What happened at Jisr al-Shagour?

What happened in the initial attack on Jisr al-Shagour? Many of the stories that were reported by both sides seem to have been filled with falsehoods and exaggeration. The real story is not the fake Gay Girl in Damascus – a juicy distraction that has dominated the airwaves for the last two days – but the way so many journalists cannot check their stories before deadlines because they are not permitted into Syria and don’t understand Arabic. The Syrian government doesn’t even try to add English subtitles to its version of events and Youtube recordings, making them useless to the thousands of foreign reporters who cannot understand Arabic. The result is bad reporting that often relies on one side of the story.

There is little evidence of wide-scale mutiny of Syrian soldiers. No solid evidence that they shot at each other, and some evidence that the young men of Jisr set a trap for Syrian soldiers with simple weapons and dynamite. Individual soldiers do seem to have deserted. Some turned up in Turkey. They seem to have been instructed to exaggerate the defections and to follow a common narrative of soldiers shooting each other in a large conflagration at Jisr. This story is hard to verify, making it seem dubious.

Contrary to the claims of Syrian authorities, 120 Syria soldiers do not seem to have been killed. A single mass grave turned up 10 dead soldiers. Four had their heads cut off. This would seem to have been done by the militia of Jisr, which had some success in fighting the soldiers initially sent to pacify them.

On the question of a scorched earth policy, both sides are claiming that the other is burning crops and threatening innocent civilians with retribution and the destruction of their farms if they side with the enemy. The Syrian government issued these interviews with people from Jisr. My last few posts have linked to accounts from refugees in Turkey that insist that the Syrian authorities are burning crops to punish local inhabitants of Idlib province from giving assistance to the assistance.

The refugees in Turkey told stories of revolt, mutiny and mayhem.  Government stories that 120 members of the police and military were killed were explained by the opposition as security forces shooting themselves. The Syrian government then published tapped phone calls of activists in Jisr that it collected on the eve of the initial combat. If they can be taken at face value, the activists establish a plan to send all the women and children of the city to Turkey. They were instructed to tell foreigners that Syrian military personnel shot each other. When enlisted men refused to shoot on unarmed demonstrators, their Alawi officers mowed them down – that was the story to be told to the Western press.

Meanwhile, the men of Jisr organized an ambush. One phone call between two activists goes over how to bury the dead; they discuss whether to bury them in a one grave or divide them up an bury them two by two, so as to better conceal the fact that the opposition had abandoned passive resistance in order to take up arms. They discuss how not to be photoed during prayers so as not to give the regime a pretext to claim that they were Salafists. They wonder how to combat tanks with dynamite.  Above all they are anxious to get their story out to the West in the most favorable light so as not to reveal they they have established an armed insurgency and to blame any killings on the Syrian army.

The Syrian army has exaggerated the number of its dead in order to justify ever harsher repression of the inhabitants of Jisr and Idlib province. The governent is thrashing about in a failed effort to stop the demonstrations from spreading. Syrian authorities have utterly failed to get out their version of events and have lost the media contest to demonstrate that they stand for anything good. The West is entirely convinced that “the people” stand with the opposition and favor revolution. Government attempts to explain to Western authorities that they stand with the people and are serving anything other than bloody-mindedness with the repression of the revolt, have been such a failure that Rim Haddad, the head of the government’s media effort has been fired.

Ausama Monajed, A leading Activist resident in London, writes (9 June 2011):

Despite all talk of army defections, we really have to remember that, until recently at least, they remained minor and would not pose a serious threat to the regime. In the few instances when the number of defectors amounted to few dozens, defectors simply tried to play a protective role of the local population rather than going on the offensive. We don’t know what’s happening in Jisr Ashoughour at this stage. The eyewitnesses we contacted don’t seem to support the theory that a major defection has taken place. In this light, the troops-buildup in the northern region could be construed as theatrics meant for domestic consumption. The more tension, the great the fear, the less likely that people will take to the streets in Damascus and Aleppo.

See the excellent article – “Syria on the Boil, US Warship in Black Sea” by Amb. M K Bhadrakumar in the Asia Times, excerpted below.

NEWS ROUND UP (End on my comments)

Turkish PM Backs Pressure on Syria
By Andrew Woodcock,2011-06-13

June 13 (Press Association) — The newly re-elected prime minister of Turkey has given his support to a British-backed effort to put pressure on neighbouring Syria through a resolution at the United Nations Security Council, it was

revealed today. Recep Tayyip Erdogan assured David Cameron of his backing for the move in a phone call last night, in which the Prime Minister congratulated him on securing a third successive election victory for his Justice and Development Party. More than 5,000 Syrians have fled across the border intoTurkey from the town of Jisr al-Shughour as the Damascus regime cracked down on unrest which it claims cost the lives of 120 members of the security forces last week.

Elite Syrian troops backed by helicopters and tanks seized control of the town yesterday in the most significant use of force since protests began in mid-March. Townspeople who reached the Turkish border said that elements of the security forces had mutinied against the Government forces in Jisr al-Shughour on June 3 rather than obey orders to turn their guns against unarmed civilians….

Army uncovers mass grave in northern Syria: witnesses

DAMASCUS, Jun 12, 2011 (Xinhua via COMTEX) — Syrian army troops uncovered Sunday a mass grave near a security detachment in the violence-hit area of Jisr al-Shughour in northern Syria, local witness said.

According to the witness, the mass grave is believed to contain the remains of 120 police and security men, who were allegedly killed by armed groups in the northern area.

He said more than seven decomposed and decapitated bodies had been exhumed from the mass grave in which marks of torture and distortion were seen. He added that security agents got a confession from Ahmad Rafa, a detainee who has admitted that he, along with another 25 armed men, attacked security and army forces and caused the massacre.

Earlier in the day, Syria’s official SANA news agency said that army units have entered the area of Jisr al-Shughour and began cleansing the national hospital of the elements of armed groups. SANA said the army units have entered the area after dismantling explosives planted by gunmen on roads and bridges, adding that “severe” clashes broke out between the army units and gunmen inside Jisr al-Shughour and its surroundings. It added the army arrested a large number of gunmen and confiscated machine guns from them.

Witnesses in the scene said the army entered under heavy gunfire by armed groups, adding that the army has arrested a large number of gunmen and many others fled the area. They said the hospital has been damaged from inside with smashed windows, adding that the gunmen have set up their own sand barricades and tired to guard against the entry of the army that has been surrounding nearby villages since Friday. A torched ambulance is seen in front of the hospital.

Syrian Troops Find Headless Bodies in Mass Grave
By Andrew Osborn, 2011-06-12

June 12 (Telegraph) — A MASS grave containing the bodies of at least 10 soldiers was discovered by Syrian troops last night in a town stormed by government forces in the north of the country. At least four of the corpses in the grave, found outside the military police headquarters in the town of Jisr al-Shughour, near the Turkish border, had been decapitated or struck on the head by an axe, according to those present. The government claimed the bodies, all still in uniform, were evidence of an attack by “armed gangs” on security forces, which it said claimed 120 lives last week. But residents and some defecting soldiers who have fled over the border claimed the dead were local recruits shot by officers for refusing to open fire on peaceful protesters.

U.N. Says Assad Not Taking Ban Ki-Moon’s Calls: Al Jazeera Link, 2011-06-10

US Calls For Stepped Up Pressure On Syria’s Assad, 2011-06-10

WASHINGTON (AFP)–The United States and its allies are looking to increase pressure on Syrian President Bashar al Assad to step down or allow for a peaceful transition, a State Department spokesman said Friday. “[Assad] has refused to reform, refused even to make any gesture towards reform other than empty rhetoric,” Mark Toner said, as Syria expanded its military crackdown on pro-democracy protests, killing at least 22 people. “We will continue to look at ways we can up the pressure on him. What’s important here is that we make it clear to him that there’s growing pressure against his actions,” he told reporters.

Iran’s Press TV

“Political analysts in Middle East affairs have accused Ankara of playing a double game — claiming to support the Damascus government in order to have greater influence in the Middle East, while at the same time supporting and providing a safe haven for armed gangs seeking to incite revolt in Syria.

Iranian analyst Hadi Mohammadi says that the United States has now formed operational headquarters in southern Turkey close to the border with Syria to direct the riots in the Arab country after its attempts to cause unrest in southern Syria were unsuccessful.

Mohammadi said that the United States has assigned Turkey to carry out its anti-Syria plan. It has hence provided aid to the Turkish Army to assist Syrian dissidents in crossing into Turkey and settle in tent villages set up in Turkey’s Hatay Province. “

Syria on the Boil, US Warship in Black Sea
Amb. M K Bhadrakumar, Asia Times, June 13, 2011

…..The US is stepping up pressure on Russia’s Black Sea fleet. The US’s provocation is taking place against the backdrop of the turmoil in Syria. Russia is stubbornly blocking US attempts to drum up case for Libya-style intervention in Syria. Moscow understands that a major reason for the US to push for regime change in Syria is to get the Russian naval base in that country wound up.

The Syrian base is the only toehold Russia has in the Mediterranean region. The Black Sea Fleet counts on the Syrian base for sustaining any effective Mediterranean presence by the Russian navy. With the establishment of US military bases in Romania and the appearance of the US warship in the Black Sea region, the arc of encirclement is tightening. It is a cat-and-mouse game, where the US is gaining the upper hand.

Ostensibly, the regime headed by Bashar al-Assad is repressive since almost everyday reports are coming out that more bloodshed has taken place. But the Western reports are completely silent as to the assistance that the Syrian opposition is getting from outside. No one is interested in probing or questioning, for instance, the circumstances in which 120 Syrian security personnel could have been shot and killed in one “incident”.

The Western, Saudi, Israeli and Turkish involvement in Syria’s unrest is almost crystal clear but that is beyond the zone of discussion when we speak of “Syria on the boil”. In short, Russia has lost the information war over Syria. Henceforth, its dilemma will be that it will be seen as being obstructionist and illogical when a laudable democratization process is unfolding in Syria and the “Arab Spring” is straining to make an appearance.

Moscow has made it clear that it will not brook a resolution at the United Nations Security Council over Syria, no matter its wording or contents. It also voted against the Western move at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last week to open a Syria nuclear file – similar to the Iran file – at the UN Security Council.

Moscow’s dilemma is that it cannot openly explain its side of the US’s geopolitical agenda toward Syria. Any such explanation will expose the hollowness of the US-Russia reset, which the Kremlin under President Dmitry Medvedev assiduously worked for. But Washington is not going to let Russia off the hook either. It is certain to tighten the noose around Assad’s neck.

Put simply, the US wants Russia to leave Syria alone for the West to tackle. But Russia knows what follows will be that the Russian naval base there would get shut down by a pro-Western successor regime in Damascus that succeeds Assad.

The stakes are very high. Last year, the deputy head of Russian military intelligence was killed in mysterious circumstances while on an inspection tour of the naval base in Syria. His body was found floating on the Mediterranean off the Turkish coast. To be sure, many intelligence agencies are deeply embroiled in the Syrian broth.

First and foremost, a regime change in Syria has become absolutely critical for breaking Israel’s regional isolation. The US-Israeli hope is that the back of the Hezbollah can be broken only if the regime of Assad is overthrown in Damascus and the Syrian-Iranian alliance is ended. Again, a regime change in Syria will force the Hamas leadership to vacate Damascus. Hamas chief Khalid Meshaal has been living in Damascus under Assad’s protection for several years.

Roland Dumas:

En rejoignant l’Alliance atlantique, Nicolas Sarkozy a déclenché une mécanique meurtrière en Libye qui est en train de tourner à une veillée guerrière incompréhensible à l’encontre de la Syrie. Cette façon de prendre fait et cause pour cette croisade moderne est contraire aux intérêts de la France.

…… Laissons les peuples arabes développer leur « printemps ». Et faisons attention, au nom de la protection des populations civiles, à ne pas instrumentaliser l’ONU pour choisir tel peuple, tel interlocuteur qui nous plaît. Ce n’est pas à nous d’imposer notre vision de la démocratie aux peuples arabes. C’est à eux de la faire émerger.Roland Dumas :

Sen. Graham: Military Force Against Syria Should Be On Table

Out of the Shadow of Fear
A rare inside look at Syria, a land where the regime rules with a murderous impunity.

The Fall of the House of Assad – By Robin Yassin-Kassab | Foreign Policy

As Islamists Flex Muscle, Egypt’s Christians Despair
BY YAROSLAV TROFIMOV, JUNE 11, 2011 Wall Street Journal

QENA, Egypt—Five weeks after the fall of the Egyptian regime, Ayman Anwar Mitri’s apartment was torched. When he showed up to investigate, he was bundled inside by bearded Islamists.

Mr. Mitri is a member of the Christian Coptic minority that accounts for one-tenth of the country’s 83 million people. The Islamists accused him of having rented the apartment—by then unoccupied—to loose Muslim women.

Inside the burnt apartment, they beat him with the charred remains of his furniture. Then, one of them produced a box cutter and performed what he considered an appropriate punishment under Islam: He amputated Mr. Mitri’s right …

Syrians, not Westerners, will topple Assad The regime is mortally wounded — but British military force cannot finish it off
Malcolm Rifkind, 13 June 2011, thetimes.co.uk

One of my least pleasant experiences as Foreign Secretary was meeting President Hafez al-Assad in Damascus in September 1995. The father of Syria’s current dictator was a cold, ruthless despot. He occasionally smiled with his lips but never with his eyes. He had much blood on his hands. The Hama massacre of 1982 resulted in an estimated 20,000 deaths and has been described as the single deadliest act by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East.

His son, Bashar al-Assad, is not yet in that league but soon may be. The current army assault on Jisr al-Shughour, a town of 50,000 people only 12 miles from the Turkish border, is merely the latest brutal attack by the Syrian military on its own people since the popular uprising began in March.

The Syrian Government is doing what Gaddafi would like to do. We are witnessing the worst killing and repression since the Arab Spring began and, in Syria, it is likely to get much worse. Libya is calm, if only in comparison. Why then does the world seem silent as peaceful Syrian civilians are mown down? Where are the Nato planes? Why does the UN Security Council not act?

The case for diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions against the regime is unanswerable. If the Security Council cannot agree, Britain, the US and the EU should act unilaterally with all the sanctions at their disposal, such as freezing assets and banning the regime’s leaders from travelling.

A military response, however, as is happening in Libya, is not possible, nor would it be sensible. The Arab League would be hostile, the Russians and Chinese would veto it and military strikes by the United States or Britain, without the legitimacy conferred by the UN Security Council are impossible since the ill-conceived Iraq war.

In any event, a no-fly zone and air strikes similar to those being used in Libya would be pointless in Syria. Libya is very unusual in having a vast territory but with a small population living, almost exclusively, close to the main highway running from Tripoli to Benghazi along the northern coast. It is all desert; there are few mountains or valleys. There is no hiding place for Gaddafi’s tanks or artillery on the road between the main towns and cities.

Syria, in contrast, has a large population of around 22 million throughout a country of largely hilly terrain. The Syrian Army is well over 200,000 strong and Nato air power would have little impact except as part of an all-out war.

There is also the not insignificant fact that with operations ongoing in Afghanistan and Libya, neither Britain nor France has the aircraft or the munitions that would be required to be involved in a third conflict in the region.

While these considerations will bring some comfort to the regime in Damascus it is difficult to see how it can survive in the longer term…….

‘A Gay Girl in Damascus,’ Comes Clean
By Melissa Bell and Elizabeth Flock, 2011-06-12

June 12 (Washington Post) — In recent days, the world has followed closely the saga of Amina Araff, the blogger who presented herself online as “A Gay Girl in Damascus” and who drew attention with her passionate writings about the Syrian government’s crackdown on Arab Spring protesters. Those writings stopped suddenly last Tuesday, and a posting to the blog, ostensibly written by a cousin, said she had been hauled away by government security agents. News of her disappearance became an Internet and media sensation. The U.S. State Department started an investigation. But almost immediately skeptics began asking: Has anyone ever actually met Amina? Two days after her disappearance, images presented on her blog as being of Amina were revealed to have been taken from the Facebook page of a London woman. And on Sunday, the truth spilled out: The gay girl in Damascus confessed to being a 40-year-old American man from Georgia……

Britta Froelicher, wife of ‘A Gay Girl in Damascus,’ talks about being caught in her husband’s ‘hurricane’
By Melissa Bell

Man Behind Syrian Blogger Hoax: Something ‘Innocent … Got Out Of …

Jun 13, 2011 … Tom MacMaster said he created an online character and suddenly he didn’t know how to end it. In an interview with NPR, he said that if his … Got Out Of Hand’

Nikolaos van Dam: Tragically, a bloodbath may now be inevitable
Saturday, 11 June 2011, Telegraph

The latest actions of the Syrian regime yesterday indicate that all this is bound to lead to further bloody confrontation. The leadership knows that it is in danger, but it simply will not give up peacefully.

After all, it has seen what happened in Egypt, where Hosni Mubarak faces jail or perhaps even the death penalty.

So who is controlling the situation? It is clear that Bashar al-Assad doesn’t have his own army and security people under control, and indeed, maybe never did. Bashar was parachuted on to the top of the regime to prevent disunity among the officers and ensure continuity, taking over from his father, Hafez, but that doesn’t mean he has much power. He is not the one who issues the orders to shoot and kill; it is those who for tens of years have got used to acting with violence and intimidation. It was telling that a few weeks ago, the President’s spokeswoman said Assad had ordered that there should be no more shooting, but it simply went on. He was apparently not in charge. But that does not mean that as president he is not fully responsible.

The situation is very different to Egypt, where the military is, more or less, still in place after the downfall of Mubarak. In Syria, the military is much more closely linked to the president. If he goes, his inner circle goes, albeit not without bloody confrontation. The leadership faces a major dilemma: reform could end this conflict, but they realise that any real reform will in the end lead to the disappearance of the present regime and the monopoly of the Baath Party.

The Syrian government is trying to start a national dialogue but I haven’t seen any signs yet to suggest that the opposition wants to talk, unless certain preconditions are being met. The regime, after all, started this violence, and now it seems to be receiving it back. The regime reported that 120 of its forces died in Jisr al-Shughour at the hands of armed gangs, while some witnesses have suggested that it was in fact fighting between the military and its own defectors. If the violence at Jisr al-Shughour was because of defections then the regime really is in trouble.

The biggest danger to the regime is from within the armed forces. There will be some in the military who simply completely disagree with the atrocities which are taking place. Events may encourage them to plot against the regime and that could lead to the bloodiest confrontation yet.

Nikolaos van Dam is a former Dutch ambassador and has written extensively about Syria. The fourth edition of his book ‘The Struggle for Power in Syria’ has just been released.

CFR.org: After Assad, Democracy In Syria?
by Elliott Abrams, 2011-06-10

Posted on Friday, June 10, 2011 by Elliott Abrams The bloody war that the Assad regime is waging against the people of Syria will end in the downfall of the regime. Whether that will take months or years is impossible to say; how many peaceful …

Belfer Center: “Syria Can Prove that Sanctions Do Work”, 2011-06-10

“Syria Can Prove that Sanctions Do Work” Op-Ed, Financial Times June 9, 2011 Author: Joseph S. Nye, Harvard University…..

Sanctions’ sceptics trot out a familiar litany, from the failure of a trade embargo to topple Fidel Castro in Cuba to the failure of sanctions to remove Saddam Hussein in Iraq. But evidence suggests such measures can be effective. A careful study by the Peterson Institute of 115 uses of economic sanctions by major countries between 1950 and 1990 concluded that, in about a third of cases, they helped those wielding them achieve their goals. The research shows they were most likely to be successful when this objective was modest and clear, the target was in a weakened position, economic links were significant, sanctions were heavy, and the duration was limited — conditions which partly apply in Syria today.

Even such positive statistics miss the more important question, namely what the alternative might be. The probability of success via sanctions may be relatively low — as is probably the case in Syria — but the relevant issue is whether it is higher than any alternative. Military power is sometimes effective, but its costs are also often high too, particularly in regions such as the Middle East.

Analysis: In Syria, army will be the key
By JONATHAN SPYER, 06/14/2011 01:59

If the opposition can split the military, the prize will be control over the republic and the result will be impossible to predict.

In the aftermath of the taking of Jisr al-Shughour by the Syrian army, it has become clear that the direction of events in Syria depends largely on the cohesiveness of Bashar Assad’s security forces.

If the army remains largely united behind the leadership of the dictator, the brutal repression of the protests looks set to continue.

Erdogan victory speech: A middle eastern leader – hurriyet

…In his victory speech, which has come to be nicknamed the “balcony speech,” as he addressed his followers from his party headquarters’ balcony, the prime minister did not mention even once Europe, the European Union or the West.

Well aware that he will be watched by international audiences, he preferred to address the world as a Middle Eastern leader, rather than a European or Western leader.

He started his speech by saluting “all friendly and brotherly nations from Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Cairo, Sarajevo, Baku and Nicosia.”</b>

Later on he said, “The hopes of the victims and the oppressed have won,” and, “<b>Beirut has won as much as İzmir. West Bank, Gaza, Ramallah, Jerusalem have won as much as Diyarbakır. The Middle East, the Caucasus and the Balkans have won, just as Turkey has won.”

Ankara revisits Syrian policy

Now that elections are over, Turkey must evaluate if it will stay on the side of Bashar al Assad or move in a confrontation that may undermine turkish investments in Syria and may also antagonize other arab countries (like Egypt) who sees with annoyance that Erdogan is seeing himself as leader of the region.

Le Monde:

“Erdogan se voit comme le leader de la Turquie, mais aussi de toute la région”

My opinion is that he will back off from criticizing the Syrian government, he has too much to loose.

Why Syria will get away with it
By Gideon Rachman

As Syrian tanks prepared to advance on Jisr al-Shughour late last week, Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, launched an offensive of his own. In a speech in Brussels, he dismissed most of America’s European allies as a useless bunch of timewasters. I paraphrase – but not much.

Mr Gates pointed out that while all Nato countries had voted to intervene in Libya, most had chosen not to participate in the actual fighting. Even those European countries that are taking part began to run short of munitions just 11 weeks into the fighting – forcing an exasperated America to step into the breach. More broadly, a situation in which the US accounts for 75 per cent of the military spending in Nato was “unacceptable” and unsustainable. If it is not rectified, Mr Gates predicted, Nato faces a “dismal” future.

The conjunction of the Gates speech and the Syrian civil war is very telling. It explains why a 20-year experiment with the idea that western military force can put the world to rights is coming to a close.

Just a few weeks ago, that would have seemed a surprising conclusion. Supporters of “liberal interventionism” hailed the decision to bomb Colonel Gaddafi’s forces in Libya as evidence of a longed-for new era, in which dictators can no longer feel free to massacre their own people.

However a western failure to intervene, as the Syrian army brutalises and kills its own citizens, is likely to be a more accurate guide to the future than the Libyan campaign…

Money is not the only problem, however. Over the past 20 years it has become apparent that swiftly agreed-upon military actions can lead to entanglements that last for many years. There is still a Nato mission in Kosovo and an EU military mission in Bosnia, more than a decade after the fighting ended in both places.
As for Afghanistan – that conflict has now lasted almost twice as long as the second world war. Western governments are also only beginning to come to terms with what may soon be required in Libya. Against this background, there are very few takers for yet another military venture – this time in Syria.

Comments (309)

abughassan said:

it was clear that both sides are lying,but as far as I can tell,these are probably more believable stories:
1. the regime did lose officers in al-jisr on the hands of armed thugs but probably not 120
2. it is unlikely that there were “thousands” of armed thugs in al-jisr
3. violent elements committed atricities and so did the regime.
4. this uprising is no longer peaceful
5. Bashar is losing support but will probably stay in power
6. Turkey is not entirely innocent here,more info to come
my take is: this is a syrian problem that requires a syrian solution,violence is not the answer.the regime can not be removed by force.international intervanetion is probable if things do not improve but repeating the Libyan adventure has little support in Syria.
please show respect to each other and to the owner of this blog.

June 13th, 2011, 11:52 pm


abughassan said:

a video aired on alarabiya about two alleged iranian aganets who were used by the syrian military intelligence does not seem genuine and makes little sense. the war of words and fake videos continue from both sides but more is coming from the opposition side for obvious reasons.

June 14th, 2011, 12:18 am


daleandersen said:

Thank you, Turkey!

“…Turkey’s prime minister has accused Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime of “savagery,” but also said he would reach out to the Syrian leader to help solve the crisis. Still, many of the nearly 7,000 refugees in Turkey say they expect their government to inflict only more violence and pain…”

The sad thing is, Bashar doesn’t care anymore about his place in history. When they write about him, they will call him what he is: a thug, a hoodlum and a rabid dog. Too bad. He had a chance, but he wasted it. The window of opportunity stays open only so long…


June 14th, 2011, 12:50 am


Samara said:


What ever. Bashar’s foot is better than the Turks Prime Minister.

June 14th, 2011, 1:22 am


Samara said:


This is for you.



June 14th, 2011, 1:24 am


Samara said:


this is for you



June 14th, 2011, 1:25 am


daleandersen said:

Expect the number of refugees in Turkey to grow to 100,000…

June 14th, 2011, 1:27 am


Samara said:


This is for you,



June 14th, 2011, 1:27 am


Samara said:

Another Israeli Guy (AIG),and others who resemble,

This is for you,



June 14th, 2011, 1:28 am


Samara said:


If you are not there already, lets hope yo make it 100,001

June 14th, 2011, 1:30 am


Mohamed kanj said:

Mr Landis – can you explain to us why Aleppo city with a population of 5.5 million has not sided against the syrian government????? It has been 12 weeks since the protests began and every week u and ur fellow bloggers expect Aleppo to rise against the government. I thought the wall of fear has been broken???! Aleppo city has only seen a maximum of 5000 people protest amongst a population of 5.5 million. Interesting fact isn’t it???? amongst things, the rape of 4 halabi girls and their beheadings by the “revolutionists” , will deter more and more people. God bless Syria

June 14th, 2011, 1:39 am


Chris said:

Unbelievable! How naive can you be?! Do you really think activists would be having those conversations on their phones? Really?

This blog is about as honest as Gay Girl in Damascus

June 14th, 2011, 1:42 am


Abughassan said:

Draft of proposed political parties law is now available . I hope to read your views,guys,on it. Comments from non syrians should not receive a response.this is not an international dance festival.

June 14th, 2011, 1:54 am


SYR.Expat said:

For 120 soldiers to be ambushed and killed by an armed gang is a bit of a stretch. After 3 months of unrest and claims of “mundassen” killing anti-government demonstrators, it is hard to believe that the government forces were so ill-prepared.

If 120 soldiers were indeed killed, this would most probably be an indication of some in-fighting among government troops.

As long as the government chooses to follow a policy of not allowing media to report freely, the picture will remain muddy. Clearly, the government has a lot to hide and this policy won’t help it earn the trust of the people.

How can we believe that the taped calls of the alleged insurgents in Jisr are genuine when there is no independent way to verify?

This is why I urge the government to allow the media to operate freely. At the very least, allow Syrians to use cameras to document events freely without harassment.

By pointing HD and high-resolution cameras at the security forces, it becomes harder for them to abuse their power. Similarly, the same cameras can pick the “mundasseen” in the crowd and document all acts of violence by protesters, which helps the police arrest the troublemakers. A win-win scenario that helps restore trust and confidence that the government is serious about reform or is that too much to ask?

