Homs: The Capital of Syrian Uprising

Homs: The Capital of Syrian Uprising

By a Syrian expat originally from Homs for Syria Comment
Posted by Camille Otrakji.

This article is an attempt to provide a brief synopsis of the history and the socio-economic fabric of the city. This will help explain why Homs is the center of anti-government demonstrations and potentially the future site of intense sectarian violence.

Homs before the 1900s
Homs was a small city with less than 50,000 inhabitants (Now around 1 million) . The city was largely homogenous (Sunni Muslim) albeit having an affluent Christian minority (<10%). The city and its neighboring countryside was under the Ottoman rule which was facilitated by cooperation between the city’s religious and commercial elite on one hand, and Ottoman governors and garrisons (mostly Turkmen and in general foreign to the city) as well as countryside Aghas and their men (The Dandachies in Talkalakh and the Sweidans in Hesyieh) on the other hand. Intermarriages between the two groups helped diminish conflict between them.

Homs from the Arab Revolt through independence
Upon the great Arab Revolt, the city’s local and traditional leadership broke away from the Ottoman patronage. Families that once represented religious leaderships (most notably the Atassis) allied themselves with Sharif Hussien and recruited the tribal strong men of Dandachi and Bani Khalid to their cause. The same commercial and religious elite thrived. Affluence was largely a family business while social mobility was achieved though public office and/or marriage among landowning, religious and commercial families. This continued to be the case through the French Mandate and early independence years and the city social and power makeup remained unchanged. Economically, the city was largely a market to the surrounding countryside.

The Arab Socialist era and the new social fabric
The creation of the Syrian army by the French, which was made up mostly by minorities, the advancement of Arab socialist ideologies, and the creation and expansion of government bureaucracy and civil servant class, helped weaken the traditional social order in the city. An alliance was forged between low-level civil servants, army officers, and countryside peasantry (from all sects), all under the umbrella of socialism, helped create a hybrid socialist-military rule.

People from the countryside flooded the city creating new neighborhoods. The Alawis occupied the south-eastern quarters. Christian newcomers occupied large parts of the old city and the Sunni settled west, north, and east of the old city walls. Civil service and access to education became the new vehicle to social mobility (for example a teacher’s salary in the 60s-70s was enough for a family to live a middle class life).

Sectarian Tensions
Things changed in the late 70s aspower became more and more concentrated in the hands of minority army officers and it became evident that minorities and Baathists were favored for government jobs. This and other factors of regional politics created sectarian tensions in the country and the city and the clashes between the Mulsim Brothers and the government were largely sectarian and very violent.

The defeat of the Muslim brotherhood in 1982 in Hamah, and the government’s retaliatory policies that followed, created a sense of defeat in the Sunni community. Also, the economic collapse 1980s facilitated the return of traditional social dynamics in the community: commerce, marriage, and working abroad (mostly in the Persian Gulf States) became the vehicle for social mobility in that community. The traditional Sunni community was punished and was no longer an active participant in the state.

Homs in the last 20 years
Sunnis from the countryside who had occupied the vast poor neighborhoods east and north of the city integrated well into Homsi society. They quickly adopted the city’s social norms and developed antipathy towards the state for the same reasons that the indigenous inhabitants of the city’s core had. This created a unified “Sunni” identity across all city neighborhoods whether rich or poor, religious or not.

Alawites on the other hand didn’t integrate as well. They retained their distinct accent and their links to their home villages, and are active participants in the hated government agencies (Army, Mukhabarat, and civil service).

Feelings of deep mistrust characterize the relationship between the Sunni and Alawi communities.

The risk of Civil War
Unlike the events with the Muslim Brotherhood in the 80s, the demonstrations in Homs are not fueled by religious hatred or Salafi extremism; instead it’s fueled by the desire for a more political participation in the country and equal opportunity. All said, the brutal crackdown on demonstrators is intensifying resent in the Sunni community and its putting it at odds with the Alawi community that largely supports the regime. As a result, Homs is the likely candidate for neighborhood-to-neighborhood civil war similar to that of Lebanon’s civil war.

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majedkhaldoun said:

You are doing great job,your article is an excellent one, and I am glad Ziadeh blessed the initiative,AL initiative is great defeat for Assad regime

October 18th, 2011, 4:20 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Syrian Nationalist Party
Metaz K M Aldendeshe
Chief Startegist

“………the demonstrations in Homs are not fueled by religious hatred or Salafi extremism; instead it’s fueled by the desire for a more political participation in the country and equal opportunity…”

The underlying for Political participation in the country is the economic one. As Gulf countries either leveled off in hiring, or elected to go with cheaper sources of employment from Asia, the economic and social conditions of Sunni in the city and rural area deteriorated to intolerable conditions that drive the frustration today. To make things worse, the deteriorating economic conditions of families worsened dramatically in the past decade by the rising prices, from real estate to sugar. Inequality, which was not prevalent or kept beneath the surface during elder Assad were exposed openly and exacerbated the feeling of anger in Sunni Moslems. As said before on this forum by SNP, Syria was ripe for Have-Have Not revolution 2 years ago. It could have been the first one in fact.

The means which the West / Gulf/Turkey promoted and launched this change is destructive to Syria and violent in nature. It harm to the nation and not an outlet for change.

Sunnis will realize late, that the agenda is flawed and skewed not in the interest of Sunni but of foreigners interests, Assad may eventually deal with the demands made upon him and the supporters will abandon the Sunni like hot potato. Already tale tale sign of backroom negotiation is surfacing, secret deals is passed here and there. At one point Sunnis will realize that not only the internal theater has slipped from them but the puppeteers are gone as well. Now What?

No matter how you objectively evaluate this Syria Revolution it boils down to in the end to that dead end (Now What) on each and every road taken by it. Because, it is basis is foreign interests and not National ones, where those on the agenda, then the revolution would have taken different partners and more concise National agenda than sectarianism sectarian attacks and attacks of Syria’s strategic allies, who should remain so for years no matter who is running Syria, until the country can strategically and economically, as well as militarily able to stand on own feet’s.

October 18th, 2011, 4:37 pm


jad said:

Homs today, as yesterday and the week before battle field with lots of victims:

HNN| شـبكة أخـبار حمص
خاص شبكة أخبار حمص الأولى

تنوعت أساليب افلاسهم وتداعت محاولاتهم الحثيثة
على بث الرعب والتفرقة في مدينة حمص

منذ قليل سُمعت عدة انفجارات تسمعها بشكل واضح
كل من حي الزهراء و الأرمن والمهاجرين والعباسية

وعند ذهابنا للاستطلاع تبين لنا
أن جماعة السلمية يقومون باطلاق قذائف
تنوعت ما بين قواذف آر بي جي وبين قذائف صوتية وأكثرها صوتية
ويقومون باطلاقها من أماكن بعيدة
محاولة منهم إما التخريب أو بث الرعب بين الأهالي

ولكن الأهالي أكثر فطنة ودراية بما يفعلون
وأن هم هؤلاء هو استهداف المعنويات أكثر من الماديات

لذا أتمنى عدم تهويل الأمور وعدم تسويق الأخبار
على أن هناك أمطار من القذائف على حي العباسية وحي الزهراء

و حسب ما شاهدناه فإنه لا وجود لأية أضرار مادية ولا حتى معنوية
بمعنى أن الأهالي فهموا اللعبة وأنهم على ثقة كبيرة بجيشنا الصامد
وأن عدد القذائف التي تم سماع دويها والتي سُمعت خلا فترة المساء
عددها اربعة قذائف

وحما الله بلادنا القوية الصامدة بشعبها وبحماة ديارها

خاص شبكة أخبار حمص الأولى

العثور على جثة أسامة فرزات بعد تلقيه لعدة طعنات
الذي نشرنا خبر خطفه أمس و مسلحين قاموا بخطف المواطن
تميم عباس و مرافقه أثناء مرورهم فوق جسر باب عمرو و عند
سقوط صديق تميم من الجسر تركه المسلحون ظانين أنه قد
مات لكن العناية الإلهية حمته فتمكن من الهروب و التوجه للقوات
الأمنية و كنا قد حذرنا صباحاً من التوجه و المرور بتلك المنطقة
بسبب وجود مجموعة من أهل الحي مختصة بخطف الغرباء كائناً
من كانوا .

بعد خطف الشاب محمود ملحم مقيم في حي الأرمن
ويعمل سائق تكسي وهو من قرية جبلايا غرب حمص
يدعى ابو جلال من ساكني حي الأرمن تم العثور على
جثته منذ قليل قرب شعبة الحزب في الحميدية و ذلك
بعد خطفه وتكسيرسيارته .

رحمة الله على الشهيد

قوات الأمن و الجيش السوري الأبي تقوم بعملية تطهير
واسعة على الحدود مع لبنان و تلقي القبض على قاسم
أبو جبل و هو من أخطر المهربين للسلاح من لبنان إلى
ســوريا كما تمكنت قواتنا من قتل أحمد أبو جبل وتلقي
القبض على أخيه عمار أبو جبل من قرية النزارية على
الحدود السورية اللبنانية.

خاص شبكة أخبار حمص الاولى

إستشهاد علي حوراني من حي كرم اللوز قرب صيدلية الخنساء وذلك في الرابعة عصر هذا اليوم حيث تم الهجوم عليه أمام منزله من قبل مسلحين إرهابيين و قاموا بإطلاق الرصاص عليه لتستقر 3 رصاصات في جسده و الشهيد كما نشرنا عنه من قبل في شبكتنا كان قد تلقى عدة تهديدات من قبل و كانوا قد استهدفو منزله بقذيفة آر بي جي من اسبوعين و نجا من هذا الهجوم آنذاك بعد تعرضه لجروح متوسطة و جثمان الشهيد في مشفى النهضة الآن .

نرجو أخذ الحذر عند المرور قرب إشارة الخالدية و أثناء التوجه
للكراجات في خط الكورنيش الشرقي عند الخالدية بسبب
وجود جنازة تنطلق بعد قليل لأحد قتلى الاشتباكات .

جيشنا الأبي بدأ بعمليات تمشيط واسعة في القصير بعد اشتباكات عنيفة منذ الصباح مع المسلحين ، بالإضافة لاشتباكات بين المسلحين و الجيش في محيط القلعة و باب عمرو التي تشهد الآن جنازة الإرهابي “عدنان شيخ السوق” الذي قتل أثناء اشتباكه مع الجيش في باب السباع.

وتبعاً لمراسل شام اف ام في حمص فبعد قتل الإرهابي محمد خالد الناصر وهو من تخصص بالتعذيب و التنكيل بجثث الشهداء و معاينة السيارة التي كان يستخدمها هذا الإرهابي و هي من نوع كيا سيراتو تحمل لوحة مرور حمص و اللوحة تابعة لسيارة سابا لون زيتي مسروقة سابقاً من تلدو في حمص و السيارة رغم لونها الأبيض إلا أن لونها الأساسي كان الأحمرحيث تم العثور داخل السيارة على 3 قناصات M16 حديثة أحدها مزود بمنظار ليلي و الاثنتين مزودتين بمناظير عادية و القناصات أوتوماتيكية أميركية الصنع مع أكثر من 5 قواذف آر بي جي ، و في الواحدة و النصف من بعد ظهر اليوم تم سرقة سيارة لاندروفر عائدة لمديرية زراعة حمص و سرقتها من الوحدة الإرشادية في قرية غرناطة التابعة للرستن.

من ناحية أخرى صادرت الجمارك الأردنية في مركز جابر الحدودي سيارة تحمل لوحة من دولة عربية مجاورة للأردن كانت محملة بالأسلحة لتهريبها إلى ســـوريا و أشارت إلى مصادرة مسدسات و كواتم صوت و مخازن أسلحة.

October 18th, 2011, 5:23 pm


Tara said:

“Alawites on the other hand didn’t integrate as well. They retained their distinct accent and their links to their home villages, and are active participants in the hated government agencies (Army, Mukhabarat, and civil service).”

It is saddening to acknowledge that the Alawis “did not integrate well” with the Sunnis in Syria. I attest to that and blame it on the regime for the most part, although I believe that lack of education, stiff religious establishment, and backwardness inflicting the ME played also very important roles.  

The regime focused on employing Alawis in the army and the security apparatus which created a psychological barrier characterizing Alawis as regime informants.  The regime did nothing to improve the living condition of the poor in general, including the poor Alawis unaffiliated with the regime, inhabiting the slums on the outskirts of cities such as the extreme border of Mazzeh Jabal.  On the other side the backward mentality of lots of Sunni Syrians using poverty and the past social status of most Alawis as derogatory qualifiers were still omnipresent when I left Syria.  The Alawis history of being the underdog, the men working as peasants and the girls working as domestic helpers as opposed to the elite educated Damascus proper or Homs proper inhabitants was the base of social discrimination in the mind of some Sunnis.  Additionally, the sectarian mentality of some in characterizing the Alawis as being a heterodox Shiaa but in reality a heretic religion was another important factor in leading to the unfortunately lack of genuine integration.

On a personal note, I remember when I was a small girl in the 80s  witnessing few run away love stories between Alawis men and Sunni girls.  For one reason or the other, my parent’s house in Mezza was somehow a “safe haven” where a couple would defect to our house shortly before or after a run-away marriage asking for my parents intervention or “wasta” to get the marriage approved by the Sunni family.  It was never that easy but love always prevailed at least in the few cases I witnessed.      

In order to build a new and improved Syria, I believe that Syrians need a real cultural revolution, a revolution of humility, enlightenment, and emancipation.  We should not hope for simple tolerance.  We should hope for genuine co-existence. 


October 18th, 2011, 5:36 pm


Dale Andersen said:

You are 100% right, Tara.

The problem is, there are no Alawi leaders anymore with the clout to speak with authority. The Assad mafia suppressed them all decades ago.

Let us hope for an Alawi leader outside the mafia who has clean hands and the balls to stand up to President Pencilneck.

October 18th, 2011, 6:01 pm


Son of Damascus said:

@Tara post #4

This generalization is not wholly correct. Alawites of lower class (whether education, social, or economical) did not integrate into cities as well (Thats why the haras around besho’s house still speak with the qaf) but the upper class Alawites did integrate into general society. Many prominent Alawi families married their sons to Sunni merchant class daughters in Damascus, and rarely do you hear them speak in Qaf unless they were yelling at the haras or moukhbarat.

As my handle says I am from Damascus (Salhiyeah) speak with a typical shami accent, however I learned to speak in Qaf because I grow up near the presidential
palace and would chat with the guards. Knowing Qaf has actually gotten me out of some sticky situations as a child.

I Have many Alawi friends, and all of them are decent. well educated, and respectful. A lot of them actually are against the regime, but unfortunately they dare not say so publicly.

I believe many people in Damascus would love to come out in droves to protest, but they live in a prism of fear and intimidation. Security was all over the place in malki and abou remanneh before all this ever started, now days its like a large prison with guards roaming around like pact of wild dogs.

This is just my two cents, take it for what its worth.

By the way the cultural revolution has already started, the discussions Syrians are having today is the birth of a new beginning. From discussions ideas are born that change the world, but its up to us the Syrian people to maintain the humility, and humanity of those ideas. We should not let human nature of grandeur and revenge take over our country.

PS I always enjoy your posts. You are witty and smart lady, Syria will need more woman like your self.

October 18th, 2011, 6:22 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Some of SNP members are to some extent what you may call sectarian, position of the few Christians we have in fact more like the Lebanese Phallange than Syria’s Christians. But personally I am not fooled by Sectarianism or what you call Alawi-Sunni conflict. That is because each person have own personal experiences in life that shaped up his attitudes, mind and understanding.

When I see that among the MB big honcho in Washington is a Sibai and in Turkey is Droubi, I am not thrilled to think hay-ho man us vs. them, long live Homs. My experiences growing up in the era that started it the Baathism rule in Syria and deep knowledge of events of those initial years until Assad showed up in the 70’s (when I left Syria) compels me to view the conflict in different prism, one of reality and less emotion. Objectively speaking, first of all, there existed absolutely no sectarian division between the majority Sunnis of Homs and the numerous Christian sects in the city. In fact, I would say, there existed more sectarian tension between Catholic vs. Orthodox Homsi than Moslem vs. Christian ones. That may not be the case in places like boon dog hamlets like Baba Omar and similar outline era, but even in rural towns there existed absolutely no sectarianism in Syria between sects at that time. In Telkalakh for example Christians, even Armenians lived side by side, In Marmarita, a largely Christian town, Moslems and Alwaites lived peacefully and interactively with no references ever made to sects, at least not in derogatory terms ever. Back in Homs, Christians and Moslems lived side by side as well in places like Inshaaat and Mahatta. Many Muslims family sent their kids to the local Jesuit Schools, I grew up at that school with all kind of sects, and you name it they had it, even Ismaili of Deir Alzour and some kids of extreme Moslem sect of Syrian Desert attended the school. Syria’s society, at least in Homs, the coastal and mountain areas were cohesive. My uncle Zuhair died at a church wedding, my girlfriend was Christian, although she told me that her father will never approve of marriage to Moslem and that I need to understand that reality, hearing that was shocking, was really offending, to me made no difference at all.

Even when Alawites moved in the City, initially, the wealthy ones moved in, they lived in the same neighborhoods as the Sunni and slowly, were incorporating into the local society, even intermarriage started back then. I remember how Sunnis forbade saying any sectarian language in discussing Khutbat this and that, many times you hear the people saying “Haram” to discriminate on the little Alawi girl, she is so sweet.

The sectarian troubles in Homs started on March 8, 1963. And it was not between Alawites and Sunni. Or Christian and Moslems, rather it was Sunni vs. Sunni, that is a fact. When the devil Attasi’s Louai and his cousin overthrew the legitimately elected government of Syria and launched the Baath Party rule, Christians fled Syria to America, Canada, Lebanon and Europe and Sunnis gone to war against other Sunnis who are less privileged at the time. Back to mentioning Sibai and Droubi in the beginning, at that time Homs ardent Bathist supporter were Sunni Homs City Mufti Sibai, who rose from rag to riches, his wealth can only be notice watching his obscene ultra mini skirted daughters roaming the streets. A Droubi family friend was serving Sfiha daily to new Baathist recruits and late became the contractor for the Hama Steel-iron Factory, lining up pocket of Baathists on every visit, I seen it in my own eyes when took trips to the under construction factory and that was the case with his brother, another big Droubi with sites and Mosques in their father and grandfather names all over Homs. The Attassi’s threatened my uncle to depart from his huge home to turn it into Simex head office in the city; they threatened him of ceasing it because it is his second unoccupied property. I mean the memory I grew up of these evil Sunnis in Homs is way too much for me now to believe that they are after anything but own interests that they lost when Hafez and the Alawis effectively kicked them out and took over. I mean can go on and name practically every Sunni family in Homs and describe its support to the Baathist, and the connection and how they initially ceased on the Baath Party to enrich themselves out of other Sunni miseries, could go on talk about what the Raslan and Hussaini and Rifai did and now they seams to all play foul and noble out to save Syria of Baathism, what a bull… about the only descent Homsi Sunni were the Akhras and Tlaimat who joined Baathism at later time.

This is a picture of the times and reminder to those pushing Sectarian agenda, sectarian killing and threaten Civil Sectarian War of the futility of their goal. They may have been oriented toward us vs. them, but to the majority sober and intellectual Syrians we don’t see it that way, we still have memories, grudges and grievances that will restricts us from jumping on this deceptive band wagon. I mean, who to tell, if this so called Syrian Revolution 2011 is not just another old Socialist Sunni Baathist scam, by the same class of profiteers and blood suckers that used in the 60’ ثورة العمال والفلاحين to rob Syrians from their wealth, and now using the Moslem brotherhood, Alawites domination and sectarianism to regain what they lost under Assad. For sure from the faces we see and language we hear, the majority Syrians all they see is the same old scam by younger generation of the same old scam artists, and no one is falling to the deception or interested in helping the bastards all over again. I voice typed this so just do what you can to get the message.

October 18th, 2011, 6:47 pm


louai said:

i can easily say from what i witnessed in Homs that almost %100 of sunnis are pro revolution and almost %95 of other sects are anti revolution

Despite reading this article i still don’t understand why is that and how come the large majority of sunnis took these stand however I do understand why other sects are against it . the secteriansim in Homs are in its highest levels and Homs is an example how Syria will become if some how the revolutionaries had the upper hand

i also dont understand why the government didn’t interfere effectively in the city , some times i think that was in purpose .

for example in Babelsbaa3 you would find alot of check points around babelsba3 but nothing inside, my house is in the heart of babelsba3 and I cant see why the army did not enter (at the time when I was there) !!! same for bab3amr al khaldia and other hot spots , the army will enter only for short operations and then get back to the borders

some people from suni neighbourhoods attack the alawites in revenge from time to time ,for example in souk alhasheesh aerial I was stopped by few men and asked to produce my ID , when they couldn’t find out from my ID or accent weather I was Alawit or not I was asked a direct question ,I was let to go when they knew I am not an alawi !! More than one body of alawies men and women found in that area .

Homs is the ugliest place to be in right now , without the army much more people from all sect would have perished by now .

If you still think that this revolution is not sectarian and is peaceful , just go to Homs for few hours and you would know better .

October 18th, 2011, 7:01 pm


louai said:

this is how objective the BBC could get !! pathatic

جولة في حمص: مركز المقاومة السورية المحاصر
سو لويد روبرتس
بي بي سي حمص
آخر تحديث: الثلاثاء، 18 أكتوبر/ تشرين الأول، 2011، 15:09 GMT

السوريون يتظاهرون منذ ستة اشهر ومات منهم 3 آلاف
بينما كنت اطلع السوريين المغتربين عن نيتي التوجه إلى مدينة حمص، أجمعوا على أنني لن أتمكن من الوصول إلى هناك، معللين ذلك بأن المدينة محاصرة من الدبابات، أما في داخل المدينة، التي تعد مركزا للمقاومة السورية، فتوجد نقطة تفتيش في كل شارع.
تعتبر مدينة حمص من أوائل المدن السورية التي انضمت إلى الانتفاضة ضد الحكومة عندما تجمع الآلاف في مارس/آذار الماضي في أكبر ساحاتها للمطالبة بإنهاء حالة الطوارئ وتطبيق الديمقراطية في سورية.

October 18th, 2011, 7:06 pm


jad said:

تقرير لـ«السفير» من طهران وبروكسل وواشنطن واسطنبول (2)
«الناتو» خائف من حرب على سوريا … وأوروبا خائفة من اقتتال أهلي

خليل حرب
«حصان طروادة» قال رفيقنا الشيوعي محذراً من دور مرسوم لرئيس حكومة بلاده رجب طيب اردوغان، في تركيا والمنطقة، بما في ذلك سوريا.
الاتهام الذي أطلقه عضو اللجنة المركزية للحزب الشيوعي التركي اركان باش، وهو يتحدث بهدوء وثقة في الشطر الآسيوي من مدينة اسطنبول، كان يمكن ان يكون مفاجئاً لمن كان يتتبع بانبهار، صولات وجولات اردوغان الاقليمية. لكن باش، بنظراته الحادة كأفكاره، والأداء المتواضع لحزبه في الانتخابات البرلمانية، كان مقتنعا عندما قال ان «الدولة في تركيا تخدم الامبريالية… ليس مهماً اذا كانت اسلامية او علمانية».
ومثلما هو الحال في تركيا، فان الامور حافلة بكثير من التناقض في بروكسل ايضا حيث تتجاور في هذه المدينة مباني الاتحاد الاوروبي، ومقر حلف شمال الاطلسي، المنتشي بما يعتبره إنجازه العسكري الابرز في مرحلة ما بعد الحرب الباردة، من خلال حرب ليبيا، بعد سنوات الإخفاق الافغاني.
نشوة غذّت نظرية ما إن سقطت طرابلس وفرّ العقيد معمر القذافي، مفادها بان الممكن في ليبيا، ممكن ايضا في سوريا!
وللتذكير فان الازمة السورية شهدت انعطافتين بارزتين في الايام الاخيرة، مع اعلان تشكيل «المجلس الوطني السوري» المعارض، الذي يكاد يتشابه مع «المجلس الوطني الانتقالي» الليبي، والانعقاد السريع لمجلس الجامعة العربية، بطلب عاجل من مجلس التعاون الخليجي، بعد ايام على الفيتو المزدوج لروسيا والصين والذي أطاح، ولو موقتا، بفكرة التحرك الخارجي لاسقاط النظام في دمشق، على غرار ما جرى في طرابلس في آب الماضي بعدما توفر لها «الغطاء الشرعي» العربي.
في الجزء الثاني من هذا التقرير، محاولة لرصد المواقف مما يجري حول سوريا، من خلال لقاءات واتصالات أجرتها «السفير» مع مسؤولين حكوميين وحزبيين ومحللين في كل بروكسل واسطنبول وطهران وواشنطن.
لكن السؤال الابرز الذي يلح حول سوريا في ظل ما يجري في بروكسل تحديداً، كعاصمة اوروبية وعاصمة اطلسية ايضا، متعلق بما اذا كانت هذه الحرب ممكنة، ام لا؟ وهو سؤال يتداخل فيه السياسي بالعسكري بالمصالح والعرقيات والحدود… وبالغاز في شرق المتوسط.
«الناتو خائف». يقول بروكز تيغنر، المحلل في مجلة «جينز» الدفاعية لقضايا الاتحاد الاوروبي وحلف شمال الاطلسي.
من بعيد، تبدو المواقف ضبابية ازاء ما يجري في بروكسل. تختلط المفاهيم السياسية بانتهازيتها، بالمبادئ الانسانية باخلاقياتها… وفي التعامل مع احداث كالتي تجري في سوريا، يصير ما هو ضبابي…معقداً.
لنضع في الاعتبار التحذير الايراني الموجه الى كل اللاعبين، والذي اتخذ اشكالا متعددة في المرحلة الماضية، باعتبار استقرار سوريا، في صميم الامن الاستراتيجي لايران. ولنأخذ في الاعتبار ايضاً، مخاض الانسحاب العسكري الاميركي من العراق، مصحوباً بتقارب يثير حنق الأميركيين، وحلفائهم في المنطقة، بين بغداد ودمشق.
ولهذا، ولأسباب اخرى عديدة ومتداخلة، يقول تيغنر، وهو بالاضافة الى وظيفته في مجلة «جينز» الدفاعية، مدير للدراسات في مكتب «سوكيور» لتحليل سياسات الامن في الاتحاد الاوروبي، إنه لا يعتقد بإمكانية التدخل العسكري «الاطلسي» ضد سوريا.
ويقول تيغنر لـ«السفير» ان «الناتو خائف كثيرا من فكرة الذهاب الى سوريا.. المجتمع الدولي خائف ايضا… لكن الناتور تحديدا خائف».
لماذا؟ يسرد تيغنر سلسلة من الاسباب التي استقى مضامينها من الاوساط القيادية داخل حلف الاطلسي في بروكسل.
يقول اولا ان «سوريا دولة كبيرة جغرافياً، لديها جيش كبير ومنظم، واجهزة امنية ومخابراتية كبيرة ومنظمة بشكل او بآخر». ويتابع «هناك العديد من الجبهات المحيطة بها، وموقعها الجغرافي شديد التعقيد، حيث ان هناك العديد من النقاط الساخنة حول حدودها».
وبالاضافة الى مجاورتها لدولة اطلسية هي تركيا التي لها مشكلاتها الجغرافية والسياسية والعرقية، هناك ايضا تأثير الازمة السورية المحتمل، على لبنان وفلسطين واسرائيل، واحتمال تزعزع استقرار الاردن. ويشير ايضاً الى احتمال تحرك النزاع السني الشيعي في المنطقة، مع الدخول الايراني والسعودي المحتمل على مسار ازمة متفجرة في سوريا.
يقول تيغنر، مستنداً على محادثات اجراها مع دبلوماسيين في حلف الناتو، انهم ابلغوه «لن نذهب الى هناك أبداً أبداً… لا يمكننا ان نكسب مثل هذه الحرب».
لكن ذلك لا يعني ان حلف «الناتو» يقف مجرداً من الخيارات. ويقول تيغنر ان بامكان الحلف اذا فرضت الامم المتحدة حصارا اقتصاديا او بحريا على سوريا، ان يشارك في تطبيقه عبر اعتراض السفن وتفتيشها، خصوصا ان الساحل الشرقي للبحر المتوسط، محدود نسبياً من السهولة مراقبته.
ويقول ان مسؤولي «الناتو» كلما سئلوا عن سبب عدم لجوئهم الى العمل ضد سوريا، يقدمون سببين رئيسيين: اولا نحتاج الى تفويض من الامم المتحدة، وهو خيار يبدو حتى الآن متعثراً، والسبب الثاني ضرورة توفير غطاء اقليمي، مثلما جرى في الحالة الليبية، وهو ما لم يتحقق حتى الآن.
«لا يمكن ان نربح حرباً كهذه» ينقل تيغنر عن همس مسؤولي حلف «الناتو»… فسوريا ليست كليبيا التي هي صحراء تسهل مراقبتها من السماء ومهاجمة الاهداف فيها بسهولة نسبية، ولا يوجد تركيز سكاني في غالبية مناطقها.
اما بالنسبة الى سوريا، فانها اكبر سكانياً واكثر تركيزاً، واكثر تعقيداً من ليبيا من الناحية الجيوبولوتيكية، اذا انها تختلف بطبيعتها الجغرافية وتركيبتها الطوائفية ايضا الداخلية، مع ضرورة مراقبة موقف الاكراد في سوريا نفسها وفي المنطقة عموما.
وبعدما يقول ان موقف الاكراد يثير هواجس تركية أكيدة، يقول تيغنر «انا واثق ان ممثل تركيا في حلف الاطلسي يقول لا للتدخل العسكري».
وعندما نسأله عن مواقف اردوغان وتصريحاته المتواصلة ضد سوريا، يقول محلل السياسات الأمنية في مجلة «جينز»، «هذه مجرد تصريحات سياسية… خلف الابواب الموصدة في الناتو، الاتراك، على الارجح، سيقولون لا للحرب… لو كنت اردوغان، هل كنت ستستدعي الحرب الى بلدك!؟».
لم يتبدد من الذاكرة الجماعية لكثيرين حول العالم ما جرى في العراق.. هذه «الهواجس العراقية»، وفشل العمل العسكري مهما قيل حوله، تحكم بشكل او بآخر مبادئ التفكير العسكري المرتبط بسوريا،كما يشير تيغنر.
«الناتو» واسرائيل والغاز
وماذا عن قضية حقول الغاز في شرق البحر المتوسط، ومدى ارتباطها بما يجري، او ما يمكن ان يحدث؟ يقول تيغنر «علينا مراقبة ذلك.. هذه قضية قد تتطور لاحقا.. الدول الآن تقوم بترسيم حدودها البحرية لضمان حصتها في موارد الطاقة.. واذا جرى العثور على حقول محتملة قبالة السواحل السورية، فإن الاحداث قد تتداخل مع بعضها البعض».
وماذا عن موقف «الناتو» في حال انفجرت مواجهة ما مع اسرائيل بسبب قضية مصادر الطاقة البحرية؟ يقول تيغنر «لا توجد اتفاقية تبادل الدعم العسكري مع اسرائيل تتيح الدخول بحرب من اجلها او الدفاع عنها، في حال انفجرت ازمة حقول الغاز… الناتو لن يتورط بشيء كهذا، لكنه سيكون انفجاراً كبيراً في المنطقة اذا حدث».
اما على الصعيد الاوروبي الرسمي، فان الصورة تبدو مربكة لاي مراقب. يندفع الاتحاد الاوروبي في خياراته «العقابية» ضد دمشق، فيما تقول النائبة في البرلمان الاوروبي أنيمي نويتز لـ«السفير» إنه «من الصعب فعلاً معرفة ما يجري في سوريا».
لكن نويتز، العضوة في لجنة الشؤون الخارجية في البرلمان، وهي تقر بصعوبة المعرفة هذه، تسرد في الوقت ذاته، بالتفصيل كيف تحرك الاتحاد الاوروبي لمواجهة النظام السوري عبر استهدافه بالعقوبات، وتعترف في الوقت ذاته بان العنف الحاصل قد يقود الى «حرب اهلية»…على ابواب اوروبا.
وبعدما تقول نويتز ان «الوضع يمكن ان يتحسن من خلال الحوار السياسي وليس بعمليات القتل»، تشير الى «صعوبة تقييم الامور ومدى حجم المخاطر»، وتعترف بأن هناك قلقاً في الاوساط الاوروبية من «تصاعد العنف والذي يمكن ان يؤدي الى حرب اهلية، وهو ما لا نريده».
لكن الاوروبيين، تقول النائبة في البرلمان الاوروبي، والعضو في الحزب الليبرالي الديموقراطي الفلمنكي، «لا يريدون ايضا ان نمنح الاسد يداً طليقة ليتصرف على هواه».
وفي الوقت ذاته، تشير نويتز الى انها وغيرها من النواب الاوروبيين التقوا بشخصيات سورية معارضة، لكنهم لا يقيمون في سوريا نفسها، وبالتالي فان تفاصيل المشهد الداخلي غير واضحة تماما، بالنسبة لهم.
وعما اذا كانت «التجربة الليبية» تغري الاوروبيين بالتحرك عسكريا ضد سوريا، تقول «لا ارى كيف يمكننا ان نفتح جبهة جديدة… جغرافيا، سوريا تختلف عن ليبيا، وهي اكثر صعوبة واختلافا.. الفكرة مستبعدة تماما في الوقت الراهن».
لا تعرف نويتز ما اذا كانت هناك بالفعل عمليات تهريب للاسلحة الى سوريا وبعض الجماعات المعارضة، كما لا تعرف من هي كل الجهات المسؤولة عن عمليات القتل من الطرفين، ولا تعرف ايضا حجمها… وتطرح النائبة الاوروبية تساؤلات لاستجلاء الصورة اكثر، عن السيناريو الاكثر ترجيحاً لمسار الازمة السورية: فاما ان ينجح النظام في كبح الاحتجاجات، وانما ان نشهد خليطا من قمع الاحتجاج والمبادرة السياسية للتسوية الداخلية، واما ان يتفاقم العنف ويحصل انجراف الى حرب اهلية، وهو الاحتمال الذي تقول انها تخشاه ويخشاه الاوروبيون.
ومن جهتها، تقول ايلكا اوسيتالو، المسؤولة في خدمة عمل الشؤون الخارجية لشؤون الشرق الاوسط في الاتحاد الاوروبي، لـ«السفير»، ان «الخيار العسكري ليس مطروحاً على الطاولة… سوريا تختلف عن ليبيا».
تحرص على التأكيد على «وضوح السياسة الاوروبية تجاه سوريا» مذكرة بسلسلة العقوبات التي فرضت على دمشق، وصولاً الى مطالبة الاسد بالتنحي على الحكم، وبالعمل مع الامم المتحدة من اجل التحرك ضد النظام.
لكن عند سؤالها عن الخيار العسكري، تقول اوسيتالو «الخيار العسكري ليس مطروحا، وسوريا شديدة الاختلاف عن ليبيا»، مشيرة الى ان المعارضة السورية شددت على ان أي مرحلة انتقالية مستقبلية في البلد، يجب ان يقودها الشعب السوري، وهو ما اكد عليه البيان الرئاسي لمجلس الامن الدولي في آب الماضي».
كما اشارت الى انه حتى في مسودة عقوبات مجلس الامن التي استخدمت روسيا والصين الفيتو ضدها، لم تكن اجراءات كالتي شهدناها حول ليبيا، خصوصا فرض منطقة حظر جوي، مطروحة.
وحذرت من انه مع تفاقم العنف، فان الاوروبيين يطالبون النظام السوري بوقف العنف فورا، ويطالبون ايضا المتظاهرين بالحفاظ على الطابع السلمي لتحركهم، مضيفة ان «الصراع المسلح بين الطرفين سيكون كارثياً».
على الضفة الآسيوية لاسطنبول، ينتظرنا «جعفر» على المرفأ شاب شيوعي. الحي اكثر هدوءا واقل صخبا من الشطر الاوروبي للمدينة. جعفر يعاجل بالسؤال عن موقفنا من «الثورات» في المنطقة… وينتظر اجابة..
تتناوب القوى التقليدية على الحكم في تركيا منذ انقلاب الثمانينيات.. لكنه زمن حزب العدالة والتنمية الآن… وللحزب حساباته الخاصة.. «الامبريالية» يقول جعفر تريد الاستيلاء على التحركات الشعبية في المنطقة، او تحريكها من خلف الستار. المطلوب جلب جماعة الاخوان المسلمين» الى سوريا وغيرها.. يشير الى نوايا حزب العدالة والتنمية والـ«سي آي ايه».
في اللقاء مع اركان باش، عضو اللجنة المركزية للحزب الشيوعي، لا تختلف اجواء النقاش عما يردده جعفر في الخارج.. يقول اركان باش «تركيا تريد الانسجام مع النظام العالمي الجديد… و«العثمانيون الجدد» و«الجمهورية الثانية» مصطلحات يجري الترويج لها لاستقطاب الدعم والتأييد من الاسلاميين والقوميين في تركيا. وخارجياً، تركيا مكلفة بـ«مهمة سوداء» في افغانستان ويوغوسلافيا السابقة والتحالف ضد ليبيا، واسرائيل لا تكفي وحدها لتحقيق اهداف الهيمنة الاميركية، وتركيا لديها الوجه المبتسم، ودورها في سوريا، التي هي على هامش النظام العالمي، ادخالها عنوة في النظام، واذا كان الاسد عقبة، يجب ان تجري ازاحته.
لم تعد تركيا كلمة واحدة حول سوريا، وربما لم تكن أصلاً … الجهات السياسة والأمنية، كما السلطة والمعارضة وبعض القوى الداخلية، ليس على موقف واحد من الجار السوري.. لكن لهجة اردوغان صارت اكثر هدوءاً في الآونة الاخيرة.. هل هو ذلك الهدوء الذي ستتبعه عاصفة؟ هل صارت مصلحتها واضحة في فك التحالف الايراني ـ السوري في ما مرحلة ما بعد الانسحاب العسكري الاميركي من العراق؟ هل يذهب اردوغان بالمنطقة الى خراب وهو ينشد الزعامة والدور؟
صديقنا الشيوعي، عذراً اذا كنا لا نمتلك الاجابات.


October 18th, 2011, 7:43 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@ Majed#1

Thank you.

October 18th, 2011, 7:43 pm


jad said:

تزوير الربيع العربي:
سقوط الجمهوريات الملكية يزكي ملكيات النفط.. الديموقراطية!

طلال سلمان
من طرائف عصرنا، ان الولايات المتحدة الاميركية تتصرف وكأنها القيادة المركزية لحركة التغيير التي تجتاح منطقتنا العربية، مشرقاً ومغرباً، فتسقط الدكتاتوريات التي كانت تحظى بالدعم الاميركي المفتوح وتكاد تصنف في خانة «الأصدقاء الكبار»، وتعتبر من «ضمانات الاستقرار» في هذه المنطقة، ذات الأهمية الاستراتيجية القصوى.
يتصل بذلك أن الملكيات العربية ومعها المشيخات والإمارات والسلطنة تكاد تنتدب نفسها لحماية حركة التغيير هذه، فتتخذ موقع المبشر بانتصار إرادة الشعوب (خارج أراضيها طبعاً) والساعي لضمان الاستقرار وتوفير مستلزماته مهما بلغت التكاليف!
وبديهي ان تتجمع الأنظمة المعادية بطبيعتها للجمهوريات والدساتير والديموقراطية والانتخابات والأحزاب، خلف الإدارة الاميركية للتهليل «للربيع العربي» وإنجازاته الثورية العظيمة التي جعلتها المصادفات القدرية، تنحصر او تحاصر في فضح الأنظمة الجمهورية وإسقاطها، او العمل للتخلص من تشابهها المريب مع الملكيات والسلطنات والمشيخات، حيث الملك لعائلة بالذات، يتوارثها الأبناء او الأشقاء كابراً بعد كابر.
ولقد استخدمت موجات التغيير التي أطلقها «الربيع العربي» وما تزال تتوالد بالتتابع في مختلف الأقطار، مشرقاً ومغرباً، لتزكية الأنظمة الملكية او شبه الملكية في الأرض العربية، وكأن الخطأ في النظام الجمهوري ذاته وليس في الممارسات الدكتاتورية لمن ساقته المقادير الى سدة السلطة في الجمهوريات… او لكأن الثورة تختص بالجمهوريات، علماً بأن أنظمتها التي تتوالى سقوطاً، قد أخذت من الملكيات أسوأ ما فيها، لتصبح من بعد مصدر التشهير بالنظام الجمهوري ذاته، ومصدر تزكية لأنظمة السلاطين ومشايخ النفط التي عرفت – بالتواتر- عن الانتخابات وافترضت انها محصورة بالبلديات الممتازة فقط، وأن حق ممارستها يخص الرجال وحدهم, أما الحريم فللإنجاب وإمتاع الذكور والخدمة في المنازل.
من باب إنعاش الذاكرة لا بد من الإشارة الى ان الأنظمة الجمهورية التي زلزلها فأسقطها الربيع العربي، او كاد، كانت بمجملها موضع إشادة وتنويه من طرف واشنطن… لقد ظلت الإدارة الاميركية ترعاها وتساندها وتنحاز اليها ضد انتفاضات شعوبها حتى تيقنت من ان سقوطها حتمي، فإذا بها تتخلى عنها قبل صياح الديك، بل وتبالغ في إدانتها بعدم الاستماع الى إرادة شعوبها، نفاقاً للجماهير الثائرة وإيحاء بأنها راعية الثورات وقائدة مسيرة الشعوب الى التحرير والعزة والكرامة و… الديموقراطية!
وكلنا يذكر ان الإدارة الاميركية، برئيسها ووزيرة خارجيتها وكبار رجالات المخابرات فيها، ظلت على تواصل مع الرئيس المخلوع حسني مبارك تسانده وتؤكد دعمها له، حتى اللحظة الأخيرة، مشيرة عليه بتلبية بعض المطالب، ومنها التخلي عن فكرة او مشروع التوريث، فتحميه وتضمن له ان يكون له رأي في «خليفته» حتى لا يأتي من يحاسبه على ما ألحقه بمصر من أذى معنوي خطير ومن تدمير مادي نتيجة النهب المنظم- بإشرافه ورعايته – لخيرات هذا البلد العظيم!
كان هم الإدارة الاميركية ألا يمس التغيير المصالح الاميركية وألا يقارب صلح الإذعان مع إسرائيل، ومن ضمنه ضمان استمرار ضخ النفط والغاز اليها وبالأسعار المتدنية الى حد الإهانة… وربما لهذا عملت واشنطن على التعجيل بالتغيير من فوق، وقبل ان يفرض «الميدان» التغيير بشروطه فيسقط النظام برموزه كافة ومعها اتفاقات الإذعان التي كانت تسترهن إرادة الشعب ومقدرات بلاده.
وفي تونس تركت الإدارة الاميركية لرعونة الرئيس الفرنسي ساركوزي ان يستعجل «احتواء» الانتفاضة بينما هي في ذروة اشتعالها، ثم تقدمت بهدوء للتثبت من ان الثوار تحت راية البوعزيزي ليس لديهم مشروع للتصادم المباشر مع الخارج، لأن همومهم في الداخل ثقيلة وهي تحتاج جهودهم بالكامل، وبعدئذ يمكن الالتفات الى العلاقات مع الدول، مع الحرص على تجنب استعداء أي منها، وبالتحديد الإدارة الاميركية.
ولعل بين مصادر اطمئنان واشنطن ان الثورة التي لم تكن قيادتها الحقيقية قد ولدت – بعد – في الميدان، سرعان ما أسلمت قيادها الى رجال العهد الذي أسقطته، مكتفية بأن تسمع منهم إعلان البراءة من الطاغية بن علي، ريثما تتفق أطرافهم على إعادة صياغة النظام جميعاً بما يسمح بتسليم السلطة الى الثورة… ديموقراطياً.
أما في ليبيا، حيث الثروة النفطية الهائلة فلم يكن مسموحاً ان يترك الأمر للمصادفات او للهواة من الشبان الطيبين الذين أمدتهم بالأمل انتفاضة تونس ثم ثورة مصر.. وهكذا كان لا بد من فتوى عربية بالتدخل، ثم من ضمان خفوت أصوات المعترضين دولياً، تحت الإغراء بنيل حصة من الثروة، فتقدمت جامعة الدول العربية، عائدة الى الحياة، لكي تصدر تلك الفتوى التي أباحت ليبيا للدول القادرة على أخذها حرباً، مع تغطية يوفرها ضحايا عهد الطغيان القذافي.
ومع أن أمر الانتفاضات في المشرق العربي مختلف نوعاً لأسباب تتصل بموقع هذه الدولة او تلك او بدورها او بمخاطر التفكك والتشظي في أتون حروب أهلية لا تبقي ولا تذر، فإن موقف الإدارة الاميركية منها يثير المزيد من الريب والشكوك في الهدف من الإبهام الذي اعتمد كسياسة تعلن «إفلاس» هذا النظام او ذاك، ثم «تنصح» بترك الزمن يفعل فعله، لأن المعارضات غير جاهزة وغير قادرة على الوصول بالثورة الى سدة الحكم.
بالمقابل، فإن الأنظمة الملكية والسلطانية، تندفع في تأييد الانتفاضات العربية الى حد تبنيها، ولعلها في لحظات قد أعلنت انها هي التي حركت الجماهير المقهورة والمسحوقة بالقمع وحرضتها على الثورة، مع وعود بان تجزل لها العطاء وان تضمن تسويقها في العالم اجمع، وانطلاقاً من واشنطن التي لا يسمح لها دورها الكوني بإعلان موقف صريح، إلا أن أجهزة مخابراتها بالتصرف!
وما من شك ان الخطايا المميتة التي ارتكبها العديد من الأنظمة الجمهورية قد وفرت للأنظمة الملكية والسلطانية، ليس فقط ان تستعيد اعتبارها، بل وأن تتصدى لادّعاء دور قيادي في إشعال الثورات العربية وفي تأمين شروط النصر لها على الطغاة.
على هذا فقد انتقلت الأنظمة الملكية من الدفاع الى الهجوم، مستفيدة من السقوط السريع لدكتاتوريين وصلوا الى السلطة بالمصادفة أو بالمؤامرة أو بخيانة من ولاهم. بل إن هذه الأنظمة قد عاشت في نشوة عارمة وسعادة بالغة وهي ترى الرؤساء يحولون جمهورياتهم الى إقطاعيات عائلية، مقتدين بالممالك والإمارات والمشيخات، مع الفارق بين الأصيل والمقلد. فالرأس جمهوري، شكلاً، وملكي بل إمبراطوري بالاستفتاء الذي أوله نعم وأخره الحكم مدى الحياة. ومن جاء بالتزوير يخرج من الجمهورية ليدخل نعيم الملكيات، ولو ان نظامه ليصبح أكثر هشاشة وموضع طعن في شرعيته. ولكن من سوف يطعن، ومن سيفيد طعنه اذا كانت الإدارة الاميركية ومعها الملكيات العربية حاضرة للإسناد معنوياً ومادياً؟ وهكذا يمكن للمطعون في شرعيته او في شعبيته ان يشتري تأييد واشنطن بسيادة بلاده، وأن يرهن بعض ثروة وطنه وأرضها ومعظم أمنه لإسرائيل، حتى تخرج من الصراع، او تخفي دورها فيه.
وهكذا بات سقوط الملوك الجمهوريين، المزيفين في الحالين، مزوري الانتخابات، ناهبي ثروات البلاد، راهني إرادتها لدى الاميركي والإسرائيلي، تزكية لملوك «العائلات المقدسة» المطهرة بالنفط والحماية الاميركية ـ الإسرائيلية.
إن الربيع العربي يتعرض لعملية تزوير هائلة.. فباسمه وعلى نيته منحت صكوك براءة وتزكيات مجانية للأسوأ من أهل النظام العربي.
على أن الأمل، أن الأصل في حركة الثورة العربية ما زال يقاتل من اجل أهدافه الفعلية، وهو يعي أن أمامه الكثير من الألغام والمخاطر واحتمالات التطويق والإغراءات المذهبة للانحراف.
والثورة صناعة التاريخ، وهي مهمة جليلة لا يمكن إنجازها بسرعة الضوء، والمهم ان يكون الثوار مؤهلين وقادرين على حماية ثورتهم الباهرة، مصدر الأمل في غد عربي أفضل.


October 18th, 2011, 8:02 pm


jad said:

أردوغان يستعيد تواصله مع الأسد… وأنقرة تنفتح على المجلس الوطني

جدد رئيس الوزراء التركي، رجب طيب أردوغان، دعوة القيادة
السورية إلى ضبط النفس ووقف الحملة الأمنية، فيما لا زالت الجامعة العربية تنتظر رداً رسمياً من دمشق حول مبادرتها التي رحب بها بعض أطياف معارضة الداخل

تحذيرات عربية من رفض مبادرة الجامعة

فيما ينتظر الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية موقفاً رسمياً من دمشق من المبادرة الهادفة إلى إقامة حوار بين السلطة والمعارضة في مقر الجامعة، برزت تسريبات لدبلوماسيين عرب تحذر من أن الرفض السوري للمبادرة «يضيع فرصة تاريخية للتوصل إلى حل عربي للأزمة، ما يعطي الفرصة واسعة للتدخل الأجنبي»، في موازاة عودة رئيس الوزراء التركي رجب طيب أردوغان إلى التواصل مع الرئيس السوري، بشار الأسد، على الرغم من تأكيده في شهر أيلول أنه قطع الحوار مع سوريا بسبب الأحداث التي تشهدها و«لا يعتزم الاتصال به (الأسد) بعد الآن».
ووفقاً لبيان صادر عن مكتب أردوغان، نقلته وكالة الأنباء القطرية، فإن رئيس الوزراء التركي أجرى اتصالاً أول من أمس بالرئيس السوري حثه فيه على «ضبط النفس»، ودعا إلى وقف حملة العنف ضد المتظاهرين المطالبين بالإصلاحات في سوريا. وأضاف البيان أن «اجتماعاً عقد أيضاً بين السفير التركي في دمشق وبين رئيس الوزراء عادل سفر، حيث أعرب السفير عن قلق تركيا العميق وحزنها بسبب إزهاق أرواح كثيرين بالمواجهات في سوريا».
في غضون ذلك، جددت سوريا تحفظها على المبادرة العربية. وأكد وزير الخارجية والمغتربين السوري وليد المعلم، خلال تلقيه اوراق اعتماد السفير الإيراني الجديد في دمشق محمد رضا شيباني، تحفظ دمشق على بيان مجلس وزراء جامعة الدول العربية، مشدداً على أن «القيادة السورية ماضية في تنفيذ الاصلاحات تلبية لمطالب الشعب السوري بعيداً عن الإملاءات الخارجية»، فيما تساءل شيباني عن أهداف الاجتماع الطارئ لوزراء الخارجية العرب، ولماذا لا تولي الجامعة اهتماماً للمستجدات في البحرين واليمن بما أن الشعبين البحريني واليمني دفعا تكاليف ثقيلة». وأعرب عن أمله أن «تتجاوز سوريا الأزمة التي تمر بها عبر الوئام والتآلف بين المسؤولين والشعب، والتقدم في مسيرة الإصلاحات التي يطالب بها الشعب».
وفي السياق، نقلت وكالة أنباء الشرق الأوسط عن نائب الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية السفير أحمد بن حلي تأكيده أن الجامعة بانتظار الرد السوري الرسمي على الطرح العربي، معرباً عن أمله أن «تتجاوب دمشق مع الجهد العربي الرامي لمعالجة الأزمة الحالية والعمل على تدشين حوار وطني سوري». وكشف عن اجراء الأمين الأمين العام للجامعة، نبيل العربي، اتصالاً هاتفياً مع المعلم لمطالبته بالحصول على تفسيرات حول الرد السوري إلى جانب تواصله مع كل من وزيري الخارجية التركي أحمد داوود أوغلو والروسي سيرغي لافروف واطلاعهما على الجهود العربية لحل الأزمة السورية.
وفي السياق، نقلت صحيفة «الأهرام» المصرية عن مصادر دبلوماسية عربية في القاهرة اعرابها عن استيائها الشديد لموقف سوريا الرافض إجراء حوار مع المعارضة خارج أراضيها. ووفقاً للمصادر فإن «الموقف السوري الصادر عقب اجتماع مجلس الجامعة يضيع فرصة تاريخية للتوصل إلى حل عربي لأزمته، ما يعطي الفرصة واسعة للتدخل الأجنبي». وأكدت المصادر أن هذا التدخل «لن يكون في صالح سوريا أو المنطقة برمتها وستكون حكومتها المسؤولة عن هذا التدخل وما يتبعه من تداعيات»، فيما أعربت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية عن عدم تفاؤلها بمبادرة الجامعة العربية بعد اعراب النظام السوري عن عدم موافقته عليها.
في هذه الأثناء، رحّبت أطراف في المعارضة السورية في الداخل بمسعى جامعة الدول العربية. وقال رئيس هيئة التنسيق لقوى التغيير الوطني الديموقراطي حسن عبد العظيم، خلال مؤتمر صحافي، إن «الهيئة بوصفها الممثل الرئيسي للمعارضة الوطنية الديموقراطية في الداخل، ترحب بزيارة وفد الجامعة العربية، وباللقاء معه للتشاور حول سبل معالجة الأزمة السورية».
بدوره، رحّب تيار «بناء الدولة السورية» الذي يضم عدداً من المعارضين، بينهم لؤي حسين، باهتمام جامعة الدول العربية بالوضع السوري، وطالب بـ«تشكيل وفد وزاري عربي يتصل بالحكومة السورية وأطراف المعارضة بجميع أطيافها للبدء بعقد مؤتمر حوار وطني. كذلك طالب التيار مجلس الجامعة بـ«الوقف الفوري والشامل لأعمال العنف والقتل ووضع حد للمظاهر المسلحة والتخلي عن المعالجة الأمنية، تفادياً لسقوط المزيد من الضحايا والانجراف نحو اندلاع صراع بين مكونات الشعب السوري، وحفاظاً على السلم الأهلي وحماية المدنيين ووحدة نسيج المجتمع السوري»، فيما دعا المعارض قدري جميل (معارضة رسمية) إلى التعامل مع الحوار الوطني بجدية مجدداً التأكيد أن المعارضة الوطنية في سوريا ترفض التدخل الخارجي.
في المقابل، أكد عضو القيادة القطرية لحزب البعث العربي الاشتراكي، ياسر حورية، أن اللجنة الخاصة بإعداد دستور جديد لسوريا لن تستثني المادة الثامنة من مهماتها، فيما أعلن المحامي السوري عبد الحي السيد «استقالته واعتذاره عن المشاركة في اللجنة معللاً انسحابه بأن «الصياغة المثلى للدستور تأتي عبر التداول في جمعية تأسيسية، كما عرفت سوريا ذلك في أحقاب دستورية مختلفة».
أما السفير السوري لدى واشنطن عماد مصطفى، فأقر في حديث لقناة «روسيا اليوم» بأن سوريا تمر بأزمة جدية وحقيقية، مشيراً إلى أنها «ستخرج من هذه الأزمة أفضل مما كانت عليه حتى الآن». وأكد أن «مجلس الأمن لن يصدر قراراً على غرار قراره بشأن ليبيا لتنبه روسيا والصين ودول عديدة أخرى إلى كيفية استخدام أميركا وحلفائها قرارات مجلس الأمن الدولي من أجل خدمة أهدافها إضافة إلى مناعة سورية وحصانتها الداخلية ووضعها الإقليمي».
(رويترز، أ ف ب، يو بي آي، أب)

غليون في ليبيا لتسلم مبنى السفارة السورية!

بعد الانفتاح التركي على المجلس الوطني، يسعى المجلس على ما يبدو إلى تسلّم مبنى السفارة السورية في ليبيا، بعد اعتراف المجلس الانتقالي بنظيره السوري
بالتزامن مع مواصلة مشاوراته في إسطنبول لاختيار مكتبه التنفيذي ورئيس له، التقى عدد من أعضاء المجلس الوطني السوري وزير الخارجية التركي، أحمد داوود أوغلو، في الوقت الذي تحدثت فيه معلومات عن توجه وفد آخر برئاسة برهان غليون إلى ليبيا، لطلب تسلم مبنى السفارة السورية المغلقة منذ اعتراف المجلس الانتقالي الليبي قبل فترة وجيزة بنظيره السوري.
وقالت مصادر في المجلس الوطني لموقع «سوريون نت» إن وفداً رفيع المستوى من المجلس، برئاسة برهان غليون، وعضوية نائب المراقب العام للإخوان المسلمين في سوريا، فاروق طيفور، ورئيس الأمانة العامة لإعلان دمشق، سمير النشار، بدأ لقاءاته أمس مع القادة الليبيين، وذلك من أجل شكرهم على الاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني. ووفقاً للمصادر فإن الوفد سيطلب أيضاً تسليم مبنى السفارة السورية للمجلس الوطني، وذلك من أجل أن تكون أول سفارة سورية يديرها المجلس. وتزامن إعلان هذه الخطوة مع كشف مسؤولين أتراك عن إجراء وزير الخارجية التركي أحمد داود أوغلو، أول من أمس، محادثات مع وفد يمثل المجلس الوطني السوري، تخللها إبلاغ الوزير التركي أعضاء المجلس أن على المعارضين السوريين أن يستخدموا أساليب سلمية في جهودهم لمعارضة النظام. ونقلوا عن داوود أوغلو قوله، «المعارضة السورية التي تعمل من أجل إقامة نظام ديموقراطي يقوم على حماية الحقوق الأساسية والحريات، يجب أن تعبّر عن مطالب محقة من خلال أساليب مشروعة وسلمية».
كذلك تمنى داوود أوغلو «أن تكون المعارضة موحدة ومتماسكة حتى تحرز تقدماً نحو مرحلة انتقالية سلمية وديموقراطية في سوريا، لأن الوضع الحالي لا يمكن أن يستمر»، معرباً عن إدانته من جهة ثانية عمليات الاغتيال الأخيرة التي استهدفت معارضين في سوريا.
في موازاة ذلك، طالب معارضون أكراد في رسالة وجهوها إلى وزير الدولة البريطاني لشؤون الشرق الأوسط، ألستير بيرت، «بدعم جهودهم للحصول على حق تقرير المصير للأكراد على أساس دولة اتحادية في إطار وحدة سوريا، والاعتراف الدستوري بالقومية الكردية، باعتبارها عنصراً رئيسياً في سوريا، وحماية الحقوق السياسية والثقافية للأكراد».
ونفى عضو لجنة التنسيقيات الكردية ـــــ السورية في بريطانيا، ابراهيم مصطفى، لوكالة «يونايتد برس انترناشونال» أن تكون مطالبة لجنة التنسيقيات الكردية، التي قال إنها تضم جميع الأحزاب الكردية في بريطانيا، بالحكم الذاتي خطوة في اتجاه الانفصال.
(يو بي آي، أ ب، أ ف ب، رويترز)

تكثيف الحملة الأمنية في حمص وريف دمشق بحثاً عن منشقين

كثفت القوات الأمنية والعسكرية السورية حملات المداهمة في منطقة حمص وريفها فضلاً عن ريف دمشق، أمس، بحثاً عن عدد من المنشقين.
ونقلت وكالة «فرانس برس» عن ناشط من مدينة القصير، فضل عدم الكشف عن اسمه، قوله «ان القوات تحاصر القرى التابعة للقصير منذ البارحة منذ أن أعلن نحو 40 جندياً انشقاقهم عن الجيش وهربوا نحو البساتين باتجاه الحدود اللبنانية».
بدوره، ذكر المرصد السوري لحقوق الانسان أن «ناقلات الجند المدرعة تجوب شوارع مدينة القصير وتطلق الرصاص على أي شيء يتحرك وخصوصاً ركاب الدراجات النارية، ما أدى الى سقوط خمسة جرحى».
من جهةٍ ثانية، ذكر المرصد أن «مناطق سقبا وحمورية وكفر بطنا وجسرين ومديرة ومسرابا وشرقي حرستا وشرقي دوما وشرقي عربين في ريف دمشق شهدت حملة أمنية واسعة النطاق، قامت خلالها القوات العسكرية والأمنية بعملية تمشيط كاملة للأراضي والبيوت، ونفّذت اعتقالات عشوائية طاولت عشرات الشبان من أهالي هذه المناطق بحثاً عن مسلحين يعتقد أنهم منشقون»، فيما كان لافتاً تركيز عدد من الوسائل الاعلامية حديثها عن مشاركة الفرقة الرابعة التابعة لشقيق الرئيس السوري ماهر الأسد في عمليات البحث عن المنشقين.
كذلك أشار المرصد إلى اعتقال 25 شخصاً في درعا، بالتزامن مع ارتفاع حصيلة الضحايا المدنيين اول من أمس إلى 34 فضلاً عن مقتل ما لا يقل عن 11 عسكرياً.
وفي السياق، أشارت وكالة الأنباء السورية «سانا» إلى أنه «تم تشييع جثامين 7 شهداء من عناصر الجيش والقوى الأمنية والشرطة»، فيما نقلت عن مصدر مسؤول في محافظة حمص قوله إنه عُثر على جثة أحد عناصر قوات حفظ النظام ملقاة في منطقة الرياض في حمص وبدت عليها آثار التعذيب.
كذلك أفاد مصدر مسؤول للوكالة بأن «الجهات المختصة تمكنت خلال اشتباك مع عناصر المجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة (أول من أمس) من قتل ستة إرهابيين، بينهم الإرهابي جاسم عفارة، وجرح آخر، كما تم إلقاء القبض على خمسة عشر مطلوباً، فيما سلم بعض المطلوبين أنفسهم للجهات المختصة»، فضلاً عن مصادرة أسلحة وذخائر متنوعة وضبط سيارات مسروقة كانت بحوزة مجموعة أخرى تمكنت السلطات من قتل أغلب أفرادها.
في غضون ذلك، دعت الرابطة السورية للدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان «الى محاكمة الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد بوصفه مجرماً ضد الإنسانية».
(أ ف ب، رويترز، يو بي آي)


October 18th, 2011, 8:03 pm


mjabali said:

The Sunnis of Homs, like most of those living in big Syrian cities, are embedded with the disdain the Ottomans had towards the Alawis.

No wonder since most of them are the descendants or were brought by the Ottomans and other foreign rulers of Syria.

It is in their DNA. That is why there will be no integration. do you think the Sunnis would allow Alawis to live among them?

The truth is on the ground and in the city I lived in there are many Sunni areas that has not one Alawi family in it, although the Alawis constitute a huge percentage of that city, like Lattakia. Still you will always find Sunnis living among the Alawis. Sunnis of Syria think they are superior to the Alawis and the other minorities and other religions of course.

This is Syria for you. For decades sectarianism is the order of the day. You have decrees for that. No respect between different sects and between different religions, and the history said to us that violence could break out any moment based on that.

I wonder how can you make a new Syria with this type of attitude.

I agree with the Son of Damascus that the rich Alawis has integrated with the Sunnis and intermarried with them.

The poor Alawis are a different story. They get discriminated against by many. al-Assads did not advance those, and instead they have them serve in their army and cashed on their attitude towards the general population that always treated them badly.

The rich Alawis do not even speak like the villager Alawis, and of course do not behave like them through their daily routine.

It always made me think about the logic of things in Syria when most of the population make fun of the letter Qaff, and how the Alawis pronounce it.

It makes me wonder how the Syrians would ever advance and build a state together when they make fun of the right way to pronounce a letter and substitute it with a deformed, mutated thing.

The Alawis pronounce the letter Qaf like it should be pronounced and not like the city dweller Sunnis, who being of origin other that Syrian and Arab never appreciated that letter.

The only road to save Syria as a whole is SECULARISM. Through Secularism and the advancement of democracy there will a future for people who could live together then.

Thanks Alex for the article although I was hoping it was longer…

October 18th, 2011, 8:15 pm


jad said:

The National Counsel of Syria and U.S. Unconventional Warfare.
By Dr. Christof Lehmann

“The Little that is known about the known members of the National Syrian Counsel is sufficient to document how the subtle preparations for a later coup d´etat in Syria have been ongoing in University Institutes, Foundations, Organizations gravitating around the rouge network with the National Endowment for Democracy playing a pivotal role.

“Yasser Tabbara – Elected Chairman of the National Counsel of Syria whose supposed 150 – 200 members remain anonymous (16). Yasser Tabbara is the co founder and Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago. It describes it self as a “vibrant institution that continues fostering cutting-edge professional activism” (17) Yasser Tabbara has a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from the University of Illinois Chicago and a Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law (ibid.). Yasser Tabbara is also currently the Director of the Chapter Development at the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and serves as a board member of the Arab-American bar Association, and the Muslim Educational and Cultural Center of America (ibid). According to an anonymous intelligence expert, CAIR and the Counsel on Arab-American Relations are both deeply infiltrated, and in part co-operating with at least FBI and CIA and many of it´s members have ties to the National Endowment for Democracy.”

“Adib Shishkali said according to NPR News (18), at the founding of the National Counsel of Syria, that the reason why it took so long time to form the counsel was to make sure that all were on board. If one has understood the concepts in TC 18-01 (ibid.) then these words have a special sound to them. Beside what he supposedly said in the presence of NPR, it was impossible to find public information about “Adib Shishkali”. But as often the case, as for instance in the case of Abdelhakim Belhadj (19), criminals and mercenaries often use various alias. What is common knowledge though, is that a man by the same name was President of Syria and it´s Military Leader, with friendly relations to the West,(20), and who was brought to his downfall by members of the Syrian Communist Party and the Syrian Arab Socialist Baath Party. His downfall prompted the beginning of the first CIA and MI6 subversion into Syria (21) What better alias could there possibly be to express where one is standing.”

“Ahmad Ramadan, another opposition member said that the counsel would form 10 bureaus, including a foreign relations office that would be dedicated to “relaying the demands of the revolution, the people´s requests to the outside world“. Ahmad Ramadan also demands that the National Counsel of Syria should be recognized as Syria´s Sole Representative. Also a quite typical strategy for democracy conscious organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) (22). And that is about all that is publicly known about this gentleman who would like to be one of Syria´s sole representatives.”

“Louay Safi is a U.S. -based academic and the Founder and former Director of the “Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy” (23). Louay Safi serves as a Common Word Fellow of the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. The multi billionaire Saudi Arabian Prince heavily sponsors the Center. Safi also serves as an associate faculty with the Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis, and a non-resident fellow with the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) (24). The Saudi Sponsorship of the Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, and Louay Safi´s ties to the center would sound harmless, less one knows the extend to which the Saudi Arabian Royal Family is involved in sponsoring terrorism. A Lloyd´s Insurance Syndicate is currently suing the Saudi Government for the Saudi Interior Minister, Prince”

“Naif bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud for damages related to his substantial financing of Al Qaeda before the attacks on 11 September 2001. The Lloyd´s 3500 Syndicate claims: “between 1998 and 2000, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the SJRC, diverted more than 74 million USD to Al Qaeda members and loyalists affiliated with SJRC bureaus. Throughout this time, the Committee was under the supervision and control of Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz“ (25). Russian and Syrian Intelligence analysts have also recently found evidence, that the Al Qaeda “Omar Brigade”, which is an expert assassination squad based in Saudi Arabia had been detached to Syria. (26)”

Close ties between the CISD and the National Endowment for Democracy are not difficult to document. One good indicator is that key note speakers at CISD conferences tend to be related to the NED (27). During the same annual conference we have one working group on “Barriers for Development” chaired by Joe Montville from Zbigniev Brzezinski´s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) (28); and again at a conference by the United States Institute of Peace, we have speakers from both the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy(29). It´s all one happy family of strategists putchists and nation builders, with deep ties into the blackest projects in the intelligence community, with Louay Safi playing a central role in the subversion of Syria.”

