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If the U.S. Wanted To, It Could Help Free Thousands of Enslaved Yazidi Women in a Single Day

IS Routs Peshmerga, Takes Control of Sinjar Mountains, Jeopardizes Yazidi Homeland

Starvation: a Twisted Example of the Assad Regime’s Terrorism

“Why Syria’s Kurds are beating Al Qaeda,” By Balint Szlanko

Problems for Syrians in Egypt; News from Kurdish North; Looting & Oil; Round-up

“The Turkish-Syrian Border Dispute: A View From the Past” – By Meir Zamir

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Syrian War Spillover in Iraq Will Be Much Worse than in Lebanon

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Drought Hits East for Forth Year Causing More Distress

News Round Up (21 March 2010)

“The Armenian Genocide: The Islamist and Kemalist Consensus,” by Firat Demir

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Economics, NGOs and More

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