Latakia will become Focus of Alawi-Sunni Contest; Scorched Earth; Hama in Flames; 27% of US Public Say…

Vote on new poll, displayed in left hand column of Syria Comment: “Will Assad have lost Damascus by June 1, 2013?

In Hama, all the battalions and brigades of the city’s countryside are now participating in the battle for liberation, according the the Hama Revolutionists Command Council, including those from Kafranbooda, Kernaz, Kafarzeita, Helfaya, Tayebt al-Imam, Qal’at al-Madeeq, al-Ghab Plain, al-Latamne and Khattab. Government helicopters and artillery are bombarding rebel held towns.

Scorched Earth Policy

“Will Damascus be destroyed?” a friend asked. The regime increasingly seems to be pursuing a scorched earth policy.  Assad will dig in to retain Damascus as rebels try to take the city, leading to its destruction, much as happened in Aleppo. Assad may believe that Damascus must be reduced to rubble before he abandons it, otherwise the rebels will have gained a goose capable of laying the proverbial golden egg. He cannot abandon to the rebels anything that produces money or is able to sustain a large population. If he does, defeat of his army becomes more likely. Because Alawis fear they may be destroyed, they are likely to weaken their opponents in every way possible, even if it means pursuing a scorched earth policy. Fortunately, Syrians are not known for executing plans or policies in any systematic way.

Latakia will surely become the focal-point of the Sunni-Alawi contest for power. It is hard to imagine that there will not be ethnic cleansing. At least %60 of the city’s inhabitants are Sunni, but it is the capital of the predominately Alawi coastal region. Today it is calm, but the storm is gathering.

Latakia is a key port for the Syrian Hinterland and Aleppo. It is necessary for exporting the farm and industrial output of the city and its hinterland. The port of Alexandretta used to be the main port for Aleppo, but it was replaced by Latakia once the Turks took Antioch and Alexandretta in 1938. For this reason, Sunnis will need to make a drive for it. They will also understand that it is the key to any future Alawite enclave and must be denied to Assad and his army.

The Alawites see Latakia to be essential to their future in Syria. It is the political capital of the Alawite region. Qurdaha, the Assads’ hometown, is a village of Latakia, dependent on it in every way. Latakia is the home of most of the Shabiha elites as well as leading Alawite families.

It is the political capital of the Alawite coastal region and thus essential to the future of the coastal region that the Alawites will fall back on. It was the capital of the Alawite State under the French Mandate and remains psychologically central to the Alawite community, which is based along the coast.

Syrian rebels cut off Bashar al-Assad’s escape route
By , Latakia province, 17 Dec 2012, Telegraph

Abu Yassin, resident in one of the dozens of Sunni villages in Jebel Akrad drove his vehicle, the only one on the road, passed the carcases of burnt out tanks, abandoned government checkpoints and row upon row of empty villages….

It is here; in this mountainous Mediterranean coastline of Syria’s Latakia province that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may well hope to make his last stand….

Slipping across the border from Turkey insurgents have waged an, largely unreported, war. Inching forward, village by village and town by town the rebels now hold the two large mountain ranges of Jebel Akrad and Jebel Turkman that make up most of the north of the province.

As they moved forward, Alawite families have hastily grabbed their possession and fled.

An abandoned kitchen in Salma village situated in the Latakia Province (Warren Allott)

“We have six Alawite villages under our control now, but there are no Alawites left here. They believe that if Bashar al-Assad goes, they will all be killed so they all fled to areas the regime controls,” said Abu Yassin.

Those Alawite villages visited by the Daily Telegraph now stand abandoned and desolate. Many showed signs there had been a hasty exit. Front doors were left swinging open on their hinges, personal possessions – shoes, clothes, books were trailed on the floor. Bullet holes and shelling damage dented outer walls and many shops looked as they though they had been set on fire.

Most of the Alawite families fled to Latakia, Tartous or to the nearby ‘Alawite Mountain,’ the place that is also Bashar al-Assad’s home of al-Qardaha. From across Syria too, Alawite families who fear they will become the victims of sectarian attacks – whether they support the government or not – have begun building homes in these high retreats.

But even these are now within the rebel’s sights. Lying less than two miles away the ‘Alawite Mountain’ is clearly visible from the front line town of Salma. Government helicopters and jets bombard the town day and night, and near continuous shelling has reduced most of the buildings to rubble and potholed the roads. But they have been unable to stop the rebel advance, and soon, it seems there may be nowhere for the President to go.

“We are planning to take the Alawite Mountain and move on Latakia. If we allow the Alawite state to be a fact on the ground then all the minority groups will say ‘we want our state’ and the country will be torn apart,” said Abu Taher, a rebel commander in Salma….

An elderly couple, both over 80, Mr and Mrs Ahmed Barakat refused to leave when the rebels came to their rural Alawite village of Ain al-Ashara. Led by local man Sheikh Ayman Othman, rebels had promised villagers they wouldn’t be harmed. But when later Sheikh Othman was killed in battle, a second more sectarian minded militia stormed the village and the villager’s lives became a living nightmare:

“They stole everything: They took all the cars and broke into all of our homes. After that residents said they thought they would be killed so they fled to Latakia,” said Mr Barakat.

As he spoke fat tears rolled down Mrs Barakat’s cheeks: “Three months ago they came and arrested my son. He had not done anything wrong.

“A man came back and demanded ransom money of 1.5 million Syrian pounds [approx £13,000]. They gave me three days to get the money, or else, they said, they would kill my son. I begged and borrowed from my friends and family. When he came again, at night, he took the money but they haven’t returned our son.”…

“I am sure there will be massacres of Alawites and bad revenge killings when we reach Latakia. The Syrian regime made us enemies over the past two years.

“I and the other Sheikhs are trying to stop this. But we are not sure that we will succeed”.

Could the West buy Assad’s Plan B?
HUSSEIN IBISH, December 18, 2012

….There’s almost no chance the regime of Bashar al-Assad can survive, as even its Russian sponsors are beginning to publicly admit. The de facto resurrection of some version of the Alawite mini-state of the 1920s and 30s seemed a deeply implausible option at the outset of the conflict. But as the government has enforced the logic of sectarian and communal massacre, atrocities and fanaticism, prospects for such an outcome are no longer so far-fetched.

If such an arrangement could preserve Russia’s military base in Tartous and other interests, it could well get Moscow’s support. If the Syrian conflict continues to degenerate into ever-deeper bestiality, the idea might even be sold to the West as the only way to avoid Balkan-style communal slaughter and save the Alawite community from revenge massacres.

However, there is still a Sunni majority in Latakia, which would surely be the de facto capital of such a mini-state. This demographic reality was one of the key reasons why, unlike Lebanon, the Alawite mini-state wasn’t able to achieve independence under the French mandate, and was reincorporated into Syria in the 1930s.

This means that if the current Alawite power structure does resort to trying to impose such a Plan B, it will almost certainly involve significant atrocities and communal cleansing, particularly in Latakia and its surroundings.

Rebel fighters claim they have taken full control of the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus as Syrian forces surround Palestinian camp.

Fuel shortage blocks aid support in Syria, UN warns. Russia sent warships to the Mediterranean to prepare a potential evacuation of its citizens from Syria, a Russian news agency said on Tuesday, a sign President Bashar al-Assad’s key ally is worried about rebel advances that now threaten even the capital. David Cameron said there a “strategic imperative to act” because “Syria is attracting and empowering a new cohort of al-Qaeda-linked extremists”.

Who knew that you could find our who is Googling you: White House Googles Kerry’s Record on Iran.

NBC reporter, Mr. Engel, was freed by Islamist rebels after being taken from captors at a road block. Initially, it was said that the  captors have not been identified but, but Mr. Engel says that his captors were clearly shabbiha loyal to the regime, who wanted to use them for a hostage trade. “They made us choose which one of us would be shot first. When we refused, there were mock shootings. They pretended to shoot him several times,” he said, referring to producer Gazi Balkeez. Hearing a gun fired while blindfolded “can be a very traumatic experience,” he said.

Public Says U.S. Does Not Have Responsibility to Act in Syria
As fighting in Syria rages on between government forces and anti-government groups, the public continues to say that the U.S. does not have a responsibility to do something about the fighting there. And there continues to be substantial opposition to sending arms to anti-government forces in Syria.

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Dec. 5-9 among 1,503 adults, also finds little change in the public’s sympathies in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians: 50% say they sympathize more with Israel while just 10% sympathize more with the Palestinians.

Only about quarter of Americans (27%) say the U.S. has a responsibility to do something about the fighting in Syria; more than twice as many (63%) say it does not. These views are virtually unchanged from March.

Similarly, just 24% favor the U.S. and its allies sending arms and military supplies to anti-government groups in Syria, while 65% are opposed. These opinions also are little changed from March.

Comparable majorities of Republicans (66%) , Democrats (61%) and independents (65%) say the U.S. does not have a responsibility to do something about the fighting in Syria, and all partisan groups also oppose arming anti-government groups.

Those who have heard a lot about the situation in Syria offer modestly more support for U.S. involvement than those who have heard less (35% vs. 22%), but still, on balance, say the U.S. does not have a responsibility to get involved.

Opinions about the United States’ responsibility to act in Syria are similar to views about obligation to act in Libya, before the U.S. and its allies launched airstrikes against Moammar Gadhafi’s forces. In March 2011, just 27% said the U.S. had a responsibility to do something about the fighting in Libya — the same percentage that says that about Syria today. Higher percentages said the U.S. had a responsibility to do something about the fighting in Darfur in 2006 (51%) and fighting between Serbs and Bosnians in Kosovo in 1999.

There has long been little public interest in the conflict in Syria. In a separate survey conducted last week (Dec. 6-9), just 19% say they are paying very close attention to political violence in Syria, while 28% say they are following this story fairly closely. About half (52%) are paying little or no attention to developments there.

Turkey Can’t Afford Over-Involvement in Syria
Turkey’s Western-backed interventions in Syria could affect its security
Mohammed Ayoob, YaleGlobal, 17 December 2012

Turkey could threaten its prosperity with excessive entanglement in Syria’s civil war, warns international relations professor Mohammed Ayoob. The fall of the Assad regime in Syria could result in sectarian divide and anarchy spilling across Turkey’s borders as well as alienation of Iran, the country’s major energy supplier. Countries like Saudi Arabia and the US that support regime change in Syria may step back from the fray, and Turkey and possibly other neighbors in the region, too, would suffer most from regional instability. ….

In the final analysis, Turkey’s improved relations with the West in 2012, including the American decision to deploy two Patriot missile batteries to Turkey’s border with Syria, are unlikely to compensate for problems Turkey faces to its east – problems likely to become more acute in 2013 if Ankara does not rapidly reevaluate its policy. With the Syrian stalemate unlikely to be broken in the immediate future, Turkey could anticipate low-intensity warfare with the Syrian regime for a considerable period, thus draining its resources and upsetting economic prospects in the long run.
If the Assad regime falls, Turkey could face partition of Syria into several ethnic and sectarian-based statelets, including a Kurdish one on Turkey’s borders that could stoke Kurdish irredentism in the country. Such an outcome would likely include a continuing civil war of horrific proportions among sectarian and ethnic groups much as has happened in Afghanistan since the Soviet withdrawal and the fall of the communist regime.
Ankara should rethink its policy… as time goes on, it will become difficult to pull away from the Syrian quagmire.
There is attendant danger that, in this event, foreign backers of the Syrian opposition, especially the United States and Saudi Arabia, would pull out and leave Syria to its fate as happened with Afghanistan in the 1990s. These powers have their own agendas related more to weakening Iran than democracy promotion in Syria, objectives achieved with the fall of Assad regardless of what happens to the Syrian people….

– YaleGlobal

“Sectarianism and civil conflict in Tripoli, Lebanon,” by Nick Heras.

 Tripoli’s restive Sunni neighborhood and Jebel Mohsen is the new training ground of an aspiring generation of Lebanese Salafist fighters looking to emulate the model of their Syrian compatriots….Tensions on both sides of the firing-line, Alawite and Sunni, are inflamed by each community’s increasing sense that this battle, for control of Tripoli, is an existential conflict that they both must engage in. … Alawites, numbering 60,000 in a city of almost half a million potential Sunni enemies, and surrounded on all sides by neighborhoods that they are locked in seemingly interminable combat with, identify more strongly with the Alawite-led Syrian government than ever before. As the Syrian Civil War has progressed, and expressions of sectarian hatred and bloodshed between Sunni opposition forces and Alawites has increased, the Lebanese Alawite community of Jebel Mohsen has become even more convinced that it is resisting its potential annihilation at the hands of committed Tripolian Salafist fighters…..

The battle between Tripoli’s restive Sunni neighborhood and Jebel Mohsen is the new training ground of an aspiring generation of Lebanese Salafist fighters looking to emulate the model of their Syrian compatriots. A constant presence of armed Syrian opposition members, and their families, in these Sunni front-line neighborhoods and the constant inspiration they provide Tripoli’s Sunni fighters.

Local Salafist fronts, such as the “Martyr Commander Khodr al-Masri Brigades,” named after a slain Bab al-Tabbaneh sectarian fighter and now local folk hero, are examples of the developing neighborhood fighting groups being built.

Learning from the example of the armed opposition groups in Syria, Sunni fighting organizations such as the Khodr al-Masri Brigades are beginning to post videos on YouTube. …. This ultimately includes developing a highly-motivated, battle-tested, and committed fighting force that could in time confront the Shi’a parties of Hezbollah and AMAL, and their political allies inside of Lebanon. …

KURDWATCH, December 9, 2012—On November 9, 2012, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) took over numerous institutions in the city of ad‑Darbasiyah from the Syrian regime [further information]. According to the most recent information, this also included the Air Force Intelligence Service building, city hall, the court of arbitration, and the electric and water utilities. There is no police presence in the cities of ʿAmudah, ad‑Darbasiyah, and al‑Malikiya (Dêrik) anymore. Government employees who do not work in security continue to perform their duties and their salaries are still paid from Damascus. However, their work is controlled by the PYD. Thus, for example, a PYD cadre was delegated to city hall in ad‑Darbasiyah. The PYD flag has been raised in front of the institutions that have been taken over.
An activist reported to KurdWatch that following the takeover of the Military Intelligence Service building in ad‑Darbasiyah, PYD members burned documents that remained there. Members of other security services had done this themselves before leaving their buildings.
ʿAmudah/ad-Darbasiyah: Syrian regime cedes additional cities to the PYD

KURDWATCH, December 1, 2012—After armed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups marched into the majority Kurdish city of Raʾs al‑ʿAin (Serê Kaniyê) on November 8, 2012 [further information], the Syrian regime ceded control of several predominantly Kurdish cities to the Democratic Union Party (PYD). On November 9, and 10, 2012, Syrian security forces in ad‑Darbasiyah withdrew from the buildings belonging to the Political Security Directorate, the Military Intelligence Service, the State Security Service, and the police; they also gave the PYD control of the border crossing to Turkey. In Tall Tamr,… In ʿAmudah, …. in al‑Malikiyah (Dêrik), ….. The government had already withdrawn from several institutions in the latter two cities in the summer of 2012

Activists mourn ‘model’ FSA officer
December 18, 2012 12:53 AM
By Marlin Dick
The Daily Star
Abu Furat, second from left, flanked by FSA fighters.

BEIRUT: Syrian rebels seized another government military facility in Aleppo over the weekend, but lost a charismatic field commander in the process.

Col. Youssef Jader, aka Abu Furat, was a defected army officer who fought with the Tawhid Brigade of the Free Syrian Army.

A native of the town of Jarablous, northeast of Aleppo, he spent most of his military career in Latakia before taking part in Tawhid’s prominent role in fighting regime forces in the north.

….. Another video makes plain Abu Furat’s desire to avoid sectarian bloodletting. In a noisy room, he greets an Alawite defector who is off camera, presumably to protect his identity.

Abu Furat addresses Syrian President Bashar Assad, accusing him of “dragging” his Alawite sect into a war and forcing them to hate Sunnis.

“But in spite of you, we will coexist,” he says defiantly. He adds that after having lived for 22 years in the Latakia region, he knows many Alawites who are poor, and “good people,” meaning they have not benefited from the Assad regime’s grip on power.

He addresses the “Alawites living in the mountains” of the coast, as someone who has lived with them.

“And you know me,” he adds, pointing at his chest. “I’ve drunk mate with you,” he says, referring to a South American tea that is heavily consumed in parts of rural Syria, and particularly by the Alawites.

Abu Furat stresses that the uprising doesn’t mean that the Alawites are being targeted as a sect.

“We’re partners in this nation,” he says, praising the example of Sheikh Saleh al-Ali, an Alawite rebel chief from the 1920s who rejected both French colonial rule and a separate Alawite state.

Abu Furat says the regime left officers like him with two choices: “Kill, or kill.” Officers were not allowed to resign their posts in protest at being asked to violently suppress street demonstrations, and were thus forced to choose between killing for the regime, and killing in self-defense. He says he was ordered, as a tank commander, to shell the Sunni-majority town of Haffeh in rural Latakia.

Asked about the feelings of military personnel who are shooting or shelling civilians, Abu Furat mentions an acquaintance “named S. – because he hasn’t defected yet.”

He says the man would cry after firing his artillery piece, and argues that not everyone who is fighting for the regime should be blamed for his acts.

“They’re being told that [the rebels are] Afghanis, Pakistanis,” he says.

The video concludes with a light tone. Abu Furat tells the story of a friend who decided to count every time state television claimed that government troops had destroyed a Russian Dushka heavy machine gun supposedly belonging to the rebels.

It turned out the rebels had, according to the regime, the absurd figure of 32,000 such pieces of heavy equipment, causing Abu Furat to grin mischievously. “Damn you, you’re such a liar.”

War is raging in Aleppo but in a classroom 40km away, there are grounds for hope
Luke Harding – Guardian, December 17, 2012

I had come in search of families displaced by Syria’s war. But when I entered Qabbasin secondary school I was surprised to discover lessons were going on. Two months ago head Nasar Mamar decided to reopen.

There was fighting going on down the road in Aleppo. But Qabbasin, some 40km away, was comparatively safe – safe, if you ignored the regime jets flying overhead. “We need Syria to be an educated country. We should not be afraid,” Mamar explained, taking me on a tour of his classrooms.

Downstairs I found 30 boys in the middle of an English lesson. Written on the blackboard was some useful vocabulary: “library” and “explorer”, and examples of the present continuous tense – “I am eating. I am reading” – with a neat translation in Arabic. Their teacher was 30-year-old Abu Hassan. Hassan said he had fled from Aleppo. He was now working as an unsalaried volunteer. “I want to teach. It’s my job,” he said.

Hassan was melancholic when I asked him about the destruction of Aleppo – “my lovely city”, as he put it. Much of it is now a smouldering ruin: the medieval souks dating back to the 14th century part-destroyed; the old citadel the frontline between embattled government troops, the Free Syrian Army and jihadist militias.

Syria’s war reached Aleppo nearly six months ago. Since then the city’s cosmopolitan charm has been snuffed out; it is a place of hunger, cold, misery and death from the sky, he said.

I asked Hassan whom he thought was responsible for his Syria’s collapse, moral and social. He thought for a moment, then replied: “For me, all of us. All of us have wrong actions. I wish everything would be back how it was.” Hassan said he was an English graduate from Aleppo University. He declined to give me his full family name. “I’d rather not,” he said. I left Hassan’s classroom – lit only by a weak winter sun – urging the boys to study hard….

Qabbasin has a mixed population of Arabs and Kurds, and despite tensions elsewhere is a model of inter-ethnic co-operation. Mamar, the head, is a Kurd; most of his staff are Arabs; the headteacher at the girls’ school next door is a Turkman….

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Jasmine said:

Do You mean by 2013?(vote)
Please correct the date.

December 18th, 2012, 11:02 am


Warren said:

Egyptian Cleric ‘Alaa Said Slams School Textbook for Teaching Religious Tolerance


More soonite madness and barbarism: these creatures are disgusting and need to be eradicated.

December 18th, 2012, 11:02 am


Altair said:

Faruq al-Sharaa’s statement that neither side can win should be taken seriously, but it should also be taken as a basis to negotiate an end to this disaster and a move to a transitional government.

Why is everyone so hard-headed? The war is about to reach its most dangerous phase and no one wants to try to settle. Instead, we hear about the possible destruction of Damascus, a last stand by Asad’s forces, a move to the coast, ethnic cleansing(!)..all kinds of nightmare scenarios.

There must be people on the government side who don’t approve of what’s going on (like perhaps Sharaa himself), otherwise this is all collective madness. Someone should be reaching out to them. Surely not all of them are criminals.

Is it just too late for cooler heads to prevail?

December 18th, 2012, 11:11 am


Hamoudeh al-Halabi said:

ZOO, from the previous post: “It is certainly a worthwhile “purification” sacrifice as it will bring Islam at the forefront of Arab culture and restore the Islamic civilization values that were destroyed by heretics. Imagine Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and North Africa united under the Islamic flag…”

What is there to imagine, anyone can see the track record: failures, all of them and naturally so. It won’t be any different this time. But why are we discussing this post-Assad topic, aren’t you still stuck with the regime?

December 18th, 2012, 11:21 am


Warren said:

US Navy pulls two aircraft carriers from Syria shores

Two aircraft carriers stationed off the Syrian coast were sent back to the US this week in a move that the Obama administration thought would ease tensions, but angered Turkish officials who hoped for significant US military presence in the region.

The USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier and the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and its 2,500 marines were recalled after being stationed on the Syrian coast, allegedly in preparation of potential military invasion.

The USS Eisenhower, which has the capacity to hold thousands of men, joined the other warship during the first week of December, ready to launch an American-led military intervention “within days” if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were to use chemical weapons against the opposition, Time reported. But as the violence escalated in the past few days, the warships took off and headed back to the US.

The US usually has two aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf at all times, but will only have one deployed this month – the USS John C. Stennis, which is stationed nowhere near Syria. By recalling the USS Eisenhower and the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group, the US simply outraged its key ally in the region – Turkey.

An unnamed senior Turkish officer told Israel’s DEBKAfile that America’s removal of the aircraft carriers is “hard to understand and unacceptable to Ankara.” Turkey became one of the main opponents of the Assad regime on the international stage and fears that the Syrian missiles with chemical weapons might be used against it. Syria never recognized that it has a chemical stockpile. Nevertheless Syrian officials repeatedly said that their country would never use such weapons “even if they had them.”

None of Syria’s neighbors, which include Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel, have officially criticized the Obama administration for its recall of its naval forces, but unnamed officials told DEBKAfile that Turkish officials are very upset about the move.

According to the Israeli news outlet, Washington hoped to “to appease the Turks” by sending to the region US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to sign a deployment order for the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, which would be stationed at the Syrian border. While Panetta visited Turkey on Friday, the defense secretary allegedly visited an air base where US strike aircraft are stationed alongside Turkish warplanes.

But the US attempt to ease tensions and calm Turkey had little effect: Turkish officials remain outraged at the US abandonment at a time when violence with its neighbor has escalated and relations with Iran and Syria are at its worst.

Meanwhile the deployment of the Patriot missile interceptors has escalated tensions between Turkey and Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad canceled a trip to Turkey for an annual ceremony this week, claiming the missile interceptors might lead to a “world war.”

December 18th, 2012, 11:30 am


mjabali said:

Here is al-Qardawi from al-Jazeera TV saying that millions who support al-Assad should die. He said if anyone died by mistake Allah will sort things later.

Qatar is letting this senile lunatic Sunni cleric spew his poison from its al-Jazeera TV. Thanks there is internet to document the madness these insane lunatics are spreading.

December 18th, 2012, 12:05 pm


Mjabali said:

There is sectarian cleansing taking place against the minorities in Syria today.

The Western countries are watching and helping this chaos reign.

The minorities of Syria should be protected.

December 18th, 2012, 12:08 pm


mjabali said:

The Turks were responsible for hundreds of years of sectarian and ethnic cleansing against the Syrian Alawis and not it continues to this day and age.