“Jamal Al-Wadi is an other of the men who met in Istanbul and “demand to be respected as the sole representatives of Syria“. All that is publicly known about Jamal Al-Wadi is that he is from the Syrian city of Daraa and that he spoke at the Istanbul Conference (30). A Russian Intelligence expert who wants to remain anonymous with respect to this informations informed the author of this article that Mr. Al-Wadi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

“Radwan Ziadh is an “exiled” dissident, meaning he is an expatriate from Syria resident in the U.S.A. He is a former Reagan Fascell Fellow (31) at the National Endowment for Democracy NED. As published in Democracy Digest, Radwan Ziadh is calling for a “No Fly Zone” over Syria, and one of those counsel members who see a Libya like Scenaria develop in Syria (32). Not surprisingly, Radwan Ziadh is also the Head of the Washington -based Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies, which has close ties to Zbigniew Brzezinski´s Center for Strategic and International Studies. Ziadh is actively promoting the psychological warfare narrative that the “Syrian Regime has Killed over 3.000 innocent people” (33). Radwan Ziadh´s biography makes interesting reading for any one interested in how and where U.S. Intelligence Networks, potential candidates to be used in a coup d´etat and The Deep State interface (34).”

“Abdul Basit Sida is another enigma among the counsel members. Besides the fact that he is mentioned for taking part in the founding of the national Counsel of Syria, nothing is known about him (35).

Hasan Shalabi. Though nothing is mentioned in mainstream media that could be used to positively identify him as such, there is a high likelihood for that the Hasan Shalabi that took part in the founding of the counsel, is identical with Dr. Hasan Shalabi who has founded and since been the President of The Islamic University in Beiruth (36). It could be a coincident, but is Iran, like in the case with Libya, prepared to stab Syria in it´s back by seizing the opportunity to transform the Socialist Syria into an Islamic Republic(37).

No Information could be found on two other founding members of the National Counsel of Syria, Riyad Shakfi and Abdulahat Satuf. E-mails sent to known members of the National Counsel of Syria as well as to the e-mail address provided at the counsels “homepage” which is worth an analysis on it´s own, asking for information about the counsels membership as well as political program remain unanswered until this day.”


October 18th, 2011, 8:31 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

What does it mean to “speak with Qaf”? Can someone please explain ? Thanks!

October 18th, 2011, 8:49 pm


Ghufran said:

الحديث عن عدم انصهار العلويين في المجتمع السني كلام مردود عليه و ليس له وجود الا في مجتمعات محدوده يصعب اختراقها من العلويين و غيرهم و العكس أيضاً صحيح بالنسبه للسنه و معظم الأقليات و الدليل موجود في الكثير من المدن السوريه و في الاغتراب.لا اعلم من اين أتت الفرضيه المذكوره و ليس واضحا ما وراء ها اذا لم يكن تعميق مشاعر الانقسام و الشك بين السوريين.المطلوب اليوم محاصرة النظام و المعارضه معا لان المبادره العربيه في اغلبها يمكن ان تكون بداية النهايه للتراجيديا السوريه و من يرفض المصالحه لا يريد الا استمرار العنف و الخراب

رحبت أطياف من المعارضة السورية الداخلية بمساعي الجامعة العربية، الرامية إلى فتح حوار بين النظام والمعارضة بأطيافها المتعددة، معتبرة أنه قد تقطع الطريق على تدخل عسكري خارجي ويفتح الدرب لإنجاز تغيير ديمقراطي شامل، وتمنت بعضها أن “توافق السلطة السورية على القرار لا أن تعطله”.

وقال رئيس هيئة التنسيق لقوى التغيير الوطني الديمقراطي حسن عبد العظيم، خلال مؤتمر صحافي يوم الثلاثاء في دمشق، إن “الهيئة ترحب بزيارة وفد الجامعة العربية، وباللقاء معه للتشاور حول سبل معالجة الأزمة السورية”.

وقرر وزراء الخارجية العرب، في ختام اجتماعهم بمقر الجامعة العربية، يوم الأحد الماضي، تشكيل لجنة وزارية برئاسة قطر، للاتصال بالقيادة السورية لوقف العنف وإجراء اتصالات بينها وبين أطياف المعارضة لبدء حوار في مقر الجامعة وتحت رعايتها خلال 15 يوما، وإبقاء مجلس الجامعة في حالة انعقاد كامل لمتابعة الوضع في سورية.

ولفت عبد العظيم إلى أن “ضرورة استمرار هذا الدور وتعزيزه بما يقطع الطريق على التدخل العسكري الخارجي ويفتح الدرب لإنجاز التغيير الديمقراطي الشامل وبناء دولة الديمقراطية الحديثة”.

كما رحّب تيار “بناء الدولة السورية” باهتمام جامعة الدول العربية بالوضع السوري و”تحملها مسؤولياتها تجاه شعب شقيق وتجاه إحدى دولها الأعضاء”.

وطالب التيار، في بيان صحفي، مجلس الجامعة بـ”الوقف الفوري والشامل لأعمال العنف والقتل ووضع حد للمظاهر المسلحة والتخلي عن المعالجة الأمنية، تفادياً لسقوط المزيد من الضحايا والانجراف نحو اندلاع صراع بين مكونات الشعب السوري، وحفاظاً على السلم الأهلي وحماية المدنيين ووحدة نسيج المجتمع السوري” .

وتشهد عدة مدن سورية منذ 15 آذار الماضي مظاهرات تركزت أيام الجمعة بشكل خاص تنادي بالحرية وشعارات سياسية مناهضة للنظام, ترافقت مع سقوط مئات الشهداء من المدنيين والجيش وقوى الأمن.

وأمل التيار أن “تستجيب قوى المعارضة السورية لدعوة الجامعة”، متمنيا أن “توافق السلطة السورية على القرار لا أن تعطله كما فعلت بجميع المساعي والمبادرات التي قدمت إليها “.

October 18th, 2011, 9:19 pm


son of Damascus said:

@Amir post 16
By Qaf I mean the accent the alawi speak in. Alawi tend to pronounce the letter Qah as it is phonetically spelt, Shami and other accent tend to pronoucne Qah as an auh rather than quh. So someone from Damascus calls a monkey ahrid, while Alawis call monkeys qurd.
Qaf is just the actual letter in Arabic like Q.

Hope that was helpful.

Son of Damascus

PS The alawi pronunciation is the correct way if you are looking at the classical Arabic. However the city pronunciation has nothing to do with religion (As Majbali mentioned) and more to do with geography. Gulf Sunni’s pronounce the letter Qaf with a g, Ghaff.

October 18th, 2011, 9:21 pm


Mohamed kanj said:

For all those extremists revolutionist here is a preview of what will shock u tonight on Syria tv and addounia tv 🙂


October 18th, 2011, 9:23 pm


Mohamed Kanj said:

For all those extremists revolutionist here is a preview of what will shock u tonight on Syria tv and addounia tv 🙂

October 18th, 2011, 9:29 pm


Ghufran said:

Who said that SC is dead?
Today’s discussion is very interesting and enjoyable.
I particularly liked the post by son of Damascus and the blunt description of how Homs looks like today. If we manage as Syrians to speak freely and stop the blood shed we all can emerge as a stronger nation. It is time to unite against brutality,oppression and corruption.no Syrian,alawi,Sunni,Kurd,druz,Christian or Ismaili wants his kids to live in a failed state torn by a civil war and daily killing.

October 18th, 2011, 9:37 pm


majedkhaldoun said:


“and not like the city dweller Sunnis, who being of origin other that Syrian and Arab ”
mjabali, you are implying that only Alawite are syrian, and we are not syrian,
Mjabali that is stupid and ignorant,The Assassins are Alawite,they are not Arab,though they are part of the syrian society.
You mentioned SECULARISM,is secularism to you is sectarianism,where did you have your education? or are you still drunk,enough please of this wrong ideas,this is disgusting mentality.

October 18th, 2011, 9:40 pm


irritated said:

#18. son of Damascus

I believe the Druzes also pronounce the qaf the right way, like the Alawis

October 18th, 2011, 9:43 pm


ann said:


Anti-Wall Street protesters march against New York police


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Anti-Wall Street demonstrators marched against New York police on Tuesday, accusing some officers of excessive force when carrying out arrests during a month-long protest campaign against economic inequality.

Nearly a thousand people have been arrested and police have used pepper spray at rallies in New York by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which set up camp in a Lower Manhattan park on September 17 and has sparked global protests.

The protests, driven by social media, culminated in global rallies on Saturday that were mostly peaceful apart from in Rome, where riots broke out.

“They tackled me,” protester Zach Welch, 24, of Rochester, said of his recent arrest by New York police during a protest outside a bank. “They stepped on me. They slammed my hands into the van … They charged me with resisting arrest.”

Welch was among about 100 demonstrators who protested outside the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on Tuesday.

In New York, more than 700 people were arrested on October 2 during an attempted unauthorized march on the Brooklyn Bridge, while another 92 were arrested on Saturday on minor charges.

“We’ve received about 500 arrests from the NYPD (so far),” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance told reporters on Tuesday. He declined to say if any police officers were being investigated in response to the protesters’ complaints.

October 18th, 2011, 9:44 pm


Ghufran said:

تعمل اسرائيل بصمت بينما يواصل العرب الصراخ
 أبرزت صحيفة “القدس العربي” تقريراً نقلته عن صحيفة سودانية، تحت عنوان: إسرائيل تنوي إنشاء قاعدة جوية جنوب السودان.وذكرت في التفاصيل: قالت تقارير صحافية  إن إسرائيل تعتزم إنشاء قاعدة جوية في ولايتي الوحدة وأعالي النيل بجنوب السودان، وكذلك تمويل إنشاء خزان لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية بمنطقة “نمولي”..وذكرت صحيفة “الانتباهة” السودانية أن مبعوثين إسرائيليين ناقشوا مع حكومة جوبا إنشاء خزان لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية في مدينة نمولي، بجانب شق قنوات للمياه لتعويض المفقود منها جراء التبخر.وحدد خبراء إسرائيليون فترة شهرين لدخول محطة الطاقة الكهربائية حيز التشغيل الفعلي، كما بدأ مستثمرون صهاينة العمل في محطة لتنقية المياه تقع ما بين النيل الأزرق ودولة إثيوبيا على حدود جنوب السودان.وكشفت الصحيفة عن بدء القيادة العسكرية في قاعدة بلفام في نصب أبراج للمراقبة الحدودية مع دولة السودان مزودة بأجهزة رصد حراري متطورة بمناطق “راجا وشمال أعالي النيل وعلى الحدود بين النيل الأزرق وولاية الوحدة”.. كما تعتزم إسرائيل بناء ثكنات لقوات الحدود ومستشفيات عسكرية، وإنشاء مركز بحوث للألغام في جوبا، وإقامة قاعدة جوية في ولايتي الوحدة وأعالي النيل، بغية تدريب الطيارين الحربيين الجنوبيين.وكان البرلمان السوداني قد أعرب في وقت سابق عن قلقه البالغ لاتجاه جهاز المخابرات الصهيوني “الموساد” لافتتاح مركز إقليمي له في جوبا بجنوب السودان، واصفا الأمر بأنه “تهديد أمني خطير.”

October 18th, 2011, 9:54 pm


sheila said:

To #14. Mjabali,
No one gets laughed at more than us, the great people of Aleppo. Our accent is unique and apparently , quite funny for other parts of Syria. We also make fun of the eastern accent in Deir ezzor that resembles the Iraqi dialect more than the Syrian one. Let’s not forget the Idelbi and the Homsi accents. There is also the fact that most villages speak with the qhaf, including some Christian ones like Mhardeh.
Bottom line, no one is immune from the accent issue. We are all in the same boat.

October 18th, 2011, 10:04 pm


mick said:

To speak with the ‘qaf’. It is not just an Alawi thing. The Druze in Lebanon also pronounce it.

I had a teacher who said that when Christian family and a Druze family would marry, the Druze would say ‘the chick crowed a crow…..’

A saying that was loaded with the letter ‘q’ in Arabic.

The letter is a regional sign. Egyptians and many Syrians treat the ‘qaf’ like a hamza (gutteral stop). Think of how the English pronounce tt in bottle. Libyans and some gulf states pronounce it like a g. Thus Qadhafi’s famous ‘Zenga Zenga’ should be pronounced Zenqa Zenqa.

October 18th, 2011, 10:07 pm


Son of Damascus said:

@ Irritated post 23
You are absolutely correct, and I believe the Assyrians pronounce it phonetically as well.

@ everyone else

Please note that at no time is my implication do belittle the Alawi’s or others for their accents. I love Syria for its multi ethnic and regional traditions, All minorities have something to offer Syria.

October 18th, 2011, 10:21 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Oh yeah, and don’t forget Tel Kalakh trademark قرد قرد

October 18th, 2011, 10:27 pm


mjabali said:


I could be really nasty in replying to you since you have been showing signs of disrespect to my ideas and person, but I decided to be nice and give you a little lesson in history since you seem to lack REAL education instead.

Also, I get no pleasure of using personal attacks on someone like you.

You also did not respond to the some of the real points in my argument: like why Sunnis do not allow Alawis to live amongst them? Instead you ran around and started behaving like an…..(you fill the blanks)

First of all: you repeated many times that the Assassins are Alawis and of course you are wrong.

The Assassins are from a different sect other than the Alawis and they are Seveners while the Alawis are twelvers. Show some education mr. MajedKhaldun.

Also, YES most of the Sunni inhabitants in the cities of Syria are what is left of the 1000 years of foreign rule of Syria.

There was a systematic steady demographic shift in the last 1000 years in the history of Syria and those shifts were the results of violence and aspirations of the occupiers of Syria.

The cities was the center of all of this action. The country side was against the central government. Many times, the central government did not rule beyond its city walls. I am ready to give you lessons about SYRIAN history that you seem to be ignorant of.

AS for the Alawis, there language and beliefs has the heritage of Syria. You can check and see the words the Alawis use and see where they came from. Your language tells where you came from.

If you were really of an Arabic or Syrian origin you would not make fun of the letter Qaf. You dig this Dr. Education?

AS for Secularism: you seem to be scared of this word because you want and have a religious agenda. This is very obvious.

Secularism is the only way to save Syria and your argument and attitude towards me is the proof. Secularism is what is going to make it a country for you and I. Secularism is what is going to make you equal to me and every other Syrian.

Sectarianism is alive and well in Syria. It is getting stronger by the day. You need to deal with that and the easiest and surest way is to separate religion from the public discourse and let people live together equal under a modern law.

October 18th, 2011, 10:31 pm


Ghufran said:

رشاد ابو شاور و كلام في العضم
القدس العربي اليوم اكثر الصحف العربيه عمقا و جرأة
عزيزي ابن دمشق
أبوس روحك وج و آفا خيو
لا فض فوك يا اخي

October 18th, 2011, 10:34 pm


jad said:

In the middle of all this sad news, this young Syrian girl shared her joy with everybody in Sal7yet street in Damascus, the act brings happiness regardless of any political view we might have 🙂
Syrians are still cool!


October 18th, 2011, 10:34 pm


mjabali said:

Mr. Irritated comment # 23 and Mr. Mick comment # 27

I think that the Alawis, Druze and Christians of Syria and Lebanon, and many of the Sunnis of the Palestinian villages have the same origin. Their language in the country side is almost the same…

October 18th, 2011, 10:37 pm


Dale Andersen said:

Memo To: Amir in the Land of the Sons of Abraham

RE: “…What does it mean to “speak with Qaf”…”

When an Alawi says “qaf” the sound he makes is somewhere in that indefinable netherworld between a belch and a barf. For some long-forgotten reason, this is considered to be the correct pronunciation.

For a good example, listen to one of Besho’s speeches.

October 18th, 2011, 11:06 pm


mjabali said:

Sheila Comment #26

There is a difference when people make lighthearted jokes about Homsis or Alleppo accent and when there is an almost universal disdain towards the Alawi way of speaking. Let us be frank. The Alawis are looked upon as “peasants” and “infidels” and so on. To see how many Syrians think about the Alawis here is a link and you can see for yourself:


This is how people think and say these days and things are getting out of hand to a full blown sectarian civil war.

PS. Personally, I like the way people from Alleppo speak and how people from Deir al-Zur speak, more than the way Lattakia, Homs, Tartus, Damascus people speak.

October 18th, 2011, 11:11 pm


ann said:

Group tries to link Occupy Wall Street to anti-Semitism

NEW YORK – A new ad from the conservative pro-Israel group Emergency Committee for Israel tries to make a startling connection between the Occupy Wall Street protests and anti-Semitism.

Oct 18, 2011



The ad, which aired on CNBC Tuesday, shows Democrats including President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi saying they understand the protesters’ message: Pelosi says she supports it, and Obama says the movement “expresses the frustrations that the American people feel.”

It then cuts to a sequence of half a dozen people (from among the thousands and thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters) carrying anti-Semitic signs or expressing anti-Semitic sentiments. It concludes with the message: “Why are our leaders turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attacks? Tell President Obama and Leader Pelosi to stand up to the mob. Hate is not an American value.”

Give the committee credit for being clever, if nothing else, in its effort to tar the entire movement based on the behavior of a few. (Two Wrap reporters who observed the protests in New York on three separate days did not see any anti-Semitic signs.)

The group did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday. Its board includes Weekly Standard editor William Kristol and former Republican presidential contender Gary Bauer.

In an MSNBC interview, Occupy Wall Street supporter Russell Simmons said the ad reflected isolated incidents and nothing more.

“I go down there every day and I see sweet, compassionate and astute people. I see the people who have high aspirations for America who are idealistic,” Simmons said, according to Mediaite. “I see the most inclusive group America has to offer.”

Expect complaints that the ad unfairly portrays the movement based on the actions of a few to be met with conservatives retorting that liberals have done the same thing to Tea Partiers.

A third politician featured in the ad, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, says of the protesters, “in my bones, I know they’re right.” The ad does not note that Spitzer is himself Jewish: A New York Times profile said that his family celebrates both Jewish and Christian holidays (his wife was raised Southern Baptist), but that the family does not “adhere rigorously” to either religion. Still, Spitzer seems an especially unlikely candidate to support an anti-Semitic movement.

October 18th, 2011, 11:28 pm


Shami said:

Kanji,many believe in the dynamic of change and you like to offer ,your honor with your soul and blood to assad ,this is your choice ,but it’s logical that you will not enjoy your menhebak festival for ever .

Your idols shaleesh,makhlouf ,assads and tools such as kanj,hassoun,hamsho,soheib ,anas shami are aware that the statue of Hafez will be toppled in Aleppo.

What they are orchestrating against the dynamic of history is not going to change the reality,there is no future for the assads and their supporters in post assad syria,the ultimate accountability can not be avoided.

The anti-assad feeling in Aleppo and Hama is even bigger than in the heroic cities of Homs or Idleb ,previsously they used to orchestrate pro-assad masquarade in these today rebellious cities.

This regime will end as it’s,down with shaleesh,makhlouf,assad,who are your idols.

October 18th, 2011, 11:32 pm


F. Azmeh said:

With all due respect, this article is not that enlightening. It’s short on historical facts and long on general and personal narrative. I don’t see how it sheds any light or provides any insight into Homs specifically – neither historically nor presently. Much of it applies to Syria in general.

October 18th, 2011, 11:56 pm


MM said:

I try to be moderate and find a peaceful way out, but at every turn I’m slapped in the face by the regime and its supporters.

Every family with a son who has military training should be participating at this point to forcibly remove this cancer of society. We need to draft more patriots into the Free Syria Army. I announce that I’m returning to Syria to join and fight the regime tooth and nail. Their strategy is violence. My strategy should be the same.

October 18th, 2011, 11:56 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

you are trying to deviate from being nasty, but you failed,
Please remember that I can teach you history,true history not the fake one you claim, for your little informations the Assassin were long before the religion of Alawi or Seveners came,do not you ever deny that the inhabitant of Alawi mountains were not Assassins,they were and later they turn to Alawis.
Correct your self once you are sober, which is in rare occaision, I never mentioned the Qaf issue.
Also before you talk about religion you should know once your sober that I was talking about your silly idea that we are not Arab and not Syrian,there is no more stupid than this idea, we are Syrian and we are Arab,who ever taught you history must be quite stupid.
The regime is secular,The high ranking officers are Alawi,the influential goverment employee are Alawi,this is a secular regime stop this wrong idea that we are secular,you are the secular.
Go without drinking for a week if you can,you need help.

October 19th, 2011, 12:20 am


John Khouri said:

@37 SHAMI – just some more videos of the millions of Bashar Al Assad supporters. You need to show some respect and admiration to YOUR president.Once again watch these videos and weep jihadi. Im pretty sure i see u in one of the rallies holding up ur president Bashar Al Assad’s picture and kissing it.


October 19th, 2011, 12:23 am


John Khouri said:

@39 – majedkhara – at least mjabali drinks openly, unlike urself who drinks from his shoe or in the toilet.Come on brother u dont have to hide ur alcoholic addiction mr Majedkhara. CHEERS JIHADI. u should try and have a drinking contest with ur saudi and qatari sheiks. Once u and ur extremist jihadi sheiks are drunk well bring over the little boyz from tripoli,lebanon for use to rape

October 19th, 2011, 12:27 am


jad said:

الحملة الأمريكية لشرعنة مجلس المعارضة السورية

الجمل: أجمعت العديد من الأطراف الإقليمية والدولية المعنية بالشأن الشرق أوسطي، بأن ملف الاحتجاجات السياسية السورية قد تضاءل حجمه وخفّت حدته، وبكلمات أخرى، فقد تحولت المعطيات الاحتجاجية السياسية ميدانياً من المستوى المرتفع الشدة إلى المستوى المنخفض الشدة، وبرغم ذلك، ما زالت العديد من مراكز الدراسات الاستراتيجية الأمريكية، أكثر ولعاً بإعداد التحليلات ذات التوجهات الافتراضية الساعية لأخذ ملف الأزمة باتجاه التصعيد: فما هي أبرز النماذج الافتراضية الجديدة التي سعت مراكز الدراسات الأمريكية لجهة الترويج لفرضياتها؟

* النموذج الأول: الحرب الأهلية الافتراضية
تم التسويق لهذا النموذج بواسطة صحيفة نيويورك تايمز، وتضمن هذا النموذج النقاط الآتية:
• وصف الفيتو المشترك الروسي ـ الصيني، الذي أعاق مشروع القرار الدولي الأخير ضد سوريا، بأنه فيتو أدى إلى إعاقة جهود مجلس الأمن الدولي الساعية لتحقيق أمن واستقرار الشرق الأوسط.
• أبرز النتائج التي سوف يؤدي لها الفيتو المشترك الروسي ـ الصيني، سوف تتمثل في: حدوث فراغ سياسي دولي بفعل غياب الدبلوماسية الوقائية الدولية في سوريا، وإضافة لذلك، إعطاء دمشق كامل الفرصة لجهة القيام بمواصلة احتواء الاحتجاجات.
• قيام روسيا والصين باستخدام الفيتو المشترك، كان بسبب الفهم الخاطئ الروسي ـ الصيني لعملية تطبيق القرار الدولي 1970 والقرار الدولي 1973 في ليبيا.
• سوف يدفع الفيتو الروسي ـ الصيني المشترك، الأطراف الدولية الأخرى لجهة البحث عن البدائل الممكنة لجهة القيام باحتواء الأزمة السورية.
• البدائل المتاحة سوف تركز على تكثيف الضغوط ضد دمشق، وسوف تلعب الدول الشرق أوسطية الحليفة لواشنطن، مثل تركيا والسعودية والبلدان الخليجية دوراً كبيراً في تصعيد هذه الضغوط.
• على المستوى الداخلي، سوف تدفع التطورات باتجاه تصعيد فعاليات العنف المتبادل.
• النتيجة الأكثر احتمالاً في حالة استمرار تصعيد الضغوط الخارجية والعنف الداخلي المتبادل، سوف تكون هي الحرب الأهلية السورية والتي سوف تقوّض استقرار الشرق الأوسط.
• من أجل منع وقوع الحرب الأهلية السورية يتوجب على الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وحلفاءها السعي المتكرر لجهة الضغط من أجل الحصول على قرار دولي واضح إزاء سوريا.
هذا، وتضمنت خاتمة هذا النموذح المطالبة الصريحة لواشنطن وحلفاءها بضرورة إطلاق فعاليات حملة دبلوماسية واسعة تهدف إلى إكساب مجلس المعارضة السورية الانتقالي المزيد من الاعتراف والشرعية الدولية والإقليمية.

* النموذج الثاني: الخيارات العسكرية ضد سوريا
تم التسويق لهذا النموذج بواسطة شبكة سي إن إن الإخبارية، وقام بإعداده اليهودي الأمريكي ميخائيل أوهانلون الباحث الرفيع المستوى في مشروع مبادرة دفاع القرن الحادي والعشرين، والذي يعتبر من أبرز عناصر جماعة المحافظين الجدد الناشطين داخل الحزب الديمقراطي، ويمكن الإشارة لمحتوى هذا النموذج ضمن نقاطه الأساسية الآتية:
• خيار الغزو العسكري: طالب أوهانلون بإمكانية اللجوء لهذا الخيار مع ضرورة توافر التفويض الدولي الواضح، إضافة إلى دعم بلدان الجامعة العربية، والدول الإسلامية الأخرى، وأشار قائلاً بأن المطلوب لإنفاذ هذا الخيار هو حشد وتعبئة قوة في حدود 150 ألف جندي، إضافة إلى خطة لبقاء استمرار وجود هذه القوات لفترة 10 سنوات على الأقل.
• خيار فرض حظر الطيران: أشار أوهانلون إلى أن إنفاذ هذا الخيار، يتطلب التفويض الدولي، والدعم العربي والإسلامي، إضافة إلى تعاون روسيا وبلدان الاتحاد الأوروبي، وأشار قائلاً، بأن تطبيق هذا الخيار قد يكون على غرار عملية فرض حظر الطيران التي سبق أن تم فرضها خلال نظام الرئيس العراقي السابق صدام حسين. أو على غرار عملية حظر الطيران التي تم فرضها مؤخراً ضد ليبيا مع التلميح لاحتمالات أن لا تتعاون روسيا في هذه الحالة.
• خيار إنفاذ الحصار البحري بالقوة: أشار أوهانلون إلى أن إنفاذ هذا الخيار ممكن، في حالة توافر رغبة القوى الدولية التي تملك القدرات العسكرية البحرية، وبالذات الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وحلف الناتو، وأضاف قائلاً بأنه يتوجب الحصول على دعم ومساندة دول الجوار السوري، وبالذات تركيا ـ الأردن ـ العراق، إضافة لذلك، سعى أوهانلون لتوضيح هدف الحصار البحري على أساس اعتبارات أنه يتركز حصراً في تشديد ضغوط العقوبات المفروضة ضد دمشق.
• خيار الغارات الجوية: أشار أوهانلون إلى أن إنفاذ هذا الخيار، يتطلب الغطاء الدولي الكامل، إضافة إلى اعتماد أسلوب محدد، بحيث تكون العمليات الجوية على غرار ما تم تنفيذه ضد صربيا في عملية كوسوفو، أو ما تم تنفيذه ضد ليبيا مؤخراً، وأضاف قائلاً بأن أسلوب الغارات الذي تم تنفيذه ضد صربيا هو الأفضل، وذلك لأنه استهدف القدرات الصربية الاقتصادية والعسكرية وشبكات البنيات التحتية المتعلقة بالكهرباء والطرق والجسور والاتصالات والبنوك، والشركات الكبرى، أما أسلوب الغارات ضد ليبيا فهو لا يصلح وذلك لأنه اقتصر فقط على حماية المدنيين الموجودين في بنغازي.
هذا، واختتم الخبير اليهودي الأمريكي ميخائيل أوهانلون سيناريو خياراته الافتراضية قائلاً بأنه لا يستطيع تحديد موقف واضح لجهة أي الخيارات الأكثر أفضلية، وبرأيه أن تحديد موقف من هذه الخيارات هو أمر يتطلب المزيد من الحوار والنقاش.

* سيناريو الاستثمار في النماذج الافتراضية: إلى أين؟
تشير معطيات علم السيناريو، إلى أنه من المستطاع لكل من يمسك بورقة وقلم، أن يضع ما يريد من السيناريوهات والخيارات والبدائل. ولكن من الصعوبة بمكان إنفاذ السيناريوهات التي تنطوي على قدر كبير من المعطيات غير القابلة للتحقق، وفي هذا الخصوص نشير إلى الآتي:
• مصداقية تنفيذ السيناريو تعتمد حصراً على مدى تطابق خطوط السيناريو مع العوامل الميدانية الحاكمة.
• نجاح إنفاذ السيناريو يعتمد بقدر كبير على مدى إمكانية القضاء على العقبات.
• التعامل المتبادل على خطوط الأفعال وردود الأفعال، يلعب دوراً هاماً في حسم مدى نجاح أو فشل عملية إنفاذ السيناريو.
وتأسيساً على هذه الحقائق، يمكن ملاحظة الآتي:
• لا توجد أي إرهاصات لوجود أي حرب أهلية داخلية سورية. اللهم إلا في ذهن من قام بكتابة وإعداد سيناريو افتراضي لهذه الحرب.
• لا توجد أي إمكانية للحصول على الربح الكامل في حالة استهداف سوريا بالغارات الجوية، وذلك طالما أن النتيجة لن تكون رابح ـ خاسر. بل سوف تكون خاسر ـ خاسر.
من الواضح أن هذه النماذج الافتراضية سوف تستمر في ظهورها المتواتر، وذلك لأنه ببساطة لن يستطيع أحد أن يمنع الآخرين من التفكير ووضع النماذج الافتراضية غير القابلة للتطبيق لا في سوريا ولا في منطقة الشرق الأوسط. وفقط نتمنى أن يحاول بعض خبراء هذه السيناريوهات أن يتطرقوا بصراحة ووضوح لتداعيات هذه السيناريوهات على بقية دول المنطقة، وبالذات بالنسبة لتركيا وإسرائيل.

الجمل ـ قسم الدراسات والترجمة

October 19th, 2011, 12:44 am


ann said:

IBSA: UN Security Council must reform – October 18 2011


South Africa, Brazil and India on Tuesday called for the reform of the United Nations Security Council, saying the body did not reflect the realities of the modern world.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, speaking at the India Brazil South Africa (IBSA) summit in Pretoria, said the UN security council “needs more legitimacy”.

President Jacob Zuma said the body was “skewed in favour of the developed North”.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the three countries needed to work together on UN issues.

But he too said that it needed to be reformed.

“The United Nations Security Council must be enlarged to reflect present day realities.”

All three leaders called on European Union leaders to resolve the sovereign debt crisis that was having a knock-on effect across the globe.

Rousseff said: “We need a credible agreement to prevent the crisis from getting out of control.”

Proper regulation of the financial systems could no longer be delayed.

She called for peace in Syria and criticised the action of NATO in Libya.

Armed intervention in Libya had not brought about the peace that was needed in the North African country, she said.

In his opening remarks at the annual summit, Zuma also called on all three countries to work together in fighting piracy in the Indian and Atlantic oceans. – Sapa

October 19th, 2011, 12:52 am


jad said:

This news may interest you, the Qatari PM is willing to step aside to make Syria accept to start the negotiation:

العربي: حمد بن جاسم مستعد للاعتذار عن رئاسة الجامعة لتخفيف حساسية دمشق
الأربعاء 19 تشرين الأول 2011، آخر تحديث 05:30
كشف الأمين لعام لجامعة الدول العربية نبيل العربي عن “وعد تلقاه من رئيس الوزراء القطري وزير الخارجية الشيخ حمد بن جاسم بن جبر آل ثاني، عقب نهاية الاجتماع الطارئ الذي عقده وزراء الخارجية العرب الأحد الماضي للبحث في الأزمة السورية، بأن الأخير سيعرض على أمير البلاد الشيخ حمد بن خليفة أل ثاني إمكان اعتذار قطر عن رئاسة اللجنة الوزارية العربية التي كلفها مجلس الجامعة مهمة الإتصال بالحكومة السورية لحضها على وقف أعمال العنف ضد المواطنين المحتجين والبدء بحوار مع المعارضة في شأن إصلاحات سياسية تلبي طموحات الشعب السوري”.
ولفت العربي في حديث لـ”النهار” الى أن “الشيخ حمد بن جاسم الذي تتولى بلاده رئاسة الدورة الحالية للجامعة العربية، أبلغه أنه غير متمسك برئاسة اللجنة وسيبحث مع امير قطر في أمر انسحاب الدوحة منها أو اعتذاره عن رئاستها إذا كان ذلك سيساعد في تسهيل مهمتها وتخفيف حساسيات دمشق وتحفظاتها”.

October 19th, 2011, 12:56 am


Dale Andersen said:

Memo To: MM

RE: “…I announce that I’m returning to Syria to join and fight the regime tooth and nail. Their strategy is violence. My strategy should be the same…”


Give me your address, Dude. I’ll ship you some guns with sniperscopes.

October 19th, 2011, 1:00 am


Ghufran said:

The cousin of a coworker of mine,an American,had to do a research project in history about Syria around the time of the crusaders and that led him to the study of groups like the Assassins or alhashasheen. I asked for a copy of his paper and did more research on the topic out of peronal interest in the history of Syria.
There is no link at all between this group and Syria’a alawites despite the fact that the Assassins were Nizaris Ismaili sect.
Ignorant individuals think that the two groups are linked because they were both mountain people,were not sunni and did not enjoy good relations with
the Ottomans and the Seljuks.
The Assassins were essentially wiped out long before there was any documented presence of the alawites in Syria. A number of Muslim historians wrote about the assassins who remain as a wild subject for students of history,to see historical facts being twisted to insult one group of people or the other is nauseating,that goes for all fact twisters.

October 19th, 2011, 1:17 am


F. Azmeh said:

With all due respect, this article is not that enlightening. It’s short on historical facts and long on general and personal narrative. I don’t see how it sheds any light or provides any insight into Homs specifically – neither historically nor presently. Much of it applies to Syria in general.

October 19th, 2011, 1:26 am


jad said:

شـبـكـة أخـبـار حـمـاه | H.N.N
خاص – Exclusive || شبكة أخبار حماه؛

بدأت الأحداث في مدينة حماة تأخذ طابعاً واضح المعالم , وقرائتنا لها على الشكل التالي:
خلال ساعات النهار تسود أجواء العمل والدراسة والتجارة والحياة الطبيعية كافة أرجاء المدينة , دون أن يعكر صفو هدوئها شيء , ومن يزور حماة أثناء النهار يقول بأن سوريا بخير ولايوجد أزمة.

بعد صلاة العشاء بساعة أو ساعتين حسب تنسيقياتهم ,,, تخرج بعض المظاهرات الطيارة (الصغيرة والسريعة “مشهد مدته دقيقة” ) ويتم تصويرها جميعاً , لتظهر للعالم وقنوات الأخبار المضللة بأن حماة لازالت مستمرة بالتظاهر رغم التواجد العسكري.
تخرج تلك التجمعات في أحياء متفرقة ومتباعدة مثل (حي الحميدية , حي المناخ أو حي جنوب الملعب) , والغرض: تشتيت انتباه القوى الأمنية و بقائهم على أهبة الإستعداد للوصول الى بعض هذه المناطق لمنع انتشار الفوضى والإنفلات الأمني في المدينة.

في غضون هذه المظاهرات .. يبدأ المسلحون بالإستعداد للخروج من أوكارهم واستهداف حافلات وسيارات الجيش , والهجوم على الجواجز العسكرية المنتشرة بالعديد من المناطق في المدينة والتي هدفها: حفظ النظام و منع انتشار المخربين.
يذكر أن الهجمات تتم بأماكن بعيدة عن المناطق التي تتواجد بها المظاهرات والتصوير (لكي لا يظهر بالفيديو صورة المسلحين والتي هي عكس “سلميتهم” التي يهتفون بها).

ومن المناطق التي تشهد تبادل اطلاق نار , نذكر بعضها (منطقة جسر المزارب , منطقة طريق حلب , حي جنوب الملعب , وحي القصور , والمناطق القريبة من الحمدية) , حيث أنه وبالقرب من هذه الأماكن تتواجد مقار و أفرع أمنية , وشيء طبيعي أن يكون بجانبها نقاط عسكرية لحمايتها.

التجهيزات التي يمتلكها المسلحون بحماة لايمكن أن نصفها بأنها ممتازة , في تتفاوت بين المنطقة وأخرى. ففي المناطق المتواجدة بالقرب من مداخل وأطراف المدينة يتم استخدام الرشاشات والأسلحة المتطورة الحديثة , بينما بداخل المدينة تتراوح تلك التجهيزات بين أسلحة فردية ومتطورة.
وإن دل هذا .. فإنما يدل على تواجد العديد من الجماعات , وليس “كتيبة” واحدة كما يدعون.

ولكي لا نبث الرعب في قلوب الناس بسوريا أو الأهالي في حماة …
نقول لكم .. أننا وبعد أن راقبنا الوضع عن كثب من خلال متابعتنا للأحداث , وتواصلنا مع مراسلينا المنتشرين في حماة , إستنتجنا أنه :
في الهجمة الواحدة تخرج سيارة واحدة … والعدد بداخلها من المؤكد أنه لن يزيد عن أربع مجرمين ,,, وإن فرضنا بأن هناك هجومين منفصلين.. فالعدد سيكون ثمانية وهكذا.

لذلك .. نطمأنكم ,,, ونقول لمن يردد عبارة “الوضع من سيء الى أسوأ بحماة”:
هذه الأحداث وان كانت خطيرة ومخيفة .. فهي أمور سهلة على جيشنا الباسل. كيف؟؟

الإجابة بسيطة .. تذكروا معنا الحرب التي دارت في “جسر الشغور” على سبيل المثال،
حين جابه جيشنا الباسل مئات المسلحين المدججين بأسلحة و ذخائر تكفي لتحرير فلسطين ,,, وما هو الوضع الآن في جسر الشغور ؟؟!!

ندع الإجابة و التحليل لكم …

October 19th, 2011, 1:32 am


syau said:

“the demonstrations in Homs are not fueled by religious hatred or Salafi extremism”

Absolute nonsense, during these uprisings, one could only admit that Homs is as sectarian as hell.

Dear Jad,

Thanks for the link. She got an audience too. Only in Secular Syria would you have a female dance in the street and others cheer her on and join her. Yep, Syrians are cool.

October 19th, 2011, 1:44 am



47. JAD said:

“الإجابة بسيطة .. تذكروا معنا الحرب التي دارت في “جسر الشغور” على سبيل المثال،
حين جابه جيشنا الباسل مئات المسلحين المدججين بأسلحة و ذخائر تكفي لتحرير فلسطين ,,, وما هو الوضع الآن في جسر الشغور ؟؟!!”

Another example of the crude lies the Baathists and their cohorts keep spreading. The Syrian army, according to the excerpt above, faced hundreds of armed men who had enough weapons and ammunition to free Palestine. And somehow the Syrian army,several thousand times greater, can’t free Palestine. Talk about resistance.

If you want to spread lies, at least make them believable. Is that too hard?

October 19th, 2011, 1:53 am


jad said:

توقعنا مواقف واعدة فسمعنا مواقف متوعدة
by Louay Hussein

لا باس أن نسمع من المتظاهرين عتبا وتحفيزا للآخرين ليواكبوهم وينضموا إليهم في المظاهرات، مثلما هتف في اليوم الأول متظاهرو درعا: يللي واقف عالرصيف يا حيف والله ياحيف. التس استمد منها مغنينا الرائع سميح شقير أغنية الثورة “يا حيف”.
لكن كل البأس أن نسمع مثقفين وزعماء معارضين خارج الشارع يتهددوا الآخرين:
من يريد أن يكون شريكا في المستقبل عليه أن يساهم في المظاهرات. فهل يعني هذا أن الصامت وحتى الموالي سيكون على هامش الحياة السياسية في النظام الموعود؟ أن ستنتقص حقوقه السياسية أو تنتهك؟
من يصمت الآن هو شريك في القتل.
من لا ينضم من المعارضين إلى المجلس الوطني المشرعة أبوابه للجميع هو شريك في جرائم النظام.
من يتطاول بالنقد على أرباب “الثورة” ستحاسبه “الثورة” لاحقا.
هل في مثل هذه العبارات والأقوال ما يبشر أو ما يطمئن الصامت والموالي، بل وحتى المعارض المختلف؟ أخشى القول أنها تفيض نفسا استبداديا لا يختلف سوى باللون عن نفس استبداد السلطة.
أرجو من أخوتي المجروحي الفؤاد أن يبتعدوا كل البعد عن أي خطاب استبدادي أو عدواني تجاه أي سوري، فنحن نحتاج لسوريا آمنة سالمة ديمقراطية تعددية ولن نقبل بأي شخص يحاول أن يأخذنا إلى سوريا أخرى مهما بلغت جروحه اليوم.

October 19th, 2011, 2:03 am



How Hard


If you want to spread lies, at least make them believable. Is that too hard?

I think it is getting harder and harder every day, especially when one starts copying and pasting from a guy like Lehman who considers Qaddafi’s last ditch fight a momentum to liberate Libya. What is it, Aldunya press service stopped working?

Whats not to like

October 19th, 2011, 3:17 am


Mohamed Kanj said:

Another slap in the face to those extremists. Millions rally in Aleppo for BASHAR AL ASSAD AND SYRIA

October 19th, 2011, 5:56 am


MM said:

38. Dear MM,
This comment is actually from me, Revlon.
I entered your name instead of mine, by mistake. Please accept my appology!

The chances are that the revolution and your loved ones back home need you to stay where you are.

There are many things you can do to help the revolution’s cause.
– You may continue to donate your time and skills ín peaceful activism, the way you can.
– You may regularly and generously donate money to support all activities of the revolution, including efforts aimed at protecting and treating injured civilians and alleviate the suffering of families bereft of their bread winners.
– The revolution is a monumantal team work project.
Every one can be their comrades hero by doing what they do best.

October 19th, 2011, 7:09 am


Samara said:

عاشت سوريا الاسد

Menhebak, menhebak, menhebaaaak!

October 19th, 2011, 7:14 am


Revlon said:

38. Dear MM,
The chances are that the revolution and your loved ones back home need you to stay where you are.

There are many things you can do to help the revolution’s cause.
– You may continue to donate your time and skills ín peaceful activism, the way you can.
– You may regularly and generously donate money to support all activities of the revolution, including efforts aimed at protecting and treating injured civilians and alleviate the suffering of families bereft of their bread winners.
– The revolution is a monumantal team work project.
Every one can be their comrades hero by doing what they do best.

October 19th, 2011, 7:23 am


sheila said:

Dear #31. Ghufran,
I am assuming you are not Halabi. Thanks for proving my point.

October 19th, 2011, 7:37 am


syau said:

Well, it looks like Aleppo has spoken, in support President Bashar Al Assad and in absolute rejection of foreign intervention in Syria’s internal affairs.

Sheila, this is just for you. Enjoy.

October 19th, 2011, 7:39 am



Dear Revlon @ 54
I raise my hat to you. An excellent advise. I hope MM listens to it.

October 19th, 2011, 7:47 am


mjabali said:


Again you attack me personally because I showed how ignorant you are, which is not hard at all.

Your education is suspect. Did you study history? or you are like the rest of them doctors in the Middle East think you know it all!!!! keep to your field and leave history alone because it is obvious that you only believe ONE version of history, the one your ancestors the Ottomans has taught you.

You say that the Assassins were long before the Alawis or the Seveners came. Majedkhaldoun what are you talking about? The Assassins ARE Seveners. They are Nizari Ismailis: Ismail is the Seventh Imam in their order. Do you know what you are talking about? It is obvious that you do not.

Your claim that the Alawis are the Assassins converted to Alawism is one of the dumbest things I have heard in years.

This falls into the long list of fabrications and lies you and your likes been spreading about the Alawis and other minorities (like the Ismailis where you insist on calling them the Assassins) for centuries. do you understand this ya tractor?

The Sunnis of Syria ALWAYS have a list of lies when it comes to the Alawis and linking them to the Assassins is one of them.

See Majedkhaldoun, the Assassins have a name: they call themselves Ismailis. That is what they like to call themselves. A hateful creature like you insist on calling them names that carry disdain and smearing. When you gonna learn how to respect others ya tractor? OH, I forgot, you are a conservative religious man and has no room for others in your logic. Either they are angels like your group or they are demons, monkeys, assassins, and of course infidels.

What is left from the order you insist on calling the Assassins is what is headed by the Agha Khan today. Do these people assassinate any one, did they send suicide bombers, does their ideology ask them to kill others, does their ideology consider the others infidels and so on: the answer to all of that is NO.

Your ideology majedkhaldoun on the other hand assassinate people, send suicide bombers….etc… your ideology is very violent mr. so when you call someone Assassins you make a fool out of your self because your group is the modern day assassins and killers. The list of their victims is long, what do you call the guys from your religious group who blew up buses, trains, markets, buildings etc…(I know deep down you call them martyrs and the ones killed infidels and deserve to die).

People like you are filled with hate. Your religion is filled with hate and disrespect to others. The proof to this is your simple attitude towards the Assassins/Ismailis Nizaris and other minorities.

Do you think the Assassins do not have a name for their sect other than the “Assassins?”

If we calculate the number of people assassinated by your sect Majedkhaldoun we found that your group are the real Assassins.

الإسم لهم والصيت لغيرهم

As for the origin of the Sunni inhabitants of Syrian cities, you are either dumb or playing dumb. (i think you are both, sorry to be a little blunt)

We both know that most of the Sunni inhabitants of Syrian cities has nothing to do with Syria and the Arabic race. They almost succeeded into making all of Syria speak Turkish. You lie majed khaldoun when you claim that you are an Arab or originally from Syria. This is not the point, but I brought it up to show you the origin of the disdain your likes have for the Alawis and the other minorities in Syria. BECAUSE YOU CAME WITH THE INVADERS.

We both know how the Ottomans in their different variations have occupied the Syrian cities and settled in them and brought their people. Many invaders did this to Syria.

For more than one thousand years you grandfathers the Ottomans/Seljukes/…etc brought one wave of settlers into Syria after the other. For more than one thousand years, your grandfathers did ethnic and religious cleansing in Syria.

YES Majedkhaldoun you are probably not Syrian or Arab and this little fact could explain lots about your attitude and set of beliefs.

Fake history is what they been teaching you for years. Fake history is essential in your shallow education, as obvious. Fake history is the history that was produced by your ancestors who were in power for more than a thousand years and produced the worst version of history that is filled with holes bigger than the Empire State building, and when someone like me comes and point them out, idiots come out barking and try to invoke their FAKE history and insults.

Majedkhaldoun your version of history is getting defeated every day and soon it will go out with a knock out punch.

AS for you barking again and again about me being sober and drinking this is an example of your stone age mind. What would the people whom you work with in the West think when they find out your stone age attitude ya tractor? Why do you work with them and live amongst them? Why don’t you go and live in Saudia Arabia?

October 19th, 2011, 8:38 am


mjabali said:

Mr. Ghufran comment # 46

What is called the Assassins did not end when Alawism spread in the area. The coast witnessed battles between the Alawis and what is left from the few castles and villages around that were controlled by the Assassins/Ismailis Nizaris, who with time and the decline of their backers lost the small power they had over there.

October 19th, 2011, 8:56 am


bronco said:

#44 Jad

Thanks Jad,

I hope I was right in thinking that Qatar, whose warmongering stances in Libya has tarnished its reputation, may want to change its course back to a political and pacific intermediary among Arab countries. Syria could be the way to regain its position and also please its friend, Iran.
The SNC having been created under the umbrella of Turkey and France has not been widely accepted by Qatar or any Arab countries (Except the shaky TNC of Libya).

Turkey had hoped that its stand against Israel would bring it rewards from Arab countries, especially Egypt, a huge commercial market, but his speech there, calling for a secularism a la turc has made most Arab countries unease and they seem to have cooled down towards Erdogan. I think Erdogan is now trying to connect back with Syria that has been its strongest and most stable link to the Arab World, especially that he is facing growing ‘armed gangs’ and terrorists acts in the South East.
Davutoglu’s meeting with the SNC may have been, as I mentionned it before, to pressure them to stop the calls for military intervention and join the dialog. It is no coincidence that it happened after the AL ignored the SNC and called for a dialog with Bashar Al Assad with the opposition.

I still keep my fingers crossed that the dialog will take place in Syria with the AL representative and opposition leaders who care about Syria and not about themselves.

October 19th, 2011, 9:02 am


norman said:


Can you stop attacking Doctors in general, ?

October 19th, 2011, 9:04 am


Revlon said:

Crews of three tanks defect with their personal gears in Hrak, Horan.
The number of those defected in Hrak has exceeded 100.

حركة سوريا شباب من أجل الحرية Youth Syria For Freedom
لواء الضباط الاحرار : حوران : الحراك : انشقاق طواقم ثلاث دبابات والاستيلاء على كامل العتاد الذي بداخلها وبذلك – يكون اجمالي المنشقين في مدينةالحراك تجاز المائة – وقد اصيب بعض العناصر اثناء حمايتهم للثوار حين مداهمة الدبابات الثلاثة
وجميعهم بخير ولله الحمد
اللهم ايدنا بنصرك
6 hours ago

October 19th, 2011, 9:04 am


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Son Of Damascus,

Thank you for explaining.

October 19th, 2011, 9:05 am


Revlon said:

Afleeting demonstration in 3andan Aleppo today:
Yalla Ir7al Ya Basahr


October 19th, 2011, 9:11 am


zoo said:

National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change welcomes AL initiative at Syria crisis
(Omar al-Shaar | Dp-news)

DAMASCUS- A Syrian internal opposition figure Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier told DP-News that National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC) welcomes the Arab League delegation at Syria crisis as “it comes at direction we desired it a lot.”

The National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, which is a Syrian Internal Opposition bloc, welcomes the Arab league resolution on Syria and urged Syria`s regime to stop violence immediately and apply a national dialogue.

At a press conference held at their headquarter in capital Damascus, the NCC speaker Hassan Abdel Azim hails the AL initiative at a statement published on Tuesday and hails all efforts to end Syria unrest and to put immediate end for killings, arresting and torturing Syrians. The NCC statement also calls on dropping security and military solution that had been applied by Syria`s regime since beginning of the uprising in Syria on mid March 2011.

The NCC statement also welcomes AL delegation and announces that “NCC is ready to meet AL delegation and to debate it in order to prevent any chance for any kind of possible foreign interference into Syria.”

The NCC statement concludes by telling “NCC is ready to work and coordinate with other Syria Opposition parties and groups in order to achieve the National Democratic change in Syria, along with other efforts to solve Syrian crisis and fulfill Syria protesters and uprising targets.”

Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier told DP-News that NCC welcomes AL initiative “First of all; to stop the killings and brutal military acts in Syria.”

He added “Second; this association helps to prevent the external military intervention into Syria.”

Regarding coordinating with other opposition groups in & outside Syria; Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier told DP-News “We have many lines and we are exchanging ideas about many things with NSC and others and of course, it is not official lines… But, in NCC we insist on working hard to achieve a common standing about AL initiative along with other subjects that interest all Syrians.”

Answering a question about Syria`s regime official standing regarding AL initiative; Dr. Abdel Aziz told DP-News “Regime did not say NO… make some comments and some certain points here and there.”

“Syria officially welcomed the supervision of AL on the whole process of trying to stop civilian killings in Syria and to start talks between regime and opposition.” he added.

About the dialogue place that was recommended at Cairo by the AL; Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier told DP-News “We say: this is not an important issue to us. Damascus & Cairo are the same, but; we are interested more at achieving atmosphere that stops killings and withdraws soldiers and military vehicles back to their Barracks.”

About withdrawing of few Syrian intellectuals out of NCC; Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier told DP-News “There is a kind of media war/campaign against NCC personals.”

“I can assure that Fayez Sarah expressed his position clearly when he said: I am sorry because of my position and business, I can`t be such an active member & I don`t have time to be.” Dr. al-Khaier added.

Regarding Michel Kilo, Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier commented to DP-News “As for Kilo, I believe Kilo is a famous intellectual and journalist who come alone with a main ideas of political issues of the NCC; thus this makes no great important for what he declared. … Politically, he is cooperating well with the NCC.”

Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier also told DP-News that he accused Syria`s regime to “fabricate an opposition of its own men…. The regime has its` plans and intentions to use them in the right moment like as he is making a dialogue with opposition.”

Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier concluded “NCC is not part of this at all. NCC will form its own delegate, visit and meet others in a short time.”

Syrian daily newspaper, Al-Watan, on Tuesday quoted Hussein Al-Udat, the information spokesman of the internal opposition bloc, the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change, telling that the coalition welcomed the Arab initiative, particularly with regard of stoppage of violence, release of the prisoners and seeking a political solution to the crisis.
Another opposition group based in Syria, The Movement for Building the State, also hailed the Arab initiative, namely the call to abstain from “the security means to tackle the issue” for sake of averting further blood-shedding and violence.

The Arab initiative called on Sunday for forming a special delegation to hold talks with the Syrian government and the opposition to prepare for the national conciliation talks, to be held at the league headquarters.
This resolution is moderate in tone for it calls for halting the spilling of Syrian blood and averting further escalation of the internal infighting, said the movement in a statement.

October 19th, 2011, 9:15 am


Revlon said:

Fleeting demonstration in Aleppo, Pullman turnabout, today.
Ibnl7aram ba3l Golan
Hurrieh, lilaba, ghasben3annak ya Asad

19 10 Aleppo أوغاريت حلب دوار البولمان, مظاهرة ردا على مسيرة النظام الكاذبة

October 19th, 2011, 9:21 am


mjabali said:

Dr. Norman…I apologize…Doctors like you with your respect to others are my role models.

You save lives and care about others’ lives and I see that in your writings and attitude.

I have nothing but respect for people like you and doctors like abu Ghassan and others, and even ones that I do not agree with.

It is easy to spot a doctor and it is easy to tell who cares about others and who does not. Some of them you may not agree with and fight them, but, I feel with them and have nothing but respect for them. I know they care.

But, those who consider themselves better than others and think they have the keys to paradise, I am not a fan of those doctors.

I know from the doctors that I know that you have to care about people regardless to their color, sect, race….etc…

I hope you see the truth I bordered also.

October 19th, 2011, 9:27 am


Zoo said:

“Those that think they will weaken our state with these attacks or think they will bring our state into line, they will see that the revenge for these attacks will be very great and they will endure it many times over.”

Abdallah GUL


October 19th, 2011, 9:33 am


Revlon said:

While Jr supporters were worshiping Jr in the outdoor in Aleppo, Homs residents in karmezzeitoun and nazi7een neibourhoods were being terrorized by Shabbeha.

Ten martyrs have fellen as a result; Attempts at rescuing them while wounded failed due to the continuous firing!

Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية

أوغاريت || حمص :: حي كرم الزيتون وحي النازحين , يتعرض الحيين منذ الصباح الباكر لهجمة عشوائية همجية لا تراعي حرمة لأحد وذلك تحت غطاء المهلة التي تم اخذها من الجامعة العربية حيث تم قصف الحييين لليوم الثاني على التوالي بشكل مباشر وسقط اليوم الكثير من الشهداء حيث بلغ العدد حتى هذه اللحظة حوالي تسعة شهداء والعشرات من الجرحى بينهم اصابات خطيرة

كما أن الاحياء الموالية للعصابة الاسدية قامت باطلاق الرصاص العشوائي يجد الذكر بأن الجرحى لم يتم اسعافهم نتيجة إطلاق الرصاص ومنع المسعفين من الدخول للمناطق المنكوبة

كما ان الشهداء هم من العمال الذين يعملون بقوت يومهم وليس لهم علاقة بالثورة وقد كانوا بالقرب من ساحة الحي حيث يوجد حاجز للجيش والأمن ولم يتحركوا ابدا مع ان الاطلاق كان بالقرب منهم حيث لا تبعد المسافة حوالي 100 متر عنهم وبعد ذهاب السيارة التي اطلقت الرصاص على المدنيين العزل بدأت الحواجز باطلاق الرصاص على البيوت لمنع سحب جثث الشهداء ..

23 minutes ago

October 19th, 2011, 9:34 am


ann said:

Aoun warns of extremist Islamist rule in Syria if Assad regime falls

October 19, 2011


BEIRUT: Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun warned Tuesday that extremist Islamists would take over power in Syria if the regime of President Bashar Assad was brought down by the ongoing popular uprising.

He said although Syria is ruled by one party, religious plurality is tolerated in the Muslim country unlike Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

“Who will replace Bashar Assad if he falls? He will be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood. You have a weak idea about the Muslim Brotherhood who insist on not abandoning the niqab in France. French authorities urge [Muslim women] to abandon the Niqab and fine them. But in the Levant, [French authorities] finance them,” Aoun told a delegation of French journalists and intellectuals who visited him at his residence in Rabieh, north of Beirut.

“Therefore, an extremist Muslim system will rise, replacing the plural system which is preparing to develop. We cannot today change a plural system in exchange for an extremist system that respects only one political ideology,” Aoun said.

The French government has banned the niqab – the Islamic full-face veils.

Aoun has supported Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai who has warned that the collapse of the Assad regime would lead to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and threaten the presence of Christians there.

Referring to last week’s sectarian clashes in Cairo between the Egyptian military and Christian Copts which left 26 Copts dead, Aoun said: “What happened in Egypt gives us a clear picture of what will happen. Do they want to turn Arab countries into unstable countries so that they can benefit and exploit the resources that exist there? Do they want to partition the region into small countries ruled by sects? I don’t think that this project will pass.”

Although the popular uprising in Syria, which began in mid-March, has persisted unabated, posing the gravest challenge to Assad’s 11-year rule, Aoun said: “The situation in Syria is improving. The Levant will witness civilization and progress.”

Aoun, who belongs to the Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance which is backed by Syria, defended what he called “religious plurality” in Damascus despite the many political constraints imposed by the ruling Baath Party.

“But the Syrian system is less strict than the Saudi system or the other systems in the Gulf at the religious level,” he said.

“It is true that there are political constraints [in Syria], but the economic system has begun to open up, becoming liberal. What remains is for the regime to begin political reforms and eliminate taboos,” said Aoun.

October 19th, 2011, 9:40 am


ann said:

Interesting story

Thank you Alex

October 19th, 2011, 9:44 am


Revlon said:

Jr’s mob forces attacked the village of Ain AlSamak.
– They ramsacked and looted residential houses and shops.
– They confiscated motorbikes; the villagers means for trnasportation.
– They destroyed farm machinery, trees and planted fields

AlQsair, Homs Governorate

Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية
أوغاريت || القصير حمص :: قامت قوات الامن مدعومة بالجيش والشبيحة بمداهمة قرية عين السمك الواقعة غرب القصير وقاموا باقتحام المنازل وسرقة كل ما هو ثمين بالاضافة لخلع وتكسير ابواب المنازل والمحال والمستودعات وأعمال التخريب في المنازل ومصادرة الدراجات النارية حتى النظامية منها ترافق ذلك بإطلاق نار عشوائي لأرعاب الأهالي كما وقامت مدرعاتهم بدهس الاشجار وحقول الخضار وتكسير معدات الري في الاراضي الزراعية ..
43 minutes ago

October 19th, 2011, 9:46 am


Revlon said:

Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية

أوغاريت || بيان الأمانة العامة للمجلس الوطني السوري في ختام دورتها العادية الأولى
(دورة الشهيد مشعل تمو)

أ- عقدت الأمانة العامة للمجلس الوطني السوري دورتها الأولى في مدينة اسطنبول يومي (16-17 تشرين أول/ أكتوبر 2011م)، حيث افتتحت بالوقوف دقيقة صمتٍ وتلاوة الفاتحة على أرواح شهداء الثورة السورية وشهيد الأمانة العامة مشعل تمو.

وبعد استعراض الأوضاع المأساوية التي يعيشها شعبنا في ظل الهجوم الوحشي لقوات النظام وميليشياته على المدن والبلدات والقرى وفي مقدمتها مدينة حمص البطلة، والتي ذهب ضحيتها عشرات الشهداء ومئات الجرحى، ناقش المجتمعون الرؤية السياسية للمجلس الوطني وبرنامج عمله خلال الفترة القادمة، وأكدوا على أهمية الوحدة الوطنية واستمرار الثورة ودعمها بجميع الوسائل، والحفاظ على سلميتها، وضرورة حشد جميع الطاقات العربية والإقليمية والدولية لعزل النظام ونزع الشرعية عنه، والتركيز على أهمية توفير الحماية الدولية للمدنيين العزل.

وفي هذا الإطار اتفق على ما يلي:

1) التحرك على مستوى الدول الأعضاء في جامعة الدول العربية، ومن ضمن ذلك توجيه نداء لمجلس وزراء الخارجية في مجلس الجامعة يطالب بتعليق عضوية النظام السوري وفرض عقوبات عليه، والاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني ممثلا شرعيا لإرادة الشعب السوري.

2) التحرك على المستوى الإقليمي والدولي ضمن نفس الأهداف.

ب- كما جرى الاتفاق على إعلان الأسماء التالية من أعضاء الأمانة العامة:
1. برهان غليون
2. سمير نشار
3. محمد فاروق طيفور
4. بسمة قضماني
5. عبدالباسط سيدا
6. عبد الأحد اسطيفو
7. أحمد رمضان
8. أحمد سيد يوسف
9. عبد الحميد الأتاسي
10. عبد الإله ثامر طراد الملحم
11. عماد الدين رشيد
12. جبر الشوفي
13. وائل مرزا
14. محمد بسام يوسف
15. أنس العبدة
16. كاترين تللي
17. مطيع البطين
18. نجيب الغضبان
19. نذير حكيم

ج- كما تم تشكيل المكتب التنفيذي للمجلس الوطني السوري، واتفق على إعلان الأسماء التالية:
1. برهان غليون.
2. سمير نشار.
3. محمد فاروق طيفور.
4. عبد الباسط سيدا.
5. عبد الأحد اسطيفو.

د- وتم التوافق على أن تكون رئاسة الأمانة العامة تداولية، مدتها ثلاثة أشهر.

هـ- وتم التوافق على تسمية الدكتور برهان غليون رئيساً للمجلس الوطني السوري.

و- وأكّدت الأمانة على ما تضمّنه البيان التأسيسي للمجلس الوطني السوري المعلن بتاريخ 2/10/2011م والمتضمن ما يلي:

1) العمل على إسقاط النظام بكل رموزه وعلى رأسه بشار الأسد.
3) الالتزام بمطالب الحراك الثوري ورفض الحوار مع النظام.
3) بناء الدولة المدنية الديمقراطية في سورية.

و- وقد تداول المجتمعون حول الهيكلية التنظيمية لمؤسسات المجلس الوطني السوري ومكاتبه ومؤسساته.

ز- وتلبية لدعوات رسميةٍ من دولٍ عربيةٍ وإقليمية، فقد شكّلت الأمانة العامة وفداً رسمياً برئاسة رئيس المجلس الوطني الدكتور برهان غليون، لزيارة هذه البلدان ولقاء المسؤولين فيها، وذلك لدعم الثورة السورية ومطالبها.

اسطنبول في 17/10/2011م
الأمانة العامة للمجلس الوطني السوري
4 minutes ago

October 19th, 2011, 9:53 am


Revlon said:

A finicky mundas’ take on Jr’s worshipping mass in Aleppo!
Ugarit News | أوغاريت الإخبارية

أوغاريت || شاهد عيان + مقاطع فديو :: لتكذيب المسيرة اللاعفوية بحلب

اليوم رحت على المسيرة … طول ما انا ماشي عم شوف النبيحه ماشيين بباصات نقل المواشي ” نقل جماعي ” وكلون جوا متل الدواب عم يصرخو بالروح بالدم نفديك يابشار .. فقررت اني امشي مشي وانا رايح على
المسيرة المبجله بإرادتي بدون ما يغصبني حدا .. بس لغايةً في نفس
يعقوب … حبيت أقرأ بين السطور وأشوف وراء الكواليس اللي عبصير …

سبحان الله كان اول اثبات الفيديو رقم ( 1 ) بيظهر فيه سيارة شبح وقدامها شرطة المراسم وفي سيارات سودا واللي وراهون ماشيين معاهون روسيات ،
اما الفيديو رقم ( 2 ) بيظهر فيها سيارات شرطة من غير مدن جاي على حلب ابصر ليش ولكنها وصلت على كل حال ويمكن تكون جايه لحماية قطيعا …
فيديو رقم ( 3 ) بيظهر كيف انو في الشارع الأكثر حيويه في حلب والعاده بكون زحمة كتييييييير بشكل لا يوصف كيف هلأ هو فاضي الا من باصات القطعان اللي عم تصل بشكل متتالي .. بعمرو هاد الشارع ياجماعه ماكان فاضي لازم بهاد الوقت يكون زحمه جدا الا اذا كان يوم الجمعة والسبت حيكون فاضي ..
اما يا جماعة الفيديو رقم ( 4 ) قصتو قصه بيظهر فيه الشبيح موجود بمطقع فيديو باللينك اللي ارفقتو بآخر المقال وبتشوفوه بالثانيه ” 15″ بشكل واضح و ” 16 ” كمان بسيف الدولة واللي انا شخصياً إلي ثااااااار عندو ولما شفتو يا جماعه ماصدقت ووالله تمالكت نفسي بصعوبه .. نفسو اللي تعرض لأحد شباب عيلة الخوجة واسقاطه ارضاً أيام مظاهرات جامع آمنه ،
فيديو رقم ( 5 ) بيظهر كيف انو البلد حركتا طبيعية لكن القطعان كل مامرو بنشوفون كيف بكونو بماااعو بطريقه سيئه جداً …
فيديو رقم ( 6 ) بيظهر على الجسر الي بيربط حلب و الطريق الدولي لحلب وبيظهر القطعان جايين مع الراعيين تبعون من خارج حلب وبرأيي هاد اكبر دليل على انو القطعان مسيرة من خارج حلب وليس من داخلها واللي كان بقلبا وسمع الطريقه الي عم ينحكى فيها رح يعرف انو اغلبون من ضواحي حلب وليست من حلب الشهباء …
فيديو رقم ( 7 ) بيظهر فيه الجيش منتشر على اسطح احد الأبنية وبيراقب بالوضع ” قال عفوية قال ” … اما فيديو رقم ( 8 ) التقط من امام مبنى المحافظة وبيظهر فيه كبير شبيحه سيف الدولة مع بعض كلابو قاعدين وابصر ليش …

برأيي هالفيديوهات بتثبت مين كان بالمسيرة وكيف طالع وليش طالع . بدون مانحكي شي .
الفيديو (١) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=MnX3Y3u4dgM
الفيديو (٢) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=jYZxr-t17M4
الفيديو (٣) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=JaGEcurMenY
الفيديو (٤) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=uI0qYVDuRyw
الفيديو (٥) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=U3XFSUjbn90
الفيديو (٦) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=FTIfXScTUbE
الفيديو (٧) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=9QeoBjHpCCg

October 19th, 2011, 9:59 am


Revlon said:

AlQashoosh Phalange of the FSA attacked several Regime’s mob forces check points killing and wounding 75 mobsters, including colonel Ali Hasan and Corporal Murhaf AlHilou from Dreikiesh.
حركة سوريا شباب من أجل الحرية Youth Syria For Freedom
أموي مباشر سوريا #syria •◄ الجيش السوري الحر :: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم بيان صادر عن الجيش السوري الحر كتيبة القاشوش بيان بالعمليات في مدينة حماه: قامت بضرب عدة حواجز ضمن المدينة وذلك فـْـْي ليلتي الأثنين والثلاثاء وكان عدد القتلى في مجمل العمليات قتل (87) وجرح (75) من عناصر الأمن والشبيحة الأسدية وعرف منهم العقيد (علي حسن )والمساعد (مرهف الحلو ) من دريكيش طرطوس والنصر لشعبنا الحر

about an hour ago

October 19th, 2011, 10:02 am


Revlon said:

AbulFidaa Phalange of the FSA attacked Jr’s Mob forces checkpoint at 7irsh AlShree3a in 7ama city killing all of its 15 manning mobsters.

حركة سوريا شباب من أجل الحرية Youth Syria For Freedom
أموي مباشر سوريا #syria •◄ الجيش السوري الحر :: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم بيان صادر عن الجيش السوري الحر كتيبة ابو الفداء قامت مجموعة من كتيبة ابو الفداء بضرب حاجز في حرش الشريعة مما أدى إلى مقتل كل من على الحاجز من عـْـْصابات الأسد وكان عددهم (15) عنصر والنصر لشعينا البطل
2 hours ago

October 19th, 2011, 10:06 am


ann said:

Christians in Iraq feel ‘failed’ by government – October 19, 2011


Ongoing violence against Christians in Iraq has produced an accelerated exodus of believers recently and numbering in the hundreds of thousands over the last 10 years, said Open Doors USA officials.

