩ وصولاً إلى ثورتنا اليوم في ٢٠١١. وأعود بالذاكرة إلى محاولات لمعارضات سورية سياسية، منها الليبرالية والقومية والشيوعية، التي استدار النظام عليها وطوعها بادخالها في ما يسمى «جبهة القومية التقدمية»، ما سبب باضمحلال أدوار الأحزاب السياسية، وخصوصاً بعد انقلاب الأسد الأب حيث بدأت الانشقاقات عن هذه الأحزب. المعارضون دخلوا السجون بالآلاف، فظن العالم أن الشعب السورية يدعم النظام. ولكن هذا لم يكن الواقع. في سوريا وجد دائماً مجتمعان: مجتمع السلطة الذي كان يملك القوة والثروة ورقابة الحياة المدنية، ومجتمع المواطنين الذين يعملون ويسعون بعيداً عن النظام للمحافظة على حريتهم، وهؤلاء هم الذين يقومون اليوم بهذه الثورة.
الثورة اليوم هي وليدة هذا المجتمع الجديد الذي لم يكن منضوياً في أحزاب ولم يكن له إيديولوجية معينة. إن هذا المجتمع الذي يقوم اليوم بالثورة لم ينتبه له لا النظام ولا المعارضة، هذا المجتمع هو الذي قام بهذا التحول في بلدنا. وهذا المجتمع الجديد لعب دوراً ليس فقط منذ انطلاق الربيع العربي، بل لعب دوراً من انطلاقة «ربيع دمشق»، الذي أهبت له مجموعة من المثقفين وشريحة عريضة من الطبقة المتوسطة، وشكل هذا يقظة سياسية لا مثال لها في تاريخ سوريا الحديث. كل هذه المتغيرات هي نتيجة اعتناق المجتمع التقليدي القيم الحديثة للمجتمع المدني، أي المواطنة وحقوق الإنسان، وذلك لأول مرة، إذ إن هذا المجتمع التقليدي هو مجتمع مسلم وليس سلفي وباتت خياراته خيارت جتمع مدني حديث.

• ماذا عن ما يقال عن الطابع السلفي للثورة؟
• النظام شدد منذ البداية على الفصل بين المجتمع المدني والمجتمع الإسلامي التقليدي، وحصر نشاطه، في الأشهر الأولى، في قمع المجتمع المدني بهدف شلّه وأوقف مئات الآلاف من الشباب، الذين أمضوا أوقاتهم يدخلون ويخرجون من السجون وقتل عدد منهم. والهدف كان دفع المجتمع التقليدي نحو خيارات سلفية ونحو العنف. هذا هو الوضع حتى اليوم.

• يقال من أن نصف الشعب السوري مع النظام، هل هذا صحيح؟
• إذا كنا نتحدث عن الدراسة الشهيرة يمكنني أن أقول: إذا ذهبت إلى مقهى في الشام وسألت أي شخص هل أنت مع النظام؟ من الصعب أن تجد شخصاً يقول لك لا لست مع النظام. نفس الشخص إذهب معه إلى المنزل وسله هل هو مع النظام؟ من الصعب أن تجد شخصاً يقول لك أنا مع النظام. من الصعب جداً إجراء أي استطلاع للرأي في بلد فيه حركة تمرد عريضة. توجد فقط بعض التقديرات وهي تقول إن ٢٠ في المئة من السنة مع النظام، والسنة يشكلون ٦٥ في المئة من الشعب السوري، يقولون إن ٣٠ في المئة من المسيحيين، الذين يشكلون ١٢ في المئة من السوريين، هم مع النظام، وكذلك ٣٠ في المئة من العلويين الذين يشكلون نحو ١٢ في المئة من الشعب، و٤٠ في المئة من الأقليات المتبقية، أي ١٠ في المئة من الشعب، هم أيضا ًمع النظام. حساب بسيط يظهر أن أكثر من ٧٠ في المئة من الشعب يعارض النظام، وإذا أخذنا فقط السنة فإن نصف الشعب يعارض النظام.

• كيف تقيّم موقف الأقليات، وخصوصاً المسيحيين؟
• إذا سألنا أي مسيحي أو علوي هل تقبل بأن يستمر النظام هكذا، سوف تكون الإجابة لا، وأنا متأكد من هذا. وإذا سألناه هل أنت خائف مما سوف يحصل بعد سقوط النظام، سوف يقول نعم أخاف كثيرا. يوجد قسم من الشعب السوري يخاف من المستقبل، يخاف مما يمكن أن تأتي به الثورة. أحد أسباب خوفهم هو أنهم عاشوا في أجواء محمية أمنية ومنتظمة أمّنها النظام له، وكما يعلم الجميع فإن البرجوازية الصغيرة تحب الأمن والنظام. إن السوريين الذين ليسوا مع الثورة ليسوا بالضرورة مع النظام، ولكن أغلبية المواطنين هي ضد النظام.
بشار الأسد قال للأمين العام للجامعة العربي، نبيل العربي: «إذا أوقفت إطلاق النارعلى المتظاهرين، غداً نجد في الشارع ١٥ مليون سوري، وبعد غد سوف يهاجمون القصر الجمهوري». هذا يبرهن أن بشار الأسد يعلم جيداً أن الشعب السوري ليس معه. ويعلم الجميع أن هذه الجماهير التي نزلت إلى الشارع منذ عشرة أشهر هي ضد النظام.
أود أن أقول أن الاسبوع الماضي بلغ عدد المواقع التي احتلها المعارضون ٥٨٨ وبلغ عددهم ٦ ملايين متظاهر. لو كان للشعب حرية التصويت أنا متأكد أن بشار الأسد لن يحصل على ٢ في المئة من أصوات المواطنين في أي انتخابات حرة.

• كيف تفسّر عم تحرّك بعض المناطق، إذا كان وضع الشارع كما تقول؟
• رغم أن بعض الأحياء وبعض المدن لم تتحرك، إلا أن المعارضة تشمل كل شرائح الشعب. بعد أن بدأت الثورة في أحياء من دمشق انتقلت إلى درعا، ومنها إلى كافة الأرجاء، وخصوصاً إلى داخل المدينة القديمة في دمشق. وفي وسط دمشق الحديث، حيث توجد أعداد هائلة من رجال الأمن، يقوم المعارضون بتظاهرات طيارة تضم عشرات قبل أن تختفي. حلب بدأت تتحرك منذ اسبوعين، وعندنا ثقة أن تحرك حلب سوف يقرر مستقبل سوريا في الأيام المقبلة، لأن حلب سوف تفرض تمييزاً في الثورة القائمة. أود هنا أن أقول أن حلب كانت ملجومة، وفيها آلاف من الشبيحة ورجال الأمن يسيطرون على شوارعها بشكل مكثف، أي لا توجد مساحة للتظاهر فيها، مسافة خمسين متراً تفصل بين الحاجز والآخر، وفي بعض الأحيان ٣٥ متراً. ولكن الآن، مع زيادة الضغط في المدن الأخرى، سحبوا رجالهم من شوارع حلب، التي سوف تبدأ بالتنفس وتلتحق بالثورة.
أما الذين لا يشاركون في الثورة، فهم ليس لعدم رغبتهم في ذلك، بل بسبب الخوف من الموت على عائلاتهم وأولادهم. لا أحد يستطيع أن يتصور الضغوط التي يتعرض لها المواطنون، وأود أن أقول إنهم بدأوا منذ اسبوع برمي الأطفال من نوافذ الأبنية أمام أعين أمهاتهم.

• كيف تنظم نفسها المعارضة في سوريا؟
• المعارضة المنظمة، أي الأحزاب، موحدة وراء الثورة، ولا يوجد أي فرق بين فصيل وآخر، الجميع مع الثورة. حتى المعارضة في الداخل، التي حاولت تنظيم الثورة، باتت اليوم تكتفي بدعم الثورة. المعارضة في الخارج، والتي نشأت في اسطنبول، فيها العديد ممن لم يلعب دوراً في تاريخ سوريا الحديث، ومنهم ما كان غائباً عن سوريا منذ ثلاثين سنة. ولكنهم باتوا اليوم يلعبون دوراً مهماً في مجال التمثيل السياسي للثورة في الخارج. وبعد إنشاء المجلس الوطني السوري بات الشعب مقتنعاً بأنه يوجد تمثيل معترف به بموازاة التمثيل الرسمي للنظام، أي ولد لديه إحساس بأن بات في مرحلة ما بعد سقوط النظام لأنه يعتبر المجلس شبه حكومة في الخارج.
لا يمنع هذا من أن العلاقات بين معارضة الداخل والمجلس ليست منظمة بشكل جيد. ورغم أن المجلس لم يفعل شيئاً، إلا أن المعارضة في الداخل تعتبره ممثلها في الخارج. ولكنه في الواقع لا يمتلك القدرة على التأثير على مجريات الأمور في الداخل. السبب هو أن الذين قاموا بهذه الثورة هم كلهم من الجيل الجديد، ليسوا مسيسين ولا إيديولوجية لديهم، إنهم ثوريون. عندما علموا بأن لن يوجد تغيير لجيلين على الأقل قالوا لنا كيف صبرتم لمدة ٤٠ سنة؟ نحن لن نقبل إما نكون أحراراً أو نموت. في غياب أي تغيير منتظر لن ينتظر هؤلاء الشباب من دون أي أفق.
هنا أذكّر بما قاله بشار لكريستين كيلر، الصحافية الألمانية، حين سألته عن هوية الرئيس المقبل، فقال لها «حافظ بشار الأسد» أي ابنه. كل هذه الأزمات تراكمت لتدفع الشباب نحو الثورة. وهم الذين نظموا التنسيقيات التي تعمل على الأرض وهي حتى اليوم ثلاث: الأولى تنظم التظاهرات والثانية على مستوى الإعلام، أما الثالثة فهي للتواصل، وأظن أن تنسيقية رابعة قد تم إنشاؤها لتأمين المساعدات. إنهم أنشأوا شبكات وهم يحضرون لليوم الكبير عندما سوف يقلبون النظام. لقد نظموا خلايا بشكل لا يمكن للنظام في حال قبض على أحدهم أن يفكك الشبكة.

• هل ما يقال عن أعداد القتلى صحيح، أم أن هناك مبالغات؟
• أنا هنا منذ ثلاثة أشهر. قبل أن أترك البلد أعطاني ضابط وطبيب مقربين من القصر هذه الأرقام: ١٢ ألف قتيل، ٢٢ ألف مختفي جريح، و٢٧ ألف موقوف وأكثر من٥٠ ألف ملاحق و٤٥٠ الفاً دخلوا وخرجوا من السجن. إنها حرب ضد المدنيين.

• ماذا عن حديث المؤامرة وسيطرة الإسلاميين على الشارع؟
• النظام بدأ يتحدث عن مؤامرة قبل ١٥ يوماً من بدء الثورة. قبل الثورة لو سألنا ضابطاً هل يوجد إسلاميون عنا، لكان الجواب لا يوجد في سوريا أي إسلامي. بعد الثورة نسأل الضابط السؤال نفسه، فيجيب «كل السوريين إسلاميون». في الواقع في الأشهر الأولى لم يكن هناك أي إسلامي. شهران بعد بدء الثورة كانت قناة “الجزيرة” مع النظام السوري. عندما كان الإسلاميون يتحدثون عن الحرية في المساجد، كان ذلك من منظور مبدأي. ولكن بعد مدة ظهر إسلاميون غير معروفين من السوريين. استمعت مرة إلى إسلامي يدعي أنه سوري. لهجته كانت مغاربية: تونسي أو مغربي. وهو الآن أحد مسؤولي الثورة. بعد شهرين أو ثلاثة، بدأ يدخل الإسلاميون إلى سياق الثورة وقد ساعدهم النظام كثيراً. في الواقع إنها مؤامرة من الخارج وكذلك مؤامرة من الداخل.

February 6th, 2012, 1:11 pm


Ghufran said:

Another FSA,more competition for funding, I wonder who is behind who now, Syria is again a jungle and a playground for regional and international powers.this guy seems actually more like an alqaida dude with a suit.
أعلن قادة عسكريون منشقون عن الجيش السوري، عن تشكيل مجلس عسكري ثوري تمهيداً لما اعتبروه “إعلان النفير العام” لتحرير سوريا.
وأفاد بيان تأسيسي أصدره المجلس الذي يرأسه العميد الركن مصطفى أحمد الشيخ، وهو أعلى رتبة عسكرية انشقت عن جيش النظام، أن قرار التأسيس جاء نتيجة للظروف التي تعيشها سوريا، وبعد استخدام الفيتو الروسي والصيني ضد استصدار قرار يدين النظام السوري في مجلس الأمن.

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 1:51 pm


Aldendeshe said:

Dear Revlon,

It is an exciting day. I have spent 20 years listening to Leonard Bernstein conducting a huge orchestra performing one of my most favorite musical peace of mind, Beethoven Piano Concerto 5. Finally, today another pianist have out done Bernstein with dashing strides playing with less than a third of Bernestine humongous Orchestra, it was discovered by accident when I goggled this: “Why stupid people work so hard, accomplish so little, suffer so much and cause so much suffering” I got my answer, it turn out to be there is a simple reason, because they are stupid or received stupid advise. Here is the performance that was discovered in my search as well:

@84 TARA

That is really bad and offensive stereotyping, especially coming from supposedly a woman. Russian ladies leaves home for discovering a world that was blocked to them by communism, they fell prey to Israeli crime syndicates ( that is oxymoron) that turns them into the trade, when all they wanted is a family and discover the world out there.

February 6th, 2012, 2:06 pm


Tara said:

It is alarming that more than one FSA is being formed under different names. It is also alaming the FSA is now calling the SNC traitors. The veto laid the foundation for a civil war and the presence of multiple military factions is a “civil war in the make” and yes Bashar and his supporters are to blame.

February 6th, 2012, 2:07 pm



There are people spreading the lie that ¨syrian christians¨ are standing with the regime.

First of all: 3 of every 4 christian I know inside Syria are against the regime and actions of Bashar.

Second: I am a christian and I know the feeling of christians who do not live from this corrupt and violent regime but from their own liberal professions. They feel Assad is driving the country to chatastrophe.

Third: A christian who really feels its religion as a christian will never support killing, tortures and crimes as shelling whole cities. As a consequence a christian cannot support hate and violence from the regime. You can be sure a normal christian cannot support Assad. Maybe many do not support the armed opposition.

But wake up and forget most christian supporting Assad.

February 6th, 2012, 2:14 pm


jad said:

“أود أن أقول أن الاسبوع الماضي بلغ عدد المواقع التي احتلها المعارضون ٥٨٨ وبلغ عددهم ٦ ملايين متظاهر.”

“هل ما يقال عن أعداد القتلى صحيح، أم أن هناك مبالغات؟
• أنا هنا منذ ثلاثة أشهر. قبل أن أترك البلد أعطاني ضابط وطبيب مقربين من القصر هذه الأرقام: ١٢ ألف قتيل، ٢٢ ألف مختفي جريح، و٢٧ ألف موقوف وأكثر من٥٠ ألف ملاحق و٤٥٠ الفاً دخلوا وخرجوا من السجن. إنها حرب ضد المدنيين.”

[ LInk added by Moderator: ]

I wonder if this interview with Kilo is real or one of the usual hoax of Ayman Abd Alnour.

‘6 millions in the streets’!
(Where? unless there are about 10,000 protesters attended in each and every of the 600 protests he talked about, his numbers doesn’t add)
12,000 killed
(Even the name list done by the UN can’t be confirmed to believe Kilo’s numbers, I’m not denying the killing I’m pointing out the exaggerations which is doing the uprising more harm than gains, those numbers are of a full scale civil war with a full bombardment by air strikes and smart bombs as the ones used by the American in Iraq the first year however, we didn’t see such attacks in Syria.
” just under 12,000 in 2003 (7,000 of them killed during the actual war, while only 5,000 killed during the ‘peace’ that followed in May 2003)”

‘27,000 detainees (maybe), 22,000 injured and disappeared (I doubt) and more than 50,000 on the run (Does he mean the refugees? because if we add all of the refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan they don’t get to more than 15-17,000) and 450,000 in and out of prison! (Come on!)

Kilo’s exaggerated numbers exceeded everybody else and they don’t make any sense.

February 6th, 2012, 2:14 pm


Tara said:


I did not mean to stereotype and I am willing to offer an apology and retraction if what I stated is not correct. Is it not correct? If indeed correct, is pointing a society-ill considered a “stereotyping”? If so how can one bring such a topic for discussion without being accused of stereotyping. All are welcome to express an opinion. My inquiry is genuine and no sarcasm intended.

