President Assad’s 4th Speech on TV (21 Aug 2011) “We don’t permit any country … to interfere in Syria”

Translation into English of the President’s speech

Summary of the speech by SANA

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday said that the awareness the Syrian people have shown protected the Homeland and foiled the plot seeking to undermine Syria within few weeks.

In a televised interview with the Syrian TV, President al-Assad assured that the security situation in Syria is better now, saying “We have recently made security achievements which we have not announced yet in order to ensure their success.”

The President pointed out that there are security cases that must be addressed through the security institutions.

President al-Assad stressed that the solution in Syria is political. “We have chosen the political solution since the very first days of events; otherwise, we wouldn’t have headed towards reform in less than a week after the events began.”

“We are at a transitional stage and we will follow up on the laws…there will be elections and a review of the constitution…the most important thing at this stage is to continue dialogue,” said the President, stressing “It is unquestionable that there will be a review of the constitution whether the target is Article 8 or the other political items.”

President al-Assad pointed out that the time expected for conducting the People’s Assembly elections is by February 2012.

The President stressed that everyone who got involved in an offense against a Syrian citizen, whether civilian or military, will be held accountable when proved guilty beyond doubt.

“Reform for all the colonialist Western countries is to give them all they want and to abandon all the rights, and this will be their unattainable dream whether under these circumstances and under any other circumstances,” said the President.

He noted that Syria’s relationship with the West is one of dispute on sovereignty whose persistent goal is to take away the sovereignty of the countries including Syria, stressing “We are unhesitantly committed to our sovereignty.”

President al-Assad warned that “Any military action against Syria will have much more implications that they can bear.”

The President stressed that it is impossible that Syria might suffer hunger as it has self-sufficiency and its geographical position is central for the region’s economy, noting that any blockade on Syria will affect a large number of the countries in the region and will reflect on other countries as well.

“We don’t permit any country in the world, near or far, to interfere in the Syrian decision,” said President al-Assad, adding that the attempt to act as the guide or the instructor or the role player at the expense of the Syrian cause is totally rejected from any official anywhere in the world.

“The only ceiling of media is the law and objectivity…and I share with many who are saying that the Syrian media have made an important leap over the past two months,” said the President.

“I am assured because the Syrian people have always come out of crises stronger…and it is natural that this crisis as any other crisis will give them more strength,” President al-Assad concluded.

Al-Jazeera English provides a short clip of the speech dubbed in English

UK plays down Syria oil ban proposal Independent

Britain today reacted coolly to the prospect of the European Union imposing a ban on oil imports from Syria.

Following the co-ordinated call by western leaders for President Bashar al-Assad to stand down, the EU is planning to discuss extending sanctions against the regime.

However Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt played down suggestions that the EU could follow the lead given by US President Barack Obama in banning Syrian oil imports.

He stressed sanctions should target the regime without hurting the Syrian people. Europe is the main market for Syrian oil and the government in Damascus has warned the ordinary population would suffer if imports are blocked.

“We have been in the vanguard of encouraging the EU to take action against individuals and entities who support the regime in order to avoid the difficulty of taking sanctions against the Syrian people,” Mr Burt told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“Our view is that sanctions must continue to be targeted on those who support the regime and sanctions should be considered on the basis of what will have most effect on changing that situation or improving the situation for the Syrian people.

“We have not taken a decision on oil. It has got to be discussed because to be effective it has got to work collectively with the rest of the EU.

“What we have got to do, and what we are doing, is increasing the pressure in a manner which does not enable a Syrian spokesman to say ‘You are damaging the Syrian people.”‘

The General Authority of the Syrian Revolution called for the postponement of the formation of any board or body representing a transitional or interim Syrian Parliament. They say it does not keep pace with the ambitions of the Syrian Street.

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201. 5 dancing shlomos said:

Mahdi Nazemroaya in Tripoli Afternoon 22 August

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August 22nd, 2011, 1:43 pm


202. 5ds said:

comment removed. been a while. did one of the parasites, shills get upset.

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August 22nd, 2011, 1:50 pm


203. ziadsoury said:



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August 22nd, 2011, 1:54 pm


204. NK said:

Dear Haytham

You are wasting your time trying to debate and educate some of the people here about the history and culture of our country, those people were raised believing Islam is the source of all evil and their parents most likely told them bed time stories about the big bad Sunni who is waiting around the corner for any chance to kill them and slaughter their families. It doesn’t matter how much you try to convince them these were just baseless lies, because these false believes are the cornerstone upon which they built their entire belief system and ideology, having any doubts about these believes will basically shatter their entire existence, and thus they will unconsciously and viciously defend themselves whenever you try to present a piece of information that doesn’t fall inline with the world their alter ego constructed for them, the only cure I’m afraid is years and years of psychiatric therapy.

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August 22nd, 2011, 2:59 pm


205. mjabali said:

Mr. Aboud comment # 164

Again you insist that this is a spelling competition.

do you call your “hehehehehehe” a word? what is the correct spelling for that?

Once I saw you had a mistake while telling others to write better English. (I will search for that one tonight) I did not care mr. Aboud and let it slide. I was reading your ideas.

As for you telling me about Iran and Huzballah, I tell you mr. Shakespeare that I am not a fan of any theocratic rule. I am not a fan of any religious party. Iran’s Mullah’s brought Iran backwards the same way your Zughbi, Luhaydan, and Arur are doing to the Sunni masses. I like secular parties. Iran should be ruled by the seculars and then you will see a different story.