While the world’s attention has shifted to such countries as Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the organisation warns that the mass movement of Christians in Iraq continues unabated.

It estimates that the number of Christians before the Gulf War in 1991 was about one million.

“That number fell to an estimated 850,000 in 2003 at the start of the US-led invasion that ended the Saddam Hussein regime. Since then the numbers have plummeted,” the organisation says.

“At the beginning of the summer, Open Doors estimated the number of Christians remaining in Iraq at 345,000. However, the number decreases every month.

“It is an estimation; some even think there are less Christians left in the country than that,” said one member of Open Doors.

Bassam Isho, 30, who was killed by unknown gunmen on October 1 is considered a martyr by Christians in Mosul. The gunmen entered the restaurant where Isho worked and opened fire, killing him instantly, the organisation reports.

During the same week, two more Christians were killed in Kirkuk. It is this type of violence, including the continuing harassment from Muslim extremists that has many Christians in Iraq seeking refuge.

“Iraqi Christians feel that the government fails to give them the security and freedom to worship in peace,” Open Doors USA spokesman Jerry Dykstra told The Christian Post. “Countless Christians have been threatened, robbed, raped, kidnapped or killed.”

“I think we need to pray that the Christians who have fled the country or live in the Kurdish area can come back home in the near future – with complete freedom of religion.

“We need to keep the pressure on the US government to speak out for minority faith groups in Iraq. Just because the US troops are leaving, does not mean we can ignore the ongoing violence and lack of protection of Christians inside Iraq.”

October 19th, 2011, 10:37 am


ann said:

The anniversary of one of the bloodiest attacks on the country’s dwindling Christian community is on October 31, when it will be exactly one year ago to the day that 58 people were killed when Islamic extremists assaulted a Syrian Catholic Church in Baghdad.

“The attacks on Christians continue and the world remains totally silent. It’s as if we’ve been swallowed up by the night,” AsiaNews quotes one anonymous Christian as saying.

Dr Carl Moeller, Open Doors USA President, has labelled the attacks against Christians in Iraq as “religicide”.

“Christians in cities like Baghdad and Mosul are gripped by terrorism. They are fleeing in droves. Their families are threatened. Extremists want to eliminate Christians from Iraq,” Moeller said.

Christians are leaving the south and central regions of the country and attempting to build new lives in the far north.

“But today not only are Christians fleeing from the far southern cities of Baghdad and Basra, they also are moving from the northern cities of Kirkuk and Mosul that not long ago had large Christian communities,” says Open Doors.

“The Iraqis who leave their cities often flee to the relatively secure and most northern Kurdish part of Iraq. That’s why a vast majority of Iraqi Christians now live in this part of the country. Many of them are now Internally Displaced Persons.”

Open Doors estimates the number of IDPs to be at least 186,000.

The number of Christians moving into the Kurdish areas such as Ankawa is growing, but they are also struggling with the effects of displacement. Loss of income, high unemployment, adequate housing, schooling for children, and medical care are some of the problems coming as the result of the exodus into new areas.

“Because many of the Iraqi Christians that have fled Mosul or Baghdad speak Arabic, they often have no access to a Christian community that speaks their language as in the north traditional Chaldean or Assyrian languages are spoken,” said an Open Doors specialist on Iraq.

Open Doors helps train Iraqi church leaders, including methods of delivering Bibles and Christian literature to the Christians in the country. The ministry also facilitates the translation of the Bible into Kurdish dialects. Additionally, the group supports Christian refugees with loans and grants to start small businesses, and says it has proven to be an effective tool to encourage them to stay in Iraq.

The ministry is helping refugees with vocational training and the children of the IDPs are being supported through trauma counselling.

October 19th, 2011, 10:38 am


Uzair8 said:

Iran and Syria: Bazaar tactics
By Ali Ibrahim

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


In Syria, a longstanding partner and regional ally of Tehran, the Iranian leadership is alarmed at the possibility of the regime collapsing as a result of the ongoing popular uprising there. Here we also find [Syrian] attempts to buy time, in the hope that the protestors will grow tired of mobilizing their forces every Friday, and taking to the streets in sporadic daily demonstrations demanding freedom.

It was natural for Damascus to reject the decisions of the emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo, which was held amidst the rhythmic chants of protestors gathered outside, urging that Syria’s membership to the Arab League be frozen.

The Syrian regime resorted to bazaar tactics by bargaining before the meeting, issuing a presidential decree forming a committee tasked with drafting a new constitution over the next four months, in order to give the impression that Syria is moving forwards with the reforms that the world demands. Here it is buying time in the hope of being able to suppress the uprising during these months, and then changing the deal afterwards. Meanwhile, the Syrian regime is showing its “sincere” commitment to reform by declaring the formation of a new government – incorporating opposition and independent representatives – and led by an independent figure, during the transitional period pending the preparation of this constitution. In addition to this, the Syrian regime also said that it would abolish Article VIII of the constitution, which stipulates the Baathist party’s control of the state.

The Arab League route was obstructed from the beginning and may only be able to record a moral stance [in support of] the Syrian people seeking freedom. The Syrian regime wants to sit down with the tame, internal opposition, whilst the wider Syrian opposition has gone beyond the stage of dialogue; after all it has endured in terms of terrorism and murder. The demonstrators slogans have also evolved from “the people want to overthrow the regime” to “the people want to prosecute the regime”, and now methods to buy time will be of no avail. The people have had enough; they have already granted the regime a lot of time, and received nothing in return but bullets!


October 19th, 2011, 10:43 am


ann said:

Syrian athlete pulls 150-ton train carriages with his shoulders



DAMASCUS, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) — A 33-year-old Syrian athlete pulled Wednesday three train carriages weighing about 150 tons, as part of his attempts to gain fame and to cast light on the rare extreme sports’ phenomena in Syria.

Adnan Ismael Awad pulled with his shoulders the carriages over a distance of 22 meters at al-Qadam train station in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

To make the train heavy enough, it was filled with five men.

Starting from 1997, Awad said he had started his workouts for muscles building because it was his passion. He said that TV shows about super heroes had inspired him as he used to watch some world champions on universal TV stations.

“I have started training for pulling heavy objects since two years ago,” said Awad, adding that he successfully pulled an airplane weighing about 7,500 kilograms in 2010.

Awad said a lot of moves are in mind such as pulling a military tank and a ship as well.

The big muscled man expressed disappointment that these kinds of activates are largely neglected in Syria, saying that he has been financing his activities for two years.

“We are ready to break world records but all we need is support,” said Awad, stressing,” the financial support is a crucial factor for any athlete to succeed.”

October 19th, 2011, 10:52 am


jad said:

The horror in Homs continue, kidnapping civilians, killing them and throw them in the streets by armed militia:

HNN| شـبكة أخـبار حمص
بعد اختطاف المهندس مجد صليبي والمهندسه سهى ناعم
من قرية القبو استطاع المهندس مجد الهروب لكن لا أنباء
عن المهندسة سهى.

HNN| شـبكة أخـبار حمص
متابعات شبكة أخبار حمص الاولى

العثور على 4 جثث مجهولة الهوية في أماكن متفرقة من المدينة و تم التعرف على جثة واحدة منهم هي جثة الشهيد مازن يوسف و من المشفى العسكري في حمص تم تشييع 3 شهداء هم الرقيب المتطوع يامن عدنان خشيفة و المساعد أول أسامة فرزات و المجند عدي منير جديد كما وصل شهيدين و 17جريح من منطقة القصير الذين وقعوا أثناء عملية التفتيش التي تقوم بها قوات حفظ النظام و الجيش العربي السوري و التي أسفرت حتى الساعة عن إلقاء القبض على 25 مطلوب و مصادرة كميات كبيرة من الأسلحة.

اطلاق نار على باص مبيت عسكري على طريق الستين في حي النازحين يؤدي إلى اصابة 4 عناصر من الجيش بجروح و اشتباكات في جب الجندلي بين الجيش و المسلحين و كانت قذ يفة آر بي جي قد أطلقها المسلحون باتجاه حاجز لجيش لكنهم أخطأوا الهدف و الحمد لله و ذلك لأنهم يستخدمون أيديهم التي ترتعش من حقدهم و قضيتهم التي يعرفون أنها باطلة … حما الله جيشنا الأبي .

و في القصير أيضاً استشهدت ثلاثة فتيات هن ناريمان و ربى و نور الزعبي و شقيقتهن الرابعة شمس التي أصيبت بجروح خطيرة و ذلك أثناء تواجدهن معإحدى دوريات لحفظ النظام حيث تم استهدافهن بقذيفة آر بي جي و وفق ما قاله شقيقهن أن القذيفة جاءت من سطح أحد المساجد.

من المشفى الوطني تم اليوم تشييع المحامي علي حوراني من حي كرم اللوز الذي تم اغتياله أمام باب منزله يوم أمس و تم تشييع محمود سليمان ملحم من حي الأرمن الذي قتلته عصابة مسلحة بعد خطفه و ألقوت بجثته أما شعبة الحزب في الحميدية يوم أمس كما وصل إلى المشفى الوطني و صل عسكري مصاب بطلق في الصدر ناري في منطقة القصور و إلى مشفى النهضة وصل عنصر من حفظ النظام مصاب بطلق ناري في الرأس في حي باب عمرو.

و ليل أمس قامت إحدى المجموعات الأمنية بمطاردة مجموعة من الإرهابيين يتزعمهم عدنان بوطة و ياسين قدور و المعروفون بمجموعة أبو شام التي اشتهرت بالقتل و الخطف و رمي قواذف الآر بي جي على الأبنية السكنية حيث استمرت مطاردتهم حتى صباح اليوم حيث تمت مداهمة أحد المنازل في حي الغوطة غربي مديرية الصحة و كانت هذه الشقة تستخدم للتعذيب من قبل هؤلاء الإرهابيين كما تم العثور فيها على أدوات تعذيب من أسلحة بيضاء و جنازير و حبال و عصي و كاميرات فيديو و مجموعة كبيرة من البطاقات الشخصية و إجازات السوق التي يعتقد أنها للضحايا الذين تم خطفهم و تعذيبهم قبل تصفيتهم كما تم ضبط سيارة كيا ريو رصاصية اللون تحمل لوحة مرورية مسروقة و السيارة الرصاصية كان لونها الأساسي أبيض و السيارة كانت تحمل كمية كبيرة من الأسلحة و الذخائر و هي :
– 8 بنادق روسية أما طلقات الرصاص فهي بالآلاف .
– 5 أقنعة للوجه.
– 3 حشوات قذائف.
– 4 قنابل يدوية
– 50 مذخر لبنادق روسية.
– 15 جعبة صدرية .
– 2 قاذف آر بي جي.
– 3 قذائف آر بي جي.
-مناظير ليلية عدد 2 .
– قناصــةM16.
– بخاخات مخدرة.
– عبوات من البنزين.
– كمية متنوعة من الأدوية .
-لوحات مرورية مزورة و لوحات مسروقة .
– عشرات الشماخات يستخدمها هؤلاء لحجب وجوههم.

و على طريق طرطوس بانياس احتراق سيارة شيفروليه تحمل لوحة مرور دمشق و الأسباب مجهولة .

متابعات شبكة أخبار حمص الاولى

October 19th, 2011, 11:03 am


ann said:

Clinton arrives in Oman for talks with Sultan – 2011-10-19


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived early today in Oman for talks with Sultan Qaboos about his reform efforts and TO share US concerns over neighboring Iran, a US official said.

Clinton will first thank Qaboos for helping to arrange for Iran’s release last month of US hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, who had been held in Iran after being arrested near the Iraq-Iran border in 2009, the official said.

The pair had been arrested along with fellow US hiker Sarah Shourd, who left Iran in September last year after being granted bail on humanitarian and medical grounds.

As with her two jailed friends, Shourd’s bail had also been set at US$500,000 and was paid through Oman, a US Gulf ally that maintains friendly relations with Iran, their lawyer said.

The State Department official, speaking to reporters on the flight to Muscat, said Clinton will also follow up on talks she had with Qaboos here in January about social and economic reforms as well as development and education.

Omanis voted on Saturday to elect their purely consultative Majlis Al-Shura council, which Sultan Qaboos has pledged to vest with new authorities in response to unprecedented social unrest.

The official said Clinton will also sound out the sultan on the bloody violence in fellow Arab countries Syria and Yemen where authoritarian rulers have used deadly force against pro-democracy movements. Yemen neighbors Oman.

He said Clinton will also want to share with him US concerns about Iran’s behavior, particularly the alleged Iranian plot — unveiled by US officials last week — to murder the Saudi ambassador in Washington.

“We would expect that the Omanis would use their relationship with Iran, as they have in the past, to help the Iranians understand the implications of what they’re doing,” the US official told reporters.

Clinton arrived in Oman after paying brief visits to Malta as well as Libya, where she sought to promote the democratic transition pledged by the opposition who overthrew Moamer Kadhafi in August.

October 19th, 2011, 11:11 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@73 Revlon

Can you give us background information CV’s for these names you listed. Also, one would need the father name and CV’s as well. Just want to make sure no former Baathist robber or someone who is, or his father, were engaged in promotion of Socialism or Communism, the other failed political system besides Baathism. You do not want Syria to be lead by former losers and nation robbers who campaigned for Baathism, the destruction of the Syrian Society, State and citizen property, do you?

October 19th, 2011, 11:12 am


jad said:

من يصدّق هذا الحرص على الشعب السوري؟!
الأربعاء ١٩\١٠\٢٠١١
رشاد أبوشاور

أنا لا أصدّق حرص دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي على دم الشعب السوري، ولهفتها على منحه ديمقراطية تتناقض مع دولهاالعشائرية الوراثية، وحرصها على تمتعه بفضاء رحب للحرية التي هبّ بحراكه لنيلها، والتي طالما أنشد لها منذ: يا ظلام السجن خيّم..حتى هذه اللحظة التي يتساقط فيها الشهداء من أبناء هذا الشعب العريق.

لا أصدق أبدا أن دول مجلس التعاون سحبت سفراءها احتجاجا على سفك دم المتظاهرين السوريين السلميين، وأنها لجأت لهذا القرارالديبلوماسي انطلاقا من عراقة ديمقراطيتها التي تبّز ديمقراطية السويد، وشفافية أنظمتها التي بنتها على مدى عقود بصناديق الاقتراع، والتناوب على السلطة، وتمتع (شعوبها) بكل ما يكفل الحياة الكريمة التي تحسدها عليها (الشعوب) العربيّة الشقيقة، و..الإسلامية المستعبدة المتشوقة للتمتع بهكذا ديمقراطية هي انعكاس لتعاليم القرآن الكريم، ونهلاً من الآية الكريمة: وأمرهم شورى بينهم!..ومن مقولة سيدنا عمر بن الخطّاب: متى استعبدتم الناس وقد ولدتهم أمهاتهم أحرارا!

لأكثر من سبب أجدني مستريبا جدا، متشككا إلى أبعد الحدود بخلفيات دعوة وزراء دول مجلس التعاون لاجتماع طارئ للجامعة العربيّة لدراسة الأوضاع في سورية!

نعم..أجدني هازئا إلى حد الضحك الصاخب من دموع التماسيح التي تترقرق في عيون تمثّل ميلودراميا، وكلماتها تتناقض مع ما اعتدناه من فعل أيديها المسلحة بما حزّ أوردة أماني وأحلام وتطلعات أمتنا منذ أطلق جمال عبد الناصر صيحته عالية لملايين العرب المستعبدين: ارفع رأسك يا أخي فقد ولّى عهد الاستعباد.

ولعلي من قبيل التذكير أتساءل: من أسهم في ذبح أول وحدة عربية، وحدة مصر وسورية، وموّل فصل القطرين الرائدين في أوّل وحدة شكلت بداية الرّد على سايكس ـ بيكو؟!

من جيّش المرتزقة لوأد ثورة اليمن التي قادها الفريق عبد الله السلاّل، واستنزف طاقات الشعب اليمني، وقدرات مصر الناصرية، وجيشها الذي دفع به لحماية ثورة شعب اليمن، وإخراجها من العصور الحجرية إلى زمن الحرية، ونقله من الظلام إلى النور، ووضع مفاتيح صنعاء، ومستقبل اليمن في يده، لا في يد الإمام أحمد حميد الدين ونسله؟! (كان الإمام يغلق أبواب صنعاء السبعة مساء كل يوم، ويضع المفاتيح عنده في (طاقة) خاصة، ثمّ يسلّم المفاتيح لزبانيته لتفتح الأبواب من جديد، وهكذا دوليك!)

من تآمر على العراق، وموّل وأطال حربه مع إيران، ثمّ استدار عليه واستنزفه، وورطه في أتون الحرب الأمريكية الإجرامية التي دمرت قدراته، ومزقت شعبه، وأدخلته في صراع طائفي بقيادة أدوات أمريكا المحليين الذين عادوا (محررين) في ظلال الدبابات؟!

ومن من القواعد الأمريكية ..من أرضه، انطلقت الطائرات ودمّرت العراق و..أعادته للعصور الحجرية كما وعد رامسفلد وبوش وشوارزكوف؟!

من يبدد الثروات المليارية بلا حسيب ولا رقيب، في حين يعيش الشعب مع (القرود) في عصورما قبل الحضارة؟! ومن يبدد المليارات في حين لا يجد ملايين شباب العرب عملاً، ولا ينفتح أمامهم سوى مستقبل مظلم ..يدفعهم للقنوط، والمخدرات، والغيبيات، والدروشة، و..الانفجار دون تفكير؟!

من يبّث اليأس من الوحدة العربيّة؟!

من يتآمر على فلسطين قضية العرب الأولى، خدمة للصهيونية، والهيمنة الأمريكيّة، وإنهاء لعامل اليقظة العربي الذي يوحد أفكار، وتطلعات، ومشاعر.. ملايين العرب، ويدفعهم للحكم على المتآمرين، والمقصرين، والعابثين؟!

على من ينطلي خطاب الحرص الزائف على دم الشعب السوري، بينما لم نسمع هذا الخطاب عندما انتفض شعب البحرين مطالبا بالعدالة والمساواة، ورأينا الدبابات الرشيقة السريعة كالبعارين والنوق تندفع إلى المنامة لتبطش بشعب ثار على الظلم، والتمييز، والتفرقة، والنبذ؟!

كيف نصدّق أن من لا يوجعه، ويقلق منامه، دم شعب اليمن العظيم الذي يسفكه (رجلهم) علي عبد الله صالح..يمكن أن يقفز في الفضاء عابرا المسافات، ليتلو خطاب حزنه وغضبه الغريب العجيب على دم شعب سورية، و..مصير سورية، ومستقبل سورية؟!

لم يكتف هؤلاء بما اقترفته أيديهم بالعراق وشعبه وأرضه وثرواته، وتقديمه لقمة سائغة للأمريكان والصهاينة الذين يعبثون بأمنه ووحدته الترابية؟!

(عقليتهم) النفعية تشتغل بالقطعة، وهم لا يراجعون الحسابات فلهم اللحظة التي هم فيها..فهم ينفذون ما يؤمرون به، فلمنافع النفط ثمنها، وللرفاهية والأرقام المالية الفلكية دوارها المدوّخ..فما أهمية العروبة، وفلسطين، ووحدة الأمة؟!

هم سيجدون من ينظّر لهم من مرتزقة الكتابة، الذين أقلامهم وجدت دائما للبيع لمن يدفع، فلا شرف للكلمة، ولا مصداقية، ولا أخلاق..فمثل هذه القيم عندهم دقة قديمة، وسلاح الدراويش الهبايل المساكين الذين لا يعرفون كيف يدبرون أمورهم..ويهتبلون الفرص!

كيف لنا أن نصدق من لا تعرف (دولهم) حرية الأحزاب، والنقابات، ومنظمات المجتمع المدني..ومن لا يسمح في(قائدتها) بقيادة المرأة للسيارة؟!

هل تعرف دساتيرهذه الدول شيئا عن حرية أحزاب، وحرية الصحافة، وسيادة القانون، والانتخابات الحرّة على كافة المستويات، وتناوب السلطة؟! كل هذا لا يعرفه من أيقظوا الجامعة العربية الميتة (إكلينيكيا) منذ عقود، ودفعوها لعقد اجتماع لوزراء الخارجية العرب لبحث الموضوع السوري..وليس اليمني، أو البحرين، أو الليبي، أو..تهويد القدس التي تضيع على مرأى حماة الإسلام ، وسدنة مكّة المكرمة! (ألا تستحق كل هذه الأزمات الدعوة لاجتماع عاجل يناقشها دفعةً واحدة..أم إن هذا لا يرضي أمريكا؟!)

لسنا مغفلين لنصدق التباكي على الشعب السوري، وإذا كان هناك في (المعارضة) السورية من يتلهف على التدخل في الشأن السوري خليجيبا، وغير خليجي، ويصفق لكل خطوة باتجاه التدخل في الشأن السوري، فإننا نرى بأن السعي لدفع مجلس الجامعة اتخاذ قرارات ـ لم تصدر بالضبط كما يشاؤون ـ تمهد، وتشكل غطاء لقرارات أمريكية ـ أوروبية تبيح التدخل للناتو، وتبدأ بمنطقة عازلة، ومنع تحليق الطيران السوري، ثمّ ..حماية المدنيين و..البدء بتدمير سورية..والمعارضة غير الوطنية ترحب، ومعارضو التلفزات يتلهفون، بينما تريد دول الخليج أن تذهب إلى أبعد بكثير من مطالب الشعب السوري..فمحاصرة إيران، وعزلها تبدأ من سورية، أي من تدمير سورية، فهكذا تتم عملية بتر أصابع إيران، وتقليص قدراتها، وعزلها عن حزب الله.. أما سورية، وشعبها، وعروبتها، ومستقبلها فلتلحق بالعراق..وعقلية البداوة لا تأبه بمصائر الأقطار العربية العريقة، التي وجدت ما قبل اكتشاف النفط بألوف السنين، والتي نشأت الحضارة في مهادها، وتحت شمسها، وترعرعت في أحصان فراتها وبرداها و..أردنها ونيلها الذين يريدون ضمهما لمجلس التعاون الخليجي لاستخدام جيشيهما في الحرب الأمريكية الصهيونية على إيران!

ترى: هل تنطلي أكذوبة الحرص على دم الشعب السوري على من يتظاهرون في شوارع المدن السورية مطالبين بحقوقهم في السيادة في وطنهم، والتمتع بالحرية والديمقراطية وإنهاء الفساد؟!

سورية في خطر، واستمرار الخيار الأمني في مواجهة الحراك الشعبي السلمي، سيؤدي مع انحراف بعض المعارضة لحمل السلاح..بسورية إلى الهاوية..هاوية الاقتتال الطائفي، ناهيك عن التدخل الخارجي الذي تنادي به أصوات معارضي الفضائيات..جلبيي سورية الجدد!

شعب سورية يريد حقوقه، والمماطلة، وعقلية الحل الأمني لن توقفه عن التضحية في سبيل هذه الحقوق.

إفشال مخطط التدخل الخارجي في يد نظام الحكم في سورية: إنه يبدأ من التوقف فورا عن الحل الأمني، والشروع بمنح الشعب السوري كافة حقوقه بدون مماطلة..فهذا الشعب هو الذي يحمي سورية من المخططات الخارجية عندما ينال حريته.

October 19th, 2011, 11:16 am


ann said:

Al-Moallem: The Countries’ Region Will Realize that Destabilizing Syria Not in the Region’s Interest

Oct 19, 2011


DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Moallem on Wednesday said that Syria is looking forward to the best relations with Arab countries, and what it is facing is the result of its stances in support of the Arab issues, particularly the Palestinian Cause.

Al-Moallem expressed confidence that “Sooner or later the region’s countries will realize that the attempt to destabilize Syria’s security won’t be in the region’s interest,” during his meeting with the visiting Indian academic and media delegation.

Minister al-Moallem thanked the Indian leadership and people for their supportive stance at the UN Security Council which prevented the adoption of western draft resolution that could allow for foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

He reiterated Syria’s determination to head towards the East to enhance its economic relations with the friendly countries in Asia, South America and Africa, in light of the US and European sanctions against Syria, “which negatively affect the Syrian citizens’ life and living and expose the West’s false claims of defending human rights.”

Hr expressed Syria’s firm will to move forward with implementing what was agreed upon during President al-Assad’s visit to India and the Indian President’s visit to Syria in 2010.

Al-Moallem expressed confidence in the Syrian people’s ability to overcome the crisis and sanctions.

Al-Moallem presented to the delegation members a comprehensive and detailed review on the situation in Syria, indicating to the presence of armed groups which have been committing terrorist acts against civilians, law enforcement members and state establishments.

He also referred to the smuggling of arms by those groups into Syria through its borders with neighboring countries, noting that the arms shipments which have been seized by the authorities confirm this, the last of which was a car loaded with weapons in Idelb.

“No country in the world would accept that the security of its citizens be jeopardized,” he added.

Minister al-Moallem indicated to the misleading media campaign launched against Syria, stressing the importance of the Indian delegation’s visit in conveying the real image of what is taking palace in Syria.

Al-Moallem referred to the citizens’ legitimate demands which the Syrian government is working hard to fulfill through the comprehensive reform program announced by President Bashar al-Assad, citing the already issued legislative decrees regarding ending the emergency state, the political parties law, the elections law, the local administration law and the media law according to specific timetables.

He underscored the presidential decision recently issued by President al-Assad on forming a committee to draft a constitution for the country within a time period of 4 months.

The Minister stressed that the country is now in the process of holding a comprehensive national dialogue conference with the participation of all spectrums of the Syrian society and the national opposition to draw out a vision for Syria’s future.

For their part, the delegation members stressed Syria’s important role in the region, adding that what they saw on the ground during their visit to a number of governorates completely contradicts the image conveyed by some media.

The members hailed the state of stability and security they felt in the governorates and the steps taken by the Syrian leadership to achieve reforms, hoping that Syria would come out of the crisis as soon as possible without any foreign interference.

October 19th, 2011, 11:19 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Even if you do not support their actions and means these 2 statements found in the others posts still bode some truth in them:

سورية في خطر، واستمرار الخيار الأمني في مواجهة الحراك الشعبي السلمي، سيؤدي مع انحراف بعض المعارضة لحمل السلاح..بسورية إلى الهاوية..هاوية الاقتتال الطائفي، ناهيك عن التدخل الخارجي الذي تنادي به أصوات معارضي الفضائيات..جلبيي سورية الجدد!
شعب سورية يريد حقوقه، والمماطلة، وعقلية الحل الأمني لن توقفه عن التضحية في سبيل هذه الحقوق.
إفشال مخطط التدخل الخارجي في يد نظام الحكم في سورية: إنه يبدأ من التوقف فورا عن الحل الأمني، والشروع بمنح الشعب السوري كافة حقوقه بدون مماطلة..فهذا الشعب هو الذي يحمي سورية من المخططات الخارجية عندما ينال حريته.
The demonstrators slogans have also evolved from “the people want to overthrow the regime” to “the people want to prosecute the regime”, and now methods to buy time will be of no avail. The people have had enough; they have already granted the regime a lot of time, and received nothing in return but bullets!

October 19th, 2011, 11:22 am


majedkhaldoun said:

You are the one who is Barking, you are still very drunk, go sober before you talk, obviously you are talking in dumm way.
For your very little informations I can trace my ancestors to 1500 year ago, I belong to Arab Al Fadhl,we are syrian, we are Arabic,can you trace your ancestors to any but the worst assassins, ,you are ashamed of you ancestors ,I dont blame you you come from the worst background,assassins or Hashshashins, and you are drunk now.
You blame me for what I did not say, you mentioned the Qaf Issue, where did I ever raised this issue?,you better admit that you are wrong, I never did, but you are alcoholic drunkun semi man.
I have nothing to do with the Ottomans.
You are Assassin Alawi, most Alawi are white, Arab are sun tanned, you are not arabic, and have never had anything to do with Arab, you keep mentioning about Sunni, the definition of Alawite are those who hate Sunni, and that is why your type of people assassinated Sunni, in fact one of your ancestors tried to assassinate Salahiddin Al Ayyoubi.shame on you.

October 19th, 2011, 11:24 am


ann said:

Huge pro-Assad rally – October 19, 2011


(AP) BEIRUT — Syrian security forces and pro-government gunmen killed at least 10 people in a rebellious central province Wednesday, activists said, just as tens of thousands of Syrians were demonstrating in a key city — a huge show of support for the country’s embattled president.

The two related developments showed that despite more than seven months of unrest, neither President Bashar Assad nor his opponents are ready to give in.

Pro-government gunmen killed two people in Homs, long a center of anti-government protests, and eight others were killed in nearby villages and towns, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The Local Coordination Committees, another activist group, said six people were killed in Homs itself, and that one person was shot dead in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

The reports could not be independently confirmed. Syria has banned most foreign correspondents and severely restricts movement in the country.

The Homs province has witnessed intense anti-regime protests as well as clashes between troops loyal to Assad and armed defectors from the military. The region is considered one of Syria’s most volatile areas.

The uprising against Assad began during a wave of anti-government protests in the Arab world that toppled autocrats in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Syria’s opposition movement has mostly focused on peaceful demonstrations, although recently there have been reports of protesters taking up arms to defend themselves against military attacks.

Also, defectors from the military have battled government forces in recent days. The military is Assad’s main power base, as he heads a minority Islamic sect that has ruled Syria for four decades. Mass army defections could undermine his regime, though there have been no signs of large-scale movements.

The trend toward militarization of the uprising has raised fears that Syria may be sliding toward civil war.

The U.N. says more than 3,000 people have been killed in the government crackdown on the protests, and international pressure is building on Assad to step down.

Syrian state TV broadcast the pro-government demonstration on Wednesday.

The pro-regime gathering, in the northern city of Aleppo, came a week after a similar rally in the capital, Damascus.

Damascus and Aleppo are the largest cities in Syria and are its economic powerhouses. The regime is counting on their support to halt the momentum of the uprising.

October 19th, 2011, 11:28 am


jad said:

HNN| شـبكة أخـبار حمص
تم تحرير المهندسة سهى منذ قليل و ذلك قرب الكراجات على طريق حماه و كان مسلحون قد قاموا باختطافها مع المهندس مجد صليبي حيث كانوا في مهمة عمل بداعي الوظيفة في قرية القبو قرب حمص و قام المسلحون بوضع المهندس في الصندوق الخلفي للسيارة و احتجزو ا الفتاة داخل السيارة و بعد مسير السيارة تمكن المهندس من الخروج من الصندوق و قام برمي نفسه على الطريق حيث استطاع إعلام الجهات المختصة بالأمر فجرى تعقب السيارة و تحرير الفتاة.

October 19th, 2011, 11:31 am


N.Z. said:


I do respect your belief, and understand your strong emotions.
Equally I understand Majedkhaldoun’s frustration.

All Syrians are victims of the Assad mafia. They did nothing for Syrians. In fact, they did more damage to our social fabric than all the invaders combined. Anger towards Syrian Alawites is not because who they are, rather because of the unconditional favouritism that they’ve enjoyed, combined with unlimited powers they were given. The majority were unfit for their respective positions. Power combined with ignorance, power combined with ill feelings toward city dwellers is a reality that was felt by every powerless citizen.

The language used by these powerful ignorant, to humiliate Syrians, day in and day out, is something not to be ignored or to take lightly.

It is not who we are that matters, it is how we conduct ourselves.

Alawites are not Asassins, do you feel insulted if their was a mix up?

I wouldn’t. A simple explanation will do.

We are all Syrians, our potentials are yet to be realized.

October 19th, 2011, 11:59 am


majedkhaldoun said:


Stop giving us you fake version of History

October 19th, 2011, 12:03 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Armed terrorist gang

Do you see armed groups in this vid? This is an armed vehicle shooting on 3 empty streets, while damaging private property, in order to terrorize the population. This is the new Assad reform. No dialog with those savages.

October 19th, 2011, 12:07 pm


irritated said:

Ann #89

Have you noticed how the huge demonstration news is drowned into all kind of violent details in order to minimize it, repeating the ” 3,000 killed” mantra subtly implying they were all the result of the crackdown on peaceful civilians?

“Armed gangs” and ‘criminals” have conveniently morphed into “defected soldiers” protecting the peaceful civilians by putting road bombs and attacking buses of travelers.

October 19th, 2011, 12:11 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

Look at the map in the previous comment and you see where the Assassins area this is what now is Alawite area

October 19th, 2011, 12:12 pm


ann said:

Syria’s solution – 19 October, 2011


Although Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has formed a committee to draft a new constitution within four months, the move seems to be rejected by the protesters as they are bent upon sending President Assad home. So far, the Syrian president has offered many reform plans to pacify the angry protestors but all his attempts have failed. The protests that erupted on March 15 — initially calling for greater freedoms and later demanding the ouster of the Assad regime — have created a severe law and order situation in Syria. The security forces are facing armed resistance from the protestors across the country. Not only a large number of civilians have lost their lives and hundreds arrested, the armed protestors have also killed a good number of security personnel. Unfortunately, the western media is only propagating the loss of civilian lives in Syria, deliberately ignoring the death toll of security personnel in the ongoing tension in the country. The Syrian authorities have time and again pointed at the US and the western countries’ financial support to the protestors, along with arms and ammunition.

Unfortunately, the international media is hiding this fact and promoting anti-Assad regime sentiments among the people across the world. The world must understand the imperialistic designs of the west and the role of the US in Syria. Syria is the only country in the region with leanings towards socialism. It has been a thorn in the eyes of the US and the west as it openly questions Israel’s activities in the region. If President Assad’s regime topples, the balance of power in the world will be further disturbed. It is encouraging that the UN Security Council has failed to pass a resolution against the Syrian authorities. Russia and China vetoed the anti-Syria resolution drafted by the western countries as they refrained from repeating the mistake that led the Nato forces to launch airstrikes in Libya. The sensible leaders of the world must oppose such attempts by both the west and the US.

For the stability, security and prosperity of the world, especially the third world countries, the creation of bipolarity or even multi-polarity in the world is very important. At present, an opinion is being built around the world against the deadly crackdown of the Syrian authorities on the anti-government protestors. The world, particularly the Arab countries, should put pressure on the US and the west to stop supporting the armed resistance in Syria and let the Syrian government hold talks with dissident leaders for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

October 19th, 2011, 12:16 pm


Uzair8 said:

Why are regime officials such as Walid Mualem always issuing threats. They keep threatening that this or that will happen if Syria is attacked or destabalised.

Not once have they admitted to the wrongs the regime has done or is doing. Not once have they offered any apology or shown remorse.

Btw. What is the state of Hama? Has the regime gained control and silenced the city? Haven’t heard much about Hama for many months now.

October 19th, 2011, 12:21 pm


N.Z. said:

Assad mafia ignores the only Syrian prisoner freed in Israeli swap deal.

Residents welcoming Weam Amasha in the Israel-occupied Syrian Golan Heights had refused to hold up photos of junior. In fact the residents had chanted slogans in support of the anti-Assad uprising.

“In a solidarity statement from his prison in Israel in May, Amasha, 30, reportedly voiced support for pro-democracy demonstrations in the homeland and went on a hunger strike to protest what he called a ‘massacre against unarmed Syrians.'”

Ironically, Mr. Weam Ammasha came out of the Israeli jail, alive, while thousands of Syrians and Lebanese perished in Assad’s dungeons.

“Ibnl7aram ba3l Golan
Hurrieh, lilaba, ghasben3annak ya Asad”

p.s. thanks Revlon.
Thanks Revlon.

October 19th, 2011, 12:28 pm


Uzair8 said:

#96 Ann

I read that on SANA earlier. I had a look at the PakTribune article. It was actually a letter to the editor. First impressions may suggest that the Newspaper is defending the regime (or sympathetic to).

You got to laugh at SANA staff. They must be busy hunting the world for pro regime or sympathetic artcles to keep fooling the Syrian people.

SANA is particular fond of using sympathetic articles such as an Italian source. On closer inspection we find it is a socialist publication which probably has only a handful of readers in Italy. Begins with ‘R’. Cant remember its name.

October 19th, 2011, 12:29 pm


Ghat Al Bird said:

The view of the Arab landscape from a zionist/neocon viewpoint…..” One way to look at the place of Israel in this landscape is ….Wow, you have a functioning neo-liberal state with a tech economy second to Silicon Valley amidst the rubble of all these failed Arab states.

” Imagine the Syrian army trying to attack anybody. Egypt’s army is incapable of doing anything despite $10 billion worth of American weapons, Iran is falling to pieces, Lebanon is still a mess, Jordan is a joke of a country with a Palestinian majority.”

October 19th, 2011, 12:30 pm


some guy no longer in damascus said:

mohammaed kanj, samara, SYAU
to measure 1 variable( support to bashar) you have to make sure all the other variables are the same hence : Ceteris paribus .
its unfair to compare these pro-regime demonstrations to the anti regime demonstrations.
anti-regime demonstrations dont get
whats the point of screaming yes, if whispering no isn’t an option?
that video you posted about that girl dancing, it was taken near my old house in Damascus. in the salhieye district. SYAU was quick to mention the secularism of syria, it was really nice how he didnt comment on the 2 beggars dancing along.

October 19th, 2011, 12:40 pm


ann said:

Post-revolt Tunisia wrestles with resurgent Islam – Oct 18, 2011

For Walid, Tunisia’s revolution is an opportunity to turn one of the Arab world’s most secular countries towards Islam.


“We paid a heavy price for the revolution so we are not ready to let secularists and supporters of the Zionists control our destiny,” said the young man, with a beard and a long white robe, after prayers in the Omrane district of the capital.

“We want to respect our religion and to apply Islamic law in our country.

“We want Islamic schools all over the country … We do not want our women prevented from wearing the hijab and niqab (Islamic veils). We would like our country to be an Islamic country that does not allow taboo things, like wine.”

As Tunisia prepares to vote next weekend in the first election since the “Arab Spring” uprisings, people like Walid, a follower of the Salafist school which embraces a purist interpretation of Islam, are sending jitters through secular elites who fear their world could be about to change for ever.

It is a nervousness felt in Egypt and Libya where revolutions inspired by the one in Tunisia in January have handed power or influence to previously repressed groups who want Islam to play a bigger role in political life.

The Middle East is paying close attention to how Tunisia reconciles the conflicting agendas of Islamists and secularists following the ousting of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, and the evidence so far is that it will be a bumpy path.

Police last week used tear gas to break up a crowd of thousands of Islamists who were trying to march on the prime minister’s office.

Another crowd attacked the home of a businessman whose television station broadcast the award-winning film “Persepolis.” Islamists say one scene is blasphemous.


The October 23 election has become a lightning rod for these tensions. Tunisians will choose an assembly to draft a new constitution, oversee the government and set in train elections for new democratic institutions.

Ennahda, a moderate Islamist group which was banned under Ben Ali, is expected to win the biggest share of the vote. Such a resurgence of Islam would be a wrenching change for Tunisia because secular traditions are so deeply ingrained.

Habib Bourguiba, Tunisia’s first president after independence from France in 1956, described the hijab, or Islamic head covering, as an “odious rag.” Ben Ali jailed thousands of Islamists.

Many aspects of day-to-day life in Tunisia display a more relaxed attitude to Islam than exists in most Arab countries.

Alcohol is sold in bars and some shops. Many women do not cover their heads. Foreign tourists sunbathe in skimpy outfits at beach resorts. Tunisia has a vibrant Jewish community.

Even when Islam is practised, it often does not conform to the orthodoxy found elsewhere.

For instance, a young woman standing outside Tunis-Carthage international airport wears the hijab and loose-fitting overcoat favoured by devout Muslims. At the same time, she is smoking a cigarette, something frowned upon by traditionalists.

Tunisians have coined a phrase for this — “Islam Lite” — and many take pride in their country’s modern, socially liberal traditions. Secularists are sceptical about Ennahda leader Rachid Ghannouchi’s assurances he will not impose Islamist values on society.

“It will be a disaster if the Islamists win in the elections,” said Souad Layouni, a graduate in political science, at a cafe in the Al Manar district near the centre of Tunis.

“They did not accept the broadcast of the film (Persepolis). We expect they will stop festivals and close the hotels.”

Several thousand secularists made their views felt at a protest Sunday in an upmarket area of Tunis.


The tone of the debate is growing more shrill, especially on Facebook, Tunisia’s favourite forum since the social networking site was instrumental in bringing about the revolution.

One post predicts that if Islamists win the election, Tunisia will turn into another Afghanistan.

An Islamist posted that if the secularists win, “in the future we will see a man on television complaining about his 15-year-old daughter because she still keeps her virginity.”

The danger is that, whether they want it or not, both sides will be pushed into more and more radical positions.

“There is a great fear that this dispute could turn to violence in the streets if tension is raised between the two camps,” said political analyst Chadli Ben Rhouma.

But the mainstream of public opinion in Tunisia is not radical. Salafists such as Walid are a vocal yet small minority. Most estimates put their numbers at a few tens of thousands and Salafist-aligned parties are small.

The gentler brand of political Islam promoted by Ennahda is much more popular and Ennahda officials underlined their moderate credentials last week when they condemned the violent protests.

Tunisia has another factor favouring peaceful accommodation, the example of Turkey, where moderate Islamist Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has overseen political stability and economic growth despite hostility from an entrenched secular elite.

Turkey is now sharing its experience. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited Tunis in February and Erdogan followed in September. Both delivered the message that Islam and democracy can co-exist. Ennahda leader Ghannouchi has also visited Turkey in the past few months.

The Turkish model appeals to the millions of Tunisians who, with Ben Ali’s repressive rule over, want to freely express their faith while enjoying the country’s modern values.

Houda, a 25-year-old employee of a call centre in Tunis, said she started wearing a hijab in February, the month after the revolution.

“Before, it wasn’t possible to wear it with Ben Ali (in power),” she said. “But now we can respect our religion without fear. This is already one of the big achievements of the revolution, to feel free to dress as you choose.

“But that doesn’t prevent me continuing to live as I did before, without fear or embarrassment. I am totally against this radical Islamist phenomenon.

“The new Tunisia should be for everyone, without exception for whatever reason.”

October 19th, 2011, 12:44 pm


ann said:

Jordan: changes ahead? – Oct 19, 2011


Interview with Ibrahim Saif, a resident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center in Lebanon.

If I get it right Jordan has been witnessing some protests since January. Is my understanding correct?

Yes, that is true, and even before that. The move in Jordan actually started a little bit earlier than that with asking to improve working conditions and demanding higher wages. It is then when this process has started, and then it escalated and some demands grew into more politically oriented demonstrations as we have been witnessing since January now.

It is a very interesting trend, because in the neighboring Syria it all started from political demands which then were transformed into economic demands.

That was a combination, because also there were protests demanding for the union, on the surface of it there was demand driven for economic and financial reasons, but at the heart of it it also could be political that they need more representation, they need to take part in the decision-making process, so it depends on how you look at that, but that is at least the dynamics in the case of Jordan.

Coming back to the reshuffling in the government of Jordan – do I get it right that the previous Prime-Minister, shall we say, somehow frustrated the King with the slow pace of reform? Is my understanding correct that the King has been pressing on with the reform process?

Actually this is true. This is one of the features that characterizes Prime-Minister Marouf al-Bakhit, I mean that he was slow to response and he didn’t know how to open a dialogue with the other political and opposition parties in the country. He almost closed the door with the Islamists, with the other opposition parties, and he was not really serious about opening a serious dialogue in that regard. It was the King’s initiative all the time that was going around, and he and his cabinet were somehow perceived as incompetent and very slow and uncertain of in which direction they want to go. They were very close to run the municipality elections where there were also some difficulties as a result of the laws that were passed through the parliament; in two weeks’ time we had around 200 new municipalities, they were created in order to accommodate the skeptical view of the streets. So it wasn’t clear if this Prime-Minister is capable to hold fair elections given the fact that in 2007 we witnessed the worst form of parliamentarian and, on top of that, municipality elections when he was in the office.

You also said that this Prime-Minister was inefficient in establishing dialogue with the opposition, but what kind of opposition is there in Jordan?

Actually it is a mix, you have on the one hand Islamists, and you also have all kind of political parties that are either nationalistic or pan-Arab, that were coming under one umbrella in Jordan called Jordan’s Front for Reform led by the ex-Prime-Minister who was providing the umbrella to all these small political parties in the big cities and in the rural areas. They came all together and they really became one of the forces that was able to move the streets and also to have a unified view as to what needs to be done in terms of fighting corruption, in terms of rule of law and in terms of proposed election law and other major reforms that were suggested.

That is very interesting and quite amazing too, because it is absolutely unlike all other countries in which the opposition was active, because as far as we know in Syria, in Libya the opposition is disunited. So the case of Jordan might be unique in this sense.

There is also another feature for Jordan – nobody so far is calling for the change, or the tolling of the regime, or for toppling of the King. The demand is to reform the regime and not to change the regime, and that is also another point that needs to be kept in mind. There might be some differences within the opposition, however when it comes to fighting corruption, the rule of law and the opposition to economic policies that were adopted in the last two decades, there is unanimity and there is kind of consensus on the kind of polices that need to be pursued in this regard. That is a plus that could be added to the Jordanian opposition that has been out on the streets for some time now.

Do I get it right that the new Prime-Minister is supposed to form his cabinet in several days’ time?

Early next week he should announce the new cabinet.

Does the expert community in Jordan have any idea of what this cabinet might look like?

Actually it is not clear, normally, but the newly appointed Prime-Minister already announced that his hand is open for Islamists. He was quite direct in saying that we welcome Islamists to join our government and to take part in it, and this is quite a strong signal. Also he met another opposition party, he met also the leader of the opposition parties’ coalition, the front for reform and change in Jordan, he already is meeting the parliament. So at least so far what he is doing shows openness vis-à-vis all opposition parties. Also there is something important that coincided with the change of the Prime-Minister in Jordan: the King sacked the chief intelligence officer, director of the intelligence, which is an extremely significant body, an important body in Jordan. Normally he intervenes in all kinds of political aspects. So his sacking and appointing an old general to lead that and talking about reforming the intelligence is something new in Jordan as well, this comes with the appointment of the Prime-Minister, and we hope that it will be a new era, that there is a new approach vis-à-vis forming governments, and leading governments without intervention from the intelligence or other security apparatuses.

Do I get it right that the reforms in the cabinet and namely in the intelligence are somehow connected with the development of better relations with Islamists and namely with Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan?

Yes. You know, because there is this growing fear that things can escalate and get out of hand, so this is what is happening now in the relations with the Islamists: they are trying to find common ground, even trying to get them on board in the government now, so that they can be part of the solution and not only a problem that is facing the government.

This is very interesting too, because if we look at what is going on in Egypt and partly in Syria – but Syria is a different case anyway – we can still see that the Muslim Brotherhood is rising in its activity, I mean its political role is being expanded. Is my understanding correct?

In Syria it is entirely different, but in Egypt the Islamists are trying to play a role in this transformation, they are going to run for the elections. I think that the role they are playing in Egypt is not different from the one that actually could be assumed in Jordan. They are part of the political structure in the case of Jordan, historically they have been there. In the 80s they were part of the government, and members of the parliament from the political party, and at some point even they joined the government. So this is not something that they will do for the first time in the history of Jordan, so far even the signals that were coming from the Islamists in Jordan, when the newly appointed Prime-Minister said that his hand is open to the Islamists, actually they responded positively and said: we will seek our options and we will be open to the newly appointed Prime-Minister. So there are positive signals on both sides.

Do you think perhaps that the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists in general could paradoxically become a stabilizing force in the current turmoil across the Middle East?

Yes, of course. They have the presence on the streets, and they have the ones that are able to mobilize the streets, they have the needed infrastructure to do that. But also I think that they are quite skeptical to join any government in Jordan or elsewhere, because then people will start to expect solutions, because now it is easier to talk about the kind of solutions they can offer, but once they are running institutions, become ministers, then people will start to question the reforms and outcome, and that might take away some of their legitimacy, some of their popularity. This is quite tricky. This is mainly why sometimes they avoid joining governments, because if they join a government when there are economic difficulties and some really tough time, then it will be very difficult for them also to govern and deliver on that.

But the situation in Lebanon is a little bit different: Hezbollah is quite active in the Lebanese government?

The Lebanese political map is quite different, and the state is weak, let us put it this way, so they have many non-state actors in Lebanon, while this is not the case in Jordan. In Jordan you have a very strong state, a very huge state apparatus, that is really in help for education and it is providing infrastructure and security. But that is actually an entirely different scenario in Lebanon.

October 19th, 2011, 12:54 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

101. Ghat Al Birdsaid:

“……..The view of the Arab landscape from a zionist/neocon viewpoint…..”

Pure CRAP,

it Is not “view” it’s an ongoing old “plot”, Zionists were instrumental in bringing Nasser to power in Egypt, Mullahs rule to Iran, paid Jewish Aflak to set shop in Syria under the Baath party label, supported Saddam Hussain with political support and billions of dollars, instigated through hired help the Lebanese Civil War to insure that in never become the Middle East banking center, supported Bedouin regimes for as long as they never invest in those countries and send all cash and oil to the Zionists owned companies and banks. And now, as they did with Saddam, instigating an 8 years long war of attrition between Iraq and Iran that no one wanted to ever stop, and when it did stop out of resource exhaustion, they sent a message to Saddam to invade Kuwait and launched the Desert Storm War. Now as Iraq and Afghanistan Zionist genocide coming to closure they are desperately attempting to instigate Shia-Sunni upheaval lead by the dim witted Bedouins of Arabia against a rising Iran.

Meanwhile, Israeli intelligence (technology thieves) with the help of dual citizen Jews in every country, managed to spy on technology companies globally, especially U.S., though company such as NARUS and AMDOC and few others, built the New Silicon valley from stolen technologies mostly as the basis for its industries. 5 Patents of mines were stolen via AMDOC scam and by the time it is at the USPTO it was in development at RAFAEL INDUSTRIES. They even used per verbatim text of my yet to be filed patent application as sales pitch on the company website.

So what you said is pure CARP man. To ignore this conspiracy fact is to dishonor your intelligence.

October 19th, 2011, 1:14 pm


Tara said:

Son of Damascus

Thank you. I agree with what you said. One can’t generalize and I did not mean too. Some Alawis are well integrated.

I am glad that a cultural revolution is taking place in Syria as we speak. Politics aside, I am hoping for a widespread humility revolution. It never fails to bother me the maltreatment of foreign maids or the inter-personal relationships prevalent in Syria that value human beings based on their net worth not their inner attributes.


It appears that more than one regime’s supporter think of doctors in a bad way. I believe Hans if I am not mistaken said almost the same thing. Do Regime’s supporter think that all Syrian doctors got their MD degree through “wasta” like Bashar did.

October 19th, 2011, 1:22 pm


Akbar Palace said:

SNP = Low IQ

To ignore this conspiracy fact is to dishonor your intelligence.


If it were “fact”, it wouldn’t be a conspiracy.

October 19th, 2011, 1:26 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


October 19th, 2011, 1:33 pm


Tara said:



Equally important, Turkey’s acknowledgement of the SNC is a shortcut way of saying “al-Assad must go,” echoing similar calls from the United States and European Union. In addition, this leaves no room for Turkey to maneuver in its engagement of efforts to change the leadership in Syria, which, of course, will make it open to counteractions from Syria and its closest ally, Iran.

Turkey’s pressure on Syria will likely be increased in the coming months with consecutive visits to Turkey from two top American officials, namely Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden in November and December. Clinton and Biden’s meetings will also focus on Iran, whose ties with Turkey severely and publicly deteriorated following Ankara’s decision to deploy early warning radar system on its territory.

Iran, which cannot risk the defeat of its closest regional ally, will surely fight for it, perhaps at the expense of challenging Turkey in an open and hard way.

Traditional rivals in the region, Turkey and Iran currently have three major diplomatic problems: disagreement over Syria turmoil; Turkey’s agreement to host NATO’s radar system and the fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and its Iranian-based affiliate, the Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK). No doubt, it’s also part of Washington’s plans to further freeze ties between Turkey and Iran via the Syrian mayhem….


Qatar-Turkey relations:


Qatar lender starts talks for buying Dexia’s Turkish arm

Qatar National Bank (QNB) is eyeing Denizbank , the fast-growing Turkish arm of eurozone debt casualty Dexia, in a deal potentially worth up to $6 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

October 19th, 2011, 1:43 pm


Tara said:

Zoo@ 65

“About withdrawing of few Syrian intellectuals out of NCC; Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier told DP-News “There is a kind of media war/campaign against NCC personals.”

“I can assure that Fayez Sarah expressed his position clearly when he said: I am sorry because of my position and business, I can`t be such an active member & I don`t have time to be.” Dr. al-Khaier added.

Regarding Michel Kilo, Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Khaier commented to DP-News “As for Kilo, I believe Kilo is a famous intellectual and journalist who come alone with a main ideas of political issues of the NCC; thus this makes no great important for what he declared. … Politically, he is cooperating well with the NCC.”
Is NCC real or fake opposition? It appears that Fayez Sarah, a well respected opposition figure withdrew from it, also I could not understand from the article what Kilo’s position is in regard to NCC? Is the whole movement fabricated by the regime and given a similar name to LCC to create noise and confuse the masses?

October 19th, 2011, 1:58 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Just Here to Help


Here’s a website to help you pull together your sources…


October 19th, 2011, 2:04 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@AP: I have a one for you too, soon I will assemble a massive links list for you too, maybe you will become sane and Buhdist, forget about the cash you are paid to monitor blog here:


October 19th, 2011, 2:11 pm


5 dancing shlomos said:

Syrians rally in support of Assad

Press TV – October 19, 2011

Waving Syrian flags and pictures of Assad, hundreds of thousands of government supporters converged in Saadallah al-Jabri Square and its sub-streets in Aleppo on Wednesday to show the level of support that the Syrian president enjoys.

They also condemned the-US backed sanctions as well as the biased Western stance towards the unrest in their country and called for national unity.

The demonstrators also voiced support for Assad’s reform program, adding that they are satisfied with the process of reforms in the country.

The mass pro-government rally in Aleppo comes one week after a similar demonstration in the capital, Damascus. The rally was organized by Aleppo Youths Gathering.

Damascus and Aleppo are the largest Syrian cities and economic powerhouses.

In the Damascus rally, demonstrators thanked Russia and China for blocking a UN Security Council resolution against their country.

They also denounced the formation of the “Syrian National Council (SNC)”, an umbrella body formally set up on October 2 in Turkey, pulling together most of the groups opposing the Syrian leader.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since mid-March and hundreds of people, including security forces, have been killed in the violence.

While the opposition and Western countries accuse security forces of being behind the killings, the government blames outlaws, saboteurs and armed terrorist groups for the deadly violence, stressing that the unrest is being orchestrated from abroad.

somewhere across the city, having pocketed dollars, anti govt thugs were hiding like the dogs they are. could be they were in trash bins mingling with their ilk – rats.

meanwhile across the atlantic, america, the number 1 purveyor of violence, lies, misery, poverty, and death, cant figure out why it is losing in iraq, afgan, libya, and syria.

dumber than its master – the jewish state of the jews.

both headed for the 6 ft under.

October 19th, 2011, 2:12 pm


majedkhaldoun said:

If Iran try to help Syria, and rush to fight Turkey, Iran will cause itself great harm,since NATO will join. Turkish leaders are smart,and will only make calculated action.

October 19th, 2011, 2:13 pm


Tara said:

It does appear that Aljazeera has changed its coverage on Syria lately as it sounds much less intense. I hope this is just a temporary ease needed to use the time to cover the release of the Palestinian prisoner not a new “era” ushered by Qatar emir.

October 19th, 2011, 2:21 pm


Mina said:

Since there are not too many news available on Yemen, I though it was the place to put this link to Chomsky’s interview on different Middle East topics with Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now:

NOAM CHOMSKY: About a week ago, the New York Times had a headline saying “the West Celebrates a Cleric’s Death.” The cleric was Awlaki, killed by a drone. It wasn’t just death; it was assassination—and another step forward in Obama’s global assassination campaign, which actually breaks some new records in international terrorism. Well, it’s not true that everyone in the West celebrated. There were some critics. Almost all of the critics, of whom there weren’t many, criticized the action or qualified it because of the fact that Awlaki was an American citizen. That is, he was a person, unlike suspects who are intentionally murdered or collateral damage, meaning we treat them kind of like the ants we step on when we walk down the street. They’re not American citizens, so they’re unpeople, and therefore they can be freely murdered.

Some may remember, if you have good memories, that there used to be a concept in Anglo-American law called a presumption of innocence, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now that’s so deep in history that there’s no point even bringing it up, but it did once exist. Some of the critics have brought up the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, which says that no person — “person,” notice — shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Well, of course, that was never intended to apply to persons, so it wasn’t intended to apply to unpeople.

And unpeople fall into several categories. There’s, first of all, the indigenous population, either in the territories already held or those that were expected to be conquered soon. It didn’t apply to them. And, of course, it didn’t apply to those who the Constitution declared to be three-fifths human, so therefore unpeople. That latter category was transferred into—theoretically, into the category of people by the 14th Amendment, that—essentially the same wording as the Fifth Amendment in this respect, but now a person was intended to hold of freed slaves. Now that was in theory. In practice, it barely happened. After about 10 years, the category of three-fifths human were returned to the category of unpeople by the divisive criminalization of black life, which essentially restored slavery, maybe something even worse than slavery, actually went on ’til the Second World War. And it’s being reinstituted now, past 30 years of severe moral and social regression in the United States.

Well, the 14th Amendment was recognized right away to be problematic. The concept of person was both too narrow and too broad, and the courts went to work to overcome both of those flaws. The concept of person was expanded to include legal fictions, sustained—created and sustained by the state, what’s called corporations, and was also narrowed over the years to exclude undocumented aliens. That goes right up to the present, to recent Supreme Court cases, which make it clear that corporations not only are persons, but they’re persons with rights far beyond those of persons of flesh and blood, so kind of super persons. The mislabeled free trade agreements give them astonishing rights. And, of course, the court just added more.

But the crucial need to make sure that the category of unpeople includes those who escaped from the horrors we’ve created in Central America and Mexico, try to get here—those are not persons, they are unpeople. And, of course, it includes any foreigners, especially those accused of terror, which is a concept that has taken a quite an interesting conceptual change, an interesting one, since 1981, when Ronald Reagan came into office and declared the global war on terror, what’s called GWOT in current fancy terminology. I won’t go into that here, except with a comment, a note, on how the term is now used, without any—raising even any notice.

So take, for example, Omar Khadr. He’s a 15-year-old child, a Canadian. Now, he was accused of a very severe crime, namely, trying to defend his village in Afghanistan from U.S. invaders. Obviously, that’s severe crime, a serious terrorist, so he was sent first to secret prison in Bagram, then off to Guantánamo for eight years. After eight years, he pleaded guilty to some charges. We all know what that means. If you want, you could pick up a few of the details even in Wikipedia, more in other sources. So he pleaded guilty and was given eight more years’ sentence. Could have—would have gotten 30 more years if he hadn’t pleaded guilty. After all, it is a severe crime, defending your village from American aggressors. He’s Canadian, so Canada could have him extradited. But with typical courage, they refused. They don’t want to offend the master, understandably. Well, the crime of resisting aggression, it’s not a new category of terrorism. There may be some of you old enough to remember the slogan “a terror against terror,” which was used by the Gestapo—and which we’ve taken over. None of this arouses any interest, because all of these victims belong to the category of unpeople.

Well, that—coming back to our topic now, the concept of unpeople is central to tonight’s topic. Israeli Jews are people. Palestinians are unpeople. And a lot follows from that as clear illustrations constantly. So, here’s a clipping, if I remembered to bring it, from the New York Times. Front-page story, Wednesday, October 12th, the lead story is “Deal with Hamas Will Free Israeli Held Since 2006.” That’s Gilad Shalit. And right next to it is a—running right across the top of the front page is a picture of four women kind of agonized over the fate of Gilad Shalit. “Friends and supporters of the family of Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit received word of the deal at the family’s protest tent in Jerusalem.” Well, that’s understandable, actually. I think he should have been released a long time ago. But there’s something missing from this whole story. So, like, there’s no pictures of Palestinian women, and no discussion, in fact, in the story of—what about the Palestinian prisoners being released? Where do they come from?

And there’s a lot to say about that. So, for example, we don’t know — at least I don’t read it in the Times — whether the release includes the Palestinian—the elected Palestinian officials who were kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel in 2007 when the United States, the European Union and Israel decided to dissolve the only freely elected legislature in the Arab world. That’s called “democracy promotion,” technically, in case you’re not familiar with the term. So I don’t know what happened to them. There are also other people who have been in prison exactly as long as Gilad Shalit—in fact, one day longer. The day before Gilad Shalit was captured at the border, Israeli troops entered Gaza, kidnapped two brothers, the Muamar brothers, spirited them across the border, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, of course. And they’ve disappeared into Israel’s prison system. I haven’t a clue what happened to them; I’ve never seen a word about it. And as far as I know, nobody cares, which makes sense. After all, unpeople. Whatever you think about capturing the soldier, a soldier from an attacking army, plainly kidnapping civilians is a far more severe crime. But that’s only if they’re people. This case really doesn’t matter. It’s not that it’s unknown, so if you look back at the press the day after the Muamar brothers were captured, there’s a couple lines here and there. But it’s just insignificant, of course—which makes some sense, because there are lots of others in prison, thousands of them, many without charges.

There’s also, in addition to this, the secret prison system, like Facility 1391, if you want to look it up on the internet, a secret prison, which means, of course, a torture chamber, in Israel, which actually was reported pretty well in Israel when it was discovered, also reported in England and in Europe, but I haven’t seen a word about it here, in at least anywhere that anybody’s likely to look. I’ve written about it, and a couple of others. All of this is—these are all unpeople, so, naturally, nobody cares. In fact, the racism is so profound that it’s kind of like the air we breathe: we’re unaware of it, you know, just pervades everything.

Coming to the title of this talk, it could mislead, and it could be interpreted—misinterpreted—as supporting a kind of conventional picture of the negotiations, such as they are: United States on—over here and then these two recalcitrant forces over there; the United States is an honest broker trying to bring together the two militant, difficult groups that don’t seem to be able to get along with one another. Now that’s—it is the standard version, but it’s totally false. I mean, if they were serious negotiations, they would be organized by some neutral party, maybe Brazil, and on one side you’d have the U.S. and Israel, on the other side you’d have the world. That’s literally true. But that’s one of those things that’s unspeakable.

October 19th, 2011, 2:34 pm



“الملايين في ساحه سعد الله الجابري في جلب”

The pathetic minhebakites are at it again trying to push another lie. “Millions” rally in support of the terrorist Syrian regime in Aleppo in Sa’d Allah al-Jabiri square. So let’s do some math.

I’ll be very generous and give the square an area of 50,000 square meters. At 4 people per square meter (very unlikely), you end up with 200,000 losers, a far cry from the alleged millions.

This is a sign of desperation.

October 19th, 2011, 2:41 pm


Akbar Palace said:

SNP Introduces JewWatch to improve Syria Comment’s Credibility

…forget about the cash you are paid to monitor blog here


Thanks for posting that important, fact-based website: JewWatch. Syria Comment needs more information like this to counter the Zionist-controlled media.

Yes, the Zionist Elders pay me according to the number of hits. So basically the more you and everyone else uses this website, the more I get paid. It’s a great second income. And if you don’t believe me, this has all been documented meticulously in the JewWatch website which you referenced above. Thanks. Unfortunately, the Zionist Elders have yet to penetrate the JewWatch website, however, our Zionist-employed Chinese computer hackers are busy finding a work-around.

October 19th, 2011, 2:55 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@114 MAJD

And that is why I say take Islam and shove it up the horse ass, what is left of that stinky garbage can anyway, just stinky foul odor and not much else. Here you have a nation of Iran, an Islamic one, that represent the hope and aspiration of Moslems the worlds over being attacked by Moslems in Bedouin Arabia and Turkey, thugs Moslems allied with Zionists and serving their interests in the destruction of the region and are clamoring to bring down one of the most stable Islamic Democracy, technologically advanced Moslem nation to serve the Zionist interests in maintaining Israel as the sole and only supreme power and technologically advanced country in the region. What a bunch of stooges and you want respected, intellectual people like those in SNP to respect Islam and Moslems? Islam was nothing more than an Ammonite seditious plot concocted for the sole purpose of enslaving and humiliating well established Persian, Egyptian and Syrian Nation States. Muawia and his father were smart, where is he when we need one like him, he understood Muhammad scam and his greed, how he concocted the whole scam/faith around financially and commercially enriching his Kuraish tribe via scams as Hajj and Zakat etc. Surrender to the Reptilian Moon God eeehh.

October 19th, 2011, 3:00 pm


Mina said:

Today on Angry Arab:

“Hizbullah in Moscow
This was news that I did not see reported. There is a high ranking parliamentary delegation of Hizbullah in an official visit to Russia. It is unprecedented. The delegation is headed by Muhammad Ra`d, head of the Hizbullah bloc in parliament. It is not clear what both sides will discuss.”

I love the last sentence!! Caviar exports, for sure!

October 19th, 2011, 3:07 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@118 AP

How far and low you are planning on carrying on this silly tit for tat? How much do you want to expose Zionist crimes? How about those few hundred hours of Videos of 911 nuked site taken by high-ranking FEMA official Kurt Sonnenfeld who escaped with those tapes to Argentina where he was given asylum after he distributed few copies to certain individuals. He is a nice Jewish man that cannot be bought by Zionist genocidal maniacs, why not be like him, save your soul man.

That site Jew watch has Google highest search request ranking, millions read the critically acclaimed site. And what you offer? That we watch LOL.. what a joke.. credible Fox and CNN for newsworthy and accurate information, maybe we should also watch Zionist owned and operated Al Sharmouta Al Arabiya Al Jazzira and Al Hakira as well, so we could have as low of an intelligence as a baseball player, Orangutan and an Arab Moslem. Good try Akbar Palace, we are not on drugs and don’t deal with it man, go bark another street your crap will ya, this is syriacomment.com not zionistdefenseleague.com

October 19th, 2011, 3:20 pm


Ya Mara Ghalba said:

Father Patrick Henry Reardon, a priest at an Antiochan Orthodox church in Chicago, visited Syria from 13 to 18 Sept 2011 as a member of a fact-finding delegation of Christian priests. His report, dated 5 Oct 2011, is at:

Father Reardon’s delegation had a meeting with President Assad. Father Reardon reports: “The President estimated that the demonstrators represented about 150 to 200 thousand people, out of a population of 23 million.” The delegation also had a meeting with Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun. That meeting lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. Father Reardon reports: “The Grand Mufti speculated that there was a 90% approval rating for President Assad in Syria.”

Father Reardon’s delegation also met with various knowledgeable and high-ranking Christian clergy in Syria. The delegation’s purpose was to learn about this year’s crisis in Syria with particular regard to how it has affected Christians in Syria. Nevertheless, the delegation spent a considerable amount of its time in museums and other tourist spots. Why? Because the fundamental facts were clear from day one, namely (a) Damascus was completely at peace and orderliness, with no trace of any “crisis” whatever, (b) the Christians totally support the government [surely the delegation knew that beforehand?], and (c) the delegation wasn’t permitted to visit the “hot spots” such as in Homs.

Here’s what Father Reardon says about how Damascus was, during the week of his visit, 13 to 18 Sep 2011:

Prior to traveling to Syria, I had checked out the web page of our [USA] State Department, where I was warned that travel in Syria was currently very dangerous. Normally I would take such warnings seriously. Over many years, however, I have done a lot of foreign travel, so I also trust my instincts with respect to safety. Long ago I walked the dark streets of Athens during a period when there were riots and insurrections throughout Greece. That same year—just after the civil war in Cyprus—I roamed all over that island, which was policed by U.N. peacekeepers. In Kosovo not long ago, again at night, I strolled from the south (Albanian) side of Mitrovica, across the bridge, to the north (Serbian) side—and back again—without incident. I have walked around, after dark, in the neighborhoods of numerous foreign cities, such as London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, and Tel-Aviv. In 1973 I was at the Athens airport, when terrorists stormed the El-Al customer desk with grenades and machine guns. I believe I can recognize danger when I see it.