February 6th, 2012, 2:17 pm


Tara said:


Thank you very much for your post. We should all stand corrected.

February 6th, 2012, 2:24 pm


jad said:

A meaningful message from Abd Alnaser Shalati, a father from Saqba who lost his son in one of the fights between the Syrian Army and the terrorists:

ملائكة الرحمة في سورية.. سفاحوا السنة في العراق وفلسطين.

بعث الحاج عبد الناصر الشالاتي وهو من سكان سقبا برسالة مؤثرة إلى ثوار سورية بعد مرور أشهر على مقتل ولده الوحيد في إشتباك بين المسلحين المعارضين والجيش السوري في بساتين الغوطة ، الحاج عبد الناصر ليس كاتبا ولم يكتب قبل اليوم مقالا أو خطابا ولكن عربي برس تفتح له صفحاتها وقلوب محرريها لأنه رجل عرف طعم الثورة ودماء الثوار سالت من دمه حين فقد أبنه الوحيد .

وهذا هو ندائه:

ملائكة الرحمة في سورية.. سفاحوا السنة في العراق وفلسطين.

لو لم يكن الأميركيون قد غزوا العراق وقتلوا مليونا من أهل السُنة والجماعة فيه لكان “لثوار” سورية عُذر في الإتكال ،بعد فرنسا وقطر والسعودية، على الإدارة الأميركية.
ولو لم تقتل إسرائيل وتشرد إسرائيل ملايين السُنة الفلسطينيين لكان لثوار سورية عُذر في الإتكال على من غطى وبرر جرائم إسرائيل .
كيف يكون الثائر ثائرا للحق، وضد الظلم ،وهو يتكل على أرباب الظلم العالمي أجمعين؟
وما الفرق بين صلح رجال “الثورة” السورية مع الأميركيين من قتلة الشعوب العربية وبين صلحهم مع الحكم المستعد لدفع ثمن الثورة تنازلات للشعب لا للغربيين؟
أي الصلحين أجدى ؟ صلح مع الأميركيين وعملٌ بإمرتهم، أم صلح مع من يعلن إستعداده للصلح مهما كان ثمنه من لحم النظام ورجاله؟
أيهما إرتكب ظلما أشد وأكبر ضد الشعب السوري ؟
النظام أم اميركا ؟ فكيف تصالحون من قتلت وشردت عمدا ملايين العرب بيدها أو بيد إسرائيل، ولا تصالحون حاكما لبلدكم هو ، شئتم أم أبيتم، مخالف للأميركيين وعدو لهم.
يا من أدخلتم البلد في الفتنة، الم تسمعوا أن في الفتنة يختلط فيها حقكم بجرائم المجرمين على جهتي الإختراق والتعصب ؟
مَن مِن ثوار سورية لا يعرف عمر بن الخطاب (رض)؟
ومن من رجال السلاح في مدن سورية ممن يعتقدون صدقا بأنهم رجال الدين وحماة الملة ، من منهم لم يسمع عن عمر بن الخطاب (رض)؟
إذا كانت الثورة السورية حقا ثورة فكيف يدعمها اعداء الله والإنسان والبشرية ولماذا لم يتخلف مستعمر واحد ولا ظالم واحد ولا مرتكب جرائم ضد الإنسانية واحد عن نصرتها والعمل من أجلها ؟
كيف تكون الثورة السورية على حق وكل أهل الباطل يساندونها؟
تنقل كتب التراث المعتبرة عند أهل السُنة والجماعة عن المحدثين عن أخبار عمر بن الخطاب قوله:

“لا تنظروا إلى صيام أحد ولا الى صلاته ، ولكن انظروا إلى صدق حديثه إذا حدث .. والى أمانته إذا ائتمن ، وورعه إذا أشفى ”
هؤلاء الكذابون في إعلام “الثورة” الا ينظرون إلى أمانة فقئوا اعينها ، وإلى صدق ذبحوه من الوريد إلى الوريد؟
الا يعرف كل منكم في قرارة نفسه بأن الكذب عمود خيمتكم الإعلامية؟
وأن القتل على الهوية يتم بقرار ورضى من كل منكم، وأن إغتيال المسلمين ،لمعارضتهم الثورة ، لم يعد يحصل سرا بل علانية وفي إحتفالات عامة .
هل تعملون بنصيحة عمر(رض) أم بأوامر غرف الظلام الأميركية التي تدير إعلامكم؟
هل يحتاج الصادق السائر على الحق المطالب بحريته، هل يحتاج إلى الكذب الصريح؟
وهل يحتاج إلى الفجور على كل المستويات إلا فاجر ؟
فهل هناك وصف يمكن أن توصف به ممارسات من يتحدثون بإسم الثورة ،ومن يتصرفون بإسمها بالسلاح، إلا بالفجور ؟
من يجروء على قول حق في وجه الف الف سلطان جائر في مناطق سيطرة الثورة المسلحة ؟
ومن في هذه الثورة يسمع للحق ؟
يقول عمر بن الخطاب (رضي الله عنه) إن تعرفوه أيها الثوار :
لا تصاحب الفجار فتتعلم من فجورهم
إعتزل عدوك.
لا تصاحبوا الفجار يقول لكم عمر (رض) فهل قلتم سمعا وطاعة له أم قلتم “هلا وغلى ” لهيلاري كيلنتون ؟
…لو أنكم لم ترتضوا بالظالمين أعوانا (بل أسيادا على قراركم) ولولا قبولكم تقديم فروض الطاعة مقابل الدعم المالي والإستخباري والتسلحي من قتلة الفلسطينيين والسنة العراقيين لفزتم فوزا عظيما ولدعمكم كل شريف .
أي نصر تحققونه والساعي اليه معكم إدارة أميركية رجالها (والحكم إستمرارية) هم سفاحون معترف بجرائمهم من العالم (خارج حلف الناتو) أجمع في فلسطين والعراق؟
أين الأمانة التي تحدث عنها عمر (رض) وأنتم تكذبون وتقتلون إخوانكم المعارضين والداعمين لكم ؟ الم تفعلوها في دير الزور يوم وصلها فريق المراقبين ؟ الم يطلق جيشكم الحر نيرانه على متظاهرين معارضين لتزعموا فيما بعد أمام المراقبين العرب بأن النظام قتلكم؟ الم تطلقوا القذائف على الناس في دوما لتثيروهم ضد النظام؟
الم تفعلوها في أكثر من مكان تحت عنوان جواز إستخدام حكم التمترس بالمسلمين؟
إذا كانت الحرب بينكم وبين النظام بالكذب فمن أكذب بربكم أنتم أم النظام؟
لا أسجل هنا نقاطا عليكم بل أناشد فيكم حزني عليكم ، فكيف نساند أحرارا ” يسعى في تحقيق هدفهم ،وبشراسة، كل مستعبدي البشرية على مر التاريخ ؟
ايكون الله والشيطان في صف واحد.. وفقط في سورية ؟
ايكون الأميركي والفرنسي والبريطاني عادلا في دمشق وملاك رحمة في حمص، ويكون مجرما هو نفسه في القدس …قدسكم ؟

لا يحسب النصر نصرا إن كان الباطل هو سبيله ولا يحسب الفوز فوزا وسائسكم فيه زميلة للصهاينة وربيبة لهم هي هيلاري كلينتون وما تمثله الإدارة الأميركية.
في مساجد حمص وطرابلس الشام وفي بيروت والبقاع وفي مكة والمدينة يعلنون الجهاد لأجل نصرة المسلمين في الخالدية ..نعم لنصرة الخالدية ولكن …..لما ينصركم الأميركيون في الخالدية ولا ينصرون إخوتكم في فلسطين؟
عمر بن الخطاب (رض) يقرؤكم السلام ويقول لكم:
” لا تتركوا أحداً من الكفار يستخدم أحداً من المسلمين”
فماذا فعلتم أنتم ؟ هل تركتم ظالما لم تستعينوا به ؟
لو عددنا اعوانكم الدوليين لوجدنا الشيطان بينهم بكل تجلياته، فكيف تريدون ان ينصركم الله وأنتم رجال عدوه؟
هل كنتم مظلومين على يد النظام …نعم
وهل يعني كلامي براءة للنظام ؟
ولكني أسأل : هل يطلب الحق بالباطل ؟

February 6th, 2012, 2:31 pm


jad said:

Tsk tsk tsk, Yall 3al7abs!!
Firas Attasi is in prison in KSA for drugs:

القبض على زعيم تنسيقية الثورة السورية في السعودية… بتهمة مخدرات

أكد ناشطون معارضون أن السلطات السعودية قبضت على المعارض السوري فراس الأتاسي متلبساً بحيازة المخدرات في منزله بالرياض.
و أبدى الناشطون أسفهم للخبر الذي تأكد بعد غياب الناشط الأتاسي عن صفحته على الفايسبوك منذ ثلاثة أيام مما خلق فراغاً في غرفة العمليات الاعلامية التي يتولى شانها منذ بداية ما يسمى بالثورة السورية في آذار من العام 2011 .
وحسب معلومات خاصة ذكرها معارض سوري لعربي برس فإن فراس الأتاسي وهو مؤسس تنسيقية الثورة السورية في السعودية مرتبط ماليا بدعم يتلقاه من أميرة سعودية تدعى ” عادلة “، تتولى مع زوجها و هو وزير في حكومة ملك آل سعود، الإشراف على مساعدة ثورة الحرية في سورية .
ويشير مراقبون إلى أن غرفة العمليات التي كان يديرها فراس الأتاسي في منزله كانت متخصصة بتجنيد سوريين في السعودية وخارجها لتمثيل أدوار شهود العيان و تنسيق عمليات الاتصال وتهريب الأموال والسلاح إلى مسلحي مجلس اسطنبول في الداخل السوري .
من جانبهم اتهم ناشطون معارضون السلطات السورية بتدبير تهمة المخدرات للناشط المعارض الأتاسي عبر وضع كمية من المخدرات في منزله.
وقالت معارضة سورية اعتقلت عدة سنوات بتهمة انتمائها لحزب شيوعي محظور طلبت عدم نشر اسمها لدواع أمنية: نتهم نظام بشار الأسد بتلفيق تهمة المخدرات للناشط المعارض فراس الأتاسي لتشويه الثورة السلمية وثورة الحرية التي يقوم بها الشعب السوري بدعم من كل أحرار العالم .
فيما شكك معارضون آخرون في أن تكون الحادثة مقدمة لتغيير الموقف السعودي والتضييق على المعارضة التي تجمع المال لتمويل المسلحين في سورية الذين يحمون المظاهرات السلمية حسب تعبيرهم .
و شيع السوريون يوم الخميس الماضي جثامين 18 شهيد من الجيش السوري وحفظ النظام قضوا برصاص مسلحين تقول تقارير صحفية غربية إنهم يتلقون الدعم والسلاح من قطر و السعودية .

February 6th, 2012, 2:34 pm


Aldendeshe said:

Somehow got offended, not only because my wife from Magnitogorsk, Russia, but because I have extensive knowledge of this subject matter that is more like Human Trafficking / Modem day Slavery issue than promiscuous Russian women one. Scrupulous criminals running various schemes that is targeting and effecting vulnerable people from wide ranging countries, including Iraq, Morocco, as well as Philippine, South America and even some Eastern European countries that are part of eh Union or NATO. It is not poverty driven, it is vulnerable young naive people falling prey.

Just remove this thinking pattern from your mind, is is inaccurate. You are smart, no need to rely on urban legends.

February 6th, 2012, 2:35 pm


Mawal95 said:

@ REVLON #80: I think the montage of the two scenes in that video is a fake; i.e. the two scenes were recorded in two different places. Also, while you’re saying it was recorded in Homs, that crowd scene does not look to me like anything I’ve seen all this past year in Homs city or Homs province. The uploader does not say it’s in Homs. That’s something you’re saying. Homs where? It stinks fake. I haven’t seen many fakes recently. Instead I’ve seen a lot of real stuff that’s truly distressing to me and to anyone who believes in peace and civility. I’d really like this one to be fake because it would reassure me again that the dissidents have very little other than smoke and mirrors and their goddamned foreign cheerleaders.

February 6th, 2012, 2:53 pm


Son of Damascus said:


I am not sure the Christians need to be “won over”, many Christians Syrians I know are vehemently against the regime, and more importantly are disgusted at the apparent attempt by the regime to label itself as the protector of the “minorities” by killing and torturing Syrians. Many that I have spoken to have their reservations towards the SNC (the fact the MB is over represented and most finically backed), but please do understand that their reservations does not equate them to be pro-regime.

In my opinion it is wrong to assume that the minorities are not involved in the opposition, and shameful to those that have died/tortured/imprisoned to assume so. Us Sunnis have been backing this bloody regime for over 40 years, and continue to do so, this whole minority vs majority thing is borderline racist and a trap that this bloody regime has been digging for us to fall into in the past 11 months.

February 6th, 2012, 3:10 pm


Alan said:

‘Israeli attack on Iran will prompt Pakistani response’

European diplomat based in Islamabad says Israeli strike would force Pakistan to support Iranian retaliation, while EU official says ‘political and economic consequences of attack would be catastrophic for Europe’

Is the world counting down to “D-Day”? After US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta estimated that Israel would attack Iran by June, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned government officials against “Iran chatter,” A European diplomat based in Pakistan said that if Israel attacks, Islamabad will have no choice but to support any Iranian retaliation.

The diplomat’s statement raised the specter of putting a nuclear-armed Pakistan at odds with Israel, which is widely believed to have its own significant nuclear arsenal.

To some, the greatest risk of an attack was to the moribund world economy. Nick Witney, former head of the EU’s European Defense Agency, said “the political and economic consequences of an Israeli attack would be catastrophic for Europe” since the likely spike in the price of oil alone “could push the entire EU, including Germany, into recession.”

He said this could lead to “messy defaults” by countries like Greece and Italy, and possibly cause a collapse of the already-wobbly euro.

Witney, a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, added that “the Iranians would probably retaliate against European interests in the region, and conceivably more directly with terrorism aimed at Western countries and societies.”

Meanwhile, Iran continued to raise the bar, a senior Revolutionary Guard commander on Sunday warned that the Islamic Republic will target any country where an attack against it is staged.

Gen. Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the elite Revolutionary Guard, Iran’s most powerful military force, did not elaborate. His comments appeared to be a warning to Iran’s neighbors not to let their territory or airspace be used as a base for an attack.

On Friday, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called Israel a “cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut,” and boasted of supporting any group that will challenge the Jewish state.

[Link added by Moderator:,7340,L-4185684,00.html ]

February 6th, 2012, 3:32 pm


Alan said:

Clinton urges ‘friends of democratic Syria’ to rally against Assad after UN action blocked
SOFIA, Bulgaria — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton called Sunday for “friends of democratic Syria” to unite and rally against President Bashar Assad’s regime, previewing the possible formation of a formal group of likeminded nations to coordinate assistance to the Syrian opposition.
Speaking in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia a day after Russia and China blocked U.N. Security Council action on Syria, Clinton said the international community had a duty to halt ongoing bloodshed and promote a political transition that would see Assad step down. She said the “friends of Syria” should work together to promote those ends.

She was harshly critical of Saturday’s veto by Russia and China at the United Nations blocking action against the continuing violence in Syria.

“What happened yesterday at the United Nations was a travesty,” she said.“Faced with a neutered Security Council, we have to redouble our efforts outside of the United Nations with those allies and partners who support the Syrian people’s right to have a better future,” Clinton told reporters after meeting top Bulgarian officials.
Such a group could be similar, but not identical, to the Contact Group on Libya, which oversaw international help for opponents of the late deposed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. However, in the case of Libya, the group also coordinated NATO military operations to protect Libyan civilians, something that is not envisioned in Syria.

U.S. officials said a friends group would work to further squeeze the Assad regime by enhancing and sanctions against it, bring disparate Syrian opposition groups inside and outside the country together, provide humanitarian relief for embattled Syrian communities and work to prevent an escalation of violence by monitoring arms sales.

Clinton’s comments came as Syria’s opposition appealed for international backing along the lines she suggested following the double-veto at the U.N. Security Council that outraged the U.S., its European allies and Arab leaders and intensified fears that Assad would unleash even greater violence to crush protesters.

Meanwhile, a Syrian state-run newspaper vowed Sunday that Damascus will press its crackdown on the uprising until stability is restored. Early Saturday, regime forces bombarded the restive central city of Homs in what activists said was the deadliest incident of the uprising. They reported more than 200 killed, but the regime denied any bombardment and there was no way to independently confirm the toll.