June 14th, 2011, 2:07 am


allforsyriawatani said:

Ya nass, Shekh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan Al-Bouti says it all:

Listen to his last khutbe:

June 14th, 2011, 2:11 am


ziadsoury said:

Samara and all Bashroubies,

This is for you.

June 14th, 2011, 2:14 am


daleandersen said:

Either this happened or it didn’t:

…the uprising in Syria saw a turning point June 4 in the northwest town of Jisr al-Shughur. According to reports, the funeral of a man killed by a plainclothes officer turned into a protest near the headquarters of the military secret police. When some police started shooting, others refused to do so. The two camps ended up battling each other, killing dozens.

Alarmed by this mutiny, the government of President Bashar al-Assad sent troops last weekend to wipe out the town, forcing more than 7,000 refugees to flee to nearby Turkey.

Such a brutal response was meant to send a message of fear to would-be defectors and prevent that region from being controlled by opponents. But by killing even more civilians – in such a wholesale way – the regime may only drive more soldiers to defy their superiors.

In a prominent defection posted on YouTube by a Syrian dissident group, a soldier named Sgt. Ali Hassan Satouf from the town of Sahl al-Ghab explains his reasons for leaving the Army: “What is taking place right now is haram. They are killing my people, our brothers, whether they are Christian, Alawite, or Sunni.”…

If more reports like this come out, Bashar will be a “dead man walking.”

Memo to Abughassan:

RE: “Comments from non syrians should not receive a response.”

Go to hell…

June 14th, 2011, 2:36 am


Usama said:

The 120 officers killed were not soldiers. They were security forces and policemen. Security forces sometimes wear uniforms similar to the army, but they’re not soldiers, and the confusion is understandable.

Now for the ambush, the bulk of the victims, 83 of them, were killed inside the mafraza in Jisr ash-Shughour. I have some memories of the city because I used to have some family who lived there, before they moved to Aleppo. The mafraza there is actually at the side of the road, but its base is a couple of meters below road level, and basically surrounded by hills. This building was not designed to stop an armed attack. The security officers and policemen did all they could to fight off grenades, bombs, and bullets of varying caliber, but eventually they ran out of ammunition and I do not want to imagine how they felt at that moment.

The remaining deaths occurred in separate, but related, instances. For example, when reinforcements were coming in to answer calls for help, they were ambushed and fiercely shot at. I believe the claim was that 20 were killed in that one. One of the security officers who was injured was interviewed at the hospital and he was talking about weapons he had never seen before in his training. He said he was shot in the leg and that he lost an 8-centimeter (over 3 inches) chunk of bone from the one gunshot. It’s going to be hard to recover all bodies because many were cut up and buried deep in unknown places, while many others were thrown into the `Assi river. I’m sure that many of the 120 are missing and assumed dead, but I don’t see state TV lying about their numbers because, at the end of the day, they broadcast all the names on TV and in the press. Stay tuned to the names that come up on state TV in the upcoming days and weeks as more bodies are discovered and delivered to their final resting place.

About the broken tape record the keeps talking about free media, let’s observe how with AP present in the latest operations, they reported by including maybe 2 paragraphs from their experience inside Syria, with 20 paragraphs about eyewitnesses, activists, and opposition with contacts in who-the-hell-knows-where. They’re still talking about army fighting army while others claim protests have been peaceful up until just now. They’re not interested in reporting facts. No one is and no one ever was. There is an established conclusion (or target) for the media and everything in between works toward that target. Let’s not forget how all the same media was reporting about Iraq. What good does it for Syrians if the media says “oops” 10 years from now? It’s not doing much good for the more 1 million dead Iraqis and their families.

However, I do support free media from the inside. Keeping in mind such media can still be tainted by foreign funding, I realize some media should operate freely and I would much rather it be fellow Syrians doing the job. We should give the chance to see the draft of the new media law, and apparently, most journalists are already expecting some good things from the draft based on consultations.

June 14th, 2011, 2:39 am


Mawal95 said:

Joshua Landis makes the allegation: “Contrary to the claims of Syrian authorities, 120 Syria soldiers do not seem to have been killed [in Jisr]…. The Syrian army has exaggerated the number of its dead in order to justify ever harsher repression of the inhabitants of Jisr and Idlib province.”

I’ve just realized that Usama has just responded to the above but I will leave my response even though it partly duplictes his.

A commenter on this blog sometime last week tells us that the government does not say that most of the dead individuals were from the army, nor even a large minority; rather, the dead were police and other individuals who were not part of state security forces — unclear to me as to exactly who they were. But in any case the government didn’t say 120 soldiers dead. The 120 figure came out on Monday of last week, but was not repeated by official sources later in the week. It looks as if that 120 figure is too high alright. But no intelligent person can jump to a conclusion that “the figure was exaggerated to justify harsher repression”, because (a) there’s no actual evidence that the number was deliberately exaggerated; (b) there’s signs that the number 120 as reported on Monday of last week was put out without judiciously waiting for truly reliable confirmation, and was just an honest error as such; (c) if the true figure was only a quarter of 120 it still justifies a large scale response to restore public security; and finally and most importantly (d) a large scale response is in no way a “repression of the inhabitants of Jisr and Idlib province” (as Landis puts it) — rather it is a repression of violent revolutionaries and sabateurs, and a restoration of law and order for the inhabitants.

June 14th, 2011, 2:43 am


Mawal95 said:

Thanks for the details, Usama. Landis got confused about the facts, and in the midst of his confusion he jumped to a conclusion that the regime was being insincere in its reports. This goes to show that Landis thinks the regime is devious. I myself think Landis is mistaken about that.

June 14th, 2011, 2:59 am


Syria no kandahar said:

Abughassan is one of the most balanced and good hearted syrians,I am a proud Syrian because of people like him.by you attacking him you are proofing what your posts tell us that yor are just تكفيري عفن (I hope you read Arabic ,if not dont worry,you know yourself).

June 14th, 2011, 3:11 am


Joel said:

Although I do agree with your criticism of the Western press, Dr. Landis, you contradict yourself by arguing on the one hand that the poor little Syrian regime cannot get its message of truth out to the big bad world, while on the other hand, you allege that the regime lied about the number of security and police personnel who were killed by militia in Jisr. You cannot have it both ways. Either the regime is a lying, cunning, criminal one, or it is a transparent, democratic, and fair one. Given the way the regime has tried to control information, and given the false information it has tried to produce, and given the preponderance of video clips and witness testimony by the opposition, I tend to believe the first: namely, that the Asad regime is an oppressive one that it will not change. Lastly, Western reporters may be wrong about the idea that the Syrian people all support open revolution against Asad, but if Syria wants to ever be included among the community of free democratic nations it the Syrian people have no choice but to revolt against the current regime.

June 14th, 2011, 3:35 am


syau said:

A gay girl in Damascus- “a juicy distraction”.

No, just another fabrication, one of many from the ‘opposition’ in this vicious propaganda campaign against Syria.

The terrorist gangs of this revolution robbed the country of 120 security personnel. I’m sure the families of the murdered security personnel would love for the number to be an exaggeration, but unfortunately it’s not. Many families are still waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be recovered so they can lay them to rest.

On the issue of exaggerations, the ‘revolutionists’ have been listing names security and army personnel as martyrs, claiming they have been martyred as a result of infighting, when they are actually alive and well and refute the claims of their deaths on television. Names have been duplicated on the list of martyrs by the revolutionists. They have fabricated many defector claims which have been proven a fake. They have claimed demonstrations against the government that are actually in support of the president. There have been videos of demonstrations and deaths filmed in other countries that have been edited and claimed as being in taken in Syria. Claims the protesters are peaceful when the violence that eludes from within them is clear. The list goes on and on.

I think it’s evident where the exaggerations lie.

June 14th, 2011, 3:46 am


Revlon said:

#6Dear Samara, thank you for the link of to Karam’s song.
I reciprocate your kindness

June 14th, 2011, 4:05 am


SYR.Expat said:

When the government lies, exaggerates, and fabricates news, you can’t whine about others doing the same. The lying shepherd has no right to complain!

If the government has nothing to hide, then allow the media (local and foreign) to do its job.

June 14th, 2011, 4:14 am


haz said:

Hmm. Ma’aret an-Numan is next on the list to be saved from the armed gangs.


I wonder how Khaled knows so much about the agenda of these shadowy groups. It’s a shame the reporter didn’t ask for more details – maybe we could have got some information that would make the situation a bit clearer.

June 14th, 2011, 4:31 am


873 said:

Sen Lindsey Graham loudly demanding US/NATO expand Libyan war into Syria to liberate the people. Here is how they have liberated college students at a Libyan University (Nasser U)


In an effort to further isolate Syria, some of the AIPAC-Americans are also demanding the Syrian Ambassador be expelled. The best thing that happened to Syria, is when US withdrew US Ambassador in Syria several years ago. The minute US reinstalled a new one he was able to start using the Embassy as a base to recruit malcontents and organize anti-Syrian ‘protesters’ inside the country like in the other Arab Revolt-Color Revolution theatres.

June 14th, 2011, 5:00 am


Syria no kandahar said:

This is a new kind of war which has not been seen in history before.It is a war between Syria and the alignment of Saudi Arabia ,the West,Turkey and probably
Isreal.Syria has very few friends left.
Saudi Arabia has taken gloves off.the king which took Bashar in his private plane to Beirut to meet with prs Sulieman few months ago,has pushed Bashar into a free fall and made sure that they have cut the robe to make sure he will drown.go back to shiek Saleh Allhedan Fatwa in April:it is ok to kill the third to make the other tow thirds happy!he also called Bashar infidel and called the syrian state bad names.This guy is the head of higher justice administration !
This is an attack with gloves off,few months befor,befor the king got sick,he was calling Bashar his son,what happened in between?did Bashar crossed red lines?
Most likely yes.The most sig event was the coup in Lebanon by HA and Syria.there was nothing else in between which could have upset the Saudis except that, it was not forgivable.
As far as Turkey,Erdogan bitting Assad is much more complicated.Assad has helped Rajab more than Rajab did.Assad has miscalculated and forgotten that politics are dirty.he probably dos’t know that Atatork himself is from Doma Jews .he fall for the shows Rajab has done especially his famous slapping and impolite behavior in front of Shimon Perez.He has sold every thing to Rajab for nothing.Rajab was just doing his long term plans and when the right moment came the grand son of 1.5 human beings killers,pushed his dearest friend of the bridge,and started to cry.
When all this is over ,and if Bashar survives this uncontrolled free fall,he should rearrange his cards ,he should try to look far away like his dad,and he probably should just accept the fact that Syria is just Syria,and being a major player creates so much enemies ,it is not worth it.forget about the five or ten seas,a lot of people don’t even have a fish.forget about Lebanon,or Palestine or mokawama or….Syria first second and third…forget about we will make the Golan in the middle of Syria…that is a history…will be lucky if we get a chunk of it.

June 14th, 2011, 5:01 am


Mawal95 said:

Joshua Landis attitudinizes: “The government is thrashing about in a failed effort to stop the demonstrations from spreading.” Joshua Landis gives us no evidence to support what he says in the first half of that sentence, nor does he support the claim in the second half that demonstrations are “spreading”. To counter the claim that demonstrations are spreading, I’d like to begin by quoting a recent comment on this board from ABUGHASSAN, who is representative of the type of Syrian who sincerely dislikes the regime and its policies but hates violence much more. In some scenarios some of his relatives could’ve at some point joined in the demonstrations (hypothetically) (all his relatives are Muslims, btw). He says: “My Sunni relatives are even more worried than the non Sunnis in my family about the direction this uprising is taking…. What hurt the uprising the most was the use of violence and the ugly sectarian tone….” That is, he’s telling me that dissent and protest against the regime has been heading in the direction of increasing loss of respectability, due firstly to violent attacks on security forces.

I’ve spent some time at Youtube, and from what I’ve seen the number of people who demonstrated on Friday 10 June was roughly about the same as it was on Friday 15 April. I feel Friday 22 April was about the all-time high for turnout. Nearly two months of no growth since then. The number of protest sites in Homs on Friday 10 June was greater than in April, but the number of protesters was not. If you point to the extra sites as evidence that demonstrations are “spreading”, your talk is bogus. At this point one cannot reasonably expect turnout to resume growth organically or on its own. To grow again, it’d need to get some externally input impetus, something from outside of itself to re-start it.

To summarize what I’ve just said: the demonstrations have had a loss of respectability among the silent majority and have had no growth in turnout. Hence the attitude that the demonstrations are spreading is wrong. Granted, the demonstrations are not substantially different in size from mid-April.

June 14th, 2011, 5:05 am


Mina said:

I doubt the Palestinians will get fooled by Erdogan. They know well it is the Ottoman Jews who were able to buy their lands and cheat them just 150 years ago.

June 14th, 2011, 5:21 am


NK said:


Just so you don’t waste a lot of time on Youtube looking for videos, here’s your one stop shop!


June 14th, 2011, 5:24 am


mjabali said:

Mr. Dale Anderson:

I read your comments and mostly they seem to me that you are here to get some traffic to your average blog. You are looking for attention. You like drama. Here we like factual stories and historical facts and try to stay clear of drama.

You are adding nothing to the table here as obvious, just some emotional outbursts.

As a Syrian, I hope to see a balanced view like that of Mr. Abu Ghassan, as well as informative comments telling me what is happening, like those of Abu Ghassan also who as you see is a sincere Syrian that cares about not letting his country slide more into the abyss of violence and blood.

It does not matter if the writer if Syrian or not as long as they are fair and telling us something new.

Also, as you know there are many non-Syrians who are pouring gas into the fire that is taking over Syria now instead of calling for the end of all types of violence, something a respectable person, like Abu Ghassan, calls for.

Your comments are none of the above. What we find in your comments is things showing that you have no clue what Syria is, like the fallacy you have in your post number 16 where you said that Sahl al-Ghab is a town. You, or whoever wrote that amateur scribble do not know that Sahl al-Ghab is an area that contains cities and villages.

Sahl al-Ghsb is more than one town, so that tells you that whoever wrote what you quoted loses credibility in that story right away.

AS for you telling Abu Ghassan to go to hell, I would like to say that Hell is better than your Salafi paradise that includes killers and rapists.

Abu Ghassan is trying to tell you that Syrians have been through hell many times before and they are entering it again as we are seeing. Abu Ghassan is trying to tell you that Violence is bad. So, you tell Abu Ghassan to go to hell!!!!

Please, be a person like Abu Ghassan who wishes well for his people and others as you can tell. Say no to violence.

AS for attention; why don’t you try making a blog like “gay girl in Damascus” and call it “Dale Anderson inviting people to Hell,” because when you deal with anything Syrian you have to deal with Hell one way or another, and in these days there is a market for this……..

I personally would gladly take your invitation and go to hell instead of going to your and the salafi paradise… so thanks

June 14th, 2011, 5:39 am


Mawal95 said:

@NK #31 Thanks for the link to http://www.onsyria.com. Looks like a convenient one-stop shop.

Are you able to agree with my assessment that increasing the number of protest sites has not increased the number of protesters?

June 14th, 2011, 5:49 am


Syria, Libya and Middle East unrest - World Bad News : World Bad News said:

[…] Landis, executive of Middle East studies during a University of Oklahoma, agrees that reports of a widespread mutiny have been exaggerated. But Landis, who is some-more sensitive to a regime than many Syria-watchers, doesn’t buy a […]

June 14th, 2011, 6:07 am


Samara said:

NK,REVLON and Ziadsorry

Thanks for your links. Although, NK, i must say, that your people must have had quite the time trying to copy the ‘ Menhebak’ song and changing it around.

Revlon, since you only mentioned Fares Karam, i assume you didnt listen to the others? One is by Melhem Zein, another Lebanese singer, and Mohamed Skandar. The songs are great, i highly recommend them.

SYRIA NO KANDAHAR, don’t worry, Bashar will survive the free fall. He is a strong man, and Allah Ma3o. Bashar is a man who likes to help fellow arabs, whom he knows deserve to be helped.He wants to keep the arab nations united, so i doubt that he will forget about Palestine or Lebanon. Lebanon without the Hariri is a great one. When he meets his fate, along with his followers, Lebanon will be nation worth saving. Bashar will survive. The regime will survive.

In the word of Mohamed Skandar, ‘Lab yerka3 walla sha3bu b yerka3’.

June 14th, 2011, 6:14 am


syau said:

Haz, #25,

Yes, I would also be assuming the army is probably heading towards Maarat Al Nuuman next. That is to prevent situations such as what happened to Mohmammad Saiid Hamadi from happening to others. He was sought out because he called for dialogue and an end to the violence in this revolution, and was accused of trying to “unravel the revolution”.


As you can see, in this revolution,violence takes precedence.

June 14th, 2011, 6:20 am


Souri333 (formerly Souri) said:

Well, there is definitely an improvement in what you write Mr. Landis, but let me explain something to you. The Syrian government does not work much to explain itself to the West because we don’t believe the Western media is professional. We believe the Western media is highly politicized and it is useless to try to explain ourselves to it. This is what many in the Syrian government believe (including the foreign minister Walid Muallim who served many years in the US as an ambassador. Walid Mullim once rebuked a Syrian diplomat who organized a paid trip for an American congressman to Syria. He told him it was a waste of money)

The Western media serves Western political agendas. It can’t be influenced by a country such as Syria. Even Russia could do nothing about the Western media campaign during the Georgia crisis in 2007 (also Serbia, Sudan, Iraq, etc.). When the Western media launches a political campaign at some country, it is impossible to stop it.

The Syrian government has been focusing instead on addressing its own people. They have been doing great. The rebels now are more isolated than anytime before. Also Syria has been trying hard to explain themselves to Russia, and they have been very successful. The Russian public opinion on the Syrian crisis is similar to the Syrian public opinion.

Assad feels so confident now that he asked his Lebanese allies to form a new pro-Syrian government.

June 14th, 2011, 6:24 am


NK said:


You can’t have an increase in the number of sites without having an actual increase in the number of protesters, unless the same number of protesters got split among many different sites. While this is a possible scenario in the same city, it’s not when it comes to different cities and provinces. It’s true the increase might not be easily visible but you have to take into account the situation on the ground

a- The increased presence of security forces, making it much harder for protests to take off.

b- The unprofessional coverage of the demonstrations coupled with the quality of internet service in Syria (most people use dial up which is extremely slow, making uploading videos a tiresome task), so it’s hard to get an actual assessment on the size of demonstrations in a given area.

c- The poor coordination among protesters in different areas, so you might get big demonstrations in Homs and small ones in Hama one week, and get big demonstrations in Hama next week and non in Homs.

d- The divide and conquer tactics in some areas, where a protesters in one neighborhood might not be able to march to another, and thus instead of getting one sizable demonstration you end up with 2 small ones easily dispersed by security forces.

The way I see it, having new cities join in is pretty significant and is a proof more and more people are joining in, for instance Hama was very calm a month ago, so the tens of thousands who demonstrated the last couple of weeks are all brand new demonstrators, no we’re seeing demonstrations in Aleppo, small but still those people were silent a few weeks back.

June 14th, 2011, 6:41 am


Mawal95 said:

@ SAMARA Here’s one to add to your collection, if you don’t already have it. Sung by NK.

@ NK: You think one “might get big demonstrations in Homs and small ones in Hama one week, and get big demonstrations in Hama next week and non in Homs.” There were pretty big demonstrations in Homs some weeks back, but not last Friday. But there were protests in 12 different sites in Homs on Friday according to lccsyria.org. I’ve inferred the reason was that the Homs coordinators chose the tactic of spreading the sites around in hopes of increasing the join rate. On the other hand the Hama coordinators chose to go with one big site, and the video from that site gets top billing at the demonstrations videos site you linked to above.

June 14th, 2011, 6:50 am


annie said:

I cannot agree more with Dumas when he says above

“Laissons les peuples arabes développer leur « printemps ». Et faisons attention, au nom de la protection des populations civiles, à ne pas instrumentaliser l’ONU pour choisir tel peuple, tel interlocuteur qui nous plaît. Ce n’est pas à nous d’imposer notre vision de la démocratie aux peuples arabes. C’est à eux de la faire émerger.Roland Dumas”

Accordingly I shall refrain from commenting , here or anyplace else.

June 14th, 2011, 6:58 am


haz said:

Well Syau, that’s definitely a terrible story.

I would be interested to know who Mohammad is. What does he do? What’s his relationship to the government? – not because anyone deserves this treatment, but so we might better understand the motives of the kidnappers.

How exactly was he kidnapped? Was he forced to drive somewhere? If so, where? or did one of the kidnappers drive? Did they have the sophisticated equipment with them? If so, why did they have wire-tapping gear with them for a kidnapping?

How many kidnappers were there? Did they have local accents? Did they sound educated? Were they disguised? Did he recognize any of them by their voices? If they knew him, maybe he knew them…

Amazing they gave him so much information about their political aims, and no other useful information. They did so much chatting, surely they said something that might help discover who they are.

It’s a shame there are no real journalists in Syria to ask these questions.

But then, I imagine whoever did it will confess on national television within a few days.

June 14th, 2011, 7:03 am


Louis said:

There you go Annie,

“Let the Arab peoples to develop their “spring”. And take care, in the name of protecting civilians, not to exploit the UN to select such people as we like contact. It is not for us to impose our vision of democracy in the Arab peoples. They have to make it emerge. Roland Dumas

The only Syrians who speak French are those with a house in Beirut and spend their weekends at SkyBar.

Wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment however.

June 14th, 2011, 7:16 am


syau said:


So many questions, from what I gathered from the story, he doesn’t have any relationship with the government, he was participant in the protests, but when reforms were announced, he wanted dialogue when the terrorists rejected it. When he was talking to people and managed to persuade them to talk instead of use violence, the psycho armed elements in the revolution decided to shut him up.

As to how he was kidnapped, I’m sure if a group of guys wait for someone to emerge, it wouldn’t be hard to shuffle him into a car.

With the amount of state of the art equipment that was smuggled into Syria, to be used by these gangs, I’m assuming the wire-tapping equipment will be used for some devious plan in connection with this violence, possibly have someone infiltrate divisions of the security forces, basically spy to gain inside information for their next step and to enhance their fabrications.

Your questions on the amount of kidnappers, I can’t answer because I wasn’t with the victim when he was kidnapped nor was I there when he was interviewed. I read the article just as you did.
Maybe he did know them as you suspect, maybe he didn’t, but he said he was blindfolded, so that might make it just a little difficult for him to recognise them if he did indeed know them.

Contrary to what you believe, there are real journalists in Syria and the agencies are not owed by Zionists as they are in USA, and, I too hope his attackers will confess on tv soon, that would mean they would have been caught and there will be less criminals roaming around the country.

By the way, have you considered investigative journalism? You never know, you could be the one interviewing the criminal and obtaining the confessions in future.

June 14th, 2011, 7:34 am


Mina said:

This bet of the Syrian government that it does not need to give English subtitles is a stupid one.
The Western governments and the newspapers always have to do with the public opinion, that’s why they try so badly to influence it all the time. By not providing independent sources of information that could be seen by anyone one on Youtube, they actually do half the job for their ennemies.
The youth is so angry at the European governments that they simply refuse to work, to consume and pay taxes. Why would they when they could not afford a normal rent with the money they get? This is the kind of heavy pressure that the public opinion has on its government, as also of boycotting elections (most stupid European leaders are elected with 40-50 percent of the voting people actually going to vote, the rest consider that these puppets don’t represent them and therefore don’t go to vote… it is dangerous as it gives more visibility to the extreme-right but this is how things are going).

For Annie, I agree with Dumas,just take a look at this Reuters article on Benghazi: the first Qatari colony.


June 14th, 2011, 7:43 am


Mohamed Kanj said:

Mr Landis,

either you are blind or not really interested in the truth. The Syrian Tv does provide english news and also gives subtitles.


Every comment and article that you have posted for the past month has been misleading and giving out false facts. Are you following the mainstream western media and giving out false facts about the events in syria ???????????????????

June 14th, 2011, 7:56 am


Akbar Palace said:

Another Failed Arab State NewZ

The Syrian army has exaggerated the number of its dead in order to justify ever harsher repression of the inhabitants of Jisr and Idlib province.

Gee Professor Josh,

Ya think?

I don’t believe a WORD of the Syrian government if they don’t allow free press.

June 14th, 2011, 8:20 am


why-discuss said:


Someone wrote : This a poor peasant revolution. I would add: helped by zealous human rights activists, revengeful educated syrians, anarchists, criminals, Moslem Brotherhood, Salafists, valid promoters of democracy and media technology trained US and Israeli agents.
It has not touched large cities. Damascus is presently buzzing with the usual traffic jams, restaurants are full and Hamidieh alive with the usual iranians tourists. People living in Aleppo can testify probably the same.
In Damascus no one seems seriously worried about the fall of the regime. While they disapprove the violence in these remote small towns, they feel more nationalistic they ever in view of the pretention of Turkey to lead the area, and the silence of most Arab countries. If, at start, many syrians adhered to Erdogan’s leadership of a modern islam, they are slowly resenting that he is taking away their Arab identity and their pride as independent Syrians. They feel Turkey is patronizing them.
The political isolation, instead of giving a sense of despair, is creating stronger bonds among the ever proud Syrians who are ready to stand against the world.
Many who were displeased with the regime, seem to wholeheartedly support it now to end this disturbing events. This uprising with its violence and sectarian calls, the lies of the western media seem to have encouraged Syrian to regroup and reject the negative image the west has been projecting about their dissensions.
I think that the Syrian government is winning the majority of Syrians inside the country. The Syrians now want to prove to the West and other Arab countries that they remain united, independent and proud and that they can sort out their problems without foreign intervention.

June 14th, 2011, 8:50 am


why-discuss said:

Libyan clerics in rebel-held east see big role for Islam after Gaddafi.
A new Taliban Afghanistan in the making?

“His plans for more sharia schools, the popularity of long beards and public calls for jihad, or holy war, against Gaddafi, may make some shudder in the West, where jihad and Islamic madrasas are associated with religious militancy.

A U.S. NATO commander said last month that intelligence had detected “flickers” of al Qaeda among the rebel ranks.

Jaber said the West had nothing to worry about, but picked what might seem an odd role model to support his assertion.

“Look at Saudi Arabia. The people here want Islam closer to that of Saudi Arabia ,” he said, referring to Saudi’s strain of Wahhabi Islam, which among other things bans women from driving and in some cases calls for a thief’s hand to be cut off.”

Des experts mettent en garde contre le “risque islamiste” en Libye


June 14th, 2011, 9:13 am


Akbar Palace said:

Truth or Consequences

This uprising with its violence and sectarian calls, the lies of the western media seem to have encouraged Syrian to regroup and reject the negative image the west has been projecting about their dissensions.


So all the demonstrations and thousands of peaceful protestors we’ve been seeing on Youtube are “lies”?

How do we know YOU’RE not lying WD?

Let’s see a list of all these “trained US and Israeli agents” in Syria.

June 14th, 2011, 9:14 am


Mina said:

Might be relevant for the discussion (?) on the political parties:

Precisely what should be avoided is an Iraqi type situation where Sunni will force Alawi to leave a neighborhood, Kurds force Christians to leave, Christians are accused of collaborating with the foreign authorities etc.
So a presidential system, where democracy means that 49 percent have to accept to be unhappy for 4-5 years because the other side has won, would be a good start.