I also know what it feels like to move around in a police state. Last year, for instance, I spent a week in Guatemala, where there were guns galore on nearly every street. At the time, the murder statistics in Guatemala City were staggering. One of our group on the Syrian trip, Father Timothy Ferguson, had spent a year in Guatemala, during which he followed the murder reports in the newspaper; he told me that there were 87 women murdered in his immediate neighborhood during that year, but not a single person was ever arrested for those murders. As for myself, within five minutes of entering Guatemala City, I was aware of danger.

So, let me sum up my impression of security in Syria [note: his visit was largely in Damascus]. On a security scale of 1-to-10, I would give Syria 9.7. Using that same scale, I would give Detroit 4, Philadelphia 6, and Disney World 8.5.

During our whole time in Syria, I did not see a single side arm [handgun] on any person at all, and I saw only two rifles: one held by a guard in front of the Defense Ministry in Damascus, and the other by the man who opened the front gate for us at the Presidential Palace. I saw not a single armed policeman, nor—except for that guard at the Defense Ministry—a single soldier. I saw only one military vehicle, and that was near the Defense Ministry. The only other weapons I saw in Syria were the 10-inch batons used by the local police to direct the flow of traffic in Damascus.

October 19th, 2011, 3:32 pm


ghufran said:

I was just expressing my gratitude to SOD,I actually love the Halabi accent and wish all Syrians had the same pragmatism and wisdom most of my Halabi friends and associates have. Two of my cousins are married to Halabi girls.

October 19th, 2011, 3:44 pm


Tara said:


Hey. Discuss all what you want with Sheila but…the Shami accent is the nicest of all. (sorry Sheila). And also Ghufran, you posted a poem of Mahmud Darweesh several days ago about the 60th birthday. What is this melancholic poem about? It is sad and wrong for people to think 60 is the end of a productive life. It is the end if only one choses it to be. For me, I find myself with 60 yo more then 30s or 40s.

October 19th, 2011, 3:57 pm


Mango said:

(the arab spring in 2010 South Africa) LOOOOOL !!!!

October 19th, 2011, 4:10 pm


ghufran said:

I am torn,Tara
you can find 2/3 of Syria’s mosaic in my extended family,that is why when I speak I sound like an educated Badawi with a W.Bank Palestinian twist and a moderate Shami effect.
I just wanted to make sure Sheila was not offended,I love Halab and its people,I am not equally excited about other towns,there is nothing wrong in being in love with your own accent,Tara,I wish I had one,my background makes it impossible for me to speak with a distinguished accent.
BTW,your speech about Mehshi was illuminating,as a thank you gesture I will post more depressing poems about being old.

October 19th, 2011, 4:13 pm


jad said:

الركائز الثلاث للحملة الأمريكية الغربية على سورية
إضعاف الاقتصاد الوطني…شل قدرة الدبلوماسية على التحرك… ومحاصرة الإعلام السوري

حملت التطورات الأخيرة ملامح الخطة الأمريكية الغربية لاستهداف سورية،فإلى جانب العمليات المسلحة على الأرض،التي تقوم على اغتيال أفراد الجيش والمدنيين ومحاولة إشعال حرب طائفية وإقامة مناطق لتسهيل التدخل الخارجي، ثمة حملة أخرى تتبلور معالمها يوماً بعد يوم …ويمكن أن نحدد ركائزها بثلاث رئيسية هي كما يلي:

-إضعاف الاقتصاد السوري بغية تحقيق هدفين رئيسيين الأول سحب إحدى نقاط القوة في الموقف السوري المقاوم، و الثاني الإضرار بمصالح المواطن السوري ولقمة عيشه بغية التضيق عليه ومحاولة دفعه للانقلاب على بلده وقيادته، وهذا اتضح من خلال العقوبات التي فرضتها الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وحلفاؤها في أوروبا على الاقتصاد السوري سواء المعلن منها أو غير المعلن،إذ عمدت الدول الغربية إلى فرض عقوبات غير معلنة تستهدف المواطنين والشركات السورية عبر ضغوط وتعليمات وتحذيرات من خطورة التعامل مع جهات سورية،كالضغط على شركات السياحة لعدم التعامل مع جهات سورية وتوريد السياح إليها والتوجيه بعدم فتح حسابات مصرفية لسوريين يقيمون في سورية.. وغير ذلك الكثير مما يؤكد بطلان الأكاذيب الغربية من أن عقوباتها لن تطال الشعب السوري، فهي بوضوح وعلى أرض الواقع تستهدف صميم المجتمع السوري، لكن وكما هو واضح للجميع، فالاقتصاد السوري اثبت قدرة عالية على المقاومة والشارع لم يشعر بحجم تلك الضغوط نظراً لقدرة الاقتصاد على الحركة و الاستمرار في توفير احتياجات المواطنين والدولة.

-الركيزة الثانية تقوم على شل قدرة الدبلوماسية السوية المعروفة بقوتها وقدرتها وعلاقاتها الواسعة، والتي استطاعت سابقاً الخروج من أزمات كثيرة ومخططات أمريكية وصهيونية كبيرة، ولعل استخدام الفيتو الروسي الصيني في مجلس الأمن مؤخراً وفشل محاولات تجميد عضوية سورية في الجامعة العربية كما كانت ترغب بعض الدول وإطلاق دول كثيرة لمواقف مساندة لسورية في مواقفها ومعارضة التدخل الأجنبي في شؤونها كلها مؤشرات على نجاح الدبلوماسية السورية في مواجهة الدبلوماسية الغربية الاستعمارية، وهذا النجاح والخوف من قوة الدبلوماسية السورية دفع بأوروبا وواشنطن مسبقاً إلى فرض عقوبات على شخصيات دبلوماسية سورية بارزة وقيادية من بينها الدبلوماسي العريق فاروق الشرع نائب رئيس الجمهورية ووزير الخارجية وليد المعلم رئيس الدبلوماسية السورية وصاحب التجربة الكبيرة والعريقة في العمل السياسي، والذي تجرأ على النطق بمواقف تخاف أن تقترب منها دول أكبر حجما من سورية، دون أن ننسى كذلك الدكتورة بثينة شعبان المستشارة السياسية والإعلامية في رئاسة الجمهورية و علي عبد الكريم السفير السوري في لبنان….الخ.

-الركيزة الثالثة تتمثل في محاصرة الإعلام السوري بشقيه العام و الخاص، والذي يلاحظ أنه منذ أشهر بسيطة، ورغم الإمكانيات المحدودة مادياً وبشرياً وتقنياً، فقد استطاع فرض نفسه على الساحة الإعلامية الإقليمية والدولية في مواجهة فضائيات وصحف تقف خلفها آبار نفط وميزانيات ضخمة وتقنيات مذهلة ومع ذلك استطاع كشف زيفها وكذب أخبارها وتعرية قصصها الإخبارية الملفقة والمفبركة عبر سياسة إعلامية واضحة المعالم تكاملت للمرة الأولى مع التوجهات السياسية، وهذا أيضاً ما دفع الاتحاد الأوروبي الذي ينافق في قضايا حقوق الإنسان وحرية التعبير والرأي الآخر إلى فرض عقوبات استهدفت الإعلام الوطني من خلال وزيره الدكتور عدنان محمود ومحاولة إسكات الإعلام الخاص الذي لم يكن أقل إخلاصاً ومهنية ووطنية من الإعلام العام، ففرض الأوروبيون عقوبات على تلفزيون الدنيا ولو استطاعوا كذلك لفرض عقوبات على إعلامي سوري نشط لكشف كذبهم من إعلاميين يعملون في وسائل الإعلام العامة أو الخاصة أو حتى المراسلين الذين لعب بعضهم دوراً رائداً في هذه الأزمة، و هذا يقودنا للقول مرة أخرى لو كان الغرب مهتماً بحرية التعبير للشعب السوري….. لما لجأ إلى مثل هذه القرارات والإجراءات. لولا أنه منافق وكذاب وصاحب مخطط شبيه بمخططه في ليبيا.

أحمد الحاج طاهر


October 19th, 2011, 4:16 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Fighting Zionism is a Duty for every Human Bean

How far and low you are planning on carrying on this silly tit for tat? How much do you want to expose Zionist crimes?


There is no tit for tat. I am fully behind your effort to expose Zionist crimes.

How about those few hundred hours of Videos of 911 nuked site taken by high-ranking FEMA official Kurt Sonnenfeld who escaped with those tapes to Argentina where he was given asylum after he distributed few copies to certain individuals.

Please post a credible link (JewWatch, Stormtrooper, etc).

He is a nice Jewish man that cannot be bought by Zionist genocidal maniacs, why not be like him, save your soul man.

Why hasn’t he shown his conclusive video? How do you know he is nice? I thought all Jews were horrible? I think we should check first to see if he’s Zionist.

That site Jew watch has Google highest search request ranking, millions read the critically acclaimed site.

People read comic books also. They’re entertaining and they provide necessary relief the stress. Sort of like aspirin.

And what you offer? That we watch LOL.. what a joke.. credible Fox and CNN for newsworthy and accurate information, maybe we should also watch Zionist owned and operated Al Sharmouta Al Arabiya Al Jazzira and Al Hakira as well, so we could have as low of an intelligence as a baseball player, Orangutan and an Arab Moslem.

No, you’re absolutely correct. There are virtually no news sources that haven’t been tainted by Zionist influence. There are only 2 news sources in the whole world that I would trust: SANA and IRNA. Otherwise, we just don’t have the truth. Oh yes, I forgot to mention JewWatch.

Good try Akbar Palace, we are not on drugs and don’t deal with it man, go bark another street your crap will ya, this is syriacomment.com not zionistdefenseleague.com


I’m on your side. As an American Jew, I can tell you first hand that Zionism knows no bounds, has total reach into every household, every school book, every doctor’s office, every news agency, every car dealership, and every Arab news source. The time is ripe to do something about it. Let me know, and when you’re ready, I can help you blow the lid on all this. I just need you to promise me that you’ll help me and my family once I release all the information I have.

October 19th, 2011, 4:20 pm


Mango said:

منظمة العفو الدولية تدعو كندا الى توقيف جورج بوش ومحاكمته
دعت منظمة العفو الدولية السلطات الكندية الى تقديم الرئيس الامريكي السابق جورج بوش للمسائلة الجنائية.

واعلنت سيوزان لي مديرة برنامج المنظمة لشمال وجنوب امريكا يوم الاربعاء 12 اكتوبر/تشرين الاول ان “التزامات كندا الدولية تتطلب اعتقال الرئيس السابق بوش وتقديمه للمسائلة القضائية لارتباطه بجرائم تنص عليها القوانين الجنائية الدولية ومن ضمنها التعذيب”.

هذا ويرتبط اعلان منظمة العفو الدولية هذا بزيارة جورج بوش المرتقبة الى كندا التي ستبدأ بتاريخ 20 من الشهر الجاري.

وقالت لي: “بما ان السلطات الامريكية لم تقدم حتى الآن الرئيس السابق بوش للمسائلة القضائية فمن الضروري تدخل المجتمع الدولي. واذا لم تتخذ كندا اجراءات اثناء زيارته فانها ستخرق اتفاقية الامم المتحدة ضد التعذيب وستعكس استهتارها بحقوق الانسان الاساسية”.

واعلن نشطاء المنظمة عن تقديمهم نهاية شهر سبتمبر الماضي للسلطات الكندية بيانا يحوي على ادلة تؤكد مسؤولية الرئيس الامريكي السابق عن عدة مخالفات في مجال حقوق الانسان.

وجاء في البيان: “نفذت المخالفات خلال برنامج الاعتقالات السرية التي كانت تقوم بها وكالة المخابرات المركزية (CIA) في الفترة الواقعة بين عامي 2002 و2009 من بينها ممارسة التعذيب والتصرف القاسي والغير انساني والمذل للكرامة ، بالاضافة الى عمليات الاختطاف والاخفاء القسري. وعند تواجده في منصب الرئاسة، سمح جورج بوش بممارسة عدة وسائل تحقيق مع الموقوفين ضمن البرنامج السري لـ(CIA)”.

وقال النشطاء ان “بيان منظمة العفو يتضمن ايضا دلائل اضافية للتعذيب وجرائم اخرى تلاحقها القوانين الدولية والتي تعرض لها معتقلو السجون الامريكية في غوانتانامو وافغانستان والعراق”.

وتابعوا ان “كندا تعتبر احدى الدول الرائدة في تعزيز العدل القضائي الدولي، لذا يتوجب عليها الآن تبين بانه في موضوع كهذا ، مثل خرق حقوق الانسان، لا يوجد اي انسان او دولة تقف فوق القوانين الدولية”.

المصدر: وكالة “اينترفاكس”

October 19th, 2011, 4:25 pm


Tara said:


Post a Nizar poem. He is a distant relative of mine.

October 19th, 2011, 4:27 pm


JAD said:

النفط السوري يتلمس طريقه إلى ماليزيا وأندونيسيا وإيران
(دي برس )
كشف وزير النفط السوري سفيان العلاو، أن وزارة النفط والثروة المعدنية في صدد توقيع عقود مع ماليزيا واندونيسيا وإيران لتصدير النفط إليها، في حين تبحث مع روسيا والصين والهند للتوصل إلى عقود مماثلة. وأكد أن الحكومة استطاعت أخيرا، رغم العقوبات الأميركية والأوروبية المفروضة على القطاع النفطي، تأمين حاجات البلد من المشتقات النفطية عبر توقيع عقود مع عدد من الشركات في الدول الصديقة.

وقال العلاو في مداخلة أمام مجلس الشعب أول من أمس: «البحث عن أسواق بديلة يحتاج إلى فترة زمنية معيّنة، إذ إننا اعتمدنا خلال الفترة الماضية على الأسواق الأوروبية»، مشدّداً على أن العقوبات الأوروبية، التي شملت شراء الشحنات والنقل والتأمين وإعادة التأمين، طُبّقت على سورية منذ صدورها في بداية أيلول الماضي، وأن ما يشاع عن بدء تطبيق هذه العقوبات في منتصف تشرين الثاني المقبل غير صحيح.
وشدد العلاو على عدم وجود أي نقص في مادة المازوت وأنها متوافرة ومؤمنة في الأسواق وخلال موسم الشتاء الحالي ولا نية للوزارة بتعديل الأسعار الحالية مبينا ان الوزارة زودت محطات توزيع الوقود منذ بداية العام وحتى نهاية الشهر الماضي بنسبة تزيد 10 % عن نفس الفترة من العام الماضي وبزيادة 12 % في أيلول الماضي عن الكمية المطروحة لنفس الشهر من العام الماضي وبنسبة 15 % حتى اليوم من الشهر الحالي مقارنة بنفس الشهر من العام الماضي داعيا المواطنين لعدم الاستجرار الزائد وتخزين للمادة لأنها متوافرة.

وتظهر الأرقام أن إنتاج سورية من النفط يصل إلى نحو 386 ألف برميل يومياً، تُنتج «الشركة السورية للنفط» نحو 200 ألف منها، والبقية تنتجها شركات أجنبية وسورية مشتركة، في حين يُستهلك ما بين 120 و150 ألف برميل محلياً.

وكان خبير نفطي قد أوضح أن من بين الخيارات المطروحة للتعامل مع العقوبات، قيام سورية بإبرام عقود طويلة الأجل مع دول صديقة، مثل روسيا والصين، مؤكداً أن الخيار الأكثر ضرراً للقطاع النفطي هو الاستمرار في بيع الخام عبر عقود مباشرة لشركات غير أميركية وأوروبية، إذ إن ذلك يؤدي إلى بيع البرميل مثلاً بنحو 100 دولار، بدلاً من 107 دولارات، بحسب الأسعار العالمية مبيناً أن هذا الخيار «سيزيد أعباء دعم المشتقات النفطية أو سيدفع الحكومة إلى رفع أسعارها».وتؤكد أرقام «المؤسسة العامة للنفط» أن سورية أنتجت خلال النصف الأول من السنة أكثر من 70 مليون برميل، مقارنة بنحو 141 مليوناً العام الماضي.

يذكر أن الولايات المتحدة والاتحاد الأوروبي، وهو اكبر مستورد للنفط من سورية، فرضت عقوبات تقضي بحظر استيراد النفط الخام، والاستثمار المستقبلي في هذا القطاع. وكانت سورية تصدّر نحو 95 % من النفط الخام إلى أوروبا، من بينها 31 % إلى كل من ألمانيا وايطاليا، و11 % إلى فرنسا وتسعة % إلى هولندا

October 19th, 2011, 4:32 pm


N.Z. said:


Hamdi Kandeel, a staunch supporter of junior, listen to what he have to say.

October 19th, 2011, 4:47 pm


jad said:

تطويق دمشق عبر مجلس الجامعةالعربية

الجمل: بدأت جامعة الدولية العربية مجدداً المزيد من تحركاتها الساعية إلى احتواء ملف أزمة الحدث الاحتجاجي السياسي السوري، وفي هذا الخصوص ذهبت وجهات النظر مذاهب شتى في تقييم محتوى ومضمون جهود الجامعة العربية، الأمر الذي أسفر عن طرح المزيد من التساؤلات الحرجة: فما هي حقيقة جهود جامعة الدول العربية، وما هي مدى مصداقية طبيعة الدبلوماسية الوقائية التي سعت من قبل وتسعى حالياً الجامعة العربية لجهة القيام بها بعد أن تعذرت عمليات إقلاعها وإعادة إقلاعها لأكثر من مرة؟
* تحركات الجامعة العربية إزاء الحدث السوري: توصيف المعلومات الجارية
عقد مجلس وزراء خارجية الدول العربية اجتماعاً يوم الأحد 16 تشرين الأول (أكتوبر) 2011م، تطرق فيه إلى ملف أزمة الحدث الاحتجاجي السياسي السوري، وفي هذا الخصوص توصل الاجتماع إلى النقاط الآتية:
• تكليف لجنة مكونة من وزراء خارجية خمسة دول عربية (الجزائر ـ مصر ـ عمان ـ السودان ـ قطر) لجهة القيام بإجراء الاتصالات والمحادثات بين طرفي الأزمة.
• سوف تتطرق المحادثات والتفاهمات سبل التوصل إلى حل للأزمة، مع الاقتراح بإمكانية أن يتم إجراء المحادثات في مقر جامعة الدول العربية.
هذا، وأضافت التسريبات المزيد من المعلومات حول الخطوط العامة لتحركات جامعة الدول العربية، والتي قيل بأنها سوف تتضمن المحددات الآتية:
• أن تتم عملية تنظيم فعاليات إطلاق الحوار الوطني السوري خلال 15 يوماً.
• أن يتم التأكيد على أربعة مبادئ محددة، هي:
ـ وقف إطلاق النار.
ـ إنهاء عمليات إطلاق النار ضد المتظاهرين.
ـ إطلاق سراح كافة السجناء السياسيين.
ـ إعداد خارطة الطريق السياسية الانتقالية.
التدقيق الفاحص في معطيات تحرك جامعة الدول العربية الجديد الحالي، يشير بوضوح إلى صعود العديد من الأسئلة الهامة إلى الواجهة، ومن أبرزها:
• هل بالإمكان إطلاق فعاليات جولة الحوار الوطني السوري خلال 15 يوماً؟
• هل حصلت جامعة الدول العربية على موافقة جميع الأطراف السورية؟
• هل تتمتع لجنة وزراء الخارجية الخمسة بقبول الأطراف السورية؟
• يوجد حوار وطني سوري مستمر قيد التنفيذ، فهل يا ترى سوف يشكّل حوار الجامعة العربية امتداداً له؟ أم أنه يهدف إلى إلغائه؟
• من الذي سوف يمثل المعارضة السورية، وهل ستقبل دمشق بوجود ما يعرف بـ(المجلس الانتقالي)، وبالتالي تكون دمشق قد قدمت ورقة اعتراف الأمر الواقع بهذا المجلس المرفوض لديها جملةً وتفصيلاً.
وإضافة لذلك، إذا كانت فعاليات اجتماع وزراء الخارجية العرب قد وضعت المحددات والمبادئ، فلماذا المشاورات؟ وهل يا ترى الأنسب أن تسعى اللجنة الخماسية لجهة التفاهم مع الأطراف حول المحددات والمبادئ أولاً. ثم تقوم بعد ذلك بوضعها. أم أن تضع المبادئ والمحددات، وتأتي بعد ذلك من أجل التشاور والتفاهم حولها؟
* الدبلوماسية الوقائية العربية: لعبة الأطراف الثالثة
بدت دبلوماسية الجامعة العربية الوقائية وهي تأخذ شكلاً ناعماً برئياً لجهة الظهور بمظهر الحريص على استقرار وسلامة سوريا، ولكن، عند القراءة في الحدث الموازي لهذه الدبلوماسية نلاحظ الآتي:
• الاهتمام الفرنسي المتزايد بتحركات جامعة الدول العربية، والحديث بلهجة تنطوي على التهديد، ضمن مفردات تقول بأن “فرنسا ما تزال في حالة دراسة للأمر”.
• الاهتمام البرتغالي المتزايد عبر تصريحات وزير الخارجية البرتغالي، الذي تتولى بلاده عضوية مجلس الأمن الدولي، ورئاسة لجنة العقوبات الدولية التابعة للمجلس، إضافة إلى أن البرتغال كانت طرفاً رئيسياً في مشروع القرار الدولي الذي سقط بفعل الفيتو المشترك الروسي ـ الصيني.
• وجود قطر ضمن عضوية اللجنة الوزارية الخماسية، علماً بأن قطر قد طرحت في الاجتماع الوزاري اقتراحاً يطالب بتجميد عضوية سوريا في الجامعة العربية، وقوبل الاقتراح القطري برفض قاطع من جانب مصر وسلطنة عمان والسودان والجزائر وفلسطين ولبنان.
هذا، وتقول التسريبات بأن أمين الجامعة العربية الدكتور نبيل العربي قد تعرض لموقف في غاية الحرج، فقد عقد الاجتماع في مبنى فندق فور سيزون، وتحديداً في الجناح الخاص بإقامة المندوب القطري في الجامعة العربية، وتأسيساً على ذلك أعلن المندوب السوري يوسف الأحمد بأن سوريا سوف لن تعترف بقرارات أي اجتماع يتم عقده خارج مقر الجامعة العربية! وإضافة لذلك، أكدت سوريا مطالبتها بضرورة أن تتنحى قطر عن رئاسة اللجنة الوزارية الخماسية لأن قطر تمثل في الوقت الحالي طرفاً في الأزمة. وبسبب التعنت ورد الفعل القطري الغاضب، تحدث المندوب السوري قائلاً بأنه خلال فعاليات مؤتمر الدوحة لحل الأزمة اللبنانية كانت سوريا تتولى الرئاسة، وطلبت منها قطر آنذاك ضرورة التنحي لأن دمشق تمثل طرفاً في الأزمة، وبالفعل وافقت دمشق على التنحي لقطر التي تسلمت الرئاسة.
لاحظت بعض التحليلات السياسية أن فعاليات التحرك الدبلوماسي الوقائي العربي بواسطة جامعة الدول العربية قد تضمنت الآتي:
• التأكيد على الخطوات المحددة الأربعة يشكل سابقة تدخلية هي الأولى من نوعها التي تقوم فيها الجامعة العربية بالتدخل في الشأن الداخلي السيادي لأحد دولها العربية الأعضاء.
• سعى قرار الوساطة العربية لجهة التعامل مع دمشق كـ(فصيل) في الصراع مع الفصائل المعارضة الأخرى.
• عقد فعاليات الحوار الوطني السوري في مقر جامعة الدول العربية سوف يعطي الجامعة الحق في إدارة الحوار، ووضع الأجندة، وتحديد الأطراف المشاركة، بل وربما يحول أمانة الجامعة العربية إلى “هيئة تحكم” في ملف يتعلق بالشأن السيادي السوري.
هذا، وتقول بعض التسريبات الخافتة، بأن فعاليات اجتماع وزراء الخارجية العرب، وتكوين اللجنة الوزارية الخماسية، والمحددات الأربعة، هدفت جميعها إلى إنفاذ سيناريو يهدف إلى الوصول إلى نتيجة فاشلة تم الإعداد لها سلفاً، وبالتالي، فإن الهدف الحقيقي هو إضفاء بعد عربي تدخلي يتم الاستناد عليه لاحقاً من أجل توفير الغطاء اللازم لتدخل دولي أكبر.
اللافت للنظر أن فعاليات التحرك الدبلوماسي الوقائي التدخلي العربي قد تزامن مع اتصالات سورية ـ تركية، وتشير المعطيات إلى أن هذا التزامن يخلق انطباعاً لجهة احتمالين متعاكسين الأول يفترض وجود توزيع أدوار تركي ـ عربي، والثاني يفترض وجود تباين مواقف، بين موقف عربي أقرب إلى التصعيد، وموقف تركي أقرب إلى التهدئة.

الجمل ـ قسم الدراسات والترجمة

October 19th, 2011, 4:52 pm



“الركيزة الثالثة تتمثل في محاصرة الإعلام السوري بشقيه العام و الخاص، والذي يلاحظ أنه منذ أشهر بسيطة، ورغم الإمكانيات المحدودة مادياً وبشرياً وتقنياً، فقد استطاع فرض نفسه على الساحة الإعلامية الإقليمية والدولية ”

The latest pathetic joke. The [lying] Syrian media has proved or imposed itself on the regional and international scene. SC is becoming very entertaining as of late.

October 19th, 2011, 5:00 pm


jad said:

مقابلة | ألان شووي
جهاد يوسف الخليل

• «الربيع العربي» انعكاس لـ«الفوضى الخلاقة»
• ما حدث في مصر وتونس انقلابان عسكريان
• حكم «الإخوان» سيهدد وحدة المنطقة

” يقول ألان شووي: «الجيش السوري لا يتحرك وفق المقاييس نفسها التي مشى عليها الجيشان التونسي والمصري، فهو ليس المشغل الاقتصادي الأساسي الأول في البلاد، لكنه أداة السلطة القائمة في دمشق. وسمعت عن انشقاق بعض العسكريين، لكننا نلاحظ عموماً أن الجيش يبقى منضبطاً وموالياً للسلطة والدور الاقتصادي تقوم به الماكينة السياسية لحزب البعث وفي مقدمها عائلة الرئيس الأسد والطائفة العلوية أساساً».
وعن مآل هذا النظام، يرى أن «السنية السياسية والإسلاموية هما عموماً وراء الاحتجاجات الجارية في سوريا وغيرها، وهذا معروف منذ زمن بعيد، لكن الجديد أننا نشهد مزيجاً من النمطين المصري والليبي، أي في رؤية الانتفاضة الشعبية غير المسلحة عموماً من جهة، وتزايد حجم التدخلات الأجنبية من جهة أخرى. وهنا لا بد من إلقاء الضوء على سياسة حزب العدالة والتنمية الذي نظم لقاءات لبعض أجنحة المعارضة السورية في تركيا، والمواقف والتصريحات الفرنسية والبريطانية خصوصاً ضد الرئيس الأسد ونظامه، ما وسع دائرة الضغوط وأعطى في المقابل للإسلاميين فرصة حشد قواهم في الشارع وفي المنابر».
ويرى أن «المشكلة هي أن الإسلام السياسي والإخوان المسلمين يقودون الاحتجاجات في بلد فيه أقليات علوية ودرزية وإسماعيلية وشيعية وكردية (ولو هم من المذهب السني) ومسيحية من كل الطوائف تناهز الأربعين في المئة من السكان، وهؤلاء لا يرغبون البتة في إفساح المجال لوصول السلفيين والإخوان إلى السلطة؛ لأن فتوى ابن تيمية لا تزال حاضرة في ذهنهم منذ القرن الرابع عشر. وكلما مورست الضغوط الخارجية على الأسد ونظامه، دفعناه إلى التصلب. في الواقع هو ليس متشدداً، بل يريد الحوار والقيام بعملية الانتقال الديموقراطي بهدوء. أما الضغوط الأجنبية فسيكون لها مردود عكسي؛ لأنها ستدفع المتشددين في الطائفة العلوية إلى الضغط على الأسد لكي لا يتنازل عن أي شيء. وفي كل الأحوال، إن الدول الغربية، في ضوء ما قامت به من تجاوزات لقرار مجلس الأمن الخاص بليبيا، لن تجد لها أذناً صاغية في أي محفل دولي مؤثر؛ لأن غالبية الدول الناشئة تعلمت الدرس. وإذا تصاعدت أكثر فأكثر الضغوط الغربية على النظام فستعطي جرعات دعم لحركات الاحتجاج الإسلاموية السنية، ما يدفع الأمور إلى حرب أهلية طائفية دموية على غرار الحرب اللبنانية، ما يؤثر بالتالي على إيقاظ الفتنة الطائفية في بلاد الأرز».
وعن موقف المملكة العربية السعودية، قال شووي: «لقد تيقنت السعودية أنها لعبت بالنار في العقود السابقة، وأن ليس لها مصلحة في إيجاد قعر أسود جديد إلى جانب العراق من شأنه أن يطيح استقرار المنطقة بالكامل، وأعتقد أن الملك عبد الله فهم مخاطر ذلك جيداً، وهو يحاول بالإمكانات المحدودة المتوافرة لديه أن يهدئ اللعبة».
ويختتم الحديث بالقول: «لا شك في أن أحداث سيدي بوزيد أطلقت الشرارة في تونس، لكنها لم تكن قادرة على الانتشار في كل المنطقة العربية. لكن قرار الغرب، وواشنطن في المقدمة، هو الذي وسع رقعة هذه الاحتجاجات في مصر ثم في البلدان العربية؛ لأن الرئيس باراك أوباما تبنى فكرة «البنتاغون» المعروفة بـ«الفوضى الخلاقة» لإسقاط الطغاة مداورة كأحجار الدومينو بغية إعادة خلط الأوراق لمصلحة بلاده. الجديد في الأمر أن أوباما كان أكثر حنكة من سلفه في تنفيذ هذه الاستراتيجية. وما ألاحظه أننا دخلنا مرحلة جديدة من المناورات لتصفية بعض النزاعات المزمنة كالقضية الفلسطينية وخلق أخرى جديدة ليست لمصلحة شعوب المنطقة. نحن على قاب قوسن من تنفيذ شعار وزير الخارجية الأميركي الأسبق هنري كيسنجر في السبعينيات: تغيير كل شيء لعدم تغيير شيء».”


October 19th, 2011, 5:06 pm


N.Z. said:

Nareman (17 Ruba (11), Noor (15 )years old were killed today by Syrian “insecurity” forces.

These three young Syrian girls reminded me of a Palestinian father in Gaza, Dr. Abulaish, who lost three daughters during the Israeli assault on Gaza 2009 in one strike.

There is one major difference, in the case of the three Syrian girls, the enemy is from within.

“Ibnl7aram ba3l Golan
Hurrieh, lilabad, ghasben3annak ya Asad”

October 19th, 2011, 5:17 pm


jad said:

According to the brother, his three sisters where killed by an RPG explosives targeting the army/security post (the shell came from either a School or a Mosque) His 4 sisters happened to be walking by that post. They show the crime on TV the report was too graphic to show and the brother was covered with blood;

“و في القصير أيضاً استشهدت ثلاثة فتيات هن ناريمان و ربى و نور الزعبي و شقيقتهن الرابعة شمس التي أصيبت بجروح خطيرة و ذلك أثناء تواجدهن معإحدى دوريات لحفظ النظام حيث تم استهدافهن بقذيفة آر بي جي و وفق ما قاله شقيقهن أن القذيفة جاءت من سطح أحد المساجد.”
HNN| شـبكة أخـبار حمص

October 19th, 2011, 5:29 pm


Uzair8 said:

A comment from AJE Live Syria blog 1 hr ago:

Today I felt very sad for the 30 soldiars who defected in this little village Naremen in Homs. The army and all the Assad gangs surrounded the village, shelling it and destroying houses. They threatened to destroy the whole village if the 30 defectors do not surrender. They did it and God knows what may have happened to them. They must have been killed and left somewhere. What a barbaric regime!!!

October 19th, 2011, 5:41 pm


Tara said:


“You’re free to trust them I just don’t.”

Read this.  Why wouldn’t you trust them? As the article mentioned 60 percent of the 230  seats on the SNC are occupied by the internals opposition, the LCC and the Syrian Revolution General Commission.  Ghalioun is not seeking Physical foreign intervention.  He is seeking internationals observers and foreign journalists.  What is wrong with that?

Mohanad Hage Ali
Wednesday 19 October 2011 05.59 EDT


The birth of the Syrian National Council in Istanbul earlier this month challenges the Assad regime’s claims that the opposition is Islamist, backward and violent.

Since the uprising began seven months ago, the regime’s media has been trumpeting reports of clashes with Islamist extremist gangs to undermine the revolution internationally, and to nurture a fear of change inside Syria. The relative absence of a unified voice for the opposition and the revolution has played into the regime’s narratives.

But the emergence of the SNC largely demystifies Syria’s opposition map, which is mostly divided into the old guard and the revolutionary youth organised under co-ordination committees.

The old guard are pre-revolution opposition groups and independent dissidents, whether secular or Islamist (including the Muslim Brotherhood). The new youth groups, also represented on the SNC, are the revolution’s “engines”, officially known as the local co-ordination committees and the Syrian Revolution General Commission.

These committees date back to a month before the uprising when Syrian activists organised solidarity sit-ins at the Tunisian, Libyan and Egyptian embassies. The meetings they held for co-ordination turned into a national phenomenon through Facebook and other social networking sites, and gave birth to a network of loose organisations.

While co-ordination committees and opposition groups inside Syria secured 60% of the 230 seats on the SNC, the remaining positions were distributed among the exiled groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

The SNC also encompasses the various communist, pan-Arab, Kurdish, Assyrian and independent dissidents who include Burhan Ghalioun, the council’s most prominent leader and spokesman.

The recent increase of violence due to splits within the military and the security services has considerably raised fears of civil war. Any militarisation of the revolution would jeopardise this rare opportunity to overthrow Syria’s dictatorship. In the early 1980s, the Muslim Brotherhood embarked on a campaign of violence against the regime of Hafez Assad, the former Syrian president, and the father of the current leader. The Islamist uprising ended dramatically with the massacre of thousands in the city of Hama.

Ghalioun – a Paris-based professor and popular dissident – has outlined the SNC’s commitment to peaceful revolution, in spite of the regime’s escalating repression. He wants intervention to be restricted to allowing foreign journalists and international observers into Syria as witnesses.

So far, the Muslim Brotherhood has been largely absent from the Syrian revolution. The lack of any Brotherhood slogans or symbols is noticeable in the hundreds of videos from the uprising. There are many reasons for this, but above all, the Brotherhood has been severely repressed since the 1980s.

The Brotherhood’s apparent weakness in Syria also has a demographic dimension: the recent demonstrations originated in tribal and rural regions, such as the agricultural south-western province of Hauran, where strong familial ties impede the rise of the urban-led pan-Islamist Brotherhood (the former and current leaders are respectively from the cities Aleppo and Hama).

Also, Syria’s ethnic and religious demographics do not serve this Islamist group’s ultimate aim: to establish an Islamic republic through the ballot boxes in a post-Assad Syria. Ethnic and religious minorities constitute 40% of the population, while the Arab Sunnis’ 60% majority is clearly diverse in its political affiliations.

The SNC has moved quickly to assert itself on the regional and international scene. It communicated with the Arab League in the revolution’s name, detailing its demands and intensifying pressure on the regime.

The Syrian opposition now has a somewhat unified voice. What remains unclear is how the confrontation will unfold. In the words of one Syrian dissident: “The regime’s fate is known; the two unknowns are only the time and the heavy price we have to pay.”

October 19th, 2011, 5:47 pm


bronco said:

#115. Tara said:

“It does appear that Aljazeera has changed its coverage on Syria lately as it sounds much less intense.”

I had predicted that. Do I have also a sixth sense like you?

“I would not be surprised if Al Jazeera suddenly stops their biased reporting on Syria starting tomorrow to allow Qatar to get back its credibility in the eyes of Syria.”


About you post on opposition, I have nothing against them except that their strategy is infantile,( “allowing journalists and witnesses”) and also they have not go any credibility with Arabs, but with Turks…and some western countries like France ( no surprise since the leader and his associate are French citizen).

“It communicated with the Arab League in the revolution’s name, detailing its demands and intensifying pressure on the regime.”
And they met total indifference except from.. Libya transitory council

October 19th, 2011, 5:48 pm


N.Z. said:

Nir Rosen spends time deep inside Syria’s pro-regime Alawite community. Worth reading.


October 19th, 2011, 5:52 pm


irritated said:


Already posted and commented 500 posts ago…

October 19th, 2011, 5:57 pm


zoo said:

In Syria, Can The President Outlast The Protesters?
Wednesday, 10/19/11 4:06pm – All Things Considered

Deborah Amos

Syrian women stroll past posters of President Bashar Assad in Damascus on Monday. Assad has relied heavily on his security forces as he battles an uprising now in its eighth month.

Syria’s President Bashar Assad has survived an uprising that’s now in its eighth month and he shows no signs of buckling. The president has relied on a massive security presence to limit protests at home, and has dismissed criticism and sanctions from abroad.

But is this strategy sustainable, or is Assad simply buying time?

In central Damascus, there are few signs of the country’s turmoil. The courtyard of the massive Ommayed mosque, the largest in the city, is a peaceful place. Even the soldiers and security men, here to prevent any protest in the heart of the capital, seem relaxed.

Raneen Hassan, 22, is on an outing with her family and stops to feed pigeons that roost in the square. She is dismissive of those taking part in the protests.

“It’s very good and quiet and a very peaceful place,” she says of the mosque.

When asked about the cities and villages outside the capital, where demonstrations are still common, if smaller than in previous months, Hassan say she is not impressed. These people are paid agents, she says.

“They are young people, young women, young men. So I don’t give a damn about them,” she said.

An official government escort is with me during an interview with a merchant, who insists there is no anti-government revolt at all. He says he is convinced by confessions he sees on state television. In theses appearances, men allegedly involved in uprising say they are from al-Qaida. And the merchant says he never watches the Western and Arab news networks that broadcast videos of peaceful protests, saying they are full of lies.

Support In The Capital

Despite the uprising that has left some 3,000 people dead, the regime can still count on this base of support, particularly in the capital and in Syria’s economic center in Aleppo.

Pro-Assad rallies in Damascus and Aleppo this week, with tens of thousands participating, seemed design to send a message of strength.

There have been some defections from the army, though the Syrian military and security forces are intact. The international community cannot agree on measures to halt the violent government crackdown. Syrian officials seem confident that the protests can be contained, according to sources who have regular contact with insiders.

“We are ending a period of confrontation between government and some demonstrators,” says Waddah Abd Rabbo, editor of al Watan, a pro-government daily.

He says the country is entering a new phase. “It’s better to go through dialogue because nobody can win the battle in the street,” Abd Rabbo says.

The relentless government campaign and mass arrests have taken a toll on the protest movement and the government now seems confident it can contain the crisis, says human rights activist Wissam Tariff, who is in neighboring Lebanon.

“They are trying to manage the uprising, make it manageable by security forces, which, in my personal view, they have done that in a lot of cities,” he says. “But the big question is do they make it sustainable. It is management, it is not sustainable. And that is the real challenge.”

Government Opponents Organizing

While the street protests appear to be losing momentum, a new political landscape is emerging. For the first time in decades, political groups outside government control are beginning to assert themselves.

A coalition of dissidents has united outside the country. The Syrian National Council, announced in Istanbul Turkey, brought together the Muslim Brotherhood with secular dissidents as well as young leaders from the protest movement.

Inside Syria, other dissident groups are trying to win public support. At a news conference in Damascus, Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Kheyer, a former political prisoner, explains that there is no way out of the crisis without a political solution.

“There is no way out of this without politics,” he says. “Syria is still in a tunnel where there is no light seen until now.”

This is a dangerous time, Kheyer says. Protesters feel abandoned by the international community. There are increasing calls for armed rebellion. Now, the Arab League is pushing negotiations by the end of the month between the regime and the newly formed opposition. Kheyer fears the Syrian leadership will miss the chance by rejecting the offer.

“Most of those who hold power believe we don’t need to talk to anyone – and we will kill what ever needs to be killed – and we will rule for a long, long time again,” he says.

The protest movement, meanwhile, may not be as large as it was, but it is still aggressively challenging the regime. One recent YouTube video shows a group of men swarming around an armored Syrian military vehicle. Activists say they captured the gunner in the southern town of Dera’a.

Wissam Tarif, the human rights activist, says the regime’s crackdown doesn’t solve the problem, but only buys some time.

“The minute they pull the troops out, the minute they give the security forces less power, people will go out and protest again and again until Bashar al Assad and his regime crack and leave the country,” he says.

October 19th, 2011, 6:02 pm


jad said:

الخيمي سيجري عملية جراحية: حافظوا على سورية برموش العين
(دي برس)

أعلن السفير السوري لدى المملكة المتحدة سامي الخيمي الأربعاء19/10/2011، عن أنه سيجري عملية جراحية، داعياً أعضاء الجالية السورية في بريطانيا إلى أن يكونوا يداً واحدة.

وقال الخيمي في رسالة إلى أعضاء الجالية السورية في بريطانيا، حسبما ذكرت وكالة “يونايتد برس انترناشونال”: إنه سيجري عملية جراحية في 22 تشرين الأول الجاري، وإن “تيسرت هذه الجراحة فسيسعدني لقاؤكم كعهدنا في الماضي، أما إن تعسرت، فلا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله”.

وأضاف “أقول لكم إني أستودعكم سورية الحبيبة فهي عروس البلدان وأمل المستقبل، حافظوا عليها برموش العين فهي ستكون بعد استكمال الإصلاح المرتجى مثلاً يحتذى لكل الدول الشقيقة في الحرية والمساواة والديمقراطية والعدالة”.

وقال السفير الخيمي مخاطباً أعضاء الجالية السورية “كونوا يداً واحدة مهما اختلفت آراؤكم ففي تلاحمكم ضمان لمستقبل سورية وعزتها، وأرجو أن تستمروا في اعتبار السفارة بيتاً لكم في بريطانيا، تقدم لكم خدماتها وترعى مصالحكم.

المصدر: http://www.dp-news.com/pages/detail.aspx?articleid=100471#ixzz1bGgI8HBT

October 19th, 2011, 6:08 pm


N.Z. said:

After Dr. Abulaish 3 daughters were killed, the Israelis denied that the house was targeted, though, they promised to investigate?

Israelis accused Hamas of shelling, schools, hospitals and mosques. Other times, collateral damage was the culprit.

138. Uzair8, “What a barbaric regime!!!”

I will add, supporters of any crime, concealers and apologists of any crime, ARE MORE BARBARIC.

October 19th, 2011, 6:10 pm


Tara said:


You tell me claircognizance or clairsentienceoo or both?

October 19th, 2011, 6:13 pm


bronco said:

Tara #146

Mistyping or a new words in the Webster dictionary?

October 19th, 2011, 6:26 pm


Tara said:


Let me try again. claircognizance or clairsentience or both?

October 19th, 2011, 6:42 pm


Tara said:

Syrian Prisoners of Conscience, I Witness for You

By Mohja Kahf
on Thursday, October 13, 2011, 6:13pm


Prisoners of conscience in Syria: the regime keeps increasing their numbers. Each one has a face, a family, a story; has dignity, beauty, courage. I am learning them by heart. Let me share a few with you.

There’s Ahmad Thany Abazid, a fourteen-year-old boy, the only one still in prison of the original fifteen Dara children imprisoned for writing “the people want the fall of the regime” on school walls. That writing on the wall would become the demand of the Syrian uprising. Ahmad’s been held continuously since late February. I don’t know what’s worse, that he was initially detained at the Damascus Palestine Branch, a bureau notorious for torture, or that he was later transferred to an ordinary jail in Dara, to be housed with rapists and other violent offenders. His father’s deceased.  Ahmad, hang in there, sweetheart. I love you; I bear witness for you. Witness for him with me, world.

Damascus girl-next-door Malak Shanawani, 26, is smart, brave, gorgeous—I don’t know how much more amazing she can be. She was cheerily posting invites to the civil disobediences expressing solidarity for Egypt’s revolution in the heart of Damascus, organized in late January by Suhair Atassi (a key woman who rocks the Syrian revolution, in hiding for months). My heart goes out to Malak from the picture where she’s wearing a t-shirt declaring in Arabic, “I Am Against Honor Killings” and holding up a sign that says “Woman=Human Being” (above, at right). You said it, Malak. Malak was chased down for months by security before they caught her on September 22.  Malak: You are a human being.  Also, you rock. Also, I love you.

I love them; I love their stories. There’s Hazem Abdullah, doing anti-bigotry work in a conflict zone. Before he was captured, Hazem was taking his group, “the Connection Makers,” at risk to their lives, to spread a message of tolerance in neighborhoods of various religious communities in Homs: Alawite, Sunni, Christian, Ismaili. Did I mention, in a conflict zone? With tanks and tear gas and live bullets flying? Could someone nominate Hazem for an award, please?

From Daraya, held by the vicious Air Force Intelligence branch which tortured his younger friend Ghiyath Matar to death on September 9, is Muhammad Shurbaji, father of five, known to his friends as “Maan.” Daraya, population 180,000, is an epicenter of committed nonviolence; it boasts six hundred prisoners detained in this revolution and counting. Fourteen other Shurbajis including Maan’s brother, nonviolence visionary and protest organizer Yahya Shurbaji, are imprisoned. Leaks from prison say Maan is being especially subjected to torture, perhaps to try to break his brother. Blessings and love to protect you, Shurbajis.   

Suwayda sculptor and archeological restorations expert Tareq Abdulhay, 43, resisted regime attempts to recruit him for its public relations campaign that claims minorities, such as those of his Druze background, support the regime. Instead, Tareq posted tributes to the innocents massacred at Dara, whose sacrifice, he says, gave “my humanity back to me by challenging violence, villainy, tanks, and half-men.” His family, like the relatives of the other prisoners, are refused contact with him, even to give him medications for his ulcer. Courage, my brother Tareq, my exact age, my brother artist.

Yareb Mahameed of Dara, Syria
Imad AbdulQader is a gentle Kurdish nonviolence proponent from Qamishlo, a medical resident whose wife, Basma Khaless, is expecting their first child. Devoted pro-Palestinian activist Yareb Mahameed of Dara has been imprisoned since August.  Does this revolution have hotties? Just look at Yareb on his bike; the girls around him clearly see it too. I’m compiling a potential sons-in-law list. This one doesn’t just look like an action-movie hero; he faces real bullets; Yareb was wounded on May 15. Triumph, Yareb.

Three brothers of Latakia, Ahmad, Omar, and Tareq Antar, have been held since September 8. Knowing how the regime will torment a prisoner by forcing him to watch the torture of his loved one, I shudder. Despite what they may be doing to you, brothers, we witness your dignity.

They are all held extrajudicially, without warrant or charge. They are incommunicado, never a good thing: It means the state thinks it can do what it wants with them, including deny they are in custody, deny responsibility. The only thing between them and this oblivion the regime wants for them is the testimony we bear for them. We stand witness for them, world. We must.

Their names and their faces follow me into my sleep. Ahmad, Malak, Hazem, Maan, Tareq, Omar, Yareb, Imad, Yahya, and so many others: I greet you each day; you are living in the dehumanizing conditions of detention in Syria. What are you eating? How are you sleeping, rising? Do not think we do not hear you. We raise your names. We witness for you. Even those of you whose names we do not yet have, we know you’re there. We hear you. You are powerful. You are human beings subjected to inhuman treatment; your innate dignity shines through. You are beauty facing ugliness. The regime is doing its best to cut you off from the rest of human existence, ban communication from your family, but never think you are alone. You are not alone.

October 19th, 2011, 7:01 pm


Ghufran said:

نزار و العراق
مرحباً يا عراقُ، جئتُ أغنّيكَ وبعـضٌ من الغنـاءِ بكـاءُ
مرحباً، مرحباً.. أتعرفُ وجهاً حفـرتهُ الأيّـامُ والأنـواءُ؟
أكلَ الحبُّ من حشاشةِ قلبي والبقايا تقاسمتـها النسـاءُ
كلُّ أحبابي القدامى نسَـوني لا نُوارَ تجيـبُ أو عفـراءُ
فالشفـاهُ المطيّبـاتُ رمادٌ وخيامُ الهوى رماها الـهواءُ
سكنَ الحزنُ كالعصافيرِ قلبي فالأسى خمرةٌ وقلبي الإنـاءُ
أنا جرحٌ يمشي على قدميهِ وخيـولي قد هدَّها الإعياءُ
فجراحُ الحسينِ بعضُ جراحي وبصدري من الأسى كربلاءُ
وأنا الحزنُ من زمانٍ صديقي وقليـلٌ في عصرنا الأصدقاءُ

October 19th, 2011, 7:28 pm


zoo said:

The Syrian stalemate and the Lebanese (mis)givings
By Scarlett HADDAD | 20/10/2011
(L’Orient-Le Jour- Lebanon Translated from french)

While the mediation of the Arab League is heading for a clinical death, the situation in Syria continues to divide the Lebanese between those who believe that the fall of the regime is inevitable, even imminent, and those who think that Bashar al-Assad almost got over it. The reality, as is often the case elsewhere, however, is between these two extremes.

Back from Syria, visitors report that the regime is in total control of the situation in large cities, particularly Aleppo and Damascus, where incidents occur regularly, but are quickly contained.
In remote areas, the situation is more confused. Small communities have often to deal with robbers and other troublemakers that are not necessarily with the opposition but take advantage of the fact that the police are busy elsewhere.

At present, the real problem for the Syrian authorities is concentrated in Homs where a security chaos is prevailing. In this socially diverse city, the police have no control over entire neighborhoods, which are in the hands of the opposition. But authorities remain broadly confident, preferring to let the opposition exhaust itself or sink into violence, which to them would only serve to discredit them to the people. Besides, everyone (almost) now recognizes that violence is the fact of both sides.

According to many Lebanese figures who visited Syria recently, the regime of Bashar al-Assad is more serene, confident that the situation is bound to evolve in its favor.
It considers itself protected from foreign intervention and sanctions of the Security Council of the United Nations by the Chinese and Russian veto, which is part of the long-term strategy of these two states and is therefore not subject to a sudden change. Similarly, it considers itself protected internally by the strength of its institutions, including the army and security forces that did not suffer from significant defections, seven months after the start of the insurgency.

Turkey, which represented a real threat to the Syrian regime with its plan to create a buffer zone at the border and thus give a bastion to the Syrian opposition, is currently immersed in its own problems with the Kurds but also with the various components of its social fabric.
Spearhead of European-American plan to destabilize Syria, Turkey is now virtually paralyzed, and the harsh statements of its leaders against the Syrian regime and their considerable support for the Syrian opposition do not constitute a real threat to Assad.

As a matter of fact, the real problem of the Syrian regime is elsewhere. It lies mainly in the deepening of the divide between the community components of the Syrian society, especially between Sunnis and Alawites.
Now, members of both communities are openly critical of each others, while for many years, the religious approach was apparently non-existent in Syria. If there is actually a plan of confessional destabilization through the exacerbation of sensitivities between Sunnis and Shiites, as the camp hostile to the Americans believes, it is scoring points in several countries in the region, particularly Syria.
This new reality hinders the process of reforms intended and announced by the Assad regime. Thus, in a climate as exacerbated, if the reforms were to occur through an electoral process, the regime may fall. It’s obviously what it does not want. Therefore it would be in a kind of impasse, convinced of the need for reforms, but reluctant to give them shape and risk its survival.

This allows us to reach the following conclusion: the system is therefore still the reins of the country and is not seriously shaken. But there is no end in sight to the internal crisis.

The authority has shown that its security approach widely criticized has allowed it to remain in place and push the opponents to resort to violence, but has not yet found a solution that allows it to calm the opposition.
Faced with such findings, many Western governments believe that the Syrian crisis would take more time and that its outcome is uncertain.
The Lebanese that are waiting for an early resolution to this crisis will be disappointed, and the Lebanese political class that have been waiting for the evolution of in Syria to move in one direction or the other would need to change its plans and approach.

The Syrian regime seems here to stay, even if it has less time to spend on local developments in Lebanon. It would be a positive development if the Lebanese of all affiliations, stop keeping an eye on Syria before making a decision about them. Not to mention their watches, set permanently on the Syrian hour

October 19th, 2011, 7:29 pm


Tara said:

“No Syrian is not suffering now. Outside Syria, many are wracked with survivor’s guilt. The sorrowful among us are weeping at the pain of those in Syria, but we who are not there are in pain ourselves, even if it doesn’t compare to the pain inside.

Inside, the country is being torn limb from limb by its torturers. The torturers themselves are surely exhausted from torturing. Pro-regimists are blaming the struggle, as if it is the cause of the violence being unleashed against it. The free people of Syria are beginning to understand suffering. Some rail against it and call for help from the sky, from a great leader, from a magic bullet; others are realizing that this pain, like the writhing of Christ on the cross, is the process that itself will become our deliverance.” 


October 19th, 2011, 7:32 pm



Another gem:

وأضاف “أقول لكم إني أستودعكم سورية الحبيبة فهي عروس البلدان وأمل المستقبل، حافظوا عليها برموش العين فهي ستكون بعد استكمال الإصلاح المرتجى مثلاً يحتذى لكل الدول الشقيقة في الحرية والمساواة والديمقراطية والعدالة”.

Yes indeed. After Assad reforms [or lack off] are completed, Syria will become a role model in freedom, equality, democracy, and justice.

October 19th, 2011, 7:35 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Hey Tara

I loved that, the only missing is the finally, I mean the pretty 20 something blond with her leg spread, that would have done it. Tara, your attempt is as hard to be swallowed as Akbar Palace convincing Syria Comment bloggers how innocent and great the Zionists are, or G.W. Bush and Blair bragging how Western nation have so much respect for justice and democracy, freedom and rights. I mean common, we do read blogs of those suffering and have suffered from atrocious injustices in the west, we just don’t sit all day watching CNN and Fox news as you would some have wished, calling the internet the gravest threat to Western Societies is by itself a crime against human conscience and freedom of expression. You got to stop thinking most here are slobbering two hump Turkmen and CAMELS watching ZIOMEDIA.

October 19th, 2011, 7:37 pm


George Krikorian said:

It is good to mention that Homs has always been a hot nationalist boiling point, next to Hama, more than anywhere else. Some of the Homsiot Atassis played a political role in Syria. Hashem Bey was the most famous. Some others like Faisal, Louay or Noureddine had a lesser impact on the politics of Syria, but had nevertheless their role in shaping up the future of the country. Everybody knows, for example, that Noureddine was one of the earliest leading Baathist figures in the 60s, although he was completely at the opposite political spectrum of Hashem Bey and the traditional Atassis who looked at him somehow as almost a pariah.

October 19th, 2011, 7:41 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

“العهد النبوي” والمسيحيّ الخائف
“أمّ الدّنيا” هي أقرب اليوم إلى الأمّ الحزينة، تبكي أبناءها المسيحيين الأقباط، وقد بدأ دمهم يُلوّن نهر النيل، منذرا بلعنة الإله الواحد، الآب الضابط الكل، إلا أولئك الذين توغل الحقد في قلوبهم، والجهل في عقولهم، والكفر في إيمانهم؛ أشباح المجازر والترحيل، وعصابات التدنيس والتنكيل. أولئك الأوثان الذين يستشهدون بإله بريء من دينهم ويُهدّدون الأمان والعيش الصّالح بين الأديان.
من العراق إلى مصر، ومسيحيّو الشرق يستعيدون طريق جلجلة، وصوت سوط يلسع جسد القداسة، ووجهاً مدمّى يطبع صورته على خريطة تاريخنا المعاصر، وحربة تخترق رسالة المحبّة والسّلام، وإكليل شوك يحمله كلّ مسيحيٍّ عربيٍّ في الشرق عندنا. شرقنا، ملتقى الحضارات الأوّل، وأرض التوحيد والإله الواحد، أمسى أسير الذين يبغون الفتنة بين المسيحيين والمسلمين، وقد نسي أن الإسلام الإسلام بريء مما تدّعيه الحناجر والخناجر السّاخطة المتوعّدة، لأنه إسلام النبيّ محمّد الذي يوم جاءه وفد من دير القدّيسة كاترينا في أسفل سيناء، خائفاً وطالباً الحماية والأمان، ردّ النبيّ العربيّ بأن أعطاهم عهداً يحتفظ الدّير بنسخة ثمينة منه في مكتبته، عهداً لا مثيل له في تاريخ حقوق الإنسان، جاء فيه:
“هذا كتاب كتبه محمّد بن عبدالله إلى كافة الناس أجمعين… كتبه لأهل ملّته ولجميع من ينتحل دين النصرانية من مشارق الأرض ومغاربها، قريبها وبعيدها، فصيحها وأعجميها، معروفها ومجهولها، كتاباًً جعله لهم عهداً. لا يُغيّر أسقف من أسقفيته، ولا راهب من رهبانيته، ولا حبيس من صومعته، ولا سايح من سياحته، ولا يُهدم بيت من بيوت كنائسهم وبِيعهم، ولا يُدخل شيء من بناء كنائسهم في بناء مسجد ولا في منازل المسلمين. فمن فعل شيئاً من ذلك فقد نكث عهد الله وخالف رسوله… وأنا أحفظ ذمّتهم أين ما كانوا من برٍّ أو بحرٍ في المشرق والمغرب والشمال والجنوب، وهم في ذمّتي وميثاقي وأماني من كلّ مكروه. فمن نكث العهد الذي فيه وخالفه إلى غيره وتعدّى ما أمره، كان لعهد الله ناكثاً ولميثاقه ناقضاً وبدينه مستهزئاً وللّعنة مستوجباً،ً سلطاناً كان أو غيره من المسلمين المؤمنين”.
للمسيحيّ الخائف في الشرق اليوم، أقول: “إذا ضربك أحدهم على خدّك الأيمن فأدر له الأيسر… وحدّثه عن هذا العهد النبويّ الذي أعطاه النبيّ محمّد صكّ أمان للنصارى على أرواحهم وأموالهم وكنائسهم وإيمانهم”.

فيليب سكاف

October 19th, 2011, 7:42 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

Dear Moderator:

I would like if you can review comment#154. Sometimes, I doubt my English. However, I feel that comment contains inappropriate sexual content.

October 19th, 2011, 7:48 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@ Uzair8# 97

It is the entitlement/arrogance syndrome

October 19th, 2011, 7:52 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@ 155

Why did you forget Jamal.

October 19th, 2011, 7:56 pm


Darryl said:

My late 2 cents on the Alawite accent for those who would like to know:

As Sheila pointed out, Christians say the Qaf also as well as many other Syrians. However, the unique Alawite accent stretches the vowels as an example:

Most Syrians will say: eh Wallah
Alawite accent: Ee wallah

most Syrians will say: Mafi shei
Alwaite accent: Afi shei

most Syrians will say: Tabe3 (postage stamp)
Alawite accent: Tabee3

You can start to see the pattern.

To Mjabali,

Mate now you are in a bit of trouble with drinking. I was going to respond to one of your previous posts when promoting wine to Dr Khaldoon and his colleagues, please refrain from that as there is a global glut and there has never been a better time for wine lovers to enjoy good wine and we do not want demand to increase. In my case, I did not benefit 100% as I like Pinot Noir (in the US it is most often called Burgundy), and there is no glut there. So please do not promote wine to people who do not appreciate it, keep the glut for as long as possible.

October 19th, 2011, 7:59 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Ok, go ahead and delete it please, agree.

October 19th, 2011, 8:10 pm


newfolder said:

video: your typical minhibakjie at a pro-Bashar rally

ta3rees and tatbee2 and ra2es, while the Innocent are massacred by the mukhabarat and the thugs

October 19th, 2011, 8:17 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


“…..Some of the Homsiot Atassis played a political role in Syria. Hashem Bey was the most famous. Some others like Faisal, Louay or Noureddine had a lesser impact on the politics of Syria, but had nevertheless their role in shaping up the future of the country….”

Hashem Beik had a positive impact on Syria. He unified Syrians and offered outstanding leadership after independence. His son Faisal was not as highly educated as his father Hashem and was persuaded by Arab Nationalists to become a trouble maker for Syria, he was in fact the one that opened the door for Louai and his cousin Jamal, the information minister, to launch his fit on March 8, 1963. Atassi’s comprised 4 clans the affluent land and real estate owning one of Hashem clan down to the penniless Louai and Nourdeen clan, also thug Zuaiin was married into this lower echelon of Attassi’s.

At the funeral تعذية of Hashem, as a teenager I was already very angry with the Attassi’s, so when I forced to go and give condolences to Faisal, I confronted him with his deed that was written about in a book, pretty much put him in the blame for starting the mess in Syria. He was visibly upset and became irritated, wants to know about what the book is and totally denied that he was responsible for Louai, and he stated equivocally that what Louai did is out pure Jealousy for not having the wealth the other Attassi owned, and that his clan is in fact not Attassi’s but people who claim such on distant lineage to gain respect.

I disagree that the other clowns had any significant impact on Syria except in very negative ways and for brief time or in limited capacity. Louai, which I met daily practically was broken person who lived on small pension, and Nouraldeen was nothing more than Salah Jadid front and stooge اجر كرسي that is all, he had absolutely no power whatsoever, he even needed Jadid approval to hold a birthday party for his son, which he gave, but limited the attendance to small group of kids only.

October 19th, 2011, 8:38 pm


Tara said:


Ankara vows ‘immense revenge’ for PKK attacks
Font Size: Larger|Smaller
Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Ankara has promised “immense revenge” for at least 24 soldiers killed by Kurdish militants yesterday as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called an emergency meeting with senior aides over cross-border military action to counter the escalating wave of violence.

“Those who imagine that those attacks are shaking the state and bringing it into line will see that the revenge for those attacks will be immense and multifold. Sooner or later they will understand that waging a war against the Turkish state will lead them nowhere,” President Abdullah Gül said.


He put the death toll at 24 and said another 18 security personnel were wounded when militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) mounted simultaneous attacks early yesterday morning at several army and police facilities in the border province of Hakkari.

“Friends and enemies must understand that we will never bow down to any assault, either from inside or outside, that we will never step back and give away even the slightest chunk of the motherland’s soil,” Erdoğan said.

The leaders issued stern warnings to those who shelter and tolerate the PKK in messages that appeared directed primarily at Kurdish-run northern Iraq.

“The Turkish state will be on the back of the neck of anyone who is openly or covertly sheltering, supporting, abetting and tolerating terror, or turning a blind eye to it,” Erdoğan told reporters after the emergency talks.

October 19th, 2011, 8:45 pm


zoo said:

Syria: Time to freeze their membership


By Tariq Alhomayed

Tariq Alhomayed is the Editor-in-Chief of Asharq Al-Awsat. He is based in London.

If the Bashar al-Assad regime was skilled at the game of politics it could have taught the Arab League a lesson it would not soon forget and ensnared it in its own misdeeds. This was if the Syrian regime had accepted the two-week deadline [to meet the commitments it previously made to the Arab League], as well as the formation of a new [Arab League] ministerial committee to follow-up this initiative to be chaired by Qatar. If the Syrian regime had accepted this initiative, whilst the [Syrian] opposition had rejected this, then this would have placed the Arabs, and indeed the [Syrian] opposition, in a difficult position.

However what happened was the complete opposite of this, and this is what was expected; the al-Assad regime completely and comprehensively rejected the Arab initiative, which was issued too late in any case. This is the initiative that granted the Syrian regime an opportunity it could not have dreamt of to embarrass everybody at home and abroad. It granted the Syrian regime a two-week deadline, whilst also requiring it to open dialogue with the [Syrian] opposition, under the auspices of the Arab League. By rejecting this, the al-Assad regime has wasted an opportunity, and now the Arab League has the change to teach the al-Assad regime a lesson that it will not soon forget, as well as clear its name in the eyes of the Syrian people, particularly as the al-Assad regime followed up its rejection of this Arab League initiative with a massacre in Homs.

What should happen now is that the Arab League should meet, in an urgent and immediate manner, to freeze the membership of the Bashar al-Assad regime, as well as recognize the Syrian National Council [SNC]. The voting on these two resolutions should take place in front of the cameras, not during a closed session, and be broadcast live on air, in front of the eyes of the entire Arab world. Indeed, not only should the voting be broadcast live, but also the statements and interventions [on this issue]. The Arab League members, particularly those with clear positions, should not find themselves at the mercy of the position taken by one or two Arab states, rather these states must be called on to explain their position to Arab public opinion, namely why they have decided to stand with a regime that is killing its own people.

It is up to the Arab League to take this decisive position with regards to the al-Assad regime, not out of revenge, but in order to protect the unarmed Syrian civilians who are being suppressed by the Syrian military that is armed to the teeth and which is not following even the loosest rules of war, as well as in order for the Arab League to clear its name in the eyes of the Syrian people. The Arabs must also recall an extremely important issue, which is one of the ABC’s of political action, which is that – as one Arab official told me – “no regime responds to others simply because their intentions are good and their statements are fraternal, but rather regime’s respond according to decisions and positions.” The Arabs previously attempted this fraternal rhetoric with Saddam Hussein during the occupation of Kuwait, and prior to the US invasion of Iraq, and this failed to achieve anything, rather the members of the Iraqi Baathist regime became specialists in insulting Arab officials, and accusing them of treason. This also applies to the Arab League’s failure to deal with Muammar Gaddafi, not to mention its current failure to deal with Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, as well as why it will also certainly fail with Bashar al-Assad who has repeatedly scorned and snubbed the Arab League, most recently during the speech made by the Syrian representative to the Arab League!

As we said months ago, the Arabs must freeze the Syrian membership to the Arab League, recognize the SNC, and, of course, recall their ambassadors from Damascus, particularly as the Arab ambassadors in Syria are nothing more than false witnesses. This is because none of these ambassadors offered their condolences for the Syrians who died, or even said a single word defending the people of Syria. Of course, we are not comparing them to the US, British, and French ambassadors, for this is something that is extremely advanced for some Arabs, whether this is in the Gulf or elsewhere.

What is required from the Arab League today is for it to freeze the membership of the Bashar al-Assad regime, and recognize the SNC; otherwise this represents a failure with regards to all the Syrian people who have died.

October 19th, 2011, 8:53 pm


Tara said:

#167 Zoo

Exactly!غباؤكم ينصرنا

October 19th, 2011, 9:03 pm


ann said:

Both sides in Syria fall victim to violence – 19 October, 2011


The unrest engulfing Syria is descending into all-out conflict, with the growing violence claiming lives on both sides.

­Eleven soldiers were killed by army defectors this week, shortly after the UN warned there is a high chance of opposition forces taking up arms if the crackdown on protesters continues.

“This is the office of the traitor,” reads one of the messages on a wall inside one Damascus building. “Israel and the US were able to buy you with a thousand dollars,” says another.

Several opposition leaders, including Abdel Aziz Al-Khayer, work in this building. He had been a vocal critic of the Assad regime and had spent 14 years in jail – a very bad time, he recalls. Like many opposition members, Al-Khayer thinks there is really very little room for reconciliation under the current environment.

“Tanks, armored vehicles, troops must be withdrawn to their barracks,” he tells RT. “No clear voices in the regime that I know of are listening to people’s demands, and no one of them is providing political solutions. They are only using force to treat the situation.”

He insists peaceful protestors were forced to respond to attacks by security forces, but he acknowledges that now, it is not simply black and white. Responsibility for the violence goes both ways.

“Now we have not only the army and the intelligence services killing civilians, but we have some civilians killing soldiers,” Abdel Aziz Al-Khayer went on to explain.

Yehya’s son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began in the country. This happened in Daraa on March 23.

“All foreign media acknowledge that too many of the army and national guards have lost their lives. So how can some people say that armed groups don’t exist?” says Yehya Murhej, the father of the killed soldier. “Who kidnaps these civilians and army members like my son? How could army members kill other army members? This is impossible! The media that says that is plainly lying.”

And therein lies the problem. Ordinary Syrians are confused about what is going on.

“Information is taken by each side and used to defend their position,” one man tells RT. “So if you hear only arguments from one side, you’ll likely believe them.”

Despite the atmosphere of confusion and misinformation, the push for reforms continues.