Add to the 6 Alawi villages that are deserted few close to the Turkish border near Kasab and Balluran. The Turmkem of that area are continuing with their tradition: Ethnic and sectarian cleansing.

The world should take notice of these people: what they did and what they are doing.

December 18th, 2012, 12:59 pm


Citizen said:

Russia warns against UN peacekeepers in Syria
Russia warned Monday against the possible use of United Nations peacekeepers in Syria, saying Moscow would find any such deployment unacceptable, reported dpa.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said his country would use its veto powers on the UN Security Council against any resolution for a military intervention in Syria and “this includes the deployment of peacekeepers,” according to Interfax news agency.
Previous UN resolutions in other conflicts had been broadened to allow unilateral intervention, such as in Iraq, or measures which exacerbated the crisis, such as in Libya, he accused.
The UN is currently discussing possible peacekeeping models for Syria. Russia is a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

December 18th, 2012, 1:14 pm


Observer said:

ZOO and Majbali
The West does not care. The US and the West are fed up with intervention in the ME. Each of these countries may be easy to swallow but impossible to digest.
The US does not care what happens and they may even feel vindicated for all the troubles they got in Iraq as well.

The EU population is more interested in preserving their welfare state and shutting out immigration.

There will be no intervention on either side.

Majbali it is not only minorities that will suffer but majorities as well. Humans are humans.

As for the previous post that claimed that Iran says that Assad is not about to fall I also ascertain today that the sun is blue.

Who gives a hoot about what an Iranian stooge is saying?

Even Putin has had his nose rubbed in the mud.

Superpower my foot indeed.

What an abomination of a regime and what an aberration of a state this mafia is. Even by mafia standards they are a dismal failure.

December 18th, 2012, 1:24 pm


Citizen said:

8 reasons why the NWO hates Syria
No Rothschild central bank, NO IMF debt, No Genetically modified food, Oil and pipelines, Anti-secret societies, Anti-Zionism, Secularism, Nationalism.

December 18th, 2012, 1:24 pm


Citizen said:

May I wish you a Happy New Year and a great Presidency 🙂
Our world is in need of brave and honest leaders.
Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
(Former Prime Minister of Malaysia)
Dear Mr. President,

I did not vote for you in the Presidential Election because I am Malaysian. But I consider myself one of your constituents because what you do or say will affect me and my country as well.

I welcome your promise for change. Certainly your country, the United States of America needs a lot of changes.

That is because America and Americans have become the most hated people in the world. Even Europeans dislike your arrogance. Yet you were once admired and liked because you freed a lot of countries from conquest and subjugation. It is the custom on New Year’s day for people to make resolutions. You must have listed your good resolutions already. But may I politely suggest that you also resolve to do the following in pursuit of Change.

1) Stop killing people. The United States is too fond of killing people in order to achieve its objectives. You call it war, but today’s wars are not about professional soldiers fighting and killing each other. It is about killing people, ordinary innocent people by the hundreds of thousands. Whole countries will be devastated. War is primitive, the cavemen’s way of dealing with a problem. Stop your arms build up and your planning for future wars.

2) Stop indiscriminate support of Israeli killers with your money and your weapons. The planes and the bombs killing the people of Gaza are from you.

3) Stop applying sanctions against countries which cannot do the same against you. In Iraq your sanctions killed 500,000 children through depriving them of medicine and food. Others were born deformed. What have you achieved with this cruelty? Nothing except the hatred of the victims and right-thinking people.

4) Stop your scientists and researchers from inventing new and more diabolical weapons to kill more people more efficiently.

5) Stop your arms manufacturers from producing them. Stop your sales of arms to the world. It is blood money that you earn. It is un-Christian.

6) Stop trying to democratize all the countries of the world. Democracy may work for the United States but it does not always work for other countries. Don’t kill people because they are not democratic. Your crusade to democratize countries has killed more people than the authoritarian Governments which you overthrew. And you have not succeeded anyway.

7) Stop the casinos which you call financial institutions. Stop hedge funds, derivatives and currency trading. Stop banks from lending non-existent money by the billions. Regulate and supervise your banks. Jail the miscreants who made profits from abusing the system.

8) Sign the Kyoto Protocol and other international agreements.

9) Show respect for the United Nations.

I have many other resolutions for change which I think you should consider and undertake.

But I think you have enough on your plate for this 2012th year of the Christian Era.

If you can do only a few of what I suggest, you will be remembered by the world as a great leader. Then the United States will again be the most admired nation.

Your embassies will be able to take down the high fences and razor-wire coils that surround them.

May I wish you a Happy New Year and a great Presidency.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
(Former Prime Minister of Malaysia)

December 18th, 2012, 1:34 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad was a tedious old gasbag when he was Prime Minister and I see that he still is…

December 18th, 2012, 1:38 pm


Citizen said:

Syria is significant for the Syrians to ask their opinion on the topic: US Gov. has duty to Act in Syria.
not accustomed to respect the opinions of other people?

December 18th, 2012, 1:48 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Here again as you always do, you are distorting in a very bad way, Qardawi did not say to kill, he said to fight, since they are fighting Syrian,
Also You said Shiite must be protected, all minorities and majority has to be protected, Your Assad regime is killing thousands of Sunni ,they are majority , they should be protected too, You must state your agreement that those who has blood on their hand must be punished, and those who stole money must be punished,and raper must be killed, you never said that.
You advocate punishing Turks , this is collective punishment are you saying this kind of punishment is O.K.?
and remeber this is different generation, tell me are your kids responsible for what you do?.
I am yet to find good logic in any arguement you make, all indicative of HATRED toward Sunni, it seems that is what motivate you, you need psychiatric help.

December 18th, 2012, 2:14 pm


zoo said:

4. Altair

As long as the media and the FOS keep boosting the rebels and reporting their murderous attacks on Palestinians as victories, the FSA and its terrorists friend think that they are winning. So they don’t see the point of negotiating.
Once they’ll hopefully get an overwhelming decimation in Yarmouk and other locations, then they’ll think it over.

In the meantime the ‘sole representatative of the Syrian people” is strangely silent. Preparing the Christmas tree?

December 18th, 2012, 2:19 pm


zoo said:

@15. majedkhaldoun

Playing the persecuted Sunni again?

December 18th, 2012, 2:21 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

“…The [Assad] regime increasingly seems to be pursuing a scorched earth policy. Assad will dig in to retain Damascus as rebels try to take the city, leading to its destruction”.

Until 20 months ago, you (J. Landis), used to admire this person and you supported his regime. Just a reminder.

December 18th, 2012, 2:24 pm


zoo said:

When will we celebrate the Yarmouk Caliphate?

Syria rebels claim control of Yarmouk camp
Published: Dec. 18, 2012 at 2:30 AM

DAMASCUS, Syria, Dec. 18 (UPI) — Rebels claimed control of a Palestinian refugee area in Damascus after brutal clashes and regime airstrikes, but Syrian troops massed on the area’s north edge.

The claim of control of the former Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, 5 miles from the center of Damascus, came after severe fighting between rebels, supported by some Palestinians, and a Palestinian nationalist organization loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad, the opposition said.

The rebel claims, which could not be independently verified, came after thousands of Yarmouk residents fled the former refugee camp, which is now a mixed Damascus neighborhood where more than 150,000 Palestinians live alongside 350,000 Syrians.

Read more:

December 18th, 2012, 2:24 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

You far from the truth, as usual, I am saying all must have equal protection, ,when you make a statement it must apply to everone, you certainly have a mind that is not able to comprehend so you go for accusations, ,this is immaturity.

December 18th, 2012, 2:33 pm


Citizen said:

Troopers Shamanov protect Russians from Syrian rebels

December 18th, 2012, 2:35 pm


Citizen said:

A “humanitarian intervention” in Syria – 150 years ago
by Pascal Herren
A humanitarian intervention in Syria? Humanitarian grounds had already been used in 1860 … precisely by France as a pretext to intervene militarily in Syria, then an Ottoman province. In this article, Geneva University scholar Pascal Herren lays bare the true intentions of France under Napoleon III, which were every bit as disreputable as those pursued under Sarkozy or Hollande. He also brings to light the dire consequences that befell the peoples of the region.

December 18th, 2012, 2:38 pm


zoo said:

#20 Majedalkhaldoon

“all indicative of HATRED toward Sunni”…

Oh yes? My heart is bleeding for the persecuted Sunnis who never persecuted anybody and love everybody, even the “heretics” that their Sunni sheikhs have been calling for annihilation for centuries and continue to do so on a daily basis.

December 18th, 2012, 2:42 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

You Sarcastic comment is not intelligent response, You too talk about hatred toward Sunni, in my previous comments I always say we need to protect minorities, unless you are absent minded,you should have noted that, but being as you are you don’t know better or you keep yourself blinded, wake up ,improve yourself it is silly to have discussion with someone with your low level of intelligence,

December 18th, 2012, 2:49 pm


revenire said:

Дамаск и Алеппо живы, вопреки лживым прогнозам
18.12.2012 // 00:38

Вслед за так называемыми «друзьями Сирии», которые, собравшись в Марракеше, перебивая друг друга, угрожали Сирии, генсек НАТО Расмуссен, так же, как и они, заявил, что «Дамаск приближается к своему концу». Подобные прогнозы звучат уже 22 месяца. Но, назло всем своим «друзьям»-могильщикам, Сирия не только живет, но и одерживает победы над вооруженными террористами, несмотря на всю гигантскую помощь им извне.

Неосторожные высказывания заместителя министра иностранных дел России Михаила Богданова, который процитировал слова так называемой «сирийской оппозиции», будто бы они контролируют 60% территории Сирии, тут же подхватили на Западе, воспользовавшись ими для очередной пропагандистской волны. Особенно радовались им госдеповская «госпожа-висельница» Виктория Нуланд (это та, что призывала прямым текстом «затянуть потуже петлю») и глава МИД Франции Лоран Фабиус, который сказал, что, мол, «даже русские признают, что Сирии скоро конец».

На следующий же день МИД России заявил, что позиция страны остается прежней, что РФ выступает категорически против иностранного вмешательства и осуждает терроризм против Сирии, а слова Богданова были неверно истолкованы западными журналистами.

Но насколько же жалки позиции Запада, насколько же ему мешает и Сирия, и позиция России, что они готовы ловить каждое слово российских дипломатов, препарировать малейшее высказывание, малейшую оплошность и гнать очередную волну в стиле: «Сирия падет, даже русские признали это» (как сказал Фабиус).

Впрочем, нашим дипломатам тоже не мешало бы задуматься над этим и не позволять себе высказываний, которые могут быть неверно истолкованы и вызвать такую волну. Ведь любую нечеткость, любое сомнение, любое колебание будут с удовольствием подхвачены «либеральными» западными СМИ, многократно усилены и на этом будут построены такие выводы, что и в страшном сне не приснятся.

В самом Дамаске наступила зима, похожая на нашу, российскую, раннюю осень. Город продолжает жить своей обычной жизнью, только порой в обычный городской шум ворвутся громкие и тревожные звуки взрывов или выстрелов… К усиленным мерам безопасности столица уже привыкла.

Продолжаются боестолкновения с террористами в пригородах Дамаска. В поселках Дарейя, Худжейра, Диябия, Шебаа, Замалька армия успешно бьет террористические группировки. В пригороде Дамаска Харасте несколько дней назад было уничтожено много иностранных наемников. Бандиты несут большие потери в живой силе. Отступая, они оставляют городам и поселкам глубокие раны – разрушенные школы, оскверненные мечети, поврежденные жилые дома… Но ни о каком штурме Дамаска в ближайшее время уже не может быть и речи – основные силы мятежников разбиты в пригородах.

Сирийские военные рассказывают историю одной успешной операции в пригороде Дамаска Дума. Там военные воспользовались страхами боевиков «оппозиции» насчет химического оружия и рассыпали с вертолетов … обычную муку. Перепуганные бандиты подумали, что и впрямь против них использован какой-то грозный и загадочный белый порошок, и бросились бежать в панике. Тут-то армейцы и разгромили террористов самым обычным оружием.

Успешно идет противостояние террористам и во втором по величине городе Сирии – Алеппо. У мятежников нет там военных побед, и поэтому они занимаются информационными вбросами. Так, сообщили, будто вы они захватили военную базу «Ханану». Однако, армия категорически опровергла это сообщение, которое было пущено по многим антисирийским СМИ.

Боевики попытались напасть на военное училище в Алеппо, но были биты. Уничтожен их главарь, разгромлены автомобили, на которых они пытались осуществить нападение.
Жители квартала Ас-Сабиль в Алеппо вышли на улицы и устроили массовую демонстрацию в поддержку армии. Народу было очень много. Люди несли сирийские национальные флаги, портреты президента Башара Аль-Асада и скандировали лозунги в поддержку армии-защитницы, армии-освободительницы.

Надо сказать, что такие демонстрации в Алеппо проходят очень часто, и нередко люди, выходящие на них, рискуют жизнью – было много случаев, когда демонстрантов обстреливали террористы. Но народ все равно выходит на улицы.

А в провинции Хомс в районе города Тель-Калях несколько дней подряд пограничники успешно противостоят попыткам заброски наемников из Ливана. Бандиты пытаются прорываться, но в итоге вынуждены отступать снова на ливанскую территорию, неся потери в живой силе.

Армия Сирии показывает свою боеспособность и самими своими подвигами опровергает все утверждения расмуссенов и фабиусов о том, что «Сирия скоро падет».
Потому Запад и продолжает строить планы внешнего военного вмешательства, потому и идет на провокации и подлоги. Например, Пентагон и вслед за ним НАТО обвинили Сирию в том, что она якобы использует стратегические ракеты «Скад» против мятежников. МИД Сирии категорически опроверг это сообщение.

Враги Сирии уже не знают, что и придумать. То химическое оружие, то «Скады», то еще что-либо. Но, как говорил бессмертный классик Крылов, «Чем кумушек считать, трудиться, не лучше ль на себя оборотиться?» США и НАТО как раз и грешны тем, что применяют несоразмерную силу в борьбе с непокорными странами. Например, в борьбе против Ливийской Джамахирии – страны, не нападавшей ни на кого, не имевшей даже сильной армии, строившей свой социальный рай и не желавшей подчиняться диктату «новых крестоносцев»…

Экипаж американской подводной лодки «Триумф» был награжден медалями за участие в операции под названием «Объединенный защитник» против Ливии («Защитник» людей от этой бренной жизни?). Они загружали «Томагавки» в пусковые установки. На церемонии вручения наград капитан сказал своим «героям», что они заслужили эти награды и должны носить их с гордостью.

Вот такие понятия в современном западном мире о гордости и героизме. Обстрел невинной страны, убийство ее граждан, превращение социального рая в страшный ад – считается праведным делом. Война подводных лодок, «томагавков», крылатых ракет, новейших истребителей против слабо вооруженной и малочисленной ливийской армии – это, оказывается, доблесть, достойная награды!

Именно так они желают воевать и с Сирией. Не учась на примере Ливии, невзирая на то, что там на долгие годы посеян хаос, который коснулся даже американских дипломатов, не желая признавать собственные ошибки, — они нацелились на очередную страну и желают неравной войны, желают раздавить Сирию всей своей огневой мощью. Потому что воевать на равных эти «герои» давным-давно разучились.

Елена Громова, Дамаск

December 18th, 2012, 2:53 pm


ghufran said:

the behavior of rebels in northern Latakia ,and Yarmouk camp now,is a clear example of what is wrong with this uprising and how evil the Turkish and GCC-inspired Islamist thugs have become. Everybody wants a piece of Syria now and many “freedom-loving” Syrians are openly talking about exterminating alawis and sending Christians back to “where they belong”. Looting properties,torture and killing prisoners are now acceptable practices by most rebel groups, all of the talks and press conferences about civilized behavior and tolerance mean nothing because that was done for PR consumption and was never sincere. After all of that hate and destruction,how can anybody with a functioning brain cell blame minorities for taking a defensive stand to survive?
Rebels have used,and continue to use, the help of groups and countries that have a long history of being ant Syrian, one group even welcomed Israeli involvement to help topple the regime.
in summary, we are now dealing with a bunch of violent thugs who can not be trusted and can only understand the language of force.
the hypocrisy of the West is another story that I will not tackle now because I just had lunch.

December 18th, 2012, 2:55 pm


zoo said:


Just by saying “we need to protect’ the minorities, you indicate your paternalizing superiority over them. Who is “we”? The Sunnis?

Be sure that the minorities don’t want “your” protection, they want their rights as citizens..

It’s Qatar and KSA, the Sunni ‘powers’ that need badly the protection from the USA and the WEST. Don’t you wonder why?
Maybe if you knew, you could claim the superiority of the brain over mine…

December 18th, 2012, 2:58 pm


mjabali said:

Hajji Observer:

I did not understand what you arguing with me about in your post number 10.

I read it backwards and could not get it also. I tried from the Middle of your post, and it did not work.

I have no clue what you want….

While you are trying to explain your points: do you care to gave us your opinion about the role of Turkem fighters in the Aqrab incident?

December 18th, 2012, 3:00 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Your failure to realize that protection of minorities is a right indicate your level of intelligence,I feel sorry for you.

December 18th, 2012, 3:06 pm


MarigoldRan said:

What’s the point of protecting minorities if the minorities abuse and bomb the majority? The Alawites sent their sons to war against Sunni villages. Why should they be surprised when the Sunnis send their sons to attack Alawite villages? What comes around, goes around.

December 18th, 2012, 3:08 pm


zoo said:


That’s so generous of you to feel sorry for me. I had hope you will feel as sorry for the miserable situation your friends have brought millions of Syrians

December 18th, 2012, 3:08 pm


Tara said:


“Oh yes? My heart is bleeding for the persecuted Sunnis who never persecuted anybody and love everybody, even the “heretics” that their Sunni sheikhs have been calling for annihilation for centuries and continue to do so on a daily basis.”

Do you realize what you just said? Then in your eye my 5 yo is a fair target because she is a sunni and some Sunni sheikh 6 centuries ago called for “annihilation of heretics.”

Then that explains it all.

I am shocked and actually very saddened.

December 18th, 2012, 3:13 pm


revenire said:

What did you expect after the FSA terrorists beheaded people and attacked minorities? Roses?

December 18th, 2012, 3:16 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Again the one who caused this miserable situation,is Assad and his thugs,who responded for peaceful demonstrations by murder and criminal brutal oppression,The Syrian ALL SYRIANS must be able to have a say in Syria,but Assad as sectarian as he is, used his sect to cause this bad division, he and his thugs are to blame , not the people who are defending themselves.

December 18th, 2012, 3:22 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Zoo is a sectarian VAMPIRE

December 18th, 2012, 3:24 pm


revenire said:

Who cares who caused it? By the time it is all over there will be hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians.

You think Syrians will live under a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship? Think again.

Assad will never be beaten.

December 18th, 2012, 3:30 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

let us break for a moment to give thanks to allah for the release and good health of mr richard engel.

correspondent engel had been held by his agent and producer at the damascus 4 seasons hotel.

the taking had something to do with creating street creds and ratings and enhancing state’s talking points.

December 18th, 2012, 3:33 pm


revenire said:

The adventures of Richard Engel

“Engel said the captors were trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and allied with Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia militant group.” Now how did Engel arrive at this conclusion? Let me guess: his captors told him the following: look. We were trained by Iran, which has a nuclear weapon aimed at the US, and that Hizbullah also trained us on kidnapping and we want you to tell the world through you that we also support the Cuban government and we were on the side of the USSR during the Cold War and we were with native Americans during the white settlement of the US, and we are aligned with the Italian mafia. So basically, instead of the confession being extracted from the hostages, Mr. Engel (with a long undistinguished career as a Middle East correspondent) was able to extract confessions from his captors who were mysteriously defeated by the heroic Free Syrian Army gang. Let me go on the record and state: this story is as believable to me as the story of Christopher Hitchens when he ran into Abu Nidal at a street cafe in Baghdad.

December 18th, 2012, 3:52 pm


Hamoudeh al-Halabi said:

Amir: “Until 20 months ago, you (J. Landis), used to admire this person and you supported his regime. Just a reminder.”

Not a very fair reminder, most Syrians did to one extent or the other. The revolution did not even asked for his fall at the beginning, all the horror of the past 21 months is exactly the point. Inshiqaq.

Zoo: What Sunni Shaykhs are you talking about, Ibn Taymiyya? You do know about him or you just enjoy pinning whatever you can on “Sunnis”. Would you appreciate it if one goes the same way about whatever your background may be? I don’t know how people want to co-exist with these kind of mentalities, in this sense not abandoning the regime isn’t fear but belonging.

December 18th, 2012, 3:59 pm


ghufran said:

A disgusting call to commit terrorist acts against citizens of a foreign country just because of who they are:
اكد عضو الائتلاف الوطني السوري المعارض هيثم المالح في اتصال مع قناة “روسيا اليوم” أن “كل روسي في سوريا هو هدف مشروع للثورة السورية”، لافتا الى “ان روسيا تحارب الشعب السوري وتمد العصابة الحاكمة بكافة انواع الاسلحة وتستعمل حق النقض من اجل ان يستمر النظام في قتل الشعب السوري”
thugs in the opposition,and there are many, are in a race to show rebels that they are as thuggish as everybody else.

December 18th, 2012, 4:07 pm


ghufran said:

Indians know a thing or two about Talibani Islamist terrorists:
أكد السفير الهندي في دمشق “في بي هرن” أن سورية “تواجه اليوم حركات متطرفة عنيفة ليس لديها أي قيمة لحياة الإنسان” مشيرا إلى أن السوريين ورغم الظروف المحيطة بهم قادرون على السير نحو السلام وتحقيق التطور والتنمية والمصالحة الوطنية.
ولفت السفير هرن في كلمة ودية ألقاها خلال حفل وداع أقامته وزارة الخارجية والمغتربين اليوم بمناسبة انتهاء مهام عمله سفيرا لبلاده في الجمهورية العربية السورية إلى “أن الهند تهتم بما يجري في سورية من خلال عملها في مجلس الأمن مبينا أنه قام بنقل الصورة الحقيقية للأحداث الجارية في سورية وأن وزارة خارجية بلاده كانت تستقي معلوماتها من السفارة الهندية بدمشق مباشرة وليس مما تتناقله وسائل الإعلام”.
to some,the fact that India stayed neutral and refused to join this bloody dance makes this 1 billion-strong nation “insignificant” .

December 18th, 2012, 4:15 pm


zoo said:

32. Tara

I never talked about Sunnis been target… I don’t know where you read that. In any case the openly declared targets of the Sunni islamist terrorists in Syria are the ‘heretics’ that also include 5 years old kids “shabibha”… They are the targets, not your child safe abroad.

If you are shocked, you should be shocked by where this senseless revolution has brought the country to.
Could you please avoid using this infantile nonsense that I keep hearing”: He started it” instead of asking : how do we, Syrians can stop it?
Also I prefer not to read the other simplistic “sesame street” sentence: Bashar should go and the door to peace will open. We all know it is obsolete.

December 18th, 2012, 4:16 pm


mjabali said:


I hope you understand Arabic because here is what was asked and then answered by al-Qirdawi:

The host asked him two questions:

هل يجوز أستهداف علماء السلطة
وهل يجوز قتل العسكريين اللذين مازالو واقفين مع النظام مع العلم أن فيهم من ينوي الانشقاق ولايتمكن من ذلك؟

To translate the questions of the host for those who do not read Arabic:

Is it permitted to TARGET the regime scholar, and is is Permitted to KILL the soldiers who are still with the regime although there are amongst them who wanted to desert and could not do that..

So the question is clear asking al-Qirdawi is it permitted to Kill soldiers and those standing with the regime.

He stated his verdict clear when he said that those with the regime get the same verdict as the regime. He mentioned it before that the regime heads should be killed.

al-Qirdawi is very clear in his call for blood. As a matter of fact, he forgot himself at one moment and said…”WE should fight them…” Who is “We” in this case? Do expect him soon carrying an AK47 shooting up the place, or carrying a sledge hammer breaking the walls of people’s homes.

al-Qirdawi is dangerous and liable for standing in front of court because he is sanctioning blood shed.

