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Thoughts On Southern Syria

“The Asad Petition of 1936: Bashar’s Grandfather Was Pro-Unionist,” By Stefan Winter

“The Lens of History and Assad,” by David W. Lesch & Carey Latimore

“President al-Assad’s First Speech – An Insider’s Account,” by Ehsani

“Assad’s Fateful Choice” by David W. Lesch

Interviewing Asad — by David W. Lesch

Assad Speech – December 6, 2012

“Exclusive: Secret Assad Emails Lift Lid on Life of Leader’s Inner Circle,” in Guardian

President Assad’s 4th Speech on TV (21 Aug 2011) “We don’t permit any country … to interfere in Syria”

Syria’s Opposition Faces an Uncertain Future

President Assad: Speech #3, (Monday 20 June 2011) “We Control Events, rathern than Events Control Us”

“Makhlouf Says Syria Will Fight Protests Till ‘the End'” by Anthony Shadid

Assad Speech II – (16 April 2011)

Speech to the Syrian Parliament by President Bashar al-Assad: Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

Quotes from Syrians Supporting Assad’s Speech

“Asma al-Assad: A Rose of the Desert” in Vogue

Interview with Bashar al-Asad – Wikileaks 18 February 2009

Will rising tensions in the Middle East lead to another catastrophic war?

Lesch Article on Assad; Syria Worst at Anti-Corruption; Bush Nixxed Israel 2007 Bombing

President Assad Interview with La Repubblica Translated in Full

Assad Interview on al-Manar – 24 March 2010

John Kerry and Leveretts Talk to Assad

The Case for Syria

Muhammad Atta in Aleppo; Muslim Brothers; Oil

Will Syria Serve Up Iran on a Silver Platter?

“Interview with President Bashar al-Assad” by Alix Van Buren in La Repubblica

Assad on Lebanon Elections, Hariri Tribunal & Peace

Asad, “An ambassador is important… There is nothing real yet.”

You lose ability, when you lose credibility, S. Farah

Syria’s Advice to Obama

Who Won the War in Gaza?

Assad in Doha: “An Eye for an Eye”

Assad on Gaza in Interview with BBC

Demo in Damascus: Assad Explains Syria Stand

Peace Talks and the Economy

Syria is the Only Game in Town

“US Signals it plans to return an ambassador to Damascus,” says Assad

Rumsfeld’s secret raids on Syria

Asma Al-Asad: “Excuse me! I do not have “good relations” with Christians”

The Middle East Waits for America

Syria’s Response to the Russian-Georgian Conflict

Iran Warns Syria Against Peace with Israel

Assad Insists on Syria’s Central Role in the Region: France Agrees: US Divided

Lebanon Gets a Government

Assad: “Bush Cannot Make Peace;” Economist on Syria’s Economic Outlook

Turkey and Syria Discuss Nuclear Cooperation

Q & A with President Assad in Dubai

News (4 June 2008)

“Lebanese and Syrian Leaders as Seen by a Harvard Graduate Student,” by Kiernan

News Round Up (31 May 2008)

President Assad is “more optimistic than any time before.” / Carter is “very upbeat”

President Assad’s Speech to the Arab Summit

Damascus, capital of Arab culture for 2008

Sarkozy: “Your last opportunity is Saturday.” Assad: “I Said No to Nukes.”

Assad warns: The region will soon witness events that might have dangerous repercussions …

Asad: No Talks Without Serious Golan Initiative

Assad Speaks On Israeli Strike and Peace Conference

Assad’s State of the Nation Speech to People’s Assembly

News Roundup (8 May 2007) Rice Says Yes to Chapter VII Tribunal

“Restarting Israeli-Syrian Negotiations,” by ICG

Saudis and Syrians …Brothers or Rivals?

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Three’s a Crowd

Syria’s President Says He Needs Iran’s Support

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Talks to President Bashar al-Assad About Iraq and Mideast Peace

“President Bashar al-Asad Interviewed,” by Alix Van Buren

“SYRIA: Regime interests dictate regional policies,” by Oxford Analytica

“Talk To Syria Now, Says Syrian Jewish Maverick,” by Larry Cohler-Esses

US Dialogue with Syria Ruled Out For Now

Asad BBC Interview (Oct. 9, 2006): Video and Transcript

Assad BBC Interview: Syria Wants Peace

Is Hizbullah Secular? James Baker Meets Syrian F.M.

Spiegel Interview with Assad: “America Must Listen” (Sept. 24, 06)

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