“What’s hindering the reforms, this is another question. Whenever a new legislation is made, then we see an escalation of the security situation in Syria and the killing by the gangs,” says Faysal Mekdad, Syria’s deputy foreign minister. “But we cannot absolutely put the blame on the government as some are trying to propagate.”

Voices from both sides are calling for dialogue. Syrians themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved, the foundations of trust must first be laid down. But with each threat or death, Syria risks polarizing an already-widening political divide.

October 19th, 2011, 9:06 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

“…….However what happened was the complete opposite of this, and this is what was expected; the al-Assad regime completely and comprehensively rejected the Arab initiative,…”

So it was the very same Zionists tactics used on Saddam, offering him safe exist and demanding evidences they knew neither he will provides or accept. So it is part of a Zionist plot, will demand this and that, we know, we expect him to refuse and then will move to step 2, foreign ( non Arab) intervention, after all Arabs tried and failed, eeeggghhhh. If they expect this will be refused, then what sense asking for it in the first place dumb rag-head? If you want solutions and compromises, why start with an obstructionist terms that you know for sure it is not acceptable two humps slobbering Camel?

October 19th, 2011, 9:10 pm


Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Something I noticed while watching videos from Syria, is that most people are slim, fit and athletic. Compared with the Americans and the Europeans, for example, who many of them suffer from over-weight. This is most probably because of a healthy and balanced diet. Let me guess, not too many McDonalds and KFC in Syria. I hope it will remain as same in the new post-Assad era.

October 19th, 2011, 9:10 pm


ann said:

Needed: a sense of urgency about religious freedom in US foreign policy – October 19, 2011


Not a single Christian church remains standing in Afghanistan. A decade ago, American troops began a military campaign in that country to oust the oppressive Taliban regime. Well, the Taliban have been ousted—at least from the central national government—and the new government is ostensibly an American ally. But a decade later, the situation facing any Christians who remain in Afghanistan remains oppressive. The poor people of Afghanistan may have seen some improvement in their lot during the past ten years—that is debatable—but in terms of religious freedom nothing has changed.

It was early in October that we learned about the demolition of Afghanistan’s last remaining Christian church. But the building was actually destroyed in March 2010; about 18 months passed before the US State Department passed the news along to the American people. Apparently it was not considered a high-priority concern for US foreign policy.

Does the US government take religious freedom seriously? If so, how is it possible that after a decade of intense involvement, we have not made any provisions for religious freedom in Afghanistan? How is it that after more than two decades of US involvement in Iraq, Christians there face a steadily deteriorating situation?

Foreign policy is a complex business. Countries have many different goals, and limited means to achieve those goals. Even a superpower cannot fashion the world entirely to fit its preferences. (Our recent military adventures have served to underline that reality.) American troops did not go into Afghanistan for the cause of religious freedom; we intervened to drive Al Qaida out of its sanctuaries there. We did not invade Iraq to make life easier for Christians, but to unseat a brutal and dangerous tyrant. We were largely successful in achieving those goals. But in the process—and in the aftermath—American policy-makers have forgotten something.

Saddam Hussein was a cruel dictator. But under his regime—bloody as it was—Christians worshipped in relative security. Now, under the more democratic government that was installed with the help of American military might, Christians face a systematic campaign to drive them out of the country. Prominent Christians are tracked down and killed, execution-style, by Muslim extremists. Churches are bombed with alarming regularity. The violence against Christians is not abating as Iraq’s new government settles into power; on the contrary, 2010 saw a new peak in anti-Christian violence.

Yes, the Iraqi people are free from Saddam Hussein. But the ancient Christian communities of Iraq, which trace their proud lineage back to a time when Islam did not even exist, are not free to prosper. In July, when Christians in Kirkuk opened a new church, it was the first new Christian church to open in Iraq since the 2003 American invasion.

But then, there is no urgent need for new churches, since Iraqi Christians are in flight. The country’s Christian population had been cut in half, and more, by the successful intimidation campaign and the subsequent flight of families looking for security elsewhere. For all the influence that Washington wields in Baghdad, we have not managed to halt the violence against the country’s religious minority, nor to curb the Christian exodus.

In Afghanistan, meanwhile, the forces of Al Qaida were long ago driven from their sanctuaries. Still American forces keep battling to stabilize the new Afghani regime, with its appalling record on religious freedom.

And when Al Qaida’s terrorist leaders left Afghanistan, where did they go? To Pakistan, apparently, to “hide in plain sight” on the territory of another putative American ally. Before closing that chapter of our story, let’s take a look at Pakistan’s record on religious freedom: Christians sentenced to death for blasphemy, after being convicted on fraudulent charges; a provincial governor murdered for suggesting a change in the blasphemy law, and Islamic leaders applauding his death; Christian girls kidnapped, forced to convert and to marry Muslim men; bombings at Catholic schools; flood relief denied to Christian families; a leading Christian political figure assassinated. The record is unrelievedly bleak. Yet this, too, is an American ally, in whose country the US has projected enormous influence during the past decade.

The US State Department lists Pakistan and Iraq—along with other “friendly” nations such as China, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia—among the world’s worst offenders on matters of religious freedom. The Pew Forum ranks religious-freedom violations in two different categories: countries with government restrictions on worship and countries in which religious minorities face intense public hostility. In the Pew listing, 3 out of the 5 countries with the most severe legal restrictions on faith (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China) have friendly relations with the US, as do 4 out of the 5 where religious minorities face the greatest hostility (Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan).

This year American leaders voiced their enthusiasm for the “Arab Spring” uprisings that ran through the Middle East. We were excited by the prospects for popular rule in Egypt; now we see that a regime more in tune with public opinion is also more disposed to allow the slaughter of Coptic Christians. Our government has signaled support for a regime change in Syria, and few Americans would be sad to see the Assad regime fall. But in Syria today, Christians worship freely; would the same be true if Assad were ousted by a populist rebellion, and Islamic militants came to the fore?

There are many different interests that go into the foreign-policy meat grinder, and the US has many different reasons (or should I say temptations?) to tolerate imperfect regimes. We support democracy, and so we smile on regimes that are inching their way toward free elections, even if they lag on religious liberty. We support free trade, and so we encourage commerce with countries that are opening their markets, even if they are not opening churches. This is all understandable; sometimes quiet, persistent encouragement is more effective than blunt criticism and posturing. But again, do we have any reassurance—do we have any sign at all—that religious freedom figures prominently among the State Department’s priorities?

The answer, regrettably, is No. Nor can we blame the Obama administration exclusively for the failure to emphasize religious-freedom issues. Most of the questionable alliances mentioned above were formed and flourished under previous US administrations. The Obama administration was painfully slow to provide a head for the State Department’s office for religious freedom. But the Republican Party was equally slow to call attention to that long delay. Now today we learn that a block in the Senate is threatening the continued existence of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, and again there are no public howls of protest. Neither political party has shown any special interest in this issue.

Who should we blame, then? We should blame ourselves: the American people. We do live in a democratic society, and if the voters demanded a stronger emphasis on religious freedom abroad, our leaders would be forced to oblige. So what are our priorities? Would we rather have our diplomats press for an end to restrictions on the “underground” churches in China, or ensure the continued supply of inexpensive parts for our iPhones? We have one result now; would we trade it for the other?

American liberals and conservatives have their own competing foreign-policy goals. Advocates of free trade will always have a say—and an incentive to lobby in Washington for their preferred policies. But there is no natural constituency for religious freedom, unless it is the great, quiet body of American believers. If we American Christians do not rally our political forces to protect our brothers in other countries, no one else will.

October 19th, 2011, 9:20 pm


Tara said:

Syria state media lashes out at Arab League
AFP – Tue, Oct 18, 2011

An official Syrian daily lashed out at the Arab League Wednesday, accusing it of serving US and Israeli interests after the organisation urged Damascus to open up to dialogue.
“It is no longer surprising to see the Arab League, which is supposed to be concerned with joint Arab action, turn into an instrument of injustice aimed at destabilising Syria,” said the daily Ath-Thawra.
The daily said the 22-member Arab League was “hostage to powers following the agenda of aggressors like the United States, Israel and their European allies.”
“Following years of inaction, the Arab League has now become a tool of destabilisation, and is acting against Arab interests,” said the newspaper.
At an urgent session in Cairo on October 16, the Arab League called for “national dialogue” between Syria’s government and the opposition in the Egyptian capital by the end of the month to help end the violence and avoid “foreign intervention” in Syria.
Syria’s representative to the Arab League Youssef Ahmad slammed what he said was a “conspiracy” against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the Cairo meeting on Sunday.

October 19th, 2011, 9:29 pm


Norman said:

Tara Said,


It appears that more than one regime’s supporter think of doctors in a bad way. I believe Hans if I am not mistaken said almost the same thing. Do Regime’s supporter think that all Syrian doctors got their MD degree through “wasta” like Bashar did.

No they do not and President Assad had the grades to go to medical school, To go to medical school in Syria you have to be top in the country, yes, there are seats for certain groups but if you have the grades, nobody can deny you your seat and that in contrast to the US where there is no objective way to get in a school.

October 19th, 2011, 9:34 pm


ann said:

The Christians of the Orient Stand up Against the New Western Colonisim – 18. Oct, 2011


The war against Syria, planned by the United States, France and the United Kingdom for mid-November 2011, has been blocked in extremis by the Russian and Chinese vetoes at the Security Council. According to Nicolas Sarkozy, who informed the Maronite Patriarch of the matter during a stormy meeting at the Elysée Palace on 5 September 2011, the plan contemplates the expulsion of Middle East Christians by the Western powers. In this context a press campaign is underway in Europe to accuse the Christians of the Orient of collusion with the dictatorships. Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross, mother superior of the monastery of James the Mutilated in Qara (Syria) responds to this war propaganda.

Thierry Meyssan: The special synod for the Middle-East affirmed the Arabic character of the Christians of this region, which marks a rupture with the 20th century where Christianity, even though it was born in this region, appeared as the religion of the colonizer. This ideological turnover led the Holy-Seat and the Churches of the Orient to support the Palestinian cause and the forces of the anti-Zionist Resistance, including Syria. This evolution had been anticipated in Lebanon by General Michel Aoun and his alliance with Hezbollah. Have the Christians of the Orient become enemies of the westerners?

Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross: Yes, the synod affirmed emphatically the Arabic character of the Christians of the Orient through immersion and symbiosis with their historical and cultural environment.

Let us not forget that the Christians of the Orient were the pioneers of the Arabic Renaissance called Nahda, vis-à-vis the Ottoman colonizer. It was them, together with certain eminent Muslim figures, who rekindled the Arabic language and its universal influence through translations, to or from Arabic, by great intellectuals as there were in Aleppo, Damascus and in Mount-Lebanon. The first Arabic printing presses in the Arab world were pioneered by Christians, such as Adballah Zakher. However, with the pan-Arabic movements at the beginning of the 20th century and certain tensions at the dawn of the independence, Christian factions were led to distance themselves ideologically from their Arabic brothers of other confessions. This was very patent during the war in Lebanon when some Lebanese Christians vociferously recanted their membership to the Arabic world, claiming to have hypothetical Phoenician, Cannae, or other roots. The Christian defeat in the Lebanese war reset people’s hearts to a right measure with regard to history and identify. The Christians rediscovered their mission on the land of their forefathers – from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean, through the banks of the Nile – to convey their hopes to their Muslim brothers, whom they had welcomed as liberators against the Byzantine colonizer during the Islamic wars. We need to remember the work of the late father Corbon, author of a book that greatly influenced the pastors of the Christian Churches to embrace the Arab cause and identification. The title of his work, which I disagree with, is The Church of the Arabs.

The Vatican has always supported the Palestinian cause, not because of any political alignment, but out of a sense of justice. Today this position has been adopted by all the Christians of the Orient, including the former anti-Arabic militants. However, the unjust interference of the westerners — the United States and France on top — in our regional affairs, one which has already sufficiently and bitterly been experienced during the war in Lebanon, and which still prevails in Iraq, led the Christians, pontiffs on top, to be extremely prudent. We don’t want to become enemies of the westerners, but we have to realize once and for all that the survival of the Christians of the Orient can no longer depend on some protectorate or Sublime Gate; our future depends on the earnest marriage between the Christians and their brothers that cohabitate with them in the Middle-East, in whom they recognize their blood brothers above any confessional differences, which aren’t as big as they appear.

The Christians have always been used as the cultural windbreak for the West. When the Ottomans, the sick man of Europe, didn’t have any other alternative but to welcome the various western consuls who came with their missionaries to Aleppo (French, Italians, Venetians, Dutch, Austrians, English, etc.… ), the Christians were the interface who permitted them to adapt themselves to the mysterious Orient. In the end, the Christians are the enemies of no one. They welcomed the Westerners as well as the Muslims. In any case, after so many setbacks they have earned the right to criticize the blunders, the shortsightedness, or the inauspicious rage of the West which promotes its own interests to the detriment of the multi-secular presence of the Christians and other ethnic-cultural components of the Oriental socio-demographic fabric. Either we accept the democratic principles and they take our point of view into account, or we must accept that we are once more facing an imperialistic system that demands us to keep silent and compels us to obey.

Thierry Meyssan: The western Catholic press is staging an all-out attack against the new Maronite Patriarch and his hostile reaction to an international intervention for regime change in Syria. His detractors accuse him of collaboration with the “dictatorship of the Assad’s”. Is it true that the Christian minority in the Middle-East is afraid of democracy?

Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross: I am disappointed by the Catholic press which blindly follows the tendency dictated by the masters of the world and that just repeats like a parrot what the mainstream media spreads. It is sad that in these difficult times we first have to explain ourselves to our Christian brothers who are completely caught up in misconceptions, misunderstandings and disinformation; a part for a few exceptions whose courage I salute.

The West has got used to being the judge, the authority, the sponsor and guardian of the Christians of the Orient. This is due to too much complacency among among ourselves towards an alternative culture which has been too eagerly adopted. Moreover, it is one thing to be French-speaking, it is quite another to allow the French — or other westerners — to set themselves up as educationalists and guardians of the Christians of the Orient. The Maronite Patriarch stated what he thinks, in unison with his colleagues, the other Patriarchs of the Middle-East. He didn’t do it in complicity with a dictatorship, but in harmony with what he believes is in the line of justice and in the interest of the Christian communities. Of course, the words of the Patriarch thwart, in a very authoritative manner, the maneuvers of the international community aiming to establish at whatever price an alternative puppet regime in Syria like they did in Libya. The fact that they are so interested in Syrian affairs — oh! if only they had been so interested during the Lebanese war when we were being massacred in silence! — to the point of hitting the headlines in the media of the New Totalitarianism on a daily basis should attract the attention of every free and critical person.

To claim that the Christians of the Orient and their pastors are hesitant to join the Arab revolutions because they fear democracy is downright slander. Christians everywhere have always been the pioneers of the freedom of speech, of equality among citizens, and of people’s dignity. It is false to say that we culturally ignore the meaning of democracy, that our families are authoritarian and that in general, there is no democracy in the Church. This is a simplified and superficial reading of the reality; why not talk about the love that reigns in our families? Thanks to this harmony, we don’t need a majority to rule since consensus is our daily reality which welds together the various members of this congregation. As for the Church, it is the communion that supersedes the relations between such members. To treat the family and the Church in a democratic manner is to politicize realities that are infinitely more profound than the interests of the Polis. I am surprised that priests who organize fast and prayer seminars are in reality centered on a one-sided political view of the family, the Church, society, to the point of becoming voluntary consultants who dictate, like the colonizers of old, their flawless opinions like oracles from above to the poor Syrian masses, regarded as inferior, uncultivated, blind and powerless.

The West is so full of pride that it cannot imagine a different civil order could possibly exist, even thought theirs is facing an insoluble social, economical and moral crisis. In traditional societies loyal to the ancestral system inherited from biblical times, there are other ways, other parameters to organize the everyday life of the society. I am thinking about the patriarchal system. I am thinking about the system based on alliances among families, tribes, cities, regions and countries; a federal system based on freedom and the particular interests of the family, the tribe, attached to the land of the ancestors. Unfortunately the West has swept away the concept of belonging to the land, the family, the ethnic group, in short the ontological identity. The Western model is not based on the acknowledgement of the individual but on external interests. It is in the name of what is economically expedient that they sacrifice — for the benefit of the multinationals — the principles of the homeland, the family and personal identity. We don’t realize that we are caught up in a much more unbridled and evil totalitarianism than the small authoritarian regimes which they seek to overthrow. The latter at least have the merit of availing themselves of the social, identity, family, tribal and clan network of our mysterious Orient. I am conscious of the fact that, seen from a distance, our happy life is completely incomprehensible for the West.

Thierry Meyssan: The Syrian National Transitional Council (SNC), which was constituted in Turkey, is dominated by the Muslim Brothers. The Brotherhood has always been severely repressed by Damascus and their historic stronghold cities are now at the heart of the protests. The Muslim Brothers want to impose a modern version of the Sharia. Doesn’t their concern for restoring moral values coincide with the aspirations of a lot of Christian movements?

Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross: I deplore the fact that the so-called opponents didn’t accept President Bashar Al-Assad’s invitation to debate with him the series of reforms which he is in the process of carrying out. Instead, this opposition turned its back on all negotiations, not only by their declarations, but by taking up arms, by perpetrating bombing attacks, and other violent acts. The SNC does not represent a natural emanation of the real aspirations of the Syrian people for their legitimate rights, but as the artificial product of a secret collaboration with interests going beyond Syrian borders.

The Alliance between the Muslim Brothers and the West is a scandal for the Christians and the Muslims who don’t want religious matters to encroach on their civil rights. In secular regimes, established after colonialism amidst the pan-Arabic frenzy, everybody was relieved to see the establishment of a certain distance between religion and state. Now, while the Westerners rightly reject the overlap of state and religion at home, they see fit to promote it here to overthrow secular regimes! That’s what frightens the majority of the Syrian people. The implementation of Sharia law in its entirety, as advocated by the Muslim Brothers, will lead to regimes which are theocratic, obsolete and obscurantist, like that of Saudi-Arabia. How can we accept such a regression in the 21th century? And what kind of modernization can the Muslim Brothers bring to the Sharia which, being of divine nature, cannot be mitigated or rectified by any human power?

I suspect that there is a hidden collusion between the neo-colonial interests of the West and the mental violence exerted by way of the Sharia. In spite of their democratic pretenses, the Western powers unfortunately have to rely on a system which helps them to subjugate the masses on the pretext of piety or fidelity to religion. In short, the Western powers are afraid of the Christians who, according to the teachings of the Gospel, are free to choose to do Good or Evil and are left with their dignity as reasonable human beings, responsible for their thoughts, words and actions, which is not the case in Muslim fundamentalism.

Thierry Meyssan: Certain Western clerics living in the Arab world fervently committed themselves to the “Arab Spring”. They stressed that the Europeans should not be privileged, but that it is everyone should be entitled to the Western standard of living and to benefit from democracy. Yet, you and the Patriarch seem to be concerned about the Syrian revolution. In the end, do the Christians have a common viewpoint on this subject or are they politically divided?

Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross: I really think that the Western clerics living in the Arab world are only mentally committed to the Arab Spring; they are revolutionaries on paper only. Moreover, they didn’t make the effort — being strangers to the social network and to the Oriental identity construction — to listen to the real wishes of the enormous silent majority of Christians and Muslims.

These Western clerics are the first to have been misguided and to demonstrate their contempt for the Oriental values they claim to defend since, through the power of their overwhelming conviction, they seek to introduce western standards as being the only universal and viable norms for the well being and the dignity of the human being. Let us look at these standards, with Oriental eyes: where is the importance given to the family, which has crumbled to the point that gender identity is being debated at the UN? And what about Western morals which Orientals find totally repulsive and, while we’re at it since we are free to express ourselves, why not mention that in the Orient we would never have accepted the trivialization of abortions or the isolation of elders outside their families.

It is obvious that Western standards are a reference only for those Orientals who are alienated from their own identity and who live in a virtual world allowing themselves to be fashioned in the image of their idols. It’s not the revolution that frightens the Patriarch or the Christians, but the interference by the West which suggests that we are facing a conspiracy or a highjacked movement rather than an entirely spontaneous event.

The Christians can be divided politically, it’s their right. They have always been pluralistic, much to their honor. Because of the freedom inherent to their religious formation, they are the craftsmen and, I would say, a reference for all revolutions worthy of the name.

October 19th, 2011, 9:37 pm


ann said:

Moscow welcomes Hizballah delegation, cites Israeli talks with Hamas
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report – October 19, 2011


Israel’s negotiations with the Hamas for the release of Gilad Shalit to justify its continuing support for Syrian President Bashar Assad and opening the door to pro-Iranian and pro-Syrian terrorist groups. Wednesday, Oct. 19, Moscow welcomed a Lebanese Hizballah delegation, the first European capital to formally receive Iran’s terrorist surrogate.

Russian officials justified this action by arguing that since Israel decided it was acceptable to deal directly with Hamas, there was no reason why Moscow shouldn’t set up direct links with Hizballah, especially when the Shiite group has ministers serving in the Lebanese government in Beirut.

They charged that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was directly involved in the interaction with Hamas through Gershon Baskin, head of the Israeli-Palestinian Institute of Research and Science and his backdoor channel to Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s former adviser, Ghazi Hamad.
It was Hamad’s job, they say, to carry Netanyahu’s messages to the Hamas military commander Muhammad Jabary, who controlled the conditions of Gilead Shalit’s confinement.
The Hizballah delegation, on a three-day visit to the Russian capital as the official guests of the Russian Lower House, is composed of three high-ranking officials, Mohamed Raad, director of Hizballah’s Organization Department, Hassan Fadlallah, who runs the Information and Propaganda Department, and Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s deputy, Nawar As-Sakhili.
Before flying home Saturday, Oct. 22, the delegation will also be received by the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Council of Muslims in European Russia. Its members will deliver lectures at some of Moscow’s universities.
debkafile’s sources stress that for Hizballah, the official Russian communiqué announcing its visit, was tantamount to international recognition as a force with a say in the region, as well as boosting the prestige of its masters in Tehran. The Russians stressed that they would discuss with their Lebanese visitors “the situation in the Middle East including the recent events in Libya, Palestine, Syria and Yemen” – a singular honor for a group banned as terrorists by the United States, Israel and most Western countries.
In this way, our Moscow sources report, the Kremlin is demonstrating that it has its own take on the deal struck between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas and strongly suspects it is designed to set in motion a two-stage process:

1. The Israel prime minister wanted to show US President Barack Obama how far he was willing to go for the sake of an accommodation with the Palestinians – even to the extent of talking to Hamas.
The Israeli mediator Gershon Baskin told interviewers this week that he was sure it was Netanyahu’s destiny to forge peace with the Palestinians. If true, this claim would explode Mahmoud Abbas’ charge that the prime minister is deliberately stalling on peace talks with the Palestinians.
2. By concluding the prisoner exchange deal with Hamas, Israel sought to draw the United States into dumping the Palestinian Authority chairman and his Fatah party which governs the West Bank in favor of ties with the fundamentalist Hamas. This would enable the transfer of Hamas’ political bureau from Damascus to Cairo, thereby diluting or even severing its close bonds with Damascus and Tehran.

It is suspected in some Russian ruling circles that the Israeli prime minister may even have won support for his deal from certain factions in Washington for the dual purpose of pulling the rug from under Abbas and also undermining Assad. This Moscow is determined to prevent.

The Russians are therefore using Hizballah and its close ties with Hamas as a vehicle for cautioning the Palestinian organization not to desert Damascus and Bashar Assad. Hamas maintains military command centers in Beirut which operate under the aegis and protection of Hizballah, whereas Hizballah maintains military advisers in the Gaza Strip.
debkafile’s Russian sources would not be surprised to hear about a Hamas delegation or its leader Khaled Meshaal arriving without warning in Moscow on the heels of their Lebanese allies.

October 19th, 2011, 9:47 pm


jad said:

سوريا بين شروط الانفجار الإقليمي والتفجيرات الصغيرة
سامي كليب

مع اتهام الولايات المتحدة لإيران بالتخطيط لاغتيال السفير السعودي في واشنطن عبدالله جبير، تقدم الاشتباك الاقليمي والدولي خطوة اضافية نحو الانفجار. كل التحليلات تصبّ في خانة القول ان ايران تبقى الهدف الاول، فطبيعي ان يزداد الضغط العربي والدولي على سوريا وسط انسداد افق التسويات السياسية الحقيقية. لكن شروط الانفجار لم تجتمع تماماً بعد، فلا بد من انتظار شهور اخرى من التأزم والتفجيرات الصغيرة الدبلوماسية والأمنية، فتشتد قناعة النظام السوري بأن الأمن يبقى أولوية.
لا شيء في دمشق يوحي بهذا الغليان الاقليمي. ولا شيء يوحي أيضاً بان ثمة مناطق اخرى في سوريا تغلي على نار السلاح او على جمر الاقتتال المذهبي (حمص خير مثال). الحياة في دمشق اكثر من عادية. ازدحام سير في النهار. حركة الناس في الاسواق على معهودها قبل الازمة. والمطاعم تعجّ في الليل بأهل السمر. خصوصاً مطاعم الخمس نجوم المستلقية عند الضفة اليمنى لجادة المزة الشهيرة. والحضور الأنثوي الطاغي في ليالي المطاعم يوحي بأن لا قلق أمنياً فعلياً في دمشق.
اما الفنادق، فهي شبه خالية في الأحياء القديمة على غرار تلك الموجودة في باب توما رغم زحمة الزوار وبعض السائحين الأجانب ليلاً في الأزقة القديمة المحافظة على تراث مسيحي وطابع فرنسي. بينما الفنادق التقليدية الكبرى في دمشق مثل الشيراتون فتعج بالحلفاء الخلّص لسوريا، حيث يسمع الزائر لهجات من اميركا اللاتينية او من الهند والصين وروسيا. تضافرت وفود هذه الدول مذ قرر وزير الخارجية وليد المعلم محو اوروبا عن خريطة العالم، لكن الذين تم محوهم لا يزالون حاضرين بقوة عبر سفرائهم وهذه مسألة هامة في الوقت الراهن.
واشنطن والمعارضة والعرب
السفير الاميركي روبرت فورد باق في سوريا رغم كل الضجيج حول دوره. ويقال الكثير في دمشق هذه الأيام حول الدور الاميركي. ومما يقال مثلاً إن وفداً من السفارة الاميركية زار أنقرة قبيل فترة وشارك في اجتماعات المجلس الانتقالي. بقي الأمر شبه سري ولكن الاميركيين وجهوا للمجلس نصائح عديدة وبينها :
[ يجب ان يكون المجلس شاملاً كل اطياف المعارضة، خصوصاً ممثلي التنسيقيات والمعارضة الداخلية.
[ من الافضل ان لا يكون الاخوان المسلمون في واجهة المجلس حتى ولو شكلوا جزءاً أساسياً فيه.
[ يجب تقوية الرهان على الداخل السوري ثم التوجه الى الدعم الخارجي وليس العكس.
[ ينبغي العمل على طبقة رجال الاعمال في سوريا، وإفهامها بأن مصالحها سوف تتقهقر مع بقاء النظام الحالي وتتحسن لو أزيل.
وفي المعلومات أيضاً ان الاميركيين قالوا للمعارضة ان واشنطن لن تعترف قريباً بالمجلس الانتقالي لأن ذلك لن يفيد الآن، وان مجرد اعتراف المجلس الانتقالي الليبي بالمجلس السوري دفع السوريين للقول إنه اعتراف من حلف شمال الاطلسي، فكيف اذا اعترفت واشنطن؟
تدرك واشنطن خطورة دعمها المباشر والعلني للمجلس الانتقالي، ولذلك قال أحد دبلوماسييها مؤخراً: «إننا لن نكون الدولة الأولى ولا الثانية او الثالثة ربما التي تعترف بالمجلس، نفضل ان يبرهن المجلس أولاً عن قاعدته الشعبية القوية ثم نقرر».
استند هذا الحذر الاميركي الى جمعة دعم المجلس الانتقالي. الجمعة التي ارتفع فيها شعار «المجلس يمثلني» لم تحشد أكثر من 26 الف متظاهر وفق معلومات دبلوماسية دقيقة.
ليست الولايات المتحدة وحيدة في خيار الإبقاء على سفيرها فكل الأوروبيين لم يحركوا سفراءهم. ايطاليا استدعته ثم أعادته. اليابان كذلك. اما القرار المركزي الاوروبي فيقضي بالحفاظ على السفراء الاوروبيين في دمشق لكي «تبقى العين حاضرة» وفق ما يقول دبلوماسي غربي في دمشق.
والاوروبيون ليسوا مستعجلين للاعتراف بالمجلس الانتقالي. يشعرون بأن ذلك قد يسيء اكثر مما ينفع. ولكن الاتصالات قائمة. فرنسا استقبلت علانية في مقر وزارة خارجيتها الشخصية الابرز في المجلس الدكتور برهان غليون. وقبل فترة جاء الى دمشق في زيارة غير معلنة مسؤول دانمركي، والحركة الاوروبية ناشطة جدا في اروقة مجلس الامن للضغط على النظام السوري، ومن المرجح ان تتفاعل مستقبلا.
سر الفيتو الروسي
منذ استخدام موسكو وبكين حق النقض «فيتو» ضد قرار ادانة سوريا وفرض عقوبات اضافية عليها في مجلس الامن الدولي، شغل الموقف الروسي كثيرين. قيل انه مصلحي موقت، ولكن تبين مع الوقت أنه أكثر تجذراً مما يعتقد البعض.
يقول دبلوماسي اوروبي إن موسكو استخدمت حق النقض لأسباب عدة أبرزها، ان الدبلوماسية الروسية شعرت بان الغرب «خدعها» في الملف الليبي حيث كانت الوعود لها تؤكد ان الاطلسي سيحمي فقط المدنيين واذا بالامر يتحول الى اجتياح وعملية للإطاحة بنظام العقيد معمر القذافي، فتوعدت موسكو خادعيها بالرد في ملف آخر. ثم ان موسكو تعتبر ان سوريا قد تكون آخر معاقلها الفعلية في الشرق الاوسط ولو سقط نظام الاسد فإنها ستبتعد كلياً عن المنطقة. وتعتبر ايضا ان النظامين السوري والجزائري هما آخر نظامين يشبهان الى حد بعيد النظام الروسي، وسقوطهما يعني وصول التهديد الى الحدود الروسية. ويضاف الى ذلك ان نشر رادارات الدرع الصاروخية الاطلسية في تركيا وتنامي الدور التركي أشعرا الادارة الروسية بأن ثمة تهديداً فعلياً لها، خصوصا ان ذلك سيجعل منطقة المتوسط بكاملها حكراً على الاميركيين والاوروبيين، وقد يوصل لاحقاً التمدد الاسلامي بما فيه الاصولي الى الحدود الروسية.
ويقال بان ثمة من عرض على موسكو اغراءات مالية تكون بديلاً مغرياً لحوالى 4 مليارات دولار تكسبها من بيع الاسلحة الى سوريا، ويبدو ان دولة خليجية عرضت مضاعفة المبلغ مقابل التخلي عن نظام الاسد، ولكن ذلك بقي مجرد أمانٍ.
ويكشف الدبلوماسي الغربي وجود بعض التباينات داخل الادارة الروسية حيال الملف السوري، فوزير الخارجية سيرغي لافروف مؤيد بقوة للقيادة السورية، بينما الرئيس ديمتري ميدفيديف يبدو أكثر ميلاً للموازنة بين دعم النظام من جهة وشجب قتل المدنيين من جهة ثانية، اما رئيس الوزراء فلاديمير بوتين فخياره مع سوريا يبدو استراتيجياً. وفي كل الاحوال كل المعلومات الغربية تشير الى ان الموقف الروسي حيال سوريا ليس قابلاً للتغيير قريباً وانه سيبقى داعما للنظام ورافضا لاي تدخل دولي.
العرب والطوق على سوريا
يبدو ان الفيتو الروسي الصيني، وتماسك الجيش السوري وقدرة السلطة على التعامل عسكرياً مع كل مناطق التوتر، وتراجع عدد المتظاهرين، واستمرار قدرة بشار الاسد على جمع الكثير من المؤيدين، أمور دفعت الولايات المتحدة الاميركية ومعها جل الدول الاوروبية للضغط على العواصم العربية بغية رفع مستوى الضغوط على دمشق.
لا تستطيع الادارة السورية تفسير ما جرى قبل يومين في مقر الجامعة العربية في القاهرة إلا من هذا المنظور. يقول السوريون إن المطلوب في الوقت الراهن هو «ضمان غطاء عربي» لأي قرار دولي في مجلس الامن، وتشريع التدخل الدولي، وإحراج روسيا والصين، بحيث لا تستطيع العاصمتان لاحقا اعاقة مشاريع قرارات او عقوبات في مجلس الامن ضد القيادة السورية.
تركيا وغموض الموقف
لا يختلف اثنان على ان الدور التركي كاد يكون مفصلياً في الازمة السورية. حجم الضغوط التي مارستها القيادة التركية كان لافتاً. لكن ما يختلف عليه اثنان هو مواقف الاطراف التركية حيال قيادة الاسد. فالمعلومات الدبلوماسية والامنية المتوافرة حتى الآن تشير الى ان الاستخبارات التركية واجهزة الامن والجيش لا تزال تؤيد عدم الانزلاق الى اتون اشتباك مع سوريا. لا بل ان رئيس الاستخبارات حقان فيدان يزور دمشق بين وقت وآخر، تماماً كما ان مسؤولاً سورياً كبيراً يزور بين وقت وآخر انقرة.
لا شيء يدفع للاعتقاد حتى الآن بان الامور مع انقرة جيدة، ولكن الأكيد ان لا شيء يدفع بالمقابل للاعتقاد بأن الامور ستسوء بسرعة. ثمة كلام عن تعديل طفيف في موقف رجب طيب اردوغان، بحيث انه لم يعد يرفع الصوت بقوة كما فعل في الاشهر الاولى وان الخطر الاكبر يبقى وزير الخارجية احمد داوود اوغلو، ولكن عارفي اردوغان يقولون إنه لا يمكن رصد مواقف الرجل، فغداً صباحاً قد يقول كلاماً اكثر قسوة من السابق، وكل ما في الامر ان الزلات الدبلوماسية التي ارتكبها حيال عدد من دول الجوار بما في ذلك في مصر حيث اثار الاخوان المسلمين بحديثه عن العلمانية، دفع ناصحيه في تركيا لنصحه بالتروي.
ثم ان الكلام عن إقامة منطقة عازلة في الاراضي السورية، صار اقرب الى الوهم، ويقــول مســؤول دبلوماسي ذو عــلاقة مباشرة مــع انقرة بان الاتــجاه الآن هــو لإقــامة منطقة لجوء في الاراضي التركية وليس السورية، ذلك ان الحدود بين البلدين تتخطى 700 كيلومتر مربع وان اي حركة تركية معادية لسوريا في 100 كــيلومتر ستـــدفع الســوريين للــرد في اكثر من مكــان عنــد الحدود او عبرها. قدرة الإيذاء عند الطرفين كبيرة.
أسرار التهديد الإيراني
لم يكن دخول ايران على الخط السوري التركي مفاجئاً. قال الجنرال يحيى رحيم الصفوي: «يتعين على تركيا ان تعيد النظر جذرياً في سياستها حيال سوريا والدرع الصاروخي، والا فانها ستواجه مشاكل مع شعبها». ليس هذا من نوع التصريحات العابرة. فالرجل هو المستشار العسكري لآية الله علي خامنئي. تحذيره الداعم لسوريا جاء في وقت كانت مؤشرات تدخل تركي في الشؤون السورية تزداد ويزداد معها الضغط الاميركي على اردوغان للتحرك سريعاً.
لم تكتف ايران بالتهديد. سعت لاحتضان حركة حماس. العائدون من طهران وتحديداً من مؤتمر دعم المقاومة يشرحون كم «تفانت» القيادة الايرانية في توجيه الرسائل الايجابية. لم يؤثر تصريح رئيس المكتب السياسي للحركة خالد مشعل والذي تحدث عن حقوق الشعوب بما فيها السوري في التعبير عن رأيه، لم يؤثر في تغيير الموقف الايراني. تصرفت طهران من موقع الراغب بإعادة الحركة الاسلامية الى مكانها الصحيح، خصوصاً وسط معلومات تتسرب منذ فترة عن محاولات سعودية وقطرية لإبعاد رموز الحركة عن دمشق. قدمت القيادة الايرانية احد اعلى الاوسمة لمحمود الزهار. ثم جاءت مفاجأة اخرى عبر اعلان مشعل نفسه ومن قلب دمشق نجاح صفقة تبادل الأسرى مع إسرائيل.
تبين ان الخط الايراني السوري عاد يتوضح بقوة. تزامن ذلك مع التخبط في ملف الانسحاب الاميركي من العراق. وتزامن ايضاً مع تصاعد التفجيرات على الاراضي العراقية، ومع تهديدات للقوات الأميركية من زعيم التيار الصدري مقتدى الصدر، ومع دعم عراقي اقتصادي واضح لسوريا.
تحرك العامل الكردي. تعددت الانتقادات لرئيس الحكومة نوري المالكي. حصلت ضغوط خلف الأضواء عربية وغربية على حكــــومة المالكي المقرب من ايران والمتقارب منذ سنوات مع دمشق. اضطر الرجل لان يقول كلاماً مفاده انه ليس مع الحزب الواحد ولا الرئيس الواحد ولا الطـــائفة او القـــومية الواحدة. فهم السوريون أن في الامر مجرد اضطرار وان الموقف الحقيـــقي لرئيس الحكومة العراقي يصبّ في مصلحة التحالف الايراني السوري.
اغتيل القيادي الكردي مشعل تمّو. قلقت القيادة السورية من إلصاق الاتهام بها. سارع التلفزيون الرسمي الى اعتبار الرجل مناضلاً ومناهضاً للتدخل الدولي. سارعت المعارضة الى الصاق التهمة بالامن السوري. وبين الاتهام وعكسه بدا الامر وكأنه محاولة لدق اسفين جديد بين القيادة السورية والاكراد ليس في سوريا فحسب، وانما في العراق وتركيا ايضا.
سر محاولة اغتيال السفير السعودي
يعتقد المقربون من دمشق وطهران، بأن كل الضجة التي اثيرت حول «مخطط» اغتيال السفير السعودي في واشنطن عادل الجبير، تهدف الى أمر واحد، هو تأجيج الدول الخليجية ومن خلفها دول عربية اخرى ضد طهران. يقول هؤلاء ان المعركة عادت الى مركزيتها. لا بد من وقف القدرة الايرانية على التحرك، خصوصا بعد الكلام الايجابي الذي صدر عن وزير الخارجية علي اكبر صالحي قبل فترة حيال انقرة والرياض.
ان سرعة ردة الفعل السعودية على لسان وزير الخارجية سعود الفيصل جعلت طهران ودمشق تشعران بأن ثمة فخاً يُنصب، وكان قد سبق ذلك تحذيرات اطلقها الرئيس الفرنسي نيكولا ساركوزي من عملية عسكرية وقائية ضد ايران، وتبعه بعد فترة قصيرة وزير الخارجية الاسرائيلي افغيدور ليبرمان الذي هدد ايران بضربة عسكرية. كما ان وزير الدفاع الاميركي الاسبق ديك تشيني كان قد اعلن مؤخراً وقبل اسبوع من خطاب بنيامين نتنياهو في الامم المتحدة ان اسرائيل تنوي ضرب ايران وان هذا امر مؤكد.
يقول دبلوماسي اوروبي ان الزيارة التي قام بها وزير الدفاع الاميركي ليون بانيتا الى اسرائيل كانت تهدف الى كبح الجماح الاسرائيلي حيال طهران، وقد قال الرجل كلاماً واضحاً امام المسؤولين الاسرائيليين مؤكداً ان «موقف واشنطن واضح بان لا ضربة ضد ايران من دون تنسيق ليس فقط مع الولايات المتحدة وانما مع دول المنطقة كلها».
مثل هذه الاحتمالات عززت الشعور لدى المقربين من طهران بأن ثمة فخاً ينصب وان عدداً من الدول العربية وتحديدا الخليجية قد تنزلق اليه، وهذا ما دفع القيادة الايرانية الى موقفين متناقضين، اولهما من خامنئي نفسه وكان محذراً ومهدداً، والثاني من صالحي وكرر فيه الدبلوماسية الايرانية المعهودة في محاولة التهدئة مع الجوار وخصوصاً مع السعودية.
وسط هذه الاجواء، تكررت التحليلات الدمشقية القائلة بان الضغوط الاميركية والاوروبية هائلة على الدول العربية لدفعها الى مواقف خطيرة حيال سوريا وايران، وان كشف واشنطن عن مخطط لاغتيال السفير السعودي لا يختلف عما حصل في اروقة الجامعة العربية في القاهرة من رغبة في تطويق الدولتين، ايران وسوريا. وعاد علي اكبر صالحي ينصح السعودية بتوخي الحيطة والحـذر للحيلولة دون الوقوع في الفخ الاميركي.
اين لبنان ؟
وسط هذا الاحتقان الاقليمي والدولي، رفع حزب الله منسوب كلامه. وهذا طبيعي وفق المنظور الدمشقي. واستقبل الرئيس بشار الاسد مجموعة من القيادات اللبنانية السنية، اولها الرئيس الدكتور سليم الحص، ثم الرئــــيس عمـــر كرامــي، وبعدهما كمال شاتيلا ومصطفى حمدان وعبد الرحيم مراد.
تزامنت تلك الاستـــقبالات مع اسئـــلة كثــيرة حول سياسة رئيس الحكومة نجيب ميقاتي. كان ميقاتي قد هدد بالاستقالة في حال أجبر لبنان على التـــصويت ضد القــــرار الدولي حيال سوريا. المعلومات تؤكد ان روسيا لعبت دوراً مركزياً مع دمـــشق بغية دفع لبنان للامتناع وليس للمعارضة. يقـــال ان السفير نواف سلام هدد هو الآخر بالاستقالة.
من عاد من دمشق مؤخراً، يشير الى ان الرئيس الاسد مستمر على احتضانه لميقاتي، ويقال إنه نصحه بالتواصل مع الامير عبد العزيز في السعودية.
وينقل زائر لبناني عن الاسد تأكيده ان الاتصالات مع السعودية جيدة وان العلاقة مع الملك عبدالله مستمرة ولم تنقطع طيلة الازمة، لا بل ان العلاقة مع الامير نايف بن عبد العزيز النائب الثاني لرئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الداخلية جيدة خلافاً لما كان يشاع سابقاً.
وكان أمير قطر الشيخ حمد نفسه قد اتصل بالاسد مهنئاً بعيد الفطر، وثمة من يقول بان الاتصالات لم تنقطع رغم كل المواقف القطرية ورغم دور «الجزيرة»، وهذا ما نقله الضيف اللبناني عن الرئيس السوري الذي اشار الى ان الموقف الافضل يبقى للامارات العربية. ويبدو ان سفير الامارات في لبنان يقول كلاماً ايجابياً عن سوريا. لكن بعض اوساط المعارضة تقول ان في الامر بعض المغالاة.
طنطاوي: الأسد رفيق سلاح
وفي مصر يبدو الوضع اكثر لفتاً للانتباه، فبالرغم من ان حركة الاخوان المسلمين هناك اصدرت اكثر من بيان ناقد للوضع في سوريا وشاجب للعنف، فان المجلس العسكري يبقى في مكان آخر. تفيد المعلومات بان المجلس الوطني الانتقالي السوري طلب عقد لقاء له في القاهرة. تقدمت وزارة الداخلية بطلب رسمي الى المجلس العسكري، فكان الرد سلبياً، واكتفى العسكريون المصريون بمنح المعارضة السورية امكانية اجراء لقاءات على الاراضي المصرية وليس عقد مؤتمر حوار. وثمة من ينقل عن المشير طنطاوي قوله: «ان الاسد رفيق سلاح، وانه لا بد من الإبقاء على سوريا قوية».
هذا الكلام المصري له أبعاد استراتيجية، ذلك ان اسرائيل تدرك ان مصر تعود شيئاً فشيئاً لتشكل تهديداً، ويشعر العسكريون المصريون بأن اللقاءات التاريخية بين القـــاهرة ودمشق وبـــين جيشي البلدين شكلت عبر الستينيات والسبعينيات الحجر الاساس الاول للمنطقة ولمواجهة اسرائيل.
جنبلاط والثقة المفقودة
اما بالنسبة لوليد جنبلاط فالوضع مختلف. ثمة انعدام ثقة متزايد من قبل القيادة السورية برئيس جبهة النضال، لكن رغبة احتواء الرجل لا تزال قائمة وأنيط وضعه بـ«حزب الله».
وقد ساهم لقاء جنبلاط مع قناة «المنار» قبل ايام قليلة في تأجيج الشكوك السورية حياله، ومفاد الشكوك ان حقيقة المواقف الجنبلاطية تصبّ في خانة معاداة النظام حتى ولو انه سعى الى تنميق ذلك بشجب قتل عسكريين او الى طرح ما يشبه المبادرة «التي يعرف هو نفسه انها غير قابلة ليس للتطبيق فقط بل وللترحيب ايضا». وربما في هذا الاطار، لا يبدو مستغرباً افتتاح وئام وهاب مستشفى الصحابي سلمان الفارسي في الجبل قبل ايام.
وقد عبر جنبلاط غير مرة عن قلقه من احتمال تسليح دروز سوريا، وقال هذا الكلام صراحة للقيادة السورية، ويبدو أن جواب مسؤول سوري بارز على هذا القلق حمل شيئاً من المزاح ومفاده: «ان القلق في غير محله، ذلك ان الدروز تسلحوا منذ فترة طويلة». اما على صعيد الاتهامات السورية لأطراف لبنانية بتهريب السلاح والمتفجرات، فإن الزيارة التي قام بها احد القادة الامنيــــين اللبنانيين البارزين لدمشق ولقاءه الرئيس الاسد ساهم في تعزيز الاطمئـــنان السوري الى ان لبنان سيـــستمر في منع تلك المحاولات وأن ثـــمة خطـــطاً توضع ويقترن ذلك بغض نظر لبناني عن بعض العمليات السورية الهادفة الى ملاحقة مهربي سلاح داخل الاراضي اللبنانية او اعتقال متسللين.
حمص القضية
في موازاة كل ذلك، يبقى الوضعان الامني والاقتصادي طاغيين على الاهتمام السوري الداخلي. حمص تبقى القضية الشائكة. المعلومات الراشحة منها توحي بكثير من الانــزلاقات المذهبية. يُحكى عن قتل على الهوية. ويُحكى عن غيتوات مذهبــية، وعن مدارس مفصولة بين الطائفتين العلوية والسنية، كما يُحكى عن سلاح كثير ومحاولات لجعل المدينة بنغازي جديدة. يبدو ان القرار المركزي هو الانتهاء من هذا الوضع في أقرب فرصة ممكنة. وهذه ستبقى اولوية قبل اي شي آخــر. اما الاصــلاح السياسي والتحاور مع المعارضة، فإن القيادة الــسورية لا ترى على الاقــل حتــى الآن اي حاجة للتــسرع في ذلك، وتستمر في التقدم بخطواتها وفق ما ترى ان فيه مصلحة لها.

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د.عبد العزيز الخير
سجنه النظام اكثر من ١٤ عاما
المعارضين من الطائفه العلويه نالوا نصيبهم من بطش النظام
يحاول بعض المعتوهين اليوم الصاق تهمة العماله للنظام بهذا المعارض الذي بحثت عنه كلاب المخابرات ١١ عاما
أمضى عبد العزيز ربع قرن من حياته مطاردا او خلف القضبان
ـ ” الاسم : عبد العزيز الخيّر ؛ والده سليمان ؛ مواليد القرداحة 1951 ؛ خريج كلية الطب في جامعة دمشق العام 1976 ؛ متوسط القامة ؛ أبيض البشرة؛ لازوردي العينين ؛ ثاقب النظرات . مشيته تشبه كرج الحجل الجبلي . كان عضوا في قيادة مجموعة صلاح جديد في مدينة دمشق أواسط السبعينيات إلى جانب المسؤول الثقافي فيها الرفيق الشاعر ممدوح عدوان . لكن ابن الخيّر التحق برابطة العمل الشيوعي ، بينما فضّل الثاني الالتحاق .. بنا ” !! وتابع مظهر فارس قراءة ما تبقى من معلومات في الإضبارة : ” بعد عقد مؤتمرهم في منزل زاهر الخطيب في إقليم الخروب في العام 1981 ، سقط جميع قادة حزب العمل الشيوعي في قبضة الأجهزة الأمنية وهم يعبرون الحدود إيابا إلى سوريا، أو بعد ذلك بقليل ، باستثناء عبد العزيز الخير . لم يكن ذلك بفضل يقظة أجهزتنا ، بل بفضل الرفيق زاهر الخطيب . الرفيق زاهر ، وما إن ودّع ضيوفه ، حتى أرسل لنا قائمة بأسمائهم والكيفية التي سيعودون بها … ” .

October 19th, 2011, 9:54 pm


Darryl said:


I am sorry for the late response as I was away yesterday and did not respond to your post:

725. SYR.EXPAT said:

“We will not forget” doesn’t mean we will not forgive and doesn’t mean that people will be prevented from freely voting in a future government.”

Can you please elaborate on what is meant to say to someone “We will not forget?”

The statement implies a grudge and that that person whom you will not forget will be looked upon with suspicion and possibly treated as an outsider. How is this going to create unity in your new Syria?

“It doesn’t mean that they will be treated unfairly. We want justice for all, regardless of religion or ethnicity. We want freedom for all. We want dignity for all. We want people to be treated humanely even if they are criminals. We want to stop the practice of torture. We want economic justice and the list goes on.”

Good statements, but that person you hold a grudge against may not be treated equally. Treating someone fairly is not equivalent to being treated equally. I think you do not realize that the reason about 50% of Syria’s population in not with you is they are worried about this exact issue. They want equality not just treated fairly per your religious thinking.

“However, you can’t be rooting and providing material support to the criminal Assad regime and not expect to be taken to task for it within the framework of the law. There is no contradiction between democracy and accountability.”

If you were trying to get as many Christians, Alawites, Druze from Syria to support you and as you have written to Mr John Khouri, frankly I would have expected a response from you more along the line what the Messiah Son of Mary has said:

“I will forgive you for supporting this regime as you do not know what you may be doing”. These words may go a long way to put others at ease who are worried about future reprisals, otherwise you and them will be fighting until only a few wounded people are left standing.

October 19th, 2011, 10:02 pm


ann said:

Christian minorities forced by fear into the dictators’ fold

Oct 20, 2011


The recent violence in Egypt between Copts and the Egyptian army, with its sectarian overtones, poured ice on the high expectations surrounding the Arab intifadas. Arab Christians in particular are worried about the future, and their anxieties are colouring their interpretation of the repression all over.

For Christians in the Levant and Iraq, communal security in recent decades has involved a static reading of political affairs. As a minority, they have feared that change might threaten the stability that was buying them respite. That is why Christians tended to be on good terms with the autocrats, whether under the Assad regime in Syria, which is led by minority Alawites, or the previous regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, led by minority Sunnis. This was true even if it led to charges from their more assertive brethren elsewhere that this exemplified the submissiveness of dhimmis – minorities protected under Islam.

Among those once levelling the charge were Lebanon’s Christians. In relative terms they are the most potent of the Arab Christian communities, representing an estimated third of the population. The largest Lebanese Christian sect, the Maronites, dominated the state and security organs before Lebanon’s civil war in 1975, hardily preserving a status quo to their advantage. The setbacks and infighting of the war years, alongside the community’s demographic decline, have greatly reduced Maronite standing.

The situation is different in Egypt. The Copts had long been in dispute with the regimes of Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak, accusing them of overseeing systems discriminating against the Coptic community. For them, the “new” Egypt offers new anxieties, by possibly allowing for the consolidation of Islamist forces less accepting of Copts than before. Copts feel caught between two evils: a seemingly immovable state in which political and administrative realities are gamed against them; and a post-Mubarak society in flux, where Islamist and Salafist groups openly antagonistic to Christians appear to be gaining ground.

Lebanon is perhaps the best illustration of dilemmas faced by Arab Christians. Virtually all types of Christian communities are represented in the country, and they find themselves at a crossroads in terms of their destiny and demographic survival. Nowhere has this been more obvious than in the conflicting ways that the Christians, Maronites in particular, have reacted to the uprising against the regime of President Bashar Al Assad in Syria.

On the one side, there have been those Maronites who dread the consequences of Mr Al Assad’s downfall. Their argument is based on an assumption that minorities have a vested interest in allying with each other against the Sunni majority in the Middle East. They believe that if the Alawite leadership collapses, it will be replaced by a Sunni Islamist regime. The most vocal Lebanese proponents of this line are the politicians Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh, who have recently found an unexpected partner in Maronite Patriarch Bishara Al Rai. President Michel Suleiman has not opposed their assessment, even if he has not explicitly supported it either.

On the other side are those Maronites who insist that the end of Assad rule would be a boon to Christians. They point out that no one has undermined the community over time as has the Syrian regime, and that an “alliance of minorities” is a path toward self-destruction. There is no certainty that Sunni Islamists will dominate Syria, they maintain, and anyway it makes no sense for Christians to side with the repressive leadership in Damascus against those seeking freedom; even less so given that Mr Al Assad will likely be toppled at some stage.

Those who defend this approach have rallied, principally, around the Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea and Christian politicians close to the Sunni-dominated Future Movement of Saad Hariri, the former prime minister. Patriarch Al Rai’s predecessor, the 91-year-old Cardinal Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, who retired this year, has emerged as a spiritual godfather to this coalition of forces. While backing Patriarch Al Rai in public, Cardinal Sfeir has dropped remarks here and there revealing a very different philosophy.

The second view is the more sensible one, though many Christians may disagree. Ultimately, it is mad for Arab Christians to sanction tyrants slaughtering their people. Such a policy is a perennial game of Russian roulette, with Christians wagering on the triumph of the murderers. Not only is this politically reckless, it is morally reprehensible, especially when involving those like Patriarch Al Rai, who purport to speak in the name of a religion of charity and love.

As far as their existential options go, Arab Christians have few alternatives but to advocate pluralistic, democratic orders protecting social and political liberties. Only such environments can ensure that Christians are accepted for their differences and the dissonances they bring, rather than merely tolerated until alignments shift.

The problem is that if Lebanon’s community is having trouble accepting this conclusion, even though the country is freer and more permissive than those in its neighbourhood, then what can be expected of those dwindling Christian communities elsewhere in the Middle East? Worse, if the Christians themselves are disorientated, will this not encourage extremists who are overtly hostile to the Christian presence, even if they are few in number?

There is great confusion in the Arab world today as revolts defy decaying authoritarian systems. The Christians are understandably worried that they may become dispensable in the pulverising political transactions ahead. Their salvation is to embrace change that brings with it freedom. The road is bound to be difficult, as many will define freedom as the denial of freedom to others

October 19th, 2011, 10:06 pm


ann said:

Bahrain: U.S. finalizes 53 million arms sales to regime that has killed protesters – Oct 19, 2011


When Libya killed its own citizens is suffered sanctions and ultimately NATO intervention with regime change. When Assad in Syria kills his own citizens the regime suffers sanctions and international condemnation. But when Bahrain kills its own citizens it gets help from Arab neightbours and now weapons from the U.S. to help out in the repression.

The deal includes armoured vehicles, bunker buster missiles, anti-tank rocket launchers and plenty of spare parts and communications equipment.Federal law requires that Congress receive advance notice of most proposed arms sales. In this case the period to disapprove passed without a single formal objection from any member of Congress. For all the rhetoric about human rights in the U.S. congress when the violator is an ally silence is golden.

The U.S. fifth fleet is headquartered in Bahrain and the king is a staunch ally of the U.S. The U.S. has sent dozens of American tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopter gunships, thousands of .38 caliber pistols and millions of rounds of ammunition to the island nation.

The Sunni monarchy has long been cracking down on the Shia majority and protesters. There have been mass detentions including of many medical professionals who treated wounded protesters. Opposition members have been jailed and press freedom curtailed. The monarchy blames any unrest on Iran.

Ignoring these actions, the Obama administration has given over 92 million in aid since he came to power. There is another 26.2 million slated for next year.

The Bahraini government established a commission last June to investigate torture and other abuses. The report is to be presented later in October.

October 19th, 2011, 10:12 pm


ann said:

Pakistan hopes to join India on U.N. council – Oct 19, 2011

Pakistan hopes to win a seat on the U.N. Security Council as a temporary member alongside archrival India when the United Nations holds annual elections to the 15-nation body on Friday.


Elections for two-year terms — this time running from January 1, 2012, to December 31, 2013 — on the Security Council are held on the basis of regional ballots. Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan are vying for a single seat available to the Asia-Pacific group.

India joined the council this year and will stay through 2012. India and Pakistan have fought three wars, mainly over Kashmir, since gaining independence from Britain in 1947.

The last time the two nuclear-armed states served together on the council was in 1977. U.N. diplomats said they do not expect any regional tension if Pakistan joins.

The two countries’ ambassadors are “best friends” and their positions on many issues are quite similar, a senior Western diplomat said on Wednesday.

Pakistan, a U.N. member state since 1947, has already served six terms on the council. Kyrgyzstan, which joined the United Nations in 1992, has never been on the council.

Both countries have been criticized by human rights advocates for rights abuses. Kyrgyzstan was embroiled in a major civil conflict last year.

There are five veto-holding permanent members of the Security Council — the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China — and 10 temporary elected members without vetoes.

Diplomats said it was difficult to say what next year’s council will look like due to uncertainty about Friday’s election. It is possible that a new council member like Pakistan would join Russia and China in resisting renewed U.S. and European pressure to sanction nations like Syria and Iran.


This year all five “BRICS” emerging powers — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — are on the council. But that bloc will be broken in January when Brazil leaves the council, along with Gabon, Nigeria, Lebanon and Bosnia.

Council elections in the 193-nation General Assembly usually feature noncompetitive slates. This time all but one region — Latin America and the Caribbean — have contested ballots, making this the most unpredictable vote for years. Only Guatemala is assured a spot.

The most competitive slate is for Eastern Europe, where Azerbaijan takes on EU member states Hungary and Slovenia for a single seat.

On the African ballot two Arab League members — Mauritania and Morocco — are competing with Togo for two spots. Togo should be guaranteed a seat, but since the voting takes place in secret, it is possible both Arab states could win.

“The thing about secret ballots is that countries can lie about who they vote for,” a Western diplomat said on condition of anonymity. “It’s possible that countries which promised Togo they would vote for it might vote for the two Arab states.”

Usually there is only one Arab state on the council. The current holder of the Arab seat, Lebanon, comes off the council in January.

The four temporary members that will remain through 2012 besides India are Colombia, Germany, Portugal and South Africa.

October 19th, 2011, 10:17 pm


ann said:

Syria – Fire at Paper Mill in Deir Ezzor Causes Damages Estimated at SYP 3 Million


The Deir Ezzor Fire Department managed to control a fire that erupted on Wednesday at the Deir Ezzor Paper Mill, causing damage to warehouses and unprocessed paper supplies.

Director of the paper mill Khalil al-Jamil said that around 700 tons of paper, nearly 60% of the supplies, was destroyed in the fire, estimating that the damages cost around SYP 3 million.

The fire started at around 9 AM in the old warehouses and spread from there because of strong winds, requiring 14 fire engines to participate in extinguishing the blaze along with ambulances from Deir Ezzor Airport.

The paper mill, established in 1975, produces around 40,000 tons of paper per year.

October 19th, 2011, 10:28 pm


Ghufran said:

من خطب الحجاج الاب الروحي لزعماء المخابرات العربيه
أيها الناس من أعياه داؤه فعندي دواؤه ومن استطال أجله فعلي أن أعجله ومن ثقل عليه رأسه وضعت عنه ثقله ومن استطال ماضي عمره قصرت عليه باقيه إن للشيطان طيفا وللسلطان سيفا فمن سقمت سريرته صحت عقوبته ومن وضعه ذنبه رفعه صلبه ومن لم تسعه العافية لم تضق عنه الهلكة ومن سبقته بادرة فمه سبق بدنه بسفك دمه

إني أنذر ثم لا أنظر وأحذر ثم لا أعذر وأتوعد ثم لا أعفو إنما أفسدكم ترنيق ولاتكم ومن استرخى لببه ساء أدبه إن الحزم والعزم سلباني سوطي وأبدلاني به سيفي فقائمه في يدي ونجاده في عنقي وذبابه قلادة لمن عصاني والله لا آمر أحدكم أن يخرج من باب من أبواب المسجد فيخرج من الباب الذي يليه إلا ضربت عنقه .

October 19th, 2011, 10:35 pm


Norman said:


The US stores arms in Arab states of the Gulf, makes them pay for them and call is arms sale, just so it can use in future wars in the Mideast without rushing weapons fro the US. it is called short supply lines.

October 19th, 2011, 10:40 pm


ann said:


Attack on secularism – Thursday 20 October 2011

The secular enclaves may have been few, but emphatic secular presence was a check on mindless religiosity.


The luxury bus leaves downtown Cam hotel to Qassion mountains for a panoramic view of the world’s oldest, continuously inhabited city, Damascus. The picture has to be sketched because outside Syria everyone is counting on the level of chaos we did not see.

There are diplomats, journalists, scholars, some NGOs too, invited by a Syrian think tank to study the current situation. Edward Lionel Peck, former US ambassador to several Arab countries was in the group. From the Ahlatala Cafe at the Qassian heights, the vast expanse looks the very picture of tranquility.

The city’s calm is all the more noticeable because, thanks to the media, we have been conditioned to expect tension, conflict, street protests. “No fireworks here” the manager of the Café intervenes. Derra, Alleppo, Homs, Hama – “those are the cities where you might see some action”.

An Indian businessman invites me to spend the evening with a Syrian Sunni family he has known for long years. The husband is a retired civil servant; the wife dons a white chiffon scarf. She has a sad, beatific smile on her face. Her two daughters in frocks are constantly replenishing the centre table with fruits, baklavas, scones, soft drinks, Turkish coffee – endless hospitality.

The negative media focus on Syria in recent months has erased from minds the continuing reality: the country is among the few remaining parts of the Arab world where elegant, gracious living is still possible. “But it may end soon” the wife says, wiping her tears. “Can you imagine – I have to wear this scarf now”. She is Sunni who are supposed to be with the Islamist rebels opposing the Alawi ruling elite. Then why is she unhappy wearing a scarf? Syrian social order is in turmoil.

The population of Syria consists overwhelmingly of Sunnis – say 80 per cent. The biggest minority are Alawis, in their origins a Shia Sect but as a result of decades of Baath party training, have shed their religion. They are secular in a non religious sort of way, rather in the image of Mustafa Kemal Pasha or the more Socialist, left leaning Jawaharlal Nehru, a blend of an abiding local culture and western education.

Until the Ayatullahs came to power in 1979, Teheran, Istanbul, Beirut, Cairo, Amman, Damascus, Baghdad, Algiers, Tunis and any city in Morocco, and even Tripoli had among their populations the most secular elites. The secular enclaves may have been few but emphatic secular presence was a check on mindless religiosity. How was the secular stamp rubbed out in most of these societies in the space of three decades? Each city has a different narrative. The narrative of Damascus is currently in the making.

With the world’s media arrayed on the other side, it is difficult to persuade those who would care to listen, that it is secularism which is fighting with its back to the wall in Syria. But the narrative the media beams about Syria is: Assad brutalizes his people.

Liberal democracy
It can be nobody’s case that Arab monarchies and dictatorships, Kemalist Turkey and Shah’s Iran were paragons of liberal democracy, if that be such a non negotiable value. But a certain elegant urbanity was available in these enclaves. In Cairo and Beirut, this urbanity came along with a sparkling intellectual life. Mubarak’s Cairo stilled the fizz.
An anti intellectual aridity crept in which gradually overwhelmed most of the cities listed above. Damascus, believe it or not, is the last bastion where one can sit with friends and discuss ideas.

What, then, is our hostess that evening so distraught about? The growing religiosity travelling from across a post Kemalist Turkey and post Saddam Hussain Iraq have generated peer pressure for the scarf. And now, the impulses which brought in the scarf are providing hospitality for Islamism to topple the Baathist structure. Islamism is being preferred to secular Baathism by the US, Europe, Israel (Saudi Arabia) because the move removes Syria from the Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas chain. The regional chessboard changes.

Historically, in Syria Sunnis owned most of the lands and the rather poorer Alawis gravitated towards the army and other services. Just as the great Red Army, in the ultimate analysis, turned out to be a Russian army, the Yugoslav army, a Serbian army, the Syrian army is mostly an Alawi army. This army is the backbone of the Baath structure. Much the largest membership of Baath party comes from the Sunni majority for obvious reason. But they do not have as much of a “control” on power as the Alawis do particularly since the ascent of Hafez Assad in 1971.

There has always been a little bit of Muslim Brotherhood of varying strengths throughout the Arab sub stratum. The Iranian revolution in 1979 and breakdown of the Lebanon power sharing system after the Israeli occupation caused something of a stir in the central city of Hama, inviting a brutal crackdown by Assad in 1982.

The “Arab spring” broke up into three theatres – North Africa up to Egypt. Britain and France are to this day trying to manage the mess they have created in Libya. The Saudis are at the wheel in Bahrain and Yemen. Syria appeared to have been spared. Then Turkey began to look like a good model for Arabs in search of the electoral route. Moreover, if Syria can be fitted into that scheme, Iran will lose an ally and Turkey will gain influence.

The media has taken up the project with its concoctions and exaggerations. Double check this last fact with Ambassador Peck who is quite as puzzled. Meanwhile the lady with the scarf will swear by the holy book that she and her family in Alleppo have seen arms being funnelled in for the protestors from Turkey. Others talk of Protesters being armed from Iraq and Jordan, a story the media will not investigate.

October 19th, 2011, 10:43 pm


Ghufran said:


بعد الغزو الأمريكي للعراق تم اعتماد انشودة موطني كنشيد وطني لدولة العراق. الانشودة من كلمات الشاعر الفلسطيني إبراهيم طوقان كتبها عام 1934م. ولحنها محمد فليفل. وما زال هذا النشيد معتمداً من قبل الحكومات العراقية المتلاحقة منذ عام 2003 إلى وقتنا هذا. والكلمات هي:-
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي
الجـلالُ والجـمالُ والسَّــنَاءُ والبَهَاءُ
فـــي رُبَــاكْ فــي رُبَـــاكْ
والحـياةُ والنـجاةُ والهـناءُ والرجـاءُ
فــي هـــواكْ فــي هـــواكْ
هـــــلْ أراكْ هـــــلْ أراكْ
سـالِماً مُـنَـعَّـماً وغانما مكرما سالما منعما وغانما مكرما
هـــــلْ أراكْ فـي عُـــلاكْ
تبـلُـغُ السِّـمَـاكْ تبـلـغُ السِّـمَاك
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي
الشبابُ لنْ يكِلَّ هَمُّهُ أنْ تستَقِـلَّ أو يَبيدْ
نَستقي منَ الـرَّدَى ولنْ نكونَ للعِــدَى
كالعَـبـيـــــدْ كالعَـبـيـــــدْ
لا نُريــــــدْ لا نُريــــــدْ
ذُلَّـنَـا المُـؤَبَّـدا وعَيشَـنَا المُنَكَّـدا
ذُلَّـنَـا المُـؤَبَّـدا وعَيشَـنَا المُنَكَّـدا
لا نُريــــــدْ بـلْ نُعيــــدْ
مَـجـدَنا التّـليـدْ مَـجـدَنا التّليـدْ
مَــوطِــنــي مَــوطِــنِــي
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي
الحُسَامُ واليَـرَاعُ لا الكـلامُ والنزاعُ
رَمْــــــزُنا رَمْــــــزُنا
مَـجدُنا وعـهدُنا وواجـبٌ منَ الوَفا
يهُــــــزُّنا يهُــــــزُّنا
عِـــــــزُّنا عِـــــــزُّنا
غايةٌ تُـشَــرِّفُ ورايـةٌ ترَفـرِفُ
يا هَـــنَــاكْ فـي عُـــلاكْ
قاهِراً عِـــداكْ قاهِـراً عِــداكْ
مَــوطِــنِــي مَــوطِــنِــي

October 19th, 2011, 10:48 pm


zoo said:


‘NATO has bombed Libya back to Stone Age’

Published: 19 October, 2011, 22:21

Former MI5 agent Annie Machon says that the US wants to reinforce the myths that public has been told about NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ intervention, while Libya is being bombed beyond the point of no return.

