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Eastern Ghouta x 20, by Aron Lund

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and Civil Society in Jabal al-Summaq

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Quwat Dir’ Al-Qalamoun: Shifting Militia Links

The Situation in al-Fu’a and Kafariya

Roy Gutman Responds to Ehsani2’s critique of his articles arguing that Assad built ISIS and Staged al-Qaida Bombings

Usud Al-Cherubim: A Pro-Assad Christian Militia

The Virtues of Sham: The Place of Syria in the Muslim Sacral Imagination

“What the Rebel Loss of Aleppo Will Mean for Syria,” by Landis, Heras, Lund & Abdulhamid

Harakat al-Hawiya al-Arabiya al-Druziya: Defending Druze Identity in Suwayda’

Liwa Thuwar al-Raqqa: History, Analysis & Interview

“Is Zahran Alloush in Amman?” by Aron Lund

Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi Responds to al-Julani’s al-Jazeera Interview

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2014 Roundup and 2015 Predictions by Aron Lund

The Factions of Raqqa Province

“Why Syria’s Assad heads to Geneva from a position of strength,” by Joshua Landis

Syrian Army Retakes important towns in Aleppo, Homs and Damascus. Both Salah and Salameh, leaders of largest Aleppo militia, wounded.

Islamist Groups Declare Opposition to National Coalition and US Strategy [updated]

The Raqqa Story: Rebel Structure, Planning, and Possible War Crimes

Dera’a is Falling

Opposition Infighting and Fragmentation Bedevils Syria

Assad Does not Live Russian Ship; Islamists More Honest and Capable than FSA; Winter Misery

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