We are in a world where there are civil or military courts and not religious courts.

When you have religious kooks on the air like al-Qirdawi you are asking for trouble no matter what.

Those who put al-Qirdawi on the air should stand in front of the court soon also.

As for al-Assad regime: dude, they are your regime more than me. You probably kissed ass to them in your lifetime. I did not. Yes, al-Assad and his troops are killing many Sunnis. This is a fact, and he should stand trial for that. What do I have to do with him ya dude?

As for your claim that I advocate punishing Turks. Dude, read my texts. I said the Turks should be stopped and stand trial for what they have done to the Alawis. They did massacre the Alawis for hundreds of years. Now they are helping the same old thing again.

The Turks also should be questioned about what they are pushing to be done to the Alawis. The Turks are not neutral. They should stop helping the ethnic/sectarian cleansing of the Alawis.

Also, the Turks should give the Alawi Turks their rights. Why the hell not?

As for finding good logic in my argument because you claim that my texts show hatred towards the Sunnis I say: dude you have not met anyone in your life who question what the Sunnis have done like me. It is not a matter of hatred dude: it is a matter of finding the truth.

What motivates me is not hatred: but the will to help my people: a minority in the middle East surrounded by an ocean of hatred and those negating its right to live.

December 18th, 2012, 4:27 pm


zoo said:

#39 Hamoodeh

I guess you should address your warning to the ones who have been arguing for days that Alawites and Shias are heretic minorities that are tolerated rather then respected.
You obviously are missing the A’rour brilliant preachings about the Alawites in the last few months. I recommend them to you in your class of ‘how to cohabitate peacefully in Syria”.
No Sunni religious authority has ever condemn the Ibn Tahmiya monstruous sectarianism. It is still valid and can be used when it is convenient and we saw during that war that it was.

Sunni Turkey is responsible for the murder of millions of Christians and other minorities not too far in time.

Get to your own conclusions about who has been historically the target of persecution and who are the persecutors and who should be brought to justice?

December 18th, 2012, 4:31 pm


zoo said:

@35. majedkhaldoun

Thanks for the UPPERCASE…

December 18th, 2012, 4:35 pm


Syrialover said:

“Defeating Assad will have been the easy part. We have a country to rebuild and a people to heal. Put pettiness aside & get to work.”

Tweet by Rafif Jouejati, spokesperson for the Local Coordination Committees in Syria

December 18th, 2012, 4:54 pm


zoo said:

Miss Piggy got promoted to Miss Piggy Teflon

Hillary Clinton: Our Teflon Secretary of State and Our Next President?

Despite her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton has been acknowledged as the most traveled Secretary of State in America’s history. Frequent flyer miles alone are considered to be another enhancement of her phantom achievements. Perhaps this would be good time for a quick refresher of Mrs. Clinton’s genuine resume: Travelgate, Filegate, criminal activities regarding cattle futures, and her activities in the Rose Law Firm.

It has been stated that had Hillary Clinton not been First Lady at the time she would not have escaped prosecution. Mrs. Clinton was the carpet- bagging Senator of the state of New York. She has been cited by those closest to her as a “monster.”

Read more:

December 18th, 2012, 4:57 pm


zoo said:

What happened to Al Assaad, Sheikh and Hussein Haj Ali?

Proof of a Scandal: U.S. Policy is Making Syria into an Anti-Western, Antisemitic Islamist State

December 18th, 2012 – 7:35 am
Barry Rubin

In his article “The Revolt of Islam in Syria” (Jerusalem Post, December 12), Jonathan Spyer — senior fellow at the GLORIA Center — points out compelling information about the new Western-backed leadership in Syria.

The bottom line: if this is Syria’s new government, then Syria now has an Islamist regime.

Why is this happening? Because Obama and others believe that they can moderate the Muslim Brotherhood and this will tame the Salafists, despite massive evidence to the contrary. This is going to be the biggest foreign policy blunder of the last century, and the cost for it will be high. It should be stressed: such a strategy is totally unnecessary; the alternatives have been ignored; and the real moderates are being betrayed.

Here is some of the proof for these assertions:

– “The founder of the Free Syrian Army, former Syrian Air Force Colonel Riad Asaad, is notably absent [from the leadership]. General Mustafa al-Sheikh, the first of his rank to defect to the rebels, is also not there. Sheikh is known for his fierce opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hussein Haj Ali, the highest ranking officer to defect so far, was similarly absent.” These men are all anti-Islamists.

December 18th, 2012, 5:02 pm


Majedkhaldoun said:

Duze Mjabali
Qardawi did not say kill, he said fight, there is a difference, you fight , frequently to defend yourself, he is responsible for what HE says.
Duze Mjabali
You did not answer my question directly, Is your son guilty for what you did of crimes?are you guilty for wrongs done thousand of years ago?
Do you advocate collective punishment?
Is defending your minority justify killing hundred of thousands of fellow citizens?as it is done by YOUR Assad and his thugs in the army, he is not my Assad.
Duze Mjabali
Please be direct, Who did the killing ? Assad himself or The soldiers who are mostly the people you defend? how many of them The Shabbiha and the officers and soldiers those that you put yourself to defend, are tens of thousands, bringing them to justice means thousands of them should be killed,

Do you advocate forgiving criminals selectively?You have two levels of justice.

December 18th, 2012, 5:16 pm


zoo said:

Amirahmadi launches bid to be Iran’s next president

A highly-regarded academic, Amirahmadi holds a Ph.D. in economic planning and international development from Cornell University and is a professor at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. He served for many years as director of the University’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies.

He is also a senior associate at Oxford University in the U.K. and helped found the Centre for Iranian Research and Analysis and the American-Iranian Council, an organisation devoted to improving the relationship between the United States and Iran and promoting civil society institutions in Iran.

The elections, expected to be the most fiercely fought since the birth of the Islamic Republic in 1979, have already seen almost 11 candidates nominated.

At a private function, the Committee to Elect Amirahmadi for President of Iran in June 2013 formally nominated their candidate.

December 18th, 2012, 5:18 pm


zoo said:

Turkey to Make Islam Part of University Entry Exams

Michael Rubin | @mrubin1971 12.17.2012 – 1:35 PM

Another brick is falling in the fiction that Turkey seeks to remain a democratic, pluralistic, Western-leaning society: The head of the Turkish body which oversees placement tests and university admissions has announced that it will soon include religious questions in its placement tests.

December 18th, 2012, 5:24 pm


Tara said:


Let me just say that I will hang on the mental image I have composed for you and refuse to believe anything else despite some glaring statements to the contrary.

December 18th, 2012, 5:37 pm



Assad has become the hugest gangster in modern world politics. He succeeded for a time in letting believe world leaders that he was one of them. Now he is completely finished, vanished, evaporated, extinguished, run out, cut off, ridiculized, ended, but what we hope now is that all those dogs who ruled on Assad and with Assad get a penalty and a punishment too.

One thing is still difficult to understand for me. While plain syrian people has showed to be so brave as to defeat a powerfull army like Assad´s, there remains a part of syrians who are terribly stupid and/or cowards and living near the president do not dare to act against him.

December 18th, 2012, 5:42 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Inspite of air superiority Assad regime lost AlHajar al Aswad and mukhayyamat area,the regime lost a large arc from northeast Damascus to the east Duma to the south of Damascus west to Darayya and Muaddamiyeh,and Zabadani area,and now he is losing inHama area, The regime is still in control of Qurdaha,however,his military reserve is dwindling
There is a joke in Damascus,
الان خبر عاجل من قلب مجلس الوزراء الان

حيث تم بعون الله تعالى

…دمج مؤسسة الكهرباء

ومؤسسة الاطفاء

المؤسسة العامة لاطفاء الكهرباء

December 18th, 2012, 5:50 pm


Observer said:

Majblai it is very simple.
One, the West does not want to interfere in Syria either directly or indirectly and is letting the rebels and the regime fight it out.
Two, the current regime is a threat to both minorities and majorities and now is killing daily between 150 and 200 of the general population.

Therefore asking for the West to intervene to protect minorities is not going to happen and forgetting that majorities are being killed is not complete in your appropriate concerns.

I did not try to make arguments just what I consider facts on the ground. Iran will not bleed to death for the sake of the regime and has had a plan B of a small enclave on the coast to keep in touch and in influence with both Syrians and Lebanese that work with it. That plan is now in jeopardy.

Russia is trying to cut its losses as it has concluded that at the very least the regime will not solve the problem by military means and that the Grozhny scenario has failed.

Once again, I like to challenge the status quo and the common ideas and would like to posit that separation of the Alawis is better for everyone lest a genocide happens.

Once again, I propose even before a government in exile or a government of national unity a Truth and Reconciliation commission and it is mainly in the interest of regime supporters not the regime itself as it is immune to such ideas to come forward and help establish this commission.

My dear Majbali the regime played the sectarian card and played the narrative of the MB and now is playing the narrative of Jihadists and of foreign fighters to justify the use of force in an attempt to turn the clock back. Not only it failed but as the saying goes “watch out what you wish for you might get it” it really got the worst of its nightmares realized and now can only fight a rearguard and a scorched earth policy.

In its fight it will drag decent people of all stripes down the drain with it. It has taken the sect and others as hostages to its physical and political survival.

Even mafiosi know how to negotiate and how to retreat and how to compromise. Even in this mafia like state it failed.

December 18th, 2012, 6:20 pm


AIG said:

Zoo is like Monty Pyhton’s Black Knight from the holy grail:

In the beginning it was funny. Now it is sad.

December 18th, 2012, 6:27 pm



I am seeing some back and forth regarding Sh. Qaradawi’s answer to a question about the permissibility to target those who support the Syrian regime, chief among them the scholars, and kill Syrian army soldiers who have not defected.

In the answer, Sh. Qaradawi does not use the world kill. Rather he uses the word fight. Big difference.

However, I am troubled by his answer (I don’t consider it a fatwa. This is not how fatwas are issued). When answering such a question, he should have made it very clear as to what can and cannot be done. Otherwise, people start making their own interpretations and blood starts flowing indiscriminately. Many Syrian scholars have provided clear guidance in this regard to prevent injustice. One of the most outspoken in this regard is Sh. Muhammad Al-Yaquobi.

When it comes to the blood and property of people, one has to be very careful.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a fan of Sh. Qaradawi. In many ways, he’s doing a disservice to the Syrian uprising by these types of answers.

Here are legal rulings regarding soldiers and shabbihah by a scholar from Aleppo (Abu Al-Hudah Al-Husainy):

أحكام شرعية تتعلق بالمجند المؤيد والشبيح

أولا – الحكم الذي أحرق سورية وشرد شعبها وقتل أبرياءها زالت شرعيته، وأصبح المقاتلون في صفه من البغاة (وأحكامهم في الشريعة الإسلامية هي أحكام البغاة ).
ثانيا – المجندون والشبيحة الذين ما يزالون يقاتلون ليسوا في رتبة العدو الصهيوني، فهم من أبناء الشعب السوري، وتجري عليهم أحكام البغاة كما تقدم.
ثالثا – يجب شرعا على قيادة الجيش الحر أن تطلب من مقاتلي الحكم الفاقد شرعيته الأمور الآتية:
1- التوقف عن القتال أو الانحياز إلى الجيش الحر.
2- الحوار والمناظرة لتبيين خطأ ما يفعلونه.
3- برجوعهم إلى الحق وتوبتهم يمنحون العفو العام.
رابعا- إذَا قَصَدَ الجيش الحرّ بقتاله إضْعَافَ المقاتلين دفاعا عن الحكم الفاقد شرعيته فَإِنَّهُ لَا ضَمَانَ عليه أمَا إذا قَصَدُ التَّشَفِّيَ وَالِانْتِقَامَ فإنه يضمن جميع ما يتلفه من المال والأنفس.
خامسا- إذا استولى أحد أفراد الجيش الحر على سلاح من الجيش النظامي فلا يجوز تملكه ولا يتحول إلى ملك خاص ولا يجوز بيعه لأنه ملك عام للشعب، وعند انتهاء الأزمة السورية يعيده إلى أملاك الدولة، وكل ما يكون خلاف هذا من تملك أو بيع حرام يجب اجتنابه.
سادسا- لا يجوز تجويع المجندين ولا منع الماء عنهم، وإذا هربوا وتفرقوا فلا يجوز اللحاق بهم، ولا يجوز الإجهاز على جريح منهم.
سابعا – لا يجوز قتل أسيرهم لأنه صار بالأسر محقون الدم حتى ولو كان قاتلا فليس حكمه شرعا القصاص كحكم القاتل الفرد خارج الجيش بل له حكم خاص، ولا تجوز مصادرة مال أحدهم، ولا يجوز اغتنام أي شيء مما يملك إذا وقع قتيلا.
ثامنا- إذا احتج الجيش الحرّ بأن الأسير كافرٌ، وأن الأسير الكافر يمكن في بعض أحكامه القتل؛ نقول: فهل عرضتم عليه الإسلام والنطق بالشهادتين؟ لأنه يحقن دمه بالإسلام.
هذه بعض أحكام … أقدمها لإخوتنا في الجيش الحر … راغبا في رشادهم … ومبعدا إياهم عن الوقوع فيما حرمه الله.

December 18th, 2012, 6:47 pm


Syrialover said:

I posted this response to VISITOR by accident in an earlier thread. Here it is again.


Your shadowboxing war cries don’t get my attention unless spoken from behind the ranks of the FSA, standing outside rubble of your home, or in a 1 km bread line in Damascus.

Shall I send some people I know in those situations your personal long distance message that they “out of the revolution” because they don’t want foreign salafists running their lives?

And I see that Moaz al-Khatib had better behave in your books or he will be “trash”.

Your version of al-Nusrah is extremely excited and upbeat.

But I agree with TARA who says: “The enthusiasm for al Nusra is stemming out of necessities and desperation and is not a leisure choice to bring Islamists on nor is it getting drunk with or by its military victory.”

I urge you to take advantage of living in the west. Instead of telling us here, go and run a serious public campaign to tell western government and aid organizations to “stick up their ass” – to use your words – any aid and assistance they offer in rebuilding post-Assad Syria.

December 18th, 2012, 7:41 pm


zoo said:


There is something you should know. I do not tolerate arrogance and expression of superiority or discrimination from anybody toward minorities, whether they are religious, ethnic, gender or less privileged classes. I believe we all equal and no one should feel superior to the other, especially coming from the ones who belong to the majority.

Therefore when someone breaches this, I react.
In this blog, there are many who think they own the truth, political, religious and social and try to impose it using arrogance, verbal violence and demeaning insults.
Don’t be surprised if I react sometimes with anger towards that.

December 18th, 2012, 7:59 pm


revenire said:

SYRIALOVER calm yourself. Assad and Syria are doing fine. Winter is coming and we all need to stay warm. Russia is sending fresh blankets to Tartus. The ships have sailed. Even the terrorists will be supplied.

December 18th, 2012, 8:05 pm


zoo said:

The USA has postponed the invasion of Syria?

You remember the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower off the coast of Syria that made a scoop 10 days ago as the media announced the US was getting ready for the invasion of Syria.
It is back home for long time planned maintenance.

US Navy pulls two aircraft carriers from Syria shores

Published: 18 December, 2012, 00:56

Two aircraft carriers stationed off the Syrian coast were sent back to the US this week in a move that the Obama administration thought would ease tensions, but angered Turkish officials who hoped for significant US military presence in the region.

The USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier and the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and its 2,500 marines were recalled after being stationed on the Syrian coast, allegedly in preparation of potential military invasion.

December 18th, 2012, 8:41 pm


zoo said:

Will Morsi be indicted for murder? Will he be forced to step down?

Just as the court of law had indicted ousted President Hosni Mubarak for being responsible for the killing of innocent demonstrators in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and elsewhere across the nation during the early days of the 25 January Revolution, Morsi could be indicted too after 10 were killed during the clashes on 5 December.

This litigation is immediately discrediting for the image of the first ever freely elected president of the nation, who over and over vowed to “rightfully avenge” the killing of demonstrators during the 25 January Revolution but has not yet lived up to this promise.

Political and legal activists said that this series of lawsuits and the other lawsuit initiated by rights activist and former presidential runner Khaled Ali against the referendum on the draft constitution, whose second phase is due Saturday, for the violation of relevant legal procedures are not going to be the worst part of the hardship that Morsi will face.

According to Hassan Abu-Taleb, a senior political analyst and commentator at Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, Morsi is losing control and the animosity that he had once complained about from the previous state establishment is turning into a self-fulfilled prophecy.

December 18th, 2012, 8:48 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Cry baby cry

US can but not willing to shorten Assad time, what is left of it, by providing anti aircraft weapons,Assad thugs are fighting for their life they see the end coming they enter the four stages of death anger and denial,delusional dreams,they need to ask for hospice,or paliative treatment they may get assissted suicide from Persia or Putin Russia.

There is no ethnic cleansing in Jabal Zawiya or Jabal Akrad, people ran away leaving their towns, they were not slaughtered by the rebels

December 18th, 2012, 8:48 pm


Syrian said:

It dose not look like they are bringing any blankly to Bashar
Russia Sends Warships Toward Syria for Possible Evacuation
“Russian officials began formulating plans during the summer for an evacuation, but have delayed announcements, analysts say, to avoid signaling a loss of confidence in President Bashar al-Assad, a longtime strategic ally”
“A naval official, speaking on the condition of anonymity as is customary, told the Interfax news service that the ships were “on their way to the coast of Syria for possible participation in the evacuation of Russian citizens” to a Russian port on the Black Sea. The official said that the mission had been planned swiftly but under total secrecy, and that the timeline for the ships’ return to port “depends on the development of the situation in Syria.”

December 18th, 2012, 8:53 pm


Syrian said:

Speaking on the “Today” show this morning shortly after he and the crew were delivered over the Syrian border to Turkey, Engel said he has a “very good idea” who his captors were.

“This was the Shabiha,” he said. “This is a government militia. They are loyal to Bashar al-Assad, they are Shiite. They were talking openly about their loyalty to the government. They were openly expressing their Shia faith. They are trained by Iranian revolutionary guard. They are trained by Hezbellah.”

December 18th, 2012, 9:08 pm


Syrialover said:


You must be squealing with laughter and mad giggles over your brilliant trick of dumping 20+ paragraphs of Russian (#25) an an attempt to disrupt this forum.

What are you, a lonely, bored 11 year old?

December 18th, 2012, 9:18 pm


revenire said:

Disrupt it? Come on – all you guys do is argue about the war as if you have anything to do with it. In a year’s time you’ll still be here saying “Assad will fall soon” to each other (just like you did last year predicting that the entire SAA would defect and Assad would flee to Moscow).

You can’t read Russian? I apologize. Would you like English? Arabic? French?

Did you read the post or is that all Russian propaganda? (And I kind of doubt Russia telegraphs its moves to the New York Times.)


December 18th, 2012, 9:26 pm


revenire said:

SYRIAN how would Engel know they who they were? Did he guess? It makes no sense. He was held captive for a few days and blindfolded. He guessed the idenity of his captors? LOL

We have a bridge waiting for you in Brooklyn.

December 18th, 2012, 9:28 pm


zoo said:

The Syrian army did a great job in asking the inhabitants of Yarmouk to leave immediately. Buses were organized to evacuate everybody in a matter of one or two days.

This took the rebels and their Al Nusra fighters by surprise because they were planning, as they usually do, to use the civilians as human shields and then claim that the regime is “killing civilians” when bombs would fall.

Now that 95% of the civilians are out, the terrorists are exposed to a total decimation as nothing can stop the Syrian army to use extreme force to dislodge them and eliminate them.
They are now encircled and trapped.
Let us see how many of the terrorists will have the luck to tactically withdraw this time.

December 18th, 2012, 9:29 pm


revenire said:

It seems a trap was laid in Yarmouk and the al-Nusra Al-Qaeda rats fell for it and now they will get to see their virgins in Hell. I hope someone takes photos.

December 18th, 2012, 9:31 pm


zoo said:

Has Syria Become Al-Qaeda’s New Base For Terror Strikes On Europe?

Exclusive investigation: The terror network in Syria includes dozens of European members, and wants to get its hands on Assad’s stockpile of chemical weapons.

By Florian Flade and Clemens Wergin
DIE WELT/Worldcrunch

December 18th, 2012, 9:38 pm


Anthony Nguyen said:

The way the poll question asked is incorrect. June 1, 2012 has passed already (at that time, the Assad regime is still in power in Damascus). The poll question should change into “Will Assad lose Damascus by June 1, 2013?”

December 18th, 2012, 9:40 pm


revenire said:

First reports said the kidnappers were FSA and we know who has been doing the kidnappings and murder of journalists don’t we? The FSA. Do you remember Yara Saleh?

Journos killed by FSA: Gilles Jacquier, Sami Abu Amin, Mohammad Zeid, Chammah Kohl, Mohammed al-Saeed, Maya Naser, Najim Asaad.

However, NBC said earlier the abductors belonged to an unknown group that was “not believed to be loyal to the Assad regime.”

And Mohammed Cheikh Omar, a brother of Ammar Cheikh Omar, one of the captured members of the NBC team, told CNN that his brother said the kidnappers were a group claiming to be Free Syrian Army.

Ammar Cheikh Omar said the group that freed the crew was a Free Syrian Army brigade called Ahrour el Sham.

December 18th, 2012, 9:42 pm


revenire said:

Engel’s pal “Ammar Cheikh Omar” is a German. Ha ha. The fog of war propaganda is thick.

December 18th, 2012, 9:47 pm


Syrialover said:


It must be getting past your bedtime. Does your mother know what you’re doing on the computer?

December 18th, 2012, 9:56 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Please keep it to English or Arabic if you want people to read it. This blog is called “Syria Comment,” not “Russia Comment.”

Revenire, if you want to troll, it is more effective to troll in a language that your target can understand. Please read:

Trolling 101: A Guide to Trolling.
By Sir T. R. Oll.

You might learn something from it.

December 18th, 2012, 10:04 pm


Darryl said:

About this innocent word Fight:

Can anyone please tell us, when Allah in Surat al-Anfal verses 17, 39 and 65 and then in Surat Al-towbah verses 13-14, 29 and 111 is talking about fighting, in reality Allah was talking about a kind of sport but not actual combat with swords and intent to destroy a life?

Now this begs the question, shouldn’t the Islamic invaders have carried plastic or paper swords or at least Qur’ans when they invaded Bilad Al-sham to make sure no one was harmed?

December 18th, 2012, 10:04 pm


Tara said:

I pray that God protects the freedom fighters in Yarmouk camp and everywhere else in Syria against Batta and his occupying army.

December 18th, 2012, 10:04 pm


revenire said:

I’ll translate it into English for you and repost it. Thanks.

December 18th, 2012, 10:11 pm


Tara said:


You are giving Revenire his few seconds of fame when you continue to react to his posts. The elation he gets from your reaction keeps him going. Try to ignore him, he will get bored and he will move on.

December 18th, 2012, 10:12 pm


revenire said:

Damascus and Aleppo are alive, despite false forecasts
12.18.2012 / / 00:38

Following the so-called “Friends of Syria”, which, meeting in Marrakech, interrupting each other, threatened Syria, NATO Secretary General Rasmussen, just as they were, said that “Damascus is nearing its end.” Such forecasts sound for 22 months. But in spite of all his “friends”, gravediggers, Syria not only lives, but also wins over the armed terrorists, despite the huge help to them from outside.

Careless remarks of Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov, who quoted the so-called “Syrian opposition”, as if they control 60% of the territory of Syria, he immediately picked up in the West, to use them for the next wave of propaganda. Especially enjoyed them gosdepovskaya “Mrs.-viselnitsa” Victoria Nuland (the one that called for direct text “tighten the noose”) and the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who said that, they say, “even Russian recognize that Syria will soon end.”

The next day, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the country’s position remains the same, that Russia strongly opposes foreign intervention and condemn terrorism against Syria, and the words were misinterpreted Bogdanov Western journalists.