During her visit to Libya, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has used unusually blunt terms to describe what the United States wants to see happen in Libya, namely former dictator Muammar Gaddafi being killed or captured.

Machon says even though Gaddafi was an odious dictator and a thorn in the side of Western countries for three decades, for the majority of Libyans their quality of life was perfectly fine.

“They’ve had free education, free health, they could study abroad. When they got married they got a certain amount of money. So they were rather the envy of many other citizens of African countries. Now, of course, since NATO’s humanitarian intervention the infrastructure of their country has been bombed back to the Stone Age. They will not have the same quality of life. Women probably will not have the same degree of emancipation under any new transitional government. The national wealth is probably going to be siphoned off by Western corporations. Perhaps the standard of living in Libya might have been slightly higher than it perhaps is now in America and the UK with the recession,” she said.

Machon agrees the US have been quite unashamed in their statements about wanting regime change in Libya, which she believes is highly illegal.

“It is also interesting to see that they are saying this openly when, of course, in the 1990s they were trying to assassinate him covertly through proxy organizations in Libya,” she said.

NATO countries have sent advisors to Libya and Machon believes that it was done to insure that humanitarian aid and human rights are upheld. However that might prove to be difficult. She says that nobody seems to be really trying to protect civilians in Benghazi or Sirte. Advisors or not, “Libya is descending into one awful mess.”

“Let’s not forget that the UN sanctions change of heart was put in place now on very dubious moral grounds – unsubstantiated rumors of genocide in Benghazi,”she argued. “[Advisors] are probably going there to try and help, but what’s been going on in places like Sirte has been breathtaking hypocrisy. NATO goes in to bomb Gaddafi’s regime out of existence because they are threatening civilians in Benghazi. And now we are looking at a whole range of human rights abuses.”

­Meanwhile, for Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire website, the desired result of US intervention – to see Gaddafi killed or captured, as stated by Hillary Clinton – was also not “surprising.”

“The policy of targeted assassination is very much a part of US foreign policy,” Azikiwe told RT. “Gaddafi was also targeted for the last eight months for assassination…They put it out broadly with the international community that they want to, in fact, assassinate Gaddafi.”

And Clinton’s latest visit to Libya was “designed to bolster the NTC government there,” Azikiwe believes.


October 19th, 2011, 11:05 pm


jad said:

أنقــرة تفضّل الإصــلاح مــع الحــوار لا مــع الأمـــن
اجتماع أوغلو مع المعارضة لا يجمّد الحوار مع النظام السوري

مارلين خليفة
تجزّئ تركيا اهتماماتها بين سوريا ولبنان الجارين اللذين يحظيان بأهمية خاصة عندها في ما يتصدر الملف السوري اهتمام أنقرة بسبب تداعياته على الداخل التركي واستقرار المنطقة.
لبنانياً، تبدو العلاقة جيدة مع رئيس الحكومة نجيب ميقاتي الذي يصفه الأتراك «برجل التكتيكات القادر على استيعاب الضغوط مهما تراكمت». تواكب هذه النظرة ثقة تركية برئيس الحكومة من جهة وبرئيس الجمهورية ميشال سليمان من جهة ثانية بعد أن عبّرا بطريقة لا تحتمل اللبس عن حرصهما على التزام لبنان بقرارات الشرعية الدولية وبالمحكمة الدولية من أعلى منبر دولي أي مجلس الأمن. وتتمسك تركيا بضرورة تحقيق العدالة عبر مساعدة المحكمة في إتمام عملها شرط عدم زيادة الشرخ بين اللبنانيين أو تشكيلها عقبة أمام العمل الحكومي الذي لا ينبغي أن يهمل ملفات اجتماعية أساسية وفي مقدمها تصحيح الأجور والموازنة العامة وهما يحتاجان الى حلول سريعة وطارئة بنظر المسؤولين في أنقرة.
أما في الشأن السوري، فيشير الاجتماع الرسمي الأول الذي انعقد أمس الأول بين وزير الخارجية التركي أحمد داود أوغلو وممثلين عن المجلس الوطني السوري في أنقرة الى سلوك تركي يردّ بشكل غير مباشر على تشبث الرئيس بشار الأسد بطريقته في معالجة الانتفاضة السورية وتجاهله النصائح الدولية، ما دفع تركيا الى البدء بحوار مع المعارضة، لكنه لا يرقى الى مستوى اعتماد هذا المجلس محاوراً وحيداً لتركيا، ومن دون إمكانية تشبيهه بالمجلس الوطني الليبي نظراً الى الظروف المختلفة في سوريا حيث نظام الرئيس بشار الاسد لا يزال ممسكاً بزمام الأمور ميدانياً وحيث لا انقسام جغرافيا بين سلطة ومعارضة على عكس الفرز الجغرافي الذي كان في ليبيا.
لا ترى تركيا مشكلة في وجود هيئة التنسيق المعارضة في الداخل السوري والمجلس الوطني في الخارج لأن الأخير يضم مختلف أطياف المعارضة بمن فيهم «الإخوان المسلمون» وهو يمثل جبهة سياسية متنوعة من المفيد برأي المسؤولين الأتراك الاستماع إليها وقد أعلنوا مراراً أنهم يقفون الى جانب الشعب السوري.
بالعودة الى اجتماعه أمس الأول مع المجلس الوطني السوري، شدد وزير الخارجية أحمد داود اوغلو على ضرورة الحفاظ على وحدة سوريا وعدم انقسام المجتمع طائفياً وعدم لجوء المعارضة الى العنف والإبقاء على الاحتجاج السلمي، وقد شدد على هذه النقطة مرارا.
خطوة داود أوغلو ليست إذن منعطفاً اساسياً بل خطوة رمزية، فالحوار مع المجلس الوطني لا يعني البتة اتخاذه محاوراً رسمياً لأنقرة ولا يعني تجميد حوارها مع النظام السوري. إلا ان تركيا باشرت على خطّ آخر حواراً مع جامعة الدول العربية، وهي ترصد ما ستؤول إليه مبادرتها الأخيرة القائلة بالحوار بين المعارضة والنظام، خصوصاً أن النظام السوري من وجهة النظر التركية «لا يصغي الى نداءات الدول وقد عجز مجلس الأمن عن استصدار أي قرار. فالتعويل اليوم على المبادرة العربية وأن يصغي إليها النظام السوري. أما إذا امتنع عن ذلك عندها فستقرر جامعة الدول العربية بنفسها التدابير التي من الممكن اتخاذها سواء بتجميد عضوية سوريا أم سواها من التدابير التي تقرر في أوانها».
لا مهلة زمنية واضحة تضعها تركيا لحسم الأزمة السورية، وتعتبر أن للرئيس الأسد أجندته الخاصة في الحل، وهو ما رشح بعد لقاءاته أخيراً مع شخصيات لبنانية زارته في دمشق: فهو بدأ بإعداد لجنة لصياغة دستور جديد، وهو يسيطر على الأوضاع في البلاد ويخطو صوب الإصلاح على طريقته، وبالتالي فإن جامعة الدول العربية هي التي ستعمد الى تقييم الأمور في انتظار الرد السوري على مبادرتها.
من جهة ثانية، لا تحبذ تركيا خيار توازي الإصلاحات مع الخيار الأمني ولو بوجود حجة تقول بوجود جماعات مسلحة تقتل الجنود والمدنيين، وبالتالي فإن عزل هذه الجماعات وضبطها هو المطلوب وليس قتل المدنيين الأبرياء، فالأولوية بحسب النظام السوري هي للأمن ثم للإصلاح في حين تنعكس الآية عند المجتمع الدولي.
برأي تركيا أن الرئيس الأسد ينبغي أن يقيم التوازن بين الإصلاح والحوار لا بين الإصلاح والأمن. فالحوار مع المعارضة أمر ضروري ومطلوب وهو متعثر لغاية اليوم بسبب القمع الممنهج والعنف المستخدم، وليس ممكناً قيام حوار يترافق مع العنف، خصوصاً مع نيات مبيتة للنظام ومحاولته اجتثاث المعارضة كلياً بحسب المحللين الأتراك في أنقرة.
هذا الواقع يضع تركيا كما بقية دول العالم في حالة انتظار لما ستؤول إليه الأمور، مع هواجس من ان يستمر النظام السوري في اللجوء الى العنف لأن ذلك قد يؤدي الى استفحال الوضع الأمني داخلياً حيث قد تتدهور الأمور، خصوصاً مع تزايد الحديث عن إدخال سلاح الى المعارضة.
لا ترى تركيا حالياً، بحسب محللين أتراك، أي ضرورة للاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني السوري ولا ترى ضرورة لعقوبات تركية على سورية حالياً وإن كانت غير مستبعَدة، وهي إن اتخذت، ستكون اقتصادية.
وإذا كان الغرب يراهن على تشديد عقوباته لا سيما لجهة حظر استيراد النفط، فإن الهم التركي ينصبّ على إنهاء الأزمة السورية عبر قيام إصلاحات حقيقية تفتح الأفق السياسي السوري أمام مشاركة القوى السياسية الأخرى، لأن عجلة التغيير لن تعود الى الوراء بحسب المحللين الأتراك في أنقرة.


October 19th, 2011, 11:13 pm


jad said:

مهرجان تأييد حاشد في حلب… واعتراف ليبي رسمي بالمجلس الوطني و«الاخوان» يهــددون بطلب التدخل الدولي

‘وفي سياق آخر، هدّد أحد أعضاء المجلس الوطني السوري، نجيب الغضبان، من ليبيا، بطلب تدخل المجتمع الدولي لحماية المدنيين من القمع «غير المسؤول» الذي يمارسه النظام السوري. وقال الغضبان، وهو قيادي في «الإخوان المسلمين»، إنه «إذا ظل النظام غير مسؤول، وقد لاحظنا أنه خلال الساعات الـ 48 الأخيرة رد على المبادرة العربية بمزيد من المجازر مع سقوط 35 قتيلاً في حمص، في هذه الحال فإن هدفنا الأساسي سيكون الدعوة إلى حماية المدنيين». ورأى أن هذه المساعدة الخارجية «يمكن أن تتخذ شكل منطقة عازلة أو منطقة حظر جوي على غرار تلك التي أعلنتها الأمم المتحدة في ليبيا لحماية المدنيين»، نافياً أن يكون الأمر «شبيهاً بالدعوة إلى تدخل عسكري تقوم به قوات أجنبية».’


October 19th, 2011, 11:20 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

Dear Norman@174:

Bashar did not have enough marks to get the Medical School. Indeed, he got additional boost (> 20 marks) through his “Mazhaleen” training. On the other hand, during his study of medicine he graduated by his own effort. However, he was an average student.

October 19th, 2011, 11:38 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

اعترف المجلس الوطني الانتقالي في ليبيا أمس رسمياً بالمجلس الوطني السوري المعارض كسلطة شرعية في سوريا. وأتى الاعتراف بعد يوم واحد من استقبال رئيس المجلس الوطني الانتقالي مصطفى عبد الجليل في طرابلس وفداً من المجلس الوطني السوري برئاسة برهان غليون.
وذكرت مصادر حضرت اللقاء أن غليون أكد أهمية هذا الاعتراف. وقال «نحن أجزاء من ثورة واحدة هي ثورة الحرية العربية، ومن الطبيعي أن نتعاون، من الطبيعي أن نتفاهم، من الطبيعي أن نلتقي، ومن الطبيعي أن يدعم بعضنا بعضاً». أما عبد الجليل فتعهّد بتسخير «كل الإمكانيات السياسية والاقتصادية، وربما حتى العسكرية، لدعم المجلس الوطني والثورة السورية»، ما اضطر غليون إلى التعقيب بالقول: «نحن لدينا ثورة سلمية، ونعتقد أن قوة حركتنا في سلميتها. لسنا اليوم بحاجة إلى السلاح، ونأمل ألّا نكون بحاجة إلى استخدام السلاح».
ورجّحت مصادر بقاء عدد من مسؤولي المجلس الوطني السوري في ليبيا من أجل متابعة التنسيق بين الجانبين وترتيب تسليم السفارة السورية في طرابلس للمجلس الوطني السوري.

October 19th, 2011, 11:47 pm


Haytham Khoury said:


Sorry I wanted to say that comment 156 (Syrian Nationalist Party) has sexual content and derogatory for women .

October 19th, 2011, 11:55 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

You mean deragatory to brainless robot spammers, You think ANN and the other feminin user name TARA are real ladies? if they are, can we hear something about them, are they virgins, turks or what? they are paid to come here and spam with long cu*t and waste articles, why not leave the link like a real human with brain will do.

October 20th, 2011, 12:05 am


Darryl said:

171. AMIR IN TEL AVIV said:

Syrians are more fit as they walk more than Americans and Europeans firstly. Second, the food is more healthy (lots of Garlic and Onions as you have discovered) as we do not use processed ingredients. Syrian and Lebanese (almost identical) cooking is the bench mark in the Arabic world. Don’t forget the Araq Amir, next you make that famous mehshi dish.

I am going to write you a recipe for my own Syrian Char grilled chicken that you will enjoy with a bottle of Chardonnay or Araq and then go to sleep.

October 20th, 2011, 12:35 am


jad said:

Sorry that this cut&past article is a bit long:

قطاع غزة “السوري”.. العين بالعين.. والكاتيوشا بالكاتيوشا
by بقلم: نارام سرجون

لم يعد لدي أدنى شك أن معنويات الناس قد ارتاحت نسبيا وأن الروع قد هدأ الى حد كبير بالرغم من استمرار معسكر الشر بقيادة قطر على مواصلة ارهاق الناس بنقلهم من قلق الى آخر .. وبرغم أن الجزيرة تواصل الحديث عن انهيار سوريا وتنقلنا من مرحلة التدخل التركي الى مجلس الأمن الى تدخل الناتو الى ثرثرات الجامعة العربية ..وصلت الى هذه القناعة الراسخة بتجاوز الناس لمرحلة القلق الكبير الى القلق الصغير بعد أن لفتني كيف تغير الناس بشكل ايجابي ..ففي الأسابيع الأولى للأزمة السورية كنت حيثما حللت والى أي شخص تحدثت يبادرني الناس لسؤالي عن توقعاتي للأزمة وكان السؤال الذي يتكرر ملحاحا هو: هل صحيح أن النظام سيسقط؟ والى متى يمكن أن يصمد النظام؟ هل ستدخل تركيا وكيف ومتى؟ هل سيتدخل الناتو ومتى؟ متى سينقلب الروس؟؟ كنت أطمئن الناس وأؤكد لهم ان هناك محاولة لاسقاط النظام عبر دفع معنويات الناس للانهيار نفسيا ..ولكن مهمتي كانت صعبة في الحقيقة في وجه الجزيرة ووجه تنسيق اعلامي واسع الطيف انطلق في ساعة الصفر المقررة ..

كان الناس يسألونني بحكم متابعتي للأحداث السياسية وبحكم معرفتي ببعض الاصدقاء الغربيين العاملين في “الشأن السياسي” من باب المعارضة بالنشاط السلمي لسياسات الأحزاب الغربية المحكومة بلوبيات ومصالح الشركات .. وهؤلاء الأصدقاء الذين واظبت على الاتصال بهم كل هذه السنوات ومتابعة نشاطاتهم، لهم اتصالات مع مراكز دراسات غربية استراتيجية مرموقة .. وهم بالطبع ليسوا من النظام السوري .. وقد جمعتني بهم صداقة سنوات بدأت بصدفة غريبة سأتحدث عنها يوما ما.. وكان توطد الصداقة بيننا عندما خرجنا معا في مظاهرات في مدننا الأوروبية احتجاجا على عملية التحضير لغزو العراق بل اننا سافرنا معا من فرنسا الى لندن لحضور أكبر مظاهرة رافضة للحرب في تاريخ بريطانيا كان أبرز قادتها عمدة لندن كين ليفينغستون والقس الأميريكي جيسي جاكسون .. ودعوني أكثر من مرة لحضور لقاءات مع نشطاء غربيين ضد الحرب كان من بينهم النائب البريطاني المعروف جورج غالاوي الذي قال لنا بعد سقوط بغداد: لاتيأسوا ..ونصيحتي لكم ألا تقللوا من شأن الأحرار العراقيين وماقد يفعلوه لتحرير بلدهم..انتظروا وسترون العراقيين الحقيقيين ..!!

أصدقائي الغربيون هم الذين كانوا أول من قالوا لي عام 2000 ان هنالك اتجاها غربيا (أمريكيا تحديدا) لانهاء ملف صدام حسين..وأنهم يستشفون أن العراق قادم على تغيير وشيك باجتياح غربي .. فكان اجتياح العراق عام 2003 (الذي تأخر بسبب أحداث سبتمبر عام 2001) .. وهم الذين قالوا لي عام 2004 ان عاصفة قادمة على سوريا كما تشير مصادرهم والدراسات التي اطلعوا عليها والترجيحات كانت أن العاصفة قادمة من الشرق عبر تحرك أمريكي .. لكن العاصفة حدثت من بيروت وكانت بخروج سوريا العاصف من لبنان عام 2005.. وفوجئت أنهم توقعوا صمود حزب الله في حرب تموز في لبنان ولم يفاجئهم ذلك (ولاأزال أحتفظ برسائلهم الي مع بداية حرب عام 2006) .. ورغم أن أحداث تونس فاجأتهم وكذلك ليبيا الا أنهم توقعوا أحداث مصر قبل ذلك

هؤلاء الناشطون والمهتمون بأحداث الشرق الأوسط هم الآن أنفسهم الذين قالوا لي قبل الأحداث السورية بشهر كامل: اننا سنكون مندهشين لعدم وجود تحرك سوري لأن مالدينا من معطيات يقول بان هناك شيئا على الطاولة ينتظر صافرة الاطلاق منذ فترة ..وقد استغربت هذه النبوءة ولكنهم لفتوا نظري الى ملاحظة أن الاعلام الغربي أكثر من طرح السؤال ان كانت سوريا محصنة، وتكرر سؤال الرئيس الأسد نفسه عن هذا الاحتمال من عدة جهات .. ولم يسأل السؤال لأي حاكم خليجي أو حتى ملك الأردن أو المغرب رغم كل فظائع الفساد واللاديمقراطية واللاعدالة وموت الحريات في هذه الدول التي يفترض منطقيا أن هذه القضايا ستكون وقود اي تحرك احتجاجي..

ومع بداية الأحداث في سوريا وصلتني التفاصيل الباقية عبر مجموعة الأصدقاء الناشطين الغربيين من ان مايحدث في سوريا الآن هو غالبا شيء مدروس لاحداث تشقق في المجتمع ينتهي الى تدمير ذاتي وتآكل الأسس الرئيسية للدولة السورية الحديثة .. وأزعم أن بعضا من هذه التفاصيل قد وصل الى القيادة السورية بطريقة ما.. وفي التفاصيل عرفت أنه لايوجد هناك أي احتمال لأي تدخل خارجي ..وكانت النصيحة بالاسترخاء وبتجاهل كل الصراخ الاعلامي عن تدخل خارجي (لأسباب كثيرة لاداعي لشرحها).. ولكن مع تركيز شديد الانتباه على معالجة الوضع الداخلي ..لأن الهدف هو قتل سوريا بالسم وليس بسيف الناتو..سم التفكك والانحلال ..واشارت التفاصيل التي اطلعت عليها الى الغاية من طرح خريطة سوريا مابعد التقسيم وفيها تمتد الدولة العلوية كالاسفين الى مابعد الصحراء في حمص لتفصل الدولتين السنيتين في دمشق وحلب ان أمكن ..الدناءة في الخريطة في أقصى حدودها بحيث حتى السنة السوريون يجب أن يكونوا سنة الشمال وسنة الجنوب..وليس في دولة سنية واحدة ربما تكون الدولة السنية الشمالية ملحقة بنفوذ تركيا كهدية ترضية ومكافأة (كلواء اسكندرون آخر) وبهذا تموت حتى قضية لواء اسكندرون الى الأبد..

وقد أرسل لي أحد هؤلاء الناشطين (وهو ناشط حقيقي وليس كناشطي الراحل وضاح خنفر) منذ شهر أيار (بعد 6 أسابيع على الأحداث) رسالة فيها مقاطع مما قاله البروفيسور مايكل تشوسودوفسكي الأستاذ في جامعة أوتاوا على بدايات الأحداث والعنف في سوريا اذ قال تشوسودوفسكي موصفا الحقائق بشكل مذهل: ماهو واضح من التقارير الأولية المتاحة أن هناك كثيرا من المتظاهرين لم يكونوا متظاهرين بل ارهابيين تورطوا بالقتل العمد عن سابق الاصرار ..أما النزاع الأساسي كما يرى تشوسودوفسكي فتجلى بقوله: من خلال كل المظاهر التي انبثقت عن النزاع صار من المرجح وجود دعم سري “لارهابيين اسلاميين” من قبل الموساد والمخابرات الغربية ..المصادر الحكومية الغربية تشير الى دور المجموعات السلفية الأصولية (المدعومة اسرائيليا) وبعض التقارير تشير الى دور المملكة السعودية عبر تمويل حركة الاحتجاج..

ويقول تشوسودوفسكي مامعناه بأن التنظيمات الاسلامية الاصولية صارت أحد الأسلحة الأمريكية خلافا لما يعتقد من أنها تخوض معها صراعا .. بل يشرح تشوسودوفسكي ذلك ويقول: لمراجعة ذلك لاحظوا.. منذ الحرب السوفييتية الأفغانية لجأت وكالات المخابرات الغربية وكذلك الموساد لاستعمال التنظيمات الأصولية الارهابية الاسلامية (والذي يشكل الآن ما يسمى جوهر ورأس المال الاستخباري في الاحتجاجات السورية) وقد قامت كل من واشنطن والحليف البريطاني بتأمين دعم سري للارهابيين الاسلاميين في أفغانستان والبوسنة وكوسوفو وليبيا ..و ..الخ .. كطريقة اطلاق للصدام العرقي والعنف المذهبي وعدم الاستقرار السياسي في هذه المناطق ..اذا الغاية الرئيسية من حركة الاحتجاجات السورية من خلال الأكاذيب والفبركات الاعلامية هي خلق انشقاقات ضخمة داخل المجتمع السوري ولتبرير تدخل “انساني” محتمل

وبعث لي هؤلاء الأصدقاء الناشطون مايؤيد ذلك عبر ماقاله جيريمي سولت وهو أستاذ مساعد في “تاريخ سياسات الشرق الأوسط” في جامعة بيلكيت في (أنقرة) اذ قال منذ أسابيع قليلة:
المجموعات المسلحة في سوريا مجهزة عسكريا بشكل جيد ومنظمة بشكل ممتاز .. شحنات ضخمة من السلاح تم تهريبها لسوريا من لبنان وتركيا تتضمن بنادق بومباكشن وكلاشينكوف وقاذفات ر ب ج وقنابل يدوية اسرائيلية وأعداد لاتحصى من أجهزة التفجير ..وليس معروفا على وجه الدقة من يقوم بعملية التزويد بالسلاح لكن بالتأكيد هناك شخص (جهة) يدفع الكلفة

المعلومات التي وصلتني من أصدقائي شرحت بعض السيناريوهات التي كانت مطروحة والمتعلقة بطريقة التدخل الدولي ..التدخل الذي كان محتملا وكان أكثر هذه السيناريوهات غرابة واثارة للدهشة يشير الى أن التدخل الغربي لن يكون تورطا مباشرا على غرار ليبيا (السهلة عسكريا) بل عن طريق خلق منطقة محمية دوليا تشكل مايشبه “قطاع غزة سوري” بحكم شبه ذاتي لاتملك أي دولة في العالم حق التحكم به حتى تركيا أو الأردن كيلا تكون هناك فرصة للتراجع عنه .. وكانت بانياس المدينة البحرية باقتراح عبد الحليم خدام هي أفضل بقعة لذلك لتتدفق عليها مساعدات وقطع بحرية وتتمتع باستقلال عن أية جهة ..ومن هنا قد يفهم لماذا أعلن الاعلامي اللبناني رفيق نصرالله شعار “خلصت” بعد الحسم في بانياس تحديدا ..(لكن جسر لشغور وحماة واللاذقية طرحت كبدائل أقل مثالية بعد انهيار الخطة الرئيسية في بانياس) ..

وقد اقتضت الخطة في ذلك السيناريو تسليح “قطاع غزة السوري” في بانياس للانطلاق بعمليات في الداخل السوري استنزافية الطابع تبقى بؤرة لعدة سنوات عبر نفس تكتيك حماس حتى بالأنفاق بحيث تجتذب وتمتص جهود الدولة والمجتمع وتكون يوما منطلقا لأي عملية ناتو.. ولكنها ستكون مكانا يقايض عليه الغرب لاخراس حماس والجهاد في غزة أوحزب الله في لبنان..وتكون سببا في تهجير المسيحيين السوريين الى لبنان عبر عمليات تستهدفهم لاضافة ثقل مسيحي الى الدولة اللبنانية بعد تراجع التفوق المسيحي السكاني الذي كان في فترة الاستقلال في لبنان .. وهو ماتبين أنه سبب زيارة أحد المسؤولين الأمريكيين لمنطقة مخيمات مفترضة في لبنان لاستيعاب النازحين المسيحيين قبل ضمهم الى الدولة اللبنانية ذات الأكثرية المسيحية خلال سنوات.. وسيكون احجام دمشق عن لجم حماس وحزب الله سببا لاطلاق دولة الحكم الذاتي المرتقبة من عقالها حيث ستكون منطقة تجمع المقاتلين الاسلاميين العرب الذين سيتوافدون بالآلاف أيضا تحت تأثير الجزيرة التي ستدعو عبر القرضاوي الى نصرة “اخواننا المجاهدين السوريين” ..وستكون العين بالعين، والسن بالسن، والكاتيوشا بالكاتيوشا..

وبمعنى أدق ستنتقل القاعدة المدجنة أمريكيا من أفغانستان قبل الخروج الأمريكي المفترض عام 2014 الى أمارتها الجديدة والتي ستوجه طاقاتها لاحراز انتصارات على دول الممانعة بدل انشغال أميريكا بها.. بل وستغير القاعدة نظرتها لأميريكا لأن صراعها سيكون مع أنظمة حكم لاأحد ينصرها فيها الا الغرب ودول الاعتدال .. وبكلمة أخرى ستتم اعادة الأصوليات الاسلامية الى الحظيرة الأمريكية بعد أن أطلقها بن لادن خارج تلك الحظيرة ..وكان مقتله ايذانا بتلك العودة .. أي ستتم اعادة التطرف الاسلامي الى الزمن الذي كان عندما وجد الاسلاميون في الحضن الأمريكي راعيا لتطلعاتهم في تحرير بلد اسلامي كان في الماضي أفغانستان “الشيوعية” واليوم سيكون سوريا وايران “الشيعية” وستعمل الولايات المتحدة على أن يتم قتل الظواهري كآخر رمز للعداء بين الأصوليات الاسلامية وأميريكا وسيبذل جهد كبير لتصوير أن مقتله تورطت فيه قوى شيعية أفغانية موالية لايران .. وستتشكل على يد المخابرات الغربية مايسمى “قوات صحوة القاعدة” على (غرار صحوات العراق) والتي ستكون صحوتها في نقل الصراع من صراع مع الغرب الى مرحلة التمذهب والصراع مع الاسلام نفسه “الشيعي أو الاسلام المعتدل الوطني” ..

ومن هنا يفهم الآن سبب اصرار التنسيقيات السورية واعلام الثورة السورية على الزج باسم حزب الله وايران في قمع الاحتجاجات السورية وفبركة الفيديوهات عن خلايا معتقلة تعترف أنها من حزب الله وليس من حماس أو الجهاد أو أية جهة سنية شديدة الولاء للحكم السوري .. بل ان بشار الجعفري ممثل سوريا في الأمم المتحدة صار ينسب الى أصول “فارسية” تآمرت على الثورة وأقنعت الروس والصينيين بغض النظر عن ذبح السنة السوريين .

ووفق هذا السيناريو الرهيب تتخلص أميريكا والغرب من الأصوليين الاسلاميين ودول الممانعة في تطاحنهما من أجل (الحكم)..الذي سيعمل الغرب على ابقائه الى أطول أجل طالما أنه بؤرة أخرى لموفديه ووسطائه وحقوقييه ولجان اغاثته ووساطاته .. علاوة على أنه جرح نازف في الجسد الشرقي لايتوقف يضعف ماتبقى من هذا الشرق..

في آخر اتصالاتي مع مجموعة الناشطين الغربيين والمهتمين بالشرق الأوسط لمست أنهم لديهم كل المعطيات للارتياح في الشأن السوري بعد انحراف الخطة المحكمة .. وكما قالوا فقد كان للمخابرات الروسية دور في احباطها عبر الكشف عنها وتقديم كل المعلومات الملتقطة وخاصة في تحركات بانياس عبر أقمار التجسس والاتصالات للمخابرات السورية، ولو أن أحدهم أسرّ لي بأنه فوجئ تماما بحجم العنف الذي استدرج اليه مجتمع عاش نعمة الاستقرار والسلام 50 عاما ..وفوجئ بان يفرز المجتمع السوري هذه الآلاف من حملة السلاح ..ويعتقد ان كثيرين منهم كانوا عمالا في لبنان وتركيا وأن وجودهم في هذين البلدين كان فيه ربما تدريب عسكري من نوع ما حتى ظهروا بهذه الفعالية العسكرية ..وهذا العنف الذي فاجأ الجميع..

اليوم، تراجع منسوب القلق لدى الناس عن صمود النظام .. وانهار التساؤل عن امكانية سقوط الحكم الحالي في سوريا مما يفسر اصرار مثرثري المعارضة على التبشير بشكل هستيري سخيف بأن النظام انتهى أو سينتهي ..وغاب تأثير الجزيرة بشكل غريب .. وفيما كنا نمضي 100% من أوقاتنا نتحدث بالأحداث السورية وومفاجآتها فان الحديث عن الشؤون الشخصية بدأ يعود للسهرات وجلسات الأصدقاء..وبدأت وطأة القلق تتراجع بين الناس وصارت الأمسيات خليطا عن الشأن العام السوري وأحاديث الهوامش والخصوصيات .. بالطبع هذا مزاج عام وربما كان الوضع مختلفا قليلا في البؤر الباقية للأحداث كما في حمص مثلا وبعض ريف دمشق . ولذلك لم تحدث ثرثرات القرضاوي هذه الأيام اهتزازا في المجتمع كما فعلت مفاجأته لنا بفتوى (ومالو) لكنها حركت الغضب أكثر بين الناس من هذا الرجل الذي صار يتحدث الى الناس والمؤمنين كما لو كان نبيا يأمر وينهى .. ويقتل من يقتل حتى ولو تعلق بأستار الكعبة.. وصار القرضاوي مثالا بارزا على المنافقين الذين دخلوا الاسلام وسماهم النبي (ص) بالمؤلفة قلوبهم الذين يبالغون في اظهار الورع ليكسبوا من الدنيا الفانية ..

لكن بالطبع دخلت أسئلة كثيرة الى حياتناعن مجاهيل كثيرة وضعتها أمامنا هذه الأزمة ..وهي أين اخطأنا ..ولماذا أخطأنا ؟ ولماذا تركيا وقطر تتسللان الينا خلسة دون انتباه منا؟ اين هي مراكز الأبحاث السياسية الوطنية التي يجب أن تدرس كل بلد حولنا وتنصح بمدى مسافة التقارب؟ وكيف جهلنا المؤامرة؟ وكيف سنتجه الآن؟ ..وكيف ستتغير علاقة الدولة بالناس؟ ..ماهو الشكل الجديد للنظام الجديد الذي ولدته الأزمة؟ من أين نبدأ؟؟ هل هي الجمهورية الثانية أم الثالثة؟ ماهو مصير الحركة الدينية وماهو مصير قادة المجلس السوري الانتقالي اذا ماتمت صفقة “كما يشاع”؟ ..

أسرار ومشاحنات من قلب المجلس السوري الانتقالي

همس لي أحد المعارضين السوريين ببعض الأسرار الصغيرة والمشاحنات في المجلس الانتقالي السوري ..هذا المعارض يصنف نفسه على أنه “منشق صامت” ومرتد حديثا عن المعارضة ومن الذين لايزالون في الظل ولكن لهم بعض القنوات مع بعض أعضاء المجلس الانتقالي السوري ….فقال هذا المعارض :

هناك حديث يتردد ان برهان غليون أبدى تراخيا في مهماته وتراجع حماسه لسبب ما .. مما أزعج القطريين فاستفسروا عن ذلك عن طريق تكليف “طرطورهم” عزمي بشارة بالتحقق على أساس ان عزمي مثقف ويفهم عليه برهان المثقف، وقد اعاد عزمي التعبير عن عدم ارتياحه لاختيار غليون وأنه دائما مخيب للآمال لكن عزمي قبل تنفيذ المهمة.. ويقال ان غليون منزعج لان القطريين وهم الداعمون الرئيسيون له لم يعترفوا بالمجلس السوري الانتقالي حتى الآن رغم أهمية هذه الخطوة معنويا.. وتركوا العملية لمجلس انتقالي ليبيا ليعترف بغليون ورفاقه ..وغليون أبلغ القطريين أنه لايفهم سبب تردد قطر في هذا الشأن رغم أنها لم تعد تجامل النظام السوري ..وبرهان أيضا يعرف أن قرار المجلس الانتقالي الليبي بالاعتراف به وبمجلسه لايقدم ولايؤخر وأنه أوامر غربية للمجلس الليبي دون أدنى شك ..وتساءل ساخرا ان كان القطريون والأتراك أيضا بانتظار أوامر غربية..!!

برهان غليون أيضا لاحظ أن تركيا نفسها مترددة في الاعتراف بالمجلس رغم أنها الرحم الذي حبل به بل ان المجلس ألقي به الى فرنسا ساركوزي للعناية به .. وبدأ أنف غليون يتشمم رائحة صفقة ..وقد عبّر لعزمي بشارة عن عدم ارتياحه ومخاوفه من أن القاء العبء على ساركوزي فيه مغامرة وقلة حصافة أو أنه مقصود .. لأن ساركوزي راحل وفق المعطيات في الانتخابات القادمة خلال عام ..وقد يكون لرحيله نفس تأثير رحيل شيراك على سعد الحريري ..فساركوزي صالح السوريين بعد شيراك .. وبعد ساركوزي سيصالح الرئيس الفرنسي القادم السوريين ..وسيدفع المجلس الانتقالي السوري وبرهان ثمنا باهظا..

وقد وصل بعض سوء التفاهم الى حد أن القطريين أرسلوا له من يقول انهم لاحظوا أن غليون صار يتصرف وكأنه حصل على الملايين العشرين وأنه يعتبر أنه أنهى مهمته بذلك..فكان رد غليون غاضبا بأنه سيرد الملايين العشرين ويستقيل وينزوي معتكفا وسيغفر أنصاره له هذا التراجع كما قال اذا ماعرف السوريون أن مجلسهم يبتز ويباع ويشرى ..لكن رسالة ذات معنى بليغ أسكتت غليون وبلغ دخان (غليونه الحانق) وصمت تماما .. ومفاد الرسالة أنه من الحصافة الا يتراجع الآن لأنه يقينا مستهدف بالاغتيال من قبل المخابرات السورية التي صارت قريبة منه..وقد فهم غليون الرسالة تماما وهو أنه قد تتم تصفيته اذا ماقام بهذه الخطوة وسيلقى اللوم علي المخابرات السورية..

المعارض الذي همس لي بهذه الأخبار قال: هل تصدق أن البعض صار يعتقد ان رفع اسم غليون بسرعة كرئيس مجلس انتقالي قد يكون لاستعماله “كرفيق حريري” سوري .. أي لينسف بطريقة غامضة .. وتتهم سوريا ..ومن جديد تحقيق دولي وشهود زور ومحكمة دولية وميليس آخر وصدّيق آخر ..وبلمار وبقية القصة التي لاتنتهي بالطبع ..


October 20th, 2011, 12:54 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Walid Muallem said
There are plans to have dialogue with the opposition in Syria.
This maneuvre is to avoid going to the AL sponsored dialogue,it is deceiving,and will not be believed as honest action.

Why AlMaliki in Iraq is siding with Assad?, some one said it is to satisfy Muqtada AlSadr.

Haytham ,thank you for explaining how Bashar got to medical school,and as far as what NORMAN said,going to Medical school in USA requires that you finish pre Med with a score of 4,it is the highest.
Syrian army entered Lebanon and killed a Syrian who fled to Lebanon,and kidnapped three.

Congratulation to Sarkosi,his wife delivered a girl.

October 20th, 2011, 1:03 am




Can you please elaborate on what is meant to say to someone “We will not forget?”

When someone is actively supporting a criminal regime that is killing and torturing people, telling him/her that we’ll not forget means that he/she should expect to pay a price for his/her support. It doesn’t imply a grudge. It’s not personal.

Now when “we” have the upper hand, we can choose to forgive, which is my own preference, if people show remorse. However, some will have to be tried in court. For example, torturers will most certainly need to be tried and punished for their crimes. Those who stole money and made fortunes illegally like Rami Makhloof will also have to be tried and their wealth forfeited.

“and that that person whom you will not forget will be looked upon with suspicion and possibly treated as an outsider.”
If the person does not show remorse and admits his/her mistake, they will most certainly be looked down upon. However, that does not mean treating him/her unjustly. If someone commits a horrible crime, spends 15 years in prison, and then goes out and doesn’t show any remorse, would you not look down upon him. Highly likely, you would look down at that person, but the law won’t allow you to mistreat him.

“How is this going to create unity in your new Syria?”
If there is justice and mercy in the new Syria, there will be unity.

“Treating someone fairly is not equivalent to being treated equally.”
I am not sure I understand this statement. To me, treated fairly means treated justly. I’ll be very happy if people treat me fairly. If you prefer to use he word equally, then fine.

I am happy with the following:

“Being treated fairly and with dignity

At the heart of human rights is the belief that everybody should be treated equally and with dignity – no matter what their circumstances.
This means that nobody should be tortured or treated in and inhuman or degrading way.

It also means that nobody has the right to ‘own’ another person or to force them to work under threat of punishment.

And it means that everybody should have access to public services and the right to be treated fairly by those services. This applies to all public services, including the criminal justice system. For example, if you are arrested and charged, you should not be treated with prejudice and your trial should be fair.

UK law includes a range of human rights which protect you from poor treatment and prejudice, and which require you to have equal and fair treatment from public authorities.”

“If you were trying to get as many Christians, Alawites, Druze from Syria to support you and as you have written to Mr John Khouri, frankly I would have expected a response from you more along the line what the Messiah Son of Mary”

Few points:

Mercy and forgiveness is my preference, but it is meaningless when you are on the receiving end. Imagine yourself in prison in Damascus being tortured, would telling the torturer that you’ll forgive him make any sense?

When I said “we,” I meant all Syrians regardless of their religious or ethnic background who oppose this criminal government and agree with my point of view.

When I refer to regime supporters, I know that I am referring to a cross-section of the Syrian society that represents all sects. In other words, I don’t use a sectarian prism when looking at people, I just look at the actions.

If people switch sides, they have nothing to worry in the new Syria. Those who remain silent have nothing to worry. Those who oppose bringing down the government, but are vocal in denouncing the government’s abuses have nothing to worry. It’s only those die-hard supporters who fail to bail out from the sinking ship who will pay the price.

October 20th, 2011, 1:05 am


Son of Damascus said:


You sometimes have coherent arguments, but they will always be out shadowed by your sexist, derogatory, and sad attempts at trolling.

October 20th, 2011, 1:05 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Oh yeah Congrat to Sakozy, Suggest he call here ZIOPEDIA, it is a nice name, eternal.

October 20th, 2011, 1:06 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@157 KRIKORIAN , nice to hear from you again, disagree strongly with your comment here, you say:

“…..Some of the Homsiot Atassis played a political role in Syria. Hashem Bey was the most famous. Some others like Faisal, Louay or Noureddine had a lesser impact on the politics of Syria, but had nevertheless their role in shaping up the future of the country….”

In response to your comment #157, I may have failed to explain this for you Mr. Kikorian but I disagree with you on lumping Hashem Beik with someone as lowlife as Louai and NourAlddine.

Hashem Beik had a positive impact on Syria. He unified Syrians and offered outstanding leadership after independence. His son Faisal was not as highly educated as his father Hashem and was persuaded by Arab Nationalists to become a trouble maker for Syria, he was in fact the one that opened the door for Louai and his cousin Jamal, the information minister, to launch his fit on March 8, 1963. Atassi’s comprised 4 clans the affluent land and real estate owning one of Hashem clan down to the penniless Louai and Nourdeen clan, also thug Zuaiin was married into this lower echelon of Attassi’s.

At the funeral تعذية of Hashem, as a teenager I was already very angry with the Attassi’s, so when I forced to go and give condolences to Faisal, I confronted him with his deed that was written about in a book, pretty much put him in the blame for starting the mess in Syria. He was visibly upset and became irritated, wants to know about what the book is and totally denied that he was responsible for Louai, and he stated equivocally that what Louai did is out pure Jealousy for not having the wealth the other Attassi owned, and that his clan is in fact not Attassi’s but people who claim such on distant lineage to gain respect.

I disagree that the other clowns had any significant impact on Syria except in very negative ways and for brief time or in limited capacity. Louai, which I met daily practically was broken person who lived on small pension, and Nouraldeen was nothing more than Salah Jadid front and stooge اجر كرسي that is all, he had absolutely no power whatsoever, he even needed Jadid approval to hold a birthday party for his son, which he gave, but limited the attendance to small group of kids only.


Let’s see robots ANN and TARA finding couple dozen lengthy articles to drown the comment section not with something intelligent, an opinion, a facts, but some dimwitted meaningless articles found on rags all over the universe, vey lengthy ones designed to fill pages of commercial newspapers to make them looks professional talking heads, but chosen specifically to drown the comment section, most of the article contains about 2 lines of news that anyone interested in Syria is already receiving on RSS or email to his laptop and mobile. Someone needs to programs these 2 robots to leave links please. See it is called “comment section” meaning you use your head, education, experiences and communication skill to state an opinion so others can be persuaded to your argument. Now you girls TARA and ANN really giving women a bad brainless image you know. It is called “comment Section” not “cut and paste section”. If that is all you can do, you cannot even write 2 lines of opinion about or intro to an article you are pasting above the URL link, then fine, just paste the URL, it is so simple. Otherwise, I have to spend firkin hours, flicking my finger scrolling down my dam IPHONE screen to get to the bottom of the comment section. Do you know how to get to the bottom of the screen in one action on IPHONE; I would appreciate your robotic help.

October 20th, 2011, 1:07 am


jad said:

It seems that ‘Fear’ and ‘خوف’ is ‘THE’ word on twitter and FB today, almost everybody is talking that the ‘Fear’ the majority of Syrians have is the only reason for them not to join the uprising.
I think that we will read many articles about this ‘Fear’ soon.

October 20th, 2011, 1:11 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Son of Genghis Khan how do you know you are not? You know what Homsi say about Shami’s BANADIK, and they are right, they know better.

October 20th, 2011, 1:12 am


Son of Damascus said:

@ Darryl
I won’t speak on SYR.EXPAT’s behalf but I will never forget.
I will never forget EVERY Syrian that has died, I will never forget the torture the innocent have suffered through, I will never forget the blind hatred a Syrian has shown to his “Family”.

I can forgive, but I will NEVER forget

Son of Damascus

October 20th, 2011, 1:15 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Not forget also means that if some one was paid money to defend the regime,he will be exposed publicly,and if his is to witness in court,it will not be granted to him for long time,as he is not to be believed.

October 20th, 2011, 1:20 am


NK said:

Norman #174

Since you practice medicine in the U.S I find it mind boggling that you would say something like, “in contrast to the US where there is no objective way to get in a school.”
Getting into med school in the U.S is actually pretty hard, having a high GPA while in college, having a high MCAT score and doing well on your interview with school faculty prior to admission. That’s superior to having an extremely high score on your baccalaureate. Can you tell me who will make a better doctor, a guy who scored 95% or a guy who scored 93% ? the guy with 93% scored better on all categories except on Arabic where he scored poorly, the American system allows both students to apply and American schools will admit the guy with 93%. In Syria the guy with 93% doesn’t even have a chance. In fact Syrian med schools admit very bad students due to this failed system, some of whom I wouldn’t even trust to treat my neighbor’s dog. Here’s an example, during my internal medicine interview (graduation test), they asked a guy in my group how many nephrons were their per kidney and he answered 10 … freaking TEN, anyways our professor amazed by such an answer he asked him (sarcastically), where is your liver son ? but to a bigger surprise the guy didn’t even know were his liver was! Now you would think this guy would fail the interview and will not be allowed to graduate (personally I would have expelled him), not in Syria! … he graduated with the rest of us and now have a clinic where he treats many victims, sorry patients, daily.

Please come back from la la land, you are better than this.

October 20th, 2011, 1:23 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Of course, that is all it is when it come to Syria “FEAR”, fear of Islamic extremist taking over, fear of Iraqization of Syria, fear of getting under occupation by Turkey, Israel and others, fear of losing independence, fear of breaking a nation to sectarian states, fear of NATO bombing, fear of DU, fear of Civil War, fear of incompetent new administration, and of course fear of ruling regime retribution. All these are valid fears and there are plenty of real world evidences around them that not only support their fear but convinces them of it being an assured consequence one.

October 20th, 2011, 1:31 am


jad said:

Could you please cool down, no need to be angry at Tara and ANN alone, I do the same, I cut and paste articles/news some of them are very long but I find them interesting, besides, if anybody reading from Syria they may not be able to get to the article’s link because the site/blog might be blocked, you never know, this is why I tend to put the whole article.
I may not necessary agree with every word written in the article I linked but in times when nobody is interested in a dialogue I find it the best way, better than engaging in a nonsense argument and get cursed or attacked every time you state your opinion.
You’ve bee too harsh on Tara, I may disagree with her views but I don’t think that she links that much, actually almost all of her comments are her own words, and rarely she cut&past, don’t you think that you’ve been too quick in your attack on Tara and ANN for no real reason?

Regarding the IPhone, if you get the mobile version of SC on your IPhone, instead of scrolling down to the last comment which is so annoying, go to the main page of Syria Comment and scroll down until you read “Most Recent Comments by Post”, click on it and it will take you to the latest comments left under every post, simply click on the comment you want to read and it will immediately take you there, no don’t need to scroll any more 🙂

October 20th, 2011, 1:35 am


Son of Damascus said:


Why do you resort to insults?
If I have offended you in some way for you to react in this way, I am sorry.
I was merely trying to make constructive criticism of you posts, if you would prefer for me to skip your post from now on I will.

October 20th, 2011, 1:36 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@Jad, thank you my man, where is the mobile version of SC?

October 20th, 2011, 1:40 am




The reason why he/she resorts to insults is because this is how he/she was raised.
كل إناء بما فيه ينضح

October 20th, 2011, 1:47 am


jad said:

It should automatically open on your IPhone Safari when you go to Syria Comment page, if it didn’t, you can go there by clicking on the ‘Mobile Edition’ under META on the bottom right corner of the page immediately under Past Archive.

October 20th, 2011, 1:48 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@SOD, call it even, forget it, now hoping for Jad help, I will be in lala land if he get me to solve this annooooying issue that is making me gurrrrrrrritated.

October 20th, 2011, 1:48 am


Mina said:


People who have I-Phones don’t have brains. In addition to your I-Phones, your sexist comments probably won’t get you too much support (not a good idea for someone who claims to be a genuine political activist). Reading this, it will be easy for some MBs to boast that they are certainly less backward than most of your generation’s guys. It is sad to say, but endogamy is a clue problem in the Middle East.

I enjoy a lot reading articles here, because it is impossible to check 50 websites a day. Thanks to everybody who post links and articles!

October 20th, 2011, 1:55 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

@JAd, thanks, but sorry can not figuer this out, it is opening right away to the list of posts then when I click on the post arrow to teh right, it is opening the whole post and below it all section pages of teh comments are also open, it takes long long time to get to the bottom.

clicking on the ‘Mobile Edition’ I don’t see this option
I don’t see meta?
Help JAD

October 20th, 2011, 1:56 am


jad said:

when you go to Joshualandis.com on your iphone what do you see?

October 20th, 2011, 1:57 am


Darryl said:

200. SYR.EXPAT said:

“When someone is actively supporting a criminal regime that is killing and torturing people, telling him/her that we’ll not forget means that he/she should expect to pay a price for his/her support. It doesn’t imply a grudge. It’s not personal.

So anyone who is taking orders falls under this “unforgettable box”?

“Treating someone fairly is not equivalent to being treated equally.”
I am not sure I understand this statement. To me, treated fairly means treated justly. I’ll be very happy if people treat me fairly. If you prefer to use he word equally, then fine.”

If you eventually establish an Islamic Shariaa, then Alawites, Christians and Druze etc, presumably will be treated fairly but they will not be equal. This is what I meant.

Overall, I have a better understanding where you are coming from now.

October 20th, 2011, 1:59 am


jad said:

before you click on any post scroll a little bit down, can you see
greatest hits
landis in the news


Click on Most Recent Comments by Post.

If you scroll even further to the end you will read this

Exit the Mobile Edition
Click on it and you will see the normal page as you see it on your desktop/laptop computer.
If it didn’t work, I’ll explain it again tomorrow.

October 20th, 2011, 2:01 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Thanks for your patience @Jad and sorry for the others enduring this. When I type in the address bar the URL, it get immediately to a title page syria comment with a home sign to the left, underneath are the listing of posts, all the posts, at the bottom there are right arrow to these pages: Greatest hits, Landis in the News, Links, Oooh, I got it, way on the bottom.. okay ,, reading latest post, being assaulted, fine , who care… now how can I enter comment from this shortcut?

October 20th, 2011, 2:11 am


Mina said:

It’s not on Twitter, it’s not on Facebook it starts in your neighborhood, where money is:


October 20th, 2011, 2:13 am


Jad said:

Click on
Most Recent Comment by Post
It’ll take you to a page with comments on, just click on any comment you want.

I think it will be easier to click on
Exit Mobile Edition

October 20th, 2011, 2:19 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


October 20th, 2011, 2:27 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Thank you for the help, at least now can read latest comments quickly, but it appear that when you need to leave a comment you are back to square one, having either to scroll all the way for half hour or as you said better exit mobile edition, then select last page, just made test it is fast. Thank you.

October 20th, 2011, 2:29 am


Son of Damascus said:

If my Iphone is jailbroken does that make me a little smarter? 🙂
This is a funny clip about blackberry and apple, hope you enjoy it if you have not seen it!

@ Alex
It would be nice if one would be able to change the font (to italic) in order to be able to quote other commentators in a different font. I believe it would be an added tool that can facilitate discussions.
I appreciate the work you and others are doing in keeping this site open (while Dr. Landis is other wise occupied), we might not agree politically but at least we have a venue to discuss our differences in relative safety, for that I must thank you.

October 20th, 2011, 2:39 am



219. DARRYL said:

“When someone is actively supporting a criminal regime that is killing and torturing people, telling him/her that we’ll not forget means that he/she should expect to pay a price for his/her support. It doesn’t imply a grudge. It’s not personal.

So anyone who is taking orders falls under this “unforgettable box”?”

If a soldier is ordered to kill civilians, he should not obey. If he obeys, he should expect to pay the price.

Back in the fifties, Syria had a vibrant democracy. We want to go back to the way it used to be. We had a Christian PM. The people did not revolt against him.

October 20th, 2011, 2:47 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

To all those assaulting, mostly Israeli and foreigners It is called middle finger. But for Syrians I say this:

Do you really think that in this life time we will have a chance to run for election in Syria and get votes! I tell you, if you can do that, I promise not to personally run, fair deal, be happy, now go do it please, as fast as you can. Will find then some young gal in Syria to run for office as SNP candidate, when Assad will be generous and kind to permits that, Revlon #502 blond is available in Syria. And If Moslem Brotherhood mange to get Assad out with bare dust left in Syria, will get Abdul with long fake beard and a 100’ rag wrapped around his head LAFFI to represent us as well. Don’t worry about SNP, you just go ahead and die first please. I am sorry, Martyred , Shahid, will built Shahid walls for you and water fountain in your honor and memory for the great sacrifice you made. There are more options, but will discuss those when you throw the towel.

October 20th, 2011, 2:52 am


Khalid Tlass said:

Alawi scum go to hell.

October 20th, 2011, 3:05 am


Mina said:

Just target the head of you’ll get nowhere:
Or, how come any normal citizen putting millions on a Swiss bank account would have to show where it comes from, but not heads of states?

Thanks SOD for the youtube video. It’s hilarious. It takes some of its inspiration from this one (monty pyhton):

October 20th, 2011, 3:18 am


Mina said:

Tara thanks for posting that

Qatar lender starts talks for buying Dexia’s Turkish arm

Qatar National Bank (QNB) is eyeing Denizbank , the fast-growing Turkish arm of eurozone debt casualty Dexia, in a deal potentially worth up to $6 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

This is the answer to the question What was the price asked by the Turks (and the Europeans) to follow blindly in the Lybian adventure.
Dexia is not at all a “eurozone debt casualty”, it is precisely the European Lehman Brothers, who got bankrupt because it speculated with money it didn’t have and bought rotten bonds.

October 20th, 2011, 4:23 am


Ali said:

@229. Khalid Tlass

That’s the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. There is NO place for you in secular Syria. For all you who support this revolution of murders and mutilations, we now have proved, due to the stupidity and foul mind of Khalid Tlass, this is what the so called opposition stand for and this is what they have wanted from day one. Well I have news for you. This sectarian war that all of you have been striving to achieve will fail and fail miserably. We SYRIANS stand hand in hand, no matter what religion, color or sect we belong to, and support our great leader with dignity and pride. Unlike the rest of you who have nothing on your minds but killing and torturing. This is the true face of the “revolution”.

October 20th, 2011, 5:25 am


Habib said:

Don’t worry, people like Khaled won’t have a place in Syria (or anywhere else outside the Gulf) once America and its allies go down and are replaced by Russia and China as superpowers. Bye bye Wahabism/Zionism!

October 20th, 2011, 6:56 am


Mohamed Kanj said:

KHALED TLASS – UR A FILTHY CANNIBAL. You are the reason why extremists dirt like urself will never get the support of the damascus and aleppo sunni’s in syria. We live side by side with all sects and will never let cavemen like urself get between us TRUE SYRIANS.

October 20th, 2011, 7:21 am


Mohamed Kanj said:

KHALED TLASS ( ABOUD ) – You need to watch this video and learn.

October 20th, 2011, 7:24 am


Samara said:

Khaled Tlas,

You are as dirty and filthy as the ungroomed moustacheless beardbearded donkeys…actually, you clearly are one. You are a shoe filled with snot, go drink out of a toilet you scum. Ya 3aybeshoom. That is exactly what the Islamist Fundamentalists stand for.

You clearly fell on your head when you were born.

October 20th, 2011, 7:51 am


Akbar Palace said:

The wonderful news this morning is that ANOTHER self-appointed leader of the Arab world has been captured:

President “Sun Glass”.

The time for celebration has arrived: lululululululu


October 20th, 2011, 7:53 am


Akbar Palace said:

Now they’re reporting Colonel Gad-fly is dead.

Next stop: Abdelbaset al-Megrahi

October 20th, 2011, 8:05 am


Akbar Palace said:


I didn’t see anything mentioned on the informative JewWatch website concerning the capture of Colonel Gad-fly of Libya. Was Gad-fly deposed by the Zionists or by the brave fighters of Libya?

I think we should get to the bottom of this.

October 20th, 2011, 8:23 am


N.Z. said:

“Someone get some presidential-sized diapers to Damascus, Assad needs them now.”

From Twitter.

October 20th, 2011, 8:30 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Belhaj said Gaddafi has been KILLED

October 20th, 2011, 8:35 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Next to be killed is Bashar

October 20th, 2011, 8:39 am


Ya Mara Ghalba said:

At the end of September Erdogan said he was planing to introduce additional trade sanctions against Syria. The Turkish newspapers at the time said it’d be happening in early October. Today we still haven’t heard any further announcement about that. The silence sounds like Erdogan is having second thoughts about it.

Meanwhile on 18 Oct 2011 unnamed Turkish foreign ministry sources close to Today’s Zaman newspaper said that the recent meeting in Turkey between the foreign ministry officals of Turkey and the anti-regime Syrian National Council should not be taken as a sign that Turkey is planning to recognize the Council as representative of anything. The sources stressed that recognition is a “legal issue which will remain out of the question for now.” Instead, the meeting was designed to foster “important political contact” with the group. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Selim Yenel told Today’s Zaman: “The ministry has been in contact with members of the Council. We have listened to them in order to understand who they are and what their aims are.” Today’s Zaman reported another Turkish foreign ministry spokesman saying that the ministry advised the members of the Council to work in a peaceful manner for democratic transformation in Syria. http://newsfromsyria.blogspot.com/

A London-based member of the Syrian National Council said: “We are asking to be recognized not as a political umbrella for opposition groups, but as the legitimate alternative to the regime.” He contends that the Council represents over 80 percent of opposition groups in Syria and should be considered as the legitimate government of Syria given Assad’s continued use of violence against his own people. http://newsfromsyria.blogspot.com/ My comment: That sort of attitude from the Syrian National Council is inconsistent with a peaceful manner. Therefore I must expect the Council won’t be getting clearcut moral or other support from the Turkish foreign ministry.

Meanwhile 20 Oct 2011: a Syria-based opposition figure, Samir Hawash, declared that the national opposition in Syria is going to establish political parties in accordance with this year’s new parties and elections laws and the impending revised Constitution. He re-iterated the national opposition’s rejection of foreign interference. http://www.sana.sy/eng/337/2011/10/20/376658.htm

October 20th, 2011, 8:50 am


N.Z. said:

Will it not be better if Qaddafi handed over Libya to Libyans, willingly?

How did all the money he stole from his people served him?

All the lies and fear he instilled in the hearts and minds of the people did not stop them from their goal.

His sons are being captured like flies, his entourage, one by one.

A great day, another victory.

Their is a lesson to be learned.

October 20th, 2011, 9:09 am


N.Z. said:

How will Syrian TV cover the death of Libyan tyrant?

October 20th, 2011, 9:54 am


bronco said:

Ya mara Ghalba

Very interesting post that dispells all the anti-regime illusions that Turkey is ‘recognizing’ the SNC

Erdogan said he wanted to visit Hatay’s camps before announcing sanctions. Then he was delayed by his mother’s death and also by the escalation of the war against the turkish kurdish rebels

By meeting the SNC, I think Davutoglu only wanted them to agree to the dialog with Bashar al Assad and I think it has been rebuffed.

Obviously the SNC’s only strategy is to lobby the international community to support them to become the only “political alternative” to the present regime, a sort of governemnt in exile. Then they’ll move on to the UN to be recognized as such.
Until now they have been recognized only by the Libyan shaky TNC, (in retaliation for Syria’s support for Qaddafi). The AL seems to have snubbed them during the last session. My opinion is that Ghalioun leadership is a liability. They have a long way to go.

In Syria, if the local opposition succeeds in creating parties, they would make the SNC obsolete and they will offer a national and democratic ‘alternative’ chosen through elections by the people of Syria, not just by demonstrators. The struggle is going on, but it is hopefully moving to the political ground.

Any sanction imposed by Turkey will be retaliated by cancellation of trade agreements that benefit much more Turkey than Syria.

The regional players ( including Qatar) are re-assessing their moves and Turkey now seems to move closer to Syria, in waiting for other moves.

October 20th, 2011, 10:00 am


Tara said:

I am pretty annoyed with myself attributing good qualities to people who do not have them. I do need a rehab class.

Thank you Jad, Mina, Haytham, SOD, and Syrian Expat. The last thing I worry about is sexual fantasies uttered by deranged incoherent despicable being, yet it feels good to hear your protest.

October 20th, 2011, 10:13 am


Ford Prefect said:

Uh Oh!


Emergency Committee For Israel Board Member Advocates Genocide Of Palestinians

October 19, 2011 11:24 am ET — Media Matters Action Network

In a blog post celebrating the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, Rachel Decter Abrams, a board member of the Emergency Committee on Israel, advocates for the extermination of Palestinians, including children. Abrams is married to former Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams, and is the half-sister of Commentary editor John Podhoretz and step-daughter of Norman Podhoretz, founder of the neoconservative movement.

He’s free and he’s home in the bosom of his family and his country.

Celebrate, Israel, with all the joyous gratitude that fills your hearts, as we all do along with you.

Then round up his captors, the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women-those who aren’t strapping bombs to their own devils’ spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others-and their offspring-those who haven’t already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god-as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they’re traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.

In an ad last week, Abrams’ group accused Occupy Wall Street protesters of hateful rhetoric. No kidding!

October 20th, 2011, 10:34 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Shocking, TARA programmer made her type, she said some words, instead of cu*t and Waste steps. Did you use script to do that or just used the Automate fuction?

October 20th, 2011, 10:42 am


zoo said:

Syria welcomes visit of AL ministerial committee
2011-10-20 17:14:15

DAMASCUS, Oct. 20 (Xinhua) — Syrian deputy foreign minister said Syria welcomes the impending visit of the Arab ministerial committee announced by the Arab League (AL) recently, contrary to previous official stance that showed reservation about the decision.

Abdul-Fatah Amoura was quoted by the state-run al-Baath newspaper on Thursday as saying Syria welcomes any sincere effort to “preserve the interests of the Arab nation.”

Amoura made these remarks at a symposium in Syria’s capital of Damascus late Wednesday, during which he said that Syria also welcomes representatives from Russia, China, South Africa, India and Brazil to participate in the dialogue.

Earlier reports said Syria opposed AL’s suggestion that the committee be chaired by Qatar. But in the latest comments, Amoura said Syria welcomes the committee, the AL chief and Qatari prime minister to meet Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Amoura stressed that Syria sticks to the independence of its political, national and sovereign decision and is able “through different stages to overcome all conspiracies and plots that have aimed at disintegrating its national unity.”

Upon the request of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the AL held an emergency meeting last Sunday to discuss whether to suspend Syria’s membership, in an attempt to step up pressure on the Syrian leadership to end its alleged crackdown on anti- government protests that according to a recent UN tally has claimed more than 3,000 lives since mid-March.

However, the GCC’s attempt to suspend Syria’s membership failed. They then decided to give Syria a 15-day deadline to enact a cease- fire and to form a ministerial committee to participate in Syria’s national dialogue.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the AL Ambassador Youssef Ahmad earlier announced Syria’s reservation on the AL’s resolution, including its wording and particularly naming Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister as heads of the Arab Ministerial Committee.


October 20th, 2011, 10:44 am


majedkhaldoun said:

After the death of Gaddafi, the pro regime in Syria are in a state of snock.

October 20th, 2011, 11:32 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


The Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible is my guide to today’s world events, accompanied by the Hebrew books of Daniel and Ezekiel they are better source of information, strategy planning and decision making than direct CIA/Mossad daily briefings.

Accordingly, my view is this: within 2-3 years Egypt and Libya will be run by anti Israel Moslem governments that ally itself with Turkey and Iran in a war against Israel, a big one. So go ahead and cheer all you want, SNP has one concern this morning and our eye is set on one goal, getting President Assad to allow us to have a party office in Syria and organize locally. Israeli trusted devil worshipping Khazzars and now trusting blood sucking Crusaders, Israel will eventually find out that they are not best friends. Here is the daily intelligence briefing for you. Bible prophecy also tells us the government and many of the people of Libya will be engaged in great evil in the End of Days.

* In Ezekiel 38-39, we learn that Libya is one of the nations that joins the Russian-Iranian alliance against Israel in “the last days.” In this prophecy, Ezekiel uses the name “Put.” The first century historian Flavius Josephus wrote in his famous book, The Antiquities of the Jews, that “Put” or “Phut” is “ancient Libyos.” Ancient Libyos, we know, certainly included the territory of the modern nation state we refer to today as Libya, but also included Algeria and possibly Tunisia. This tells us the no matter what the near term outcomes of the revolutions underway in North Africa are, in the not-too-distant future Libya for certain and possibly her neighbors will have virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel leadership who will eagerly join a coalition bent on destroying the Jews and occupy the land of Israel. Moderate leadership will rise up for a season before the prophecy of the “War of Gog and Magog” comes to fulfillment.

* In Daniel 11, we learn that Libya is one of the countries that will be under the control and direction of the Antichrist in “the last days.” The Hebrew Prophet Daniel tells us that “a despicable person will arise” during “a time of tranquility” and will seize global power “by intrigue” and by “overflowing forces” in the End Times. This person, known in Christian theology as the Antichrist, “will do as he pleases, and he will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods; and he will prosper until the indignation is finished, for that which is decreed will be done.” The Bible tells us the Antichrist “will enter the Beautiful Land” – that is, Israel – and “will stretch out his hand against other countries.” Eventually, the Antichrist will gain control of the entire world (HERE IS YOUR ONE WORLD ORDER) and force all people who haven’t received Christ as Savior and Lord to bow and worship him or be beheaded. But the Bible specifically notes that the Antichrist “will gain control over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the precious things of Egypt; and Libyans and Ethiopians [the people of “Cush,” which includes modern Sudan, Ethiopia and possible Eritrea] will follow at his heels.” It is not entirely clear why the Bible points specifically to “Libyans” and “Ethiopians” as among those who will follow and serve the Antichrist, but this is what the Lord tells us in advance will happen.

October 20th, 2011, 11:43 am


ghufran said:

Ed Hussein
: Ed Husain is a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. The following is reprinted with the permission of the Council on Foreign Relations.

By Ed Husain, CFR.org

It is fashionable in Western capitals to call for regime change in Syria, but with what consequences? The two overarching arguments to remove Syrian president Bashar al-Assad are that his regime is a bastion of anti-Americanism and that he is an Iranian proxy. Recent reports of civil war in Syria and opposition demands of a no-fly zone will only lead to more violence from the Assad regime.

I have nothing but profound admiration for the courageous protestors who risk their lives daily in some of Syria’s major cities, organizing protests through networks of local coordination committees. This weekend’s opposition meeting in Istanbul, though fractious and acrimonious, is a sign of attempts at unity among Syrian democracy activists. However, the lesson from Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya is that this generation does not possess the political networks or clout to mobilize the masses after the overthrow of a regime – the revolutionary booty almost always goes to Islamist and salafist movements, at least for now.

October 20th, 2011, 12:06 pm


Uzair8 said:

Disinformation from SANA designed to mislead us and cover up the regime preventing wounded protestors from being treated. Instead the regime has been killing/arresting wounded protestors in hospitals and attacking hospital staff treating such.

Nurse Wassim Mahfoud Exposes Details of Murdering his Colleague by Terrorists

Oct 20, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_Nurse Wassim Ibrahim Mahfoud, who survived a kidnap attempt by an armed terrorist group, related the details of the crime that claimed the life of his colleague Fadi Habib who was killed by terrorists a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking to the Syrian TV, Mahfoud said ”At 03:00 a.m., hooded men came to us and asked to see Fadi and me, claiming that they were security who want us because we treat injured protesters. They forced us to get on the cars while beating us, then they blindfolded us and called someone by phone telling him that the mission had been accomplished.”

”When we reached an uninhabited area, full of trees and deserted houses, they forced us to get off the cars and beat us, and then they carried us to an area called al-Muhammadiyya,” said Mahfoud.

”They threw me from 7 to 9 meters’ height in a drain and I knew they would shoot from above, so I entered throw the opening of the drain and then they started shooting. I waited for a quarter of an hour after the shooting stopped to find that Fadi had passed away. He was stabbed in his back,” he added.

M. Ismael


October 20th, 2011, 12:08 pm


jad said:

حاكم مصرف سورية المركزي: العقوبات تزيد اعباء المواطن السوري

حاكم مصرف سورية المركزي: العقوبات تزيد اعباء المواطن السوري
تستضيف هذه الحلقة من برنامج “حديث اليوم” الدكتور اديب ميالة حاكم مصرف سورية المركزي، حيث سيحدثنا عن انعكاسات العقوبات المفروضة على سورية على الاقتصاد السوري وعلى الشعب السوري عموما.