The Russian and Chinese vetoes at the Security Council effectively killed an Arab League plan aimed at ending the violence in Syria that called for Assad to hand over his powers to his vice president and allow creation of a unity government. The resolution would have expressed support for that Arab League plan, putting pressure on Assad, who has rejected it.

Proponents of the Arab League plan are now searching for an alternative to address Syria’s crisis, which the U.S. and many European countries have said can only be resolved by Assad’s leaving power.

Radwan Ziadeh, a prominent member of the opposition Syrian National Council said countries backing Assad’s foes should form an “international coalition … whose aim will be to lead international moves to support the revolution through political and economic aid.”

He said he expected French, U.S. and Arab support for a coalition.

A sensitive question is whether such a coalition would back the Free Syrian Army, a force of army defectors who in recent months have gone beyond protecting protesters in Syria to launching attacks on regime forces and trying to establish overt control in pro-opposition parts of the country.

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February 6th, 2012, 3:35 pm


Tara said:


Many people on SC argue how the revolution failed to win the minorities. They insist that the revolution represented by the SNC, the LCC, and John/ Jane Doe failed to adequately assure them enough and therefore remained inclined to support the status quo hoping that the revolution will be eventually “pacified” or disintegrated on its own when they want to sound politically correct. I am glad that 2 voices today, yours and SL’ s contesting the notion, that most Christians are pro regime, that is widely prevailed on SC

February 6th, 2012, 3:46 pm


zoo said:

U.S. Embassy in Syria Halts Operations as Violence Flares

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The United States closed its embassy in Syria on Monday and withdrew all staff members amid escalating mayhem in what American officials called the Syrian government’s unbridled repression of an 11-month-old uprising that has become the bloodiest conflict in the Arab revolts.

The confrontation in Syria has turned even more violent and more unpredictable, while diplomatic efforts have largely collapsed, save for a Russian delegation visiting Damascus on Tuesday. Both the Syrian government and its opposition have signaled that each believes the grinding conflict will only be resolved through force of arms.

February 6th, 2012, 3:48 pm


Mawal95 said:

Al-Arabiya’s website currently has an article about the 1982 Hama Events which is accompanied by a photo from Lebanon’s civil war: . You can read more comments about that at

The Syrian Opposition Commemorated the 30th Anniversary of Hama Events with some other Photos said to be from 1982 Hama, but which in fact were not taken in Hama at all: Details at

The book “Asad of Syria” by Patrick Seale was published in year 1988. Patrick Seale was in Syria doing the research for the book during the 1980s and his book is generally regarded as pretty well informed or at least relatively well informed relative to most others. And in the book he says about the government’s 1982 attack on the rebels in Hama city:

“How many lives were lost in Hama must remain a matter of conjecture, with government sympathizers estimating a mere 3,000 and critics as many as 20,000 and more. Complicating an accurate count was the fact that many women and children fled the cordon of troops ringing the city and were at first presumed to be among the casualties.” Page 334, viewable at

On the basis of my monitoring of events in year 2011, I do presume that the 1982 government sympathizers were close to the truth with their 3,000 estimate, while the 1982 opposition’s estimates were fictitious and delusionary.

February 6th, 2012, 3:53 pm


Antoine said:

Tara and SOD,

Christains have their reservations about Muslim majority rule, especially in a country where Christains are numerous and politically and culturally very influential, they feel they are susceptible to attacks from the less-privileged sections of the Muslims. The same thing happened in Egypt, after Nasser came, the some Christians being hugely influential under the Egyptian Monarchy were scapegoated and victimised, and the same thing is happeneing in Egypt now. the same thing happened with the Christians in Iran after the Ayatollahs took over, and the same in Iraq. Christains throughout the Middle East are generally better-off than Muslims in almsot all social indicators, and in our subconsicous mind, we feel we may become the scapegoat for the anger of the disenfranschised Muslim masses.

Aso we feel Sunnis, even most secular Sunnis (especially anti-regime ones), are hypocrititcal when they observe the 30th anniversary of the Hama massacre, yet fail to even acknowledge the terror and nihilism of the MB between 1978 and 1982. Also it is hypocritical of Sunnis to pretend never to hear words like –

1860 Lebanon and Damascus anti-Christian pogroms

1916 Armenian genocide

1917 Assyrian genocde

1933 Simele massacre

Look up those in google and then maybe you’ll get an idea how Christians feel.

February 6th, 2012, 4:01 pm


bronco said:


The civil war will really start when the pro-regime civilians will arm themselves when they’d realize that the regular Army or the security forces cannot protect them from the armed gangs.
It will start by armed “vigilantes” protecting their areas and escalate to inter-areas bloody fights.

The weakening and the collapse of the army so hoped by the opposition would start a bloodbath that will make the Hama ‘massacre’ pale in comparison.
Then the opposition will wonder how they got there../ Don’t count on foreign countries to intervene militarily.

February 6th, 2012, 4:09 pm


Tara said:


What is your interpretation of Ambassador Ford withdrawal? The US severing all relationship with the regime in preparation for non-military full scale support of the revolution?

February 6th, 2012, 4:11 pm


Son of Damascus said:


Everybody used to claim the world was flat, does that make them right?

Don’t want to come off as preachy, I am just a little frustrated with the thinking that us Sunnis that are paying the heaviest price, when in reality it is all Syrians that suffer from this mafia gang, and all Syrians would benefit if this regime is overthrown.

February 6th, 2012, 4:13 pm


jad said:

Unfortunately people in Homs has been asking for the army to intervene for the last 5-6 months now, they want the army to react with force, however, the situation doesn’t help such action, ‘ultimate force’, since it’ll be a disaster in Syria with too many innocent lives wasted and without any results since what the terrorists/armed militias doing is gorilla war with the help of the residents and in my opinion no army in the world can defeat them, a negotiation is the only solution, nothing else and every side should be represented and if they care for Syria they must agree to start to talk.

“Then the opposition will wonder how they got there..”
The oppositions are feeding the fire and they don’t really care much, most of its members will stay in the west when the fire blaze, besides, they will blame everything and anything on the regime, they are ‘innocent’.

February 6th, 2012, 4:26 pm


zoo said:


US have nothing to do in Syria anymore. The country is now a very weak, economically destroyed and divided country. Hamas has left, Hezbollah can’t count on Syria anymore. Syria cannot pose any threat to Israel and Israel will be able to enjoy the occupation of the Golan in total tranquility for years. Syria, the ‘rogue’ country is finally on its knees, mission accomplished, bye.

February 6th, 2012, 4:26 pm


bronco said:

#117 Jad

If the army cannot take a decisive actions, I wont be surprised to see the emergence of pro-regime civilians in Homs organizing themselves in militias and obtaining weapons to fight against the armed gangs. That would be the start of a real civil war.

February 6th, 2012, 4:31 pm


Jerusalem said:

To : 113. Mawal95

I had an argument on Aljazeerah blog for the same occasion few days ago. I asked who instigated Hama? Isn’t the Muslim Brothers who started pocking at Assad since 1977? By 1982 he had enough. The reply was for few incidents he killed 30,000 in Hama although the article itself of Al Jazeerah said 10,000 so number glorifying has no limit. I replied saying that they are seeking help of same style murder who for 911 3,000 victims, the US killed shy of a million Afghans and over a million Iraqis. So now one murder is an angel and the other is villein . Unfortunately no one wants to speak with reason anymore. Media takes the stance of its owner. And for all readers I’m not a minority defending the regime I’m just stating facts.

February 6th, 2012, 4:41 pm


ann said:

These are the accomplishments of Muslims brothers in Syria prior to so called “Hama Massacre” (1982):

1- Killing Dr. Muhamad Fadel (1977-2-22) Dean of Damascus faculty of law and was the defense lawyer for Palestinians in Geneva. He contributed 22 books in international law.
2- Killing the researcher and neurological Dr. Mahmud Shahada Khalil
3- Killing judge Darwish Al Zouni (1980-12-20)
4- Killing professor and president bar association Nazih Jamali in Damascus
5- Killing colonel Abed El Karim Razouk
6- Killing the president of Mujtahed Hospital in Damascus Dr. Ibrahim Nahameh
7- Killing sheik Muhamad El Khatib, the orator of Amawi mosque
8- Killing sheik Muhamad El Shami in Aleppo
9- Killing sheik Muhamad Adnan Al Lazkani
10- Killing the scientist Dr. Youssef Sayegh, professor at the university of Damascus
11- Killing the journalist Muhamad El Horani
12- Killing sheik Muhamad Adib Zekour while praying
13- Killing sheik Muhamad Hisham Akili while praying

As for the massacres in name of Muslim brothers
1- The massacre of -Al Madfahieh- in Aleppo killing 100 and injuring many (I don’t have the exact count);
2- The massacre of – El Klassieh Street- in Aleppo in 1980, 8 died including 6 children and 20 injured in addition of homes and stores destruction;
3- The massacre of private company -El Tajzeheh- in Sabeh Baherat square in Damascus in 1980;
4- The massacre of Latakia in 1981, Muslim brothers entered the clinic of Dr. Abed El Rahman Hilal, killed four patients in waiting room, plus the one with Dr. Hilal at that time and injured 10 other patients;
5- The massacre of Homs 1980 in Warsha Street, killing three children, injuring four civilians and destroying several homes;
6- The massacre of Al Ashrafieh in Aleppo 1980, killing four workers and injuring 7 others.
7- The massacre of Milling Institution in Aleppo, killing 11 civilians and injuring 19 others.
8- The massacre of Al Azbarieh in Damascus, killing 173 civilians and injuring hundreds.

And the list goes on ..

February 6th, 2012, 4:48 pm


jad said:

I agree with your conclusion, I’m juts pointing out that the ‘iron fist’ strategy that some people want is unrealistic at the moment especially in urban areas.
I read that the only way to stop armed militias is by cutting their financial and weapon supplies.
In anyway, the fsa is having it’s own defection when Alsheikh took his people out and create a new armed militia on top of another militia called SNA (Syrian National Army) still vague, but it’s mission is protecting without attacking the Syrian Army..
I think that after fsa cut its ties with the snc it will have a stronger supporter formed from the most violent men in the opposition, ashraf mokdad, wa7eed saqr, ammar qurabi and BHL’s favorite Lama Attasi and the rest of the worst Syrian warmongers.

“خلافات المنشقين السوريين تطفو الى العلن | عربي برس

نأى “الجيش السوري الحر” بنفسه عن “المجلس العسكري الثوري السوري الاعلى” الذي اعلن انشاؤه بقيادة العميد الركن مصطفى الشيخ، معتبرا ان توقيت اعلانه يصب في خدمة النظام السوري.
وجاء في بيان صدر عن قائد “الجيش الكر” العقيد رياض الاسعد منشور على صفحة “الجيش الحر” على موقع فايسبوك الالكتروني ان مصطفى احمد الشيخ لا ينتمي الى صفوف الجيش السوري الكر، وان أي مشاورات لم تجر مع العميد المذكور بخصوص تشكيل المجلس المزعوم وان العميد لا يمثل إلا نفسه.
واضاف البيان ان تشكيل هذا المجلس وبهذا التوقيت يصب في خدمة النظام السوري.
واكد ان “الجيش السوري الكر الذي تاسس في 29 تموز الماضي لديه هيكلية تنظيمية اعلن عنها في بيان تشكيل المجلس العسكري للجيش الحر بتاريخ 13 تشرين الثاني، وانه وجد لحماية أبناء الشعب السوري من عسف النظام وآلة قتله ومساعدة أبناء هذا الشعب بالامكانات المتاحة على تحقيق أمانيه في التخلص من هذا النظام الغاشم”.
وكان اعلن في بيان انشاء المجلس العسكري الثوري السوري الاعلى برئاسة العميد الركن مصطفى الشيخ ليكون بمثابة هيكل تنظيمي للمنشقين، وبهدف تحريرسورية.”

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February 6th, 2012, 4:48 pm


Equus said:

Interesting articles and I found similar information by French journalists.

US war provocations against Syria
by Alex Lantier

After Russia’s UN veto, US talks of “coalition of the willing” against Syria
by Jean Shaoul and Chris Marsden

What Is Really Going On In Syria: Insider Update
by Boris Dolgov

February 6th, 2012, 4:51 pm


jad said:

الأحاديّة والعمى الأخلاقي عند مؤيّدي الناتو

ابراهيم الأمين
الترحيب الذي لقيه بشار الجعفري (مندوب سوريا في الأمم المتحدة) من الجمهور الرافض للمعارضة السورية، بجناحيها المسلح، أو الداعي الى التدخل الخارجي، لم يقتصر على السوريين فقط. خلال ساعات قليلة، تحولت مداخلات الجعفري في مجلس الأمن الى مادة رسائل فيديو أو رسائل صوتية بين عشرات الآلاف من الناشطين على الشبكة العنكبوتية. حتى الخصوم حاولوا إدخال تعليقات، لكنها كانت فقيرة وتقوم فقط على البروباغندا المعتمدة في لعبة غالبية المعارضين السوريين، والتي لا تنمّ إلا عن ارتباط بمن يقرر الخطوات في الخارج، أو عن نقص في أدوات التفكير، ولا سيما أنه بقدر ما يقدم النظام على خطوات، يراها كثيرون بطيئة أو متأخرة، بقدر ما يوغل المعارضون هؤلاء في مسيرة بائسة تهدف الى تدمير سوريا من أجل احتلال رقعة منها باسم الحرية والعدالة والمساواة.
لم يقل الجعفري كلاماً مختلفاً عما سمعناه من أركان النظام في سوريا. لكنه أحسن الصياغة بلغة أعطت الموقف بعداً معنوياً قوياً، ثم لأنه قال الكلام بحزم في وجه مجموعة من المتآمرين على بلده وشعبه، وعلى مرأى من العالم كله، وهو حاز من هؤلاء ردود فعل تعكس نفسية مريضة. فإما ابتسامات من يعتقد أن كلام الجعفري خارج التاريخ، كما فعل حمد بن جاسم، أو هزة رأس على طريقة سوزان رايس، التي يبدو أنها فوجئت بأنه سيأتي يوم يذكّرها أحد في هذه القاعة بأن بلادها احتكرت الفيتو في كل ما يتعلق بحقوق الشعوب العربية، أو بحقوق شعوب أخرى من العالم. وفي الحالتين، كانت الردود ضعيفة بأكثر مما يتوقع المرء، تماماً كما فعل الأمين العام للجامعة العربية، نبيل العربي، الذي لم يجد ما يقوله عن سبب عدم إحضار رئيس فريق المراقبين الى مجلس الأمن، ولا حتى التبرؤ من تقريره، فاكتفى بالقول إن القرار كان بحضوره مع رئيس وزراء قطر، وكان في ذلك ما يكفي، علماً بأنه يعرف أن الأمانة العامة للجامعة العربية تشهد على مواقف عصبية للمسؤول القطري عندما بادر أحدهم الى طرح فكرة ضمّ رئيس فريق المراقبين الى الوفد المتوجّه الى الأمم المتحدة.
ومع أنه ممنوع على أحد، غير الأميركيين، الاستعانة بشاشة عرض كما فعل كولن باول لتبرير غزو العراق، فإن عالم التواصل صار يتيح فضح ما هو مركب. أول من أمس وقبله وأمس، شعر الجمهور العربي، للمرة الأولى، بقوة الفبركة الإعلامية للفريق الساعي الى تدمير سوريا، لا إلى إسقاط نظامها فقط. ومن تجربتنا في «الأخبار»، كان لا بد من سماع تعليقات ذات بعد سياسي سخيف من قبل معارضين للنظام السوري، وأنه بمجرد نشر حقائق موثقة بالصوت والصورة والنص عن المسلحين الذين يقول بعضهم إنه ينتمي الى «الجيش الحر»، وبعضهم الآخر الى مجموعات «القاعدة»، صرنا نعمل لخدمة النظام في سوريا، لأن المطلوب الآن هو نفي وجود مسلحين منظّمين، في جيوب كل منهم عشرات الآلاف من الدولارات وهم يجوبون لبنان بحثاً عن وسائل اتصال حديثة، والمطلوب نفي أن هؤلاء يتلقون العون من جماعات لبنانية ذات علاقة وثيقة بفريق 14 آذار. والمطلوب أيضاً نفي، ولو احتمال، وجود مجموعات تنتمي الى «القاعدة» بفكرها وآلية عملها، أو حتى هي على علاقة بالهيكلية التنظيمية الجديدة لهذا التنظيم العالمي. والمطلوب فوق كل ذلك، القول إن أي مسلح معارض للنظام، إنما هو جندي منشقّ، وإنه لا يوجه الرصاص إلا الى العناصر العسكريين. بينما يحمل الأفراد من هؤلاء صوراً على هواتفهم الخلوية تعرض افتخارهم بما قاموا به من عمليات ذبح لعناصر موالين للنظام في مناطق في ريف دمشق وإدلب وحمص.
في جانب آخر، يبدو أن بعض المثقفين الداعمين للمحتجين السوريين قرروا الإصغاء فقط الى جهة واحدة، وتخلّوا عن كل العناصر المهنية المفترضة في شخصياتهم الوظيفية، كأكاديميين أو إعلاميين أو أعضاء في لجان حقوقية. وهم عندما يتبنّون رواية المسلحين أو بعض المعارضين، إنما يقرّون بأنهم لا يملكون وسيلة التأكد. وهم يرفضون مسبقاً روايات النظام لأنهم لا يملكون أيضاً وسائل التثبت. فكيف يستقيم الأمر بتبنّي رواية المعارضين ونفي رواية النظام؟ هل هناك من تفسير غير العصبية والعمى الأخلاقي الذي يطيح كل مهنية وكل علمية يستند إليها الموقف في هذه اللحظة الحرجة من تاريخ المنطقة؟
لا أحد ينفي ارتكاب قوات النظام في سوريا الكثير من عمليات القتل، أو الاعتقال التعسفي لناشطين معارضين. ولا أحد ينفي وجود أزمة جدية في ضبط عمل القوى الأمنية والعسكرية في سوريا، ولكن، لماذا يختفي من كل هذا «العالم الحر» أي نقد أو مجرد تساؤل حول ما يقدمه الآخرون؟ ألم يهرب الى لبنان عشرات من أبناء حمص، من المسلمين أو المسيحيين، والذين قدموا روايات مختلفة عن الجرائم القائمة هناك على خلفية طائفية؟ هل يعتقد المعارضون أن امتلاك قوى إعلامية كبيرة، مثل تلك المسيطر عليها من قبل الأميركيين والفرنسيين والبريطانيين والألمان ودول مجلس التعاون الخليجي، كافٍ لتقديم صورة مغايرة؟ ربما ينفع الأمر مع الذين هم خارج سوريا. وربما يتأثر عرب وأجانب من خارج سوريا بهذا الضخ. لكن ألا يعرف هؤلاء أن السوريين، الذين يعيشون يومياتهم داخل المدن والقرى والأرياف والمؤسسات وعلى الطرقات، يعرفون ويعيشون ما يجري؟ وهم أنفسهم الذين يروون ما يقوم به النظام وما يقوم به المعارضون المسلحون؟ ألم يسمع موظفو سفارات أجنبية، من مواطنين سوريين، عن ملثّمين يرفضون التحدث الى أحد في بعض الأحياء، فقط لأنهم ليسوا مواطنين سوريين؟ ألم يسمع هؤلاء كلام قائد طرابلس العسكري عبد الحكيم بلحاج عن رفاق له توجهوا الى سوريا عن طريق تركيا، نافياً أن يكون هو من أرسلهم، لكنهم سافروا «لنصرة أهلهم» كما يقولون؟ ألا يعرف الأجانب عندنا في لبنان، كيف أن عناصر من الخليج العربي باتوا يقيمون في قرى حدودية تركية وفي فنادق لبنانية، وأن المئات من الليبيين الجرحى الذين نقلوا أخيراً الى الأردن للعلاج، إنما يروون في جلساتهم هناك ما يحصل معهم، وما يعرض عليهم من أجل الذهاب لـ«نصرة إخوانهم في سوريا»، وكيف أن وحدة متخصصة من الاستخبارات التركية اتخذت من فنادق وشقق مفروشة في عمان مكاتب عمل لها تتعلق بالتواصل مع هؤلاء ومع سوريين فرّوا من جنوب البلاد أو يقيمون في الأردن منذ أعوام طويلة؟
حكاية القتل لم تعد على لسان رواة من جانب واحد. لكن الصيغة السياسية للحل، وكلما تأخرت، تفتح الشهيّة لكل أعداء سوريا وأنصار أميركا وإسرائيل للقيام بمزيد من الأعمال الإجرامية التي يستعدّ كثيرون لتعميمها على كل دول المنطقة.

February 6th, 2012, 4:58 pm


jna said:

114. Tarasaid: Zoo What is your interpretation of Ambassador Ford withdrawal?

American news sources report that the big reason is that the American government, following three terror bombings in Damascus, is afraid that the embassy might be blown up by al Qaeda or like terrorists.

““It smells like a terrorist attack and looks like a terrorist attack, but none of us knows for sure,” said a senior Obama administration official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in discussing the sensitive situation.”

February 6th, 2012, 5:09 pm


jad said:

I’m Not sure how accurate or true the conversation is but it’s worth sharing:

What happened to Saturday night between Hamad and Churkin, in New York?
– Russian Ambassador to expose the gas pipeline deal of Qatar – Turkey for Israel.

During the consultations were ongoing between the various parties in New York on Syria asked the Prime Minister of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim a meeting soon with the Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, for consultation and meeting took place in the lobby side reserved for meetings delegates, met the Russian ambassador to the invitation and left for the need that initiated his mark “Russian” crossing light and with a smile which is characterized by students, “Mr. La *”. Commencing Hamad meeting to express the importance of the historical moment the current and the Russian position in which the trust (Hamad) that Syria and President Assad does not need the Russians only a crucial signal by not vetoing a (ie, Hamad bin Jassim) confirms that no decision maker to go towards military intervention If the resolution was passed, the Arab countries are ready then to review the plans armament own, which amount to the budget in the coming years about 100 billion, including $ 10 billion ready to buy a weapon, a Russian out, that the share of Russia is not less than one-third of the total the $ 100 billion, while Russia does not derive from the arms deals with Syria over a billion and a half billion dollars.

Churkin, response was immediate, before pulling Hamad breath and decisively replied: I am confident that your interpretation of the position of the Russian completely wrong and that it inspired you to the readiness of Russia to make a deal at the expense of its relationship with Syria and the most important and is aware of the dimensions of the geopolitical to the topic. This is so obvious to us bribery display is not required is not included in the framework of political calculations.

Individual Hamad bin Jassim said that our conclusions that Bashar Assad does not have to refuse your request to him that accommodation for a peaceful transition of power as contained in the body of the resolution.

Interrupted Churkin: that your conclusions wrong Ktefsircm former, we who do not accept that given the military intervention bridge crossing through the “passage of the resolution,” and what happened in Libya was initially headed for a military intervention, but you and your allies above all interpretations of international resolutions and the recently waged the battle of the destruction of Libya for the implementation of your plans But you now forget that Asia is not Africa and any decision which affects the balances in Asia will not allow it because it will lead to Astglalkm him and are going to implement the scheme of destroying the capacity of Syria, led by the Syrian army, which certainly will not allow it.

It seems that Hamad did not back down in front of hardness and decisively complete the Russian delegate, this time from the inside Syrian exhibitors and explaining:
– Ghaliun is ready to sign the guarantees for Russia that it will not to lose positions of influence on the average or any privileges exist in Syria.

Was the answer to Churkin, on the form of a question: Did you signed with the pipe an agreement similar to what you received in Libya from the rights to explore for oil in partnership with the Americans and the British and the French or the deal is the most comprehensive and includes gas line extending from the Red Sea to Haifa – Beirut – Banias? Or do you insist on Homs because the maps of Iran and the Russian gas pipeline going through it? What do you think that playing poker is exposed this time and you also know that poker player professional casino New York (by the way we have video recordings of your adventures in the casinos New York) and the start of the gas deal average presented to us Israel to receive exploration companies him in return we have adopted for the maps that we know perfectly they are widely available in the region of Lebanon – the Syrian and the disputed areas in the Mediterranean and the Americans and the Turks were more visible and offered us the same deal, but Astbadokm them to raise our share and Rvdhanaha.

Hamad realized the failure of all attempts to bribe try to end the meeting,on a strong position, saying:
If you no longer of interest leads expect from our meeting and you are determined to break the Arab decision and declare war on the Arabs and you decide to lose the Arabs and you will pay a heavy price for this position.

Churkin stood before ending the session with his hand on the shoulder Hamad said:
I have a meeting with Jaafari, the representative of Syria to coordinate positions, but I want to remind you all that your state were not present on the map on the fleets of Russia roam the Gulf Two hundred years ago and remember that history repeats itself sometimes in the form of a farce, be not heroes, comedians, because there is no room for laughter in the drama ongoing . Churkin said his completed memoirs and confident .. To veto ..

ماذا جرى ليلة السبت بين حمد وتشوركين في نيويورك؟
– السفير الروسي يفضح صفقة خط أنابيب الغاز القطري – التركي لحساب اسرائيل.

خلال المشاورات التي كانت جارية بين الأطراف المختلفة في نيويورك حول سوريا طلب رئيس وزراء قطر حمد بن جاسم لقاءاً عاجلاً مع السفير الروسي فيتالي تشوركين للتشاور وجرى اللقاء في ردهة جانبية مخصصة للقاءات الوفود المشاركة ، لبى السفير الروسي الدعوة وترك للداعي ان يبدأها بصمته “الروسي” المُعَبِر والابتسامة الخفيفة التي يتميز بها تلامذة “السيد لا*” . فاستهل حمد الجلسة بالتعبير عن أهمية اللحظة التاريخية الحالية والموقف الروسي فيها الذي يثق (حمد) بأن سوريا والرئيس الأسد لا يحتاج فيها من الروس سوى إشارة حاسمة من خلال عدم استخدام الفيتو وهو (أي حمد بن جاسم) يؤكد أن لا قرار متخذ للذهاب باتجاه التدخل العسكري وفي حال تم تمرير القرار فإن الدول العربية مستعدة عندها لإعادة النظر في خطط التسلح الخاصة بها والتي تبلغ الميزانية المرصودة لها في الاعوام المقبلة حوالي ١٠٠ مليار دولار، منها ١٠ مليارات جاهزة لشراء سلاح روسي بها، على أن تكون حصة روسيا لا تقل عن الثلث من مجمل مبلغ الـ ١٠٠ مليار دولار بينما لا تجني روسيا من صفقات الأسلحة مع سوريا أكثر من مليار ونصف المليار دولار.

هنا بدأ تشوركين رده بشكل فوري وقبل أن يسحب حمد انفاسه وبشكل حاسم أجابه : أنا على ثقة أن تفسيركم للموقف الروسي خاطئ تماماً وأن من أوحى لك باستعداد روسيا لعقد صفقة على حساب علاقتها مع سوريا واهم وغير مدرك للأبعاد الجيوسياسية للموضوع. وبالتالي فهذه الرشوة الواضحة بالنسبة لنا عرض غير مطلوب ولا يدخل في اطار حساباتنا السياسية.

فرد حمد بن جاسم قائلاً : إن استنتاجاتنا أن بشار الأسد لا يملك أن يرفض طلبكم له بافساح المجال لانتقال سلمي للسلطة كما يرد في متن القرار.

فقاطعه تشوركين : إن استنتاجاتكم خاطئة كتفسيركم السابق فنحن من لا يقبل أن يُعطى التدخل العسكري جسر عبور من خلال “تمرير القرار” وما حصل في ليبيا لم يكن في البداية متجهاً نحو التدخل العسكري لكنكم وحلفائكم قفزتم فوق كل تفسيرات القرارات الدولية وخضتم معركة تدمير ليبيا لتنفيذ مخططاتكم ولكنكم الآن نسيتم أن آسيا ليست أفريقيا وأي قرار يمس التوازنات في آسيا لن نسمح به لأنه سيؤدي إلى استغلالكم له وتنفيذكم لمخطط تدمير قدرات سوريا وعلى رأسها الجيش السوري الأمر الذي لن نسمح به بالتأكيد.

ويبدو أن حمد لم يتراجع أمام صلابة وحسم المندوب الروسي فأكمل هذه المرة بالمغريات من الداخل السوري عارضاً وشارحاً :
– أن برهان غليون مستعد لتوقيع ضمانات لروسيا بعدم خسارتها مواقع النفوذ على المتوسط ولا أي امتيازات لها موجودة في سوريا.

فكان جواب تشوركين على شكل سؤال : وهل وقعتم مع غليون اتفاقاً مشابهاً لما حصلتم عليه في ليبيا من حقوق للتنقيب عن النفط بالشراكة مع الأمريكيين والبريطانيين والفرنسيين أم كانت الصفقة أشمل وتضم خط الغاز الممتد من البحر الأحمر الى حيفا – بيروت – فبانياس ؟ أم أنكم مصرون على حمص لأن الخرائط الايرانية والروسية لأنابيب الغاز تمر فيها ؟ ما رأيك أن نلعب البوكر مكشوفاً هذه المرة وانت كما أعلم لاعب بوكر محترف في كازينوهات نيويورك (بالمناسبة لدينا تسجيلات فيديو لمغامراتك في كازينوهات نيويورك) ولنبدأ من صفقة غاز المتوسط الذي عرضت علينا اسرائيل أن نستلم شركات التنقيب عنه مقابل تبنينا لخرائطهم التي نعلم تماماً أنها متوفرة بكثرة في المنطقة اللبنانية – السورية والمناطق المتنازع عليها في المتوسط والأمريكان والأتراك كانوا أكثر وضوحاً وعرضوا علينا نفس الصفقة ولكنهم استبعدوكم منها لرفع حصتنا ورفضناها.

هنا أيقن حمد فشل كل محاولات الرشوة فحاول انهاء اللقاء بموقف قوي قائلاً:
إذاً لم يعد من فائدة ترتجى من جلستنا وانتم مصرون على كسر القرار العربي واعلان الحرب على العرب وقررتم ان تخسروا العرب وستدفعون ثمن هذا الموقف غالياً.

فوقف تشوركين قبل حمد منهياً الجلسة واضعاً يده على كتف حمد قائلاً :
لدي اجتماع مع الجعفري مندوب سوريا لتنسيق المواقف ولكن أريد أن أذكرك فقط أن دولتكم لم تكن موجودة على الخارطة يوم كانت اساطيل روسيا تجوب الخليج قبل مئتي عام وتذكروا أن التاريخ يعيد نفسه أحياناً على شكل مهزلة فلا تكونوا أبطالاً كوميديين لأن لا مجال للضحك في الدراما الجارية حالياً. قال تشوركين كلمته وأكمل سيره واثقاً .. نحو الفيتو ..

February 6th, 2012, 5:10 pm


Humanist said:

Reporter inside attacked area in Homs (audio):

February 6th, 2012, 5:15 pm


Aldendeshe said:

Not trying to distract you from the hard fights you created and promoted and now struggling with its outcome, but finally I got a chance to check wiki for “Daniel Barenboim” who I mentioned in previous comment and he is really impressive, take a moment to read about him, you need to learn from people like him, after all Syria needs informed citizens not just gun and dull knives touting ones:

February 6th, 2012, 5:22 pm


Humanist said:

Same reporter, but video (better):

“most casualties have been civilians”

February 6th, 2012, 5:24 pm


Darryl said:

110. TARA said:

You still do not get it, Christians are not pro-regime, the Christians are not interested in time travel to the stone age like Egypt, Tunis, Iraq the GCC and a few others. They have sided, with other Syrians to exercise their democratic right to side with someone who has been treating them with respect. They are not in trial-error mode!

February 6th, 2012, 5:28 pm


Tara said:


I am sorry but I told you before….Your opinion does not concern me much. It only reflects the islamophonic POV. I really can’t gauge Christian opinion reading yours. Refer to SL’s post to understand and develop an insight into your thoughts and attitude. You may be doing yourself a favor

February 6th, 2012, 5:37 pm



When Assad takes Daraa, Homs, Bosra, Zabadani, Homs and Hama he must consider that his army should have killed all insurgents and oppositors. As the Assads already did in Hama. If number of killed do not reach al least 70.000 or so it will be impossible for the regime to administrate these cities or other villages.

So, prepare for the massacre of terrorist gangs and sionist agents. Assad is going to commit an enormous massacre in front of the eyes of the world, if no one dares to intervene before.

When terrorists and their families and neighbours have been killed Assad´s Syria will become a paradise of happiness and wellness.

February 6th, 2012, 5:37 pm



Where are the palestinians? Where are the israelis?

We all tend to consider that a people that has been massacrated and repressed, a people that has lived under ghetto and suffered all possible violations of their rights must be mercifull with other peoples suffering the same.