But how much more miserable position of the West, as far as it interferes with both Syria and Russia’s position that they are ready to catch every word of the Russian diplomats, dissect the slightest expression, the slightest mistake and drive the next wave in the style: “Syria will fall, even the Russian admitted it” ( As Fabius).

However, our diplomats also would not hurt to think about it and do not allow yourself to statements that could be misinterpreted and cause a wave. After all, any ambiguity, any doubt, any hesitation will gladly picked up “liberal” Western media repeatedly strengthened and this will be built such findings, as in a nightmare not a dream.

In the Damascus winter came, like our, Russian, early autumn. The city continues to live his normal life, but sometimes in the usual city noise burst loud and disturbing sounds of explosions and shots … to increased security measures the capital have become accustomed.

Ongoing clashes with the terrorists in the suburbs of Damascus. In towns Dareyya, Hudzheyra, Diyabiya, farms, Zamalka army successfully beat terrorist groups. In the suburbs of Damascus Haraszti few days ago it was destroyed many foreign mercenaries. Bandits are great losses in manpower. While retreating, they leave the cities and towns deep wounds – the destruction of schools, mosques desecrated, damaged houses … But of no storm Damascus in the near future is not out of the question – the main rebel forces defeated in the suburbs.

Syrian military tells the story of a successful operation in the Damascus suburb of Duma. It used the military fears militants ‘opposition’ about chemical weapons scattered from helicopters … normal flour. Terrified bandits thought indeed used against them a formidable and mysterious white powder, and ran in panic. It was then that the army team and defeated the terrorists most conventional weapons.

Successful is the opposition to terrorists and the second largest city in Syria – Aleppo. The rebels are not there military victories, and so they are committed to clearing stuffing. Thus, said if they took you a military base “Canaanites.” However, the army flatly denied the report, which was put on many anti-Syrian media.

Militants tried to attack a military school in Aleppo, but were defeated. Killed their leader, crushed cars, which they tried to carry out the attack.
Residents As-Sabil district Aleppo took to the streets and staged a mass demonstration in support of the army. The people were very much. Syrian people carrying national flags and portraits of President Bashar al-Assad and chanted slogans in support of the army, the protector, the army, the liberator.

I must say that such demonstrations in Aleppo are very common, and often people coming to them, risk their lives – there were many instances when terrorists fired on demonstrators. But people still take to the streets.

And in the province of Homs in the area of ​​Tel Kalyah border several days getting to successfully resist attempts mercenaries from Lebanon. Bandits are trying to break through, but eventually forced to retreat back into Lebanese territory, carrying casualties.

Syrian army shows its combat capability and their exploits themselves denied all the allegations and Fabius Rasmussen that “Syria is about to collapse.”

Because the West and continues to make plans for external military intervention, therefore, is to provocations and falsifications. For example, the Pentagon and NATO after it accused Syria that it claims uses strategic missiles “Scud” against the rebels. Syria’s Foreign Ministry categorically denied it.

Syria’s enemies will not know what to think. That chemical weapons, the “Scud”, then anything else. But, as an immortal classic Krylov, “The gossips assumed to work, not better eh over speed?” U.S. and NATO just sinners that used disproportionate force against recalcitrant countries. For example, the fight against Libya – a country that did not attack anyone that did not have even a strong army, build your social paradise and do not want to obey the dictates of the “new crusaders” …

The crew of an American submarine “Triumph” was awarded medals for their part in the operation “Unified Protector” against Libya (“Defender” of people from this mortal life?). They are charged with “Tomahawk” in launchers. At the awards ceremony the captain told his “heroes” that they deserve these awards and should wear them with pride.

These are the concepts in the Western world about the pride and heroism. Shelling innocent country, killing its people, the transformation of social paradise in terrible hell – is considered a righteous deed. Submarine warfare, “Hatchet”, cruise missiles, advanced fighters against a poorly armed and few in the Libyan army – it proves prowess worthy award!

That’s what they want to fight and with Syria. Not learning from the example of Libya, despite the fact that there for many years to create chaos, which touched even U.S. diplomats unwilling to admit their own mistakes – they set their sights on another country and want an unequal war, want Syria to crush all their firepower. Because the fight on equal terms, these “heroes” are long forgotten how.

Elena Gromova, Damascus

December 18th, 2012, 10:13 pm


revenire said:

Although it is not very flattering for enemies of Syria and Bashar. I can’t help that though.

I find Russian media to be a lot more honest than that of the West or – God forbid – Qatari or Saudi Arabian press.

Take care.

December 18th, 2012, 10:16 pm


Syrialover said:


I don’t get you. To me and countless others, Abu Furat profiled in Joshua’s post above was the REAL revolution, a son of Syria with the strong backbone, resilience, pride and courage his country bred in him.

He was a MAN who cared about,respected and trusted his fellow Syrians. Read what Joshua has posted above and read more about him here:

But you act as if you dismiss all he stood and fought for, all he believed and cared about. You would prefer to applaud and defer to an arrogant fantasist wannabe like this:

December 18th, 2012, 10:18 pm


Ghufran said:

The FSA was and still is a cover of the real fighting force: Islamist Takfiri thugs who never believed in borders and governments, that fact does not negate the reality that a number of good Syrians defected from the army after Assad used it as a force to keep him in power not as a national army to protect the people. Most FSA leaders are busy giving press statements and Skype interviews while Jabhat Alnusra and other Alqaida groups are doing the heavy lifting with Khaliji money and Turkish active support.
The victims of those Talibani fighters will be all Syrians,not just alawites and Christians, those thugs,with their mouth piece here, are using sectarian slogans to recruit good intentioned people who will later be disposed like old shoes. I find it strange that abufurat was killed one hour after he gave his famous heart felt statement, if I was you I would not automatically assume that he was killed by the regime, expect many internal fights and mysterious death incidents of Syrian fighters who do not subscribe to Alnusra, aka alqaida,ideology.

December 18th, 2012, 10:45 pm


revenire said:

SAA killed dog Abu Furat and he is burning in Hell now. Good riddance.

December 18th, 2012, 10:54 pm


Ghufran said:

Islamist rebels are now pushing to take control of Alfurat Dam and link eastern Syria to western Iraq to form a large area of Alqaida- controlled mini state which can serve as a buffer between Iraq-Iran and western Syria. GCC thugs see this project as a necessary response to what they call a Shia Crescent. I think the days of a unified Syria are gone, Syrians who want to topple the regime found themselves as partners , sometimes unwillingly, in an evil campaign to end the Syrian state as a unique and independent country, like me, most of you will only be left with memories, good or bad, of a country that they once called HOME.

December 18th, 2012, 10:57 pm


revenire said:

Ghufran perhaps. I can’t see Assad losing and can’t see the FSA controlling anything. They hold nothing. The idea of a no-fly zone or an area where they have power is a myth that doesn’t exist. What I can see hundreds of thousands of dead though. The West has no interest in stopping this war and will arm the terrorists until the last Syrian is dead.

December 18th, 2012, 11:08 pm


Majed97 said:

The rapid collapse of Aleppo’s economic and social fabrics is nothing short of tragic. People there are starving and losing hope fast. Shame on all those who supported and cheered for forcing this unwanted “revolution” on Aleppians.

Rubble and Despair of War Redefine Syria Jewel
The New York Times
Published: December 18, 2012

“Aleppo’s citizens scavenge and seethe. And along with the sectarian passions of civil war, some residents express yearnings for starkly opposite visions of the future: either for a return of the relative stability of the Assad government or for the promises of Islamic rule.”

“The battle’s effects followed a predictable course, with little differentiation among its victims’ backgrounds. Aleppo’s residents face a collapsed economy, broken infrastructure, no services and no clear sense of when the fighting will end.”

December 18th, 2012, 11:15 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:


“until the last Syrian is dead”

No. They’ll take the last Syrian alive and put her in the Bronx Zoo.

December 18th, 2012, 11:17 pm


revenire said:

Obama just might. He cares about as much about Syria as Netanyahoo does. Obama just likes seeing Syrians killing each other. The more the better. I remember when Kissinger said he was arming Iran and Iraq and hoped they all killed each other. Search for the quote. Not kidding.

December 18th, 2012, 11:28 pm


Sheila said:

Dear Ghufran,
You said:”in summary, we are now dealing with a bunch of violent thugs who can not be trusted and can only understand the language of force.”
This is exactly how i would have described the Assad regime.

December 18th, 2012, 11:29 pm


Sheila said:

It is hard to believe that some people still think that Assad will survive! Those blinders need to come off so that you could see the big picture. Your thug is finished.

December 18th, 2012, 11:33 pm


Sheila said:

It is interesting how everyone is worried about the Christians, the Alawis, the Kurds, the Turkman, the Armenians so on and so forth. How the Sunnis are asked constantly to give assurances to all the minorities that they will be protected in Syria after the fall of the regime, yet people forget that the Sunnis are in the middle of their own extermination and holocaust. They are busy burying their children and finding enough bread to survive. Who will give them assurances? Better yet, who will stop their carnage?

December 18th, 2012, 11:39 pm


revenire said:

Sheila people have been saying that a long time. Assad is strong. Don’t worry about him. He will survive longer than his enemies.

December 18th, 2012, 11:40 pm


revenire said:

Sheila no the Sunnis are Syrians fighting against terrorists and supporting the government.

December 18th, 2012, 11:40 pm


Ghufran said:

These are the thugs we are supposed to trust ( or else):
Notice that the source is no other than aljazeera.

December 18th, 2012, 11:53 pm


Ghufran said:

These are the thugs we are supposed to trust ( or else):
the source is no other than aljazeera.

December 18th, 2012, 11:54 pm


revenire said:

I like how little kids of 10-12 have guns in that video. War crime. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen child-soldiers in Syria. I remember the beheading a few weeks ago.

These thugs will all be killed or driven out. God bless the Syrian Arab Army and Syria.

December 19th, 2012, 12:02 am


Syrian said:

After Guffran mentors killed and dismembered 12 years old Hamaza Alkateeb they should all carry guns and protect themselves

December 19th, 2012, 12:13 am


revenire said:

SYRIAN skip the tears. Your “revolution” is failing and you ride a river of blood. Your hands are not clean and you will not win. Too many Syrians support Assad. They have an army. That army is strong.

December 19th, 2012, 12:16 am


Syrian said:

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

December 19th, 2012, 12:21 am


Ghufran said:

For good or bad, the truth about Aleppo and what the revolution for ” freedom and dignity” brought to that city, and few others before it, is being told in western press. New York Times , one of the most quoted and referenced newspapers in the western world, has a number of pieces on Aleppo for you to read, the conclusion for the majority of Americans I talked to or listened to was the same:
Syria is screwed, Syrians destroyed their country to replace a bad bloody regime with a collection of middle ages religious thugs war mongers. Pitty the nation and all of you who ran after a mirage only to find out that they only got a dead body covered with a shiny dress.
I will not link the articles, most of you are not willing to read and even if they do they will not have the moral outrage to admit that Syria is our victim,and when ahl albalad unite to destroy it foreigners will gladly provide help. Do not waste time trying to prove your point, send money to hungry Syrians instead.
طز فيكن و بهالثوره تبعكن
Special Tozz to the ” wise” and inspiring king of the Syrian Republic.

December 19th, 2012, 12:31 am


Juergen said:

UNICEF has just voted this picture to be the best photograph of 2012

It was taken in the Dar-al-Shifa-Hospital in Aleppo.

photo is by

Alessio Romenzi

Amir good to see you left a post!

December 19th, 2012, 12:54 am


Dolly Buster said:

81. revenire said:

I find Russian media to be a lot more honest than that of the West

That is because you are naive, and can’t see the true motivation of the KGB.

I on the other hand am aware of the Russian criminals, so I NEVER watch their propaganda. Not a single second of RT makes it into my day.

I am looking forward to the Russian-Shiite defeat in Syria, forecast by all intelligence agencies in the world.

December 19th, 2012, 1:09 am


Syrialover said:

GHUFRAN #100 said:

“Syrians destroyed their country”

Correction: A non-legitimate minority dictatorship assisted by Russia and Iran destroyed the country that belonged to Syrians.

A country which had been hijacked, robbed and choked for many years under the threat of the gun and torture chamber.

December 19th, 2012, 1:25 am


Syrian said:

ديسمبر 18th, 2012 by admin
مراسل المحليات : كلنا شركاء
خسرت مرشحة اسماء الاسد السيدة هديل الاسمر مديرة مدرسة مونتيسوري ( التي تضم اولاد بشار الاسد ) التصويت الذي جرى قبل دقائق في الامم المتحدة كي تصبح مستشارة بلجنة حقوق الطفل بفارق كبير جدا جدا .
والذي اثار اهتمام وضحك الوفود المشاركة باللجنة انهم عندما كانوا يدخلون الى التواليت كانوا يجدون ملصق عليه صورة الطفل حمزة الخطيب الذي قتله بشار الاسد وشبيحته ومكتوب عليه لا تصوتوا لقتلة الاطفال وممثلتهم هديل الاسمر – سوريا ….

December 19th, 2012, 1:29 am



FSA around Damascus capture a Shilka after liberating a small Radar base. “The ZSU-23-4 is a lightly armored, self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft weapon system (SPAAG).”

If they can use it properly, it’ll make things more complicated for the Syrian Air Force.

December 19th, 2012, 1:34 am


Visitor said:

HH 22 from previous post,

I have a response for you coming up soon. I’m extremely busy these days.


Syrialover 82,

You long ago stopped drawing my attention. As far as I am concerned you and whoever thinks like you are a burden on this revolution which can do much better without.

I came across your empty and void posturing about wanting a fight to decide whether you will be in or out of the revolution. I’ll tell you this: you and your so-called secular minded ilk are no match to Nusra or any one in the FSA, and that is proven by experience. Your hiding behind the FSA to gain legitimacy is nothing but an empty charade. Before I came to this forum, none of you so-called revolution enthusiasts said a word about FSA or even knew it existed. You were still living in LaLa land thinking of toppling the regime through naive silmiyya sloganeering. Kiss my ass you and any one like your idiot Robert Ford.

As I mentioned in my previous reponse to you and HH none of the FSA battalions endorsed anything close to secularism because they know full well the Syrian people are by in large good conservative Muslims who are not eager to get cameras and cellphones from ASSHOLES like Robert Ford. So next time make sure you tell this idiot the asshole he is before you quote him.

I am glad you are speaking for yourself now only because that is what you should be doing and you better make sure you stay that way. And yes, Moaz means nothing to me or to the revolution. He is readily dispensible unlike the Nusra fighters who are more essential and indispensible to Syria and to the revolution. They cannot be treated as disposables as you wish. They are here to stay whether you like it or not.

December 19th, 2012, 1:38 am


Syrialover said:


I have been reading you here for at least 18 months.

I recall way back then being uneasy at your relentless negativity and pessimism about Syrians and Syria.

I remember commenting on your attitude and wondering why you bothered coming here if that was how you felt. This was long before the full scope of the Assad-driven disaster rolled out and gained momentum.

So surely you must be THRILLED to see that the situation has caught up with your mood.

But no, you have to keep running ahead of the tide, finding new ways to be even more negative, pessimistic and dismissive of the people of Syria.

What on earth do you WANT? Are you going to sulk for the rest of your life if Syrians manage to rise above this hell and rebuild?

December 19th, 2012, 1:39 am


Visitor said:

MK and others talking about so-called Alawite persecution,

Guys there was never any persectuion of Alawites or more appropriately نصيريين anytime during the history. These people were treated as they should be treated when they commit treasons which they did and continue to do throughout history. Therefore, the discussion of the subject is irrelevant except from this perspective


Yes the Sunnis have the absolute right to grant protection to any group or sub-groups especially after so many of these groups have revealed their hatreds of Sunnis which became evident during the last two years. Further, if the Sunnis decide not to grant protection to some groups or sub-groups, then they are also entitled based on the above. If you do not like it, then that is too bad. We have been putting up with a lot of garbage from you and your likes over this time period. We are grateful, however, for your candid expressions of bigottry and hate so that we can formulate the proper response.

On another note, what do you think of the regime’s continued ‘tactical’ withdrawals from almost all the fronts where there is real fight going on?

December 19th, 2012, 1:48 am


Syrialover said:

You are feeling very grand. Running the Syrian revolution from your own imaginings and yearnings. And claiming “I saw them first” about the FSA.

Why? Have you got relatives in Syria struggling daily for food, water and heating? Relatives whose lives are at risk every hour? Relatives involved with the FSA? Relatives you’ve had to pay to rescue from Assad’s security service jails?

I and my friends do, which is why I don’t get off on the Rambo and fantasy salafist stuff.

And if you are living in the west your statements are very strange. You must find it hell. The imaginary post-Assad Syria of al Nusra is where you would feel much better.

And unless you have studied the archives in detail you have no idea of what was said on the SyriaComment forum before you arrived. It looks like you haven’t.

While you may vehemently disagree, I believe the al Nusrah issue should be debated as strongly and freely here as it is on every other blog and twitter site dedicated to Syria.

December 19th, 2012, 1:56 am


Juergen said:

Arwa Damon on a women photographer capturing the daily atrocities in Aleppo.

December 19th, 2012, 2:09 am


Juergen said:

reporters without borders have awarded Syria to be the most dangerous country in this world for journalists:

” Syria – cemetery for news providers
At least 17 journalists, 44 citizen-journalists and 4 media assistants killed in 2012
Bashar Al-Assad’s bloody crackdown in Syria has hit news providers hard because they are the unwanted witnesses of the atrocities being committed by a regime with its back to the wall. Journalists have also been targeted by armed opposition groups, which are increasingly intolerant of criticism and ready to brand journalists as spies if they fail to reflect their views. Because of the polarization of information sources, news manipulation, propaganda, technical constraints and the extreme violence to which journalists and citizen-journalists are exposed, anyone trying to gather or disseminate news and information in Syria needs a real sense of vocation.”,43806.html

December 19th, 2012, 2:34 am


Syria no Kandahar said:

Sunni against Shia is the easy way to control the Moslem world and many Moslems are falling into this trapp like headless tuna fish.Who cares about Hussien,Ali,Aisha,Omar or any other historical Islamic dead dudes,but for Moslems no way Jose it is very crucial: if you believe in Hussien I will kill you
And if you believe in Ali I will get 72 virgins for free if I let my son cut your neck and if you don’t respect zienab or Aisha then shame and death on you!!!
Moslems from all over the earth as far as china and Sweden are coming to Syria
To kill Moslems or pseudo Moslems ….what an easy trapp for Moslem Tuna jihadists.What is the definition or Sunni or Shia?? 99% of Sunnis or Shia do not know it yet the will happily kill each other for not believing in each others dudes. So politics demacracy freedom ect. Has nothing to do with the Syrian long nightmare because if Syria was 99% sunni this nightmare would have been finished by now, but thanks to Syrian stupidity the religious fire was very easily put on for the benefit of Syria’s enemies and will never be off again. So shias are kuffar like druz and Chriatians and sunnis are the pure perfect selected people of God.In heaven all the suicide bombers,head cutters,Assad soldiers killers etc
Will be enjoying 72 virgins each with their Master ibn Temiah while all the Alawis
Druze,Christians or the none purified wahabisted Sunnis will be in hell having
To drink from rivers of vinegar and hummus instead of rivers of wine and yogurt
And having same sex activities instead of virgins(unless they were gays).
It is Shia against Sunnis all over(Iraq ,Syria,Bahrain,Pakistan etc)… The headless Tunas are going to the trap blindly.
طز بهيك ثوره(copy rights Gufran)

December 19th, 2012, 4:01 am


Citizen said:

Two russians abducted in Syria
Take your precautions jackals !
Haitham al-Maleh one of those jackals !

December 19th, 2012, 4:21 am


Syria no Kandahar said:

Question to the supporters of children’s head cutters wahabist revolution :
What will god reward a gay suicide bomber with?

December 19th, 2012, 4:27 am


Syria no Kandahar said:

Justice for Ndal janoud,Sari Saud and Hamza.

December 19th, 2012, 4:30 am


Jasmine said:

Will Assad have lost Damascus by June 1, 2012?
It was never about him to begin with,and it will not matter any more even if it going to be 2014,because Syria is destroyed and lost.

December 19th, 2012, 4:51 am


Altair said:

116. Jasmine

Actually it is about him and his extended family.

112. Syria no Kandahar

And it’s not really about a Sunni-Shia divide but it’s unfortunately becoming one, to the extent that Alawis can be called Shi’ites.

The regime basically will do anything to stay in power. Anything. The fools are the ones that are willing to go down with the ship, and down the ship is going, there’s little doubt about that. But they need not be complicit in burning down their country.

The problem with the Asadists (and I use the term to not only avoid sectarianism, but also because there are Sunni supporters of Asad) is that they have no ethos at all. It’s only about staying in power. This is becoming apparent with every passing day.

So if ceding northeast Syria to the Kurds helps the cause of staying in power, so be it. So much for Arabism.

The father did the same thing when he supported the Maronite (fascist) Phalange against his own allies, the Arab nationalists/left/Palestinians and prevented them from victory, causing the Lebanese civil war to last 15 years instead of 1 or 2. There are no principles to live by, only that of staying in power or strengthen the power or making deals with foreigners to stay in power.

For this reason, no one, not Sunni, Christian, Alawi, should support this regime. Simply put they will not work in your interest, only staying in power, whatever it takes, including trapping the Alawis into supporting them, which is what is happening now.

December 19th, 2012, 5:35 am


Hamoudeh al-Halabi said:

Zoo: In other words, you know nothing about Ibn Taymiyya and now you want to talk about “Sunni Turkey” (is that a new country?). The problem with your approach to history is that it lacks a religious dimension, and as this happens to be entire point to your argument you simply add religion to it willy nilly. From a religious point of view, nothing in the history of Syrian `Alawism has brought more damage to it than the Assad regime. It has nearly gone extinct, while much of its community was forced into a new religious direction.

December 19th, 2012, 6:02 am


mjabali said:

Ibn Taymiyah is one of the main problems facing Muslims today.

This man lived 700 years ago but his ideas are a main motivator in almost all the fights Muslims are engaged in. (Mali, algeria, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan…etc)

Ibn Taymiyah’s hateful ideas are followed today by Millions.

There is more money to promote Ibn Taymiyah than all the rational thinkers of the world today and those we know throughout history combined.

December 19th, 2012, 6:53 am


majedkhaldoun said:

There is hardly a comment written by Ghufran(a pro Assad regime thug)that he does not say “طز فيكن و بهالثوره تبعكن

This guy is fixed to this part of the body,he sees Assad and his regime through it,and his hate to this revolution is because he is used to the smell coming out from this part of the body.
The more Assad and his regime lose battles,and concede territories, the more he bocme nervous and say this word more,he probably sees it in his dream,and while he is eating, and when his wife ask him what do you want to eat today he says طز فيكن و بهالثوره تبعكن

December 19th, 2012, 7:05 am


Dolly Buster said:

Ibn Taymiyyah is a great man. He warned about the Shiites, and today we see that he was correct.

December 19th, 2012, 7:18 am


mjabali said:

Hajji Observer:

The West should intervene in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt…etc to protect the Minorities.

The West had done this before, France with the Ottomans for example regarding the Christians in the Levant.

The West is IN the Syrian problem. The West is a part of the problem, so they should think smart and help solve this problem fast, because it is has the potentials to be a problem of epic proportions. This was obvious from day one. ALL parties wanted to solve it by violence. See where we are now?

The West is arming and funding a group that seems to not care about the minorities.

The minorities, in this Syrian Chaos, are left to the Jihadis who are being helped and nourished by the WEST, or by a stone age type monarch from the rich gulf countries.

The West has millions of people who are originally from the minorities of the Middle East. They came many generations ago and now are meshed within the Western societies. These people deserve to have their heritage and place of origin protected and not subject to Jihad’s ideas of looting and religious cleansing?

We live in the 21st C. The world has changed from the way you see it.

Also: you said that you like to challenge the status quo but yet want to see an evidence of it. I see you as one of the rest: you do not stand out with new ideas or for any new ideas.