WD on Libya
In today’s NYT article on Syria (still quoting Wissam Tarif, though last paragraph) an anonymous US gov guy finally admits that there is a religious extremist element in the insurgency.

June 14th, 2011, 9:17 am


Syrian troops advance on rebel town | Newscorner said:

[…] – a juicy distraction that has dominated the airwaves for the last two days – but the way so many journalists cannot check their stories before deadlines because they are not permitted into…. The Syrian government doesn’t even try to add English subtitles to its version of events and […]

June 14th, 2011, 9:21 am


why-discuss said:


I guess they may unconsciously (?) create a new Pakistan in North Africa, supported by competing Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Will these bellicose armed men who fought wildly, lay out their weapons easily? The aftermath of Kaddafi may not be a picnic.

June 14th, 2011, 10:03 am


samara said:

Akbar palace,
No need to get israeli jocks in a twist. You perfectly well know that the israelis and american are not actually sending themselves into syria. That would be social, political and reputational suicide. But they are however, investing in the protests, the pentagon admitted to it. The syrian protests began thanks to outside rejects who want the worst for a united country. And unfortunately for the REAL Syrians, there have been many syrian people who were duped into protesting, producing arms and supporting the disgraceful revolution.

And regarding that non-sense you posted, the reason why Syria is not takinh into consideration the western negativity is because it is lies, and there is no need to consider lies.

Allah ye7me Bashar al Assad.

June 14th, 2011, 10:03 am


why-discuss said:


A list of undercover Mossad and CIA agents? Come on! If I had one, they wouldn’t be undercover!

I lie about what? I am not a ‘reporter’ paid by a zionist newspaper.

June 14th, 2011, 10:05 am


Mina said:

If the EU had a financial problem, it will soon have a political problem. The Germans did not get too entangled in the Libya quagmire, and other countries are not fooled by Sarkozy-Cameron.

The EU is heading for a clash.

June 14th, 2011, 10:13 am


Akbar Palace said:

WD’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Tour

A list of undercover Mossad and CIA agents? Come on! If I had one, they wouldn’t be undercover!


Perhaps all these “agents” are undercover in your head?

Perhaps all the YouTube video of the thousands of peaceful protestors is fabricated in Mossad laboratories.

The bottom line is, YOU HAVE NO PROOF habibi!

I would add: helped by zealous human rights activists, revengeful educated syrians, anarchists, criminals, Moslem Brotherhood, Salafists, valid promoters of democracy and media technology trained US and Israeli agents.

June 14th, 2011, 10:17 am


louai said:

The fact that only 8 or 10 bodies of solders and officers found in the mass grave dose not mean there is exaggeration in the number of the solders killed, there are other mass graves to be found for example today new locations were lactated by the gang members arrested earlier this week
The opposition reported 120 officers killed out of 180 because they refused firing on the peaceful protectors, what story is true?

More mass graves reported in jisr


June 14th, 2011, 10:27 am


Revlon said:

Dear Joshua, Ms Haddad’s sacking, in my estimation, resulted from expressing the opinion that Foreign Media should be allowed in Syria.
She made that statement in respose to a question in an interview with Sky News two days ago.

Her statement implies a criticism of what is a central piece in the media arm of the management of the crack down; namely manipulation of information.

Wa2dulfitnah plan, as per leaked Mukhabarat document, dated 23 March 2011, and posted then on this blog, has four pillars, namely;
Security cells and Field Performance

The Media/PR is as follows:

– Forbidding all media outlets from going to the places of unrest, and punishing anyone broadcasting any news which doesn’t serve the state – and not showing any tolerance in this matter.

– Connecting the protests with personalities who are detested among the Syrian public, such as known Saudi and Lebanese personalities [possibly alluding to March 14] and connecting all of them with Zionism and the USA. There is a plan prepared being prepared by a security cell, which will be introduced/implemented in a suitable, timed way on questionable sites under the name of “Bandar Sultan’s plan”, which is believable and convincing.

– Intense Media campaign accusing protesters and opponents of subservience to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA. In the case of killings, the security cell should repeatedly accuse armed or radical gangs, and claim that the security apparatus and army are contributing to the protection of order, stability and the people.

– Indirect media campaign on TV and privately-owned channels about sectarian strife/disorder, and instilling fear of the Muslim Brotherhood in Christians and Druze, warning them of the reprisals they might face by them if they did not participate in ending the protests. Enlisting the Alawites in the coastal regions so they can defend ‘their’ regime and lives, which are going to be threatend by Sunni radicalism.

– Instructing some security units in all security agencies to work within Facebook to respond to and disrupt the communication of the opponents, labeling them as opponents of the regime with fake names/nicknames, posting views/opinions which damage the reputation of the opposition, and possibly also exposing ‘schemes and plans’ hostile to the president and the state.

– In case the opposition manages to take pictures or film any videos, the security cell should prepare scenes from the protests and insert loopholes in them, so they can broadcast on state media and subsequently exposed so as to remove credibility from the films/videos of the opposition.

– When being prevented from providing coverage or intervening, the media often relies on eyewitnesses, and we expect that a few of them would dare to call satellite channels to provide their testimony – therefore it is the responsibility of the ‘media/press intelligence’ cell to prepare some eyewitnesses from ‘professional security agents’ to contact satellite channels and provide them with exaggerated testimony, with the prerequisite that it should contain loopholes, so it can be directly exposed in our State Media and also on satellite channels in order to ‘damage the credibility of any eyewitnesses’.

– Instructing some members of the people’s assembly to respond to the ‘opponents’ and ‘vandalists’, and to provide them with some points and specifics on how to respond to them.

– Instructing some personalities from the state apparatus located in the place of the protests to respond to the protesters and ‘opponents’.

– In case the protests are too intense and hard to ignore, it is inevitable that the ‘opposition’ should be turned into local demands specific to the region only.

– Sending a convoy of cars carrying pictures of the president, with the possibility of adding the Syrian flag, with the help of security units, their friends, children of government officials and army officers inside cities, and providing these cars with sirens similar to those equipped on ambulances, to create awe within the spirits of bypassers and residents.

– Inviting some moderates within the opposition to [interviews] on State TV, with the possibility of using ‘shaming’ and some courtesy to persuade them, for this dilutes their demands and turns them to trivial, simple demands they’re asking the president to fulfill for them. This is also useful for creating splits in the protective and opposing factions within the oppostion.

– The announcement of strict instructions by the Ministry Of Education to ‘warn’ schools and pupils about the usage of the Internet and Facebook.

– Instructing some artists loyal to us or ‘captured’ by us to talk to [people in] the places where the protests are happening or the opposition in accordance to what we provide them with.

The authenticity of the contents of this document, which was released before the start of the regime’s media campaign, has been amply corroborated by its manifestations on the ground and in the Syrian media.

June 14th, 2011, 10:34 am


Syria, Libya and Middle East unrest – live updates | Rubytall News said:

[…] – a juicy distraction that has dominated the airwaves for the last two days – but the way so many journalists cannot check their stories before deadlines because they are not permitted into…. The Syrian government doesn’t even try to add English subtitles to its version of events and […]

June 14th, 2011, 10:42 am


N.Z. said:

Let us be clear here, there are no good dictators and bad dictators, especially a mafia run dictatorship. All dictators are illegitimate. Therefore, no matter how far they all go to deter the uprising and struggle of a people, their illegitimacy will eventually oust them. Such as the Palestinian legitimate struggle against the brutal occupation and Israeli apartheid, the IRA, ANC and Hamas, are a response to perceived injustice toward an illegitimate entity. Same apply to the dictatorial rule of Ali and Mubarak. They will tumble one after the other.

Standing with the people’s legitimate right against tyranny is always the right thing to do. Dictators, like ideologies are doomed to eradication, oppressive governments must not be tolerated, especially when a group of people are saying enough is enough. Rather than labelling them as terrorists and infiltrators, we ought to unite behind them, if not physically, then in spirit.

They are our heroes that are risking their lives for a just cause. They do not need to killed twice.

June 14th, 2011, 10:50 am


norman said:

Syria will be wise not to escalate with Turkey, If Syria moves on multiparty law and election , then with what Erdogan said recently could give him significant credibility when he tells the opposition to accept the Syrian Regime and the government gestures. they might go along and accept Bashar Assad to lead the reform , that will satisfy the fearful minorities and save Syria .

June 14th, 2011, 10:56 am


Revlon said:

Facebook page of The Syrian Revolution have posted this statement on its page, in Arabic.

It is calling for maintaining apeaceful uprising and pleading for
– avoidence acts of revenge
– Avoidence of violent acts
– Avoidence sectarian behaviours or statements
2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد
الانتقال من ثقافة الإكراه السلطوي والنبذ الاجتماعي إلى ثقافة الإقناع والاحترام، هو السبيل لفتح مسالك المستقبل أمام الشعب السوري الأبي”فليس استمرار القهر أو
الأخذ بالثأر خيارا صالحا للثورة السورية، وليس العنف خيارا لها أيضا…ومما يبشر بالخير
أن الشباب الثوار في سوريا والمثقفين السوريين الأحرار الداعمين لهم على دراية تامة بمخاطر المنزلق… الطائفي، كما أن بعض المؤشرات و الدلائل تشير إلى وجود تنسيق سني علوي في اللاذقية ضد العصابات الموالية للنظام، ونزول الأكراد بثقلهم وراء الثورة. وهذا ما سيضمن بقاء الثورة السورية ثورةَ شعب بحق، ويجعل ترويضها أو حرْفها عن مسارها أمرا عصيًّا على أعداء الحرية .See More

about an hour ago ·

June 14th, 2011, 11:00 am


Syrian Knight said:

Yesterday in Tartous:


You will NEVER see this in Western media. They only report the Islamist protesters. When CBC FINALLY reported on a pro-government demonstration, the one where 11,000,000 people came to demonstrate, they said “Tens of thousands,” meanwhile, 0 anti-government protesters, with no pictures, and no video, in my own home area of Damascus, was “Hundreds of thousands.” Canada loves free speech so much, that when I tried showing proof of pro-government demonstrations on their facebook page, they deleted my messages, kicked me out of the group, and blocked me from posting anything. Canada is truly a trash nation pretending to be something else.

June 14th, 2011, 11:07 am


Revlon said:

Statement of Qaboon residents refuting AlDunia TV claim that the Army was invited to enter AlQaboon by its residents.

7 of the demonstrators, including who read the statement, were later arrested by Air Force Mukhabarat.

June 14th, 2011, 11:12 am


Revlon said:

Demonstration by lawyers, Doctors, and Engineers; Hama, Today.

June 14th, 2011, 11:15 am


N.Z. said:

It is good that Reem Haddad is sacked and not jailed. What change are they talking about, what do they mean by freedom of press?

Oppression is the only freedom we are allowed.

This soon to be revolution is the only way forward.

And for those calling for time, so the government can bring to life their promises, what is their response to Haddad’s firing ?

June 14th, 2011, 11:15 am


Revlon said:

Aleppo demonstrations are picking up, slowly but surely; AlJameeliyeh, Last night.

June 14th, 2011, 11:21 am


Syrian Knight said:

I laugh at your ‘Aleppo demonstrations.’ Just more Islamists who deserve to be slaughtered, shouting “Allahu Akbar.” May all the protesters be butchered.

June 14th, 2011, 11:24 am


Syria no kandahar said:

Your posts sound more like Albaath newspaperسوف…لنعمل…we are tired of that.
NB:A sincer advice:stop lying,if you expect to be read.you can see that most of the people here are smart,they dont bye the mokabarat document story(do you also steel CIA and Mossad documents).plus it is such a repetitive and boring it makes right away skip your post.

June 14th, 2011, 11:25 am


Mina said:

You never had any credibility but, this video shows about 30 people moving quickly into what may have been staged as an express demo, which is filmed from a window. The person filming has conveniently played another video or clip next to him where more than 500 or 1000 people are shouting “Allah Akbar”. Certainly not the same as the one we see in the street which is filmed.

20 former French ambassadors ask Alain Juppé to move towards a recognition of a Palestinian state.

June 14th, 2011, 11:26 am


Syrian Knight said:

Eleven MILLION people don’t represent the will of the Syrian people, but a few thousand Islamists do. Democracy is garbage.

June 14th, 2011, 11:28 am


Revlon said:

More Army defections!
The pace of defections is picking up slowly, but surely.

The impact on the psychology and morale of the rest of the army is devastating.

Those who are still afraid of or still contemplating defection will be inspired by their comrades success in their escape.

13 June 2011 Qouriyah Deir ez Zor أوغاريت القورية ديرالزور انشقاق
عناصر من الجيش وانضمامه للثوار

June 14th, 2011, 11:33 am


Revlon said:

A Syrian TV presentor was flabbergasted when a young Girl recited an anti-regime poem on the air!
Watch, it is funny!

June 14th, 2011, 11:39 am


Revlon said:

Regime’s Scorched earth policy
An eyewitness account from Jisr AlShughoor

June 14th, 2011, 11:54 am


N.Z. said:

This regime is capable of one thing, butchering and torturing. The taping of this woman telling her story is heartbreaking. She can be my mother, sister or friend. It is heartbreaking, how one of our own can inflict so much pain, all in the name of either us or death. Hama all over again, like father like son. You have over exceeded your welcome. You were not deserving of the love that Syrian showed you for 11 consecutive year. The end game, this time around is, checkmate.


June 14th, 2011, 11:59 am


Revlon said:

Jr’s thugs in action
الشبيحة في جمعة العشائر 10 6 الميدان دمشق سوريا

June 14th, 2011, 12:03 pm


why-discuss said:

You said
“Facebook page of The Syrian Revolution have posted this statement on its page, in Arabic.

It is calling for maintaining apeaceful uprising and pleading for
– avoidence acts of revenge
– Avoidence of violent acts
– Avoidence sectarian behaviours or statements

They are finally admitting all these have been going on for long.

Too late, they have ignited the fire of discord, they can’t stop it and will bear the responsibility or any killing: A bunch of irresponsible murderers by proxy!

June 14th, 2011, 12:03 pm


why-discuss said:


Thanks for your constant lecturing us, are you trying to convince yourself?

June 14th, 2011, 12:08 pm


Mina said:

Syrian TV can ALSO be fun:

June 14th, 2011, 12:08 pm


why-discuss said:


The israeli agent in Egypt: Was he in my imagination?
You underestimate your Mossad, dear..

Egyptian authorities detain alleged Israeli spy

“The official said prosecutors suspect he paid protesters to cause friction with the military and to foment Muslim-Christian tensions”


June 14th, 2011, 12:13 pm




I laugh at your ‘Aleppo demonstrations.’ Just more Islamists who deserve to be slaughtered, shouting “Allahu Akbar.” May all the protesters be butchered.

Leaving aside why SC moderator can allow this kind of comments and wondering if it may be related to Landis primary tendencies in Syria. I would like to notice that for the same words against the regime you can have some months in prison with extra tortures if not years. Let´s see if we change the persons on Syrian Knight phrase:

I laugh at your Pro regime demonstrations. Just more washed brains who deserve to be slaughtered, shouting ¨Bashar wa bass¨. May all the protesters be butchered.

This is very nice to appear on an cool english speaking wanna be intellectuals syrian forum…?

June 14th, 2011, 12:19 pm


why-discuss said:

AP more for your lovely innocent Mossad!

“Furthermore, the spy declared in front of the Supreme State Security prosecution that he was spying for the Israeli Mossad. He explained that the Mossad wanted him to report on opinions, information and any events taking place in Egypt. Accordingly, he professed to handing in daily reports detailing what was happening on the ground.”


June 14th, 2011, 12:25 pm


EHSANI2 said:

Syrian Knight,

The “Islamists” that you hate and want “slaughtered” and “butchered” did not drop from planet Mars. They are the product of the very same society that has been ruled by a single party rule for nearly half a century. Yes, I know the answer – it is all due to Saudi wahabbists who are funding and inspiring them. Perhaps it would make more sense for you to spend your energy on finding out why “Islamists” exist in the first place and whether the economic failure of the past has made it easier for these ideas to prosper and find followers.

June 14th, 2011, 12:37 pm


why-discuss said:


Strange that you ignore the role of ideologies in armed islamic terrorism. Ben Laden and al Qaeda are not the product of economical failure of Saudi Arabia.

June 14th, 2011, 12:40 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Watching the videos posted by SC Zarkawi today makes me feel very optimistic,his revolution is turning into a fly,going around an elephant,it bothers him,but it is just a fly.Hama demonstration was مسخره,Aleppo demonstrators looked as if they were running away befor they could be bettin up by actual Aleppine,Shabiha show I didt see why he called that way,it looked typical Revlun demonstration.This carbage is being cleaned up a city by city and a street by street.it is dead from the first day when Allhedan and Alaaroor announced the carbage agenda:
يجوز قتل الثلث ليسعد الثلثان
These Terrorists(A+A)should be arrested by the iterpool and along with Karadawia should be tried for causing Syrians to die.
At this time of history:Obama,Sarkozi,Cameron…are supporting A+A+A wahabi terrorists.

June 14th, 2011, 12:47 pm


Syrian Knight said:


Man from Idleb Relates the Tale of His Kidnapping and Torture by Armed Terrorist Groups

Jun 13, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Because he and his friends called for serious dialogue among people of various opinions and political leanings in Maaret al-Numan, Mohmammad Saiid Hamadi was kidnapped, tortured and threatened with death along with a friend by armed terrorist groups.

40 year-old Hamadi is a witness to the crimes of brutality of those who kill, destroy and vandalize under the banner of “reform.”

Exasperated by the voices calling for destruction and vandalism, he and a number of intellectuals and social figures from Maaret al-Numan began holding meetings with locals to discuss and clarify matter with them as popular protests devolved into violence and foreign influence began to manifest in them.

In a statement to journalists on Monday, Hamadi said that he and a number of his friends met friends, acquaintances and even people from the opposition and they all agreed to end violence and the use of arms, and after 20 days of their activities they witnessed considerable positive response from the area’s people, even the more politically strict ones.

“It seems that the people who were running this thing were upset by the area’s people rallying around the issue of dialogue… after a session in the village of Ferkia, me and my colleague Imad Astef were kidnapped and tortured brutally,” Hamadi said, adding that the kidnappers had sophisticated torture tools and wiretapping devices.

“They said I was a traitor and that I came to unravel the revolution… after holding me for 7 hours and using all methods of torture including burning and electricity, I passed out… when I woke up I found myself in my car with Imad in a desolate place in al-Zawiye mountain… we managed to overcome pain and reach Maaret al-Nuuman city with difficulty after more than two hours… this is what happened at the hands of people claiming to want freedom,” he said.

Hamadi added that the kidnappers made him swear not to return to the area ever again, and that they spoke to him while he was blindfolded and told him that if they ever saw him in the area again, they will kill him along with his family.

He pointed out that these groups probably viewed him as the leader of the movement promoting dialogue in the area, particularly since he was in a village near Maaret al-Nuuman when word arrived that some people want to break into the city’s museum, prompting him and the gathering people to go to the city and stand along with its people to protect the museums.

“Apparently, this upset these groups… they considered me an apostate because I went to protect ‘idols’ according to their expression,” Hamadi said, adding that they called him an idolater and said that if he repeated his actions they’ll kill his family first and then kill him.

“I’m not afraid for myself… for Syria’s sake, I consider what I did to be little,” he added.

Hamadi went on to say that in reality, people consider the army to be the country’s army and no anyone’s private army, and after extensive meetings the protestors in the area issued a statement saying that they want the army to come and that they will welcome it, saying “this also was one of the main reasons to what happened to me… one of the members of the armed groups even told me that if the Turkish army arrived they will welcome it with roses and rice but if the Syrian army arrived they will kill it.”

He pointed out that his field trips changed his perspective after meeting simple people who want specific reforms or demands, meeting people who only want what’s good for Syria, adding that he reached a clear-cut conclusion that the protests are motivated by foreign sources, as they saw strange intelligence men using binoculars and advanced radio equipment, and that these people gave the instructions to attack security forces last Friday.

H. Sabbagh

June 14th, 2011, 12:52 pm




It is really amazing to see how the west press is playing the game and is not being impartial in analyzing what is happening in Syria. FACT

This is a real shame for us all.

With all what is happening in Syria, I think western press and Arab speaking ‘western press’ have their cards open and well in view. This is to the point that they no longer try to hide their hypocrisy, one-sidedness and lies.

People in the west don’t care anymore (or don’t try to know what their govts are plotting), we are becoming programmed robots, UNLESS the food we eat is available, abundant and affordable, and our materialistic need are answered. What I mean is that we are being controlled and this is only the beginning as the tool per excellence of the future is the internet. One example is the fact that you can almost not write anything online without submitting an email address (often with a confirmation needed). Believe me folks, there a file somewhere with your name and with all your comments being placed next to your name and a ‘level of danger’ is put beside your name as to know if your are in the opposition or not (you are submitting to the rules or not…) It is easy to follow you with all the traces (of your ip adress) you leave behind when you surf.

This whole thing about Syria is leveler, to know how much in 2011 people are willing to take the BS. The game is for statistical reasons. The real show has not begun… yet

Syria’s AL ASSAD is our Syria, he is a dictator, but he is better than what will come. Under Assad all what you need to do is to hail the president and you live a happy live while doing what you want. Tomorrow you will bow to the Zionists and their servants and if you refuse they will destroy Syria, a brick on a brick will there will not be.

We will fight to protect it from the fast changing Erdogan, from UK, US, FR et companie but MOSTLY FROM THE ZIZIZIZIONISTS. Zionists are at it, but are not fully at it. Once the zizi flex their musles, you will feeeeeeel it. This show is for stats only, it will be for real when they decide it will be.

This is our Syria علينا وعلى أعدائنا

June 14th, 2011, 12:54 pm


why-discuss said:

Anne Allmeling: Why Syria’s Bashar Al Assad is not afraid ( Al Arabya News)


“After all, its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan are anything but completed. And a conflict with Syria is very likely to become a conflict with Iran, too – one of Syria’s closest allies and America’s biggest enemies. As long as he has friends in Iran, China and Russia, Mr. Assad does not have worry about phone calls from New York.”

June 14th, 2011, 12:54 pm


Mina said:

Salafis start to attack Sufis in Egypt

If the Sufis had 200 satellite channels, the game would be more fair.

Don’t forget the Wahhabis have destroyed the Sufis of Yemen in the 19th c. and the beginning of the 20th. They do the same in Indonesia and Europe for the last 30 years now.

June 14th, 2011, 12:54 pm


Akbar Palace said:


Thanks for informing us about the Jordanian spy who is Israeli(?). Or do I have that backwards;)

That certainly side-steps the information you don’t have about American and Israeli “agents”.

Methinks you spend too much time reading the plethora of Arab conspiracies on the Net. What novelty here on SC! Arab conspiracies and Syria Comment go together like ketchup and french fries, Assad and “crackdowns”, or baklawah and kawa!

Perhaps this is the “Jordanian” spy you’re referring to. It still isn’t clear what his crime is. Maybe being Jewish or Israeli is his crime? And we all know that’s a crime punishable by death in Gaza and other “enlightened” areas in the ME.


June 14th, 2011, 12:57 pm


N.Z. said:

Thanks to the Egyptian revolutionists, otherwise this spy will had been shipped back to his cronies. These same revolutionists were labelled with the exact name calling that the apologists are branding the Syrian protesters with.

I am convinced that tyranny will end. And justice will be served.

June 14th, 2011, 1:00 pm


why-discuss said:


Isn’t what the US is doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Slaughtering alleged islamic terrorists (including cold blood murder of Ben Laden) and it is not even in their own country.

Poverty plays a role in sustaining the adherence to violent groups, this is true with the drug gangs in South America and the street gangs in the US, but I am not sure violent ideologies based on religion are something you can eradicate with dialog and empathy.

It has been fairly clear for the US that bringing such ‘terrorists’ to justice are bound to fail, therefore they used cold blood executions, killing drones and Guantanamo.

June 14th, 2011, 1:10 pm


why-discuss said:


Are you playing dumb? the guy is an agent of an Israeli intelligence called Mossad, whose job is exactly to CONSPIRE… to protect your paranocracy from bad people who are threatening this rich island of tolerance called Israel.

Maybe you think they play cards all day long instead?

June 14th, 2011, 1:18 pm


why-discuss said:


Did you convince yourself ultimately?

June 14th, 2011, 1:21 pm


873 said:

71. Syrian Knight said:
Eleven MILLION people don’t represent the will of the Syrian people, but a few thousand Islamists do. Democracy is garbage.
.June 14th, 2011, 11:28 am

Great point. US/France/Israel/UK/West Coalition of the Killing that brought us Iraq War have the same gig w/ ‘free speech’. They concoct fake FB friends, paid Hasbara commenters, gay Hebrew speaking bloggers etc to incite sedition, subversion and covert ops in opponent countries who wont buckle under to their agenda. When said opponent shuts down internet in defense? “Sanction them for censoring free speech!”

Of course like the Fake humanitarian NGO’s who condemn Syria for 1000 deaths, while the US killed over a million in Iraq, only apply to the targeted opponents. Democracy, speech, civil rights are only another weapons system to be redefined and deployed as needed.

These same countries pass laws imprisoning anyone who queries the inflated numbers of the Holocost. In US the prime AIPAC-American, Joe Lieberman (who would get the electric chair for treason if the jews hadnt suborned and compromised the judiciary too) introduces a 911-denial law. Giving life in prison to those who question the “facts” around 911. Free Speech my a$$.

For those mapping the wider regional picture and Syria’s place in it—
Military man Thomas Barnett laid out the non-integrating gap stategy in 2002.


Gen Wesley Clarke, former Head of NATO also revealed in 2002:

GEN. WESLEY CLARK: What I did warn about when I testified in front of Congress in 2002, I said if you want to worry about a state, it shouldn’t be Iraq, it should be Iran. But this government, our administration, wanted to worry about Iraq, not Iran.

I knew why, because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you’ve got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you’re too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”

So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

June 14th, 2011, 1:25 pm


EHSANI2 said:

why-discuss ,

The U.S. policy is stupid. When did I ever condone it?

June 14th, 2011, 1:28 pm


Akbar Palace said:

The Mossad isn’t what’s ruining the ME. Guess what is?

Are you playing dumb? the guy is an agent of an Israeli intelligence called Mossad…


Er, no… The link provided states:

Egypt:Alleged Israeli agent is Jordanian
Prosecution identify the alleged Israeli spy as a Jordanian man who entered the country under the guise of a businessman

OK… The the article you linked to contradicted this:

The man accused of being an Israeli agent has admitted that he came to Egypt after the 25 January uprising with the intent to report on the country’s changing dynamics. The alleged spy is a Jordanian national, according to authorities, and entered the country under the cover of a businessman interested in making investments.

Furthermore, the spy declared in front of the Supreme State Security prosecution that he was spying for the Israeli Mossad. He explained that the Mossad wanted him to report on opinions, information and any events taking place in Egypt. Accordingly, he professed to handing in daily reports detailing what was happening on the ground.

The arrest of the spy was announced yesterday and the Supreme State security is currently reviewing and investigating his case.