But history is there to prove the contrary. Israel has never been pity about peoples under massacre. Even worse they supported Apartheid in South Africa and committed many racist and human crimes against palestinians.

Also, palestinians, after having suffered so much, in terms of repression and death from Israel, and in terms of hipocrisy from Arab dictatorships and UN, now are invisible in front of the syrian people being massacrated.

All Syrians spent last 40 years under dictatorship, under poverty levels and in a difficult international position because they believed their Assad regime was standing for palestinian rights.

Now, no palestinian authority is able to denounce the Assad regime massacrating its people. And of course many palestinians in Syria support Assad as his source personal welfare and political security.

Another people massacrated in history was the Druze and most in Sweida are still supporting the regime. I can assert this last sentence 100 %. Is probably the only city support for Assad surpasses 70 %. Maybe because they know the role their militars played in the Hama events.

February 6th, 2012, 5:49 pm


Hans said:

the USA closed its embassy in Damascus because of threat by groups related to Alqaida in Syria, that’s what the CNN is reporting!!!
Well, Hillary don’t you get it that you are helping Alqaida to take over Syria with your help to the terrorists and the Islamists in Syria Da!!!

February 6th, 2012, 6:06 pm


Humanist said:

I’m glad my “comment” got five thumbs down so quickly.

I suppose you wanted to show your disgust of civilians getting killed/injured by the bullets of your master(s)!!!

February 6th, 2012, 6:06 pm


Darryl said:

130. TARA said:

I could careless whether my opinion is of interest to you or not and whether I am an Islamophobe or not is of no concern, as long as, I can express my opinion based on facts and not myth and fiction as your opinion is founded.

Your accusations are big and tall when you have no clue what your belief system is all about. I will remind you, your brand of faith places a women, a dog and a Jew in the same status. Now take some time from all the posting here and get yourself up to date on your faith, then come back and see if you can accuse me of being an Islamophobe.

February 6th, 2012, 6:07 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


I think that you are wrong about Israel. There’s clear anti Assad sentiment in Israel, and a support for the Syrians who fight for their rights. Most, if not all commentators in the Israeli media that I read, criticize the actions of Assad and clan.

It was published that Bibi wanted to issue a statement of support for the Syrian revolutionaries on Sunday during the government weekly meeting, but he eventually decided not to, because he didn’t want to harm them.

Think about it. Every thing that Israel does is being interpreted and perceived in a negative way.

February 6th, 2012, 6:10 pm


Humanist said:

Re. Ann,

“…to SO CALLED “Hama Massacre” (1982):”

So what is a REAL massacre according to you?

10,000 – 30,000 is not enough?

Do you talk about the SO CALLED “Holocaust” as well?

February 6th, 2012, 6:20 pm


Observer said:

This is from AlHayat about the long time suffering that the ruling sect feels. I have no opinion about it per se, it is just good reading as it shows how the hate mentality has infiltrated the people in Syria.

February 6th, 2012, 6:22 pm


Aldendeshe said:

@123 Jad, with due respect to you:

مقال سخيف جدآ ـ العقل البعثي المنحدر إلى الهاوية بفكر هيك .

February 6th, 2012, 6:23 pm



134. Amir in Tel Aviv

I accept that anything Israel does will be negatively interpreted but I do not think Bibi, precisely Bibi (who bases his power on creating fear and segregation), has good sentiments towards syrian populations. I believe many israelis will simpathyse with syrian people (even israeli society is beginning to change and to be critics towards jewish establishment). In a way I can understand that many israelis, as is the case in Lebanon, do not think too much about what is happening in Syria (since they have many accounts to render). But for example in Lebanon, many who hated even hearing the name of Syria and crossing a word with a syrian worker, have began to express admiration for the brave syrian people, and realized that most syrians were not merely donkeys behind Assad.

Regarding palestinians, probably the syrian people has been the one that has paid the highest price for allegedly defending the palestinian cause. Of course Assad did not defend any palestinian cause, just played with them. But the sentiment in Syria streets was that a big effort was being done towards a comprehensive and global arrangement. After years people began to realize that Assad was hiding behind the palestinian cause.

February 6th, 2012, 6:31 pm


Uzair8 said:

Heard a short time ago on BBC radio 5 that the wife of the tyrant has broken her silence and come out in support of her husband in an email. She apparantly claimed her husband was representing the general population and not just a faction. Something like that. Nothing on google news search as of yet.

February 6th, 2012, 6:33 pm


Observer said:

Here is some sobering reading showing that the current regimes are finished and how Arab socities move forward is not clear at all:
What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East

By Patrick Seale

British journalist Brian Whitaker has written a provocative anddisturbing book about the Middle East. His title is the one I have put at the head of this article. His book is not kind to the Arabs, since it exposes the profound contradictions and weaknesses in their society. But it should, nevertheless, be translated into Arabic as a matter of urgency and be required reading by Arab elites from the Atlantic to the Gulf.

His aim, he says, is to stimulate debate. If the Arab world is to catch up with the rest of the developed world, it would do well to ponder Whitaker’s conclusions and heed his recommendations.

Whitaker has travelled widely in Arab countries and was Middle East editor of the Guardian newspaper for seven years. He evidently knows the region intimately. His strength, in researching this book, is that he has not restricted himself, as most journalists do, to seeking the views of political leaders and government officials, but has instead moved outside the strictly political sphere to interview a great many thinkers, academics, students, opinion-formers, bloggers, and ordinary people in many countries across the region. He has looked beyond Arab regimes to society as a whole. That is the originality of his book.

So, in a word, what does he say is wrong with the Middle East? In chapter after chapter, he dissects the “stultifying atmosphere where change, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, questioning, problem-solving… are all discouraged.” And that is not the end of it. To this list he adds “systematic denial of rights that impinge on the lives of millions: discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or family background; inequality of opportunity, impenetrable bureaucracies, arbitrary application of the law; and the lack of transparency in government.”

Whitaker’s first powerful chapter deals with the failure of education in the Arab world — which he says is central to the region’s problems. If change is to be meaningful, he declares, it must begin in people’s heads. He quotes the 2004 Arab Human Development Report in saying that teaching methods in the Arab world — especially rote learning — “do not permit free dialogue and active, exploratory learning and consequently do not open the doors to freedom of thought and criticism.” On the contrary, “the curricula taught in Arab countries seem to encourage submission, obedience, subordination and compliance.”

The result is a “knowledge deficit,” hampering the development of a well-educated, technically skilled workforce.

Whitaker’s recommendation is that “Arab countries need to reform their educational systems and prepare themselves for the future.” But, he adds pessimistically, “the high value placed on conformity in Arab
societies is suffocating change.” His controversial conclusion is that “the Arab countries cannot develop knowledge-based societies without radical social and political change.”

Another of Whitaker’s targets is asabiyya — solidarity betweenmembers of a family, clan or tribe. Such solidarity can provide security and protection for individuals but the reverse of the coin is That (in the words of the Arab Human Development Report) it “implants submission, parasitic dependence and compliance…”

Whitaker argues that the obsession with kinship in the Arab world undermines the principles of meritocracy and equality of opportunity. Nepotism hampers economic development and places Arab countries at a disadvantage in relation to those parts of the world where such practices are less prevalent.

His conclusion is that “Arabs cannot emerge into a new era of freedom,citizenship and good governance while their society continues to be dominated by the obligations of kinship, whether at a family or tribal
level…” This, he affirms, is the central challenge the Arabs face today.

Another of Whitaker’s provocative chapters deals with the relationship between citizens and their governments. The typical Arab regime, he declares, is both authoritarian and autocratic – authoritarian because
it demands obedience and autocratic because power is highly centralised and concentrated around the head of state. He acknowledges that there has been much talk of reform and modernisation in Arab countries to keep pace with the rapid world changes, but he remarks gloomily that “actual reform, as opposed to mere talk of it, has been far more limited… Much of what passes for reform is just window-dressing for the sake of international respectability.”

One of Whitaker’s most controversial chapters is entitled “The politics of God,” and deals with the tide of religious fervour that has swept across the Middle East during the last thirty or forty years. Religion, he argues, is one response to what has become known as the “Arab malaise.” For millions of believers, religion provides a comfort zone of certainty and hope in a world of doubt and despair.

He quotes his sources as suggesting that the lurch towards religionbegan with the Arabs overwhelming defeat at the hands of Israel in 1967. But further impetus to the trend was given by the success of the
mujahideen in driving out Soviet forces from Afghanistan, and by the success of Hizbullah in driving Israel out of Lebanon in 2000 after 22 years of occupation. The idea took root that military success was achievable when inspired by religion.

Religion, Whitaker notes, provides a sense of identity, of belongingand of solidarity in the face of threats from outside. But he warns that treating religion as a badge of identity can lead to a heightened emphasis on its outward, physical aspects at the expense of spirituality and ethics.

Moreover, as the religious tide swept across the Middle East, moreextreme versions of Islam gained in prominence, more rigid in their interpretations of scripture and less tolerant of alternative views. This has sometimes bred growing intolerance, and even acts of violence like the occasion when, in 1994, the 82-year old Egyptian man of letters, Naguib Mahfouz, was stabbed in the neck outside his house. He survived, but his right arm was partly paralysed.

Equal rights, Whitaker argues, cannot exist without freedom of religion. In the Arab countries, this is probably the biggest single obstacle to positive change. In his view, freedom of religion requires a state which is religiously neutral. Separation of religion and state is therefore essential, he believes, to any serious agenda for reform.

Whitaker’s book contains a lively discussion of corruption and illegal commissions in Arab society, as well as the phenomenon of wasta, that is to say the use of connections, influence or favouritism. There is
also a long and well-informed section on the Arabic media, which is too rich to be summarised in a line or two.

Whitaker wants the Arabs to break free from a culture of dependence and helplessness and for westerners, in turn, to break free from their history of colonial rule and military intervention, so that both sides
can set their relationship on a productive footing of inter-dependence.

This book will anger some and excite others. It is one of the mostambitious attempts in recent years by a western writer to analyse what is really wrong with the Middle East.

Patrick Seale is a leading British writer on the Middle East, and theauthor of The Struggle for Syria; also, Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East; and Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 6:45 pm


Ghufran said:

This is not an opinion,it is a fact:
Villages in a number of provinces that ,mostly due to demographic factors,are seen as pro regime have been for months stocking up on weapons and daily necessities preparing for the worst,a number of community leaders in those villages have given up on the regime to provide protection after seeing what is happening in Homs,Idleb and Zabadani.,that was one factor in the decision I spoke about to attack Homs and Zabadani now and other hot spots later. The environment is now ripe for many pro regime areas to take control of their security,a matter that can only increase sectarian tension and pave the way for a physical and political divisions inside Syria. The Russians have little to offer if the regime does not make a U-turn and show in action not words that the military crackdown will be an introduction to a transitional government that Assad will not have a major role in forming and directing,if the Russians fail and the violence does not subside,large defections from within the pro regime communities will occur because the instinct of survival is always stronger than common political sense. Syria may not stay as a unified country in 2012 if a major political breakthrough does not take place in the very near future.

February 6th, 2012, 6:49 pm


Hans said:

this the suppose to be a colonel who deserted the Syrian army that he finally deserted after hearing about a group of the military soldiers who raped a newly wed bride!!!!
he reported this to France 24. I wonder how much lies fabrication and propaganda is there.
I wonder if the west start paying off the officers of the Syrian army to defect that works best in Syria you can buy any one with the green/moula. including the highest ranks and possibly those are easier to buy than the low ranks.
will see how long the Syrian army will stick with Assad against the foreign terrorists, mercenaries…
tomorrow the russians are going to SYRIA and possibly the russians are ordering Assad to step down and point a russian person therefore no american man takes the helm.

February 6th, 2012, 7:02 pm


Tara said:


Ah..I am consistently getting better reviews than yours on a mostly pro-regime site!?  What is going on? Are you losing your appeal?

There is very interesting Turkish soap opera on Dubai at 5:30 PM EST called  حريم السلطان Try to watch it.  Pretty entertaining.

February 6th, 2012, 7:21 pm


bronco said:


“Are you losing your appeal?”
Either I lost it or the pro-regime in the site have defected as this seems to be the new trend.

February 6th, 2012, 7:46 pm


bronco said:

140. Observer

Thanks for posting Patrick Seale’s article on Brian Whittaker book, excellent insights and certainly to be read by people who can change something.

February 6th, 2012, 7:57 pm


Tara said:

128 killed by the Syrian regime today including 19 children, and 15 women. Only in Syria, massacre in the memory of a massacre.

February 6th, 2012, 8:03 pm


Ghufran said:

One of my research students compared Bashar to Russia’s last czar who did not want to be King but was somewhat forced to,then when things got hot he quit his job and left.
Syria is not Russia of course,and Syrian politics require a different approach but when a leader who did not fight for his job becomes a divisive figure and a tool used by many to incite violence,on both sides,the right thing to do is to ask that leader to step aside.
Russia has a very tough job tomorrow and I am not sure that their mediation will meet a better fate than the one they tried with Saddam,I am just hoping that Syria will be the exception.

February 6th, 2012, 8:22 pm


zoo said:

US President Barack Obama said it was important to resolve the conflict diplomatically.

“It is important to resolve this without recourse to outside military intervention and I think that’s possible,” he said in an NBC television interview.”

Any clue how?

February 6th, 2012, 8:23 pm


bronco said:

#147. Ghufran

In my opinion, in the meeting with the russians, they will agree on the following scenario:
Bashar will announce publicly to the Syrians his intention to resign once there is a ceasefire, the reforms are announced and the dialog starts with his VP and the opposition.
This will be guaranteed by the Russian and by the AL within a certain time frame.

He will not leave in the chaos that exists now. He will make sure that the dialog will start before quitting definitely.
The regime will stay in power until there a new elections.

This way, the AL will have its plan agreed and not imposed.
Then the ball is in the camp of the AL and the international community to ensure the dialog’s success and the implementation of the reforms.

February 6th, 2012, 8:33 pm


ann said:

148. zoo said:

US President Barack Obama said it was important to resolve the conflict diplomatically.

“It is important to resolve this without recourse to outside military intervention and I think that’s possible,” he said in an NBC television interview.”

Any clue how?

Free and Fair Election.

February 6th, 2012, 8:38 pm


jad said:

Today is not the oppositions best day at all, it was full of defections, attacks, drugs, some lies and political failures, here is the latest episode between the MBs SNC and the new ‘hawks”BHL’ ‘club’, The national change current, by a member of both ‘clubs’!

عادل الخش

تابعت بحزن منذ البارحة الهجوم المكثف الذي شنه بعض الزملاء في المجلس على تيار التغيير الوطني والاخوة المنضمين اليه وتباينت الاتهامات بين من اتهم التيار بتحريض العقيد الاسعد على الهجوم على المجلس وبين اتهام اعضائه بالعمل لإسقاط المجلس وبين السخرية والاستهزاء وغيرها من الاتهامات التي لاتستند الا على اوهام او اعتقادات مسبقة
وحقيقة ان ذلك مؤسف جدا ومحزن ففي الوقت الذي عملنا على ان نكون جهة تعمل بصمت بدون اي ضجيج ولا تغطية اعلامية ولا محاولة لإثارة المزيد من القلاقل والنقاشات التي تعج بها نقاشات المعارضة والتي لا طائل منها غير انها تلهينا عن الهدف الرئيسي الذي نعمل كلنا لاجله ورفضنا ان يكون حتى لاجتماعاتنا التي اسست للتيار اي تغطية اعلامية حتى لايفهم منها انها تحدي لأي تشكيل سياسي او غيره سواء المجلس او اي احد اخر واكتفينا بإصدار بيان صحفي عمم على وسائل الاعلام بطرح واضح ليس فيه اي حرف يوحي بالهجوم على احد أو اننا نعلن التيار بديلا عن اي تشكيل اخر موجود يأتي هذا الهجوم الغير مبرر من الاخوة في المجلس وكأن التيار هو عدو لهم وتأسس ليعمل ضدهم وفرغوا من وقتهم الكثير للتفكير والهجوم بدل الالتفات لما يحصل على الارض واجبرت انا ايضا لتفريغ جزء من وقتي لكتابة هذه الرسالة فقط لاقول لكم اننا مجموعة عمل لاتطرح من نفسها بديلا عن احد هدفنا كما هو هدف كل التشكيلات السياسية والثورية التي نشأت خلال الثورة العمل على اسقاط النظام ومحاولة تشكيل تنظيم يكون عونا لاهلنا في الداخل ومساهما في وضع مشروع سياسي واضح الطرح متوازن بأفكاره واهدافه يخدم مستقبل بلدنا وبناء عليه لانرى من انفسنا معادين لاحد ولا في صدد تبرير انفسنا لاحد مادمنا نعمل ضمن الاطار الذي يهدف لخدمة ثورتنا وشعبنا ووطننا ولم نخرج عن هذا الاطار وانا شخصيا لا اعرف ان هناك جهة اعلنت عن نفسها انها المانح لصكوك الوطنية ولأحقية العمل من عدمه لهذا او ذاك واود ان انوه بأن حق التعبير السياسي حق مصان وهو من ضمن اهداف ثورتنا ومبادئها وبناء عليه يحق لاي مجموعة ترى في نفسها الكفاءة والقدرة ان تشكل حزبا او تيارا او اي مسمى اخر وتعمل عليه ولا يحق لاحد انكار ذلك عليهم او مهاجمتهم بدون سند او دليل بأنهم يعملون ضد الوطن او الثورة
فأرجوا منكم ياأخوتي ان تلتفتوا للعمل كل في موقعه لنصرة اهلنا وخدمة قضيتنا بدل اضاعة الوقت في انتقاد الاخر لمجرد النقد وفي النهاية الزمن كفيل بأن يظهر من عمل لاجل وطنه ومن عمل لاجل غايات اخرى
وتقبلوا تحياتي واحترامي للجميع
اخوكم شادي عادل الخش

February 6th, 2012, 8:48 pm


Ghufran said:

The man knows the middle east very well but I do not know how close he is to Putin.
The Russians have to deliver and they have to do it quickly.