As for the regime and the Jihadis: till now you refuse to see that there are Jihadis fighting in Syria.

WE all know, even my dog knows, that the regime played the Jihadi card. But, what the hell, the Jihadis showed up in force, some believe that there are at least 10,000 of them. You still can not see those?

Again: I asked you about the Turkish fighters in the Syrian opposition and how they are hell bent on ethnic and racial cleansing, what do you have to say to that and what is the relation of those Turkish fighters to what happened in Aqraba?

December 19th, 2012, 7:22 am


mjabali said:


Dude: again let me explain to you how your hero al-Qirdawi is a war criminal giving a decree regarding the fate of Syrians.

The host asked him in plain language: is it permitted to KILL….

al-Qirdawi answer could be summed with his two words when he said that the soldier gets the same Rule of the transgressor government (al-Assad in this case)

The Rule here is: it is permitted to kill al-Assad, so if we apply the same Rule here it means to Kill and not to Fight.

The Question has the answer. And in the Question they asked al-Qirdawi: is it permitted to KILL. The Question did not say is it permitted to FIGHT.

Now to Arabic so you understand more:

عندما سأل مقدم البرنامج التلفزيوني الشيخ القرداوي عن جواز قتل العسكريين الواقفين مع النظام أجاب القرداوي وقال بأن هذا العسكري يأخذ حكمها.

عندما يقول شيخ كالقرداوي أن شخصا ما يأخذ حكم شخص آخر علينا أن نرى ماذا هو الحكم المذكور هنا.

أذا ذهبنا إلى ماقرره القرداوي من حكم بشأن بشار الأسد فسنرى بأنه القتل. القرداوي فتى بقتل بشار الأسد وكذلك العديد من مشايخ السنة، وهناك حكم شرعي بحق بشار بوضوح

فلهذا يادودخلدون عليك أن تعرف كيف يفكر البشر المنتمون إلى طائفتك ولاتهرف بمالاتعرف

December 19th, 2012, 7:36 am


Syria no Kandahar said:

Majed is upset because of tuz to his Wahabi revolution well you know what Majed,1000 tuz. What did your Wahabi revolution do to Syria? Anything good? What are you proud of Mr. Karadawi admirer? How many of your Wahabi terrorist friends have unbloody hands? How many innocent Syrians were killed by your Wahabi terrorist friends and you labeled as Shabehs? Was Nibal Janoud Shabeh? Was doctor Nabil Zogbei Shabeh? Was Father Fadi Haddad Shabeh? Was Sari Saud Shabeh? Ect. So as you can see your revolution is a revolution of thugs, criminals, theivies, murders, rapist, and please don’t give me the stupid excuse that the regime is like that too, because you then admitt that your revolution is the dirties one in all of history, and please repeat after me :
ميت الف طز بهيك ثورة شراميط

December 19th, 2012, 8:06 am


mjabali said:

Majedkhaldoun the DUDE:

Let me answer your question:

If your son is doing what you did and believe in what you taught him, so then yes the son is guilty, because he is committing the same bad deeds as the father.

As for collective punishment: I advocate peace and no violence. Punishment is a bad concept. Treatment is better. Help is better. Punishment is from the stone age. Collective punishment is from the stone age. So when you have someone bombing a city: that man is not from this time: he is from the stone age. This is what they used to do thousands of years ago. Now we are in a new era.

To answer you more: To defend my minority is not a call for them to kill anyone. It is a call for unity and peace. We all want to live in that place. That is at least what I thought for a long time.

Now, if we want to live together or not: that is hard to answer for everyone. We all lived in that place for a long time and been through a lot. It is a very complicated matter.

AS for al-Assad if he mine or yours, I still say that he is yours more than mine: you probably know him more than me. You probably went to school with him and his friends. I did not. I just saw them once a year when they drove their many fancy cars into my city.

Also to answer your question: who did the killing are the soldiers of course, many of them are Alawis, but also many of them are not. Also, all of those soldiers would not fire one single shot if there is:

1- orders from the higher ups 2- Direct attack on them.

If you understand English and read what I write you see that I always call for the rule of law. I hate violence, unlike you.

All of those who transgressed should stand in front a judge.

Reconciliation is a stupid idea before finding the truth.

It is not that hard to find who did what. Almost everything is documented with names and events.

Justice should be served.

December 19th, 2012, 8:10 am


Syrialover said:

The Assad regime – the fraud “government” that burnt the country.

Homs before and after –

December 19th, 2012, 8:38 am


Syria no Kandahar said:

His Hollyness the head of Islamic scientists,Majeed Spiritual master, and oral

December 19th, 2012, 9:02 am


Tara said:

How many children Assad regime is killing this Christmas?

December 19th, 2012, 9:24 am


zoo said:

Palestinians to be redisplaced from Arab countries to future Palestine?

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement Wednesday he had asked U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon to help in bringing the Palestinian refugees in Syrian to the Palestinian territories. This could include the West Bank, where Abbas governs, or the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

December 19th, 2012, 9:37 am


zoo said:

111. Juergen

When a journalist enters illegally helped by terrorists guerillas, then his chances of surviving are as good as the guerilla’s, that means very low.

December 19th, 2012, 9:43 am


zoo said:

Yet another warning… Can the West still hear?

Intervention in Syria risks blowback and regional war

By Seumas Milne

The west’s bid to ramp up the war in Syria will simply escalate the killing. Only negotiation can stop the conflict spreading
But the expectation that the government is about to fall is almost certainly premature. With neither side strong enough to prevail, the likelihood instead is that the country will go on bleeding, as external intervention deepens the conflict. Even if the regime were to implode or retreat to its strongholds, the civil war would very likely continue.

Which is why the only way out of an increasingly grim conflict is a negotiated settlement, with regional and international backing. This week, Syria’s semi-detached vice-president, Farouk al-Sharaa (mooted as a possible transitional president), acknowledged that the Syrian army could not win the war, and called for a “historic settlement” and national unity government.

The western powers and Gulf regimes have so far underwritten the opposition resistance to negotiation. An attempt to sponsor a regional settlement by Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, in conjunction with Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia was scuppered by the Saudis. But in one form or another, negotiation will eventually have to take place.

Meanwhile, not only will more intervention by the western powers increase the death toll. It may not give them the control they crave either. Already the mainly Islamist rebel fighters are becoming more mistrustful of their foreign backers. Just as likely is that it will lay the ground for the kind of blowback that created al-Qaida in Afghanistan in the first place – and risk engulfing the region in a still more devastating conflict.

December 19th, 2012, 9:51 am


Mina said:

Alas, the West WANTS a big regional war.
So many problems would be solved: reconstruction work, own populations shuting their mouths while they get racketted by the banksters, better tourism for the EU and US. What else do we need?

December 19th, 2012, 9:57 am


Tara said:


Do you call anyone who fight the regime in Syria a terrorist?

December 19th, 2012, 9:59 am


majedkhaldoun said:

1- the son who did not do anything wrong must not be responsible for the evil deeds of his parents,this is not acceptable by all human religions and laws,you say he is responsible, ,if it is true then you and your people you defend are guilty for ever,and you must be fought and punished for thousands of years and you should not have existance on earth forever, according to your law.
Your kind betrayed Syrian when they helped the Mongol against Syrian,they betrayed Syrian when they cooperated with French against Syrian, they conspired to kill Sunni as your ancestors were Assassins.according to your logic,we must get rid of them all.
2- You said you are for justice, then you must agree to punish all those who committed crimes,there are many Sunnis, but the majority are from your sect ,this mean you must accept the killing of tens of thousands of them, and since you blame the whole for the crime of few then you sentenced all your sect to perish.
3- I left Syria in 1970,I went there for a yearly visits,I hated your idole Hafez since day one because he was and Bashar is a dictator,they are from your sect,not mine, since you blame all for the crime of few then you must be punished for your Assads.
4- Your logic is twisted,irrational based on HATE of Sunni,
As for Qardawi, you keep twisting facts and you know that he never said to kill and the word fight is different from kill but you fail to admit that , based on stupid arrogance and stubborness,
5-In Islam ,no one is responsible for other mistakes,and Qaradawi is good Muslem

December 19th, 2012, 10:24 am


Syrian said:

He will be rewarded with 72 SNKs

December 19th, 2012, 10:32 am


zoo said:

#83 Gufran

Ryad Al Assad, General Sheikh are probably dead or bunker-arrested, as they were fiercefully anti-islamists.

It is strange that nobody of the opposition who hailed them, wonder about happened to them.
I guess the opposition has become fascinated by the military successes that Al Qaeeda brought to their ‘freedom and dignity” war.

With time, the FSA has turned out to become an accomplice to Al Qaeeda. Sooner or later it will be destroyed either by the Syrian Army or by the Western countries, fearful for their own safety.

December 19th, 2012, 10:41 am


habib said:

128. Tara

How many children are the FSA forcing to kill other people during Christmas?

You get what you asked for:

December 19th, 2012, 10:45 am


zoo said:

Gen. Salim Idris: We need a Judith Miller and a Collin Powell to convince the USA to intervene.

AP Interview: Syria rebels fear chemical weapons
By KARIN LAUB | Associated Press – 2 hrs 31 mins ago

In this Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012, …

ANTAKYA, Turkey (AP) — The new Syrian rebel military commander said he is “very afraid” a cornered Syrian President Bashar Assad will unleash chemical weapons on his own people but the opposition does not have the means to seize and secure them.

Gen. Salim Idris, who defected from the Syrian army in July, told The Associated Press in an interview the rebels could defeat the regime within a month if supplied with anti-aircraft weapons. Without foreign military help, he estimated it could take up to three months.

The regime “can and will” use chemical weapons unless the international community forces Assad to leave, Idris said. “We know exactly where they are and we are watching everything,” Idris said. “But we don’t have the capability to put them under our control.”

December 19th, 2012, 10:54 am


Dolly Buster said:

36. zoo said:

Al Qaeeda

What kind of spelling is that? The I is a short I (“kasra”).

December 19th, 2012, 10:59 am


zoo said:

As expected, Saudi Arabia who always disliked the Moslem Brotherhood and would have preferred either a Salafi or a Liberal president in Egypt, is now regularly lashing at the Moslem Brotherhood’s failures.
Is this the sign of the continuing war of influence between Qatar and KSA?

The Brotherhood and the constitution: A losing battle


By: Osman Mirghani is Asharq Al-Awsat’s Senior Editor-at-Large.

The battle for Egypt’s new draft constitution is a losing one by any standard, regardless of the outcome of the referendum. The constitution has pushed Egypt towards a serious division, and has fuelled an atmosphere of tension and polarization meaning that the coming days are susceptible to further confrontations and clashes that may be more severe than those we have witnessed in the past days and weeks. Amid such an atmosphere it is difficult to understand the insistence of the president, and behind him the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies from other Islamic groups, to proceed with the draft constitution and referendum
Is this the same Brotherhood?

By Samir Atallah

We were expecting to see the future of Egypt in the Brotherhood’s leadership, but in fact we saw it on the streets. We saw a wall of cement being built around the presidential palace, as the Brotherhood acted as brothers only to each other. What an unfortunate surprise.

December 19th, 2012, 11:11 am


majedkhaldoun said:

You said punishment is bad,yet you say at the end you believe in justice
Can you explain what would be justice for murderer?I still can not understand such contradiction.
Also you did not answer about collective punishment directly, the word collective is what I ask about.
You said you are against violence,then why did you never condemn the massacres in Houleh and Darayya,and Heffeh,and other numerous massacres by the Assad regime? Hama massacre by Hafez?

December 19th, 2012, 11:17 am


Tara said:


What is up with Christians who support the regime? They are getting on my nerve…

I have a Christian friend in the North Pole who I send a Christmas card last year and he returned it without even opening, claiming address change.

I am torn this year of what to do. Should I ignore him completely or send a gift without a name or a returned address? The nice Tara in me thinking to send him/her a bottle of something.. Arak, Wine, Ice Tea or even Ginger Ale .

Sad that we live in the 21 century and people hate you because of your religion, color, ethnicity, etc.

I will let you know what I finally decided to do.

December 19th, 2012, 11:22 am


revenire said:

TARA of course Christians in Syria support Assad. Why if they didn’t they’d lose their heads!


December 19th, 2012, 11:26 am


revenire said:

Yarmouk Camp tunnels have been closed off with the rats inside. My sources in the SAA tell me no mercy will be shown. The PFLP-GC and Internal Security Palestine Division knew all about the FSA plans in Yarmouk.

December 19th, 2012, 11:28 am


Citizen said:

hypocritical people of the world:
Today, from a suicide bombing in Aleppo (Syria), killing 40 people. Where are your flowers at the Syrian Embassy?

December 19th, 2012, 11:33 am


Mina said:

Aljazeera “citizen journalist AKA terrorist” hero Khaled Abu Saleh has managed to interview Engel before his release. He was also in Homs with the French journalists abducted there last April. No comment!

December 19th, 2012, 11:58 am


revenire said:

The Russian ships headed to Syria are not going there to evacuate Russians but “their mission includes exercises in air defense, anti-ship warfare and anti-submarine warfare, the Navy statement said.”

I am amused how people spin every statement, interview, etc. to prove that Assad’s days are numbered and Russia is abandoning Syria.

Is Iran also abandoning Syria? China? Venezuela? (Venezuela just sent fuel free of charge – thank you President Chavez and a speedy recovery from your cancer surgery!)

We look forward to the day that NATO feels strong enough to test Syria. We will not fight alone.

December 19th, 2012, 11:58 am


revenire said:

Engel’s reporting has always been shoddy. In America he is ridiculed as a “pretty boy” who has no brain. I remember rumors of his involvement with a very young male Egyptian. The rumors were kept out of the American press by and large.

Lately Engel has reminded me of “Syrian” Danny. His wild fabrications were exposed and Anderson Cooper has never recovered.

The propaganda war is intense.

December 19th, 2012, 12:04 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:


“Of course Christians in Syria support Assad. If they didn’t they’d lose their heads”

Sometimes it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. There are Christians in the ranks of the rebels, just as there are Druze and Alawi. Revolution cuts across sectarian bounds, Revie…

December 19th, 2012, 12:54 pm


Johannes de Silentio said:


“My sources in the SAA”

Wow, Revie. Bashar’s army is busy 24/7 losing the war and they still make time to talk to you? Just goes to show you, even losers can be multitaskers…

December 19th, 2012, 12:58 pm


Tara said:


That was a great post! I am impressed.

December 19th, 2012, 1:01 pm


Observer said:

My dear Majbali

There is a difference between should and would. The West should do this or that. Russia should also protect the Orthodox Christians according to your thinking and the Brits and Americans the Protestants and the French and Italians the Catholics and so on and so forth.

The West will not protect for the West is weak, fed up with the ME, and tired of getting sucked in and getting bruised.

The world has indeed changed. Regional powers such as Iran and Turkey do not have what it takes to fill the void left by the weakening of the West. China and Russia are ascerting a role as superpowers but do not have the means to interfere in a more aggressive way.

So my wishes and your wishes do not count. The reality is that the place will go to pieces.

There may be jihadists from all over the world, and I see no reason why the West will interfere at this point. I would argue that the West may prolong the conflict to keep them occupied there lest they come here as Bush famously said.

You may have a multipolar world today but a return to the 19th century fighting among the powers is over. All are completely exhausted.

The US has adopted a benign neglect of the ME. The discovery of multiple areas of energy around the world will marginalize the ME and just as in some remote part of the world the Western populations will watch the slaughter in their living rooms and switch the channel off to a some mind numbing game show and forget about the world.

Ideas? I do not have any new ideas except to say that the artificial borders set by colonials are going to disappear starting with Sudan already.

I am sorry terribly sorry no one is coming to the rescue.

Two articles worth reading today for you
One in on Russia throwing in the towel on the regime and the other by Tom Friedman on Putin’s Russia in the NYT. Guess what, Russia has now more than 50% of its economy coming from commodities and therefore is failing to capitalize on the energy export to truly modernize. Dictatorships do not work.


December 19th, 2012, 1:10 pm


Citizen said:

US in bed with extremists as new phase in 20-month war begins

December 19th, 2012, 2:18 pm


Citizen said:

Controlled chaos theory – practical application
As early as on the 10th of December the US announced its agreement to support the establishment of a Kurdish army in Syria. This means first of all providing Syrian Kurds with military assistance for setting up armed units. Financial aid is probably also included. In this connection, the leader of the Kurdish National Council Sherkoh Abbas announced that the main aim of that army would be the defence of Syrian Kurdistan’s territory against any armed invasion on any part, either Bashar al-Assad’s troops, units of the Free Syrian Army or militants of Islamist groups.
…. M-r F-r

December 19th, 2012, 2:27 pm


zoo said:

The terrified, non-islamist but sympathetic to Al Nusra and trapped leader of the FSA confesses to the foreign media the nightmare of his job and his apprehensions and hopes.
Will he soon get the same fate as anti-islamist Ryad Al Assaad and Sheikh?

New Syria rebel chief describes clandestine life

Idris was trying to walk a middle line, neither embracing nor rejecting al-Nusra. He said the group chose not to be part of the unified rebel command, but that “they are not terrorists.”

He estimated that about one-fifth of al-Nusra’s fighters are foreigners, but said he believes they will leave Syria once the regime has been toppled. The Syrians in the group, which is believed to number several hundred fighters, could be lured back to mainstream Islam after the war, he said.

December 19th, 2012, 2:34 pm


Citizen said:

“The opposition seeks to divide Syria” – expert
The Syrian opposition has no unity, a professor at California State University Paul Sheldon Foote. In his view, the purpose of opponents of President Bashar al-Assad – not a democracy, and the division of the country into pieces in order to establish the dictatorship in their territories.

December 19th, 2012, 2:49 pm


zoo said:

Souring Arab Spring Just One Global Crisis Facing President Obama
By John Hulsman

Number 1: The Arab Spring. The naïve days of CNN commentators breathlessly swooning before Egyptian college kids blogging are blessedly at an end, as a more realistic, darker assessment of what is going on in the Arab world is at last permeating the skulls of those who think every revolution will effortlessly replicate the American version.

Instead, an iron law of history is being painfully rediscovered: the most organized group always comes to dominate revolutions. While the Jacobins in France, the Bolsheviks in Russia, the Maoists in China, and the Communists in Vietnam never had majority support, their superior discipline laid the groundwork for their triumph, detrimental as it was in each case to humanity at large.

December 19th, 2012, 2:49 pm


Tara said:

Syrian rebels could defeat the Assad regime within a month if supplied with anti-aircraft weapons, according to their newly-elected military commander, General Salim Idris. In an interview with AP Idris said that without foreign military help, driving out the regime could take “one, two or three months”.

Dec 19, 2:10 PM EST

Idris said with such weapons in hand, his fighters could bring down the regime within a month. Without foreign military help, he estimated it could take up to three months. Idris claimed that more than 120,000 armed men are fighting Assad’s military, a figure difficult to confirm independently in the chaos of the civil war.

December 19th, 2012, 2:55 pm


revenire said:

It is a lie there are Christians in the ranks of the rebels. There is no revolution.

You can post cliches on an Internet forum but we all know the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies commit genocide against Syrian Christians.

The only people who believe the stories about this wonderful Qatar-UK-US-NATO revolution are its supporters.

December 19th, 2012, 3:00 pm


revenire said:

And in three months Idris will say “soon” because this is the same thing we’ve heard for two years. I don’t even know why you bother. If you feel it is true go get a gun and get in on the action. I am cerain the SAA will offer you kisses as you join the battle.

December 19th, 2012, 3:01 pm


revenire said:

These foreign jihadis would cut the head off a US ambassador as soon as look at him. Same thing happened in Libya. Same characters.

December 19th, 2012, 3:03 pm


zoo said:

Another moronic declaration from the ottoman Grand Vizir

End of Syria regime ‘matter of time’: Turkey minister
HELSINKI – Agence France-Presse

The fall of the Syrian regime is “only a matter of time”, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Wednesday, calling on other countries to help make the transition period as brief as possible.

December 19th, 2012, 3:04 pm


Tara said:

This is the guy who massacred the political prisoners in Sednaya.  Right?   In any case, the comments are more interesting than the headline itself.  

Syrian Interior Minister Admitted to Beirut

A security source told AFP on December 13 that the minister was wounded in a deadly bomb attack targeting his ministry on December 12 but his condition is not serious.

A commenter says:

mohammad_ca 19 December 2012, 15:55 28
These regimes are a disaster…they’ve been in power for decades but they do not even have ONE decent hospital that they can go to in Syria that they need to send them to Lebanon…I mean, ONE hospital, couldn’t you get at least THAT right??

December 19th, 2012, 3:12 pm


revenire said:

TARA you probably pasted some stupid article here saying Assad was doomed months ago. The bad thing for you is the web archives everything so you look silly.

If I had time I’d dig up your past comments and the dates to show you how many hundreds of times you said “Assad won’t last until sundown” because you did and we both know it.

You simply parrot boobs like Erdogan etc.

Two years ago Assad was given “weeks” on this very website. It is pure comedy.

You swallow any lie to promote your terrorist friends murdering Syrians.

The demonstrations in Aleppo demand the FSA leave and ask the SAA in.

December 19th, 2012, 3:16 pm


zoo said:


I am surprised you find that comment ‘interesting’

Saudi King Abdallh went to the USA for treatment
Talabani went to Germany
Chavez went to Cuba

These developed countries have no hospital? KSA, Iraq, Venezuela? None of these countries is suffering from a 18 months crippling war with international sanctions.

Sorry, I find that comment totally stupid.

December 19th, 2012, 3:20 pm


revenire said:

TARA your terrorist friends in the FSA attack Syrian hospitals all the time. War crimes.

December 19th, 2012, 3:26 pm


revenire said:

SAA sources tell me over 1500 rats killed so far in Yarmouk. FSA made a huge mistake. Huge.

December 19th, 2012, 3:33 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

I thought M Shaaar is wanted by the Lebanese authority for the case of Samaha, to transfer him to Lebanon,he must be in serious condition,,

December 19th, 2012, 3:35 pm


mjabali said:

Hajji Observer:

You said that the West is weak and fed up with the Middle East: I see this totally wrong.

The West is strong: very strong. They hold the keys to the conflict in Syria. The problem of the West is planning. They have no clue as obvious and reacting to events more than anticipating them. Still they can control events for sure.

Again I disagree with you when you played down Russia, China, Turkey and Iran. All of them are willing participants and has a hand in what is going on.

Adding to these states you have the Rich monarchs of the Gulf who are affecting things with their money. These monarchs are stuck in the religious wars of the Middle Ages.

These monarchs are dependent on the West to protect them first and foremost. They can not scratch their behind without the approval of the West, although they seem to get a free reign with it is coming into Jihadism. The West is turning a blind eye to the growth of Jihadism; but till when? You know the confrontation is coming. Again, the future holds nothing but confrontations.

Syria is going to pieces because all of these powers are settling their scores where the Syrians decided to take up arms.

Again: you said that you see that there are Jihadis from all over the world but the West should not interfere: Why? Can’t you see the danger of letting people go to fight in Syria? Are you serious here?

Again from the middle of your answer towards the end I could not understand what do you mean with your argument.

Again: you did not answer my question about the Turkish elements in the armed groups fighting al-Assad?

December 19th, 2012, 3:42 pm


Tara said:


To respond to your comment , I would have loved to share some privileged information regarding Asma’s “medical” family but I am too principled to do so.

It is ok to find stupid what I find interesting… It is the unique taste I have.

But what are you saying? Is it ok all these years not to have a trustworthy hospital in Damascus? Providing good medical care is not a rocket science exclusive to more developed country. Believe me..

December 19th, 2012, 3:54 pm


zoo said:

Then rich, underpopulated and peaceful KSA is in the same situation. I thought the Saudi Hospitals were hightech with lots of american medical professionnal, yet the king goes abroad to be hospitalized.. I guess this problem exist in all Arab countries, except Lebanon.