Which is still full contradictions. Let’s see a copy of his reports. What do the “daily reports” say. Are they written in Arabic or Hebrew or English? Who were they sent to?

Meanwhile WD, what are American and Israeli “agents” doing against the Syrian government that the Syria protestors aren’t doing with the Youtube videos?

June 14th, 2011, 1:31 pm


Nour said:

It looks like even the US government is admitting that there are armed groups in Syria.


“We see the elements of an armed opposition across Syria,” the American official said. “In the northwest, we see it as having taken over. There are a lot of them.”

“We don’t really know who these armed groups are,” the official added, but noted that they are “religiously based, absolutely.”

June 14th, 2011, 1:35 pm


Tara said:

To all Menhebak and Mamenhebak Syrians,

I need an advice. The Syrian suffering is taking a serious toll on my life and rendering me quite dysfunctional. Like probably the most of you ( who are not paid to do this), I hold a deilcate job that requires full concentration and I find myself unable to perform it to the best of my ability. I am constantly logging in to find out what is happening. It is making me very sad and very angry. Seriously, How are you dealing with this?

Non-Syrians, please do not reply. The stake is not the same for you. Thx.

June 14th, 2011, 1:35 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

with syrians allegedly fleeing, a la palestinians, can the jews redeem syrian land and businesses and homes as their collective mates did/continue to do in occupied palestine?

June 14th, 2011, 1:36 pm


Nour said:


It is affecting me much the same way. I’m just trying sometimes to focus on my work so that I don’t have to think about what is happening. I’ve decided that I should concentrate on a certain task for about an hour and then go back online to see if anything new has materialized. Hopefully, we will come out of this with better and stronger Syria so that we can finally relax and take comfort in knowing that Syrians are moving toward a brighter future.

June 14th, 2011, 1:48 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

I think most of us are like you.a lot of the syrians I know are actually depressed about the whole situation.every friend and family I know has cancelled their trips to Syria this year.last year we were their and my kids liked it more than the west.they were playing in the street all day and late after dark,they went by themselves to have ice cream and pizza without an adult with them(they are very young).this year with the imported Saudi democracy it is not safe even to travel between cities.thanks to Alaaroor and Allhedan monsters.

June 14th, 2011, 1:52 pm


William Scott Scherk said:

A faceless, anonymous commenter who goes under the name of ‘Syrian Knight’ says this: “Yesterday in Tartous: http://www.youtube.com/inbox?feature=mhee&folder=messages
You will NEVER see this in Western media.”

— can you redo that link, please, SK?

You also say, “Democracy is garbage” and “May all the protesters be butchered.”

— are you sure you want those grotesque comments to stand as your opinion, SK?

I wonder if you have a real identity as a Syrian, where you live, how old you are, what you do in life, how many connections you have to Syria today and what citizenships you carry.

Professor Landis puts his name to his posts, but you don’t, and you call for butchery. What part of Syria do you live in that you can urge death in all conscience?

If you live afar, apart from Syria, what right do you have to call for butchery in Syria?! In whose name do you speak these awful calls for blood?

June 14th, 2011, 1:55 pm


why-discuss said:


As there is nothing to do in Syria, the Israeli agents in Syria are collecting the different village recipees of fatteh from all over Syria to announce them soon as israeli dishes!

June 14th, 2011, 1:55 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Does any one knows any other revolution which picked up Allah Akbar As it’s main شعار.
What is the political meaning of that?what is the meaning or the msg somebody running in the street and shouting الله اكبر.does the Quran tells that?is it a religious duty?why should you do it in a demonstration which is called political?if you are a Christian can you jump in the street and shout:Jesus Akbar?if you are yazidi,what should you say:Satan Akbar?even if you are moslem,what is the msg you want to give politically?is it that there is Sunni Allah which is the biggest?dos’t all that sound stupid?
What else is new ,there is nothing un-stupid about Alaaror-AllhedanAlzhiemer Rebolution.

June 14th, 2011, 2:05 pm




It is really amazing to see how the west press is playing the game and is not being impartial in analyzing what is happening in Syria. FACT

This is a real shame for us all.

With all what is happening in Syria, I think western press and Arab speaking ‘western press’ have their cards open and well in view. This is to the point that they no longer try to hide their hypocrisy, one-sidedness and lies.

People in the west don’t care anymore (or don’t try to know what their govts are plotting), we are becoming programmed robots, UNLESS the food we eat is available, abundant and affordable, and our materialistic need are answered. What I mean is that we are being controlled and this is only the beginning as the tool per excellence of the future is the internet. One example is the fact that you can almost not write anything online without submitting an email address (often with a confirmation needed). Believe me folks, there a file somewhere with your name and with all your comments being placed next to your name and a ‘level of danger’ is put beside your name as to know if your are in the opposition or not (you are submitting to the rules or not…) It is easy to follow you with all the traces (of your ip adress) you leave behind when you surf.

This whole thing about Syria is leveler, to know how much in 2011 people are willing to take the BS. The game is for statistical reasons. The real show has not begun… yet

Syria’s AL ASSAD is our Syria, he is a dictator, but he is better than what will come. Under Assad all what you need to do is to hail the president and you live a happy live while doing what you want. Tomorrow you will bow to the Zionists and their servants and if you refuse they will destroy Syria, a brick on a brick will there will not be.

We will fight to protect it from the fast changing Erdogan, from UK, US, FR et companie but MOSTLY FROM THE ZIZIZIZIONISTS. Zionists are at it, but are not fully at it. Once the zizi flex their musles, you will feeeeeeel it. This show is for stats only, it will be for real when they decide it will be.

This is our Syria علينا وعلى أعدائنا

June 14th, 2011, 2:08 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Redeeming Syria

with syrians allegedly fleeing, a la palestinians, can the jews redeem syrian land and businesses and homes as their collective mates

Dear Five Dancing Ahmads,

C’mon, syrians aren’t “fleeing”. That’s another Mossad lie.

Anyway, why not ask important questions like when will Syrians be allowed to speak freely or vote.

June 14th, 2011, 2:09 pm


Syrian Knight said:

I put the wrong link before. Thanks to William for bringing it up.


The rest of his post is irrelevant.

June 14th, 2011, 2:13 pm


NK said:

Dear William

I expected you to say something about Syrian Knight(mare)’s comment #63 being Canadian and all.

Does Syria Almighty ring any bells, anyone ?

Edit: LOL, I just saw Syrian Knight(mare)’s last comment and what a coincidence, the first comment on that video

“Allah! Souriya! Bashar ou bas!
SyriaAlmighty 3 hours ago 4 ”

If you’re going to comment under a different name, it helps if you don’t repeat the same stories you told under the old name, JUST SAYING!.

June 14th, 2011, 2:18 pm


873 said:

The “Jordanian spy” was an another traitor dual-national jew posing as Arab in Egypt. Note how he didnt serve with US troops in Iraq, but ran off to the safety of the IDF. Unbelievable.


Alleged Israeli ‘Spy’ in Egypt
Is US Citizen, IDF Paratrooper
The Jerusalem Post

Ilan Grapel, the alleged Mossad agent arrested on Sunday in Egypt, is an American citizen who served in the IDF Paratrooper’s Brigade during the Second Lebanon War and interned last summer at the Israeli Supreme Court.

Grapel, originally from New York, moved to Israel after graduating from Johns Hopkins University in the US and enlisted in the IDF.

He was wounded during fighting against Hezbollah guerillas in the southern Lebanese town of Taibe in August, 2006. In an interview with the New York Daily News in 2006, Irene Grapel said her son decided to enlist in the IDF since he “didn’t want a boring life” and craved some adventure before enrolling in graduate school.

A friend of Grapel’s told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that he had worked as an intern at the Israel Project — an Israel advocacy organization — in 2008 and had studied Arabic and even lived for short period of times with Druse communities in northern Israel. He frequently traveled throughout the Arab world.

In recent years he was a student at Emory Law School and even interned at the Israeli Supreme Court, according to the Emory Law School website.

“You could call him something of an Arabist,” one friend said. Another friend said Grapel was “pro-Arabic” and liked “hanging out in Egypt”…

June 14th, 2011, 2:21 pm


Syrian Knight said:

“You could call him something of an Arabist,” one friend said. Another friend said Grapel was “pro-Arabic” and liked “hanging out in Egypt”…

I guess the US is also ‘pro-Arabic’ too. All they ever wanted to do was bring democracy to the region.

LOL! Has the world gone mad? Is there even such things as NEWS anymore in the Western world? How far will the lies go?

June 14th, 2011, 2:26 pm


daleandersen said:

Meanwhile, next door in Jordan…

In a televised speech marking his 12th year as ruler, King Abdullah said that future Cabinets would be formed according to an elected parliamentary majority. He did not say when the change would take place, but suggested that it would come after relevant laws are in place. It was the first time he has made such a concession to demands he loosen the monarchy’s absolute grip on power…

I wonder if King Bashar of Syria will take the hint and do the same. Naah!!!


June 14th, 2011, 2:27 pm


Syrian Knight said:

“Edit: LOL, I just saw Syrian Knight(mare)’s last comment and what a coincidence, the first comment on that video

“Allah! Souriya! Bashar ou bas!
SyriaAlmighty 3 hours ago 4 “”

I think it sounds a lot better then “Christians to Beirut! Alawites to the grave! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!” that you Islamists like to chant.

June 14th, 2011, 2:29 pm


Mina said:

Dale, you missed the garbage and bottles thrown at Abd Allah II yesterday during a visit in the south? how sad. What kind of newspapers are you reading?

The demos in Jordan started in December, with Beduins and Communists saying “we want a more democratic system on the model of the Syrian one, where every group get represented in the parliament” (seen on al Jazeera, around Christmas 2010).

June 14th, 2011, 2:36 pm


SYR.Expat said:

Dear Tara,

Many of us are in the same boat. The problem is that the situation is serious and most of us don’t want to see Syria go the way of Iraq or Libya. We are all anxious and angry about the killing and torture of people whether it’s done by the government (most of it) or by armed groups or individuals. We’re all unhappy about the negative impact on the economy and the emergence of sectarianism.

Many of us find ourselves spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet browsing for news and engaging in back-and-forth discussions with others. When we log out, our minds remain logged in.

Here’s what I’ll try to do to get back on track:

– Limit Internet/media access related to syria to no more than one hour a day. The less the better.

– Focus on my work and family by reminding myself that I can help Syria the best by remaining functional.

– If possible, start a local support group of likely minded Syrians and find positive ways to contribute to a solution to this problem.

Hope this helps.

June 14th, 2011, 2:40 pm


why-discuss said:

Three terrorists killed in eastern Turkey

SIVAS (A.A) – June 14, 2011 – Three PKK terrorists were killed in clashes with the Turkish military in eastern Turkey, officials said on Tuesday. Terrorists were killed in a rural area near Imranli town of Sivas province. The military operation is underway and more troops were dispatched to area, officials said.

June 14th, 2011, 2:41 pm


Observer said:

What happened in this town is the unleashing of a brutal crackdown but in contrast to the other ones where the regime wanted the people to have a glimpse of what they are doing to the protesters by delivering the bodies of tortured children to their families, now there is a concerted effort not to allow any news or pictures to come out in the open. Syria reacted violently to Amr Moussa declaration as they are deathly afraid of the Arab League giving a cloak of legitimacy to any UN SC resolution against Syria.
Iran coming out to declare that this is an internal Syrian matter is significant for they feel that they are actually losing a reliable ally. Even if the regime stays, it may be a liability for Tehran on the long run.

Turkey is still trying to give the regime a chance by restricting eye witness accounts of the events from refugees. Again many are hoping against hope of reforms within the regime the problem is that the reforms entail the departure of key figures including some of the most inner members of the “family”.

Does anyone know of the rumors of 3 billion dollars from Rami being brought back to spend on the troops? Or of the rumors that the brother in law is under house arrest? Or that others are not allowed to leave the country? There are rumors of a public trial of the responsible elements from Deraa that are now dismissed is this true?

The NYT had a nice piece today about the widening sectarian gulf between the regime and the majority.

June 14th, 2011, 2:42 pm


Syrian Knight said:

Rumors ahoy!! Seriously, you revolution nuts need to get lives.

June 14th, 2011, 2:52 pm


louai said:


i have friend who reminded me of my own motto which is ‘everything happens for a reason ,and its always a good one’

i believe Syria will come up stronger and better from all that i read less news (trying my best as its not easy) i call my parents more often to make sure they are fine , that helps often.

June 14th, 2011, 2:53 pm


Mawal95 said:

why-discuss says: “The [international] political isolation [of Syria], instead of giving a sense of despair, is creating stronger bonds among the ever proud Syrians who are ready to stand against the world. Many who were displeased with the regime, seem to wholeheartedly support it now to end this disturbing events…. I think that the Syrian government is winning the majority of Syrians inside the country.”

I agree and I say Syrians who are with the government have got virtue, civility, rectitude, good sense and the truth on their side. That’s what counts. Most of the outside world is wrong about the situation — but that’s extraneous and immaterial provided the Russians keep their good sense and provided the West respects the Russian veto. The Syrian government is not right about everything — but we’re not going to start talking about that under the present circumstances.

Another positive thing worth repeating, which was mentioned here by NORMAN last week, is that the security forces so far have a good track record of removing violent revolutionaries and terrorists from where ever they’ve been found. Daraa is now peaceful, Banyas is now peaceful, Homs is now peaceful, etc., and there’s no town that’s a chronic problem in terms of violent revolution or terrorism. That can give you confidence that the Idlib towns will soon be made peaceful too.

June 14th, 2011, 2:56 pm


873 said:

120. Observer said:
What happened in this town is the unleashing of a brutal crackdown but in contrast to the other ones where the regime wanted the people to have a glimpse of what they are doing to the protesters by delivering the bodies of tortured children to their families, now there is a concerted effort not to allow any news or pictures to come out in the open.

Sounds a bit like Cast Lead right? But of course the perennially persecuted were just bombing those kids in self defense.

The real story is the West’s infiltration of more of their covert ops regalia which is the casus belli designed to provoke a crackdown- that can then be condemned and punished by the indignant hidden hand that underwrote the mess to begin with.

Maybe its a Nahr El Bared Refugee Camp Reunion with more Salafi Wahabs sent by the Saudis over from Tripoli?

“‘America is something that can be easily moved. Moved to the right direction.They won’t get in our way'” Benjamin Netanyahu

“Prince Bandar is a huge asset to shape Middle East revolts in a direction that serves America!”
John Hannah

June 14th, 2011, 2:58 pm


Syrian troops advance on rebel town | IsuperNews said:

[…] – a juicy distraction that has dominated the airwaves for the last two days – but the way so many journalists cannot check their stories before deadlines because they are not permitted into…. The Syrian government doesn’t even try to add English subtitles to its version of events and […]

June 14th, 2011, 3:21 pm


Mr.president said:

In the 80’s Syrian Wahabis initiated a Syrian civil war that was much worse than today’s civil war. The only difference this time is that we have too many wolves going for the kill. It is not a coincident that most trouble spots in Syria are close to her international borders. Homs/Lebanon, Daraa/Jordan, AlShugoor/Turkey. For sure there is international support for the current violence. There are international strategic games targeting Syria. It started as a reform movement and now we have international wars against our beloved Syria.

June 14th, 2011, 3:52 pm


873 said:

SECOND “MALE” Syrian Lesbian blogger!

Update on lesbian Syrian blogger- full out CIA-Mossad intelligence operation backfiring like some fake aluminum fallopian tubes. Now a second girl comes out of the closet as an Israeli-American MAN. Wow. The psychiatrists that are torturing people in Gitmo and Ghraib should take on these ‘confused’ transexuals. Talk about identity complex. Especially if they were running around in hijab. Disgusting.

Anyone find it interesting that Tom Macmasters (alias?) is now on ‘vacation’ in Turkey, heart of the simmering Syrian refugee camps?? Is he there to coordinate the troops? Or is that under the auspices of the American Friends Service Committee NGO status?
Where is his ally Britta? Or will she turn out to be his boyfriend? Last time we saw this kind of absurd soap opera was in the days of “Who shot J.R.?”

Must say, the entire gay issue provides a slick diversion from this exercise. It was about overthrowing Syria, not homosexual rights, but most wont get it and the perps true motive will be successfully disguised.

Mossad/CIA full spectrum dominance psyops? Fail.


Second lesbian blogger exposed as a manPaula Brooks, who claimed to be editor of LezGetReal.com, admitted to the Washington Post that ‘she’, too, was a man

Share1099 Esther Addley and Ben Quinn The Guardian, Tuesday 14 June 2011 Article historyA second supposedly leading lesbian blogger was exposed as a man masquerading as a gay woman, a day after the Gay Girl in Damascus blog was revealed to be the fictional creation of a married male student from Edinburgh.

Paula Brooks, who claimed to be the executive editor of a US-based lesbian site LezGetReal.com, told the Washington Post that “she”, too, was a man – in this case, a 58-year-old retired construction worker from Ohio called Bill Graber.

The LezGetReal blogger’s identity began to come into question last week as doubts over the Gay Girl in Damascus blog intensified, voiced, among others, by the feminist blogger Liz Henry, who writes at BlogHer.com.

Before starting the Gay Girl in Damascus blog in February, Tom MacMaster, the Edinburgh student masquerading as Amina Abdullah Araf al Omari, had written posts on LezGetReal.com.

Graber, masquerading as Brooks, had supplied information to a number of news outlets, including the Guardian, which pointed towards an Edinburgh IP address for the Amina blog.

But the LezGetReal editor’s own conduct increasingly led to questions over her own identity. Material released online on Sunday, which resulted in an admission by MacMaster that he was Amina, also raised questions about Brooks, including speculation over whether the two were creations of the same person.

MacMaster, in a contrite blog post on Monday, even apologised to “Paula Brooks” as a handful of named victims of his deception.

June 14th, 2011, 3:54 pm


N.Z. said:

Syrians are the newest wave of refugees.

June 14th, 2011, 4:18 pm


873 said:

History from 1996. My how little has changed…

June 14th, 2011, 4:18 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Thanks to Syria pollution 2011 ,And to Alaroor et all.

June 14th, 2011, 4:23 pm


Tara said:


We’re missing you.

Where are you?

June 14th, 2011, 4:26 pm


Mina said:

A revolution is not something that can take place in a day, or a week, or a month, especially when it is a revolution against old mentalities. The Arab 1968 is on the way and the Gulf gerontocracies should not be let defeat it.
But still, things can’t happen too quickly, look at Egypt,
A revolution means first and foremost: to talk, to educate one’s neighbour, to exchange ideas as to what would be the better way, to write projects, to discuss them, to reflect on them. To learn about the past, and about one’s own culture and history. It means to be aware of the international context, of the neighbouring countries, partners and ennemies. Then only can people call themselves citizens.

June 14th, 2011, 4:38 pm


Mina said:

Since the corporate media have decided NOT to discuss the Iraq-Quaker-Carnegie connections of the people who were writing the Amina blog, here is an interesting comment on Liz Henry’s Composite blog at Bookmaniac:
June 13, 2011 at 4:12 am

I am from Syria, and my impression after reading this blog is that whoever created this blog was trying to hide their real intents in a very smart way:

This is what I believe what the primary intent of the blog: To foment sectarian hatred in Syria.

Notice how Amina talks. Though she is made to be this incredibly nice and wholesome person, she constantly speaks in a highly sectarian way: She is a Sunni, who is defending with her father Sunni interests and rights. She uses the world Muslim to mean Sunni interchangeably and refers to other muslim sects as (infidels, polytheists and heathen – highly inflammatory characterisations). Her attacks are mostly aimed at the Alawi sect and this is most obvious in the 2007 version of the blog which is much more offensive than the 2011 version. This is highly inflammatory language and can cause a lot of trouble in the Middle East if it becomes common wisdom. Social unrest and conflict can result and many places have had sectarian and religious wars and conflicts as a result of ideas such as these.

You will also notice in the two versions (more clearly in the 2007 version) attempts to attack falsifying history. Here in a totally fictional event but that is portrayed as reality (like everything else in the blog), Amina claims that Hafez Assad (Syria’s President during the war with Israel over the Golan Heights) caused her Sunni uncle Omar to die by withdrawing and letting a big number of Sunnis to die. He is then portrayed as a traitor to the Sunnis. Readers from the Middle East can easily see through what this blog was trying to achieve.

This was no ordinary hoax, the author took a lot of effort to pull it off. I believe there was an insidious political goal behind. This was possibly part of a cyber war of words and ideas and manipulation being waged on the internet for political gains.

Unfortunately, what we are seeing in Syria is a re-emergence of sectarian talk and hatred – If my suspicions are correct, has this blog and others like it been successful and who is really behind this spreading of misinformation?

June 14th, 2011, 4:46 pm



TARA @ 101
From the Rathole

Not much to add to Nour, who seem to be a professional, comment, but if a rat can make an advise, only to complement Nour’s, you got to do it exactly as you handle your job, work smart, and not hard. Here is how,

1. Ignore comments by those who usually repeate themselves over and over and over again (predominantely from men7ebbak crowd), by now you know all what they have to say. This pretty much leaves Joshua (for a summary of key events every few days), Abughassan for a decent insider view, and Abuali for motivation. I have humbly summarized some of the comments a while back, and i do not think those have changed much, except for a few new names, and some names that have perhaps been banned. Most of the other stuff is distraction and diversion.

2. Ignore comments with links to clips. If you are in Syria, as I think you are, then you know much more than most of us here. If you are interested in tapes from the opposition, then visit one of their facebook pages (provided that you have adequate security and encription) and if you are interested in knowing the regime’s POV just watch Addunya for 10 minutes and you get the whole crap.

3. Ignore cut-paste posts, tey are very subjective and you can read the original article from the source. You can do that by collecting a set of sources that you think are reasonable.

4. Trust yourself to manage your job. Nour’s advise is really sound and good. I spend my day on the hamster’s wheel and I am only allowed a couple of hours at the end of thed day for web-surfing.

5. Excercise mildely if you can. Keeps the mind sharp and focused.

6. Ignore me.

Bye now, and take care TARA, you are agood preson, back to the rat hole

June 14th, 2011, 4:51 pm


Syrian Commando said:

I’ll break my word just this once to aide someone helping my country.

Mina, there’s a 10-year long conspiracy to spark sectarian strife in Syria, around the time Bush was in power, basically. I uncovered several agents, some of them had PERFECT arabic. One went by the code name “Ramsis” and I am almost sure he was employed by the CIA.

He used to post as “Foxes of Syria” back in 2004 on a Syrian “Human Rights” website, speaking of slaughtering sects once “it is time for revenge”. In fact, he was an American and one of my info-war comrades tricked him into exposing his identity, after which he wasn’t seen again. I tried to stop her from publicly listing him off as I wanted to monitor him and get more information but she was young and rash.

The basic rule you should follow is: if they want bad things for Syria or speak of sects, it’s very likely they are an agent EVEN IF they speak perfect Arabic. Be very careful. I learnt a lot from their disgusting tactics and if I would stoop as low as them, I could form a task force to ferment sectarian strife in their countries.

Goodbye again and don’t be fooled by the slight change of tone. This entry is as biased as ever, the police who were slaughtered aren’t imaginary, the have families and to imply as such is insulting to all Syrians.

June 14th, 2011, 5:17 pm


Tara said:

Syrian Hamster:

This was hilarious! Really!

MaMenhebak guys:

Can you tell me what is with Damas and Aleppo?

You and I know that the silent majority is Mamenhebak. But why are they not peacefully demonstrating?

Are they still in fear? It is now becoming a bit difficult to believe that the wall is not shattered for them yet. I would like to believe that a lot of Damascenes were displaced in ريف دمشقdue to hosing prices and they are participating in demonstration there but still that does not explain it all. Are they that timid?

Menhebak guys/gals: please spare me your answer of the silent majority being Menhebak because I know for a fact they are Ma Menhebak

June 14th, 2011, 5:31 pm


EHSANI2 said:

Syrian Hamster,

Don’t stay in that rat hole too long. Come out to us for fresh (?) air more often.

June 14th, 2011, 5:44 pm


Tara said:


Re:107 …Does any one knows any other revolution which picked up Allah Akbar As it’s main شعار.
What is the political meaning of that?what is the meaning or the msg somebody running in the street and shouting الله اكبر.does the Quran tells that?is it a religious duty?…

I Think for non-religious people, it is to express perception of injustice and defiance when you feel otherwise powerless.. It is a cultural thing. We use it even indoors during a domestic arguments when you feel the party you are arguing with is lying to you or deceiving you and you can’t fight it back or do anything about it . You respond by saying الله اكبر عليك

June 14th, 2011, 6:20 pm


ma menhebak said:

the silent majority…isnt silent, its the scared majority…i am part of it. im anti-regime but the stories i hear frighten me to death, yet one day we will participate tara I PROMISE YOU!

June 14th, 2011, 6:22 pm


ziadsoury said:

Prof Landis on ALjazeera

June 14th, 2011, 6:23 pm


louai said:


again , life is not Menhabak or Mamnhebak , the question is are we with this ‘copy paste revolution’ or not !

its unfair to generalize hinges like that , many people are not happy with the government or the way things are run in Syria BUT it dose not mean to support any one who go out and ask for ‘toppling the regime’

i told you before try to read old posts and you will find out that most of people you are accusing them of being Menhbak people are the real opposition ,the opposition who is constructive not destructive and suicidal

as for me i am the biggest Menhbak in the world if the alternative is destruction sectarianism and civil war ,that how i see the majority of Syrian are thinking..

June 14th, 2011, 6:23 pm


Mawal95 said:

“Local Coordinating Committees of Syria” (LCCSyria) is the main organization for co-ordinating the street demonstrations in Syria. Here’s a policy statement dated 13 June 2011 at their website http://www.LCCSyria.org:

“Peaceful protests shall not stop, and shall not seek permission and authorisation from the government, for it is the citizen’s tool to defend their rights….. We support… a transition into a pluralist democracy…. A transitional period of no longer than 6 months… should pave the way to… [among other things] granting the people the right for peaceful assembly and gathering…. The people’s revolution is the main source of political legitimacy, it will carry on until the nation’s aspirations for freedom, equality and dignity are met.”

Today’s Syrian government grants licenses for street demonstrations. Legally, the LCCSyria can organize a demonstration to be held on a non-Friday in a big city, announcing it some weeks in advance, and devoting a couple of weeks to advertising it. That happened in Egypt for the demonstrations there on 27 May 2011 when about one million people showed up (I’m told), mostly in Alexandria and Cairo. LCCSyria is choosing to not take that line of action. If they tried it, and it got a big turnout, it would definitely be a goal scored for them, and it wouldn’t stop them from also continuing with their current line of action. Given that they’re stuck in doldrums in terms of turnout with their current line, why doesn’t LCCSyria try that additional line? My answer: Because they think the turnout would be lousy for them if they tried it, in which case it’d be an own-goal. I can think of no other explanation for their stated policy that “peaceful protests… shall not seek permission and authorisation from the government”.

June 14th, 2011, 6:25 pm



I understand that you are a mother, If my comments made you smile, please pay me back by making sure your child see you smiling. If your child is around, please turn your face so that she/he see your smile. There is nothing in the world worth more to a child than seeing her/his mother or father smiling.