وقد استهل بريماكوف حديثه بالإشارة إلى ضرورة التمييز بين الأوضاع في بلدان ربيع الثورات العربية على نحو يضع كلا من مصر وتونس في موقع مغاير لمواقع ليبيا وسوريا التي قال إن «المقاومة ضد نظام الأسد فيها اتسمت ومنذ البداية بطابع عسكري لتنزلق لاحقا إلى حرب أهلية في واقع الأمر»، واستطرد ليقول: «لقد كانت مواقف روسيا تجاه الأوضاع في سوريا تتسم بطابع موضوعي. فنحن مع اتفاق كل الأطراف. وثمة من يتساءل: لماذا ترفض موسكو التصويت على مشروع القرار الذي عرضته الجامعة العربية والمغرب وحظي بتأييد الولايات المتحدة والبلدان الأوروبية، على مجلس الأمن؟ الأسباب متعددة؛ وواحد منها يتعلق بتحميل مشروع القرار المسؤولية لأحد طرفي الأزمة. إننا نجد فيه توجيه كل الاتهامات إلى القوات الحكومية وضد الأسد شخصيا مع طرح مسألة حتمية رحيله. وذلك تدخل عملي في الشؤون الداخلية على غير أساس»، واستطرد قائلا: «أما السبب الثاني، فيتلخص في أن روسيا خُدعت في ليبيا؛ حيث كان من المطلوب سرعة اتخاذ القرار لأن قوات (العقيد الليبي السابق معمر) القذافي كانت على وشك الاستيلاء على بنغازي. وكان على روسيا وتفاديا لوقوع المزيد من الضحايا البشرية، خاصة خلال معارك الشوارع في بنغازي، أن تنطلق من موقف موحد مع الصين وتمتنع عن استخدام حق الفيتو. وكانوا قد أكدوا لنا أن القرار لا يستهدف سوى فرض المظلة الجوية من أجل الحيلولة دون استخدام القذافي قواته الجوية ضد المدنيين. لقد خدعونا وكان القرار يستهدف بالدرجة الأولى الإطاحة بالقذافي. ولذا، فنحن الآن نلتزم بالحذر الشديد في سوريا. وأنا أعتقد في صحة ذلك وأقف ضد التدخل الخارجي».
وقال بريماكوف: «إذا كان هناك من المسؤولين الغربيين من يطرح ضرورة رحيل الأسد، فإنني أطرح عليه السؤال: هل سيوفر ذلك الاستقرار في سوريا؟ أما السؤال الثاني: هل هناك في الغرب من الخبراء من يدرك ماهية القوى المعادية للنظام؟»، وأوضح قائلا: «في حال وجود مثل هؤلاء الخبراء، فإنهم يبدون مطالبين بتفسير السبب الذي من أجله تتشكل في إحدى البلدان المجاورة (يقصد تركيا) ما يصفونها بحكومة الوحدة الوطنية من ممثلي المعارضة؟ وما مصلحة الدول المجاورة في ذلك؟ كما أنهم مطالبون أيضا بتفسير الدور الذي يلعبه تنظيم القاعدة في هذه المسألة. وماهية الدور الذي يلعبه الإسلاميون في هذه الحركة. إنهم مدعوون أيضا إلى تفسير أسباب الكثير من الخلافات الطائفية التي تتعلق بالسنة والعلويين في سوريا»، وتابع قائلا: «إنني وعلى سبيل المثال لست متفقا مع القائل بأن مثل تلك المواقف تساهم في تأمين الاستقرار والتطور الطبيعي لسوريا، علاوة على أن الأحداث لم تنته بعد في البلدان الأخرى، وإذا ما حدثت احتكاكات جدية على أرضية السنة والشيعة، فإن العالم العربي سوف يخسر كثيرا».
وتوقف بريماكوف قليلا ليضيف: «الموقف لا يسمح بالكثير من التفاؤل. إنني أعتقد بضرورة إعطاء بشار الأسد فرصة بعد أن أعلن كثيرا عن التزامه بالكثير من الإصلاحات التي، في حال تحقيقها، سوف تكون منعطفا حاسما في اتجاه الديمقراطية ومنها إلغاء حالة الطوارئ وإجراء الانتخابات وبناء نظام متعدد الأحزاب والتخلي عن احتكار حزب البعث للسلطة. لقد قال كل ذلك. لكنه يقول أيضا الآن إنني لا أستطيع تنفيذ كل هذه الإصلاحات في الوقت الذي تحتدم فيه الأوضاع وتشتعل فيه المواجهة أو الحرب الداخلية». وعاد بريماكوف ليؤكد: «من الممكن إتاحة الفرصة إذا ما التقت معه المعارضة وتيسر التوصل إلى اتفاق حول أسس انتقالية. وقد طرحت موسكو، ولا تزال تطرح، استضافة اللقاء».
وأكد أن موسكو التقت بممثلي المعارضة في موسكو وكذلك بممثلي المعارضة المسلحة الذين يتمركزون في بلد مجاور، لكنهم يرفضون قطعيا الدخول في أية مفاوضات.

February 6th, 2012, 8:49 pm


ann said:

Syrian rebel leadership is split

Istanbul, Turkey – Rival dissident army officers are claiming to lead the increasingly armed rebellion within Syria, exposing rifts within the opposition.

Maj. Mahar Naimi introduced himself as a spokesman for the “Higher Military Council,” a newly formed organization that now claimed to lead armed defectors within Syria.

“This council represents the people fighting in Syria,” Naimi said. He added that the council was led by Gen. Mustafa Sheikh, an officer who defected from the Syrian military.

But Naimi’s claim was quickly rejected by another defecting officer, Col. Riad al Assad, who spent much of the last year claiming to lead a “Free Syrian Army” of rebel soldiers from a refugee camp on the Turkish border with Syria.

“This man represents himself,” Assad said in reference to Sheikh. “He has nothing to do with the Free Syrian Army … those people are representing themselves and do not represent the revolution and the Free Syrian Army. They don’t represent anybody.”

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 8:50 pm


jad said:

I agree with your prediction of the Russian visit to Damascus and the outcome, it seems the only way out now.

لاءات موسكو للأسد: لا للتدخّل، لا للتنحّي، لا للمسلّحين

الزيارة الأولى للافروف إلى دمشق منذ اندلاع الاضطرابات في سوريا في 15 آذار 2011 (أرشيف)
تتزامن الجهود الديبلوماسية، الموالية كما المناوئة، مع التصعيد الأمني، من غير أن يقودا معاً، أو أحدهما، إلى انفراج في الحرب الدائرة بين نظام الرئيس بشّار الأسد ومعارضيه، بشقّيهم السلمي والمسلح. في ظلّ عالم منشطر نصفين حيالها، باتت المسألة السورية أزمة دولية

نقولا ناصيف
تنقضي اليوم، مع وصول وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف ورئيس جهاز الاستخبارات الخارجية ميخائيل فرادكوف إلى دمشق، عشرة أيام على قرار الرئيس السوري بشّار الأسد، في 26 كانون الثاني، الحسم العسكري ضد معارضيه المسلحين في أرياف دمشق وحمص وإدلب، وخوض حرب شوارع معهم. ومع أن زيارة الوفد الروسي لا تقلّل وطأة الحسم، ولا تأتي حكماً لوقفه، أو حمل القيادة السورية على إلقاء السلاح في وجه معارضيها، إلا أنها تبرز، في توقيتها، مزيداً من الدعم الروسي للأسد في خطوة عاجلة، تالية لاستخدام موسكو الفيتو في مجلس الأمن في الرابع من الشهر الجاري.
وبحسب جهات واسعة الاطلاع على علاقة دمشق بموسكو، تكمن الزيارة في المعطيات الآتية:
1 ـــ أنها الأولى للافروف إلى دمشق منذ اندلاع الاضطرابات في سوريا في 15 آذار 2011. وتأتي تحت عنوان عريض معلن هو استكشاف موقف القيادة السورية من التطورات الأخيرة، وعنوان آخر مضمر يتناول الإجراءات التي اتخذها الأسد في سبيل استعجال سيطرته على أوسع نطاق من البلاد.
2 ـــ أنها من المرات النادرة في مجلس الأمن، بعد 5 تشرين الأول، التي استخدمت روسيا والصين فيها فيتو مزدوجاً في قرار يستهدف النظام السوري. لم تدرج موسكو على استخدام هذا السلاح تكراراً كواشنطن التي لجأت إليه حتى الآن 200 مرة على الأقل دفاعاً عن إسرائيل، ولم تعتد كذلك استخدامه مرتين على التوالي من أجل دولة واحدة كسوريا. الأمر نفسه بالنسبة إلى الصين التي لا تستخدم الفيتو دفاعاً عن بلاد بعيدة عن حدودها. وهو سلاحها في منطقة نفوذها في الشرق الأقصى، من أجل كوريا الشمالية مثلاً.
إلا أن دمشق تبلّغت أكثر من مرة، قبل الفيتو وبعده، دوافع اتخاذه. وهي أن ما يجري في سوريا بات في صلب المصالح الاستراتيجية لروسيا. اطمأن الأسد، وتيقن ممّا اطّلع عليه، إلى الآن على الأقل، من جدّية موقف موسكو حياله، وهو أنها لن تتخلى عنه. بل باتت دمشق أكثر اطمئناناً، بعدما أصبحت المسألة السورية أزمة دولية تورّط فيها الغرب والشرق معاً، وأذِنت الفيتوات المتبادلة بحرب باردة تضمن التوازن في الشرق الأوسط، وترجّح كفة النظام في البقاء ومقاومة الضغوط الدولية، وتشلّ مقدرة مجلس الأمن على التحرّك. في ظلّ حرب باردة كهذه، لا قرار يصدر عن مجلس الأمن.
3 ـــ يحضر لافروف إلى العاصمة السورية متسلّحاً بثلاث لاءات يُنتظر أن يُعيد تأكيدها في محادثاته مع المسؤولين السوريين، وخصوصاً الأسد: لا للتدخل العسكري في سوريا، لا لتنحّي الرئيس السوري، لا لسيطرة المسلحين على أجزاء من البلاد. بيد أن موسكو تتمسّك أيضاً بالحوار الداخلي بين الرئيس السوري ومعارضيه.
وتبعاً للمطّلعين أنفسهم، تكمن مخاوف موسكو ــــ وهو مبعث تشجيعها الأسد على الحسم العسكري ــــ في أن اتفاقاً بين الرئيس السوري ومعارضيه تناوئه الجماعات المسلحة من شأنه نسف كل جهود التسوية الداخلية. لذا تميل إلى إخراج هؤلاء من المعادلة بغية ضمان نجاح حوار داخلي تدعو إليه روسيا.
بل الواقع أن لروسيا موقفاً تبلغته القيادة السورية قبل أشهر، وهو أن لا تسوية بلا الأسد. الرئيس السوري سقف أي حوار وطني وخطة للإصلاحات لإخراج البلاد من محنتها. بعد المبادرة العربية الأخيرة التي نادت بتنحّي الأسد، أصبحت موسكو أكثر تشبّثاً به.
خيار تدريجي
في ضوء الموقف الروسي واطمئنانها إلى دعمه لها، أجرت القيادة السورية على أثر مبادرة الجامعة العربية، في 22 كانون الثاني، مراجعة للخيارات المفتوحة أمامها. واستندت بدورها إلى ملاحظات:
أولاها، ارتفاع وتيرة العنف والنزاع المسلح مع بدء مناقشات غير رسمية في مجلس الأمن لوضع مشروع قرار يدعم مبادرة الجامعة بغية إحراج الروس، بالتزامن مع قرار الجامعة سحب فريق المراقبين العرب وإنهاء مهمتهم تماماً. وقد نظرت دمشق بإيجابية إلى مهمتهم عندما وثّقوا هجمات مسلحين على رجال الجيش والشرطة والمنشآت العامة، ودعموا وجهة نظر القيادة السورية بأن الجيش يُواجه مسلحين وليس متظاهرين عُزّلاً. ثم وجدت القيادة في سحب المراقبين بعد إنهاء مهمتهم رسالة إلى النظام بأن عليه الاستعداد للدخول في الفوضى، مع إعلان دعم المعارضة المسلحة. ولاحظت دمشق أن الجامعة تطلب من الأسد وقف العنف والتخلي عن صلاحياته والانكفاء، وتعمل في الوقت نفسه على مدّ المسلحين بالمال والسلاح.
ثانيتها، أن لا حسم عسكرياً شاملاً في حال كالتي تتخبّط فيها سوريا، ولا مُدد زمنية نهائية له. لكن في وسع الجيش اتخاذ إجراءات بحسم متدرّج تعبّر عنه سياسة الاستعادة بالقضم الذي يبدأ من المناطق الأكثر أهمية وسخونة، والأكثر عرضة للتهديد: أرياف دمشق وحمص وإدلب.
منذ 27 كانون الثاني، بدأت الحملة العسكرية من ريف دمشق. نُظِر بداية إلى هذا الريف على أنه هدف سهل رغم سيطرة المسلحين على بعض القرى وإغلاقها في وجه السلطة. سرعان ما استعادتها هذه. إلا أن التحرّك الفعلي للحسم العسكري هو في ريفي حمص وإدلب، نظراً إلى اتصال كل منهما بحدود سوريا مع لبنان وتركيا.
كانت هذه الحدود مصدر تسلّل مسلحين وتهريب أسلحة. عدّت القيادة السورية ريف حمص بؤرة مثالية للتيّارات المتشدّدة ولمسلحين كانوا يُستخدمون في مقاومة الجيش الأميركي في العراق ويلوذون بحمص، فضلاً عن الامتدادين الجغرافي والأمني الذي يُسهّل الانتقال والتهريب بين حمص وشمال لبنان. الأمر نفسه بالنسبة إلى القرى المتاخمة في ريف إدلب للحدود مع تركيا، فشنّ الجيش هجمات عليها.
وتبعاً لقرار الحسم الذي اتخذته القيادة السورية، اقترن بصنفي عمليات عسكرية: هجمات على القرى والبلدات التي يسيطر فيها المسلحون، والانتشار على حدود ريفي حمص وإدلب لمنع تهريب أسلحة إلى الداخل السوري، وقطع طرق يستخدمها أفرقاء لبنانيون والسلطات التركية لمدّ المسلحين بالسلاح أو توفير ملاذ آمن لهم.
ثالثتها، أن الجيش وأجهزة استخباراته أصبحا أكثر استيعاباً لما يجري في البلاد. شكّل انفجار الاضطرابات واتخاذها نشاطاً مسلحاً مفاجئاً راح يتفاقم في الأشهر الأربعة الأولى، صدمة ضعضعت قدرات الجيش وهو يواجه عصياناً لم يكن خبره لأربعة عقود، إذا كان لا بد من استثناء الصدام المسلح مع الإخوان المسلمين بين عامي 1976 و1982 وبلغ ذروة في أحداث حماة في 2 شباط 1982. وإذا بالمؤسسة العسكرية والأمنية أمام فوضى غير مألوفة تطلّبت بعض الوقت لاستيعاب التهديدات، قبل أن يبادر الجيش في الأشهر الأخيرة إلى استعادة المبادرة العسكرية.
كانت مراجعة القيادة العسكرية لأخطائها التي ترجّحت بين النقص في المعلومات والتراخي وتجاهل قدرات الخصم، إضافة إلى ما تعتبره حالات فرار ــــ والمقصود بذلك الانشقاق ــــ بنسبة لم تزد على 10 في المئة، ولم يُتح للمعارضة العثور على لواء واحد من 2000، وعميد واحد من 10 الآف في الجيش تضعه على رأس الانشقاق … قد قادتها إلى إيلاء الحسم العسكري أولوية استعادة السيطرة على البلاد.