AS for your claims that I dismissed the protestors of al-Raml as poor and conservative. Again, you did not get it. I did not “dismiss” them. I was telling the truth and describing what I LEARNED and HEARD from my Sunni friends who are from all classes, religions and follow different political views on things. I never dismissed that this the “revolution” of the poor, but for sure there are many “unsophisticated” elements running events on the day to day bases on the street.

Where is the “sophisticated element” that is leading this CHAOS mr. Aboud? is it you who wants to “boil the soldiers in their urine?” or the other man who said that the women of the Alawis are a spoil of war, who happen to be your friend, what do you call that? Sophistication?

Also, I do not have Iranian views. Where did you get this? How did you fabricate this? What are the Iranian views ? You are becoming more into the dirty now as I see. AS for Pakistan, Aboud the violence the Sunnis exercise against the Shia is SUPER, whatever the Shia do is SO minimal against the butchering they go through. The Sunnis there are so violent that makes me think the whole nation need to go to a SHRINK ASAP. That area of the world is gone in my opinion. Remember the story when the Taliban sacked Bamyan destroyed the Budha and killed Shia men around and took their women as a spoil of war. That area is deep into chaos.

AS for the BBC and others giving you forum and listening to your ideas, this means that this world had came to an end.

Your mental capacities need to be checked. I am not kidding. Your language and disregard to the others’ opinions is astounding to say the least. You have the right to say whatever you want but you should listen to what the “others” want to say.

You want who does not agree with your views to be shut labeling them with comic things like: I have Iranian views. The BBC must be kidding when they listen to you. Do they hire you for the comic hour? or the Amateur hour? BBC is run by amateurs I see.

You see that you are a paid blogger. This is your work and still you let your emotions run your ideas. I thought the BBC and AP need to check their emotions outside the door and write the TRUTH.

As for your military planning and ideas for the Syrian army you will hear my opinion soon General Aboud. Your video game analysis is going down General, so get ready and find yourself another exit strategy than labeling me as an Iranian Agent.

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August 22nd, 2011, 5:54 pm


206. Hans said:

Syria is not like Lybia! syria has been for thousands of years the source of the civilizaion and the place where the best educated people in the middle east are!
the sophistication of the syrians is not found anywhere in the middle east but probably in lebanon!
The arabic spring or the reveloutions in the middle east is the worse thing happened to this countries from Tunisia to syria.
said that the reason is that these country all is going to go under the radical islam and change from toletarian regimes to theocratic dictatorships excatly as Iran now that is what the revolution did in Iran.
to beleive that democracy will be born in the middle east is a mirage for every westerner and it again another naive policy of the west.
In syria the leader of the transitional council is the leader of the muslim brotherhood in Syria.
the regime has not been attacking the civillians as the western media proclaim.
it is well known that these area being targeted by the military are the muslim brotherhood dens.
it is sad to see Syria going backward instead of forward, changing the country from a secular to a theocracy is the worest thing the west is doing and the best example is Gaza strip where democratic election produced Hamas.
it is going to be a bloody bath civil war in syria if this continue to happen under the watch of the westerners.
there are truly millions of people who are not allowite in syria who are in support of Assad because the alternative is the Sharia law.
I guess Obama and hillary clinton are to be blamed for creating all these new islamic revoultions.

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August 22nd, 2011, 6:38 pm


207. Arsalan said:

@Hans #206
“In syria the leader of the transitional council is the leader of the muslim brotherhood in Syria.”
Assad like Shah of Iran got rid of legitimate secular opposition leaders. The political vacuum is being filled by Muslim Brotherhood in Syria as was with Imam Khomeini in Iran. Dictators only have their sons as their heirs. Only democratic structures create alternate leaders. Turkey and Pakistan have done that in Islamic world.

@SS #137
The brutal actions Alawi dominated Shabiha has resulted in reprisals. The Alawis also have to face consequences of Hama genocide in February 1982.

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August 23rd, 2011, 1:30 am


208. Speeches 21ist | Dogfordogs said:

[…] Syria Comment » Archives » President Assad's 4th Speech on TV (21 … Leave a comment « Scott crens Comments are closed. […]

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August 23rd, 2011, 2:12 am


209. cupofcardamom said:

Hi Joshua,

Just thought I should alert you, and your English language readers of an erroneous link: the English translation of Assad’s speech is in fact a speech which Assad delivered in 2005.

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August 23rd, 2011, 11:51 am


210. zsolt sass said:

Beloved muslim brothers and sisters there is a computer program called tatctical simulation syria and libya which was devloped by the us pentagon with help of the mossad . Syria and libya was infiltrated by foreign terrorist living aboard in the UK,USA,France most of the arabs who were willing to betray their country and GOD and his PROHPET.their were trained in the UK for their terrorist activities,financed trough dark CIA chanels aboard .The media wordwide is controlled by zionist us cia ‘mossad agents payed of to deliver false information to brainwash the world.Syria is the land of the free and the brave all people in syria must support their beloved dear leader president ASSAD to LIBERATE syria from foreign terrorist sponsered by the cia and mossad than this is GODS WILL.Beloved arab brothers and sisters do not be fooled and blinded by the evil force of the devil be concered and embraced by the bright light of GOD and his PROPHET and destroy all terrorist in syria than this is GODS will.Long live president ASSAD and SYRIA.«««FREEDOM««« freedomfighter Zsolt Sass

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August 24th, 2011, 9:19 am


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