Sorry for stating the obvious, back to the rathole

June 14th, 2011, 6:26 pm


Abughassan said:

أيها الاحبه مع و ضد النظام.في النهايه لن تنفعنا لا تركيا و لا ايران.هذا الوطن الجريح لكم و ليس لغيركم . انها يعرب و مغول…

June 14th, 2011, 6:46 pm


Abughassan said:

Syrian hamster: thank you. We all can use a touch of mercy and humanity ..

June 14th, 2011, 6:51 pm


Tara said:


Great come back with one single exception:

We have waited for 11 yrs and nothing happened. NOTHING. We did not intend to do revolution. We just responded to arresting the school-aged children in Daraa. That is how it all started. To the peacefull demonstrators, that is how it all started. Granted there may be some additional elements now. I can not rule it out but i can not believe the government spin at all. I do not know the extent of this additional elements because of ABSOLUTE lack of trust that has been cultivated for almost half a century.

Let me share a silly story with you. Watching a lot of TV with us, my toddler learned الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام
She just liked the statement because of how it sounded. She is just a toddler and does not know what it means. Imagine I take her some where and suddenly she starts singing it. What would happen to her or to me? I leave it up to your imagination… To make a long story short, my brother spent an hour teaching her بل الروح بل الدمhoping she would like it more.

Now waiting 11 yrs for Assad Jr., and prior to that for 40 yrs for Assad Sr. did not get us anywhere except to death and torture. What then should we do?

Arabic language is not my thing but I can’t not remember اذا استغضبت ولم تغضب فانت حمار

Not doing revolution is not an option in response to a regime that kills its own people.

June 14th, 2011, 6:57 pm


Abughassan said:

A growing number of Syrian expats are helping behind the scenes. They are sending money to needy and displaced families. This is the Syria that I left more than 20 years ago.لا تستمعوا للذين يبشرون بنهاية الورده السوريه
بنت مروان اصطفاها ربها

June 14th, 2011, 7:02 pm


NK said:


I wouldn’t blame it all on fear, although it’s definitely still there, have you seen this video of Damascus last Friday ?

June 14th, 2011, 7:07 pm


Shami said:

makhlouf-asad got the proof.

what does the scared from asad’s end think ?

June 14th, 2011, 7:21 pm


873 said:


This is certainly a sophisticated psyops. The two guys have been introduced to take the fall for this as a tongue-in-cheek distraction. Do we know what became of the Sandra lead?
Or this very odd precursor to the Amina fraud that Sophia uncovered?


Who is this Israeli woman that was posting as Amina long before the ‘hoax’? An incriminating loose end they forgot to erase? Shame on Am Friends Service Committee. Because of their spying, renewed suspicion will now fall upon any genuine person with honest intentions that is trying to do positive work in the ME or who really cares about the people there. They should come clean. That they dont, makes its own statement. While absurd, this whole well-connected operation is no joke. It is part of the classic softening up agitprop that will poison PR and justify annihilation of Syria. THE PAIN AND SUFFERING FROM WAR ARE NOT FUNNY.

הוסף לרשימת החברים .
שלח/י הודעה מידית .

חתום/חתמי בספר האורחים .
שלח/י מתנה .

הוסף לרשימה השחורה .
דווח/י על תקלה .

שתף .
המודעה שלך כאן?

נקבה – 35 שנים, United States
27 מבקרים

חברים | ספר אורחים| צעקות.ביקורך לא יירשם בלוג.
ביקורך יירשם בלוג.
עוד על עצמי

amina arraf
תאריך לידה
United States
שפת אם
עברית…חברים 2
rebekahrojano maymp35 .עוד חברים
…ספר אורחים 0
אין עדיין כניסות בספר האורחים של .
חתום/חתמי בספר האורחים
. 27 מבקרים מאז ‏17 יולי 2010

June 14th, 2011, 7:24 pm


why-discuss said:

Egyptian friends in Cairo telling me that Egypt is heading for a second revolution.
“It’s estimated that at least 7,000 people — including protesters, bloggers and dissidents — have been jailed by the army since Mubarak stepped down.”
Amr al Beheiry is one of them. He was beaten and arrested in late February during a sit-in against the interim government, and he’s now serving five years in a military prison for allegedly breaking curfew and assaulting a public official.

Amnesty International reports that Beheiry may have been beaten and tortured with electric shocks while in military custody.”

Egypt’s Secret Military Trials Erode Activists’ Trust


June 14th, 2011, 7:25 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Dr.Abuashshamat,said syrian people do not have political education,I guess we need to go to college to learn what freedom is, may be we should go to harvard to get such education, according to him this is what the delay in party law is about,did the american people has more political education? I thought that the political parties leaders,will tell us about such education.or are we to wait for the Baath party, currently in control, to tell us how we should think and feel?
The current Baath party,which is fake and false Baath party .has nothing to do with the real Baath party,which started by Salah Bitar,this current Baath is a collection of oppurtunistic people , they accomplished nothing of what Baath says, freedom,where is it?,Union,where is it?, Socialism,where is it?justice,where is it?
If the regime really wants reform,why are they continueing with the severe oppression,killing the young peaceful demonstrators?, why are we still have tens of thousand of political prisoners?

What did the regime do to gain our trust that they are serious about reform?

June 14th, 2011, 7:29 pm


syau said:

Syrian Knight, #110

Thanks for the link, it’s so much nicer than the ugly violent protests that the revolutionists are producing.

Tara, #145

Where did you get “40 years of Assad Sr” from?

#154, I saw your link after mine was posted.

I’m muslim, it’s not too hard for me to carry a cross and pretend I’m a christian. How silly, eliminating what is evident because of a protest with some carrying a cross.

June 14th, 2011, 7:41 pm


aboali said:

for all the pro-regime liars who are talking of salafist gangs and the Muslim brothers, a video showing Christians in Hama joining in the protests, holding crosses:

June 14th, 2011, 7:43 pm


873 said:

Not satisfied with the 2003 Purim Attack on Iraq or the 2011 Purim Attack on Libya, the zionists manipulate the Big Powers to launch a Shiva Assar B’Tammuz strike on Syria.

US naval movements around Syria. Hizballah moves rockets
DEBKAfile June 14, 2011

The USS Bataan opposite Syrian coastdebkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that Monday, June 13, the US deployed the USS Bataan amphibian air carrier strike vessel opposite Syria’s Mediterranean coast with 2,000 marines, 6 war planes, 15 attack helicopters, including new V-22 Ospreys, and 27 choppers for landing forces aboard.Also this week, US naval units went operational in the Aegean, Adriatic and Black Seas as part of the joint US-Ukrainian Sea Breeze 2011 exercise.

The USS Monterrey cruiser armed with Aegis surface missile interceptors has additionally been stationed in the Black Sea. Western sources additonally report a build-up of ship-borne anti-missile missile strength in the Mediterranean basin.

This huge concentration of naval missile interceptor units looks like preparations by Washington for the contingency of Iran, Syria and Hizballah letting loose with surface missiles against US and Israeli targets in the event of US military intervention to stop the anti-opposition slaughter underway in Syria.
Moscow, Tehran and Damascus, in particular, are taking this exceptional spate of American military movements in and around the Mediterranean as realistically portending American intervention in Syria.

This concentration of US might also the effect of deterring the Turkish government from going through with its decision to send Turkish troops into Syria. The plan was to create a protected buffer zone where the thousands of refugees in flight from the Assad regime’s military crackdown would be kept safe on Syrian side of the border and out of Turkey.
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyep Erdogan is averse to be seen working hand in glove militarily with any US interference in Syria. At the same time, Western intelligence sources in the Persian Gulf are sure Washington is coordinating its military movements with Ankara and that Erdogan quietly agreed to place Turkish bases at US disposal for an operation in Syria.

debkafile’s military sources also report that Monday, June 13, Hizballah began shifting the long- and medium-range rockets it had stored in northern Lebanon to locations in the center of the country. Western military sources first thought the Lebanese Shiite group was taking the precaution of keeping its arsenal safe from a spillover of violence from Syria. Tuesday, however, they learned that Iranian intelligence had advised Hizballah to remove its rockets out of range of a possible American operation in Syria.

June 14th, 2011, 7:47 pm


lost identity said:

Rarely people are offering a solution.. as there is no turning back for the revolution there is no turnning back for the regime.. No reforms because reforms mean suicide..
Whoever is saying the demonstrations should stop is not logical! Demonstrators became raging animals against this regime and they won’t ever stop!
I am really annoyed that some ppl are still pro-regime (pro- killing! ).. if you love your country, ask for a peaceful stepping down from Bashar.. if he is really a patriot, ask him to save the country and promote for a smooth transition … he still has a slim chance along with the gang to get away with the money… otherwise, he will be tried or killed! and the country will suffer from some kind of instability..
The solution might be in adding more pressure internally -uniting all against violence, against dictatorship and build a new Syria.. modern Democratic Syria by ourselves without foreign intervention.. go everywhere in Damascus and chant for freedom!
for regime lovers: Don’t you agree that it is very risky that ONLY Bashar can rule Syria? what if he dies coz of a heart attack or smthg? no one can rule?! or then you would vote for Maher? or Hafez Junior? So it has to be an Assad? why can’t have prudent elections?! don’t say then it will be Ikhwan! it is not either Ikhwan or Assad!

June 14th, 2011, 7:56 pm


Shami said:

aboali ,the christians of Hama are among the most honorable people in Syria ,this is result of centuries old beautiful co-existence in this beautiful sophisticated city,craddle of civilization,ahel el karam wal nakhwa.you would not find among them the scared menhebak hypocrite mind that pollute Joshua’s blog.
The same is true for the Ismaili community of salamiyeh ,they are well integrated ,intellectuals ,and do not cultivate this culture of hatred toward their environment,they took part in force in the protests.
change is coming ,be part of Syria not part of a dying regime.

June 14th, 2011, 7:57 pm


Tara said:


Oops. It is 30 yrs.

You know Syau, we (women) like to exaggerate…Thought I would not be caught.

June 14th, 2011, 7:59 pm


ziadsoury said:

Syrian ham and Shami (ambush video link),

You guys made my day. Thank you

June 14th, 2011, 8:17 pm


Antoinette said:

Dear Tara , I don’t believe that you are Tara , but more is Sara , and really if I think about Amina , I believe you are Shami who pretended to be an Halaby , but I believe he is neither .. all that fake personalities, Videos and stories really dose not matter any more, because its become a very fake revolution, in mean time the real Syrian and Syria suffer a lot as always have during the history

by the way may be my name is Anton , or who knows !!!

and its 29 years

June 14th, 2011, 8:23 pm


anton said:

Dear Tara , I don’t believe that you are Tara , but more is Sara , and really if I think about Amina , I believe you are Shami who pretended to be an Halaby , but I believe he is neither .. all that fake personalities, Videos and stories really dose not matter any more, because its become a very fake revolution, in mean time the real Syrian and Syria suffer a lot as always have during the history

by the way may be my name is Antoinette , or who knows !!!

and its 29 years

June 14th, 2011, 8:26 pm


daleandersen said:

Memo to MINA:

RE: “A revolution means first and foremost: to talk, to educate one’s neighbour, to exchange ideas as to what would be the better way, to write projects, to discuss them, to reflect on them…”

Oh Jesus Christ, girl! What rock have you been hiding under the past two hundred years? The French Revolution? The Russian Revolution? Talk? Educate? Exchange ideas? If Lenin and Robespierre could read what you wrote, they’d split a gut laughing…


June 14th, 2011, 8:35 pm


Tara said:

Dear Anton,

Been there and done that! Heard it all. Starting with salfist, then Zionist ( I think you should have thought my real name is Rachel as Sara is not a rare name in Syria), then the famous gay girl in Damascus, then a westerner, then… then.. then..then UFO agent….I really am a phenomena. Nevertheless, I think my freind Louai believes me.

My real name is… You think I am crazy to tell you? Yes it is a fake name but the personality behind it is not fake and I belong to the Mamenhebaks .

That is the problem: You do not believe what the regime should have believed (29+11) yrs to be exact.

June 14th, 2011, 8:38 pm


daleandersen said:

Memo to ANTON:

RE: “Dear Tara, I don’t believe that you are Tara, but more is Sara…by the way may be my name is Antoinette…”

This message board is getting paranoid…

June 14th, 2011, 8:41 pm


873 said:

Update on the “Jordanian” spy in Egypt who turned out to be another AIPAC-American twittering back & forth between US-Tel Aviv.

Israeli embassy officials meet with alleged spy
June 14, 2011 JTA

JERUSALEM Diplomats from the Israeli embassy in Egypt met with a dual U.S.-Israel citizen who is being held on charges of being a spy for Israel.

The diplomats met Tuesday in Cairo with Ilan Grapel, who was arrested at his hotel in central Cairo on Sunday. Grapel was ordered detained for 15 days while he is investigated for allegedly “spying on Egypt with the aim of damaging its economic and political interests,” Egypt’s official MENA news agency reported.

A statement issued Tuesday afternoon by Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said Grapel is in good condition and that Israel is working for his release.

Grapel, a New Yorker who moved to Israel after his graduation from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, served as a paratrooper during the Second Lebanon War and was wounded in southern Lebanon in August 2006, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Egyptian media are reporting that he planned to go from Egypt to a rebel camp in Libya.

Friends of Grapel’s told The Jerusalem Post that Grapel was an Arabist and liked spending time in Egypt. His parents have denied that their son has any ties to the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency.

June 14th, 2011, 8:47 pm


Norman said:


The reason that Damascus and Aleppo are calm is because they think like many of us here that you call menhebak people, they think with their minds not thier hearts, we all want reform and change but we do not want to destroy the country to do that, it has to be another way.

June 14th, 2011, 8:47 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Shami and aboali
Get it .stop being stupid.Christians are not joining this hysteria.They are خونه so be it.they are كفره so be it.you will slaughter them,so be it.Stop your day dreaming,خيط بغير هلمسله.There is nothing mutual between you and them ,you are just Alaroor piece of dirt.you are polluting this blog.if Syria is what you represent تفو عليها.
You are not getting the majority of sunnis,you will not get any minorities.the Kurds would rather bring Saddam from grave and have him rule them than being under Alaroor.the Druze got good taste of your stool through شيخ الفتنهnice speech.you are no different than Zarkawi,Binladen…Christians would rather be in بيروتor تابوت than putting there clean hand in your dirty hand.

June 14th, 2011, 8:48 pm


873 said:

Update on AIPAC-American traitors exploiting America and Muslims simultaneously. Unfortunately, bribes work everywhere and FBI and other investigative bodies in US also in thrall to these scum, so no prosecutions in sight.

Are some of these Arabs now active in Syria? Or being groomed for false flags inside USA?

Israeli spies wooing U.S. Muslims, sources say
By Jeff Stein 09/ 2/2010 WaPo

The CIA took an internal poll not long ago about friendly foreign intelligence agencies.

The question, mostly directed to employees of the clandestine service branch, was: Which are the best allies among friendly spy services, in terms of liaison with the CIA, and which are the worst? In other words, who acts like, well, friends?

“Israel came in dead last,” a recently retired CIA official told me the other day.

Not only that, he added, throwing up his hands and rising from his chair, “the Israelis are number three, with China number one and Russia number two,” in terms of how aggressive they are in their operations on U.S. soil.

Israel’s undercover operations here, including missions to steal U.S. secrets, are hardly a secret at the FBI, CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies. From time to time, in fact, the FBI has called Israeli officials on the carpet to complain about a particularly brazen effort to collect classified or other sensitive information, in particular U.S. technical and industrial secrets.

The most notorious operation employed Jonathan Pollard, the naval intelligence analyst convicted in 1987 and sentenced to life in prison for stealing tens of thousands of classified documents for Israel.

One of Israel’s major interests, of course, is keeping track of Muslims who might be allied with Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, or Iran-backed Hezbollah, based in Lebanon.

As tensions with Iran escalate, according to former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, “Israeli agents have become more aggressive in targeting Muslims living in the United States as well as in operating against critics.”

“There have been a number of cases reported to the FBI about Mossad officers who have approached leaders in Arab-American communities and have falsely represented themselves as ‘U.S. intelligence,’ ” Giraldi wrote recently in American Conservative magazine.

“Because few Muslims would assist an Israeli, this is done to increase the likelihood that the target will cooperate. It’s referred to as a ‘false flag’ operation.”

Giraldi’s piece continued, “Mossad officers sought to recruit Arab-Americans as sources willing to inform on their associates and neighbors. The approaches, which took place in New York and New Jersey, were reportedly handled clumsily, making the targets of the operation suspicious.”

“These Arab-Americans turned down the requests for cooperation,” Giraldi added,”and some of the contacts were eventually reported to the FBI, which has determined that at least two of the Mossad officers are, ironically, Israeli Arabs operating out of Israel’s mission to the United Nations in New York under cover as consular assistants.”

“Oh, sure, they do that,” the other former CIA official said, waving a dismissing hand, when I asked about Giraldi’s story. “They’re all over the place.”

The FBI did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

But a retired senior FBI counterintelligence official told SpyTalk, “They have always been extremely aggressive, and seem to feel they can operate whenever and wherever they want, in spite of being called on the carpet more than any other country by probably a factor of three times as often.”

A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy, which routinely denies accounts of Mossad operations on U.S. soil, could not be immediately reached for comment.

The former CIA official, who discussed such sensitive matters only on the condition of anonymity, echoed the views of other U.S. intelligence sources I’ve talked to over the years about Israeli operations in the United States.

They don’t begrudge the Jewish state’s interest in keeping track of its potential or real enemies, including here — indeed, they often say Israel is America’s best friend in the Middle East.

Which, they say, makes Mossad’s impersonation of U.S. intelligence agents all the more galling.

June 14th, 2011, 8:52 pm


why-discuss said:

AFP caught lying? Another one…

Jordanian protesters demand AFP office closure


“Some 300 Jordanians demonstrated on Tuesday outside AFP’s offices in Amman, calling for the bureau’s closure after a report that King Abdullah’s motorcade was attacked with stones….
The statement reported by AFP was denied by the palace, government and MPs from the city.

“The honourable people of Tafileh demand the state security court try (AFP bureau chief in Amman) Randa Habib, expel her and close the French agency’s office,” read a banner carried by the protesters, including youths and an MP.

June 14th, 2011, 8:52 pm


Anton said:

Dear Tara

please permit me to explain

the real name is not the issue .. Syrian all feel the same we have the magic to be a Syrian, I can feel every Syrian, and how all they think .. a lot of people on this blog dose not feel as Syrian, the real Syrian know and feel that, please do not ask me what you mean…

no one single Syrian like to see Syria and the Syrian treated in this way full stop …

I believe, Not supporting the government effort at this sad time for Syria ,, he/she is not a Syrian , otherwise wishing Syria the destruction

I hope I did not heart your feeling otherwise I apologize

June 14th, 2011, 8:55 pm


Tara said:

Dear Anton,

Thank you for your polite response. I was preparing for an attack… I am new here so I do not know many of the old timers so excuse my ignorance. I have not read you before. Your reply is still not very clear but I think you are implying what Louai have said to me in the past. Right?

if so, let me ask you( as well as Louai et al), Is Adonis not real Syrian?

June 14th, 2011, 9:10 pm


why-discuss said:

What happened to the AFP reporter Albert Aji in Jisr Shoughour? Kidnapped? silenced?
No word from the only foreign reporter directly from Syria.
Instead we hear eyewitnesses interviews by turkish reporters on the turkish side.. Strange

June 14th, 2011, 9:10 pm


aboali said:

I’m gonna go right ahead and keep posting this video till the cows come home, or until the pro-regime idiots admit their lies:

A video showing Christians in Hama joining in the protests, holding crosses:

June 14th, 2011, 9:17 pm


Norman said:


Why do you think that it is strange for Christian Syrians to want reform , They just will not destroy property and kill people and that is the difference, nobody here does not want reform we just do not want violence no matter what the motivation is.

June 14th, 2011, 9:27 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

If you are so much fan of cross,why don’t just become Christian and go around in Hama and protest with cross,will name you:Aboanton.
Alaroor will label you as مرتد and chop your head off,it dos’t matter,it is empty any way.

June 14th, 2011, 9:31 pm


Revlon said:

Dear Syria No Kandahar, Thank you for asking this stimulating question, and here is my personal interpretation of the slogan:

Allahu Akbar means God is greater when compared with anything, or any one!
We are empowered by the more powerful.
As such, this slogan inspires courage while defending one’s cause!

Allahu Akbar implies that: We own only to God; we are not part of any political or foreign Agenda!

Allhu Akbar implies: We are entitled to all of the freedoms and basic human rights set forth in God’s Holy Books (You may check out the Universal Declaration of Human rights

God created us free, gave us the right to speak our mind, and
gave us the right to choose

We are using our God-given freedoms to speak up, and choose to ask Jr to step down as our representative.

June 14th, 2011, 9:33 pm


aboali said:

#175 Norman, the accusations of the regime, and it’s loyalists have been that extremist Salafi and Muslim brothers were behind the uprising and protests. The fact that Christians, and indeed Islmaili’s have joined in, repudiates that lie and exposes the regime’s propaganda.

Also, the protests are calling for the fall of the regime, not reforms, very important distinction.

June 14th, 2011, 9:36 pm


louai said:

Dear Tara , I didn’t know you are mamenhbak person as I thought first you are searching for the truth ,that the impression I got when you just started posting here .

How this revolution started? I don’t know really at the time I didn’t read news or talk in politics, it just did not interest me .
If this revolution is a chain reaction of the violence against the children in Dar’a (I doubt this story as all other stories) it would have stopped long time ago
If its about reform it would have stopped long time ago (after lifting the emergency law sacking the cabinet, and party and new election law on their way and ….)

In The first speech of the president he acknowledged the need for change but as Norman said we don’t agree about the way the change will come

What ever your opinion is ,the regime is strong stronger than what we all think much stronger than the Libyan regime and the Syrian army much stronger than the Libyan army ,one thing more, this revolution is a sectarian one that what Damascus and Aleppo and the rest of the Syrian people know to prove it to you go back to the first days of the revolution when the buring of Hizbullah flags and slogan against Iran (that was way before Al-Manar TV was reporting any thing about ’the Syrian revolution’

The day they killed Nidal jannood and posted his killing as shabiha killing a peaceful protester they killed their hope of having any neutral person to their side.(till now they didn’t condemn this barbaric act,)dose it mean any thing to you?

Egyptian people wanted to get red of Mubarak we saw 2000000 on the streets in one place ,Mubarak killed more than 300 people but that didn’t prevent the people to go to the streets so why that Is not happening in Syria? You asked the Mamnhebak people why Damascus and Aleppo did not join the revolution, you didn’t get a good answer yet ,I doubt it you will get one .

June 14th, 2011, 9:39 pm


why-discuss said:

Norman and all the opposition commenters

The opposition keep assuming that the people who are NOT calling for Bashar al Assad to step down are against reforms!

It is not yet clear to them that ALL Syrians want reforms but with a real leader not a Facebook page. The only leader available today that has the support of the majority of the Syrian is Bashar al Assad. So opposition should stop demonstrations and wait for the reforms. No reforms is possible without a leader, civil war is.

June 14th, 2011, 9:51 pm


louai said:

AboAli,thank you for sharing

In Homs people had crosses in their demonstrations nothing new really, make a search for Al khaldia demonstrations (I hope you know that in Al khaldya there is no Christians ) they had some crosses with them its not a big issue .
The fact is and you know it Christian alwait Druz and majority of sunnis are NOT with this revolution , my friend who is Christian used to support this revolution (for the first week only ) but he is the only one I know who supported it .

June 14th, 2011, 9:54 pm


Anton said:

Dear Norman

please ignore “AboAli” he is not a Syrian nor deserve a response

he knows that even if the MB governs Syria today and having the same problem as the actual government has today we will support them regardless.

the issue is not the government’s color , its Syria future, and he knows that, regrettably he still playing games

June 14th, 2011, 9:59 pm


aboali said:

#180 and you seem to think that Syrian people are stupid and have the mental capacity of little children. The regime will not and can not reform. If the protests stop, then the regime will go after every protester and kill them or jail them one by one, and we will end up in a worse police state than before. Bashar had 11 years to reform, he did nothing, in fact the situation in Syria became a lot worse. Get this into your heads, Bashar is history, he is nothing but a weak front for a despotic ruling mafia-style family, he is unable or unwilling to reform. He and his family must go.

June 14th, 2011, 9:59 pm


why-discuss said:

Safety with Facebook peeking from home or risky in demonstrating in the street?


“Instead of marching in the streets, the same doctors, artists and students who led the demonstrations in 2009 are playing Internet games such as FarmVille, peeking at remarkably candid photographs posted online by friends and confining their political debates to social media sites such as Facebook, where dissent has proved less risky.”

June 14th, 2011, 9:59 pm


why-discuss said:


And who comes to lead the reforms? The army? Faruk Sharaa? Michel Kilo? the Antalya group? The MB? any suggestion?
If you don’t have any then your position is unrealistic and doomed.

June 14th, 2011, 10:02 pm


aboali said:

#182 who are you to call me non-Syrian wlak??? I’m 100% pure bred Syrian from a well known family in Halab, so go shut your face. That’s the problem with you pro-regime idiots, you think you own the country and everyone in it, and anyone who doesn’t toe the line ,well you can just kill him or kick him out or call him a non-Syrian traitor, and that’s why this revolution started, to put an end to this injustice and get rid of the thugs who’ve subjugated us for far too long.

ولاك انا حلبي قحي من فسط حلب، وراح ادحش صرمايتي وافشل حنكك اذا رجعت شككت بانتمائي الوطني يا واطي

June 14th, 2011, 10:07 pm


Tara said:


Seriously! Tell me two of basher’ accomplishments as a leader over the last 11 yrs. Adding 2 marks to the baccalaureate this year? Marrying Asma?

June 14th, 2011, 10:08 pm


why-discuss said:


Could you tell me who will lead the reforms once Bashar, according to your views, will go?

June 14th, 2011, 10:10 pm


aboali said:

#185 W-D a national unity government made up of all those you just mentioned, or most of them anyway.

June 14th, 2011, 10:10 pm


873 said:

Comment from Angry Arab-

Tom MacMaster and his Zionist agenda
I am not done with this intruder/impostor. It is not only his bad deed: it is arrogance and self-righteousness as the unrepentant liar that he has proven himself to be…. I argue that this is another lie and fabrication by MacMaster and that his political agenda is not as innocent as he pretends it to be. Remember the post he wrote back in May? He pretended that the dream of the Syrian “girl” is to learn Hebrew and to live in Israel, representing Syria in the Zionist entity–in an “ideal” state of peace between Israel and Syria. This post betrays a Zionist agenda, I believe. He pretended that his posts were rather not incongruent with reality–whatever that means–but try to find a Syrian “girl” whose dream is to live in Israel?

Amina’s Hebrew Netlog makes sense. Was she (he) penning from Tel Aviv at first? Not a word in MSM about this, just the cover story about ‘Tom’ and the US Air Force lesbian bloggers. What is interesting about Britta’s claim of total ignorance on her husbands online activities is this. Why would WaPo happen to want to interview HER or HIM in the first place if they were unconnected to ‘Amina’? They arent the think tank regulars.
How’d WaPo get her personal cell phone?

Hats off to As’ad AbuKhalil for getting that this is more than just some twisted men blogging for gay rights.