February 6th, 2012, 9:00 pm


zoo said:

Facts from fiction: What’s really happening in Syria?
Published: 06 February, 2012, 16:36

February 6th, 2012, 9:17 pm


ann said:

Syria Is Not Tunisia or Libya

While President Bashar al-Assad has made some gross miscalculations since the crisis began in March, he is still favored by a slight majority of Syrians, according to recent online polls. But popularity is not why his government remains intact. The regime still enjoys the support of its key constituencies: the army, the major cities, the business/regime elite, minorities and Sunni secularists, with limited defections of the sort experienced by other Arab states.

On the flip side, after 11 months, the opposition still remains fundamentally divided along ethnic, religious, political and geographic lines, and is unable to articulate a detailed political platform. Furthermore, the armed opposition groups – brought to light in the recent Arab League mission report – lack a central command, are locally based, and have limited, irregular access to the military supply lines essential for operating on a larger scale.

Also, external parties have very little leverage in Syria. The country has adapted to living under sanctions and has a small but cohesive group of allies on which it relies. It functions largely without the web of dependencies typical of other Arab states, does not have a national debt problem, and has recently gained a valuable buffer from the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China), which insist on Syria resolving its crisis internally.

The view from inside Syria, meanwhile, varies starkly from the narratives spun outside. A closer look at the U.N. death toll of 5,000 shows a critical lack of discernment between pro-regime and opposition casualties, and fails to highlight the 2,000 dead regular soldiers whose funerals are televised daily within the country. In contrast to external opposition figures, mainstream domestic ones — even those who seek regime change — tend to reject sanctions, military solutions and foreign intervention in favor of a peaceful political resolution of the crisis

If Assad delivers a new constitution and national elections by the summer, it may be all the space he needs to confound his critics. Increased militarization and sectarianism are likely to cement opinions rather than fragment: People may yearn not so much for bread, but for the ability to walk to the market and buy it.

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 9:20 pm


Tara said:

Britain recalls ambassador to Syria: Hague
AFP – 8 hrs ago

February 6th, 2012, 9:23 pm


Hans said:

The Russian Message is very clear to the USA and the MB!
Either Assad or the death of MB and I think they choose the latter Therefore the Russian in Damascus to find the best way of cleaning the mess and putting a white face on it.
it is going to get worse before it gets better in Syria but at the end many of the terrorists and the radicals are finding their end, the Lebanese borders are the problem so far..
that’s what the Russian told the Americans.
it is very simple statement but full of meaning.

February 6th, 2012, 9:27 pm


zoo said:

The failed decision was based on an Arab League plan that was already full of faults. It proposed for a government headed by both the regime and opposition, but it did not state what exactly was meant by “opposition”.`

Pursuing al-Assad in New York
By Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

The key solution lies not in New York, but in two other locations; namely Cairo and Damascus. The Arab League could punish the Syrian regime, for the mass killings clearly committed against its civilians, by ousting it from the pan-Arab organization and granting the Syrian opposition the right to represent the country.

The failed decision was based on an Arab League plan that was already full of faults. It proposed for a government headed by both the regime and opposition, but it did not state what exactly was meant by “opposition”. Accordingly, this ambiguity means that the argument will drag on for months inside the corridors of the Arab League. Syria and its allies, Iran and Russia, have identified – by name – the opposition groups that they would be prepared to recognize, largely consisting of their loyalists.

Secondly, the Arab League plan didn’t adequately explain the responsibilities of the new government. For example who would run the defence, interior, foreign and finance ministries, and moreover who would be in charge of the intelligence agencies? This would take an eternity to resolve.

Even the text of the Arab plan was written in an ambiguous and contradictory manner. The Arab League stipulated that President al-Assad should transfer his powers to his deputy and, accordingly, relinquish his authority. In reality, this would not be the case. The written text states that “the President should delegate to his deputy full powers, in complete cooperation with a government of national unity, to carry out duties during the transitional period.” This effectively means that Bashar al-Assad would authorize his deputy to cooperate with the opposition in a power-sharing government. This is an authorization for the opposition to “cooperate”, not to rule the country.

`he Arab League should expel al-Assad’s regime as a member state, as a first step, and it should explicitly support the Syrian people in their right to defend themselves.
Most Arab governments still have operating embassies in Damascus, and Bashar al-Assad’s ambassadors are still working as usual in their nineteen embassies across the Arab world. Bearing this in mind, how can the Security Council be expected to halt the al-Assad massacres?

February 6th, 2012, 9:31 pm


Aldendeshe said:

156. ann said:
“…Syria Is Not Tunisia or Libya..

That is obvious, Syrians are not that lucky. It is Baathist Somalia.

February 6th, 2012, 9:58 pm


Ghufran said:

علمت سيريانيوز من مصادر مطلعة يوم الاثنين انه تم الحجز على الأموال المنقولة وغير المنقولة لرجل الأعمال السوري عصام انبوبا واولاده.
وأضافت المصادر ان “انبوبا غادر إلى الولايات المتحدة الامريكية منذ نحو 15 يوما”.
وعصام أنبوبا هو رجل أعمال سوري من مدينة حمص، يملك مجموعة من الشركات والاستثمارات في مجموعة عائلية يديرها مع أولاده, كما ان تعرض لعقوبات اوروبية في ايلول الماضي بسبب الاحداث التي تشهدها سورية.
ويعتبر انبوبا صاحب أضخم مصنع للزيوت على مستوى الشرق الأوسط, كما انه مؤسّس وشريك في شركة شام القابضة وعضو سابق في مجلس إدارتها، ورئيس مجلس الأعمال السوري الإماراتي.

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 10:05 pm


Tara said:

Russia and France would benefit from SC’s moderation policy

France, Russia strike mutual low blows

Russia yesterday condemned as borderline “hysteria” the angry Western reaction to its veto of a U.N. resolution condemning Syria’s crackdown on protesters, as France reacted even further saying some countries that “refuse to assume their responsibilities” needed a “kick in the ass.”

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed frustration the West did not postpone the vote until after his trip Feb. 7 to Damascus where he will meet with President Bashar al-Assad. 

“Some comments from the West on the United Nations Security Council vote, I would say, are indecent and bordering on hysteria,” Lavrov told reporters in Moscow after a meeting with Bahraini counterpart Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa. “Such hysterical comments are aimed at suppressing what is actually happening and what has happened.

“It reminds me of the proverb ‘he who gets angry is rarely right,’” he added. Lavrov reaffirmed Russia’s position the resolution was wrong to blame Assad’s regime alone for the violence and said the text should have also taken aim at the opposition. 
Following Lavrov’s remarks, France’s outspoken Defense Minister Gerard Longuet went even further, saying “it is a disgrace for countries to refuse to assume their responsibilities.” He told Europe 1 radio, “Frankly, there are some political cultures that deserve a kick in the ass.” 

Despite the verbal accusations between the officials of France and Russia, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday he would speak with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev later in the day to discuss the situation in Syria, which he described as a “scandal.”

Sarkozy said on Feb. 4 Paris was consulting with Arab and European countries to create a Syrian contact group to find a solution to the crisis after Russia and China vetoed the U.N. resolution. “France and Germany will not abandon the Syrian people,” Sarkozy said after a French-German summit in Paris with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

“What’s happening is a scandal. We will not accept that the international community remains blocked,” he said, adding that French Prime Minister François Fillon would also speak to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

February 6th, 2012, 10:07 pm


Ghufran said:

I am probably older than most of you,I see that most of the Christian Syrians I met are either supportive of the regime (may be a third) or anti SNC type- opposition and pro unity government and elections (may be two third). I by no means consider my personal experience as an accurate poll.more on Christian Syrians from almundassah:
ما بقي بكل العالم العربي من يدافع عن النظام سوري عدا “عبد المسيح” و “جوزيف”. غريب فيصل القاسم يستضيف عبد المسيح الشامي ثلاث مرات ليدافع عن النظام, الشامي يللي ما حدا سمعان في او شايفو قبل ولا حدا بيعرف هالزلمي شو بيعمل, ما بيطلع الا على شاشة فيصل القاسم. جوزيف ابوفضل استضيف مرتين عندو. بين سوريا و لبنان في مليون مسيحي ممكن يطلع على برنامج الانتفاع المشاكس و يدافع عن الشعب السوري و الثورة و الديموقراطية و الحرية. لكن فيصل القاسم لا يريد ان يراهم.
المسيحيين,  الدروز, السنة, الشيعة,  المريخيين ليسو كتلة واحدة. يعني لا يمكن يكون في قرار يعبر عن راي الكل و كأنون شخص واحد, فبالنسبة للمسيحيين في من كل الاشكال و الالوان, الشبيح, المنحبكجي, الوسطي, الرمادي, المعارض, المندس, مؤيد للثورة السلمية, مؤيد للثورة المسلحة. اما رجال الدين فهدول موظفي دولة متلون متل موظف بالمالية, ما بيجي على منصبو غير اذا موافق عليه 7654 فرع امن.
لما برنامج بيتقصد يجيب المدافعين بهالاسلوب الواضح فهو مبين انو يريد ان يعطي الثورة طابع طائفي بحت, برنامج الاتجاه المعاكس مانو برنامج عادي متل كل البرامج. هادا فينو يخرب الدنيا وقت اللي بدو, لانو نسبة المشاهدة و التأثير عالي جدا
حتى لما جاب الياس الزغبي, الحلقة ما كانت عن سوريا بالذات. و كانت عن العراق, و  بسبب الصراع السني الشيعي جاب تنين مسيحيين من توجهين مختلفين مشان ما تاخد الحلقة بعد آخر.
نحنا مسيحيون سوريون نرى ان هذه سياسة ممنهجة و مقصودة من قبل فيصل القاسم و نريد ان نعبر عن استنكارنا لذلك

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 10:21 pm


Halabi said:

From the sick mind of the menhebak, citing Israeli intelligence: the Syrian military has developed new capabilities in its year-long war against unarmed protesters and lightly armed defectors. I knew the day would come when menhebaks would argue that after training on its own people for a while, Assad’s army will then take the fight to Israel.

Bashar Al-Asad
لا شيء جديد :
تقرير استخباري اسرائيلي : الجيش السوري نال المزيد من الخبرات في التنقل السريع للقوات بأعداد كبيرة من جبهة إلى أخرى باسناد الأجهزة العسكرية والإستخباراتية السورية و نجح في الأداء بصورة تنفيذية في وضعية حرب وطوال عام كامل
الأسد أنتصر ودعونا ان لا ننظر الى تقارير وسائل الإعلام التي أكثرها كاذبة وعن تلك التسجيلات لــ مسلحين يحاولون زرع الخوف في قلوب لا تعرف الخوف مثل قلوب الجيش السوري !

I will give anybody here 100-to-1 odds on Assad regaining Golan military with this army. I could go higher, because it will never happen, but Hamad told me that’s the limit when we were gambling together at the casino in New York. Ask the Russians for the video, you will see me next to him at the fanciest casino in the city.

February 6th, 2012, 11:04 pm


ann said:

Joshua Landis is on Charlie Rose now!

February 6th, 2012, 11:10 pm


jad said:

Syrian Instability: How Would Rest of World Respond?

iting security woes amid Syria’s escalating crackdown, American and British diplomats have left Damascus. Ray Suarez discusses other countries’ diplomatic and military options and the mounting pressure on Assad’s regime with the University of Oklahoma’s Joshua Landis and Steven Heydemann of the United States Institute of Peace.

February 6th, 2012, 11:24 pm


jad said:

Watch out Jurgen 🙂

سجن ألمانيين بتهمة حيازة مقالات من مجلة تابعة للقاعدة

إعتقلت السلطات البريطانية ألمانيين إعتنقا الإسلام بعد إعترافهما بحيازة مقالات من مجلة يصدرها تنظيم “القاعدة”.
وصادرت الشرطة قرصاً صلباً وجهاز كمبيوتر محمول يملكهما كريستيان إيمدي (28 عاماً) وروبرت بوم (24 عاماً) وكلاهما من سلونغين في غرب ألمانيا لدى وصولهما الى ميناء دوفر الإنكليزي في 15 تموز الماضي.
وحكم على إيمدي بالسجن 16 شهراً ناقص 193 يوماً أمضاها بالفعل في السجن، كما حكم على بوم بالسجن 12 شهراً بعد أن إعترفا بحيازة مواد يمكن إستخدامها من قبل شخص يحضر لعمل إرهابي.

[Link added by Moderator: ]

February 6th, 2012, 11:34 pm


Observer said:

Is this real, apparently the password was 12345 so it was easy to hack.

Before I post the news, let me say that when some excited fool responds to my previous post about the veracity of what I saw on this or that channel, let me say it is besides the point. The point is that the footage is being shown and the majority of the audience will react with revulsion as is due a normal human response to the images of missiles hitting buildings followed by amputated children in a makeshift hospital. The regime has lost the propaganda war, the reform discourse, the security make believe, the conspiracy movie, the love of the boy wonder, and soon the seat of power. It is impossible for any regime to survive without the consent of the people. The latest rounds of fighting are desperate measures no more.

Here is the bombshell

February 6th, 2012, 11:36 pm


Taha said:

106. DARYLL said :

“Your accusations are big and tall when you have no clue what your belief system is all about. I will remind you, your brand of faith places a women, a dog and a Jew in the same status. Now take some time from all the posting here and get yourself up to date on your faith, then come back and see if you can accuse me of being an Islamophobe.”

C’mon, can you quote relevant sections of the Qur’an and Sahih Ahadith which can back up your claim that “your brand of faith places a women, a dog and a Jew in the same status”. ???

February 7th, 2012, 3:45 am


zoo said:

Any Youtube video confirming AP article: a ‘sea’ of Bashar’s supporters?

Lavrov’s convoy snaked its way along the Mazzeh boulevard among a sea of Assad supporters who turned up to express gratitude for Moscow’s supportive stance.

February 7th, 2012, 10:45 am


zoo said:

Lavrov has a plan for Syria as the GCC retaliate to the veto by expelling Syrians ambassadors in their countries and the Army determined to defeat the armed rebels in Homs and Idlib.
The Russians said they had a proposal that could end the crisis but declined to divulge its substance.
“We have had a very productive visit with the leadership of Syria,” Mr. Lavrov said, according to Russia’s Ria Novosti news service. “We have confirmed our preparedness to facilitate a rapid end to the crisis based on the positions set out in the Arab League initiative. In particular, the president of Syria gave assurance that he is fully committed to an end to violence, no matter its source.”

Mr. Lavrov also said that Mr. Assad was prepared to hold talks with representatives of Syria’s opposition. “It is clear that efforts for ending the violence should be accompanied by dialogue between political forces,” he said. “Today we received confirmation from the president of Syria that he is prepared to cooperate in this effort.”

There was no immediate comment on the meeting from Mr. Assad or from the voices of opposition in Syria, who have already made clear they do not trust the government and want Mr. Assad to step down.

Syria’s Interior Ministry said that the assault on Homs would continue until all resistance is defeated, in a sign that the government believes that it can crush the opposition by force. Since the start of the uprising, the government has maintained that it is battling armed groups financed from abroad who have killed thousands of police officers and soldiers.

The government was also pressing ahead with crackdowns in the suburbs of Damascus and a restive region in northern Syria near the town of Idlib. The fighting in the suburbs has driven hundreds, perhaps thousands, to seek refuge in the capital, residents said.

“If we knew things were headed toward war, we would have prepared shelters,” said a resident in the hard-hit town of Zabadani, near Damascus, who gave his name as Zein.

February 7th, 2012, 10:52 am


Tara said:


It is a combination of “paid “, ” conditional” as well as “compulsory love”. Definitely not the kind of love I like. Any way we all moved to the most recent post. See you there.