December 19th, 2012, 4:23 pm


zoo said:

The Syrian army will no enter Yarmouk unless in coordination with the Palestinians local organizations.
It seems that the FSA rebels are willing to negotiate a ‘tactical’ retreat from Yarmouk under the auspices of ‘neutral’ Palestinians.

If the negotiations fail, I guess they will be exterminated with the destruction of Yarmouk that the Palestinians want to avoid at any cost as none of the generous and rich GCC countries has offered to host the refugees.

Is it a sign that the FSA is squeezed enough to show willingness to negotiate a stop to the violence to save their lives?

December 19th, 2012, 4:31 pm


Tara said:


What problem exactly that exists in all Arab countries except in Lebanon in regard to hospitals?

In Syria, lot of underachievers got to med school after their scores on the Baccalaureate were boosted by being Baathist participants in a military parachute camp under the auspice of Rifaat al Assad . I know a girl that hardly passed the Baccalaureate yet was admitted to med school, thanks to Assad mafia, because she spent 3 months learning to jump from a plane. Of course, the time was used to indoctrinate them into al Ba’ath and the business of worshiping the Assad’ toes. The not so “capable” girl became a surgeon. I think that is why al Shaar does not trust Syrian hospitals. I do not blame him. He survived 2 bombings but was afraid not to survive a Baathist doctor I guess.. Would you?

December 19th, 2012, 4:48 pm


Basel said:

The FSA was lured to the best meticulously engineered trap in Yarmouk camp. Let us review the series of events:

Chapter One:

1- The PFLP-GC was in full control in and around camp with no sign of lacking of supplies or manpower to push the terrorists away.
2- During the last three months the PFLP-GC and Yarmouk municipality were 24×7 busy digging a network of tunnels across the camp with the cover of “Sarf alse7i” something like water disposal
3- At the beginning of last week 1800 armed and highly trained members of the PFLP-GC in Lebanon joined their order in Yarmouk camp
4- On the evening of THE day (when Yarmouk was seized by the terrorists) a one checkpoint from the side of Arouba was “mysteriously” evacuated and opened to the herds of terrorists to pour inside Yarmouk camp. This action was coordinated by Hadi Alsahli who claimed taking the side of FSA but suddenly vanished after completing his task
5- While the terrorists were getting inside the camp, the PFLP-GC members were ordered to evict the other checkpoints
6- To their surprise the terrorists did not cross the checkpoint of Hajr Alaswad even after the disappearance of the PFLP-GC
7- The camp was handed to terrorists with minimal fight and casualties and that was the end of chapter one

Chapter Two:

1. For the first time the SAA sends warning and a note to evict
2. Every resident of Yarmouk camp has received a customized txt message urging them to evict on both 093 and 094
3. SAA started surrounding the camp but from far proximity to avoid any fire exchange with terrorists leaving a good space to civilians to evict peacefully
4. SAA and the PFLP-GC started planning the on ground battle with terrorists

Chapter Three:

Yet to come but surely Yarmouk will be a wipe out stage of terrorists.

95% of civilians have already evicted Yarmouk, and I’m sure Palestinians would not mind paying 5% in return of hosting them for the last 60 years and for the good of their case against the Israeli occupation.

December 19th, 2012, 4:52 pm


mjabali said:


I do not want to waste your and my time. I answered the same questions to you before.

I can sum it up to you with this:

من يعمل مثقال ذرة خيراً يره ومن يعمل مثقال ذرة شراً يره

Courts decide who did what and what they deserve. If there are twenty members of my family, for example, who had committed crimes, let the court decide what should happen to them.

The rule of the law for me is above everything.

I told you I am for peace and non-violence. العنف لغة البهائم

AS for al-Qirdawi: it is very obvious. They asked him a direct question about if it is permitted to KILL and the Qirdawi agreed to that plain and simple. They asked him about a RULE and he told them what the RULE is. You are a Sunni Muslim mr. Khaldoun and should know this.

My logic is not twisted as you claim mr. Majedkhaldoun. It is just another point of view that does not represent your sect. I am presenting to you a new discourse. You are running into the accusations like the Alawis helped the Mongols.

In Arabic they say: من جهل شيئاً عاداه

As for the Mongols: they ruled your city Damascus for hundreds of years. They oppressed the Alawis. The Mongols who ruled Damscus slaughtered thousands upon thousands of Alawis. Does the name Mohammad Ibn Qalawun ring a bell. Wasn’t the a Mongol who killed and displaced Alawis?

The blatant lie that the Sunnis passed from generation to generation that the Alawis are traitors is laughable at this time and age for the simple fact that it is a lie.

The Sunnis that spread this criminal lie are occupiers themselves. It is a fact.

Can you deny mr. Majedkhaldoun that lies like this are used by the occupiers of Syria against the natives to take away their land. Isn’t this sectarian cleansing about to happen again now.

This lie was used for hundreds of years of sectarian cleansing.

Look at the Turkmen in Syria today. They came after bouts of sectarian and ethnic cleansing. They are doing a good job displacing Alawis these days?

Again remember: من يعمل مثقال ذرة خيرا يره ومن يعمل مثقال ذرة شراً يره

When I have time I will write you about the Sunnis and the French Occupation 1920-1946

December 19th, 2012, 4:58 pm


revenire said:

Tara it is lunch time for me but rather than read the news I come here and ask you: Has Assad fallen yet?

December 19th, 2012, 5:08 pm


Tara said:


Ya Revenire. I like the perseverance. I also like you are kinda polite but you need to avoid dehumanizing people otherwise you will be totally ignored so avoid using rats label etc.. The only rat I see is Batta.

SL said you are 11 yo. You may be 22. And not 11. You are too young to have a meaningful conversation with. 35 is my cut off.

Sorry if my response sounds arrogant. It is not. It is just a reverse age discrimination.

December 19th, 2012, 5:17 pm



Minister of Tortures of Syria (called Interior too) is at this moment being treated at the hospital of the AUB in Beirut as a result of the injuries he received in the attack of last 12th Dec in Damascus building of the Ministry of Tortures.

Mr. Shaar should be thrown through the window for all crimes comitted under his signature.

December 19th, 2012, 5:23 pm


Citizen said:

مجموعة موحدة للسفن الروسية ستقوم بتدريبات عسكرية قرب الساحل السوري

December 19th, 2012, 5:41 pm


Sheila said:

It is quite bewildering and down right disturbing to see all this animosity from some Christians toward Sunnis. I am especially hurt because I am a Sunni and my two best friend are both Christian. I grew up in Aleppo, a very mixed city and went to a very mixed school. It really hurts on so many levels.

December 19th, 2012, 6:07 pm


Darryl said:

“170. MJABALI said:

Adding to these states you have the Rich monarchs of the Gulf who are affecting things with their money. These monarchs are stuck in the religious wars of the Middle Ages.”

Dear MJABALI, you make sense most of the time but this statement is not true in my opinion. These monarchs know the truth about the system they are stuck in called Islam and they know if they do not do what they are doing now by funding various outspoken sheikhs to issue fatwas and jihad calls; a 2-cent sheihk will emerge, select and read a few verses from the Qur’an to suit his agenda and have his own army to enforce the rules. This problems has existed for 1400 years now.

Hence, these monarchs choose to do the things they do as all middle eastern and Islamic country rulers do. You have a perfect case in Egypt this moment. Your constant call for separation of religion and state affairs is the only solution to make sure the ME breaks this cycle.

“These monarchs are dependent on the West to protect them first and foremost. They can not scratch their behind without the approval of the West, although they seem to get a free reign with it is coming into Jihadism.”

The west now fully understand Islamic nations and they are using them as pawns through the Islamic teaching. This too has been the case for 1400 years with the various caliphites and rulers the Isalmic world had since prophet Adam was a boy.

December 19th, 2012, 6:07 pm


Darryl said:

“180. SHEILA said:

It is quite bewildering and down right disturbing to see all this animosity from some Christians toward Sunnis.”

Where is this animosity and who is showing it Sheila?

December 19th, 2012, 6:15 pm


Citizen said:

“Al Saud” Athoudron to extract the Throne .. And choose Los Angeles exile them

We learned from private sources in Saudi Arabia that the royal palace prepared preparing for the protection of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and his family and smuggled into exile chosen by the family in the United States in case the revolution to their own backyard.
Sources say that King Abdullah is currently living anxiety and wide and began to take into account the possibility of the arrival of Saudi Arabia to his throne revolution and extracted by him.
Has chosen the ruling family residence in exile in the most expensive areas in America that were not the most expensive in the world, a region rich in Los Angeles “Bravele Hills” were released billions of dollars to build a palace complex Sauds, king and princes, sons and grandsons, with millions of people Saudi living in poverty, and needs assistance.
Says press sources that rich this region rattled neighbors King prospective private and place the king and his family would be complex for several palaces on an area of ​​85 thousand square feet, the price of land alone amounted to 12 million dollars, was reduced to sixty thousand square feet after complaints population which still exists even after reduction, ended that raises the son of the Saudi king and the project supervisor Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah municipal issue, “Los Angeles” and by nearly six months.
It has been objected population on a compound palaces bulkiness, which may alter the geographic area that will be built where and narrow the roads in that area, not to mention that the construction period will occur nuisance to residents and polluted environment of the region, especially since the complex seminal construction will be supervisor of the neighborhoods around it.
The people of Bravele region Hills including British player David Beckham and his wife Victoria and some media faces technical and signed a petition against the construction of palaces this compound to be affected by it.
Objectors could not get a lot of information from the municipality of Los Angeles, where treated municipal asked Prince Abdul Aziz confidential as requested of them, and the Saudi prince refused to give many details about the project to the municipality, which is preparing to construct a private street about this collector

December 19th, 2012, 6:20 pm


Syrian said:

As Last Member of NBC Team Escapes Syria, More Details on Hostage Drama Emerge
“One wall displayed a Shiite or Alawite Muslim slogan about Ali, the Prophet Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law. “There is no chivalrous man except Ali, and there is no sword except” Ali’s mythical sword, the text read”
“In response to a question about what he would say to the fighters who freed him, and to the Syrian people, Mr. Engel said: “To Ahrar al-Sham, I would say thank you. And then I would say again, thank you. I would say, Thank you from my heart. We saw that their behavior was very good. For the Syrian people, I just want peace. I hope that this crisis ends quickly.”

December 19th, 2012, 6:32 pm


revenire said:

Tara is there another way to describe people that behead others than rats? They dehumanized themselves.

Did the civilians of Aleppo want the FSA to enter? Who are the ones demonstrating for the FSA to leave and the SAA to come protect them? Same in Yarmouk. Why doesn’t the FSA take it to the open battlefield and then settle the issue? Why hide behind women, children and old men?

I don’t accept your revolution and don’t see it as a revolution and this is the way most Syrians feel or Assad would be gone. Without the support of the Sunni majority in Syria he would be long gone.

Please ignore me if that the only way you can continue here.

December 19th, 2012, 6:33 pm


zoo said:

The Syrian army and the aviation on stand by for the Yarmouk attack if negotiations for the withdrawal of the rebels fails.

Al Watan newspaper reported based on local witnesses, “Syrian Army is preparing to enter to al-Yarmok Camp by bringing reinforcements.

The soldiers, on the other hand, blocked the roads that lead to the area to protect citizens.

The Syrian Official source has denied any movement of the military aviation over al-Yarmok Camp last night, saying that “the military operation has not started yet; and the military intervention around the camp is to prevent the armed men outside the camp from moving inside.

According to the same resources “the military leadership has not taken any decisions about entering the Camp”, The Newspaper said “the big military operation will be proceeding in several days”.

December 19th, 2012, 6:35 pm


revenire said:

Russia sends Satan missile to help defend Syria from NATO.

الشيطان سيصل إلى سورية في البارجة الحربية قريباً

December 19th, 2012, 6:43 pm


zoo said:

Freedom of expression in “democratic” Turkey

Turkey is ‘world’s biggest prison’ for journalists: Watchdog

A ‘democratic model’ for many Islamic nations, Turkey jails more reporters than any other country, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

Reuters , Wednesday 19 Dec 2012

December 19th, 2012, 6:45 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

You keep repeating lies, Sunni did not dislodged Alawis, Alawis are not Syrian, Syria is Arabic for more than 2500 year The origin of Alawis are from persia,you can repeat lie thousand time but the truth stay and you can not change facts,and till recently the Alawis lived in the mountain (Jabal) the rest of Syria is not their country and if seperated they must leave Syria.if they agree to live togather and not seperated they are welcome to live anywhere in Syria.
Their religion is not what Quraan teach, God clearly says in Quraan that he has no Wali he has no son or partner, to consider Ali as a divine is against the teaching of Quraan so they are not true Muslems, when they call themselves Muslems yet they hate true Muslems,and act against them, they are Munafiqeen by definition.
Alawis must abandon nonsense, no person on earth,is God or small or part of God,and they must believe in Quraan and agree to all what is mentioned in it if they want to be called Muslem.
We talked about this numerous time, stubborness is not a way to convince anyone,you must accept facts and truth,not twist the meaning of words.

December 19th, 2012, 6:46 pm


Tara said:


The ones who demonstrate for Batta are rent-a-crowd. A Syrian patent. Just like rent-a-car, rent-a-mercenary, and rent-an-escort. The regime perfected the patent and just needs to register it.

When HA fights Israel in the open and when Nasrallah comes off the hiding, I would then call on the FSA to fight Batta and his occupying army in the open.

December 19th, 2012, 6:56 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

There is a plan circulating where Assad form a new goverment made of half loyal to him and half of the opposition, following this the security council sends 7000-10,000 soldier to verify ceasefire, and to assure that the negotiation goes on,
1- no definite time schedule for Assad to leave.
2- how to secure safety of the opposition during this negotiation.
3- what is the scope and the definition of wide authority that will be given to the new goverment.
4- what will happen to the army.and the FSA.

Presumably Assad will abdicate immidietly after the goverment is formed

December 19th, 2012, 7:46 pm


Observer said:


I am sorry for confusing you. In an effort to help let me tell you about several things
1. I did not know of Turks or Turkmen hostilities. If you say so I accept your assertion about it.
2. There may be significant numbers of foreign jihadi fighters. I do not know their origin or their number. I do not think the West has the ability to go after them. The economic situation is foremost on their minds. The intervention in Libya also showed their limitations for without the participation of the US in a big way the could not pull off the air campaign. As a matter of fact each nation had a squadron with different set of rules of engagement leaving the Norwegian and the Dutch and French pilots doing most of the heavy work. It actually showed some weaknesses of the NATO alliance.
3. The double veto against any resolution that might be construed as offering the possibility of military intervention has actually allowed the West to obfuscate about intervening in Syria. The country is more complicated and more difficult to manage than Libya and in the absence of US leadership no one is going to intervene.
4. Although Iran and Turkey and Russia and the GCC are capable of “interfering” none has the ability to actually intervene in such a massive way that is only the domain of the US.
5. After what happened in Iraq no one is going to send troops on the ground. Jihadists killing and getting killed by pro Iranian regime troops and vice versa in far away Syria is food and dandy.
6. DeGaulle said correctly: the big powers have interests not friends and in what way would there be any interest for any Western power to interfere or to come to the rescue of this or that minority? I share you humanitarian concern but in realpolitik that sentiment does not count. Put yourself in the shoes of Hollande: he has a Muslim population that is alienated and that he cannot integrate and they are being influenced by a discourse that is militant and violent. Do you think he will rush to the rescue of a minority in Syria and help further alienate his internal and most certainly his external Muslim populations? In essence you are right about Ibn Taymmiah’s influence and it is not by invading or by interfering or by coming to the rescue of minorities in majority Muslim lands that you actually can defeat this fanatic streak of madness ( cf. killing of polio prevention workers in Pakistan ).
7. My and your humanitarian moral principles are not important or relevant in this mess. Russia did not take a stand for the sake of international law in my opinion nor for the sake of Christians. It did it to :spite the West, make sure a similar intervention will not happen in one of its federated republic, the gas pipelines remain within the sphere of influence of Russia, and to keep a semblance of super power with a base in Tartous. It does not care one bit about the life of minorities or of Syrians in general.

I hope I was clear enough about my points not arguments.

December 19th, 2012, 8:44 pm


Ghufran said:

Do not be fooled by the ugly rhetoric you hear from Islamist thugs on this forum and elsewhere, Islamists can only thrive when there is bloodshed and violence,the same is true for regime thugs, most Syrians are not in either camp, unfortunately the militants in Syria are still in the driver seat and they continue to refuse any initiative to stop the bloodshed.
One of Assads legacies is his brutality against moderate opposition which helped militant Islamists emerge as the dominating force in Syria today. Only idiots believe that the GCC sheikhs and their masters want a true democracy in Syria,if those corrupt Bedouins were champions of democracy they would have offered it to their own citizens, and if western governments want democracy they would stop their support to autocratic regime in the gulf and other countries ruled by regimes friendly to the west.
Haitham Manna who is boycotted by freedom lovers agree with many of us here that supporting Islamists is reflective of the true intention of those hypocrites who say something and do something else, that support will only prolong the war and increase the political divide in Syria.

December 19th, 2012, 8:53 pm


William Scott Scherk said:

At #186 Zoo quotes (but does not link to) a Facebook pasting at Syria News

Al Watan newspaper reported based on local witnesses, “Syrian Army is preparing to enter to al-Yarmok Camp by bringing reinforcements.”

The soldiers, on the other hand, blocked the roads that lead to the area to protect citizens.

The Syrian Official source has denied any movement of the military aviation over al-Yarmok Camp last night, saying that “the military operation has not started yet; and the military intervention around the camp is to prevent the armed men outside the camp from moving inside.”

The actual Al Watan source is couched in the same SANAtized rhetoric as the FB post, but contains more detail of the official line.

SANA-style coverage always has an enormous blindspot to government atrocities, whether transmitted by providers of regimist narratives like ZOO, Al Watan or any other emanation of the Ministry of Truth.

In terms of Palestinian/Syrian relations the (unmentionable by Assadist horns) air-attack on mosque and school have broken any contracts between the Assadist and Palestinians.

The unforgivable is the unmentionable. The monstrous is disregarded.

Can the mad military leaders of the regime spare wholesake destruction of the fabric of Yarmouk? can they spare the civilians unwilling or unable to flee the Syrian air force and the Syrian army?

The blind spot moves on. Let us speak of ‘cleansing’ and ‘terrorists’ and SANAtize the entire bloody conduct of the supreme militants in the Palace …

A nebulous regime ‘negotiation’ offered to nobody with a name by the Baathi spirit Shara’a — is this acceptable to the silent President?

I would love to see a dialogue start between the regime and the ‘terrorists,’ but the regime seems to be in hiding, walled in by militarism and the ‘security solution.’

Better that Shara’a conduct a dialogue with the missing President and the powers behind the throne. If he can make that public in a heavily-redacted plant in Al-Akbar that is retailed by SANA to the stupefied Baathists, and that is all it is, at least we will hear some actual procedural details from the top-dogs and not the hirelings and stooges.

December 19th, 2012, 8:59 pm


revenire said:

Tara you wish them to be rent-a-demo but they are just citizens of Aleppo who want the FSA to go.

December 19th, 2012, 9:47 pm


revenire said:

WILLIAM SCOTT SCHERK what are your news sources? “Activists” who are actually terrorists? The West? Saudi media? Qatar? Turkey?

Your sanitized wordplay isn’t as clever as you thought.

I doubt you will show us what media you believe but please don’t let it be one that has forecast Assad’s downfall 1000 times already.

December 19th, 2012, 9:52 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

A jihadist eyewitness from Tunis explains how the FSA criminals killed or burned
Their fellow Arab virgindreamers ….Another evidence that FSA is a bunch of shramet:الأخبار/أخباروتقاريرأخرى/tabid/94/Article/8823/Default.aspx

December 19th, 2012, 10:05 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

Why is every body comfortable and relaxed when the current regime has control
Over the chemical weapons? Why are they so nervous when Anusra Free Army
Gets the chemical weapons?? Alnusra are very benign and peace loving dogs
They will never bite any one ,not Israel nor Europe nor US , right? The Islamic
Jihad philosophy calls for turning your one cheek if you get hit on the other one right? Or does it call for popping the eyes of any one who tries to touch your
Cheek?? Islamic Armies(like Taliban ,Anusra,FSA..) are going to spread civilization in the west again they are never a strategic threat to any one.Islam
Is such a peaceful religion and the words kill or sword are never mentioned in
Quran.In fact Islam spread by lectures and word of mouth and no one was
Ever forced into it.did you ever hear of any wars in history done by Moslems ?
Did Moslems ever invaded any other countries ?
Alkilafa is the future of humanity and the west has reached that conclusion .. They
Are helping to establish Alkilfa in Syria then spread it all over… What a fantastic
World would it be with kalifa and jawaries too…Shahrazad will be back and tell
The kalifa stories while the jawaries are dancing…
This is how this started 20 months ago:
دين محمد كلو عز
دين عيسا كلو هز
And this is how it still is:
الشعب يريد خلافه اسلاميه
And finally
طز بهيك ثوره

December 19th, 2012, 10:38 pm


Syrialover said:

Here we have details of a foreign jihadist who rushed to Syria and was killed.

A 22-year old Irish citizen of Egyptian background. Father a surgeon in Ireland. Educated at a Roman Catholic school. Appears he was drifting and working as a personal trainer.

His stated motive for joining a unit in Syria led by a Libyan was searching for truth and building peace in the world.

He is one of up to 20 from Ireland who have heeded noises in their head to rush off and play escapist fantasist and warrior games in Syria – a country they would probably have very little knowledge of.

Ah well, the Irish government and their families will make a huge fuss about their human rights and bring them home to a comfortable, free and democratic life when their grand plan to run Syria under an extremist Islamist system goes wrong.

Watch that space.

December 19th, 2012, 11:48 pm


Syria no kandahar said:

FSA dogs are barking and heading to Hama,by by peace,by by electricity,by by
Bread,by by garbage collection,by by Hamawians,by by schools….welcome
Allah Akbar…welcome إدارة المعروف والنهي عن المنكر welcome jabhat Slnusra…welcome head cutters.Hama 3 coming,staring Jabhat Anusra.Poor Hama.

December 20th, 2012, 12:33 am


Juergen said:

Zoo (111)

“When a journalist enters illegally helped by terrorists guerillas, then his chances of surviving are as good as the guerilla’s, that means very low.”

See regimes like the Wahash think they have to defend the lives of journalists and therefore hinder as many as possible to witness what is really going on.

Its just a wicked mindset who would bring up such measures.

December 20th, 2012, 1:23 am


Juergen said:

I think most have seen this documentary, those who havent, here is a translated version. The young Damascene man who describes his life in Damascus during the revolution resides now with his family in Berlin.

December 20th, 2012, 1:50 am


Juergen said:

The Mufti of Al Wahash has for the first time talked in an event at the state library about regime change:

“The gunmen should stop fighting and lay down their arms, because the regime change is not coming through violence but through dialogue.”

وبين مفتي سورية ان “الذين يدعون أنهم معارضة خارجية سيجبرون في النهاية على الجلوس إلى طاولة الحوار” داعيا إياهم “للمبادرة بذلك قبل ان يجبروا عليه وكل من يحملون السلاح الى التوقف عن ممارساتهم وإلقاء السلاح لان تغيير النظام لا يكون بالقوة بل بالحوار”.

December 20th, 2012, 2:22 am


Dolly Buster said:

180. Sheila said:

It is quite bewildering and down right disturbing to see all this animosity from some Christians toward Sunnis. I am especially hurt because I am a Sunni and my two best friend are both Christian. I grew up in Aleppo, a very mixed city and went to a very mixed school. It really hurts on so many levels.

You should perform Al-Baraa’tu min ash-Shirk wa ahlihi.

That is the distancing from Polytheism and the people of polytheism,
which was recommended by the great scholar Wahhab.

December 20th, 2012, 2:48 am


mjabali said:


Let us talk about the lies in what you wrote in comment 189:

You lied and said that the Alawis were never “dislodged” by the Sunnis. Even my dog knows you are lying here.