June 14th, 2011, 10:11 pm


why-discuss said:


I won’t go into that because you would have a reply to each of the points I would cite.
My question is very simple: Who will lead the reforms if Bashar al Assad is gone?

June 14th, 2011, 10:12 pm


Darryl said:

174. ABOALI,

I think you are confusing the fact that Christians and to some extent minorities, liberal Sunnis’ are not demonstrating as a sign they do not want to see Syria reform. All Christians and minorities that I know want reform; they simply do not want it done the Saudi sheihks and Karadawi way. The Suadi sheikhs’ and Karadawi way is the violent way that has hidden agendas to Christians and minorities way of thinking, because those Sheikhs do not believe in democracy or reforms. They are using democracy as a tool because they keep hearing the Americans and European advocate it. Christians, liberal Sunnis’ and minorities saw how Iraq was sent to the Flintstones age in the name of democracy.

In the first week after the downfall of Mubarak, all of Saudi supported sheikhs and karadawi wanted Sharia law in Egypt and those same ones 3 weeks earlier, were against the Egyption revolution all together, to them it was Haram.

In the first week of the demonstrations, the Syrian orthodox bishop of Aleppo was on Syrian TV talking about change and how Christians are not afraid of the change and advocate change. Change should be for the better and going backward!

June 14th, 2011, 10:14 pm


why-discuss said:


What credibility these people have with the majority of Syrians? None
The opposition in Antalya wanted Farouk Sharaa as leader, the Kurds are divided, the opposition in Syria rejects external intervention from syrians expats.
Opposition is totally disunited. If this is what you propose then you know very well it won’t work. Keep on hoping.

June 14th, 2011, 10:18 pm


Shami said:

This the kind of message that asad regime tries hard to send to the world :

Syria: bishop says government must crush uprising


He has been a fierce asad regime progandist often send in Europe , accompanied with el 3arssa Hassoun.Prior to this date ,he propagated stories in Europe that syrian christianity is in danger because near from being exhausted , surrounded in their own districts by a more and more conservative muslim society.

His message is like this : christianity in Syria was born with asad and will die with him ,we are besieged by a more and more fanatic islamic population and ourfate is bound to the existence of rooms of tortures and oppression, syrian who refuse menhebak culture are barbarians , blood suckers.

This obsession to depict the non menhebak people,especially the syrian muslims, as terrorists,is pathetic.

My question is what would the people like Audo says after than asad faces the natural law of history of regime change ?

Unlike Hassoun ,this bishop is well educated and knows islam well.

June 14th, 2011, 10:22 pm


Tara said:

I would say a transitional council of all of above except Sharaa and MB as long as they do not have blood on their hands.

June 14th, 2011, 10:24 pm


Norman said:


Are you crazy, how can you deny the MB a place at the table while they claim to be the primary motivator for the revolution,

With them out , who is there , which party , i guess the Baath.

June 14th, 2011, 10:30 pm


Shami said:

Darryl ,the syrian orthodox bishop in Aleppo,Yohana Ibrahim is hated and very corrupt(known as such in the worldwide syriac community) ,a christian version of Hassoun.

The respected christian clerics refuse to be propaganda tools in the hand of the regime ,like the bishop of the largest christian community in Syria refused to be a regime actor during the visit of Aoun in Syria.

The others are humiliated , their job is to applaud mediocrities such as Wiam Wahhab ,Naser Qandil,Aoun.

June 14th, 2011, 10:33 pm


louai said:


‘ولاك انا حلبي قحي من فسط حلب، وراح ادحش صرمايتي وافشل حنكك اذا رجعت شككت بانتمائي الوطني يا واطي’

is that your way to prove you are Syrian?is that Syria for you?

June 14th, 2011, 10:34 pm


Tara said:

Ba’ath has blood on his hand and should be dissolved. No Ba’ath either.

June 14th, 2011, 10:37 pm


Darryl said:

194. SHAMI,

This Bishop is afraid of the likes of Muhammad Hassan, Fadel Suleiman, Karadawi, Sughbi and dozen hardliners who each has his Satellite channels in Egypt who talk nonsense and these Sheikhs were against any change.

If all Sheikhs and Muftis’ (My opinion) were Like Dr Hassoun, the Islamic world would be a much better place now. I find Dr Hassoun open minded, tolerant and understands the role of politicians and religious people.

June 14th, 2011, 10:41 pm


Usama said:

Someone here shared with us a video of Dr. Landis’ interview on AJE.

I really don’t know what to say. He says that Alawites dominate the security apparatus AND the government. He says that Sunni soldiers are under incredible pressure to defect and not shoot at their relatives. He literally says the Republican Guard, supposedly composed of 20,000 soldiers, is all Alawite. He also says the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th division is mostly Alawite.

June 14th, 2011, 10:41 pm


Tara said:

Isn’t that true?

June 14th, 2011, 10:47 pm


Norman said:


And who does not have blood on his hand in that part of the world,


After what happened to the Baath party and the Iraqi army,and what happened to the minorities of Iraq, there is no chance for the Syrian Baath party and army let go without safeguards that protect the minorities of Syria and prevent the same end for them in Syria, The revolutionaries as they like to call themselves would have been smarter if they push president Assad to head the revolution instead of finding a new leader as president Assad is the only person that can keep Syrians united,

June 14th, 2011, 10:48 pm


BigB said:

“The Fall of the House of Asad” was probably the worst analytical article I have read since the start of this revolt in Syria. The “two possibilities”…..WOW how much effort did the author put in to making those conclusions? (note the sarcasm in this sentence).

June 14th, 2011, 10:51 pm


Revlon said:

89, 108, Dears OUR Syria/_LIL_WATAN
You said:
It is really amazing to see how the west press is playing the game and is not being impartial in analyzing what is happening in Syria. FACT”

I say: Non-Syrian media cover people’s side of the story because it is accessible through Facebook and YouTube. They are not allowed to verify claims on the ground.
Syrian media and representatives get to voice their side of the story on all non-Syrian media, while The People in Syria risk arrest imprisonment, torture or being killed if they speak up!

2. You said: “ Believe me folks, there a file somewhere with your name and with all your comments being placed next to your name and a ‘level of danger’ is put beside your name as to know if your are in the opposition or not (you are submitting to the rules or not…) It is easy to follow you with all the traces (of your ip adress) you leave behind when you surf”

I say: There is a text file for every soul in Syria, dude! Even before the web and internet came into being. The difference is that information gathering in the west, has become embedded in the web media, while our government maintains its 20th century traditions of vulgar and intrusive questioning.

3. You said: “ Syria’s AL ASSAD is our Syria, He is a dictator”
I say: You are right there!

4. You said: “He is better than what will come”
I say: What is this? A message from God?

5. You said: “ Under Assad all what you need to do is to hail the president and you live a happy live while doing what you want”

I say: It takes much more that that to even survive, dude!
You need:
– a decent job,
– an equal opportunity to get employed without being Baathist, 3alawi, or a favoured minority
– an equal opportunity to establish a legal business, without feeding the hords of the corrupt beaurocrats, Baathists, and Mukhabarat.
To be content or happy, YOU need dignity!

6. You said: “Tomorrow you will bow to the Zionists and their servants. If you refuse they will destroy Syria, a brick on a brick will there will not be”:
I say: We will rise against oppression together, brother!

7. You said: “ We will fight to protect it from the fast changing Erdogan, from UK, US, FR et companie but MOSTLY FROM THE ZIZIZIZIONISTS. Zionists are at it, but are not fully at it. Once the zizi flex their musles, you will feeeeeeel it. This show is for stats only, it will be for real when they decide it will be.
This is our Syria علينا وعلى أعدائنا”



June 14th, 2011, 10:54 pm


Usama said:

Darryl, #200

Thank you for stating that point. It is incredible how Dr. Hassoun, who has always been advocating peace, co-existence, and understanding, is being attacked so viciously by the blind haters. It is like how many MB figures today in Egypt are viciously attacking Pope Shenouda.

As a Muslim, I am getting very angry at those Arab sheikhs (mostly Gulf-based and/or Gulf-funded) that advocate hatred for no good reason, all in the name of Islam. I think the world would be a much better place when the Saudi monarchy is wiped out.

Tara, #202

Wow. Why don’t you tell me?

June 14th, 2011, 10:55 pm


Tara said:


Back to square one. Find us an honest Alawite who does not have blood on his hands who would lead the transition to free election. Don’t you think that the Alawite community should be playing a more smarter and active role other than blind support to Bashar criminal enterprise. Didn’t Hafez topple Jdid in 1970 and both Alawite.

June 14th, 2011, 10:59 pm


majedkhaldoon said:

Louai said, aboali is not syrian,I ask , are you syrian,prove that you are syrian copy and post your ID,otherwise you are not syrian.
To cast doubt on someone if he is syrian or not, is a very silly thing,
Why said:
Who will lead the reforms if Bashar al Assad is gone?
There will be transitional period, from the army, followed by election ,which will produce many much more qualified than Bashar.
As of now,I believe Hytham Maleh is the most qualified.

June 14th, 2011, 11:00 pm


Usama said:

Haytham Maleh? HAHAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Majed you’re Homsi too like Aboud? Funny guy!

June 14th, 2011, 11:03 pm


Shami said:

Darryl ,eh good luck with the hypocrites and corrupts ,in the 80’s and untill the begining of the 2000’s,Hassoun and alikes were allowed to mock the christians(and the jews of course) in a very primitive way.
Stay in your false world !
btw ,the kandaharization of Syria during the last 3 decades has nothing to do with Gulf influence ,it’s an internal process and today we can say that we have a clerical system in Syria.
Syria and the image of syrian muslims ,is victim of this compromise ,between a scared minority and huge clerical community that never existed in Syria.

June 14th, 2011, 11:04 pm


louai said:


when did i say Aboali is not Syrian?? i hope he is not but unfortunately he says he is , please read all the posts before you comment and quoting me with things I never said .thank you

June 14th, 2011, 11:12 pm


syau said:


“As such, this slogan inspires courage while defending one’s cause!”

Which can use are you talking about? Could it be the cause of violence, rape or murder, perhaps destruction of infrastructure? If not, could it be the cause of ambushing security personnel, decapitating them and burying them in mass graves?

Quite possibly it could be the cause of intimidation and threats, lies and fabrications. All in all, what your revolutionists are doing is sinning. The words Allah Akbar should not be allowed to come from your or your violent revolutionist’s mouths.

“we are not part of any political or foreign Agenda!”

You are either delusional, or this is another one of the fabrications you try to pull off.

God doesn’t ask you to use his name in conjunction with violence.

June 14th, 2011, 11:19 pm


Shami said:

as result ,the syrian christians who remained in Syria or who left Syria recently became very hypocrites ,they dont dare to unveil the huge hatred they have built inward them in front of the muslims they meet.
The religious co existence is dying in Syria,asad years destroyed this multi religious and multi ethnic conviviality.
I feel it ,with the old christians(and their children) who grew up in the pre asad Syria ,who left early and did not live under this regime .

June 14th, 2011, 11:20 pm


aboali said:

#198 no habibi, that’s my way of replying to a**holes who call me a traitor and a non-Syrian for daring to oppose their despotic regime. And you “cleverly” calling me out on it trying to embarrass me won’t work either. We Halabis can be very crude and rude if you brush us up the wrong way, fhemet shi?

June 14th, 2011, 11:26 pm


Abughassan said:

It is easy to blame the regime for sectarian divide in Syria and ignore the role of militant Muslims and their Takfiri philosophy, the truth is both sides are guilty.Alawites occupy the presidency and sensitive army and security posts,but there are many Sunnis who held,or still hold,key positions in the government as a whole. the claim that the regime is somewhat responsible for a divide between Muslims and Christians is also a stretch.One has to look at the fact that a huge number of alawi men chose,or were driven,to be employed by the state since the 1920s,and for a long time being in the army was not exactly prestigious for well to do Syrians.I absolutely resent the hateful language used by some against Syrians who happen to be Christians. This is exactly why many Christians are suspicious of political islam,and frankly speaking: they should..

June 14th, 2011, 11:41 pm


louai said:

Shami i really start to think you are working hard on causing problems between Christians and Muslims on this blog.

in the beginning you used Islamophobic Christians now its Christians hate Muslims and they don’t dare to show it .

How you know tht Christian hate Muslims? and if they don’t dare to show it how come you discovered it?

its hardly you post anything without referring to religious issue and adding some sectarian words to it and blame it all on ‘Assad’s family’.

Aboali ,I am not trying to embarrass you ,I didn’t expect you would be embarrassed any way I am just highlighting your nice words which I have to thank you for choosing to write them in Arabic to reduce MY embarrassment of YOUR words !!

June 14th, 2011, 11:47 pm


aboali said:

let me tell you an amusing anecdote. A relative of mine, a staunch “min7ibak” buffoon phoned me and said “hey there was a guy who called Syrian t.v, he had a name just like you, For a minute I thought it was, and I said to to myself oh no, he finally snapped and is gonna speak out, the whole family is gone!” To which I replied “eh very nice story, and no I’m not that stupid. But tell me, why do you knowingly support a regime which you know full well does this to people?” he just laughed and changed the subject.

So I would like to ask all of the Jama3et Min7ibat on this blog the same question, why do you support a regime which you know full well uses the mukhabarat in horrible ways to beat kill and disappear people?

June 14th, 2011, 11:49 pm


Darryl said:

210. SHAMI

Unfortunately, with democracy you will have to deal with Hypocrites, corrupt politicians and many spin doctors. It all comes as a package with Freedom to choose; if you can’t accept that then democracy is the wrong system to advocate. With democracy and free media, there will be lots mis-information too and politicians know the average voter will forget what was said by the time the next election comes around.

June 14th, 2011, 11:54 pm


Samara said:


I suppose you are not excluding the MB from that list? You and your comments are a disgrace! Do you honestly think that an Assad free Syria is a good one? Rhetorical, because i know your answer. Just think, will you, your family, others who support the revolution, and the outsiders, will you be able to live peacefully IF the opposition take control? The answer is NO. The enemy is using this revolution, in the name of peace, in order to gain what they want, then corrupt the country. It is sad that the UN does not see that, because they are supporting terrorists, and when terrorists get their way, they attack those who helped them.

I would like to thank Mawal95 for sending me that NK song in his earlier comments. I do have it my collection to answer your question, and I was going to link it up for ABOALI, but since you put it up, he can have a look from there. But i suppose it was too far back, so i will liknk it anyway:D


And here is another, I love this one!


ABOALI, they are for you, because I know you hate them. Enjoy my dear.

Syria Knight, inta kbeer!

And so are all those who support our beloved Bashar. ‘Abu Hafez! Abu Hafez!’

And so are all those who support our beloved Bashar.

June 14th, 2011, 11:59 pm


syau said:

Aboali, #217,

Why do you support foreign interference in Syria, knowing full well the result of NATO’s interference in other countries?

Why do you support a revolution that eludes sectarianism, funds murderers, advocates destruction of infrastructure, one that used Syrians under the banner of reform, but when reforms were announced, it became ugly?

Why do you support a revolution where the only losers here are the Syrian people with the loss of lives and loss of income?

June 15th, 2011, 12:02 am


daleandersen said:

Memo to Usama

RE: “I think the world would be a much better place when the Saudi monarchy is wiped out…”

That’s exactly what Osama Bin Ladin advocated. Say, your name is real close to his. Oh my God, are you….???


June 15th, 2011, 12:19 am


Averroes said:

نعم .. فقط في سوريا

كتب : نضال نعيسة

لا شك بأن سوريا في دائرة الاستهداف، وكله تحت ستار الديمقراطية والإصلاح على الطريقة الأمريكية, والكاتب الإخونجي المعروف صاحب تلك “التقليعة”، ليس ببعيد عن هذا وهو متورط فيه “لشوشته” كما يقول “المصاروة”، إذ كتب مقالاً تهريجياً تافهاً ضحلاً سطحياً ودون المستوى تهكمياً، تجميعياً، ملطوشاً من الإنترنت يذكرنا بكتابات وخربشات جريدة الحائط أيام زمان، وذلك تحت عنوان: “فقط ي سوريا” جمعه من بعض الحاقدين والمنبوذين المتخفين وراء أسماء وهمية على الفيسبوك، ونشره في صحيفة أبي جهل اللندنية منصة الإثم والإفك والضلال والعدوان الشهيرة، لم يترك فيه بلية، ولا رزية، أو فرية إلا وألصقها بسوريا، والسوريين، وذلك في إطار مساعي “التشرير” والشيطنة، والأبلسة، التي يقودها اليوم تحالف أبواق وبورظانات آل مردوخ- آل مرخان إخوان، لرسم صورة مشوهة وكاذبة ودموية عن سوريا تمهيداً لإصدار قرار من محور الشر والكفر والعدوان العالمي بزعامة واشنطون-باريس-لندن، وبالتنسيق مع خدمات بدو الجزيرة وغلمان شيمون بيريز وليفي من شيوخ التعاون على الإثم والحروب والفتن والعدوان

لذا من الضروري والملـّح جداً أن نذكر الكاتب الإخونجي الوضيع الرقيع الخليع الصفيق المأجور، وهذه ليست شتيمة، كلا وألف حاشانا وحاشاكم، بقدر ما هي توصيف لواقع الحال، بوجه آخر يعمد هو و”رهطه” على تغييبه عن سوريا، عامداً متعمداً في أدنى افتقار لأبسط مبادئ المهنية الفكرية، والشرف والنزاهة والأخلاق، وهذه عينة بسيطة وعشوائية مما غاب، أو غـُيب، عن مقال: فقط في سوريا

فقط في سوريا لم يتم التوقيع على اتفاق ذل وعار وانبطاح وركوع وسجود واستجداء وانحناء أمام حاخات آل صهيون كما فعلت زعامات البدو ورؤساء عربان آخرين يقبض منهم الكاتب الإخونجي على الطالعة والنازلة

فقط في سوريا يتم احتضان قادة المقاومة الفلسطينية الممنوعين من دخول كل الدول العربية الأخرى تحت طائلة التهديد بالقتل والاغتيال، وتفتح لهم المكاتب ويمارسون نشاطهم بكل حرية

فقط في سوريا يتم استضافة مليوني أخ عراقي، فروا من جحيم حرب بوش الثاني اللعين الأشر، وبكل ما يترتب على تلك الاستضافة من ضغوطات على صعيد السكن والطعام والشراب والتعليم والصحة، ولكن من دون أن تتأثر عجلة الحياة والاقتصاد التي تمضي بقوتها كالمعتاد

فقط في سوريا: لم يتم الاعتراف بدولة الكيان العنصري الصهيوني قاتل أطفال غزة التي لم تنبس، ولم تكتب صحيفة أبي جهل، وأخواتها من بورظانات الردة، كلمة واحدة عنه وعن مجازره بحق العرب والمسلمين

فقط في سوريا لم يتم تبادل السفراء مع إسرائيل في الوقت الذي يرفرف فيه علم إسرائيل في عاصمة الكاتب المأجور ويمر من أمامه مطأطأ الرأس ذليلاً

فقط في سوريا تحترم اللغة العربية وتدرس بصرامة ويحافظ عليها وتستصدر القوانين اللازمة لذلك ويعتبر إتقانها شرطاً رئيسياً لتبوء أية وظيفة عامة، ولكم أن تقارنوا حين يتكلم أي مسؤول سوري مع أي مسؤول عربي، “من إياهم”، وما غيرهم، باللغة العربية

فقط في سوريا تمت مناهضة مشروع الشرق الأوسط الكبير والتصدي للاحتلال الأمريكي للعراق في الوقت الذي جعل بدو الجزيرة العربية، الذين يقبض منهم الكاتب الإخونجي، من مشيخاتهم، منصات وقواعد لانطلاق العدوان والتدمير ضد بلدان العرب والمسلمين واستباحة حرماتهم وقتل أطفالهم وتشريد نسائهم وسفك دمائهم

فقط في سوريا، من بين منظومة العربان، تصل المرأة لمنصب نائب للرئيس، وتتمتع بحقوقها كاملة وغير منقوصة

فقط في سوريا تتواجد ثماني عشرة طائفة وإثنية ومذهب وقومية تتعايش بأمن وسلام وطمأنينة، يمكن، وبكل صدق، أن يتجمع بعض من أبنائها ويسكنوا بمحض الصدفة في بناية واحدة، في هذا الشرق الموبوء بالتعصب والحقد والكراهية، وهي تتعرض اليوم لهذه الهجمة البربرية البدوية العالمية الشرسة لضرب هذا التعايش والتصالح والتساكن والمحبة والاحترام بين المكونات

فقط في سوريا لا بترتب على هذا البلد الأبي أي دولار واحد مديونية لصندوق النقد أو البنك الدولي، ولا تتسول وتستجدي أو تعيش على المساعدات من أية دولة كما هو الحال بالنسبة لدولة الكاتب الأخونجي الشهير

فقط في سوريا: الدولة الوحيدة في ما يسمى بالعالم العرب، والعياذ بالله وأستفغر الله لي ولكم على كل حال، التي تصدر الماء والكهرباء والغذاء والدواء ولحوم “العواس” والحبوب، والخضار والفواكه إلى عدد من دول الجوار

فقط في سوريا يتم إنتاج وتصنيع وتصدير الدواء الفعال والناجع والرخيص إلى دول العالم وتعتبر من الدول الرائدة على مستوى العالم ومن أهم المصدرين للدواء في العالم

فقط في سوريا يستطيع حامل جواز أية دولة عربية بالدخول من دون فيزا ومرمطة وشرشحة وبهدلة كما يفعل الأعاريب مع السوريين، ويستطيع هذا العربي أن يتزوج، ويتملك ويعمل، ويسرح ويمرح، ويأكل ويشرب ويبيع ويشتري وهو محترم ومرفوع الرأس

فقط في سوريا يصل فيها الفلسطيني إلى منصب وزير، ويعامل معاملة السوري في التعيين، والراتب والعمل، وله كافة حقوق المواطنة الأخرى

فقط في سوريا تأكل مما تنتج وتزرع وتصدر القمح لدولة الكاتب الإخونجي ولديها فائض استراتيجي من القمح يكفيها لعدة سنوات قادمة حتى من دون أن تنتج حبة قمح أخرى خلال هذه السنوات

فقط في سوريا من بين دول المنظومة العربية هناك نظام علماني يتم فيه احترام كافة المكونات والمعتقدات والديانات والأعراق

فقط في سوريا يتم إرسال مبعوث وممثل رئاسي رسمي لتهنئة الطوائف والمذاهب والأقليات الصغيرة بأعيادها الدينية والمشاركة في طقوسها ونقل ذلك على التلفزيون الرسمي من دون أن تسمع كلمة تكفير أو تحقير وازدراء، كما هو حال من يصفق ويكتب لهم كاتبنا الإخونجي الألمعي، وتلكم، أي والله، حالة حضارية وعلمانية وإنسانية وتنويرية، لن تصل لمضارب أصحاب كويتب الشر الأوسخ بعشرات القرون الضوئية

فقط في سوريا التعليم مجاني بكافة مراحله من الابتدائي على الجامعي، ولا تتجاوز رسوم التسجيل الجامعي السنوي العشرين دولاراً للعام الجامعي الواحد، وقد تتخرج من الجامعة برسوم لا تتجاوز مجتمعة المائة دولار

فقط في سوريا تعتبر دولة الأمن والأمان والسلم الأهلي وتحتل المركز الثالث عالمياً قبل أن تأتي عليها موجة البرابرة الظلاميين حالياً، وستعود وتتعافى إلى سابق عهدها بعد القضاء على شراذم القتل والتدمير والتكفير

فقط في سوريا، من بين دول المنظومة العربية، يتم تدريس المناهج الجامعية باللغة العربية في مختلف الجامعات السورية

فقط في سوريا يتم تنفيذ كافة المشاريع والتعهدات والبناء وإنشاء الطرق والجسور والمصانع بأيد وخبرات وطنية سورية

فقط في سوريا السلع فيها من أرخص السلع من بين كل دول الجوار وخاصة المواد الغذائية والمعيشية والبنزين والغاز والديزل، ولذا تنشط حركة تهريب كبيرة لهذه المواد إلى دول الجوار وتعج مخازنها بالإنتاج السوري

فقط في سوريا تعتبر الخدمات الطبية شبه مجانية وقد تجري أعقد العمليات الجراحية، كالقلب المفتوح، والعلاج الكيماوي ضد السرطان، في مراكز حكومية، دون أن تدفع أبيض أو أصفر أو أحمر

فقط في سوريا تصل الماء والكهرباء والهاتف والطرقات إلى أبعد القرى والبلدات

فقط في سوريا، تنام، وأنت آمن مطمئن، دون أن تقفل باب بيتك، وتخرج في “نصاص” الليالي، ودون خوف على مالك أو أبنائك وبناتك من أي مكروه

فقط في سوريا يتجاور المسجد مع الكنيسة مع الكنيس مع المعبد لأي مذهب وطائفة أخرى

فقط في سوريا ترى البعثي والشيوعي والعلماني والماركسي والناصري والقومي السوري والمتدين والمحجبة والسافرة والمتحررة والمحافظة في عائلة واحدة، دون أن يثير ذلك حفيظة أحد من أفراد الأسرة

فقط في سوريا، دوناً عن المنظومة العربية، التعليم مختلط في مناطق ومدن وأرياف كثيرة من الابتدائي وحتى نهاية المرحلة الجامعية، دون أن تسمع بحادثة تمس الأدب أو تتنافي مع السلوك العام

فقط في سوريا، من بين كل دول الجوار، يوجد اقتصاد متكامل يضم البترول، والماء، والغاز، والفوسفات، وبحر وغابات وصحراء وجبال خضراء وسياحة وتجارة وصناعة وإنتاج زراعي وحيواني هائل، وفوق ذلك كله ثروة بشرية هائلة خبيرة مدربة خريجة جامعات لا تقدر بثمن ومال

فقط في سوريا ترسل السعودية وقطر وتركيا وأمريكا وفرنسا الأموال والقتلة لضرب السلم الأهلي وتفجير البلد وتخريبه إشعال الصراعات الأهلية فيه

فقط في سوريا يتم دعم الإرهاب وترويجه وتجميله والتسهيل له من قبل آل مردوخ-آل مرخان إخوان وشركاه

فقط في سوريا يهجم المتظاهرون السلميون “جداً” المدججون بالأسلحة الغربية والإسرائيلية وبالأموال النفطية القذرة النجسة والرجسة والدنسة كوجوه ولحى وشوارب أصحابها، ويرتكبون المجازر الجماعية بحق رجال الأمن ويمثلون بجثثهم وتقطع رؤوسهم وأوصالهم، ثم يسمى أولئك الظلاميون الهمج البرابرة ثوراً وطلاب حرية، وتبكي عليهم كلينتون مع جوقة البورظانات من آل مردوخ-آل مرخان إخوان وشركاه من الجعيرة والبعيرة وحتى الملا العصملي أردوغان باشا، ويطلع لك، من فج عميق آخر، كاتب إخونجي رعديد لقيط مأجور من عيار “نص- نصيص”، و”نص كم”، ليتفلسف ويتفذلك ويرينا خفة دمه وقلة أدبه وأصله ليدلو بدلوه في سيرك النذالة والوساخة في صحيفة أبي جهل الجاهلية، ويسخر من سوريا الحرة الأبية في محنتها بهؤلاء الأشرار

فقط في سوريا تمت فرملة قطار الثورات الأمريكية الصهيونية البدوية الباطل الزائف المشبوه، وهذا ما أزعج الكاتب، وجعله يستشيط غضباً ويصب جام غضبه لأن “رهطه” الظلاميين فشلوا في النيل من سوريا والسوريين

وأخيراً فقط قالوا عن سوريا إنها متحف مفتوح في الهواء الطلق لكثر ما توافدت عليها الحضارات، وقالوا لكل امرؤ وطنان، وطنه الذي يعيش فيه الآن، وسوريا بلده الأول، لأنها مهد الحضارات وأصل الإنسان، ومهبط الوجود وبدء الحياة، وهذا ما يزعج هؤلاء البورظانات و”الإخوان”، وهو ربما سبب كل هذا الحقد والتجني والافتراء

June 15th, 2011, 12:32 am


syau said:

Confessions of another apprehended terrorists from Jisr Alshugour named Mohammad Hashem Halabi revealed another mass grave site containing the bodies of a further 12 security personnel martyred at the hands of the terrorists. He also said that underneath the second grave, there is yet another one.

