“Washington meeting with Khaddam and Al-Bayanouni failed” by Mardini

Washington meeting with Khaddam and Al-Bayanouni failed 
Mardini, Elaph, Nov. 1 (translated by mideastwire.com)
Elaph, an independent news website, reported in its November 2 issue about the latest developments in the relationship between the recently founded Syrian opposition National Salvation Front and the American administration. The website wrote: “Western diplomatic sources revealed to Elaph that the meeting between the National Salvation Front and the American administration which took place recently didn’t result in any positive developments because of the questions asked of the members of the National Salvation Front which they weren’t able to answer such as: what is the true attitude of the Front towards democracy? Why are democratic activities absent in the institutions of the Salvation Front? Why did many of the members of the Front withdraw because of the individual behaviour of the leadership of the Front?…”

The website added: “The questions of the American administration were directed mostly to the Syrian dissident ex vice president Abdul-Halim Khaddam and the General Guide of the Islamic Brotherhood in Syria Sadr-Eddine Al-Bayanouni. The questions directed to Al-Bayanouni included: ‘What is the true attitude of the Islamic Brotherhood towards the chauvinistic political religion and towards the ideological state? What is their attitude towards movements that the United States consider to be terrorist like Hamas and Islamic Jihad? And based on their repeated announcements about their following of the modern civil model for the modern state and their abandonment of political violence then why haven’t they changed the name of their party Islamic Brotherhood which is always linked to the heritage of Hassan Al-Banna which gave birth to all the extremist organizations that followed the track of political terrorism and aroused and are arousing waves of violence and terrorism throughou! t the Islamic world?”

The website continued: “The sources confirmed that the questions to Khaddam included: ‘What is Khaddam’s true attitude towards the Ba’th regime and party in light of his statements which show that he is still a Ba’thist and is still trying to give deeds of innocence to the current regime though defending the founder of this regime? What are the practical solutions drawn up by the Front for the problems and protection of ethnic and religious minorities such as the Kurdish and Allawi minorities? What are the practical programs followed by the front to change the Syrian regime in the light of the absence of any bases inside Syria for the parties and factions participating in the Front especially Abdul-Halim Khaddam?’. The American administration according to the sources also wondered ‘why doesn’t the front employ craftiness to divide the ranks of the Syrian opposition by isolating some of the other Syrian opposition groups?’…” – Elaph, United Kingdom

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Selim Farid said:

I do not know where Mrs. Mardini got her info but I talked with one of the two persons who attended the meeting. He assured me that it is totally untrue and none of these points were even discussed in the meeting. The meeting was so positive that NSF has decided to go ahead with establishing an office in DC. If the meeting was not 100% successful NSF would not have decided nor has the NSC welcomed this idea. I am almost sure that what she meant by “Western diplomatic sources” is the Syrian Regime as this is only in his wishful thinking but he knows it is not true but he want to make the Syrian believes that NSF is still weak. After the visit to Saudi Arabia and the meeting at the White House, NSF is definitely well positioned to play a major role in the Syrian future and the Syrian Regime is extremely upset and will do everything to stop this

November 3rd, 2006, 7:30 am


ausamaa said:


ELAPH is not an NOT an independent web site. It is used in the same manner as Al Syassah in Kuwait. Check it out if you do not allready know. Apart from its selction of what to publish and what not to, the duration a given article remains on the site, the selection of editorials, and it’s management and ownership will tell you a lot.

November 3rd, 2006, 8:07 am


ivanka said:

Elaph is not an independant website.

November 3rd, 2006, 5:35 pm


ivanka said:

There are only 2 things that might change the regime in Syria

1) Military action : A coup or invasion

2) Public disobedience : A long general strike or something like that.

These two things are currently as probable as my becoming the first arabic president of Israel.

November 3rd, 2006, 5:39 pm


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