Wonderful NGO with School for Syrian Refugee Children in Northern Lebanon

A great NGO that educates the poorest Syrian refugee children in North Lebanon. A big bang for the buck. Contact Laure Bocquet, Organizer


Relief & Reconciliation for Syria – Help us give the Syrian youth a future!

Our NGO «R&R for Syria» combines peace building with practical help. Under the joint authority of local leaders, we are trying to offer a future to Syrian youth.

More than 1 million Syrian refugees have become stranded in Lebanon. Some of them have lost everything. The Akkar district in the North of Lebanon is itself the poorest region of the country and has been neglected by international assistance for many years. Today, it shelters the highest percentage of refugees in Lebanon. The poorest are welcoming the poor.

With the help of more than 850 individual donors, we opened in 2013 the Peace Center in Bkarzla, a small village next to the district capital Halba. The Akkar is a mixed region where a Sunni majority lives side by side with Christians and Alawis. In this region, family ties have crossed the Syrian border for many years. It is the ideal place to create a model that could also work inside Syria.


Our Peace Center welcomes the youth of different confessions and groups, both Syrian and Lebanese. We chose a building in a safe, natural setting to give traumatized children and adolescents the possibility to rest. In our Peace Center, they are receiving psychosocial, educational support, as well as material assistance.

In 2014, R&R worked with more than 20 tented settlements through educational and psychosocial work, enrolled 682 students in our regular educational activities and distributed food baskets and other survival aid to 2,161 most vulnerable families, reaching more than 11,000 individuals.


R&R created and financially supports a Camp School in the refugee Camp Al-Ihsan, situated in the plain of Minyarah. In the end of 2014, 340 students from a dozen surrounding camps were enrolled in Al-Ihsan School that included 14 school classes and 1 pre-school class.

The lack of French language skills is one of the main reasons preventing Syrian students from accessing Lebanese schools. Unlike Syria, the Lebanese curriculum for most main subjects is taught in French. The starting point for R&R’s work with most of our students is hence Intensive Language Classes in French or English as well as basic knowledge of Arabic and math classes if needed. In 2014, altogether 363 children were enrolled in these classes.

Finally R&R organizes Remedial Homework Help Classes as well as a Work & Learn Scheme targeting students beyond 15 years of age who have to work. In 2014, more than 300 children participated to these activities.


R&R provides practical help to the youth and their families and these activities serve as a first contact point. In close cooperation with national and international organizations, we are responding to those needs that have so far been neglected. Our assessment has identified hygiene and first aid kits as the most urgent problems in the refugee settlements. We are working on short-term assistance and long-term infrastructure solutions.


Daily child care is offered by local volunteers to children enrolled in the Al- Ihsan camp school. In the second half of 2014, international volunteers started implementing regular dance and sport activities once or twice a week, both for women and for men. Local youth clubs were also established in Michmich and at the Al-Ihsan Camp.


As a peace building initiative, we are politically neutral and not affiliated to any government or party. However we are not neutral in our values. We are pushing for an inclusive peace, based on democracy and human rights. For ourselves, we adopt the principles of nonviolent action, but we do not judge those who are fighting in defense of their beloved.

We emphasize our impartiality in the delivery of services to those in need. Our aid is impartial and not based on nationality, race, religion, or political affiliation; it is based on need alone. Neutrality does not imply ignorance or indifference. We will stay neutral in the attempt to facilitate dialogue, but we will not shy away from denouncing violations of fundamental human rights.

Please help Syrian kids: $5, $10 or more… Anything helps! Our crowdfunding webpage:

According to UNICEF, about 440,000 of the officially registered 1.2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon alone are school-aged children. Only 40,000 of them could access regular schools in 2014. That same year, R&R provided schooling to almost 700 children including language courses and tutoring.

Please contact us at unitedstates@reliefandreconciliation.org or 303-913-0787

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51. Akbar Palace said:

I thought this article was good:

ISIS’ Imminent Demise


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December 9th, 2015, 9:36 pm


52. Majedkhaldoun said:

Putin threat to use nuclear bomb in Syria is just crazy, stupid , he is a mental case , he is worse than Hitler , he is just like the stupid Assad

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December 10th, 2015, 4:29 am


53. ALAN said:

Those are criminal practices of countries that you yourself belong to !
stop chattering.