يقول الدكتور اديب ميالة في بداية حديثه الى ان العقوبات فرضت من قبل جهات معادية لسورية ولشعبها، من جانب دول معادية للاصلاح في سورية ومصالح الشعب السوري، حيث ادت العقوبات الى انخفاض قيمة العملة السورية امام العملات الاجنبية بنسبة معينة، مما ادى الى ارتفاع تكاليف المعيشة. كل هذا يشير الى ان المتضرر الرئيسي من هذه العقوبات هو الشعب السوري، وان انخفاض القوة الشرائية للمواطن يشير الى ازدياد تاثير العقوبات المفروضة.

واشار الدكتور في حديثه الى ان مصرف سورية المركزي وجه كافة المصارف نحو التعامل مع المصارف الروسية ولقد تم تمهيد الطريق لذلك وان الجانب الروسي رحب كثيرا بذلك واعلن عن استعداده لفتح حسابات للمصارف السورية من اجل تسيير الامور.

واشار حاكم مصرف سورية المركزي الى وجود احتياطي جيد من العملات الصعبة في سورية وهذا يسمح لسورية بالصمود لفترة طويلة، كما اشار الى ادراج الروبل الروسي واليوان الصيني في قائمة تبادل العملات التي يصدرها المصرف،واضاف انه في حالة فرض عقوبات على اليورو ايضا فانهم سوف يتعاملون بالروبل الروسي وان الجانب الروسي رحب بذلك.


October 20th, 2011, 12:17 pm


jad said:

مقتطفات من مقال للمفكر السوري القومي الاجتماعي “نصري الصايغ”
لا تجدي أبداً استعادة نصوص كاذبة، عن الحوار الإسلامي المسيحي، والحوار الإسلامي السني الشيعي. فهذه نصوص لا تستر عورة الكراهية والتعصب. فالعربي يولد في بيت يلقن فيه دينه، وفق توجيه مؤسسات رابضة على العقيدة، ومؤدلجة لها، تعمم منها ما يفرق وما يكفّر وما ينبذ وما يحقّر وما يذمم وما هو في درجة الانحطاط الخلقي، مع استدعاء الموروث التاريخي الزاخر بالجرائم المتبادلة. وما ان يخرج العربي من بيته حتى يخضع لثمانين فضائية إسلامية وعشرين فضائية مسيحية، تبث إلى جانب الدعاء والصلوات والشروحات، ما يمكن تسميته الجنون الديني.
يتربى العربي على ثقافة سلبية ازاء الآخر المختلف. ودين البيوت والصوامع والتكايا، الذي يتداوله «المؤمنون»، يختلف عن الدين الاجتماعي، حيث يفترض استعمال لغة مهذبة، كاذبة، تخفي المضمر والمسكوت عنه.
هذه التراكمات، في مجتمع استبدادي واسلاموي، تكشف انعدام الحوار وكظم المظالم، كما تدل على ان النظام التعليمي والاعلامي والثقافي، فاشل، ولا ينتج إلا هذا التعصب.
وفي ظل هذا التناقض الصارخ، يمكن توقع الأسوأ دائماً.
لكل جماعة شخصية بالمثنى. لا جماعات، اثنية أو دينية أو مذهبية أو حزبية جامعة مانعة. في داخل كل شخصية جماعية، تياران: تيار الانعزال، وتيار الانفتاح. وهما في مغالبة دائمة. يفوز تيار الانعزال عندما تشعر الجماعة بأنها محاطة بخصوم أو بأعداء، أو عندما يكون المجتمع في حالة نزاع. وفلسفة الانعزال تقوى وتشتد عبر تظهير الخطر الخارجي، وشيطنة الآخر المختلف. فيسود التعصب ويوظف العنف وتستبد الكراهية، وتصل في بعض الحالات إلى المشاركة في القتال، قتلاً أو خطفا أو دعماً… أما تيار الانفتاح فيفوز، في مجتمع المساواة والعدالة وانعدام التمييز وانتفاء المظلومية. هنا، لا تعود الجماعة هي الحامية، بل الدولة، أمّ المجتمع، وناظمة أفعاله، وصائنة حقوقه وعمله و… الجماعات، في الدولة الديموقراطية العلمانية، لا تعود جماعات دينية خائفة ومخيفة، بل جماعات سياسية معارضة أو موالية. وتتحول الجماعات الدينية، إلى ممارسة طقوسية وحياة روحية، وهلم جراً من أفعال تتسق مع تقاليد الدين، كما هو حاصل في الدول التي تم فيها فصل الدين عن الدولة وعن السياسة.
ولأننا بعيدون عن هذا الهدف، فإن التوتر الطائفي والمذهبي سيبقى وقد يشتد، بسبب المرحلة الانتقالية، حيث تسعى الأحزاب الدينية إلى تديين الدولة والمجتمع، في مواجهة من يرغب في توطين الجميع، داخل الوطن، الذي لا يميز نظامه في شيء، بين مسلم ومسيحي وكردي و…
الخوف على الثورة، ليس من انعدام تجربة شبابها، أو من تعدد الهيئات فيها. الخوف هو من قوى الماضي، التي تريد أوطانا معبأة في آيات وعقائد… ليست محل إيمان مشترك، والتي تكسب معاركها، بمنطق الغريزة الدينية، واستثارة المشاعر والكراهية، وليس بمنطق العقل المدني الديموقراطي.
ماسبيرو… فتحت جرح الأسئلة في مصر. سبقها إلى ذلك، العراق ولبنان و… فمتى النهاية؟

October 20th, 2011, 12:18 pm


Mina said:

“Panem et circences” for all today. By legalizing “targeted assassinations”, one can imagine how excited the Israelis are getting. You bet the next name we’ll hear about is Hasan Nasrallah.

They put the blame on each other, the rebels saying it’s NATO, the BBC saying it is a 9 mm bullet. But in the end, we all know they would never have let him have a preaching chair and air whatever he knew, in a tribunal.

Better to have this to discuss than to show Rome’s riots last week (the mayor has forbidden all demonstration for one month) and the Athens riots yesterday.

Rome… Athens… New York… what a symbol.

October 20th, 2011, 12:23 pm


norman said:

Qaddafi was captured alive then executed.

October 20th, 2011, 12:23 pm


Atheist Syrian Salafist Against Dictatorships (ASSAD) said:

Expect the level of violence and the monstrosities from the murderous regime to be ratcheted up considerably after the execution/death of Gaddafi. I am really worried about the young protest organizers who have been arrested and who will surely suffer a lot in the coming days and indeed many will likely be murdered in cold blood, or tortured to death. I sit here imagining the terror that is going be unleashed upon them by their jailers and I truly tremble in fear and pain for their sake, especially since a member of my own close family is held by those heartless killers.

I am not a believer, but I can imagine what my late mother would say: “may the hearts of their enemies be emptied of hate and filled with mercy and pity!”

October 20th, 2011, 12:27 pm


ghufran said:

I personally do not know anybody who was opposed to removing Qadhafi and changing the regime in Libya. The same is true for most Arab regimes,including the Syrian regime,however,using NATO fire power to change a government and destroying a country to force a regime change is no laughing matter. It is premature to pass a judgement on the Libya’s situation except to state the obvious: Qadhafi was not good for Libya and removing him is a good thing. What the new government does and how it treats its citizens will help us answer the nagging question about whether the Libyan model is the one to follow in other Arab countries.
My personal opinion is that Arabs should be able to change their governments without getting their countries destroyed and allowing NATO a free access to Arabs land and wealth.
Libya allowed NATO to train its pilots for free and Libyans will pay for every bullet and bomb that was used to change their government,they will also have to pay AGAIN for everything that was destroyed from their own money,most of which is still frozen in western banks !!
Saddam was also removed by force by NATO and the US,and the end result was a failed state with a sectarian government that is a puppet for Iran,and an insurgency that seems unstoppable.

October 20th, 2011, 12:28 pm




“Qaddafi was captured alive then executed.”

Were you there? How about “some allege he was captured alive and then executed.”

In any case, good riddance. He executed and tortured thousands upon thousands of people.

October 20th, 2011, 12:31 pm


norman said:

Syria Ex,

look at AL Jazeera, you trust that, he was walking then dead.

October 20th, 2011, 12:33 pm


Uzair8 said:

Why dont the Menhabeks do us a favour. Why dont they show their loyalty to the regime and help prevent economic collapse by donating their organs to the regime to sell on. The regime will no longer have to steal the organs of the protestors.

October 20th, 2011, 12:37 pm


Tara said:

I was hoping Gaddafi gets captured and then face trial and humiliation to punish him for the crimes he committed against humanity.

I am not happy that Papa hafiz died a natural death and did not face the divine justice. He too should have paid for the crimes he committed in Hama in 1982. I am wondering if destiny will make Bashar pay for his own and his father crimes too. I am happy for the Lybians bringing a very dark era of their history into closure. I am looking forward to the day, I as a Syrian celebrate the end of Assad clan era and have Syria owned back by its people.

October 20th, 2011, 12:40 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

“…I as a Syrian …”
Yeah, and I am from the Draco Constellation, smack in the center of galaxy

October 20th, 2011, 12:46 pm


Uzair8 said:

Actually, if the economy continues to deteriorate to an imminent collapse the regime may EXPECT its loyal Menhabeks to donate their organs.

Who’d want to be a Menhabek? Lol.

October 20th, 2011, 12:58 pm


jad said:

امران يشعلان المنطقة سقوط النظام في سورية او الحرب وايران ستقلب الطاولة

توقعت مصادر دبلوماسية عربية بأن تكون الأسابيع الفاصلة عن بداية العام 2012 حاسمة على صعيد تحديد افق الصراع في سوريا، بعد ان نجح النظام حتى الآن في استيعاب التحركات الداخلية المعارضة وفشل مجلس الامن في فرض عقوبات على النظام، مما سيدفع بعض الدول العربية والغربية، الى البحث عن خيارات جديدة أبرزها تشجيع بعض مجموعات المعارضة المسلحة على القيام بعمليات عسكرية وأمنية، تستهدف مسؤولين سوريين وشخصيات فاعلة في النظام وتفجير سيارات مفخخة في المدن الرئيسية، من دون استنفاد احتمالات أخرى تبدو صعبة المنال حالياً ولكنها موضوعة على جدول الأعمال، مثل تشجيع بعض الضباط على القيام بعمل عسكري انقلابي، على قاعدة أمر عمليات عربي ـ دولي بأن المطلوب إسقاط الاسد بأية طريق ممكنة قبل نهاية العام الحالي، وهو كلام قيل بعضه على هامش مؤتمر دعم المجلس الانتقالي الليبي في باريس، وخاصة من قبل نيكولا ساركوزي الذي تعهّد أمام بعض المسؤولين الخليجيين بالتفرغ لبشار الأسد في الأشهر المقبلة.

وتضيف المصادر حسب السفير اللبنانية أن خيار شن حرب أطلسية على سوريا قد تراجع وهذا ما أبلغه مسؤولون اتراك لقيادات في تنظيم «الاخوان المسلمين» زارت تركيا مؤخراً وان السبب الرئيس لعدم قدرة تركيا أو «الناتو» على القيام بعمل عسكري، يعود لعدم وجود غطاء دولي او عربي ولقيام المسؤولين الإيرانيين بإبلاغ القيادة التركية وبعض المسؤولين العرب والاميركيين بأن أي عمل عسكري سيستهدف سوريا سيؤدي لإشعال حرب شاملة في المنطقة كلها كما ان تركيا لن تكون بمنأى عن تداعيات الوضع السوري.

وقد أبلغ المسؤولون الايرانيون امير قطر بأن التغيير في سوريا سيؤدي الى تغييرات جذرية في دول الخليج، لأنه من غير المقبول ان تستمر الاوضاع في دول الخليج على ما هي عليه في ظل ما يجري في كل الدول العربية، وتتابع المصادر ان الوضع الدولي والعربي يشهد حالياً متغيرات هامة ولا سيما بعد استخدام روسيا والصين لحق النقض (الفيتو) في مجلس الأمن ضد اي قرار يستهدف سوريا ورفض عدد من الدول الأساسية لهذا القرار (الهند والبرازيل وجنوب افريقيا) وان العالم يتجه اليوم الى واقع جديد عبر انتهاء ما يسمّى (الحقبة الأميركية المسيطرة على القرار الدولي) كما ان المنطقة العربية والاسلامية تشهد خريطة جديدة عبر تكوّن محاور جديدة في ظل تراجع الدور السعودي والتطورات التي تواجهها مصر والدور الجديد الذي يلعبه العراق الى جانب سوريا، ما يعني ان المنطقة متجهة نحو تغيير كبير واذا نجح النظام السوري في تجاوز الأزمة خلال الشهرين المقبلين وفشلت كل الجهود الدولية والعربية لإسقاطه فإن ذلك سيؤدي الى تغييرات كبيرة في المشهدين العربي والإسلامي.

ايران: سنقلب الطاولة

وتضيف المصادر ان الايرانيين ابلغوا الاميركيين انهم قادرون على قلب الطاولة في كل المنطقة من افغانستان الى البحر المتوسط وان «مؤتمر الصحوة الاسلامية» و«مؤتمر دعم الانتفاضة» اللذين عقدا مؤخراً في طهران، شكلا بحضورهما ومضمونهما رسالة واضحة للأميركيين ولبعض الجهات العربية والدولية بحجم القدرات الايرانية والقوى المتحالفة مع طهران.

وأضافت المصادر ان القيادة السورية عبرت مؤخراً عن ارتياحها للموقف العراقي ولحجم الدعم الذي قدّمه العراق لسوريا في الاشهر الماضية وان الرئيس بشار الاسد وعدداً من القيادات السورية اشادوا بالمواقف التي اطلقها رئيس الوزراء العراقي نوري المالكي وبالجهود التي قام بها لدعم سوريا وان هذه المواقف والجهود تركت، في المقابل، صدى سلبياً لدى الإدارة الأميركية وكشفت عن فشل أميركا في الإمساك بالورقة العراقية برغم كل ما قامت به خلال السنوات الماضية.

ونقلت المصادر تخوّف القيادة السعودية مما يجري في المنطقة بعد التغييرات المتتالية وخروج الكثير من ملفات المنطقة من أيدي السعوديين، وان السعودية تحاول اليوم استعادة بعض نقاط القوة وقد عبر المسؤولون السعوديون، حسب المصادر نفسها، عن عدم ارتياحهم لما يجري في لبنان وفشل قوى 14 آذار وتيار المستقبل في الاستمرار بالإمساك بالحكم برغم كل الإمكانيات المالية التي دفعت والمساعدات التي قدمت وان القيادة السعودية تعمل حالياً لإعادة دراسة الوضع اللبناني لتحديد الخيارات المستقبلية.

وأشارت المصادر إلى ان لبنان لم يعد من الأولويات عربياً ودولياً الا بما يخص الملف السوري وكيفية الاستفادة من لبنان للضغط على الوضع السوري، خصوصاً عبر العمل لدعم المجموعات السورية المسلحة وتهريب السلاح وحماية المجموعات المعارضة، واما على صعيد المقاومة و«حزب الله» فإن الامور مجمدة حالياً لأن الخيار العسكري (الاسرائيلي) مستبعد حالياً الا اذا حصلت تطورات غير تقليدية في الحرب على سوريا مما قد يؤدي الى اشتعال كل المنطقة.

جريدة الديار

October 20th, 2011, 1:00 pm



263. NORMAN said:

Syria Ex,

look at AL Jazeera, you trust that, he was walking then dead.

Unfortunately, I don’t trust any media outlet, including Aljazeera. However, some are highly not trust worthy like the Syrian media and others fair a lot better. So when I read the news, I try to do my homework to the best of my ability.

October 20th, 2011, 1:01 pm



These are excerpts of a new poem by Dr. Ahmad Hasan Maqdisi talking about the fall of the Arab tyrants (the whole lot of them). This was exclusively published by Arab Times.

I hope the mihebakites enjoy it and send it to their icon Bashar Assad:

أبشروا .. فلا قمم بعد اليوم

قصيدة للشاعر والاكاديمي
العربي الكبير
د. أحمد حسن المقدسي
مدينة القدس الشريف
( خاص بعرب تايمز)
هذه قصيدة جديدة وهي بعنوان أبشروا .. فلا قمم بعد اليوم
وهي تتحدث عن تساقط الحكام الطغاة مما يجعلنا نستبشر
بعدم العودة الى قممهم السخيفة كما تتضمن الشكر للثائرين الابطال في الساحات العربية

فـَــرِح ٌ أنـا .. لا تـَــسـلـُـبيني فـَـــرْحتي فالــــعــام ُ ليــــــس َ كـَـــسائر ِ الأعــــــوام ِ

فـــي عامـِـــنا هــــذا نـُـفاخـِــر ُ أنـَّــه ُ
عـــــــام ُ الرحـــــــيل ِ لِــشِـلـَّة ِ الحُــــــكام ِ

عـــــام ُ الرَّعـِــيَّة ِ تــــسترد ُّ بــــلادَها
مِــــــن ْ قـَــبْضة ِ الـسُــفهاء ِ والأقـــــزام ِ

عـــام ُ الـشعوب ِتـَـفيق ُ من سـَــكـَراتِـها
وتـَـــــدوس ُ فــــــوق َ عِـصـــابةِ الأزلام ِ

عــــام ٌ بـــلا قـِـــمم ٍ تـــبيع ُ جلــودَنا
والقِــــبْلة َ الأولــــى بـِـــــكوم ِ سـُــــخام ِ

عــــام ٌ بـــلا قِـــمم ٍ تـُـقايض ُ أرضـَـنا
لـِـيعيْث َ قـَـــــوَّاد ٌ .. أو ابــــن ُ حـَـــــرام ِ

يا ســــادتي الأبـــطال َ هــــــذا يومُكــــم لِتـُــخـَلـِّصونا مـِـــن ْ قـَــــطيْـع ِ صـَـــرامي
لا شيء َ أجـْـمل َ مـِـن زعـيم ٍ هــارب ٍ إلا زعـــــــيم ٌ دِيْــــــــس َ بـالأقـــــــــدام ِ

حين َ الــــشعوب َ تـَصير ُ أحـــذية ً لدى قـِـــرد ٍ ، يـَــصير ُ القــبر ُ خـــير َ مـَـــقام ِ
شـَـــبَّت ْ خـُيـول ُ الشعب ِ عنْ أطواقـِهم لـــــن يــــستطيعوا ردَّهـــــا بـِــــــلِجام ِ


لــيلاي َ ، يا نايـَا ً يـُهدهـِـد ُ فـــرْحتي
ويـُحيــــلـُـني حـَــــقلا ً مـِـــن الأنغـــــام ِ

في تـَـيْنـَــك ِ العينين ِ أرســـم ُ لــوحتي
فـتـَـضيع َ بين َ خـــطوطـِها أقــــــــلامي

بزغـَــت ْ شــــموس ُ الثائرين َ بَهيـَّـة ً
وتـَـــزَنـَّر َ النـِّـــــــسريْن ُ بالأنـْـــــــسام ِ

ســـيمر ُّ هـــذا العــام ُ دون َ قـِــمامة ٍ مَـــسمومة ٍ تــــطفو عـلـى الإعـْـــــلام ِ
وسـَــتطـْرح ُ الأقمــــار ُ أقمـــارا ُ على شـُــــرُفاتـِنا ، وتنام ُ فـــــي أكــــــمامي
شـُـكرا ً شـباب َ العـُـرْب ِ أنتَ فـَـنارُنا يا مـَـــن ْ فتحـــت َ حـقائب َ الأحـــــلام ِ
أثـْــبَت َّ أن َّ العـْـيْن َ تـَهزِم ُ مِخـْرَزَا ً والكــــف َّ قد يغــــدو بـألف ِ حـُـــسام ِ
شــــكرا ً إلــى الثــُّــوار ِ ، لا قـِـــمم ً سـَــــتزيْدُنا ضـَـــغـْـطا ً علـــــى أورام ِ
شـُــكرا ً لهم ، ما عــاد َ بعد َ الـــيوم ِ زنـْـــديق ٌ يـُحــاضِـرُنا عـــن ِ الإســـلام ِ
لا تـُــرَّهات ٌ مـِــن ْ بـَـــغِي ٍّ ، بـِــئْرُ زمـْـــزم َ لا يُـــــطـَهِّرُهُ مِــنَ الآثـــــام ِ
لا زُمـْــرة ٌ ما عـاد يجـْـمَعُها سوى طـُــغيانِـها ، وتـَــلاصُـق ِ الأعـْــــــلام ِ

شُكرا ً لِـمن ْ جعلَ الملـوك َ أرانِـبا ً
عـَـــرْجاء َ ، بــين مَخـــالب ِ الضـِّرغام ِ

فالتـَّاج ُ أصـبح َ لا يُـساوي جـَـزمة ً
والعَـرْش ُ صـار َ مـِـنصَّة َ الإعـْـــدام ِ

جـَـــبَروتـُهم وَلـَّـــى فمــا عـُــــدنا
نـُـصدق ُ كـِـذْبة َ الـوطني ِّ والمِــقدام ِ


October 20th, 2011, 1:08 pm


jad said:

And now in Libya
Now that Qadhdhafi has been killed and his Third Universal Theory buried with him, Libyan NATO militias can now focus on their priorities: silencing critics, internecine bloody wars, and the gradual imposition of a Bin Ladenite order.
Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil

A misunderstanding
So NATO killed Qadhdhafi and Italian prime minister declared the end of fighting in Libyya. It seems to me that there is a mistranslation of Arab popular demands. Arabs have been chanting: The people want the downfall of the regime. They did not chant: The people want NATO to bring down the regimes.
Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil

October 20th, 2011, 1:18 pm


ghufran said:

Qadhafi was captured wounded but alive,then he either died of his wounds or was killed:

October 20th, 2011, 1:19 pm



العميد الركن رضوان المدلوش ينفي خطفه من العصابات 20-10

Another defection?

October 20th, 2011, 1:26 pm


Habib said:

All Shias, including Alawis, are happy that Gadaffi is dead, since he killed Musa Sadr.

October 20th, 2011, 1:28 pm


jad said:

Old news:
العميد المتقاعد رضوان المدلوش المخطوف يظهر على الجزيرة يعلن انشقاقه

كذب انشقاق المدلوش الذي هو عميل للأمن ومدسوس

He will be killed by whoever kidnapped him, it became a criminal trend, they kidnap someone, he will declare in an interview that he is either with the security forces OR with the revolution then he will be found tortured and killed.

October 20th, 2011, 1:34 pm


ghufran said:

I am not sure I agree with Habib that Alawites are Shia,that is debatable. Musa Al-Sadr issued a Fatwa saying that Alawis are Shia Muslims,that was helpful for Hafez Al-Asad in 1970 since the Syrian constitution clearly states that the president must be a Muslim. This is why many militants say Alawis are not muslims and insist that the new constitution keeps that requirement for the office of presidency in Syria.
I do not see how Syria can enter the 21st century as a progressive state if the religion of the president is predetermined as if non muslims are not trustworthy or unqualified to lead.

October 20th, 2011, 1:39 pm


Dale Andersen said:

Not so fast!

I am sure Ann will find a long, boring article at one of the goofball news sites she frequents that will PROVE Qaddafi is NOT dead but in fact is sitting on a veranda at Graceland sipping on a mint julep with Elvis…

October 20th, 2011, 1:39 pm


Dale Andersen said:

Memo To: JAD

RE: “…seems to me that there is a mistranslation of Arab popular demands. Arabs have been chanting: The people want the downfall of the regime. They did not chant: The people want NATO to bring down the regimes…”

Geez, Jaddy. count on you to be the party pooper. You’d find a way to screw up a wet dream. Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter HOW it was done. It only matters that it was done and everyone can move on to the next phase…which is to kill Bashar al-Assad and his Mafia…

October 20th, 2011, 1:45 pm


Habib said:

Ghufran, that is besides the point I made. But in any case, Alawis are most certainly Shia by the very definition of the word.

As for Khaled Tlass’s earlier exclamation, who cares, when the US and their allies go down, China and Russia become superpowers, so you can wave Zionism and Wahabism goodbye.

October 20th, 2011, 1:49 pm


gk said:

Gazzafi and most of his kids are dead! He is the fourth Arab dictator to be removed. Who is next?

October 20th, 2011, 1:50 pm


jad said:

I really don’t care how he was killed either, now the news is that both of his sons are dead too, the comment I put was from the Angry Arab website not my words.

October 20th, 2011, 1:51 pm


jad said:

How is attacking schools and burning them can bring any better future for our kids, with or without the regime? Criminals!

في حمص : الارهابيون يستهدفون المدارس .. واعتراف أحد المسلحين بالتآمر لقتل الإرهابي أحمد عودة بهدف تزعم العصابات المسلحة

حمص .. شام برس
قامت صباح اليوم مجموعة ارهابية مسلحّة بحرق مدرسة محمد الوعر ” حلقة ثانية ” بحي كفرعايا بحمص ، حيث أضرموا النار فيها بالكامل قبل بدء الدوام المدرسي ، كما أقدم ارهابيون على إلقاء قذيفة آر بي جي على السور الخارجي لمدرسة 6 تشرين بحي المهاجرين وأخرى بباحة مدرسة سليمان معلّا في حيّ العباسية أثناء تواجد الطلاب فيها ، دون حدوث أية اصابات بشرية حسبما أفاد مراسل شام برس في المدينة .
كما اُلقيت قذيفة آر بي جي بالقرب من مدرسة المأمون بحي المهاجرين واقتصرت الأضرار على المادية فقط .
من جهة أخرى اعترف أحد المسلحين الإرهابيين بتآمر الإرهابي المقتول بلال جلال الكن مع الإرهابي المدعو خضر راغب الحلواني لقتل الإرهابي أحمد عودة بهدف تزعم قيادة العصابات المسلحة بحمص.

October 20th, 2011, 1:56 pm


Tara said:


Have you figured out the meaning of the words yet?

October 20th, 2011, 1:58 pm



“How is attacking schools and burning them can bring any better future for our kids, with or without the regime? Criminals!”
Indeed. Most likely this was done by the regime’s security forces.

October 20th, 2011, 2:03 pm


jad said:

“Most likely this was done by the regime’s security forces.”

[Were you there? How about “some allege this was done by the regime’s security forces.”]

October 20th, 2011, 2:07 pm


Mina said:

Still, if Gaddafi had “stolen all the money of his country”, how come Lybia was the richest country on the African continent, the 55th on the world scale, that his daughter was officially working for the UN (not in the Lybian delegation, but as a “peace envoy”, don’t laugh please, when you know his connections with different African guerilla movements), that his son and the Lybian Investment Fund (one of the richest in the world with Qatar) was a share-older of the Financial Times newspapers… etc.

October 20th, 2011, 2:12 pm



“286. JAD said:

“Most likely this was done by the regime’s security forces.”

[Were you there? How about “some allege this was done by the regime’s security forces.”]

Nice try, but it doesn’t work in this case. This was my opinion and I prefaced it with “Most likely.” Let me translate:

Based on what I know about this barbaric regime, it’s highly likely that this attack was carried out by security forces in order to demonize the opposition. However, I leave the door open for the possibility that individuals from the opposition could have done it. In any case, I consider those who attacked the school criminals, regardless of whether it’s the regime, or people from the opposition.

I hope you see the difference.

October 20th, 2011, 2:25 pm


norman said:

Now with the end of the Libyan war, would the Mujaheddin join the unemployment line, work in construction or join another war, in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere, any ideas.

October 20th, 2011, 2:29 pm


Habib said:

Syr.exp, by that retarded logic you can just replace “barbaric regime” with “barbaric Salafists” and voila, we’ve gotten nowhere.

October 20th, 2011, 2:31 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

الطغاة كالأرقام القياسية لا بد أن يأتي يوم وتتحطم

October 20th, 2011, 2:39 pm



“290. HABIB said:

Syr.exp, by that retarded logic you can just replace “barbaric regime” with “barbaric Salafists” and voila, we’ve gotten nowhere.

Retardation belongs to you and your likes. This is why you have gotten nowhere.

October 20th, 2011, 2:40 pm




“290. HABIB said:

Syr.exp, by that retarded logic you can just replace “barbaric regime” with “barbaric Salafists” and voila, we’ve gotten nowhere.

Retardation belongs to you and the likes of you. This is why you have gotten nowhere.

October 20th, 2011, 2:41 pm


Habib said:

Syr.expa, I could retaliate with insults as well, but your lame comeback makes this unnecessary.

We’re in a cold war between Iran/Russia/China and US/Gulf/Israel/EU. Syria is just a proxy battlefield, and you’re losing in the long run.

October 20th, 2011, 2:50 pm


jad said:

Until today, the opposition has nothing to do with the armed militia called the FSA, they have no power over what those guys are doing/done, so I wouldn’t put it in the way you did.

“In any case, I consider those who attacked the school criminals, regardless of whether it’s the regime, or people from the opposition.”

That was my point in my comment, whoever did this act of attacking schools is a CRIMINAL…Regime or Terrorist or Individuals…it doesn’t matter to me.

I hope that you see my point too.

October 20th, 2011, 2:53 pm


jad said:


اشتداد الصراع بين واشنطن وطهران يؤشر الى ان منهما يسعى الى تحسين موقعه التفاوضي

ثمة من يربط بين الاحداث التي تشهدها المنطقة العربية عموما وسوريا خصوصا، بالكباش الاميركي – الايراني الذي يتخذ مسارات متشعبة وخطيرة مع اقتراب موعد الانسحاب العسكري الاميركي من العراق،
وثمة من يعتقد ان اشتداد الصراع بين واشنطن وطهران يؤشر الى ان كل دولة منهما تسعى الى تحسين مواقعها التفاوضية، فالاولى تدرك جيدا ان ايران الفارسية ليست العراق او افغانستان، كما تعرف ايضا انها تقارع خصم صعب المراس لديه نقاط قوة عديدة يعرف كيف يستفيد منها، بدءا من جغرافية ايران التي تشبه الى حد بعيد القارة بالمعنى السياسي والاقتصادي، اكان من حيث المساحة الجغرافية الشاسعة التي تسمح بتحديث الصناعات العسكرية وانشاء ميادين التجارب وحقول التدريب، فضلا عن كونها دولة لديها الكثير من الثروات الطبيعية التي تؤمن لها كفاية ذاتية تقيها من الخضوع للضغوط، كما ان الثانية تعرف بدورها انها تتعاطى مع جبار يتمتع بقدرة هائلة تمكنه من خربطة الاوضاع في الخليج العربي الذي تعتبره طهران امتدادا حيويا واستراتيجيا.
في هذا السياق يروي سياسي قادم من العاصمة الاميركية التقى خلال اقامته القصيرة هناك قياداتها الخارجية ان واشنطن تنظر الى الاوضاع في المنطقة انطلاقا من المحافظة على مصالحها الاستراتيجية في المنطقة، فهي تعتبر ان كل ما انجزته الولايات المتحدة بدءا من اسقاط نظام صدام حسين مرورا بحربها على تنظيم القاعدة وليس انتهاءا باحتضان “الشيعة” في اكثر من دولة غربية واسلامية استفادت منه ايران ووظفته في سياساتها الخارجية حتى باتت عرابة الامن في العراق ومفتاح التفجير في الشرق الاوسط، وبالتالي فانها اضحت شرطي الخليج القادر على تقويض المصالح الاميركية.
يضيف ان واشنطن وبحسب ما سمعه هناك باتت مثل لاعب البوكر في الغرب الاميركي، ذلك اللاعب الذي يخسر اوراقه تدريجيا فيجد نفسه مرغما على واحد من المرين، اطلاق النار على خصمه لمنعه من اللعب واستعادة ما خسره بالقوة، واما مهادنته وملاقاته في منتصف الطريق تحقيقا لشروط افضل لمجمل اللعبة، وهذا يعني ان الولايات المتحدة ستجد نفسها عاجلا ام آجلا في موقع الخاسر الذي سيطلق النار على خصمه او مفاوضته، وبما ان الاحتمال الاول يحمل الكثير من المحاذير والمخاطر، فمن المرجح انها تعتمد الخيار الثاني، على ان تقاربه بموجة عارمة من الضغوط بدأت مع اتهامها لطهران بالتحضير لاغتيال السفير السعودي في واشنطن، مع انها تدرك جيدا ان مثل هذا التصريح او الاعلان لن يفيد سوى في زيادة التوتر الطائفي بين “ايران والخليج ” اذا ما جاز التعبير، كما انه لن يلق الصدى المطلوب في المحافل الدولية ولا في مجلس الامن . وذلك في ظل غياب الاثباتات الدامغة من جهة، ولادراك الثنائية الروسية – الصينية ان مثل هذا الاعلان قد لا يكون في موقع الحقيقة، خصوصا ان ايران ليست على درجة من الغباء، فهي لو ارادت فعلا اغتيال اسفير السعودي فلماذا تختار واشنطن مكانا لتنفيذ العملية مع انها تملك الكثير من الخيارات الاكثر واقعية من جهة ثانية.
ويلاحظ الزائر كيف ان واشنطن تقوم في الوقت عينه بتشديد الضغط على الاذرع الايرانية المنتشرة في الشرق الاوسط، فهي تعتبر ان دمشق حليفة طهران مادة دسمة للضغط من خلالها على ايران، كما انها تضغط على حزب الله من خلال المحكمة الدولية وهي تشد الخناق حول عنقه من خلال اثارة موضوع تمويل المحكمة الدولية مع ان المبلغ الذي تطالب الامم المتحدة بتسديده لا يعدو كونه رقما في حسابات الامم وموازناتها الخارجية، وبالتالي فان المقصود من كل همروجة التحولات في الشرق الاوسط هي ايران دون سواها، وتاليا فان اي تقارب اميركي – ايراني قد يضع حدا لكل ما يشهده العالم العربي.


October 20th, 2011, 3:01 pm


habib said:

Just to make it clear, I am not pro-regime, rather anti-American and anti-Salafist. I do of course know many of the protesters are champions of noble causes, but the fact is they’re simply useful idiots right now. They’re being herded like sheep by Zionists and Wahabis.

If the Syrian government allied with Israel to prevent overthrow, I’d turn against it in a second, so don’t start your “menhebak” bullshit with me.

October 20th, 2011, 3:06 pm



295. JAD

I see your point too and this is an area where we agree. I don’t want to see bloodshed. I don’t want to see revenge. I want to see the rule of law. I don’t want half of the army to fight the other half and I certainly don’t want a civil war.

However, because of the government’s brutality, defectors and some people in the opposition are resorting to arms. The primary blame rests on the shoulder of the government, which didn’t leave the defectors any other choice. Anyone who defects and gets caught can expect severe torture and a horrible death. Had the government been firm, but humane, things would have been different. The demonstrations wouldn’t have stopped, but the level of violence and sectarianism would have been minimal.

Here’s some of what the government can do to ease the tensions:

– Declare a nation-wide except in self-defense.
– Allow hospitals and doctors to freely treat the injured without the need for security clearance.
– Stop the practice of torture in Syria.
– Allow the Red Cross and Red Crescent to visit the arrestees.
– Release a list with the names of all those in detention and the crimes they are accused of.
– Allow families to visit their relatives in prison.
– Prohibit the savage beating of demonstrators. If the security services want to arrest a person, it should be done in a professional manner. If the person doesn’t not resist, he should not be beaten. If the person resists, only enough force can be used to subdue him. Beyond that, there should be no beating or abuse of arrestees.

The main objective of the FSA is to protect the civilians. If the gevernment does not attack civilians, the FSA won’t be able to justify the use of arms.

October 20th, 2011, 3:18 pm


Mina said:

Ideas for the Lybian fighters in case they don’t want to work in factories: they could either go to KSA (roadmap available on al-Islah TV)

or Turkish Eastern border (severe losses for the Turkish army against the PKK today).

Anyhow, you can kill a tyrant or send him to a palace in Saudi Arabia like Ben Ali, I’m sure all these guys will have shrines in a hundred years. It will become a business to claim where you know the secret location where so and so has been buried.

Again, the Empire needs cash and has tons of weapons to sell and experiment. But boys will be boys.

October 20th, 2011, 3:18 pm


NK said:

Newsnight’s Sue Lloyd-Roberts is smuggled into Homs, home to some of Syria’s strongest anti-government protests and most violent army crackdowns, to see what life is like for people there.


October 20th, 2011, 3:27 pm



294. HABIB said:

The insults came from you first. You started it, so don’t whine. Go read your earlier post.

Just because there is a cold war between the East and the West, it doesn’t mean that we have to put up with this barbaric regime. As for the long term, I am very optimistic.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, Syria is indirectly allied with Israel as was clearly stated by [Ha]Ramy Makhlouf. Assad Sr. sold the Golan Heights and guaranteed peace on the border with Israel. All this mukawamah and mumana’ah is just a smoke screen, just like the many empty slogans of the Baath Party. Only fools fall for it.

October 20th, 2011, 3:32 pm


Equus said:

God knows I’m not undermining the blood spilled in Syria on both sides.
But the question of why the protesters in Syria are not gaining world wide thorough attention, further sympathy or empathy has crossed my mind many times.

The central problem with this protest in Syria is that its inspiration is not homegrown. It’s a me-too spin off of Tunisia & Egypt phenomenon, and this imitation brings problems to both sides. The world is watching church burning in Egypt. On Euro news Anti-Syrian regime protesters show a portrait of late al Qaida leader Bin Laden. Is this who they warship as a hero? He is a mass murderer NOT a hero. So, basically protesters no longer want a dictator as a leader but a mass murderer is acceptable to be their leader? Not to mention Syria doesn’t have oil like Libya so chances are to gain empathy form greedy countries is minimal. You know the expression “Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win. “Jonathan Kozol. Work out your differences…Look at Hamas & Plo. Hamas managed with one Israeli prisoner to free up 1600 Palestinians. Where as Husballah killed the two men and went to war. What did he gain? Absolutely nothing, in fact he lost territory to UNIFEL and caused the destruction of Lebanon infrastructure. How patriotic is that?
Democracy doesn’t improve the standard of living. India is democratic country. The poverty their is rather harrowing. Pakistan is democratic, its widespread corruption is seriously scary. Think twice, save what’s left of your country. For Palestinians, Avaaz petition gained 1 million signatures in probably 10 days. For Syrian protesters Avaaz petition didn’t reach 300k after a week. So that is a message…get it.

October 20th, 2011, 3:47 pm


Akbar Palace said:

Syria Comment’s Most Notable anti-Semite

The Book of Revelation of the Christian Bible is my guide to today’s world events, accompanied by the Hebrew books of Daniel and Ezekiel they are better source of information, strategy planning and decision making than direct CIA/Mossad daily briefings.


It seems to me you’re Christian.

Accordingly, my view is this: within 2-3 years Egypt and Libya will be run by anti Israel Moslem governments that ally itself with Turkey and Iran in a war against Israel, a big one.


All Muslim governments have been/are/will be anti-Israel, so there really is no change in this department. We pro-Israelis understand this as rule.

However, there are exceptions. Some Arab governments have signed peace agreements and have diplomatic relations. But other than these few cases, the same rule applies.

Israeli trusted devil worshipping Khazzars and now trusting blood sucking Crusaders, Israel will eventually find out that they are not best friends. Here is the daily intelligence briefing for you.

The Christians I know are very pro-Israel. I guess they interpret the New Testament differently than you do. They don’t call Jews “Khazzars” nor do they refer to themselves as “blood sucking Crusaders”. When I think of Christianity, I think of rather gentle people who would never use epithets like you do.

Bible prophecy also tells us the government and many of the people of Libya will be engaged in great evil in the End of Days.

Here is a website run by a pro-Israel Christian family that I am friends with. This website is much different than “JewWatch”:


BTW – Let me know if you would like to make a wager about a war against Israel “in 2-3 years” (“a big one”).

October 20th, 2011, 3:48 pm


habib said:

Expat, I said your logic was retarded, you implied I was retarded, I hope you know the difference.

As for Israel/Syria relations, Hafez knew Syria would be crushed if he went against Israel alone, so he fought it through proxies. Common logic.

There’s a reason why the US supported the Syrian opposition even before the uprising, unlike in Egypt. And the Neocons would not had called for Bashar’s head after 2005 if he had somehow been Israel’s “friend”. Nice try though.

October 20th, 2011, 4:05 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Habib is a retarded Hezbollahi fool. Hey Rafidi, I hope your demigods Musa Sadr, Muhammad Baqir al Sadr, etc. are burning slowly in hellfire after the slow and torturous deaths they got. And I hope Muqtada al Sadr too gets a slow ansd violent death just like his father, grandfather and uncles.

I wish I was a Mukhabarat officer in Iraq during Saddam’s regime, so I could torture Shia and flush the Nahj al Balagha down the toilet !!!

October 20th, 2011, 4:13 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Mufti Hassoun is a closet Shia. In this video, he almost reveals his true beliefs :


This charlatan is now wajib al qatl, this Rafidi Majosi has been posing as a “Sunni” for too long. We must spread this news in Halab, that Hassoun does not consider Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen MUAWIYAH as the rightful Caliph. That is enough to establish Kufr, he is criticising Amir Muawiah and the other Sahaba, this bastard wil soon meet the fate of his son Insha’Allah.

October 20th, 2011, 4:18 pm


habib said:

Yes, blow off some steam, Khaled, I know it’s frustrating to advocate a lost cause.

I’d take Musa Sadr and Bashar over King Abdullah and Osama Bin Laden any day, my friend.

And before the Bashar/Gadaffi parallels come rolling in, remember, Gadaffi had no allies, Bashar has plenty, and that’s what it all comes down to.

The Libyan war was Sunni vs Sunni, Egypt was Sunni vs Sunni, Tunisia was Sunni vs Sunni, so there’s no comparison with Syria, since the none-Sunnis have too much to lose and will never give up.

October 20th, 2011, 4:20 pm


ann said:

Syria May Switch to Rouble From Euro, Central Bank Governor Says

October 20, 2011


Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) — Syria may start using the Russian ruble for banking transactions if the European Union bans it from operations in euros, central bank Governor Adib Mayaleh said today.

As a first step, the Syrian central bank has begun posting the exchange rate for the ruble as well as the Chinese yuan on its daily bulletin, Mayaleh said in an interview with the Arabic-language Russia Today channel.

“Don’t forget that we can carry out operations in rubles,” Mayaleh said, according to a e-mailed transcript of the interview. “In the nearest future we will agree on parameters for switching to close cooperation with Russian banks and using the ruble for international settlements.”

The EU last week expanded sanctions against Syria in a bid to end a violent crackdown on demonstrators, freezing assets of organizations affiliated with the government. At least 3,000 people have been killed in the seven-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, according to the United Nations.

Russia and China, allies of Syria, vetoed a UN resolution backed by the U.S. and European nations on Oct. 4 that threatened sanctions against the Syrian regime unless it halted the crackdown in 30 days.

Syrian Arab Airlines, the country’s biggest carrier, yesterday agreed to buy three new planes from Russia’s Tupolev as Western sanctions block the state-owned company’s access to maintenance and renewal services for its fleet.

Syrianair, as the company is known, signed a letter of intent to take delivery of the Tu-204SMs from Tupolev, part of state-owned United Aircraft Corp., starting in 2013. The airline will later set up a maintenance center for the jets at its headquarters in Damascus, it said in a statement on its website.

October 20th, 2011, 4:56 pm


habib said:

Another fact to consider is that Gadaffi’s “army” consisted of opportunist mercenaries from Serbia and sub-Saharan Africa, who had nothing at stake in the conflict, therefore they were defeated relatively easily.

The minorities in the Syrian army on the other hand simply have no alternative, and know the opposition only wants them as pawns. In spite of a few secularists sprinkled here and there to make it look good, the opposition largely consists of people like Khalid above, and joining them is suicide for any non-Sunni.

October 20th, 2011, 4:58 pm


N.Z. said:

Gaddafi has underscored the new paradigm; who’s next?

Today we learned that Colonel Gaddafi is dead. Gruesome photos and videos are all over the web; he was found, ironically after calling his people ‘rats’, in a concrete pipe underground waving around a golden gun (where was James Bond I ask?!).

The Libyans who captured him took justice into their own hands, and for right or wrong, ended Gaddafi’s life in a highly symbolic move.

The message is clear; dictators are no longer immune from demise. They’re not immune because people have now witnessed what revolutionary movements can achieve if they keep pushing through the fog of repression. The West, often seen as hypocritical and self-interested where it applies its military might, has been shown to be willing to act where it can in support of indigenous movements for serious change.

It’s been demonstrated, in the best way possible, that military intervention can happen and succeed, without an Iraq-style full-scale invasion. The new paradigm has been underscored by Gaddafi’s downfall, brought about by a rebel movement supported by Western military force.

So looking around the region and perhaps the world, we should ask who is next.

Democracy belongs to every man; dictatorships are a dying breed, and sooner or later they will all be extinct.


October 20th, 2011, 4:59 pm


friend in America said:

Alex – Sectarian insults found in the preceeding comments are outside the bounds of respectful conversation that SC is known for. They are vicious personal insults. Under the rules of civil behavour laid down by Josh consider such sectarian insults be deleted.

October 20th, 2011, 5:02 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

hhahah…..Habib….I have exposed you…you are a Shia and probably Lebanese….as I said , its heartening to hear how all your religious leaders starting from the 12 Aimmah died slow torturous humilating deaths, Insha’Allah Nasrallah will be next.

Btw I just talked to an former Iraqi Mukhabarat officer and he described how they shoved a baton up the arse of Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir al Sadr and how they made him lick urine off the portraits of Imam Ali and Nahjul Balagha.

October 20th, 2011, 5:04 pm


habib said:

I’d be proud to be a Lebanese Shia, but sadly no cigar.

I can say as much as I’m an agnostic leftist, so insults based on religion don’t ruffle my feathers one bit, they only expose yourself as a sectarian agitator. Which helps me, by the way, muhahaha!

Khalid, how does it feel having all the resident Israelis parrot you and patting your back every time you utter anything?

What do you think this means?

October 20th, 2011, 5:11 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Sectarian comments from both sides have long been tolerated by the moderators. I must admit when i first lost my cool and started dissing Majousis and Alawis, I feared I wld be banned right away. But Alex is an Islamophobe himself so don’t expect him to edit my comments wither.

October 20th, 2011, 5:11 pm


jna said:

Khalid Tlass, fess up. Obviously a ringer planted by the Assad regime in order to scare off potential opposition.

October 20th, 2011, 5:16 pm


habib said:

No, Alex simply isn’t around much, that’s why. A comment I made this morning with a different email has still not been exhibited yet because he needs to approve new posters.

I love how being banned for uttering sectarian bullshit is somehow a badge of honour for Khalid.

October 20th, 2011, 5:16 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Aha, so ur an a secular Jnoobi ? Hhaha, that means you are another faggoty Maarouni Feeneeqi , we need another Khalid ibn al Walid to Arabize your stinking race.

October 20th, 2011, 5:18 pm


habib said:

Loool, keep them coming, Khalid, push one button and we get an eternal fountain of sectarian poetry!

No Southerner, try again.

October 20th, 2011, 5:20 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

That must be the zillionth time someone wondered I was a ringer planted by Besho. Listen, I am not sectarian nor extremist, but I hate Shia and Alawi with a passion, they are of the worst kind of hypocrites and subhumans, I really hate them. I have no hard feelings for Christians or Druzes ( except for the ones that collaborate with Rafidis of course).

October 20th, 2011, 5:22 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

Hey Akbar Palace,

I don’t read your crap man, sorry, save your efforts for defending Ziopedia, the rest here are not into anything other than sectarianism, they have no clue about what is said in my comment. I use you as Ginny pig to write a comment that others on the far side can read but I really don’t giva a dam about what you think of what I write. To me you are just a brainwashed, paid and used dimwitted Ziopedophile and no personal offense intended here, it is just how you are classified in SSS book. So don’t put too much effort in responding to my comments.

October 20th, 2011, 5:30 pm


habib said:

Lulz, so that means you hate 90% of Druze and Christians in Syria…

“Peaceful-opposition”? Khalid is your main spokesman here which you all cheer for? He couldn’t had helped the regime more if his account had been hacked!

Wake up before it’s too late. Any secularist Sunni or kuffar that joins the opposition will be exterminated once the Salafists obtain power.

October 20th, 2011, 5:34 pm


Akbar Palace said:

SNP’s Reading Preferences NewZ

I don’t read your crap man, sorry


That’s fine. Enjoy your time on JewWatch.

Rest assured, I will be commenting here to counter anti-Jewish racism, offer my thoughts on the Arab Spring, ME despots, etc, all at the pleasure of the website’s owners.

October 20th, 2011, 5:43 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

I am actually pretty happy to say that majority of the anti-regime do not share my views. A lot of people are becoming increasingly sectarian becoz of the actions of the regime and support of faggot Iranians like Habib. But on SC the majority of mamemnhebak are very noble and tolerant like TARA,, SHEILA, SYRIAN HAMSTER, NK, SGNLID, etc. I get rebukes from them whenever I become sectarian, but unlike Menehabks like you who never criticise any Islamophobic posts from the faggots here.

Btw I think it is becoz of the tolerant attitude of the Syrian Sunnis that today we are under Alawi oppression, somewhere earlier TARA mentioned that her father used to give refuge to Sunni girls who were eloping with Alawi men, it is precisely becoz of these people and Sunni girls like these that today 3,000 Sunnis have died. Why don’t you ever hear about Alawi girls eloping with Sunni guys and becoming Muslims ? Becoz the Mukhabarat would burn them alive.

Tara, your father should have killed those couples with shotguns and dull saws and disposed of their bodies in the Assi. You should ask yourself what good did we Sunnis get in beconing so nice and tolerant towards Alawis ? Why do we never hear about Alawi girls marrying Sunni families ? This is a great conspiracy to reduce the Sunni population in the Levant.

October 20th, 2011, 5:45 pm


Ghufran said:

هكذا قتل القذافي حسب محمود جبريل
طرابلس – قال رئيس الوزراء الليبي محمود جبريل مستندا الى ادلة للطب الشرعي الجمعة ان الزعيم الليبي المخلوع معمر القذافي مات بسبب اصابته برصاصة في الرأس اثناء تبادل لاطلاق النار بين مقاتلي الحكومة المؤقته ومؤيدين للقذافي بعد اعتقاله.

وقال جبريل للمؤتمر وهو يقرأ من بيان ان القذافي اخذ من انبوب للصرف الصحي ولم يظهر اي مقاومة. وان حين بدأ نقله اصيب برصاصة في ذراعه اليمني وحين وضع في شاحنة لم تكن به اي جروح اخرى.

واضاف انه حين كانت السيارة تتحرك وقعت في تبادل نيران بين مقاتلي المجلس وقوات القذافي اصيب خلاله برصاصة في الرأس.

وتابع ان طبيب التشريح لم يمكنه تحديد هل جاءت الرصاصة من مقاتلي المجلس الانتقالي ام من قوات القذافي.

وافاد ان القذافي كان حيا حين اخذ من سرت لكنه مات قبل دقائق قليلة من وصوله للمستشفى.

October 20th, 2011, 5:45 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

I would like to remind you that large majority of people in the Syrian neighborhood in Aleppo are Christians

October 20th, 2011, 5:48 pm


Son of Damascus said:

@ Akbar Palace

I can understand your inherent bias towards your country, but any hate your country receives is a direct result from israeli foreign policy, and arrogance of your politicians.
Israel is NOT an example to democracy, but rather an example of 21 century sanctioned apartheid.
I would think your country would actually be scared of the changes in the region, because it wont be dealing with the devils it knows.
I am actually for peace, but peace that serves the interests of my country, not only yours.
As your claim that most christians are actually pro-israel, we have a saying in Arabic ” Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” it only makes sense that the christians you know are pro Israel, because most christians I know are anti-Israeli/Zionist (which still makes them nice and gentle people).
Please understand this is not an attack on your religion, but on your country’s policies. I am not an anti-semite, and I have had the pleasure of breaking bread with many jewish friends (Both Syrian, and N. American).

Are you born Israeli? or are you N. American transplant?

Son of Damascus

October 20th, 2011, 5:57 pm


habib said:

Children of unions between Alawi men and Sunni women often become Sunnis actually, so Khaled’s argument is vague at best.

And a secular Iranian would be pro-Hezbollah, are you kidding me? Last time I checked, they were carrying signs saying “no to Lebanon, no to Gaza”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSpG7EH6yrA

And how could I critisise “Islamophobic comments” in the past when I’ve barely ever posted here before?

October 20th, 2011, 5:59 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

As I said, I have nothing against Christian or Druze or non-political Shia for that matter. What I hate is Shia activism and its support for the monsters who rule Syria.

Haytham, what Church do the Halabi Christians belong to ?

October 20th, 2011, 6:03 pm


habib said:

You got me curious, Khaled, you almost sound reasonable there, so I’ll put it to the hypocrisy-test;

What is your view on Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?

October 20th, 2011, 6:08 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

السوري عبد الأحد اسطيفو أن وفد المجلس الذي زار ليببيا للقاء المسؤولين في المجلس الانتقالي الليبي عقد قبلا في انقرة مباحثات مع وزير الخارجية التركي ولاحقا في القاهرة مع نبيل العربي الأمين العام للجامعة العربية.

وأوضح اسطيفو في تصريحات صحفية نشرها موقع المنظمة الآثورية أدو اورغ أن “وفد المجلس الوطني قدم التهاني للثوار الليبيين لمناسبة انتصار ثورتهم وتحرير بلدهم من نظام القذافي وشكرهم على اعترافهم بمجلسنا وغلقهم للسفارة السورية وتسليمها للمجلس الوطني السوري”. وأضاف اسطيفو “كانت الاجواء ودية جدا، وقد أعرب الإخوة في المجلس الانتقالي الليبي وفي مقدمتهم الاخ مصطفى عبد الجليل عن دعمهم الكامل للمجلس الوطني السوري”.

وعن لقائهم بوزير الخارجية التركي أحمد داوود أوغلو أوضح اسطيفو ان “الاجتماع كان بدعوة من الخارجية التركية وكانت الاجواء ايجابية الى حد كبير”. وعن إمكانية أعتراف تركية بالمجلس الوطني أعرب اسطيفو عن اعتقاده أن “الاعتراف التركي بالمجلس الوطني وارد جدا في الاسابيع القليلة القادمة”.

و حول اللقاء الذي جمع وفد المجلس الوطني بالامين العام للجامعة العربية نبيل العربي
أوضح اسطيفو ان “الدعوة جاءت من طرف الامين العام للجامعة وان الحوار كان بناء ومثمرا”، معتبر ان “هذا اللقاء هو بمثابة اعتراف شبه رسمي من الجامعة العربية بالمجلس”.

هذا و من المقرر أن يغادر وفد المجلس إلى استنبول لاستكمال اجتماعاته من أجل بناء هيكلية مؤسسات المجلس الوطني السوري.

يذكر ان السيد عبد الأحد اسطيفو يمثل المنظمة الآثورية الديمقراطية (تنظيم سياسي سوري آشوري معارض يتواجد قيادته ومعظم أعضائه في سوريا) في المكتب التنفيذي للمجلس الوطني السوري الذي أعلن عن تشكيله في الثاني من أوكتوبر الحالي

October 20th, 2011, 6:13 pm


John Khouri said:

@325 – HAYTHAM KOOKOO – didnt i tell u that ur ignorant and stupid. you state that a large portion of people in aleppo are christians, and than you post a video of people chanting “allah akbar” somewhere in the dark. Are u trying to implying that these are christians shouting out “allah akbar”. Have u got any sort of education?? did u actually complete ur schooling? I suggest you go and join daydreamers.com, and fill them in on ur fantasy about “10 children hiding in a dark street supposedly in aleppo shouting “allah akbar”, and than state that they are christians.
Just come facts for u mr daydreamer from wikipedia

“More than 80% of Aleppo’s inhabitants are Sunni Muslims. They are mainly Arabs followed by Kurds and Turkmens. Other Muslim groups include few numbers of ethnic Circassians, Chechens,Adyghe, Albanians, Bosnians, Bulgarians, and Kabardin.”

“Being one of the largest Christian communities in the Middle East, Aleppo is home to many eastern Christian congregations, mainly Armenians, Syrian Christians and Melkite Greeks. Nowadays, more than 250,000 Christians live in the city representing about 12% of the total population”

October 20th, 2011, 6:16 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Look, I am a religious Muslim and I believe in Qur’an and Sunnah. I became religous after studying the lectures of Dr. Zakir Naik and Abdul Raheem Green, and I love Saudi Arabia dearly for it is the citadel of Islam.

And I support bahrain Government for crushing the puppet demostrators, if those Shia had won Bahrain would have become Iranian colony like Iraq and Lbnan, and next steo would be a direct invasion of KSA to capture the Holy Places and rebuid the shrines of shirk wa bid’ah.

As I said, I hate Shia activism and Irano-Shia imperialism and I think Wilayatul Faqeeh is a crock of shit, and I support Saudi Arabia and bahrain regimes, and the Baathists of Iraq who are fighting the evil Iranian al-Maliki regime.

October 20th, 2011, 6:17 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@Khalid# 328

There are more than 13 Christian denominations Aleppo. Most of them are Greek orthodox, followed by Malakite (Catholics) and Syriac.

October 20th, 2011, 6:18 pm


habib said:

So you’re an utter hypocrite, Khalid. Let me demonstrate (with spelling corrections):

“And I support the Syrian Government for crushing the puppet demostrators, if those Sunnis had won, Syria would have become a Saudi colony like Yemen and Bahrain, and next stop would be a direct invasion of Iran to capture the Holy Places.

As I said, I hate Sunni activism and Saudi-Sunni imperialism and I think Wahabism is a crock of shit, and I support Iran and Syria regimes, and the Shia government of Iraq who are fighting the evil Salafist insurgency.”

October 20th, 2011, 6:23 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

Dear John:

I will not respond to your insults.

However, I said most people in the Syrian neighborhood (in Aleppo) are Christians. That can be deduced from the name Syrian (سريان) which means Syriac

October 20th, 2011, 6:23 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Hhehehe HABIB,

you made some mistakes,

the Bahrain protests have already been CRUSHED. FINISHED. The Syrian demostrators have NOT been crushed, are unlikely to be crushed. “If they HAD won” ?? Dude, we a ARE winning, nothing can stop us.

And by the way do not confuse the Iraqi Baathists with their Syrian counterparts. The Iraqi Baathists are fighting a noble and legitimate resistance against the evil Iranian-backed regime, and infact they are fighting for secularsim against Muqtada al Sadr;s Wilyayatul Faqih.

October 20th, 2011, 6:32 pm


habib said:

The Bahrain protests are alive and well, they simply are not, and never were, reported in the western or Arab press.

As I mentioned earlier, all that matters now is who your allies are, and you guys have picked the shortest straw; the nearly bankrupt West.

Who are universally predicted to be the future superpowers? Pick any of Syria’s current allies.

And Zarqawi and his ilk are Baathists now? Bwahahahaa! I hope Aboud returns, Khaled is simply no challenge.

October 20th, 2011, 6:38 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

I am not talking about Zarqawi stupid, I’m talking about Izzat Ibrahikm al-Douri.

And the Bahrain protests have been CRUSHED like the serpent’s head, pls show me nay proof to prove otherwise.

And the West are NOT our allies, our allies are Allah, the Prophet, and Abu Bakr Siddiq, Omar ibn Khattab, Othman ibn Affan, Ali ibn Abi Talib, Khalid ibn al Walid, Saad ibn Abi Waqqas ,etc. We have won the Battle of Uhud, Badr, Tabuk, Khaybar , and many more before. The Sahaba are our role models.

China and Russia aren’t “allies” of Bashar , and I don’t suppose you think Iran is a potential superpower. Are you considering India an ally of Bashar ?

Btw, USA will ditch KSA at the first chance they got and side with Iran, so will Israel, Mushrik do not have any deep friendship with pople of Tawheed, it is there in the Qur’an. What awaits Saudi Arabia is another Battle of Badr , with Israel, Iran, USA, EU, Iraq, everybody agauinst them, becoz they follow the Salaf.

October 20th, 2011, 6:49 pm


habib said:

Damn, Khalid has really come out of the closet it seems.

Ok, loony end-game scenarios aside, yes Iran will become a major power once the polarisation between east and west escalates. Unlike countries like KSA, Iranians actually have skills and are able to produce other things than just oil. Once the West is bought by the Chinese, Iran and Syria will easily be able to make business there too.

On Bahrain: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hlWV_S-MaOJKKANXovTERKiMw-7A?docId=CNG.7b92c778a6116288a7f07dfae509c340.bf1

And as for the Iraqi insurgency… Yawn, no one gives a damn, it’s basically on ETA/IRA level now.

October 20th, 2011, 7:00 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Iran is already a major power and a regional superpower. But so is India, Pakistan, Turkey. That doesn’t mean anything.

And Iran doesn;t have any scpe of being a “superpower” any more than Turkey does. Iran actualy can’t produce high-quality products, it can’t even manage traffic and sewerage properly, repair the roads and make the trains run on time. They can’t even draw the highway lanes accurately, Iran is deficient in power, coal and steel. How much steel does Iran produce and of what quality ? What about their electronics industry ? Do they export any products ?

I have no illusions about the capability of KSA, they are actually pretty inferior in many thjngs, but the corrupt and stupid royal family is to blame for that. We ned an Arab spring in KSA, one that will bring DEMOCRCAY albeit run by the Salafi masses, just like Apartheid South Africa. Tell your rafidis to eff off.

Btw, Salafsim lives, Salafism Is ISLAM becoz we follow the way of the Salaf. The Salaf are our role models.

October 20th, 2011, 7:09 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

BBC Syria Special – Undercover Reporter in Assad Police State 10-19-11 Homs

October 20th, 2011, 7:10 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

And LOL what the Bahrain “opposition” demands, we have our boots in their necks and theuir mouths sealed with duct tape, they can’t even move their pinky. All this becoz King Hamad has been too liberal and tolerant with Shia, they vecame ornery and thought they could invite Iran to attack Mecca and Madinatul Munawwara and get away with it.

October 20th, 2011, 7:14 pm


habib said:

Being a regional superpower is meaningless? In what sense exactly?

Unlike Turkey, which seems to be alienating just about all their allies lately, be they Eastern or Western, Iran has somewhat consistent allies in Russia, China and Syria. Once the west goes bankrupt, they might become foes, but until then they’re unlikely to break up.

And of course Iran has problems, their allies aren’t world powers yet, and they are riddled with Western sacntions.

Why do you insist on calling it Saudi Arabia if you dislike the royal family?

I’m sure Salafism will die off once Arabs realise the only effective way to battle the Zionists is through secular nationalism. Yes, the attempts in the 60s and 70s were unsuccessful, but leagues ahead of anything that happened since.

Religion makes people dreamy and lazy. Salafists are only able to murder unarmed civilians or planting IEDs, not fighting man to man.

October 20th, 2011, 7:17 pm


Khalid Tlass said:

Not all Salaffis are on the true path, but if we accuratelt followed the seerah of the Sahaba, we will be able to defeat the strongest Armies in the world, remember Omar ibn Khattab and Khalid ibn al Walid, they are our inspiration. We defeated just about everyone back in the 7th century.

October 20th, 2011, 7:32 pm


habib said:

Dreaming of 7th century achievements will get you as far as the Iraqi Syriac nostalgia for the Assyrian Empire, or Coptic ditto for Pharaonic times.

Salafists recently achieved what, apart from the murder of innocent westerners (your present allies, ironically)? Getting their asses handed to them by Hezbollah in 2008? Getting smacked around on a daily basis by the Israelis in Gaza? Crushing defeats in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus?

I could perhaps mention conquering old-man Gadaffi with the help of the combined western air-force. Popping a NATO sldier (again, your present allies) once in a while in Iraq/Afghanistan. And oh, does the micro-Caliphate of Kosovo count?

Give me a fucking break.

October 20th, 2011, 7:42 pm


Tara said:

 But Egypt is currently deeply preoccupied with its own domestic concerns as it transitions to democracy, such as elections, a new constitution and creating a new democratic order. Under these conditions, it would be unrealistic to expect the Egyptian transitional military council, whose legitimacy is also weak, to adopt strong initiatives on external issues such as the Syrian crisis.

The Syrian crisis and Turkey
by Haluk Özdalga*


Despite Damascus’ remorseless crushing of its own defenseless civilians, the country in the region which has lent the fullest, strongest support to the Assad regime is Iran. Tehran has tried to justify this stance with ridiculous claims that the Syrian people have been playing into the hand of global imperialist powers. At the cost of ignoring fundamental human values, Iran clearly does not wish to lose an important ally in the region. Tehran is well aware that maintaining this position has damaged its prestige considerably among the people of the region, and therefore lately Iran has felt the need to urge Damascus to exercise restraint. There has, however, been no apparent change in its general approach to the Syrian crisis.

As for Israel, its official stance is to remain silent. But Israel is actually made uncomfortable by the prospect of the Assad regime’s fall, even though it is, on the surface, one of Tel Aviv’s greatest enemies. But the fact is that for 30 years the Syrian frontier has been Israel’s calmest border. The Assad regime never really showed any significant reaction to Israeli provocations, such as the constantly growing Jewish settlements in the Golan Heights, or even the 2006 bombing of its nuclear facilities. While regime change in Syria would likely put some distance between Damascus and Tehran, it could at the same time result in an increase of support from an eventual new Syrian administration for both Hezbollah and especially Hamas. What’s more, if, in addition to Egypt, a government elected by the people were to come to power in Syria, it would become even more difficult for Jordan, now Israel’s closest regional ally, to resist the winds of the Arab Spring.

‘Current Syrian regime best option for Israel’

Gen. Effi Eitam, an extreme right-wing former Israeli Cabinet minister, made this point quite succinctly, saying, “The current regime in Syria is the best option for Israel.” According to Eitam’s statement, the Assad administration actually strengthens its own legitimacy by maintaining an appearance of conflict with Israel, while in fact having no real desire to see the Golan Heights returned or to make peace with Israel. This is simply because Assad knows that if such a peace were ever reached, the majority of Syrians would begin to more openly question the legitimacy of the country’s minority Shiite dictatorship.

As for Egypt, the political leader of the Arab world, it looks warmly on the prospect of regime change in Syria, its old partner. But Egypt is currently deeply preoccupied with its own domestic concerns as it transitions to democracy, such as elections, a new constitution and creating a new democratic order. Under these conditions, it would be unrealistic to expect the Egyptian transitional military council, whose legitimacy is also weak, to adopt strong initiatives on external issues such as the Syrian crisis.

This brief sketch of the regional situation says a lot. Through it we can see that the most, or perhaps sole, effective regional supporter of the Syrian people’s struggle for dignity and freedom is Turkey. Despite having carefully cultivated a close relationship with Damascus in recent years, in the face of the Syrian crisis Ankara did not hesitate to do the right thing, both in terms of values and realpolitik.

There is no doubt that Turkey’s stance on this matter is being watched, not only by the Syrians but by all Arab peoples. And this helps to explain the warmth with which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is viewed by ordinary Arabs — but not only there. For instance, in Milan recently, when a local taxi driver learned I was Turkish, he said excitedly: “I hate [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmedinejad because he is crazy. I love Erdoğan because he is an honest person.”

It should be added that this sharp difference has surely been noticed by various decision-making centers around the world. It is for this reason that the major instance of international cooperation to overcome the current Syrian crisis is that between Ankara and Washington. It is also for this reason that in the Middle East today, many political movements — whether self-defined as Islamic or not — are trying to rework their political programs in light of the experience of Turkey and its ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party). 


October 20th, 2011, 7:53 pm


Akbar Palace said:

I can understand your inherent bias towards your country, but any hate your country receives is a direct result from israeli foreign policy, and arrogance of your politicians.

Son of Damascus,

Glad you understand my bias. That is partly why I participate here: to try to understand the other side.

America’s “sin” is their support for Israel. The US believes Israel has a right to exist as well as defend herself. Of course, there are disagreements about details.

Now if that is too big a pill for some to handle, they can pound sand.

Israel is NOT an example to democracy, but rather an example of 21 century sanctioned apartheid.

I would agree with you if Arabs couldn’t be represented in government or couldn’t live in the same neighborhoods, or couldn’t work in equal-paying jobs or ride the same public transportation.