You said that the Alawis are Persians: Even my dog knows you are lying here.

You said that “till recently the Alawis lived in the mountain:” That is another lie because the Alawis who lived in Syrian cities were butchered by your sect. So again, you lie.

You said that Syria is not the country of the Syrian Alawis: again you lie. Anyway you turn it the Alawis of Syria are Syrian. Again you lie.

You said that the Alawi religion is not what the Quran teaches: Again you lie, because first you have no clue what the Quran teaches (your education is limited and can not be fully aware with what is in al-Quran). Again you lie.

Again, you said that the Alawis worship Ali: Again you lie. My dog is asking me about your education here, I said Majedkhaldoun probably passed the 6th grade.

As for labeling the Alawis as Munafiqeen: I am waiting for your definition of this term in this case ya dude so I can slap you with my answers.

T b C

December 20th, 2012, 5:44 am


Dolly Buster said:

Well if you knew anything about al-islam, you wouldn’t be keeping a dog!

All Shiites worship Ali, and especially the extremist Shiites like the Nusaуris.

December 20th, 2012, 5:50 am


mjabali said:

Majedkhaldoun said:

” Alawis must abandon nonsense, no person on earth,is God or small or part of God,and they must believe in Quraan and agree to all what is mentioned in it if they want to be called Muslem.”

Mr. Majedkhaldoun:

Who needs to abandon nonsense is you. You are a grown man and should not be talking like this specially after living in America since 1970, as you said.

What are you doing in America?

Americans who believe that Jesus is God, or the Son of God had let you live in their country without ever telling you to leave the nonsense of your religion.

Who are you to tell people what to believe in and who is right and who is wrong?

Mr. Majedkhaldoun:

if the Alawis want to call themselves Muslims it is not up to you to prevent them from doing so. Me personally, I wish they distance themselves from Islam as much as possible.

You are behaving as if you have the keys to paradise.

I am advising you to leave the nonsense and follow reason.

December 20th, 2012, 6:21 am


Uzair8 said:

Guardian blog:

17m ago

Putin on Syria

More from Putin on Syria via AP:

‘Vladimir Putin says Russia realises changes in Syria are needed but is concerned that the push to unseat President Bashar al-Assad’s regime could plunge the country even deeper into violence.’


‘We are not preoccupied that much with the fate of the Assad regime; we realise what’s going on there and that the family has been in power for 40 years,’ Putin said. ‘Undoubtedly, there is a call for changes.’

December 20th, 2012, 7:19 am


Tara said:

Palestinians return to Yarmouk
Palestinians have begun to return to the Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus, after reports that the rebel fighters had agreed to leave the area.

Thousands of refugees fled the area in the wake of government air raids on Sunday.

But some have begun returning, despite reports that a man was killed by a sniper (the body of a man was filmed by activists in the area). 

AP reports on talks to persuade Free Syrian Army fighters to leave the camp.

December 20th, 2012, 8:10 am


zoo said:

“the rebel fighters had agreed to leave the area”

The Syrian Army has showed extreme restraint as they could have crushed the rebels at the high cost of destroying Yarmouk.
Is this a preliminary to larger scale negotiations in Aleppo and other areas for withdrawal of the rebels?

December 20th, 2012, 8:15 am


zoo said:

#207 Doly

“All Shiites worship Ali, and especially the extremist Shiites like the Nusaуris.”

What’s wrong with that? People are free to worship whom they choose. Who are you to decide for them? You better stick to your beliefs, practice charity and love of human being and stop judging.

December 20th, 2012, 8:23 am


zoo said:

204. Juergen

What do you mean by “regime change”? a new government, a new president, a new style of governing. Who denies this is going to happen? everybody in Syria, including the establishment know and say that Syria will change. What’s new?

Yet that does seem to get into the deaf ears of the ones who want the skin of Syria ripped off with violence. For them a ‘regime change’ means an Islamic regime.

December 20th, 2012, 8:31 am


zoo said:

There are no angels in this ‘revolution’

Thursday,December 20 2012,
Syrian conflict has become ‘overtly sectarian’: UN probe

The UN commission, which includes former war crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte, was set up in August 2011, but has yet to actually gain access to Syria.

Those interviews led the commission to conclude last August that both the regime and rebel forces appeared to be committing war crimes.

December 20th, 2012, 8:36 am


zoo said:

A premiere: PBS showed a documentary yesterday a report shot in Damascus highlighting Syrians who are openly supporting Bashar al Assad.

Is the international community starting to realize that there are Syrians who openly rejects the rebels and stick to Bashar Al Assad?

A refeshing change from the destruction, murders and fight Youtube videos..

December 20th, 2012, 8:53 am


zoo said:

The Mess We Left Behind in Libya

While Washington is busy fighting over a report, Benghazi is descending into chaos.


December 20th, 2012, 9:08 am


majedkhaldoun said:

“All Shiites worship Ali, and especially the extremist Shiites like the Nusaуris.”

What’s wrong with that?

Zoo What is wrong with it is that, they call themselves Muslems and they deceive people about Islam, Mr. Al Hadj criticised Islam for what Shiite believe, ,for what Munafiqeen believe

As for Ibn Nusayr,his family came from Persia, he lived in Aleppo and later, as a drug addict, he moved to the mountain where the Assassins provided him with Hasheesh ,he was drugee,and there where he established their religion.
The Cananite are people of the coast not the Mountain(JABAL),they lived using boats,there is no boat in jabal,

December 20th, 2012, 9:08 am


MarigoldRan said:

Bah, Zoo. Your words are hollow. The regime has done the most damage to Syria, 100x more than the rebels.

Look, even Hitler in 1945 had supporters in Germany.

By regime change we mean we want to kick out anyone who has been in power over the last 10 years. The people in power are responsible for this crisis. You are nothing but a hypocrite whining about peace now that your regime is losing.

December 20th, 2012, 9:12 am


Ghufran said:

Still waiting to see why the rebels attacked alyarmouk camp only to withdraw few days later after terrorizing civilians, looting stores and houses and sending a number of Palestinians to their death and forcing thousands of families to run for their lives.
طز فيكن و بهالثوره تبعكن
Post 217 is a proof that you can earn an MD degree and still be an idiot.

December 20th, 2012, 9:12 am


MarigoldRan said:

Still waiting for the regime to stop shelling and bombing civilian areas around the country.

What comes around, goes around.

December 20th, 2012, 9:12 am


zoo said:

#219 Ghufran

I worry that the rebels are playing a trick to lure the Palestinians back in the camp to use them as human shields and thus prevent strong attacks from the Syrian army.
I wonder why the Syrian army is allowing the civilians back before making sure the rebels have left.

December 20th, 2012, 9:15 am


zoo said:


by “we” you mean we Pakistanis?

December 20th, 2012, 9:18 am


zoo said:

#217 Majed

Obviously you are convinced that with your beliefs, you own the only true religion and therefore have the right to judge people for their own ‘inferior’ beliefs.

That’s supremacism ,racism, arrogance and stupidity.

I really wonder why you live in a “liberal” country, you should move to Afghanistan to fully live your beliefs.

I guess I have nothing to argue with you, your mind is hopelessly closed.

December 20th, 2012, 9:25 am


zoo said:

After welcoming Al Qaeeda foreign fighters, the desperate rebels welcome Israeli journalists in Syria.

Outrage in Damascus after Israeli reporters enter Syria

A report by two Israeli journalists working undercover in the rebel-held Idlib region of Syria has been picked up by the Damascus regime and its Lebanese supporters Hezbollah as proof that the insurgents are siding with the Israeli “enemy”.

Two Israeli journalists have returned from an undercover reporting mission to Syria in news that has been picked up by the Damascus regime and its Lebanon-based Hezbollah supporters to mount an anti-rebel propaganda attack.

December 20th, 2012, 9:33 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Stupidity is supporting criminal regime, like you,Stupidity is believing in stupid idea like Ali is divine and part of God, like you

December 20th, 2012, 9:35 am


zoo said:

Al Qaeda grows powerful in Syria as endgame nears


Members of the group interviewed by Reuters say al-Nusra aims to revive the Islamic Caliphate, which dates back to the Prophet Mohammad’s seventh century companions, forerunners of the large empire that once stretched into Europe.

That prospect alarms many in Syria, from minority Christians, Alawites and Shi’ites to traditionally conservative but tolerant Sunni Muslims who are concerned that al-Nusra would try to impose Taliban-style rule.

Fear of religion-based repression has already prompted Kurds to barricade their quarter of Aleppo city and was behind fierce clashes between Kurdish and al-Nusra fighters in the border town of Ras al Ain in November.

The ideas of al-Nusra are also at odds with a new Syrian opposition coalition that was recognized last week by dozens of countries as an alternative to Assad and is committed to establishing a democratic alternative to Assad’s rule.

December 20th, 2012, 9:36 am


zoo said:

#226 Majed

What I believe is none of your business. Stick to your own kind.

December 20th, 2012, 9:39 am


majedkhaldoun said:

I will stick to my kind when we get rid of your kind as an occupiers controlling the goverment in Syria in a dictatorship fashion.
Alawites have two meaning,1 – ethnic,and the second is religious,there they should be called by their original name, N-U-S-ay-ri, Alawite is confusing with Alavi,who are Sunni they practice their religion in Turkish language,not Arabic.

December 20th, 2012, 10:08 am


Tara said:

The regime is allowing Palestinians to go back to the Yarmuk camp because it is aftaid that they join the revolution otherwise. We welcome our Palestinuan brothers into our revolution.

December 20th, 2012, 10:14 am


revenire said:

Tara so is the camp under government control or FSA control?

December 20th, 2012, 10:17 am


revenire said:

This mini-report from Tunisian TV station, Delta TV, shows an interview with a 29-year old Tunisian man who traveled to Syria and fought alongside the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) against the Syrian Army. He explains why he stayed there for slightly over a month and decided to return back to his home country instead of remaining there for Jihad, as is the case with other young Tunisians who were sent to Syria mainly by their imams (clerics).

The interview corroborates some of other eyewitness accounts that accuse the FSA of committing massacres in order to frame the Syrian Army. He also states that no medical treatment was given to any foreign (Arab) Jihadist, which meant that any injury could end up in death. He also acknowledges that these Jihadis are being used as cannon fodder to fight a war by proxy.

December 20th, 2012, 10:18 am


revenire said:

RIP brave Syrians fighting terrorism

al-Yarmouk was fine before the FSA entered, they WANT to draw in the Palestinians .. that’s obvious
Residents of al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus staged a massive protest on Thursday expressing their rejection of the armed terrorist groups.

The participants entered the Camp and chanted slogans demanding that the terrorist groups get out of it.

We have news about shooting to the croud from the milicias of terrorist salafi groups. Few people have been injured.

December 20th, 2012, 10:23 am


revenire said:

One year ago (January 2012) on this very site: “In December, the leader of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood stated that President Assad would fall ‘in the next few months’, the US State Department proclaimed Assad to be a ‘dead man walking’, and Israel’s defense minister insisted that Assad would fall in a matter of weeks.”

The ‘mighty’ US, Israel and US puppet Muslim Brotherhood were wrong. All of them were wrong. I won’t even go into the silly comments from people like Tara, Majedkhaldoun and the rest who predicted the fall of Assad over 1000 times.

I love it.

December 20th, 2012, 10:43 am


Ghufran said:

A UN 10 pages report on Syria clearly refute claims by opposition and rebels that they are the good guys in this war, the report also confirms numerous stories about targeting of unarmed minorities and deliberate sectarian cleansing by “thawrat alhurriya walkaramah”
The challenge from day one has been to remove Syria’s brutal and corrupt regime without destroying the country and replacing old thugs with new thugs, if that was the goal,this uprising failed miserably.

December 20th, 2012, 10:58 am


mjabali said:

Zoo said:

“I really wonder why you live in a “liberal” country, you should move to Afghanistan to fully live your beliefs.”

Mr. Zoo:

Yesterday Majedkhaldoun termed millions of Alawis as Munafiqieen. Just like that, he termed that. When asked about why, he could not come with an answer.

His life story tells of lies days on end.

In reality he lives a double life. One on the surface telling Americans who work with him, or live next to him that he believes they are humans just like him. The other side of his double life is where he believes that he is the one saved with tickets to paradise, and the rest are a bunch of living matter.

This majedkhaldoun is an example of a Munafiq.

بالعربي: حياته اليومية نموذج متكرر للنفاق.

If this guy is a doctor then we could easily say that this world is coming to an end.

I wonder what is he teaching his kids?

December 20th, 2012, 11:09 am


Ghufran said:

This is the conclusion of the UN report:
“As the conflict drags on, the parties have become ever more violent and unpredictable, which has led to their conduct increasingly being in breach of international law. The sole way to bring about an immediate cessation of the violence is through a negotiated political settlement which meets the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people”
If the rebels get to the point where they are considered to be as bad and as evil as the regime they are trying to topple, all talks about a revolution will end and all hopes for a resurrection of Syria as a functioning and livable state will die, the new reality will divide Syria into mini states and enclaves ruled by war lords and controlled by foreign powers, regional and international.

December 20th, 2012, 11:12 am


MarigoldRan said:


What comes around, goes around.

There is no negotiation with this regime.

And perhaps Syria as a nation SHOULD become like Lebanon. Have you thought about that? What is point of trying to hold a nation together if it falls into ruinous civil war every 50 years or so?

December 20th, 2012, 11:15 am


MarigoldRan said:

Syria should be wealthy and prosperous. It is located in a very important of the Middle East, between Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, and Iraq. It has oil. It has tourist sites. It even has a nice climate in many parts of the country.

As long as Syria does not have a central government that is ACTIVELY trying to ruin the country, Syria will prosper economically like Lebanon.

But that is NOT happening today because there is this idiotic government trying to destroy the country to keep it out of rebel hands.

Once again, what is wrong with the Lebanese solution? It’s obvious that the different sects of Syria cannot live together in peace. After the regime is finished, best for everyone to live separately. The concept of Syrian nationalism has been a total and utter failure, an excuse for tyranny of one group over another.

December 20th, 2012, 11:23 am


Tara said:

Could the Jews have negotiated with Hitler?

No negotiations with mass murderes!. Why is this so difficult to understand?

December 20th, 2012, 11:23 am


MarigoldRan said:

The regime thought that by not talking about sectarian divisions, by keeping a lid on political discussion, it could keep the anger and the hatred from seeping out. But in the end, they were wrong.

Instead, the anger and the hatred remained bottled up and it grew. Everyone lied and pretended that all was well, when it was not. And now it has exploded and we are seeing the results today.

Syria nationalism was a lie. There has never been a Syrian nation.

December 20th, 2012, 11:36 am


MarigoldRan said:

Look, Zoo and Ghurfan, what’s the point of negotiating? The FSA is winning and the country has already been destroyed. Best to continue the fight and punish those responsible for it, so this will not happen again.

You talk about negotiation, but what is there to negotiate about?

December 20th, 2012, 11:45 am


revenire said:

Lebanon is prospering economically? Ha ha ha.

December 20th, 2012, 11:46 am


Sheila said:

Dear Dolly Buster,
I do not get your comment #205. Please explain.

December 20th, 2012, 11:46 am


MarigoldRan said:

Lebanon is doing better than formerly Baathist Syria or formerly Baathist Iraq. It is doing better than Iran.

Take oil out of the equation and it is doing better than Saudi Arabia.

Lebanon is also doing better than Egypt. And its economy is certainly better than Greeces’.

Lebanon has one of the better economies compared to the countries around it. In contrast, Syria right now has the worst.

December 20th, 2012, 11:48 am


revenire said:

Tara I agree with you. If I was an adviser to President Assad I would not offer negotiations either.

People that support terrorism need to be arrested. Terrorists need to be eliminated.

December 20th, 2012, 11:50 am


MarigoldRan said:

See what I mean about hatred?

Terrorists this, terrorists that. Who is the terrorist? The one who sets off car bombs, or the one who sends jet bombers to attack villages?

December 20th, 2012, 11:53 am


revenire said:


Syria is at war. Did you expect their economy to be booming? How ridiculous. It defies logic anyone could make such a statement.

Egypt is run by a dictator enslaved to the IMF. Some revolution that was.

Greece, like most of southern Europe, is a basket case due to the collapse of the financial system.

You better stick to talking about how Assad is going to fall today because your understanding of economics is even worse than your military acumen.

December 20th, 2012, 11:55 am


MarigoldRan said:

Egypt is doing better than Syria. Egypt at least is NOT in a civil war. And the reason it is NOT in a civil war is because its population can talk to one another without resorting to words like “terrorist,” and “eliminate.”

Unlike you.

One of the things I’ve noticed about regime supporters is how often they spew hate.

December 20th, 2012, 11:58 am


revenire said:

According to the US government Jabhat al-Nusra are terrorists.

Do you understand?

Al-Khatib supports al-Nusra then he is a terrorist supporter.

This is really easy.

December 20th, 2012, 11:58 am


Sheila said:

Dear Mjabali,
The Alawis of Syria are like every other Syrian. We are all very mixed, due to the fact that so many civilizations passed through, lived and died in Syria.
The Alawis are An Islamic sect. I do not really care what they worship or what anybody else worships for that matter. I believe that religion is a special relationship between a person and his or her creator. It stays between these two and has nothing to do with country or citizenship.
I do not believe in stereotyping. Just because the president is Alawi does make all Alawis bad. Just because many in the army are Alawis does not make all Alawis bad. How about the president’s wife? She is from Homs and a Sunni. I don’t see us cursing Homsis and Sunnis.
I do not believe in collective punishment. Only those who committed crimes should pay the price.
The one thing that I do not agree with you on, is that the Alawis were persecuted by the Sunnis in the past. Their suffering on the hands of the Mamaleek, Salajeka and Ottomans was mirrored by the suffering of other Syrians like the Sunnis, Christians and Druz. Also, the fact that their daughters were bought and sold as maids in mostly Sunni homes, is not exclusive to Alawis. I know many girls who worked in homes that were Sunni, Kurdish or even Christian. And I know prominent Alawi families who owned girls themselves. It was a common practice in Syria and it just happened that the Sunnis were and still are the majority in the country.

December 20th, 2012, 12:00 pm


revenire said:

Tell the protesters who Morsi had beaten to death they are doing well.

You can’t compare the Syrian economy today to any other, unless maybe Somalia or other failed states. Syria is at war.

Talk about how Assad will be fleeing by dinner time. I need another laugh.

Any army on Earth would eliminate terrorists fighting against it. Any.

December 20th, 2012, 12:00 pm


revenire said:

Assad’s wife is Sunni. Aleppo is majority Sunni, Damascus is majority Sunni and both cities overwhelmingly support Assad. Most of the army fighting the FSA is Sunni. You can say they’d all defect if their commanders looked the other way but they HAVEN’T all defected and are vaporizing the terrorists right now.

December 20th, 2012, 12:02 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Ok. And the Syrian regime launches jets to kill little babies. If that is not terrorism, I do not know what is.

This is easy too.

Do you not understand? If the regime cannot talk to someone who disagrees with them without spewing hate, why is the regime surprised when people fight against it?

December 20th, 2012, 12:02 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Revenire, can you write two paragraphs WITHOUT using the words “terrorist,” “vaporize,” or “eliminate?”

How is anyone supposed to negotiate with a regime that calls anyone who disagrees with it a “terrorist?”

December 20th, 2012, 12:04 pm


Dolly Buster said:

251. revenire said:

Any army on Earth would eliminate terrorists fighting against it. Any.

Well, you are buying the Shiite labeling. The Nazis used to call resistance fighters “Banditen.”

All decent people oppose bandits, right?
Except: you shouldn’t always believe what the evildoers are pumping out in their propaganda (Hitler, Putin, Assad).

December 20th, 2012, 12:04 pm


MarigoldRan said:

One of the MOST consistent trend I’ve noticed about die-hard regime supporters is that when they’re arguing with someone who disagrees with them, they resort to words like “terrorist,” and “eliminate.”

I think the regime is like a mad dog. It is only capable of spewing hate and war. It is NOT capable of reasonable discussion. It is NOT capable of thinking clearly or even acting in its own self-interest. And that is why negotiation with it is impossible. And that is why it must be destroyed.

December 20th, 2012, 12:07 pm


revenire said:

The Syrian government does not call anyone who disagrees with it terrorists. That is a lie. It calls the terrorists terrorists. Opposition members are part of the government.

I support the Syrian government. I don’t apologize for it. They, and the Syrian nation, are the victims here.

December 20th, 2012, 12:09 pm


MarigoldRan said:

What a lie. The Syrian regime calls EVERYONE that fights against it terrorists. Look at their propaganda.

It calls the FSA terrorists.
It calls Al Nusra terrorists.
It calls NATO terrorists/terrorist supporters.
It calls Turkey terrorists/terrorist supporters.

Everyone that fights against the regime is a terrorist according to the regime. Turn on Syrian TV and you’ll hear reports of the “Syrian Army” fighting against terrorists.

Terrorist here, terrorist there. According to the regime, everywhere is terrorist!

And it shows up in your words too!

December 20th, 2012, 12:12 pm


revenire said:

It is war. Enemies of Syria want the government overthrown by force of arms. The Syrian government has every right to defend themselves and Syria’s citizens.

Did you think the Syrian government would just surrender?

You can post videos of “victories” and talk about Assad murdering babies etc. You can talk of people in Yarmouk joining the FSA (but they haven’t). You can say Alawi support the FSA or that Christians support it. I don’t care. It is war propaganda.

The FSA would collapse in a few days time if al-Nusra was gone. Without Turkish support both would be destroyed in short order. That is the reality.

December 20th, 2012, 12:14 pm


MarigoldRan said:

The Syrian regime DOES have the right to defend itself. On this point you are right.

But do you think the FSA would just surrender too? Do they not have the right to defend themselves as well?

If someone comes to your village and shoots at you, do you not have the right to shoot back?

Are you incapable of empathy? Can you not understand how other people might feel if they’re being bombed by regime jets? Have 40 years of dictatorship stripped you of your humanity? Have you become nothing more than a parrot, spewing “terrorist this” and “terrorist that?”

December 20th, 2012, 12:16 pm


revenire said:

The US government labeled al-Nusra as terrorists and therefore Assad is fighting terrorists. There is no way to dance around that fact.

It is ironic that the US agreed with Assad here.

Terrorist Designations of the al-Nusrah Front as an Alias for al-Qa’ida in Iraq

Press Statement
Victoria Nuland
Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
December 11, 2012

The Department of State has amended the Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) and Executive Order (E.O.) 13224 designations of al-Qa’ida in Iraq (AQI) to include the following new aliases: al-Nusrah Front, Jabhat al-Nusrah, Jabhet al-Nusra, The Victory Front, and Al-Nusrah Front for the People of the Levant. The Department of State previously designated AQI as an FTO under the Immigration and Nationality Act and as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist under E.O. 13224 on October 15, 2004. The consequences of adding al-Nusrah Front as a new alias for AQI include a prohibition against knowingly providing, or attempting or conspiring to provide, material support or resources to, or engaging in transactions with, al-Nusrah Front, and the freezing of all property and interests in property of the organization that are in the United States, or come within the United States or the control of U.S. persons.

Since November 2011, al-Nusrah Front has claimed nearly 600 attacks – ranging from more than 40 suicide attacks to small arms and improvised explosive device operations – in major city centers including Damascus, Aleppo, Hamah, Dara, Homs, Idlib, and Dayr al-Zawr. During these attacks numerous innocent Syrians have been killed. Through these attacks, al-Nusrah has sought to portray itself as part of the legitimate Syrian opposition while it is, in fact, an attempt by AQI to hijack the struggles of the Syrian people for its own malign purposes. AQI emir Abu Du’a is in control of both AQI and al-Nusrah. Abu Du’a was designated by the State Department under E.O. 13224 on October 3, 2011, and by the United Nations under UN Security Council Resolution 1267 on October 5, 2011. Abu Du’a also issues strategic guidance to al-Nusrah’s emir, Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani, and tasked him to begin operations in Syria.