June 15th, 2011, 12:37 am


Syria no kandahar said:

To all MB and Alaaror followers
You have to come up front and denounce Alaaroor and Allhedan and Alkaradawi
Befor you could be re-established as a good citizen.Shami is a perfect example of that,he is criticizing a Christian bishop for-corruption-yet he ignores these monsters who are advocating killing.Did that bishop said:بحسب ابن مالك يجوز قتل الثلثين ليسعد الثلث.Christians all across the middle east have been a light in the dark,they have been hard working and honest citizens , from فارس الخوري to جول جمال…in all Syrian-isreal wars they were always infront line because leadership knows that they don’t betreat there countries.
Christians don’t feer good brothers Moslems.Syrian Moslems in recent history have not killed any Christian .But that was true in Iraq also,and it all changed when (democracy)came:500000 christans Iraqis were displace,killed or tortured.
Syrian opposition did so many mistakes,the most fatal one is the religious colour of the (revolution),Christians(and minorities)will reject it as a conditional reflux.think of a moslem being asked to join a Christian revolution?.picking Fridays,Allah Akbar,Aljaneh raheen etc ,all horrible mistakes.
In English they say:if it looks like a dog and walk like a dog then it is a dog.
So if it looks Islamic and it sounds Islamic,then it is Islamic .

June 15th, 2011, 12:40 am


syau said:

FOX NEWS, “CIA preparing secret Drone strikes in Yemen”
Secret plans to send drones to Yemen has been in the works for months.


What is the US planning next.

June 15th, 2011, 12:57 am


Shami said:

I’m not a fan of him,but here is a rare video evidence :the evil project of those mini sectarians who use baath as cover,unveiled and exposed very early by Jamal Abdelnasser.

No Kandahar,Jules Jamal and Fares Khoury are product of our Syria ,this Syria had been destroyed by asad since 3 decades ago.

The islamophobic christians have chosen asad so let them follow him till his end,in post asad syria we will call them asadians not syrians.

People who lost their dignity can not be respected.

June 15th, 2011, 1:18 am


Shami said:

ave it’s a shame for a person who has this nickname ,to consider a sectarian scared mediocrity like nidal naisseh.

it would be more compatible with you a nickname like nidal naisse ,wiam wahhab,naser qandil,rafiq nasrollah,taleb brahim,khaled aboud,…you have the choice available.

Ibn Roshd is an antithesis of all this mediocrity.

Now Ave go listen to menhebak songs posted by Samara,he is your eternal leader.

June 15th, 2011, 1:33 am


Abdo said:

The articles and comments contain very interesting and engaging discussion on both sides of the debate, pro and against the regime. Only in Syria we make a simple issue way too complicated:
Simple questions require simple direct answers:
Who rules Syria?
Direct answer: The Assad family.
What form of government is it?
It is a monarchy under the pretense of a Socialist Republic controlled by a single party.
Is it an advanced form of government?
Yes. It is one step ahead of Hammurabi.
Can the Syrian people survive if the regime is replaced?
Yes. We have done it for at least 7,000 years.
Could a true representative democracy be established in Syria?
Yes. The harmful effects of 41 years of dictatorship will delay it, but it happened before the Baath nightmare and will happen after. The 23 Million Syrians of today are a whole lot more sophisticated and knowledgeable now than the 5 Million in the 40th and 50th of the last century.
Is the age of Assad gone?
Yes, sooner or later, easy or difficult.

June 15th, 2011, 1:40 am


SYR.Expat said:

دروس سورية في الديمقراطية

One of the great ironies is that the totalitarian Baath party will rehabilitate Syrians and teach them democracy.

To get an idea about the coming political reforms, check this statement by Dr. Farook Abu Al-Shamat:

‘ بانه لا توجد ثقافة سياسية، ولا مشاركة للمواطنين في الحياة السياسية، ولذلك فإن من صميم عمل اللجنة هو ‘الارتقاء بالاحزاب لتصبح رافعة قوية قادرة على تعبئة جهود، ومكونات المجتمع، بهدف مواجهة التحديات الداخلية والخارجية، وصياغة مشروع قانون جديد لتأسيس احزاب سياسية وطنية تسهم بتوطيد عملية الاصلاح السياسي وتعزيز صرح الديمقراطية والتعددية السياسية’

June 15th, 2011, 1:46 am


Shami said:

How you know tht Christian hate Muslims? and if they don’t dare to show it how come you discovered it?
i never said that the christians hate the muslims btw

Louai and others that i called islamophobic ,ok give me the names of the syrian muslims that you respect.(even those who died)

it ‘s a challenge !

June 15th, 2011, 1:53 am


Syria no kandahar said:

There is nothing in what I wrote about Assad.Assad is an easy exit for you to run away from answers.I have asked you and I ask every opposition member to denounce Alaroor and Allhedan and Alkaradawi’s terrorist statements,you didn’t ,which means that you support them,and you started to exit to your usual Assad and menhabak exit.Do you support secular or religious Syria?Do you support Alsharia?. Do you have any options to prevent Syria from going into religious and sharia direction?.Syria 40s and 50s is gone,that is true for any other nation in the world,you are talking about 70 years and you can’t compare things and blame the regime for not freezing time:seventy years ago the world in general was more beautiful ,less materialistic,more spiritual,less corrupt,slower tone.so by repeating this comparison and blaming the Assads for not freezing time you don’t make any sense.Democracy and freedom expelled 2 millions Iraqis from there homes to Syria,right?Democracy in Egypt turned out to be made of تنك not really gold,right?.I personally don’t think that Assad is against peaceful and orderly transfer of power,if it is done without chaos.there willhave to be share of power between all elements of Syrian society:examples would be :
-giving more power to primeminister,taking some away from prs.
-swapping prs and primemisters between Alawi and Sunni every so many years
-giving vice prs post for Kurds and Christians or Druz .
This all can be done in civilized and orderly way ,the main thing is to keep extremist Islamists and wahabi out of it.
The way things are going are into the civil war and :Alawi country,Aleppo country,Druz country and Kurdistan.

June 15th, 2011, 2:04 am


Shami said:

No Kandahar ,i’m sorry ,but no one can eradicate the MB and alikes by force ,all this paranoia of the regime against the MB targets anything related to muslim conservative syrians,and this is a trick used in order to scare you from your muslim neighbor.

The MB will still exist in post asad Syria and we know that the MB had better history towards democracy and civil state than the asadian baathists,so we should ask ourselves :what is the best way in order to rationalize our political life ?do you have an alternative other than democracy ,the return of the secular civil society that could compete with the ekhwan in a civilized and rational way.
You have to take into account the realities on the ground ,the exaggerated diabolization of the muslim conservative syrians is not a solution.

June 15th, 2011, 2:16 am


SYR.Expat said:

أردوغان يغني!

حزب العدالة قاد تركيا اقتصاديا إلى المرتبة 17 عالميا، بعد أن كانت في مرتبة غير متميزة كثيرا عن البلدان المتخلفة، وهو بحكمة ومصداقية قياداته يمضي بها إلى الأمام واعدا بأن العام 1023 سيكون نقطة تحوّل لتركيا وشعبها، تضعها في مركز متقدّم، وتنتقل بها من دولة نامية إلى دولة صناعية.

In the mean time, the Baath party is still trying to figure out how to force democracy down our throats.

June 15th, 2011, 2:16 am


Shami said:

lol No Kandahar,


meen hada kaman?

June 15th, 2011, 2:25 am


Shami said:

After Homs,Hama ,Idleb …The protests are reaching in force Aleppo province:(which has the biggest number of inhabitant in Syria)
Do you agree with me that if my city joins in force we can say bye bye to asad regime the next day ?

June 15th, 2011, 2:28 am


Mohamed kanj said:

Aboali , shami –

I have Christian friends living I’n hama. They are fearful for their lives and have mostly packed up and moved to their relatives home I’n wadi nadara. You think Christians I’n Hama)Muslim brotherhood base) would go out and join the protests I’n Hama??? You make me sick. These Islamic extremists are trying to carry crosses to imply that Christians are with them . It’s the same old fake trick that the extremists try And use to show that the minorities are with them.

In May 2011, International Christian Concern association indicated that Christians in Syria were more afraid of the anti-government protesters than of the government itself, because under the Syrian Assad government there has been tolerance towards religious minorities.[5][6]

June 15th, 2011, 2:33 am


Shami said:

Mohamed Kanj ,

When the MB were active in Aleppo and Hama,the christians lived their best days and there was a guenine co existence which is unknown today.
Nowadays ,Hama is an exception in Syria,because this city has preserved some rests from this wonderful pluralistic era.
The main church of the city(destroyed by asad in 1982) is in front of the oldest mosque of the city and this part of the city which is the islamic center is still inhabited by many christians.
The Syrian MB were the first islamists to have built electoral alliances with christians .(it was not explained by a sectarian calculation because the majority in Syria is muslim)
The muslim hamwis will never forget the support they get from Mharda and the its christians ,who were the intermediate between those in aleppo who wanted to bring some food and help whose relatives were decimated by the massacre.

Read history !

June 15th, 2011, 2:47 am


Syria no kandahar said:

Yea صالح اللحيدان is the no 1 Ass hole:
النصيريون اشد كفرا من النصارا
يجوز قتل الثلث ليسعد الثلثان
I think he shoul get the treatment that poor guy got on the pole in Hama.
Just search his name on you tube تواليت محترم

June 15th, 2011, 2:55 am


Mohamed Kanj said:

Shami –

the main church in Hama destroyed by Assad in 1980’s??? You actually expect people to beleive this lie of urs. The muslim brotherhood stands for “EVIL”. What is happening to the christian minority in Egypt under your muslim brotherhood ???? What happened to the christian minority in Iraq, whose followers and churches were bombed by sunni islamic extremists????? Why does your freedom loving wahhabi King of Saudi Arabia not allow churches to be built in his country????? Why isnt no other religion other than wahhabi islam allowed to wear crosses or religous items on their body in your Saudi arabia??????? Why are no women allowed to show their faces without the veil in Saudi Arabia????

Why in the protests in Hama, are the women always standing in the corners away from the men??????? Is this the muslim brotherhoods freedom and democracy??????? Why havent i seen any women without the fully veiled niqabs protesting against the Syrian government????? 99% of these women are fully veiled in these protests. Where are the normal veiled sunni women, like my sisters and 80% of the sunni population in these protests????

Diificult to answer isnt it Shami. Go on give me some more of your history. Can you find me one christian, allawite, druze, shiite, kurdish religous leader who has stood with the anti-government demonstrations????? Where are your fellow 2,000,000 sunni kurdish brothers???? Isnt it right to say that they fear the Muslim Brotherhood who doesnt tolerate secular islam?????

June 15th, 2011, 3:44 am


haz said:


The fact that the second blogger had absolutely nothing to do with the Middle East leads me to suspect that this was in fact a salafi/zionist plot to discredit, or even cast doubt on the existence of, Lesbians. Poor little Syria just got caught up in the middle of it all.

I’m beginning to suspect Syrian Knight and I might be the only real lesbians left on the internet.

June 15th, 2011, 3:49 am


Mina said:

I dont believe in the existence of the “local commitee” you mention
(i refer to: 142. Mawal95 said:

“Local Coordinating Committees of Syria” (LCCSyria) is the main organization for co-ordinating the street demonstrations in Syria. Here’s a policy statement dated 13 June 2011 at their website http://www.LCCSyria.org:

“Peaceful protests shall not stop, and shall not seek permission and authorisation from the government, for it is the citizen’s tool to defend their rights….. We support… a transition into a pluralist democracy…. A transitional period of no longer than 6 months… should pave the way to… [among other things] granting the people the right for peaceful assembly and gathering…. The people’s revolution is the main source of political legitimacy, it will carry on until the nation’s aspirations for freedom, equality and dignity are met.”

Today’s Syrian government grants licenses for street demonstrations. Legally, the LCCSyria can organize a demonstration to be held on a non-Friday in a big city, announcing it some weeks in advance, and devoting a couple of weeks to advertising it. That happened in Egypt for the demonstrations there on 27 May 2011 when about one million people showed up (I’m told), mostly in Alexandria and Cairo. LCCSyria is choosing to not take that line of action. If they tried it, and it got a big turnout, it would definitely be a goal scored for them, and it wouldn’t stop them from also continuing with their current line of action. Given that they’re stuck in doldrums in terms of turnout with their current line, why doesn’t LCCSyria try that additional line? My answer: Because they think the turnout would be lousy for them if they tried it, in which case it’d be an own-goal. I can think of no other explanation for their stated policy that “peaceful protests… shall not seek permission and authorisation from the government”.)

This is TOO good English, and it was precisely what was used by Tom and Britta in the “kidnapping post” of Amina.
So it is about giving some existence to this commitee while pulling the thread from outside the country.
The only person who has been on a daily basis with the young leftists who organized the first demos spontaneously to follow the Egyptian “example” is the French-Algerian who stayed 3 weeks in jail and was later released. He declared on French radio that these young guys simply met over a bottle of Araq under a portrait of Che Guevara of Friday and tried to determine what they should do.

i dont call it a revolutionary team with a political project, i call it a road to chaos.

the real revolutionaries, opponents, are the ones INSIDE Syria, who have spent years in jail. only THEIR voice should be listened to, not ghosts on the internet of whom you can’t verify identity or nationality.

SCommando: i disagree with your analysis and i’ll try to write more on that later. Just to sum it up: i am also an academic, i speak about sects, but it doesn’t mean anybody is paying me. The lack of understanding of their own selves, their own culture and history, that is, including the history of the sect their family affiliation leads them to, is part of the problem in the ME, and is not an invention of “orientalists”. There is a wrong understanding of this word in the ME precisely because the book of E Said has been used by neocons to be washed out from the important things he said and replace it by some convenient anti-European summary… more on that later.)

June 15th, 2011, 4:00 am


Mina said:

Everything on “Amina” is here, in the comment section. It is indeed a fascinating case


Here are the good questions:

I don’t see why we don’t start a search for the real Wissam Tarif ? There is no way this can be his real name, that he conveniently has grown up in Argentina.
The NYT yesterday still quotes him and claim his NGO is a “Syrian NGO”. This is a lie, or i want to see the proof he has registered his NGO in Syria. For an NGO which had been active in the US “for years” (if we are to believe what we read) and in Brussels as representing the Lebanese anti-Syrian interests, it seems highly impossible.

June 15th, 2011, 4:04 am


Mina said:

Turkey, a model democracy? What a joke.. I quote from The independent’s article

“The Syrian refugees are not being allowed to mix into the general community in Hatay province by the Turkish authorities. Even the many that have cross-border family links are being stopped from staying with their relations. They are, instead, being corralled into one of the growing number of holding centres – two more camps are being built to add to the three which have been put up in just over 10 days.”

June 15th, 2011, 4:43 am


haz said:

Hmmm. Gets awfully lonely round here when it’s sleepy time in North America.

All these fluent English writers arguing about who is the real Syrian and who knows the streets and hearts and minds of Aleppo best. And they’re all in bed by 1am LA time.

June 15th, 2011, 5:04 am


Mina said:

Iraq 2003, Libya 2011.

Indeed, Haz. I noticed it on twitter as well when the calls for protests in Syria started: apart from the usual US team, only a few people from Egypt and the Gulf were asking for the head of Bashar al Asad.

June 15th, 2011, 5:18 am


haz said:


Those who defend Bashar are safely tucked up in bed too, it seems. Both sides ready to continue the war on the message boards over breakfast tomorrow.

June 15th, 2011, 5:50 am


syau said:

A massive rally in support of President Bashar Assad is underway in Damascus at the moment, with the largest Syrian flag made being 2.3km in length. The flag will be raised by the crowd at 1pm Damascus time.

The rally is to highlight to the world that the Syrian people stand by their president and reject any form of foreign interference and destabilisation in Syria.

June 15th, 2011, 5:56 am


Mina said:

That’s true but i can understand their feeling as we have seen very clearly since February how it has been pushed for on the internet, to win the hearts of the public opinion, same as Iraq 2003.
I know that many in Syria were fed up with the gov., especially because every attempt to open up was smashed by local potentates, but as someone says in a post up here, people with a brain are not ready to simply destroy the country and turn it into a civil war just to please a few kids in the US who think, just as the gay girl seemed to think: “why is Syria not like the US?”

Plus we don’t see columns of refugees heading to Jordan and Lebanon, while the borders are open. No matter what the so-called journalists are writing about Turkey’s refugees. That people are fleeing from clashes is absolutely normal, and they know very well that many people in Syria have weapons.

June 15th, 2011, 5:59 am


Thanks said:

I wabted to share this,it seems to announce a new development on the Syrian crisis

تلقى عدة مواقع الكترونية بياناً من مجموعة تطلق على تفسها ” الحركة الشعبية الحرة ” قالت فيه أنها لن تسكت عما يحدث في سوريا , محذرة المتظاهرين من الاستفزاز والتظاهر الذي يهدد السلم الأهلي في سوريا. وقالت المجموعة أنها لا تنتمي إلى أي حزب سياسي ولا تنضوي تحت ولاء سواء كان لعشيرة أو جماعة أو سلطة .وأن ما يجمعها فقط الولاء للوطن , وأنها لا تتحدث بلسان أحد مهما كانت صفته. كما وصل مع البيان صورتين لنداء موقع باسم تجار دمشق يدعو لعدم التظاهر.

نص البيان
نحن أبناء الحركة الشعبية الحرة….. الذين لا ننتمي إلى أي حزب سياسي ولا ننضوي تحت ولاء سواء كان لعشيرة أو جماعة أو سلطة …… يجمعنا فقط الولاء للوطن ولا نتحدث بلسان أحد مهما كانت صفته ….. همنا وهدفنا الوحيد أن نعيش بأمن وسلام في وطننا الحبيب سورية .وما دفعنا لإصدار بياننا هذا إلا ما نشاهده من استفزاز واضح في المظاهرات التي يقوم بها البعض الذين يظن نفسه بان سورية له وحده … ونسي أو تناسى بأن سورية للجميع ويعيش على أرضها وفي داخلها الجميل من عرب وأكراد ومسلمين ومسيحيين, ولكن ما يقوم به هذا البعض اصبح يشكل استفزاز واضح للمواطنين من خلال ما نسمعه من هتافات منها الكثير من الشعارات الطائفية تلبية لنداءات رموز الإخوان المسلمين وعملاء أمريكا وإسرائيل وقد كنا على الحياد خلال الفترة الماضية لكن لم نعد نحتمل لما نراه ونسمعه فيما يقوم به البعض من مظاهرات ومظاهر استفزاز تهدد السلم الأهلي في سورية وتهدد الاقتصاد والثروات والسياحة في بلدنا وتهدد تجارتنا ومحلاتنا وأرزاقنا ونحن حريصون على وحدتنا الوطنية وعلى التعايش السلمي فيما بيننا وليس من مصلحة لأحد الإخلال بذلك .

إننا نقولها علنية لكل من يسعى لان يرتكب حماقة تنعكس عليه أولاً وعلى الآخرين ثانياً بأننا نحذركم ونحذر من يدعوكم للتظاهر والهتاف ويهدد حياتنا اليومية بأننا لن نسكت بعد اليوم على أفعالكم وتهديداتكم ونحملكم كامل المسؤولية عما يحدث في سورية مستقبلاً ونقول لكم بأننا نحصل على تأييد شعبي كبير جدا واكبر مما تتصورون سواء كان هذا التأييد من القوى الوطنية والشبابية المجمعة على مساندتنا أو جماعات تسعى للحفاظ على الوحدة الوطنية لسورية .
ندعوكم للعودة للعقلانية وللحوار الهادف الذي من شأنه أن يحفظ للجميع حقوقهم وندعوكم أيضا لإعادة حساباتكم فيما تقومون به وذلك لمصلحة الجميع بدءا من يوم الجمعة القادم .

انتهى البيان

June 15th, 2011, 6:33 am


mjabali said:


Syria no Kandahar asked you a very direct question and you, as the habit of the Muslim Brothers, DID NOT give a straight answer.

He asked you to denounce the criminal words of al-3Ar3ur and al-Luhaidan (العرعور واللحيدان) and you answered by asking who is al-Luhaidan? See how you run away from answering honestly as the historical trait of the Muslim Brothers, who never give a straight answer.

Then, you mr. Shami, went on to say that the Muslim Brothers are compatible with Democracy and civil society, and of course this is a straight up lie. The Muslim Brothers believe in the words of Ibn Taymiyah (إبن تيمية وكتبتها لك بالعربي حتى لاتقول لي من هو هذا) and act upon it. This belief in Ibn Taymiyah’s words is anti modern civil society. I think you are joking when you say that the Muslim Brothers and the Salafi parties can live in a civil society and believe in equal citizenship with others.

The Muslim Brothers and Salafi Co. these days claim that they believe in a state, but which state? They want a state with مرجعية دينية/ depending on religion and that in itself is anti civil society.

They claim that they want democracy to apply their rules which are still based on the racist and inhumane al-Ahda al-‘Umariyah and fatawi Ibn Taymiyah.

Ibn Taymiyah is a WAR CRIMINAL in the simplest form and you, Mr. Shami, and the Muslim Brothers still believe that you still can believe in democracy and live with others while still maintaining those attitudes.

Stop this Bull….t and respect our minds because it is in the open so why hiding things?

June 15th, 2011, 7:05 am


Akbar Palace said:

Hazardous Syrian Voting Methods NewZ

A massive rally in support of President Bashar Assad is underway in Damascus at the moment, with the largest Syrian flag made being 2.3km in length.


That’s great! Thanks for the info about the “massive rally” and the “big flag”.

Question: Wouldn’t a free vote put this whole issue to bed and save lives????

Why should Arabs have to “vote” by holding demonstrations and dodging live ammunition???

June 15th, 2011, 7:23 am


syau said:

Another appreheded member of the terrorist group involved in the massacre of security personnel in Jisr Alshughour, leads the army to another mass grave site. He also states that they dumped the bodies of 6 security personnel in the river.


He also named a “sheikh Sami”, who he said resides in Turkey, donated 20 million SP to the revolution in order to pay for weapons. He also gives further details of the four girls from Aleppo that they raped and murdered, stating the girls were on their way to Latakia and were raped because they were not involved with the protests.

Akbar Palace,

You conveniently left out the reason behind the rally, being the Syrian people supporting their president and rejecting foreign interference in their country.

Why do Zionists think they have a right to question what Arabs should or should not do, when they live in a country which they have unjustly and unfairly occupied and, deprive the true owners of that country basic human rights?

June 15th, 2011, 8:01 am


Mina said:

The pictures you haven’t seen these days and you won’t see today in the corporate media.


What kind of free vote are you talking about in such a tensed period? There is no doubt the “peaceful opponents” will call for a boycott of the polls. First you need to ease the tension on the street.
Did free votes save lives in Iraq?

June 15th, 2011, 8:04 am


Mohamed kanj said:

Abo ali –

Didn’t u tell us that u were a Homsi 3weeks ago??????
Hahahahaha u really don’t know how to lie. Read abo ali’s posts 3weeks ago. He claimed that he was hearing people I’n his neighbourhood I’n Homs shouting “Allah akhbar”. Now u claim ur from halab???

Abo ali is a Lebanese citiZen living abroad with a passion for polishing Syrian soldiers shoes I’n tripoli Lebanon, just like his master saad harriri

June 15th, 2011, 8:23 am


Revlon said:

Typical fleeting demonstration, Hama, today.
Small as it is, it frustrates the hell out of the regime

مظاهرة طلاب الصف التاسع 15 6 2011 حماة سورياhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMYYdtqWqPc&feature=player_embedded#at=42

June 15th, 2011, 8:25 am


Revlon said:

Demonstrators approach an army check point while chanting unity with the Army.

This clip serves to illustrate:
– The peaceful demeanor of demonstrators, even when encountering army checkpoints.
– The moral dilemma soldiers find themselves in when ordered by regime-loyal commanding /security officers, to shoot at civilians chanting unity with the army.
– A prototypical encounter that often ends up with killing of civilians and soldier defections.

2 days ago, Idleb
كفرنبل شاهد الجيش السوري البطل حقا يعانق الشعب

June 15th, 2011, 8:41 am


Akbar Palace said:

Why do Zionists think they have a right to question what Arabs should or should not do, when they live in a country which they have unjustly and unfairly occupied and, deprive the true owners of that country basic human rights?

SYAU, Mina,

Enough with the “unfairly occupied” mantra. It’s a border dispute mixed with the simultaneous recognition of another state (Palestine) in the UN. Nothing historically new.

The most basic human rights are mostly found in Israel. Voting included.

Assad, if he really cared about his people, should call for elections ASAP. If he’s so popular what’s the problem??

But no, chasing anti-Assad phantoms is what the Assad gov’t prefers…

FYI, my interest in this: democracy and the input of people – less dangerous, less lethal…people generally to not vote for war unless they’ve exhausted all avenues

June 15th, 2011, 8:57 am


Revlon said:

Large demonstration in Hama today chanting:
Down the System!

June 15th, 2011, 9:08 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:


Aren’t the Telegraph and Google News – enough “corporate media” to you?

As a media consumer, corporate and non-corporate, I would never read news about how big the pro regime demonstrations are. Even if they put it in front page with capital letters and flash animation, I will not bother and refuse to read. I would skip those news. Too boring and too much no-news. Irritating, because why should those fake demonstrations been allowed, and the other demonstrations, being denied?

What a waste of time arguing with arch Reactionary like yourself.

June 15th, 2011, 9:10 am


Revlon said:

General strike in Hama, today, including mostly Christian owned Gold Market

The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد
نقلا عن شبكة حماة : حماة||15-6-2011||
من مراسلنا حول موضوع الإضراب ننقل كلامه كما جاء:
لك الحموية بتفش القلب..
عم دور بالشوارع..
كل سوق الصاغة المسيحية مسكرين ومبارح طلعوا تظاهروا معنا ورفعوا الصليب ..
…والمرابط كلها..
و 8 اذار وساحة العاصي كلو..
وشارع العلمين مسكر…
رايح هلق ع الصابونية والحاضر شوف…. كمان مسكرين …
لك الله يثبت أقدامنا و يجمع كلمتنا و ينصرنا على النظام العنصري القاتل و بعون الله طالما البلد كلها على قلب رجل واحد ما حدا فينو يأثر فينا ومنصورين بعون الله

2 hours ago

June 15th, 2011, 9:14 am


syau said:

“The most basic human rights are mostly found in Israel”

Akbar Palace,

If the Palestinians weren’t living in such disgraceful, deprived circumstances, being forced to live as second class citizens in their own land, I would have laughed at that comment.