The “apartheid” label is rather tiresome. When Arabs in Syria are afforded the same rights as Israeli Arabs, your accusations would carry a lot more weight.

I would think your country would actually be scared of the changes in the region, because it wont be dealing with the devils it knows.

Maybe that’s what YOU think, but it is not how Israelis think. Israelis are quite free and safe, much more than the typical American city dweller.

I am actually for peace, but peace that serves the interests of my country, not only yours.

Good. Me too. Peace serves everyone.

As your claim that most christians are actually pro-israel, we have a saying in Arabic ” Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” it only makes sense that the christians you know are pro Israel, because most christians I know are anti-Israeli/Zionist (which still makes them nice and gentle people).

No doubt. There are PLENTY of anti-Israel and anti-semitic Christians. Jews have lived with Christians for hundreds of years. In the US (for various reasons), Christians tend to be more pro-Israel.

Please understand this is not an attack on your religion, but on your country’s policies.

I didn’t detect that you were commenting on my religion.

I am not an anti-semite, and I have had the pleasure of breaking bread with many jewish friends (Both Syrian, and N. American).

There is no reason for me to doubt you.

Are you born Israeli? or are you N. American transplant?

No. I was born and raised in the US. My family came to the US well before WW1 and WW2. I lived in Israel for over 2 years. I speak hebrew. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Kuwait and the Emirates for business reasons.

Son of Damascus,

It was a pleasure chatting with you. I have learned that “Israel” and “Zionism” are dirty words in most Arab circles. We’ll know when the Messiah comes, when that attitude no longer exists. Certainly, the mention of “Palestine” and “Palestinians” invokes no negative feelings on my part.

October 20th, 2011, 7:55 pm


habib said:

^ Of course, Tara. The West is actually supporting the opposition and sanctioning Syria as a cover up for their true intentions, which is continued Assad-hegemony.

Not to mention all the Israelis here parroting terms like “menhebak” and “Besho”. It’s all a scam.


October 20th, 2011, 7:56 pm


Tara said:


UN General Assembly: Condemn the Violence in Syria
OCTOBER 20, 2011
To: All Member States of the UN General Assembly

Dear Ambassador,

In light of the Security Council’s failure to address the violence by Syria’s security forces against their own people, we call on the UN General Assembly urgently to adopt a resolution demanding that the Syrian government immediately halt all unlawful use of lethal and excessive force against demonstrators, end the arbitrary arrest and torture of detainees, account for all those who have been subject to enforced disappearances, cooperate with the Commission of Inquiry established by the UN Human Rights Council, allow the unrestricted deployment of human rights monitors, and grant access to humanitarian organizations and independent journalists.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, has raised “credible allegations of crimes against humanity in Syria”and has encouraged the Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court. The Syrian Government “has consistently used excessive force to crush peaceful protests,” Pillay said, denouncing “a devastatingly remorseless toll of human lives.” According to the UN, since March, more than 3,000 people have been killed, including at least 187 children, while thousands more have been arrested, detained, forcibly disappeared, and tortured.

On October 4, after seven months of near complete inaction, Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on Syria to end the violence against its citizens. India, Brazil, and South Africa abstained from the vote, invoking concerns that the condemnatory resolution might lead to the imposition of sanctions, while claiming to be deeply concerned with the plight of the Syrian people.

It is incumbent upon the General Assembly to take action where the Security Council has failed to do so. Resolution 377A of the UN General Assembly states that “if the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity of the permanent members, fails to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security […], the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately.”

The General Assembly resolution should also ask the UN Secretary-General to name a special envoy for Syria, as well as refer the upcoming report of the Commission of Inquiry back to the UN Security Council for further consideration.

We believe the time has come for the General Assembly to play its part by making clear the world body will no longer stay silent, while Syrians are the victims of government-orchestrated violence and grave human rights violations.


With highest regards,

The African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (ACDHRS)

The African Democracy Forum (ADF)

Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH)

Amnesty International

Arab Foundation for Civil Society and Human Rights Support, Egypt

The Arab Penal Reform Organization (APRO), Egypt

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI)

Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)

Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC)

Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE), Egypt

Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS)

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation

Conectas Direitos Humanos

Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS), Syria

East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP)

The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement

Egyptian Foundation for Advancement of the Childhood Condition (EFACC)

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR)

Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect (GCR2P)

The Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners (HRCAP), Egypt

Human Rights First Society, Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Watch

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI)

International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)

The Iraqi Human Right Society in Denmark

Moroccan Organization for Human Rights

Palestinian Human Rights Organization, Lebanon

Yemeni Organization for Defending Rights and Democratic Freedoms 

October 20th, 2011, 8:25 pm


Tara said:

In Praise of Robert Ford, the Saving Grace of America’s Syria Policy
The EditorsOctober 20, 2011 | 12:00 am


Since the Syrian people began their uprising against the rule of Bashar al-Assad, Americans have been told repeatedly that there is little they can do about the situation. Experts in think tanks, universities, and the halls of U.S. government have been eager to remind us that the conditions in Syria—with its fractured opposition, brutal and loyal military forces, and fragile regional neighborhood—simply didn’t leave much room for Americans to make a difference.

But Robert Ford, our ambassador in Damascus, never seemed to accept this simplistic line of thinking. By bearing witness and speaking out relentlessly from inside the country, Ford has, at great personal risk, kept world attention focused on the crimes of the Syrian government. More so than either President Obama or Secretary of State Clinton, both of whom have been far too tepid in their public pronouncements, Ford has been an exemplary spokesman for liberal values and human rights.

Now, Ford is facing the prospect of being forced to return to the United States, not because the Syrian government might throw him out, but because Republicans in Congress might essentially recall him. This is insanity.

FORD’S WORK HAS BEEN invaluable for any number of reasons. For one thing, the directness of his rhetoric has helped to clarify what is taking place in Syria: “What the government is doing now is, it’s literally going house to house and it’s rounding up people,” Ford told Christiane Amanpour in August. “It’s frightful. It’s abominable.”

He has also made uniquely powerful gestures of solidarity with the opposition. On July 7, Ford made an unscheduled visit to the western city of Hama, where in the preceding week, tens of thousands had taken to the streets to protest, and more than a dozen had been murdered by government security forces. As the ambassador’s car inched down a mobbed street, protestors greeted him with roses and olive branches. (Pro-Assad thugs, in response, attempted an attack on the U.S. embassy in Damascus a couple days later.)

Moreover, Ford has worked to counteract the regime’s propaganda by communicating directly with Syrians through Facebook and Twitter. “This isn’t about Western military intervention,” he wrote in a September Facebook note. “This isn’t about oil (many governments have banned its import). This isn’t about Israel or the West wanting to dominate the Arab world (an old, discredited government line). This is about basic political freedoms from the United Nations’ Human Rights Charter—signed by Syria, don’t forget—which calls for freedom of speech and freedom of peaceful assembly.”

The ambassador’s willingness to anger Assad and put himself at risk has made him a hero among some protestors. As The New York Times quoted one activist saying during Ford’s July visit to Hama, “Residents feel a kind of protection with the presence of the ambassador. The authorities wouldn’t dare react with violence.” That sense of protection is sometimes quite literal. The turn of events at a September funeral for a murdered activist suggests the government is unwilling to act violently in his presence: Not typically shy about murdering mourners at public funerals, Assad’s security forces waited until Ford had left before raiding the wake.

Through it all, Ford has remained a steadfast advocate of non-violent protest. He has warned the opposition that if they choose to take up arms, it could lead to a civil war akin to the Sunni-Shia conflict that wracked Iraq in 2006. (Assad’s Alawite Shia minority is vastly outnumbered by the country’s Sunni population.)

The onus is now on Republican senators to allow Ford to remain in Syria. Because he was named to his post via recess appointment, Ford will have to give up his ambassadorship if the Senate does not confirm him by December. The GOP line coming from senators like Marco Rubio and Tom Coburn is that we should punish the Assad regime by removing Ford from Damascus. But by doing so, we’d only be punishing its opponents—and preventing a heroic American diplomat from continuing to do his important work.

October 20th, 2011, 8:36 pm


ann said:


Lebanon’s Hariri warns ‘tyrants’ to face Kadhafi’s fate


Lebanon’s Western-backed opposition leader Saad Hariri warned that “despotic regimes” and “tyrants” across the region would face the fate of Libya’s Moamer Kadhafi, killed Thursday in his hometown Sirte.

“The end of Moamer Kadhafi is the inevitable end of all tyrants who have responded to the free, democratic will of their people with killing and oppression and blood,” said the former minister in a statement.

Kadhafi, 69, governed Libya with an iron grip for almost 42 years until a February 15 revolt challenged his rule and pushed the country into civil war which saw his capital overrun in August.

He was killed as former rebels — forces loyal to the internationally recognised National Transitional Council — took Sirte, the flamboyant strongman’s final bastion.

The dramatic death of Kadhafi in Libya offered “a lesson for despotic systems that have taken to tyranny to control their people,” Hariri said, adding that he now hoped to see the people of Syria “win freedom.”

“Any Arab citizen watching the events in Libya is now looking to the revolution of the people in Syria… who deserve to win freedom and democracy after a long fight against decades of repression.”

In Syria, protests calling for greater freedoms and the fall of the regime of Bashar al-Assad erupted mid-March but were met with violent crackdown on dissent that has killed more than 3,000 people, according to the UN.

Hariri, whose government collapsed in January when a rival alliance led by Hezbollah pulled their ministers from cabinet, has criticised the Lebanese state over its failure to back protesters in Syria.

“Lebanon has always been a pioneer of freedom and democracy in the Arab world … yet it is today standing by injustice, tyranny, murder and repression, especially in Syria,” he said, adding that the current government did not represent Lebanon.

Hariri rose to power after the 2005 assassination of his father, billionaire ex-premier Rafiq Hariri.

The bombing in a Beirut bombing was initially blamed on Syria, which pulled its troops in the aftermath of the murder, ending a 29-year deployment.

The powerful Shiite militant group Hezbollah, an ally of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, currently controls the majority of seats in cabinet with its allies.
Lebanon’s Hariri warns ‘tyrants’ to face Kadhafi’s fate

Lebanon leader Saad Hariri warned that “despotic regimes” and “tyrants” across the region would face the fate of Kadhafi

October 20th, 2011, 8:52 pm



Syria, Yemen opposition warn dictators: You’re next

If I were to guess, I would say Yemen’s president is next.

October 20th, 2011, 8:58 pm


William Scott Scherk said:

I would like to offer my name as a part-time moderator. I have no special qualities to offer, but hope that once the reforms to the moderation policy are implemented (perhaps before the Damascus meetings of the final National Dialogue), should I still be alive, I promise to implement whatever reformed policy comes from the democratic poll in the upper left. As the blog leader last told us, a clear majority are for hard moderation …

With that offer in mind, I would like to show what kind of comments raise my concern. According to the Rules here, the comments are monitored:

Messages containing any of the following elements will not be tolerated:

– Personal attacks against other contributors;
– Racist, sexist, obscene, or otherwise discriminatory or hateful language;
– Provocations designed to derail discussions away from substantive debate into dead-end arguments;
– Threats of death or violence;

Here are a few comments that appear on the surface to cross the lines established by Joshua Landis.

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I wish I was a Mukhabarat officer in Iraq during Saddam’s regime, so I could torture Shia and flush the Nahj al Balagha down the toilet !!!

Mufti Hassoun is a closet Shia.

you are a Shia and probably Lebanese

I must admit when i first lost my cool and started dissing Majousis and Alawis, I feared I wld be banned right away. But Alex is an Islamophobe himself so don’t expect him to edit my comments wither.

Aha, so ur an a secular Jnoobi ? Hhaha, that means you are another faggoty Maarouni Feeneeqi , we need another Khalid ibn al Walid to Arabize your stinking race.

I am not sectarian nor extremist, but I hate Shia and Alawi with a passion, they are of the worst kind of hypocrites and subhumans, I really hate them.

faggot Iranians like Habib

Islamophobic posts from the faggots here.

Tara, your father should have killed those couples with shotguns and dull saws and disposed of their bodies in the Assi.

We ned an Arab spring in KSA, one that will bring DEMOCRCAY albeit run by the Salafi masses, just like Apartheid South Africa.

I hope I get at least as many thumbs-downs as the lovely and talented Khaled Tlass has received thumbs-up.

October 20th, 2011, 9:01 pm


Samara said:

This was in the Voice of America,on 19-10-2011

Syrian Demonstrations And Regime Violence

“Regimes of this type — autocratic, dictatorial regimes — are very capable of doing ‘rent-a-crowd’ when necessary:”

An unusual event happened in Syria recently. Tens of thousands of Syrian demonstrators took to the streets, and they were not met with bullets, batons or tear gas canisters wielded by Syrian security forces. They were able to shout slogans, recite poetry, and wave flags – all in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Commenting on the pro-Assad demonstration in Damascus, U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said, “Regimes of this type — autocratic, dictatorial regimes — are very capable of doing ‘rent-a-crowd’ when necessary:”

“That doesn’t change the fact that, in cities across Syria, peaceful protesters are protesting against this regime. And those people are facing brutality on a daily basis, whether it is Syrian security forces firing on them, whether it is arrests, whether it is torture, imprisonment, et cetera.”


October 20th, 2011, 9:17 pm


Samara said:

Again in the VOA

“The United States strongly rejects violence directed against peaceful political dissenters. We stand in solidarity with the courageous people of Syria who peacefully advocate for their universal rights.”

What about the hundreds, and hundreds of innocent people who have been murdered, mutilated, decapitated, dismembered, raped, tortured and sent in pieces to their families, by the excessively peaceful protesters and human rights activists?

What about the Grand Muftis son?
What about the innocent soldiers?
What about the innocent girls who died as a result of the bomb, planted by these wonderfully peaceful demonstrators?

They say that Bashar Al-Assad has committed crimes against humanity. What about the crimes committed by the revolutionists, and the many people they have killed and tortured? Or is that OK, because most of the people they target are those who oppose such a fundamentalist movement, and support the current secular government? Is it still OK when the malicious protesters kill their own peaceful protestors because they want to frame the government? Most likely the US will say, “Yep, that’s fine”.

October 20th, 2011, 9:25 pm


Norman said:

It seems that the Syrian government is attracting the armed gang to Homs so it can get rid of all of them at the same time.

October 20th, 2011, 9:30 pm


Akbar Palace said:

William Scott Scherk,

Just FYI, your list isn’t totally complete.

Good job,


October 20th, 2011, 9:52 pm


bronco said:

Tara #351
Ford Confirmation: Too Little, Too Late

By Samer Araabi, October 18, 2011

In early October, Senate Republicans reversed a yearlong policy of deflection and unanimously confirmed Robert Ford as the U.S. ambassador to Syria. Though Ford has served in the post since his recess appointment by President Obama in early 2010, Republicans had balked at the idea of “rewarding” the Syrian government with the presence of an official U.S. ambassador, a position that had previously remained unfilled since the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri in 2005. Since the Syrian uprising began earlier this year, Ford has been a persistent and vocal supporter of the opposition, and has issued a number of scathing indictments against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad.

His confirmation – and its implications for the prioritization of diplomatic channels – is doubtless a positive development, especially after nearly a decade of Washington’s schoolyard policy of ignoring its opponents. Ford’s vantage point from inside Syria has provided Washington with unprecedented access to the uprising and its instigators, information that would have likely been unobtainable without his direct and visible presence. Furthermore, Ford’s unabashed support for the opposition has doubtless been an encouragement to a movement that is slowly losing momentum.

However, general U.S. policy toward the Middle East still fatally undermines any support Ford may give to Syria’s struggling revolutionaries. The United States has simply been too tainted by its handling of the other Arab Spring revolutions, especially in Bahrain and Yemen. In this context, the ambassador’s actions in many ways actually benefit the Syrian regime, rather than the opposition.
Hollow Words

Videos abound of Ambassador Ford observing anti-Assad demonstrations, attending funerals for slain activists, and even inciting spontaneous rallies merely by his presence, demonstrating that the domestic Syrian opposition does value U.S. attention. However, equally prevalent are the videos of Syrian mobs attacking Ford’s diplomatic convoys, and of angry Damascenes pelting the ambassador with eggs and tomatoes while hurling insults at the U.S. government. Many take it for granted that these attacks are staged by the Syrian government, but as with most things pertaining to the Syrian uprising, the truth is far more complex.

Though the Syrian regime is certainly attempting to discredit Robert Ford and malign Washington’s ostensible support for the uprising, Syrians have no shortage of other reasons to be angry. U.S. claims of support for the revolution have not been matched by any substantive shifts in policy, which have focused instead on tightening inefficient and collectively harmful sanctions.

In addition, policymakers have also tacitly endorsed a small of number of Syrian expats who have styled themselves as leaders of the uprising, despite enjoying virtually no domestic support in Syria itself. Several prominent opposition figures in Syria have roundly condemned expat leaders such as Radwan Ziadeh, not only for his tendency to make unrepresentative claims and utter occasional factual inaccuracies, but also for his dealings with the U.S. government. Even Robert Ford himself has a dubious history in the Middle East, particularly in his capacity as a political affairs adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq in 2004.

Though these factors have certainly eroded the legitimacy of the United States in Syria, it is U.S. policy toward the Arab Spring in general that has fatally undermined its ability to affect change in Syria.
Taking Diplomacy Seriously

The United States has demonstrated a callous lack of regard for the democratic aspirations of citizens in “friendly” states. Washington’s words about Syria tend to ring hollow, for example, while it selectively ignores the bloodshed in Yemen and Bahrain, where protestors continue to battle security forces even in the face of massive casualties. Clashes in other U.S.-friendly states, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and even Kuwait, have effectively been ignored altogether. As’ad Abu-Khalil, proprietor of the popular Angry Arab News Service, pointedly asked, “Since the U.S. ambassador in Syria is making a point of visiting protesters, will the U.S. ambassador in Saudi Arabia be ordered by his superiors at State Department to visit the protesters in Saudi Arabia? Will he take flowers to the victims of beheadings in Riyadh?” Under such circumstances, popular anger in Syria at the U.S. ambassador is hardly surprising, and although it unfortunately feeds into the narrative of the regime, it is not necessarily an entirely scripted affair.

The lesson of Ford’s nomination is therefore twofold. First, the presence of diplomatic personnel should never be considered a “gift” to bestow on friendly states, but instead a fundamental component of any smart international strategy. The opportunities for dialogue and communication generated by such positions can be invaluable for preventing bloodshed, bridging disparate interests, and empowering popular movements.

Such benefits, however, are qualified by the broader policy framework in which any diplomat must operate, a framework that determines the legitimacy—and by extension, the efficacy—of state personnel. No foreign policy decisions occur in a vacuum. Washington’s poor response to the Arab Spring has severely damaged its ability to mediate the situation in Syria, and though the presence of Ford might be helpful, the government he represents must prove itself worthy of being heard.

October 20th, 2011, 9:55 pm


ann said:


German blogger portrays a different kind of Syria – 15 hours ago

The ongoing violence against Syrians opposing the regime has been making headlines for months, painting a bleak picture of a country that is engulfed in conflict. However, an eyewitness report by Christian Kopp, a German travelling through Damascus, Hama and Aleppo, gives the impression of a very different country, one where al-Assad still garners huge support, and where life continues with at least an appearance of calm despite the bloody conflict.


Wednesday saw a large pro-regime demonstration in the northern city Aleppo where Syrians rallied in support of president Basher al-Assad, though there were reports that some had been coerced to join. Kopp recorded the masses waving flags in support, on the same day that 7 opposition protesters were reportedly shot – eight in Homes and a further eight in Qusayr:


On his blog Kopp described his journey through Syria from Damascus to Aleppo:

En route from Damascus to Aleppo lie both Homs and Hama, two areas which are not yet particularly safe although the situation has vastly improved over recent weeks and days. During the journey the air was tense on the bus despite things being very quiet outside. When the bus pulled into the side of the road approximately 50 km outside of Homs to allow two people to alight, one passenger asked why we were stopping.

It was very calm around Homs and Hama although you would see the occassional tank. A few soldiers were positioned around the towns and had pitched tents and stacked sandbags for protection. Farmers went about their business next to the tanks. Some burnt-out cars and buses (no more than three or four) reminded one of the conflict. The streets we drove down inside Hama also appeared calm.

According to Kopp many Syrians blame Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood for much of the violence in Syria claiming that many of them are armed and engaging police in violent clashes:

Friends of ours, Christians, said that they want security and clearly only the government can provide that, even if many of the ministers are disliked. The added that Bashar al-Assad had lost support because he responded too late to the protests and allowed the old guards to take control for too long. Nevertheless, the majority of Syrians still support him, and not because they’re forced to but because he can provide security.

One thing that has struck me during my trip through Syria is that pictures of Hafiz al-Assad have almost completely disappeared while there are also far few pictures of Bashar al-Assad. The President himself has ordered that his image may not be put up everywhere. He did not want to add fuel to the fire, especially after the outbreak of the violence.

This video was taken while driving through Hama where Kopp said life continued as usual, countering some media claims that it had been turned into a ghost town by the presence of security forces:


Kopp’s account paints a different picture to the Syria emerging from a stream of news since protests first began here over eight months ago. Just last month security forces stormed the central town of Rastan to crack down on army deserters who defected to build a rebel military unit. The town saw some of the worst fighting witnessed since the start of the rebellion and Assad’s forces reportedly rounded up and arrested 3,000 people in the source of three days.

October 20th, 2011, 9:57 pm


Friend in America said:

Samara at #356
The claim that revolutionists have committed crimes against humanity does not exculpate the Assad government’s crimes, and as best can be in the present circumstances there is substantial evidence of such crimes by the government. Whether others have committed such crimes will have to be sorted out after matters settle down and an impartial international tribunal orders an investigation.
If you or others wish the offenses of the revolutionists you claim to have occurred be thoroughly investigated, nothing can be better than the international tribunal. There are good reasons for everyone that such a tribunal be convened. It is step one on healing emotional wounds.

October 20th, 2011, 10:01 pm


zoo said:

Turkish booming economy?

Central Bank bleeding heavily in fight for lira

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Central Bank sells $6.45 billion out of its moderate reserves in daily auctions since Aug 5 to defend the Turkish Lira. As a further effort, the bank also increases overnight lending rate to 12.5 percent from 9 percent. However, dollar sales, which have accelareted this week, are not sustainable, economists say
Unidentified people shop at a traditional bazaar in Istanbul in this photo. The Central Bank warns in a statement yesterday about a hike in inflation by the end of the year.

Unidentified people shop at a traditional bazaar in Istanbul in this photo. The Central Bank warns in a statement yesterday about a hike in inflation by the end of the year.

The Turkish Central Bank’s already moderate foreign exchange reserves, which fell to $85.9 billion Turkish Liras as of Oct. 14 down from $93 billion at the end of July, signal a risky shrink as the bank continues to sell U.S. dollars in a bid to defend the value of the lira.

October 20th, 2011, 10:02 pm


zoo said:

Syria to receive Arab League committee – agency
Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:05pm GMT

CAIRO Oct 20 (Reuters) – Syria has agreed to receive next week an Arab League committee that was set up after Arab states called for an end to violence and for dialogue between the government and the opposition, Egypt’s state news agency MENA said on Thursday.

Arab foreign ministers, who met this week in Cairo to discuss the crisis in Syria, called on both sides to hold dialogue within 15 days. They formed a committee of five ministers to visit the country.

“After the Arab League council’s decision on the situation in Syria, Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby called the Syrian leadership and asked for a response,” MENA quoted the League’s assistant secretary-general, Wagih Hanafy, as saying.

“The Syrian response welcomed receiving the committee,” Hanafy was quoted a saying. The group is due to travel to Damascus on Wednesday, the agency added.

Syria is witnessing a wave of protests demanding an end to 41 years of repressive Assad family rule that was met by a violent crackdown from authorities, leaving hundreds dead.

The Arab League committee is headed by Qatar and is made up of the foreign ministers of Egypt, Oman, Algeria and Sudan, alongside League head Elaraby, the news agency said.

Arab foreign ministers stopped short of suspending Syria from the Arab League as demanded by Syrian protesters suggesting a national dialogue instead. (Reporting By Tamim Elyan; Editing by Karolina Tagaris)


October 20th, 2011, 10:09 pm


ann said:

William Scott Scherk,

Here’s a direct threats of death or violence you missed:

711. SYR.EXPAT said:


Those who support the terrorist Syrian regime will pay the price regardless of their religion or ethnicity. We will not forget.


October 20th, 2011, 10:27 pm


Hans said:

The SC becoming a replicate of the sociopolitical fabric of the Arabs and for the Syrians in particular…
some are lying all the time to prove themselves or to make other believe them.
Others, are fighting each other using foul language at times as if that makes them more legit or a more convincing in their argument.
Islamists who hate everyone else here and they want to kill or throw out the others if they get a chance, ironically supported by their conventional enemy; the western countries who are hunting the Alqaida all over the creation with Drons… It is weird that someone like ambassador Ford is meeting and supporting the radicals MB in Syria but his boss is hunting them like rats in Iraq, Yemen, Somlie, Pakistan, Afangistan, not in Egypt or KSA though bc the latter two are the puppets of his boss…

hypo critics who are calling for the western world to save civilians but their groups are the one killing civilians and the best of Syrians.
and finally some opportunists who are using this turmoils to benefit at the end by appealing as they are the roots and the champions of the revolution and the leaders of the oppressed people therefore, one of them will be the next dictator of Syria for the next forty years….
if you agree with this then you understand why Syria will never have democratic regime for the coming hundreds of years.

October 20th, 2011, 10:39 pm


Ghufran said:

العنف كان و لا يزال دستورا في العالم العربي و اوله يبدأ في الحكام و آخره ينتهي في الثوار
اذا كان للحرية الحمراء باب فلماذا لا يدق الا في الدول الناميه؟اكل الحكام و لم يشبعوا و جاع الناس و لن يشبعوا
و كنتم خير أمة اخرجت للناس
و لكن هل تامرون بالمعروف و تنهون عن المنكر؟

October 20th, 2011, 10:41 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:


Proud of the language used by SNP, will use it on CNN global as well, reality and facts.

But should you want to implement the policy please add:

1- No cut and paste six feet long articles into the comment section, the person can edit an intro, add his (forget about her) comment and put the link to the article. Otherwise, it is called spamming and drowning intentionally the comment section, or a particular comment that is not in favor to the spammer.

2- Landis did not moderate comments fairly, he was selective, which cause upset, that is not called moderation, that is taking sides. Moderation should be on all comments

3- Being called “anti-Semitic” when you were married to a Jew, spent since 83’ peddling Syrian-Israeli peace (what a waste) and have almost all business dealing with Jews is very, very offending. SO PLEASE BAN THIS INSULT OUT OF THE COMMENTS

4- What else Amen/Marduk wants to hide in his plot? He has no chance and neither his stooges.

5-Would be nice if you can establish a positive id for posting, so robo-inflamers out of Herzalia cannot post those comments.

6- You consider derogatory comment regarding Islam, please moderate any derogatory comment when of our “Atheist” religion and GOD (the only true one) as well. All religions, gods and beliefs should be respected, not just Islam and Allah.

7- All comments promoting violence, terrorism and destruction of properties in Syria or other places, or labeling terrorists as martyrs should be moderated as well, this is syriacommnet.com not terroristcomment.com

Will point out more for better implementation of the blog policy fairly.

October 20th, 2011, 10:48 pm


Ghufran said:

درر سعدو
بيروت ـ إعتبر رئيس الحكومة اللبنانية السابق سعد الحريري، أن نهاية الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي هي النهاية المحتّمة لكل الطغاة.
وقال الحريري الذي يتزعّم “تيار المستقبل” في لبنان، في بيان تعليقاً على مقتل القذافي، إن نهايته “هي النهاية المحتمة لكل الطغاة الذين يواجهون إرادة الحرية والديمقراطية عند شعوبهم بالقتل والقمع والدم”.
لم يبق الا الاستئناس بالغلمان و المهجنين لتشخيص امراض الوطن
كان زعيم الحءيءه يدفع ٧٠٠ دولارا لشراء الصوت الانتخابي في طرابلس
يأتي زمان لا يقرب فيه الا الماحل و لا يظرف فيه الا الفاجر
بين ديمقراطية الحريري و رعاية الحزب القائد ضاعت الطاسه و انسطل الناس
نصيحة العبد الفقير ان تكثروا من الفجل و تقاطعوا الفريز لانه فاكهه رجعيه و يفاقم الإحساس الثورجي

October 20th, 2011, 10:56 pm


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

“….We ned an Arab spring in KSA, one that will bring DEMOCRCAY albeit run by the Salafi masses, just like Apartheid South Africa….”

I am too dumb, what is wrong with that comment? Somebody expressing a valid argument. Soon you will ban criticism of Al Jazzira and CNN, looks like. They have free pass to lie, fabricate and incite mayhem and bloodshed all over the Middle East and here on syriacomment suppose to respect the Bedouins because the U.S. and Europe in desperate need for their cash.

October 20th, 2011, 11:02 pm


jad said:

Basma Qdmani interview, WHAT AN INTERVIEW!!!! Haytham to the rescue soon….:)

مقابلة | بسمة قُضماني

• لا ثورة سوريّة بلا الضغط الدولي
• لسنا الثورة بل نحمل مطالبها
• لا أدّعي امتلاك تاريخ نضالي معارِض

“وبمجرد ذكر اسم قُضماني، ينهال عليها وابل من الاتهامات الأخرى من خصومها من المعارضين الباريسيين، أبرزها أنها، وهي المقربة من شخصيات مرموقة في الادارة الفرنسية، توسّطت لدى السلطات الفرنسية لعرقلة انعقاد المؤتمر الصحافي لميشال كيلو وفايز سارة في باريس الأسبوع الماضي. هنا أيضاً، لا تتردد في الاعتراف بأن السلطات الفرنسية «سألتني إن كان هؤلاء يضايقوننا ويخرّبون عملنا في المجلس الوطني، فتشاورتُ مع الدكتور برهان (غليون)، وأجبتُ وزارة الخارجية الفرنسية بأنهم بالفعل يزعجوننا ويشوشون علينا، لكن لا تمنعوهم، واتفقنا مع الفرنسيين على أن هذا المؤتمر الصحافي يجب أن يعقد بكل حرية».”

We only told the french that those domestic opposition ‘disturb’ and ‘bother’ us but let them go ahead with their news conference

” ورداً على سؤال حول الملابسات الداخلية والخارجية لولادة المجلس الوطني السوري، فتجزم بأنه كان «حاجة داخلية حصراً، فالمسألة السورية مدوَّلة أصلاً، فبلا الضغط الدولي والتصريحات والعقوبات، لا وجود لثورة سورية أصلاً»،”

The Syrian Revolution wouldn’t exist without the international sanctions and pressures…….

” «صحيح أن تحرك الشباب المتظاهر أسطوري ولولاهم لما أتى شيء من الخارج، لكنهم وحدهم أمام جبروت النظام، لا يمكنهم فعل شيء، فالأمل الوحيد المتاح هو أن يضغط العالم ويعزل النظام ويرفع الغطاء الشرعي والحماية عنه ليسقط». وبالانتقال إلى «تدويل القضية السورية»، ترى أن النظام «هو من جلب الخارج ووضع ايران في قلب سوريا، من هنا فإن الشعب السوري لا يمكنه مقاومة النظام وحده بلا تغطية اعلامية وضغط دولي، فبلا هذا الضغط الدولي والتصريحات والعقوبات، لا وجود لثورة سورية أصلاً».”

The Syrian regime brought Iran in!
AND: The Syrian Revolution wouldn’t exist without the international sanctions and pressures…….

“كلام ينقلنا إلى محاولة معرفة ما إذا كانت قُضماني وزملاؤها في المجلس الوطني يملكون تعريفاً موحداً للحماية الدولية التي يطالبون بها، فتجيب بأنه عندما يرفع الشارع المنتفض شعار الحماية الدولية، «فعلينا حينها أن نترجم هذا المطلب، وعلينا أن ندرس أشكال هذه الحماية الدولية، من مراقبين دوليين ومنظمات إغاثة وصولاً إلى التدخل العسكري الذي لا يزال المجلس الوطني لا يطرحه، وهذا دورنا في تحريك المجتمع الدولي واستخدام جميع الوسائل القانونية والسياسية والاقتصادية».”

How about international protection? It covers international supervisors all the way to the MILITARY INTERVENTION……

“وتصل واقعية قُضماني إلى ذروتها حين تجيب عن سؤال حول اتهام البعض للمجلس الوطني باحتكار تمثيل الشعب السوري، فتقول «نحن لا نمثل، أنا ماذا أمثل؟ لا أمثّلُ شيئاً ولا أحد بيننا يمثّل، نحن نقول إننا أشخاص قادرون على دعم الثورة، وليكن كل شيء واضحاً، نحن لسنا الثورة ولا قيادتها، بل مجلس ثوري يدعم الثورة ويحمل مطالبها ويجسد تطلعاتها».”

We don’t represent the Syrian people we are only supporting the revolution….


October 20th, 2011, 11:07 pm


Son of Damascus said:

@ Akbar Palace
I had a feeling you had an American upbringing.

I am not saying Israel has no right to exist, and defend it self (It does). What I am saying is that Israel is protected (blindly) by the US even in instances were the whole world agree’s what it is doing is wrong (Just look at the numerous vetoes the US has done on behalf of Israel in the UNSC). All I am saying is that the US should have a more balanced foreign policy in the Mid-East, in my opinion it would actually be more constructive to the peace process if they were more balanced.

you said:
“The “apartheid” label is rather tiresome. When Arabs in Syria are afforded the same rights as Israeli Arabs, your accusations would carry a lot more weight”

I never compared Israel to any arab country, I merely pointed out the hypocrisy of Israeli policy when it says they are the protectors of freedom in the Mid-East.
I know what crimes and injustice the Baathist and Assads have done to Syrians, and i am trying to do something about it (and many others as well).

I know Bashar is a murderer, do you know that Netanyahu is made of the same cloth? Him and Sharon’s crimes in Southern Lebanon would even make Havez blush.

you said:
Maybe that’s what YOU think, but it is not how Israelis think. Israelis are quite free and safe, much more than the typical American city dweller.

Maybe you misunderstood my question, Israel has been dealing with the same circle of dictators for about 40 years now, are they not worried that the change of the guard might effect Israel adversely in ways that it has not expected before? (In terms of peace, cease fire, business and other agreements)

you said:
I have learned that “Israel” and “Zionism” are dirty words in most Arab circles

You are correct with that observation, however for me personally the word Israel does not invoke any negativity, but Zionism does (Since it is inherently racist, no people are the chosen people, we are all same), but I understand it is your belief and I will not only respect that but support you as long as your personal beliefs don’t interfere with my life (or any other Syrian) once it does you have crossed a line.

I respect your choice to visit this blog and learn more about Syria, the more we know about each other the easier it is to bridge the gap between us.

Without going into specifics what line of work are you in (other than getting paid to comment on blogs 🙂 )? When you visited Kuwait and UAE was it as an American citizen?

Son of Damascus

October 20th, 2011, 11:09 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@ JAD #370.

She is delirious.

October 20th, 2011, 11:23 pm


jad said:

Good one 🙂
Seriously, would you consider this as a serious interview? Would you say stuff like that in the first ever interview with Syrians?…come on…that was horrible…this sentence is the worst of all:
“The Syrian Revolution wouldn’t exist without the international sanctions and pressures”

October 20th, 2011, 11:31 pm


jad said:

دمشق توافق على استضافة لجنة عربية بشأن الأوضاع في سورية

القاهرة – ، د ب أ – أعلنت جامعة الدول العربية انها تلقت موافقة الحكومة السورية على استقبال اللجنة الوزارية العربية التي شكلها مجلس الجامعة العربية بشأن الاوضاع فى سورية برئاسة دولة قطر يوم الاربعاء المقبل.

وقال السفير وجيه حنفي، الأمين العام المساعد رئيس مكتب الامين العام للجامعة العربية، إنه بعد صدور قرار مجلس الجامعة العربية الخاص بالوضع في سورية أجرى الامين العام للجامعة العربية نبيل العربي اتصالا مع القيادة السورية والمسؤولين السوريين لابلاغهم بمضمون القرار وطلب منهم ابلاغه بالرد فيما يتعلق بما يتضمنه هذا القرار.

وأضاف: “لقد جاء رد سوريا بالترحيب باستقبال اللجنة الوزارية العربية التى شكلها المجلس برئاسة دولة قطر في دمشق يوم 26 من الشهر الجاري”.

واوضح الامين العام المساعد ان الامانة العامة قامت على التو بإبلاغ الدول العربية اعضاء اللجنة الوزارية بهذه الرسالة السورية للاتفاق على اتمام الزيارة فى نفس اليوم الذى حددته دمشق.

واكد ان الغرض من هذه الزيارة هو “تنفيذ ما جاء فى قرار المجلس الوزاري ، موضحا ان هذا القرار ينص على تنظيم مؤتمر للحوار الوطني السوري بين القيادة السورية وبين المعارضة السورية بجميع اطيافها فى الداخل والخارج والاتفاق على الاعداد لهذا المؤتمر الوطني خلال خمسة عشر يوما من تاريخ صدور القرار”.

وفي معرض رده على سؤال حول ما اذا كانت الجامعة العربية قد بدأت الاتصالات مع المعارضة السورية مثلما بدأتها مع القيادة السورية للاعداد لهذا المؤتمر، قال حنفي ان الامين العام للجامعة قد بدأ وقبل صدور القرار اتصالات مع شخصيات من المعارضة السورية.

October 20th, 2011, 11:36 pm


jad said:

المعلم للوفد الروسي : التحضيرات جارية لعقد مؤتمر الحوار الوطني الشامل ومؤتمر اقتصادي لمواجهة العقوبات

قدم وليد المعلم وزير الخارجية والمغتربين أمس لوفد إعلامي روسي شرحا عن حقيقة الأحداث التي تشهدها سورية مؤكدا أن قوى خارجية تسعى لاستهداف دور سورية المحوري في المنطقة وقرارها المستقل الداعم للقضايا العربية.
وأكد الوزير المعلم أن سورية تواجه مجموعات إرهابية مسلحة تسعى لزعزعة الأمن والاستقرار وتتلقى الدعم والتمويل من تنظيمات مماثلة في الدول المجاورة موضحا أن بعض عناصر هذه المجموعات تسللوا إلى سورية عبر الحدود وهم ينتمون إلى تنظيمات متطرفة مماثلة.
وأشار الوزير المعلم إلى قيام الجهات المختصة بضبط كميات كبيرة من الأسلحة المهربة التي استخدمتها المجموعات الإرهابية ضد قوات حفظ النظام التي تعمل على حفظ الأمن انطلاقاً من واجبها في حماية أمن الوطن والمواطن.
وبصدد برنامج الإصلاح الشامل أكد الوزير المعلم أن القيادة السورية مصممة على مواصلة إنجاز هذا البرنامج مستعرضاً ما تم إنجازه من خطوات تمثلت في رفع حالة الطوارئ وإصدار سلسلة من التشريعات الناظمة لتشكيل الأحزاب السياسية والانتخابات البرلمانية الحرة وانتخابات المجالس المحلية وحرية الإعلام مشيراً إلى أن الرئيس بشار الأسد حدد جدولاً زمنياً لتنفيذ هذه الإصلاحات وأن التحضيرات جارية لعقد مؤتمر الحوار الوطني الشامل الذي سيضم جميع مكونات الشعب السوري والمعارضة الوطنية.
وأوضح وزير الخارجية والمغتربين أن هناك نية أيضا لعقد مؤتمر حوار اقتصادي تشارك فيه الفعاليات الاقتصادية السورية لبحث الواقع الاقتصادي السوري وسبل تطويره ومواجهة العقوبات الاقتصادية التي تؤثر بشكل سلبي في معيشة المواطنين.
وشكر الوزير المعلم الشعب الروسي الصديق وقيادته على موقفها الداعم لسورية واستخدامها والصين الصديقة حق النقض في مجلس الأمن للحيلولة دون استخدام الدول الغربية لهذا المجلس للتدخل في الشؤون الداخلية السورية.
وأضاف الوزير المعلم أن سورية تعمل على مواصلة تعزيز وتفعيل العلاقات الاقتصادية وتبادلاتها التجارية والاستثمارات مع الدول الصديقة.
من جهته أشار الوفد الإعلامي الروسي إلى أن الأوضاع في سورية ليست كما تصورها بعض وسائل الإعلام المغرضة وأن الحياة في مختلف أوجه النشاط فيها تسير بشكل طبيعي.

October 20th, 2011, 11:41 pm


ann said:

A cold war re-emerges – 10/21/2011

The underlying strategic contours of the Middle East remain largely unchanged; the contest between Iran and Saudi Arabia remains central.


In Syria, the Saudis see the uprising as an attempt by a Sunni Arab people to throw off the yoke of an Iran-backed, heretical regime.

Through his maternal line, Saudi King Abdullah has close kinship ties with Sunni clans in Syria.

Riyadh discerns a strategic opportunity in Assad’s current travails.

The Iranians too understand the disastrous implications for them of the danger to the Assad regime, and are consequently making every effort to preserve it. The Saudis were the first Arab country to remove their ambassador from Syria, and to denounce Assad.

There are reports of Saudi links to radical Sunni preachers in Syria.

n Lebanon, of course, members of the Iranian client Hezbollah organization are wanted by the tribunal investigating the 2005 murder of Saudi citizen and former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq al- Hariri. The Saudi-backed March 14 movement in the country was eclipsed by the pro-Iranian forces after a brief clash in May/June 2008. Yet, by backing the opposition to the Assad regime in Syria, Riyadh hopes to cut Hezbollah off from its hinterland and source of weaponry, leaving it dangerously isolated on the Mediterranean.

In Iraq, with the US set to leave, the Saudis and the Iranians are once again set to face each other.

October 21st, 2011, 12:07 am


ann said:

Syria is not another Libya – 2011-10-21


The Western media have been sensationalizing China’s stance on Syria, with one of them saying: “China demanded that Syria’s leader President Bashar al-Assad move toward faster political reform, a rare change of policy and a deviation from its usual refusal to intervene in the affairs of strategic allies.”

That is a wrong analysis, for China’s actions are aimed at restoring normalcy in the lives of the Syrian people as soon as possible and bringing back peace and stability in the Middle East.

After the change of governments in Egypt and Libya, Syria has been in the eye of the storm sweeping the Middle East. Thanks to the intervention of Western powers, especially the United States, violent conflicts between different groups in Syria have intensified, greatly raising the risk of civil war in the country.

With a population of 22.25 million and a territory of 185,000 square kilometers, Syria is a middle-sized country in the Middle East but plays a big role in the region because of its geographic importance. Since it shares its borders with countries like Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel, it has had to bear the brunt of Arab-Israeli conflicts and even lose its territory, the Golan Heights, to Israel.

Given these factors, it is impossible to restore peace in the region without the active participation of Syria. Besides, its cooperation with Iran, influence on Lebanon’s Hezbollah party and the presence of 2 million Kurdish people within its territory make its stability especially important.

No wonder, it has become a target of the West’s selective intervention policy in the “democratization” wave that is sweeping across the Arab world. As soon as anti-government protests started in Syria in March this year, Western countries began supporting opposition forces through every possible means – imposing economic sanctions, limiting senior officials’ travels abroad, and even directly telling Bashar al-Assad to resign.

The West has tried to treat Syria in the same way that it treated Libya. It tried to propel the UN Security Council to impose further sanctions and even launch an attack on Syria.

The US and its Western allies are dreaming of turning the Mediterranean Sea into “NATO’s internal lake”. If the Western powers can topple Bashar al-Assad, they can isolate Iran further and take forward their plan to establish a “Great Middle East”.

By intervening selectively in the Middle East, Western countries are in fact fulfilling their own interests instead of promoting their avowed universal values. They identify a country where they want to intervene not because it is undemocratic but because it threatens or is deemed to threaten their interests. And the Western media never hesitate in advocating mass protests in the countries that hinder or are deemed to hinder Western interests.

Syria and Libya (during Muammar Gadhafi’s rule) have both been thorns in America’s side for opposing its wider “democracy” plan in the Middle East and NATO’s ambition to include the whole of the Mediterranean region in its orbit. Now that Gadhafi has been ousted from power in Libya, the Western alliance has turned to Syria.

But Syria is not Libya. Although armed conflicts have occurred between different groups in the country, Qadri Jamil, leader of the Popular Front for Change, has declared openly that he and his party reject all forms of foreign intervention and the Syrian people should decide the country’s future. On Oct 12, thousands of people demonstrated in support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and expressed opposition to foreign intervention.

As a responsible country which believes in non-intervention in the internal affairs of a country, China on Oct 5 vetoed a move in the United Nations Security Council to intervene in Syria. For long, China has advocated political dialogue between different groups to maintain peace and stability in the Middle East. It expects the Syrian government to make good its promises on reform and start the process of inclusive politics, and supports the negotiation efforts of all.

China’s actions best illustrate its principle of peaceful diplomacy and pursuit of a harmonious world.

China does have interests in the region, but they are in accordance with those of Middle East countries. Peace and stability mean lower risks and less threat to the lives of people in the Middle East.

China and the Middle East countries have to continue promoting economic cooperation and oil trade, which will not only secure China’s oil supply, but also help oil-producing countries stabilize oil prices. Moreover, peace and stability will help eliminate terrorism, separatism and extremism, which is the common pursuit of most countries.

If the UN had passed the proposal to intervene in Syria, not only Syria, but also the entire Middle East would have soon become mired in chaos and people of the region would have been subjected to even greater suffering.

October 21st, 2011, 12:13 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

المعلم للوفد الروسي : التحضيرات جارية لعقد مؤتمر الحوار الوطني الشامل ومؤتمر اقتصادي لمواجهة العقوبات
قدم وليد المعلم وزير الخارجية والمغتربين

Well, I like to be part of both meetings, Polycom can arrange for the link (they did not think comes under sanctions). Otherwise, we can present papers or have a local representative attend if we are invited, and if not, will just have to join the Revolutionary bandwagon. There are more than 15 million Syrians in exile or immigrants and they ought to have a say in how their country is run, so what if we were exiled 4 decades ago, we are Syrians. Would the Baathists like to takes their kids and be exiled, I am sure they would love to, but will work hard on not letting you live in European Luxuries or the Penthouse floor of Al Sheikh whatever tower, stay in the mess you made and please fix it first. We are willing to help you fix it. So let me know if you need instruction on sending an invitation to SNP.

October 21st, 2011, 12:18 am


Syrian Nationalist Party said:

“………..In a statement, the two institutions “urged the former Libyan leader’s son Seif to give himself up and for the national authorities of the country where he is hiding to guarantee and facilitate his safe transfer to The Netherlands to face justice.”

NATO Gold thieves are desperate to get this kid safely, should he dies on the hand of mercenaries or get caught by them first; they may get all the gold and billions in cash hidden by Kaddafi or dye under torture and leave the Holy Grail in secret for millennia’s. Getting this kid safely to NATO is priory one now; his stash is a hundred fold more than Leo Wanta stash and hell gone over that for decades in the struggle to control those secret global accounts.

October 21st, 2011, 12:34 am


Dale Andersen said:


RE: “…I became religous after studying the lectures of Dr. Zakir Naik and Abdul Raheem Green…”

Isn’t Abdul Raheem Green the dude who was arrested in Athens with a crossdresser and a naked underage boy? I think I have a mug shot of him somewhere…

October 21st, 2011, 12:51 am


majedkhaldoun said:

Syrian regime said they will allow AL foreign ministers to visit Syria, the regime did not say it is acceptable to meet the opposition in Cairo,and the regime contiues to kill peaceful demonstrators,and any reform the regime is talking about it is taylored according to Assad,and ignore the demands of the people.

AL statement did not include that the demonstrations must stop, they said it should be allowed to continue as long as it is peaceful.an observers must be there to judge, the regime is just buying time.how long can he do it?

I expect another meeting of AL friday,in 8 days,then AL will condemn the regime and expose him.

Hariri statement is good one and those who criticise it are supporting the oppression.

October 21st, 2011, 1:14 am


NK said:

Norman #359

Will you please share with us the statement you prepared to post here right after the Assads commit another massacre like the 1982 one. I’m sure Just like you described that one this too will be a necessity to protect the Syrian people, how many do you suggest they slaughter this time 100,000 – 200,000 ?

Jad #372

Does it really matter what she said in that interview ? wouldn’t you be criticizing her regardless of the content of her answers ?

October 21st, 2011, 2:07 am


NK said:

So remember the investigative committee that were formed to investigate the death of 100 Hamwis back in April ? well they came to the conclusion that brigadier-general Muhammad Mufleh was indeed responsible and recommended that he should be punished and sent to jail. Instead Bashar Assad promoted him to major-general and sent him back to carry out his duties in slaughtering innocent civilians, in a clear message to army and security officers that they will not be held accountable for the atrocities they commit while quelling this revolution.
And people wonder why Syrians are calling for his execution!


October 21st, 2011, 2:38 am


NK said:

What a great article


الأقليات السورية على قاعدة الخوف أم الاشتراط؟ بقلم: سلامة كيلة

إذا كانت هناك قطاعات اجتماعية مفقرة لم تشارك, فلأن الحراك ينجرف, كما يبدو لها, نحو تغيير السلطة فقط, وبالتالي ما همها إنْ ظلت أو تغيرت. وقد يبدو للبعض أن استمرار تلك السلطة أفضل من سيطرة أخرى أصولية, أو من ديمقراطية تأتي بقوى أصولية. ذلك هو موقف الأقليات الدينية, وهو مبرر لأنها لا ترى أن ما هو مطروح يلامس مشكلاتها. لذلك تفضل أن تبقى السلطة القائمة, وهو أمر أفضل من المجهول, حسب منطق تلك الأقليات. من مقال”أزمة المعارضة والبديل السياسي للسلطة في سورية” جريدة الأخبار اللبنانية لاشك بحقيقة وصدقية الباحث سلامة كيلة, ولكن قبل الدخول لمناقشة هذا الموضوع المطروح, حضرتني قضية بسيطة أحببت الاشارة إليها, وهي تتعلق بصحيفة الأخبار اللبنانية الآلهية, فرغم موقف حزب الله المناصر للنظام قلبا وقالبا, إلا أنها تنشر وجهات نظر لمعارضين سوريين, وتحاول نقل الحدث السوري بأقل انحياز, وهذه مهنية تسجل للصحيفة وللقائمين عليها, لكن لماذا لا يرى معارضونا هذا الأمر? ولماذا لايستطيع أي معارض سوري أن ينشر في صحف النظام ما تنشره صحيفة الأخبار? فإذا كان موضوع على هذا القدر من البساطة فكيف يمكن الحديث عن اصلاح والحديث عن حوار? إلا إذا اعتبرنا أن حزب الله مؤسسة سورية وليست لبنانية, وملك للنظام السوري, عندها يمكن رؤية أن هناك اصلاحاً في سورية!
في كل مرة أجد نفسي مدفوعا لنقاش هذا الموضوع ذي الحساسية البالغة, وهو موضوع الأقليات في سورية, لما له من حضور يبدو طاغيا في تقرير مستقبل بلدنا وثورتنا, التي يراد الغدر بها كما ذكرت في مقالة سابقة أن تختلف في الرؤية مع ما يطرح وفي كثير من الاحيان لاتتجرأ على طرح خلافك على الرأي العام هذا بحد ذاته معضلة وطنية, سببها الأساس السياسة والمصالح, ومن يحدد المصالح والسياسة هو النظام, ولم يكن للمعارضة رغم كل تضحياتها التي تحسب في تاريخها الأسدي على مدار أربعة عقود أي دور في تحديد هذه السياسة وهذه المصالح, المعارضة تتحمل مسؤولية التقصير والتشقق الذي كان سائدا داخلها, ومسؤولية اختراقها النخبوي ايديولوجيا ومصلحيا, لكن رغم ذلك لم تكن تمتلك القدرة في وضعيتها تلك على ان يكون لها دور في هذا التحديد.
لماذا يصر اصحاب الخوف الأقلياتي على تصوير الثورة أنها ثورة للأكثرية السنية بينما إذا تحدث أحد الثوار الشباب في تعليق ما على أنها ثورة أهل السنة, تقوم الدنيا عليه ولا تقعد, ويتهم أنه طائفي. ما اتضح من هذه الثورة أن التماسك الماقبل مدني موجود فقط لدى الأقليات وليس لدى الأكثرية السنية كما يشير هؤلاء المثقفون. وتعالوا لنتفحص المسألة بقليل من الموضوعية وكثير من الانفتاح الوطني والفكري, هذه الثورة التي تتهم علنا أو صراحة أنها ثورة أهل السنة شعاراتها واضحة إنها مع الحرية والدولة المدنية الديمقراطية وتداول السلطة, واصرارها على خطاب لاطائفي, وتستغرب ما يقال عن خوف الأقليات من هذه الأكثرية? الخوف من أكثرية الثورة أم من أكثرية السنة? هذا السؤال الأساسي الآن. إذا كان الخوف من أكثرية السنة, فسنة حلب وقسم كبير من سنة مناطق أخرى لم يخرجوا في التظاهر ضد النظام, ولم يعط الطرفان للإخوان المسلمين أي تفويض, اقصد الطرف الذي خرج في التظاهرات والطرف الذي لم يخرج, بل ان الطرف الذي خرج في التظاهرات انتخب عفويا ممثلين معروفة توجهاتهم الديمقراطية والليبرالية, من خلال بروز أسماء جامعة يرددها الشارع الشاب مثل الدكتور برهان غليون والدكتور عبد الرزاق عيد وهيثم المالح ومنتهى الاطرش ورياض الترك وياسين الحاج صالح وجورج صبرا ونجاتي طيارة والقائمة لايمكن حصرها, وباستثناء الشيخ عدنان عرعور الذي لا اعتبره أصوليا متشددا ولهذا نقاش خاص, اعطوني رمزا إسلاميا متشددا تم انتخابه من الشارع الشاب? أما فعاليات الأقليات وعلمانيي الإسلاموفوبيا, فهم موحدون على يافطة واحدة, خوف من الثورة ومن المجهول كما يشير سلامة كيلة, وأود هنا أن أشير كما أشرت سابقا, ليعطني هؤلاء المفكرون, لحظة تاريخية واحدة, مر بها أهل جبل حوران من الأقلية الدرزية كانوا يخافون فيها من أكثرية حوران السنية, مع أنه حدثت حوادث مع البدو الذين يحميهم النظام, ولكن ليس لها مطلقا بعد طائفي. وعندها أصدق مزاعم الخوف هذه. التخوفات التي انتشرت في العقدين الأخيرين ناتجة ليس عن تاريخ سورية بل هي ناتجة عن مشكلة غربية” الاسلامفوبيا” في التعاطي مع جملة مسائل منها الارهاب وخلافه, مشكلة غربية خلقت قاعدتها السياسية والمصلحية والفكرية وباتت لديها نخب ثقافية تكن الكراهية للمجتمع, والذي هو بحكم موضوعي لديه أكثرية سنية. والنتيجة لدى هؤلاء أن السنة في سورية غير علمانيين وارهابيون والأقليات علمانية مسالمة, وهذا محض تزوير لتاريخ سورية. والثورة السورية استطاعت أن تثبت للعالم عكس كل هذه الترهات. لهذا كنت قد كتبت مقالا قبل أكثر من أربعة أشهر وفي هذا السياق, أن سياق الحديث عن تخوف الأقليات في سورية يقتضي المطالبة بحماية الأكثرية مادام الموضوع يناقش بهذه الطريقة غير الموضوعية. لأن من يقع عليه القتل هم عموما من هذه الأكثرية. يريدون توحيد هذه الأكثرية بالقوة تحت يافطة أصولية من أجل شيطنتها, لكي يغطوا وجههم القبيح ببرقع يسمح لهم باستمرار دعم هذا النظام. لسبب بسيط أنهم يتحدثون لغة وئام وهاب وميشال عون ولغة النخب الإسرائيلية, التي اسفرت عن وجهها القميء, تحت شعار الخوف من البديل الاسلامي. هذا من جهة ومن جهة أخرى, يلفون ويدورون حول المشكلة نفسها التي تعاني منها سورية, وهي دولة جمهورية يراد أن تستمر لصيقة بمسمى الأسد” سورية الأسد” هنا جوهر المشكلة وهنا التاريخ وحول هذه النقطة نشهد أكبر عملية تزوير في تاريخ سورية. حيث تساهم في هذا التزوير نخب شتى ومصالح تنبطح باعتاب الاستخبارات والفساد. من يخاف لايخرج لدعم القاتل بل يبقى في بيته ومن يخاف لاينظر من أجل استمرار القاتل في الحكم! لاتضحكوا على انفسكم, لو كان عون ووهاب والراعي وهزيم يخافون, كما يصرحون, لكانوا أخذوا موقفا حياديا على الأقل! والنكتة الأجمل أن إسرائيل تخاف أيضا!
ليس من حق شعب سورية كجمهورية انتخاب رئيس جديد…هنا على بساطة هذا المطلب, تكمن مشكلة سورية. لهذا من منطق الشعور بالقوة المستندة إلى قوة عاملين العامل الأول هو القوة العسكرية القاتلة التي يمتلكها النظام, وقوة اللوبي الاسرائيلي في العالم في دعم النظام مضافا إليه قوة اللوبي المسيحي المشرقي في تسويق هذا النظام لدى الفضاء الغربي المسيحي واحزابه. لهذا يقولون بالخوف من البديل ومن الأكثرية السنية ويشييطوننها, لكن في العمق لديهم اشتراطات سياسة لأن في النهاية الموضوع وكل هذا اللغو عن هذه التخوفات لابد ان ينعكس مطالب سياسة وهذه المطالب بعكس كل دول العالم, هي اعدام الديمقراطية تحت أي مسمى وأي ضمانات, في كل دول العالم تعتبر الأقليات ان مصالحها تكمن في الديمقراطية إلا في سورية لأنهم يعتبرون النظام الأقلوي من وجهة نظرهم يمثلهم وهنا الطامة الكبرى..واعدام الديمقراطية هذا يعني أيضا استمرار التاريخ لاصقا سورية بآل الأسد. وإنني على ثقة كما يقال لو تخلت هذه الثورة عن كل مصاحف الأرض واناجيلها وتوراتها, وشرائعها الوضعية لن تزيح هذه المصالح وثقافتها عن الاصرار على مقولة أنهم ضد التغيير لأنهم يخافون من البديل. وهذا غدر واضح أو محاولة واضحة للغدر بالثورة ودماء شهدائها. وكما استغرب إذا كان الإخوان المسلمين لبيراليين, فكيف يمكن الخوف منهم? بقي أن اختم في مسألة تحتاج منا إلى جدية وهي تتلخص في ما عمل عليه النظام على مدار أربعة عقود لدى هذه الأقليات ومصالحها المقربة من النظام” بث كراهية الأكثرية, في ثقافة شفاهية ووصلت لكي تكون مكتوبة, وتحت يافطات شتى” وأهم يافطة في الواقع هي يافطة عدم الوقوف مع الثورة, لأنهم يخافون من بديل أكثري اسلامي متشدد, فيصبح الخوف لدى العامة مرافقا للكراهية, وهذه ما تحاول ثورتنا بدمها النقي أن تنشر ثقافة المدنية والقانون وحقوق الانسان والحرية. ولهذا مهمتها صعبة, ولكنها ستجنح في النهاية طال الزمن أم قصر, بقي نهر الدم الذي تعشقه رموز هذه السلطة ومن حولها من كل أطياف الشعب السوري, أم توقف, ولن يتوقف إلا بإسقاط آل الأسد. وليس أدل على ماسقته هنا في هذا المقال هو موقف هذه الفعاليات من مطلب التدخل الخارجي, فتاريخيا هذه الفعاليات كانت تطالب بهذا التدخل وتتعاطى معه وبخاصة في دول أخرى! لماذا في سورية الموضوع مختلف? إن السلطة تكثف لديهم كما يمارسها اصحابها الفعليون…سلطة” الله سورية وبشار وبس” ويخافون من التدخل الخارجي كي لايفكك هذا الشعار- السلطة. إنها قاعدة الاشتراط السياسي ليست قاعدة الخوف, ولنبحث في هذا الاشتراط السياسي وتفاصيله, تريدون نظاما سياسيا يكون فيه الٌأقليات ممثلة دينيا وسياسيا, يعجز فيها المجتمع السوري عن الانتظام في أكثريات وأقليات سياسية متغيرة حزبيا وبرنامجيا, هنا الاشتراط لإلغاء المفعول الديمقراطي وإنتاج نظام لبناني من نوع جديد.
كاتب سوري

October 21st, 2011, 2:52 am


Mina said:

337 Haytham Khouri
Hayy al Suryan in Aleppo is named so because when the Syriac (Suryani) refugees from the massacre committed by the Turks in the 1890s or 1910s (check on Google you’ll find, there were several waves) came to Aleppo, a benefactor gave them a piece of land, where they settled and started building the church that is now the big Syriac church in Hayy al Syrian. This is for the “syriac orthodox” denomination. The same refugees from Diyarbakir made their way to Mardin and Qamishli.

So the other denominations (Rum, etc) are ususally older than the “Surian” of “Hayy al Surian”.

October 21st, 2011, 3:16 am


Dale Andersen said:

President Barack Obama hailed Muammar Gaddafi’s death on Thursday as a warning to authoritarian leaders across the Middle East that iron-fisted rule “inevitably comes to an end,” and as vindication for his cautious strategy toward Libya.

October 21st, 2011, 3:42 am


habib said:


“Hariri statement is good one and those who criticise it are supporting the oppression.”

Or maybe, just maybe, they have noticed his extreme hypocrisy in not naming the leaders of Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

If you’re in this because of “oppression”, be consistent. Otherwise, come clean and admit you’re a hypocrite.

October 21st, 2011, 3:50 am


Mina said:

Dale, Tara, why is it that the Americans are so obedient? How do they instil this military feeling in people that they end up using phrases such as “President Obama” or “Ambassador Ford”, don’t you feel like you sound a bit like “Dutchess of York” and “Prince Charles” ages? Who could ever believe you want a real democracy with participating citizens in it?

On another issue, the latest piece by Pepe Escobar is simply amazing (I didn’t realize when I mentioned the US “advisers” sent to Uganda last week that they were actually going to chase people in …… South Sudan)

As the awful regime writes everywhere for a couple of years “Syria, Allah yahmiha”. I’ve always thought it was a good slogan. Thanks God it has no oil.

October 21st, 2011, 3:54 am


Akbar Palace said:

I am not saying Israel has no right to exist, and defend it self (It does).

Son of Damascus,

You’re already ahead of the crowd.

What I am saying is that Israel is protected (blindly) by the US even in instances were the whole world agree’s what it is doing is wrong (Just look at the numerous vetoes the US has done on behalf of Israel in the UNSC).

You have the right to believe that “Israel is protected (blindly) by the US”. And I the right to believe that Israel is treated unfairly in the UN, especially by the large quantity of the powerful Arab and Islamic block of countries and the indifference of many other nations.

Israel understands this indifference. It was the same indifference which prevented Jews from escaping Nazi Germany.

All I am saying is that the US should have a more balanced foreign policy in the Mid-East, in my opinion it would actually be more constructive to the peace process if they were more balanced.

Actually, IMHO, the US is the most balanced facilitator with respect to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Everyone turns to the US to try to help reach a final agreement. It is my contention that the Palestinians and the Israelis are fairly happy with the “status quo”. It is clear to me that the Palestinians do NOT want a final settlement as they contually find reasons not to negotiate.

I never compared Israel to any arab country, I merely pointed out the hypocrisy of Israeli policy when it says they are the protectors of freedom in the Mid-East.

Yes, if you want to compare Israel to any arab country, you’ll lose the argument, since Palestinians have more rights, freedom and opportunity in Israel than any other arab country.

“Hypocrisy”? You’ve just proved my point.

I know what crimes and injustice the Baathist and Assads have done to Syrians, and i am trying to do something about it (and many others as well).

Son of Damascus,

I think you have the right idea. But if this website is any indication, many of your Syrian brethren feel very different than you do. Apparently there are many Syrians who want the continued oppression of their self-appointed president, while at the same time they have the audacity to point fingers at the Israeli government. IMHO, arabs have to fix their homes first, then they can tackle issues outside of their respective countries.

I know Bashar is a murderer, do you know that Netanyahu is made of the same cloth?

Sorry, you can believe that, but the fact of the matter is that Netanyahu won free elections by the Israeli electorate.

Him and Sharon’s crimes in Southern Lebanon would even make Havez blush.

Son of Damascus,

Really? How so? I don’t recall the Government of Israel killing between 20 to 30 thousand Israelis? Recently, Syria has already killed more people in her own country than Israel killed in both the recent Gaza and Lebanon wars combined. The lebanese civil war amounted to at 150,000 deaths, of which, Israel was responsible for a relatively small percentage.

Meanwhile, Israel has virtually no border dispute with Gaza or Lebanon, yet, both these states prefer continued war. Why do you think that is? Is it Israeli intolerance or jihadist intolerance?


Maybe you misunderstood my question, Israel has been dealing with the same circle of dictators for about 40 years now, are they not worried that the change of the guard might effect Israel adversely in ways that it has not expected before? (In terms of peace, cease fire, business and other agreements)

The State of Israel spends a large percentage of her GDP on defense. Military planners take into account all scenarios. If it wasn’t for the IDF, Israel would have been gone long ago.

I have learned that “Israel” and “Zionism” are dirty words in most Arab circles

You are correct with that observation, however for me personally the word Israel does not invoke any negativity, but Zionism does (Since it is inherently racist, no people are the chosen people, we are all same), but I understand it is your belief and I will not only respect that but support you as long as your personal beliefs don’t interfere with my life (or any other Syrian) once it does you have crossed a line.

Son of Damascus,

Thanks for the honest answer. Zionism was once considered racism in the UN, and John Bolton helped to reverse that. One day, people will not be turned off by the term “Zionism”. Equally, one day people will understand what the term “Jewish People” means. It is not a religious term, it is a “people” term no different from the Italian, American, or Dutch people. You don’t have to be Jewish to be consider yourself a part of the Jewish People. Zionism is merely the self-determination of unique people. As you should already know, jews and non-jews have the same rights in Israel.


I respect your choice to visit this blog and learn more about Syria, the more we know about each other the easier it is to bridge the gap between us.

I agree with you 100%.

Without going into specifics what line of work are you in (other than getting paid to comment on blogs )? When you visited Kuwait and UAE was it as an American citizen?

I do not get paid 1 penny for participating here. I hope you believe me! My citizenship is American. I have no other citizenship, nor do I want any other citizenship. I’m an engineer.

SOD, I appreciate the dialogue. Now prepare yourself to become the newest arab “zionist” for having the chutzpah to dialogue with an evil Jew.;)



October 21st, 2011, 7:43 am


Mina said:

Palace(s) are usually built with illegal money:

If you think Israel is a democracy, just read Haaretz any day like today:

(forced transfer of citizens)

(gender segregation in a city council)

(Ethiopian Jews feeling they live in a racist society).

October 21st, 2011, 8:00 am


norman said:


I do not think that there are 100 to 200 thousands armed gangs in Syria, so no it will not be that bad.

October 21st, 2011, 8:20 am


Haytham Khoury said:

@ 387. Mina

Thank you.

October 21st, 2011, 7:11 pm


Haytham Khoury said:

@ Jad# 375

This is when you consider yourself technocrat with no past history of struggle for the people. You become disconnected with the reality and real people. Things for you become numbers and calculations.

If you have time, please read the paper that I sent (mainly, to Burhan Ghalioun and Haytham al-Maleh) to the National Salvage Conference on July 15.


October 21st, 2011, 7:35 pm


jixiang said:

@Son of Damascus,

The expression “the chosen people” is an ancient one from the Jewish religion. It was not invented by the Zionist movement, but predates it by a few thousand years. It is in my opinion no better and no worse than the Muslim belief that anyone who isn’t Muslim will go to hell and that Arabic is the language of god.

It is unfair to call the Zionist movement racist because of this ancient idea that the Jews are “the chosen people”. The central idea of the Zionist movement was that the Jews should have a state like all other people, and the Zionist ideologues never said that the Jews are superior to others.

February 21st, 2012, 9:01 pm


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