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December 10th, 2015, 6:52 am


54. ghufran said:

You can not make chicken soup from chicken poop, that means you can not rely on KSA (and Qatar/Turkey) to come up with a pleural and accountable government in Syria and you can not wait on Assad regime to voluntarily accept opposition and put an end to the rule of Mukhabarat. Read the statements from KSA conference and you will conclude that this war is not about to end until the sponsors or fighting forces suffer a near fatal blow (which has not happened yet).
Rebels and their families in Alwaer left Homs mostly for Idleb instead of Idleb and Hama, that means a near recognition that Hama will not be a long term safe refuge for rebels. Borders between regime controlled areas and Syriastan (Idleb and Aljazeera) are being drawn even if fighting parties refuse to admit that. The biggest fight will be in Aleppo (and less importantly in Ghouta and parts of Hama).Latakia will be under total regime control after Turkmen and Islamists in North Latakia are pushed back to Turkey. Rebels in Ghouta who wish to stay (many are Syrian)will be given special status where they run their areas but stop attacking Damascus, people in Damascus are decisively anti rebels regardless of what some deniers here say, Damascenes do not like, and never liked, the regime but they were not given a decent alternative.
Israel will continue to flirt and deal with islamist rebels in the south to create a buffer zone but those rebels will be unable to attack Damascus and they will mostly play a role similar to SLA when Israel occupied south Lebanon, rebels in Qnaitra will be Israel’s prostitutes.
Without a breakthrough in this war there will be a stretch of land from Damascus to Turkey’s borders north of Latakia under regime control with little or no presence of rebels, the current redistribution of population will be preserved for the short term leaving refugees with no real options but to stay where they are. Homs proper has changed drastically after losing much of its Sunni population but Latakia and Tartous (especially Latakia) have absorbed over 2 million Sunnis, that seems to be the preferred “market” solution to the threat of division. In a nutshell, the only short term preventive measure to the nightmare of division is giving people no choice but to live together in peace, there has been no sectarian clashes or security problems in mixed areas where there is enough presence of security and army personnel.
This situation leaves over 70% of Syria’s land (but less than 30% of the population)under Nusra and Isis rule. If Turkey and the GCC really cared about the fate of Sunnis in Syria they would have prevented such a tragic outcome, nobody should be forced to live under the rule of terrorists but that is the gift GCC and Turkey gave to Syrians, the regime is effectively saying “go and live in Syriastan if you do not like us”, the dream of a democratic and free Syria will not come true if the parties entrusted to transform it into reality are the Assad regime and the GCC-Turkey appointed opposition !!

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December 10th, 2015, 12:33 pm


55. ALAN said:

تركيا/ناتو تطلق النار على طائرة روسية اخترقت اجواء اسكندرون لثوان و لمسافة امتار .
تركيا/ناتو اخترق الاراضي العراقية ثلاثين كيلومترا لتعربد هناك.
يجب ان يدق عنق تركيا/ الناتو هناك بشكل مؤلم

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December 10th, 2015, 2:45 pm


56. Tara said:


Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg came out with a strong statement today “in support of Muslims in our community and around the world.” In a sense, it’s clearly prompted by Donald Trump’s recent call to ban all Muslim immigration into the United States. But importantly, Zuckerberg doesn’t mention Trump by name or limit his remarks to the specifics of Trump’s proposal. After all, America’s rising tide of Islamophobia goes well beyond Trump.

Instead, Zuckerberg situates himself in the general context that “[a]fter the Paris attacks and hate this week, I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that they will be persecuted for the actions of others.”

The Jews in the US are heard loud and clear. I honestly would actively choose to live with Jews rather than to live with my fellow Syrian Darryl from Allepo who is probably now living in constant ecstasy over the Trump campaign and who was calling for the exact similar thing.

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December 10th, 2015, 3:33 pm


57. Tara said:


Shame that the NATO did not downed this second plane. I’d call on my government to respect the sovereignty of their FELLOW NATO ally and shoot the intruder down immediately

Alan, I would be very concern about Putin’s mental status after the incident!!! Do you think he would need to be hospitalized in a mental ward to calm his bleeding ego?

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December 10th, 2015, 3:43 pm


58. ALAN said:

Take cool. we have all capabilities certainly and firmly to turn the planet to radioactive ashes.
Stop flowing your old model flabby acrobatics.

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December 10th, 2015, 4:31 pm


59. omen said:

is this a threat?

45. ALAN said: /Russia has no right to be in Syria/
Russia will be there, where it would require. Even if it is in the depth of the territory in United States. Be sane.

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December 10th, 2015, 5:27 pm


60. Tara said:


I thought you are Syrian?!

Do you Alan support Putin’s plan to Nuc Syria?

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December 10th, 2015, 6:39 pm


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