Amir in Tel Aviv,

I understand why you wouldn’t watch pro government/pro unity demonstrations, I understand why you would much prefer to watch the violent demonstrations being produced by the revolutionists, that is because you like to see violence in Syria, and enjoy watch people attempting to destabilise the country. After all, you are living in Israel.

June 15th, 2011, 9:20 am


Revlon said:

A large demonstration/funeral in Izra3, Dar3a

June 15th, 2011, 9:21 am


Revlon said:

Lady’s demonstration in Darayya, Damascus, Yesterday

June 15th, 2011, 9:23 am


Observer said:

Editorial today is right spot on

Turkey is consulting with its ambassadors in Europe and the US regarding the situation in Syria and Libya. New offensive in the making. Turkey’s role will grow at the expense of others mainly Iran.

The Syrians sent Turkmani to see Erdogan. If the regime fails to get Turkey then it is finished on the diplomatic side.

WD, can you explain to me how Syria is going to have a diplomatic confrontation with Turkey now that they are begging for them to help them get out of this mess?

Finito my friend. FINITO sooner rather than later.

June 15th, 2011, 9:24 am


N.Z. said:

Yes a massive rally today, followed by a speech. There is only one way that his speech might resonate with the protesters and those who lost loved ones. A new council made out from opposition leaders, and that he will overlook the transitional period, setting a period. Immediate withdraw of the shabiha, tanks and armoured vehicles. And bringing those responsible to justice.

Otherwise his speech will be another babbling one.

I hope he will not accuse any foreign intervention as the reason behind the unrest and take full responsibility.

June 15th, 2011, 9:30 am


aboali said:

#255 Bas jadbeh, I’m a Halabi, and I’ve previously reported about some of my friends who protested in Hama, I never mentioned Homs except to link Youtube videos from there. Go get your head checked, you and all the other pro-regime idiots who infest this blog.

June 15th, 2011, 9:37 am


Revlon said:

The palestenian Nakba day demonstration at the Syrian Israeli border, which ended with the falling of many martyrs, was arranged by Asef Shwkat (General Mukhabarat and Asad in Law)and K Mashadiyyeh (Quneitera Mayor) according to the document!

Another incriminating document underscoring the regime’s deception and irreverence to human life.

June 15th, 2011, 9:38 am


Syria, Libya and Middle East unrest | War & Peace in the Middle East said:

[…] Landis, director of Middle East studies at the University of Oklahoma, agrees that reports of a widespread mutiny have been exaggerated. But Landis, who is more sympathetic to the regime than most Syria-watchers, doesn’t buy the […]

June 15th, 2011, 9:45 am


Akbar Palace said:

SYAU’s “deprived curcumstances” NewZ

If the Palestinians weren’t living in such disgraceful, deprived circumstances, being forced to live as second class citizens in their own land, I would have laughed at that comment.


You may want to broaden your perspective. A little reading on the World Wide Web may help.

That is why Israeli Arabs are NOT demonstrating in Israel like they are in Syria, where they are REALLY “living in such disgraceful, deprived circumstances”.




June 15th, 2011, 9:54 am


syau said:


The document you linked up is just as fabricated as the previous ‘moukhabarat’ documents you’ve linked.

If you like, I can make one up just the same for you, it’s not difficult.

June 15th, 2011, 9:55 am


Revlon said:

A tank and crew defection in Homs, Friday 12 June
A very important development added to Colonel Harmoush’s

June 15th, 2011, 9:58 am


Revlon said:

270, Syau, Just because you can fake a document, does not make every document fake!
Snap out of it pal!

June 15th, 2011, 10:02 am


why-discuss said:


“WD, can you explain to me how Syria is going to have a diplomatic confrontation with Turkey now that they are begging for them to help them get out of this mess?”

Begging? Who is begging? The Turks are panicking with the flow of refugees, yet they have refused the UNHCR help (why?). The presence of the all-sunnis refugees is already creating tensions with the Alevis in Hatay and it may create even more problems as many Syrians from Jisr Al Shougour may find it more interesting to stay in sunni and successful Turkey than in what you call a ‘failed state’.
I guess it is Erdogan who is begging Bashar Al Assad to do something about stopping the flow of refugees that may destabilize border cities.

He has enough to do with the Kurds who are becoming impatient on their demands for more autonomy and recognition of their language.
Just google it and you’ll see he is in for big trouble.
“ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey’s state-run Anatolia news agency says troops have killed three Kurdish rebels in fighting in eastern Turkey.
The Anatolia agency says the fighting occurred near a village in Sivas province on Tuesday.
The military operation against the rebels was still under way. Reinforcements were sent to the area and troops were being backed with air power.
The rebels of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, or PKK, are waging a campaign for autonomy in southeast Turkey. The conflict has killed tens of thousands of people since 1984.”

In addition if he does not mend his relation with Israel soon, he will be attacked by the congress about Armenia massacre. Yet with the MB support he is counting on, he can’t afford to just flip. A real dilemma.

June 15th, 2011, 10:06 am


Revlon said:

Officer Ali Deeb fired at demonstrators and wounded a one in his abdomen, in Kisweh, Damascus today.

Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية
أوغاريت || الكسوة ريف دمشق :: خرجت اليوم مظاهرة في المدينة , وأثناء خروجها قام الضابط علي ديب من الفرقة الأولى بإطلاق النار المباشر على المتظاهرين وقد أصيب شاب في بطنه .
Wall Photos
about an hour ago

June 15th, 2011, 10:06 am


syau said:

Akbar Palace,

Yes, they’re too busy trying to get from one checkpoint to another in attempts to take their children to hospitals for specialist care, that is after they finally get through mountains of red tape they have to deal with, because they are treated so much as equals in their land.

If they considered demonstrating against their horrendous treatment by the Israeli government, they would also be bombarded with missiles. They would be cornered off for months on end, forced to dig underground tunnels to smuggle in food to feed their families, they would have to accept that their houses would be demolished, the list can go on and on because they are treated so well in occupied Palestine, that they costantly sing the praises of the Israeli government. Just as you do.


I don’t fake documents, or fabricate videos, I’m not affiliated with the revolution. I’m simply highlighting how easy it would be to do that sort of thing, especially considering it’s coming from the Syrian revolution who have made so many efforts to fabricate the facts in this so called revolution.

June 15th, 2011, 10:12 am


why-discuss said:

I am boycotting Israeli commenters by just ignoring their comments. They know where their place is.

June 15th, 2011, 10:14 am


Syrian Knight said:

Revtard does not remember that the protest was planned by people on Facebook.

June 15th, 2011, 10:24 am


HS said:

Please look at the pages of Bassam Al Kadi listed there :
and specially worth reading is that one

” That is what I have seen with my own eyes: knives, guns, bombs, and criminals cutting the international road between Aleppo and Damascus ”
on Monday 6/06/2011


Le plan de déstabilisation de la Syrie

June 15th, 2011, 10:29 am


HS said:

The page to read

Sorry for the duplicate !

June 15th, 2011, 10:34 am


Syrian Knight said:

Video of the pro-government PEACEFUL demonstration in Damascus today:

June 15th, 2011, 10:37 am


Revlon said:

A potential breakthrough in the political stalemate might be on the horizon!

An invitation circular to an upcomming “Syria Salvation Congress” has just been posted on the Syrian Revolution Face book page.

The venue being in Damascus, and the posting being on the Syrian revolution web page would mean several things:
– The regime has approved the meeting.

– The Syrian revolution, both the ground and web activists have approved the move.

– Jr has tacitly acknowledged the legitimacy of the non-traditionl ground opposition, represented by the revolution.

– Jr has made the strategic decision to listen to the genuine oppostion; The Revolution!

– No Agenda means NO TABOOS; Every thing is open to discussion, and it is a two way discussion.

– The fact that the regime’s decision making is centralised in the hands of Asad-Makhloof family will make the meeting closer to a listening session than to a dialogue; In Syria Al Asad, emissaries and negotiators are entrusted with zero authoritiy!

I am going to assume that the organising committee represents the revolution, traditional opposition on the ground, and the regime.

I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the 15 members of the organising committee


June 15th, 2011, 10:39 am


why-discuss said:

Syria calls on refugees in Turkey to return


The Associated Press

BOYNUYOGUN, Turkey – Syria’s government is calling for the return of thousands of refugees who fled to Turkey to escape violence in a northern town.

Syrian Information Minister Adnan Mahmoud says security, electricity, water and communications have now been restored in Jisr al-Shughour and the area is now safe.

Some 8,000 Syrians have sought refuge in camps in neighboring Turkey following a military crackdown that authorities said was to snuff out “armed terrorists” in the region.

Mahmoud said following a Cabinet meeting late Tuesday that the government tasked the Syrian Red Crescent Society with coordinating with Turkish authorities to guarantee the return of refugees.

Read more: http://www.philly.com/philly/wires/ap/news/world/mideast/20110615_ap_syriacallsonrefugeesinturkeytoreturn.html#ixzz1PM8arfBA

June 15th, 2011, 10:45 am


Akbar Palace said:

Yes, they’re too busy trying to get from one checkpoint to another in attempts to take their children to hospitals for specialist care, that is after they finally get through mountains of red tape they have to deal with, because they are treated so much as equals in their land.


Arab citizens of Israel are not trying “get from one checkpoint to another”. As yes, Arab citizens of Israel have access to the best healthcare in the ME.

However, you may be referring to PA and Hamas controlled terrortory, which a.) is not occupied and is self-governing and b.) has no international relationship with Israel because that’s the way the Palestinians want it.

If they considered demonstrating against their horrendous treatment by the Israeli government, they would also be bombarded with missiles.

Israeli Arabs against the Israeli government countless times. Unlike Syria, it is legal to demonstrate.


They would be cornered off for months on end, forced to dig underground tunnels to smuggle in food to feed their families, they would have to accept that their houses would be demolished, the list can go on and on because they are treated so well in occupied Palestine, that they costantly sing the praises of the Israeli government. Just as you do.

You confuse self-governing and non-occupied areas like Gaza and arab population centers in the West Bank with the citizens of Israel. There are no tunnels in Israel.

Again, a little research beyond Jimmy Carter’s book, Jonathan Cook articles, and your local madrassa would be eye-opening for you.

June 15th, 2011, 10:46 am


syau said:


As you love Al Jazeera’s broadcasting so much, can you kindly explain to me why they were broadcasing pictures of closed stores in Duma, when they were actually opened.

Live pictures were taken immediately by Syrian tv, who spoke to residents and shop owners at their opened shopfronts, probably to highlight the ever shrinking credibility of Al Jazeera, which is by the way spiralling downhill with excessive speed.

By the way, the dates and times were confirmed by the shop owners and residents.

Why Discuss,

I’m taking a leaf out of your book, thanks for the idea.

June 15th, 2011, 10:47 am


why-discuss said:


It is extraordinary! The Syrian flag all along, how long it is?
A Guiness Book of record!
I wonder if the Al jazeera and the Westerm media will bother show it.

June 15th, 2011, 10:51 am


Louai said:

SHAMI , you did say christens hate Muslims in your post 210 and ‘Syria and the image of syrian muslims ,is victim of this compromise ,between a scared minority and huge clerical community that never existed in Syria.’
you continued in your post no 213 adding the hypocrisy to the hatred
‘as result ,the Syrian Christians who remained in Syria or who left Syria recently became very hypocrites ,they dont dare to unveil the huge hatred they have built inward them in front of the muslims they meet.’
now i feel selly to answer your question if there is any Muslime I respect but I will answer you any way , my favorite Poem is Nizar Qabbani my favorite Arabic director is Najdat anzoor my list will not finish here as most people I respect are Muslims

in other post your wrote about Hama and Christians in Hama ,well I am not a Hamwi to tell I am Homsi as you know ,my ex fiancé was Hamwi and I would like to share with you that I never met her in Hama and not got harassed by some people in a way or another ,even waiters in restaurants when they talk to us and discover we are not forgners the smile vanish and got the real face ,I stoped meeting her there in public unless I had to (very common verbal harassment I got from there :’ that what we get from universities’ )

June 15th, 2011, 10:51 am


Louai said:

الصور الأولى للعرس السوري و رفع العلم في المزة

Syrian youth rally in support for Assad in Damascus today ,they made the largest Syrian flag EVER 23000 meters , i was witness when the idea was born on facebook i helped organising the page for it many other guys helped to collect donations ,not your typical rally ,its a wonderful one

June 15th, 2011, 10:55 am


Abu Umar said:

Why is Ibn Taymiyyah a war criminal? Why don’t you stop the bull… and attack the source as it is clear that many of the pro-regime types hate Islam. Your beloved regime has more blood on its hand than Ibn Taymiyyah.

June 15th, 2011, 10:56 am


Revlon said:

281. Syrian Knight, the chants of Abu Hafez betray the identity of the demonstrators; Mukhabarat and benefactors!

You are right! It was peaceful.
The opposition respected the pro-regime’s right to demonstrate!

Hey! How come the hundreds/thousands of armed salfis, wahhabi’s, saudis, Zionists, and traitors did not disrupt the pro-regime demonstration?
Take your pick pal!
– They are pro-regime!
– They are a fable.

June 15th, 2011, 10:56 am


why-discuss said:


Wonderful, Amazing..Very moving to see all syrians under the Syrian flag, not the turkish one!

Thanks for the support in making it happen, it is a great day!

June 15th, 2011, 10:59 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Syrian Knight,

The pro regime demonstration very impressive indeed. Hmm.. let me think..

Today is Wednesday, a working day. Could it be that the public sector workers got “3 hours free” today in order to go out and demonstrate? Don’t Syrians have work to do? Notice that the Friday protests are on Fridays, a day off in Syria. They can stay home and rest on Fridays.

June 15th, 2011, 11:00 am


Averroes said:


The real shame is that the despicable bigotry you consistently portray is hiding behind the name of the Syrian capital. a “Wahabi”, “Qasimi”, “Osmalli” would actually describe you better.

I don’t endorse a lot of what N3aisse writes usually, but I liked this piece.

Go bang you head against the first wall you run across .. I am not changing my nick name. I respect the open mind of Ibn Rushd and I do not agree with you.

If banging your head does not cure you, try meditating while watching 3ar3our on your favorite channel. That aught to release all that tension.


June 15th, 2011, 11:07 am


why-discuss said:


“Hey! How come the hundreds/thousands of armed salfis, wahhabi’s, saudis, Zionists, and traitors did not disrupt the pro-regime demonstration?”

They don’t exist, right? Well that’s better if they don’t and let the ones who do exist escape to Turkey to see Angelina Jolie and stay there.

June 15th, 2011, 11:08 am


syau said:


“Mukhabarat and benefactors!” I think paranoia has set in…

Armed salafi/wahabi did not disrupt the demonstration because the Syrian army is cleaning the country of these gangs.

By the way, Damascus did not uprise as you would have hoped, that might be another reason.

Instead of rejoicing that so much effort went into making the flag and people going to the demonstration to show the world they reject foreign interference in Syria and display their love for their country, you try to put your spin on it. It’s a good thing you dont live in Syria, the country is a better place without you.

Get a grip.

June 15th, 2011, 11:09 am


Hurani said:


“Fearing for their future in any Syrian state dominated by Sunni Muslims, in 1936 six leading Alawites, including Sulayman al-Assad, the grandfather of Syria’s current president, wrote a letter to Léon Blum, France’s first Jewish prime minister, explaining that their community would “refuse to be annexed to Muslim Syria because in Syria the official religion of the state is Islam, and according to Islam the Alawis are considered infidels.”

The authors of the letter even appealed to Mr. Blum’s presumed Zionist sympathies, arguing that the persecution of the Jews in Syria and Palestine would be the fate of all religious minorities if the majority Muslim population was allowed to rule. They wrote:

The spirit of hatred and fanaticism embedded in the hearts of the Arab Muslims against everything that is non‑Muslim has been perpetually nurtured by the Islamic religion. There is no hope that the situation will ever change. Therefore, the abolition of the Mandate will expose the minorities in Syria to the dangers of death and annihilation, irrespective of the fact that such abolition will annihilate the freedom of thought and belief. …

We can sense today how the Muslim citizens of Damascus force the Jews who live among them to sign a document pledging that they will not send provisions to their ill-fated brethren in Palestine. The condition of the Jews in Palestine is the strongest and most explicit evidence of the militancy of the Islamic issue vis-à-vis those who do not belong to Islam. These good Jews contributed to the Arabs with civilization and peace, scattered gold, and established prosperity in Palestine without harming anyone or taking anything by force, yet the Muslims declare holy war against them and never hesitated in slaughtering their women and children.”

June 15th, 2011, 11:11 am


Observer said:

WD, the latest is that it is Bashar sending a delegation to Ankara not the other way around.
If more refugees go to Turkey, then Turkey can use it to have UN intervention.
I think you are delusional about “tensions” in Turkey, and besides how can you with a straight face say that Syrian refugees are a burden on Turkey and a problem for it. It is shameful to have your citizens seek refuge in Turkey from whatever reason.
The Syrian regime is a failed state without a doubt: concentration of power, corruption to the nth degree, nepotism, corrupt judiciary, messed up education, crumbling infrastructure, you name it. 70% of the young dream of leaving.
FINITO it is over it is only a matter of time.
The regime is voluntarily removing pictures and statutes of the eternal leader lest they be further defamed by the protesters.

June 15th, 2011, 11:25 am


louai said:


you said

“Hey! How come the hundreds/thousands of armed salfis, wahhabi’s, saudis, Zionists, and traitors did not disrupt the pro-regime demonstration?”

if they appear and they attack someone they would prove it that they are the one doing the killings , the idea of the killing is to accuse the regime and create a cycle of blood ,they gain nothing by attacking pro-regime demonstrations ..if shabiha are doing the killing then they can kill someone today just to clear their name .
it was very hard to get permission for the demonstrations for safety reasons .

June 15th, 2011, 11:41 am


Averroes said:


Exactly. Random sniping is effective only when it can be argued that the regime is doing it. In a demonstration like today’s any sniping that might happen could not be attributed to the regime in any way.

In a hostile demonstration (which are also not licensed and thus not protected,) if a sniper 1,200 meters away shoots down a single security personnel, any police force would get extremely nervous and the situation can ignite. When it does (as it has), all violence is attributed exclusively to the regime, and the “revolution” gains points at the expense of innocent lives.

The other factor is all Pro demonstrations have been in large cities, have been licensed and thus protected by the security forces. You can bet that roof tops across el-Mazzeh ave were dotted with security doing their job well.

Long live Syria!!

June 15th, 2011, 12:18 pm


Mawal95 said:

REVLON #256 links to a video of a “typical fleeting demonstration, Hama, today. Small as it is, it frustrates the hell out of the regime”. The demonstration doesn’t hinder other people from going about their business. I do not understand why REVLON imagines it “frustrates” the regime, or frustrates anybody. Likewise I do not understand why Joshua Landis imagines the regime is “thrashing about” earnestly trying to stop demonstrations. The anti-regime demonstrations pose no effective opposition to anything.

The demonstrators get to express themselves. I am happy for them — sincerely. If they see fit to keep it up for another two years, regime supporters will be unperturbed and unfrustrated and will have no intelligent basis for being otherwise. To repeating what I said earlier in this thread: the demonstrations, which do not have critical mass, do not have the potential to get critical mass. So they are benign polyps on the body politic which are best disregarded and left in peace.

REVLON #259 links to a video of a considerably larger demonstration in Hama today chanting “Down the System!” I can’t see this sort of demonstration as being anything other than a benign polyp. I’ve come across bigger repeated demonstrations by farmers in France or Irish Republic who were whining about government agricultural policy. They didn’t get the policy changed.

REVLON #257 links to a video of a recent demonstration in Kafr Nabl. I’ve been semi-regularly taking a look at Friday videos from Kafr Nabl for six weeks now. They have always been peaceful. The security forces have never tried to interfere with them. My special thanks to REVLON for this video.

REVLON #263 links to “a large demonstration/funeral in Izra3, Dar3a”. Pretty large alright. It’s undated — what date was it? Who was the crowd-puller who died?

June 15th, 2011, 12:20 pm


why-discuss said:

Your counter argument is flawed… the delegation is going to Turkey. Erdogan has just been elected, do you think he will visit Syria first, he has other worries, for example the army quelling PKK in the South east, pressure to reconcile with Israel, he has plenty of other problems than Syria.

“I think you are delusional about “tensions” in Turkey”

Time will tell if I was notor you were. Finito!

June 15th, 2011, 1:59 pm


why-discuss said:


“So they are benign polyps on the body politic”
Thanks, an excellent description.

June 15th, 2011, 2:02 pm


why-discuss said:


Refugees are always a burden. Otherwise why is Europe closing its borders to the refugees coming from Libya?
Syria had received almost a million Iraqi refugees, it has been a big burden on the Syrian economy and never recognized by the West who caused this exodus. Now 8,000 refugees in Turkey makes the headline of CNN, ABC etc… Everybody in the west has a tear for the Syrian refugees.

June 15th, 2011, 2:08 pm


Mohamed kanj said:

This Friday the “syrian revolution” has called it ” salah al ali”( an alawite who fought against the French occupation). How desperate and wishful thinking are these Internet geeks ? They know they are fighting a losing battle, so now they try and get the allawites to stand beside them. Hahahha very funny . Another fridAy just like “the day of tribes” and ” the day of Kurds”!!!

They seem to be getting isolated from the rest of the Syrian population day by day.

June 15th, 2011, 4:22 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. Abu Umar comment number 290

First of all do not be a child and tell me about a “beloved regime,” and allude that anyone who criticize Ibn Taymiyah is affiliated with the Syrian government.

Ibn Taymiyah is a straight up WAR CRIMINAL because he issued Fatawi that was used for killing, raping and looting the land of others. How many times did this happen? Did Ibn Taymiyah the criminal issued fatawis/decrees to kill minorities and take their land.

Let me give you an example, around the year 1305 Ibn Taymiyah issued fatawis/decrees for his master the Mongol Mohammad Ibn Qalawuun محمد ابن قلاوون when this other criminal attacked the minorities in Bilad al-Sham. How many people were killed and how many where displaced because of this Fatwa by the Criminal Ibn Taymiyah.

Another example: when Sultan Criminal Salim came to Alleppo and Syria in 1516-1520, how many minorities were killed because of al-Fatwa al-Hamidiyah that depended on the work and words of the big criminal Ibn Taymiyah.

Another example: how many rotten suicide salfi animal blew himself among the minorities of Iraq in the last ten years with the words of Ibn Taymiyah in his mind.

How many times did al-Zarqawi brought the words and Fatawis of Ibn Taymiyah?

You are in with all of the above if you do not see the harm the WAR CRIMINAL Ibn Taymiyah had caused.

Till now there not one single Muslim Brother member with any courage to question Ibn Taymiyah and his danger. None of you mr abu umar had come forward to speak the truth and justice for the killing Ibn Taymiyah had caused.

As for comparing Ibn Taymiyah to others, I would find it hard to compare a criminal like Ibn Taymiyah to anyone since his harm had and will reach people all over the earth.

Ibn Taymiyah’s ideas are danger to Christians, Druze and any other minority in the Middle east. Ibn Taymiyah’s ideas are danger for people in Europe and the rest of the world. Do you doubt that, or you are going to be another liar and pretend that this Criminal Ibn Taymiyah does not exist?

Do you have the morals to speak against a proven criminal like Ibn Taymiyah?

June 15th, 2011, 8:56 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

freedom for syria the cia, mossad, saudi way: in graves.


June 16th, 2011, 12:34 pm


Abu Umar said:

MJABALI, your beloved regime is drenched in blood and Ibn Taymiyyah isn’t unique in this regard as most classical Muslim scholars shared his views and many other religious groups have a bloody history, yet we don’t see you criticising them. Is Ali ibn Abu Talib a war criminal for burning to death those who deified him after they refused to recant, something which all of the Sahaba agreed with, though not the method, or the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) for ordering the execution of the men of Bani Quraydha for their treachery. Attack the source if you are honest, not a sacrificial lamb like Ibn Taymiyyah.

June 16th, 2011, 1:29 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. Abu Umar

Again you lie.

Ibn Taymiyah is unique in his thirst for blood and to appease his MONGOL masters. He mentions the word “kill them” in his fatawi/decrees hundreds of times. Read Fatawi Ibn Taymiyah and tell me if this person should be put in the criminally insane institutions or not.

AS for your lie that stated that “classical Muslim Scholars” shared his views, as far as I know the Muslim scholars in the days of the CRIMINAL IBN TAYMIYAH realized the danger of Ibn TAymiyah’s words and asked for him to be put into prison.

Also to term and describe that mercenaries that call themselves Muslim “Scholars/علماء” is an insult to science. Did anyone of them push science forward? you Sunnis are against science so do not use any word to describe your clergy that related to science. You and your scholars are illiterate on your best day. أنتم اميين

AS for you telling me that you did not see me criticizing these scholars and to this I say that the truth states that there is no Muslim religious figure, except for the Wahabi monsters and who are Ibn Taymiyah’s students and followers that decreed to kill others. You are blind as i can see, plus, for your information I do not buy Islam or anything Islamic for a rusted penny.

AS for you mentioning Ali Ibn Abi Talib and what he did, I say that first of all we do not know if anything you say is true, because all the histories about Ali Ibn Abi Talib were written hundreds of years after him by his enemies, and if he acted like that and killed and burned people he did not do that because of any ideology other than Islam, which brings back to the fact that ISLAM is Built on VIOLENCE.

AS for your prophet and how he killed the men of Bani Quraydha, I say that this one also is a WAR CRIME. Your prophet ordered the killing of men and took away the women of Bani Quraydhah… do you have any doubts about that this is a war crime, do I believe the lie you Muslims say about Bani Quraydha? You killed them for power and to take their women, so do not lie to me and say the betrayed the prophet and his men, didn’t your prophet come to Bani Quraydha’s city and later killed them all, is that the story of Islam or not? Your history from day one is build on BLOOD.

You mr. abu umar is an example of a salafi who does not see what is the danger of the criminal ibn taymiyah, which makes you simply unable and unfit to live in the 21st C.

Of course in your opinion Ibn taymiyah is in paradise along with the al-Zarqawi and Bin Laden and the rest of them criminals, rapists, thieves… so you see how crazy you are?

You asked me to attack the source, and here I am AGAIN telling you that Ibn TAYMIYAH is a major source of madness and killing as well as his religion ISLAM that did not present to us but killing and promises for an imaginary paradise that has boys and wine. So you see how nuts you and your religion are?

so if you do not see how Ibn Taymiyah is the SOURCE of lots of killing and ethinc/sectarian cleansing you must be living in a coma, as the rest of them salafis, or under a rock, as the rest of them Muslims.

Ibn Taymiyah’s words and what he advised his lunatic followers to do is an evil that been running for hundreds of years. The sad part is that someone like you lives in the 21st c. and can not see this… so wake up

June 17th, 2011, 10:52 am


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