February 7th, 2012, 10:57 am


jad said:

Funny; Ayman Abd Alnour keeps posting stories that end up to be either fabricated or simply not true.
The hacked email FP and Ayman went crazy about ends up not being the email of Bashar or Asma but of two employees one of them called Sam Dalleh, which the one they claim it’s of Bashar.
The man who hacked it is claimed to be Fadi Mqayed, the funny part is that the FP published it (probably paid lots of money for another hoax of Ayman) as the email of Bashar I wonder how are they going to explain it now….All4syria doesn’t have any problem since standards doesn’t apply on it.

عن حظ بشار الأسد الذي “يفلق الصخر” : بين حمير “فورن بوليسي” و أدعياء “كلنا شركاء”!؟

هاكر سوري نصّاب يقرصن بريد وزارة رئاسة الجمهورية ويأكل حلاوة بعقل المجلة الأميركية وعقل ” أيمن عبد النور” على أنه بريد بشار الأسد!؟

واشنطن ، دبي ـ الحقيقة ( خاص) : نشرت مجلة ” فورن بوليسي” الأميركية اليوم تقريرا ذكرت فيه أن البريد الإلكتروني لرأس السلطة في سوريا ،بشار الأسد ، تعرض للقرصنة من قبل “هاكر” . وأرفقت بالتقرير عددا من الرسائل قالت إن القرصان استولى عليها من البريد. ومن الرسائل المقرصنة المنشورة واحدة من النائب البريطاني السابق جورج غالاوي إلى المستشارة الرئاسية بثينة شعبان صيف العام 2010 ، وعناوين بريدية تخص موظفين زعمت أنهم يتبادلون الرسائل معه. وزعمت المجلة أن البريد الإلكتروني للأسد هو ، أما بريد زوجته ، بحسب زعمها ، فهو !!؟

المجلة ، وبسبب ذكائها المفرط ( وهو ذكاء يدعيه الرجل الأبيض دائما في مواجهتنا نحن “الهنود الحمر” الأغبياء!) نشرت في نهاية تقريرها اسم الشخص الذي أرسل لها هذه المعلومات ، شاكرة له مساهمته ( ونحن نشكرها بدورنا على أنها عرفتنا على الهاكر!!). أما الشخص فليس في الواقع سوى Fadi Mqayed ! وعندما تنقر على االاسم تذهب مباشرة إلى صفحته على موقع ” تويتر” ، وهناك تكتشف من ” زقزقاته” مع أصدقاء له أنه هو “الهاكر” وليس أي شخص آخر! ( لن نقول الآن من هو هذا الشخص ، المقيم في الإمارات العربية ، وسنكشف عنه لاحقا!).

الأطرف من هذا هو أن القرصان، وفي سياق حديثه مع أحد أصدقائه عما قام به ، يخبره بأن الأنطباع الذي خرج به من قرصنته هو أن هؤلاء ( بشار الأسد المزعوم وبثينة شعبان .. إلخ) عبارة “قطيع يدير البلد وهو لا يعرف أن يدير مطعم كنتاكي”!؟ حسنا ، هذا قد لا يختلف عليه اثنان في سورية. ولكن أيهما ” أجحش” ، هؤلاء الذين يصفهم بالقطيع أم حضرته هو القرصان المتعلم الذي لا يعرف حتى أن يقرأ الرسائل التي يسرقها ، ويقول عن بريد سام دلة إنه بريد بشار الأسد؟ وأيهما ذيله أطول وحوافره أكبر!؟

ما يهمنا في هذا الخبر ليس ما قالته المجلة الأميركية ، فأمر طبيعي أن لا تعرف مجلة غربية البريد الخاص لبشار الأسد، ولكن التقرير الذي سارع أيمن عبد النور إلى نشره في موقع ” كلنا شركاء” عن القصة ، بالتزامن تقريبا مع نشر تقرير ” فورن بوليسي”!؟ ( هل لهذا التزامن أي مغزى خاص!؟ ).

في التقرير الذي نشره موقع ” كلنا شركاء” تكرار لادعاء المجلة الأميركية نفسه ، وهو أن العنوان البريدي المذكور يخص بشار الأسد! وهذا يثير الأسئلة / القضايا التالية:

ـ في الرسائل المقرصنة ثمة رسالة من صاحب البريد المذكور (سام) يبلغ فيها الوزيرة شعبان بلقائه(مع آخرين) السفير التركي في دمشق في تموز / يوليو الماضي والحديث معه حول موضوع اللاجئين السوريين في تركيا وقضايا أخرى.

ـ أليس من المفترض منطقيا ، إلا بالنسبة للحمير طبعا ، أن رئيس الدولة لا يمكن ـ من الناحية البروتوكولية ـ أن يذهب إلى سفارة دولة أجنبية في بلاده ويتحدث في موضوع من هذا النوع ثم يقدم تقريرا لوزيرة عنده عن لقائه مع السفير ، وأن العكس هو ما يمكن أن يحصل!؟

ـ لن نطيل عليكم في الأحجيات والألغاز ، فالبريد يخص الدكتور سام دلة ، الناطق باسم ” لجنة إعداد الدستور الجديد” و عميد المعهد الإداري للإدارة ، وليس بشار الأسد. أما البريد الآخر ، الذي قيل إنه لأسماء الأسد ، فهو ليس لها ، وإنما لموظف آخر في شؤون رئاسة الجمهورية.

أما الآن فمن حق أي سوري يقرأ موقع ” كلنا شركاء” أن يتساءل : كيف بمكن تصديق ما ينشره أيمن عبد النور من قصص في موقعه عن قضايا وخبايا إدارية وأمنية ، إذا كان لا يعرف التمييز بين بريد الدكتور سام دلة وبريد صديقه وسيده ومشغله وولي نعمته سابقا بشار الأسد !؟ كيف يمكننا أن نصدق أنه كان فعلا مبعثوه الخاص في قضايا سرية ، وفق ما قاله ذات مرة ، إذا كان لا يعرف حتى بريده الإلكتروني ولا يعرف أن يميزه عن بريد شخص آخر نشر “القرصان” رسالة من رسائله بالعربية الفصحى تشير إلى أن صاحب الإيميل هو سام دلة !؟

تبقى الإشارة إلى أن قضية القرصنة انتشرت كالنار في الهشيم في صفحات ” فيسبوك” ، حيث تراكض المعارضون الأميركيون ـ الإسلاميون إلى تناتشها مثلما يتراكض قطيع من الجراء المكلوبة إلى تناتش عظمة جافة ظنها قطعة من ” الهبر” الأحمر!؟

February 7th, 2012, 10:57 am


jad said:

About the battle in Baba Amr:

حرب تكنولوجية “عالمية” دارت أمس في “بابا عمرو”: تقنيات غربية نادرة في مواجهة الجيش السوري!؟

مسلحو رياض الأسعد استخدموا قذائف فوسفورية إسرائيلية لضرب المدرعات السورية ، و”قناصات حرارية” لا تقتنيها إلا أرقى جيوش العالم ، فيما الروس ” أداروا” المعركة بالأقمار الصناعية!؟

دمشق ، الحقيقة ( خاص من مازن ابراهيم + حسين كردي): عندما نشرنا الشهر الماضي تقريرا لمراسلتنا في إسرائيل الرفيقة ليا أبراوفيتش ، نقلا عن أحد الباحثين المشاركين في الدورة العاشرة لمؤتمر هرتزليا للأبحاث الأمنية في إسرائيل، حول وصول قواذف ” شيبون 300″ إلى أيدي مسلحي “الجيش الإسلامي الحر” في سوريا ، استغرب الكثيرون الأمر ، وربما استهجنوه واعتبروه دسا على هذا”الجيش” الذي يقوده العميل رياض الأسعد. فهؤلاء ، ورغم عشرات التقارير الغربية التي صدرت حتى الآن ، وعن مراكز أبحاث شهيرة مثل ” ستراتفور”، تكشف علاقة هذا التكوين العسكري الإجرامي بدوائر الاستخبارات الأجنبية، لا يزالون يعتقدون أنه ” ثوار تشي غيفارا” الذين كانوا يقاتلون في جبال ” سييرا ماستييرا” في الخمسينيات ضد قوات الديكتاتور باتيستا! ولمن لا يصدق ، بإمكانه مراجعة الهذيانات التي كتبتها إحدى الكاتبات السوريات قبل أيام على صفحتها في موقع “فيسبوك”!

ما حصل يوم أمس في ضاحية ” بابا عمرو” في حمص ، وفي حي الانشاءات المتاخم له ، لم يؤكد هذه المعلومات فقط ، بل كشف أن ما دار هناك في ساعة مبكرة جدا من صباح أمس ، رغم أن معظمه لم يزل طي الكتمان، ليس أقل من مظاهر “حرب عالمية” تكنولوجية مصغرة بالمعنى الحرفي للكلمة ، لاسيما لجهة ما يتعلق باختبار وتجريب تكنولوجيات غربية وإسرائيلية لم تزل قيد التطوير. علما بأن بعض ما استخدم من تقنيات حديثة ، ورغم أنه أصبح مستخدما من قبل بعض الجيوش ، لا يزال محصوا امتلاكه بعدد من الدول تعد على أصابع اليد الواحدة! إلا أن ما علمته “الحقيقة” من مصادر ميدانية وروسية متطابقة ، يتعلق فقط بنوعين من التقنيات التي جرى تجريبها واستخدامها.

مصادر”الحقيقة” كشفت أن السلطة ، وبعد أن قررت “الحسم العسكري” في المنطقة المشار إليها ، دفعت عند الساعة الثالثة فجرا بالتوقيت المحلي سرية مدرعات خفيفة ( عربات BMP و BRDM ) كانت مهتمتها تنفيذ ما يسمى في التكتيك العسكري “استطلاع بالنار” ، إلا أنها فوجئت ـ مجرد أن تقدمت بضع عشرات من الأمتار في أحد المحاور الرئيسية في الحي ـ بقذائف صاروخية موجهة أصابت واحدة منها إحدى تلك العربات إصابة مباشرة ، ما أدى إلى انصهارها وتحولها إلى أثر بعد عين خلال ثوان! وكان واضحا منذ اللحظة الأولى أن القذائف ليست قذائف تقليدية من النوع المتعارف عليه (أر بي جي) ، بل قذائف فوسفورية. ويعتبر احتراق الفوسفور من أكثر أشكال الاحتراق تميزا.

هذه “المفاجاة”عرقلت عملية السلطة لبضع ساعات ، وتحديدا إلى أن أحضرت دبابات “تي 72” من الجيل الجديد المدرع ضد نوع معين من الحشوات الفوسفورية. وبعد قدوم كتيبة من هذه المدرعات فقط تمكنت القوات المهاجمة من التوغل في الحي!

يشار في هذا السياق إلى أن القذائف الفوسفورية المضادة للدبابات كانت إسرائيل طورتها خلال الأعوام الأخيرة استنادا إلى تكنولوجيا ألمانية من أجل استخدامها في قواذف “شيبون” من الأجيال الجديدة! وكان الجيش الإسرائيلي سرّب في العام 2010 شريطا يظهر عملية اختبار لهذه القذائف الفوسفورية على دبابة سورية مفترضة ( شاهد الشريط جانبا).

مفاحآت المسلحين في “بابا عمرو” لم تقف عند هذا الحد. فقد كانت المفاجأة الثانية من العيار الثقيل ، إذ تبين أنهم استخدموا في العتمة ( عند الثالثة صباحا) أسلحة نارية متطورة جدا كانت قادرة على اصطياد العسكريين المهاجمين بدقة متناهية حتى وهم في قمرات المدرعات ولا يظهر منهم سوى رؤوسهم وخوذاتهم ، بما في ذلك اختراق الخوذات الفولاذية نفسها! ولم تعرف ماهية هذه الأسلحة إلا لاحقا ، حين تمكنت “القوات الخاصة”، التي جرى استدعاؤها لتولي عملية الدهم والاقتحام إلى جانب كتائب الدبابات الأخرى، من الوصول إلى أحد الأماكن التي كانت تطلق منها النيران في إحدى البنايات و السيطرة عليها. وتبين أن النيران التي كانت تصطاد العسكريين في العتمة ليست سوى قناصات تعمل بنظام ” الرؤية الحرارية” Thermal Sniper Scope! ويعتمد هذا النوع من القناصات ، كبقية أنواع ” الأسلحة الحرارية” ، على تحديد الفرق في درجة الحرارة بين الهدف المقصود (هنا الجندي المستهدف) والبيئة المحيطة به ، بما في ذلك الأشياء والأجسام الأخرى . وذلك مهما كن الفرق صغيرا ، وفي مختلف الظروف المناخية ومختلف الأوقات ( حرارة الصيف ، الليل الدامس ، النهار ، الثلج ، العواصف .. إلخ). كما أنها تستطيع التمييز بين أعضاء الجسم نفسه ( القلب ، الرئتين ، الأوعية الدموية .. إلخ) . وغني عن البيان أن عددا محدودا جدا من جيوش العالم يستحوذ على هذا النوع من القناصات ، أبرزها الجيش الأميركي الذي استخدمها على نحو واسع في العراق ، و شركة ” بلاك ووتر” الأمنية الأميركية. علما بأن الشركة المذكورة تعمل الآن تحت اسم Xe Services LLC في الإمارات العربية ، وتقوم بتدريب مسلحين لصالح ” الجيش الحر” و “المجلس الوطني السوري” في منطقة صحراوية سرية تابعة لإمارة ” أبو ظبي”. ويتولى رجل أعمال كردي سوري ( شقيق أحمد رمضان ، عضو قيادة “المجلس الوطني السوري”) ترتيب هذه العملية ، مستفيدا من خبراته السابقة في العمل مع الشركات الأمنية الإسرائيلية شمال العراق! ( تقوم “الحقيقة” الآن بإعداد تحقيق عن دور “بلاك ووتر” في تدريب المسلحين السوريين و القيام بعمليات أمنية في العمق السوري).

فصول ” الحرب العالمية التكنولوجية” لم تنته هنا. فقد أكدت مصادر مطلعة لـ”الحقيقة” أن كومبيوترات دبابات القيادة في الوحدات العسكرية التي تولت عملية اقتحام ” بابا عمرو” كانت خزنت منطقة حمص ومحيطها كلها بنظام ” جي بي إس” ، فضلا عن جميع مخططات خدمات البنية التحتية للمدينة (مخططات شبكات الصرف الصحي ، شبكات المياه، شبكات الهاتف والكهرباء .. إلخ). وأكدت هذه المصادر أن هذه المعلومات ، وتحديدا منها الأبنية التي تستخدم من قبل المسلحين كمتاريس وتحصينات لإطلاق النار ، يجري تحديثها لحظة بلحظة عن طريق أحد الأقمار الصناعية العسكرية الروسية ، فضلا عن أن خبراء عسكريين من خبراء “قوات التدخل السريع” الروسية ( Spetsanz ) متخصصين في ” مكافحة الإرهاب” يقدمون استشاراتهم في الميدان للوحدات العسكرية المشاركة في العملية. إلا أن هذا لم نستطع التثبت منه بشكل كامل.

تبقى الإشارة أخيرا إلى أن السلطة أعلنت منذ فجر يوم أمس مدينة حمص “منطقة عسكرية” يمنع الدخول إليها أو الخروج منها إلا بموجب إذن مسبق من النقاط العسكرية التي تتولى إحكام إغلاق جميع الطرق والمحاور المؤدية إلى المدينة والخارجة منها. كما أن قوات كبيرة انتشرت في جميع البساتين والكروم والمناطق الزراعية المحيطة بالمناطق التي تشهد عمليات عسكرية لمنع المسلحين من الفرار خارج المدينة ، وفق ما قاله مصدر ميداني لـ”الحقيقة”. المصدر أكد أن ما لا يقل عن مئة مسلح قتلوا يوم أمس ، فيما جرى أسر واعتقال ما يقارب هذا العدد . كما أن المئات منهم يحاولون الفرار باتجاه مناطق أخرى ، لاسيما نحو وسط المدينة القديمة ( الخالدية ، البياضة ، باب السباع .. إلخ) للتحصن فيها. وتقدر أعداد المسلحين ما بين 1500 إلى ألفي مسلح في منطقة حمص وحدها ، قسم كبير منهم مقاتلون سابقون في العراق وعادوا إلى سوريا بعد إنشاء نظام “الصحوات” على أيدي الجيش الأميركية والمخابرات السعودية والأردنية.

February 7th, 2012, 11:22 am


jad said:

Thank you Bronco 🙂

February 7th, 2012, 11:44 am


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