The United States takes this action in the context of our overall support for the Syrian people. We have provided approximately $50 million in non-lethal assistance to the unarmed civilian opposition and nearly $200 million in humanitarian assistance to those affected by the violence in Syria. The violent, sectarian vision of al-Nusrah is at odds with the aspirations of the Syrian people, including the overwhelming majority of the Syrian opposition, who seek a free, democratic, and inclusive Syria and have made clear their desire for a government that respects and advances national unity, dignity, human rights, and equal protection under the law – regardless of faith, ethnicity, or gender. Extremism and terrorist ideology have no place in a post-Asad Syria, and all responsible Syrians should speak out against al-Qa’ida and other extremist elements. By opting for the use of force against its own people, the Asad regime has created the circumstances that attract the violent extremists of al Qa’ida, who seek to exploit civil strife for their own purposes. The sooner the political transition to a post-Asad Syria begins, the better it will be for the Syrian people and the region.

December 20th, 2012, 12:18 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

You did not touch on my point that the children should not be punished for their father and grand fathers wrong doing.Mjanali believes that son must be punished for parents mistake, yet he call for rule of law.
give us your opinion on that

Assad will be killed by the people of Syria

December 20th, 2012, 12:18 pm


revenire said:

With the backing of NATO and Israel of course the FSA won’t surrender. It will be settled on the battlefield. Fighting in cities takes a long, long time especially when civilians are used as human shields. This can go on for years, maybe decades. In the end there will be no FSA victory over the Syrian government without NATO intervention. It is impossible.

I have zero empathy for anyone who has taken a gun against a legtimate government and won’t entertain the idea that Assad is not the legitimate president. Syria is a nation and Assad is her president until new elections produce another. The UN recognizes her. You can’t just decide because Obama wants Assad gone to get a gun and start shooting cops and soldiers and bombing civilians and let’s not pretend the FSA didn’t bomb civilians and murder children because they did.

The fate of Assad is not something anyone controls except Assad. He said he would live and die in Syria. If he is assassinated then what? It will not end then and you know it. He is a man not a god. The army fights for Syria not a man.

December 20th, 2012, 12:20 pm


MarigoldRan said:

The regime and its supporters are INCAPABLE of understanding its enemies. They know only one thing: their enemies are terrorists and they must be destroyed. Revenire is a good example of it. He cannot write two paragraphs without returning to the theme, “our enemies are terrorists and must be vanquished.”

And THAT is the #1 REASON why there can be no negotiation with this regime.

December 20th, 2012, 12:21 pm


MarigoldRan said:

So you say, Revenire.

But look, the FSA has made tremendous military progress over the last year. They are winning this war, despite all the brutality and violence the regime has inflicted on it.

When the regime was much stronger, it could not crush the FSA. How do you expect the regime to win, now that the FSA has grown stronger, and the regime weaker?




December 20th, 2012, 12:23 pm


Dolly Buster said:

257. revenire said:

I support the Syrian government. I don’t apologize for it. They, and the Syrian nation, are the victims here.

Well, do you recognize that if you sorted all countries in the world by how democratic they are, then Norway would be at the top around number 1, and North Korea would be at the bottom towards number 200, and Syria would be much closer to North Korea than to Norway.

So, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that Syria is a dictatorship.

And now you have to understand that the rebellion is *related* to the fact that the Syrian government is a tyrannical one. See?

But… You probably have some other problem with the West, which is why you ally with every red bastard from Chavez to Russia.


252. revenire said:

Damascus is majority Sunni and both cities overwhelmingly support Assad.

That is how Qaddafi held a Million Man March in Tripoli to showcase his support, but the city nonetheless fell thereafter.

You probably supported Qaddafi too, you pinko.

December 20th, 2012, 12:26 pm


revenire said:

I have friends who live in Aleppo and they were opposition activists who supported the FSA. They don’t support them any longer.

You know what I am talking about too if you are Syrian. You know the support the FSA had has withered on the corpses of civilians murdered by the FSA terrorists.

December 20th, 2012, 12:27 pm


Juergen said:


I was just using the term the mufti has used. I think its a good joke after almost 2 years of killing to request an negotiation.
I came to the conclusion that this regime is not reformable.

December 20th, 2012, 12:27 pm


revenire said:

Libya “fell” because NATO attacked her not because of anything else.

December 20th, 2012, 12:28 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Once again, Revenire, can you write two paragraphs without resorting to the word: “terrorist?”

December 20th, 2012, 12:30 pm


revenire said:

Dictatorship? Who elected the SNC National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces? Did Syrians vote for these people to represent them?

One of the main backers of the terrorists is Qatar. Qatar is a dictatorship. Another financier of the “revolution” is Saudi Arabia and she is a dictatorship.

This is where the fraud of your “democratic revolution” falls apart.

December 20th, 2012, 12:32 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Once again, Revenire, can you write two paragraphs without using the word: “terrorist?”

December 20th, 2012, 12:33 pm


revenire said:

What is the status of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia? How about elections?

Women have rights in Syria and so do minorities. Christians are allowed to practice their religion in a modern secular nation.

The West hates Arabs and Arab nationalism and secular states. They like puppets.

Saudi Arabia fears Syria. This is one reason they want Assad gone and a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship installed at the point of a gun.

December 20th, 2012, 12:35 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Revenire, are you CAPABLE of writing comments without hate in them?

Are you a human being, or are you a mad dog, full of hate and anger, like the regime that you support?

December 20th, 2012, 12:36 pm


revenire said:

You just don’t get it: Syrians will never allow their nation to be overthrown by Salafist apes and terrorists like the FSA/al-Nusra. If Assad didn’t have the support of the majority of Syrians he would be overthrown.

December 20th, 2012, 12:40 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Once again, “terrorist.” “Salafist apes.”

Are you capable of using words that do not have hate in them?

At this point it’s not about the regime anymore. I’m more worried about YOU. Are you capable of expressing NORMAL statements, ones without hate and anger? I mean, is this part of your daily life?

Why do you hate so much Revenire? Perhaps that’s why you support the regime? Because the regime mirrors the hatred that is ever-present in your words and in your heart?

December 20th, 2012, 12:42 pm


revenire said:

You saw what happened when one of these Takfiri animals tried to unveil the FSA flag at the football game. The Syrians attacked him. The guy was almost killed.

If Syrians support these terrorists why did that happen?

December 20th, 2012, 12:44 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. More words of hate, Revenire.

@Zoo and Ghurfan and everyone else

If you’re still following this conversation, do you understand my point?

How do you negotiate with someone like this? How do you negotiate with a regime that can only spew hate?

December 20th, 2012, 12:46 pm


revenire said:

Why don’t you defend the FSA shelling former supporters in Aleppo? It didn’t happen? It sure did.

I know plenty of former “revolution” supporters in Aleppo who hate the FSA now. They call them thieves and rapists. One of these apes tried to rape a woman in Aleppo. She took a knife to his throat to protect herself and her son from being raped.

Think I am some sort of regime plant and it didn’t happen? Keep thinking that.

December 20th, 2012, 12:47 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Once again: Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. More words of hate, Revenire.

@Zoo and Ghurfan and everyone else

If you’re still following this conversation, do you understand my point?

How do you negotiate with someone like this? How do you negotiate with a regime that can only spew hate?

December 20th, 2012, 12:49 pm


revenire said:

NEWS: Syria just won the soccer finals for the West Asia Cup! Syrian crowds going mad waving the real flag!

This is the real Syria not your fake revolution drenched in blood of women and children murdered by terrorists you call freedom fighters.

This is why Assad can never lose whether he is murdered or not. I predict if he is murdered the SAA will go on fighting to the last bullet to wipe Syria clean of the terrorists.
A real Syrian celebrates his nation’s victory over terrorism.

December 20th, 2012, 12:50 pm


MarigoldRan said:

Revenire, once again: Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. More words of hate.

If you’re still following this conversation, do you understand my point?

How do you negotiate with someone like this? How do you negotiate with a regime or a person that can only spew hate?

December 20th, 2012, 12:51 pm


Dolly Buster said:

269. revenire said:

Libya “fell” because NATO attacked her not because of anything else.

Right… So Libya was another shining regime, but was brought down by the evil democracies.

As you can see: your hatred runs deeper than just Syria.

So let’s not pretend that Syria is a single case — you are against Freedom in general.

That is why your favorite TV channel is run by the red KGB.

December 20th, 2012, 12:53 pm


revenire said:

When you picked up guns and shot civilians you lost any chance of negotiation.

December 20th, 2012, 12:58 pm


revenire said:

I am so happy Syria won the championship in Kuwait. This is big and a victory for all Syria.

December 20th, 2012, 1:00 pm


Dolly Buster said:

212. zoo said:

What’s wrong with that?

What’s wrong with worshipping Ali ibn Abi Talib? Well, it is Kufr Akbar (Major Disbelief). It makes one a non-muslim.
Christians worship Jesus Son of Mary, and thus we don’t call them muslims.

Similarly: Shiites worship Ahl al-Bayt, and are therefore outside islam, in those cases specified by the Ulamaa of Saudi Arabia.

Qaddafi = disbeliever
Assad = disbeliever

Assad demands that people make prostration to him as God. That makes him a TAGHUT, i.e. false deity which should be fought and eliminated.

December 20th, 2012, 1:05 pm


Akbar Palace said:

The regime and its supporters are INCAPABLE of understanding its enemies. They know only one thing: their enemies are terrorists and they must be destroyed.


I hear what you are saying and you are absolutely right. Do not be discouraged.

A large part of the thinking in the ME is that only “strong-men” can lead. Assad, Saddam, Qaddafi, Nasser, Arafat, etc. This assumes that Arabs can’t think for themselves: they are either too violent, too ignorant and too backward.

Nonsense! Every person in the ME and actually, every person in the world has a RIGHT to choose who will lead their government. Not the other way around.

Those that cannot accept FREEDOM, do not have the right to lead. Throw them all out.

December 20th, 2012, 1:09 pm


ghufran said:

The biggest mistake rebels and their backers did was to accept sectarian terrorists as partners,that gave the regime a new life, it further alienated fence sitters and it forced the US to think twice before supporting rebels. social media that helped the uprising at the beginning turned aginst them at the end as it exposed crimes against humanity committed by rebels,especially islamist terrorists. the regime and its supporters will benefit from this dangerous alliance between rebels and terrorists and will also use statements by the new NC about jabhat alnusra, criticizing US position, to paint the opposition with a broad brush. you knwo that something is seriously wrong with the anti regime camp when a guy like Adel N’aiseh (who spent more than 20 years in Assad’s jail as a political prisoner) is called and treated as a “Shabeeh” while thugs with guns and clowns who have been living abroad for 3 decades are suddenly ” opposition leaders”.

December 20th, 2012, 1:17 pm


Sheila said:

Dear Majedkhaldoun ,
I totally agree with you: children should not be punished for what their parents did. And I agree with you: this applies to all parties in the past and the future.

December 20th, 2012, 1:19 pm


Visitor said:

HH 22 from previous post,

I finally had the time to respond. But It wouldn’t be for long. Since I will be very busy again very soon.

I made my reponse to that comment but unfortunately it went to the filter. So, in order to bypass the filter I will have to break it into sections which worked for me once before. I hope it works again. So you may see commnets beginning with section 1, section 2 etc…

December 20th, 2012, 1:34 pm


ghufran said:

This garbage about who is a true Muslim and who is not is the reason why Muslim nations,with few exceptions,are the butt of jokes in the world today, even some of those who emigrated to the West and live among “Kuffar” are still mentally hostage to Ibn Taymiyya retarded ideology. The West advanced,among other reasons, because they put religion in its rightful place, at home,Islamic nations failed because they let sheikhs and Takfiri scholars guide their lives, those scholars are for the most part supportive of dictators and what the West consider discrimination against women and minorities.Only Muslims today ,from Syria to Afghanistan,are willing to defend acts of terrorism as justifiable Jihad, there will be no spring for those countries if they do not defeat the islamists’ Winter.

December 20th, 2012, 1:37 pm


Dolly Buster said:

288. ghufran said:

The biggest mistake rebels and their backers did was to accept sectarian terrorists as partners,that gave the regime a new life, it further alienated fence sitters and it forced the US to think twice before supporting rebels.

To fight against the Shiites and the KGB is a blessed and right thing to do.
We are not going to hold back on that good fight, for the sake of impressing anyone.

Jabhat Nusra is not at fault here — I don’t know a single thing they did incorrectly.

The real villains are: 1) Shiites, for killing Syrians 2) Russians, for providing them the backing to do so.

And the fake villain is: Jabhat an-Nusra, for fighting back against the aforementioned Tawagheet.

December 20th, 2012, 1:39 pm


Visitor said:

HH 22 from previous post,

Section 1,

I never said I`m the Amir nor that I`ll be the one to kick you out. You will be kicked out naturally by your actions if you speak ill of the group I mentioned. The only charade there is here is people like Syrialover who comes in and claims speaking on behalf of Syrians wanting his brand of so-called secularism (i.e. godless atheism) and then starts bad mouthing those who are better than him, namely the Nusra fighters.

December 20th, 2012, 1:39 pm


Visitor said:

HH 22 from previous post

Section 2

If, however, you think that a time for you to fight with the true soldiers of Islam may come, then I assure you that none will be able to put up a match. So, you may as well wait and see. However, I do not believe you should allow such thoughts to cross your mind; otherwise you will be committing a major unforgivable sin by declaring hostile intentions towards the believers. Instead, you should become aware and plan to fight those who are calling for godlessness by using the revolution as a vehicle to spread atheism in Syria by extolling the virtues of so-called secularism. You and I know full well that Syrians are good Muslims and will accept no such things as godlessness and atheism

December 20th, 2012, 1:42 pm


revenire said:

Congratulations to Syria on the win. Wow look at that national pride. These guys are heroes.

December 20th, 2012, 1:43 pm


Visitor said:

HH 22 from previous post

Section 3,

Regarding Prophet (PBUH) hadith, you must know that it applies to hypocrites who say things that they do not practice. In this day and age many have become such hypocrites. They are Muslims by name only. Our good Nusra brothers are true believers in Islam both in words and in deed. They are the victorious group that our beloved Prophet (PBUH) told us about They are definitely our brothers in faith. No such unbelievers like Robert Ford or those who follow his malignant advice must be allowed to set our Muslim agenda and decide on our behalf who is and is not our brother in faith. Robert Ford is in fact our enemy compared to these believers. We are not sheep to be guided astray by such idiots like Ford and his masters in Washington.

End of sections.

December 20th, 2012, 1:43 pm


revenire said:

Jabhat al-Nusra only murdered thousands of innocent civilians and murdered captured soldiers in cold blood. No problem. War crimes are part of the New Syria.

December 20th, 2012, 1:45 pm


revenire said:

Did Assad force all these Syrians to go to Kuwait and cheer for their nation? Take a look at what the al-Nusra terrorists are fighting. These people love Syria. They love Bashar. They will never allow Takfiri apes to destroy their nation.

Long live Syria!

December 20th, 2012, 2:04 pm


ghufran said:

This murder took place in a “liberated” part of Aleppo:
قتل تاجر سوري زوجته الروسية بإطلاق النار عليها في منزلهما بمدينة حلب شمالي سوريا، بسبب خلاف حاد على خلفية معارضته بشار الأسد وتأييدها له، حسب ما أفاد قريب للزوج المتهم.
وقال أحمد (30 عاما) إن قريبه محمد ع. الذي يعمل تاجرا للملابس “أطلق 3 رصاصات من مسدسه على زوجته الروسية الجنسية في حي الميسر الواقع تحت سيطرة المقاتلين المعارضين في جنوب شرقي حلب، بسبب ملاسنة بينهما بدأت بسبب معارضة الزوج للنظام السوري، في حين أن الزوجة موالية له”.
ولا تتواجد الشرطة في هذا الحي، كما أن المقاتلين المعارضين الموجودين على الأرض لم يوقفوا مرتكب الجريمة.
the only thing a murderer in Syria has to say today to get away is to accuse the victim of being a shebeeh or a terrorist (depending on who is in charge at the crime scene).
not to change the subject,but I think that what the Syrian soccer team did and the support it received from Syrians in Kuwait is remarkable, I find it somewhat nauseating that anti regime people are either upset or irritated because Syria won and the national flag was waived.

December 20th, 2012, 2:06 pm


revenire said:

The great freedom the terrorists want to give the already free women of Syria:

“Syria: Religious Police Patrol Aleppo’s Countryside”

“The Syrian opposition groups that have taken control of Aleppo’s countryside are deploying a religious police force to enforce new laws, such as barring women from driving and making prayer compulsory.

“The so-called Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo issued a statement banning women from driving. The group also released several video clips showing men of various Arab nationalities patrolling the streets and forcing people to pray.

“Another video posted on YouTube by opposition activists shows a prominent member of the Saudi virtue police, Abdallah al-Hattel, in a pickup truck in the suburbs of Aleppo calling on people to attend to their prayers.

“These developments sparked the anger of many of Aleppo’s women.”

December 20th, 2012, 2:26 pm


revenire said:

Is anyone surprised?

Follow-up on the Richard Engel’s story
I received a message from a Western journalist in Syria. He tells me that the Free Syrian Army now admits that Mr. Engel was indeed kidnapped by a Sunni armed group but that the hostages were later sold to a Shi`ite armed group. I am not making this up. More on the story later.

December 20th, 2012, 2:32 pm


Dolly Buster said:

299. ghufran said:

I think that what the Syrian soccer team did and the support it received from Syrians in Kuwait is remarkable, I find it somewhat nauseating that anti regime people are either upset or irritated because Syria won and the national flag was waived.

I didn’t even know there had been a game, because I don’t follow such stupid events.

But: I can tell you it is from the Old Playbook of Dictatorship, to use sports to divert attention is this very fashion. I’ve seen it before!

Oh btw, there is fighting now “meters from the Presidential Palace,” search on Twitter.

December 20th, 2012, 2:38 pm


revenire said:

LOL yeah there is fighting meters from the Presidential Palace because Asma wants the place painted before New Year’s and Bashar likes the old colors.


December 20th, 2012, 2:50 pm


Dolly Buster said:

263. revenire said:

He said he would live and die in Syria. If he is assassinated then what? It will not end then and you know it. He is a man not a god. The army fights for Syria not a man.

When Assad is killed, the war is over. It is a top-down dictatorship, and nothing will work without the top thugs.
Sorta like Libya. Except I am hoping that Assad’s death will be considerably more gruesome.

December 20th, 2012, 3:23 pm


Syrian said:

الكويت تحظر علم الثوره السوريه من الملعب

December 20th, 2012, 3:41 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Qasem Saadedean proved to be excellent commander,he defended Homs very well, and now he is going toward Hama to rid that area from Assad thugs and he seems to be successful,if and when he takes over Hama, Homs will be liberated quickly,soon Assad will be hanged from his feet with his head down,and the families of the Martyrs will pass by and whip him

December 20th, 2012, 3:54 pm


revenire said:

Ha ha and you talk about hatred? I think you’re funny like a cartoon character.

We will be here in a year’s time and you will be predicting Assad’s defeat “soon” like you always do.

December 20th, 2012, 4:14 pm


Syrian said:

For those who make a big deal about today’s game
لاعب المنتخب عمر السومه يرفع علم الثوره ويحي الجماهير المعارضه

December 20th, 2012, 4:20 pm


Syrialover said:

New post up and thread started

December 20th, 2012, 4:25 pm


Syrian said:

What are you supporters doing? living in it up in the “imperialest West”while your brethren are being eliminated
أمهات قتلى الجيش السوري يصرخن

“من جانبه الناشط عصام، 26 عاما من إحدى قرى جبلة، تحدث عن سحب بعض الأبناء الوحيدين إلى الخدمة “الاحتياطية في الجيش رغم مخالفة ذلك للقانون الذي يقول بعدم تجنيد من وحيد لأمه”.

وأضاف لموقعنا “لدي ابن عمي وبه مس منغولي يبدو واضح من شكل رأسه وعينيه إلا أنه سحب إلى الخدمة الاحتياطية”، ويضيف “يبدو أن النظام بات يسحب الشباب لصفوفه دون الشروط.. والويل لكل من يتخلف أو يفكر بذلكأمهات-قتلى-الجيش-السوري-يصرخن

December 20th, 2012, 4:42 pm


annie said:

Thursday, December 20, 2012
Maysaloon : The Myth of Dialogue with the Syrian Regime

When Seumus Milne writes article after article lamenting the lack of ‘dialogue’ between the parties in Syria, he perpetuates a myth that the Assad regime, along with its Russian and Iranian backers, has been advocating a negotiated settlement all along. The truth could not be further from the reality, and there is a real danger that the story of the Syrian revolution is being re-spun into some nefarious Western plot to eliminate the ‘last bastion of Arabism’ as one anti-imperialist commentator described it.

Because of the failure of some movements and countries to unequivocally and consistently condemn the Assad regime’s brutality from the outset, the Syrian people were left to – rightly – seek assistance from anywhere they could receive it. They did not have time to listen to people such as Milne lecturing them about how necessary it was that they should die with their families in the thousands in order to reach some indigenous solution without involving the ‘White Devil’. Better, the likes of Milne were telling Syrians, to die for, and in doing so satisfy, the intellectual vanity of the Western Anti-imperialist vanguard.

Milne, rightly, warns of Western military adventures in the Middle East but he claims that Syria is next on the list. What he does not mention is that the West has, for over twenty months, sought every excuse _not_ to intervene in Syria. He is so eager to portray events as a NATO conspiracy that he conveniently ignores the fact that NATO’s Secretary General Rasmussen has become a Syrian joke with his steady stream of statements that NATO will not intervene in Syria. Therefore this idea that Syria will be the target of a mass invasion of the type we saw in 2003 with Iraq belies the completely different context and restraints that exist today. Yes, the West and the Gulf states are aiding the rebels, but the majority of these rebels are Syrians who have quickly become battle hardened through no choice of their own. It was the relentless killing by Assad’s war machine which prompted them to seek and carry arms, and to ask for help from wherever they could.

Where, one can rightly ask, was Milne when the revolution was still a protest movement, like the overnight sit-in protest occupying the former Homs Clock square which was brutally dispersed with live fire? Did Milne see those countless other unarmed protestors with their faces blown off by Assad’s snipers? Or was he too busy deriding the grainy mobile phone footage as unworthy of his attention?

Then there is the question of Islam in Syria – Sunni Islam to be specific. After writing many articles justifying ‘Muslim anger’ over Western foreign policy or episodes of Quran burning, he seems to find it astonishing that some Muslims would be equally and perhaps even more so incensed at the brutality of Assad’s forces and the documented desecration of mosques and religious insults sprayed on walls.

He raises the spectre of sectarianism as if it will be a direct consequence of the rebels winning and not of Bashar losing. Where was he, we must ask again, when the same newspaper he is writing for reported on Syria’s regime encouraging extremist Muslim fundamentalists to go across to Iraq and wreak havoc, that same havoc that anti-imperialists then blamed the United States for unleashing. Did Milne, and those who share his outlook, stop to think about this?

Syrians should rightly be concerned with the extremist elements within the ranks of the rebels, but they do not need Milne to tell them that, and they certainly don’t need his instructions on the best way to remove the regime that has killed tens of thousands of Syrians since last March. They should, also, be very concerned with lawlessness and sectarianism, but unlike Milne they have recognised that a state which mobilises its resources for mass murder and terror over a population is far more disturbing and serious than the crimes of extreme elements who are, after all, criminals anyway. Therefore, Milne has no right to claim some kind of moral parity between ‘two sides’, and he certainly has no right to paint the opponents of Assad, in all their colours and shapes, with the same brush as al Qaeda. For Iraq and Afghanistan he has always been alert enough to recognise the divide and rule tactics of an oppressor, or to know where one must lay the blame when extremism results in atrocities and instability. No such critical thinking appears to have been applied in Syria. In fact it does not seem to have occurred to Milne and other Western anti-imperialist writers that Assad, as an oppressor, is in the same boat as the imperialism they claim to oppose.

December 21st, 2012, 1:26 am


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